Content Court: Jared Leto


To all right for the honorable. Judge ethan klein. This episode is brought to you by fight camp and express within you appreciate that. How are you doing today. Bailiff haven't seen you in a minute all right on the show. You may be seated by the way thank you previously. I know. I forgot to say that in any say. Thank you garth. Garth is here in the Jerry today is ready to hear us talk today. My friends we have someone of great concern to the court. Goes by the name of jared leto. The man is is a clearly kinda douche. He's a cult leader. And i think he's kind of a bad actor. Well that will hold on. That's that's what a things. I'm just here to this court. I got i have to. I got to take myself off the bench biased. I have no preconception of jared leto accept what the case before us here to do. The ab will present He's an actor. Great renown actually one woman oscar emmy or what. What did you win was the deal with that. I mean he put a lot into that role. He's a method actor. He lost a bunch of way. New put a lot into. He doesn't align to roles does discover that -gratulations the dallas dallas buyers club. There buddy appreciate that. Jared leto folks are are there. Jared leto stands. They're gonna come for us. Oh yeah as really last. We'll see the man has a cult. Let's go dude i am. I going to be on safe as a result of this video. I can't wait to show you my toys. Sorry jared but you didn't method act that line out enough because that's really bad all right. Do we have any opening lines. You want me read this. Jared leto is an actor singer songwriter. Oh yeah he's a ban member to. He's in the lead singer of the band. Thirty seconds to mars so been in roles such as dallas buyers club. What you wanna oscar for and suicide squad which he was unit. virtually lampoon for people. Say he's the worst joker will time not my word read. I mean that's Segel's he's being charged with being detached from reality being a narcissist and starting a colt. Rit let's get started opening statements. Abe would you like to Open for us thank you. Yes thank you. Yeah i think jared has just A unique case because he is undeniably really looking guy and he does have some talent. And i think that Up for debate and look at the guy. Did i got a little loss in the research on. Look interesting okay. Well i guess we're we. We've deter habeas determined that we all not debate the merits of his good looks. Reasonable doubt is good looking. Apparently i think that's true okay. He doesn't age but yeah. And i think he's just any normal human interaction as he started to rise in Success and fame and so he kinda got a little disconnected with reality so today i hope to take a deeper dive into psych and see if he's gone off the deep end already looking forward to that in. What do you think about jared. Leto what would you like to say you wearing a mask. That's very thoughtful today in. What's what's going way even believe in colvin someone running around here. That might have had some sort of. I mean computers. Don't do very well viruses. That's true good point If people may not know but the real anna actually has kovic currently but you're not the real and so you're fine you never know what do android tear thinking. Twenty seventy seven my read. You're right so do you. Have any thoughts on jared leto. Look he's purchase actor navy. One that is in the industry on trial in good. Find anything else You know he's got some bangor's he's got some slamming movies and also answer. That said you never met a chair. If you didn't like jerry. Fogel jared kushner. I made fogel. you can't debate. Oh kushner some guy. Chuckle question into the answer stricken from the record. Okay let me just say. I m ready for battle. Well then i would say jared lee go all right. This is now in session boys. Let's go. Let's open it up part one detached from reality. What's what the bloody shot. What's the background here. I'm well. I think this is from a movie where he played a vampire. Hope so at least. Let's see so the first exhibit here an interview with zane lowe will smith said he's never spoke with your little because he was always in character. After six months of working there will said he has yet to meet. Jared you know. I find these kind of method actors just a little bit fucking much especially when you're not even that good of an actor. Sorry was it was. it was This was for what was the name of it. The suicide squad which was like everybody kind of agrees movies like what's the rating on suicide squad. Can you pull up for me. Real quick dan. aside squad looks ridiculous. Oh man that thing is in saint. Yeah i mean. Jared's of buddy. I mean we know jazz like as a person. Maybe you've done. Maybe you only know the junk this. I've never actually met. Jared leto right so we worked together for six months. And we've never exchanged a word outside of action and cut. We've never said hello. We've never say good day. I've only ever spoken to him as dead shot and him as the joker. I literally have not met him yet. So he's complaining that it's almost not even a method acting thing it just seems like he was like just bouncing soon. The scene was over. Like why wouldn't you say hi. Dear co-stars odd dushi. Yeah just do she. Also will smith's kind of a big deal like you'd think you will wanna say hi to will smith. I wonder if method acting like i do wonder what real professional actors think about. Method acting like a point where it just becomes kind of cheap in a way an almost like overcompensating. I forget who said this. It was a famous actor. Someone's ask him and he says he goes. It's he goes he. Just you act. You don't have to fucking pretend to be in character for six months you just. That's the professor. You just act. You know what i mean and also it's like what good did it do. The guy thought it was gonna win oscar some shit for fucking joker but he ruined the fr- made the joker like the lamest character for a year. But i mean dude you gotta say hi to will smith. I mean that's just also you gotta tell we'll sweat was a little annoyed otherwise he wouldn't be talking about it like that. I got the he wasn't. He's like dude. Come on. it's not that serious as suicide squad. Bros. not like daniel day-lewis fucking playing abraham lincoln s. Do you want me all