The 1980s | Microwaves & Richard Simmons


welcome to our podcast. Can we help you. my name is alice. Lloyd i'm gonna nutritional therapy practitioner and i'm leslie learned up a registered yoga instructor long and today. We're talking about the eighties. Nineteen eighties in america. The nineteen eighties. Yup good time. We were children them eight kids. Yeah right and so. Nothing says bold like the eighty s right. I would agree with that eight minute. Yes bold colors. Bold hair choices. Style shoulder packaged bathrobe. Now that had shoulder pads in it. Like i don't feel sex in this. Baffler official has defected. Though in my mind oh thank you bathroom but yes so. Eighties was bright colors big hair. Even the music was full of energy. Since technology made it possible to use synthesizers and drum machines. The culture around eating was also was just as bold colorful. Actually really my aides were all well in in the in the world of lake extreme dieting. it was bolt allowed. Like actually what i'm going to discuss are some more diet trends like we discussed in our seventies episode okay. The eighties was an extension of these diets that often leave out the groups and therefore nutrients. Okay so like. Don't you know yeah. Bold part take cheese out and everything else is okay but you never cheese sort of thing. Yeah people in the eighty s. I mean a test of pure will in trying to lose as much weight as possible. Fad diets here will look like america really and you'll talk about like how exercise. Oh yeah morphed and changed and they will indeed yeah super stuff but fad diets. Were not a flash in the pan during the seventies eighties. People have been actually trying drastic weight loss measure since the eighteen hundreds. Oh really yeah that while yes okay so a couple fad diets here. That people were like we're doing in the eighties. The cabbage soup diet was popular. I in the fifties but then it came back pretty strong in the eighties. Okay for seven days. You eat cabbage soup two or three times a day. You can also eat some other foods like veggies fruits and beef but only when you are told to like a zoo terry strict. This dia dive tells you. Yeah so people are losing weight but they were also like we tire. Kristen cabbage cabbage is really good for you. But not only have i like it. Has you know an addition. Yeah say put it in your suit to get a little crunchy. Yeah nice yeah absolutely. But not jeff's and cat like if you're eating a lot of cabbage it leads to gas. Cabbage like ocean can conway. Is it similar to broccoli. In that way yeah brassica family. Oh is that like a gase. Gase family guessing hanley. And when you are eating like only one thing you're not consuming other nutrients that your body needs to function I spoke about the grapefruit diet and our seventies episode on. This diet continued pretty strong into the eighties. Thanks to the myth that grapefruit can burn fat eating half a grapefruit or like six ounces of one hundred percent grapefruit juice before each meal can help you lose ten pounds in ten days long. That's banana the other morning. I ate a great for before my breakfast. And just be like what what people do. Why what were they thinking ryan and it just felt like i was of course. Didn't continue on a grapefruit. The rest of the the weak the weak or the day even but it just did you put on top of that now. I just stayed a plane us delicious. Was it very good grapefruit. Yeah i hate citrus fruit. Oh you do know oranges. When i played soccer as a kid you. You always have slices recess for the halftime. And i hated it. Just like suck. The juice i hated the pulp hated. The pope is of weird Harmless so on the grapefruit The meals consisted of protein and veggies. The diet is so low in calories essential nutrients people felt exhausted cranky same thing as cabbage on cabbage on your on the cabin. I remember this cottage. Cheese was so trendy in the eighty nine remember that too So cottage cheese is still often called like an eighties diet food. There was not an official diet plan around the cottage cheese but many people just ain't nothing because cheese for three days straight. That has like a diet. Plan ashamed but cottage cheese. Yeah wow i really. I don't think i've eaten it since the eighties i am. He's it when i make lasagna. Okay blend cottage cheese and roasted vegetables together. Oh yeah make it a paste in earlier at nights. It's actually quite good. Yeah but that's the only way. I use that idea like takes. I know i remember eighties. Sure yeah so. Cottage cheese isn't necessarily unhealthy but it contains zero fiber so eating so much of it can cause constipation digestive issues yet. I bet yeah. We also have the beverly hills diet by judy mazel. She released this. Nineteen eighty one. It sold one million copies. It was so popular that it was on the new york times bestseller list thirty weeks. Wow yeah major diet here but despite its success. Medical experts didn't support the books advice that you should not combine types of foods so seems like a dreams. I don't let this is pouring so this diet required you to eat fruit at only fruit for the first ten days and then you had to eat certain fruits specific fruits in a certain which is kind of like how we fed our babies food race to introducing green. Yeah by colors by day. Eleven you could include brad three cobs of corn and two tablespoons of butter on day. Nineteen a week later. You could eat protein so the diet continued