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Hi it's it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy be listening on Today's episode of Ellen on the Go David Spade talks all about Adam sandlers daughter Crazy Bat Mitzvah. Laura dern finally gets a street cred. She deserves with their teams Ellen meets a special jeopardy contestant who made Alex trebek's emotional and probably made you emotional too and today we'll have time. Little mushroom is back to talk to our favorite Andy Ambassador. I have to correct because as executive producer and sold you on the podcast. It's not a Bat Mitzvah it's about Mitzvah. It's about minutes Yeah Kevin Arizona Crazy Bat Mitzvah everybody. Welcome to Ellen on the go. Mary Connolly Andy Jewish Christian genius. Ed Glavin Kevin even the second nomination that nomination welcome sweek happy Thursday. Thanks giving and we're thankful for you for listening to this our waste league. Yeah I'm I'm sorry you have nothing else to lead hope. This is lost. Whatever time you're trying to pack could not believe where weed out from thanks? It's crazy I feel like I was just talking to my kids. who were all depressed at summer was ending and I was saying to them? Don't worry before you know it. It's Halloween thanksgiving and I didn't totally mean it. Sure and it's already anyhow Thanksgiving she goes for you. Bet It doesn't feel I mean time is who's much more slowly when summer was like eternity now summer for me feels like we're back shootings primetime show in the middle of doing. This really made the first half of the season fly. By that's true. It felt really really different to break a staff earlier about. We're talking about giveaways which is a three night. Primetime special coming the calling. It's more of an event. I wouldn't even call it a sport. It isn't a veteran spectacular. Yeah it is spectacular and it's very exciting and where we're so excited for the world to see what we've already gotten to see. It was most stuff we do. where I'm I'll speak for myself steph? You guys do great. Yeah but this guy's put together. I am so blown away but when she helpful to I brought brought a little bit I cannot wait for everybody. Ellen's really feeling good. And you need the celebrities. Were saying how great you are when you went into have them signed paperwork and stuff very helpful to us. So when did we start talking about that show a year ago last week a year ago. We thought Oh that'd be fun. We'll just we'll just do that. Yeah that'd be great. We'll do that and then and when it actually came to US having to do it it turned out that we had to do it. While we're doing the talk show you help. We hadn't thought that part through Alan host. That was really hard really really hard on us. Really hard on a lot of people here but once we got to where we are actually doing the shows. I think everybody felt so good about what we were doing that. It made you sort of forget. It made the hardware for sure you're set your. DVR Is now December tenth eleventh and Twelfth Night. Television Tuesday Wednesday Thursday on the National Broadcasting Network Company on NBA on on the national seriously on NBC. I hi to honestly say Dvr now because you are not gonna WanNa miss this. It's one of the most gratifying things. We've we're very team. Yep It'll make you extra thankful this Thanksgiving for you guys very much. I'm thankful for Y'all of you guys and thankful for you guys. We'll talk more about that next week. We're thanks you putting together other special Thanksgiving episode. Yeah I'm trying to. We're trying to get it again. It's a budgetary thing but we're trying to get it for next week. Yeah who's your team. Who You you don't know them but it's a it's an people? How much of the Thanksgiving you help do? It's a good question and it's a good question No actually we're going to her sister's for Thanksgiving so and and does this thing where she sends out an email telling everyone one what terrorist sponsor for everyone. It's like side dishes. Whatever and the last thing on his andy water swear to God? I'm responsible tim bring water. Oh good job so they know what they can depend on me for but yeah. Where are you guys GonNa be Thanksgiving Mary? I'M GOING TO BE UP IN SEATTLE. I have I have cousins. Who have bought a restaurant called the grange in Duvall Washington? That's insane just outside of Seattle. They bought the restaurant about your Sitcom about bought. The they bought the restaurant about a year and a half ago and when they bought it. We're like we're coming. We're coming in there like great no. Don't come until Thanksgiving thanksgiving of two thousand nineteen. Wow and so. Are they doing giving in the restaurant in the restaurant. We rented a house. They'll be twelve of us in a house and then there's a couple of other other not renting other houses and we're all going to go up there and and have Thanksgiving cool. Yeah we're all all really looking forward to it. How about you Kevin? I'm going to be home in Arizona with my family was going to host it here. But with the wedding and everything else we decided to shift Tucson. So you'll with Kevin Leman the first doctor. Yeah and the document. All this is all the family Hannah has to go to her in laws for Thanksgiving thing. But we'll