9-8-2019 Worship Service


We'll begin to service today will sing number two hundred seventy one save your like a shepherd lead us a aw uh-huh <music> uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh aw a a yeah uh-huh aw aw <music> the song that we just signed their savior like a shepherd leadis much we need that tender care and the flock of the sheet out in the pasture adding the grazing area that they used to there was no pastor there was no fence and they needed needed to be a shepherd there to keep them in one phone to keep it together and have to be able then to lead them. I'm in the places where they would be able to get food to grasp that they might grace upon the sheet so that they might grow and he was also there to protect them from the things of nature that might be out there to try to destroy them. The shepherd was was a good shepherd and he took care of the lambs james and he led them right to where it would be of great benefit for them to be able to graze tobepal to get of water that it would that they could sustain that natural life and take care of them and that was the song we just singing. Save your lack of shepherd lead us. Is that our mind this morning. Have we come out this morning with the mind. We want to be led by jesus. Christ we wanna lay down our will and our way and we will be led by him. He says let us early. Turn to the quickly. Let us turn to the and if we see that we're straight out the path and we can see the shepherd and come back to the fold where he is to where he's leading his people he will take care of shepherd our savior like a shepherd leafs unless let that go in everything we do putting our faith and trust in him and not in maine not in ourselves but knowing he's the one that came here to the earth breath and hung on the cross. He's the one that overcame satan in everything for you and for me. There is nothing there is nothing that we could be tempted with that. He was not tempted with and he overcame even the death of the carl's and he overcame it and then he was risen out of that grave victorious over satan and he was here phone the earth that all the his disciples and made many others his followers could see him and know that he was alive and he told his people he carried them out believe out close to the shore and he lifted up his hands and he said i'm going back to my father and i will prepare place for you but you wait here until you are or in dude with power from on high the spirit of the holy ghost what he was talking about for them to remain there around jerusalem and i believe those disciples were 'obedient to that to what he had asked him to do and i believe they were there the day of pentecost and they were gathered together in their came rushing sound of a rushing mighty win and it filled them with that spirit of the holy ghost and then they were able to able to speak with new tongues. There was a new heart within them a new man a new spirit a new comforter. Is that where we are today to ask your question to ask yourself. You say that question. Are you there today. Just as the disciples in his followers were on that day of pentecost and are you filled with that spirit. Have you become that new man that new woman have you made aid that hundred and eighty degree turn from where your life was and put off the old man and accepted that new man accepted jesus christ as your savior. Have you repented truly repented of your scenes. Are you ready to stan dan before jesus christ you. Are you ready. Ask that again the end. Are you ready to stand before jesus christ. We will all be there. He has left his word here in this book for us to be able to read for us to be able to understand. I understand we have the best opportunity. I believe to know him. As any group of people that has ever lived on the earth i know that the opportunities of free gift and it was made manifest that each and every one doesn't matter are who they are where they are. They're able to receive that. They want to hear it. They won't accept it. They can a and they will but have we. We walking and with him today. That's the question on each one of us to be thinking about as we read today. I know that when i say that we have at the best opportunity i know that we have all the information we've got tremendous cloud of witnesses that we can read about we can see about <music> out we can see people we can hold them with our own hands that we feel like that is walking with jesus christ and we can understand what his word word. He has promised that i will give to you and understanding. I'll give to you a comforter. He's promised all those things and we know it and that's why i say we have a wonderful opportunity and it's all right before worse today. Are you accepting as we should food. Sometimes he concerns me a lot that see the natural things here and we can accomplish. Them greatly seemed like whatever we want to do a naturally we can accomplish those things. What about the spiritual part. Do we see that in our life today that i can go out and i can accomplish accomplished the spiritual things the things that i believe that god is asking for me and for you to do today. Are we able to go out and be victorious into accomplished wish that as we should if we aren't somethin- his wrong because he has promised i will never leave you. I'll give you all that. You need to do the work within you again. Go to the lord in prayer be begging constant. He says be instant in prayer and that's just wherever whenever in ever doesn't matter where you are doesn't matter what you're what you're involved in and be ready to just be asking him. What must i do lower in a not like one of the others. They're asking the disciples when the lord totally. I believe it