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Doc need along <music>. Russian rise is lovely departed philip seymour. All the rest of us are boy. I was watching boogie. Nights foot. Put six times. Oh my god he's amazing. You're going to the movies because jay phillips in any movie or the only the ones you know i i i quick story but when i met him i was through galaxy quest twenty years ago and sam rockwell is in the movie and sam said hey my buddy phil is coming to set and and i i knew that he knew fell and i i was just obsessed. I just left school when i was obsessed with nights nights and happiness and i was just the biggest fan and i was so nervous to be around him and done that night. Sam was trying to get me to hey. Hey phil i just as a great impression you. Oh my god you gotta see this and and i got too nervous to do it and it's so weird we right l. Compadres sunset and and we started we started drinking and i. I got drunk enough to the point where i just. I don't know where it was like okay. I'll do it just like unsolicited and everybody everybody. I did it for him and everybody was laughing and i remember him saying that well. That's just me from boogie. Nights is now. That's a hike the news i ask me. I like it was the best yeah yeah he's he. He was great. We lost to too early. We say that already. We said it twice now. It remained lost too early yeah so that sentiments never going to jane. Yeah everyone in here is going to pass away. That's right that's true. That's a really strong as as as is everyone listening to this at home you at home are all going to pass away right now. We should live in the now. We should transcend this life. I sure like you the winch. Let's start with a new move. Who came does that work. I saw something when they're just a glimmer of a little piece is something i could maybe mould into something else. Desperation hate that. We don't run from drama at my house. The game called. We're all going to die and this is called characters. Welcome everyone on. This panel is played numerous characters even david lynch. You were so great in lucky with harry dean stanton. Wasn't that fantastic well l. Truly i mean now is to be harry dean near the end it just doesn't get any better than that yeah and then we honored him at the hotel and we brought in mariuchi band and jonathan depp and he was absolutely fantastic. We lost harry dean too soon well. That's subjective actively. All we're gonna say that was just about that one so much assume somewhere look. You're good title. He's lucky to be still alive. It's not funny but all right p. Rip torn. Yes anyone made the it's not a joke now. I really had to really carefully graph if my tweet passed away because two seems like you'd be making fun of say r._i._p. Torn yeah but that's basically what you're doing when you say you know a._p. He ripped his parents that that would happen. I saw i saw a few minutes of the other day boy. He's anything anything he shows up and say well. You know what you guys i can talk about. I could talk about the most recent deaths of in show business but instead. We're going to try to celebrate the living yeah. We'll see. We'll see how that goes. This game characters welcome all of you. Just have your microphones ready because you can just guess as often as you like as i list off the character names you know there's odd character names in the end credits of a movie. What's weird ones mr lynch. You're always like have somebody in the tiles guy. Who's like guy who likes pie or something like oh sure sure guy in the big hat yes right see i know isn't that actor. People are like that stick and so being the big hat it helps made helping you can get more work. You get very specific specificity in the world today done well. I think you're gonna like some of these in this one because whoever made this movie got some real specific <hes> credits in the end titles <hes> so just like i said guesses often these like in first person listen to get it right wins. Traveler is a character called traveler then there's another one called red man in gents room and we're guessing the actor know the name of the film cable. Has these parts senate. Oh these roles these characters are all in the same phil. Someone called good witch yeah wizard of oz. I wonder where that men and gents room scene went in wizard of oz. That was the answer is it lost lost highway. No but that's interesting interesting that you stick movie. Mr lynch made it wild at heart i to try to discourage. You know that's not it. Don't don't go down that road. That's a lost highway yeah. You did it quite as you as <hes> that period of time has kinda hazy for me. I remember cow. Laura dern and then took me about two and a half years to get over working robert blake. If we're gonna talk show mr lynch. What was it like working with nikki john that movie well nicholas cage is absolutely fantastic. Nicholas cage believes leaves actors or shamans. There's a there's a book