Dopey 231: The Corona Virus Special


The Corona virus daily briefing is a new podcast. That comes out every day at five pm with the latest headlines and context around the cove nineteen corona virus crisis from ride home media the daily podcast. All the things that happened today. A quick fifteen minutes and you're up-to-date search your podcast APP now and subscribe Corona Virus daily briefing. That's corona virus daily briefing and need a fix cause. I'm going Dan back to the bids. Left up town need a fix cause. I'm going down. This corona virus dopey special is brought to you by our friends at Alloa recovery located in Sunny Southern California in Malibu and Silverlake Allah was created by our friend. Bob Forrest and his friends. Evan Jared and Bob and it was created as a place to treat addicts with connection and compassion rather than control. They wanted to set up a place where addicts can receive the best care where they could receive care for dual diagnosis where they can get a detox. 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When's the last time you were on the show? I don't remember I don't remember either. I think it's been a long time was at the two hundred episode. Was that the last time. I don't think I came on for like fifteen minutes at the end V. A. Area. That sounds right to Linda. The world is in a standstill. We're in a global pandemic. This city has shut down our you coping. How are you coping? Wow It depends on what you're asking me that I'm coping with. There's certain things I'm coping with fine and there's other things that I'm really struggling with. Well I will say I know I know what you're struggling with. I think the thing that I'm struggling most with his having children during the corona virus. Consider yourself a child because you're probably the hardest part of what I have to deal with during the corona virus. Wow twice I mean what did I do because you complain more than a child? I definitely have three kids. I'll tell you that much I mean. Yeah you have three kids. I take care of you. Listen you wanted honesty. I mean listen. You want to be honest. We'll be honest last Friday. I went to work feeling a little under the weather. I get on the train. I when they gave me the fucking bottle of Pirelli's headed in like one of those little little ones like at the four. Like one that you have for an entire office. I used this all day long. I've sat down alone in my weird little seat and the train was crowded and I everytime I moved in my seat I started lathering my hands up with the pure al. You did because I noticed it was like half empty but I started sniffling on the right in by the time I got to work. People at cats is were saying that. I didn't look good. And that's when I got nervous. May then we went to an event at catering and I have a runny nose and cough during the global pandemic serving Pastrami Coleslaw and potato sowed. So I get very nervous and then on the ride home. The fever hits the fever. It's and I'm sitting with this crazy dude. Who's coughing and I'm like that doesn't make me feel very comfortable that you're coughing and that I said that he was coughing. Yes and then hold him. It made you uncomfortable. He was coughing. I thought I was being funny. That he lab no time for jokes around that kind of thing. He told me that the country has been gearing up for a fake pandemic or is he called a plan. Democ and that there are concentration camps for people that will not get the vaccine ready to go and I said okay. I'm GonNa Watch Madman on my phone in. These scared is one of those. By the time I got home I was sick wasn't yes he was. He had a few he definitely had a fever Okay so one of the things that I've found very helpful to think about That a friend of mine told me I read an article. I can't remember but basically said the One of the things we should do is is if we feel sick. We should say if I felt like this. And there wasn't any such thing as the corona virus. Yes would I be scared? Would I be freaking out? What I think that You know I have a cold or I have a I. Have you know I'm under the weather because you know it's still in the season of sick? There's also it's also in the season of new new allergies budding. Right like there was a high pollen count. I'll say this. Let me just let me just finish. So they are trying to say that to people instead freaking out. Say to yourself if I felt like this and there wasn't a current virus pandemic would I be scared? And if your answer is no then try really hard to continue not to be scared. I wasn't scared I I had a fever. And how do I get when I okay? You're riding around the house screaming that you had the virus. But I wasn't scared. I was just uncomfortable. I had a very high fever shivering in cold and when I get sick like that you're right that don't you think that's aside from you for a moment. Don't you think that's a helpful tool is to say if I had this without a current virus? Even you know being something we would. You be worried. No I would not be what have been worried. I think he would have said well. This might be. Dental tooth is infected. We had but we had. I think we had a misunderstanding because I was never worried about the corona virus. I haven't been I haven't been worried about having I see it as a cold. I see it as a flu. I haven't been worried about it. I think you've been worried about it and you've been worried when I say I have it but I'm just complaining because I always complain when I get sick. Don't I always complain and wine when I get sick? That's my thing and I want you to take care of me and and I guess so that leads back to my initial outburst about having three children when I have a ten year old who is now being home schooled a toddler who's who's a Wackadoo home and now I can't do anything with her and Dave's like I want to be taking care of Corona virus any as one symptom which is a little fever. I'm like Oh my God like I just want him to be like healthy. I hope he's okay. I hope he doesn't have it. But it's hard for me in this crop a pressure cooker in a pressure cooker brain. So it's not. Obviously I want to be more supportive to him and like you know what he has been sick and definitely having weird just strange fevers popping up here and there that's not normal clearly body's fighting something and I'm not denying that but it's like we are literally stuck in this house and it's fucking crazy and like a cycle like my parents like we have to keep six feet from them where my mom dropped off like a Saint Patrick's Day dinner and we're like waving to her through glass door. She's crying or waving and it's like this is like crazy so it's it's just the truth. I WANNA BE EMPATHETIC TO HIS. Like little fevers here and there was some there is what I want you know. Is there a reason to come down on me here? Like we're just having Nice podcast for just having a good time and I think the concern. I think that this should be the concern. Internationally is for people like Linda's parents or my poor dad. My Poor Dad is like I want to come out and it's like dad. You gotta stay on. I think you know how how I'm not being overly sensitive to Dave and I and I wanna be is because there's also so many other factors that I have to tend to like elderly. Parents Children being home schooled. So normally you would be thoughtful and caring of like someone with a little tiny fever meeting room to get tested. I was like there are no test. She's like you go now and I went out there. Just shut the fuck up and guess what he has been complaining. I of the corona. I have the Around I don't I don't talk. I also had a very very sore throat. I had a very when Linda get searched us. It feels like I'm swallowing razor blades. I didn't say that this time but that's how I thought they actually have strep throat like a legitimate illness. I felt like I was swallowing razor blades. And I went to the emergency room and they sent me away and then Linda then they told me to quarantine myself from the family. Dave calls me all little the little chippers they said. I have to be in the basement alone for two weeks and he sounded a little too excited. That I'm like I don't think so. I'm like it's too late. I'm telling you if magic himself watching episode after episode of mad men. If I was quarantined in the basement for two weeks it might be the greatest thing. That's that and that's why. I said you're absolutely not doing that. Because we're all exposed at this point so sorry. Well I'm going to say this that anybody out there who doesn't have children. I hope you're enjoying your quarantine. I hope you're catching up on shows. I hope you're cooking. I hope you're doing cool stuff but people are very anti here that I also feel all the parents out there. I feel your pain. It is not easy I and the other thing about Linda Linda much better parent than I am. I would be fulltime. I mean it's my job. I would be totally satisfied with the television on all day. I would be fine with this so hard. Yes no trust me. It would be easier for me to but I find it anyway. Then they finally opened up testing in Suffolk County and I am. They called me after. I gave Linda the corona virus. One more time they called me they wanNA talk about that. They called me and I went at eight in the morning to Stony Brook well so so John Speech which is part of Jones beach. No matter where you live. It's a place where there's like huge rock concerts in the summer. It's really an incredible. It's a really cool spot. That was the Nassau County testing site. That was up and running and Nassau County of Long Island and they had just opened the Suffolk County testing site on the grounds of Stony Brook University. And Dave was literally one of the first tests that they had done for the virus and it was funny because he had left at seven in the morning as test eight. It was very Right David was very like well orchestrated he. You can't roll down your windows. They come to the car. Everybody's in full gear. It was pouring rain and I drove to Recorded something when I was there so I'm GonNa play for the dopey nation but it was pouring rain fucking on the drive to Stony Brook. We have this this Sirius. Xm Now so. I'm listening to the grateful dead channel. Which is really great and I totally recommend it and get up to the fucking the dudes soldiers in their military fatigues and. I'm like no nobody had guns out. But but it felt like they would and sanitizer in the gun and they're gonNA burst spray you down so I start to open the window and he holds up. His clipboard is leave wind up and they made me like press. The idea on the inside like you can't open your window at the thing until they fuck in Swab You. I got there. This is how organized it was. I got to the test at five minutes to eight. I left the test at ten minutes after it was very organized. All was very organized because Dave was one of the first and now it has become completely chaotic on organ. We can't get there and they told him he could get the results in two days on official website and it turns out. There is no website and in five to seven days. He'll get a result only if he's positive. Do you WanNa hear my observations from the test site. Kinda say one quick thing so we knew Dave was on his way to this testing site every morning. Me and the Girls Watch news twelve. It's like our long island local news and we're sitting watching the news and also the our favorite news cast our girl and she's at the testing site Stony Brook with her umbrella. And we're like. Oh my God we're going to see daddy and we're all waiting to see daddy's car pull up to get a swab stock nostril. Because they were taping. The cars being pulled up and tested. So we're hoping to see but if I don't have the virus what the Fuck is wrong with me? I think you have one of the many things that happens. In toward the end of winter where there's tons and tons of germs. I think seventy heck seventy percent. I want to say this strap. I think you could have Lou. I think you could have a random virus. I just WANNA be serious. Second we have an audience of drug addicts we've an audience of heroin addicts of people who've been withdrawal people in the audience a lot of different people in the islands. But I want to say that corona virus. If I have it it reminds me so much of withdrawal. Because you feel shitty and you don't know when it's GonNa end and like acute withdrawal ends in three days or something but then that post acute withdrawal lasts for a while and here's the good news. Everyone Davis doing podcasts. He's having he's happy we're having fun. He's healthy you know so even if he has it. You're fine no I. I totally agree. That's a good. That's the that's the moral of the story and that's the other thing is that people are. I don't WanNa see people are going to be okay because plenty of people won't spread that but I think it's good for you to also note that you're sitting here. You know having having a good time doing the podcast clearly. You're healthy enough to still to need. I'm having the time in my life right now. This is finally finally the baby. The baby has become. I mean like I never spent so much time with the baby but like I do love the baby but what a pain in the neck. She is only God and there's very funny she's funny and she's fun and I'm happy and I also want to say this. I love not going to work. I fucking love not much. I love you not going to work. Okay but I've I've taken a lot of your duties on. I've taking the baby but I I would love if you were home but you all you like a lot of what you've been doing since you've been home is telling everyone you have the crow virus I have. I have to have you home going. I'm so sick with the cover. Our Environment I don't complain about the Corona Virus. What else do I complain about this thing? Tell them Oh and the other day so maybe people could understand why I'm not like Oh it's so nice having you home hold on. Let me just play my observations from the test site. Hold on so. I'm going to get tested for this thing. drove to Stony Brook in the middle of the serious serious serious rain. Fuck been disastrous. Is the second time I've been to Stony Brook to get tested for this thing. I went to the hospital the other day it was like. Et Kim plastic everywhere. And obviously everybody taking precautions with masks here. It's like an army base. They have you stop then they have you show your ID in the window. Everybody's ready to kill you on site I don't think I have this thing but I've been sick since Friday fever on Friday runny nose and whatever and I don't know just recording this For posterity lot of Weirdos crazy time in America I guess I don't think my thing my say whereas inspired as I thought that was that. Was it not much there? Tell every? Tell everybody of all the problems I've had this week. No walk in every