was peter was telling him how he might how he would end up his life and peter said well. How about this other fellow. What's he gonna do. Lord told him he says that's not for you to be concerned learned about if i let him live to lower return. That's not for you to be concerned about you. Live as i would ask for you to live peter. Uh and that's what he's asking for each one of us today to look to him. Turn earn your sapone. Jesus and the things of this world will grow strangely dam in the light and the glory of his grace and i know that to be facts and i know that each and every one of us today need to to be looking close to him and not let things of this world terraced down we can allow little small trivial things to come into our lives offs to separate us from the word of god. He says take heed to the things you have heard word list at any time you should let them slip and he said hard not your heart is in the days of provocation. Not your heart is in the days and the son of went when the children of israel were brought out of the land of israel by the hand of god and all that he did for them and they harden their hearts against him and would not follow walla. He's commandments and they lost out francis very close thing with the saul. We've got the opportunity but there is a job for each and every one of us today wall all close to him and he will draw near to you resist satan and he has to flee see for me. Put our faith and trust in him unless walk with him turn. We've opened though this morning two corinthians ingen. We'll read their first corinthians. This is the fourth chapter the i believe. We'll read the third chapter. It's not very long but it talks about what we need. The things that we're talking about how we need to be spiritual and we need to get that carnal mind out of the way starting the first verse of the third chapter of first corinthians and brother and could not speak into a you as unto spiritual but of but as unto karnal even unto babes in christ i have fed with milk and not with meat meet for heather to you are not able to bear it neither yet now are you able paul's coming down pretty straightforward with this group of people because they were not in the position that they should have been spiritually and he says i could not speak to you the spiritual things because you could not understand handle. He says i beg you with milk of tried to bring you up. Give you the things as you were growing. As you were emphasis in the the truth i didn't put the strong made a phone you but he sees you aren't you did not grow you did not take that milk ed sincere milk of the word and grow spiritually where you could eventually then be able to gain and and hear and partake of a strong meet that he said the truth of god and how we should live our lives and friends. This can be us. He says i fade you with milk and not with me. Why could we not have the meat for your yet karnal. That's why they were not to get him. That's why they they were not able to receive the strong meat and grow spiritually for ye are yet karnal. What does that mean that we have put it all in what he was talking to these people now you still have that carnal mind on you still are wanting to hold onto the things of the world and worship god in your way instead of being strong and just put it all into hints hands for whereas there's among you envying strives and divisions. Are you not carlin walk as men for a while one seth. I'm paul and another iowa policy. You're not carnal. Now who is paul and who is a policy but ministers by whom you believe even as the lord gave to every man i planted apollo's us watered but god gave the increase. I believe there was people there that walking together they were preaching and teaching the things that needed to be tall. He says that there's some obviously there that are karnal going after things of the world and not walking at one with one with god and with his son jesus christ and he says is your carnal who when who then is paul who is a policy but ministers by whom you believed even as the lord gave to every man i have planted a polish watered but god gave the increase god's the only one that can give the increase not me. I can come here every sunday and i can preach to you and i can teach you the words of god just as paul deiter a policy or any others in that day and i know that it is tall here but there's only one that can give the increase and that's god the father and there's only one way that you can receive the increase piece by putting it all in and getting that karnal mine out of the way. This is what paul was telling them. You have carnal mind therefore you are not able to received the increase from god because you still have that he says i planted apollo's watered but god is the one it gives the increase so then neither is he that planted anything neither he the water but god give it the increase. He's he is the only way he is. The only one he has his service here phone nearer to plant he has them to water but he he is the one who gives the increase and give him glory and the honor and all things not man but put your faith and trust in jesus christ he he is our salvation now he that planet than unheated water that one in every man shall receive his own reward according to his labor for we are laborers together with god your husband or your gods building according to the grace of god which has given them to me as a wise master builder older i have laid the foundation and another built at their own but let every man take heed how he build their own. I want you to stop just a second and think about what this man was saying. What paul was talking to the people vs is now your labors together together with god. You're working there with gone