Hello my name is rik houston and welcome to the scene. Volk podcast your source for all things nascar. History told you motor out of the car and he took his hands hateful. What food was all into that stuff. And he's it and thousand dollars. I need early caution. The caller austin for about ten minutes now so upset. I said i just cannot keep doing this. The day nassau and all of us associated in any way with mascot. Forget its path today. We donate any everyone. I'm steve wade and my name is rik houston and welcome to the same vault. Podcast and steve. We had a comment on the third installment of the interview. With michael mixed wayne over on youtube that i wanted to kind of discuss our. We get started this way. All right buddy barker now. Nobody but he commented on that episode. I rule in journalism. Never make the story about you. The journalist i'll good up until that bad form. So i got a little bit of a negative review does make a point now. I will say this right up front. I absolutely agree. That journalist shouldn't go looking to make a store about themselves. I am on board with that one hundred percent. I do not disagree with that at all. Nor do i however i would have never suspected that the interview with michael would take that kind of turn where. He said that he was still kind of struggling with being out of the sport even though it has been more than a decade since he left. I had no idea that he felt like that. But it was just something that i personally had dealt with in my own life and in my own career. I was let go by nascar on july. Twenty two thousand and four to this day steve. I can still remember looking in the rear view mirror of my vehicle that i was driving at the time and seeing the gate to the parking lot at the rnd center in concord. Shut behind me. And i gotta tell you. That was an empty feeling. And i went from working for nascar to literally being on the outside looking at just like that so no. I didn't go into that interview. Looking for a way to make it about rick. Houston but when monaco told the kinds of emotions that he'd been dealing with it sounded almost exactly like my own story and i just wanted to let him know that he wasn't alone. I was just a friend reaching out to help france. That's my defense. I'm just going to leave it there. Whether it gets up and clear. Okay i we do. File journalism principles. Here we strive for accuracy and we strive for detroit but let's face it. We are not the new york times. This is a podcast. What we're doing is having guests on and telling stories about the past and they view themselves and things they did in the pet we get into conversations and during these conversations. It's not unusual to feel empathy for the other person that we're talking to. And so we express that empathy somehow some way. I think you were doing with michael. That's all it was now. I agree as a youth. Share agree that journalists don't need to write about themselves talk about themselves but they do need to express themselves when they feel a certain empathy for the person they are talking to that simply a good interview and a good conversation. And that's all well that's all we about. I'm going to be honest. When i first broke into journalism it would have killed me to get a criticism like that blood. The more columns. You are the more opinions you're going to express and the more opinions you express the more other people are gonna disagree with you. Sure and i'll always go back to this race. Bristol spring rice and ninety seven. Jeff gordon bumped rusty wallace out of the way to win the race on the last lap. Jeff didn't wreck rusty rusty held on to finish second and i wrote a column expressing. The fact to me is not open for debate. I expressed the fact that jeff did exactly what he should have done with the checkered flag on the line fair enough and at that time the surest way to get any kind of a response out of racing fans was to express any kind of thought about jeff gordon one way or the other as it was for dale earnhardt well my was published and i didn't think that stupid fax machine was ever gonna stops messages pro and con about that column and we wound up getting about one hundred messages pro and con and to be honest with you. They were split fairly evenly. Fifty percent was pro. Jeff gordon fifty percent was anti geoff gordon and of those fifty percent. That were anti. Geoff gordon who mercy. There were a handful out of those that were stated. I just got downright ugly. A happen sometimes. Well just as a sample. This note came from don. And dorothy croker from california and this was an email in the days of email and it was directed to you and you were kind enough to pass it along to me now kind of wonder if don croker is not your pin name or something no nine or this is what donald dorothy wrote. I must say that this is the best piece you have wrote today. Spoken like a man and true love. I thought all along that the only reason you have the job on the staff of the best newspaper in the sport is the requirement to have at least one anal orifice in the group. Please excuse the misspelling in grammar. I'm still so upset. I can't say straight. I gotta take a break. What i figured. Out what anal orifice man. I was kinda offended. So steve promised me. You didn't write this. no. I didn't write this. I would never consider you and any orifice at all well. I'll look don up on facebook. And i found who i would assume to be him. He had a bunch of racing pictures in his profile and everything and he looks like a very nice person and i sent him a friend request and he accepted it. Steve i are now friends. On how about that. I love a happy ending. Anal orifice steve. Before we get into the show. This week i do wanna mention the fact that we lost eric mcclure. Yesterday eric was the son of morgan. Mcclure motorsports owner larry maclaurin. We talked to him on the podcast last year. But eric drove two hundred and eighty eight races in. What's now the xfinity series. He had a really bad crash at talladega. Evidently left him with some injuries that he had some trouble. Dillon with but i don't know what happened yet. Don't know how and why we lost him. Don't know that we'll ever know why. But we did lose him yesterday and that came as just a huge huge shock a lot of people he leaves behind. Fiance and steve. He leaves behind seven daughters his first as marriage so that just hit home was a lot of people in this world. It's very tragic. And eric pass way too soon. And a specialist over ever nods this week in our first segment. We're gonna share the second installment of our interview with ronnie thomas and he talks about the frustrations of having to run. Like we go slow or we don't go those frustrations kinda bought over. He did talk about an incident with the k. Orrick that got kinda that kinda there for a second eddie gossage. Who is now. The president of texas motor speedway got to drive ronnie's rice car. What's up with that. That didn't turn out too well and then he also talks about his his dad's relationship with the absolutely legendary wendall. Scott i think it was kind of relationship that wendell did not get to enjoy very much during his career. So is a very good thing for the thomases and for him. And then i don't know that i would call it a bombshell revelation exactly but ronnie did talk about some of the deal making that went on behind the scenes between him and some of the bigger teams in the sport. Well i can tell you this A lot of times over the years especially the media would suspect. There's something like this went on but it was really never made public that much because no one would admit to it. Well we'll find out a little bit different today. L. ronnie admitted to it then in our second segment. We're going to go back to the july. Twentieth nineteen seventy eight issue. Grand national sane this issue featured coverage of a dominant victory. For kale jabre nashville. Richard childress collected the best finish of his winston cup career. Ronnie thomas finished tenth the first top ten of his career and there was also an awesome. And i mean. Awesome interview with richard petty. That jin grainger did. Oh yeah. I remember this one long book well. It was hard to forget. I can tell you that. Finally we do have new patriots support from scott trivet and increased support from jared stanley. So