day. I have to hear I. Why do I wanNA relive it right now? I stood up quickly on the stairs and I bang the side of my head into the beam of our basement and now I can't open my mouth wide enough to eat. It's upstairs so let me repeat. Does anyone understand. Why I'm saying that. Having Data Dave home is not some big not to mention the seldom burn. I I sick of your fucking burn. I steamed my arm last week trying to delegation. I'm very bitter tonight trying to clean. I said maybe I shouldn't be on. Come on the show and Dave said every night. Linda tends to my wound when they gets really angry at me all day and then when she tends to my wound she softens the nurse in me comes out the nurse deep deep down so you don't WanNa tell them how nasty the wounds interested. I guess it's healing now. Finally I think it looks better. Yeah so you're not you don't care about the it's it's just it's just a lot of stuff. There's something else that we need to talk about. And you don't want to talk about it. But the dopey nation has been bothering me for weeks now wanting to know what happened to the dog. I never toll. I never revealed if we kept the dog or not. I was hoping you'd come on the show so I could tell my favorite part of the story and we don't have the dog anymore and we don't have the dog because the dog vomited. It's shed in front of us. The dog somehow was in the cage and he got out of the cage and he like convulse stalled dislike from strictly the animal from stranger thing and reared up and then he vomited his shit and I was just like that's it and so I mean there was few reasons. Why would that was? Definitely one of them wasn't we can't have a dog that vomit shouldn't house he was it. I don't even want to talk about because I really really. He was so sweet and he was he was reading a lot of the post from the dopey nation about the dog and I am. I really agreed with a lot of them and you know but he just I think it was a poor choice on my part to get a dog with toddler because it was like they were the same energy crews too much you know they both were this knee and he was also half Chihuahua. Half rat terrier. He wanted so much attention but he was so sweet but then like my toddler wanted attention and then he was started shitting everywhere. Which was the problem and the re the time I realized that he was pooping everywhere was when my toddler got very quiet one morning. And I'm like Oh that's so weird usually like forever and I look over. And she's playing with his poop and I just was like our Camden really was on the fence for a while until my toddler was playing with his poop. And I just I couldn't I couldn't. I didn't even mind the fact that the dog pooped out of his mouth. I thought that was sort of. It was almost like a carnival. Track charming I thought it was interesting. I I you know. It didn't bother me as much as my kid playing with his shed. That was not going to be a healthy situation. I think getting rid of that dog was probably the best thing that's happened. Van Sad this is going to sound crazy but I've actually been thinking about the dog this week and he was. I actually thought he would have been sort of fun to have while we were isolated and I've seen sodium people with their dogs and I'm like. Wow that's kind of a nice thing. They have that we don't during this time because dogs really are so unconditionally. Beautiful and kind and sweet. You're bugging out and I wouldn't have survived I to me. I'm so I couldn't handle everybody in the house with the dog overwhelming so it would have been too much but there's some people you the dog People who own dogs and the Dobie nation will will understand what I'm saying. Dogs definitely a very loving creatures. They bring this beauty to your life that I think could be nice right now that I am not sad that the dog has hit. Hit the road. So we're going to get somebody on the phone. Linda has friend named amber are waiting on pins and needles for Linda's podcast. Doing with friends. You gotta sit closer to the Mike Lynn. If you do a podcast you gotta like amateur. You gotta be up on it. It's Linden Amber GonNa do supposedly do a podcast on motherhood called mother load and amber is very smart and worldly person if I came up with that title by the way and I think amber we'll have some insights into this epidemic beyond me complaining that the World Is Talk Timbre because I need an outlet. I don't think that I've been fair. In the intro of the show the first twenty minutes the world is shutdown. There's no non essential travel that everything is beserk trying every day as more is more dramatic. And I'm just trying to make light and deal with it because that's how I get comfortable in this situation to be fair you've been really sick and I think as much as I I'm a I'm a I'm a therapist and I want to really address things for what they are. Definitely have my moments of denial as well. And it's very scary for me to have my partner ill and this is going on so. I will definitely give Dave credit to say that he's been sick and it's scary and it's scary to have a loved one ill right now whether it's that or it's anything only amount of incredible work. I've done with the children cooking cleaning amber. Let's get. We have amber on the phone and the amber said is say it again amber. Please Linda sometimes you do sound like you're a little too far from the Mike. You gotta you gotTa pull up. How all right amber? You WanNa start that way when I tell when I tell them to move option the Mike Sheets. It's like as though I punched her in the throat. The look on her fuck and really close. I mean I wish we could take a picture. She gets too comfortable. He gets too comfortable with her glass of wine and she was going to say like in my mind she's reclining. She's got a glass of wine armchair. That's exactly what she gets a little talk we've invited amber the future co host of the mother lode coming this summer right amber. Perhaps summer twenty twenty-five maybe and because ambers very bright and worldly woman and I want I am sure amber knows exactly what's going to happen in the world involving the corona virus and I was hoping you could inform the dopey nation. How's IT calling your family? How's your family? What's going on? I think we're all dealing with uncertainty and that is it's super unsettling and I think like everybody else. I've been vacillating between feeling like a warrior. Like God is and repair and I can make my toilet paper. I Bake Bread. I can grow finding Keanu to like feeling like a complete like a complete panic right. Everyone's GonNa get sick. I'M GONNA lose all my ninety at least my job and my whole life is GonNa fall apart so finally like. I think I'm at the end of this week. Where unbalancing out a little bit and just starting to take stock of what's going on. I'm trying not to look at like my retirement account or any of those things you know. It seems like the market is just like there's no bottom by I think like everything else it will pass and through the best thing about you embers unlike Linden ear an actual adult plans and forecasts and savings. You know this is like highly advantageous for people who don't have retirement who don't have investments because you know what the nothing can really happen to us really accept what what's been happening already. She gets sick. I'm already sick but I'm right. You Know I. I don't think I don't think my experience with the Corona virus or the cove in nineteen is going to cripple me. I think I'm going to get through this and be done with it which I remember. Linda told me that was your reaction when you heard that I might have it. Well you know what's interesting about adulting and feeling like an adult? It's like the minute you get there. Which is sort of me like literally this month. I finally or like two months ago really was finally feeling like I've got this down. I'm forty three years old. I have finally figured out lives. I you know I. The things are organized for me. I feel like I finally got there. And an event like this happens and you realize how fragile it all is. Construct are so frail and we are just. We're just victim to them. But it's it's funny everything and it's funny because it's fragile for all of us like that's a good point like we're so there's the adulting piece but then I look at like we look alike are older. The older people and like they are so vulnerable. Like everybody is now. It's like a leveling field. Well it is. I'm sure reminder that we're all really all in the same boat well that's true and what do you think what do you think is coming down the pipe like what like how much worse does get before it gets better like your worldly person not you said? She's calling into China. She knows you did I so i. I actually managed crisis communication. We're talking for a large global company and so this was kind of a big week for me professionally a lot going on also on the home front trying to get organized around the kids being home so if there's a lot there for you say another thing how much does it suck to have the kids home for this time. Her kids are are easy. They lose their cars scarlets. Like a buddy like they're hanging out. It's not like Susan One. It's not like you guys like with with the baby is it's it's it's pretty chill but just getting even trying to get them. Organized around their educations at the whole other thing. That's all but I will say I would. I would share with you is. I was comforted by a conversation that I had with a colleague out of Hong Kong and she was sort of. You know she has. They've they missed their Chinese New Year. They they've been dealing with this for many many weeks since December now and what I learned was that she said you know. Look that the uncertainty. It gets better things start to feel a little bit more certain in the coming weeks and she said the panic buying it stressful but it really only lasts about two weeks and things start to you. Know they're they're coming out the other end of it and the world is opening up again and and things are okay live and resume. There's like there is an endpoint. Even though this is so chaotic and so different than anything we've ever experienced in our generation but there is an end. Do you want to hear how what I did in a panic by in my panic buying I felt like my beard was too long so I sent away for an Amazon Electric Beard. Trimmer and I was so nervous. It wasn't gonNA come soon enough. I just shaved my beard. Can you believe that? That's how that relates but panic bonding I look so old with my eared so I sent away by the end of the Groningen. Look like Moses. I snore goes. Why is daddy buying this right now? I'm like I have everything you're saying you're so far though. No you're my name is right now. Okay well I said that Nora old. We opened the package. We thought it was going to be a thermometer or something something useful and it was a beard. Trimmer chose but mommy. Why does daddy need that? I'm like I have no fucking idea. I couldn't even explain it. What was the greatest thing you bought in a panic by so far number? What are you minimalist molest? She doesn't chat with you. Guys about for a second is Kito versus. Plant based plant based is so on point for the apocalypse because mall. We eat or beans. I have a basement Philippines. We're not eating meat so an Linda had this debate a bunch. But we're not eating meat so we weren't sort of fighting that out in the Super Bowl right. I started buying like I wasn't panicked buying but I started just gently stocking up on supplies like the early February timeframe because I was hearing a lot about this from multiple angles from the financial angle from you know the global ankle from you know the kind of local media and I was just starting to get hints. That something. Something's coming up and what so. I started to just gently sort of you know stock up because what I. I was uncertain about things but what I am. Certain about is how people behave in an emergency and human behavior is so much scarier to me than a virus. Yeah all these is nuts. Buying everything right. That was so clear to me that that was going to happen. You know what house weeks before I was in bed with. Linda and I said Linda tomorrow you need to go to the supermarket and buy provisions and she said nothing's going to happen she said. What are you worried about? Remember yes I do. I told her I was you and me. We're on the same age and she didn't panic. I was like go panic by now. And she wasn't doing it. But yeah I mean I in Bryant very similar that way but I have to tell you that our neighbors have showed up like many times with cases of wipes asking what we need. You know people have been incredibly generous. We've been looking after Linda's parents a little. They brought us some corn beef. It is in another way like a beautiful time for society to come together. It really. Is you see the worst but you see the best in people too and I think it's such an opportunity and I heard this was such an interesting thing. I was listening. I was watching. Meet the press Sunday morning and I can't remember who was speaking but the gentleman who was talking about this vanish flu of nineteen thousand. Nine hundred eighteen. He was saying that It was terrible. Millions and millions of hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives and then when it ended nobody talked about it anymore because everybody was so ashamed of how they behave and I thought that was so compelling and mmediately started thinking about our local food pantry started thinking about. You know many of my neighbors. But you're just checking in with people who I haven't checked in within while because I don't want to come out the other end of this and feel ashamed right well. I think you're doing a good job. You don't have to be ashamed of this appearance on. Dopey and I'm very impressed that you've kept your plant based stuff going. I gave up. Kida the second. I got my fever. Rose like I'm done time to eat cereal with chocolate Syrup Find Comfort. Linda made cupcakes put peanut butter and chocolate frosting on them. This is the time of my life. All I wish we had more cakes in the house. The provisions we don't have enough desert provision. I'll say that plant based day. If you can have all the cupcakes you want based Oh oh is is lit up. I like I don't I don't I think I'M GONNA go. I'm I am until this pandemic lifts I'm just GonNa go back into old school comfort. Eating until until I'm healthy again one-sided once once I passed corona virus I'll Dave's work in the corona virus. This is what's happening on the Corona nineteen the covert nineteen pounds amber. Thank you ever my pleasure. You guys ever happened to the work. You're supposed to be doing for dopey. Though I forgot one of the first incredibly hard working dedicated people amber has a life in the