Ep. 558: Hungry Boys with Freddie Wong


Give little time for the child within you don't be afraid to be young and free onto the lock central away, the keys and take off issues and sex and run you it's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse the beer Yanni. Boy, thorn, Jordan Morris. Boy detective here's the thing. Jordan a lot of times on the show. You will sue you will replace your, ordinary nickname. Check give with a new nickname. That is about how you're feeling a little Logie from eating too much of something. Sure. Yeah. That's kind of become a pattern. I thought I could get in on. That's why eat a little bit too much. I guess I don't even know what beer Yanni is. It's like Pakistani race dish. Okay. I think there's maybe there's an Indian versions of it as well. Then when I was Pakistani. Yeah. Oh, man. It's very gonna wanna start up before the podcast varies. We. A couple years ago. There was a there was a real bear Yanni wave that ran to my office where my my former colleague Nick who's now the producer of good food on KCRW. He was like he was needing some beer Yanni. So we did some beer Yanni research, which is to say we emailed kumail nangiani who has super strong beer Yanni. Opinions. He told us one to get we got it. And it was great. Then this new Pakistan restaurant opened a year or two ago, we went over there and had some periodic. And we said this is this is great bear Yanni. So I texted kumail. I was like Camille, I think I found some really good beer Yati. And he was like, oh, yeah. I ordered that today. It's on its way. Okay. Triple you beat me KOMAL. Well, I was texting with Steve edgy about grilled cheese. So I don't know we're just wanna food story at drop a drop a celeb-. Brag into we were by was. I wasn't doing that. You weren't doing that. Now, should we text? Probably. Just right. Grilled cheese question. Mark. Our guest on this week's Jordan Jesse. Go comes to us from the story break podcast and the media the multimedia super brand rocket jump God. Freddie Wong high Franco. Hello. How are you friend? Good. Tell me about this taco on your t-shirt. You're now thirty all right here. We Freddie looks great outside the sandals. Billions looks like a million dollars. Welcome. The first time guest by slamming their clothes. I'll go hard on this. I I did not arrive. Guess he didn't see your furniture. So he could crap on that right in that right in the top ten minutes. I'll go welcome. Now, you look at you just start with you, look great, Freddie. But what's the story with the lettuce on this taco on t shirts things one know to bell peppers and foremost, I do not arrive at my sandals lightly as a man committed to a full twenty four seven sandal lifestyle. Sandals. Toback? I've worn sandals to Toronto. When it was snowing to the bemusement of literally everybody right in that city. These are all ACI brand very specifically because they are a good Hawaiian brand the sandal. And I think that they pay are well with the watch I'm Avalon. Yeah. Bring it the taco talk. Oh shirt. It's a hard shell taco. Yeah. It is. I got this from nor Cal because that's kind of how they do it up. There is it the hard are hard to find out granted the taco Dorado down. Here. You will find a couple places that do it. But generally when you talk about super taco when you throw in like the lettuce and the mayo et cetera et cetera. I see the nor Cal getting this in the San Jose Sacramento. Where are we going San Jose could see why Rica? Why Rica I don't dude fucking checkout. Just we can do. No, man. Oh, good. A regional food argument. I know it hasn't turned into an argument. But it's going they were going there. Right. Oh, I'm just say, okay. I'll say this. I think tacos are better up around San Francisco. I think oh, no. No, no. I'm sorry. I think tacos better down here. I think burritos are better up there. I think that's fair. Yeah. I'll agree as a former San Franciscan and current Angelino. That's correct. Yeah. There's no argument doesn't argument. Sure. Because there's only one. No, no one's arguing about regional food. And this is I throw us hoagies with French fries are better in Pittsburgh. Yeah. I I am a little bit, Freddie for your for your information. I have come to be a little bit exhausted with regional food arguments. Because I feel like it is something that stands in for content on the internet. I was going to say something that boring men do in conversation in order to take control of the conversation. It's a stand in for comedy. And yes, absolutely rampant on the internet too. It's like, yeah. Yelling about at. Someone about pizza is supposed to be like captivating or something. Make everyone feel bad is yelling at someone a pizza sandwich. Yes. I know. I think it is. I think it is the sandwich anyways. But I think that fun discussion about the differences in regional food can be fun. But when it when it turns when it turns ugly. I check out the key is how I approach issue is I'm down with everything there's like Chicago versus thing. Like give me the best of both. And I'm good with that. Like if I'm just if you're just hungry. Boy, you good with these conversations. If you're sitting there trying to like say one is better than the other. You're missing the point. Both can be really good. You just got have both, Freddie, and I enjoy to dinner in San Francisco in the house of prime rib. Sure, you've been to the house of prime rib before having AB, I've certainly been to a house, and I've had prime rib. This was when we were doing the monsters podcasting a decade ago with our friends from Hewlett nice today Merlin and Scott Simpson in particular are very. The deep and profound at her insights of the cult of the house of prime rib, which is like an old timey restaurant in downtown ish. San francisco. Yeah, it's got a little Tamwe chanter vibe to it like the Tamil chanter here in Los Angeles where they only have basically one item on the menu. You can order different amounts of rare nece your prime rib as I recall, there's some sides and stuff can choose from cart based service. Yes. Okay. Yeah. As is proper. Yeah. Freddie, and I ate the Friday night at the bar, but. I've I've seen Freddie, take care of a plate of prime rib like a real hungry. Boy. Well, I was well I was doing the same right next to him. Sure. It was one. It was one of the highlights of of my business traveling career was sitting down with Freddie Wong and enjoying some serious just showing these people how it's done. Yes. Roy. These these yokels thinking, they're hungry, boys. Guy showed them there's an art form to believe me is a is a lifelong pursuit. Speaking of food. I saw something on your Twitter account today. I wanted to bring up. Yeah. This is you an I a just a flood of childhood nostalgia whack me right in the dick as soon as I saw this thing. Very good. Does that metaphor work a flood of childhood to stall J hit me in the dick? Tiflis? Yeah. Sure. Yeah. Or a knee high flood my case. Got a hell of a. Hey, y'all tripod. True. You posted that the the junk food in the baron Stein bears. Eat too much junk food book. Yeah. It was it was a was a was a lifelong food goal of your it is my I realized I woke up this morning. I realized like my entire life is chasing that high. I'm looking at that. And being like, what is here's the thing that doesn't work because that is supposed to be an anti junk food the best part about it. And it looked so good. They blew it. Because the whole point of that book the little of the plot. Remember of it was that they all get fat just gorging on the most delicious food ever illustrate the, mama. Bear's. Like, y'all got slow this shit down here, and then gets them on the whole health kick. And then they're fine. I don't remember that last part. I do know I was influenced by the first part. There's a there's a so, you know, the the coverage just them just gore Joe and attached just pop go. No, I'm googling. There is a there is a there's a some most of it is just loose candy. Yeah. Is there eating like, you know, bags of what looks like gum, balls and lollipops? But then there's just a box that says yum with two M'S. And I'm like, where's that what the fuck is in that FOX. But it's so good. What's the box? And I tell you guys that I went to internet search for Berinstain bears. Eat too, much junk food. Sure. But I kind of was trying to cut corners goes trying to do it quick. So I wrote Barron Stejan. Good good. So far, so good can fails who can figure this out. Then I wrote junk food, then I gonna admit I lost my nerve. And I went ahead and added bears. Faith in the Google AI. So it's bear instead Jin junk-food bears. Let's see the porn. Let's see. Let's see the porn. I bet it's pretty good. I get I feel the same way we spent a lot of you. Maybe you don't know this, Freddie. But every every Sunday at the flea market. I'm I'm I am always looking for the high that I got the first time. I saw that lamp they break in the Bernstein bears. It's just so tasteful. Like two things by the way. This food's looking good. Whatever is whatever a yum is. It incorporates both peanut butter and cream cheese. That's what I think. Well, what about sweet tops? There's also sweet tops here. I'm not asking -cerned with sweep tops. I'm more of a young boy. Okay. Daddy. I'm not a sweep top one thing. I do on point on that cover is. They are they're gorging from these low at look like clear plastic boxes of candy. Mount a butterfly which to be fair is have you been to like at the grove here. You know, the fancy outdoor mall sort of thing they have these like specialty candy stores that will do very boutique gummy bears, and like small clear plastic boxes costs four times as much as you expect it to, but they called this reason did they called that shit back in the day. You realize that this is like a window into the future of what would look like. I mean, I remember the baron Steen or the baron. Insane bears were at the at the heart of a controversy a few years ago about whether or not there's alternate dimension Mandela affects sure exactly so I mean, I think you know, this book proved that there's an alternate time line running where it's barren stained bears and that there's a movie called shit Zam starting. Yeah. And we know that we all live in that universe. Because I mean, look at the three of us three hungry boys sitting here eating crunch. Sure. Yeah. Like the cover of the going down on a foxy, yum. I mean, I think it's also plausible that this book series also could predict candy trend. Yeah. I mean, listen, it's a trans dimensional book series. And like because I remember very specifically that in red wall, we're like the to food based. I read what's red well-run walls like it's like mice. It's like a fancy series where mice have swords and shit. Okay. Don't sounds pretty good. And the food descriptions in this book are pornographic like first grader, it is the closest you get to be like, I'm kind of uncomfortable reading this. He describes Brian jacks. Jackson described scones paragraphs of food descriptions because they'll have a feast at some point, and it's just like literally four pages of wall to wall food descriptions, and I remember in like first grade when I was reading this being like, I'm so fucking hunger right now. I mean, I think we can all agree. The number one food porn of our young lives was the imagination feast and hook up fees and hook lobs you like those engineer, the willy, Wonka, gob stopper thing. Remember that you looked at that? And like, I don't know what that is. But I wanted to wanted to my mouth by daughter just hear it Halloween had that moment where she had received Wonka brand. Candidate. And she pulled it out. And she goes like, wait. Daddy are GOP stoppers. Real. