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HMM. Hey guys, it's Kathy Welcome back another episode of. Don't keep your. Day Job so I posted today on instagram. What feels like the end is often the beginning. And I guess what I WANNA say is that. This is a necessary important. Game changing moment in history. This needs to happen. There needs to be a zero tolerance for racism in this country and all over the world. And the people have spoken. And I think that there's been a breaking point where we can't stay desensitized to despicable behavior. It has to stop. It has to stop and I was thinking today that. Every person who cares about black lives in this country and all around the world. That is so important for our future. That is so important because. We half to? CARE When somebody is dealing with hatred and prejudice, especially, this has been going on for so long. It's just gotTA. Stop enough is enough. And This is a fight for humanity. This is a fight for all of our future. Because why would we want this kind of poison in the world? Where there's hatred of any kind right, so this is the fight for our future, our children their future, so that we can live in a world where there is no tolerance for any kind of prejudice or hatred. and. As dark as it is, it's important for people to get uncomfortable. People have to get uncomfortable because that is often the only way people change. I've said this to you before that there is a prayer in Jewish liturgy where in the morning we're supposed to pray to be like a rooster and people often wonder why is that and it's because the rooster is the first one who knows that just when the night looks like a can't get any darker. The Dawn is about to break. And so I hope that a new day is on the horizon and I hope that the dawn is about to break, and in accordance with that. We had an episode plan. We decided. It's not the right moment for that. Instead we decided to compile some of our favorite guests who've been on the show who are women of color who are so powerful and so brilliant and I wish we could just replay the whole episodes because they're so good, but instead we just clip from these episodes, and they're all just such incredibly inspiring. Powerful, female entrepreneurs, and to show our support for black lives in this country and all around the world. I wanted to make this what we did today. Okay so first. We're going to play a clip. From one of the wisest most empathetic poetic human beings I've ever known. Morgan Harper Nichols. She's a writer artist musician poet, and she has such a gift of expressing words in a way that speaks straight to your soul. I want you to hear what happened. When she had the courage to share her broken, and then use it to create these deep relationships with strangers who needed someone to reflect what they were feeling. Let's take a listen. I was really starting to get myself in shame myself. Just kind of like a mini quarter life crisis I will say in twenty sixteen. I was sitting at home, and it was just like the weight of feeling like a failure just hit me like a ton of bricks. It's never before, and it was just something about that night where I was like. If I'll ever recover from this like. Maybe. I'm never gonNA. Find a pace that makes sense. Maybe I'm always going to be broke. Maybe this is just my life. And it was in that moment that I sat down at my desk and I picked up a journal that I hadn't opened in. Who knows how long? And I wrote a point for the first time in years. And the point starts with. When you start to feel like things should have been better this year. Remember the mountains and valleys that brought you here. And I just wrote the whole thing down and then. I got ready to close the notebook at the last second. I wrote my name at the bottom. And the reason why that's significant for me, because over the years of tried to let destroying all these different things I had actually started a blog that was kind of like. Anonymous is heads I started to write their. Never put my name on it. So? I took a picture of it, and then I got ready to share on Instagram, and I was like no twenty many people over there. I was like I'm I'M GONNA share it on Pinterest because nobody. So. This is just be my way of sharing it. I'll share on Pinterest and forget about it, so that's what I did. Suzanne November sixteen. A few months later I started getting the end on instagram. People were saying hey, did you see this? Reality Star. She posted your point like there's appointment her page with your name on it. Did you write that? And I went and looked to hopefully. Yes, I did I don't know how she found it, but that was me That's kind of interesting and then a few days later I got another message from someone else like Hey, did you see this other reality star? She shared your quote. I was like. I don't know how. She found that I was like I posted that on Pinterest when panels the yeah Pinterest, and I went, and looked at Pinchas in that pen headed pin over one hundred thousand times. Oh my God. Till the day I don't know where it took off. I! Don't know how it got to that point. I mean I had a Pinterest, but it wasn't something. I really like promoting sharing now, Ryan. I told say I have no idea how to happen and from there that one point to start to get shared more and more. Started to ask me. Do you have more of that. And I was like no, that was just like a one time thing, but people were asking. Do you have more points about this? Can you write border and I was like well okay, I mean. I don't know I I. Don't know the head anyway modest. We'll give it a shot at biltrite so honestly. That was the the launching pad to whereas bid over the past. Two years of sharing our the capacity that I'm sharing, and even as I was sharing I was