your gods building and and then he goes on in that tenth verse and he says according to the grace of god which is given unto me he first of all he just he explained where the power that he has the authority that he has come from according to the grace of god which has given it to me as a wise master builder now if you're someone if that spirit of the holy ghost is within them they have the same thing as paul said here he says according to the grace of god which was given unto me as a wise master builder as someone then he had the instruction he had the knowledge you take someone he says a master builder someone in that day that could go out and construct a building home whatever it might be with the materials and the tools that they had in that day had to have some knowledge and understanding to be able to help others to do that also also and that's what paul's talking about that he's talking about the spiritual part with the spiritual part he was a wise whereas masterbuilder why because he had gotten carl mein out of the way because he was walking close to jesus christ because he had accepted him as his savior and he says now i have laid the foundation i have preached and i have taught to so you so that the foundation is there that you can build up on that you can start to build your spiritual life upon and i know that has been being given to this group of people right here. I have given you the foundation. I have laid the foundation the words of god nothing more but the words of god that's what paul speaking to them about the truth of god he says i've laid the foundation for you. He says now another build up their own but let every man take heed how he build now. What are you building upon that foundation that is there there. Are you building opponent wood. Hay and stubble are you build upon gold and silver and precious stones owns. He says there's another that build their own. Take he how he build their take. How you live your life for other foundation can no man lay then that is laid which is jesus christ. There is no other foundation but but through jesus christ that can be laid for our salvation none period none but putting putting our faith and trust in jesus christ that is the foundation of our salvation the foundation of our spiritual eternal life it's to believe upon jesus christ and accept him and no other now if any man build their opponents on this foundation gold silver precious stones would hay and stubble every man's work shall be made manifest for or the day shall declare it because it shall be revealed by far and far show try every man's work of what sort art it is. We understand what he's talking violent. We talked about recently in revelations revelations there. He talks about the fire will come down and destroy the wicked. The righteous that fire will have no power over them at all they aarp protected from that their works will not be burned math we have had wood hay and stubble if we have built that up on that precious foundation. We'll read about that in just a moment there. There's a way to have that taken care off but he says every man's ends work shall be made manifest. What does that mean that way. You are living your life. The the things that you're doing hereupon error in this tabernacle that we are claiming to be filled with the spirit of the holy goes now if it's filled with the spirit of the holy ghost what kind of fruits is it bringing forth what fruits will be made manifest there sure it will be righteous fruits if it is filled with the spirit of the holy ghost but if it is bringing forth anything other than that yeah says there's something wrong and it will be revealed by fire and the fire. She'll try every man's work if what sort it is and if any man's work abide he had built their own he shall receive <hes> reward as we go through this life the works that we do if they abide. They're works of jesus christ in us. It's not our works but if that spirit within us and we will be able to receive a reward if any man's work shall be burned. He shall suffer loss but he himself she'll be saved yet so as my fire if if we hate that san is with us and we go to the lord and repent and we ask him to clean us up here while we're in the land of living and every mistake that we made he says that work will be burned and let it be burned here in the land handed the living suffer the loss here friends so then we'll be saved in finally early and know that you're the temple of god and the spirit of god dwelling. You want us to think what paul was saying about and we we talked about this temple year just a little bit ago and if we're proclaiming that we are a christian then that typical this body should have the spirit of the holy ghost within it. No you not that you are the temple of god and the spirit of god developing new now. Is that the case friends if it's not there's something wrong you you can receive it but only through jesus christ and we have to have that to be able to go out of this world interstate condition. I remember here are the temple. If you've got that you are the temple of god if any man defile the temple of god him shall god destroy for the temple of god is holy which temple ye are not want us to think about what he's saying. We've really you see if you've received that spirit of the holy ghost than this body is it's holy and that spirit is there within you. Do you wanna go out and defile. It was seeing knowingly he says if any man does that if any man defiled the temple of god you defile it with seeing and you do nothing about it you just go out and live in that type of condition continuously in that him mm show god destroys s for the temple of god is holy which temple yie ar are you protecting that that pearl of great