right. Interesting jared sent margot robbie a dead rat onset of suicide squad act. He's in key characters so epic. This guy walks in this tough looking guy walks and he says i got a message from mr j man. Fuck security. I just walked in the rehearsal right and he puts a box down on the table in front of margot and he says that's a gift from misty. Jane in honor your relationship. How's that mr mr j. Okay okay so margot starts to open the box and there was no and it was like from the joker and say oh. Okay that's cool. That's funny jared has taken a real serious. Don't think. I think it's really tell. The will doesn't respect him. Margot open the box and there was a live rat in nevada where i thought it was a dead rat. Oh okay dead. There are conflicting reports at mistrial mirror reflecting reports. Later point he completely Said that he didn't send them anything. Oh story kept changing. So that folks. Can i just say that like how dumb that is. I mean the joker like okay. Let's assume the jokers real. Here's a rat in a box epoch. Yeah okay cool. Urine character now. You believed lab all right okay. Whatever he's he's doing okay. Viola davis said that jeered sent her a dead pig. who is was she also suicides. What was the pig that are alive. Well let's find. Joker he did some bad things. Jared leto did some really horrific gifts. He had a henchman who would come into the rehearsal room and the henchman came in with a dead pig and plopped it on the table and then he walked out. And that was our introduction into jared leto. now i'm terrified. This as a person. Is he crazy. The second part was oh shit. I gotta have my stuff together. You talk about commitment. And then he sends margot robie black rat. It was still alive in a box. She screamed and then she kept it. What advice would you give a ten year old girl. I say to my dog. oh not not. That's my advice to ten year. Old girl all right. I mean to again. He's trying to know it's okay so you put a pin down what they need to clean it up. He's the joker his so apparently he sent again again again. I will smith. I don't think he fucks around with this kind of shit. Jared leto sent him anal beads and he used condo and joe. This is world smith who was like. I have not even talked to this dude. And he's sending me anal beads like bro. You gotta say hi before you send me an ob. Why why anal bits. What is that supposed to mean exactly will. Smith is probably like brian. Play with that shit. Let's see what he said now. How about the gifts you gave everyone. Yeah rats bullets all hog. Where did that come. Don't forget the it'll beats. Where did you send the used. Condoms do not used by. Because i'm pretty. That's not that funny used by who'd it's not like. That's kind of actually kind of a real assault sexual crime. The sense of you know. And i think will was like trying to be like. This should so fucked up to mention the anal beads. But he's like. I got to talk about the bbc will smith. Let's see what he has to say about it now. House pretty condoms do not. Yeah i mean it was for. You can't just use condoms and we're just gonna like i knew it's a family show but we are. It can educate people here. At least they were used to send use condoms to everybody. Maybe they didn't want to tell you. But yeah i mean i did a lot of things to to create a dynamic to create an element of surprise spontaneity surprise and really break down any kind of walls. That may be there. I mean the joker is somebody who doesn't really respect things like personal space or boundaries. We dirksen javascript. Objective was not. He says i was trying to tear down walls. Yeah there is a fucking weirdo. Not the joe it. Only 'cause i'm an actor. I can pretend to be scared of uneasy around you on film right. You don't have to make my time on set. You don't need to actually threaten my life to be scared. People bullets were all actors. Just die for me. Use condom what do you say. What do you think you say. Jared has gone full joker jerry. He went full joker and the rule. Generally we're we're down by. It's the fact i've sorry. How often do we actually listen. The will smith come on bro. Hit me with the full joker but he went jokes. Never go down. He realized that the tone you know he wasn't he wasn't playing with it. He was dead serious after he was going in and he was one going into the character and he really jarred the rest of us. Joe okay okay whatever. That movie was fucking horrible. It's got a forty on metacritic. Yeah what about imdb. Well that a six hundred ten. That's not as bad as i thought on. Imdb it has tomato the tomato. That's the real there is. That's really bad right. That's horrible. That's hold on watchable. Jared leto definitely said the set the tone basically the tony's like everyone's stay away from this tone is we can't wait to be done with this fucking movie and be acting freak when we have a after hopefully know who is not invited right. That's the time everyone else afterwards. Not you not you okay. So later on. He denies giving gifts as use condoms. Legal was probably like probably happen. He's a he was like. I gave use condoms to everyone. Nobody wants to talk about it though. 'cause legal was probably like okay. This is a legal. Yes is horrifying cannot tell people they got laid down mentioned the so it goes on the red carpet. He's like oh yeah. I was giving use condoms. Everyone and now they're like you. You have to. You have to take that back otherwise you know. Yeah we're going to be in a lotta trouble. Let's see what he said. Look most of it was a people get wrong about the joke. I mean i just think that there were some things you know that were mentioned about like gifts and the fact that i was giving us to condoms did people which was not literally said that said that you have it on video. Twenty to go back. We got hard. I think my synopsis you you have to. You have to take that back literally. Jared has been known to go deep in his method acting in the past according to article written and the rolling stones about the dallas buyers club. He made his first contact with director. John mark valet and a skype call and was already in character as rayon even though he didn't have the part yet he was dressed as a woman. Valley says aims hitting on me and he kept it up for twenty five minutes valet and