still struggling with self doubt in billing like this is just the thing to by the time Matai figure out what my thing is. I don't really see how this is going to pay any bills I. don't see how this is going to say. But I'll just keep doing it because it's something about an what is one of the biggest things I learned from? This is something to in other people. Start to talk to you about what you're doing. Yes, it makes you realize like. Oh wait a second like this is bigger than me. Maybe there is something here so that's kind of what was happening for me. It's like once I started to. To read these messages on my these are real people. These are people who I don't know who are being encouraged by this I. Don't know how they're being encouragement this this is so deeply personal for me, but you know. Maybe there's something to that and I. Just kind of had this thing like I. Don't WanNa let them down. You know because I get messages from people who say things like. I just lost a loved one and this is ruined urging. And you know that's that really Unbeliev me because it was like you know here I am like putting all this pressure on myself. Making it all about like how am I? GonNa make something happen is like what if this something was just connecting with one the person one at a time like what if that's what it's about so that's what led me to the end of two thousand seventeen where one day in October I decided. You know what? I'm just going to make everything that I. put out there about one person at a time. So I just posted one time instagram story of the Hey, if you'd like for me to write something for your story full free to DM, your story and I'll make something for you. I'll do for free. It'll be anonymous in private like I'm sure to name I. Will Share Your Story. Because, I just realized I was like you know what if I keep trying to? figure out how everything is going to work in the future like I'm GonNa Miss These present moments that I'm having right now where people are actively. Looking to be incurred, and not that I'm the only one that can encourage them like I'm not at all, but it's just I. Think sometimes especially with the Internet can become so easy to forget that there are real people sitting on their phone scrolling. Just looking for something to ignite hope in their life or just remind them of what's true. So? Yeah, that's that's kind of how I got I am now. I started that in late twenty seventeen. I thought that I might do it for a month or two, but it's still going. It's become a huge part of what I do, and now I do a lot of freelance I work with collaborate with brands, and I do a lot of freelance writing, and that's kind of where I am Oh. Wow, okay, so now I wanNA share piece from our episode with the Awesome Vegan. Chef Chennai clayborn, you might know her sweet potato soul, which is the name of her? Her blog, her super popular youtube channel and her cookbook. She has one of my favorite stories and I use her as an example all the time of someone who took the initiative to create something that had so much purpose, and she started with three people, and she was able to leave her job, and she was able to create something that grew to to such heights, but really she was able to do it with just a few people, so I want you to take a listen, so you can hear what her perspective was. What was needed to start a business? So when I went to New, York I was a vegetarian that time, so I got a job in restaurant and it was there. That I started meeting other vegans. I wasn't yet, but I was influenced. Inspired to become begin working there, and when I finally became begin in two thousand eleven around the same time. I started that Youtube Gentle. Something clicked in me. That told me this is what I was I need to do. You know head acting. I was already not loving it anyways, and I was looking for something else edges. Know what it was GONNA be. Literally when I became within a couple of weeks. I knew that my my purpose, the thing that needed to be doing exactly other people become began and I didn't him passively. You know had my blog. But you know. Small potatoes you know. I had thought about having before like I, said the cooking show. You know for me. It was just I was so passionate about being begin that it didn't matter like what form my career I just wanted to help people, so I started private chef company. In New, York and that was crazy, because it was so difficult to get my first clients, and I thought I was going I didn't think going to give up, but I thought I should give. It would be smart to give up. But I never did, and I finally got my first client probably six months after starting looking for people and I was like putting up flyers and like anywhere I. Thought my ideal client would be you know like just so people understand what was the offer was I can come in your house and do some meal prep for you, was it? I'll be like full-time. What was your offer? Everything but fulltime so meal prepping. For the entire week or if you wanted me just for the night, you know just for a special dinners. Somebody's having a date night or Valentine's Day so. Or cooking took six months, and you got your first. Your one of those bites. First regular client in I still a mean I think of her still because. She lingers, and then she would refer me to her friends. So what happened was I. I was just looking for her and her family, and then one of her friends is like. Can I get in on that and they paid me extra. Just Cook for you cook the same thing. I just mean more, and then she referred me to. Other friends assert kicking for other people. This is on the upper west side in the. From there I just didn't have to worry about getting clients anymore because we will refer me. And then also I had started my my