like this incorporating like a new food every five to ten days often giving everybody likes circulation issues and diarrhea oh dear not balanced so circulation issues. Y do you know. I think just. They weren't getting the nutrients needed for like proper digestion. And just everything in your body is like stagnant. Yeah stagnant body here. Another diet like this was the fit for lifetime is familiar. I my mom had these books really fit for life was like a thing was linked cultish following like not bad call but Well kind of i mean and i just wanna say. My mom was mccall. She's listening like l. Telling people i'd just remember seeing that fit for life book and i didn't know at the time it was like certain food groups only at one time was the rule same thing. Same fan yeah. Elizabeth taylor published a book in nineteen eighty six about her weight gain and how she lost it. All and this led to the taylor. I remember her you know. She's like a balloon up. And then i know she's having such trouble. Yeah her suggestions were strange though. It was like tuna mixed with tomato paste mail and grapefruit together. No yes that's disgusting or peanut butter and steak sandwiches and she wrote a book around this thing about the peanut butter in the state. Maybe it's kind of like a saturday or whatever you know kinda guess could be kinda but that weird as the greek god. I'm just thinking i'm having this. Memory flashback peanut butter pickle sandwiches really in the eighties. Wonder if it was like an eliza or an lx. You ain't got peanut butter. Yeah just delicious. Though i know deep or whatever i know despite her strange food combinations taylor did speak about her weight. Maintenance truly coming down to self esteem and that is timeless. True isn't it again in. Nineteen eighty eight oprah announced that she lost sixty seven pounds in four months. Thanks to a liquid protein diet. Remember that wagon of fat that she pulled out on the stage. Remember her coming out in like a black shirt yet. She's looking so the end realize yeah. Yeah i remember that did she. She pulled out a wagon with her fat that she has lost. Yeah it was like a wagon of animal fat of like chunks of white fat to to say look at all those lost during a body. Yeah that's disgusting. So we didn't know at the time that she used up too fast. Okay we've found out later. This is a liquid diet program that replaces every meal with the drink providing only four hundred twenty calories a day. that's now so this became super trendy because of oprah's influence and eventually op fast. Was you know. Very famous chef received thousands hundreds of thousands of calls. She you know she's should maker trendsetter marijuana say in two thousand and five oprah acknowledged that liquid diet was a big mistake. Yeah and now she. I mean she knows she recanted. She did as well she should. And the way back of course of course them. All these things are not available day. I feel something we hopefully have learned. I know so a jenny. Craig found her weight. Loss brand in nineteen eighty three and it is still around today. Because i was looking up her stuff amalgamating notices on every time. I open my phone for jenny craig. I'm sorry why. Did you put your information that i didn't like they can tell searching on the. Yeah so this program. The jenny craig program is known for offering one on support coaching and prepackaged frozen meals. Which is that. The meals are convenient balanced and portion controlled. Yes but i was looking at the ingredients now which i can only imagine back then. Were not even high-quality. Picking already but these ingredients. I would never like as a nutrition person recommend anybody to eat the ones that are even in today's packages yes. Meaning i mean there's like zanthosyn. Gum gorgon canola. Oil is in which we are manufactured oil. Tell us a little more about canola in our bonus episode. Manish liu so it's the second episode area feed. Yeah so if you want to hear more cow split for you So anyway ingredients not so great to be better could be better but could it like with these prepackaged frozen meals. How it's hard to prepackaged meal healthy. I mean lots of people try. And i'm sure jenny craig is trying absolutely. Can you see you to add preservatives. Still have to add these things. You is yeah you must be shelf stable. Yeah so while convenient on the program is expensive. There's a ninety nine dollars enrollment fee plus the cost of meals are anywhere from like fifteen to twenty two dollars a day each meal or the whole like you by each her intention is to feed you completely on jenin grain so three meals and snacks come from her yeah squad the mercury is not sustainable again and every meal i mean minus the snack bars need a microwave so it seemed like she really at around this time in the eighties. The microwave was like becoming more commonplace. Sure there's like she really had like the upper hand on the The microwave i become a maybe she now. She saw writing on the wall. Yeah yeah took advantage like. Does anybody now have a microwave. I think very few very few i am. I know and i'll tell everybody now. Why i don't have so as of twenty eleven the. Us census bureau reported nearly universal coverage with ninety seven percent of household us households. Having a microwave in their kitchen. This is up from about one in four households in the mid eighties and barely just one percent in nineteen seventy one. So you see grow so back in the