Dome I and then all of a sudden chats then she wrote the best most comprehensive does dopey press release and then she actually got a job. What the fuck number I did. I took a year off and castor and then I got the job but it was. It was a really funding. Your intern for about eight days. I learned a lot and I loved it and I'll come back one day awesome. Thanks guys all right bye. Thank awesome to hear from amber on the show. I think you guys will have an amazing podcast. And I'm sure a lot of the people in the dopey nation will be tuning in to motherlode. Yes but you gotta close to the Mike Now. Boy Don't be a show about drugs addiction and dumb shit and Khurana virus. So let's let's let's well. I guess the Corona virus title for tonight's show but I wanna get a fan favorite of the show the Great Ray Brown Ray Brown on the show and see how he is coping with coping with corona in the big city. Let's check on Ray Ray. Welcome back to the show. Are you drinking fortified vodka right now? Are you maintaining some sort of sobriety for this thing? I'm maintaining some sort of sobriety through this phone thing. Yeah and do you ha- yeah. Linda Linda sipping on wine sitting back in her chair wearing my robe. She's very she's very relaxed. So raise you on Fourteenth Street right now ray. I got you breaking up say again. Are you on Fourteenth Street right now? I'm on Fourteenth Street. Yup is your is your fridge stocked with forbidden chocolate. I have so I've so much food so much ice cream. I was terrified of running out of ice cream by went downstairs. I've been I've loved for two days and then went downstairs ticket some ice cream and I was going. I was in line at Dwayne Reed with my ice cream and then I noticed the lady in front of me like a lady collect bushels of cans. She's like a street person. She was redeeming her cans and she was wearing gloves. The cashiers wearing gloves and the lady was very very dirty street person. And I'm like fuck. Why am I not wearing gloves? And then the the cashier touched this lady stuff and then my stuff and put it in my bag and then I laughed and there was another guy out front any liquid cigarette and it hit me in the odd had a rough day today right. That was like two hours ago. Fateh came upstairs. I washed the ice cream with this deter in the state. Well you wash the container. You didn't open up the container and wash the outside of the container with soap. And Wow so that's them. I I I took off all my clothes and took a shower and then I watched the ice cream. I haven't been crazy. I haven't been like obsessive. But I felt a little crazy tonight array. Why did you take your clothes off to get in the shower? Why didn't you wash your clothes in the shower? Well I've been taking my launch into laundry as you know but now I'm wondering if you think is your clothes are closed mixed with all the other Gulf closed. They watched that day. And you get the virus. The Corona clothes and regular saying ray was saying that to people that job have it and a bunch of people on his billing habits. Now you can. You can go so ray you can go so crazy with this thing because you're pretty much. Every single thing has been touched by some thing else so I was. I found myself googling earlier. Like my mom. Those you can look online and see how long the virus as on different types of surfaces what how long for the carbon hours on cardboard cardboard three days on plastic so. I love my shoes outside. -partment rhythm inside. How long do you think it would last on soiled clothing or on a cigarette but I choose your? I know you've no control over that one. That was now. There's more rank job have it and I don't know it's been seven days since I was at work and I don't have it in the man you know. The typical time is five days. I might have it but no symptoms such a crazy fucking thing. Can I ask you a personal question right? Has that ever stopped you before you really do? Think I have the corona virus boy? Yes I do see place that I've thought that for a week C. OR C. And I bet if he'd take good care of me too right right. Hey Dave just Mark Davis wants to be with you because you have a cigarette butts and I am not into that good stuff to offer. I think a lot of us have found. I mean the more people at my job have had have had it and friends of mine have had what is clearly like that guy was crying about on the show he had it. I mean it's it's all around me I was had. When doesn't believe possibly have it now? You have it. Dave wants to have headlines like annoying and he just looks me went into like a little bit tell us about the dopey raided a doping meeting online zoom zoom dopey group rate like Colleen. Set it up and it was really fantastic. I was kind of Leery. I'm not sure what we're going to do what we're GONNA talk about. And then another colleen she said she has. It and her family has like her husband. Has Our kids have it and I'll just cool to talk to everybody that you see on doping nation. I mean like Austin I met at a dopey combat just to chat with everybody. I think everybody dug it. There was like twenty something people. They're awesome love that it was. You know how I am meetings. Never talk at meetings. I don't know what to say but it was kind of like I felt like I should say something and I said from being on Dobie people have written to me like you know. I'm not a meeting guy and I've never been as soon as my sponsors stop taking me. I stopped going. I never got the magic or any of that. I did stop drinking. I did the steps and I stopped drinking but I didn't get that like helping others. And that helped me but when the people right to me on doping nation then. I started doing that and now I've kind of got that like. Oh you need that. Method worked for you in the meetings. Maybe didn't work for you. But dopey nation reaching out to you that affected you in some way. That may be a meeting. Didn't yes very serious out of something about meeting. It's just put me off with this. Was it was more fun. You know. It's because it's stupid doping nations so it's not like you know meetings can be so serious sometimes and I never reached. I'm Kinda shy at meetings. I don't want to talk to anybody. I never give people my number. That kind of stuff did you. Did you share about eating pubic hair and licking up urine off the toilet and Zumra? No now what did you did. You share it. What did you share about? Did you share about Super Vodka and living and all? I just smashing the dude with the record player. Oh you said so. The alternative the alternative recovery movement is working for. You is what you're saying. Yeah that's what I just said. Let me ask you and I think that's really cool. I think it's amazing. I think you are a shining example. Of how Dobie are you going to say? I'm sorry for interrupting. You know there's something about meetings you know. I hated school. I left school very early. There's something about the regimented organized part of it and I think that's my thing with meetings is like I just didn't take to it and this is like fun. It's the Internet it's facebook. You know goofy that I could get into it and not like be like ten south at it. You know right. It's good it's dumb. Shit that keeps you alive in Dopey. Yeah that meetings reminded me of school right away and I hated school insurance or your parents. Being Ray hated his parents right virus. Let me ask you. Who are these people? And why are they interfering in my life? Yeah let me ask you. What do you think addicts out? There in the world are doing right now. How do you think they're getting by you? Know like wh what. Can you imagine how tough it must be to be a heroin addict during the glorifies Google today like like power people getting heroin. Heroin Corona virus and nothing comes up just weird random searches. I couldn't find any answers about drug supply in America during Corona virus so underground. There's no articles written about this. Yeah I'm sure there's some new member win win like just with weed. People be like the whole town is dry. You know well you probably never had that here in New York. But we had that in and my small town like the whole town is dry. I would have that in. Ithaca you know and it was very very annoying but it's interesting and I actually have a bunch of addicts that I've reached out to and we none of them are. I have one addict that's using. I haven't heard his message yet but we're going to play his message in a minute right. I just want to say thank you though. For participating in the Dobie podcast Corona specials chronic twenty twenty. And it's a it's an important part in check in courage everyone to check out this zoom with Alli in and this other Guy Ben is going to do to but it was really cool it was like people from Dopey Reta like those people that weren't on Dopey facebook nation their dope dopey rhetoric. People were there. What are they saying? It was kind of a meeting like people that was kind of structured like a meeting and then at the end everybody was just chatting and I liked the format of zoom cooled. Whoever hat way how does that format so I started a support group on facebook? Just it's it's just a coronavirus support group but it's run by so but but colleen put that post for that on there and and my question for you because I was wondering is how does it. How does it even work like? What does it feel like? When you're aren't what is the format? You download zoom and it's very easy and then you put in when the meeting starts you. I copy and paste it the number the meeting number you put it on their you put in the Password. Which is tools? And then you're in the meeting and you see everybody in front of you and then when someone speaks it features that person's as you can see you can see the actual person though yet. Whoever speaks the features them and then when they stop speaking shows like everybody again? Did you wear dopey hat or dopey shirt map? Well I'm wearing one now because I was just on another zoom thing and I didn't. I held it up because people were wearing them and I took Martin. Put it in front of me. But I didn't wear sign advertises podcast very shameful and is wearing her her her prototype. Dopey tank top right now. Trump. A new Dobie say come in. Come in soon as what would you? When do you think we'll get to see each other again? And you could record in person again. What is your prediction when the quarantine will end? Well there's no corn Jane. I could meet you at your dad's anytime dude. I'm fucking sick. You want to get this thing. Oh well I don't know what is it a year two years two months like dude. What do you think? When is it going to be done? Why are you having? Can I ride the train? When is it going to be okay to Greek? Everything seems normal downstairs. It's like there's no quarantine. The trains are running. Why don't you just give it a good old zoom you want to do the Alaskan Zoom Zoom? Good I mean say up to two weeks is what what? I've been hearing all right. Well two weeks ray. It's always a pleasure to have you on the data from you. Nice to talk to you. Linda talk soon. Stay inside. Don't drink any fortified vodka. It's good that you're doing the laundry. May It's forbidden. Chocolate seems like the way to go and this and thank you okay. Can I the great ray back on the show? I love having ray on the show me now. I know you know about this but I don't know how much you know about this. The dopey scholarships are going bananas. We have Josh in transcend recovery. He went to mountainside we have Charlotte. Who is in turn bridge in a new Canaan Connecticut and we have this dude? Dj Aka Dan who is on Dopey a couple of times. He was on ships right now. Well Really Josh Got Scholarships. He got one scholarship for mountainside in one scholarship to transcend recovery. Which is after care. Charlotte Intern Bridge for. I think nine months and she's doing well Nice. That's a nice scholar Shonka termer just been very generous and aloe is taking in Don for six months and he caught a flight to La for twenty two dollars because nobody's flying and he he's so fucked up on drugs that I couldn't get him on the phone so he sent in to voicemails and I WANNA play. You want to hear all right. I say that with love and respect don heroin and Klina pin and everything. He's shooting so much dope he's got abscesses and he's a he's a mess But we really loved on and he can get it at anyone can get it. He can get it on your show. What's up dopey nation? This is don calling or some no means DJ And I've I've been on the show a couple of times And I'm calling in to give a little upstate I am getting ready to get on a plane and go to Alloa Treatment Center in Sunny California Which Dave advertises on the phone and I love the advertisement. He says if you're Fox and you need Treatment Treatment Center Is a great place to go. And I absolutely feel like that I've been in touch with Dave Dave Dave for several years throughout friend mutual friend tatty. Who was a friend of Chris is And Chris as well God Rest in peace But anyways over the years have gotten to know Dave I made huge fan as a matter of fact I'm wearing my black. Dopey Hoodie right now. But anyway she cut to the cut to the chase I last time I was on Dopey I was on. Methadone and I was talking about the The awful awful Thing that that Methadone is and how hard it is to get off. Thank God I was able to finally get off this back in August and fortunately I've been unable to stay off of here crack cocaine which are To drugs a choice which I jack together there's speed ball and more or less since. August things have continued to deteriorate somehow some way they will keep a pretty darn good job where. I'm making good money so I've been able to to maintain type of facade. Where very few people know what's going on As a matter of fact I'm supposed to fly out tomorrow evening and My mother doesn't even know which I have to laugh because it's so absurd And so I actually just went online and I moved my 'til Monday because like being being being a good drug drug addict I went ahead and I took a ten clone can about forty eight hours ago ten one milligram and essentially lost the last two days so all the things I was supposed to get done in terms of packing and getting my fares in order didn't have because I was I was totally blacked out but Anyway let me cut to the point. Here I was able to to re book my flight for Monday. Through Spirit Airlines for a whopping eighteen dollars I guess it's one of the very few good things about this phone viruses. Flights are ridiculously cheap. The point I wanna make is you know. I'm just turned thirty two on Sunday. And doing this until I was sixteen and You know sometimes still live I had had bouts of Of Spidey I love recovery. When I'm in it I just You know I get I get I get impatient. Things get better and I want more. I want more and