Coronavirus Is China Lying Or Not


Non Starting there then. I'm starting there says now it started. Yes so now. I'm going to clap so now clap okay. Hello and good day This is disciple Mattias. Talking and I'm going to show you my new set or my new idea here about what I plan to do in the future and I plan basically to To do my own thing and not interact Really with other preachers Draw do my own thing and those who wanna listen can do so and those who don't want to listen Of course can choose not to so. That's the idea. I have made my senior videos for available through a public playlist on my show. Decide Matias channel so all these video did from nature in nature are now available that you can watch them if you want I've been thinking about a bit. The ball am I may be all. I want to tell you the the plan on the what I've set up for the future. The plan is basically that I'm going to do my own thing and space kept going to do talks and Not as I said interact so much than without the preachers and not try to make friends with other preachers Because it's You are what you are and and you do what you're supposed to do with what you are as a believer in the Lord. Jesus Christ because that's I WANNA say this. I'm of the opinion of all believers in the Lord. Jesus Christ have the Holy Ghost and that all believe resolve the low Jesus Christ our sons and daughters of God. So that's my opinion. They are all part of the body of Christ. Now that doesn't mean that everyone who professes to be a believer is born again that is east had solely ghost because you can claim to be a believer and really just being to charge or be into whatever so so But the every believer in Jesus Christ has the Holy Ghost is born again and that's the way it is in my opinion So I'm GonNa go talk a bit about the corona virus. What I think about that. And so on but Give me a minute I okay so I'm back so I'm GonNa put on the microphone. Okay put it bit lower okay. So I'm back so so what I want to say about the corona virus today. That is that I believe that there are two possible scenarios that we can see happen now with this virus and van one scenario which I believe some people believe is basically the scenario yet. You could claim. Shine is lying. That's a scenario. And the other scenario is China's not lying so let me talk about China's lying scenario. It's a scenario that Shaina didn't really stop the virus. It just flattened out when it through. You know just to wave and the wave is finished. It's over so head and we see that in Italy. We see signs of that the viruses slowing down in Italy so it could be so that Italy actually is has reached as posits peak and if Italy has passed its peak. Then we dealing with kind of like twenty thousand total deaths globally from this virus which Or MAYBE THIRTY THOUSAND WHATEVER. But still not gonNA deal. We're GONNA deal with like a flu or much less than the flu. Even though this virus is terrifying virus because of the symptoms and that nobody seems to be able to isolate themselves even Prince Albert got the virus. So what we're saying here. That does it out of fear involved here. It's Fear that has 'cause entire global economy to Go into recession lockdown or martial law and we haven't the military out now and this is perfect it's like a world war the Third World War caused by virus that tests at the moment. Just killed like I think it is ten. Thousand people are so. Tyson killed a lot of people compared to the Spanish flu which killed fifty to a hundred million people. You know so. It's not really don a lot of damage. But he does manage to totally destroy the economy or totally. Stop the economy Even though it can be started again so scenario two is that this virus is not as hasn't been stopped in China and Italy. It is going to go into second wave among people who have never been infected and then they under salt they say about three percent die from this virus so if we have Seven or eight billion people on the Earth today and you take. One percent is one hundreds of the eight billion. That's one hundred eight thousand million so it's It's ten no one hundred thousand millions. Yeah so it's ten million thirty million so that would mean that like thirty million people will die from this virus thirty million people which is close similar to the Spanish flu. So then my maybe. This will go on for for a year or so or more now. They might have vaccine in a year's time so but so we don't really know and I don't think they know why they're really what's going to happen. If there's GONNA come a second wave in China's well China had if you compare it to one point two billion people and they have so few deaths and want scenario. I can see since it's basically that this becomes like a second flue and just just a bit more terrible few flu but when I I've been in Asia and when I think back on Asia I realized that a lot of people could just die there without anyone really Making a big thing about they died at home often and there isn't much of a private hospitals there. Aren't you know you don't have this? National Health Care overnight. I think to some degree you have. I guess but what I saw from from Vietnam for example was let me see working. Yeah what I saw from Vietnam. Was that the war in Cambodia. Was that really. They didn't have access to the kind of hospitals. Said we have. So what's GonNa what's going to