Big Wins, Funny Michigan Men and Keys


The following program is brought to you by podcast. One sports net. Don't forget to download our new podcast. One app. He is currently the head football coach of the university of Michigan wolverines and a former player. His dad and brother are also former players and coaches, but there is more to them than just football. It's time to talk about attacking life each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. This is attack each day. The Harbaugh's podcast with Jim Harbaugh. Hello, everybody welcome to another addition of attack. Stay the Harbaugh's podcast. Once again, I'm your host IRA Weintraub joined by the real host of the show, the stars, the show coach, Jim Harbaugh, coach, Jack Harbaugh director, recruiting, Matt Dudek is here. MacKenzie is here as well. A great weekend for the Harbaugh levies you and Jackie MAs love these when they're over. You love my point African through. There you love would not be a term that you would do would put on top of it. Jim set you up on Saturday. John brings it home on Sunday, and you go to an over the weekend. Can't get much better than that. Of course, Michigan beat Nebraska. We'll talk about that and leading into northwestern coming up. The scholar brothers are making a return to the podcast eight killed it Saturday night. I was the eight o'clock showing at the comedy showcase after the football game. I felt like I won twice. I went to football game, and then I saw the scholars and they killed it on on Saturday night down there at the Arbor comedy showcase. And of course we'll wrap up with hashtag Jack talk reminder subscribe to us on apple podcast. You can listen by the podcast one app or on podcast, one dot com. Please follow us and contact us on Twitter at ADD podcast or using hashtag Jack talk guys. We had a ton of tweets last week, people loved the history lesson from our friends at the job. Our Ford presidential museum that we had on last week's podcast, we probably would have gone further our. They were fastened conversations last week, and we got a lot of a lot of replies, best podcasts. One person said second-best, but they never replied. I asked what was best was better and I didn't get that one. So I didn't get a chance to what was the their version of the best podcast. But apparently the presidential visit with folks, Joe Ford museum was the second best podcast we've done. There was a great history lesson. It was a lot of fun. So obviously with you, did I mean them in your scholar. You knew your history you were? I've been called a lot of things, but never gentleman and scholar in the same sentence. That's amazing. I absolutely hated. He likes to. He likes to be a little self self self deprecating humor. He Cokie Zach. I mean, he's a pretty smart guy and he's a pretty gentleman and scholar would fit like, I think we can say that and he'll have to hide. Of it. We've been to the library or the museum over there twice Jackie and myself and never each. And every time you learn more, you get another story about this tremendous man and the career that he had and that at fail forward concept just blows me away. Our young people today they go out and have a bad day. They don't wanna play any more. I mean, they don't. They don't want to, but what his feeling was based on his live her we should transcribe that right, right. Along with with judge Judy, her message to to young people. His was phenomenal last week and the educational process they use over there when they bring those those kids in there as fail, they fail and then that, but that whatever, how you ever got to that, you've eliminated. Now you go to the next and the next. Sometimes you have to go to the next and eventually you're going to hit it, but it takes tremendous patience in that fail forward concept to me is so needed with our young generation today, I'll doing a show in town. With our friends from concordia where you spoke earlier in the year and something that the coach said resonated. And I said earlier this week, we talked about fail forward and I'm pretty sure fail for it is now on like the top of every meeting room at concordia it because they the concept actually makes sense. And it was fascinating stuff. You've missed last week. Go onto podcast, one download last week's podcast and give it a listeners. Terrific. The fail forward. Just expand of that. I got. I got a text from one of my good friends and coaching Idaho quoted it. But he said, when you feel like throwing in the towel, that's God throwing it back at you telling you to wipe off your face, you're almost there. That's a great one. What a great, what a great concept that you can imagine. Just imagine that concept. That's fantastic. Fail forward analogy, but our young people are young people. Now I say young people, I'm talking about twelve twenty six twenty nine year old young fifty four. Yeah. What does keep we keep expanding that that generation were? Oh, my goodness, I can't do that. I can't do that. I'm not good at that. I don't. I don't want to compete. We gotta keep hammering this away. So moving forward as opposed to failing forward Michigan football team did not fail anything this past week fifty six to ten drubbing of Nebraska. There's a Nebraska, a random Nebraska, Michigan connection and a Harbaugh connection because in nineteen fifty-six one year, he started his head coach at Nebraska, Pete Elliott. And of course, Pete Elliott and his his son, Bruce, we, we know very well who sells the finest coach in all the land. How how do you find? Did you have any any documentary evidence on that? I do. Coach, Elliott is the coach of my daughter Addy's field hockey team. I don't think he's lost a game and maybe ever. Pretty Mitch. No. The last four or five years has not lost a game. I've watched him coach. He's, he's amazing at. Getting all the girls where they're supposed to be on the field. I mean, just constantly coaching them and and they do what he date do what he says, and then the ball comes to them and Addie got another goal this week. But yeah, it's amidst hard to get, you know, nineteen to twenty three year olds to do to be an exact spot that you want them and I'm, I'm watching him, do it with, you know, with with nine and ten year old, how does he feel about him as a coach? She Addy said he is the best coach is the best coach in the world. All sports are. Yeah. Katie did Katie chimed in and said, what about daddy? And daddy was good at coaching football, but coach Elliott's the greatest of all coaches in all, because here's why because on their team, they have, they have three Addy's and there's I think, to Caitlyn's and two other names to katie's. So he's able to tell exact, they know who he's talking to every time into to Addie to have all those multiple names that somebody could do that and