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Yeah. Yeah. What she also concerned that it might be the source of some sort of ironic punishment. It was like it's like it was like one of those things where all she stays looking normal. But everything else has a brief digital glitch. Sure. Suck footage of an iguana appears behind her really freaks everybody out and finding out the shit. They don't want her to know. What is what is Halloween candy like these days? I don't you know, I don't I don't have trick or treaters on my street. I don't have kids. I don't know if you live in a condo. And there's nothing just zero. What what what's the hot shit? Halloween. Candy wise. He stays Wonka. Why would say the first the primary difference between Halloween is I knew it and Halloween is my children know it and is the concentration of Halloween wealth into a few short blocks share of each region of city. Oh, yeah. Yes. Yeah. We used to get both. My father's house m mother house. My parents were divorced when I was a kid. We would get a fair number of trick or treaters neither were like super popular trick or treat or destinations. But you know, we'd have to get two bags of candy. And we would go on our block. And then there was a we we'd go up the hill into burner heights in San Francisco, where am I my friend PD lived? Of course, you guys know PD and we'd go up and down his street because it was a little more residential little more upper middle class. Yeah. That's what the good shit was. But in Los Angeles today there are Halloween streets. Yeah. That's ten percent of the streets. Then there are deadly darkness streets because everyone has turned out their porch lights to indicate that all children should go away. Like there is no inbetween anymore. It is a, you know, just like with the wealth and income gaps here in America over the last twenty five years. Yeah. And the real heroes of both. Of course are single mothers. Oh, I was gonna say sex workers. But you know, what everyone's a hero. Were you a fun size house or a full-size house? We're absolutely a fun size house. Yeah, we barely like my neighborhood. My neighborhood was very heavy on threatening teams. Like, I would say that was the title all the more reason to be a full house gets UTD. Yeah. Like the little size. They're leaving you alone for the rest of the. You're you're paying for security. Yeah. These same kids when the cost the cost of an Abbas EPA. It would be like it would be like they would ring the doorbell and offer to sell you a magazine subscription. So they go to college. And if you said, no, thank you. They would kind of like like push up their sleeves. So you could see their gang that kind of situation Licko protection racket, and but for selling magazine subscriptions for college. Those were the kids that were doing the primary trick or treating in my neighborhood. But in terms of candy, my kids, first of all, God bless them. Did a very bad job collecting candy. Volume wise. Yeah. Lake they just don't have the focus. Did they have a pale? Or did they do the like pillowcase they had bags one of them has shaped like, pumpkin. Nice. We hang on his that love it. And then the other one is my daughter graces library bag. I don't understand remember where it came from. I don't it's like one of those cloth sewing bags that you make in your like your first sewing class by just did one of those are you really taking sewing class. Yeah. And you made a cloth bag. Yeah. What's the first thing? You do what are you in the bag not things? Not too heavy because I don't trust my selling. Jack's fun size only fun size on a full size in there. But I'm going to say my kids got only got fifteen candies. A what will they just don't? These are seven year old a five year old in two year old the two year old wasn't really holding them back. And they were in a group doesn't sound like their college here group. Holds a group of seven year olds God, I hope my children going to the traits a group of semi variety. Been figured out how to focus in buckled down and make it happen for themselves. So they they've been eating and they're they're basically done now. But I did notice that the last one in my son's bag was an almond joy, raising them, right? Yeah. Now, then yes, no, one wants a fucking that mounds tie for first candies, even as an adult who has I feel like along with the spare Agha's coconut is the thing that I have most come to as an adult like I was pretty dead set against it. When I was a kid, and I'm perfectly fine with it. Now. Greatness, desert Egal's so heat up four amounts or even sow as a now, I I love coconut flavored thing. Yeah. Especially chocolate flavored things like the real short list of. So I I love coconut. No one who loves I mean. I know there must be people must be like tab where there's people who have special Facebook for hoarding mounds is. But I don't know who's people candy corn people. Yeah. Like, I met candy corn people like serious candy corn jacked up, man. My wife looks forward all year to candy corn sees whoa. I know just like the pumpkins. Yeah. Absolutely. I in those I kind of like them to the pumpkins I like the pumpkins and the candy corn. I I've gone on record. This is my position. Yeah. Three pieces of year. There are three three great bites. But if I have four pieces I just have to go to sleep until a wave. To be in the dick. We should explain Jordan's alarm clock is a wave that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Wave machines like indoor surfing, I sleep on the beach. It's like Matthew mcconaughey, but I don't have a trailer. Yeah. Yeah. It's like a here to attorney. But just by yourself. Exactly, it's very romantic. Freddie. What was your? What was your Halloween candy of choices again? So okay. So here's the thing. I love Nestle crunch on good chocolate scrumptious, charleena's crunch, so for the longest time. Like, that's what I'd be hunting for even in fun size. Nestle crunch is still workable do. You know? I mean a lot of times fund size just screws up. Lot candy. But that's the crux still workable the fun size. You got that one two punch. Yeah. I mean, I think it right? I think a Snickers now really suffers get when it's been fun sized. Agreed. Yeah. Yeah. So so like I remember for Halloween like that's what I'll be hunting for jolly ranchers hate that shit gets stuck in your molars size. And that gets stuck in your molars. And you're just like looking at like green. I just hate it. There was a time in my childhood. When a jolly rancher was a prestige candy. You're you're a few years younger than Georgia knife ready. But there was a time. When a when a jolly rancher was distributed by era max. Yeah, exactly is the HBO candies. I said situation we later learned. Sure. Sure. Yeah. We didn't know what was going on. But there was a time. When jolly rancher was the candy is like right before sour candies broke big. I would say interest. But a jolly rancher was like a fancy king candy that people wanted and I remember eating it and thinking this I. I definitely remember feeling threatened because you know, the long flat jolly ranchers. Yeah. Sure, you could suck those into a point. Yeah. Yeah. That's a good. That's a good point. Hard davor. Yeah. You could make a you could lick you could look jolly rancher into a Schiff. Holy. And then it evaporates in the wound. Yeah. Exactly. No, one will convict you. Airheads? He gets more airheads. Sure. The mystery of the white airhead sure, it was one of those pre internet sort of things I remember like all sorts of theories floating around the neighborhood group of kids because here's the thing. I I grew up in time. The maybe the last generation of kids who can still like when the street lights turned on was when you had to go home. Like that was the thing which I feel like just doesn't really happen anymore. Kids are not roaming on neighborhoods on bikes as much anymore. Where did you grow up long? I grew up in Seattle Washington. Seattle Wash- is this beautiful country. Beautiful. Hiking urban environment. But it's it's also a a clean from rain. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Constantly. Yep. A lot of mull MS and depression up there to do. Sort of sure. But but I remember we would we would like bike up to the drugstore. Like, there was a drugstore where we would buy candies, and like, you know, pool our allowances, and just, you know, go wild on airheads and stuff like that get a phosphate with two straws, and then the dairy queens, so the Dairy Queen legitimate Q, and they had when I was a kid. They would have crunch blizzards. It's all about this is it. This was my jam. I was like always all summer swim meets get afterwards that crunch blizzard. They stopped at the time. I didn't understand that. Now. It's like, oh, clearly some weird licensing thing. I shit. You not I have been trying to get a Dairy Queen to make me a crunch blizzard for ten years. I will go to view brought them. I have done. I have done this. I have done this rogue employees, and they I have tried to bribe an employee twenty bucks and a crunch Barham like on the way because there's not a lot of dairy queens around Los Angeles on the way out. You know, there's a couple on the five. Oh, you if you're going up north, I will go stop. I guess station by crunch bar go into the Dairy Queen attached to the damn gas station and be like, listen, can you do a blizzard put this in here. And the guys every time I asked my man, I'm Andrew comes up. My our here, look outwards, and they're like, sir. No, sir. We stop you just start laying down money. I've tried bribing has never happened. I've tried I like, I am a YouTube celebrity early just give me some sort of credibility out. Now. I I know exactly what you mean. I've tried to do the same thing. But with CBD oil. It will not put CBD oil into my blizzard fucking cowards. You saw that thing by the way in terms of the actual effectiveness of CBD oil. Right. No, tell me about the thing. So there's so again, it is like there's a whole article on like how CB wells basically snake oil extend more. So the of the few studies that are they found that there it is affected in a range of about three hundred milligrams. A as as a dose in terms of having these enzymes aereo reducing effects etcetera etcetera. Yeah. Like, I think in a in a recent study of one guy at my I'm not found that it makes you soups chill. This is my this was my first CBD oil experience because I was curious about it. You know, I'm always looking for ways to to de-stress and you'll have to blow tree Uber. Yeah. You gotta lube up. Yeah. Row down a fucking forest like a big bad wolf, baby. That's right. Pigs. Daddy's getting stoned. What does that mean? Cares. What does he win? Listen to this. So I don't. Cool. He's my pin numbers. So I I was curious about CBD oil. Everybody's talking about it. And yeah, it's definitely one of those things that like CBD oil people really want you to know about CBD. Well, they want to they want. They wanna shake you down and tell you tell you about it. And they made a very compelling case all the C BDO people in my life made it really sound great. And so I noticed the the place where I where I buy pot the green easy over on. Beverly check it out big up green easy. Hey, green easy. I noticed they send a little nasty male with specials every week subscribed to their mailing lists. Yeah. You got to keep abreast of what's going on at the green easy. Jordan drives to blaze seasonally. So. Yeah, exactly want to get to what's in season. Yeah. You know, what they say think globally lace? So I noticed they had the sent me a thing for CBD oil demonstration. And I'm like great. This is great. I can get it explained to me by knowledgeable professional. Probably named Doug. See it's yellowish in unctuous. Sure. So my great, and I, and I kind of something that I like about you know, the pot. Shop culture is the like, you know, the the getting the explanation from like an enthusiasts. It's maybe the best consumer experience. You can. It's really terrific. I remember in Seattle when they first opened them up. But when they first opened up, you know, Seattle Washington it was pretty early. I remember going to one of these spots. And then like in line was like a it was like a parody of diversity in line. There was like a group of people Lorette party. It was a guy in the suit. No joke. It was like a Benetton every walk of life is represented boy. League. No joke, a guy with a construction worker vast basically just looking at a series of posters inside your Bank one hundred percent that and then again, they're so enthusiastic about it. And it was like, yeah. So I I went in in the get the designated CDL demonstration time, and the place was decked out. They had kind of laid out this like astroturf and the put out these streamers really really really, you know, really doing it up for the CDL demonstration and with astroturf in streamer. Yeah. The kind of like decorated it to make. Well, okay. I think this will explain it to look like a lawn care. Exactly. Like those like those places at the county fair that sell you hot tubs got it. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The pavilion. So I I go in and so there and usually in the pot shop, there's a friendly pot. Shop dog golden retriever with a bandana pretty standard. That's nice. Very nice talk. Soups chill. Yeah. I think that's the dog's name actually or technical breed. That's the Latin name. So so there, but there were there were three pot shop dogs, so I go, and so I'm like this is worth their really celebrate. So I go up to the to the to the demonstration person, they welcomed like are you here for the CB deal demonstration? I said, yes, I am again that great consumer experience, you're welcomed in your giving spiel you're you know, you're made to feel informed. It was great. Spiel is a local pot cooking. Yeah. So LA version of a black and white. So this the the woman starts to explain see the CB deal products to me and about a minute in. I realized that this is CBD oil for dogs. I it was only for dogs. And I had said that I was interested. Oh my gosh. So I had to so they're like, so are you are your pets having problems? And I'm like, yeah. My cats running around a lot. I guess she does that. Because I didn't want to say, oh, I thought this was for humans. I just didn't want and I'm so she starts explaining about how it will be good for the cat. And I'm like shit to avoid an awkward moment. How much CBD oil for pets? Am I going to buy from this lady? I was able to back out by just taking a brochure and saying I would need to do some more research and consult my bet. Today. I want to rub weed oil all over momentun anyway. So yeah, it's out there at an anxious. Dr Thompson quick consultation. He ever accidentally get involved in pets. How would you get out of that? Yeah. I laid it on you. So that that reminds me of I've had a very strange, okay? I'm debating whether or not to tell the story. Well, whatever. Okay. So we had a building an office building a space up in Burbank. We're moving out, and I'm sitting there, and you know, it's all cleaned out. And this guy comes in. And he's like, hey, are you guys you guys are running this place outright? You guys looking for a new ten. Oh, yeah. Call the number on the thing. That's the the realtors. Like now, let me talk to you. I and this dude. He his company he wanted to take over and his company like used MRI machines to magnetically like do something to CB do oil. And he was and then their website was like, you know, it's like affects it on the molecular level God. And. The potency of it. As like, and it makes it better. It removes all the side effects of wheat house. Like, okay. So we have these MRI machines that we've repurpose to magnetically resonate. We'd at certain frequencies and like the whole time. It's like what is going on? Anyway, we'd love to take over the space here. Let me get you some San went to his car and it came back here. Just a bunch of weed related thing. I was like, okay, cool is our let me know if we can take over the space, and I was like one we've pulled up the west summer's like you got a king. This is the most ridiculous. Yeah. Listen, if we take over the space, clearly, we'll be here forever. Yeah. It was like we all saw. And the best part was like Lord name's Jim. I'm a living billboard for the negative effects of marijuana. The best part was the best part was like, you know. I was like look it's not my decision. It's the landlords get to make this the landlords. The most up tight just piece of shit. Like worst people have. Sounds like they could use some early modified CB deal products. Machine. So now like from from now on whenever we're like. Yeah. This is this is good weed. But is it as good as this quantum? Does it cost to buy an MRI machine? Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Okay. We're gonna find out. Exactly, let's take a quick break when we return on Jordan, Jesse go. We'll find out how much these people spent on us. We'll be back in just a second on Jordan. Jesse go. It's Jordan Jesse go. Jesse thorn known as America's radio sweetheart Morris? Boy detective here we came up with those names when we were nineteen still doing them. Why are we hard to say? Hey, Jesse Jordan Jesse go brought to you every month. Every week. I should say by all the folks who are maximum members. God bless every single one of them tip to toe from the Ruta to the Tuta every single maximum member is a is a blessed human little kiss you right on the two-day. We ever see you. Oh god. I'd love to kiss it with your consent. Of course, you have you want us to kiss you in the to to just let us know. Yeah. That Tuta we're going to need it notarize though. Down to the shoe repair place. Also has a notary. You know, who is a notary for a long time W Kamau bell. That's fine for W Kamau back in San Francisco. Everybody had a hustle before they made it big name is a notary. 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It is going to be the weekend of January nineteenth. We have Jordan you and I between the two of us. Yes. Three slam jams super show. That's right. The the nineteenth January nineteenth seven PM Castro theatre judge John Hodgman, featuring you and John Hodgman, John Hodgman judging stuff. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Very exciting that same night at ten thirty. You're gonna want to want to have a little late night, Espresso and come see two shows because ten thirty cobb's comedy club. We were doing an all new episode of the SCI fi comedy podcast bubble. Jonathan Coulton himself is going to be there in person to sing beautiful Jonathan Colton bubble song. Yes. He'll be seeing some new legally dissimilar songs that we can use on the podcast. We're going. To have the cast their with special guest narrator. Jean grey. Yeah. A Skinner Christel Alonzo Allison Becker, Mike Mitchell, and some to be announced special guests, this is a a new episode. This is in continuity to this counts. This is not an imaginary story. I this is going to be like a holiday special no in continuity. Oh, wow. So this is big this as part of it whole half you have to be there. If you want the whole story, this is going to be a prequel or. Episode four a you happens between episodes four and five. Oh, wow. So it's gonna be mid timeline. Yeah. Mid timeline. Have you written a encyclopaedia at all? Nope. So some of it might not make sense. I have to hire a guy like George Lucas to keep track of all this stuff. We Jordan Jesse go. We're going to be at the punchline on Sunday, January twenty first and tickets are going to go on sale on the thirtieth believe for that is a little later, and it's going to be an afternoon show. We don't know exactly what time it is. But stay tuned. Keep the afternoon of the twenty first open and to S F sketch fest dot com for all of these tickets SF sketch fest, you can also find direct links at maximum fund dot org to all the shows. And also before we go, George. Yeah. I wanted to mention somebody named Deborah listener to our show who sent us. Who sent us a message about how Jordan Jesse go helped her in a really tough spot with a kid who had a really severe health situation. Yeah. And I think they are through the woods in terms of this house situation. So we are definitely a definitely thrilled to hear about that. And yeah, just we wanted to say thanks to Deborah and everybody else who drops a line to mention that the show is helpful. Thanks to the lady who works for a medical supply company, a medical equipment company, and like goes from brain surgery to brain surgery, yet brain surgeries or heart surgeries, brain brain surgery to brain surgery, and just one of the doctors was an asshole. And she accidentally started talking about bubble with the resident to is there and the resident was a bubble fan. And then the anesthesiologist came in and was like, oh, you guys are talking about mex- fun. Yeah. Then she said she recommended Jordan Jesse go to the anesthesiologist who hadn't heard it before. And then later re. Realized she had jeopardized her career. In so doing. Yeah. So thank you so much everybody who drops line about the show really really means the world area grateful. We'll be back in just a second hundred. Jessica. It's shorten Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn the hundred and forty four thousand dollar or best offer, man. I'm buying an extremity Mirai machine. Dedicated open bore on EBay shipping is seven hundred fifty dollars. But just think how you'll make when you run some ordinary old CBD products through it blast 'em with quantum beams. And then sell them for twice the price in the strange way, your target audience is the exact kind of people who will believe that this is making their we'd better know what I would describe as the aesthetic of this of this extremity MRI machine. Japanese toilet. Sprays your but toilet, basically. Yeah. Way more vulgar, when you put your leg into this machine that when you put your arm into it. Nope. Boy based on this creepy picture. Oh, yeah. Sure. She's really you really have to God you really have to split to let it get up in there. It does look like your fucking claw machines. Price things. Only now Jordan, I know that you have been really excited. First of all, I some listeners might know this probably your guest. Yeah. Freddie wong's. I guess do we introduce ourselves. I didn't join Moore's boy detective, okay, Freddie. Freddie Wong from rocket jump. And these story break podcasts. Pretty for your benefit Jordan's favorite movie. Probably of all time is avatar. Hell you, bro. Yeah. I mean, I love I just love the world of Pandora, of course, that classic character. Jake, sully laid by an actor. Sure. Teary but Tongo in. Yup. Shouldn't. Tom those colorful fucking tree tree toe. And of course, what what avatar cast would be complete without herald in Kumo. Caled it Kumar get some unobtainable him. So yeah, I mean, and you know, and we maybe I don't know if you know this about us, but we're real pop culture geeks. We're total pop culture. Geeks gamer hang out. Stuff and we love gaming. Hit flicks. Oh, I mean and just getting into it about pop culture. We love this stuff. Heroin were. Who love pop coaching have any news about the upcoming adventures movie, shoot it straight into my dick. Ruin needed. By the freebies films. Sure. Marvel cinematic universe wonder woman casting news shoot it between my toes all those good. Rumors the rumors the gods. New trailers this stuff teaser trailers before the trailers international trailers with eight seconds of new footage only way I can finish. International trade. Yeah. It's gotta be turned up. And of course, you know. I know I don't know if you consider yourself a real geek a game. Long live on say you love this stuff. Love it. We love this stu- rolling on basically. I'm like social media. Yeah. Police. Can't has means. Get at me. Anyway, pub culture belong to us. Dug deep for that. So I this is this news is a couple of weeks old. We talked about maybe getting into it last week. But it was not time. But but I think we can agree that lasts. You know? I don't think we were really qualified to do it last week with a real jock. Like Travis McElroy. Yeah, we needed a real gamer. Yeah. Yeah. Pop culture. Chunk Pucklechurch chunky. Yeah. Love it. Freddie wong? Yeah. 'cause we love this stuff. Live off of it. So that's you bitch by favorite movies avatar all those classic characters. Did you say your favorite food is gamer grub? Yes. Yes. Do you? Do you do out? Get excluded your favorite flavor. Those anything that gives me exclusive codes on how to boost my CEO de stats. Got to get those exclusive sky. I've been blinked so much fortnight. I love the latest call of duty which number was out again. Oh, sixty nine. Nice. Nice. So yeah. Some pop culture news. I think we're all excited about yes. They've announced the titles or maybe I don't know if this is a this is an official announcement, or if it's a leak, it might be a leak, so you know. Yeah. Who those leaks give me those leaks? So they've announced the titles of the next four avatar move. Finally, I just wanted to make already are. They are these being made. Are they making them as a block? I yeah. Maybe it's the thing where they just hang out in James Cameron's submarine for two years and see how many they can knock out is James Cameron believe he will never die. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Making four more avatar movies. So I just wanted to lay out the titles to you. Yes. And then maybe we can all give an opinion about which one. We're more excited because we love this stuff. So here's the first I don't know if this is an order. I don't know if this is the order in which they'll be released, but here's the order in which I'm looking at them on indie, wire dot com. Can you please? I don't care. What order they'll be released? But if you could stick to the timeline of the universe. Sure does this include the Cirque du Soleil to ruck first flight. Yeah. Okay. Which is a prequel to the. Yeah. I think that's timeline wise. The first thing that happens day chalet shot to Roque the first flight anyway. So I I mentioned here was the first air bender to rook Roque. Anyway. Completely isn't that one of the new characters in what's that video game? I just said I like four nine four nine. Yeah. Yeah. Got a got a Nerf you're to rook. They nerve to rook. Anyway, I I. Avatar the way of water brilliant, avatar the seed bearer. Wow. Avatar the Tolkien writer, and of course, avatar the quest for you. Let's spilt E YWCA. So just initial reactions guys which one are you most excited about and love it as a father of three I myself. See for yourself and see fair. Spillers? Yeah. Given given the sort of sexual nature that has taken avatar. I do think there are many people Jones for that seed bear one. Yeah. An avatar phantom. Yeah. Man. Because that's the thing about these. I don't I don't mean to get too sincere to nast. I don't I I would be hard pressed to name a film that has more thoroughly as far as I can tell disappeared from the popular consciousness relative to having made a billion dollars. Yeah. Officer Titanic even to this day has asking. I feel like there's more talk of True Lies in two thousand eighteen America. Joe for running down the camera movies, the event's probably talking about more than they talk about avatar. So my first initial my initial is the seed carrier. That's my first feeling, but I've always been a fan of the last one what was that? That was Manny Abe bar questions regarding those reliever for okay? No. I liked it better. When it was cardinals relief for many A-Bomb. I'm sorry. That's actually what it says. Yeah. I mean, personally, I'm a I'm a token rider, man. I just wait to see what they do with that part of the mythology the Tolkien's, rich culture. I just assumed that was just a literal recap of JR Tolkien's. What he's demanded in peaking appears. Forty four ounces of Honey, Mead you. Sure. Yeah. Several breakfasts. Sweet smoke. Sure. Do you think I think James Cameron like may be met some Eldridge God, diving something and made some sort of bargain because? Oh, that's my. That's my sort of running theory is that he got into the weird world of. Everyone's like, ooh, the oceans are less explored than space skies. I feel like he's like the first avatar should not have made that much money. But here's I very much of I have two strong and divergent feelings about James camera and his Hoover. I've never seen Titanic. Sorry. What's I've never seen Titanic? I know I did see avatar in the theater, and I think it's the worst movie I've ever saw. That said he took as avatar money and spend it on submarines. Yeah. And to me that is the single most compelling celebrity folly in the world. Yeah. I love it. I far prefer it to these tech billionaires buying spaceships thousand percent crooking submarines are awesome. I totally want to watch every one of his three D science museum. Documentaries. Yeah. Which are really good. Love it love three D science museum. Documentaries the total amount that I want to watch it three. D movie is twenty one minutes. And you want them out Everest to be involved. Exactly. Like, so I could not have more conflicted feelings about James Karen based on number one. I sincerely despised avatar. And number two. I fucking love that he has these upset that he's clearly is as an ocean guy who makes movies to fund his ocean. I seriously like ran into a when