be the thing about this fluids You know what school is it leveler so I don't know what's holding in Swedish score respirator and a machine that helps you breath and I think that quite soon in a few months time they going to have a lot more of these machines in intensive care because of this virus. It's going to remain. They're gonNA stay there. They just going to have a lot of these machines and they probably gonNA create some way to create very to be able to have very many people on breathing machines so this would probably change in that sense of it Intensive care units this virus but And when that is done I don't think really they can do much. Except of course they can vaccinate them so on these. Loria medication might also work. You know so I think the real I think vice might continue but But it's not gonna be this Terror about it. There's GonNa be terror on a personal level when your friend or your relative or you yourself are and up in intensive care and can't pre that's obviously terror but I don't think that it's going to be terror in the sense that it is now. It's the uncertainty terror of told the lockdown and World War against this virus and that's People don't know about the future and people. Are you know people are at home because their employer has fired that more just Close Stop the factory for temporarily. They just a lot of people with economic troubles. Not just you know. A lot of even companies that You know need to a lot of economic stuff is gonNA come out of this this events and it might be similar to the actions of the World War. Two that we're going to see some Marshall Plan so on some World War like plan to fix the economy and who knows what's going to this is going to generate. I think could generate a lot of anger or so towards certain groups like towards people on a sick pension or maybe towards immigrants. You know towards You can increase the the anger. Maybe most likely will be against those who don't work and still receive money taxpayer money and so on. I don't know but we could see. We know that during the time of Hitler they did gas. A lot of Handicapped people they just sent them the white buses that it came and picked them up and then they gassed to death and Germany had been Recession before Hitler you know when that was caused by the recite treaty after the First World War Germany had to. I think pay for one hundred years or something eventually. They got mad angry and started to believe in their own race. And that was the Nazism How how you actually came. I think from the nineteen thirty recession. Where you know. Women were prostituting themselves to get bread to their sons and daughters they. There were a lot of misery because there was no money. There was money but it wasn't worth anything. The market floated zone. So what I believe is that this could be. Oh courses start or two more It could be the start of the end times this this could be the start of you know tougher period all and time like scenario what we see is the entire civilization is in danger from this little virus. That's only killed like ten thousand people and there's no proof that he's GonNa kill more than the flu. You probably won't. I heard the flu. Kills six hundred thousand people per year and I don't think it will kill that many but the what it actually might kill more. And that's what I talk about China's not lying scenario and the SHAINA not lying scenario. Basically says that the Chinese people actually managed to eradicate the virus from their nation. And that's why the virus has slowed down in China and it won't be slowing down in the Western World. Because they believe in mitigation they believe in not removing the virus. They believe rather in protecting the hospitals and so on and that strategy has not been tested in China. So we don't know really F- it's a possible scenario. The the Asian counties halves are showing Flattening of the of the corona virus and and that but that could be explained by different strategy that could be explained by using face mosques by using By using aggressive. Contact tracing and containment by stopping the virus from being in that country. You know why the Western world has has deep completely different strategy. They have not even close their borders. Nothing is just inviting the virus not even bothering testing people who coming to their country with symptoms from an area like northern Italy. So we see here that that the days a big black. We don't know about how it's really going to end for the Western world for USA EUROPE. And of course for entirely it's this is not just These areas Africa. And we don't know really how this let's see. What do I have now? Do I have a good volume? Yeah it's all about. Yeah it's a perfect one okay. I shake the volume there so so that I wanted to say but we know that everything works out good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose. You know and that's why we remember when you were born again that you stay with Jesus Christ and do what's right then. Don't go into the short system to be a harlot you know in the spiritual harlot tree that they have. I don't know that's my personal experience. I don't know what you your experience these. Maybe God has a purpose for you. In the short system they that could be a purpose. Whatever purpose you have make sure that you follow that instead of follow men here north who