and coach them all and they and the girls know who he's talking to during the game. And is it talent that think about that one that's a that is a talent when you think about it, that's a real talent. That's a skill. So coach, you guys had a nice win over Nebraska winds every game. Well, then they went every game, but that's for her secondary for him. Him for her. Number one, he he keeps them straight and then he's talking to. So that's, that's impressive. Fifty. Six ten was the score of the wind over Nebraska. A couple of things from you coach on this on the first one, and he had a great quote after it after the game, I love seeing Ben Mason. Tailback seeing him as the as formation. Tailback us talked about inertia. I mean the fact that right, he falls forward. He can't fall backwards. I don't think it's possible. Yeah, we were talking dead. Asked me about that. After the game, an object in motion, we'll stay in motion until it's acted upon by an equal or fellow by the name of Newton who'd he play for. Who he was, who he. Fig maybe fig fig new. That is a great thing with Newton's first name right now, sir. Isaac. There is a real scholar. I was kidding just to go. I think you're wasn't Huey knew there was there was a Huey Newton too. But yeah, it was. Yeah, he runs to two hundred and fifty eight pounds right now and and he's fast and he gets he gets moving. He's hard to bring down and crowd Higdon also had a excellent game. I mean, we were happy. We were happy with the outcome of the game and in all the phases and but still at the same time, we're thought we improved as a team and we're still looking to improve in every phase where we're at run game was obviously click in the past game, took some shots at need to have a lot of big shots, especially when you're having Karonga for forty six year and forty four there. And it seems like you've found some run game fits that really worked for you guys, whether it's Khurana or true Wilson doing another nice job back there as well. We talked about the improvement through the four gauge. One thing I see is our team has grown in physicality over four games and physical in the first game, but better and better and better. And and you see the players and coaches really buying into that concept of physicality. I wanted to. Special teams as well. We're able to be known as a good team. You have to be known as a physical team, love it. I love it. That's a great one. Got that up on the board Donovan people's Jones. This week was named the big ten co, special teams player of the week, and it was a great return. Punters get the short end. You two hundred fifty seven. They got muffed and scoop by you guys another fifty seven and a sixty four yard. It gets pinned to the five. That to me is all big, ten Connery right there punters get seem to get overlooked when to do things like that. We'll hearts really having a great year and the whole punt team. You know, the punt return team, the kickoff return team, the kickoff team. You know the field goal team. They are. They're doing a doing a heck of a job, waving your hand, my hand because this new rule. Fair catch inside the twenty five. And when you get a guy that catches the ball on the three and fair catches, I'm in your in your team, your special teams take a deep, deep vowel because they figure they can get that thing out of the twenty-five. They they see film. They study film. I'm just going to five yard line. I'm this gonna wave my hand and move the ball up to the twenty five. How about a running start at the tending? It was still waiting for a lot of respect for you. You were respect healthy respect for the special Tim unit on that one. Obviously, the other phase of the game is defense and some other guys to bring up Brad, Brad Hawkins really played. Well. He was he was in on the block, had a really good block for Donovan and played well in all the phases. Joe Hewlett is having an amazing season on special teams. Another guy just really just service in this game got quite a few stickers was hunter, Reynolds who did extremely well on special teams graded out as a as a corner for the defense as well. The McCurry's it's there's a, there's a long list, generic woods playing really well on special teams, Jared Wang, or you know, for Bush, there's, there's been a lot of contributors, amber Thomas. It's been a heck of a gun or Anna returner Donovan, you know, that was a that was an amazing run. So it real shout out to coaches, Chris Partridge, and j Harbaugh and all the coaches it participate in the special teams. You can really see a bonding in a special pride in being out there for those those five phases, a special teams. Yeah, it's it's it is. There's in Jordan. Kovacs is doing an excellent job. Tyler Brown is doing an excellent job and Greg frolic one of our former players. I mean they are you go back into that special teams war room where the where the coaches game plan and watch, watch tape and they are you talk about collaborative. You talk about a collaborative. Effort going on. It's it's really good. And that say the same thing with the with the offensive line, Brandon Blondie and Ron prints, you know, really doing a great job, helping us game plan each week and so is Ed Warner with that offensive line and and Pat Kugler. I don't know if some people even know that some of some of those coaches vicodin are here, but you know, there was an excellent run game plan that was was put together this past week and collaborative effort. You know, doing very, very well talk about physicality and coaching. The play that I saw that this resonated with me with the goal line play. On the goal line, the offense of lying came out flat backs. I mean, they came out low. They drove the Nebraska deep kind of a big front three they had in there and they just drove them to yards into the end zone. I mean, they drove them to yards in the end zone and got the ball and not a soul Dutch team until he nowhere. You're nowhere near back kind of joke that Mason's last time I was the last one right in his last touchdown. He doesn't get touched this probably his least satisfying because he likes to hit people and him to not be touched at all. Probably not all that satisfied. The one that does talking about was probably is the first one was the first one go into the south end and you talk about winning winning one on one match ups. And that's, that's the thing that if you're going to be a physical team, then you need to win one on one matchup and what and there's no. There's a saying football, choline football score with your man. So about four of our offense of lineman, they scored with the man that they were blocking because they, they got there. They got their job done and then somebody and it doesn't happen very often. Now at, you know, in this day and age, but that took place on