scott and jared thank you thank you so much for stepping up to the plate and helping us preserve nascar history and helping us to produce this podcast every week thank you. You are a part of the team now. And i really do appreciate that so listeners if you can play supports on patron supports on pay pal. The patriot address is patriae on. Pat r. e. dot com slash. The same podcast. Or if you would prefer just to do a one time show of support you can do that at pay pal dot me slash the same bought podcast speaking of some of the bigger teams and junior johnson. And rainier and everything. How much how did you get from them. As far as tires or parts or pieces or engines or anything or cars or whatever. Is that something that you went out. And really well like from rainier and some of the most. The help i got from them was just when i was in her way. Going through inspections line put them helped me push my car the white so they get through quicker that was. I mean seriously to help. I got was get out of the way but you know as far as what i was doing. It would be a patties and junior would they were the closest I went down badges a couple times with boy band. Joe you know. He's got that little used to having science and were money by speed. How fast you want to go where you couldn't afford to banjos too often. Are you know he wanted money. Frees us Because he was topped the land at that. But most i'd go down and get from junior and richards and i'll spatial when they went from winter. Chevrolet and i'd get tires. I'd go down junior this funny. We went to martinsville. I went to pay it. He's said talked in with forty. We got a bunch of tires for more. They all go down there and thought i was man. I'll tell you one thing. They all these tires now. They were used some of them. The sticker would just barely wore off main like some of might add twenty laps. I go down there. And i had this panel man truck and i had full cars for wilbur and so back then you dad. We'll spur say you might have fifteen tracks. The maybe us run the same number tires at half the tracks. You didn't have a tire forever track. You might run williamsburg and richmond martinsville same tired and you might go to rockingham and darlington in dover new run that compound tire so i went danner carlson gateway to everything i get in the truck act back about sleep. We had about eight. Cents tariffs barnesville now. They were old tires but is going down the road feeling glad with those cars name what we do qualified. Then you go to richard or junior childress him you give them one hundred dollars. You had your old tires. i'll thank you. Senators head to lapse of scuff on them three laughs. You'd put them on a qualify heroes. The problem with doing that. We got into a lotta race is doing it but you get your car. Set up with your old tires when i'm talking about cars Down with something deidre stone a month earlier and had dinner if they had five or twenty laps. All you get your car. Set a pretty good when you'd put their tires on head two or three laps. He wanted to do the tires sticks. Good they would actually over time the car you would pick up speed but if we would have had a set to put on before that knew what were we know new. Got the car. Set up a little better qualified. So there's rights as that. You know we was charlotte. You was our taylor story. About one are gerald martin artfully some. So y'all was their town higgins. Czar say yells in this press room or something other and one of the reporters. Come and tell me i don't if you're not but went down. Are we had android. Run two or three rights. You go to charlotte. Guess what happens woods brother. Show a bullet shows how can shows a people run and race. Your toil had about. We'd run a race to get ready to try to qualify. Weedon ever get darena track. But oh black on monday. Or tuesday back in charlotte. We didn't usually get now. We missed the first day of qualified. We'd be there for the second third. So we qualify the second day. Naturally it'd be fifty cars earned. We'd be thirty feet. The forty fifth like you know you go to the motel at night. I'll be impartial man. We need a half a tenth trying to figure out what to do. Track next day when i go to whoever it was. We boxed a core off. And you know i do. Applaud check neural prosser. Neural parker jameson. Came how much lean down try. Get a little more know going down here. I'll give you plug or change a couple plugs. This sailor try to get everything you could so go down there. And this was eighty or eighty five good air qualified. We're on hot seat. Hot seat fifty cars there. You know what happened is am the member like year stay langton and all of them stood on their pound the day before you could stand on your time in and if it was fast you didn't have to qualify the next night man. We was like thirty eight thirty. Nine hundred martius you a couple cars. Pick up we're going to show so we go out. He won't be like a chorus qualified calls. What happened is the bush chorus practice or whoever practiced track got slick and it got hot day. All the people stood on our time. They're pretty darned sight. So we go out qualified. And i cannot remember the nassar's but we was on the hot seat for about the last five cars. And i said brian thom soehn hotseat. He might slide as stein. And dole ford. Y'all remember dole. Forward lag an oscar by the alabama track. They come over and they lightning. Come on and said you'll get in this thing. Guess who was. The last car was the twenty eight core out member who was driving in which was what year eighty four. Kale was on the hot seat. Qualify marshall. so let's start load up house on new said. I hope i got us a man. I hope he blows up or spins out hits. You mean i say that but you did say that they don't appear don't there was. I think it was twenty eight carbon. Whoever was it was a top name. Driver said work on home. And i'm sitting in the car. I didn't even get out of weeds in the garage. Sitting there and couple of visual round standing are sitting in the car. And i said ronnie thompson bulb. I'm sit core honestly for about ten minutes. Marshall said he jumped up on the table with toolbox was in the garage area. Sitting there now slips that and i said i just cannot keep doing this. I said man it is frigging hurtful. It's embarrassing now. Said at is not. Can't keep doing this so oscar saying how they might be. Somebody will get through this or something happens. I mean you couple of visuals and we got along good with did happen. So load up my toll marshawn said and i just don't know how much longer i won't do this. But i've sputtered out you. Know we'd run a race n. b. o. France calls me at my job. It was eighty five or something. Go to pocono always at pocono and pocono in dover time he go there hit forty four sarpi. Will i times on thirty nine. Cars are in bill france company. Hasty you go to dover. You'll get into rice. Said we don't have. I can't give you no money. But i can guarantee you'll get in okay. We go to dover. I mean did have trouble getting in go to pocono at and andrew trouble in so got to be a deal where we went to mark the alert five cents on. We made a mars but we went to bristol's four or five covers over. We went to darlington. There is five or six over. We made it but it was a struggle all the time and he got worse and worse. And i'll tell you story about sandy jones. Do you all remember him and he worked for darryl. He went to okay. Y'all remember help jamie means everybody helped jamie maine's it might be wrong but now i'm wrong. I think it was a vaca- orrick might be. But i'm pretty sure it was saying john's will make sure i'm bank. God we got to darlington. We did have a back motor but it was an old man we go to darn oh friday practice motor blows up i practice marshalls are with being and know the guy ron kelly ran road passed away. He likely he went with us. China motoric quick. Do i have to qualify the next day. I mean that evening. Guess what blow divider dern but a couple of cars over thirty of quicksand wasn't world. Can we do so. I didn't know you go over to richard. Maurice three thousand overnight in have it. We go to somebody else junior. Said i don't have anything. I understand that night on so we didn't have the three thousand dollars to rent a motor so in this might be a pretty sure. It was