seventies you could open the microwave when it was going and then kept on going at it. Wouldn't stop open it. It stops right. Yeah back then you could like open. It's like a noisy via crank crank credit. You know so so. There has been some improvements definitely so so a defense contractor raytheon introduced the first commercial microwave ovens just after world war two repurposing magnetron tubes used during the war for short range military radar in fact some historians suggest that microwave radar was the technology that won the war seeking new peace time applications raytheon developed and marketed. It's microwave ovens to restaurants in airlines beginning as early as nineteen forty. Six relatively affordable consumer models started catching on in the late sixties by nineteen seventy four. There were an estimated six hundred thousand microwave ovens in us households however the consumers union told the public to be aware of the microwave oven warning that credible safety data was lacking health. Concern started to surface in the late seventies early eighties focused on the potential for radiation leakage. An expert tester of microwave ovens wrote in twenty ten like a lot of the research is still happening. Yeah this expert tester. Microwaves wrote in the electromagnetic spectrum. There is nothing but a judgmental line of demarcation separating xrays for microwaves Critics began highlighting other issues as well raising questions about flavor leaching of plastics. Ya and perhaps most critically the altered nutritional and chemical properties of microwaved food contrary to conventional ovens microwave ovens heat food from the inside to the outside the microwave oven bomb barreds food with waves that zero in on a foods water molecules bouncing around and through the item being cooked in thereby generating frictional heat. Yeah yeah they operate. At a frequency of two point four five gigahertz which is the same rate radiofrequency. You buy in-home wireless technologies such as four g wi fi routers bluetooth. Cordless phones baby monitors. I had heard about like your wifi image. low level radiation which. That's like a different issue than the mike guy. The microwave but that radiation is going through the food that we e in a microwave according to an article written in the us. Just skip over the fire Have three kids them. According to an article in the mid nineties there there are no atoms molecules or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent destructive power for any extended period of time islands. I mean to move the molecules of food around like that is like along the water in the food. The result is destruction and de formation of molecules of food and the formation of new compounds unknown to man in nature so by the late eighties. Researchers showed that microwave warming frozen human breast milk was inappropriate. Do the technologies. Do you remember the like. I just know i would never put yeah breast milk in the microwave and i honestly for years since the ninety s not put plastic in the microwave. Yeah i would never got my plastic and the dishwasher via a hand. Wash all my plastic. Yeah so because of the league chang. Yeah yeah everything's a glass ball. Yeah yeah but you put in the micro. Yeah so. I just thought this is interesting what it actually does to breast milk. So researchers showed that the microwave warming of frozen human breast milk was inappropriate due to the technologies effect on the content of the milk. Spend official iggy a antibodies which protect breastfed babies from infection additionally stanford researchers confirmed that high temperature microwaving a frozen breast milk also allowed undesirable e. coli bacteria to spread eighteen times faster compared to non microwaved mill. Oh my yeah. In nineteen eighty nine austrian scientists summarized research showing that microwave treatment of milk. Formula produced hazardous changes in amino acids amino acids are the building blocks of proteins hazard. Yeah hazardous changes that could lead to structural functional Immunological changes they also report the presence in microwaved milk of the amino acid proline which unlike normal proline is toxic to the brain liver and kidneys a currently the cd's currently the cdc advises. American consumers never took thaw or he breast milk a microwave stating that microwaving can destroy nutrients the milk so you would think that it would translate into other things as well right if for breast milk then so the eighties brought forth a ton of this kind of research demonstrated the microwave. Cooked foods unevenly in nineteen eighty one. If you've ever cooked a hot pocket you know that the microwave never time this kidding me. So in the eighties hopkins immersed in the ninety s. I guess you could get in boiling hot on. The outside of middle is frozen style. Let's because the shape is like bigger items can here. I don't think it's all about. Just i don't know maybe there's filling accept frozen. It wasn't even like just cold. It's rosenberg boiling honing sites up not helpful. It was opinion what you plan of sleeve and anyway. Yeah yeah so yeah. There's evidence right that microwave cooking evenly so in the early eighties the los angeles times described. How the us department of agriculture suppressed evidence that microwaved pork due to inconsistent. Cooking could harbor the organism that causes chicken. Oh man somebody who who puts park in the microsystems for the that's