they don't come as quick as I'd like him and I ended up picking up and inevitably. I can't stop and they end up back in treatment and so I feel extremely fortunate the days into the whole dopey nation for for for this opportunity Absolutely intent on making the most of it and as far as I know talking to date. I'm hoping to To do semi regular segments Mucho. Know how I'm doing and also to the details on how awesome of a facility Arrow. Is that the people I spoke to there. So far church Brandon and Then incredible and so I will open a chance to talk about them. Talk about how. I'm progressing and Everybody out there stay safe and if you are on the fence and you're thinking about going back out don't do take it from someone who's been doing it and it is fucking miserable giant hole in my arm like To seen requiem for dream some arm looks like opening at the placed off The the sober way of life. Although it's difficult at times maybe even boring. Some may say a hell of a lot better than than than the spray hurting others hurting ourselves. So they strong dopey nation. Dave thank you for all the you do and And tutors for Christmas. I stay strong dopey nation. We'll talk to you soon right to hear from John. That was great. What a fucking maths and I think. He really illustrated it perfectly. Anybody who's fucking around out there. You can get better don sounds. He's got a really good head on their shoulders. Well the deal is like I mean it's something I forget all the time with our nice suburban life and like me making fun of myself that I'm scared I'm sick and then I burned my arm. Whatever you know years ago I was. You know I had abscesses and I couldn't stop shooting dope and I couldn't stop buying drugs and I didn't want to stop and and the fact that my life is still the same life as that life and I'm sober and I have freedom and we have each other in this house it's like I don't WanNa be preachy. But like your life can get better. If you're on the fence about it you could. You could make some actions in your life. Could get better and it's amazing and and I'm glad that Al is going to give Don along stand and I think that's what he needs in a lot of people need a fucking break you know. Yeah Anyway. It's funny that I feel like telling you been cleaned for what five years five years this summer. Four and a half years and Dave even still to this day We're members like it was yesterday What it was like to be I am I trying to say. I don't know what he's doing is that I feel like it's still very fresh for you. And it's been almost five years what it was like when your life was in complete shambles and so when you hear a friend like Don or when you when you talk to different people who are still out on the street or using or just got clean. You're you're like right there with that person because you haven't forgotten after five years what it was like to be a really bad way on the thing I forget. What are you going to say? No I mean I don't I don't want to speak for you. Do you know I accurate. I forget everything you were sitting down to watch top chef and Newroz talking about some of the contestants from last year. I don't remember any of them nor is like Oh. I remember the guy with the mustache and I was like. I don't know who that is. I forget everything but as it because it. It's there's some trauma associated with it that it's so fresh and you're like you can so quickly connect to it or we can also talk about trauma and that was the woman woman's name is spoke about trauma. How you forget Alexis. Yes Alexis was saying that you forget things that are traumatic but then I also feel like for you. It's almost opposite where it's so raw for you your years of using drugs that can so quickly connect to it you know. I honestly feel like for me like it's a new life like I feel totally separated from the last life until I hear from somebody like Don brings you right back and I remember when done came on the show. He came to my apartment on Grand Street and Chris was there and we didn't even have a Mike. We're talking into the computer. That's three of them and he was on. Methadone and He was telling these USO. How long were you in? I was sober for five months. Have been sober for like two years and a half years or something and I had done heroin for a while though you know when I got sober. It'd been awhile since I had done heroin but but I wasn't doing heroin five months before I got. So broad is smoking weed but the deal is like for me. It feels like I've lived many lives and those lives feel like way back in the past until I hear about the struggle and then when I hear about the struggle I just feel incredibly lucky. Dave's face listening to done talking and I could see in your face that you were really connecting everything he was saying like you were having these reactions. Are you talking about the drug? She was shooting up. And you're going like he was having his own kind of experience next to me quietly and I could see him really almost living it right in a way. I was watching you the corner of my eye and I think that's interesting and it's been almost five years so it's still that close to close to reality but it's still on the surface and a lot of ways it's I just feel incredibly fortunate and it's a miraculous thing that happened to me. I also feel badly. It's exciting for Don. Then he gets to go to aloe for what six months was absent nicer way to look at it and I know that he has struggled. I've talked to Don off and on and I talked to a bunch of people who can't stop using. I want to tell you a funny story. I think it was two weeks ago right. You know every morning I get up at four forty in the morning lately since you've had the chronicler God's own virus it's nice long yes I think sleeping nicely and of course I can't wake him up because he has the corona virus so really been working his nice phase. We're in right now. Yeah days enjoying it but you know for for a long time I was doing catering event every day and I was up every morning at four forty s and one morning every morning. I go downstairs and I set up my computer and I usually put madman on and I clean up the kitchen. I make coffee whatever and I put on my computer and I put madman on and all of a sudden I get a text to the Dopey podcast facebook group. And it's this dude in Mexico and he's tripping acid okay and he. It's four forty in the morning. I'm on my way to cater a time difference. Probably I think it was probably like one four in the morning and he was like on vacation in Mexico or something. And he's like Dave. I need help. I'm tripping answers because I need help. I need to be grounded and I was like dude as like I ruined back I wrote. I sent him a link to a funke. Delic song called good thoughts bad thoughts and I said Dude. You should check out the song while you're tripping because it's very bad place. That song could have gotten him and that's what. I thought being a guy guiding trying to get sort of shame in for him and I sent him good thoughts and then helped go on. I don't want to listen to this bullshit. Clearly understand what he's like. I need help like dude. I'm fucking going to cater right now. I don't know how I can help you. He goes he goes. I just WANNA get wavy as. Let's WanNa get wavy in the streets. What does that mean like? He wanted to go out and have fun anyway. Ten days later I heard from him again and he has ten days sober now. And he sent in a voicemail and he said did I talk to you while I was tripping and I was like yeah I told you to listen to good thoughts bad thoughts. He's like Oh yeah and he said I just listened to it and I wish I had listened to it while I was traveling. Probably Dobie fans who are still using acid. There's there's your if you're a dope advice in your in your tripping acid or mushrooms or ecstasy or even emt. I strongly recommend listening to fungus delic. Good thoughts bad thoughts. It answers all the questions of life. Don't you want to also say did not use drugs who I like to say? Let your freak flag fly if you're young and you add stuff to do and not every person. That trip wavy. I'm not gonNA listen to that. You're not gonNA hit wavy and listen to good though. I don't think you hate the every time. That song comes on Linda Go. Oh No it's annoying anyway. Here Dude. This Christian Christian from Louisiana three three seven represent. Same place that Jed from Church and other drugs from bringing us some dopey stories back from Mardi gras this. Last Mardi Gra a couple of weeks ago. took a trip down to COSMO COSMO Mexico and they celebrate carnival down there which is derivative of the same thing. Mardi gras from so. They're having the parades and all that shit and And I'm real fucking drunk. One night or hotel had a nice mini Bar In the room all inclusive so it was real hammered. I'd smuggled to mass with me so I dropped the TAB we've Ford the kick in and then it's probably about two or three in the morning so I head down to this concert there having for the locals locals only there's no fucking there's no Americans there except for me and so I had down there and party with a little bit and then I noticed. There's this tent with foosball tables underneath so I go play some foods ball kick some ass and turn around. And there's there's another pool table with one versus two so like all right this guy so I'll walk over and I'm not even fucking exaggerating. This dude is four or five with Koby Bryan Jersey down to his knees and they're calling them low. Kobe is his nickname. Is Low coby so playing foosball with low koby and he notices? I haven't Lsu shirt on and he's like. Oh Go Tigers unless you borough hell yeah man fucking fucking and every time we score point. He's like go tigers. Yeah so so. We finished the game. The other guys bias around in the year and decide to give them loco via my Lsu shirt to remember me by to remember the night so gave them my Lsu shirt we part ways go back to the hotel drink a little more we come down pass out next day me and my uncle go to try to find some weed in the town and a guy on a street corner points to this shop and walk in really. Hey we heard y'all had some weed and about four guys in there. One of them walks in the bag and comes out with none other than fuck in Little Kobe. Low fuckin- Kobe's still four five still wearing the Kobe. Brian Jersey Down was focusing knees. And he doesn't remember me. He doesn't show any recognition for me but I'm wearing a different shirt. Obviously given him my shirt but my uncle was wearing a shirt because he's also a big lsu fan and Locally go tigers who really cool so you got some weed and he pulls out these baggies but an age value this shitty Mexican ditch weed and my uncle buys fucking eighth for like ninety bucks. Didn't even try to negotiate. And so we got this ninety dollars Mexican ditch weed as we head back to those roller blunt start hidden in an. It's obviously fucking laced. Were were sky. Faulk an eye of this Mexican dish. We'd were drooling fucking staggering around or faulk off of this Mexican dish. We'd row. It's I mean it's lace with something and so that night. My uncle had gone to bed. I'm hammering the alcohol Fucking smoking the Shit and drop another TAB drives mobile from the states and probably the four five in the morning I had come down from the acid Still Smoking leads still drinking and I decided I needed some chaos cause for about seven months before this I had been drinking and and using pills real heavy and smoking weed and psychedelics obviously but alcohol and the pills were the huge problem and I knew that I needed to get my shit together but I needed something to push me into sobriety. You guys understand. I needed the chaos so while I'm in Mexico decide what better time into fucking have chaos here you know what fuck and better place so. I decided that I'm going to leave the hotel and in my head. I can't just walk out the door. It's like five in the morning is workers down there one shooter on my hair's all fucked my shirt's torn. I'm fucked so I can't just walk out the front door. I can't do that so I find this This stairwell for the employees with like a restaurant kitchen doors. You know the metal panel the at the bottom the fuck in the glass Circle Windows and I started kind of push open. Road slow non. I'm not gonNA swing it open because I don't want to alert anybody but it probably would have been more quiet. Just do that because I'll start pushing them open. It's just creek in real fucking louder you know and and as soon as I get through the door you know. I'm looking for cameras and sheet as soon as I get through the door. I hear the door at the bottom of the stairwell. Fucking swing open and in my head this dude through the door open. It's an armed federale. Falcon running up the stairwell. He's GonNa shoot my ass. He's going to resume. I don't know but in my head I'm being chased by fucking pelissier right now. Probably wasn't it. It was just an employee the fucking hotel but anyway so in my head. This dude is sprinting. Up The stairwell coming after me so I turn it back to my room fucking through the maze of hallways back to my room. Had A can of coke can filled with Tequila throws planning on bringing with me so that I could drink while I was out. 