sammy. John's but it was de que or smoker. Two cars down there. In thank baxter price might have been driving cars so we go down there. They stood on their time the day before house when those bush cars go after saturday they slick well. Everybody was hot. September cup cars practice and the bush cars practice card track out slick so we didn't have a motor. Sandy says. make sure. I'm right but it was. One decays guys did entrance. He said we got an engine in a truck. If they let you use it you can get in with. And he said we've had it in. It just wouldn't make no speed now. What he said were speed. i be a debt motor. We'll get into show and went topped the cake city. They us putting it in able run fast enough to get you in rice. Said well can attract and he said it's no use so turnout civil. What are you. George me just two laps with the qualifier. Hey surani take the boat or put it in the car qualified with it. We got the motor in that particular day as on saturday and if they closed garage for lunch for like thirty minutes in qualified we thought of the minute we was the motor and trying to get a into us all what to call five minute clock. Then we pushed down pit road and i'm actually wipe them out hands off. Everybody was working and stuff on it. We got it cranked up. an oscar. Bowman was run the scales and we live for carpal scales and it he went cows. He's trying to get a flu where we can qualify runoff scales running. Couldn't colon down and trying to get the motor warmed up. We get down there and the guy and he said one minute outside. Okay said i need to warm up a minute minute. He looked are seconds. had a rudder. I went up. We made the show so we knocked out of the rights. Decay orrick now. Here's what all member i don't remember. It was decay or decays car. He comes over and we had. I had then we had a fan off of i o furnace fan. We had with us. We added on this car right here. We know no sikora cooling it down. I told the guy saddam. We'll go over to the hot dog. Stan get everybody hot dogs and hamburgers and drinks so go with the hot dog stand. I get hot dogs. Hamburgers drinks for body. We laying on top the car right here fans blown decay said get my motor out ronnie and said okay l. Said they can't just let me. And i said it's hot. You king touching. He said a hurry up. And get it out hell. Everybody's there eating leaned up against carcelle table eaten food decay. Oil-rich comes down. He said i told you to get my f- and motor out of the car. I said okay. And he took his hands and he what food was all to that stuff and he's slugging it pit road. I mean he actually slung that stuff. He said acid get by motor. Out by squint. Thirty minutes i. We had about ramp to go to him. This site for sure. i'm sandy commodities that motor. Get in the show so tell stores kind of made alone story. It's kind of a funny story. How things go when you had a stroller rates but i want to say one thing album. Struggling a lot of people had it worse than me. You know. I look back and i always said i had a rough and i find out you know. I had it bad nurse. People had a lot worse. Me don charlie roberts from anniston de stocks for tots thank you sadie run it four five years or something number savings seven at sonic king four times. He told me he said. I didn't tease. Just couldn't afford to do it. And he said just leave to rights but baynes on the table. I mean that's you know. He had no reason to latin so we did a different route. You know we want and eating steaks we want jet said. We'd lived a very meager lifestyle. And you know you've been and been dad out of being just like a world brooks. But i had him to keep me in check so you know i hate. We didn't run better than we did. But we did the best with good with what we had when we got here today. You gave us some notes about your career. And if if. I asked every question and i wanted to ask about these notes. We would be here until monday audience. You go through the good stuff the band there. There's one in particular. And i'm gonna just read it word for word so i don't get myself in trouble. It says to make ends meet and racing. I was approached by some big name teams to bring out a caution for them which i did but i'm not proud of it but we did what we had to do. I got here that storm now before we hard. They'll be fooled. We knew as apprentice that those things happen. But we'd never read. It asked about it because we knew why said well. How can you blame this guy. He's doing that because he's respect him. This guy's at then respect coming forward to pay him bank presenting wrong way. I just thought it was part is board. So let's be added financial reasons. I understand and other. I don't know. I mean we know coppola people did it. I mean when people show up a certain people trucks and trailers and two or three weeks. Everything's happened you kinda ball but you figured out. What did i do a dozen times. No but i did it several times i did it detente on did it martinsville. Here's the thing. I've been told by many people. Don't mention the names calls. You know they won championships. So if i mentioned the names he kinda puts a tarnish on their championship. But i will tell you one guy. Big is three big name and nine hundred wrightson. But this won't protect one. He to change ship in odyssey order the mid eighties. It could be different people but he got hurt is kinda funny as james hilton. Had the deal. Jane's mr race at martinsville. He comes to me and he said you wanna make some money. I said how's that he's bring out a caution flag early so and get this guy that corn relief driver in it and he was up near the front the points in utah and he said if i l. dollars heck i had finished twelfth year two thousand dollars and so i talked to the and this guy you see him all the time as very big name crew chief one of the bigger ones. Go talk team at the corner. They're trying i said What's what's the deal here. And he said and give you a thousand dollars anita early caution and and so all i can tell you is one thing telling me. Don't head to tighten seatbelts up side. Cows it's gonna be a quick. Here's the funniest you realize. I was in the bank star. They draw flag. I go down in the corner. And i just talked to break up going into the first corner and house run about fifty miles. Marijuana spun around backwards and gm bohdan wander race down too much here. Got pantheon adjacent. Bohdan wins rice. I'm sent backwards. And i can't remember housekeeper or ford was flagging but i'm backwards in the first corner. They don't throw the flag out here. They come out of the fourth corner. Said i frigging moving. Got almost finished by ways. Caution i started. It is been around. I detail in the field. I of course to get two thousand dollars the next week at now bleed. It was we'll s- borough where to next week. I get my money. I said ron thomas come to the nascar trailer. Beattie you've been found a thousand and one dollars. I didn't get anything because they couldn't prove anything going to trigger. Here's the deal with big. He always called me raleigh but he was mad about some he'd say son. I never could figure that so. I'm going to try to shut door sedan. Manhattan little couch and shut the door down son cramp. That's not gonna ask you some say. Why don't you spend a morrinsville last week. But at the race star you go down in the corner and spin around us dick. I had old tires on you all know people. Now we barred tires qualify them but we start rice. We put her out tires from a racer to before and had on acid. I had those old tires on and they were hard. We're hard but net howard. So so i said i hit the brakes sputter l. backwards and i said i was just running spanish when i went down from hard tires. Don't run fast spin as a funny. I did laugh so i grabbed the trailer. I don't even get car. Nice say so and so driver come the nascar trailer. not pro. marshall said he's getting his mouth full rights force. But it's you know. And i did it daytona one time and what. Here's buddies one day telling. I'll tell you this when i did it for junior. And and he are titus little thing. Here's what i can't remember. Oh pressure check the water temperature. Something i can't remember how it was. That was the cue for the gulshan flag. So he back him one no lucky dog back then if a guy was damn it down but he got by the leader college and