price since the man found that he went and he sold it all he bought it and he wanted to protect it then he kept it and when we see the truth of god and we're able to take that strong meat because we we have that spirit of the holy ghost dwelling within us and we want to do everything we can to protect that from thank if you're not wanting to do everything you can to keep out of satan's way you to keep him at bay. Something is wrong again. If you are interested in wanting to live that karnal sinful life that you were one time in that is the world is in something is wrong. The temple defiled the holy ghost will so have you in that you seeking to keep that clean and pure let no man deceive himself let no man and DC himself. If any man among you seem to be wise in this world led him become a flu ooh that he may be wise they become a food to the things of this world that he may be wise to the things above to the thanks spiritually for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with god for it is written. He takes the wives in their own own. Craftiness and again the lord north the thoughts of the wives that they're vein the lord knows was all of our thoughts. He knows our deeds. He knows our our works. What are the thoughts in your mind constantly. Are they vein or are they righteous. I touches therefore let no man glory in man for all things. Are yours all things through jesus christ. We can accomplish all things through him. That's necessary for us. Let no man glory in man not a man put your faith and glory jesus christ whether paul or polish or cpas or the world or life or death or thanks president or thanks to come all or yours and your christ in christ is god's. Are you a part of that. I know that we can all be and i wanna be i am and you're christ and christ is god's not ashamed of being a part of his work. I want to be able to proclaim his words to you and encourage you each and everyone of you to accept him to in courage you to be strong to resist satan to be bold and if you've come out here today listen listen to the wonderful words of life. Don't let satan have your mind off on something else somewhere else but listen to the words of eternal life that we're reading and we're just discourse known because you will stand before jesus christ i you will stand there and you will bow to him either in this life or then and it'll be too late then but if you bow to today and begged for the forgiveness that you're worse than that would hay and stubble can be burned here in this life so that you might be saved that final day have it burned have taken away and haven't righteous mind let a man so account of us as the ministers ministers of christ and stewards of the mysteries of god moreover it is inquire required in stewart's that a man be found faithful with these people to understand he says now let a man let each one of you so account of us as the ministers astor's of christ and that is my job to be minister of christ and to teach and be a steward eared the mysteries of god to be able to teach them to sort these things to you and to me so so that we can understand what his were mover. It is required in scared that a man be faithful there. We faithful to him but with me it is. It's a very small thing that i should be judged. View or of man's judgment day are not mine own sale for. I know nothing by ourself yet. Am i not here by justified but he the judge me is the lord and that's who each and every one of us today need. HB asking to be judged by and to be judged by the words that we're reading today that's the truth of god the truth of jesus christ the gospel of jesus christ as what will we will be judged by. That's what he's talking about here. He didn't judgy edgy self but he the judge me is the lord therefore nothing before the time until the lord come who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness and will make manifest the cancels of their ours and then she'll every man how praise of god in these things brethren. I have an figure transferred to myself into a policy for your sakes that you might learn learn in us not to think of men above that which is written that no one of you be puffed up for one against mr nother he says now what you'd understand that we are in the ministers of god ministers of jesus christ and he says these things have been given to us by god and he says that you might learn enough not to think of men above above that which is written to not think above to think put so much faith and trust in man as he was warning them about some were saying we'll. I'm of this man some of IM another. We've got to be with god the father jesus as christ into spiritual church of jesus christ. That's where we've got to be today and not thank just because i am a part of a certain church somewhere whatever that i am saved but we have to be a part of that's true spiritual church of jesus christ that is the only way but he was warning and we it can be defiled and we can listen to a false doctrine and he also said let no man deceive himself he warned us of all these things lanes even in that day it was being taken place and this was just a few short years after christ here on the earth breath just a few short years but who make the to differ from another and what has now the dow did not receive now now did us received why style glorious if they'll have not received now. You're a four now you're ridge. You have reigned as kings without us. I would to god that you did rain that. We might all that we also might rain with you for. I think that god has set forth us there postles last as it were appointed today for we are made a spectacle in to the world into angels into men. We are food for christ's sake but you're in christ. We're week year