The Millennial Name That Tune


They found like somebody's gotta Kim for the more. No. Monday. Show. Monday. Now broadcasting from the bombing Sherry studios. You know, I was just thinking about this. I've had in my adult life actually since I say turn twenty. I think I've had less than a decade of not having children in the house. I think that's right. I think that's right. You know between my own right between my own children and Mary's children, and we still have Hampton in the house. It's it's been mostly I've had a life of having children Rami. It's going to be very strange next year when he after a year and a half when he goes to college. It's amazing when you say it that way because you are, of course, planning to be a national man of mystery bachelor playbills a swinging batch out this happen. But you know, it really talked to me about that. Don't talk to me about that laugh, you'll cry because here's a man. Said I will be a swinging bachelor international man of mystery playboy cut to since puberty. He's had children is out. I note it's just so unfair. I was so sure I was going to be a swinging bachelor a friend of mine's father had playboy magazine. My father. But my my friend's father had playboy magazine. So when I be at his house, we'd look at magazine, and you know, what I stole out of it. I stall out of it not the playmate of the month, a design for a swinging bachelor pad in Manhattan, so you. I I would look at it. I would say that's the way I'm going to be living. But no, I kids the rest of my life except for about nine years. So I thought that this was it's going to be very weird for me. I think when Hampton moves out in about a year and a half and goes to college Mary feels he'll never come back for any amount of time. She says boys just don't girls sometimes do but boy stone. So I mean, we'll have to see. I find it's best to not discuss. Even the possibility of them bouncing back. Don't even put that out there in the universe. A of mine is SU he had five kids four kids is soon as they were old enough to go to college they were forbidden to come back home. Even in the summer. I could never do that. I couldn't do that. I don't wanna do that. I don't know what the purpose of that is. But anyway, it worked for them the upgrade kits anyway, it'll be weird for me to be in the house with my wife and nobody else, but the dog and cat I'm afraid to even speculate on what that's going to be like for fear that other children are going to arrive on scene. You have had so many. I I mean, even those that are not blood children that have you've taken in over the years. People don't even realize that you've raised you've raised probably what four five other kids on top of your would never even I have my older daughter has a friend and she's an. Only child, and she's gonna go to college and her parents are like we're planning a trip, and we're doing this because we're going to be empty nesters. And I thought you know, what you will be empty nesters the minute that I or Bob Lacey says into the universe. I'm an empty nester busload of random people will pull up and move into my house, and they're all going to need private school to need to. I'm not saying a word. I am. No. I d if for when I'm gonna take you up I'm gonna hide from the universe. Just don't say. But it's just gonna be so strange that there's nobody down the hall. There's nobody say will he eat this. We'll she eat this for dinner. You know, I just I forgotten because I've been married for ten years. Now, I forgotten what that bachelor thing was for that period my life. If the state comes for me, my life isn't going to change gradually my life overnight is going to completely transform because think. First of all your years away from this. Right. But think about it. I will go from being a dance mom five to seven days a week. Oh, yeah. To not driving anywhere at all and not gluing crystals onto costumes. None of that. That's all not gradually but overnight when that stops, and you don't have to driver for dance. I don't think you're ever going to drive again the rest of your life. I think they're going to have to get like some sort of stretcher, and if you go out you have to be carried to I'm going to call nine one one to go to the grocery store, I need a medic to take me to Publix to get Kate. I was funny because earlier in the week last week, I gave somebody a ride another adult a childless adult. We were going somewhere together. And I said I'm happy to drive and she opened the door to the starship answer size. And I I saw I studied her reaction, and I said come on in and don't worry about anything spill stuff begin hemorrhaging. Not a problem in this ride and off we went are you going to keep that car until she goes to college. Yep. You are unless. It's been the best like everyone makes fun of me. But my Sienna has been the greatest car I ever bought via because we can pack everybody in it. I've driven all around the place. It's a great dance mom being foot. When when my emptiness day comes not that it ever will. Because I'm telling you soon as I get one out of the house three more show up. Soon as that happens. One of them's coming back in and I'm going to end up driving one of them to dance will listen to this. I just read about what happens when your kid comes back. And back you they've gone off. Maybe they got a job things didn't work out. Right. Got what happens to voiced parents? When that happens. Let's cover that. It's next. It's Bob and Sheri, yet the more on of the day set right to your phone moron to eight Bob share to sixty seven four three seven. So I got on this thing about what would it be like not to have any kids in the house? It's it spend my experience that euro life that my whole life that has not been the case. But with people that I know they seem to enjoy it. You know, some of them can travel more the sleep more walk around naked. I don't know what they do. So there's a website. I was perusing called homes dot com, and they took a look at the record breaking number of adults living with their parents today. And by the way, I'm not one of those people, and I don't think you are either that looks down our nose people who moved back in with their parents, listen, it's a tough world out there. If you have a room. That you can go to or or little space in your parents house. They're going to help you out go for it's tough out there. Here are some of the results. Forty five percent of the kids who move into their parents house again live in their own childhood bedroom. Very few eighteen percent live in the stereotype basement where they moved in the basement to have a refrigerator or whatever they go right back into their own bedroom. So thinking about that. And I thought suppose Madison came back where would she go? She's not going downstairs, she's going back to her own room. It's exactly the way was when she left except clean. But it what if she didn't bounce back for a little while. And then you know, she was going to she's got to be there for a while. She probably would want the downstairs, and you might want her to have it because then she can come and go and kind of live separate I hear what you're saying. And if it were me, I would want our downstairs. What you wouldn't because it has a little mini kitchen. And it's basically a mother-in-law sweet. It just came with the house that way I say that she would go into her bedroom. That's what she would do one in four pay rent to their parents only five percent have parents covering everything. Like they were teenagers. I paid rent to my parents. Kneeling back in. What happened was I was in college. And then got a fulltime job in radio because I was going to drop out of college and pursue this full time. And and so I told my father this, and he said, well, you can live here, but you're gonna have to pay rent, and they said, okay, and was no hard feelings about it. It was just like, yeah. You working are what was his motivation for asking for that to you think he didn't want me to freeload. I mean, if I'm gonna working person he's like long as I'm going to school. He was willing to do it. Right. And then when then that stopped it was like, no, you're working. Now, you have to earn your keep. And so I have a problem. There are no hard feelings about it. Really? I mean, I'm with max if one of them bounceback as a fulltime employed, adult you gonna pay you're gonna pay to be there. And I'm not going to be giving you an allowance and paying for your phone come on nothing at all. I'm not saying nothing. I'm you live here. I'm not going to charge you market rate for the rent, a m- not going to charge you for the electric city used a microwave a burrito. But you're sure as hell not gonna come back at as a twenty something and live like, you're twelve again, do you realize this right now, I realized that before, but it just kind of congealed the three men that you work with most closely in this room all dropped out of college to go into radio. How did that happen? Yeah. How did that happen to you? Well, I've still brought myself up the ladder. I mean, none of you all are drug dealers. So I've improved my situation. I feel good. How about you? Wow. If the economy waiting to. What I'll clean you guys have proven that for your college is not for everybody, and that you can have a successful life. If you're ambitious work hard and have some luck luck is a big part of it to thirteen percent of adults say I don't want them coming back in ever stay away. That's a small number which says most parents are open to the possibility that they'd have to take their kids