disgusting to reheat it then it's already been cooked. Yeah dolph work. What would you maybe. Somebody that doesn't know. Have coke though there's like. Everything is with micro insurer. Maybe here we judge. Yeah but the apparently the usda These result the results of the study under wraps for months fearing they with alarm the public. But all of these microwave studies are not like you know actively like published. People aren't like disseminating it to the now public. Now this is. This is the kind of stuff that like. You don't wanna believe no. I don't i feel like you're lying so You've mentioned plastics. Microwaving has also led to legitimate worries about the leaching of plastics like the bpa into microwave. Food the new york times did in nineteen eighty nine that before. Microwave ovens foods were not exposed to plasticizers plasticizers at temperatures. So high that the plastics became part of the food. Bill now we have products that are promoted as microwave safe however even plastics are not involved. Microwaving has the potential to trigger migration of other toxic substances depending on the type of container or packaging. The food comes in. I hate those like for the meal and they claim like the plastic is fine. Yeah it can't be and then the plastic ta yet right deal in the food. Yeah yeah that can be. It doesn't seem like it. I mean it could be low levels that maybe your body would flash out potentially but your liver. Your liver is the oregon that would flesh things out and she is already busy. That's true no need no need to like bring in some plastic. It's into then also all this. Yeah y- up to yeah so Pillsbury i introduced microwave popcorn in nineteen eighty two when it came out with frozen microwave popcorn but then orville red and bhakkar burst onto the popcorn. Seen just a year later in nineteen eighty three is that when orville random yeah thought it was longer than eighty three so the Microwave popcorn bags are lined with chemicals. I know the breakdown into p. f. o. as which is linked to infertility and cancer. All right so. I had two seconds. I do know that. About an i freak out about the microwave popcorn. Yeah i don't buy it. Yeah i do a little bit because the kids just love it. Yeah but i didn't know that but not all the banks have the lightning have chemical via you. Just don't know so. That's the thing they do. They have to say like you. Just don't know so it's like just kind of stay away from all the. Yeah because not necessarily all of them are going to have it. But i don't know what it what it does is that lining. Yeah so i've read prevents the leaking. It keeps breaking out. So that's what it's preventive like the oil is in the backyard because there's a lot going on there's a better there's popcorn seasoning oil to will battle als so This same toxin. That is found in. The bags is also on sorry teflon right. Now you're not supposed to be heat teflon beyond the medium heat. It's really bad. Yeah which i stay away from teflon. Now yeah so. As a result of microwaving the pf a this toxin migrates to the popcorn oil where it produces concentrations that are hundreds of times higher than the amount of pf as that could migrate from nonstick cookware. So well popcorn bag worse than tough on. Of course like you don't wanna know that really i mean i mean easier to replace your pan. Maybe than like changed the way that you pop popcorn but not everybody is sometimes. Ignorance is bliss. Does god yes. Nuclear popcorn cooked on the stove is a million times better times better. It's what my son it's like. He is known for his popcorn on the stove. Yeah a good thing. Yeah yeah. I love it. Yeah and i was kind briefly telling you. I had a friend who cooked popcorn on the stove. Yeah that he ended up catching himself on fire badly. How the hospital. Oh well he started with trying to warm up the oil and he put oil in the pan left the kitchen which is looking at apartments with like super far away but right down in the living room and forgot that he had started the wheel. And then the penn caught on fire in. Wow to go. Get it. And i think he put his hand on it tied to squelch it with him. Confide all god bang out on his leg leg gunfire and it was during a big snowstorm and and try to get to the hospital anyway. So if you can cook it on the stove just have with anything on the slopes yeah is moral especially if doesn't mean your heating up some hot oil it gets hot. Yeah i when i do it. I colonel in the oil and oftentimes. I don't wait to hit the whale after you don't have it in that way. The heat is starting to distribute the fire. Risk is a friend and he. Oh it was awful re there. Nobody saw him afterwards. Track pants on and then his track pants caught on fire. Oh god scary. Eve cascade horrible nece. That's a huge snowstorm. We make barely make it to the hospital. Oh so bad. And he's like burning oil and track pants everything. It's like flammable season. His sweet ninety track pan. God okay distract you. It's okay oughta so just be careful. Be careful Talk about what. How did not use a microwave in a minute okay. According to the fda millions according to the fda millions of unknown customers could be adjusting p. f. as from their microwave popcorn about ten bags of microwave popcorn a year could account for about twenty percent of the average levels now measured in the blood of us residents of us research like this. 