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Sometimes that Cappella being traded by the rockets ends up being bigger than just about any baseball trade. There can be however the one yesterday is so confusing to me whereas someone who has watched baseball for a long time but doesn't necessarily understand the finances right. I remember Scott. Boris would say anytime. There's a work stoppage back when the money wasn't three hundred twenty five million dollars for Garrett Cole Scott. Boris would say baseball's the only business in the world where they spend all the time kicking the can around the grocery store and then putting it back up on the shelf. Elfin asking you to buy it. The owners were always saying that the money was too much for the players and it was never too much it was never too much and even now they couldn't give out these three hundred twenty four million dollar contract if they didn't have the money to do it the part that is astounding to me. Is that the red sox just got rid of a young generational player and I don't understand how the Red Sox can't afford him. I don't understand how you're telling me that the regional television contract is so much better for the dodgers that they could say sure Boston Boston. Sure salary dump. We'll take David Price. We'll take David price too and here are a couple of prospects and now we've got Mukhi bets. You guys in the back row love baseball. What the hell was this? How does mookie Betts get traded when he's a generational player for for the Red Sox if the red SOx can't or don't WanNa pay that money there's what maybe three other teams that can or will so the market just get so small if I'm the dodgers I'm sitting here saying what am I am? I'M GONNA pay him now. Five hundred four hundred million. Where when there's what's the market for Mookie Betts? If the red sox aren't going to pay him the Red Sox to Dan's point boy. That's the strange part of this story. How can the Red Sox with their television contracts and the revenue that they bring in? How could they not afford? I don't get it either. Admin- ah hold on those students. It's not even just the regional TV contracts. John Henry is a wildly successful businessman. Who has treated his baseball enterprises prizes? Like a toy and made great profit from parlaying this dump that he had in Miami into ownership of that team he bought in on Marlins and and then ended up turning it into a wealth beyond any of your imaginations. How can he not afford mookie Betts? They have bad deals they. Oh Chris sale sale a ton of money. They're paying JD. Martinez twenty three million next year. Zander Bogart's twenty million of Valdis making seventeen million dollars. They wanted to get under the luxury tax. They you just have bad deals and I don't think they thought that they are going to be able to pay him. Four hundred million dollars when he became a free agent so they got under the cap and they got some pieces back. That probably won't live up to being. Obviously what Mookie Betts was but they get some financial flexibility and they didn't think they were going to resign him so they got something for us. David Price One of those bad deals. Yeah they got thirty million left on that you're attaching a bad contract with generational platform that they got themselves sells for this year. Forty million dollars or so of financial flexibility which gets them under the CAP that they wanted to get under the part. The part. You're you're making a good point okay. Okay the part. I'm mystified by his. Why the hell does that team need to get under the CAP? Like I understand what you're saying fiscally responsible but what the hell. Oh you don't give Nathan evolved e seventeen million dollars if you're that cap concern. That's the thing that's weird about. This is that you'd think if there's any team that could afford him. This should be one of like. Let's say four or five teams in the fact that they said you know what we're not going to be able to give him four hundred million dollars really makes you wonder how many more four hundred million dollar our deals. There will be in the future of baseball and we're not talking about a team that has a lot of big contracts but hasn't won anything. This team won a year ago. This team is good. So that's this is is just mystifying. I don't know what the reds I guess. They just want to save money. But it's a big card to make any other argument and the Boston Red Sox have just done something that they haven't haven't done since they did it with Babe Ruth. Yeah they they they just dumped they just dumped money but is he generational player. He's the second best for maybe questions about that. It's an eight ninety career. ps he had one great season. The rest have been good to very good. He's had one rate rate relevant. If Mike Trout is not around this guy has way more accolades to he could have one other. MVP's this guy's great man. He's a great player but is one one person making forty million dollars to give you that production worth maybe two or three players. I can give you the same production if not more cost you half the price I am A. I'm legit legit confused about some of the stuff going on in sports today because even as I and we'll get people on here who know more than we do to discuss some of this stuff but I was jarred to see the conversation even understanding how much we hyperventilate around. Here and overreacted knee jerk to a single result. How many people yesterday and Monday? We're going to the place of do the niners continue Jimmy Garoppolo. Hello do the niners. Yesterday's conversation was Bill Barnwell. It was Dan Graziano bringing up the idea of bringing in Brady and getting rid of Garoppolo because the CAP head and because Garoppolo doesn't cost you a lot in good morning. I was screaming. This is so stupid and then someone floated kirk cousins for Jimmy. GAROPPOLO STRAIGHT UP I. I was like woo that I wanted to ask you guys is what do you do with this. If your forward thinking the way the forty niners clearly are what do you do with this. The idea that Garoppolo in base salary cost you twenty three million dollars while Mahomes and base salary costs you seven hundred eighty five thousand dollars. That's Saturday's the Russell Wilson Model of winning Seattle get value at the quarterback and then you can build around him. The cap hit of Mahomes is like five million dollars or something like that. That's nothing compared to Garoppolo. Give it a minute. Like mahomes is going to make that team but luckily Kansas City mahomes seems like one of those quarterbacks I mean look at the performance at Damien Williams had running back for them in the Super Bowl. They prove they can do it. Anybody at that position in fact if you look down the line of Super Bowl winning a leading rusher on super bowl winning teams. You shouldn't be paying running backs anything but Chris Jones that it becoming free agent. That's a decision they're gonNA make. Christians was essential to them winning the Super Bowl. I I love sports. Garoppolo wins that game. They win that fourth quarter. He's the niners quarterback for the next fifteen years now with let's trade or for Kirk cousins. I Love Sports. Radi of and certainly only out Clayton Patrick Mahomes for three of the four quarters and then in the fourth quarter he made the third and fifteen throw and Jimmy Garoppolo sailed it on Emmanuel Sanders. I do think in the macro you guys. Sports fans should Beat just a little bit appalled by the idea that basketball all in football because the owners can't control themselves they could salary lock mahomes in a way that doesn't allow for it to be profitable for free agency to be something that if he pursues because it's a salary cap and you can only make so much whereas baseball. Look at what happens in baseball. You might actually be in a situation if there was no salary cap where mahomes was available available to every team in the league who could be the highest bidder because there was just there was no cap on what these owners with these yachts here during the Super Bowl could spend on this. It's a reaction to the insane rookie contracts quarterbacks we're getting in the first round just wasn't sustainable now. Patrick Mahomes is actually the first first round quarterback on one of those rookie contracts rex. which is the hack the great? NFL Life Hack. He's a first first rounder to ever win super bowl under that structure. So it's not guaranteed you saw the browns go for because because they thought they had won and Baker Mayfield. That's why they added Beckham and Vernon it doesn't always work out goth. Got There after he got the contract. Yeah they paid. And Goss- contract gets more or more punitive Donlevatar Yanni out of booboo stugatz youngest out of a boom boom. This is live at our show with this two guys on. ESPN PIMM radio. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. Brian Window is GonNa join us just a minute here on the shell. Pennzoil Performance Line Pennzoil. Synthetic Motor. Royals are made from natural gas. So the next time you get an oil change as for pennzoil the proof is in the pennzoil. Here's here's your sportscenter. Update in a three team trade. The Red Sox traded mookie Betts. Ed David Price to the dodgers for Alex Verdoux go. They also received Bruce Order Grata. Rawal from the twins the twinkies reseed we see Kenta Maeda from the dodgers. Pete Rose Charlie Hustle as Commissioner Rob Manfred via petition to remove his name from majorly usually baseball's ineligible list based on the League not punishing the players involved in the Asir assigned stealing investigation and finally by the time he turns nine they have the only been awake. Three years of their life. Sleep a lot right right now. Wendy's pick to pay five bucks choose from Tempe spicy or crispy dogs a dave single or spicy chicken sandwich. Wendy's two for five dollars. That's a win win. We got yet price. Participation may vary. US Wendy's spicy nuggets available for a limited time only for all the latest headlines and information tune the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day going to bring in windhorst here in a second talks about trade deadline But I wanted to point out to the audience Stugatz That something interesting has happened with the death of Kobe. Bryant where you have fifty cent for example apple saying because of what I just saw there. I'm done beefing with people. Kendrick Perkins went on twitter and directed at Kevin Durant the following and it wasn't but a month month ago that these guys were feuding in a way we were all delighting. He directed at Kevin Durant the following. Just wanted to tell you I love you my brother and whatever I did to hurt you. I'm sorry Bro and I hope you forgive me I love you Bro. Real Talk Wind Horse with us now. Why cynical billy's face? I want to do that in a text. You really need to do that publicly if you really sorry what you can't talk to. Each other privately have each other number for sure. Ray Forget about the tax. Pick up the phone okay. So you guys are figuring out how to tell others to grieve. Don't do it publicly. Do it privately okay. We like to poke holes. Yes I know you do Wind horse with us. Now thank you for joining us. what do you make of. What just happened there when horse? Oh I mean I think we all are we all strive for things but human human nature is human nature. So I've been around forty years forty two years so We we all hope that we're better people. We see a tragedy but we you don't always follow through and some of us don't bother we just like to poke holes like we don't think anything about improving anything other than poking holes but how much of the have you seen Brian around the NBA and elsewhere. Where guy seemed genuinely committed to having the perspective stick at least in the short term? I don't know that's a big question. I don't have the answer I can tell you that in my eighteen years being around the NBA. This is this event has had a bigger your effect than any other event Not only just because somebody's guys grew up with him as their hero but the shock and the and the way it affected their own mortality. The fact that You know they think they're invincible. They're all mostly athletes in top condition and the prime of their lives think they're invincible. Oh and so The the crazy thing to me. Dan Is that You know Kobe wasn't actually that close that many people. He was sort of famous for pushing and people away. Although after retired he certainly became more open when he was not trying to kill everybody every night but yet for somebody who didn't hold that many friends and he was massively massively loved and respected and it's an interesting study on the human condition as much as anything else which is one of the things I'd been fascinated fascinated by over the last ten days. Well let me ask you this part of it because obviously I understood how it is the NBA and people love. It would be hurt by this and I even understood. Good how across sports you had you know tennis stars being moved to tears. But do you think it's the same story resonating across America and this is a difficult question if he hadn't been with his daughter so that the connection point could be established within all parents of those final moments. Well I know for me that aspect of it was the crushing part of it When I remember when I was much younger and September eleventh happened in the second tower falling was what really crushed me because I was watching it? I was saying at least the other tower won't fall. It was higher. Hire a second tower is literally brought me to my knees. The Kobe thing shocking and terrible. When I found out that his daughter was there that was the blow? Hello that really not losing. Kobe was not it just. That's what it felt like to me. was that those that blow and so You know for somebody. He liked the Brown James who frankly just was not close to coby And it's not because of any character. Flaw just they were competitors i. They were just beginning to have a relationship but Lebron is somebody who has this teenage son who is much of his license revolved around watching him. Grow and watching them grow as a basketball player. The way it hitting the rod and the way. The reason the Brian talked about it was like the worst thing he's ever experienced. Experience in his life wasn't just that he he lost a peer it was that he is the mortality of it that he and his he and his son the closest was where Koby his daughter were. So yes I think absolutely to me that data exponentially worse I can only speak for myself but I think that is a factor for sure as a dad saying we ever Brian. I have heard people say that they were surprised by the reaction both here in the United States and internationally to the death of Kobe Brian. Were you surprised by it I just again. I'm surprised for somebody who he is not gregarious But I have to say I was over in China for the World Cup last Summer and coby came over there as an ambassador for Fiba and he held a press conference. And you know we the American journalists. Ask a few questions about the American team and asked him a few questions about the Lakers and then then he moved onto taking questions from the world media and the journalists from Greece from Croatia from Poland from Spain would ask ask them questions about their team. I mean quite frankly what does it matter what Koby Bryant might think about your Croatian national team. How could he possibly have that big of a of a an opinion? Why