mcconnell. Hey never met leto onset. Only rayon he tried to steal things from me says mcconnell literally my pocketknife letters etc. That's just annoying. Sounds asked him. I feel like matthew. Mcconaughey is somehow going right that we would definitely do how it is anyways zoo. I think he doesn't method acting but like in a more traditional way like a not in a that makes us a total unlikable. shit boxes are often ask. Why did you pick. Jared i go. I'm sorry i didn't take. Jared jared us pick the film because when i put him he had written. I said well by mcconnell has gone was putting on lipstick he had address are he was playing some mark boy and heating was hitting on me. Sean likes your voice. I guess it worked baby was. That's it so. What did you say that you saw evidence. That mcconnell doesn't like him. Oh that's kind of watch more. And he says he's more the next chapter on the same video yes same. Besides the acting. Jared has helped many other incidents that show. How out of touch with reality is on the seventeenth anniversary of kurt. Cobain's death jared released a trip video as him fascinating. Every this excerpt he wrote in his blog i heard today was the day kirk pat. What do you mean you heard today like. Oh you just heard you if you care about him. I think you would know you know. I heard can't believe it's been that long so grateful for his country. Inspirations not sure. I'd be doing this if it weren't for hint. You give us all permission to create no matter what our skill set reminded me. That dreams are pasta digits. Call kirk kirk obama's shitty musician. He literally said he gave permission for us to create no matter what our skill set our. Thanks for that. This made me recall short piece of film. I shot when i heard. They were making a film celebrating his life. I made it to explore the character and explore creative possibilities. I never sent it to the student. Anyone but thought i'd share it now. You're on if i may interject. I'm not sure if this will be claimed. Now cover song but you. Yeah but it's just super weird that he's dressed as kurt cobain in this unreleased video that he supposedly had he showed the public whenever we found out they were making a video about him on his birthday or whatever because like he's not acting performing a song and then like walking around like a zombie. Like there's really not that epic dude. Jared didn't know about covid nineteen due to a twelve day. Silent meditation the desert. I feel like there's nothing necessarily wrong. But it is literally being disconnected from reality for sure the actual sense while twelve days ago. I began silent meditation in the desert. We were totally isolated no phones communications etc. We had no idea what was happening outside. The facility walked out yesterday into a very different world. One that's been changed forever. Mind blowing to say the least. I'm getting messages from friends and family all around the globe. Catching me up on. What's going on your silent. Meditation may have caused covid talk like that. He refers to it as the facility. Bad vibes right there. We had no idea what was happening outside the facility right. That isn't that. Sounds like a mental health facility. That sounds so like corporate. You're out in the desert bro. What facility are we talking about. He was on allen had awkward performance after a shot after a shot showing an empty stage. The camera does a dramatic one. Eighty degree turn to reveal. The band is in fact sitting in the audience while epic moscow. Go no sound oh should we not have sound on this. Probably not mike at has claimed. Okay it there's nobody onstage but they are in the audience. What i'm trying to gauge the reaction of the girls there next to it's funny because they're trying to sing along. But no one knows. The words middle housewives very awkward. See that's the risk when you're you don't wanna show the audience that much because they don't know the words and we can't hear even a little bit let's give it so it's just a little taste. What happened here eventually walks. Ach release sitting in front of the choir. They all stood up there. All coordinator out. I'm gonna get claim for. This is what it sounds like allen's up there trying to act like she cares. Yep okay okay. Ach all right an go ahead. What say you on behalf of. Jared leto are we the charges detached from reality. But i really think. It's just being a douched if i can. Maybe rica rob recalibrate the charge. A little bit was he was a little over. The top oscar winning phil set suicide squad. That woah woah woah. What oscar to sky suicide squad win a contiguous yep oscar winning breath for seaside squad. Okay went the because he took the role too seriously he just throwing oscars while what a bad guy. What about sending use condoms to cast members. Hey look what matters is that the role made it impact on people very memorable joker role arguably the best in a piece of evidence to show. Just how impactful. This joker was even impacted. Our very own prosecution mr ab really jackson dress. Here's who better the way. What hell this is truly remarkable moment in your still covering it covering i just wanna see the whole thing is just star evidence covering to decide the and while wow this is truly shocking moment for this courtroom so he has a really compelling point what influence on pop culture that you the prosecution itself would dress as him. Ab what can you possibly say to that. I mean everyone. Because i mean i feel like everyone's been the joker and harley quinn for like the last three years claim maybe that's what he's saying. Yeah but that's the problem is influence. I don't think he's necessarily a bad guy. Think he just has a. I almost drank the koolade. What could i say. Yeah i really i think it's falling apart. Ab what the hell do you have. Anything to say. what do you have to say. Okay i have some say. Tell me give me something. My wife does make up and special effects and it was very popular that year. So i was trying to be a good husband is that a crime doesn't really flow. You have anything else to say Besides me being the one on the spotlight. I just wanna say that. In terms of his method acting. The joker i think he was trying to emulate what Heath ledger was doing. I mean he's ledger was known for method acting