Bunayyati - Ahad, 10 Januari 2021 M (Haris)


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Nobody can get more money. Tony tony what a liberty gunderman yankee fan about make a lot. You bill de do what to to saying mambo. The then could you give talks about a lot of a lot. alhambra league. La la la but he can be to bunia. Nick might better deal. So the dsl jauregui anchor by debbie mohammed. How lonzo relied and keep that key bedrooms geller. How by by but yeah but again. Yeah i mean there's we deal harris gallini. Musa completely laghi. Menarini loop jill then the trianon special through to jarrah who now yet. The own joke gigi. Good la hoya matt. Berka jill stolen put by gia had is giant How lonzo both on to Being at kokot yeah phone cooker. Harris didn't allow us some less sulu. Some be some beal and then here could just be long brunette. What could deal good. Acoustics allow in helping seventy cents wash need investment me at them only eamon. Let let any sleep when he handy. A the ideals are jessica harris. This can my phone keypad. 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Been up thinner being more. i love your local about die aga- than nancy mohammed bagai beak will when shah slap yadda i delegate any alot oregon gonzala do honey. And if you ever laugh have hand if it took commodity the but In sons say but they are any what the up over. I'll be a yet. But obama brought by some familiar. Bless i bless exodus chapter. You wanna anthony gigi. I've ever allow sheila The guy on this man Wrong manila raw caffeine Of them will be mom. What the been. Nah i Well in uh nagashima. Bala audited ana and north alley. But you'll end or Your ama- yes animal. I n i l yama about about armata. Why do me. I shall missile Matter yup analii alma easy in san antonio easy in now my bottle laleh big yellow mine mosques that are not be neil yoma ebe. Neil most well my own. You will not bow finally alma in alabama But earlier in ceylon fifty was low. I love are among on laco. Harrick the lisa down there lobby would would love to. it could be lack of. How be he not polly on their lobby in lane down my whole order on all now who were on my in china that yama shala bingo spangler halla maliki. Yeah yeah yeah alba put a modifier is okay. She like that in ni alabama. You know what is on by. Why am i m about a balance alone. Dungle apple mom on amazon but amman a bike them on my deep the remark. In wake mush ella shukran the era then hanif wound munger while the me some olga. How alanya yeah. Dan jill gas and lancaster. I mean we're gonna give located a home so long you got both a buddy goes along. What about the About okay being the you can. A daddy equals your job. Search engine you if boom Our attribute because chilean mogul boom baiju about jihad is auto by second up to bless some lhasa palooza hallows august That's what the yup by among show sakura mouth. He'll he'll sokoll He'll he'll yeah mark he'll he'll like he'll run your damola l. He'll pretty good. Yeah yet you will good. He'll do you wanna gardena buttocks out home. With he. moba an this hour. I could earn that crack. Cocaine look at sat to somebody. Were blessed blessed. I to some way bless yup lilia as a lower worse. Look on our shell laudi me as law. He more local law j forty more than he ever. Luckily i you the harder by the l. They'd laugh all my money and a lot of. Yeah i last saw mill. I remember all fading. Yeah but you go. Why not they in your body. Melrose hobby love ya ue mainly the while on. That's really got a little me. And my dad would lobby. Must be either real meal following the war. That's new family is were you or we yours wa. Yeah d.c will marry Oh they go i. I know the orioles offensive line as low. Well we're mind. I will mill j. in them. Allow mao i'll now when he had his own about them him russell highs only in your own a wii lying at all show low today said it'd be yes we carina but renoir better off shall kill massouda tests. How some more by kalugin to or bloom g pasta file. Mantovano plan echoed percents. I okay delegate mobutu so i didn't get guy you wake guy buying yucky on my jazz Kill high yucky helene. Somebody somebody punish la lascaux markazi liku along. What about the law. Well about okay to get know the way commercial. Also with the tillerson hilma qura d g mongoose jessica. Alaimo look at some point to a mash. Ally bake sale against mobutu subtle hall. Nigel the no seles. Some be some realty her lewis. So you'll live. You'll maybe ma. June by show look below that you convert in but Kafia two sunbathing walk. The as you'll never realized. But i you know mobile and just like just were laid land. You go numb less empathy up. Okay my idea your boss. Yeah yeah fat. Backlit episode as he walked by where silicon human be shy. Oh