get it for Christmas that that is in South Dakota. Wow very beautifully. Who's in South Dakota? Hannah's husband and the families interest to Kota. Yeah wow that's incredible. Oh yeah she loves what are you doing any. I think. We're going to be in in Punta in Mexico. Well everybody I think so. Yeah I think all five of us are going to be there and I say I think because I have an exquisite ability to just put blinders on and not think about any of that stuff then in shoutout out to Debbie Glavin. It makes it all happen. The world's best travel coordinator. Gosh remarried to me. I mean you should hear her. When when I hear Debbie on the phone with an airline I feel as impressed by Debbie's behaviour as I do sorry for the person on the other end there will be we know additional fees? We will get assignments closed. I say you're open and if you don't know where or that's from it's from a movie called vacation with Chevy Chase If you haven't seen Beverly Young Funny Debbie Glavin books my life for for me and it is. It is so cool it is the best thing you know in return She spends every penny of. Yep that's why you're working by now you've likely heard about Disney plus the new streaming service concludes Disney Pixar Marvel Star Wars and National Geographic Dizzy. 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Andy Tell me about this Bat Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah and the Bible are when a Jewish young boy or girl get to the age of either in some customs. Twelve or thirteen boys is always thirteen. Some girls do at twelve or thirteen. And it's sort of the coming of age where on a very the the really heavy serious definition of it that I don't enjoy is it's where the kids Sins become their own and not of their parents. That's that's the scary. My version is it's just where a child becomes an adult and then translate this Hebrew. Yeah I don't know what daughter a you are now. A daughter bought is daughter. Bar is son of Mitzvah which is doing good deeds so you are now responsible for doing a Mitzvah. Means the good indeed. You do yours at time in their life when they have to sort of step up to a little more family response is a little more responsibility and a little more our responsibility in the community little more responsibility in the family and in its purest form. It's just when a child gets called to the Torah in synagogue and then they do a little little A little maybe the lunch and after or just maybe a little alcohol and cake and Soda but what it's turned into is basically an excuse as for giant parties They look insane. They look fun especially in New York and L. A. where people aren't saying They make these gigantic eight parties right and so David Spade was here talking about his Jewish friend Adam Sandler and his daughter who was going to have about Mitzvah and and David Spade described what it's like when you're Adam Sandler and you throw a Bar Mitzvah. Who Do you get to sing at at a Bar Mitzvah Mitzvah Adam Sandler? Obviously Adam Levine. And Maroon five right. That's a little bit of him. Describing what sounds like the greatest bump Mitzvah in the history of Los Tantalus say you so adam. Levine performed at Adam sandlers daughters but Mitzvah Mitzvah. Yeah and you were there. That must have been a very cool but Nigga house great got my tickets on Stubhub scalpels. It was worth it. I went there sandler heads to beautiful young daughters and a one was having her big shindig their friends with my daughter too so we all went but I saw a couple months before. I said you're GONNA have a LO- whole thing is gonna be crazy. 'cause I've heard you know Sandler's rich by the way look it it up and And they said I said you know they had these crazy parties and she goes well. It's just going to be a theme of space and then there's going to be like sparkles on the ceiling on. Let's nice finally like a normal party like like I had a kid so I go there. Oh was I wrong. It's literally like Jeff Bezos. Giving rocket rides rides Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. The lunar landing there on Musk jetpack. It was was so beyond crazy. Eighteen rooms like well. What's the thinking? Why would it not be crazy? It was so fun so bananas are great. Time and then and I think Oh. Adam Levine on top of everything else all these girls. Can you picture who likes that. They went crazy crazy and he came out jams tunes. Everyone had fun. That's very cool. And you said your daughter was air. How old is Harper? Now she's eleven. Wow that's amazing. Yeah I saw a picture of you with her. She's I can't believe they just they She's been great. Oh there she is look at a rate that was there that was from in the daytime and then we went to the Shindig at night. Well it was a daytime and nighttime thing yeah. She got McDonald's because she was behaving now mayor. You recently recently went to six flags magic mountain. I did you have a nice time. I had a great time. I I I helped host about six six young Women Sixteen Age Girls Magic Mountain Fancy feet dance. School had a performance there and then I walked around Magic Mountain with with get paid. If you say fancy feet. I hope so another another mom and I think there were six kids and they went on every roller coaster. There was to go on and I sat