would that matter Kobe because he was really smart because he knew what he was over there? He was prepared and he could say something and compliment compliment. You know something about the Polish and something about the Croatian team and those media outlets that went back and they made headlines across the world. This is what Kobe Bryant. Oh I think about our team. I just think that one of the things that was amazing about him is that he was able to connect with people across the world Even if he didn't have a cognitive connection to that and I think the study of his desk contributes to it because of the fact everybody but he won't even without that he had established a connection many people by the way he went about his check out Brian Windhorst and the hoop collective podcast wherever it is. You get your podcast so Matt Gutman is an ABC News reporter in the moments. After Colby's death reported Aronie Asli that all of his children were on board when he was suspended. For that journalistically Where do you stand on that? It's our responsibility to get it right. What should the punishment be for something like that? Well I have no idea about that but I can just tell you that one of the things that about this era that is just so unbelievable is how much emphasis is put on the the first reporting of news when that actual value is very small. You know what the actual value of having the news. I ego everybody then everybody then will then get it. It's completely based around ego and so to me I think that Especially when it comes to life and death situation. It's preposterous to do that. And when when you talk to journalists who are have been around for many decades more decades me they all have near Miss Stories I was just talking to to A Hall of Fame Basketball Writer last night told me a story about something happened in the nineties. Where news outlet was on the cusp of reporting that a NBA star had eight when it didn't happen and and because they you know because they thirst to be I I just I just I think in general and and it's gotten even more of a of a of damaging because of the social media so I think it's just something that it's part of our age and I tried to study and learn every day. I still make mistakes again. Check out Brian Win. Horse and the hoop collective podcasts. Wherever you get your podcast we have less than a minute here? So let's just ask a couple of quick basketball questions because there isn't anything other than awkward transitions from. I'm that sports stuff Bryan. I'm hearing and I was shocked to hear rich. Paul might be a guy who would replace Steve Mills with the New York Knicks. Run Run the Knicks Organization. How likely that Rich Paul is building an agent empire He's probably GonNa make more money than whoever gets hired as the head of the next. I think anybody who wants to run the next. You've got a successful job. Right now. Is probably a little bit crazy you jerry as well if indeed he does want to be there well you know beside I just point something out about Messiah the way the raptors gotten aside was by hiring him away from another team when he was the acting. GM So the raptors could get surprised if messiahs wandering is for another job it's better the raptors job was better pay more. He had been great in Denver. So it's not surprising to me that the interest in that and if I were the next I would go all out to get him whether or not they can get completely different conversation. One big name going to change at the deadline changed teams at the deadline. Give us something before you get out of here. Wind horse give. TV The transaction feed it. Feed it but the team. That's most important important watching right. Now is the clippers. I don't think it's going to be like a huge name trade. But what the clippers do. Because they're gonNA do something whether they go for Marcus Morris whether they go for. Andre Drummond Ramadan. Something that I don't know about is going to have the biggest effect I think on what happens with the extra. NBA Title Chase. The clippers are out there. Trolling for deals He. Also they have the nation and they are arguably the most dangerous team. That's the team. I'm watching thank you. Brian appreciate your time. Always take care the judge someone not by what they say by what they do. We're a nation of doers. What's Mike Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news and information business from scratch mayor of a diverse progressive sitting Mike Bloomberg rebuilt after nine eleven eleven creating nearly five hundred thousand jobs improving health care and public school. So now he's running for president. 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Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. This is the Dan Le Batard show with two guys on. ESPN RADIO ESPN. Radio is presented by progressive insurance making it easy to the bundle your home and Car Insurance Jeff passing to join us just a minute here on the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your sportscenter update in a fourteen deal. The rockets acquired Robert Covington from the T.. Wolves and trade. Clint Capella to the hawks. The T. Wolves get two who first round picks from the rockets which they moved onto the nuggets for me Beasley and one. Herman Gomez also so in this trade. Minnesota Acquired Evan Turner and Jared Vanderbilt. The nuggets got shabazz napier gate a Bates Diop Noah. Oh evonne lay and Gerald grade. The hawks gained nay Nay Hilario still around the Bay and the rockets received Jordan Bell and the Hawks Second Second Round Pick in two thousand two twenty four via golden state and finally in Cologne was originally invented as protection from the plag- It was widely believed that bad smelling air spread the disease. Here's the selectquote. Like whoa differs. Most companies give you one Oshawa policy one ray Bud selectquote jobs to get you up to ten options from highly rated life insurance companies for a free personalized quoque. Do what I did. Call Eight hundred seventy eight zero ten or go to selectquote DOT com today for all the latest headlines and information tune the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day. Gamma put it on the poll. Please at Lebatardshow. Did you know that Cologne was once thought to protect you from the plague also put on the poll all. Did you know that name was still out here. Doing it. Also put it on the poll. digenova Chandler Parsons was a hawk. Because I learned that a couple of weeks ago when he was in a car accident I And now they've waived him for salary cap space at Lebatardshow So we bring in Jeff have pass in here now to explain this Mukhi bets nonsense to us before we do that. Stugotz and billy were very busy during the break forming their own. They're all quiet team team so Is this just football basketball. What is that while I was saying it that Greg Olsen has led very quiet career? just goes about his business business so I have all I have. Is the offense on my all time. NFL All quiet team. They just went about their business. which idea not really ago but go ahead anyway? All right I'M GONNA do. We have any sound to accompany this or anything. I mean. It doesn't deserve sound frank which perfect. She'll quieted or quarterbacks. We have to ally manning at Joe L. Flock up about their business. Why it feel like you should whisper? This Curtis Martin my running back when we come back said frank core here too. I receivers Larry Fitzgerald Benoliel John It when we go to them reward received feiler talking about we all know the third wide receiver seaver Sh eight hour Antonio Gates Donald Offense of any except Richie Incognito Bouncy sh I kick returner returner Devin Hester. Thank you Appreciate all your hard work during the break there was