'cause the soviet union back then when it was called the soviet union to ban microwave ovens from nineteen seventy six to nineteen ninety so the whole eighties decade. They didn't they didn't have they. Were not allowed to use microwave jenny. Craig for you now national so so i am one that does not have a microwave in my home and still my family will sometimes ask like. Are you sure my husband won't be like. Are you sure we can't have for some. it's a nonstarter. it's just a nonstarter for me. So what resonates with me as the nutritional information. I'm mostly all these decades. The decades-old research shows that microwaving food significantly reduces the nutritional value Altering the food in such a way through the microwave process lake aids in digestive disorders the chemical operations. That take place 'cause lymphatic malfunctions and people eating microwave foods show a higher than normal percentage of cancer cells in their blood. So right there that tells me like we don't know if we can protect ourselves from cancer completely but pulling the microwave out for me in my house just gives me a peace of mind that will at least dump. Doing that. one's name coming from that. It's not coming yes. Of course it's coming. Lord so i my kids have not grown up with a microwave when what will we do instead. So i was thinking of some of the typical things that are microwaved. Like reheating anything. And i literally just i re i turn on the stove and put the food in pan that i cook with in the oven and reheat it that way. It might take a little bit more time. But i make up for that in like trying to think ahead you know so instead of quickly throwing something in the microwave. I'm like okay lunches coming. I'm going to read dinner. Let me turn of a mom thirty minutes before. That's not practical for everybody. Yeah you're on a different time. Been home for five minutes. Yeah got to get it on the table but like my husband though. He works at night and comes home and we leave him play and he. This is when he wants the microwave once a year. But just feel so bad right now saying you're me anyways or reading heart night standing standing. Here's the plate of food maybe of the cheeses coagulated in the corner. Feel badly now say admitting oh man well i'm sure he's fine. He's gays. So when i was growing up i would make french fries for dinner in the oven. I sometimes with them all the way and they'd be half i and i'd be like whatever i can get used to it and we mentioned popcorn. We could it on the stove. And maybe i'll do a little cooking demo of popcorn how to make people have lost that knowledge weird but i talk about how i couldn't honestok. That's how i prefer it. Yeah and also because of the bags since about that and your friend and my friend yet. But i was just like you know i think some people like how do you even do. Lots of people like. Yeah even like what south. Yeah it's not a bad idea just to give. Yeah i love it because you can add your on like season and cinnamon popcorn. It's you can make better that you can control. It seems very sweet. You can control how you should put on like recipes seasonings when i will. Yeah well thanks for taking me on that scary journey you're welcome your turned okay Okay so. I'm talk about the nineteen eighties. Exercise fad trends out. What was going on then so exercise. The eighties in my mind is defined by three things people One would be jane fonda. Definitely course ray Jazzercise and richard simmons so All three kindly pioneers all three very difference. Okay so jane. Fonda was the pioneer in the world of home fitness and up until The of her ninety two workout video. Jane fonda workout exercise routines and regimes were designed for men overly. Oh yeah because women weren't supposed to sweat. They're not supposed to get all muscley. Women were just expected to maintain and lose weight through dieting. okay fad diets. Yeah mostly women. Did the fat diet right because they're not allowed to go work at you look sweaty and gross in feminine. Oh just maintained through cut that lasted long forever. We talked about that kind of eight all the way through glamorous all the time not anymore now gone so. The original eighteen eighty two jane fonda workout was the first non theatrical home video. Release to top sales charts. So oh okay so. This was the first one. That was non theatrical. Oh and it was the top selling vhs tape for six years. The dr Fonda accomplishment spawned imitators in sparked a boom of women's exercise classes opening the formerly male-dominated fitness industry to women and establishing these celebrity as fitness instructor. Model she kind of started that okay. jazzercise was developed in nineteen sixty nine Which i didn't know had originated that long ago. But i still kind of you. It as eighties thing. Yeah i knew growing up in the jazzercise record you did. Yeah your mom's doing here. Yeah she was doing on record so the lady who started it or established it was judy. Shepard miss it miss it And so she began she originator. She develops jazzercise because she was actually a dance instructor and she noticed she would have these dance classes and she shoes having a high dropout rate and then she started to make the connection that people really only attending because they wanted to exercise not necessarily become technically proficient in dance. Yeah so So then she kind of changed the formula so it was. She had kind of this exercise little routine in the beginning. Those set to jazz and then she just kept building on it