held bags and talking locker. I was walking locker. Sounds like you would David spade. Have something in common. I it went right up to him and said I the entire day there. Yeah exactly right into we talked about it Buxton. Yeah Yeah David Spade just never disappoint points when he comes here and he always has a couple of stories and he tells us stories and they're great and he tells a story about taking his eleven year old daughter to Magic Mountain and his impressions impressions magic around and see everything go on rides so take a listen to the brilliant David Spade but we did go to magic mountain six flags. It's called six flags magic mountain and we don't need the six flags part. I'm going to tell them right now from a marketing standpoint because six flags boring magic mountain is the hook like six flags is nowhere flag six out of ten now just six. I don't even understand so magic mountain. That's what it is harper wants to go there and I go. Let's do it and I'm a little scared to go. But by the way spoiler alert more mountain and magic agic. I have to say it's not even fifty fifty and ninety nine percent mountain. Tiny bit of magic. Almost you don't see it was cheese on fast. It's a magic mountain. Stop No more mountain so I go there and my little spin legs it. It was traumatic because it's on amount. They say the title. I didn't think on a mountain rides on top of the mountain. So everyone's in Hell Mountain. I go there. I'm like huffing and puffing and then Harper's like let's go on these twelve rides harper. Let's just look around. Do we have to go on rides wherever you so much fun just talking. That didn't work so and the riots aren't even like fun little rides. I it's a fun little roller coaster. Great I mean it's like a car crash these rights. Do you know what I mean like. They're you're so ridiculously terrifying scary and it's like this one is called the telephone pole. You go a thousand miles an hour. You hit a wall I did want and I was like this on. The Horn of people are getting out crying calling lawyers and laying the homework. They bring the jaws of life out. I'm out there. That'll be three tickets and stand there and Harper's what what else am I know. This is she and my girl. They went on all the rights. I just sat in the side and I walk them and it wasn't even getting close to the rides anymore. I'm like I think it's right around that Ben. It was fun fact this like our vacation episode. That's where they shot vacation. Oh is that right. The World Anti David Spade is as funny when his stories are not working as he is when they are working right enjoys an he enjoys a story story. That goes south but these these were just Jenner's just fan tastic. I agree. So here's the thing you can learn so much. Get an ancestry. DNA Kit okay. All right if you wonder where your family comes from you can learn about them and you can learn more about your story if you combine the ancestry. 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And it's so easy to get started anyway. GO TO ANCESTRY DOT COM com Slash Ellen today for twenty percent off your ancestry. DNA Kit that's ancestry dot com slash E. L. L. E. N.. For twenty percent off your ancestry. DNA Kit that's ancestry dot com slash. Ellen Mary yes you've a personal friendship with Laura dern I do have a personal friendship with Laura Dern I I've known Laura dern since I worked with David Letterman and Laura dern would come on and be a guest on the show and then we had children around the same time and her daughter Jaya and my daughter. Sara were at preschool together and then they went to elementary school together and middle school together and they have split off. They don't go to high school together. Now but Laura dern has been a friend and it's so exciting to see what's happening with her career career and how it's taken off. She seems like a really incredible human she is she is as she seems and Konya West wore a t shirt with her face on it from blue velvet and that got the attention of her kids ellery and Jaya to the point. Wait where they for for a moment thought their mom was cool. Gave a little streak crave her a little street. cred to the point where Laura than on our show. Oh gave a shout out and take take a listen to this every character. You're playing now by the way I mean going back to blue velvet like I mean Kanye West is wearing you on his shirt like you've played some iconic characters that people relate to that is amazing. Yeah a whole other the reason. Yeah thanks to the amazing designer. Wraps Simmons who paid homage to David David Lynch in his work. But what he didn't know is he actually gave me a tiny bit of credit in my household of teenagers. And I'm really grateful it. Any rapper comes on this show and you want to just hand them a shirt with my face on it. I really appreciate it. Okay if it's really working for me. Every mother should somehow get this opportunity community when their kids are like our name the rappers and I'll I'll send him some shirt. Okay I like it. Who Do your kids? Who are they into well? Rocky I mean in but rocky rocky start expecting a shirt soon. Okay all right you can work on that okay. Good then Kendrick could wear a shirt. You wouldn't be mad of Kendrick. Lamar no I wouldn't be mad. We'll just