and he like locked himself in a motel. Do the joker. And i think he kind of took that idea and kinda just fucked it all up like he kind of went overboard totally. Missed the point and thought you know. Having the joker brain zach would say is Sending people use condoms. And so your your argument. That he bastardized Heath ledgers icon ick role as joker reminds. Yeah okay do you think you would have done. A better joker. Oh definitely yeah deliberate. Now damn i feel like a m pop. The lid right off the definitely did and we'd Abc kind of confessing that he would've liked that raw and probably better bitterness not that objective also he goes. I drink the kool aid but then he try to get himself together when he realized it was all falling apart almost drank. Yeah well. I'm not sure you drink the kool aid to close almost as out and grenades or Okay let's consider the charge douche detachment from reality overlooking the facts. I think his behavior on set of of a suicide squad alone throws the whole thing and the question Not talking to will smith ending use condoms and then. He says he didn't send us gone. The whole thing's out of control. He's definitely do. You could tell that. His co stars don't like Based on the evidence now that is him laughing as the joker warble and not mistake. That definitely want. It is horrible. We're black you know that being said In a really good point and that he was so prolific culturally an ab reinforced his point so he was douche but also he was effective maybe ultimately it was effective. But at what cost you know what the cost of now. Being nice to your actors and colleagues. Maybe it's not that bad that it wasn't that nice of them. Tell me 'cause i'm torn between a. N. melting a good defense. The fact that he is I think they use condoms. Throw it to deepen the too far and i think he's guilty of Do i give a nod. Of course a a An jim contempt of court. That being said jared leto all the all that being said. I do find you guilty as charged for being induced to ten years of bad roles which i believe is already a several years deep where we could consider that timespan served time served ads. Get enough of that all right moving on. Actually it's time for recess. Oh let's have a quick recess and we will continue with the prosecution of jared leto. 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Maybe he's got an injury. Don't look behind you on looking at you yes you yes you the guy a break you find that man the show and kill him putting on z. He's when he doesn't understand is that he himself is the real joker toxic. That was very doesn't need to pretend to be the joker he just needs to be himself probably would have been a lot better job. You chin beard right. That's more interesting. The joker ask for. Hey this is a fucking five demar. My all my sounds pieces fucker. Everybody stands for me. Jared leto fucker such hey hey buddy. Pretty good house. Good buddy jared went to the met gala with his head as an accessory and made a commercial out of it. Apparently what does this video. Vote you really. You think that it doesn't look that good. What was this video. Vogue preview of the matt gala. Okay go ahead. You arrowhead that okay. He lived likes it you. Who do you like that. Jared is one of those do celebs who used voting as an excuse to show of his body. That's pretty awesome. He tweeted out happy hump day. Ps don't forget to vote. How are these connected because was attached to the. Why why doesn't it show. Yeah when it show it underneath. The tweet get just expanding. It looks more room okay. So you edited. It just separated the text of the tweet from the picture. That's all okay. I look at those ads. We gotta we gotta myers something. He did say early on that. He's objectively looking. And you are presenting some evidence to back that up. I suppose okay but the point is guys is that he said don't forget to vote and this was the picture attached. What do we think ula diesel. So you don't discriminate based on gender g so fucking beautiful then take whatever comes his way. Get the feeling. He's a wild one. He let thoughts like is the full package of his personality. I hate this effect if it was someone actually finally that maybe this could have been funny to me no to maybe no no. I don't like it no. I don't think there's any good way to do. Yeah the thing is. He could post a video of his body. Any day does doesn't have to be like go. Vote right happy hump day that's wednesdays at a sexual innuendo. Yeah what do you think about. His absence visited blocked right. What do you think about the good. Yeah and he's got that thing going down to his dick pretty good to write good. Yeah nice job to smell feet you want. I never said that. I never said No no i don't think so. Do you wanna fuck little. Okay would you like to be part of his colt smell. His s did sue chance to smell his under balls not enough. Okay check him. I think that's pretty. Do she bought whatever if you got a body like that. I'd fucking tweeted out every day festival. Mitch jared felt that the joker didn't get enough screen time and suicide squad loved that. Oh my god is even complaining. Were there any that. Didn't get cut from the new. No i'm asking you were there any. That didn't get cover the to the people who want more joker i say metoo i did work in the film was they had to cut side of feeling that it wasn't good. Look good job but also like as an actor. It's it's really kind of like. I feel like it's like clearly the director who hired your ass vision for the films it include your fucking being the star xactly. It's like did shut the fuck up but fans they wanted more. Jared leto. i give people use condoms. I was in characteristics. Sponsor didn't even say hi to will smith to the people who joke. I say metoo i did a lot of work in the film paid for it was cut. So you have to ask the movie studio why you asked the director and and yes I'd like to see a little more joker in suicide squad to we shot so much footage. They're such part of the gig film. Oh there were so many scenes that got cut from the movie. i can make your own movie mining. Wait till you hear about so. He was apparently. I'm assuming this is coming up. Very upset about the joker with joaquin phoenix. That did really well. Is that in here. Maybe i want to be To be