website like six months prior, and apparently there were not at least that many vegan chefs in New York. At least not one you have like do a little bit Seo and my website. If you search begin Jeff. New York, or whatever like iteration of that I'd be the first one to pop up no way. For like the next I. Did it full time from putting twelve to twenty sixteen and after I had my first client. It just all worked out. All right next up is a piece of wisdom from the amazing front. She's the creator of the blog and podcast journey to launch with all about how to walk towards financial independence and live life on your own terms. She shared some really helpful insights on what it means to invest in yourself, and why that investment is the best decision you can make for your finances, and for your own fulfillment, and here's what she had to say. I think especially in personal finance, so the space is very much Abou-. Not Spending money saving money and be an optimizing. So that also means a lot of DIY which I get in. You know like that's fine, right and then. There's so much being left on the table, so my biggest thing is that people need to buy more shares of themselves to. You need to buy more shares of you. So what's taught a lot is by needs to buy real estate by index funds stocks sheets by all these other things that are outside of you, which yes, the traditional financial advice has merit not saying you shouldn't do that, but if you invest in your mindset, so even feeling motivated to do something whether it's just being in the presence of someone that gets you. or a skill or something? If you invest within yourself is no cut off to the return on that investment, so whereas know typical stop marketing return over the last you know since inception has been maybe ten percent or something your return on your investment, when universal set is limitless, right like and so I feel like most people, even whether smear you like. There's a risks that to be taken. There's no reward without a risk and so but buying shares. Shares of yourself more share the view in investing in you like that's a risk that can't go back. Because even if even if let's just say you do take a leap in invest in something, right? That's a stretch for you. Just by doing that I've done things like that where I've invested for the business in for myself like it's a stretch, I'm like I. Don't know if I can do, but I'm going to do it because I rather. Try something. Not Try something at all, and just the mere act of investing myself, even without starting the program or doing the thing I instantly changed because I became a person that was coughing enough to invest in myself in take action, and that is priceless so I. Do I love that you like? Ending on this note of investing yourselves, which can sometimes he'll counter intuitive. If you're being taught that you know, don't spend like save in. Be Miser, which I'm not saying, everyone saying that but I find that kind of talk in the personal finance bases talk that I also want to change and when it comes to journey, the people who want to have more and be more. It does take investing yourself and I. Don't be as part of his money. That's going to take time and also resources based where it's like you're going to have to do something different doing before to get the results that you want. I love what you said. It's like yeah, you can buy stock. You could buy real estate, but you need to buy more shares of yourself, and you're right, even if something is just going to help, motivate you to do more stuff. In motivation like where do we find that you know at the end of the day? The only way to get results is to take action and the only way to take action is to some house. You'll yourself. To do. Stop talking and do it and I think you have to ask yourself the question do I wanNA save two thousand dollars, or do I actually want to get results this year, right? Have you had people in your? Life Jamila mentors coaches. Who've made an impact on you? Oh absolutely and I invested to work with them a lot of money to more than at the moment. I thought I could do what I did it because I knew I was betting on myself, and so it kind of goes back to the south issue that a lot of people. Actually they're afraid, because maybe they did. Try something before or you know they like they. They let themselves down in the past and like there's. I can't afford to do this again. And so. That's how you drawn a line in the sand. When you make decision that that's not gonNA. Happen anymore and I know an APP Hatless Time said to myself I'm not going to at this because I invested in it and I'm GonNa do it and I don't like hearing. This person doesn't even show up like mom. Ready Change by doing this. And now you're going to hear from one of my absolute favorite people in the world. Who was on last month? Her name is Patrice Washington and she's a transformational speaker coach, a bestselling author and she's the host of the podcast redefining wealth I wanNA share with you what she said about what being wealthy really means, and how you can give yourself permission to stop hustling and working so hard that instead you can work on healing yourself take a listen. I always tell people. If you have a vision for your life, it's your duty and responsibility to protect the only vessel you get. To execute that vision. We don't get multiple bodies in this life, you get one physical body right and we have been groomed, and we have been misinformed a for so long that if we hustling grind like that is the way right, we don't really hear enough about easing flow, we hear hustle and grind, and so we see people on social media who are glorifying things like I have not slept in days, and it's this whole thing about sleeping two and three hours a