nearer near smear. I ever broccoli allow her. The honor in the ryobi will be up graph. so why no alcohol double easily halberg. The yeah fella. More balloch via the are nelia me. You are ma. The are in there Other are willing ladder. He alfie born already blah like At that rodber the how that leaker mccullum bamiyan with the he. The runoff a half is so alita. Raleigh braga at spoiler nuts. ma russia. he he there uaw. I let the had chef. Aw your body the body the the arpey he that a year the lack of fiery nardi their lawyer more only ready laddy alabama on la. He ila has Horrify the Who are that shaggy are up At the the rally the la la the got the la theodore meyer ubad cola deo raccoon on memorably fella. Whole whole razzie for john lewis. Coffee ladle them be a sierra former. Really again i'll the of born but we don't have you saleh elite auto la whom i assume via the marquis de la or the show. A loss cough. Yeah dingo but up holloman leg parliament being a little bit up by at leg shola luxembourg sunday. This loss icons rockoff near like. How do you a gentleman at the other guys and do the idea your mobile phone while it goes the love to initiate. Couldn't you listen. Japa- lisa foul lisa. Sally sally say so. At least were hello. How realize he had. Sally some over japa- just what whom i by yup. Yeah oh by desperate. I'll who god is also looney yet. The gigi backyard. Four your lsu like but Our young in italy. You're a rare Day yeah a car sperm. Conway were her greg own ally in our problem where you are a lasalle lisa l. ideology delegate. You guys are lisa. Says who any sally so the wound by name i shall more guy makki lanes. I mean. 'cause he went. Yeah then follow us. Look rush amino being the other. Laurie can mattie us. Daddy wider john d. one lady. Melania was a woman. I desk with limbaugh younger. Boom peggy noonan guinea mugabe and we salon one developments. Bless polo some balance hollow. I wanna go see outweigh any their book. The book daily more here lee more. they're poor. You might not have leonard booker but by the la but became so got now. I get by fud. Linda mortgage Alcohol over us would be very berry. Pratama some a young kalima make logic artist because he thought the we'll get jerky gig sabbath out. Allow a lot gone will fall. Neil neil ma roth a. m Melilla you're up bill. Allah me and alpha beat up a hook euro daddy laghi bill. Bismillah walk the walk Walk for the jack. Feel out of the deba- luma But god by but you can watch. I'll i'll walk near a yep side to some by yet an now lakeland laggy young moga boom. I doubt michael do. Y'all know miami d. oh yeah as lee up on january. They are all. He did it all he he. He take aalyah But lindbergh liepa. Larry ellison i'll but the l. l. e. Yeah any combat. Dick more into dixie break. I'll ever ah mon but So that At this back by just so that. I'll call them berry down lamma. Yes the as roma here But that's just to. Hal ammon i some good all the programmer nickens to our money. Some bay some does. Your kiki backward The app allows acrobat was gonna be lying near the be. Immune la la raw e. new all on me. Why my who mom wer. Because imagine in allah holyoke in the him. In elijah ron wyatt unknown. Why allah allah hollow in. He was i the you both the it'll be. I ye woma my own in not up by our on our mamba mobile a move. That the though the alamo guys. Ev due to the value. You know while. I thought the l. alive by In vietnam mean man in a more at that in the those the regards any the molly either does not lie or not as the it'll Wally and as a mole allah food in allow now allow about jan. These mole Yesterday and one will be and why yes. South new la vaa if home odds a wadi by by that one must be a year and do out of equal. Alkyl body mean la who yet that hall who la hola. Nah in Allow yet ola. Yama ally guam this key and while lebowa out of the deity and while i'm off blah blah on my mood dot com alum goes out when Lose about not up to me and ball. Boom are about the moon is i. Li mobile would go. Pierre bike not me if i at the ali and you would have blum somoguy. Half near mckean line. Jared yuga but tomba then jedi how physical i mean we're gonna go the salami la he over the hill small deep. Well you can wash your logos and Ledin albury li li li more. They're poking wound buggy gallini. Then sled you get back online. Got idea electrons. What would you know. Blessed to bless apollo similan hollow as salam wa. i'd I look was not would why i was have an humvee lists. They had to amino two countries source of sue marine far worse but Fattier to some good some land mobile logically got niger. Okay mobilized For us that no yet good. That does some fairly satu some way mobile s by the sepia last. Show seattle bike. Lonzo will know yet. The gigi that goes up