back. My husband would be in that thirteen percent. Would he really want them to be doesn't want them to be watched them to fly out of the able to live independently? Which is why if they came back I'm going to treat them like adults and not like kids. I think that's the wise thing to do. I agree with you. There. It is year and a half man, I'm going to be vivid. For people with heart disease, asthma and cancer. The flu can hit hard. If you're not feeling well, take your temperature frequently with the extra jn temporal scanner, it's Bob and Sheri, I've become really kind of fascinated with this couple in Pennsylvania that stole more than a million dollars from a church impart on I'm gonna tell you how they did it part of my fascination with these two people as one I understand how people can slide into wrongdoing and and look up one day and realize oh they've been stealing money from their company ninety nine even really stealing guy. Get how people I get how things can get accumulate and catch up to you. But what I don't get is how you steal even dollar from your employer or a church and think you're going to get away with it. And then go on to steal another million more dollars guy. Get how one glass of wine turn. Into four and pretty soon. You have a problem. I understand I understand how the speedometer can creep. I understand how you can not pay your taxes one year. And then it starts the snowball. That's what I'm talking about. When I say like understand how people get into trouble. But some of the things that I see in the news. I don't understand it. All there. You made the decision to steal a million dollars from a church like how do you sleep at night? Let me tell you how this went down. So the the married couple is a guy named David writer. He was the administrator for this Presbyterian church. His wife is named Connie. He's fifty she's right around same age. So he gets hired by this church back in two thousand and one. And he handles finances payroll paying vendors reconciling, everything that you would do in. Job. Well, it turns out that one of the members of the church's board of directors like psalms funny about the numbers here. So David hires auditor to audit the churches books, except the auditor is completely make believe and what David's done is. He's made up name. He bought a burner phone, and and that was the auditors phone number, and he gave the board of directors. Here's the auditor's name. Here's his phone number. Call them any time. Of course, they would call and they would either get voicemail or they would talk to the auditor who was David using a fake voice. This drew the auditor kind of thing, right? Oh, he's stepping into quicksand area right there. This went on for years until last November when David writer, the the guy that did all the stealing goes to the Reverend in charge of the church and said. Said I'm going to need to resign my job because I have done some pretty bad things. And so the Reverend will what if you dined, and he said, well, I've stolen about half a million dollars over the last ten or twelve years. Oh, and then I also stole a hundred thousand dollars from the churches early childhood education funds. And then I've gotten some other money to Owen, my wife manage to help me steal about nine hundred thousand dollars, the sa- big church. I guess really big church and and the turned out they used their money for family vacations. They went to the Pittsburgh Pirates. They buck groceries. They got their cars fixed. They've both been arrested. I think he still in jail as of my saying this and she got out on bond, and he did this over the course of seventeen years seventeen years. Yes. Take time out of time and got his wife involved in two and it wasn't just like oh, fifty dollar Bill here fifty dollar Bill. They're remember he created a fictional person would use a divorce when the church would call that number. First of all these gotten a little bit of szeswith this story, what gets into people. I know. Well, I mean, the idea of changing your voice, unless you are a pro, you know, what I mean, most of us just can't Alicia tally Endo, I think that. Off. I want you to call me. Now, I want you to call me as this other identity so ring ring. Hello, hello. How are you? Oh, hey is this Ned ES? It is Bob said you'd be calling. Yes, I'm sorry. Didn't call earlier. I was working so hard on the numbers for the church. Hello. I very good with numbers people. Find me orienting. But for me, it's exciting every day. It's the new series of numbers. This guy must have been pretty good at it. Because he got away with it for a very long. Would it be real chutzpah to charge the church for the auditor to he did a whole that was part of how he got the money. The auditors. The horse. The auditor doesn't work for free. That's that's rich. You know, it when people steal from companies or the church, or wherever I am always surprised that they use the money sometimes for vacations for I mean, just really superfluous things that they don't really need rather than, you know, buying a bigger house or a second house or something that's really really solid because once you go to Miami with that stolen. Money's gone. Here's what I think, and I'm channeling my own family's criminal, gene pool. When I say to you better to spend it on Disney and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Because when you get caught they can't take those experiences from you. Well, that's true. They can seize your your car, your diamond your house, whatever gonna crawl into my kid's brain and take away. Mickey Mouse, I don't think kids brain. But those those remembrances are going to be not a lot of help getting through. Seven or eight years in the slammer. No one can take those mentors in experiences. That's how the criminal. Morons in the news is next. It's Bob and Sheri, Bob and Sheri. You're they are. It's morons in the news. Okay. We've got a twenty five year old guy here in Texas. Name Steven Shrout, and he joined the league this past year that his friends from high school have been playing in since two thousand nine and it's fantasy football. So he joined for the first time he'd never played fantasy football before and he'd lost as punishment. He he had to put on a flesh tone Speedo and cover himself in peanut butter and sit down in the middle of a dog park for ten minutes. He had a choice he could have paid the winner of the league an extra two hundred fifty or the dog park thing, which one do you think he chose to do the dog park. That's what he did. He went to a dog park in Dallas. And he slammed himself with three jars of Jif, and he let the dog go. Mother let the gods. Go to town while his friends filmed it from their car, he said, he didn't think it will be a big deal until he heard a couple walk by and say. What a weird fetish. You absolute pig. But then he said the dog owners this is what happened. I lost the bed, and they just cracked up spite the punishment. He said he enjoyed the whole fantasy football thing and he'll probably be back next season. But he might join a different league. This time. Dogs Speedo peanut butter on the ad, but he got into a win here. You didn't have triple win. He didn't have to pay the money, ding, ding. He he's internet famous for a moment. Dang. And I'm not sure he didn't kind of enjoy being choosey mother in that dog part. It didn't seem to mention. Today's day comes to out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where police are still searching for a man who deliberately crashed his car into the glass. Doors of an adult novelty store, then ran inside and stole all the lingerie. And don't maritally he could carry and they believe police say they believe the perpetrator had been scoping the store out and knew the layout because he smashed through the glass doors and ran directly to the section where the items were most expensive stealing. Three to four hundred dollars. Really that much. Probably is going to sell them at a flea market. Which is where I buy all. I've got a merry widow on over here that is only five dollars today. If you go to the right? If you go to the right yard sale, you probably find somebody who selling that stuff right next to some woman who's got like homemade b. We give them a seven dollars. We can have the batteries. Twenty six year old woman whose name is Kylie Cunningham was drunk at a bowling alley in Plainfield township Pennsylvania last Saturday night. Because that's what you do you get drunk at the bowling writing. Ed, she wanted to play some pinball, but the machine eight her money back, please our girl the bowling alley gave her a refund. But she was so mad that she beat up the pinball machine. And then they called police to cops came to talk to her and she started fighting with the two cops cures charged with aggravated assault. This is like the third more on in the new story. We've had this month where when the cop show up. The woman starts starts fisticuffs with the cops you're not gonna win. And they don't like now, they don't you're not getting off for the morning after cops down text the word. Eight eight eight two six two seven four three seven. We will send today's more on the day directly to your phone and coming up later in the show, the top ten signs that you have made it in life, not necessarily made it at your job. No, this isn't like a financial career thing. But are you winning life? That's all coming up later today on the show 'em because it's Monday. We got the Zenden waiting for you at Bob and Sheri dot com. Zenden our very own fairies. Then mother out of NASA Houston every Monday gives you something to think about bring a little piece to your week. Kick it off in a good head space. Zenden B O B S H E R dot com. You guys. This is so exciting because Bob is a cook. Now, he's made a handful of things and he's discovered that if he follows the recipe stuff turns out to be delicious. And I was like Bob now that you're a cook you need to get on board with hellofresh. Here's why I love hellofresh because with hellofresh. You don't have to stress about oh, what's for dinner tonight? And of gotta go the grocery store after work. Hellofresh. Makes it so easy. Was that your experience? It was I happen cooking for a few months now and Hampton who is my stepson has refused to eat anything that I cook. This is absolutely true story last last night. I got the Hello fresh, pork tacos. And I made pork tacos. It took me. 