night. Here's the deal you look nuts. War Sleeping. Three hours a night. There is no way for you to have the physical capacity to receive anything that you say you're praying for. You can pray all you want and I've been there where I was like. God enlarge my territory WanNa. See the whole world I was already on a national tour right, but I was like I want to go international and I. Remember when I was in the emergency again emergency room again. This is years later. I was there for food poisoning, but they did some tests, and they came in and said you realize you have way more problems than food poisoning I'm like. Is that sell your iron? Levels are really low. You're extremely anemic. Your hemoglobin levels are so low like literally. If you were older, we would be giving you a blood transfusion right now, but we're going to. SH-. We're going to trust you. Get a hematologist, right? I had been ignoring the signs I. Have Been Ignoring the symptoms I didn't know. Shortness of breath was a problem right, extreme fatigue constant exhaustion, but I was like well. I'm wore those things. As a badge of honor, I war exhaustion as a badge of honor, because I was hustling, grinding and I was building my empire, so I thought it was okay to be exhausted, and especially as a mother and a wife, if my husband or my daughter had ever said they had, they'll symptoms. I would never let them go that long, but. US especially women, we will suffer in silence, and we will go along with. The symptoms will diagnose ourselves on Web. MD and we think that we can fix it and keep going. But if I have such a big call on my life, if I have people to serve I, do myself and my audience and everyone that I was called to help a disservice when I don't take care of myself, that comes first that comes beyond even knowing what you're passionate about, and all the things about purpose and everything else. You have to take care of you. You know without US Kathy. Where's our family? And Look at all the people we serve what happens. Right so the very first part. Is being physically fan, but we follow that up, also being mentally fit, and this is what I wanted to share with you. It is tapping into childhood wounds. That childhood trauma is what causes you to work as if you have not made it right like. Yes, you're always driving you WANNA do more, but the truth is. You don't have to work. To the limit that you still work or that, you were choosing to still work at that time that she had the conversation with you and like you and like all of us, we have these childhood Traumas, and we have these things that impact how we see money how we see ourselves how we see financial success and much of it is done through different conditioning, so whether those verbal influences. What did you hear about money? Right? If you heard someone, say the moment that you start working you lose or you'll. You'll lose everything that could be something that's running in the back of your head. Without you, even thinking about it, it's like a sub-conscious belief, right? I know verbal verbal influences. There's modeling there specific incidents, but even if it's not money related for me. I grew up hearing that I was the ugly one, so I was always ugly person in the family and I was the Blackie I was the dark easy? My Lips were two full. My eyes were too weird. I always got made fun of and I don't mean a school I mean at home. I mean in my family. Okay. So. I knew that I was smart. So I leaned into being smart, but I've never felt beautiful I never felt pretty was not the pretty friend, right? It was always something then I. Go to school I'm tall. Five ten in ninth grade, so I'm taller than most the boys. I was really thin, so I used to wear extra clothes. Everything that could be wrong was wrong and people pick me apart, and it wasn't until I was twenty five years old after three years of therapy that I could look in the mirror. And Not Cringe and wish that I looked like somebody else. I was a little girl in the bathtub scrubbing my scam. Because I thought that I was dirty. Because someone told me I was starting. And I thought that if I scrubbed hard enough that there would be something lighter underneath. and was like a bath away from trying to bleach my skin with real bleach. This is a third and fourth grade child because of the trauma that I experienced at the hands of people who said they left me. And why is that important? I share that, because when I look in my life today and I look at all the personal development and therapy, and all the stuff that's gotten me to this place, and I see myself on national television, or on stages in front of thousands of people are my face on these book covers I. Know that I could not be who I am today. If I did not deal with my childhood trauma and I know that there are so many people who are listening right now. You have all the degrees you have all the education you've taken all the courses you listen to all the podcasts. You are not short on knowledge at aw, but you may need to deal with some childhood trauma. That is stopping you from showing up in just doing the things that you already noted you. Because I know, Kathy knows we're both coaches. You can tell someone over and over again. Just do it this way. Just follow these steps. I laid out the plan, and they will not following the cannot follow. It's not a cognitive thing. It is emotional trauma. It is childhood trauma, and Your Business is only going to grow to the extent that you are willing to heal at trauma. Our next clip is from the awesome a on angel. She's an author. Speaker Entrepreneur, the Creator and host of the podcast switch pivot or quit, and she's the founder of maisy media. It's a podcast production company that works with shows that are all hosted by women of Color and