coming later transparent though it was it wasn't confirmed it was confirmed by me. Jared was oh threat here. Jared was not happy about the joker. Movie starring joaquin phoenix according to hollywood reporter. Leto tried to stop. The new joker film from being made to let us team denied the claim that he tr- well we also saw him claim he didn't give people use condoms. So the guy. You know what i mean. He tried to stop the move from being aid fucking asks for because he was mad that he wasn't cast in it can you and he would have ruined that film which was a great film. You don't have the acting chops. i'm sorry also after you complain so much. I doubt anyone would hire him again. Cut that guy that would like to see more joker too. I was cut. They cut everything my fence. So you're in the film bro. How much could they have caught. It's like you're not the main story. It's an ensemble your chin beard them. But jared leto feels left behind the hollywood reporter reports that he bitterly complained to the agency that represented him which he left this summer. Presumably over this whole disagreement tried to get the movie canceled for the guy who manages his band. Thirty seconds to mars. Why is leto so butthurt. Kind of dig zone grave. Here are a few possibilities. Jared leto is not happy. His futures the joker has been canceled took over phoenix. So what exactly is leto saying. Why is he so mad. Let's find out. This is an obvious. One who keen phoenix's version is just a better movie so letter so much better against joker is so much more entertaining to so much more than some cool political subtext to the yes i was a bust. It was directionless loud and disappointing. Take a look at their rotten tomatoes numbers for example washing. This already said. yeah. I'm just gonna watch this video but yeah i mean i. It doesn't take a stretch of imagination to believe any of that and the fact that he left agency to jerry tried to publicly call out the producers for not giving him a straight answers to whose idea was to hire him. He's thought that obama while here. I'll just play the video. Robbie whose idea was it to put me. I mean i hear now. I barack obama called me today. Said you know. I was my idea for you to play rayon in dallas buyers club idea was it. Did you see matt you do. Mathematics fucking hates him. It didn't even smile. Makaay thinks he is such a piece of shit. Just look at his face. Here now is called me today. Said you know. I was my idea for you to play rayon and dallas buyers club. He's not even gonna certainly. Nobody was thinking about putting me in a film actually. That's not true. It actually the president of the united states. Yes rock called. Stop the righty so annoying. Br baby i if that plays out. And he stills like trying to hound her and she's like well the truth. I don't know i'm gonna watch. I'm curious the idea was all come on now. I barack obama called suggested suggested you and said and also jason we were having conversations with him we were you know trying to cast the movie you know costing works. That's what happened. Rachel and i said that's fantastic idea We regretted until this show mark. The narrative always changes. It's awesome to make better or worse. Spike jones get nail. This one movie about a movie about a movie about who put that person in the movie. Well this is the way it really happened. Actually at the end of the day he says that the day who cares yeah. It's like look. I got my call. They love me. That's all i don't know why he's so obsessed with the mythology of who hired him and so odd and she's like yeah. It was just a normal casting situation. Oh they're really changing star. Okay well you could just tell matthew mcconaughey who by the way lincoln. I don't know if you've seen as link commercials. He's the coolest most bugger. So he aids jared. I'm a jerry. Jerry can't watch his own films. You mentioned you can watch movies. Because he is a control. Freak you mentioned it would be excruciating. That's norm as a side note. Matthew mcconaughey is sick of jared lettuce. Bullshit watch it some point. You know if. I was directing a film in the edit room and making editorial decisions by the way i give i'd give the academy awards matthew hating him so much and working on screen with them. Yeah like actually did with wind gusts actor really well excruciating to just sit back as a self control freak way. Work was that just based on his mannerisms ab the description mannerisms and saying that. He's the control. Go watch it at some point. He knows better than the directors. Basically jerry sharing memes about himself also highlights is self love. My brother put this picture of jay leno on the wall and now my grandma's worshipping him under his eye. Why does your mouse loader. Isn't that a saying from something. Sound look good now. Isn't it from handmaid's tale. Oh oh yeah it is under. I so i'm not surprised he's doing day. You doing good shit. Balls fund case is what happens when you're so attractive that you're and you're just so talentless that you can fall upwards this is what falling upwards looks like only in narcissists would think that this is a good robot. Oh yeah what the reaction wait hold on given the evidence ab ab. It's charlie murphy. We got to hold on. Hold on i got a reaction gives all right cases thrown out and we've done it before we have we have. Maybe we do like we do not like it. Maybe we do though. We do not watch the clip. Decide i don't like it. You don't like it i like it. You'd do because the sound bite way. Don't get claimed on this. Where's the robot exactly. He kinda did it and he's gonna do it again in a second. Okay what the fuck. I miss dance moves. Oh he was dancing. Oh i didn't realize who cares women wait come on. This isn't reaction gift for the guys five on stage. I can't wait to show you mine. Toys jared's tiktok an act of narcissistic cringe. Let's see to ended fuck off. The lead singer. Looks at you around lead singer. Yeah that is true. That's pretty right on the ray. I don't know if you're familiar with trying is basically People would do at this video of these girls screaming and going crazy and they would put crazy. You know different things and the reaction but he just put himself like crazy over him. I see. there's a gucci bag on the chair. There too and