and building on it and then it became jazzercise so fonda in miss it both saw a need and they felt it when village so call right. Yeah and so two did richardson's so most gyms and exercise regimes in the seventies eighties catered to those that were already relatively fit right of people that wanted to just maintain their level of fitness. Or perhaps just lose a few pounds. Didn't there were still unhappy with the way that they were really kind of trying to lose more so those that needed to turn outbreaks where they just said nowhere were places for people who are overweight or people who had never stepped foot into gem to go. But you know maybe they wanted to try but they had no place to go or that they would feel comfortable. Okay is it can be intimidating. You know air. You know overweight already uncomfortable. Potentially you feel and then just to go into. A place was filled with everybody who looks amazing. Yeah i mean right in combo. Amazing amazing still looks so it's an intimate it's intimidating and even if you are fit it can still be intimidating to go into an established exercise class where everybody knows everybody else and the already know the routine doctor's doing so anyway so he saw that need and he decided to fill it so many go into. How did that leader around to talk a little bit. I just about who. He is on hand his origin story as it were so he was actually born milton. Teagle simmons on july twelfth in nineteen forty eight in new orleans or new orleans as a child. He was surrounded by fried foods and pastries. I mean think about where he was right poboy Yeah and by the age of four. Excuse me four or five was starting to become overweight at eight. He was working in a candy shop and he was selling pralines like street corner or crawling. So i regret i say pralines yeah and that kind of contributed to his game too. He was just steadily as he was aging kind of putting on the pounds. His mother baked tim or cooked for him. Yeah just like a block of southern mother ryan. I mean just lots of fried food and always make sure you know. You look hungry Childhood friend even noted that His home had three refrigerators. Full feared like at all soviet new long is not not limited access to food. Yeah so as he aged. He continued to add pounds and eventually he peaked. Two hundred and sixty eight counts. I'm pretty sharpies. Only five foot five of her. Just how i am so delayed mo- hundred sixty eight pounds. Yeah so according to a nineteen eighty-one feature in the new york times simmons was working as a quote fat model in europe in nineteen sixty eight when he found a handwritten note stuck to his car in the note said fat people die young. Please don't die and it was signed anonymous. So that comes. That's sad but maybe it wasn't anonymous. Me somebody like his mom or well. He was in europe over. Maybe somebody who had worked with him. Yeah you know. But didn't wanna like tell him. Yeah so that message really rattled him yeah and he developed in disorder. Oh and what he did was. He survived on water and lettuce. That was at takao like your cabbage. Diet by liz's lead us so even imagine like iceberg lettuce so like basically water and food. Yeah yeah and he did that for two months and so he did lose a significant amount of weight but he was like suck. it was. Yes yeah it was making him ill so eventually he did recover this kind of spiral that he went him to and he developed a new philosophy. Which kind of carried him through. And it's a good fluffy it's love yourself move your body and watch your portions saw which is really the letting yourself could be hard but move your body watch abortions. Yeah yeah yeah so. He didn't actually go to college at florida. State university And after he graduated he moved to la in nineteen seventy three and it was around that time that he became. Richard simmons dropped. The milton and richard was actually the name of an uncle who had paid for his college tuition. Oh i imagine. Richard played better in. La then milton definitely. Yeah so you would think while in. La he searched for place to work out but felt none of the gyms offered him when he needed. They mainly catered to those. That were already fit So he opened his own studio because he's like oh forget it. I can't do it. My stuff and it was in beverly hills and it was called at the anatomy asylum. Crazy house an on. He'd leader renamed it slim's slim's q. Q. i wonder why he switched anatomy announced. He probably wasn't getting a lot of bookings. I would think yeah. Lemons is much yeah. Catchy cap So in a statement he made to entertainment tonight. He explained why he opened an exercise studio. He opened it as a way. This is a quote as a way to help. People make positive changes in their lives by having fun while exercising is a place to make friends. Listen to and learn from others lose weight gain confidence. These were all the reasons. I went to s- lemons to he says so. He went there for these exact same reasons to france to exercise. He's such as his place. Sweet loving personality. You know just really wants to help people so his lightly personality which we all know. Yeah from watching these commercials. Small seeing him on talk shows. I grow growing up so his personality drew large amounts of people to a studio and eventually landed him a recurring role on general hospital. Oh yeah that was One of my mom's that was that was going to. I watched it. I loved it can. Yeah she works like abc line up