what I want to highlight from. His episode is how she was able to quit playing small. Get over the imposter syndrome and step into her worth so here we go. We have to allow our voices to be heard. We have to allow ourselves to be seen in spaces where we may think. Deserve to be. These are all ways that you know that you're playing small and my thing is I just watching the constantly use quit playing small as your Mitra. When you get into a situation where you feel like your idea isn't good enough or you feel like people are not going to appreciate. The gestures at your door were the moves that you're trying to make, or you find yourself being distracted by other people mary, easily I want you to just tap yourself on the shoulder in remind yourself quit playing small. Quick playing small, yeah, that internal conversation! That's what we want to try to refrain, and you hear people say mindset shifts and all that, but sometimes I can feel really really hard, and it can also fill impossible I have to constantly tell myself stink in favor of yourself act as though everything is supposed to go in favor of you, because it's so easy to get on that negative train and ask yourself. Why would they pick me? Why would they think my stuff is a good idea? WHY WOULD THEY WANNA? Give me this money to do Xyz? Why do I deserve that amount of money like all these? These things but in reality it's like we are everything. There's no one who has lived this life before you. You are uniquely you right, so you can't compare. You can't look into the future and say the Yana of the future. She didn't get that. So why should I expect it right now? Because ultimately, she didn't get that. No, you don't know what your future looks like. There's no one who has run his racing for you. So the only thing that you could do is actually show up quick playing small. Put your best effort forward and do what you can for yourself in favor of yourself right now. So good and you're so right though like to meet people where they're at this mindset, work is huge, because if people have suffered any kind of loss or grief for rejection, they've internalized at a really early age in a really fundamental way like I'm not good enough and when I do, put myself out there. This is the negative thing that I experienced and so everyone's been through that negative stuff. So how were you personally able to rewrite it and break through those limiting beliefs? And how do you teach people to do that? You know it's a constant journey I don't want anyone to think that I am on the other side of it, or all these other people are on the other side of the endure stuck there in limbo, trying to work your way through it now. We're all trying to work our way through it. It's a constant work in progress in for me, I really. Really, do rely heavily on mantras intelligent myself things like thinking of yourself instead of thinking against yourself all the time. It could be as simple as I get an email about something. Maybe it's an opportunity. I respond back, and maybe let's talk money a little bit maybe I. Tell Them My rate to do something and after I send it on like. Why would they pay me that I? Really worth that? Are I going to say? Oh, my gosh, I sorta, said something lower. You know all of these things. Then I have to tell myself. No, you're worthy. Deserve this. You have to start really checking in in saying. Hey, what have you done? Why did they came to you? You are fully deserving of this, so I think it's just constantly being aware. Aware self aware in aware that you're the person that controls the narrative in that real and those bright red blinking lights that are going offering your head or the person that controls that scroll so either you're going to consciously make an effort to change the scroll, or you're going to let it keep blinking the same thing in worrying you and not allow you to get to where you WANNA be act. And now, WanNa feature this piece from an episode. We did recently with some of our students, which included the awesome galaxies Allen. She's a life and money mindset coach. He's also known as the MIDLIFE moneymaker. She such a force to be reckoned with and one thing I love about her is that she does not let excuses getting her way, i. think what you're going to hear will light a fire inside of you, too, so you can go ahead and do your thing. Here's Gayle tomorrow. I will be sixty four years old and I love telling my age because. I want other people that think they're too old to step up step out. And do not worry bachelor age. Because Age doesn't matter, anybody can make whatever they decide. They want to make so I had been brainstorming. Like are already a health coach and I knew I didn't want to do health coaching anymore. Silence already brainstorming. What can I do next? What is my next move and I'd feel as Gal and I'm not a super religious person, but I am spiritual. got said to me. You have to become a money expert and not money expert with budgets, spreadsheets I mean I have a degree in economics. money expert in. You know that you are worthy of making as much money as. These famous people are the you are worthy of doing something that you love and joy in using your gifts, so I had that, he's already interested nowhere where to go, and I told my daughter that has somehow midlife moneymaker. was given to me at this was dropped into my spirit, and it's just resonates so much, and it's not even really just about money. It's about worthiness in believing in yourself and knowing that you have value So when I did challenge I halfway did it was busy and miss part with when you made the offer. It was just like I got to be there and the thing that resonate so much with the programming with you. Kathy and it's given me. Permission is I have a messy