called. The way of the actor pseudo psychology there where we thought shamans were actors. Nick cage is deep and all this. I like nick cave to he's also chamonix shape shifter absolutely incredible friends those collaborate cave cage yes yes they should cave cage match cage match in a cave so yeah so the forementioned nick cage played sailor ripley in the phil and laura dern lula and and and one of his creepiest roles which is saying a lot willem dafoe was bobby haroon so good you know the story of his teeth. We cast him he. He's got fucked up teeth in that but it sure does and he didn't know he was going to get it and then i looked at him and i said well i'm you're going to get some teeth boy and we took him in and got got him those teeth and he incorporated all of it and he was terrifying and i would have nightmares and then just wake up and thank him well so all that means clark that when she gets to go oh i in our next game and it's a brand new game. We have played this one before. It's called doctor doctor doctor. Here's how it works yeah. There's an olympic season the name of this game. I'm gonna go to you one at a time star clark then we'll go to oscar david justin just come straight at you with a movie i mean excuse me name an actor and then you tell me if that movie that actors in is is okay you get three choices is that actor in doctor detroit dr giggles or collingwood all right yeah now jeeze. I brought a hard game because i knew what a great paneriai tonight and also you got to one and three shy live getting okay yeah if you don't get it right though moves onto oscar income and the third person narrow if two people miss that's like a free the point james brown clark detroit detroit hollywood or detroit. That's correct the oscar. Yes george hamilton. What are my choices giggles hollywood hollywood or detroit doctors george hamilton that is correct. That's the name i said breaking it down in beverly hills. He doesn't want to travel far from home. He likes to stay close to his tanning beds and a cigar stores uh-huh hollywood because it's close to beverly hills some interesting logic film takes takes place outside of hollywood. That's why they call him doc hollywood because he's from california but you're right. It started hollywood. Thank you thank you david yeah. Are you familiar with an actress named glenn headley doc hollywood. No jan jacobo would say when they're <hes> you know when they miss the question do little to looking for a hotel tries uganda rondo justin. I would say giggles you would grant josh. Oh yeah mark now. It's a memory game well. He's a chicago right. You know that was his second. Guess chicago's not even an option. I promise you i won't say omar sharif or mound of snow. The stars of touches julie christie was in that right. Yes it is a memory game. Gosh detroit hollywood or giggle giggle though susan doctor or destroyed now there is some fantastic urban decay in detroit. You ever want a tour around there. They lighthouses on fire and it is inspiring things you can see it's coming back now though but hopefully not too quick and you can get out there and see it oscar detroit giggles are hollywood fran drescher currently currently starring as justin's mom in safe spaces giggles no detroit that is correct citing competition just in which one of those was doug e doug in dougie dougie doug dougie does not fresh not okay r._v. Fresh get mixed up with both of these guys got dougie how to dougie doug world so i'm just going to have to say you just live in it. Backing detroit detroit hollywood though oscar eagles on the awards all right back to mr david lynch holly. Marie combs holly. Marie combs was on picket fences. She was for sure she was also also one of the sisters on charmed fantastic fantastic. I'm gonna say hollywood. No god justin and clark your giggles. Yes it is dr giggles all right so clark wins wins that game mister main tiebreakers bridget get funded. You guys remember with hollywood hollywood. What happened to her just out for me. She cheat. I think just wanted to do other things things like what she wanted to gardening and have a family and live upstate and catch butterflies in the net thought enough for me. Now sorry i bet. Did you stop hiring her. No very few want to do other things yeah she maybe got in trouble with the point of no return. We're fella she couldn't yeah. We're getting warm icing all right well. We'd lost true to julie warner. Was that the girl in that doc hollywood yeah yeah julia was the main girl and she's like she's very nice lady but she's also like super tiny so like like she was good she was she was michael. J. fox sized yeah. That's a cute movie. I haven't seen it in a while woody. Harrelson david ogden steers francis stash all right one more game to determine our winner for the first time. The show has been at eight o'clock on tuesday night here at u._c._s._b. Very excited about this. Timeslot sends mujahedeen in order to play a game called. It's