totally worth it. So Jeff Passan with us now on. ESPN radio because we wanted to understand. Sukey bets deal. I really don't get it. Jeff thank you for joining us. How the hell man? Why can't the Boston Red Sox afford? People can't afford people. Lopsided is this thing. Take a look at what you've done so you just terrible waste I. I'm sitting here. I'm looking at my phone right now because I've been on for five minutes and thirty seconds but those were commercials in two and a half minutes was crap. That's going to be on the tombstone of this show right there. I D- I don't i. Don't blame him for being bothered by our nonsense and says we cut into his time outraged So what do you have for us though. Jeff can you explain it to us because I really don't understand how I live in a world where the Boston Red Sox can't afford a generational player they can and and there's a very good argument to be made that they should but what this is is the Boston Red Sox WanNa be like the Los Angeles dodgers and what I mean by that is over the last five years Andrew Freidan since coming over from Tampa Bay's takeover dodgers. Baseball operations has done a fantastic job of getting rid of bad contracts and building up their farm system. And when you do that when you have young players who are making cheap salaries it allows you to go out and spend the money on the guys like movie bets. The Red Sox on the other. Dan have a pretty bloated payroll at this point and that doesn't preclude them from spending on a guy who drafted in the fifth round and watch developed into arguably the best player your franchise has had since Ted Williams and yet the red sox worried that because of these other financial commitments they were not going to be in a position position where they wanted to spend the thirty five forty million dollars a year. MOOKIE BETTS IS GONNA get as a free agent in the off season and that they were going to lose him without any compensation. So the DOT Alex Verduga. Who's going to be there right fielder? For the next half decade they got Bruce are grotto. Who's going to be a really high octane? Starter back end reliever and they feel like they got flexibility by sending David Crisis Salary to the dodgers and the deal as well is this why Dombrowski is no longer there. Yes it's it's a big part of it. They were just stupid deals that were made you know they they gave Nathan. You've all these sixty eight million dollars. And he's a guy who has been injured heard pretty much as entire career. Don't get me wrong. He was integral to them winning a championship in two thousand eighteen and they wanted to reward him for that. But money not well-spent David Price. You know the go and sign them to be an anchor for your rotation. He's never really been hat but ninety six million dollars over three years left on. His contract is a lot of money and and Chris Sale starts one hundred fifty million dollar contract this year with questions about his album. When you have those three alone making eighty million dollars and on top of that you're trying to feel the team around it? You'RE GONNA be well over two hundred million dollars every year if you can't get rid of some of those contracts and While the penalties for being over the luxury tax threshold hold. Aren't you serious. They are real and they are part of this budget that the the Red Sox are sticking to what is that though. Jeff I mean John. Henry does not have to stick to a budget dozens thousands of course not now. They're the red sox and you're right then the Boston Red Sox can't spend who the hell can the Yankees dodgers I think it's just looking looking at not two thousand twenty in a vacuum but the years beyond it and the ramifications. And if you don't start something soon that and it has a chance to get even uglier later you know. San Francisco giants held onto their core after their championships for too long and by holding onto that core they find themselves in the position. They are right now. I think the Red Sox. He is In Two thousand twenty that the Yankees and the Tampa Bay rays are a better team than than even if they have half movie pets and that the the white sox and the twins and the Indians are going to be fighting for playoff spots in the central where they're gonna get to play tigers royals thirty eight time. So that's an advantage vantage now. West got the angels who are certainly improved in. And you've got the Astros and the as there as well and the Rangers are better so if you're playing for a playoffs but maybe maybe you're hoping to get in the wildcard. Then you're gonNA stay all that on one game. I think it's just a value. Play at this point and you can listen. There's a really good argument to be made. Screw value your the Boston Red Sox. And he's mookie Betts. Do what it takes to get it done. But that's not how they're running their organization anymore with limited charge when the news gets the Jeff Passan. That movie bets is going to be traded. What is your level of surprise zero? This has been a fait accompli for for a week. Plus now like that you know. The Red Sox got to a point after Alex. Cora was fired where I think there were so many things that were building in the wrong direction direction that they felt like something drastic needed speed on it all off season. They've been talking about getting underneath the luxury tax special. One hundred eight million dollars and they're not going to do do that without trading. mookie Betts because no one's GonNa Take David prices contract on unless you get some asset value back and mookie. Betts is is one of the greatest just players in baseball right now. I mean it's a very short list behind my trout. And it's probably him and Christian Yelich in that conversation so They understood at that. The the easiest path to getting underneath that two hundred eight million dollars number was trading Lewke bets but damn like. Are we really in a place where the Boston Red Sox doc needs to get under a two hundred eight million dollar payroll Jeff. I'm always says they suffering mets fan than I want the guy whoever's running the raise that's the Guy Iowa running my organization the Astros got them or they get the latest version of him and James Click. Do they upgrade over. Jeff Leno Jeff Leno won a championship team. That was cheating that year and put together One of the really good five year runs we've seen in a while now and has a team that While they're gonNA run some financial flexibility issues going forward they're still really good so No I would not call it an upgrade at this point If you WANNA talk about as a human being You could put a slug in charge. And that would be an upgrade in that in that respect Yes there there was not bad and James Click is is very well thought of In baseball circles and look the the Andrew Freedman General Manager Tree I has has grown by two this year and it's going to continue growing in the future because what the race do the model that they have like. They've kind of broken looking baseball a little bit because they spend less money than just about anyone and they not only have a an excellent major league team they have arguably the best farm system in baseball to Jeff first off. Congratulations on being like baseball. WHOA JR and bring all these stories and thank you for giving us your time on on a very busy day but do the thing I mean Jonah? Show you gotta do the voice just do you know do the fact suit thing baseball things we do. The only reason we have you on Jeff. We don't care about the news story it sure going top. Oh Ah Limited the interview digest that have team thank you. Thank you for your time. Jeff appreciate the thing. You're wasting your time Guy Drut. Donlevatar dodgers closer Kenley. Jansen I gotta be careful here what I