'cause they'll stop you. If you have like Obama alcohol you know so I eat shit on one of the turns fucking drop the can scrape my knees in Busta. My Shoulder Anna. Standup fucking grabbed. The can finish was left because have over two born house off finish. What's left throw it on the ground and going back to my room and I had gone up a level for some reason so go down some stairs so I turned run down the stairs and I see you all down the stairs. A made pushing her cart and I stopped slowed to a walking pace acting. Like I'm not fucking running away from shadow demons and and I say willows Diaz as best as I can and I was like one on the US and like she's looking at me with his fucking face like what the fuck are you doing. Are you okay. So kind of nod at her and and I mean I'm fucking drenched in sweat. I'm all fucking ratchet. Each you know something's going on but anyway so as soon as she's got is fucking sprint again. I know she heard my fucking footsteps. Sprinting down that stairwell and get back to my room. Swing THE DOOR OPEN. Slanted that close. Look through the people nobody's there. I'm like hell you fucking God away from these fucking we see our REBA and So I head back to the balcony of this game is sleep and amount of cigarettes so I grab a new pack and I can't book and figure out how to open the plastic tab so I use my teeth fucking terror shoot open and I'm smoking cigarettes down and the filter and I start putting them out on my arm. I need chaos. I didn't get enough chaos so I start putting them out on my arm and about halfway through the pack. I switched my chest putting him out of my chest and this shit is disgusting. Roy It's it's the skins bubbling when I pulled the filter away. It's like it's like the fuck in lake. Literal strings of skin are still stuck to the filter that he'd like burned on there. And you so fucking nasty. Little melted plastic burrows disgusting. And the next day you know my shirts getting stuck to the to the burn wounds and Shit. It's was not a good experience. Highly recommend not putting cigarettes on your chest. It's not a good time but anyway so get through the next day or recharge some folks. I'm like hey I need to get my shit together on Mexico right now but when I get back you know. Let's do this shit so reach out to the people of my hometown get two sponsors one from before and one new guy so I got to sponsored right now. Doing the work reached out. Dave reached out to the DOPEY nation reached out to all the guys and laugh yet. I'm doing month look and being. I'm getting buck and clean. I got some guys that want me to sponsor them when I get through the steps. I'm real fucking hype about that but anyway just wanted to think that. Ob Nation. Thank you Dave especially fucking Andrew g from the DOBIE nation facebook page. He has helped tremendously. He's been messaging me. He's been calling me. Thank you so much Andrew but yeah that's all I got so thank you dopey nation. Thank you dave. Thank you Andrew. Love you guys. Stay strong nation and tools for Chris. I love that. I can't believe you did mention fucking funke. Delic or getting wavy or any of that. He had a lot of other things you need to talk about. But he does shout out good old Andrew Mate and Andrews Ange very cool. Andrew is a Biller of the Dobie community and he sent in a little corona update. You WanNa hero Andrew. I would love to hear from Andrew. Here we go up Dave. What's up? Dopey nation this is Andrew from Philly. I hope everyone's hang in there. This should is crazy I'm glad I'm still working a low. I don't feel like going to work but at least I'm still making money more worried about my daughter worried about my wife. She's an ICU nurse. But I'm glad I'm still not getting high needs to talk. Hit me up Dave. Stay safe in New York and I figure if all that dope didn't kill us will probably be our through this so yeah stay strong. Dopey nation totals dope. Didn't kill us. This is going to be fine. I'm glad Andrew brought us back to the corona talk. I think it's I think it's time we turn to My father the Great Allen and see how es surviving. I think I can. I just say one thing. About what Andrew please. I'm sorry so you're not very sensitive to the corona virus situation clearly. He's trying to have a good. I'm kidding but I WANNA meant so not to talk about like the support group that that's on facebook. I'm not even. How do people find your corona virus support? Doesn't it's so doesn't matter but the one thing I want to say is that Andrew mentioned on it and that's how I knew that he mentioned his wife and that she is one of those those people that are that I think are actually like their heroes. You know they leave every day and they go to hospitals and they go to help take care of us when we're not well and She's on the front lines of this thing risking life and limb for the good of the world. Yeah so we command Andrews Wa and Andrew has a toddler yes the same age as we do so then her the his wife and and mom comes home and I really admire that so anyway I just wanted to make sure that was heard. Andrus were saying Andrew's wife is a hero and we commend her Andrew's wife. So now let's see about getting my dad on the phone. This should be fun. Oh Boy all right dad. Welcome to the show. How are you surviving with the Corona Virus in Manhattan? You're you are vulnerable member of the community. You're over seventy five. Your health is not particularly great. Your fragile you're in a building full of other over seventy five year old shut INS. What are you doing to stave off boredom? Cut It out? Cut It out. Come on I'm fine. I'm okay Linda and my end. Suzanne Nora word about my grandchildren Nina Alex. What are you worried about because you guys are the ones who are seem to be problems? You you're coughing temperature. I have no temperature. I feel good. I walked twenty one radio better but I'm not doing that again. And and I wearing a mask When somebody gets into the elevator I get out and I've been walking walking miles and miles. Let me tell the dopey nation New York City We're we're in deep trouble Streets are girded while the door is closed. Everything's closed and I remember. I remember three weeks ago. I was getting nervous. And you said you got nothing to be nervous about. Nothing's going to happen. I'm going to go to San Francisco Blah Blah Blah. I remember this whole thing again. You're you're you're misstating. I said all I said was don't panic. Remember I bought I remember what extra herring and Seltzer. So I knew I knew we needed to have the important stuff in the house. I knew that so. It sounds like you're panicking now though you panicking. No I was really worried about you and Linda does not sound like he's panicking at all. Would you say you are worried because you know I probably have? The Corona virus was appointed. A matter is that he did you tell the Dobie nation you got tested yes. Of course okay. Well the results haven't in common but your symptoms of very very minor worried about Linda and Susie and Laura and Well I hope you. How are you Linda? I'm out at everybody's everybody's okay. Yeah so so anyway so The city is it's eerie. It's it's it's very very very incredibly opposite of what it is in other words broadcast here. You wouldn't hear any sirens outside the ambulance. It's very quite. There's hardly any traffic on eighth avenue. It's it's incredibly Have you been walking around a lot? Oh Yeah I was walking all along the Hudson River today trying trying to be smart as I'm walking and all of a sudden as I'm walking this guy runs right next to me. And as he standing next to me off and I'm saying you know. Give me a break like this guy is running a marathon. He's going hundred miles an hour still presume. He's healthy so listen to this story. My Dad so my father has Alzheimer's and Doesn't necessarily understand what's going on and my mom and my dad were going for a walk through the park today and there. It's a beautiful day. People are out right but there's people out and about but they're all starting to get used to the fact that they need to keep distance exter- ten feet distance. So it's funny. You were starting to notice that everyone's kind of doing that but naturally it's strange but So my mom told me that a woman was sitting on a bench with her dog and her and my dad were walking by and my dad goes over to pet the duck forgetting that there's coronavirus and just you know just operating very natural like how we would naturally life and the woman started yelling at my father for having the dog sound like my dad tried to like French Gisar. You know but I tried to take the elevator to get. I was wearing a mask beautiful gardens to the elevator all along with a New York City where you escaping and they said New Jersey which doesn't sound like much of an escape. A elevator stopped on the floor. And somebody was going to get in but I got out thefts. Might you flat the elevator. The New Jersey Corona virus isolated. Yes and then. I walked down eight flights from their cell. My Dad Akeso Allen. My Dad goes the pet. This woman's dog you'd she's starts yelling at my dad and she started saying you know we're practicing social distancing. We heard her dog. My mom goes. Oh I'm so sorry no my weed and she goes you. Please do not touch. Do not touch US and starts yell at my Dad's like I'll like. I had no idea what was happening. My mom was like I'm sorry and come on come on Tony and grabs my dad and the woman went bananas so then everybody us is is. We're afraid my mom. The irony is my mother. Didn't fault the woman at all. She was sad that my dad is didn't get it that she said you know she said that one hundred percent right no wonder everybody out in the dopey nation having to figure out how to deal with this stuff. Yeah you know. I had this huge list of things I supposed to do every day and tell us tell us your list. Your sad list of tasks like step one myself. A BOWL OF CEREAL. One hundred pieces of honey nut cheerios. Fifty pieces of rice crispy treats to Allen's next time I do have. I do have a large supply of cookies which is a dangerous. I'M AFRAID OF GAINING OUT. Needs to call the zoom meeting for his cookie addiction. And listen so what's on your schedule. You count the Serio and then you spend twenty minutes doing the teams. Excuse me. I have very important things to do. I have to do online course which I have no clue how to do but I'm doing it. I have to check in with the students to see if they're sending me in their their work. I I've been I've been doing. I've been doing exercises. I did push ups and wait. Wait rings era that I've got the GARONA virus another reason. Why Dave's glad he has the coder. Corona virus isn't that the extra size down. I'm like I say I am not afraid and I'm neck deep in the virus. I you wanted to come out. You were like I'm healthy. I can come out. You'd be dying right now if you come out because you would have gotten a heavy dose of my corona cover especially right. I know you wouldn't drink any on because I know that alcohol. Is that what you get involved with you that did did you hear the corona and lime disease? You've got this book i WanNa hear it. That was the journal at some lime disease mean come together anyway I think we should be more serious. This is this is a very very difficult times and Linda. That groupie started was really very nice. That's good getting quite getting a lot of activity but I think getting scared as people get more. That group's going to get. Well they gotta be a again. I'm going to say you gotta be calm down but you really gotta listen to not associate with. Your friends are very intense on that. Your friends are actually very vocal in that group. Really Your Big Mouth Friends. The big old timers. They're scaring Linda's friends. But the question is dad. How long do you think this is GonNa go on? How long do you think is pseudo quarantine will ask? When do you think you'll have the book club resume? When are you gonNA come back out to Long Island? What do you think is happening? Howard Cosell we're well I can tell you I. I think it's GonNa last certainly until. May I think it's not gonNA come down until May and I hope it calms down? Then I don't know and and the terms of Mindich and ask you about the restaurant is going to bring that up But that's the best thing about. The Corona virus is not going to work and the worst thing staying home with the children. It's a double edged sword. Yes well now you know what Linda was putting up. Thank you Allan. She loves being a stay at home. Mom Nine with three children. We talked about earlier. Everybody needs a break from different kinds of things look sounds like the dopey nation. We're having their own meetings today. Something they were they were getting together with. Is that the zoom zoom meeting that. No no I. I watched what they do. I see what they do. I read what they write but I thought WANNA get. I don't want to get on that stuff. I need my privacy. This but but they're worried about me. There were people who were worried because you keep telling them how fragile I was. I wasn't lying. I wasn't lying. You're very old and very fragile to be you need. Your Dad is an amazing shape. He's an for an old man man. He's in great shape. It's like it's like it's like being the smartest guy or the tall short guy or something. Where just calm down this? That's that's enough that by the way you know. You did have trauma when you were young. Yes yeah you know you would dropped on your head a couple of times that they'll be nation knows that it's not to mention your your your friend your friend and all the sexual trauma that I probably went through that. I've repressed that Iran. Let listen. That's shaking my head him. Alan with the The staff back that could the trauma considered trauma also at age. I stash infection. What do you mean what are you talking about you were hospital is when you were eight days old? I know but what are you talking about helping that? They did know about that. So yes so on the show you mentioned. I think when Christmas alive when we did the show with Chris that when I was eight days old I add a staph infection. Layer of my skin came off so a back on. And you're saying that that trauma plus repeated blows to the head and perhaps some sexual traumas well all Choas coalesced into me having heroin addiction. That's what you're saying. No that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that all let's forget the sex stuff would not sexually abused by UNICEF. Say Well it's easy for me true but but you didn't get dropped on your head but then again at age four years old you've had enough intelligence to the best school in Manhattan. So obviously that didn't that didn't stop you From that and But who knows what trauma in terms of so young because I heard it from another story that the Abadie who had that is suffering later with addiction problem so I don't I don't know the whole thing is just very difficult to understand how somebody has. This aversion for addiction some or This problem of addiction. I should say not aversion this. This is is is better than having a problem risk. So you're saying that other people argue that even being born the trauma for a baby that everybody has a trauma the trauma of birth? Yeah the birth process. This is but listen. Obviously everybody you know if survive. The birth process in life is the Toronto. I mean that's probably the the bottom line getting through life. This is it. Everybody has to deal with all this. I think this is. I think I'm selling by traumatize. We wonderful and sometimes it's not now we have to get through with this and And it was smart. We can get through. I guess you gotTa be Lucky also but also smart and not associated with too many people faced faced with this corona thing. Data was a pleasure to have you on the show. I think this appearance might traumatize me further. Maybe you should start writing a book about addiction and trump. I have no fucking expert. I am your impossible. I am not an expert. Never said it wasn't expert and And maybe you should find some experts. Come on the show Maybe you won't find ending but I think I think you're doing a good job doing what you're doing and I'm very proud of you. Wow Movie Glove Alan and you wonderful children and everybody out there. Please stay healthy okay. All right all right so thinking that because I want to go to sleep all right bye. Bye All right. Well there's my