claim to have some discernment regarding you. And that's that's the real the trap as a Christian these people who come to you and claim they know what's best for you or what you should do and so on and some of these people are very very difficult to get rid of. I couldn't get rid of them as long as I spent time in churches once you leave the charges altogether. I was able to get rid of these people from my life on Youtube. It's not a problem because you know we're we're we're on different channels and you can block people so on so it's not really an issue on youtube but if you spend time in a public area like church it. I've noticed that I wasn't able to and you can have four accusers. Bibles turn away from them. But how'd you? How'd you do that? If you are part of a public building you just have to leave the church. It's that simple. That's the only way I will say to sort it out personally. Get right with God. So that's why I want to say also that do leave the churches That's how I think you know so this idea that I'm going to do a bit of talks and Yeah that's the idea. I'm going to do veto talks with. I have here camera that I used law summer. If you shake my my Playlist you can. You can find it there on. This is Mattias Channel on Youtube playlist. I did a lot of nice scenery videos and beautiful lake and so on and I used this Why I action camera from China together with a trifold sheep tripod and then I have an h one. N Zoom together with Getting squeezed Omni Directional level year microphone. So that's what I have used For this Setup and it can. It's a mobile setup. It can be used outside but currently I'm actually connected to the electoral to the electric current with this. It's not battery but anyway what what I want to say with this setup. I should say that technical with this setup to seeing what you're in video in post production that's the you know that's it so what I want to say about this Corrina Vice. It's obviously a scare and it's very possible. That's some of your relatives. Maybe your grandmother whatever you will loose due to this virus so and might even you know there are young people dying to his Not So nice to die. You know this way. They get trouble breathing. Which is quite a nasty way to to die especially some people have been very healthy. They've been perfectly healthy. The thing with this virus. You know that it's so contagious that you can't really protect yourself against it even if you have let's say you have Three billion US dollars and you own an island in the Pacific Ocean. I don't think you can protect yourself from this virus and that's the scary part and that's I think why this virus has created this reaction. My belief is that the very rich are very scared. The various of this world are often quite old and they various guy. They realized they not safe. From this virus I mean you can move into some bunker. Below ground may be but you know that that's what choice maybe a and clean the. Maybe even I'm not sure you can even be certain then because of the way this spreads droplets you know so I guess in a bunker well-built bonker below ground. You probably could be safe but where you have to get food some so. Are you going to get that food from From your Are you going to create that food in some greenhouse? You have in the bunker or are you going to to buy from outside and then are you gonNA treat it too. You know. There's a Lotta situations you get into? But of course you know they're extreme situations that may be but the point is here that are you going to separate yourself from everyone? You know who is in the world. Because that's your family and your children might infect you eventually and that's really so this virus actually as I've understood it. The extremely rich people are not safe from this virus. And I think that it's a party why they're made this attempt to control it so I think so. I think that a lot of people can die from this virus without even knowing that they died from it in the Western world. They were probably test to see. But the Asia and Africa. They would find a dead body and buried so so. What I'm saying is that this virus will go on. I think and yeah. We don't know really. What's this is how this is going to end? There's a lot of uncertainty. I saw an article written in two thousand nine where they talked about. These bats had a lot of viruses in them and having live. Animal markets with his bats is like time bomb for spreading the wires to human beings and that was set in two thousand nine and now we see what's happening and it's three viruses. I think that I haven't originated from these bats or in China and according to some more and then to human we have the SARS some we have the is it. I don't remember the name but basically the interesting part is that nobody is safe at this point. And here's Sweden Stockholm that. That has the worst case. And they they try to limit In and outflow from Stockholm in Finland they are Limiting the region of House. Inky you know The capital of Finland. They trying to actually quarantined it. The greater area around the capital of Finland. So so they actually. And that's not so nice to be quarantined like that with with the disease. You know you're you're close in. You can't leave because of that. There's so much diseases like on a cruise ship. You don't WanNa be there if you're healthy you're more likely to get