strong your <music> honorable but we are despised paul disc going around just bringing the things had taken place there in their lives and morning them to understand do not be exalted in your own self. He says look where we are. We are ministers scourge of god. We're apostles of his but in the eyes of the world we're food for christ's sake but your wives in christ. We're week which you're strong your honorable but we're despised i even to this present hour we both hunger and thirst and are naked and our and our busted and have no certain dwelling place and labour working with our own hands being reviled. We blessed being persecuted. We suffering being defame aim. We intrigue. We're main is the fifth of the world and scarring of all things in to this day. This is is not right not these things to shame you but as my beloved sons warn you we might think about sometimes we give some pretty strong warnings but i want you to go back and just look you can see how the polls warning these people how strong he was and how he was telling them that they were not able to receive that strong meat because of the condition that they were in spiritually and he just went over and he told role in showing them how they were walking and they were apostles. Were ministers of god but look where they were in their own eyes and in the eyes of man they were low. They didn't even have certain dwelling welling places. Somebody may have we might look today as find home and we might put all that glory and trust in and the things a natural the things that we might have today better be careful saying and he says i write not the thanks to ashamed but warn you and that's what i wanna stall take things to affect today not that these warnings are coming to shame you but it's to warn you that carl minds danced to warn you of sate and his deceitful ways and now he can lead you right away from the truth of god for though you have ten thousand instructors in christ yet. You have not many fathers for in christ jesus. I have begotten you through the gospel. Wherefore i beseech you be followers of me says why did he say that to be a follower of him because he knew of a certainty that he was walking with jesus christ he knew he had been able to receive it and he knew the things that he was preaching and teaching to these people was the truth and if they wanted eternal life they must fowler them. He says you have ten thousand instructors in kreis all manner of people obstructing the way to heaven today okay and it was even in that day but he says yet have have you not many fathers true father what is true father will do is instruct his children and the right way he will not lead them out and something that is going to destroy them for in christ jesus. I have begotten you through the gospel and christ jesus that i have preached and taught what do you he says i have begotten you have become you have been born in that spirit begotten yeah he says through do the gospel of jesus christ through the power of god for this calls of senator you the most easiest who is my beloved son faithful in the lord who show bring you into remembrance of my ways which being christ as i teach everywhere wear and every church here's this man we've talked a lot about this young preacher. This young missionary timothy and here paul is just telling me he says now sent this man to you. I couldn't come. I've written this letter warning. You and i've sent this man who is is my beloved son he had taken him in mentored him. He had worked with him. He had taught him the truce his mother had taught him his grandmother had told him and now he was being sent out with the spirit of the holy ghost and he says i sent to you the most who is my beloved son and faithful in the lor who shall bring you you into remembers of my ways which being christ the things that he will teach to you. He says we'll be at one with what i told you and they will bring to you. Remembrance it will refresh your your mind. It will encourage you in the words that i have spoken to you before they you'll be able to remember my words words my ways which be in kreis if you see that spirit following what he was talking to these people how he knew where he was he says as i teach everywhere in every church i go to every church go to everywhere i go. I teach the same word the same gospel the same cruise cruise now some are puffed up as low. I would not come to you but i will come to you shortly. If the lord will we'll know not the speech of them which are puffed up but the power but the power i will come to you shortly if the lord will and we'll know not and we'll note not the speech of them which are puffed up but the power those that are puffed up and does that feel like they are serving man or they are better because of a certain man baptize them or a certain man was they heard word from he says listen to those things but i will listen to the power of god i will be led by the power of god to overcome satan and all things for the kingdom of god is not not in word but in power not in words but in the power of the spirit within you what will ye shall. I come unto you with a rod. We're in love and in the spirit of meekness. What will you today. Well i come to you you with iran and what was the rod used four for correction or in love and in the spirit of meetings. What do you want me today. He said and what do you won't today do you. Oh jesus christ to come to us with a rod of correction unloving seven in spirit meetings. I wanted to be able to find me and a condition that i can receive the love and respect in spirit. If i need the rod i want to rob. I'll say but i wanna live my life so that iran spared appeared on me not that i feel like that i am above there but i wanna live