called bennington. That doesn't really explain what it is but our friend ron bennington suggested this game and i love it and who who won that last one cart went l. Aspirin okay so clark is going to go first this time. We'll switch the order around because i like to do that so it's going to go the justin then david then oscar and each one of you will get a chance to go i in this game and it will rotate so hopefully i'll do this right but but <hes> clark starts us off the name an actor. All you gotta do is try to guess what you think you want their number one movie of all time according in a box office mojo after adjusting for inflation north north american box office yeah yeah so we that can qualify. I got to think of the best the biggest movies that you know the person who has been in and if you name one that's in the top three points one point for number three ten to three for one and there's there's no wrong answers except for incorrect answers so we'll start with you clark and all you gotta do is tell me what's in the top three films in the career of christina applegate. Ooh i'm gonna go the sweetest thing okay okay. Somebody in the audience is totally got your back on that justin. I'm going to say as is a little cheating but alvin and the chipmunks squeak will achieving it should be about. I guess that was in. I mean this is all just to z. If you would admit to being in it and you did a mr lynch well. I have to say don't oh tell mom the babysitter's dead which features an absolutely fantastic supporting performance by our dear kimmy robertson. She's lucy the secretary and from tweaks sticking nance gray and that's an iconic movie. I don't know if they go away and the babysitter dies ace wheeler there's real trauma in this movie and it's something we can work through together. The babysitter isn't that don't dishes. That's fat is justin connick line yeah. What do you think they really sick away. Christina applegate titles but this is this is the gopher married with children the and she's dead to me now. She knows that to me is that she's in tears with linda cartilage t._v. That's t._v. Movies i see doug loves movies movies so i get it. Tolerates t._v. Is another show this show. No no wwl tv more. What does she done. Yeah that's a tough one. She had her own show for repeating the sweetest sweetest committees establish sweetest thing she wasn't. She wasn't a mean girls. No you can just pass. I'll pass yeah yeah. We'll get we'll get back to you on the next one all right coming in number three you about to say it anchor man to the legend continues. She was an anchor man. Yeah but anchorman did not make her top three originally anchorman sequel made more yeah wow yeah anchorman was like austin powers or some of the comedies became became popular on home video and then the sequel great i got cut out of anchorman and they never told me and i went to the premier with my friends and i've been saying you know i mean this. This is exciting. I and i was fred willard son whom he keeps refereeing to yeah oh and my son did this and i'm like oh any minute now. They're gonna candies as less popcorn really and credits. Maybe they saved it for like a post credits scene me. I'm nick fury. Surely i was. I was a cop on a horse way to them. When they were literally and welcome to the park it got it was wasn't even needed where did it but make they get into that blake robert wright. It's that they've got it on d._v._d. All the homes a lot of jason schwartzman man happy do they. They shut my roof shot weeks. They all got killed. All of those people all right so coming into the number two is of course i can't believe no one this alvin and the chipmunks chip wrecked the fourth or the third in the series and then coming in at number one and justice because he's in it alva- the chipmunks squeak was thing was number. Four god movie didn't do very well but justin is just got a hot start but but <hes> anything could happen at this point just gets go. I in this next round. That's worked out okay for you. Just in the films of anna ferris okay. What do you think okay three go. The biggest movie shits okay number. One any men actors. Whoa time is not up. Time is still seeking alone. You better be really careful buddy a new era. I scared ah i say scary scary movie to ah this lynch the house bunny i wanna hear you say to be honest president ezer oskar horace khor. I know who she is. I think he's a female actresses female. She's one of those lady actors god. I'm so sorry scott lots all right. I i don't know you'll you'll still have as many points as several other. People go ahead clark so she has a cameo in twenty. Two jump street treats incur and pretty well yeah. I don't know if she was credited. Though i'll tell you this about boxoffice mojo we don't know either i mean they. They sometimes list cameos. Sometimes don't uneven okay then. I'm gonna say just friends. It might not have again these other things that are popular on cable. Yeah