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But I know this time you won't have to holler for Hampton to come get cooking, a Meatloaf, and I can't wait to. Yeah. Hellofresh. It's that easy. Now. Back to the podcast. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in unqualified? Candidates in an online dashboard. Get started at indeed dot com slash higher. Bobbin Sherry so a few days ago share? Now, we're talking about this article that I saw about millennials and how they are so aware of music in the past and some of the reasons were the music in like, the sixties and seventies was pretty awesome. Some of it was that's just the way they're bent. They just like a certain sound. And so we thought jam out of them, and they lateness. Please they're typewriters and their vinyls and their enthusiasm for John Denver. Yeah. So we went out, and we found to actual lineal 's we bathe it them. And lured them into humane traps and kept him overnight in their here in the studio with us. Now hate him, and Mary they both work here in the at the radio station. Welcome to the Bob and Sheri show. I don't know if you knew that there was a Bob and Sheri show on the air. Employee's. Listen to this is what this is who we are what we actually do you've seen this in the halls early. Well, we're going to play we're gonna play a game with you guys max has about ten classic songs. And we're gonna see if either of you are familiar with these songs on these artists. It's not the whole song. It's I could be harder than the most recognizable hook or riff. It's from the opening the opening riff. I will tell you guys before you got in here. I said to baba Maksim tied. These two are going to surprise you. Because they work in media. We so you're. Surprise you. You're going to know more than than maybe they give you credit for remade us appointed. We'll see. Ready? All right. This is number one from the sixties. This plays. What do you think it is? I think it's one of the songs that one of my brothers always plays in the car and says, it's the music I won't listen to. Can you name the band, Mary the monkeys or something I I'm I'm gonna tell you? Era was. Right around that that era the song was probably late sixties. Sixty eight this is before my time to Hayden use saying this. The monkeys is the favorite thing. That's happened to me in two thousand nine. I'm getting attached to that says is this the monk picture. This is this at the time. It was the most expensive song ever recorded. It was called good vibrations. Spoils voice. Playing probably pick that up. Yeah. Happiness already. Eventually, they say good, vibration. So that would be big talent. All right. Let's try another one show. But is it? Yeah. I notice it. Yeah. There are baby boomers that are pounding the steering. I am so glad you got that one. Okay. Go move to the seventy was going to go. Now. That's the Archie. The seventy. All right. All right. Just about every other TV commercial. Yeah. Very Mary did little on that one. Another one for the seventies. Okay. You got the song? Who's the artist that's producing that? One is. Michael Jackson there. All right. You're getting good that movie with Jackie Chan, I didn't see that one. But I never went to art movies. And this is why because they keep on showing up in movies in cars, right? Yeah. That is that where you picked up the Jackie Channing. When I hear this song. I think of that. We'll take it. Yeah. That's right. So what what did they refer force? They've they've gotten all but one all but one. Yeah. Okay. So here's another one from the seventies. One of my favorite, Dan. Get down tonight. Who is the group just for them? David. Casey, essentially. A break. We'll be right back y'all doing really really good. This is really. Rough star for the sad. Poor beach, boys. Really shining more with Mary, Ann hateds millennial music cats. It's. Listen. Alexa, Bob and Sheri, tune in art, if you're just joining us, we trapped, and you mainly cage to millennials overnight to give them the Bob and share millennial music test because we were talking the other day about what was that. There was like a study or something that a lot of millennials have no idea the music of the seventies. No. It was a millennials. No in some cases, songs out of the seventies eighties nineties, and even the sixties better than they do contemporary music impart. Max was right because so much of those songs are used in movies and TV commercials. Right. And as theme songs for shows. So we have Mary Ann Haydon. They work with us here at the radio station, high level executive high level executives, and and this is exciting for them because they've seen us in the hallway. And they didn't know what we did here. The by. I know forbidding listen show. I hate the guy though, let me run down. What we did. The first song was good vibrations. Neither of them knew at hate. And thought it was the monkeys. They they both knew the song. Hold your hand. They both knew let's get it on. They both knew don't stop Mary knew. It was Michael Jackson. They both knew get down tonight. And Hayden knew that it was Casey in the sunshine. Ben. All right. Where are we now? I went and fires. Excellent just took the beginning. Classic wedding. That's exactly what it is every single wedding. The DJ always plays this song. It's a great to minute. Br in the eighties K. Tougher. They always played this song in spooky movies or spooky kind of creeping up on. I don't know who things that I know of song Australian bands two hits I guess three hits. All right. That's meant to work. Oh, that was that was the tough one tough, I recognized it. But all right. One eighty. I'll give you guys. The get. In this song is being played by one of the most renowned revered rocket tar slash. I tell you is named Mark Knopfler. Does that tell you the guy the not gonna be any help on this one? I know. Is gonna mention of MTV. Money for nothing. List? Look up eighties news. Time MTV play music video. Right. But was for reality TV over to you mix. Okay. Now, the dire straits stars rates did not know about like I've heard this before. Deal everybody, we didn't get moving. Now. We're moving to the nineties the decade where you were born. Nobre Alanis Morissette shit and she sang it, right? Where you're sitting. Yeah. Then we went into a studio down the hall. This whole we played a song on the station. Yeah. Yeah. I love her. She's great. Yeah. Excellent job. There hate him. And this is our final are ten song back. This might be a little harder. I don't know. Wonderwall? Ron. Around the plus you got about eighty percent those right? The eighty percent. They both missed men at work. They both misdiagnose straits. And Hayden they both missed the beach boys. They got seven I wanna do one thing. Look see if this little story was correct max on the fly should've judged this before can you find a song? Let's like within the last two years. Time. Here's it's not hard. Okay. All right. All right. Because the the the peace said that they can identify older songs. More readily than newer songs. Do you guys? So what kind of music do looking for something specific Baja? A little bit of like a hit. I like may or may not going on Spotify and discovering new artists a lot. So I'm pretty up to date with a lot of what's going. Yeah. We're can Spotify in anything. Listen to the radio radio. Of course, only the. But bobbin Shane when he said Spotify. He meant to say the radio sounding hang on. Thanks a lot for doing this. As you got a seventy as my daughter would say other people got a fifty mother. Very well. Well. All right. So we got a little bit more time left. But I think it's it's interesting that this is like the generation that can go back forty years. I don't think bloomers could have gone back forty years, and then fide something out of like the big band era for be much culture sharing. His you're probably right. That's that's the reason why and there is a lot of cultural shirt, and it's because of weddings, and all of the all the different types of formats. And the wedding thing. That's the one. Get the more on of the day sent right to your phone moron to eight Bob share to sixty seven four three seven Okushiri has something for just a moment here. Actually, I'm going to do this really quickly. And I'll do it for you because you'd like space and all sorts of scientific things. Right. And I just read this. This is so interesting. The first missions to Mars may be looking for comedians to head to space because they did a study that found you need somebody funny to keep people from going crazy when they're in a situation like that's got to be a tough gig. If you're the comedian on Mars. That's a tough room. Hey, everybody. Welcome welcome. The side of Mars and new