visit David Lynch on live. I'm not saying there is a slight self-serving aspect to the sure I added nine. It's not yelled at all the way to school a break in it. It sounds horrible to have children. I mean it really does horrible. What do you have to be to be a whole mom? Your Laura Dern so Laura's open for anyone Any rapper who might want to her and you know. WE'RE T shirt with her face on it to help her out as a mom. The way I see is the Konya wearing a t-shirt with Laura dern on it is like like that time at Andy bought some easies from China. Sure seems about right and he got him really cheap corona mbare real because while he's in the room he's he's not paying attention and they're real and they were real easies were they were. They were just. I found a good deal in China. No I don't think so. So you know you wonder why you found a good deal in China. I think they probably had a lot of extras and they were able to slash. The price is to fifty five dollars. Real really real real and you can. They're real by how well they've aged. Yeah alright all right speaking of Andy enough about indie. Now we got one more thing buddy we have so we close it up our room and So yes andy. What are we talking about Andy? Little mushrooms little mushroom so little mushroom as a dancer from China and yet he is now I think eleven years old junkie nine I I think so nine years old. And we've we've been. She brought the easiest for Andy on her first appearance. Yes we booked her when she she was like six and she was just this little half pint and she liked to wear like a suit with vest and for six. You're like Oh my God the screen. Oh can dance. Yeah now she well. She recently won a dance competition. She won the Grand Prize in the dance competition and it was an adult dance competition. And she's a phenomenal. A nominal dancer. And she sorta specializes in like sort of sharp robot-like moves and and so we brought her back. She she did a dance she did a routine for us and then at her request she wanted to teach Andy right how to do the robot and I have to tell you it was a kind of career rally because she stood next to him and they're very basic moves next to him and she would do a little move with their hands and then he would do it and then she would go over to him and forced I his hands to the positions. Oh God I need to go to your DVR. And I'm not a good to start and I don't have a lot of coordination and and she's adorable and I didn't think she would be so strict about would be like a fun little dense thing and I was like okay right sweet. No what was what was particularly sweet about her is how specific she wanted. Certain things to be that you did God and and you my body. He didn't manipulate and hoping being a dad. Yeah even though. It wasn't exactly where you want it to be. You had endless patience for what she wanted to do. Because A. you're super sweet guy and be. It played great for comedy. And she didn't she didn't see I had had no choice as usual. Now you you're going to behave a little. You know you you you played at this point. I'm against a good guy. Really Kev. Barry we're talking about how good a guy very good. We're going to be so angry. I said you're very good. We're going to do granted I try to get Kevin to be the guy to tell the story and he's like no don't I wasn't there I wasn't there the talent segment and I did love. Andy's dynamic with our at one point Andy goes we have other guests again was going on. I go on go along and and so we use half of it in the show and then put half of it online. And she's an angel girl she she's always so oh happy upbeat and I just I just And also can we just say how fantastic our translator grace's grace's grace grace grace is absolutely amazing. We keep thinking like oh we should do more with grace and we should hire grace and then we asked you know some important questions in grace's in highschool grace is just terrific. She's a great relationship with teen years old. And just and just it's so so much fun to have little mushroom on because you also get grace. What else you want to do on the show? How how else can we help you? What do you WanNa do me? Tell me sound CIANCI Jim I wonder what's your MP choke there's children if you're busy day your pals lawful yeah. What's she wants to teach Andy how to dance their requirements? Because Andy has to do push ups curl ups and and squats. Oh Wow I doubt that can happen. But let's give it a try aright. Yeah where we where. Where do you WanNa do this right here? Come on out Andy. The here listed that down. Maybe we cut right to the dancing thing and we do the workout later. He's whatever you. She wants a little mushrooms her. Wish all right okay. What yeah since he took? Yeah there's more. Why would this end? Why can't see assume it's right? They do the building. Let's put it together. What's the end game? Show me tell me what what she's looking for. There's other people on the show let's just to get to There's one more thing I know. We've we've talked a lot. There's one more thing I want to get to. Yes displeased this is this is a story near and dear to my heart as as friends who know me like you guys. Do you know that when my daughter Emily is home. We Watch we binge jeopardy jeopardy. Sure pretty is one of Emily Emily. Emily got