played command. He made his lap up one of had earned back then. So so you had actually a cue that. If they said something on radio they would get with bomar with my dad or marshall which crew chief been. I can't remember what it was either though. Check on pressure water. Or something like so i'm it daytona and like i said if we've been running. Here's a bad. I'd been running top ten or top fifteen. I wouldn't have done it. We run when you're crapping. What's making differs so we got out. Are we get tired. They gave me the dying in little. Okay i flipped out the thing out of gear. Halfway down the backstretch. Well i get four return on my counter. And i'm still running ninety mile an hour. We'll get ready to beat road us. Turn i gotta get so. I'm trying to slow down with rates. Let car pinch ford now get slowed up stop at pier road entrance. So of course stop daito. The college flag ale tro pushed me. And we'll go down pit road and borsum raises a hood. Axiom looking inside the car got it not take back out and of course you get you parts. Junior didn't want too much on giving money like give parts and you can't blend. Shively was give him stuff and all this. I go down instead of give me money. Give me said. I used heads and say hundred and eighty degree hitters and stuff like gap. And i'm what those guys people realize. Those guys made a lot of money off the little guys making their money and you know the thing about is does it tarnish the sport way you can look into three different ways now. They don't have to have somebody. That's been which who knows what goes on now. But now you got all these frigging lucky dogs so most times. You don't had fairly. They don't need it there in to me. I kinda way thank. It's good old timers. People me older. They don't like this stuff of the lucky dogs. Now but you know nascar got to do what they gotta do to keep the sport going so you know the thing about it is instead of having the guy win it running five hundred guy. Second run five hundred guys. Third runs four hundred ninety seven gosport. Next thing you know you get back to your place car. He's twenty laps back. That don't really look good for the sport. And the way i look at. What's it matter when you get back to fifteenth or twelfth. Guess on one way you say what's bad or in one way it gives them guys more. Tv time and everything. You know the only time you say it's bad is maybe somebody on and twenty dollars a day and he gets lead to have a rain mess up cameras in he wins. Of course guy wins. It's a good thing for him but you know just how much last thirty years. There's another note on here. It says eighty gossage practice. My car bristol. What were you thinking we went. We went to bristol in eighty. Was this car. He was the monte-carlo right. After this we went to bristol. And i got still got the beal i had it laminated friend of mine. Laminates here and charged charges one hundred fifty dollars to track. We took we had two cars. Then we took both cars and we played around with them. You know to coastal we'd always getting it could be forty cars at bristol for some reason. I could always make the rates. They even had on stuff. I just like bristol. Got around are good qualified. Save with harry and helped me one time. So i like to race at and leaves are practicing and marshall we had many house are there was about fifteen with because we got where we want. Read a lot of rice ounce that y'all wanna go need to go because i don't be doing it was about ten or twelve. They took off work and went down zone. It was a week before the race was like on a thursday or friday the week before. We'll go out darn. We practiced giants brain changes shock. Take the cry chase a couple sprayings. Do this move track bar. We just plan ramped everything. Seeing what worked did so they go to lunch. Eddie gossage comes down. I can't remember if it clark. Was he at bristol them to you might have been try to get in touch with masking but eighty gets in the car. And guess what we had put a body home. Edit my shop here put a new body on it and and all the vendors out there right up here too little shop ahead so said eighty take his thing out run a few laps. Shoot out so you ain't gonna after and run a few labs guess what i did. Nobody's arbor mahanadi. The guys went to little store down the road. How about a mile from race track of toilet. A little store had blown in sam's and all that kind of stuff and i said bring me something back. I let eighty slotted after you lay offs. Guess what the brand new body. I've forgotten lived hood pm sale. He comes out down a bank. I think the windshield it bit bit to roof up. Eighties kohner now. Guess i get no compensation a high if you owned a drive and an. I'm just kidding. So come back in our head to head off. He pulled hood off and both are with the terrorists monster and he was with pulled the hood up. We was beating out out march. He what in the world he said. We'd just put told him what happened. He just shook his head. But but you know. I took every gas something i did. I don't have any people's ever do this. Every count was with me for we let that evening. They said the track five about four fifteen four thirty. I said anybody will say run. A cup car can do it. Every guy with me got into race car and you know what to the person saib back then. The poll might have been like sixteen or seventeen plan. They get out during my seventeen thirty. You know what. Tehran said gonna run it. Come in how to run. Twenty three seconds. Twenty five six. What i mean in april one of them said i got an admiration for now that in high up out state it was a lot easier than what it looks like as i say people watching on tv. Nick being cornered driving. You don't look that bad you get inside even if you're running twentieth. See the thing. Kale and richard bobby on pearson thing about damn they had dirt deal they run. Here's our deal. We wrote our bus j. d. and jimmy and decay and baxter and all these guys. You're you're back here on tommy gale. Just keep on your back here. Here's why people don't realize you're at here your darlington you've run at one. Hundred fifty. Five hundred sixty looks like a run a hundred fashion but run foul monitor fast rate monitor faster day. Go by your with your abolish. Well guess what you got to get out of there for. You can way the same time. You've got sure gaza and it's kind of a deal where you're watching what you're doing and you're watching what you're doing so it it a little tougher than what people thinking. You're trying to be very careful not to tire the carved saint thompson it. You know those guys had it up but he was tough in the back. Sometimes to steve. You know what that means. Don't you or the forget the pace car. If i had been there that day i could have driven ronnie's race car. Holy cow you there. You've got in it. I would've heard you live. And i would have put down to thirty five seconds. Just apl thank. It just went to martinsville play. Earls down there me. And buddy eric and player charge me is nineteen seventy eight or seventy nine called play up the clay try to come. Try to not qualify. Back with steve. We couldn't get a top twenty or fifteen plays qualifying. I'll say we come to buy a new set of tires try. He said come on. Down player said the arab arrogance coming on friday or some- among down. I said how much he said. You don't owe me a thing. And here's the key to the gas pump. the union gas pump. Here's funny story. So we go down there and practice and run so it gets gets down and afternoon. Window scott's there and he's worked of course he won rights and tanis workloads on. My dad was our uniform. All i had a golf uniform lining. I didn't put a uniform on practice. Way when i was i had to go out and practice you get out numeric. You want you back in practice. So that afternoon comes by dance. Did win drive that car two lamps. I said okay look shore and i said you run g lapsed. I'm not driving it as well if you don't drive. Okay i'll get some day. Goes eight runs. Five six laps with put win. Limit winner runs either ten laps. Get out you know and me feel so you now. So much of this stuff is politicized. Now what aggravates me. We did it dan it. We didn't see skin color win. Let's truth. I mean dad liked him. I knowing knowing like yeah well. I mean lobbied realize us. Hey drove my dad's car. What