restaurant opened up called the red planet. The food was good. But it had no atmosphere. Once you've done that. My luck is I would be chosen among the first wave of Martian colonists. And Gallagher would be. Comedian Pauly shore Gallagher. I was thinking about you. I just finished listening to a really really good book on audible called the unusual second life of Thomas Weaver. And here's what we think about you. So I won't give you in case anyone else wants to read it or listen to it's really good. I don't wanna do any spoilers. So here's the basic premise Thomas Weaver is a fifty four year old man who dies and wakened in his childhood bedroom at the age of fifteen in nineteen seventy six and at first he thinks that what kind of an afterlife is this. But basically he's been given a second chance to live his life. Again. I would love to do that. And he's fifteen years old. Now, he remembers everything from time around. That's the best mentally he's fifty four defeat at beaten down fifty four again. No spoil. But he didn't have a great life away. He wakes up fifteen years old in nineteen seventy six with his fifty four year old memory now when he died he had an iphone. We had the internet everything in the world was as it is. Now, it's the Princess phone, but he's he's come back in nineteen seventy six no internet, no cell phones. And he knows things that are going to happen in the future not only in the world, but to himself and his brother and his mom and his friends custom relive his life. He can't change it. He well. His he tries the plan. Is there some things that happened in his life? That are tragic that led to him having a very unhappy. Adulthood, okay. And he's determined to he's back. He doesn't know wise back, and I will give you the spoiler angels in this book. And you know, there's a pattern. He doesn't know why he's been given this second opportunity doesn't know why. Is back, but he's determined to try to do things differently. And better this time. I ask a question without being yelled at okay does he have the power to change things? Or is he just along for the ride? He has free. Will he has the same power? You have right now. Okay. No supernatural power. Right. He has no special magic. He's fifteen years old again with a fifty four year old brain. Oh man knows what's coming and he can do things differently. Now. Here's a problem what he's back in high school, and he's got an algebra test. And he doesn't read those number any of it. Right. And he has to everyone for him. He's woken back up as his fifteen year old self no one, but no one but him knows that this has happened wouldn't be a problem for me. Because if I were in that situation, I didn't know the algebra answers. Then there's there's no difference, except I might be able to because I'm older, and I've been through a lot of different things. Things. I could come up with some wacky reason. Why all of a sudden, oh, I've got him nesia about algebra. I mean who knows what I would. I would give anything to be able to do that one of the things that he struggles. With is there things that are in our everyday speech and slang. The didn't exist in nineteen seventy six speed dial right for criminals, Google, none of that. And there's a funny internet. There's a funny moment in the book, whereas older brother asks the question, and he's really any all-star cast. And he says those brother, I don't know. Wouldn't it be amazing? If I had a device in my pocket that had all the world's knowledge. Which of course, he died in two thousand six news there. It's kind of like back to the future. Where all of a sudden, Michael J, FOX goes into a Chuck Berry riff. Yeah. Because he knows things. So any meat said, there's a girl and his high school who may or may not also be having a similar experience. So the. Story goes in all sorts of unexpected directions. And it's terrific the unusual second life of Thomas Weaver. If you if that happened to you and you woke back up in your fifteen year old body, like what is one thing that you would absolutely do differently how I embraced studies. And the second one would be how I handled myself with women girls, those two things. You know, that would that would be almost my exact same answer except with Boyce. Ru would take school even more seriously voted, and I wouldn't feel like I had to be polite. I wouldn't worry so much about hurting boys feelings final want to be here. I just don't want to be here. I would I would also go to the educators, or my parents and say, listen, I don't understand this. And I'm going to need some really special help to understand because I want to get into the coastguard academy. And they're not gonna let me in. If I can't understand this. I would be totally different. I think one thing. That's funny. One point he says to his mom, his do you want to go out and get something for dinner on buying any goes to see what's in the fridge and watch some TV and he realizes I felt like a middle aged, man. Yes. Good book Spivey, Sherry, listen. The new Bob and Sheri twenty four seven, Bob and Sheri dot com. I was just telling Bob about this book that I finished on audible, call de unusual second life of Thomas Weaver. Fifty four year old man dies in two thousand sixteen wakes up in his childhood bed in nineteen seventy six as a fifteen year old, but with all of his adult memories, and one of the one of the things that happens in the book is so he's his high school, and he just can't believe like in the seventies there. No metal detectors there. Just there's no worries about seemingly there. There's no worries about any kind of safety. You know, the kids are just free ranging. If you were in the right part of America yet. So one of the things that he observes as a grown man in a fifteen year old body is that all the girls that he thought were so hot when he was actually fifteen are not the girls that he finds beautiful now that he's fifty four inside his fifty year old by and there's this one so well, there's a girl in the school. That is the girl who's picked on an every school every class has the kid the boy or the girl or both that are just for some reason they've been singled out by the heard to be picked on. And this is Kuti Kerry. Right. Any any studying her in the lunchroom? This is his first day back at school. He he doesn't even know if he's hallucinating at this point. He has no way to make sense of what's happening. Any is. Why did we make fun of her? She's so beautiful. And he begins the fall in love with this girl that is. Has just been brutally picked on how she described. I mean is is she just kind of exotic looking or she has kind of. Well, here's what he. The girls that he thought were so hot with their short skirts and their makeup, and they're, you know, perfect hair because they just look like little girls playing dress up. They look soon cheap and ridiculous. But Carrie is just beautiful. Let's interested, and I often think about that. Because when I look back like when I was in high school, the boys that I had like wild hot crushes on are not guys that I would even look twice that today. And I think that's probably true the way they looked back. Then there was like a an obviousness to the way they looked and carry themselves as the gear. Sure, right. Right, right. She's not really anything interesting there. No like now, I wouldn't be attracted to that. At all maximum. Do you have like when you look back to you go? Oh, that's not the girl. I would fall for today. I can think of times that I've looked through a year. A book and somebody a guy was oh, she's hot or whatever with what you knew that person. You know, you sort of knew you knew what they were about and that sort of thing, and you know, so I could see why you would totally have a different vision. If you went back on who you found attractive? Well, the other problem in this book is he's fifty four on the inside and finds the idea of dating a teenage girl L'Ecole. Yeah. Right. Right. Like how could that ever ever happen these children? Right. Exactly. So it's just really interesting to imagine handle that have you finished this book. Yeah. I I could tell you, but it would be spoilers not want that. It's really interesting because when you think about all five went back to high school today. I would first of all I would get straight A's because I would know everything that I didn't know then and I wouldn't deal with clicks and peer pressure that have all this confidence. But you would also be a grownup hanging out with kids. Have you had your brain? So that's that's key right there. But I've seen through a friend of mine some pictures of girls that we were in high school. From years ago. And did they still looked at tracked with with their high school pictures? I saw a couple of recent pictures of them, you know, grown up, and they still looked at trapped not saying, they aren't it's just is that what you would be attracted to as a grownup environment change it. I wouldn't look twice at some of those boys that I thought I would just die. If I couldn't grow up, married. I think it's I think released I can only speak for myself. I have kind of tight, but I also have spanned it because you have to realize if you if you if you just go with your type, your closing up somebody who may be just right for the other ninety two percent, exactly. It's stuff you won't hear on this show the Bob and Sheri hot cast on the Bob and cherry. Are. We have Nick on the line. Bobby heard you talking about you're getting your stitches out in your boo, boo. Finger house feeling today. It was pretty good. Thank you. Yes. Looks