that's part of the thing is it's kind of a shame. Those are her top three movies. Any of those ones could not squeak willing scary scary movie two right coming in number three scary movie three yet coming in at number two album the chipmunks squirrels and and number one just straight up scaring no no. I meant scary movie as well yeah well ziebel to you blew it now. I deserve that bad but that was great because it looked like you were going to run away with this thing thing because you know the chipmunks you are a chip. How's that work in the first one in the credits lists the guy who plays alvin and then you also play alvin. What's the difference like the real alvin. Is there like a man elvan person who's in the suit the tiny a little further jason. Lee's the dave seville guy right yeah yeah. There's a weird credit for another alvin really i._m._d._b. Buddy of mine played estedat donatello in the original teenage mutant ninja turtle and they had him do all leave leave till them they had them do all the dialogue and everything and then they they dubbed his voice. I think corey feldman news very disappointed great story but somewhat applicable all right. You're in the lead still three points. Everyone else needs to get on the board or starting with you. Mr lynch branch the films of zachary levi boy. I'm sorry he's just not hit. My radar yet can happen now and the chipmunks the squawk see that's a great way to play. It's like you took all this information even getting weightless wait. Let's keep the cap gesture that twenty minutes twice a day oscar. Do you know this gentleman. Let's see here. A man is the shells i am. Yes he is. I'll seychas yes mark. I'm gonna say thor the dark world. That's a great one and then justin i know him. I know this guy has spoken to him yeah. He's nice very nice very nice guy. I saw him on way o- on the broadway can sing good singer. Oh no soon what happened. I know what the big movie shit. I think he got all upset about that. I saw was in. Hey that's what she thought of tangled. That's what you're going with all all right coming in at number four sam because it's been big but it's a good movie yeah. I like you know it's a little too recent to crack his top three number three thor the dark world yes that's worth one point and then coming in at number to leave. I tangled yes. That's worth two points for justin and then number one alvin the chipmunks squeak will david leagues is on the board with you see what happened there. I had no aclu and it just came to me and that's truly from dipping into consciousness and smart. That's it and we also know another legend. That's positive energy brody stevens interest rates of this world really loved how much you know about the all the all the arts. I've got a lot of free time. I saw that documentary where we we just watch you paint. Oh yes yeah and then i'll tell you if you wanna beat the system when i do now is i just urinate in the sink and this is israel yeah. You don't have to go to another room. You don't have to waste water. You're gonna turn that water on anyway. I i don't know about that but you know i think yeah. I think you're great so maybe he's not wrong. You've been wrong so far. Yeah yeah yeah here. We go do do everything in the urine and you know i mean you know number two situation outta ten times but the one to ten years to math guy the oscar yes so this is your chance man crack at this. Is it a fellow uh-huh dude so it's rain your wheelhouse great alan tutic aw love him. You know to dix one time in college the one time i don't know who that i probably know who it is but i can't oh yeah. You're a find out who all my god. Why did i have to go. I i got enhanced dance from the other people. That's true yeah might not have helped all right. Go ahead all right melissa clark. I don't i owning this is right but rogue one a no. Yes fat is not so low rogue one a star wars story. Okay okay justin. I'm going to take a chance here because he's such a great voice actor and he's done so many great voices not not that he was one of the few that didn't get his hands on. I'm gonna say wreck it ralph. Okay us fantastic record ralph so i'm gonna say record ralph to don't give me on your bullshit doug. I'm seeing reckitt ralph too and you. You know what i mean. Okay well in your case. I'll make an exception and not ask for you to say ralph breaks the internet well ralph but now no. I don't want to slide by on. It happens too much these days. I'm wrong so easy yeah on the wrong side of history you don't believe in participation trophies do now and it's got to be a winner. Okay who's next where we oscar okay. We know you yeah he went. I i say anything yeah yeah all right so we have have clark rogue one and use a wreck all right. This is interesting getting i was trying to trick someone into saying alvin and the chipmunks chip wrecked because he's in that one is he. He plays something called simone voice like maybe it's a voice of a lady chip