that thing got announced there was something about Sigourney Weaver or something like that saying that one of them was kind of explores the undersea world of the you're probably thinking of the way of water. Yeah. In the way of water. So when I when I saw that one I mean, maybe they go underwater in the seed bear. I mean, you know, what I mean if the seats? What's it need ten logical hurdle for these movies? Was they were developing tech to do motion capture underwater. I've spent a lot of money. Underwater. You is can you imagine the sexy fucking school be in that movie this heck squid? But anyway, like when I heard there was an underwater one I was like that directly brought into conflict. And I literally I think the submarines one I was like, oh and underwater one. Well, I'll check that out. The last one was literally the movie, I've liked least it I sat through all of in a movie theater in my entire life. But I'm like the just the the possibility of submarines being involved with. Yes, sure. I'll give it a shot. I do like your theory, Freddie, that in one of his private expeditions when he was not filming for for a science museum. He did meet some sort of ca- through like horror. And now he owes it. Some things has to keep making avatar movies in order to feed it's hunger for whatever. But I think also explains why they're so every one of his movies are just commercial success. I know. Yeah. He really seems to be able to not make a failure. I just wanted to give you guys a quick little update is to Google ads came out. Wire article just guys know that big bad voodoo. Daddy is coming. Pasadena February second February second big bad voodoo, daddy's many wants to go to that hit me up. I think that I don't know if you knew this this is like a fun fact about James Cameron. You know, he got divorced a few years ago. And he changed the name of his submarine to the seed bearer, sir. Babes in there. You know, you want to score take him in your fucking submarine. Sure. Yeah. Take him on a little quest for you. Baby. Do people in the avatar phantom one. Fuck this space alien, there's a lot of forest aliens. There's a lot of avatar porn on their sexual. Yeah. Yeah. No there is it is live. Yeah. There's like the hair. Yeah. It's like the hair Lou gymnasts catch him this blue cat. Jim Jim this who knew who knew that that was secretly the ambition of every midwestern housewife. It would be awesome. If instead of cat gymnasts. They were inspired by dog agility competitors. Actually, the running. Over little things. Yeah. That would have been made avatar way. We'd be if all the chase scenes were inspired by dog agility. And he just had a, you know, a giant book that hoop? Sure dodge, these stationary polls. Here have been to a dog show that no I have seen people practicing dog agility at the dog fucking cool every time I see it. I think like had I not had children. This would be emotional energy. This particular brand of enthusiastic loneliness. It is so cool. I love it prettier UP guy. So so I have a dog in my life. Let me be clear on this one. This is one of those things, but you're not putting labels on it. I'm nothing labels on. Yes. Somebody younger brother out, my younger brother who my parents. Call the younger hotter thinner version me referred to him as the new model car. He's an actor. And he got a dog a little a very cute dog who fucking hates me. And also we live together. He didn't consult me before that decision way. He just brought it onto your house. He brought the dog into our lives. And it was just like, hey dog. Now at no point was I asked if this was okay. So I guess I just have to go with it. So I just go with it. The dog hates me growls at me every single time. She sees me. She knows you're talking shit about around cod cast. I know I know a dog here. And so yeah. Yeah. A little bit. Yeah. We we've never along families have very bad pet history. We had a turtle once and the turtle mysteriously disappeared. I later found out that was ended up in the soup that we had. Oh my God. What shit cooked your pet? I mean, it's to be fair the soups. Fuck I bet it was good because turtles loved and that loves being out when they talk about like southern Chinese likes my dad's from southern China. Jemele it's about southern Chinese the saying is. Oh, yeah. This other Chinese will eat, you know, translated. Well, eat anything that slithers has legs or flies. And basically just covers the joke is a covers all animals anything. So you have had turtle pretty good that you that you once kept as a pet see now that taught me pretty early don't be emotionally attached to animals. Yeah. You never know. Never know. Right. I was at the flea market this morning, and I was talking to this dog. I love their. Hi fi. Sure. I was betting. Hi fi. Hang out at the green easy. Hell, yeah. I took. I took a look I got I got one of these information phones. I I said that thing to portrait mode and shot if she snaps in my best friend, high five and Texas one of them to my wife, and she texted back, also cute or something. And I was like, oh, you know. That's hi fi. He belongs to my friends who have the store and past. Like, I'm tell tell you the story of high five. Hi fi. She just text me back. Yeah. I know you talk about that a lot. A lot. Yeah. So that's where I'm at with regard to emotionally emotional attachment to animals, I will develop an an emotional attachment to a dog at the flea unhealthily. So as exactly no like on the problems with with with pets with dogs. I have more dogs in my building. I think there are more dogs men building than there are human beings. Like, it's one of those buildings can have multiple dogs thinks humans. Yeah. It depends on how many young ladies you have who have multiple tiny dogs. That ratio in your building lake. I lived in a building for a while that I would say had four young women who had three or more very small dogs. So I knew so I'm in the arts district, which is like now, a very hip cool place to be your very artistic, but we were there into sort of lay down some street cred. I've been there for about ten years. Now, it I was there before it was it was very weird sketchy place, and I remember distinctly the moment that flipped from weird. Sketchy place to hip cool place was we were in this like weird artist's loft space this guy in our building. And he's just as crazy desert dude who kinda talk like this and had crazy machines. And he was talking about going to burning man. He's he's been here all the burning man's? He had this scale model of like this this this like a this thing that he was going to build in the desert is going to be cover and all this stuff. And then as he was telling us about this new tenants like across the hall like walked by and they had a whole foods bag and a small dog in their arm. Oh, you guys going to burning man? Oh my gosh. We're going to be there to went to see. I went to see it, and they will find he had this look if I fill hates those people. Yeah. Exactly, the ones who are ruining the burn maybe a friend from high school who goes to thing that's like burning man. But it's for like Mad Max 'cause play. Yeah. I've heard about that. I guess there are now smaller scale burning man because like mainstream now as you're burning man presence. Yeah. You might as well. Go into Disneyland. Men and Gabbara worshiping the mouse. Anyway, yes, I have heard of this thing that it is right is taking that Mad Max thing that you see burning mad and making it the explicit theme of the event. Yeah. I've seen pictures that he's posted on the internet of him in a full outfit. It's really something. They really put they really put the work into enjoy that weekend. Do they are they moving the whole time or are they constantly driving around? Or is it like a stationary? We're all gonna get my friend plays guitar and then the flames come out of the area. Remember whenever to bullet town ruin fucking Mad, Max, whatever it's called came out. And he just like went to the movie theater and saw that. And you're like, oh, can this be all movies forever and ruled? Ruled that was so great. Was one of the best Laker reverse avatar? I liked avatar. Wow. Good for you. Yeah. I enjoyed admire the technical achievement or actually honestly, I mean, I format was really good into. It's a real nerd out for a second here. I love. Depict on film. And it's one of the few times where I'm like, I get it. Three D makes sense. I've got a Cirque du Soleil show. The first flight, and you cannot canonical in the universe. Yeah. I think it works. You know, I think that like again, it's definitely an IRA Lee movie. But like are you are you excited? Are you excited to explore the avatar verse? Fuck yeah. I am. I'm the guy that when they said that they're taking out animal kingdom at DisneyWorld and replacing with avatar land being like when's my next trip? Isn't yet. There's gonna be avatar land, you'll know about this. It's already here there are here. So there's a little like avatar boat ride. And there's an avatar. Yeah. I think so. There's a restaurant and the fiend coaster like a hardcore coaster L. I didn't know about the hardcore coaster. Yeah. It's like you fly on the back of one of the things. Don't remember the names of it, man. I it was one of those ones where like Disney made the decision because like Harry Potter land. Just got announcing they lost out onto quick we need a. Remove as popular what will live forever in the annals of history. Exactly. Well, we could do the Meg world. But. That might be to evergreen, you know. The sequel's just coming out hard and fast nonstop. But I mean, I mean, I I've used this example before it is just totally amazing. How if you go to Universal Studios there is a water world stunt show, like a movie that I can't imagine the twelve year olds in the audience know, anything of that. Because we've looked at you know, we've done like some boats stunts, and like, you know, for the stuff that we've been working on literally every stunt person. Who does water stuff has been in the water world stunt show every since you talked to. Yeah, I was doing it from this year to this year because there's only so if you guys know how to like do jet ski tricks. I bet they're all doing the Waterworld show. I bet it's like working in a restaurant where they've all hooked up