the brains in the family. What are you GONNA do? She's twenty five. I'm fifty six and she gets more jeopardy interest correct than I do. I tend to get the beer categories. He's in the sports categories of music. She gets together together you yes we could play one. You're a complete. Yeah we could compete. So Andy and I are are are on twitter a lot and he's on twitter a lot more than I am and I'm basically a devotee of Andy's on basically here to amplify Andy's voice and on and on twitter order big mistake that night. We see this story that breaks of this kid who was on jeopardy. I save all the jeopardy's until emily gets home so I didn't see it on TV and we see this kid whose name was was I think dhruv Gar on jeopardy and a college tournament us from Brown University and at the at the final jeopardy he had two thousand dollars and leading an leader had one thousand nine thousand dollars so he mathematically did not have a chance to win so while he may have known the answer to final jeopardy he chose to use the no chance of winning and he chose to use that moment to make his answer what What is we love you? Alex for Alex Trebek's who as they were taping. The episode learned that he had at the beginning. Second round of Chemo for his. I believe pancreatic cancer and Alex Trebek is a legend in every household in America including this and that choked. Alex Trebek's up which I have never seen in. All the talk is so stars blow up on twitter and E tweets it. I re tweeted. Read it when Andy tweets it. The KID DHRUV follows Andy on twitter at which begins a conversation between Andy me and Carl Hogan who works as a senior human interest interest producer. Here and she's not on the show and we'll start talking about it long story. Short and e books. The kid from twitter twelve hours later or fourteen hours later the is from Brown University in Providence Rhode Island to La Right to do our show. And I don't think I can make it tomorrow. I mean I'm in I'm in Providence Rhode Island I go the we'll be seeing you tomorrow. I don't think he understood how this was gonNA take. You understand who you're dealing with you get yourself to t.f green and on and we'll fly you out and ELM is really sweet and Ellen I texted Ellen and said are you aware of this and deliver it and she said I do. I WANNA see him as soon as poss. Bring him to me and so we did. And here's a little clip of his segment on our show. So this episode aired on Monday but when did you actually shoot that so we actually shot it in mid September. It was right after Alex had actually announced publicly that he was going to reenter. Chemotherapy pancreatic cancer right and he had come back actually to the Green Room and talk to all the contestants who were on the tournament and we could really tell them like it was tough for him so when I got up there like obviously yeah. I wasn't GonNa win the game or anything so I was like I could try to figure out the right answer or you know I could do something for this person who might need it right now. That was really sweet. That was really amazing. Emotional everybody urine huge fan. Anyway you've been on the show before I have yes about a year and a half ago I actually want one hundred thousand dollars on the ship. How many days I was on four days then and then two days this time two days this time and so you weren't doing well and like you said you just decided you probably could've come up with the answer answer but instead of doing that because they weren't going to win anyway you decide to do something really thoughtful in suite? That was amazing. So what did you do with a one hundred thousand so I go to Brown on which costs a lot of money so I spent a good amount of it on tuition and another thing I decided to do is I took like twenty friends out to eat and paid for all their meals does and they apparently according to the check out a lot of fun and so that can add up. Yeah you probably didn't think there's GonNa be as much as it was no. I didn't but you know it's all good. Yeah so and then What is the response? been like since you've been on the show it's been crazy so I was The Watch party for this episode with my friends and my mom texted me. She was like you're trending on twitter and I was like okay. Mom like eight tweets as it trending and then she was like no really like check and we love you. Alex was like in the top ten trending hashtags on twitter and since then lake. It's been really crazy like I'm here. Also like Ryan Reynolds Chrissy. Teigen like all tweeted this moment. And there's just been like a lot energy around this subscribed today on Apple podcasts spotify or wherever you're listening right now check out some of these clips on your DVR because there as visual as they are audible. And don't forget to watch Ellen Weekdays for even more Ellen Fun thanks everyone go to general public art checkout portions. Che's company Great Holiday Gifts. We don't pay for that we would so love to know more about to hear at Ellen on the go please head over to wonder dot com slash survey. It's a really short survey. That will help make this show better. The wonder DOT COM Slash Survey W. O. N. D. E. R. Y.. Dot Com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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