it. You know if you're isolated with the sake so if you're contained with them so and you know I've said hard report that this virus also can affect other organs not just the lungs and they talk about the testicle some men but also talk about the brain that it can have an effect on the brain you know and whatever it's Not The first virus that can have that but if we look at HIV. I think. Isn't it about thirty million people died are HIV? It looks very small. Now I saw one person make Make a statement about that that this virus corona virus is like. It's not nearly as deadly as the flu. He said and that's true at this point but if the estimates are correct that three percents die of this virus then it will be more dangerous than the flu. Because that's thirty million people or so in this world you know. So so this all about China are they lying or not an and Sweden they calling. They saying China's lying or the insinuating that China is lying and darkening their cases. Now because the the number the curve flatten algae China. There are almost no new cases corona virus in China and there are two explanations either. It's true they stopped the virus at the border and eliminated it inside or they just lying and you know if they were lying. I don't think really necessarily that. We would know because you know people die at home and people die anyway all the time so you would know and they can die from lung disease. You know but the point still remains that I believe China. I've seen the reports About how the leader of China's he's telling. The people are doctors and the people to report every case and not darken anything and so on. So I don't believe China's line and that come that's novel Sweden believes you know. And this is all point. Sweden believing in mitigation what the UK Netherlands in these countries. We see Germany Italy Spain now going deeper into this strategy mitigation but the point is they hope that they're gonNA come an end they say. Italy has reached its peak. Now saying basically that you know it's going to go down in Italy but that's not true. If three percent of the people die and you know if you recharge community you probably reach it at around sixty percent infected or something. So Italy has sixty million people in the country and sixty percent or three percent executive. He's thirty million people. Three percent of thirty million is One percents over thirty million. It's one hundred so thirty million that's that's NEAT thirty thousand A thousand so it's Three hundred thousand so it's nine understands and so they should have around a million deaths in Italy and they don't they have around ten thousand deaths so too is wrong with a factor of one hundred or so so. What I'm saying is that Italy might have a new wave coming and we will you know they don't know really how this is going to end and this whole thing about this situation. They don't know it could be like the Spanish flu and the Spanish flu. What I've heard the Spanish flu caused. You know the cops were not there. There were no crops around because they will got the Spanish flu. You know and people don't didn't get food so civilization as we know it was just not around there there will just be. You know that's how bad it can get. You know it's like a war so you know then but but yeah. What I'm saying is that we don't know you know it's not like how many doctors was it. Was it twenty eight or something twenty. I Dunno doctors died in Italy. Twenty five I don't remember whatever so they are not safe. One guy he going and he said were false negative. He was treating a patient who had lung disease and the patient probably had corona then but they was a false negative. It tested negative to corona but it turns out so they can False negatives as well ever seen one study which say that fifty percents of the infected people show no symptoms at all and this I think is the real source of the spread of the virus. Because I mean I've seen they go around with this fever testing machine where they point like a pistol against the frontal lobe against the head of the person. The call I don't remember was called. But you know what I mean you you pointed towards the head of the person the Bob the is there because there you can actually measure the The the temperature On the person you don't have put it in the air nowadays so they do that to shake and I think they had checkpoints and so and check people at fever but I mean fifty percent are. Acm dramatic. I mean just won't work and this I think is the thing with this virus. They putting in a lot of measures against the wires and they costing the global economy. Go Down I've seen reports from Cambodia. That Cambodia suffering you know it's not just not just a Western Wall happens all over the place. They suffering economically now from this virus. And it's a Lope down and these attempts to stop the vice I don't think they're affective but if it's true and this what I'm saying this scenario shine a lying or not. If it's true that China's stop this fires and then they did have an effective method to stop it and that seems to have been. I read a bit about what they did. And they had an enormous amount of resources very quickly in their faith. Five thousand teams or something with five people in each team doing aggressive contact. Tracing and containment wall pulse positively tested and they built a hospital