to. Although I hear the best place for that. For those stories is that medieval times. Oh, no. They're fucking green night, bro. Yeah. Greed night read night Falconer. Yeah. Everybody going into ten ninety you go for. Yeah. What's your favorite your favorite color night? I'm to say red. But I don't know once once the lights are out in the dungeon. Is just a mess of Fabrio abs-. Yeah. I don't I don't know if I've told this before, but I went to medieval times earlier this year with the with the much friends, and I was really impressed. I had not been since I was a kid and really wasn't pressed at the level of commitment to all the medieval stuff. It was not. Yeah. Winking? It was not Jimmy Garoppolo lines from. Yeah. No. At in medieval times, therefore, you have no. No to Janine Garoppolo in the early ninety scheme. Yeah. Now, the must love dogs portion of the show. In then chose really, you know, I assumed when I went there would be like people would say like, you know, winter is coming or, you know, or they would be some pop culture references or something someone would say damn Daniel just kind of around the time of that. Okay. Very good. But I was really really impressed about how they just the script was very earnest everybody, you know, was doing their best to speak in the dialect. And it was all really, really. Yeah. I mean, they really wanted it to be authentic. Was there a particular dialect? No. I guess. Yeah. It was all kind of Shakespeare, and also I wanna point out authentic in the sense that there is a wizard and magic is definitely save. Magic tired or real wizard. Check in like beyond set and make sure that wasn't everything say, okay. But the one time where they did kind of break was that the key? When the king was coming out to just kind of set up the show he had to remind everyone not vape. The one time that the bail was broken. Well now hold on. Now vaping. Probably. Yeah. He may be referring to the ancient fourteenth century practice that could be Ping's. Sure. Man. Neil and present mutton to the Qing ping smelt like Khan can't. Yes. So don't do that. Right. Better for your lungs. Seriously. The dragons blow fat clouds. Got you think dragons faked broke man fucking dragons could do can you imagine the fucking Instagram? Aping him all the fucking tricks. Dried row on a scroll song. Those clouds and rhythm, wait for the drunk on wall. Blah, blah. Blah, blah. I wanna make a show where everybody is like every week. It's like all right guys. We're going to do it who can do the best vape trick compilation you have one week to figure this shit out. Go for a great show. I'd watch it. We also compile a few tricks guys compile a few. We'll be back in just a second hundred. And jessica. So mech spun context gone sale this Friday, November twenty third at eleven AM Pacific, and I'm trying to write a promo. Okay. So what do they need to know? To look forward to inspiring classes life podcast tapings stand up. Showcase this party making new friends. Still forget about the dance party all takes place on a beautiful mountain top. Okay. Got it anything else. Well, if we missed anything, they can find all the details at max, fun, con dot com, and we'll see. Really wrong. Good. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn, America's radio sweethearts boy detective for anyone B-list internet celebrity B, plus 'less at least. Yeah. Be plus a minus. You know, what I'm saying that that just that edge someday, you'll catch up to Logan ball. Stories. Stories I could tell from the depths of YouTube God. It's focus on your podcasting. Guys, make the coolest you guys make the coolest videos at rocket GM. Like, I'll go into watch all the videos on your channel once in a while. And then I just think of the fact that like just because your four years younger than we are you you've had to live your life making your career surrounded by YouTube celebrity, and by the way, we're old for YouTube. Celebrities, we are in like the worst in between kind of thing where cool because I remember when you first came out. Everyone's like, this is where the next Spielberg is going to be and ended up being something totally different. But we were in that sort of time here everyone from our sort of like, I guess not. I guess we'd better do something else. Turn to the lucrative world of podcast. That's where the next Spielberg. I am in love watching every episode of battle star galactica with his friend from college. They're getting into it. This stuff. I am in love with freddy's podcast story break like basically what happens on this? I don't know if you've heard it. But basically what happens is they take thing. Like, what would you call it a piece of cultural exactly just a floating jetsam, the main thing the main example, I would say is the Burger King kids club. Sure. The three of them break it down fucking build an entire basically an entire screenplay treatment out of that thing that is like a compelling sometimes moving narrative. Sincerely, moving like that. I think I think it's fair to say that you often start treating the subject matter with disrespectfully with the disrespected deserves then then we get in accidentally get into it and your professionalism accidentally takes over and you start finding yourself making very sincere and passionate storylines. Yeah. Four. Sonic, one of my favorites was the the the the probably award winning indie film for why did the chicken cross the road, we managed to getting they actually good movie out of it? Yeah. The one we did most recently was are you familiar with the drop bear. No. I don't know about drop bear this. What's it drop bear? So if you go to stralia, there's a good chance that's the stralia talk to we'll talk. We'll mention drop bears careful for you know, drop this, and it's a it is a laser Austrians living in. But it is a it is a like nationwide prank that they all are in on this thing. And the whole thing about Austrailia being like, you know, dangerous. Yes, sure. There's koalas that come from the trees, and they drop on drop on you and people die from it. And it is a thing that without even prompting. Everyone would just oh, yeah. Cousin killed by dropping all know to play all know how to play along. So we're like. So we're like a horror movie about that. So that's the most recent hell, yeah. It is. It is a it's like a magic trick every time they anyway. And you hate magic tricks. It's like if I liked magic tricks Friday. There you go. When something momentous happens to you. Call us at two zero six nine eight four four fun or Email us your voice memo JJ, go at maximum fund dot org for our segment momentous occasions, where we chronicle those momentous occasions in your life. Here is our first such television. Call courtesy of telephone call courtesy our producer Brian sunny D Fernandez who's about to hit play right now. Hi, jordan. Jesse guest. I'm gonna get dick. Very close. Very yes. Really close. I mean, you're probably would you say FREDDY is the closest to dick wolf of any guest three overhead hundred ago. Yes. That wolf dick though. Yum, yum. Yes. That is the sound it makes flog, nah. Baby. Austin powers. I should do a story break for Austin powers is on the list. Awesome. Okay. Let's take. Let's take a listen. Hi, jordan. Jesse guest. I'm gonna get dick positive for anybody. Who doesn't know? He's the creator of law and order just if people don't know dick wolf is. Want to bring them create or he's the famed legendary creator of the law and order franchise Chicago fire in Chicago fire all of our favorites. Yeah. Which is a dramatic television program about the great Chicago. The great Chicago series. Documentary series, an exhibition at the New York world's fair real flames. Okay. Press play Brian. I'm calling in with a moment of the game. Earlier this week is celebrated my two year. Anniversary. Verse re being two years ago. I was hit by a truck and another car. I survived all broke my pelvis three places and my ribs and a handful of teeth. But after around the hospital, I learned how to walk again. And I'm back on my feet and doing. Thanks. He didn't mention if you've got any shiny new choppers. Yeah. I love the something. I like about those is the like the detail. They don't explain hit by a truck and another car. I wonder why I wonder why it's the truck of her Serie. I wonder why the truck, and I guess maybe that's the first one that coincidentally. It's also the day that he married a truck. Married a truck earlier in the day the truck the truck hit him, and then he opened his eyes. And it's the first thing he says like oh my gosh. Are you? Ok yeah. He's like, I think I'm in love. We should get you on our podcast today. I drove past the tractor trailer parks driveway on in my neighborhood. The most amazing thing I've literally the most amazing thing in the city of Los Angeles. What what is it? It's an entire tractor trailer like a giant semi-truck right parking driveway in front of a regular house. What's in it? I did they fit it in there. How do they do they park it there? They get it in there. It's truly amazing on my block about once a week. And I think there is something in LA about like you have to move campers. Every so often. Keep a camper in one. They don't want people can't being homeless. Yeah. So I think. There's a there's a camper that someone has to move. So, you know about once a week there will be a camper on my street with scrawled with apocalyptic biblical messages. Anyway, it's a real hoot. Yeah. That sounds fun. Yeah. Parking's bad enough on that street. There's a guy who lives on my street in van since before I got there. So I, you know, I give him the he's he's he's waters rights. Yeah. Exactly. Like, if you've been there more than six years than, you know, one of who am I to say that you don't and he always kind of a big dude like a very broad shoulder, dude. He's always wearing basketball shorts, and he always waves alot, which is cool. I'm into that. And sometimes he's doing nice things for the neighborhood. Like, he'll go pick up trash along the street or something. There's no street cleaning on my block. So it's really cool of him to do that. He also gives you tickets if you're there. And then just sometimes he's like yelling at himself at full volume. And I feel like the cleaning up the street makes up for the yelling