just either let me start again. Stu Gods Sasha's closer is the closer comes in ninth inning. Closes the game APPs name as Kenley. Jansen is blamed his regent this is live at our show with Stugatz Stugatz on ESPN radio ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. All guests on the Dan Le Batard show up here via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your sportscenter update in a four-team deal. The rockets acquired Robert Covington from the Timber Wolves and traded. Clint Capella to the hawks. The T. Wolves get two first round picks from the rockets which they moved onto the nuggets from me Beasley and one. Herman Gomez also in the Trade Minnesota Acquired Evan Turner and Jared Vanderbilt the nuggets got shabazz Napier Keita Bates Diop Noah Kvant lay in Gerald Green. The Hawk gained Nayna Hilario congrats. DNA still what are you laughing about. Every time you remember high school where you would have to read out loud and he would always call. Your teacher would call on the kid. That wouldn't read well laughing with your friends in writing. Laughter has even calling in her calling him. Herman go beds or what is it. I mean it's the guy who Can't decide what kind of Hispanic he wants to be can't decide whether he wants to be Hernandez Gomez so he made it. Hernan Gomez I mean why not just Bob Co two the T.. Wolves Capella to the hawks. I mean couple of first rounders the timber you can do all of that. You're welcome edited and make Roy puts a lot of thought into these and I WANNA actually said I'm Bob Bob you're reading that's gives off. Honor Bob No. Oh Mine's to Roy. It is Bob. I've told Roy several times couple of words I'll I'll take care of their. Do it like that right it all out. And then it forces me three Babka Mike. You like that little piece there Pisa. He's been a little case for Dante's it's nothing. All's I'm Bob Co Western Conference finals. Those big defensive stop but dunk three and also whoa. Bob Goes on the rockets. That happens every avenue George Hill s year. Contributions haven't they done Covington wants. Yeah and finally the beloved Snag Dunk. A ROOS has announced. It's returning to the states this summer. Finally Billy is very excited about that right billing I missed dunker ruse but you know what I found out Dan. You can kind of make your own dunker is if you just basically by frosting you get animal crackers. I was just getting the Taylor and using animal crackers or Teddy Graham. Oh Teddy Graham. Cinnamon Cinnamon Teddy grants and Tele New Tele. Is it not tell her new tele. I'm never GONNA know grand. I've never had one what you haven't lived. I've never had one. If you guys want to bring one in here I'll eat it if you guys WanNa go get your possible. CBS Gram Grams and some frost. Excluding I've never even heard of what you're talking about now you're just missing thing But it has gluten. Do you look into that. I never have cash. I haven't lived but I don't WanNa live in a world where mookie Betts doesn't get to be a red sock forever. Well we decided we do I. I mean you're the only one who cares about this world. We're perfectly fine living in a world where the Red Sox can afford. mookie betts anytime we hang out with Dan he busts out the real fancy Tequila. Most people just string normal. It's Keila this teddy. Graham is that Tequila for normal crackers. And what's the one thousand nine hundred forty cookie cracker the same thing. I mean seriously it is not an animal cracker because I'd never tat because it's a cookie and crackers. We don't they had something called Tim. Tam's from Australia delicious. Really you put them in the fridge. Incredible incredible what do they call Tim. Tam's hands on the pole. Are you Are you someone who thanks Tim. Tam's are incredible. Do you know what Tim Tam's are as well well dude. We're huge in Australia. This is going to resonate. Sports Center brought to you by advance auto parts they can think advance and anytime one. Four batteries is about to fail. They free battery tests and free installation with any automotive battery. Purchase only at advance auto parts for all the latest headlines and information tune the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day. And you went to college right so you had a combo right. Oh Yeah Dad. Combo took the pizza. I like the I like honey mustard. I think is there. Honey only mustered composter Sarah what. I'm confusing that with the. What is the honey mustard pretzel pieces but what advisors of Hanover Snyder's? Yeah yes I have had the pizza calm. I don't even know what other flavors of Combos there are good on the traditional cheddar cheese season cracker mustard combat. Yeah anybody hungry Yes yes yeah so I wanted to talk. Talk about What is happening here with this new? TNT Show where left. Go and Dwayne Wade a boss move by calling him. Just let go Adam left. Go there Ya go to boy now with a question Mark Call Them Ryan Lee it all the way so Adam left go dwayne Wade. And who else is on that show. Because I didn't see what they were doing ill and parker. Okay okay. You don't know the first name okay. Big Guy all right so one of the things that you've always heard me laments around here is why why hi. The pregame shows have to chuckle. FESS Y One we're in the content business so much of the content is just sort of lazily predicting Games which is an interesting writing of fun or good television or radio and I'm not totally sure why it is. I thought it was Charles Barkley but it might be more than that why it is is that TNT and tbs are willing to do things that seem like they're more fun than some of the other people who get to play around sports. How was that at last night Mike? Because I haven't seen that but left go is a bit of an anarchist. He has his fun and Dwayne Wade and him seemed to have a really cool relationship where where they can make fun of each other and I just saw early in the proceedings. One thing I did see is that shack bet left go That one of them would have to do. The show. Stripped down to like no closing top and tidy whitey which is a terrible combination to be on television a tank top in tighty whiteys. I think Adam go has trae young and shack has Damian Lillard in the three point contest. It's going to be worse. If left loses I got Dunkin Robinson. I'll join this really willing to get into it. I okay. You're in it's done. I'll take Joe Harris Joe. Oh has sleeper. So this means if Joe Harris Wins you do the tank top and underwear. If Duncan Robinson wins. I'll do the time all right. It's done deal. It's done writing hiding but deal considering the number one top Fridays. Oddly enough this is already in your bed. Your Avenue the win. Although we didn't the rule that you could retract a take no because that rule that rule I just had the rule that does whatever he wants. That's right right. That's the rule. I lie trump's all roles. Yes I one of. My favorite is really good. Last night he posted this screen cap of read it And they had a bit of feedback that he appreciated. This comes from a Reddit user saying I liked it was relaxed and the White Guy was just the right amount of white MHM is opposed to godly. We learn the hard way on. CBS wasn't quite black. Enough Godly go. Get that that controversy. Because it's one of my favorites GOTTLIEB. Thought he would be coming from basketball. I'll make the white blood choke on. CBS while surrounded by black guys and then whoop king comes and yanks him right out of the studio. Let's go my private jet. Descend going to fuel itself like two stories like that in my lifetime. First of all Kerry collins feeling comfortable enough to use words. He shouldn't be using right. Roy knows what I'm talking talking about. Doug Godly thinking they come on. Have some fun with this. Let me have