a little rough. It looks better than it did last week. Yeah. Right. So Nick at an experience with some stitches, he wanted to share welcome to the show, Nick Nick morning, guys. So what's the deal? You had some stitches. Well, actually almost cut off my thumb and fixed up myself. What happened? Kids shouldn't have. Yeah. I was twelve and I had a nice, and I wanted to get a battery at of a free like packaged flashlight keychain thing. Trying to get the battery out, and I had the my facing the wrong way trying to pry it open and of a. Pop and like slid and like almost cut my. What did you do? Then. Well, I I wasn't supposed to have the night. First of all, I convinced one of my sister's boyfriend to buy it for me. So I didn't want my parents to find out that I had the knife. So I went to my mom's sewing kit got one of whom needles and alcohol fixed it up. Nick, dang, Nick. You are. When did you? When did you become a navy seal? I wasn't out of the army medic hubba. Jill yet. So did you stitch yourself up mostly to avoid getting yelled at by your mom and dad? Exactly because you had that knife from the boyfriend dang that must have really hurt. I gotta tell you Nick that must the really hurt. Honestly, it didn't hurt his match as much more focused on not getting in trouble. I think that was mainly my photos Asian and not feeling issue of it being painful are your mother and father like former criminals that ever. Yeah. That you would stitch yourself up rather than get yelled at. Just you know, that mile man was a alcoholic. Yeah. You don't wanna rattler cage more. So so how how did you how? How week and find out that I actually cut myself? So so how did it turn out? What is your what is the finger area? Looked like today. Mike is probably twenty five percents Ma than my other one. And it does out of place every once in a while 'cause I did cut some tendons. Oh, my. Buddies, and how many days did you say took your parents to notice that you done this about about two weeks two weeks? What I did is. I took my thumb and put it down on my palm of my fingers around it. So that was just holding bit. Essentially, so whenever I walked I just had the base going on. And then when I when I went to bed, I took a handkerchief and wrapped it around my hand that why couldn't open my hand in the middle of the night. That's something too good for the rest of your life. So now, the tendon thing you said that your thumb is smaller and pops out of joint your thumb is so important like the opposable thumb is one of the things distinguishes us from other mammals. How have you managed with Jack up? Thumb to be come an army medic. Don't you need dexterity for that? I the berry I say amount of strength with the human body is able to adapt and change in order certain things like like issues with the brain. It's very plastic. So people that have injuries with the brain. They're able to actually come overcome those injuries by other areas adapting to function like the areas that were damn. Right. We've had that with former program director's. So so let me just do. A public service announcement here. Whoever is manufacturing. These clam shell plastic things. Stop it stop it. I tried to get something out of one of those things and I had to go to a big old knife. And I could've seen myself doing the same thing. Just the other day except for the part where you pour alcohol than stitch it. I wouldn't have done that. I wouldn't have done that. Oh, no. It's ridiculous. How difficult it is to get those things out. I can see how this happened. You were born to be an army medic. You're you're good under pressure, and you can grit your teeth and get it through the stuff. Your parents did eventually find out right? Yeah. Out and we're playing baseball at school and the fat hit it just right? So it opened it a bit but had to go the nurse to get new bandaid. And she's like did you go and get this looked at like now do your parents know about this? I was like, no. So as soon as I got home at night, my mom was like, let me see your hand. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This is this happened because of like already done and taking care of they can really, you know, get me in trouble. But you know, it is with adults as soon as the school nurse finds out that you stitched up your own jacked up tendons in your thumb. She's going to call your mom, and they're gonna feel like really great parents. Did you know that your son you son almost sliced is and off Mr. MRs whoever, but these are parents from lake this seventies, maybe or the eighties where your kid slicing off? And then stitching it back on towing. Got another one. Yes. Oh, these kids always something going on, Nick. Thank you for serving your country. Thank you so much, and and thanks for being a listener. I love you guys. More onto the news. Thank you. Join us on the show with your own doctoring or anything else. A B S H E R, I or you can DM Facebook shoot us in Email at Bob and Sheri dot com. Talk back on our app knock on the door. Whatever works for its Bob. And Sheri new Sherry now. Get it now in tune store or Google play. If you missed it. We just had our listener Nick on talking about how he was a Katy sliced his own thumb right down into the tendons. And he didn't want to get in trouble with his mom and dad, so he dumped alcohol on it got his mouth. So kittens stitched himself up today. He's he's an army medic. We go into the break. And Todd's like, oh, yeah. My brother nearly cut his own thumb off. I have a hard time Eric doing as much as my brother tortured me when I was growing up dunking me and holding me under the water, you know, like in the in the baby position. And then bring me back up and ask me if I wanted some Aaron then go back under again, a I finally got one on him. But I felt so bad and to this day he has a huge scar on on the on his thumb and it bothers him, and he'll periodically bring it up to me. We had a conversation about it the other day. So I had these guys are gonna laugh because this how did I talk somebody this smart into doing something this stupid? I had this great pair of cleats when I was a little kid. They used to be called pony cleats remake ponies anymore. And so I wanted to keep those cleats, but they were wearing down. But I figured if we cut the clean they were rubber molded cleats. If we cut the rubber molding parts off I could wear them around. I don't know why I don't know how to really. I love these cleats, and I didn't want to get rid of them. And so I talked by brother into Haywood, if we go ahead and just cut these off and get them as flat as we cannot file them down and I'll wear them around. And he was okay. So he went into my dad's tackle boxes fishing box and got this long curve knife that you do when you. Yeah. Yeah scale, and he started cutting these things and it slipped on one of the first and he end up cutting his thumb Oko. Doing this doing this in the garage, and I'm about nine and he's probably twelve or thirteen and he just starts flipping out. And he starts running around. What I don't know why. Because when I split my head open. I did the exact same thing. We start running around in a circle I allies. Ogle know, but he's running around. He's bleeding and he's grabbing his hand. And so I'm throwing towels Adam. And of course, the only thing we can think of is what is going to happen to us when Jackie finds out. Right. So I don't worry about his digital. I'm not worried about. I was a nurse a nurse. But here's the thing. Jackie was a great nurse until it came to her children in soon as one of her kids like when I knocked my front teeth out, and I had to go to the emergency room. She was working that night. And my mom came around the corner and passed out cold when she saw me sitting there. But so I took my brother, and we wrapped his hand up. And I went into the house, and I'm scoping it out to see what Herman Jackie and they're not around. And I sneeze him back into the back in the bathroom, and I'm trying to get this. And of course, I got the cure chrome, which is that that orange stuff you snap. It feels really good on an open as I put that on his wound. He's rained from the bathroom and the door comes kidding open. Like, she was like out in the wild wild west. What is going on? And they don't even use that stuff in Guantanamo Bay. Still harsh. She kicks the door open like she's in the wild west. And she sees it, and she goes sheet, white and goes to the floor. So the next. Yeah. And she's a nurse. So the next thing we have to put Eric in the car. We're going to the emergency room. They had to stitch his tendon up. He cut it so deep and then put stitches and to this day. I still get calls from him, especially like on days when it rains, and he's like, my grandmother. My arthritic thumb. I had to push the cart up and down the jumbo jet today. It was really bothering all of this. You could wear cleats without cleats cleats without cleats unassuming brand. That is no longer made. You explain to Jackie what you guys were doing her. Just looked at me and said stupidity. That's just a whole. It was stupidity. Here's the other thing. I've had baseball cleats as a kid. They are always the most uncomfortable. She age. The wear to run short distances. That your brother has been able to go on open wine bottles and let it go. Just let it go. I was like that. Loosen? The new Bob and Sheri, twenty four seven, Bob and Sheri dot com at what that means is we took all of our archives. Put it on our website at Bob and Sheri dot com and it runs twenty four hours a day and so much fun. And thank you to