life. I've been sick ally. Avalon challenges those things to get in my way, and the interesting thing is during the courts. Led to urgent care twice I had some weird virus that they still don't know. I had to give breathing treatments and I'm still dealing with asthma allergies that I don't even know where it came from I, never missed session, not one. I caught everyone lives I did the work as showed up messy in the spirit and the energy of the people in this program it was like wind underneath my wings, so I'm just exploring and experimenting I offered Free Coaching and several people in the group took me up on it and got on coaching sessions with me I'm just being a service and explorer, and enjoying it all the connection that I've made with people and the outpouring of love. And gratitude that have expressed to me has just opened me up and when you talked about. Like. I grew up a little black girl. Poor being told that I was nothing you know, and here I am sixty four years old. Do my thing. Doing my thing and it's like my hair's crazy i. have a Mohawk agreeing Mohawk. Knows Pierce I'm just a messy. Person who's billion me and doing me and show went up and I just want to encourage everybody who doesn't know where they fit in to just keep pivoting pivoting, trying and showing up and I've done so many programs in this is the only program I've ever done where I did everything. Even use showing up with your kids on line like I've been watching my grandson because my daughter works in a hospital and I'm showing up with the baby. I'm showing up method showing up with a Hoodie on I'm just showing up. I just feels so so blessed because I did use to feel like. Society does send out these messages than. That if you're not this age, or when you get to a certain age, you know you're have been or whatever and I WANNA blow out. All of those mis I wanNA destroy them, because it's not true and I wanNA. Give people life in energy to know that they can do it till they die like you said to light to late on the taxi goes out and I want to mention to that. Might one of my best friends died? From the virus to during this course to I mean. I experienced a lot of messy nece, but. People help me up. And I just felt that I could keep going whereas in the past. I've had a lot of medical issues that I just kept giving up. And now I know I can keep going. Make it messy. Delete my way and keep doing. Next up. We have another awesome member of our community to me. Muck, Angela, she was one of the first listener success stories. We ever shared on the podcast. She's a Vegan chef cookbook, author and blogger at Vegan Nigerian, she was born and raised in Nigeria, and then spent her teenage years growing up in the UK, and she's the perfect example of what is possible when you really get and let yourself explore different avenues so I want. Want you to hear what possibility she's now created for herself, and how she was able to take her income to whole other level, it was sort of in the middle of my university degree that my journey with my veganism in my business actually started to to grow at decided to go vegan after a bit of research, and just listening to my body intuitively and realizing that you know I wanted Meringgi and I wanted to feel healthier. And it was shortly after that that I started my food blog the Vegan Nigerian. And I really didn't know where it was going to go I just started it because I thought. You know what I WANNA showing family and friends that it's possible to still enjoy all the amazing Nigerian food on this lifestyle. and. The more I did it. The more I loved it and the more I saw that there was really something in here that you know gave me so much joy and gave me so much just life really and I wanted to share that with other people. And so through the blog. I started sort of looking into different ways that I could. Reach people in passing and public restaurant was one of the ways that I could do that so a public restaurant. Essentially is when you just hire out of space. for short amount of time could be a Listen Evening Oh maybe a couple of days. Really earned the space you turn it into your restaurant. Panda Nanny, yourself new sort of arranged for your guests to arrive a cook food food It's a whole long process. How would I started for me? I was still working at the Vegan restaurant when I did the first one. And I hadn't spoken to anyone about my bloke what I was doing on the side. But the manager actually discovered it by accident, and so she came up to me and she said. `I soil block. What what are you doing with it? You know like what times do you have? And I remember sort of being a bit taken aback because I hadn't really. Thought too much about what I wanted to do. And just out of the Blue I said Oh. You know what it would be quite nice to do. Like a superclub Papa. And she said to well. Why don't you just use the restaurant space one of these evenings? You know on an even when we're closed. Just give it a go. And! She kind of gave me that sort of extra boost of confidence in encouragement. And I did it. I got my friends along to help out. I sort of tapped into the network of people that. Already met through blog in through facebook through sort of being on social media, and I said. Hey guys on. Can You bring in this demise which liked to come along and try it out? And they came and I shocked I was really really shocked. And so opted out fast one I still thought. Oh well, this is just something. I can do fun once in a while. And, so I tried to find other locations around London tried to go to different places, and in that year I managed to do between five to seven pups. And so yeah, it really was just sort of build up and build up and the more I. Did it the more I could see that it was possible to do this