that play and all five linemen really played well in this game starters, and backups came in and did a good job as well real quickly on the defense. And this is a game where you played Eighty-one guys. So a lot of guys come in and get an opportunity to play eighty eight. I think that was the final number was eighty one. Good. Yeah, it's it's what I read that somewhere seems about right. It was a law along number. Obviously later in the game, you're able to get a lot more guys in there and it's I know we've talked about in the past. The stars cheering on their backups and a couple of chances that a lot were chasing division Rashawn, Gary. They played the first. Of the first half one play. I mean, we're shot in the first drive, and then the third drive, he almost single-handedly just shut them down truck in a left tackle make an option stop from both guys. And it seemed like maybe his most physical game of the season chase just doing chase win of his things. And then they got to watch your back which really wasn't ask you about quitting pay eight and Hutchinson seemed like they're really getting their footing out there as defense. Yeah, the they're both showing up age Hutchinson also graded out as chased it as as Rashawn did and that you know that really bodes well, both those two young defensive ends plant so well and I did have I need only making comparisons, but I'm trying to get a comparison of a guy that can go side on the sideline, like Devin, Bush, junior. I remember the last time, a guy. I mean, he's flying it screens. He's flying this. He's flying at that. His speed Ceylon sideline is fast. We've seen here maybe ever. I don't. There's someone else that you remember playing against or coaching against or seeing. That's the shot. A comparison because that he flies around the football field. Yeah, but somebody asked me that today, do I think Devin Bush should be an all American? And he sure is playing at that level. I mean, I don't watch all the other teams every other linebacker that's out there in the country, but it'd be hard to imagine that there's a linebacker playing better than Devon bushes right now, the the speed the I mean, the physicality. It's not, you know, it's front up tackles, it's it's fourth-down stops now in the whole solo. He's he's, he's done that. He's he's chased down the option. He looks as fast as the backs, you know, or maybe misstep faster. I, I saw play Saturday. He the back came out of the backfield in the back head at least three yards on him. When he he caught the Bari run the ball. He had three yards on him and Devon had a tight angle on him to wear a guy that doesn't believe he's fast would have changed. His angle would have changed. His is angle knowing that he was going to give him five yards before he could cut the angle down on him for the first. He ran right at him and ran him down like a Jack rabbit. I mean, he ran him down for a no gain. The men never had a chance to earn his shoulders up to feel. Yeah, you're exactly right. When he caught the ball, he said, okay, that's going to be a first out. They're going to be moving the sticks here and because we only had about four yards to kit. Right and be darned if Devon did make the tackle, if you could just take at one play and just kind of pass it around the country to those people that are voting for all Americans to make a tremendous k. for that young man. Yeah, that was his closing. Pete is absolutely terrific guys hit back on the road for the second time this year, biggest town just for you guys. You're another road game this time at northwestern. Yeah, northwestern is always been a consistently good good football team, and we're, that's what we're doing right now is watching watching the tape and it's a physical team, their physical upfront, they're long and athletic, and and strong. They've done a done, a nice job. So linebackers very downhill backers. You know, you'd expect from a Pat FitzGerald type of of squad very experienced quarterback. So we're, we're putting the the plan together and excited start practicing the evening defensive coordinator. Mike hankwitz, Michigan man played here on the sixty nine team. He was a wide receiver and one of the great great coaches. He coached with us. It western Michigan for a couple years and and he at he's good. He's got to be a little bit older than the average. Maybe maybe defensive coordinator in the country. I. I think he may be a few years older even than Don. I mean, that's don's old. I'm not. But he is really a good coach in fundamentally good. Jim young type came out of that that coaching tree and and I know he would love to play lows, play against Michigan. So we have, we have our hands full. We do and you know, all that all that background to all the, you know, the the three, four, the fifty two defense, you know, the the angle, the slant the movement of front. I mean, they play a four down defense, but you can really see the the fifty two incorporated into into what they're doing and you know, it's all all really, really good and really sound just like you would expect from ballclub the Michigan wolverines travel really well, there'll be a lot amazing faithful in Evanston for you guys on Saturday. Look forward to watching you guys play in that game, looking for our conversation coming up onto the side here with the scholar, brothers here on a tacky day the Harbaugh's podcasts, make sure to stick around after this podcast to get the latest. Lines from the AP news minute, if you like our show, you're gonna love the new underdog sports network on podcast. One join Chris Horwood, Ellen friends each week as they cover the biggest stories in sports on the underdog examined football news year round with the underdog sports. NFL show learn more about former MBA players on tales from the association and fight it out on your wrong. And here's why check out all the exciting shows on the underdog sports network every week on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts, you're listening to attack each day. The Harbaugh's podcast. We're now joined on a tax day. The Harbaugh's podcast by the scholar, brothers, making a return visit to the podcast after they were here in town. This weekend, they were at the Michigan Nebraska game on Saturday, and they played four shows the Arbor comedy showcase, and let me tell you they killed it. They were terrific on Saturday night. At least eight o'clock shot is one of the four shows, but they weren't to knock the socks off. Those attending absolutely sold out show and it was absolutely hilarious and the line out the door for, you know, selling their CDs and t shirts. Some of this stuff after Iran. Where's your best line? What was your. Bad, fine. I think we were making we made at the top of the show. We made fun of Ohio State and Michigan state getting