everyone. Who's listening to that in DM to about it? A some talkback messages on our apps free in the store and Google play. Just have to Mark from talk. Hi, this is Amanda, and I'm calling from Okinawa Japan. And I was listening to the bit about taking off before you into the house or actually enter the house and keeping entry way I do live in Japan and a half for thirteen years now and the with my in laws is custom in. She getting a really big habit of taking your shoes off anyways, edges. Enjoy the show you guys I wonder if she's listening on Joe radio with armed forces of importance radio probably. She might be. I've I've been to a couple of houses we were talking about that the other day where they want you to take your shoes off, and I dated a woman who that was the rule in her house. But she let me get away with it. Because you want me to think that I was weird that you were weird or that? She was weird. I'm sorry that she was weird. Yeah. Everyone knows. I am. So that's kind of a given. My mother was near obsessed with you having your shoes taken off when when they lived in Nevada. So. All right. Take your shoes. Take your shoes off the now. Like when Lewin the mar- went to visit them he signed with them to everybody take shoes off right now their list living in an assisted care facility where the have an apartment, so it's kind of like just just having Hartman. So now, I go and visit them and I'm walking around and my shoes on she wanted. You. Take your shoes off. I said, well, wait didn't. That's that's what you you want. Because. Oh, you don't need to do that. She goes. Did you leave your shoes on you do anything right now the answer to that is no it's? H I just sit there is. This is true craziness. The only time you ever win. With your mother is when you take her to the casino letter, play the slots, and she actually wins something. That's it. A last time we went she won three hundred dollars shift. She duped me, sixty bucks. I tip. If you don't know in miss crazy. If you don't know that a boy's job is to take his mother to the casino will shame on you. Do we have another listener? Yes. All right. Hi, bob. And Sheri, this is Aaron from Kentucky. I was calling to add a toddler tantrum to the list you had on the show the other day. My two year old just threw a fits because I made him pee in the potty. He then proceeded to lay in the floor naked crying because he wanted his p back from the past. Love the show. Gus thanks. I see I see big things for this child. Little he's going to be a cultural there for a radio. I'm going to need that p back. This kid is gonna. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I've got another one here. Hi, Sherry, I was listening to one of your episodes where ball was talking about ketchup chips. And how they sound disgusting. If you guys want to taste it. I can send a bag your way just that ball can have a little taste of heaven. Karen from Canada. Karen, you know, you can tell she's Canadian because she wasn't exasperated and irritated for saying. Episodes where ball was talking about ketchup chips and how they sound disgusting. If you guys want to taste it. I can send a bag your way just that bog can have a little taste of heaven. She's so nice people. Oh nice. So it would sound like this, Bob, but Bob, you're so picky urinating. Your taste isn? And that's. You. Yeah. I love Canadians. I don't remember the catch. Chip thing though is that about. Wasn't a Canadian product in Maine to doesn't Pringles have catch up. They may or may be lays. I can't remember I've seen them in the grocery store. So rather than like, I don't know see-saw big barbecue, it's taste because you know, people like French fries with ketchup your car warranty must be expired. You better take. I've got another one this'll be the last one. Hey, Bob, and Sheri, you were just talking about meaning a word to describe something that makes you lose your groove or when you have lost to group how about no Joe as in Nomo Joe, thanks so much guys. You're great love your show by screwed. Love. It. Something love tell everybody where they can leave their messages right now. Tune store the app and Google play or the IT store. Automatically loads on the podcast odd cash, and you cannot text it, and we'll send you morons in the news. You can listen to the show, and you can tap the little microphone on the bottom screen, and if you're and Tom thanks Canadian you always get. It's five in Sherry get the new, Bob and Sheri app instantly, get the podcast and odd cast just flipping through people magazine during the commercial, and I learned that Patrick Dempsey near the actor Patrick Dempsey as your knows who he is. Every day he rubs his face with a vibrating twenty four karat gold played bar to release tension, and relaxed muscles. He no I figured somebody was using that thing on their face. Expected to be Patrick Dempsey. It's twenty four carat one hundred ninety five dollars. It's a vibrating twenty four karat gold plated bar that he rubs on his face everyday. So it's it's a bar like a bar of gold. It looks like a vibrator Bob that he all right? Right. I dipped in twenty four karat gold plating. Yeah. Well, you know what I don't know what to make. Tony's a good looking man. Maybe there's something to it. What I love about people magazine, they give you the website where you can buy too. Just gonna drop on hundred ninety five bucks on a vibrating gold. Stick to put on their face every day. You know, I think people magazine gets a cut of that. I bet they think those I think those things like unbuttoned feed will they'll say twenty four things that will change your life today, and they're four different items that you know, might be a vibrating bar, whatever might be. So it might be new shoes. And then the always have the website to go to, you know, they're getting a piece of the action be the product comes to them and says an or people magazine goes to the product will place you in an article about the stars. And the last thing you'd ever expect us for Patrick Dempsey from Grey's anatomy to be vibrating his face with twenty four karat gold bar unless Patrick Dempsey is also getting a piece of the action who and well, you know, what just looking at the picture of. Maybe there's something to it in the old days, you you can see these sometimes when you go into certain restaurants because. That they're using this style. Jer like say, it's a burger restaurant, and and it's the scene out of the fifties or something, and they have some old signs or if you go to like a flea market or an antique sort of mart, you'll see certain advertisements that have stars. But compared to today there so basic and innocent like I saw one per moxie the New England soft drink, which is horrible. I don't know if they make it anymore. As a specialty drink Todd says, they do and there's Ted Williams the great number nine when Seagate with moxy, right? And he was evidently a spokesman for this moxie, and how much could he have made off of that? Or Mickey Mantle, you know, the great the mic and he's advertising, I dunno Pepsi. But today if you are a celebrity look at the nefarious ways that you can get the message out. Well, couldn't exam internet is is the obvious one. But then they're the influencers and all of these different ways, you can make money n people magazine five questions with Courtney. Cox question number two, did you ever expect your hair color to become your signature? Look, I wanna pause here. Because like I read this stuff all the time. And I love Courtney Cox. I have never heard anyone say Courtney, Cox is signature look as her hair color. Right. Here's our answer. I've been a brunette my entire life. It's who I am. I don't have a lot of grey, but I have enough. So I do touch-ups at home with Lori Al payers superior. Ding, ding. See what I mean? And this is not an advertisement or an adversary will this is in people, this content content, and yet it isn't content. That's that's advertising within content. It is. And it's really, and that's the old school way of doing it in a magazine, you can do it on websites on Instagram. Yeah. There's a couple of follow on Instagram PJ and Thomas, and there are these two guys. They're husbands, and they live in Tennessee in there, like interior designers, or whatever and they're Instagram. All they do. I swear to you their entire life consists of lounging around in their boxers drinking, expensive coffee tau celing each other's hair and building fires. If I said anything there that does sound really appealing you need to have your head checked. So what what are they what are they selling right lately they've been selling celebrity cruises. Some with them are they the celebrities you go. Well, this let no celebrity that goes the cruise line. Yeah. But they're on the cruise or they're selling like skin care product. And there's the two of them the the poor things. I've only ever seen them where closed once when they were on vacation and Amsterdam because it's chilly there in the winter. They're they're always in their underpants. Tell sling each other's hair and Thomas used to be so insecure about his skin until he started washing his face with blah, blah, blah. And it's completely an ad for the product. Are they considered influencers? I guess. There is a girl who was like twenty one years old in midtown Manhattan who took a chair and throw it from the forty fifth floor of a building role video on to get more people to follow her could kill somebody to kill. Somebody was business street jail. Get the new, Bob and Sheri app instantly, get the podcast and odd