twelve rices nine races. I mean payday plumbing. And two of them so i mean so you know we let him run My dad drove. I drove it and I got to tell you about at dartington real quick. We'll tell you what earl brooks did so in practice over earl sales data. I said i know well. I didn't call him mr url. Can i feel my car with gas amp breaking down here. I go down there. And he don't don't tell nobody so. Fill it up with gas. i said. Hey i got a copa of big race in cans can fill 'em up to yeah. Don't say get bill. Mcgann's cans up your. I got my truck. Here i said. Hey you feel that sole so truck was the funniest thing i can't on i feel in your truck. Oh poor you get all the gas. Could but jamie cox here. Monday as crew chief and ran a few races in company. Nineteen seventy. i think is win. Win drove at darlington. Stab your saved me one. But anyway at star city shop and put thirty four on a door so take back yard. And i think it was bristol after the race looked in a book down. Thank you got four hundred dollars or something. Were window finished. Window and toys car up at trenton new jersey and things like a sixty eight or nine four terrain some after raise. He comes up. And i seen it in a program and i asked my dad about sir. Weird story passed away about story. And said yeah. That's right. come up give her. I mean give wendell two hundred dollars and he said what's his full and he's a driving a car window said you're going to pay me to drive your car and solicit help you. I haven't window. And i'm just saying i didn't tell anybody for years. Say daddy and do it for a reason. He didn't do it calls this matter. They matter he did it because he knew were wind will come from. And i think i don't know the whole story on wendell. But from understand. He put his kids through college. I'd heard so. But so that tells me wendell must must've been a little bit smarter. Why people give him credit for but still you know i know window was gonna raise no matter what he wanted to ranks so You you look back at this stuff and you wonder all these peop- not saying but when a top to people like urban roads and dick may he's gone now but To can you remember guy name a can irv when he was working down here four years ago at trump team arc in bar back in thank was his name. They called him to. Can i wanna talk to him. I said europe ceo. Dick naive steel. Even then he said yeah. He said Cities he doing all right and he was living in mobile homes. Things really struck. I mean a lot of people in mobile home but he was really released in march cities. Check was eight hundred and some dollars answering said yes. Say i've seen the check. So i'm just thinking all them years. Dick may raced he. No he drove for everybody. I mean drove five cars one race and i'm thanking manny had a little truck and company got look people got award race really bad to raise to. They can go no further steel. Keep going so you know you can't thank you look at. You can't use it. Love for the reysen is addiction is being smart. But they did what they won't do. It was airline. And that's all it matters but combat dick may driving drove five cars one race up in that house at nashville in eighty i guess was and it was over one hundred degrees when the right started so daring rice. Everybody was getting relief. You have all this heat stuff now. You get a little piece of this stuff like this ass. Best full nabulsi it so heireann about four hundred twenty laps back to our lives and writes. I'm like My radio one working we had a rating we got him from. Billy hagan's karrar. Turn the bonnie's carl hagen. We gotta sit there. Used radios one worth the worst money we ever thought frigging things were we add but trouble out of them. I went out at nashville and used to you. Rub your helmet relief. Yeah say it'd be door push go by and you wrote the top door door. Push top lucia wrote a top. That's when you come and not tightened tightened up and the way on the door saw guy. They pulled me out. I can get out of the car. Fumes they pulled me out. I'm laying over our. They had some water all me and rag on me and five six other people laying down. There were get an they said. This is what. I'm saying sandy. John's i'm confused all sandy. But i think he was with jimmy. Then maybe when the k or some kind of deal like sandy's in are some work jimmy nature his car. Ibm facet one. I said i'm out of and he said can you get in. I said telling me about five or ten laps. Five lives later which is quick nashville and get up. I'm not dizzy. Hit lightheaded so he pulls jimmie out and put me in a car and not jimmy means it was pretty. Hot driver nashville. I got it. I guess it was in my car. Dick may so go out there. Get in. I come bone twenty-five passing my car and got out. But you know why. I got. And i told sandy john lewis got it and he said god bronze thing too hard. But i wouldn't go to run it. The rick and i had to respect got out and say john sandy. Johnson was getting around rice. Right now. Said at dying handle so good. But i didn't know then. Jimmy had drawn so good at national. He knew what to do to the car to get it to work that. But i'm thank ride on sandy you if i'm wrong. We'll know about it was sandy. But i got jimmy's car for about one hundred laps in big bang. Got out and i got back in. Michael knew who was driving. Who that i never get that. It was a mask. So ronnie thomas goes to charlotte in the fall of nineteen eighty-four and he attempts to make the field but he gets bumped basically at the very last moment. Steve he is tried so hard to make a go of it. He gets bumped and after porn everything that he's poured into since nineteen seventy eight and after having so much of an effort put into it by his dad who had been racing for long before that ronnie just sits in the car. I kinda got the impression it was almost like. He was in shock or something where. I wouldn't be surprised if he was in shock. But let's call this a failure. This failure was the culmination of what ronnie thought were several failures during his career. He never could raise the way he wanted to raise. He had the race the way he and his father had to raise. V be madrid. They had to do it this way. Just to make it fair and just earn some money but it certainly was not very satisfied form and at this moment i think it all came down on him. I can relate to being in where you don't know what to do next or trying to figure out what direction you should go in. And that year. Nineteen eighty four was the last year that he attempted to qualify for basically the whole season and after that through his final winston cup star not eighty nine. Ronnie basically just hit a handful of rice's each year focusing instead on racing late model stocks in and around virginia and that would satisfy because in the late model socks he was very competitive very competitive they one just competitive the king of the hill basically wherever he went as right if ronnie thomas poured into the race track. You were basically racing for second place and that was a much better feeling for running a whole lot better than seeing the car. In charlotte fail to qualify. I believe i'd much rather be a bigger fish mall pond exactly then having to go through some of the things that ronnie had gone through and steve. I'm not sure that would exactly fathers under nascar's version of how to win friends and influence people but ryan dow distorted being on the verge of messner race at darlington. He doesn't have an engine and he winds up bar and one from day. Krx and they almost literally throw it in the car at the last minute and they roll across the scales. Oscar bowman barely glances at it before giving them the go-ahead ronnie. Still his hands from helping. Put the engine in the car. As he crawls in the car to qualify it goes out and qualifies and properly knocks ak out of the race as you can. Well imagine didn't exactly take too kindly to that. Ronnie goes to the concession stand by on the crew hotdog or hamburger. They said everything on the roof of the car and they're eating and along comes day k in decay wants wanted engine back now is not very happy. Is it when ronnie tries to say you know. We'll we'll get to a decision. We can or eating launch right now. According to ronnie de que takes his arm and swipes everything off the top of his car. And if this is at darlington. I'm assuming