dad. Everybody loves my dad on the show. Can't not not love Alan. He's the best and I think we're going to go an expert now. We had the privilege right here. What would you like to now? You had the privilege of talking to the Great Bob Forrest about the corona virus and its impact in Los Angeles at His Treatment Center. We're actually done is going to So here's Bob so whenever whenever there's a terrible crisis in the world we get Bob Forrest on the phone but I need to fully disclose Bob was just on fire for four minutes but because because I have the corona virus. I forgot to plug the fucking mixer into the computer so I Apologize Bob. I Apologize dopey nation. How are you feeling Bob you scared? I'm never scared and nothing ever scares but I am. I am shocked and awed by the response to something that is that is scary in unknowable. Whatever but the facts of faxes you know by twenty five. The estimates are a million. Americans have died of drug overdoses. You ever hear anything about on the news about that dead anything that rarely rarely yeah. Seventy eighty thousand one hundred thousand dollars. He always under reported to. I think it's been the skyrocketing death rates since two thousand and goes from thirty thousand to fifty hang right thirty thousand and fifty thousand seventy thousand eighty thousand and that's under reporting right and and you know by twenty twenty. Five million people are going to drive drugs in America. You don't hear anything about it. We're not even doing anything about it. We don't do anything about it. And how this that is. You know. Everybody's got their opinions about it. That is a frightening but it doesn't affect eighty percent of the people who live live in the society are are at little No risk and this information. Here's what I know about the medical profession because I've been working for twenty years. They're always three most cautious right. You can't live a life being as cautious as the medical profession. Wants you to be right. It's it's unachievable right. And now they're in charge of our society and to what end. Bob Is there a bigger story or do you think it is just fear of this thing? I think they're not talking about. The real issues is is that they use terms that are very fadigan sound very Christian Lake and are most vulnerable right our most vulnerable. What does that term mean? It means they don't want to say the people that have been thrown away by their families who are living in nursing homes and godly practice in America right or isolated who are vulnerable vulnerable and I give the example. My Aunt Abby was her name is apple. Glad she's my idol. She's why would I do? She was the greatest woman I ever have known. She worked in healthcare and nursing and she. She always what's helpful? She was always kind always thoughtful. She's like the angel of our family in answer. One time like Andy. Why why are you in such a good mood all the time? And she goes on Bobby. Edges of healthy. I just love helping right. So what do we do the simple? If you're good at the twelfth step work Love helping I. Don't do it for any other reason than I like helping people so she you know because she lived this good Christian Life. She lived to be like ninety six years old. She was in a nursing home in time. She was like you're eighty nine or something. She had Fallen Brooklyn. Hip All the stories that we all hear about our grandparents. Great Grandparents Avalanche. I loved her and she was at a nursing home. That was on my way home from Joshua Tree on Sunday nights he stop bringing food and sit with her and talk with her and she said the most profound thing she had lost her. Most of our hearings couldn't really hear that while she couldn't she went blind. She couldn't get around and she's living in this room this nursing home and she said. Bobby I gotTa tell you I pray every night to the Lord take me. Wow because she knew what was going on. Yeah your purpose. Illness and usefulness. It's gone but we can't talk about that stuff right now. We need to protect our Muslim rebel and so to all these bigger and bigger ideas American never thinks about talks about. It only happens on podcast like this like you know. We want to protect people but we wanted to destroy a society to protect our most vulnerable right or do or do we want to let people that don't want to be on the planet. Choose to live in a completely different. I them were doing not never seen in media coverage about that thing. Let it roll. What does that mean? They're saying that everyone is going to have the virus anyways and so isn't it better to build up? Antibodies in the eighty percent of the society that will not be affected by it. But but we're taking this other way round where the medical profession is in charge of our society. Now I think that's the weird part on the weird part is if eighty percent are going to get it like why I mean. Listen I if you if you get nothing like you have it right now. I'm convinced that you can years song. Scientists symptoms. I believe my friend. Josh added a few weeks ago. He was in Seattle. Your Kirkland Washington. It's everywhere and people are having it and you're building up in there trying to learn about the only way they're gonNA learn about it and people get it right. The funny thing to me is how similar symptoms are terror when withdrawal this terrible chill this kind of unknowing how long it will take for you to feel better this fear around it. I think it's got a lot of similarities I dunno. Sodas Sodas the flu. I mean I had two years ago. Whatever you WANNA call it. I almost died from that so I was I was going in and out of the -mergency room is going back and forth. I couldn't read a really. There was one night where I I stayed away from family. Eight mile off. It's on the couch in my office cuts. I did WANNA find out. Get everyone sick. I thought it was going to dial it right right so I understand what people are feeling douse of the common flu. That was so strong that hit two years ago right and I mean you just had the flu a few weeks ago when you were on the last time and I was thinking about it like how many dopey memorabilia that was very. I mean the flu was supposed to be like hitting crazy hard this year and nobody knows what the fuck this is anyway. I mean I think everybody has a running for sure totally I would. Certainly I was serving people on Friday at Wellsfargo. Suppressing coughs trying to wipe my nose with my sleeve. It was an ugly doctors. You WanNa be on lately. Jus been super busy. I feel like I'm going to die from this thing. You can die from common slu. I mean this whole but see some hill about this thing. That's going on. It's forcing our society to think about mortality. It's just a dumb. Most Americans think about the fact that they're gonNa die all junkies you. I was told I was GONNA die every day from nineteen eighty six nineteen ninety nine totally now every day. If you do you keep using. You'RE GONNA DIE. You'RE GONNA die. I'm not going to your funeral. Global so we're forest as attics to think about our mortality and think about how fragile life is guy any day any fucking day. You could die right. That's average Americans inkling. No I mean that's why I think like a junkie. That's interesting. How what's the scene like? What's the scene amongst the junkies? How many people are like I want to use before I die. How many people are like I want to get my shit together when this thing goes down like. What's what's the wall. Street's people nervous dealt is going to dry up because that's what happened in the past kind of crises in Los Angeles during the using during the Rodney King riots and then I was using joined the northridge quake so dope drives right right now. They shut down the borders between Mexico in America and Canada America. So that's the mules aren't going to be able to get a job in southern California what they do sled Flood people coming through. And then you know you have ten people holding it and only to get caught you at eight by eight towns through. So That's shutting down the borders so the the dope in Los Angeles and Orange County and San Diego Victorville in Las Vegas going dry up so addicts are gonNA be dope sick. And what are you waiting for? Seas- for see people running to treatment. Gene people running and I think they're gonNA frighteningly turn to federal right and then you can have a second right right. So it's funny to friends of mine Live concert from the World Trade Center and and when nine eleven happened you know the end? They worked in restaurants in downtown there and so they and they were kind of two guys and so they you know that life. You've lives out like you probably know maybe so so One of them came out the leaving. Your child I played nine eleven. Two thousand two or something to gun three and I'm came there and I said what's the Unity Look? Great News Dress Us like eight to nine eleven one of the greatest things that happened to me so he all this disability money. She got relocation money because it's part of building was uninhabitable right right three months after we had that conversation outside the living room on the lower east side right there cats Dali he died of a drug overdose so so it is actually nine eleven. Killed him a rebound shy and that could happen and that could happen with them with this money that the government is sending the same exact story. That's interesting and and what's going on Allah like what's The vibe our people. Everybody's pulling together. It's really good by saying like the clients. Don't WANNA leave. 'cause you're leaving into this uncertain. Where do you know how we have is or at least Chris certainly did? It's like coon now. Of course I can never never land shuttle so the people that are there are liking it. Some someone owned to their families but I- ABSA point out like Jacek Disease. What you really want leads for. Your family wants to stay here. They'RE COOL. They're telling you they're cool or you. WanNa go with your family. It really wanted to go to dope and you have that conversation ten times a day with these kids these adults. I have a couple of times a day now. I know that conversation. I think the really interesting thing to me is how much as addicts we crave this kind of apocalyptic circumstance that when it happens. It's almost like this thing that we were hoping for the whole time. Anyway point about my friend. Libya I only junkies would see nine. Eleven is an opportunity yet. I swear to God this is one of the gracing. Zimmer up yeah I know that's not what you hear from the average New Yorkers still to this day now I know I was there. I was there on nine eleven and and I was on Methadone at nine eleven. I scored dope on nine eleven but I went to treatment within like a month of listeners. Up in New York after nine eleven I might have I. I went to Florida within the month and I don't even know what happened. You know what I mean. I took off Right so that's coming so I I don't know what the teacher Rehab about Certainly considering all options like but what. We're concerned about his staff getting sick and not being able to come in because our licenses people have to be in these positions twenty four hours a day and what if we get to a point where a lot of people compromised immune systems for job. Some people that work in Chicago with compromising Working from home doing telemedicine and stuff and once the virus really hits and people start to get sick and they can't go to work for fourteen days there quarantine because of the exposure like we could get to a point where we don't have enough staff to stay how three pulleys fully-functioning. Exactly what do you do? What's the plan? Once they contingency plan is just keep the detoxing it open. Keep the focus on I think. What are people looking for an guests for time? They're looking for medical stabilization by several. Outpacing slow probably appealed backs on but will be open. The detox is going to be open. avenue both agreed. Even if we have to go there and do an overnight shift until you get it you know what I mean and it's GonNa be like a rotation but that's why the exposure all at the same time it's better than some people got it. And then they'll quarantine the other people get it the ability to keep everyone employed keep everyone who wants to seek treatment to be able to have a full ninety day right right well. What about the detox in Residential Service Be Open no matter. Well I'm happy. I'm happy that you're okay. I know that we're all going to get this thing. If I don't already going to talk about how the fact that two children lyles drive me nuts. I WANNA I want to go somewhere with. How are you dealing with that? How are you dealing with it? I use I use the television more than I should. My my wife hates that I let I make the big one homer become occupied shit. Elba's she wanted to tell stories and dance and go outside. All we did. We are we did. We did a trail hiking trail. We did a bunch of walks. But I feel shitty now and I don't really feel up for all that and I think playing with a baby when you have flu like symptoms is like one of the worst things you could ever do when you get sick and my baby is fucking twenty two months. You know it's like it's torture playing with the baby when you're sick so so God bless sesame street and curious George all that shit although goals since she watching the wiggles wiggles. Now we haven't gone to the wiggles yet. Thank God but let's talk about children's television to give everyone a light hearted thing. What do you loud? How do dopey Dave Probably know more about children's television than any junkies in the world I- goals I like impaired so good because the accents are so good I loved league. We watch it all the time now sits into the monkeys watching the old monkeys television show. So that's fortunate Nora my older one loves the Simpsons. And she'll watch she begs me to put on the simpsons so that's always likes the really bad when the cuts South Park Clark. Would you like to your tenure? Watch South Park. I don't know at this point I would. I let her watch billy on the street which is like a lot of cursing a lot of bleeped cursing and I laugh my ass off watching watching because she looks at me like I'm not supposed someone like jokes. All kinds of crazy jokes very sophisticated head. I don't think he really knows what the lie I'm hoping he doesn't he's Tam. Yeah Yeah I think it goes over my ten year old Ted. I hope it gets crazy dancing. I think that's the final question. Are we the worst parents in the world? Nine year olds watch job market. Which you're good man. Thank you for coming in. It's always a pleasure. Always love to hear the insight of the of the great wbob forest and dude stay healthy. Get BETTER YOU'RE GONNA be fine. Thanks bye always good to hear from Bob during a crisis but thanks you