fulltime. If I really wanted to so what I wanted, all of a sudden was to wake up every single day, and just be in love with what I was doing, hundred percent and lock. It really was that, so it just came to a point rifle Kane. Now it's time to really sit down and figure out. What are the steps I need to take to sort of get to a point where I can just confidently step into this fully and so sort of listening to podcasts, like yours was part of my process, and just sitting down and carving out the time to really map out how I, so my feature, so what happened was I picked up on Mike. Cookbook project which had for over a year, but adding procrastinating with it. Own of a sudden I had this version of this energy to really kind of get down to cheat doing it. And I thought okay. Contain, cookbook, which is what it's called by the way planting cookbook. This is an ingredient that I've used on. My life unites very popular Nigerian cuisine, but not many people really know about it. What new life can I breathe into this And so I came up with forty vegan recipes US and contain the main ingredient and I Yeah, and so I would spend my evenings off to work just kind of writing out the copy for it, and then I was worried. What worried me the most about? It was the final quality of it, you know. Know with photography. How was I going to do that? but I have a camera I've been you know blogging for awhile and so I did photography myself as well. I sort of mapped out a schedule of the days that I needed to to actually cook every third and photograph everything and I remember for me. It was just as intense two weeks of. After work and we can. What am I going to cook? It actually came to a point where I was cooking so much I can actually keep up with it and how to stop giving out the food to my friends in my house May. But you know I I love the process so much, I. Once I had that mental shift of this is what I want to do. I just ran with it I. I was like you know a real passion project for me and so I got cookbook. Oh, put together, I looked at how I could get it available online as an e book as a physical copy. And then released it and Since then it's been doing so well and. I launched it just to give you an idea launched at the end of October, and since we're talking three months ago. Yes exactly, yeah. Wow. And I'm a perch in about four thousand sales on it. Wow, yeah, that's. Selah for so I saw the books twenty pounds each and then I have it on Amazon now, so that has also helped the sale and I had a bookshop, not a bookshop, actually a Vegan shop in Belgium. Get in touch with me. Towards the end of November, said of saying that they would like to stock of the books as well On. My mind was soap P- learn I was like I cannot believe this is happening now. I'm going to share a piece from Jarvis cylinder. She's a Business Mentor Serial Entrepreneur PODCASTS are bestselling author speaker. And when she came on the show, she talked about the five ss building a sustainable business. There are so many juicy nuggets of wisdom packed in here so I. Think it's definitely worth replying. Here's what she had to say. So for me I. Have the Five S.'s of a sustainable business so the five SS are share cell? System is and sustain, and the way that I like to start with people as being able to really get clear on your message of the share right show. Your dance moves on the dance floor. What is the value that you're GonNa add to your community even if they never decide to buy from you so for us with simple green smoothies that was sharing free recipes on instagram. Our dance floor was instagram with my personal brand and my coaching, my free dance floor. Floor is the podcast and being able like I just want to help as many people as I can, and for those who want to take that next step and transformation. So that's where I like to start is what is that message that you are sharing with your community to add that value than the next piece is about selling and doing it from a place of service. I believe that selling is service for the people that that need that work from name and. I, agree with and so being able to come up with what is that offer? What is that next step and transformation? You WanNa. Create for people, actually letting people know that it exists because people cannot buy a secret. and. Then the next piece of I work on is around. The serving, so I just believe that when we're building community, and when we are putting people first, and we're building a business that we want to be profitable that we really have to make it about transformation over just a transaction and so really. It's about not just taking someone's money and be like great back to marketing or sharing, but actually taking care of the people that gave you their hard earned money, and creating an amazing experience for them like can you surprise and love and delight the people that have given you their money? How can you go above and beyond in keep improving the product or the service that you have for that person so being able to really not ignore that piece of the puzzle, and then we go into system is right. That's kind of where simple green smoothies creating that repeatable system where it's like you want to build. Build that team to support us so that you can work in a space to grow your community and be the visionary in Your Business and I think that piece is so important. It's like for entrepreneurs. We constantly want to create an innovate, but we also need to make sure we have people that can sustain and maintain the machine of running business so that we don't burn out, and then the last piece is sustain, and so this is about putting you first pudding prioritizing your self care your relationships, your health on the top of your to do list because I know a