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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Barbara Klein. Caucusing BEGINS IN NEVADA. This hour for the Democratic presidential nomination. Npr's miles parks reports are hoping for a record turnout after thousands of caucus-goers cast votes early. More than seventy thousand Nevada. Democrats voted early. Here and precinct leaders will now be tasked with counting those votes as if they were cast in person. Today many leaders will be using party. Provided IPADS new technology to help with the math with unclear at this point is how crowded precincts will be since such. A large of voters already participated. Unlv political science. Professor Dan Lee the first question I have and I'm not actually sure is how many people are actually. GonNa even show up to the caucuses. The State Democratic Party says they hope to have results of the caucus by the end of the day today miles parks. Npr News Las Vegas. The head of the World Health Organization says the window of opportunity to contain the new corona virus outbreak is narrowing as it spreads to other parts of the world. Outside China cases have skyrocketed in South Korea. Iran is reporting a sixth death from the illness and NPR. Sylvia Pohjola reports Italy as put about a dozen towns in the north under lockdown. Because of infections and two deaths a seventy eight year old man died late. Friday near Potter invented toe and a woman in Lombardy died today. Lamberti governor of Tearful Tana said strict measures have been taken in the region. Italy's financial and industrial powerhouse. Ten towns in an area south west of Milan in lockdown with some fifty thousand residents told to remain indoors while schools businesses and restaurants are closed and public gatherings including Sunday massacre. Games are suspended. Benadryl Governor Lucas. I said the contagion shows. The virus is transmitted like the flu. You can get it from anyone. He told reporters Prime Minister. Giuseppi Co two said. The government is ready to consider further measures. So People Jolie. Npr News Rome. Afghan officials say the Taliban attack to Afghan security checkpoints today the first day of a week-long reduction in violence. Npr's Diaa Hadid reports. The truce is meant to lead to a deal between the Taliban and the US next week and ultimately a withdrawal of most American forces from Afghanistan officials on all sides haven't defined what they mean by reduction in violence which allow some wiggle room and it seems Saturdays. Two incidents did not affect the scale back but in another challenge to this pending deal. A political crisis in Kabul escalated Saturday when rivals of the Afghan president should have honey appointed their own senior officials into districts. They don't recognize honeys presidency and have formed a parallel government. A federal narcotics agent is under arrest on charges of laundering money for the same Colombian drug cartel. He was supposed to fight. Jose Ariza Ari is accused of diverting millions of dollars seized by the. Da this is NPR. A group of twenty finance leaders are meeting in Saudi Arabia. And calling for unity on tax policies regarding tech giants like Google Amazon and facebook. They want to require to pay taxes where they conduct business. It's about to get more difficult for immigrants to come into the US. Legally the trump administration begins enforcing new regulations. Monday that'll make it harder for them to get green cards. If they use public benefits in the meantime tightened policies on asylum seekers played out at Florida's Orlando International Airport today. Danielle prior of member station w. m. f. e. reports and undocumented mother and her two American born children were deported to El Salvador Vilma Diaz. Who entered the country without papers in two thousand was denied asylum under new rules that make it harder for people fleeing gang based violence to qualify for the Status Pastor Joel to Melbourne? First Church of the Nazarene was at the airport with Diaz and her two sons. He says he's worried. The eldest axel will be targeted by gangs. And if he doesn't join which he won't because he's a Christian and he's a great kid he's a US citizen if he doesn't join there will be threats made against his family along with his threat of violence he says. Axel won't be able to get emergency medical attention for frequent asthma attacks. The Department of Homeland Security says nearly nineteen thousand people were deported to El Salvador last year for NPR. News I'm Danielle Prior in Orlando and I'm Barbara Climb. Npr News in Washington support.

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