have Corona Bob does dating for you definitely. Imbaba has kids at home little kids and he is dealing with what we're dealing with. And Bob like goes to Disneyland with his kids like fucking every week. Lucky have everything is closed now. So He's dealing with. Where's my life and I think you know. Now it's time to just hear from different people. There's this dude in England and he calls himself the secret drug addict. He actually used to work with this band. Oasis this band that band. Have you heard of it? Do you like oasis. You do. I'm asking if I like away says I'm asking of you do I feel like I'm supposed to like oasis. So you don't like. I like to song which songs wonderwall and St- The Supernova Champagne supernova pain been like that so I think you lay ampaign Supernova Champagne Supernova. I what I do really like wonderwall. Don't look back in anger. Yes I like that. Maybe like three songs. Yeah me too but I think they're incredibly annoying. Why there everything about them? I Love Them. I really don't okay. I recommend watching this movie. A wasted supersonic. It's an amazing documentary. I totally recommend it and here. You think that you don't think that the two of them are entertaining like their whole thing. I Love Them. I love the wire you so in love with them because the do the older brother Knoll Lam Nam and Norway knows the older brother and no like was a Rhody for some English fucking. You know all bands like in spiral carpets and all these dumb English bands and he wanted to be a rock star and he went on the road with when he came back. Liam was in a band with basically and knoll came back from touring with his other band and basically gave Liam. And this guy think it's called big head or something was his name and he gives them the songs and then all of a sudden they fucking oasis. It was like the most perfect marriage of talent that coalesced into these perfect pop rock songs. Also there obviously totally influenced by the Beatles and I love the Beatles really appreciate the words of wonder while I do you find them to be very meaningful. Do today is going to be the day that they're gonNA throw it back to you about the current virus. Now what's wrong with you? What about Champagne Supernova? The thing I always liked about Champagne Supernova is it's someday you will find me cop and eat the landslide of a Champagne. Supernova in the sky which always sounds like champagne sipping over or spilling over. That's what I was on drugs when the name out. What's wrong with you? I think you should go to bed. I think I think Linda's done for the night I wanted to about. And what wonderwall means you love wonderwall. It's a great song. I but you love this band so i WanNa know what that song means to you because you really like the span. I get fun. That's all comes on the radio. I'm going to turn it up. But you're like really into it. And I like it. Because they represented listen. Ultimately they were rowdy they're twins twin brothers or whatever. I like that. They had the Beatles haircut. I like how they looked and I liked that. They had a moment where they were almost like a new band. That was like the Beatles. They didn't pull it very quick moment. They fell apart and everything went to Shit. They're also greet drug addicts. And that's where that's what I think. It really comes down to a drug because I don't think if they didn't have a drug problem I don't think he would have cared as much. Honestly I feel exactly the same way your prejudice towards musicians with drug problem. I like English bands that yeah but also they have a couple of great songs three and they had three great songs actually. I don't even think they had three grades songs. They named three honestly. I don't want to hear Wall Champagne Supernova and I don't think Champagne Supernova is that good. It's song annoys me I love. Don't look back in anger though. I love that I like the car. I like that song more than wonderful. It goes slip inside the eye of an accident. You know you want a better player. I you know I think we should do. We WanNA do song. Don't look back in anger. You do do you really do. I actually really like that song. I forgot how much I like that. And it home all right job in Asia and this is the corona virus special. So like I'm going to do don't look back in anger and this episode is going to go pretty long. We have a bunch of calls coming up so far can deal with it right. The Corona virus special. This is don't look back in anger inside the eye of your mind. I don't you know you might fun. Him better place to play. You said you've never been on news it's UC slowly fade away. So it's not a revolution from you said the brains I had went to my step outside the summertimes span side five laid off your face gone. My heart can way no also away. Banging is heard. It wasn't the current virus. I never would have done that. That was just because of the corona virus. Anyway this coming up. Is this dude who calls himself secret drug addict. He used to work with the way says and here. He is coming from London. So this corona virus. It's fucking everything up but there is a positive which is members of the dopey nation are coming together from across the globe. I have on the phone right now. Somebody I've been talking to for years. I WANNA say to secret drug addicts straight out of London. How you doing? I'm very well you goods. I'm I'm sick man. I WANNA virus. I'M GONNA find out disease. I might have the disease. I'm GonNa find out tomorrow morning. I got tested yesterday. So I'm going to find out tomorrow morning and I'll let you now. How's everything in London? What's going on out. There is the EASEL too bad. It's still laughs going on lots of nine. Lots of people still arrested in over toilet row and pastor and starts which is a snot great. Solve the worst of humanity e fighting over two hundred. And you take the kids out of school here. We took him out last week. As soon as premier league soccer shutdown I kind of our our government is basically not too dissimilar to yours. Both our countries are Kinda clowns. So we've been kind of getting lots of confusing messages and opinions on what you shouldn't shouldn't do. It was encouraged to keep going about our daily lives and that we would need to the best thing to do would be herd immunity where we basically all get it right and they were like. Oh actually no. That won't work. That will kill two hundred thousand people or something so they just just go by daily business but states who me is away from each other and then one of the managers on the soccer manages Koi and the Premier League shut down for twenty four hours and that there's a lot of money involved in again the same the NBA and the the Nhl of done the same thing and you you kind of realize these people are willing to shut down. It's quite serious so I started school last Friday now for a week. Yeah I mean I think I find that it's harder to be sick at home with children and then like kicking dove warlike staying clean or anything I feel like little children sobriety and no school might be the worst combination of anything completely. I'm saying like being home with your children. Might just be the worst thing in the world. H Tell me about tell me about it. Drive you mad constantly. I mean the questions. The constant question must be answered about you know Thousand Questions Day and and are you at work or they suspend work. What are they doing with your job? Nah Nah I do work from home anyway. So I'M INDOORS. So this is kind of medicine are often employed obsessions and all the other stuff. I kind of have in and around worked. I enjoy the work from home now as well so I mean there is an upside to like. I'm spending a lot more time. Can you hear me with me? Sounds like terrible winds in London. It's crazy man. Like the whole thing is crazy that the world shuts down. It seems like what's the addict seen like out there. Like you go to twelve step meetings. Usually right the blackhawks completely. What's the scene like the addicts? Seen like I mean I'm just you know what I mean. I'm standing up to judge punchy costs and crooked a moment the mystery so he's doing business is booming. I suppose I mean I'd I'd I tend to kind of talk to them so I'm not really. I'm not too familiar with they. Are you know they're working? I'm not sure if their prices have gone up. I'm not sure if at some point soon I would imagine be knows this as an issue with the drug supply. The people can stop hiding drugs. We've all sorts of fucking match it. Now that's a concern. I suppose right to stretch out of here. Yeah exactly a million per in all sorts of other just shitting remains yes. That's I mean. That's a real possibility. I assume me is still going on there. Slowing down the. I'd call see there being any actual face to face me in public from the beginning of next week they've been saw last week. We consume I lost weight. They've kind of been slowing down and they're trying to move online now and do soup and staff which is which is great. If you've got access to a computer is you've got access to the if you have then you know you're going to struggle up in I mean. Luckily I'm coming up to thirteen years. Now amazing thank you and you got some time as well as people like us you know. We got support networks. We've got files phone numbers. We've got years of relationships in the bank. Were people saw support networks over the shooting. We're going to be quite good but if you just imagined you ally two weeks played and you began me in July six weeks and suddenly. There's no is now and you haven't got burn fire. You've got no no no way of accessing online. It's going to be tough man. Tough for people really tough. I mean I you know as much as you know the steps and having the fucking spiritual experience and all that Kinda Shit was was was very important in my recovery. It was the kind of human connection it was hanging out with people. It was not not allowed. I made the. I'd be enough wars. I was doing to three meetings a day and in between now I would not be at home. Dot says desperate to gal consists still so now. When you kind of learn all you can stay in your house on your own for weeks. Possibly months is fucking task. It's true although it does take all the fancy of all these addicts because it's like all of us. Have these sort of apocalyptic fantasies. And now it's all of our apocalyptic fantasies are coming true. Yeah Yeah there is. I mean I was always telling self-isolation the Sasaki in total. I've been doing that for years. And it's like yeah but you want and you fall down and you were not doing drugs and you didn't have fucking hits to not. I mean you kind of throw that Nice not so easy so it's not so easy about drugs right. I get bored very quickly. Now right absolutely absolutely thank God for television and whatever but since this is dopey and you are a drug addict you want to tell a quick story to entertain the people around the world who are struggling Gordon. Yeah especially come. Dopey Navato P. Story can. Yes I suppose. Stories involve wine kin or sex with drugs. Carnival does so we was on hold until everyone knows working voices on slow in two thousand five I think and drug addiction gang clean in two thousand seven so this is kind of towards the end of it and it was kind of really bad and it was less than more fucking problems. We were Syrian Europe to a half food. It's four and I was in Madrid and who started the drugs of turned up side doing drugs on the Xiao hanging out backstage more drugs. And then whoring mostly Coke and staff coach. A coke loads of volume owes big fighter. Volume is the volume going out on it and it was likely to it with coke. It gives you this kind of weird buzz. His life is a bit. Like if you do a whole tranquilize I came in and coke. It kinda spins you out on. This weird's it. Which in this weird space but those huge dose is gone now sleep shoes couldn't I could. I could leave the house about weeds. So yes odd man. That's that's taken that we've got a house a Hash and didn't know core skunk or something talk as well so yeah so we're at here and then everything can start winding down because we've got charting survey Paris somewhere next day. I'm not sure we met this guy. This guy he was he was not Spanish. I think he was from the north of England. He was out there working on the stock in Spanish Stock Exchange or something. We've ended up back at his place and also a friend of mine. Who is a really was used to tighten it was a WBU boxes at wbz belt. Hold you help. Dispel British box in union champion boxer. And so this guy slammed asked me to just sitting there just shoveling modes coke up on those talking politics and this guy kind of fines l. Box you've got home and they punch out punch harder than you save. Ended up in. It's weird macho kind of competition where they're taking the intensive punch each other in the stomach. I see is like fucking bizarre? But my Powell soft. I mess around. So he's not pulling conscious and so he punched in because punching wanting to do so much coat guard could could feed it and makes punched the guy and he's broke three of his ribs cry and then he's had I think I think he appears something in there whether or not had sort of fucking ambulance for the guy so an ambulance comes and takes them away from his own house and leaves us in the House. You know coconut so we carry. We carry on talking. We got traveling about three hours. Need to get back to the hotel so for my headphones in L. And I saw this girl awards me I just Kinda Guy for the phase. It's almost like you know what I'm GonNa stopped sleeping with foster. Choose our hands how I do it too much. It's not good. It's not a good look for him. I appreciate that this is not good. Luck this Gal. Positive consensus couldn't hear it and I favorite voice kind of go in. Don't stop. Just keep walking. Keep walking and school to school and you don't doubt just. Are You fucking end up headline that? Here's an so I'm just I'm stopped on sort of spun round and said I and she was opposed to and I'm not quite sure what ended up packing his crack. House with our. We started yelling and nothing for so I ended up paying the same amount of money for four secs. So everyone's seventy euro something to watch. We have while I do drugs and and it was kind of like this is shocked. Sure we know what what what what really how I ended up in a crack house. Wanking masturbate to some young girl who was clearly horrified. This kind of slightly pudgy. Thirty year old man sweat in trying to maintain direction. But at least you stuck to your guns and you didn't fuck the process so I`Ma go off morals dude. I'm so happy if nothing else in this pandemic to hear your beautiful accent on the phone with us I appreciate the call and I think that this natural. We should look at this thing as it's a