for the southern five hundred it's hotter than blazes in darlington. And if i'm working on that race car all day long as somebody takes their arm swabs my lunch away and i don't get to eat it. I ain't gonna be happy. Pick on me all you want. But don't be messing with my food. Jack say i necessarily agree with the case. Action is there. I can understand him being upset. But why in the heck they lend them the engine in the first place ronnie was going out to qualify. These lent him the engine. Okay running knocked out of the field. But again i say why didn't speak as expected. That might happen if he lent him and engine if he didn't want to take a chance that that might happen. The engine steady. When we got to ronnie's house and christians berg. He gave us some notes about his career and some of the stories that he could tell. And there were what three or four pages of these two or three pages of these. You kind of mentioned to me before we got there and a good friend of he is one of our former staff photographers. It saying chad fletcher had told me about it. But once upon a time in nascar the some of the bigger teams in the sport paid some of the smaller teams. Like ronnie's to bring out cautions. So they could stay on the lead lap or get a lot back or maybe get relief driver in the car under caution or whatever the case might have been and to me. That was a pretty big revelation. Well i'll tell you. This is the first driver that i've ever talked to do. Not only mentioned these kinds of stories but to admit in taking part of them and you know his excuse was what was i gonna do. I mean you had to make the money somehow and so if they came to you asking for safer and told you there was money involved. You had to think about that and you had to do it. I wasn't at their level. I had to do what i had to five now. Ronnie is not the only guy to have done this in nascar skies in media back. Then we're pretty cynical bunch and we saw cautioned that looks suspicious. Look at each other and say well. How much do you think you got for that one. You know that that will all the time but we never published much of it because it no one would admit to it and even buddy arrington a good friend of mine. Everybody knows historic human own years ago. Where richard petty was down. If you ll absent needed to get back on the lead lap. Any attempt to win the race and buddy had just bought a truck from betty enterprise adobo rate. He can't stay out of the hall for some reason. And you're not. Richard made up the dishes well but he never admitted to anything nor did depends but everybody else who is there. That day thought well. This is highly suspicious. Dick brooks had the best quote. He said well. I guess buddy needed to pay for that truck. Real bad said it. This happened and we knew it happened yet. Buddy bought that trump buddy bought that drug. Okay i got you. Yeah he needed it really or buy it. Well ronnie talks to one crew chief and the guy tells you my name's early caution and ronnie's he's like no problem you tell your driver. He didn't even the his seatbelts up. And he spends a nascar. Doesn't throw the caution at first so he just sits there. The caution comes out and ronnie starts back up the next week. Ronnie collects is thousand dollars and gets called to the nascar holler and there were basically two dick beattie's if he called you by your name. You're good to go but if you called you son watch out. He called a lot of people son over the years. I can tell you this another story that ronnie told eddie. Gossage practiced his car at bristol. One day and eighty is now the president at texas motor speedway but before that he was at charlotte and bristol. And i believe he was at nashville wasn't he. I think you're wise. Yeah yeah. I believe it was at nashville. And he also worked as a pr. For bobby. allison well eighty takes ronnie's car track in. Somebody had forgot to fasten. The hood pins and bam happened era come slot up bins the hood oughta pieces and smashes the windshield and i can just imagine what eighties reaction was. I know mine would be. I try to run and hide if a good. Here's another part of that story. If you watch our youtube version of this interview you can say one of ronnie's race cars that he is restored in the background and steve This thing is nice over there. Oh yeah there's not a scratch or dent on it when we finished recording ronnie was talking about his career not quite turn out the way that he might light and i told him the same thing i told you in last week's episode i said ronnie. You've done something. That steve. And i will never do. You've driven in a western cuppers. You've driven in one west cup race much less as many as you have and all the daytona five hundred dollars as iran southern five hundred gironde and just a few days later. Ronnie sands may a message on facebook and he makes me and offer. He's got this car that he is restored and again it is beautiful absolutely beautiful and ronnie says for me to just name a date and he was gonna take that race car to attract in. Let me drive it. That is not good. Well here's the thing in all seriousness. As much as i would love to do that and i've done the driving. School was at talladega bristol in charlotte and atlanta and all those tracks. But i would be absolutely drop dead terrified of something happening to that race car out behind the wheel and i'm not necessarily concerned about wrecking it. I don't know that i'd go fast enough to record but even a scratch on this pristine rice car at pebble coming up off the race track and knocking a little chunk out of the day. Cows are out of the pain or something or maybe hurting the engine or transmission. Or maybe somebody forgets to fasten the hood pants. I know how you feel on. Know how you you so as much as i would love to do that. I did turn that offer down. And i would've done the same thing. Yeah i'll let you know rick. I had an offer like that once or twice in the past years ago and ended up. I couldn't do it then. Most i've ever done is sit in stock car while it is not moving. It's park that's about the only time i've been in one. Have you never done one of the driving schools. No they didn't exist Most of my career now but but for much of my career that did not exist. Now i have been in a race among fellow members. Franklin county speedway franken county virginia near rocky mount. There was a show put on there with about ten or twelve lap press corps race and i started on the pole and man. I was running away from the field. But then that's a story for another day you come home and lettering. This car comes flying by me. Like i'm standing. I've got a half a lap on the field and this car coats flying by me like i'm just doing nothing and i can't believe it. And he crashed in front of me and i slam into his rear end. Well that did something to the car. Because my car started slowing so and finally it stopped in had to be pushed in to the in. Vail now rick. I understand how drivers feel put out of a race by no fault of their own. High was hot man. This guy knocked me silly. And i really hard about it because it put me out of that race. A race hours leading by half black well. It turns out that that guy was driving. What was known as the late model sportsman car back then. No hobby car stuff. So he was naturally much stronger and faster than anybody in the field and the reading. He was in that deal. What's promoter told him to start from here and if anybody starts making this race look bad you go up and mess with them. Which is exactly what he did. I took me a while to calm down. Man i had that race one. But i met the guy and we got to be pretty good friends. Over the years he's been there several stocks for tots with you and me signing autographs. Guys name is peanut termine. That's his name. Good friend would butter by the way but peanut ni- being friends over the years and it all started with that one incident. That was my only time being in an actual race on a racetrack listeners. If you're out there and if you have access to a peanut termine t shirt. I want it. I don't care what. I have to give up to get peanut termine. Oh yeah. I'm signing up for his fan club right now. Another thing that stood out to me was ronnie james relationship with window sky and the reason why to me it stood out is because it wasn't any kind of a