at so that he he didn't have to use the ron. You have seen children that live in accordance to their parents that did not have to have the raw you've seen others that did not live in accordance with the rules their parents had and had to have the rod had to be corrected because those things we bring things upon our sales sales but i want to be able to be sure that i've got the love of jesus christ within me and let's walk in that unless be strong and the spirit of the holy ghost turnover to thesselonians. I listen loans. The read this read start at the second chapter first this alone for your sales brethren no no our interests in it to you that it was not in vain but even after that we had suffered before and we're shamefully treated as you know a flip by we were bold in our god to speak until you the gospel of god with much contagion paul here now is talking to another group in a letter he had written to him and he sees you none of the things that we've suffered we you just read about some of the things they're they had suffered about. He was telling them about and he says but we were both in our god to speak unto onto you the gospel of gone with much contention contention of things going on that day but i did not slow to paul down that did not stop him from being bold and calling out whatever needed to be called out for our exhortation was not of deceit god nor were cleanliness nor in guile scenario translation was not in this thing but it was in the love and and in the power of god but as we were allowed of god to be put in trust with the gospel even so we speak not as pleasing using man but god which try our hearts read about their of how and how god had made a minister and ended it was his duty to go out and speak the truth of god and he's telling these same people these things here but as we were allowed of god to be put in trust with the gospel that god allowed him to be able to receive the spirit of the holy ghost god allowed him to be a minister stirrup of the work. God has allowed me to be a minister of his words and that puts me in a dangerous condition that that i must speak his truths and i must be a watchman on wall just as paul speaking of these things here. If i do not breath then how will we held accountable just as paul's talking about these things here that he was allowed of god to be put in trust with the gospel even so we speak not as pleasing man but god which try our harz. That's who we have to be speaking and ex putting forth the exhortations to please god not man man for neither at anytime us we flattering words as you know nor a cloak of covetousness god is witness and god is witness to the things that have been taught and preached here to us that his word has been preached his word has been taught nor man salt we glory neither of you nor yet of others when we might have been burdensome boom as the apostles of christ but we were gentle among you even as a nurse cherishes her children so being affectionately desirous of view we were willing to have imparted unto you not the gospel of god only but also our own souls close because you were dear to us. He says that we had come there. Even though there was contention contention there were people that wanted to have contagion about the things that we have to say but he says even with those things he says we have been affectionally divide desirous of you had love had a desire to see see you grow to be able to take that strong meet. We were willing to have imparted unto view not the gospel of god only he says now i was willing to speak the gospel of god odd to preach that to you but he says not only to that but also our own so because you were dear to ask that whatever was that god would ask for us if it was to give up our life they you might be able to receive reverse spirit. He says we were ready to do that. Because you were dear unto us and i speak these things today each and every one of you because you are dear to me that if there's anything that i can do to help you to have eternal life to draw close to jesus christ. What would you how for me to do and this is. What paul was speaking to these people about for you. Remember brethern our labor inter veil for laboring night and day because we would not be chargeable debut any of you we preached unto you the gospel of god laboring night and day for the natural things for the spiritual things whatever was he says we preached unto you the gospel of god so that they might i understand and they might become strong in it your witnesses and god also how holy and justly and blame ably. We behaved ourselves among you that believe did we not just read about politics and he's others they were witnesses of them and your witnesses hang thank god also and i know that god is a witness of all of our works your works and my works. He's a witness on it. There is nothing from him and there will be nothing this he had from me and says how holy and justly salie and blame ably. We behaved ourselves among you that believe he says how we have walked in tried tried to be in a blameless situation so that you'll be able to see the spirit and walk in that and you know how how we exhorted and comfort and charged every one of you as a father death. He's children how we mourned argue how we comforted you and how we charged you. How we gave you the commandments of god and we asked you to keep those commandments the things that we have commanded you to do through jesus christ what he was talking about. Are we willing to do that today. Are we willing to listen to the words that jesus christ will give us and to listen to the commandments midst of how we should live our life and this is what he was talking to them about their and charged every one of you as a father to