frame has got to be good to you right this second. So he's the surprise. It's a tiktok. no he's just expecting. Oh yeah yeah yeah. It's very popular. Tiktok is humiliated. He's yeah pro was wrong with you. Did for real. He's really people reacting that way to him crazy. Jared allegedly has for younger women. He's a serial texture. He's constantly texting these sixteen to seventeen year. Old girls is really kind of creepy. Someone said an article. What dylan sprouse james. Call out him on twitter. So jones spouse actually. I don't i he. We follow each other on twitter right friends. He's but i'm but i'm assuming. He has firsthand knowledge of something of this going down to listen to it but he even went as far as tag him. So i'm assuming this happened. Someone who knows yeah. Yogurt let now. You've slid into the dams of every female model age eighteen to twenty five. What would you say your success rate is then. James duh responded wait he starts at eighteen on the internet. So these are guys. These are both pretty big industry. People willing to tweet this publicly about 'em makes me very. Yeah it's very odd then our vin. Diesels like what's the big deal so there's an article about it. Yeah i think just about these tweets ban. He must be a major crib. Jared whispers thank you off your interviewer moves on without telling him thank you. Oh my god. He was offended when she didn't acknowledge his godly. Status went on a climb together and it was beautiful. Rachel question for you. I mean this is a period film doesn't so he went. Thank you was. He saying he didn't like they moved on from that interesting. Ooh jerry creeps on milia clark. We don't allow this queen. Look like a shooting star at some bullshit Setting the clip dunno. Terry this is clark. From game of thrones season. I haven't seen your show. But i know people are obsessed with it and say it's absolutely. I hate when people do that to me. On the street they go they go. I don't really look your videos. But my brother's a huge fan. We'll take a fucking on the road then bro. Because like i really don't want. I still wanna talk and it's like okay dude. Let me talk to someone who actually likes me. Thank you see. I know your band. And i've seen you your music girl. You like rock music. Yeah thank you. You're so awkward. Are we okay. She's not going anywhere finished here. Work done have you have you had. Is there absolutely insane. Their gold and blue. And i was thinking the same thing. Can we speak delay. this is what i'm saying. He's falling everything he does has been so easy life for being handsome like this would if i was insulted. Be pissed washing this. Because it's like all pissed. Your eyes are so beautiful. It's green and why and he's just holding her super hawk. He's not letting her leave. he's he's over to. He's basically taking control of her interview. It's all about him. Look at his body right. And so am i interview now. Did you see me. And by the way he opens by saying. I'm not familiar with you. Were such a dish. I hate him. He's a mega douche. Zoom into her eyes. I'm not even kidding. You right jared. We go here we go on with. What am i thinking. Very look right in is pretty much blessed. Wait walks away. See his is how blue and so we did. I can't with shaving. That's pretty much majority of it but at one time said she was walking away and he kind of told her back. Yeah i wanna watch it all. Thank you it'd be well. I love that became about how beautiful his eyes are. Now how can we not see his eyes and how important we do that too long enough to have very intense better anyway. We certainly incredible incredible. You wanna ask. Jared anything sincere here on the clock with the microphone any questions. No did you enjoy. How did you grow your hair. You know how did you how did you see you know. I d- i slept grows while i sleep. Which is really weird Do i do. I do my mom's here tonight. What was that one dot one. I mean it's more. Did you feel like it was just an extension of him being a douche right. What was the charge on that one narcissism arses and the the original charge of the first section was was not douche. But but yeah. It's all kinds of big douche not in charge of narcissism. What say you you know. He's a he's a narcissist twice to focused on himself. I mean that sounds familiar. Have you ever met a youtuber. Youtubers takes no. He's always pulling up. Takes one to know one. No-one no-one clause. I me and mike and my peers on youtube or not on the stand here today. We are talking about him for being assist under the takes one to know one. You are admitting that you are also reviews judicial code. It's been a long time. I think i heard back in elementary school. That was in the constitution. Aby it takes one to know one. What say you in response to that. I say we got to do it for big matthew. I think we owe this this one. Imagine kinda hey we have to. We have to charge them for the big m what to say you to the key if you smelt doubt that though because like supplied it denied it supplied it et in response to that. Well there's a third part. But i don't i don't remember it so i gotta look it up. I interesting not much of a response. Well okay thank you. I'm not quite sure what i just heard. But thank you To the defense and prosecution. Okay let's deliberate jared leto. We've established the dish. You narcissist probably based on that emilia clarke interview. Where yeah jason. Basically just was like. Hey i don't know the fuck you are. But i'm here now so this is a good interview now is where the barely even looked at her but he complimented her in a way to get the compliments back at him right and he's got a technique you can tell she's like well. You haven't seen my stuff. But i'm actually heard your music and i've seen your work and i'm a fan. I like oh i'm gonna fuck you. Yeah that's what i got him. Have you heard by michael. Thank you very much. I'm gonna fuck you right now. Yeah he's a narcissist. You know what. I mean right. Centene sam to getting What do we. What's his sentence being trapped in the facility for two more weeks and coming out the new a brave new world a brave new world. But i don't wanna be his break third charge cult leader. Here we go. Let's go let's go. Let's go lantos. Band held an island retreat and croatia. Croatia in august