diversity initiative or anything like that. Nobody told ronnie in j. that they needed to be friends with one day off they. Nobody told them that they needed to take him under their wing. Ronnie and jay were out of christians. Berg in wendell was down in danville and they were just fellow racers. Nothing more nothing less you know. I talked about earlier books. A couple of weeks going back is that he was the first driver. That interview at the track own brooks was windows. Best friend the two of them race. You get a very bad often and earl was from lynchburg virginia and live the thomas. No one told them they had to go be friends with wendell. They just became friends. They were federal raises. Like the thomas no more and no less. Hello seen volt fans. This is brian from speedway screens. And if you're enough of a nascar historian to be listening to this podcast. There's a good chance of peace of the past you've been on the hunt for is in my shop. I'm constantly on the hunt for apparel and collectibles from all genres and ariza motor sports. So whether it be cup cars dirt modified dragsters or monster trucks of probably got something for you. Check out my inventory at speedway tes. J. dot dot com and be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter at speedway screens for the newest items as soon as they drop in for a peek at what keep for my own collection as a special. Thank you to listen to the show to enter scene at checkout for ten percent off speedway j. dot dot com that's speedway tsa dot dot com steve the july twentieth nineteen seventy-eight issue grand national sane cale yarbrough had a little bit of an off night at nashville are really. This was the western cup tour. Second stop and music city that season and in the first race back in june kale had taken the lead from pole sitter lay pond on the i lab and in that race he went on to lead all four hundred and twenty laps. Just a walk in the park in this race. Lennie pond was on the pole again and again kale took the lead on the first lap. But this time he led only four hundred and eleven laps before taking the checkered flag. Two and a half laps of runner. Up darrell walker. So he gave up the lead for nine hole apps. Well care you have to understand. You're going to have bad days like this when so just take you slow and easy. This was the fifty fourth win of chaos career and it tied him with lee petty for third on the all time list. At that time it was also kale's fifth win the nineteen seventy eight season and it gave him i one hundred and sixty seven point lead over. Benny parsons in the winston cup. Standings kill said. I could have led every lap if i'd wanted to but i just found my pace and tried to take it easy on the car under the walk in the park in other words we talked about this a few weeks ago but that was basically kale's only quote in rob greg's is rice. Lead the rest of the story is pretty much a segment by segment. If not lap-by-lap summer the rice now however rob did follow sidebar. That's pretty much all quotes from different drivers in the field. So i would assume that rob concentrated on pounding out the race lead as the race went along and then once the race was ended. He hit finish. And that was it for the race late and then when collect these quotes and that's pretty much correct rick back. In those days you had to write what we call lee and the lead was as much of a blow by blow description of the race itself that you could get because that was vital to you reader. there was no internet. There was no tv and very little radio. So readers had to know nine who won the race. But how did it. That was the style of times. Chaos said in this sidebar. I wanna win seven national championships. That's one more than richard. Petty has one. There's no way. I can be his win record but i think i can be his championship. Record to which richard responded. You think you can beat my championship record. Hold my s. Teepee and richard went out and did collect his seventh title the following season in nineteen seventy nine so kale ended up with three but they were three in a row. Seventy six seventy and seventy eight. Junior johnson have building chevrolets for kale and nineteen. Seventy seven switched always mobiles in not taste now again. I don't know why you ride a horse to the championship and then swap horses. I don't know why but they swapped mobiles and nineteen seventy eight and kale said you know at the beginning of the season. I didn't think much all the rice car but junior failed. It was a good race car. This is a thinking man's game and junior is a smart man and he has been proven right. The old is the best car on the circuit. And i feel. I have the best team in nascar where he makes the point. Junior thought one makeup call was what he needed to win races. That's why he went to now. It was trudeau. Chevrolet was the car choice for him. I think he and some other teams switched over because they probably bird the dynamics of the car and it's designed kale was asked about the dominance gm products. And he kind of let her rip and his answer he said is not. Gm products have an age is just that the junior johnson tame is better. I can't say how nascar can change the rules. Just because one team runs better. Everybody else should just start working harder. Good point good point but nascar did indeed change the rules when one team at one car got better than others kills not was drum. Roll please the pace car. That's according to nascar. The pace car was supposed to run at a designated speed of thirty miles an hour. That's pretty slow. Really slow on a short track. I don't even know what it is. Now it's say maybe forty five miles an hour. Maybe robert closer to fifty five. Yeah i don't know on a short track but anyway kale said no one got in my way except the pace car. I thought the pace car was gonna stop. I've never seen it like that before. I thought the pace car driver wanted did. Ra's would've liked to get him between two lines and carried him for a laugher too. You know what the moral of this story is. You got to have a decent driver behind the wall. We're doing this again. Arias czar until. I get the case of the pace car. We're gonna keep doing it. The finishing order of this race was pretty interesting. Darrell waltrip was second. Which wasn't that much of a surprise. Given that this was nashville. But richard childress finished third five laps down followed by dave marcus and j d mcduffie in the top five. Benny parsons bobby. Allison dick brooks farrell harris and ronnie thomas rounded out the top ten. Now we'll make that interesting as you got four or five guys in the top ten who are best independent drivers and have no chance at winning a race but they do have a chance to make money if the race is good for them. That's what it was for handful. These guys in the top ten and matt made it a very good race indeed for all of them. Richardson j. d. may duffy were both mcrae retires. Richard said the car handled and worked good. I'm very happy this was the best finish of my career and steve. That was the best finish would ever collect in his career. Third place finish at nashville dave. Marcus finished fourth. And he sadness sidebar. We took four tires at the end because the car was getting extremely loose. We didn't know which side was bad there at the end. I could have passed richard to get third but i would have had knocked him out of the way. I'm not gonna do that though. I pass farren square. And i agree david on that one. The way he race threatened his career is not only beneficial to himself by others. Dave was never known as headstrong. Get out of my way. Type guy. Here is a crazy stat. Jd dusty collected twelve top five finishes in his career. His best finish was a third at malton. New york not taste seventy one and every other top-five finish of his career was fifth so he finished third once and eleven times and for those fifth-place finishes came at nashville music. City was good for jd. Mcduffie song he had to go and get him some wits barbecue and that fueled him up and jd sadness sidebar. I can't remember the last time. Iran so good well. According to race in reference that would have been at north wilkspur and nineteen seventy six. When he finished. You guessed it. Yeah fans of often wonder what it'd be like if some of these independent drivers got a chance to