at him so full volume, but it's still kinda freaks me as fair. I remember I remember one time I parked downtown. And this and homeless guy came up to me and was like hold on wait, and he'd had this. He had a a paper clip that he had twisted in a very strange looking shape. He's like Hello. You be here for and then he just went up to the coin slot. And then just like jiggled this thing around and gave me two hours on the meter cool. Like, I. Thank you for power. And it was Chris angel. Got mine freeze like I'm homeless. This is what the credit. And free money. Yeah. I'm paying you like, yeah. I was about to feed the bunch of change into this. Yeah. Sure. Why not like he just walked up and down the block just feeding people's meters with this weird contract? It should have done was back. I'll pay twenty bucks. Yeah. Wow. I bet that guy could also like fucking beat any claw machine. Oh my God. Guys, so many fucking stuffed animals. Do you can you imagine just the sheer number of just minions that guy? Do or the whole gang. Yeah. Millions. Let's take another call. Hey, Jordan, Jesse and guest. It's seven forty one AM and sitting here in bed and this happened. Two years ago. I got. Poppy. And she. But she. Distant and probably has like. PTSD and everytime anywhere near her face. This entire time. Treat me Ted Cruz one of his kids and never anywhere near my face. The only part of people is their feet, which is kind of weird. But today after her she licked me. I'm my mouth twice. So I guess she loves me. Now, thanks case by sheets folk with that dog. Hi fi. Yeah. All in your face. And those nasty little feet to those nasty tutsies. Maybe introduced into. Maybe they need to go down to the old green easy. Yeah. Most rescue dogs plays trees. Yeah. Who plays too, right? Jordan's bumper sticker. Get it. But you know, fuck them. Who cares different level, bro? Exactly. Chess half pot leaf half. Paul was a weird icon. Using look like either. Yeah. Yeah. But you know, fuck them, I repeat anyway. That's that's really nice stories. A very beautiful story. Yeah. I wonder what the would do to Ted Cruz. Yeah. Get all up in that feet, though. Yeah. Fed crews nasty little feat. I mean, those those those who've stink. Politics. Those nasty. Oh. Flap. Yeah. Yeah. That's how we edged out. Beta Aurora he made a video of himself stepping on eggs. Just got that very very important foot fetish vote after. To the bulls. But he edged edging. Edging enthusiasts foot-fetishists. Yeah. I wonder sometimes for foot-fetishists if me wearing sandals is just like doing them a favor. Here's a question. Yeah. Have you looked up yourself feet on it all I'm so sorry. I have a sub question type, Freddie. Wong into Google. Does it try and write net worth? Yes. It does. Wrong. So great above or below far above what my actual. I have so little money compared to what they are claiming that have now what it doesn't help that all the other fucking YouTube Bassel's are rolling around in Maserati, Tesla's and shit. I'm like, I have I drive a two thousand early two thousand zero on the minivan. I bought us. All right. You take one look at the fact that I will wear t shirts if someone sends them to me, regardless of what's that black? That black wardrobe is nothing, you know, in was NetWorth. You're not doing that bad. You're importing your sandals from Hawaii Hawaii. Yes. Indeed. Sorry. Go ahead. Just have a very dumb sandal story. Let's hear it. So I was hosting the dice awards which is video game awards. And at that time. Warner. Javanese starting pitcher dice que. Luigi? I've talked. At the awards show. Was Palmer lucky the founder of Oculus, and the now as we as we know now Holmer lucky, and as we know now funder of right wing trolls and kind of a weird. All right, dude. No with the name like Palmer lucky. How could it be? Yeah. Name. It's like basically a character that Sorkin made up. At the time. This was not known. Yeah. And he's also like dude just hangs out in San those all the time, and we got into sandal talk. And I was like, hey, I really liked this brand. He's oh sweet. I'll check it out. No joke. Then like later on. I find that one. He has definitely been an adherent to this brand off of my suggestion. And he's also weird like Neo Nazi alright, dude. So you're an enabler you're. Yeah. I feel really guilty about European. Tse's nasty. I am very I'm very conflicted by that. I understand completely. Yeah. Anyway. It's like that time I sold a Nazi tank to lemme. Nuxie tank. Sorry, what's Lemmy from Motorhead Nazi tank? Okay. That really drove around in shot. Fuck. I'm not saying he's a Nazi. He was very clear that he was not a Nazi. But they made a good tank. Are you near tank craftsmanship? What are you? What were your duties when you hosted a video game award show? It was so not surprisingly never asked me the host again. But they gave they gave me a big list of just read the teleprompter. And here's our joke. Kept it. Introducing Oprah too. Right. So the list of jokes that here's what the run the show is joke suck. Bad. So I sat down with who had written jokes. They're like the event organizer shading team. Very bad. Burn example of one. Oh my God. It was just all like just really weak like riffs on gaming the industry that I go journalism is in this state. It was. It was all the real problem is ethics video game journal everyone. The problem with that video games. I've always wanted to do a short were because he three we'll have like all these parties where it's like Kotoka. We'll go to a party that the publisher puts on I just want like a all the president's men style. Bio pic guest list activists inviting all the press like this is corruption at the deepest level. Takes a big old drag off vape and don's fidora's. Stop this. So every so me and going to find the outright own Robert Redford. Who would that be really at this point? Meal. Maybe so Matt and will my co on story, we all just like, well, let's just redo these Jon Voight would star in that movie. Bet she probably get void explain to them. What a video game is. But after that, I'm sure it'd be on board game for it. I bet. Yeah. Flights game Voice's DDR. I hear told Kirk video game is a reverse banana he'd probably be on board Cameron Voight. Kevin Sorbo probe Ananta area. Type Ananta Kirk Cameron. I think he I don't think he was making a judgment call about nana's. No are. Great grab and go fruit. Yeah. Went in the car the car smells for a long time their own packaging, but saying that the the precision with which banana was designed proof that there is intelligent design because. Slippery. Yeah. The shape. Oh, which then people point out, by the way. Yeah. Because we made them that way like bananas in the wild or nothing like that you that we hang out with you know. Hanging Chiquita later. That clouds with Chiquita. So the three of you had to write. We read the whole thing, and we're just gonna do this. And they're like, oh, this one's a little bit mean-spirited. Yes. Sorry. I'm going to do it. I remember one joke in particular one after a developer in light hearted way. But in a way that was both, you know, aware of the world of gaming culture and poke fun at it and the reception to that was an entire room of giving us professional and one dude in the back on nice nailed that one guy that guy to be fair. The developer was going to tear down the community center to build an office. Yeah. Yeah. I know I've the little bit of work. I've done for like gaming stuff. There's definitely a fear of comedy. Because they because they're everyone is worried that anything negative will set off a fan community who will descend upon it. I mean, I think that's I mean, it's legitimate that might happen. But anyway, yeah, it is a tough. It is a tough world to make jokes in. I'm excited to hear that you are basically to this video game award says Norma Donald was SPF. We're just always jokes with a combination of rustling and stunned silence. No. I think dragged Michael Jordan. Yeah. Right. Oh my God. Yeah. I think it's it's one of those things right? This just happened for those of you in the gaming spheres like blizzard just had to deal with that. Sure. But point being a hate PC gamers narrowly hate them. I think the fundamental problem with online phantoms online phantoms are poisoned when the creators put them at the same like put them in subservience by that. I mean, there's a lot of and I saw this in the YouTube. Let's see this. Now, a lot of people will be like you guys are fans. You guys made us. You guys are exactly why we're here we owe. You all this stuff? But I think it sets up a really bad relationship. I think the gaming industry is like in the thick of it. Where everyone is like. Yeah, we got a you. Oh us this now. And it's a different kind of relationship shirt. It is it is weird. The nerd the nerd. Urge or the nerd propensity to want to destroy something you love like like, if something you love, you know. Does something different or something that isn't your favorite like the the move from. This is everything this is my life. This is my phantom. I love this fandom to fuck. You guys. I'm ruining you is so eat so easy. It's like it's like making a phone game. That's not a PC game. Automatically makes blizzard, you know, everything in the world versus, you know, the worst money grubbing, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, it's it's a it's it's terrifying. My only window into this is the lake once a week that our friend Brandon bird. Favorite painter will just spend two hours in a retweets fight with both the last. Yeah. I get antilock jet. I people. Jeddah. I enjoyed that movie so much. So like I and I did see it like I feel fully qualified to. Yeah. I I like Star Wars. So God it just fills my heart with so much happiness to watch. My like Brandon is a deeply committed a true down to the core of his being gig. And it just I'm like, there's my geek friend, and he's doing it for all of us. I know I like I the thought of getting into a fight on the internet stresses me out. No, you know, to no end but lodging someone who kind of gleefully does it. It's it's it's fun. I mean, I know the internet has too much fighting on it. And you know, if he asked me if he should keep doing it. I would say probably not don't do that just ignore them. Yeah. But sometimes when