of that who is mean as new game mera manual. He in outta zonal on the old me on all got meal. Barbarity a deal as with the goal on the evening as al moby on now more the law or at the on their up a vehicle. Formula gallium In ally a know blooms are gonna be in the al follow me. You know now. Filomeno de la ashley. Well i'm matt middle auto b. l. Neom mosa reality name was dollar jealousy a ball loss loss bottles. Dick my name eaten many alum last throttled. Allow me saw stelvio about phone novel. You'll salah legal middle. William did though for me now. I m them. On my goal you will fall auto harder at all out. A hot up allows sharma in asia. All la la was rat. Noting supplement luggage and good will lane for us. Should there should be should be gone overnight year because he wouldn't you four long anything only that someone will allow at petya at the facility until about the nets took the team at the nominee. Jill dougherty shola rosen identify west. The jabbour dance would add Bama sober chilean boom boomed are buna yet when you gigi then shall loss on by steiner saloon. Anti what julia wounded. Besides jack and a lot less of lhasa pelosi be lance de jenner. Look by by szott area the brunei yet. Geeky job by but your work. Yeah see part. Good at souda. See up ala in jolo. Garissa got a little puppy for has do not state dune addressing blinds. Sorta keke peninsula wider. She one letty. Maryland saw the healthy and was wrong. Midge argue islam. Al huda google indonesia combining buca program after certainly become a german brewery doing league in sitting at s. Who's put golden percenter and taffy. Some recall media than greek room. Deaconess frees up by our desert. How had spilling deborah's bunker death darken cigarette kushner and toughest indica percenter an imam chevy bogle on this one for burma couple within will go to joe burrow to who north lebanon sudworth gleb andrea South to vima now nude levin settled. One glavin were set to settle luma but something maka g. Andrew jackson had humble this asadabad kitchen. You're gonna couple button Jober barron who love and cements impact similan. South lebanon to simulate node lab on some similar settled settled ban similar percenter in riyadh saudi hinchey. Andrew jackson put john doe kilometer simba's Blow up until were bench and your job. Era to ponder whom nord leban- subtlety similarly massamilla nba nomo nude lebron. subtlety gets some buran. Lima similar lebanon. Were known resembling albacore. Jabra judo cheaper though this loss. Currently i'm a long couple of joe at the nap. Who pulled off the lab. Undo dude were not now with similarity gasoline and lebanon happen to edouard manningham similar. Anti-gun similarly young have you a mon mon. Komo down gunny. He needs llamas out by job with a sandwich. Any joe bob me area. You relay am in uh fantasy. Judging number tally john who semi on all or if you say how to mr rashid. We'll see but it was colony come with longer sorta bismillah. He'll rotman rocky duty. He'll be learning. I mean a marry killed me the mac. I'd alchemy de la but all the house. I'm up serota demon so but not a young guy here but you guys see long as i am. Stay up already doing rinku. Kaonga malia obama often Do among come to regard Yeah topping our to my degree. In radio teresi the reuss going demand. Selena factory said you getting rid dope cutting behalf pay concerning this moral now. Emma banda yeh lion jedi calif less dismantle it would alumnia combat the al gore and cardi korean Madonna's at our study come with onion all to colorado said you come out on this model talk on blenda man. I'm on sampling eddie. Radio finally okay. sam will be Rhodesia flies mottled along but if zeki at seb murata marie murata i read you. This mortal martial law montag but can kabbage on demanding alcohol. Maliki cigarette product mulatto on derek. Corey tournament in shove law to under monday. Narcan alkaline carpenter than demon upon under bre under maliki dallas Cd memory card. Then fleshed this unto. God damn on horrible. Non murata lapan lima to do some beland dylan. Some beland some balenciaga. Beland lapan circle luggy mold. Lapan lima to do some elands umbrella. Antiga some billions diga some beland laba suharto's person who took our islam radio factory of some us to be more combat salon quality alum discontinue any adela took minium can be so lot wiley hewison but is up boy do real dumb nima solely o'clock acquiring with those on took mangum o'clock young lahore. How really at than bahari imomali fema. When i had these ammonia why blood jerry. La adele fella. Who but who uncle jerry elmore. But he had the sudden Adopt up ngoga than to kita and up than canterbury. Want to get us. Some more kinney the la- hud bucket adopt dan. Uggla spacier radio factory. young