in a few in two days or something or a week. I don't know bill to do so. They had and they had an enormous and probably because they have had source before. So they you know are trained but point being is that I think they eliminate. They're not lying. They eliminate the virus from the county. You know why Sweden Western world are not even trying to eliminate it they letting it spread and there's no you can say well what's wrong with that. What's wrong with that strategy? The only thing is this virus. A new is we don't really know much about it. And therefore the strategy that they're using you know we social distancing mitigation You know protecting the hospitals making sure you have equipment in hospitals trying to to To isolate the elderly and all they started his. That's not what I did and we have no proof that it works against this virus. You know so these epidemologist here where. I live There might be trained in viruses. Envir- I think it's cool or via real or something but I don't. They not trained in this specific corona virus and instead of training the instead of trusting the Chinese they trusted their own intellectual expertise so to speak which was stupid because they should have trusted the Chinese. 'cause they had of experience they have a previous corona virus. And you know they so what we see now. We don't know really I just GonNa end is why is going to end by the summer is going to be have slow down or is it not gonna slow we going to see a change of some? I think we're going to see the more respirators and things like that but I think also life is going to go back to normal in terms of working in May already because they just can't have counters lockdown like. This is just too expensive for the economy. So I think we're going to see Return to normal and then they just going to say that We just have to live with this virus. It is unfortunate but true. We can't do anything now. We have to work at something like that. And but how is going to be? What is this virus going to rage like a storm all over the world even more? Because we've seen this doubling in two days so three days a doubling of number of deaths I had four SOMPO number of debt. New Deaths in Sweden was six thirteen. Twenty two so sakes Deaths per day and then the day off after it had increased to thirteen deaths per day and the day after that it had increased to twenty two deaths per day so you see almost a doubling per day in number of deaths in Sweden and if that continues you know in Italy. Eight hundred deaths per day. But the EC tally slowing down. They sign of that. It's gone down to six hundred deaths per day but we don't know or might come a new wave somewhere else in Italy southern Italy or whatever you know so we don't know them also have the situation with I think it's six hundred million people in Asia who lives in slums that even get does live in places where they if they WANNA wash their clothes. They need to do it in a collective fashion. Whatever one Alsace and so on in these spaces you can't isolate people and They they can't they need to get food and so on living. You know eight people in House or whatever or in a hawk or whatever so and they living very close and in these places corner vices likely to hit these places to and what we don't know at this point what's going to happen to this virus because it does mutate but it doesn't mutate a lot. It mutates a little so we don't know really what because when we have resources or when we have a place for this virus inhumanity continuously it could result in Like the flu that you get a new version every year or it could just result in a lot of strains that that just you know it could be A. We don't know this point. They don't know with virus you know. We don't but they liked it to have better ways of tweeting. This virus a year from now they likely to have these breathing machines and then. Maybe maybe malaria medication and this malaria medication that they recommended. It can cause blindness and depression to the extent that people flip out flip you know Tappan and it's fatal into high dose so it's nothing to play around with but it might you know. This disease is fatal to to a lot of people so it could be a way to try to save these people who are on their way to death. You know average time I think is twenty five days for them to before they die from when they get it and it's not nice to lie there in the respirator not hope it's better to take the medication you know because the this malaria medication is cheap. It's been around for over fifty years. I think it's from nineteen forties or so it's very cheap to to create it and they have cases where it's worked. They just got well. These people intensive care so they I think it's being deuce in Cambodia and a lot of places I think it should be used more in the Western world but You know the Western World always tries to be. I think they always tried to be wise in their own conceit. I listen to a Cambodian. Newspaper called the Western world. There's they say that the arrogant and they have a ego you know and this. It's what is about this wise in their own conceit the Western world. And that's how the acted in this coronal buys crisis and people are wising their own. Conceit are worse according to the Bible. Them Foods. You know and It's true it says that you know seven people that can render recent can try to talk