September 3, 2019: Flight cancellations ramp up due to Hurricane Dorian


Hiring is challenging but there's one place you can go. We're hiring is simple and smart. That place is ziprecruiter where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates. It's try it for free at ziprecruiter dot com slash five things ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire good morning. I'm taylor wilson in this is five things you need to know tuesday. The third of september twenty nineteen to get you started as hurricane doreen. Dan heads towards the east coast airline. Flight cancellations are set to reach well over a thousand for the second consecutive day. According to the flight tracking service flight aware that's on top of the nearly fifteen hundred canceled on labor day and florida airports remain the hardest hit with more than half of tuesday's cancellations going to or from orlando lando international airport but those with travel plans in the region are able to change their flights without the usual penalties. Meanwhile florida residents continue to brace for the storm ponza vedra beach resident flea rettig can't be foolish. She just have to be smart but you don't want to overreact. It's a lot of trouble and get ready and then nothing happens. Wrappings glad you think wow we went to all this trouble for nothing during his drop from category four to category three hurricane for now but the national hurricane mccain centers robbie burg says the storm remains a major door in a still stationary just to the north of grand bahama island about thirty miles north east of freeport the maximum the winter decrease slightly to one hundred twenty miles per hour but does this does still keep dorian has a major category three hurricane <hes> restore expecting destructive winds a very high storm surges along the coast to grand bahama island as route and for his part vice president mike pence speaking in ireland says to be prepared not for anything in our message to every american into all of those that are in the path of this storm is still listened to state and local emergency managers heed their warnings. Take necessary steps and be prepared for anything. This is a slow moving but extremely dangerous hurricane. New information is expected on tuesday after a deadly fire aboard a california boats. The santa barbara county office of emergency management will hold a press conference on tuesday morning at ten a._m. Pacific time to give an update on the commercial diving boat with dozens of passengers that sank early monday six crew members and thirty three passengers were asleep on the bottom deck at the time of the blaze. Five crew members were rescued near santa cruz while everyone else on board is feared dead ed as of late monday eight people were confirmed dead coast guard captain monica rochester. This isn't a day that we wanted to wake up to for labor day and it's a very tragic event and we will search all the way through the night into the morning but i think we all should be prepared <hes> to move into the the worst outcome. It's still unclear what sparked the fire next. <hes> british parliament is set for a major brexit vote. After a summer summer recess parliament will reconvene on tuesday and a vote is ready for tuesday night on whether to take a no deal brexit from the european union off the table legislation flation would be legally binding if it passes aimed at preventing johnson from taking britain out of the u. Without a formal exit deal on the october thirty first deadline if no withdrawal agreement agreement is reached with the e._u. Ahead of that deadline johnson has taken steps to suspend parliament giving lawmakers little time to push through legislation to prevent a disorderly european exit exit. Nearly one hundred teens from two rival high schools in west texas are coming together after a deadly shooting affected their communities students from odessa high school and permian in high school met on monday night to try to figure out how they can help the victims of saturday's mass shooting that left seven dead and twenty five wounded. The two schools have a legendary rivalry. The one that was outlined in the book film and later television series friday night lights seventeen-year-old brace mckennie a recent odessa high graduate organized the assembly and said the goal would beat to have a big fundraising event with proceeds going to those in need and last up the u._s. Open moves to the quarterfinals on tuesday with action in new york featuring into tennis legends six time open champ serena williams and five timer roger federer williams will play china's long shong while fed takes on bulgaria's grigore dmitrov rav as for serena. Her quest for another major got a big boost on sunday when top ranked and defending champ. Naomi osaka was eliminated. He can watch all the action on the e._s._p._n. Networks networks and follow along with u._s._a. Today sports and you can catch new episodes of five things monday through saturday on apple podcasts and wherever else you get your pods including the google go home and amazon echo. 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