accumbens akita through split dumper. Becky adopt dan. uggla keita. Bucket adopt an athletic spatial audio financially. But you see southwest these. But he's sierra tucson odio trauma islam for my theory ideal five three tonton athletic do good and copy ding uncertain baku hardcover suitable unpatriotic slap on jalama lescot skelton than other. Dan do ottawa. But does erkan dalil derry. Alkyl on mobile s asana mccollum coupla suda buco and doing an audio trauma under when dunia can onto the bludger. Bumper vike adopt. Then accola him so good on me. Leaky market up than ottawa. Spatial audio factory. But then buggy caputo or onion under jintai infamous annan who buoy matija and billions some billions and billions some billund lapan up to some billions some bianca. Some bila in two into someone yells. Let's win the gopher films. Were going keith and islam blizzard islam. A lobby mood so deal. They wanna see what osama harris kelly nita brunei yet. The wind juki. What good la makes. What could you juki. Geico won't be star. How our koran and you had this last carries developments of less of lhasa. Palu awesome deal on some unique plaza. Awhile ago. there's a good you'll tsia by any. he's her. The bill is dependent. Is her album. Cover of how dealer vega is beyond anyone any to be known by is horrible but Parini soda but bay guys have to does. Yep yeah has your boss. What would i enjoy. Gigi soccer that young again. You need He yeah i you have a bad home fine while a buck off. I did in loud rudder outlines yours lila juanita the fly off the nine or five league. I al my the Honesty date now yet. The me man on the Flag i Who my mind while by ni. Nice who that man had to allow He got a maya up on my on on need five in now. I the army the room. He goes The in who a lot are done slack with laugh i rap on march fourth. The laugh i Far from another mind side so my bottle south bad soccer hidden in then really in In lee off my south one ni- about the one that now back on i eye on la mer one ninety la la eight eating my leg. Got man bathroom in not in the not flying through the by finally yes fighting the bad bad zien Who do not earn mama e me and yet up the the bad well meaning not apple. Lean feet being new guys You know who the macro got my The earlier you deal the low my shit got you my d- my astra. Well my lamu in love who Yeah in march out. I mean unless you own is her. I could go lane is with by the california. The so we'll get in somehow while aena. Yes that is a three guy by neck today. could Boom had any consolation. Isla bakes deals things. Yup way. yes he likes of less. Violence and bill anti-gay hallo follicle at us. Yeah but any. That had the her the for missing. Yeah suka barra bahia he by the apopka kylo realize they had wake l. Home ula marines the alma der their fear as johnny. So that museum union. Young thomas cabrera to some base and bula bike lonzo idea. Yeah the won't you gigi clark and allow log silica. I say by near. Yeah i i love that. Oh nine be more and The In a Like our The in china working not apple seeing i had he said Li la mad up deco. Smart up the smart up decode. What the best away either. The rub boomer our already You who left the he's at foulon hor as e you lanson woke up at a pm here when i over crying on alive. How but the mo- by georgia sorta kamaruddin just by some a motorola mobile java. People added more by just type. Those numbers let's say bussan paid you the sea because she puzzled. Yeah the gigi. Yeah i love love with hooligan. But the loubier i onion Saw i got most in In were speeder Yeah already on meaning or they're mean what and No easy or my bad i. Why land need the air The the Oh look fussell. ma deals in feed. Not by the where he Theory and in a was yola. Saddam magazine the marver got the movie world fatty harder and yougov ip mccain line jaggi. John mackey in didn't yuga. I mean the wooden leg here us. Yeah he over okay. Even the thought only young man golden rule fielding been slutty. Ooh ooh know what the ready he evening. Income jill dementia compare the month laghi than somebody that. What's what could heal young mugabe on to bless apollo some bill celente hallo only european feek pick up a. Let's say when journey lulu julia. Well but job bunny. I have your kamaruddin yet dope julia but he dirty yet bluer pulu annum sum by but some pay but by lonzo idea. Kiki allow bad like it. There will be lacking nina. Show up on these men. Leira nine while Either usa the yeah right And at the Nino hello armies. Old thaw woo our new. Nancy allow down. Darrell idea five to in god You mean letting in lari Yeah who do i or merely guilty. And as roma have who'll now ami time or love me nowadays in the the who'll in lord The movie or the what warmer lat la that seattle would only carry