some white black fund on serious. The look the look on Mogae lookie gets from Greg. Anthony was such a bad reading room and Doug Gottlieb sort of let off a segment. I'm just here to bring diversity. The said give kind of the White Man's perspective and that in that got him gone. It was so harmless. Yeah but if he joe he gets the help right. Godly found auto withering stares if the moment that he said it hoops. You GotTa do that with your friends. Man They can't be with Gregg when you're looking for the perfect way to surprise the most important people in your life. The only place to go is one eight hundred flowers dot com. Just think how special you'll make them feel with a fresh and vibrant bouquet of roses. One eight hundred flowers is perfect for any occasion. Anniversaries birthdays or or Valentine's right. Now one eight hundred flowers has amazing deals and Beautiful Valentine's bouquets and arrangements starting at just twenty nine ninety nine whether it's roses lilies or daisies all blooms from one. Eight hundred flowers are picked at their peak and shipped overnight to ensure freshness gorgeous. Valentine's bouquet starting at twenty nine. Ninety nine is an amazing deal but it won't last long Valentine's Day is almost here so pick your delivery date and one eight hundred flowers will handle the rest when it comes to impressing on Valentine's Day trust in the Rose Authority one eight hundred flowers dot com to briquets an arrangement starting at twenty nine ninety nine go to one eight hundred flowers dot com. Click the radio icon and enter code. ESPN that's one. Eight hundred flowers dot com code. ESPN donlevatar that roll through here. That are terrifying couple of weeks ago is the Bitcoin people. Still God's sake. All the the event seventy thousand tons of metal. It's more than that a lot of metal man I mean. Listen to me Roy. I love Miami. That music has made me consider moving. You're talking about more. ooh Off these lebatardshow oh stugotz on. ESPN RADIO ESPN. Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance. All guests on the Dan lebatardshow appear via the shell. Pennzoil ends all performance line. Here's your sportscenter. Update mark. Dantonio stepped down as Michigan State. Head football coach. He says that allegations made against against him and the football program. Recent lawsuit had quote zero impact on his decision. Okay there were some interesting details there about him. Quitting a couple of weeks weeks after getting a giant bonus yeah right before signing day if the owner reminder excuse more time with the family but a joke and who's he think he's he's kidding I mean honestly one has nothing to do with the other one has everything to do with the other Mark Dantonio Mark Dantonio the NBA is changing the format to their three-game at three point contest all star Saturday night. This is exciting. Their area a pair of deep shock six feet beyond the three point. Line worth three points each. How about that each ram? We'll see players twenty-seven shots at seventy seconds Dunkin Robinson excited for the three boycott. This excited for our bet. You're excited is the moment next thing you know you wear an underwear and a tank top on national. TV void. Joe Harris winning. And I'm good. Well what is the bet. I just have to avoid Dunkin Robinson Anson winning the bet is so. That's it so there is a chance that neither one of you is wearing tank. You guys want in on this. You WanNa pick up player if you guys want in. Wait no no no. I don't WanNa do that. Because that would mean more chances precisely but it also means more of the Dan and STU gods being in a tank top and underwear for the entire show and I wanNA make sure you all know tighty whiteys so mainly. I mean Dan get the field. No what are you doing big one. I just stay out of this. Do God's honest it's best your head in. I WANNA think about this for a minute but but don't let me off the hook. Let's get back to before the end of the show and finally according to Liam Gallagher. His brother know recently turned down an offer of one hundred thirty million dollars to reunite for tour. Still not enough for the greedy soul. Liam remarked Oh well stay. Young Knoll took to twitter to say he is unaware of any offer from anybody from any for any amount of money he went on to suggest that Liam spreading this gossip may just be his way of promoting his solo project. Sportscenter brought to you by advance auto parts that had big advance at anytime. One of four batteries is about the falcons a free battery tests free installation with the automotive battery. Purchase only in advance auto parts for always headlines Information during the sportscenter on. ESPN radio all throughout the day I saw the NBA sent out a tweet with Lionel Ritchie and Danny Green standing next to each other and the capture was. Hello is it threes as you're looking for and I thought Oh you don't like that one roy. Roy doesn't like that one. Just put it on the pole Guillermo at Lebatardshow show Lionel Ritchie. Danny Green photo is it threes. You're looking for a funny or not funny. I mean the original song is not is it means. You're looking for a fair enough. Uh Thank you point that out. It's very important that we be exact on the pond in the rhyme so that we can meet your high standards of pronunciation an in joke teller. These are things that matter such a great cause you love being the critic like it. Is You like to poke. Oh Kohl's is what's to God's likes to do just spends all his time wandering around seeing where he can poke. I wanted to ask you guys about something that we have not talked about that. I found interesting. Okay America's got talent. I let go of Gabrielle Union. And let her go after she was pointing out what appeared appeared to be a toxic work environment. And Gabriel Union. If you're not familiar with her work and her strength she is not the one to be trifled with she. Just she's very strong and she's not gonNA put up with your nonsense no matter who. You are not Dwayne Wade. If you're anybody else she's not putting up with nonsense and so. I thought it was interesting. That America's got talent got through that with you know the collateral damage of wounding Gabrielle Union. In a way that it seemed unpleasant but Simon cowl smoking cigars just typical country club privilege stuff indoors doing stuff that was viewed by. Hi Her as a toxic work environment. And then Terry crews got into the fray and one of the things I wanNa tell you about Terry crews is I really admire Meyer him for a lot of different reasons one is that he was willing to put his name and this can be hard in male culture. Sure can be hard in black culture. He was able to put his name on muscular. Black Man. Yeah Gay Executive secular sexually harassed me and harassed me he put his name on that. I thought that was brave and I just find him generally interesting but he came down publicly protecting his work environment. America's got talent and it would appear coming out against Gabrielle Union. which made a whole lot of black people turn on Terry crews in a hurry like just never mind what your body of work is never mind all of the good things you did? They turned on him fast. Ashby because he's in a work environment where Gabrielle Union looks like she got Treated unfairly and instead of supporting her his black doc colleague he went companyman. He supported America's got talent and what he came under was fast and Furious Korea and unpleasant and ignored his body of work but he listened and then apologized profusely and publicly and did it so so profoundly that I thought it was impressive to see that he had realized the error of his ways and and spoken his apology. And dwayne Wade I don't know what did you make of the Tweet Mike Dwayne Wade