mad that Ohio states vandals were getting all the press like we have scandals, we have scandal to you. Why are scandals let why do you think are scandals don't make as much sense as yours get? Why aren't the important issue? And the crowd loved it. And the other we said we said was one thing and Arbor needs is a little bit of instruction. All they need. Why should people be able to drive freely around the streets of Anaheim? And it killed it because the open the when you walk into the showcase whole thing is under construction in the front and blocked. You can't even see the fun of the venue. And so I think I think there was building building, we're building an attack, save time. We said, I think there was we had an easier time finding bin Laden. Yeah. We're great seeing you guys. Thanks for coming by the office and coming by practice on Schimdt Boeckler hall fry what we think. What did you think of the game? My God that was just domination in every aspect of the game. It was so fun. We got to talk to Charles Woodson ahead of the game. We thought Kim Hardaway, junior and senior together was great to see as you guys father and son together, hanging out was really cool. We met Jordan pool and Isaiah livers who told us they were fans. They were in the front row with the student section. It was off, hey, guys, did you? Did you see Tom Brady at the game? No, there was he there. He was there. He was there today. My dad's song, what you tell that story did I was open, press box up in alcoholics, press box before the game and gentlemen walked up and he stuck his hand out. He said Tom Brady, and my thought was Tom Brady how many people new world can be named. It wasn't Tom Brady that we all. Michigan quarterback, Tom Brady, and I thought, wow, that's interesting. He's telling me he has the same name as Tom Brady, and then he went, you know, I was here last time I was here is twenty years ago, and I'm thinking Tom Brady last time is here twenty years ago. It's not the Tom Brady that played here twenty years, and I thought my goodness, this must be his father, and it was. What do they say? How many points of to get you to where you have any understanding of who that might be? It was at least five points for me and I'm, he just dragging me. And finally is lit up. By any chance, have a son named play football and be named Tom. Tom Brady seniors. He's a big guy, six. Sixty four liquor guy. You know. Tom juniors, rain, she, but he's a little bit thicker, but what a, what? A charming great guy I could. I just. Just really marveled. Enjoy the time spent with him. Well, you know, that's the to like how how big the experience the Michigan experiences through generation your son can go there and like our parents didn't go to Michigan, but they loved Michigan. They loved it deeply because we were there. And so it's and that's what the school really is. It kind of brings the whole family and that's why it's a community, I think. So it's a t. We talked about this often, but one back in the seventies when we were coaching here with Bo you, the families would come and they would bring their little ones a seven year olds in the six year olds and walk around and listen to the band pre-game and and it was a tremendous family experience, and we priced them somewhat families. I think out of out of our business now. But still you come on on Saturdays now. And now those little kids that were six and seven years old, they're the parents. Now they're renting their kids here. So it's a generational thing that that I hope we never lose here by by pricing it out of business. Well, I hope we never lose it either. But you think about you talking about recruiting and you guys had a great week last week recruiting, and but you talk about you guys are great recruiter, you know, Jim, you're a hell of a recruiter. The closing best is like, go talk Jay's deep days. She'll close the Bill for you. The parents, the parents don't do Jim. There's, I mean. I think Michigan, I think it's Michigan. I think it's. You know the the university, I think it's the town. I think it's the people that are here no doubt about it. I don't consider myself a great recruiter, but you know, Michigan is is one of those places that it's it's a powerhouse. You know, it's a powerhouse academically. It's a powerhouse athletically. And, and yeah, I mean, I think it's the best university in the world. This disturbing quickly. Video did she to see the video before the video James, James, James Jones said, it's the best university in the world. So. It's true. It's true. Dr. Fater says it's best university, the best university in the world. But you know the greatest ambassadors for the program over the fifty years that we've been around here are players. There are some universities when they come in for a Fisher visits to players, they, they excuse them from being around the building told you come around and we'd all which we don't need to see if forty hours university of Michigan. They can't get a recruit and his parents around of enough of our players because they're, they're, they're here for the total package. They're here for the four for forty years. They're not here for the four for three years or four for four years. They're going to play professional football. So you're so right about that. I mean, that is so that is so true. I'll give you a couple examples. We were met Dudek and I were having breakfast at bennies on Sunday morning after the game with a recruit and their family and David long who also happen to be eating breakfast. There may came up to the table and wave them over anything. Right on came over, introduced himself. And and then set said those very same things that you're saying right now that this is you could not choose a finer place to go to school. I also, you know, I came from from California and this is this is a wonderful place. I've had a great experience. You get a tremendous education here and the programs like a family coach by the best only that. I don't want to say, yeah, you're right. I mean, the the players are tremendous and our Ben, I think we ended. He ended up by saying, we pledge our allegiance to Matt Dudek. Thank you very much. I'm very small piece in this village. Comic though, Matt Dudek I think secretly down, he'd like to do stand up guy. He's funny. He's really funny. I am completely flattered right now. I'm not gonna lie to you. I don't know that I could do stand up, but I feel like I might maybe impromptu, maybe impromptu, kind of bring the funny and the liberty. He is the face in the body type thing. Gosh, I don't even know how to take that. I thought I thought I did for the podcast. I don't know if I could do it for stand up. That's. Yeah, it's gotta face for podcast, man. Radiance. Our brothers right here and attack the Harbaugh's podcast. They were here