now. Oh la la when show a hug we owned by atlantic the geese. I'm not pick the someone luggy and the bunny income slalom whatever. Five of latin. I'm being jolo mungiki paul jackie. That'd be the. But i hope he be alone caused. Well we're going to ban is volunteer. I mean i mean she. Ron your birthday in yet nothing get you little. Senator were demo backgrounds. You can shop me. Salah colonel on civilised blurs apollo some violence in burundi. Gallo so i wanna go to low to buy new rule now to being on g new war. Whatever laissez azru my older on saturday. I put bullying buna. I at the sound bites. Bless less right yup. Yeah five like an ally this new one full Lucky in massell. The last game show shall mouthful mash your own b. Daffy or what does he do you by far wii 'zibi to pace bless idea. We're going to plan. Then the minute lag. I'll bake ideologue iga mugabe. Boom slain shaba. Cocoon you. I do not go select. What about the voter got do any shopping on you can't come back. Can't handle a handle and behavior. Yeah sure sure sure. I sure do openly yet point to sand lake. Except when they hit the backboard also that she allow excel before the showed the whole manual. Damn i mean any of all he laid latina aeko love. I need hockey and he was. So you lousy cool but god or allah fell vehicle and or ally saudi and we'll at all you play ma got to be him west up. Feel those last vehicle ninety mile to remove last. Doug flutie in out in nala was awful. Em the man to let the man owning a lot. I will allow have the at eight. Am i don milwaukee or got our hyena like article on your mobile on your on medical on. How a or you buffy again. Another while bellyache. Wrong exciting sharia our on our own. That will allow young. You're my key. We're lucky you feel what i can you. The lovie off monday morning at my you money. You not see that. That mirror on owning. I made man owning only a- laval your mind with that while we were allowed when you say they are fell up. Don't be name. yeah so move. Follows mobile it. All the komo la lot be i hit alaska. Lahey winning but Show us book stabbed kendra. A shoe bomb bay. Sulu you like to sweat near you. Yeah she saw the upper just kendra little subsitute the on sharla d proline Do gas or more guy. In than where i mean. We'll deady of his. I mean and rudeness kendra suda allegheny dirigible were goading bike mukasey when ya kendra jazz Come on claire. get all year. Ella roberto gas at the show senator kendra show again because of gay elizabeth lanier beside Bass at up to soleil in Usa about you are and to give up alcohol and then the year break slammed you won't hear back. Hello saw while equal. So i'm wondering while likud salami so but could you see up by any sudan so laghi correa knee so they don't want them this oriental money and how leila so then over zoltan that. Yuck oh him. Yeah in salton me. Toyota blessing pedroia palu cicada rat. Loose talk show junkie found all was he is a did. I need to any one yet. I i his while now. Fund o my will my i own no not me not me allowed to take on because he wound how any yes almost got while anya. Sola say danja jar tumba leixlip and ethan penner shelia solemn. Was that up this. Yep julian kamaruddin by a j. When a judea juliette consult lower to juliana. Macabre e-last highs. My julian will watch out for back. And bam supermassive jimmy. We'll you would not yet you back back. She like julia. Ma falsely mighty having dana lab in the in the might get the adult comey the absorb programmatic yola muga kandla in been to work on the. I mean by. Have much ado. I could to get to. The blue app means real julia. Hello john what's usually goes. Julianne louis winner buy a look into smoker samya. Some by bake some big uber sudan. Julianne salaam aleikum allow over cape breaks. Show us with the puna democracy. Well what jillian boone panic and argue. That the ira adhan. If wtvn on the hill mighty mungu are the saudis the return jong at the elite and all that book for us of the is her but he hadn't week out owner gained wrestled on dench julianne hollyhead. And you gotta have fallen nearby. Cumberbatch jar mortgage idea is and then bullets. What gadgil young. The no fun bobby williamson then to go to about us dan work. You'll have the sagana. Ben yair talk. No phone was funded at a loss over and get a halacha with ups. Among some mogul kinda ban gobbled. Chabany the kiki wake. Somebody's any weapon. Really so barnacle homophobia should orla does africa. We like some beijing body began the punish la leandra buna at the joke. Kiki someone what about he led the team. Only inca along the owning on seventy method. You'll need investment. I'm an only even before only seen in welby off handy. Believe any better.

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