his children. What does that father where do to his child but instruct him in the way he would how for him to live and that is what paul and others were doing their savannah's timothy that was who was with him at that time that you would walk worthy of god who have called you into his kingdom and glory he saying out <unk> out. I'm working with you. I'm warning you of all leaks lanes and why is is he doing that that you would walk worthy of god that you would walk worthy of his spirit spirit dwelling in that tabernacle that you have they you would walk and do a work that you would keep under this body and bring it subjection of the things of this worl- so that you not be a castaway because you've been called into the kingdom and glory i've off-guard for this calls also thank god without ceasing because when when you received the word of god you heard of us which he heard avas you received it not as the word of man but as it is in in truth the word of god which effects really worked work at also in you that believe and this is the only way that it can happen and i want you to know that this is what you have to do today. He says for this calls also think thank god without ceasing for this calls he says now that you walk worthy of gone who has called you into his his kingdom and glory and he says now for this calls also thank god without seeing he says i'm thanking thanking god for you to be able to receive that new you to have that spiritual mind and spiritual truths because when you received the word of god which you heard of us. Have you heard word of god from. Have you received it and are you running it. He says you received it not as the word of of man and that's what you say today that if i am teaching in preaching the truth to you receive it not from coming from me but receiving his coming from jesus christ our lord. This is what paul was wanting to get a cost to them. What i want you to understand today. If it's the truth of it is just like he is the one that has given to to you but as is in truth. The word of god awed which affects really worth in you that believe it will work in all of those believe and submit to him now for you. Brother became followers of the churches of god which in judea are in christ jesus this for you also have suffered like things of your own countrymen even as they have of the jews news for ye brother became followers of the churches of god. When you see that comforter you then became a part of that spiritual church of jesus christ that we talked about earlier for ye have for you also have suffered like things on your own countrymen even as they have of the jews who both killed lord lord jesus and their own profits and have persecuted us and they please not gone and are contrary to all men these were the people that were living there phone the earth and did do not accept him he says and they both kill the lord jesus in their own profits and have persecuted us and they please not not god and are contrary to all men forbidding us to speak to the gentiles that they might be saved to fill up their seeings always for the raft is come upon them to the other most post and the other most draft of god will be rained out upon all of those disobedient the unrighteous but we brother being taken from you for a short time in presence not in heart endeavored to more more abundantly to see your face with great desire and i want you to think about what had taken place as we talked a lot about recently the polls a missionary and he was going on these trips and he would go hundreds and thousands bowels in these trips visiting and setting up churches and then he'd go back at a later date and visit them and i believe is what he's talking about here that but we brethren being taken from you for a short time in presence and he was gone he had been there he had preached the word of god he hid mentored some one there around in the with the thesselonians to be able to continue to teach the word and he was not at all afraid that the spirit of the holy ghost would not have power to be able to preach when his presence was gonna own when he was somewhere else he had given the word he had taught him he had seen people receive a bit. He knew what the spirit had done in him. He knew what the spirit could do with others and that was what he wants to do is not to stay in one place right on on and on and on and on but to go there to teach into preaching to set up a church and to setup men elders and bishops quite what if preacher's whatever it might be so that they could continue own and he said apprentice not in hard in my heart i was there and i was is praying for you. Endeavoring the more abundantly see your face with a great desire and he wanted to see them move up wherefore we would have come into you. Even i paul once again but satan hindered there are certain things that paul looked looked upon satan hindered him from not being able to go there paul had sicknesses that sometimes and he had rest last in certain places if you read some about any in the history of him and he was not able to go and i believe that was what he was proclaiming there that it was it could have been something to that effect and he looked opponent. That satan was the one that was hindering for what is our hope or joy. Roy are crown of rejoicing are not even you in the presence of our lord jesus christ his coming. What is our our hope or joy or crown of rejoicing. What is our hope or crown of rejoicing. Today is what are you saying are not even the and the presence of our lord jesus christ his common. He knew that he had preached to he knew that they had accepted and he says now he says are not even ye in the presence of our lord jesus christ is coming for ye our glory and enjoy