yet lived hospital and we could choose which one week at us which when we wanted to watch with her out of the three. Oh and we. I as joe is the best sound out i forgot. He was on that so he on. He was even in loris in. But present at luke and laura's wedding which in the eighty s that was the big mash. Yeah totally the both of the same kind of hair luke. Luke had that like we have seen early. Yeah curly hair your very much. The he was also appeared on chips. Did you watch that show now. Oh i love that. Show saturday night. Live the larry sanders show. So that's more into the nineties. I think arrested development thousands. I love that show. Whose line is it. anyway and david letterman. I love loved watching the david letterman. Show yeah in the nineties. And he was on it and he was always so funny. Yeah on it. I loved him so he used his celebrity to benefit others in create Excuse me successful. Weight loss programs produced exercise videos. That anyone could do. He rolled out his deal. A meal in one thousand nine hundred seven two over that one at all. It was a simple concept so similar to like weight watchers. Okay habit i think. It's maybe simpler counting calories so basically what it is. You have a little wallet and you would open up the billfold okra. And then on one side. You have your cards. And then on the other side of empty slots and so the cards. Each Color coded So let me read okay. Each food group was assigned card. Meats veggies dairy fats and carbs etc. Those on so when you eight from one of those food groups she would take the card out from one side and put it in the empty side into the slots on the guy and then when you were all out of cards. We're done eating for the day. Oh wow so kind of portion control. Things very like interactive system. I guess now we have the lake apps where you plug a totally which i do sometimes a custody. How many calories taking it. yeah so. it's like that. Yeah i feel as though because you know how maybe you had multiple meet parts. You knew maybe you had three. I know i would think because like i had sausage it breakfast now master. Not bad for you. But yeah i mean so in nineteen eighty eight. He started one of his most memorable fitness crazes memorable for me anyway. Sowetan to the oldies. Yeah they released on. Vhs tapes of course later converted to dvd's and still they can still be found on amazon today. Oh well cooked and there are some youtube clips on youtube as well. Yeah but i think he's more recently started to add them onto and i'll talk about that. Okay so he stayed busy through the nineties into the two thousands hosting cruises designed for weight loss teaching classes students so he's still would teach classes and they were like twelve dollars a class. Oh wow without level of air. He's still kind of so. I guess he was really getting a lot out of teaching. Yeah and he was making. I clinton personal connections with his students like he would literally be friends with the students and call them in. Check up on them and staff. Very sweet yeah. He was always willing to take pictures with fans so much. So that when celebrity tour buses would stop in front of his house and hopes for a glimpse of him he would run out and take pictures with many who wanted it and he would answer questions and he was always to me. It just sounds like it was always very much on. He was always that richard simmons personality. You know so because of this kind of fame would worked for in his personality in two thousand fourteen. When he disappeared mina literally disappeared. It was really what you're talking is apparent when he fourteen hundred fourteen. Yeah so in march of twenty fourteen. He banished from the public eye and there was much speculation as to what was really going on. There is some indication that perhaps he had hurt his knee. And despite this kind of recovering well he had heard it but he continued to work out to to each classes kind of kept up his schedule. And that actually exacerbated and made his other demand and then had to take a break but he never liked said. Hey guys injured gonna take a break you know like. He never ghosted did he. Goes to actually So then there is some thought that perhaps it was because his dog had died. Who was very close to he. Had like this I like to say an army of dalmatians. He had the eight at one point. Wow and so then. They all kind of died. And then he had the last one of that group Died after sixteen years. He had her for sixteen years so he was grieving. Maybe that's why he loved even doc so much that when he traveled he would call them and sing to them on the. Oh wow they really loved those dogs. so i So maybe that's that was why he retreated right. Another theory was Their theories that he was maybe transitioning or he was gravely ill So since all these rumors were swirling nobody understood was going on. He tried to kind of quell a bit of it by calling into good morning america but it was just a call so there's no video confirmation of what he looked like how he and his parents. Yeah so it didn't necessarily squash the rumors but at least we knew i guess people knew that okay fine. He is still alive. Is major followers really following. Yeah grieving that where. Where did we go. And so it was also in two thousand sixteen that he decided to close his beverly hills studio so the classes were still being held and people were subbing for him. What his class wise but he decided just to go ahead and close it