simone. Maybe maybe anyway. That's his number ten. Whoa that would have yielded no points for anybody but he wasn't the chipmunks movie number three transformers dark side of the moon dark of dark of the moon or whatever it was called and then did he do one of the robots pat did a robot voice transformers. I guess he's sober can't live action in those always go. Maybe he was a car turn. The new thing trae needed that for all the trans number till you're on the right track with the animated thing but he is voicing unfrozen fucking frozen yeah but number one is rogue one a star wars story dory. That's worth three points with rings to poor but johnson as five justin is who knew i really started working in your favor and i thought it was going to work against issue but i can't can't plan everything but dog dave afternoon. Come get your prize is congratulations right here. There you go a couple bags and nicely condensed and yeah. He wants signatures on the poster to is there anything else you can do for you wanna foot massage. Those will be easy takeoff. Look at those fucking feed on that guy cheeses christ who knew that was amazing <hes> <hes> who wants during whole show yeah. I finally got attacking his feet. It's tom hallstrom days like talking about my feet it. I'm not gonna laugh. Shit go justice signed the foot man's poster and uh well. We're doing this clark. Let's start with you. Roll out your plugs. What's happening what's going on catch me on daily with sam the ma'am levine on dc universe and i'm in a movie called satanic panic coming from fan goria that is out on september six and death cimber opposite horror pecan barbara crampton in later this year. Thank you gear sign me. This thing called mystery glasses. Just got picked up on netflix mr glitzy. It's nice. He plays the teacher. I play the vice principal who hates children. There's the pension comes out of that. Thank you because he gets along okay with the kids. He loves the kid he loves loves them and the second i shouldn't be there shouldn't be working with children bad guy. There's no reason for me to be and yet. I'm there yet i'm the vice principal a- as most vice principals are seen very few that seemed like working with children except for the punishment part well doug doug. I'm here to promote joy. I'm here to promote unbound in consciousness. I'm here to promote love in a world gone crazy church. It's north of wilshire boulevard and highland avenue everybody. It's the david lynch foundation catch the big fish. The world can be inside you world. I love we're all consciousness com joyner party also i have a coffee now and we're giving a little amount of that charity but please get the coffee it's fantastic and roasted and it gives me a little bit of a coin to keep going around promoting this meditation fantastic when you're always thinking about when when the divine message comes to you for twin peaks season two. That's what's going to happen season four nonetheless you try to trick. Let me near the end it season four. We'd be thinking about and his signals on clear but i sure hope it can come soon. You've already done three seasons. Well we did the. I two years ago stickler. You're you're right when you said i was not good at math yeah and you are a stickler and i love that about you and i appreciate <hes> you being here and you should put david harbor in the new season right. He's fantastic. Good came on this show once in atlanta arrange. It will happen again. He knew everything which dave your poster and congratulations to you and justin it spaces out sometime in the fall. I'm in the fall yeah and you got a movie playing a fantastic fest. You're going to be there. I'll be there go every year <hes> yeah. I love that what's what's the movie called. That's slaying the wave a <hes> fitting tense. It's kind of like a run lola run but without a woman so you're gonna love it oscar. The dan white fun runnings podcast. Please listen to my pelicans. Life is short short. Welcome to the podcast game. I will be at hat good nights in raleigh as i mentioned earlier august twenty four th and i'm doing stand up in phoenix and august thirty first and denver on september first. You guys know what to do to figure all that stuff out. Thank you so much for coming out tonight. Thank you theater. Thank you clark world oscar muniz david lynch long. Thanks as always closeted jeez <music>. Thanks again to blue. Increase your performance. Get the extra confidence in bed with blue the first chewable with the same f._d._a. Approved rude active ingredients as bag rency alice lewis prescribed online works faster than a pill that can be taken anytime visit lucia dot com and get your first shipment the free when you use the promo code deal just pay five bucks for shipping. That's b. l. u. E. c. h. e. w. dot com promo code deal to try it for free by now. It's time to watch other anji viewing. There's no room for you.

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