lot of entrepreneurs when building companies. Companies can burn out in the process when they're constantly over giving and you know there's that quote. You can't pour from an Empty Cup so actually. Making sure that you one thing that I do inside my love over metrics, incubator is we do strategic quarterly planning, and we talk about the three top projects goals you have each quarter, but we also create space for what are the commitments that you have to yourself to your body to relationships to travel an honoring the capacity I think many times. You know they say that you over estimate what you can do in a year, but you underestimate what you can. Can do in three, so I like to stretch the timeline of our ambition and don't hit a goal right on time. Don't lower your ambition. Just extend the timeline and now we're gonNA. Play a clip from episode with the Awesome Jessica Huey. She's the author of the bestselling book purpose. Find your truth. Embrace her calling. She's also MBA recipient, a speaker and award winning entrepreneur, and she said one of the most powerful things I've ever heard. I think it could change your whole paradigm. Take a listen, just consider the possibility that the biggest obstacle between where you want now I'm where you want to get to. Is your opinion of how possible that is for you as opposed to any real obstacle. At, say just consider it. Just consider it. because. That's a stall. That's so important and it's so hard to hear because that means people have to take responsibility for that. Yes, and that's where the word comes in, but hey you know if we're willing to do the work. Then we can shoot through that I mean at this two ways of viewing it. It's like it is hard to him because we have to state responsive, but it seat, but the other side of that means that we're in control actually isn't anything external. That's preventing us from getting there. It's US well. That's good because I can handle me. It puts the ball back in our core as well so it's quite empowering I. Remember My my dad used to say he came to England didn't nine thousand, nine, hundred, fifty two. Just before an influx of Caribbeans were invited over to England to help rebuild the country because it had been the wall and he when he got to the country. You know it was a time where there was signs on. Public buildings, which would say no blacks. No Irish no dogs. And there was a lot of hostility, right and. he was one of the first, so he was a real sorta trailblazer, and he arrived in the country was qualified to teach, and his qualification wasn't recognized in the country, and so he ended up, doing sort of you know being a bus driver, and doing quite menial jobs and. I. I remember him saying to a you know. The color of my skin never prevented me from doing anything and I used to think. How's that possible? Dad, because you had so much abuse and so much. You went through so much, and it's not until I was much older that I realized what he was really saying was that he had a choice over how he allowed the abuse and that prejudice to impact. He had a choice and that's the thing you know we can't. Stuff happens, but we can take responsibility for how and WHO. We allow that to make us become. You know we have that power. That's really really really huge. I just say that there. There's more there's more for you. It's waiting and take it for me. You know it might feel like things are falling apart or your falling apart and nothing's working and consider that. Perhaps this is where you all breaking through rather than breaking down. This is your moment to step into what's waiting. So I hope you enjoyed hearing from all these special souls and again. We're going to link to everything that they're doing in. The show notes that you can follow them and give them some love to each of these women I want to say. Thank you for being such light for having the courage to be who you are for making your voice heard and because. Because of that so many people following in your footsteps and building a life where they can fully show up and serve the world. Okay here, the takeaways number one. You are not alone in your pain. There's hope that it will get better number two. You don't need thousands or even hundreds of followers in order to build momentum number three buy more shares of. Of yourself invest in your mindset. There's no off to the return on that investment number. Four wealth is not material possessions and money alone wealth as a condition of wellbeing number five quit playing small think in favor of yourself, instead of against yourself act as if everything will go in favor of you number six. No matter your age. Step up, step out and do. Do Your thing number seven follow your joy commit to building a life. You can wake up every single day and be one hundred percent in love with what you're doing. Number eight cell from a place of service focus on the transformation, not the transaction and number nine just consider the biggest obstacle in your way is your opinion how possible that is for you? Thank you guys so much for listening I know that there's so much going on, and it means the world that you felt like listening to this show I will continue to do my best to show up for you every single time to make a space for you. I can't tell you how much I love you guys and think about u constantly if you found this episode inspiring. Or you felt like you learned something new. Maybe share with friend. I love you guys. I'll leave you with a song of mine and I'll talk to you on Monday. Many Times Chosun. Time. Bomb. Saying I needed to. Do. But now. I. Call Them. Says I can't answer. I'm alive. Also have. The courage. Don't you worry? Got The heart of. Strang. Much too so. Got The.

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