in town for the Nebraska game. They performed in town this past weekend as well. They do any invitations. I notice Clark, brothers, we, we, we spoke in the television and film department. We gave like a to our guest lecture for the sketch comedy writing class, which was awesome. And I got new all of those kids who are in that class. Almost all them came out to the show. The show's that weekend and the teacher came out just Jim Bernstein runs a great department over there. The program there is hop dot in a young town. We've got a good young talent here at the university of Michigan. Yeah, yeah. Couple of couple of five star gets comedy. People rivals rated them five stars right? Seven. Okay. There's football. I mean, there's there's historically good football programs, good football states, you know. Good, good high schools within every state. And is there, is there a certain part of the country? That's good for standup Saint Louis right guys comedians now. That's good for like improv Boston and New York, really good for stand up, but San Francisco is a good on. You know what happens is like you get these meccas like LA, San Francisco, New York, Chicago Denver has a really good comedy scene right now really good and you know what it is, and I think you guys understand this for most sports perspective as well. When you're around other great comedians, they push you to be better iron sharpens iron around the backup biblical nice when you're around the best, you get better. Like gig. There's no like part of the country or thread of it, come from anywhere from anywhere it come from any city, the borough Etienne's to a lot of Canadians, generic, Jim Carey, funny. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. My God kids in the hall, all those guys areas. Right? But the interesting thing everyone thinks they could be a stand up comic, don't they give me a Mike and give me an audience? And I'll while the what is it that separates the wannabes from from the talent that that that that you are the two. Great. That's such a great observation. I think it's because people they see what stage and you're just talking in the better you are the easier you make it look, right. So people are like, oh, I'm money. I tell stories and my friends laugh at me. I'm funny. The difference is you got when people ask us what to take a stand up comedian where like you need about ten years, you need about ten years, and if you're still doing it after that, then you're a good stand up comedian. And that's just what it is. I mean, it takes so much time to take to get your what makes you funny in life funding on state. You have to merge those two things and be yourself develop your own voice. So you find yourself competing to be funny, like all the time, like if you're a dinner with a with another couple or something, or if you're you're telling the story like I don't want to bomb, I don't want to bomb this story. I don't want to bomb. I know I'm here. It's like a four person, dinner party. I can't bomb Honey. It's no that, but the the truth matter is like, that's usually where the beginnings of standup it's comes like, maybe something happens to you in your life and you go on and you know it's a later it will become a comedy bit, but you're around small group of people and you put a little toe in the water and say, is this funny and you just kind of throw the story out there and if you're getting laugh around the dinner table, like let's do it. Let's put it in the act. So it's like a great best thing ground. But you know, we always love to laugh when we're around friends or for anywhere. But in the old days, I go back way way back guy, like Milton Berle one liners, he'd throw out one liner after one liner after one liner yet dove around one lighter, but I see it little differently now it's more. Is it more? Is it like that or is it more like a storytelling? I think there's everything now. I mean, I think that's what's kind of so cool is that there are people who are great at dulling. I know friend of ours, you know, forty five minutes stand of specialty told three stories. Now. With any Ori was a ton of funny one liners, but there were three big stories. Then you've got guys who just and women who just tell one liners, and they're hilarious. There's room for everything right now. There's kind of a comedy, boom going on right now, and it's really cool. Put people wanna laugh. They life. We have so many times we get knocked around. We just want to go and just laugh. Oh yeah. I mean, and think about this. You guys will appreciate this. So Janai were performing in Bloomington, Indiana, great campus, beautiful campus. We grew up in Saint Louis. We had a bunch of friends and went there. Watch the movie breaking away. You can't not love that campus. You didn't see that movie and we're there on a Friday and all the kids get out of class, and there are thousands of kids walking around the campus and no one's making a sound because everyone's listening to their ear phones or they're on their phone. Nobody is interacting now. That's not the way it was. When we were at Michigan, you walk through the diag and people like, hey, how you doing everyone's loud buzz of people talking that doesn't. This today. So when you sit in a room full of people at two hundred and fifty, people are collectively laughing as group down on their phones. They're actually interacting to me. That's a beautiful sound and it's something that I kinda losing a little bit. So I think people value at more. What a great point. Do you guys have any reactions when you look in the crowd and sees people that are actually on their phones while you're doing your routine? Makes me so mad. I'm like, why did you come here? Why you're here for this experience, put it away. There's a club in Denver that we're about to go do that at the beginning of the show, they make everyone in the crowd pass their phones low over to them and they zip them up in a bag. And they're like, you'll see these after the show. I'm like, every place should do that everywhere. I think it's big dog. I mean, it's great that you guys to come back to campus and perform. This stands out. It stands out when you go to college, like who were the what were the big performances that I got to see, maybe got to see a concert or you got to see. Comedy or show or whatever. So sometimes I mean, that was I, I was my first experience of ever going to a concert was I think it was, yeah, might have been well, I know Billy Joel was here one time REO speedwagon and I went to the Billy idol. Billy idol grant visit Christ, or you remember it really hill auditorium and REO speedwagon Billy Joel where Chrysler you guys have had to have signed like autographs, like signing a chest or something. Right? Oh, yeah. But mostly on like rock and roll. People don't. Shit. Oh, I