two thousand nineteen called mars island. Now if you're doing retreats in croatia i feel like that's automatically yes. It's a colt broncos from croatia. As you know there's a lot of mysterious mysteries going on out there up there but but if you have any questions. Thirty seconds from mars tweeted out. Yes this is a colt. Everybody's wearing white robes. He's obviously the cult leader that you know folks all the young girls obviously and i mean. That's that's what colds are basically for if you examine any colt with a singular leader at the top. It's basically the the whole. The whole point of the court culminates in him. Having sex with lots of females almost amazing what the whole role that they create around that ultimately the bottom. Line the purpose of everything. Oh is for the main leader to get fucked. Yes all day. Play different girls. Donahue ricky takata ricky dicky. Let's see let's get smart. Here's jared leto. Leading is lock. Everyone's wearing white. Lots of young women i expect. I don't even see a single guy. I mean looking at these photos I don't you. What exactly does this guy have to say to all these exactly like bro. What exactly is your qualification. You put joker. What have you seen. The color of my is. Yeah i mean these are all females. I don't see a single guy in this whole photo or this one. Here's one dude wearing a marvel shirt. I think we talked about had the same exact conversation before. Yeah i mean he probably fucked like at least seventy percent of the people. Here footage of the event does a clip shows. Jared on a boat that looks like he's on his way to jones down. Oh boy frau what we did. See this last. Oh my god but he died for me. That was joker club by the way. But i could see him asking that bro. You're holding a mike to your mouth. People paid for this breath. Could you imagine doing anything worse. Would your time know not not not not really not so they know would sit here or in session with bronco brought so i sure brought so. He's actually more calming so try to pretend he's like yeah. I'm just gonna do whatever you want with that. Yeah he's like. I got a weird face. Nice hair you can start me. Yeah i would definitely chill with bronco. I do have it on good authority though that brought so does fuck of course. Have you seen the women that anyway. This about always brown was about the fucking. Oh ways. exactly. You don't know but i'm telling you all right. We're not talking about broad so here. Yeah but brought so fox we should revisit prosser assume the ban has already been using the tagline yes. This is a colt for years. He says it's a joke response to journalists saying you have such a cult following. You know what i don't like about called is that that's part of their way to normalize their stupid shit They kinda like pretend. They're pushing the boundary or it's a joke but then they're actually doing. It is what it is he said. I don't like the word fan base. I hate the word fan. It seems so dismissive because we have this colt family. These believers who understand it seems fitting that there's a name to reference them. Yeah fan isn't enough fantasy cringe. Like i have trouble seeing fan. Because what does fan fanatic fan. Someone believe her no yeah. He's a lunatic. Bre been living in. What and your blue eyes. So the echelon currently the name of their colt the echelon also often uses the hashtag. You wouldn't understand sure when thursday march instagram has. Many photos were jab. Looks like a messiah. Yeah data joke to you and understan- hashtag. Here's what i note. This is up guys. It's me jared thirty morris but you may know that we've been more emai- now that really hard on mars island two. We were able to push it until august. Twenty one moving your festival to max august. It's the right thing to do. It's pretty much now. Why the fuck are they. Referencing the guy who put on fire festival like don't include him. He's like twenty twenty one. The right thing to do. It's like yeah but you did like one of the biggest festival frauds ever like. Why is like. I will be working remote from jail. But i'm putting together the venue for on my contacts even got jarrell involved rules already got his role. I believe in your work man. You do good work. No no no no. Nobody said fraud. You brought it up sorry saying fraud. I didn't say anything charl come out. Hey jarrell when the when when a lawyer calls you up from the state and says yo what. Where's all the money. What do you tell them. Full that's not illegal different than fraud. Twenty twenty one on a beautiful private island in croatia. I think it's going to be big celebration that we enjoy after quarantine feels a little like living on an island right now but we're excited about it looking forward to take a dip in the sea or space people sunsets. I've been known to like good sunset tattoos. Not that the other fire fest. How's the food from fire festival. So the food's not going to be much better. I gotta be right that so. He's making jokes about fire festival season building. It up like he's like. I'm aware of the fire fast. Ivine this is gonna be better. Yeah this is a low bar though no not that record scrapped arts and crafts. Oh endearing mention performing. i'm a grown ass fucking man. what the fuck do arts and crafts. What am i eight. Come to grow and do arts and crafts shut up. Wanna fucking glue macaroni to a necklace asshole. Thirty five years old man can be intimate shows a lot of fun working so if you tickets from ours island be doing private zoom twenty twenty one. Take care guys. We'll see so. God i'd sale now. How much are they. Can i go to this website. x next They're good thirty seconds to mars twenty. Let's go here. We go so twenty. Point was cancelled. Obviously twenty twenty one. Three nights inclusive One payment of sixteen hundred lowest. That's the low. That's that's the ones where you'd they give you. Basically a blanket and you sleep on the sand stargazer. Yeah you're asking to be gazing at the stars because you don't fucking roof. The stargazer package did venture package. That's what it's called. It's called the stargazer package. Right here. means you don't have a roof then the adventure. Pack you get a camp. It's three thousand dollars. You go if you go to the next lies. I break them down. Then you got