Gabrielle. Union's husbands saying somebody needs to take away Terry crews phone is it because it it was so profusely apology. That and the apology was public instead of to Gabrielle Union. Like what was happening there. That would make Dwayne Wade Tell Terry crews to put away his phone or perhaps apps too late too little too late. Okay I mean and fair not I mean. It's understood that Dwayne Wade's could it be backing up. His wife really are right but too late and maybe enough doing this because you know gabby privately. I don't know what Ah what was really at play there but it was certainly interesting to see and play out on social media. It was all interesting I thought and I understand not wanting to forgive somebody but we are talking today about the idea that Kendrick Perkins is asking forgiveness of Kevin Durant after Kobe. Bryant's death fifty cent and saying I'm not feuding with anybody anymore. Fifty cent is the celebrity that nobody wants to feud with. You do not want to be there. He will embarrass issue with really private things he says. I'm not doing it anymore after Kobe. Bryant's death I'm not here to tell. Gabri Gabby Union or Dwayne Wade. How will how to except apology or not to accept an apology? They were wounded by that. I understand why they were wounded. By what have I also understand that it is kind of odd like what Perkins did and and what's going on with cruise in the Wade's but if something plays out publicly like the Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant thing played out publicly. And I think it makes sense to apologize publicly too you because you embarrassed someone in front of a lot of people so those people need to know that too. That's fine but I think the private apology feels more sincere. It means more to people to actually pick up the phone and apologize to them. I understand what you're saying starts publicly and don't know what Terry crews tried right. We don't know if he was reaching out or not to Gabby and Dwayne Wade But he did apologize publicly and profusely in a way a that. Didn't shake my admiration for him. Like I like what. That guy is about You can cynically look at that you can absolutely say he Only did that because of public pressure And I just admire the fact that he realized or thought he realized that he made a mistake. You could say all the cynical stuff. He's protecting his endorsement. Everything else I just. I admire anybody who's willing to cop to their mistakes in a way that seeks forgiveness. Give nece you don't have to give it if you don't want to but I would if I were you in this situation I would. I would see the merit like assuming the Terry crews is what he seems to be from the outside. I don't know him in any way but he just seems he's so he's really honest man. He came on here. Volunteered is porn addiction. Like he's a really honest person and he's in the camera he's in front of the cameras an awful lot and when you're in front of them as much as he is and yours opinionated as you're gonNA make some errors in that area and boarding conversation. I'm glad we're having it. I have to go to the gym and untangled my headphones while warming up on the treadmill melt and I'll finally untangle them for miles later at which point Iran motorcycles make everything exciting and when and Geico makes it easy to switch and save on motorcycle insurance. It's even more exciting. I put my headphones and I realize bombs dirt geico motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more donlevatar. What's to stop? It sounds like a dumb one box plus mine. Yep Yep about rings plus minus I mean Okay six M J three for Ron stugotz. What Lebron's rings in a box and then put? MJ's rings in a box and tell me he was more plus three by the way this is Liberta show with the STUGOTZ ON ESPN radio. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. All guests on the Dan lebatardshow appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your sportscenter. Update Mark Dantonio has stepped down at Michigan State. He was their head football coach. He says that that allegations made against him and the football program a recent lawsuit at quote zero impact on his decision. The NBA's changed the format Matt to their three point contest at all star Saturday night by adding a pair of deep shots six feet beyond the three point line worth three points. Each H H Ram. We'll see players take twenty seven shots in seventy seconds and finally a report found that free weights at the gym. I'm have three hundred and sixty two times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Put It on the poll gamut lebatardshow. Do you think that free weights at the gym. Have Three hundred sixty two times more bacteria than a toilet seat vivid seats the top ticket source for the live event. You Crave now's the loyalty program that allows fans there in credit back. Go to the APP store or Google play. Download the vivid seats APP at the Promo Code. ESPN be an twenty-five for ten percent off your next order for all the latest headlines Information during the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day. So you saw all sorts of weird the things during the super bowl among them Antonio Brown having dinner at Prime One twelve with Martha Stewart and in the middle of the Super Bowl Antonio and Tonio Braun appears to have chosen a really bad time to go on the apology tour. I don't know if you guys it was actually hard to catch which should not be the way that the Antonio Brown apology tour should go. It should get Max is outside of like if you're cynical really wondering how. So what brought about this quick turnaround like how. Why was now the time that he finally got it? It started with like an instagram post apologizing to the Hollywood the police department and then taken a twitter and being a I mean apologetic. I guess for what he'd done and then he did sit down with Josefina lately. Local radio stations have been in interviewing Antonio Brown. He even still did a stand up sort of promoting an upcoming fight with design. That seems seems to be in the work. Would Jake Paul. But he wasn't really jawing at him but he still did the face to face and SORTA smiling and outside of like okay. He's finally listening to public relations advice. You would think but the public relations advice would be. Hey just sort of for the public. Why don't you wait a week on actually realizing what's wrong also? It's just easy to question the sincerity. Of course it is. Perhaps they felt like. Hey you have a lot of eyeballs. Lot of ears right now. I understand what you're saying. Wait wait until the big game is over. Maybe do it. During the off season maybe a month from now it becomes a bigger story and more people are paying attention. But I'm certain that's what they thought like Super Bowl. We gave a lot of people paying a dangerous epic miscalculation sure there's a lot of people are audience right now that are finding out that Antonio Brown is trying to apologize to not just the the Patriots or the raiders but the entire NFL again. We'll put it on the poll Argue surprised that you missed the Antonio Brown apology tour or I suppose. Did you miss the Antonio Brown apology tour. Because it's not really or. He sat down with Anderson. And guess what is he doing with local radio. Stacy I saw him at ninety nine jams. I only seen this because I follow him on instagram. And he's posted like he's gone on July the occasionally when he's like like with the beat and he's he's just doing these things that you would think there would be some sort of big build up to a big dramatic sit down interview where where we get. You know the top network anchor to sort of sit down with them on sixty minutes and figure out like what's going on with you Antonio and now