who says glory and joy in word in the truth and i know today there are big and i i pray that each and every one that is struggling spiritually today go to war and ask him to show you the way to ask him to feel oh your body with that spirit of the holy ghost to fill that tabernacle with the glory of god and make it a tabernacle of god then you might walk with him and be at one so that we can stand with him at that final judgment day. I want to read a few verses here in second thesselonians it. This is in the third chapter second thesselonians finally brethren prayed for that the word of the lord may have free course and be glorified even as easy as with you and that is what i want to see each and every one of us i want us to all have that in mind finally early brethren as he talked he had worn them and he had talked to him about false teachers in this part also and this is something the knicks warren throughout the bible friends but he says finally brethren pray for us that the word of the lord may have free course and be gory fide is with you and that you may be delivered that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked man for all men have not fake pay but the lord is faithful who show stab you and keep you from evil. Evil lord is faithful in his promises. He's faithful in what he said that he had dude sending a set comforter and we have confidence in the lord touching that you both do and we the older the things which we command you. Did you hear what he's saying that he was in he had talked to these people he had helped him he had helped him to set up their church and he had talked to him about that. He was a minister of god and now he's telling them in this this letter that we have confidence in the lord touching you we have confidence that the lord has touched you and that you so have received that you both will do you both do and we'll do that things which we he commanded you and the lord direct your heart and to the love of god and into the patience waiting for christ now we command you brother in the name of our lord jesus christ that you would draw yourselves from every brothers walk at disorderly and not after the tradition which you have received us be careful. I want you to listen again what he say he says now and the lord direct your hearts. He didn't say anything about man he says now you do the things that we command you and he says i'm command i and you these things i'm warning you of these things through the spirit of god and he says the lord direct your hearts and to the love of god and into the patient waiting for christ he went on and he had some things to talk to him about and to warn about now we command you brother in the name of jesus christ our floor in the name of our lord jesus christ he quantified how he was giving them the instructions that you withdraw yourself from every brother that walk disorderly and not accurate addition which you have received for your sales know how you out to follow us for for we behave not ourselves. Disorderly among these are things that the lord has brought to our tensions that we need to look into carefully and to see where are we are spiritually what we are doing what i wanna hold on to here in this life or am i willing to turn loose loose and serve jesus christ and this is what we read different people that paul we've riding adding to and warning them about but he was worn in nam about things of this life how that it can separate us from the love of god so easily and he says let no man deceive review and that's what i would hand with today as let no man deceive view but there is one of the thing and i think i read this recently in that first letter thesselonians there he says then which then we which are alive and remain she'll be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the lord in the air and and socio we ever be with the lord those that accept him those a here his commandments does that walked with him. Those then that are <unk> are alive and remain alive spiritually when jesus christ comes back says those does that are alive and remain shall be caught up together with him them and mcleod to meet the lord in the air and so shall we ever be be with the lord wherefore comfort one another with these words. I wanna comfort you with the final words walk with him. Be sure that we're setting the right example walk with him in truth so that we can rise to meet him in the air. We'll sing number ninety seven the haven for ass. If someone would like to make commitment to the lord you can do so by coming forward as we've seen the haven of rest number ninety seven <music> <music>. Ah ah ah eh a ah aw aw aw eh aw aw aw yeah in hello eh uh-huh mm-hmm mm-hmm uh-huh <music>. Oh come to the savior. He patiently ways ace to save by his power divine. Come anchor your soul and i haven of rest and say my beloved is mine anchor right so with jesus christ and put our faith and trust in him and let's see victory in him. I'll mention we will have our business meeting tomorrow night. Here eight o'clock let us pray to god the father through jesus christ our lord. We thank you for all the wonderful words that you give them to us. Help us to take home to your words to yourself. Let your spirit be strong within us and and let your life shine and our works let your will be done that. We encourage others and we use the things things that you have given to us to use here naturally and spiritually to encourage others and to help to promote your work here from near we bagged for guidance in the upcoming days and we ask you to be with us as we go through this week to be strong in the spirit and let your spirit shown within us. We ask in jesus name amen.

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