was avenue for. I've seen it happen. We we guys a lot of guys come on. Of course, they're like, I've put on a little weight. It'll be like, will you sign these then I'm like, all right. We've all seen it. I, I was at an event where I saw football player. Woman walked the elevator and said, signed. This I says, wouldn't say no. Dexter Manley. So anyway, thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you, and we appreciate it. I mean, that is really nice and met you saw that like after the show, we're the ones who stand at our merch table and Celtics shirts and partly because we wanna talk to our fans and see what they connected with the most, what they, how do they know where they know us from in and you get a good idea of what they're liking, and it's not a tells you where you need to go in the future, and we just love interactive better call, saw. Better call you back on that can be leaker, haven't come back. We haven't come back yet, but we haven't died. We're not dead. So that's always a good thing. If you're not dead, you can always come back and that was really fun to do. Oh my God, that was fun to do. What are the things you guys working on right now about Detroiters Detroiters. I love that you were on their Jim. You were great yet, so go ahead. You can. Thank you so we so we are. Great. Mixed thing was looking for a little more development. Feedback we've done. We be. Got you. A four episode arc. So we are, we're developing our podcast dump people town into an animated show, an animated comedy show, and we're developing that right now. We're working on stand up doing on podcast and what else ran. I mean this afternoon, we're going out with Seth Rogan's company to pitch a show about the UN like a sitcom about the UN, but was his company, and we're going to pitch it to Lionsgate if they like it. I mean, literally that's happening in an hour. And if they like it, then we'll setup pitches all around town with them to go pitch at the who and Netflixing TBS and everybody's. So we're excited. So we have a big, we have a kind of we have to step it up in about an hour or two and really deliver in Argo. Our goal is to get big enough to get a sandwich named after us at singer men's and to be honorary captain from Michigan. So they go, ooh, that could be the honorary captain could work out that would be great or no box can't speak for the singer men's. We can maybe do it by. My dad and I got on your show. If you just comes through this kind of a walk on in the audience. You're kidding me. First of all, we came up to your dad and we like ambushed him after the game. He was like, who are these guys? And then when he finally realized we said, we're both Tom Brady. Brady was to people. No, Jack, you were so nice does man. It was so nice to meet you in person and. For Jack in myself. Fake you. Thank you. Great. Maybe secretary general the UN and their new in the show catches up. We can have a jacker be good. Get some comedy out of the UN. You are really talented. I fun. You figure it out. We'll figure it out funding Gruber. That's my point. How do you suck comedy out of that group? I'll tell you because you look at a show like beep which we love so much and have a bunch of friends on that show and they did a great job of it. So we feel like if they can do it, then you can do it here as well. Well, good luck. Good luck with that. Before you guys go to make your pitch, what are you looking forward to most for the rest of the upcoming Michigan football season. I mean, here's I, it's funny because I feel we can really feel the team coming together and starting to kick on all cylinders and I'm just, I think that's stretch in the middle of October when we when Wisconsin comes there and then we go to east Lansing and then and state, I personally think we're going to come out of that three zero. And I think there's going to be a whole new level of attention to this team, and I think it's by then we're going to have the confidence and we're going to feel really good about ourselves in a way that that Michigan fans in Michigan football is like in that conversation of of national championship. And I think that's going to be, I just loved what I saw this past weekend. I thought dominant on both sides. Everybody was having fun guys flying around the football field. The crisp ball day was kinda just a perfect perfect day Bessul teams. EP Jay takes it to the house when McCaffrey breakaways. Speed ES it was holding, but was it really holdings. We can say, we won't. We're after the big ten that same question. We try the holy, but I mean breakaway speed. You see him run away from that. That e- back, that was amazing. And that just only gets you excited about the future. So we're excited. Were you definitely we're, we're fold up on Honore captains for this year. Right? Man. Yes, sir. But next year definitely. You guys, you guys are accepting an honorary captain role for next year? Yeah, let's do it. I love to. I don't know. We could get it sandwiches singer miss, but I can do the Brown jug. Brown job. Yeah, we could get parents pick that. Okay. Double cheeseburger. Chips and guac for a million Scott. Actually, three of us actually vote four of of sandwich sandwich or dish over there. So well defined, yeah, jackass, the chicken waffles. Know he doesn't really good. No, I'm. Queue the commercial for the beef met. I am the Italian club. So have you need me for the UN? I'm in short fat guy for the UN. I'm in a lie. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. Keep up the great work when you look for to senior u n show on network soon. Thank fellas as eight. Thank you. Oh blue, thank you. This is Jack talk. I wanna listen. I want to be better. I want to be the best. I can be welcome to our team. Jack talk. As you get older, you get to be seventy eight years old. Here's what I find hair grows in places that it hadn't been before. Welcome to hashtag Jack talk. It's not time for everybody's favorite second of the week. Jack talk here attack each day. The Harbaugh's podcast and actually last week was like an extended Jack talk, didn't really have a full, a true focused, Jack top, but we have one for you here today and a Jap. We mentioned it earlier in the podcast. I mean Harbaugh weekends when Jim wins on Saturday and John wins on Sunday, the only the thing that to make sure that Addie wins and little Jack wins and ever and John everybody else Allison's gotta win. So there's a lot of people that have to get involved in. They have to win, but does seems like it was a great weekend for the Harpo. We had a good experience yesterday, Riley crane of freshmen at Georgia. Been there three weeks in school playing on the fall baseball team, and they had their first inner squad scrimmage, and then he had a chance to pitch an inning face. Some of the starters