just sort of came came and went and considering how he was one of really the sports personalities of twenty nine teen. He was on the tips of our tongues day in and day out. It's kind of weird that the apology is not getting any attention because he desperately needed to apologize. It looked like it was spiraling out of control and just one. Maybe he may be going to jail. Was the arrest helps because they got him like the judge court ordered mental evaluation or ordered That he's gotta be off all all drug. Yeah maybe it's a mental evaluation. I don't know how quick that came. But if you saw the video of him leaving the jail he was as Antonio Tonio Brown has ever telling his attorney. He needs to pretend to be his chauffeur on So I don't know what maybe got some really great help and advice. I don't want to be cynical cynical and that but when it comes. Sounds like you want to be said well if it happened so quickly it capitalizes when. There's a lot of business down here for someone like Antonio Brown. It's easy easy to question that and just understanding mental health works you just it. It just doesn't turn like like a light switch like that. Generally it'll it'll be interesting to see if he plays the NFL next year Antonio Brown that part of it's going to be going to be kind of interesting if a team is willing to take a chance on on horse going it's GonNa be willing. The cowboys will do it in a second. You think so Jerry. Jones doesn't mind the circus they would do it in a second as soon as he's cleared by the NFL. Yeah well that's a a huge part of this to taking out of the equation. He needs to prove it to you for a little bit more than a couple of days that he is a new Antonio Brown look he apologized legitimized immediately. He went on his twitter account and he made fun of Robert Kraft and the massage parlor thing. Which essentially and did any ability for Antonio Brown to get back to the Patriots no matter how much bellichik or Tom Brady would've wanted him back because once he did that I can't imagine Bob Kraft saying yeah. Let me give you some more of my money. But he immediately apologized for that as well and it didn't mean much because next thing you know he's making music music videos Was it swearing off white women or not wanting white women in your face. Which one was it? It's just weird like at the turn of a dime. He is now like like featuring his wife all over it since Graham trying to portray himself as a family man and you don't know what goes on behind the scenes. He's someone that lived a very public life but he kept his family for the most part the hidden. It's just it's just an interesting public relations turning regardless of like how authentic it is just even if you're like man I'm so happy you're right Antonio let's get get this out there as soon as we can't just not during the Super Bowl where it could be drowned out. Why can't we just assume that rock bottom was drew rosenhaus leaving him for moral reasons like white quite a candidate? All at home right there like I wasn't doing anything wrong. Drew Still Rolling with me. We got this. Oh my God drew Rosenhaus guys leave. God throw me immediately in jail. Put Me Gig get Joe seen on the phone I. We should try for Antonio Brown if he's doing all the local radio stations. Why don't we try to get him in in here? I've always been rolling. Yeah we as soon as I saw him on the apology or look. I'm guilty of it. I'm like well let me get on that well but I'd just like to talk to him because I actually find everything that's happened with him especially if he's actually done some introspection on what seems like a psychotic break of some sort that no matter how selfish he used to be none of us could have possibly seen coming the disintegration that would just wreck a year in his prime. Feels like a quick turnaround though. I mean the Rehab Process Right. Like he's been going at this for over a year. Now it's today but who knows how much evaluation allegation or gotten who knows it usually takes those medications a few weeks to kick in when When you're dealing with psychotic breaks it takes a it takes some time to get into the bloodstream? Bloodstream and actually healy unless his behavior was the result of a direct trigger. Any is removed that trigger from his life. And that might help explain plane. Why this has been? I understand why anybody would be cynical about the apologies. It's been too many months of bad behavior too. Many months of everyone saying what's wrong with you. You're being an idiot. Listen is in the somebody get the help you need. It's been too many months two days after the arrest next thing you know. He's sitting in a chair. With your scene Anderson. He does seem addicted to the narcotic connick of attention. That one was before all of this after all of this during all well it just seems like everything is happening so fast because he finally got the help court ordered help that that many for over a year have been well for about a year. That people have been begging for him to get and as soon as it gets a quartered. Hell I'm good. I yeah I understand the cynicism on that or the realization that he's thirty one years old and he just threw away you know millions upon millions of millions of dollars in doing it. That's not in the last few days as he did it. All season poke holes could just be the super bowl to the super bowl. got here and he realized good God. This whole thing is in Miami and moved on without me. I was nothing but a speed bump no matter what my narcissism and self importance is. The game moves on very quickly without the fact that the super bowl happened. We can't really take that out of the equations a a decent thought because look at what's happened with Kareem Hunt where the chiefs being in the Super Bowl brought on a very public incident with him. So perhaps we tell people about the incident for those who pulled over. There was alcohol involved. He he'd luckily rain into what appears to be the nicest policeman in the history of law enforcement and he was breaking down to the the police officers saying. I'm the worst person in the world. I did this myself. I could have been in the Super Bowl. I love Cleveland. But that could could've been me. It's funny that you say that because right now is the chief Super Bowl victory parade. It's coming across our televisions right here. And I would imagine that outside of San Francisco. There aren't a whole lot of people watching this more hurt by what's happening here then. Kareem Hunt just sitting here watching the middle of the day as the buses go by an an all of Kansas City. Kansas is covered in red. It's gotta be especially tough for him after watching the game too. Because you see the performance Damian Williams had and Kareem Hunt has proven posts pension. He is still quite special. And if Dean Williams who is just a guy that had been cut by the dolphins dolphin making just million dollars on salary can have that super bowl. Imagine what Kareem Hunt could have done for Dan to reluctantly take party. Something has to be happy. Doing probably tougher Jimmy Garoppolo to sit through to two. I sat outside of San Francisco. But you're just poking whole O'CONNELL here just poking holes jimmy grabs the garoppolos watching the parade. You be able able to watch the parade. He lost my team loses. I can never watch television for a couple of days like I. I more people than me need to do that right. I'm sure they do that. Put the Opole at Lebatardshow Gammel if your team loses the championship do you stop watching television. For a couple of days you can listen to the Dan Lebatardshow with this to God's ten to one eastern on E._S._p._N.. Radio and you can wash on E._S._p._N. News.

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