to someone who is in their own conceit and they can't get him right and that's just the Western world is they. They convinced they're doing the right thing. Why they're killing people. They didn't listen to China. They have their experts. You know it's all about experts in Sweden is. It's a religion that they have you know it's a religion of science and they sit there. It's it's they actually talk about psychological warfare also using now and now they talk about that. Russia and China has psychological or has agents in the country. You know and that it could actually you know affecting Thai county negatively. But they don't understand that they wrong. I think Sweden is wrong. Sometimes you just have to understand you're wrong. And that's a whole Boeing with people who are wising their own conceit. They do not understand that they wrong. And as I said it's worse than a fool. Sweden would be better off if they were run by fools. That's what I'm saying. So and it's very possible that there are two scenarios that I would recommend for this corona virus scenario Var one. The Best Strategy do what China did. Scenario two is do nothing. I think that it would be better to do nothing if you're planning to do what. China did so because you're just causing more trump more problems with with what you're doing. Sweden and the same applies to other countries. Netherlands say UK. I think your million and Spain and Italy and all this country. Usa ON USA USA. He's GonNa Return. I think to do nothing eventually. We with trump because they need to restart the economy. Whatever that's my guess. I'm not sure but but I still believe that these are the two strategies either do us. China did or do nothing. There is no more thought strategy. And that's what the white seeing their conceited Sweden and now they think that there are agents around trying to overthrow their nation. Why can't they just get into their head that they wrong? You know Neko. Because they're why seeing their own conceit you know so that's what I want to say and now on a blessed Jesus Christ the spirit of truth. I want to thank impre slow. Jesus Christ the spirit of truth and prophecy and God for everything and You know I think that you know everything will work out good to to to those who believe in Jesus Christ and I don't think that we would science and with the too much focus on detail about this disease can get anywhere positive. It's by by faith in Jesus Christ and I do recommend recommend reading the ABC's in Lebanon Four Hundred University of the king's Bible with Campbell. That I usually this. I do recommend reading the New Testament so that every day for an hour because you need to to to to wash yourself in the word of God and and to To get good guidance because it's Jesus Christ our savior not the doctors. They're not going to save you. You know you see what they do. They're dying that's what they do. They try to help these people and they're dying themselves because they don't have any answers see if they not believe within law disguised as no no future. I mean they do study. They do know about the anatomy of people and the stuff like that. But they don't have the real knowledge you know. Jesus Christ that keeps US alive today and if they doctors should they be interested in that so but then there's the way this their life you know and it can be good that exist you know we. We might need a doctor some time and they can do things because they studied it and they know and I'm I'm thankful myself or something that that have been done to me by experts in my life so I'm not against experts but I'm against the putting them a Bob the Lord. Jesus Christ. That's what I'm against. And that's what they're doing in Sweden. Few Sweden Sciences the religion of Sweden. So it's So terrible realizes and then you have these churches by shouldn't talk too much about George's okay. So I've been told him for four six minutes now. I think so. This is the idea that I do my own thing. Here as a believer in Jesus Christ the rather than try to you know have some fellowship or interact or comment on other people's work too much or other people you to have or in churches because I've noticed it it does doesn't work out so I'm trying to do my own little thing here. You know people just listen to it. And if you're not interested you can unsubscribe and yeah so that was Eight you know. I I think these videos probably will be added eventually to some playlist. And they might don't Publico but they will be. There will be some playlist that they're on. You know yeah the Lord. Jesus Christ is the answer to our questions he would. We believe in and what we trust. And you know. That's the way you had even in this You Know Jesus. Christ this controlling this viruses controlled by him. There is Satan Kennel. Do anything without the permission of Jesus Christ so So yeah permission. Oh God the father you know God the father and the low. Jesus Christ the say tonto anything without their permission so it's Because of that we we know that it's all in God's hands you know On a praise God the father. I WANNA pray slow. Jesus Christ in the Holy Ghost. Yeah so this is how I plan to continue to to not focus on on other people doing stuff so but to have my only to Plato. Do my own thing. I think I'm GONNA end now. So bless you and Bye for now.

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