way for addicts to get in touch. Everyone stay at home and stay safe right. I'm wash your hands. Wash your fucking hands. And if you're the prostitute don't fuck or but pairs so you can Wayne Golf in front of her. I haven't actually. I have a similar story but I can't tell it yet. I suppose because I'll get in trouble if lights out sending me on twitter. Yes Sir yes Sir. Good to hear and see for yourself you too man. Thank you have a government speak soon. Bye Bye Right. So there's the secret drug addict. I've been communicating with him on twitter for a long time. What did you think about his masturbating with prostitutes and crack story land? Dave I think you should tell your story. My story is very embarrassing. Yes it is and it should be but I think it's funny and you should tell it all right. Well I had. It's very embarrassing story. It's so embarrassing for you blow. She told it anyway. She should tell well. I hadn't had sex in a long long time. It was before you and I had reunited long. Had it been? It'd been years like how many like the I'm like Sally Jesse Rafael. I'm going to say that when like five years that I that I hadn't had sex. I was totally addicted. We're using in your defense though you were using drugs when you're using heavy drugs you're not have those same sexual urges where. I was on a huge dose of Methadone on a huge dose of Benzodiazepines. So now you're sober so you're probably incredibly horny. Yes and I came home and I was actually living. My Parents House and my parents were upstate. And I decided that I was going to get a prostitute because I wanted to have sex and I had been so out of practice money. This is two thousand and eight. So this is what like twelve years ago years ago where you go online right as I ask. He told me he has told me this story and I was like. Where did you go like Greg's last Internet? I think I went on craigslist or I went on like I just think I googled escorts and this big spreadsheet of prostitutes came up and I share Sassy Lady I picked this woman. Chilly it exactly like you and And she came. Linda name was Linda and she came to the apartment was me it. Wasn't you issues like Russian and choose much smaller than smaller than you? She was like short anyway. And what you like. Take it easy listening right now. Maybe we not talking about this. I might get. I know I know you the search so she came over and she's like it's going to cost you three hundred fifty bucks down and come over and I said all right so I gave her three hundred and fifty bucks. I don't think I want to tell the story stop. You can't stop now so I gave her three hundred and fifty bucks and she tells me that if I want to have sex with I need to give her another three hundred dollars and I wasn't about to pay this woman. Six hundred and fifty dollars to have sex with her so. I told her to lay next to me and rubbed like give me a massage and I'll masturbate and she laid next to me and I think she liked touched. My shoulder like you're like. Oh my God I masturbated and I came and she left and that was my story. That was the only time I've ever paid for sex and I didn't even get sex when you think of that story. It's pretty incredible that that was enough to get you off but I guess it's been. It was a while for you. It had been a long time. It was very thrilling. Very sad story. Thank you for thank you for shaming me to tell this story but I've always wanted to tell the story on dopey. I think it's a good story. You do so. What happened was awkward when I was annoyed because choose a professional now. I feel awkward. Does she's like who cares. Remember my money I gotta go no it was. It was annoying because I was prepared to have sex with the prostitute and I was too cheap to have sex with the prostitute. You think you could have actually done that. I don't know when we'll never know. Thank God you couldn't because I would have been so gross. Well it never happened so glad good. We may not. Can You? Please sit on the Mike. We may not have what. I'm just glad that this is the outcome. Personally I'm glad that you didn't have sex with a Russian prostitute. I'm glad she just touched her shoulder. Feel much better. I think it would have cost more money if she had touched. Grab your shoulder. Sometimes you get really excited. It explains a lot anyway. I think before we go. I would like to hear. We heard from a lot of members. And the DOPEY nation. Are you excited to hear from them before we go? Yes absolutely. What'S UP DEBBIE NATION. This is Leeann from North Carolina with a quarantine update largely. My Life. Looks pretty much the same as it did? Prior to the quarantine. Apparently I live in incredibly socially distanced. Life You may call me a hermit. I work from home. I go out to the farm. That's it but my heart goes out to those of you that are feeling Squirrelly or struggling to get to meetings or feel socially isolated make use of the technology that we have love you guys stay strong and tutorials dopey nation. This is much Lonnie from Sydney Australia. Living UNITED ON MY K. I have enough toilet piper hand sanitizer novice applause but not too much. Because I'm not a hold up because I care about playing pool. Washing my hands voluntarily self clothing chain. And if I have my high I practice such distancing I- nice some of you are not doing so well in my family financially so soon you my faults in praise and positive vibes. Stay strong and tools for Chris. Hey guys what's up? It's Amy Dresner from my fair. Jonky just given a check into peeps at At the doping nation. This is a tough time. Let's stick together. Make those phone calls. And those messages do those online meetings Isolation GNARLY does your head in financial fears fucking rear. You don't fucking spin anyone's you know it'd be nice. Your roommate stay strong. Dopey nation by Dave W nations. Justin was Saif in the womb to Holden's yourselves. Quick simple effective stay strong suit for Chris. Hey Dave and dopey nation. It's colleen wanted to stay high from quarantine land of St Louis Missouri. I returned from Mexico February fifth. We started getting sick about ten days later. My kids and I- magical this I was in a dopey nation group got together and did zoom meeting online and literally right afterwards. I got a message from Dr Functional. Doctor I've been trying to get a hold of for a while. And she got me a test within an hour and a half. I had to drive your house to do it and actually had to like actually drive to her office in fellow car to her house. It was legit like a drug deal hilarious. But I'm tested now. And we have a plan. She got some new medication and breathing treatments and lots of net flicks. We need all the ideas for shows. And a yeah. My kids are out of school and I don't know what I'm doing. I'm just winging it. I hope everyone is awesome. Love everybody and Dobie nation and tutorials for Chris by hang in there. What'S UP Dave? And there'll be nation. This is Matt Meyer Carol over. Everybody's safe there current-account twenty twenty is in full swing here in Iowa. Madam Governor has ordered all restaurants closed except for takeout only groups of more than three people around. And I'm doing good I stocked up on sale. Got a carton might buy another carton We live out in the country so I think we'll be all right just about two dirt bikes the week so if they shut everything down for two weeks lots of two stroke fun proper grab on Dobie nation and fucking toodle for Chris. Hey dopey it's teams from Philly. Were recording live from my recovery house in Kensington? With all my girls. And so what do you guys think about being in? Quarantine Kensington inner covering Boring Boring Shit. But if you saw I need to stock up on snacks now I think's chew things that's important that you need to know a that. We're in Kensington. I literally commit any crime. No consequence whatsoever. So that's how it is to be in Kensington Quarantine so stay strong. Thanks tutorials heave. Hey dobie nation. It's Julie from Seattle. I'm quarantined can't go to work. Can't go out. My son is learning to play the drums. So I have heard an awful lot of Motley crue up in here. I've eaten all my snacks and I am pretty sure that by the time this is all said and done. I am going to gain the covert nineteen hope. Everybody staying strong and fucking Turtles Chris. What's up dopey nation? This is Jide from Church and other drugs checking in from Lafayette Louisiana A we. I think we started this whole thing with Mardi Gras so my bad my bad. We're hunkering down. I was I was worried before it was cool so me and my wife bought supplies like four weeks ago. So we're good to go but everyone stay safe out there This is not the time to go. Try to get some dope. Just use it as a stay at home and detox. You know what I'm saying. Turn on some Barry. Manilow eats tomato soup. And you'll get through this toodle `Hadopi nation. Hey Dave it's Paulina. Coming at. You quarantined in Costa Mesa California So far I think I'm healthy. I hope so. We'll see I heard we're all supposed to get it. God knows what's going to happen but I love you. All everyone stay put stay connected and most importantly stay strong. Dopey nation and fucking toodle for Chris. So that was our corona virus special. And I have to say It was a joy to have you with me did have fun. I did efan especially in the oasis jam. That was your favorite part. That's my favorite part was amber your favorite part. I love Amber Khaldun in but I really liked the best about the Qatar. I love it. When I hear these people around the world saying stay strong dopey nation and fucking yes and everyone sounds good. Sounds hopeful and you know. No one sound not not to say that. We shouldn't be worried or concerned or you know but everyone seems like they have an optimistic outlook on things and I think that's that was helpful for me to hear. I love this community. I love that. The dopey nation the international dopey nation is strong. Anybody that wishes they were in the episode. Sending a voicemail. Can I say something please? I think because this is an addiction center podcast right. I mean that's kind of the the basis when something like the corona virus happens I think Dave is. I WANNA say you're unsure but you don't want you don't want to be you don't want to just focus on that but I think it's so it's all that we're talking about the only thing on the news it's like so part of it is like we don't WanNa talk about on the podcast because you wanNA break but at the same time you feel like we to like. It's hard to find the balance of should. How much should it be focused on? How much should it go to recovery and We're in such a fucking crisis right now. I think this was an interesting episode. I think it was. I think you you did a nice balance. I guess is what? I'm trying to save very long winded. Sorry what I like about. All of it is that I mean I can find parallels between addiction and recovery in the corona virus very easily. I can't how do you do that? Because when you're kicking dope time how ups you don't work you don't go anywhere Sierra. Here's your your speaking like. That obvious thing. I bet you do a lot of the audience. It is a good point. And I think the apocalyptic nature. I think when. You don't have to go to work like when whenever I've kicked obe. I didn't have a job so I didn't have to go anywhere. And it was this long term. You didn't know what tomorrow had in store. You didn't want to leave the house. So part of this whole thing reminds me of that and and also like because I actually have the corona virus if feels like heroin now but but that's but so. Let's just take a moment and talk about that? There's a part of what's going on for you and your life. That almost reminds you of one life sort of stops. And you're just sort of trapped in your house and you don't really have a job. Don't go anywhere as actors saying like you're actually feeling like you from feels familiar to you. Totally a giant understand totally feels familiar. This experience is so much like being on drugs or just getting off drugs. Were there are no expectations? And you're just kind of treading water until the next thing and that's what this reminds me and if you guys agree with that send in an email to Dobie podcast at g mail DOT COM. I WanNa play you one thing before we stop. I was going to start the episode with it but I'll end it and it has nothing to do with any of this stuff. It's a total non sequitur. Recently I get emails from people all the time and I got an email from somebody who said they were listening to this. All dopey episode. When Chris was alive it was actually the only time Chris was ever in this house. And you were. You were in the apartment. Immune Christopher recording on the floor and we were finishing up the episode and talking about Doing Dopey ads and I. It's like one of my favorite all time. Dopey memories and I'm GonNa play it now before we're not new hair all right cool. It should retail for the next time or just Dave and I met at this place called Mount. This place called Mount Inside and they might do ads with us. Dave had a call with the marketing fucking people and they wanted to you know. Examples of ads and dollar air examples suck and they're very business oriented but if we had more followers well. How'd you social tell you were there? You handled it. I didn't do. It was just so unappealing. It was so bad such a terrible call. You handle it bad. They're professional or their their suits. I don't know why I'm talking about this at all can get out of the world but you need fifty bugs semi some cookies. Well fuck it talk about off. Oh you're working. Oh my God. I don't really know how to integrate a partnership somebody ask for examples of ads right and so. I like listening to our laws episode re talked about the I am sober apper couple episodes before listening to that. And I'm like it's like you can calculate how much money you saved Dr Dave's like I don't believe it. He's is ever used Kintu Zoo. That kids count your days then too. We do every with every ad you like. Take this attempt at the AD. I get upset people pleasing for the advertising when really all you're doing is actually advertising. You can listen to that all day. The listener was like I'm listening to that over and over again just to make her feel better. Dude feel better or whatever so I hope you guys are Ok in this corona virus fucking. Wash your hands. Avoid people stay home? Stay healthy stay safe. I mean if you're getting drugs you'd better have a lot of fucking money or you're going to run out right. Yeah Anyway Ms Chris. Obviously Miss Todd Miss. All of our friends who didn't get to stick around and stay strong fucking. Dope fucking tools for Chris and everyone knows good. WanNa take a shot. John want to leave uh-huh.

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