drive some of the top cars. You've talked about that. I'm sure to wonder how you would do. A wonder how he would do. Well for me. One of the guys i talked about doing that was jd magneti. I always wanted to see gay. Be able to raise a top car for several races with the top team and see what he could have done. There were some pretty interesting notes. And rob greg's grits and chitlins column. I will always always always mention that name when i came on board. I got rid of that as quick as i could. According to rob's column ronnie thomas was written engines from daugaard. Did not know that. I did not know that either. And he that he race that season on seventy thousand dollars. So i can't imagine what the rent must have been on one of those things knowing daugaard at the time it was not cheap. Also rick newsom blew an engine in his ford and crash during practice at nashville and in this crash he kinda slammed into a dirt embankment. He was rushed to the hospital for surgery and was in intensive care before being released ten days later in rob wrote in his column newsom as a guy who has had a steady streak of very bad luck running on an extremely limited budget failing to make several events and crashing in many of the ones he made newsom arrived in nashville almost completely broke and when his wife karen visited nashville promoter. Bill donohoe's office following her husband's accident. She had eighteen dollars to her name. Karen at the time was the secretary of the winston cup racing wives auxiliary an donohoe gave three hundred dollars to a fund that was started for her and rake and he said after the race. I gave her my phone number at my house and my office and told her she needed anything to just holler. And this was rick's only tempt in nineteen seventy eight. I guess you had to come back from these injuries. But he did return and he did run just a few races every year. Between nineteen. Seventy nine and nineteen eighty. Six and rick was also evidently a charter pilot. And hey in two other. People died on august sixteenth. Nineteen eighty eight. When the plane he was piloting crashed about a thousand feet short of the runway at the airport in page land south carolina and he was survived by karen and their two daughters and one of those daughters was just three years old stave and the other had been born just three and a half months earlier. Rick news was a nice guy. Very friendly and unassuming but there are times you see somebody trying their best and you think to yourself. You know there's just a black cloud over him. He really shouldn't be doing this. And i thought that. About rick. I freely admit i did. I thought maybe rick Give it up and try something else while it was very very sad the way his career went but given that was just really That he lost his life. The way you did rob wrote in his column bill. Donohoe is not well known for having the biggest heart stock car racing even though he'd help the newsome's after rick's crash nashville according to the story. Benny parsons was going through. A tough spell and ahead actually lived with donohoe and his family until he gets back on his feet. I didn't know that. Yeah according to this issue. There were rumors that donohoe was going to be selling the race track to which he replied anything. I have is for sale except my wife. My kids and my grandchildren. Roger the point kill yarbrough did most of the flying when he was in his private plane but he had hired a pilot. This pilot was right. Clark who'd flown dwight d eisenhower. When eisenhower was still a general in the army again. I didn't know that so flying. Dwight eisenhower flying kale. Yarbrough wonder who is the tougher boss. Finally rob mentioned that sane had received a letter from m. it occur who was a subscriber who lived in yokohama. Japan that's amazing. That is just ask. Japan is crazy. This issue also featured the eighth steve eight part of an interview that jin grainger did with richard petty and i mean this conversation had to have lasted hours because each installment each of the eight installments or absolutely massive new gain grainger. You weren't surprised at this because if anybody could have a lengthy lengthy conversation it was gene grainger. Each of these eight parts were massive. But not only were they long. The print was in like two point type. He must have moved. In with richard and linda for a month or something. But here is my favorite part of this installment. Gene asked richard about why he thought of movies and television shows at the time. And richard said. I've seen some tv programs that would have been rated a double x. When i was growing up and they are on. Tv now they had one on a tv movie about a beauty contest. The girls would come into a room and just take the clothes off really right down to their panties and bra man. We used to have to slip round to say one of them movies. He's right about the tv. And his time. When i was growing up on television a married couple could not share a bed. Yeah they slept in separate beds on television. Boy look at them. Now who. Dick van dyke and mary tyler moore as write beds later richard added. You can go down to the drugstore. Just stand there and look and you'll say more on the magazine covers than wait. Could and we used to look for it. We couldn't find anything like that. If you found a picture of girl with clothes on you saw the back cover now they just turn around and say hey here we are right. He's right we'd better move along and then there was the violence in movies and tv. Richard said when. I go to a movie if those cats get to cuss and raising cain. That doesn't do a thing for me. Naked pull out a gun and shoot a cat without custody i. They've got to put them two or three words in there to make it restricted now. Richard apparently believes shooting first and asking questions later. And as far as george carlin goes it wasn't two or three words it was seven words. Wasn't it steve. And today at seven thousand words and there was a quote in this part of the interview. That almost literally jumped off the page at me. Richard said i remember going to see a movie called. The moon is blue. It was about a woman who was pregnant. it was restricted. And they wouldn't let them show it in a lot of places. All it was about was a pregnant woman. The moon is blue. An entire episode of one of the greatest television shows of all time was built around the characters attempting to get their hands on a copy of this movie. What show was it. And if you don't know i'm not sure we can remain friends. Stay while i know is not the andy griffith show. I'm going with mesh. Yeah it was mash and the episode was called. The moon is not blue and it premiered on december thirteenth nineteen eighty two hawkeye. Bj dot as much of the movie as richard petty. Evidently did they went to all these great lengths to watch what they thought was going to be a mile for live better way to put it. Thought it was going to be a dirty movie and they were sorely disappointed when it finally did play in the mess tent. I've never seen a cleaner movie in my life. There was more filthy dirty. This morning's breakfast now. One of the actors did say for five minutes because everyone was the moon is blue. Starred william holden david niven and maggie mcnamara and was released on july eighth nineteen fifty-three a little less than three weeks. Before the end of the korean war and one side note about the moon is not blue. The mash episode. Sandy helberg play corporal. Bannister in this episode. And he is the father of simon helberg who played howard wallets in the big bang theory. I didn't know that you're amazing. Rick wow i in the king of useless trivia. Got that ride. Hello i'm phil parsons. And you're listening to the scene ball. Podcast steve is would come to the close of this episode. Why don't you go ahead and check the water temperature for me. Wasn't the heck. are you talking about rick. Stay you know. Check water temperature. Okay i got you. I will say this the ronnie thomas interviews. Your water bottle was sitting on that card table. And every time somebody popped into that table that water bottle shaw and i made. It's all over then. I could've beat with the hammer on friday. I had no idea i didn't. I mean it's crazy what a microphone will pick up.

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