from last year. I think the starting catcher according to Riley was was one of the batteries. One of the hitters he faced in pitched the inning and gave up no runs. So feels pretty good about himself. And when he feels pretty good about himself, we all feel pretty good about himself. So we were happy for him, but I gotta tell you this story. This happened last week. We went to a flag football game. It was Jack's. I experience in flag football, fun. So ravens weren't playing. They had a bye week. So I got the call twelve o'clock for an hour of practice, watching them practice, and then another hour of a game. You know, they were. They were playing another team and we went through it. And and an interesting thing happened had nothing really to do with the with the game. But so I had my little blue chair a little folding chair and the little Cup holder on the right side here and for Riley for for jacks water, the water there. So when he needed water, I had them there and I'm sitting there watching and and and then it comes Jack scores, a touchdown, and Jim had been there, but he had. Left. And so I wanted to get on my phone and call Jim to tell him how proud he would be of Jack. So I get out of my chair and I walked across the track call, Jim, Tim, you you've ran. I expressed the play just the way it when he did a little showboat in the end zone, he tossed the ball up in the end zone and did a fly by through hit. So which for a six year old, you know, kind of caught the crowd's attention so, but I'm explaining all that to him all the so excited. So I'm looking around, I see my blue chair with the Cup in the holder. So I go over and I sit for like five minutes, so time out, Jack get your water. So he runs, all right, Gibbons watering sum lady goes, that's my son's water. That's my son's water in Idaho. My might share. It's a blue chair water holder here, but the bag wasn't there. The bag wasn't there and I realize this might not be my seat. So I got up and I said, well, I'm sorry. I thought that was my seat and they snatched the chair away, you know. And like I was like, I was. I don't know west trying to either. Oh my goodness. I look around and I see my chair on the other side of the tent. Someone wants to move. So I went down. I'm sitting in my chair now and I'm thinking, wonder how the NFL things going. It was about one twenty and ravens weren't playing but see how some of the competition I, I get on my cell phone, but no cell phone cell phone. I can't find it thinking, oh my goodness. I look into bag. It's not there, and I knew I just talked Jim and but I'm not thinking about the blue chair down here and I'm looking around. So I- anyone seen a cellphone, so now there's three or four people, you lost your cell phone. So now they're looking around and going through everything. And now it's, it goes out about six people, eight people. Now there's about twenty five people looking for my cellphone seemed like a long time, but couldn't have been long, some legal, is this your phone and I, that's my phone. She's what we found down here on the ground where the original blue chair was. So I must have laid it down here. So I get my phone. I'm thinking these people have seen me. Lose a chair. Lusophone things aren't going games over well before the game, we only had Jackie had the car. We only had one car for the weekend, so I borrowed a car from Sarah. So I drive the car to the the football field park the car in the parking lot. There's not another car in there. We get. We're there that early. So I parked a car, leave the keys in the car, don't lock it, but leave the keys in the car. So we go to the game. So that gave on, let's go, we're going to the car now. The lot is totally full of cars. I mean, packed with cars and I can't remember. I parked it to the left, parked it to the right park. Did I have no idea where the car is? I do know it's white. That's all it. I don't know what model it is to say, Jack, you know, do you know your car if you see it six years old, I know my car. Well, let's look. So we start walking. We walk up and down and back and forth. People are coming out. You know, the game ended must be tons of people walking by. And we're not. That's not Jack. No, that's no, that's not it. So I sit down on the curb now and call Sarah, Sarah. I know the cars white. What model is it? She says it's the died. It's a dodge car. Okay. Dodge, Jack, we're looking for a dodge. So now we start walking behind all the cars for Chevys, and we're looking. That's not people just flock in bias going every which way. So we go and we and I'm, it's five minutes. So now finally Jacko's he's about fifteen feet away from me. Baba baba. I find our car. I found our car and these people are looking at six. She found this car for the seventy nine hero. And I feel like these people now the people that had seen the whole thing saw me, lose chair. Lose a cell phone and now the man has lost the car. This guy must have seen the best days of his life. They have gone past and I get my car to car. I goes, golly, I gotta bring Jackie. It doesn't. These things don't seem to have happened when she's around me. So that's that was my experience last Sunday. That was your last Sunday, but you're had a win on Saturday before that. And then of course you followed this week with two wins, and so things are coming back around, let's come back around, let's hope. So. Next time keep the key with you and that way you can press the button and you know what I want. Just want to tell you you're the fifty person Jackie. Sarah GM, Andy. That had told me that, so thank I want us this. Thank you here. Thank you for reminding you that you made me feel so much better after telling that story and for you to remind me of that. And we've also learned on this show that if you take the key fob and put it under your chin, it actually gives it more really to find further distance away. We learned that on this show many, many months ago. Golly, you know what? Nah, I've told us that. True. I've actually, I try the day. We heard that for the first time from truecar. I went into the parking lot and I did the regular wouldn't beep. I did under the chin and beeped is really cool. It was a really cool thing. It actually does work. Is this shows you again, if I'd have been paying attention paying attention to that commercial, I might have saved myself some embarrassment. Well, the FAA was still in the car. So. Can't do it without the father. You can't do nothing under the really loud, really got some able to do that. You know, Jack, you recovered. It seems like everybody's happier and everybody's good. So that's always a good thing. Before we wrap up this Jack talk. I was reading an article. I wanted to get your take on this because you've obviously seen the evolution of football on the creativity