People were hopeful that he would show up to deliver an inspirational speech as he been known to do Or just to kind of be there for the send but he didn't show up and people who attended stripped the places pictures and workout equipment and stuff like that to take home momentum. I mean they allowed. It wasn't like they were looting necessarily but he wasn't. There wasn't which you can he'd had it for forty forty years thirty. You're thirty thirty something years. I don't know matt's not my thing but a good long time. Yeah good longtime. Yeah so an excuse me in two thousand seventeen. There was an accusation of elder elder abuse leveled at simmons longtime housekeeper by former friend and a masseuse of simmons and he claimed she was holding him against his will so the lapd visited his house to perform a welfare check. They spoke to him and his housekeeper in separate rooms and determined that he was just fine he was nothing held against as well and she was doing her job. She's keeping the public away from him. Is that what he wanted. And she had been with him for many many many years even at one point referred to him her. Excuse me at his wife. Oh so so. There's to bear the area close really. Nobody else might understand. Yeah and so. She's there so somebody who maybe doesn't know him very well and only has a very brief interaction with him in her might think that maybe she's doing something the lapd is that everything is fine. And i'm pretty sure if they performed to welfare checks on him In each time. Saying he's fine. So i i did get a lot of information From a podcast. Called missing. Richard simmons which is still available to listen to is not very link upset. So it's really interesting. Yeah so on that podcast. The host interviewed richardson's brother and he denied that anything untoward was happening to simmons. He was not being held. Hostage wasn't sick. He wasn't transitioning he was just staying away. Maybe he was just explore still exhausted. Right i from. I'm doing so much of himself and he did. He just gave me got in return but also so many people were needing him. Potentially i could see where you would just kind of crack. It just couldn't keep going with that so where is he now. Yeah right so he did reemerged during the pandemic. Okay so this is after. This podcast was in two thousand seventeen. So it's peers old But he did come kind of shit. Oh a little bit of himself in the pandemic He began re releasing videos on youtube. Okay and Because i guess he was trying to do. People needed to exercise at home. You know you can't suggest yeah so he was kind of still feeling the aid. right season. eighty feels that he's also teased that he'll be releasing new licensed products. This was earlier in the year. But i haven't seen anyting. I kind of lessons march twenty twenty. This happened yes yes so earlier. In the year he said may i think he started a little bit of activity on facebook and then releasing some youtube videos and but just basically old clips so it's not new conduct and the ad that maybe he'll have some new licensed products who up but nothing. I kind of was doing some. Google search seen anything had come out and i didn't see anything could wrong. Maybe there's something out there. I dismissed it so perhaps the real reason for his retreat from the public. I came from simmons simmons himself nearly forty years ago speaking to people for a profile in november nineteen eighty-one. The fitness expert said the day. I don't love any of this. I'll walk away. Oh and maybe that's what he did. Maybe that's what he did. He just couldn't do it anymore. Yeah interesting how old is he will. He was sorry to ask you. This is the ages. He was born in forty six right six forty eight viewed sound. What would that mean cam. I need my phone. That would make him seventy two. Okay would that be right something like something like that and sixty s early seventy yeah I saw a picture that looked more. Recent and owens looks the same teams here still kinda poofy incur just looks a little more replay. He maybe he just stopped loving it. Like some yes. I'm sure it was draining emotionally to have a high to always to be giving and people sometimes when they're in that place. There's really needing a lot so maybe it just keep on doing any. Yeah who knows saying it was a big. He was a big part of my experience. Yeah heaps everywhere. Yeah eighty ray on tv and infamous records again. Like did she ever do to the older. Yeah she did yes. Oh my yeah alison. I are gonna do some sweating to the oldies are and we're going to record it and potentially put it up. We'll have something to look forward to. Maybe on our instagram and facebook. Sweating to the oldies. I want to see the check. So yes so pre we'll go. Hey job yeah. That was our eighty s. Eighty s episode. Yeah nineteen eighties yet. So we'll yeah we next week. We're going to talk about greece greece next week. Yeah yeah that'd be fun. Yeah what's gone on amazon time ago longtime and in the meantime please follow along with us. We have lots of content that we put on our social media accounts. Facebook can help you and instagram can help you underscore right and our g mail is can we help you at g mail dot com. Shoot us an email. If you like. Yeah leave us a review and please all by that would be amazing and senate our links to your friends who are interested in history the movement all that. Good stuff yeah.

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