the wonder package. Like jesus and moses through the desert whatever four thousand dollars. There's all kinds of shit. They didn't put the price on these next ones. You got contact the city sucker. This one is seven thousand dollars today. Deamer package you'd be daydreaming about all the money. You fucking wasted stargazer cheapest. Let's see so. This is the cheapest one six hundred bucks three nights meal snacks. Non alcoholic beverages two full length intimate concerts concerts fairy transportation opening ceremony with the ban photos with the band. Qna with jared leto drum circle with shannon leto. Ozzy married is now his brothers in the band as well. Okay like This guy is not a married man. Island activities include yoga meditation water. Sports film screening workshops. Well you do. What about arts and crafts bitch. I'm not gonna read all these but that's pretty pricy. What does this one get you for. Seven thousand one hundred fifty early access to the island an extra day back of arts and crafts priority and treat a band priority and have concerts. Vip activity with jared leto limited edition print soundcheck. What's to sit on. Soundcheck exclusive merchandise. Unsigned they're very specific unsigned. That doesn't sound like that. Great so what. You get a nicer. So he's the soundcheck just done by some sound guy. I assumed to check check check tech to some some rhody jack jack check and they've got merged family thirty seconds to mars holiday sweater. What is on this. It's too far away from me. That's their logo. Which also kind of is definitely across. Absolutely across he's not even try and pretend that he's the messiah right a. n. g. h. Insurance go ahead and try to tell me that. This isn't a colt yes granted. They did themselves actually say yes. Yes but as when you stylish earlier jerry is wire those on the record in this courtroom unreliable interesting point okay. But what about the evidence you know shown. Also i'd like to point out. I mean when you think of a call you think of kind of like a big group of people who are like very the cult leader right. They see them as like a god. Essentially right you agree. I agree son. I mean we discussed jared the past. We actually have a highlight about this. I believe we called it a weird cult. It was a very derogatory approach. Gerrymander weird ads. That look at the like dislike ratio ninety five percent positive coaching. This is crazy. Violent this crazy obsessed cola the more writer die. Maybe pretty well. I think it's a small called. I think it's more serious of the size of their colt. Eight hundred seventy one. That's the goal in the dislike compelling point respond. yes api go ahead and never left island. They never left the island. They don't do. They have internet on island left on the island. They never left guyanese stock lose aby got. I feel like it'd be calm. Okay let me remind you that you are not sitting at the are you done. Are you done with your feet in silence. Ab thirty seconds to mars show is going to do it again. Trying to make a point in. What's happening here. I said he can go a go ahead. Okay yeah no. I don't think there's technology. God one more outburst from you and i will hold you in contempt and turn your mic off. Go ahead technology on that island. It's a powerpoint of jared leto explaining why he was a good joker I don't think there's any debating that is a call that being said. I rest my case. I would like to know that the attributes that makes a call. You know what i mean. I feel like i was i was mike turned off over that. Wait there's gotta be like a psychological analysis of this year a be like there's certain characteristics that defined colt like behavior. Do we have anything like that. I mean i told the definition and a cold right here. Let's right at A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others strange or sinister. It's pretty good but you. Can you reread that as we look at slide thirty-seven i feel like that sums it up perfectly all those photos outside them. But i think you're talking about this one. Yeah it's pretty colty. Let's let's deliberate literally. Blessing your papa nonstop again. I am not on trial here. If you want to do a content court on ethan submitted for consideration you'll have to assume raising your your foot score past humanly possible levels. I will remind me in that. I am not at charged. And if you have a to file an official complaint you'll do it through official channels boo boo. We're deliberating you guys are done. Thanks for nothing as usual. Definitely a call right. yes okay. He called. I said to send the jail joy war. Yeah target the jared leto. I wanna do more like that. So yeah we're done done well. I really enjoyed the unorthodox target. Jared leto to was really fun. It was good. It was a good story. And i want to say thank you to ab. Who put this whole thing together. Yeah fantastic job. Abd powerpoint Skills are top-notch. I want to thank the defense attorney who Actually has cove it at the moment so we appreciate that not a in. But let's be honest. There's a jeff dunham back there with the sandwich won't strings and he has kovic so we thank him for that and a really compelling arguments from into just kept us on our toes though time. Zach with the sound bites everywhere to thank you dan. Of course we'll whom let's be honest without it. All dan atlas shrugged carrying us all on his shoulders. Absolutely they dan. That's not bad and eela you put the come on. You put he'll he'll you. What up do you do it all. I want to smell feet. You want the what are you talking about. It's right there a sound bite of it tripping right. You guys played again. I want to smell feeds. I want to smell feet. Doesn't even sound like literally mistake qabail. This was fun. Thank you guys. I had a lot of funnier Another banker in the in the in the all danga frigging Tan can thank contact court. We'll be back with another one in a couple of weeks. You know these things take time to to put together so again. I really to think a ab the whole team. Who worked put this together. It's a lot of were. Ab any comments. You got any ideas for next. Target view yes. Oh all right guys take care. We'll see next time. Thanks for watching. Thirty seconds to mars maybe turn.

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