cast. So this was an article that I found in metro dot com. And if this were a few years ago, I would have read this and in the back of my mind, I would say, well, I'm going to inspire some people by this. But after seeing what we went through with the government shutdown and all the information about how people are struggling with savings, and this and that it it seems like it's from another planet. This is the top ten signs that you've made it. Okay. Just I know people, but not very many and a few of them could fit in here. But most of the people that I come in contact with an daily basis, this is like another universe. But isn't it possible to make it and not have insane wealth be part of the equation? Sure. But but. Let me tell you what the things are. Okay. Let's say to you that you've made it. There are ten of them. Of course, I'll start with number ten having a wine cellar. All right. Well, that's you know, it's doable thing having a wine cellar. You could have a small Alaria there. Right. Having a platinum credit card. People say forget one of those you know, kind of may so much pacer would never do that. I don't have anything like that. Why do people do that it costs like two or three hundred dollars is just status the throat just to have voters by platinum card who cares? Thank you get other benefits from it like more points. I don't know who can who can really come off the hip couple of hundred bucks true eating at expensive restaurants. Yes. Restaurants are very expensive to go to if you're, you know, eating there regularly, and they're really good ones having a housekeeper. You know, that's a tricky one Qassam folks working folks, the mothers work in the father's work in the place rally, maids, or what have maybe once every two weeks somebody comes in. But I mean, everyday calving Alice from the Brady bunch who wears the form and lives in the closet next to your oven. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Like, I could have somebody in my house aware uniform could never. Have you have you up the library? I feel ridiculously Boosie because I have roomba. Yeah. Right with the human being in a uniform, sending your kids to private school. You've got to have some bucks. I guess you have financially anyway made it if that's the case that's very expensive being able to spontaneously take a fancy vacation. Yep. That's true. Having a private plane, or at least being able to fly business class. Yeah. I would no matter how much money I had I would not have a private plane now, it's just it's just not right in this in this day and age of global all of that aside. It's just so much to manage and keep up with you know, what if I had a private plan, you know, up, you know, what people would say, oh, he probably has a portion of it. That's not all his. I do have, you know. Let's pause and be grateful that we're not the kind of person. That's like, oh, he's own a little bit of Chaigneau. I don't wanna be that person. Owning a vacation home or a second home. Yeah. Yeah. If you could if you could swing it about his that is a sign that you've made it not having to work. And being able to retire early for me, it's the same thing. But that to me is the ultimate freedom when you work because you want to because you love it not because you're you're trying to keep food on the table. Just alternate. Look, I read the most interesting thing in the new Michael Lewis book, the guy who wrote moneyball he's written a lot of very interesting. He takes dry subjects and turns them into like interesting reads and mysteries almost. And so his new book is it's a short book about two hundred pages it's called the fifth risk. And I know this sounds incredibly boring, but he goes through all of the departments of government like the department of commerce, and the the who the folks that controlled the the treasury and the department of defense and all of the different departments. And you think you know, what these people do, but you really don't know one hundred percent. Anyway, there's one guy that w-. Was hired by think commerce to put together programs that would help to efficiently feed the poor and people who are in need this guy. He gave his whole life to doing that. He I think he started in Maine where from and then he was hired in Vermont. And then I wa then California, and he would just go to these different states, and he set up these programs that were very efficient. He was the the best in the country at doing this and eventually went to work to foreign administration somewhere. So he retires and he's about seventy years old and he retired northern Maine. Good morning to everyone. And he said after we got a little house here. You know, we're comfortable, but not rich. But you know, we got a little house, and we got a boat not far from where we live and we went on the boat. And after two weeks, we looked at each other. He and his wife and said. Is that it and the guy went back to volunteering doing things like he did help him people? So so retirement, I think for a lot of people is is not the end all it's like, I don't wanna do that. I still want to be in the game. And yet for others. It's this thing. Like, I don't nobody's telling me what to do. I know people who if they had the option to stop working would keep working because they love what they do. So glad that the pressure. Wasn't the pressure was off. Yeah. Yeah. But this guy just said, you know, going on whether it it's the boat or whether it's the golf course, whether it's I don't know gardening. You just wonder if after a couple of weeks of you just say. My life. I'm already weird. Can you imagine how beard I would be with no other focus? If will know if I was just allowed to marinate my own kookiness. That's right. Right. That's why I'm going to be one of the citizen patrol guys. I would be wearing my Essen lake baby carrier. Guy. I have to come here everyday to be reminding the tough to though not having to work. So I think you're right. It's the pressure having to our Levy aided when you the pressure to get the page. That's right. A lot of people love what they do. Just don't love having. Bob and Sheri, app instantly, get the podcast and odd cast. So a couple of things that don't really pair together. But I thought they were both one is just kooky in the other one is very interesting a guy in England the other day. Did not get onions on his Big Mac. And he started a fight with the manager at McDonalds because because there is no unusual. And then after the fight ensued. He broke away and he called the local police to come and arrest manage you're not giving because he didn't get what he wanted. Holy cow. I do think that McDonalds needs the higher pay more because I've had some experiences where the onions weren't there. Either. I I'm not gonna fight over it though. Anyway, the other thing was the key to your kid doing well in school is actually spending time with your kid when they're doing homework. I state university. I see that with my to Ohio State University. If you don't have to do it with them every night, and you don't do it for them. But if you sit down and do it with them evidently their performance over the period of twelve years, improves mine are old enough. Now where they don't need me to do anything with them like that. But when when one of them will say, and it's usually something very low key. Like, this tastes are hates children and has given us so much hoops, we all as ever gotten like that has an apparent ever gotten through raising a kid where at least once you you. You didn't hear the phrase? The teacher hates me and hates all young people. If anyone out there is going through that you're either magical or lying grew. So when I hear that. All right. What's going on? We have been given so much homework. There's no way we can survive. Then I'll say bring it because they like. Homework in the rooms bring it up here. Sit down at the table and do your homework while I'm in the kitchen with you just being in the room with them. Sometimes is enough to help them. Stay really. Yeah. I don't have to sit there with them. I don't have to participate, but they they like to sit there and do their work while I'm like puttering around. Yeah. Yeah. I I feel terrible saying this. I think I mentioned it about a week ago. And I feel terrible because you know, I pull from my childhood some of the humor that we do on the show, but I cannot remember once doing homework with a parent and I struggled because of all the times we moved in. I believe that lack of focus. But I think that they just thought, you know, we're sending them to a good public school. That's what we do. And then when things got kind of crazy in the house with the financial problems. They were just so consumed with that that the idea of whether or not, I'm really, you know. Studying up to my potential never really crossed the threshold my grandma and my aunt used to say to me tell us what you're doing in school. And they would they would want to look at my work. They would want. They would ask me questions. They were so asset that before. And even when I was in college able to help at all it wasn't that they wanted to help. Sometimes just kind of talking out an assignment help me get clear on it. But even when I was in college. My aunt would say, I just love this class. What are you doing today? They loved my anthropology work. They love see. That's something math is totally different talk about. Because one of my anthropology professors at temple grew up in the in the Amish world, and he left he left his Amish life behind, but he taught whole class on