it's done skillfully, it's a little bit fun. There's a trick to it. Because I mean, I was a I was an internet Torp growing up and like I've trolled people on forms. There's a there's an art form and bad as it is. There's a way of doing it. And it really just comes down to every time. Someone's troll you they want you to play the game. They've set up for you. The only way you can win the fight in that way is to deliberately not play that game and over and over against frustrating because I see this is the same tactics that I see, you know. Alright trolls doing it is getting people to engage them in a game. Or they've set up the rules, and they will always win that the only way you beat them is by not engaging in that game to it. I got into a Twitter fight with this guy. And I was like, I think this trolling me. So I just changed my persona to just fight commentators coming in late with with with the referees. Don't bad form after revealing. Didn't stop and I got the guy to actually go. All right. You got me. I was just truly didn't think you're spot. All right to sidestep it the internet troll trick can take it from an internet troll this sidestepping sidestep. It don't fight or just kill myself. Yeah. That'll show. Those trolls can't handle it. I don't have it trolls. If you're out there. You win ahead of time. Whatever satisfaction. You need from that. You've won. Please. Don't. Calls me just move to a non-english-speaking country. But there's a real like anxiety when you put something out. I know there's vacations in my Twitter that someone's going to be mad at me for this. It's like it's not worth it, man. You should just shut up and make more video game high schools. I'm just gonna no joke. I've been thinking about just deleting Twitter. So I don't think there's anything. I don't know what benefit it provides makes you more anxious. Yeah. That's it helps you be bothered by the news helps by the news. I love the promise. I love weird Twitter jokes. But then it's like is it worth it is it worth this anxiety? I definitely feel like as a guy who is always teetering on the edge of employed. I I, you know, need it for visibility purposes. I feel like as a, you know, a guy who is, you know, always looking for the next writing job, you know, having a thing where I could be publicly funny, or you know, publicly amusing is good for me. But yeah, I feel like if that if I did not feel like that was the if I was like torpedoing a part of my career. I would definitely lead it you just buy a bunch of Twitter bots and have them like artificially booster numbers say. Goku advertisers, anime avatar. I think that's a premium for big bitcoin. No, I cannot afford premium. Kroger bought Kroger. Brand bought hold on. I told you I have an idea idea. And maybe maybe you can help me out with this one a bought programmers out there as a countermeasure for all right Twitter. Trolls here's what we do. Every time like an organization or person just tweet something shitty. Get a bunch of people to just re tweet Ella? Well, is anyone going to tell them? How long before they find out and just put up a smokescreen? Do we tweet something wrong? Do we tweet some stupid joke or make yourselves looks like hits and send them into a tizzy? Are we referencing something that we're not realizing the goal is tizzy sending tizzy say, right? It's all about it's all about taking up their time and resources researching nothing. Wow. Listen, they're wondering if they re tweeted some sort of millennial sex slang. Exactly, there's. Car. We say gosh, we've got thinking does this mean ass eating. Tweets. We used to be on fleet. Now, we have to delete our account. Do this. Okay. Wasteland then we'll be back in just a second. Jessica. Hi, I'm Dave. Hi grant. And where to house DJ's who have been trapped inside our drum machine, we love it here. And we'd love if you stopped by and visited us every week on stop podcasting yourself here on maximum fun dot org. Just a couple of dufuses from Canada and listener show or perish. Stop podcasting yourself on maximum fun or. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn, America's radio sweetheart boy detective for anyone a minus list got bumped up interday. Interday? Weeks say during the break. Logan, Paul died. Like, it's great on curves. Moves up pumps for the last. Don't wish. A good guy. I wouldn't go that far. Thrill. He's going to run for president. He's gonna probably win the presidency. And that is when I will check out of America. Yeah. Is swearing in. He will dab. That's true. He'll bring it back. Yeah. Yeah. The presidential Columbia. You know? So my brother's been the time in New Zealand New Zealand looks nice nice. Yeah. Although if you if you factor in global warming parts of on -tario and the Russian steps, apparently, I where you want to be well, certainly you want to be the Russian steps if you're the Mongol horde. That's weird. Military horsemen of some kind you want to be on those steps gotta learn to ride and shoot up shoot behind you the horses blood for sustenance. Yeah. Totally. Good iron. Off some horse horse pe- if it came to. Mean pain in Rome, right? Piss. We all know what you have to say about drinking horses P, right? Signaling bit. You're famous new catchphrase Gluck Gluck. Yeah. Yellow? Catch on people. All right. The most popular ever done. We'll set me up again and really sell it. This time. Jordan, if you were really thirsty. Don't laugh don't laugh that's a serious. We're going to reedit this too. It sounds like fucking nailed it audience. Doesn't know it's coming already give a different setup. So it's clear. Let's say. Leading a resistance movement in early twentieth century India through non-violent means and you believe that health benefit were derived from drinking one's own effluent. What might you say in that context given the opportunity to do? So well, I mean. Obviously, it's a pretty far flung situation in a lot of factors, of course. Yeah. A lot of things to consider. But ultimately, I'd probably say Atwood glove that hot yellow. Sure. The program is as been, Freddie Wong. You can catch Freddie on the rocket jump YouTube channel. And most importantly on the max fund podcast story break, which is so cool in funny and silly. And a and a narrative delight thank every single week. Thank you. Yeah. What what do you got coming? What? What stories you're breaking coming up? You got anything on? We got. We have a big Google doc, you know, refer to we want. We were thinking of doing. Hold on. What was it? You. Remember the movie equilibrium? No. I definitely. Yeah. Sure, the first gun kata movie. Equilibrium was sort of malaise of post I matrix where it's like guys in trench coats with two guys this cool right to guns. So this was Christian bale in a serious taking this movie, so serious. No. He was saying so seriously, and is a schlocky sci-fi movie about a future where you can't the government doesn't allow you to feel emotions and there's wonder how Christian Bill. Vet? But then he's becomes the first Tetra gravitons cleric to begin to feel emotions thanks to a dog. Because he no longer takes the emotion suppressing drugs. There's a lot of guns backflips dog named him. No, no. So they so he's this. He's this. You know, unfeeling enforcer master of a martial art create exacts created for the movie called gun cod gun kata called master of gun. Kata knowing nod to Jim cutter I disagreed question. I don't know. I think it's I think I don't think so martial arts skills gun Q. I would say that. But the maker of this movie does not appear to have seen another movie. Or otherwise, cool. So it's it's a series of gun poses designed to maximize your ability count or kill count while dodging known vectors of bullets in coming in. So it is a lot of posing. And a lot of shooting creator of the movie not coincidentally born and raised in the village of the crazies. And. Yeah. And he public. Yeah. And you know, and he he snaps and turns against turns against his government when they try and steal like a pomeranian. He has stashed in his trunk. And then boom the fucking gun kata comes out in the start fights against Dix. Cuts off digs his head. Yeah. His face sequel every. Equal every gotta yeah. Following everyone on Twitter. Where's my face? Yes. A whole range of stuff. Gosh. Pull up the list. We've always wanted to do one for you. Remember the video game. What was it streets of rage? Yeah. Sure. I mean, there's a whole range of plethora of video game properties that kangaroo is gonna have to be the main character there. Yeah. Yeah. Given the monologue that this one girl from my high school Doon are art survey class introduction to the arts from double dragon the movie. I think you could swing something from St. out of streets of rage. I haven't seen double dragon the movie, but I did see that compelling performance of a monologue from the film, and it suggests to me there's a lot of depth to be mined in streets of rage. Yeah. I think so I mean, you can go left. You can go right? Can jump have a variety of weapons we pick them. If you beat a bad guy that has that weapon. Yeah. Twice turkeys. We'll we'll make you healthy again, pick up some food. You find on the ground. I love that part of video games. Like shit Turkey. I've been shot a lot. Food found on the ground Stein. Right. You just constantly finding just like salads turkeys and salads and dog food store my life, right? Yeah. Boy, tell me about it. It's amazing that we beat the Nazis given that they had. Turkey. Yeah. Amazing the Turkey production allowed them with their quality tanks certainly could starve them out. Yeah. Turkeys on around. Okay. Freddie Wong has been our guest, our producer, Brian sunny. D fernandez. You can find us on Twitter for the time being at Jesse Jordan underscore Morris, Freddie, you haven't quit yet. No. I'm at epilogue at f- Juan you can find us on Reddit maximum fund. I read it dot com. You can find us on Facebook. Join the max fun Facebook group or like Jordan, Jesse go. How about this Jordan do both do both? It's not an either. Or I said it was an orb, but you could do. End. And that shit doing end. We'll talk to you next time on Jordan. Jesse go. We love you. Maximum fund dot org, comedy and culture, artists owned listener supported.

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