of offense and the how things have changed because it seems like at times you've gone full circle from before your time when you're like the mad magicians, and it looked like this trick ration- option football that kind of looks like now with Oregon has been running for a bunch of years. So we've kind of come full circle reading an article about the shotgun and how much of a gimmick it was back in the day, and it was truly a gimmick and you. If you use it, it was like a sign of desperation. And then the Cowboys started using it with Roger starbuck and the. But when Roger starbuck was the end of his career, it kind of went away again. And then slowly we came about the shotgun and all of a sudden, what was once a gimmick and you're almost laughed at for using is now using over half of the plays in the NFL well over half the plays in college. And I mean, I don't think anybody would ever even consider calling the shotgun or the pistol for that matter a gimmick. But I guess some things can start as a gimmick and then come back around, you've seen what shotgun is now it obviously, when you were playing when you were coaching was not what it is now. One thing I've learned in football over the years I've coached and been around there is nothing new in football, nothing new football. All you have to do is have a good memory. You looted to it. The single wing back in the forties thirties and forties. That was the offense. And then about one thousand nine hundred forty, a guy came up with the t formation, put the quarterback under center and everybody thought, oh my goodness, quarterback under understand center. Getting a snap from the center was revolutionary and started at Stanford at nearly forties, and then the single wing kind of faded out. And then the t. became then split your ins to get wide formations and. Evolved into into the in the t formation, red Hickey back with the San Francisco. Forty Niners? Yup. Came out with a shotgun. He had three quarterbacks. I can remember. I can remember. I know one was John Brody I believe Billy Kilmer was one of Billy Kilmer was one and I might have the other one. No, I don't, but there were three quarterbacks at played, and then he ran the shotgun they laughed at him. They actually laughed at the guy, and then he went to the forty a went to the Cowboys, Dallas Cowboys with Roger Staubach. Again, this was this is crazy idea. It had no chance of catching on football, and we see where it's volved now is they're probably more people running from the shotgun from in the spread offense running with a quarterback under center. John Brody Billy Kilmer and Bobby waters Bobby waters. Exactly. He became a coach later in one AA, football, very, very successful coach in one AA football. It was actually a an excerpt of book. The book is called the genius of desperation. The schematic innovations that made the modern NFL and the pit. The chapter that I was reading those extra on the Atlantic was air raid. He brings the shotgun and the alleyoop, and so all these names as you're telling them, I'm like, Yep, that's what I was reading and all I told you, I wanted to talk about the shotgun. I didn't tell you the other stuff. So obviously stuff that you really remembered. Was there from fifty nine to sixty three with the forty Niners fascinating article or chapter of a book to see the evolution of the game, and you see how far things have come. It's like watching an old movie. I was watching that will not an old movie, but a movie that portrays old school football was on last week. I was watching the movie school ties or Brendan Fraser's quarterback and he's under center and they're doing all the spinning into this that the other. And I know some the great articles from back in the day would say they call the quarterback, sometimes the spinner and because of how he would what he would do. And it just reminds me of watching, especially in the early stages of what Oregon was doing when the spread the read option stuff was not nearly as popular as now and just you're trying to trick. You're trying to create a advantage in one spot versus another great. It was fascinating and I figured you'd have a take on that with the evolution of the shotgun position defames it really love football. Go back into the forties with mad, magicians. The Fritz Kreisler teams. I mean, deception was unbelievable you. They had. They had a. A single wing, tailback. And then the full-back was right next in like the air now kind of split, you know, like one was a little deeper than the other. They would snap the ball to the to the fullback and he would spin around and then they would have guys crossing in the backfield and trying to find a bowl because his back was to the line of scrimmage in all this deception was going in behind and they would do great jobs of faking so it. It was a fascinating, fascinating offense by hard to defend things are a little different now, but still a lot arts key. The guards, he the guards, say something always take it to the ball. You'd be looking back. They're trying to find the ball. You were in deep trouble. So you always watch the guards, and they would get you every once in a while the guards have pulled, it'd be a misdirection, but but ninety percent of the time you followed the guards, he would take you to the ball. So as as much as things evolve in football, read your keys read your keys. Right? And that's why now, a lot of the section that you see that a coach is trying to do, it'd be like. Jim and coach Warner's coming up with a unique way to use his guards on a play that is not the play they're running just to make you think it's one play and it's actually a different play because you have to read your keys and if your team the fullback better watch out if you're keying running all you got to have to have key breakers in your game plan in order to confuse the defense somewhat regia keys. It's going to take one thing out of this Jack Reed your Nash week. We had fail forward this week. We have adopted, read your case, and it goes back into the previous conversation. Always keep your keys in your pocket. Beautifully done by Fred gimme, accidentally stumbled into that lead your keys to your son. Hold onto your sons. Jack is always a pleasure. You can contact us on Twitter at eighty podcast. Where by using hashtag Jack, talk follows follow, wasn't favorite us on podcast, one dot com. And the podcast one app don't forget the Rados on itunes. We wanna think podcast one, and of course it reminders always have a great week and keep attack each day with an enthusiasm, unknown to man. Fine. Thank you for listening to attack each day. The Harbaugh's podcast here on podcast one. Don't forget to subscribe at podcast one dot com. The podcast, one app or apple podcasts.

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