Amish culture, and they love. They loved it. I read the textbook loved. Moron to eight Bob share to sixty seven four three seven. I read this article from berry miles who is the bef- biographer of Paul McCartney and a few years ago, Paul this is what happens when you become so so rich and famous Paul sent a rodeo for a bottle of whiskey. He gave him two dollars and fifty cents to pay for it. Because he didn't know how much did not know the Rhody had to tell Paul the prices gone up quite a bit since the last time he had a bye zone, boots and miles. The biographer said, quote, he desperately wanted to be a normal person and was very anxious to stay in touch with what he regarded as ordinary people. But in the end, you cannot be normal. You cannot be that famous for that many years and still be in touch with ordinary people. I recall once here reading an article that maybe was twelve years ago something like that somebody got on. A subway in New York. And there was Paul McCartney taking the subway just sort or it could have been in London. But it was one one of a big western city. Ask you a question. You're the Rhody. I'm the Rhody, sir. Paul has given us two dollars and fifty cents to purchase a bottle of whiskey, and we all know the survival does not wanna drink like rotgut with. No, he doesn't want the good stuff. Right. I would feel so awkward Paul McCartney for more money that I would end up hitting my own pocket and buying the richest rockstar in the world, a seventy dollar bottle of whisky because I would be too embarrassed to ask him for more money. How about you? Yeah. It's a tricky situation. I think it could be worse him. Yeah. Because we're like the way we are. And that's not always a good thing. If I just met Paul McCartney, and I don't work for him. But he said boy Lek some whiskey, and he gives me to fifty go out. I just pay for myself. That's what I'm saying Paul McCoy. Ernie. But it reminds me of my father in many ways before he died. We were we were in New Haven sing relatives. I guess and didn't didn't have a car and he wanted to go downtown and there are buses everywhere. And this is the only time I've ever been on public transit transit with my father. So we go down to Whitney avenue to take this bus downtown, and we get on and my father riches into its pocket, and there's a little machine on the bus where you can drop in the money, and he drops in dime and starts walking to the back of the bus and the bus is filled with people and the bus driver goes. Hey, buddy. I don't think. So where are you going, and I don't I forget how much it was. But it was like, you know, a dollar twenty five or something like that. At that time. I think sometimes these people are so insulated. They have no idea who who was it was was it a president that thought that milk was like fifty nine cents a gallon. Classic thing. 'cause they don't go the e-e-e-e-no. No, it also happens to your nanna, you'll get to a certain point if you're lucky enough to have a grandparent road. And that person will be your birthday. It'll be your thirty third birthday, and your nanna will pull you in close and press a five dollar Bill into your hand and say this is probably go buyers of something. Nice. That's exactly right for the all the money in the world. You would not go. My God by five I know. I know, you know, we all kind of Paul McCartney version of that. He's he's one of these guys that has for for the sort of celebrity that he has he has kind of normal. I was a little surprised. I mean, I could see him walking into a liquor store and buying something. But that is how long was it before a bottle of whisky was two dollars and fifty cents. Here's here's the thing that that makes me wonder your Paul McCartney you go to a restaurant. You can't get any mixed drink for two fifty as way ski in it. Right. It's dollar ladies night at the old shipwreck. Yeah. That's true too in Marlton. Nuture let you know. He's he's saying all they Mark it up in the bars. But if you buy it in the liquor store, it's you know, it's not it's not going to be that much less. So anyway, that's the other one that that blew my. I don't know why never forgot this about Richard Nixon. This was toward the end of his. Presidency. And the protesters are outside the White House twenty four hours a day. And they're they're they're, you know, put them in jail. They're doing all these protests marches and he had enough. He said, I get the hell out of the White House. I just can't take this somebody take me somewhere. And he had secret service bring the limo around and secretly get out somehow, and he said Turk murder McDonald's, and he had his first McDonald's hamburger and milkshake. And he said, it's delicious. How could you be that age? I mean, seriously, even if you hate McDonalds to not have come upon like a McDonalds shake at one time or another McDonald's, amber taste at my first. Mcdonald's hamburger last summer. Yeah. You tie listener. That's right head. You never had a shake or anything. No product from there at all cow's milk. Oh, yeah. That's I don't think that's an McDonald's sake. Well, maybe a little. I just think groping pain grope around it. Not. So you know, big stance. It's just interesting that you've but in such a bubble not you, but those those people have been such a bullet two dollars fifty cents. A whole bottle spine, Sherry, listen. The new Bob and Sheri twenty four seven, Bob and Sheri dot com. I stumbled upon a piece of knowledge that blew my mind and opens up an existential abyss. Do you want to hear it? Yes. About seven percent of all of the human beings who have ever lived ever are alive. Right now. Seven percent of all the people who have ever lived on this earth are alive right now. Extrordinary it makes sense for two reasons population Spanish population relation, but people are also living longer. Yeah. That's true too. Yeah. But it makes you realise our time on this rock has not been all that long. If seven percent of all of the people who have ever lived are alive. Today. That's true. That's the existential abyss part of it. I love when we play in the existential exists abyss arena. I love to feel so small like a pebble in the sand out last week having your middle finger operated on perhaps you could describe it in another way. Sure, that's. I don't know. What else? What is the actual clinical diagnosis of your middle? Finger up is yours fixes is the group. We were talking with Tim Zoki about how baseball great Jose Canseco. Gwin out on Twitter. I know you go on Twitter. You didn't see it? He went out on Twitter last week and said that aliens can teach us how to time travel. So that we can go back in time to tame and ride the dinosaurs. He said that he said that. Yeah. It was his. He's. He's in communication with aliens. Oh. Didn't say that. But yeah, seven percent of all this. Frequently with the bowl. I don't know Jim thinks may be it was all the performance enhancing, steroids or five recall rate. Jim said, it was either the performing enhancing, steroids or Jose really does no time traveling aliens, these are the two policies I was reading about on the first female, astronauts. I wish I could remember her name. She was on discovery before it blew up of sleet and shooter. Brother, both applied to NASA in the early nineteen sixties brother said neither taking this is in Michael Lewis book the fifth risk. Her brother said, they're taking -application to be astronauts. You just have to be under six feet away less than one hundred eighty pounds, and she was very very curious person. And she said I'm going for it. And she was woman back in sixty three. And she got it. Go borough. And she had she just was always fascinated about. How things worked? I wish. I could remember. That's all right. We're used to being forgotten by the patriarch. Oh, really had to go here. I'm going. I'm making a hero out of this. A find her. Anyway, she described getting into this chamber. This is changing astronaut Jono. This is she's up and discover. Getting into the chamber to go out to space space walk and what you have to do is lock. The tether yourself. It's like packing your own shoot. So she locks it in going seventeen thousand miles an hour. Holes the thing open and goes out out there, and it one point she looked down and said. I can see Long Island. That's where she's from. Wow. Can you even imagine? What would that duty your head? It would blow your blow all your Cirque reading it. And I felt that way she was training with all men. You had to have one partner it at one point you have to get naked in front of each other. And so she's got this one guy that she's working with and he goes, well, I guess and she interrupts she says, I don't have a problem with us at all you have a problem with this is this means absolutely nothing to me. That was the end of that. We were going to spacewalk and trust me. It's still an option of Tony can get a sponsor. I'll strip off with y'all Williams. Yeah. I don't care. All right. You know, he'll get us the spots ship. We're hoping for a station on Saturn. But he'll say I got Neptune. It's it's it's it's it's like the outer reaches of Saturn. Bob. I've got I've got great news. I was not able to get the Saturn affiliate. But the Metamucil challenged zero brand. Your. Hey, thank you so much for listening to the Bob and Sheri podcast and the Bob and Sheri odd cast we've love if you would subscribe rate review and share it with a friend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram wherever you go. And thank you again for listening.

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