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Cliff Barn Company is the family employee owned maker of cliff bars cliff kid and luna bars. And here's something. I love about them since they started almost thirty years ago. They've always put people and communities I now they've committed to help feed the fight with get this an initial donation of more than seven million cliff Luna and cliff kid bars to food banks first responders and healthcare workers fighting this pandemic boom community. It's a beautiful thing. All Professional Sports are welcome here for practicing and for playing now. That's Florida governor. Rhonda Fantas announcing that Florida is open for business for professional sports joining Arizona as the only states on that list were to discuss the ramifications for the NFL. And we've got not one guys to push round picks for the chargers joining the shelf. Justin Herbert Kenneth Murray tells worth like being a rookie. The new uniform learning to play boss and guys. Can you believe what we're talk a little fantasy here? We know Patrick. Mahomes Mark Jackson your top quarterbacks but maybe there's one that you're missing so we're to rank them discussing the pros in on this and look. There are all the pros on your screen right now. Hi Everybody happy Thursday. Welcome INTO NFL. Our panel everywhere. All around the World Tim Hasselbeck Damien. Woody Jeff Darlington. I'm Diane Rossini here in Bristol Connecticut Guy so great to talk to you. Hope your families are safe and healthy. Let's begin here with really. What's the big picture? What's going on around the world to review Essentially of how this has gone down a little time line of the reopening of sports potentially and the NFL. Tuesday we know that Arizona's governor said that professional sports can resume without fans this Saturday then. Wednesday schefter reported that the NFL extended the virtual off season. The end of May also Wednesday Florida's governor saying all professional. Sports are welcome here for practicing and playing and then guys panthers owner. David tougher weighed in on the possibility of games being played in front of fans this him on the and we see he said you won't be play having full stadiums but that doesn't mean you can have some fans in the stadium either now if you're comfortable being in a close airplane for cross country trip eighteen inches apart maybe with two seats in between you and being five feet away from each other you might be comfortable in an open. Aired stadium the. Nfl is looking all contingency plans right now trying to figure out how to make this work. Jeff Charleston joining us here with some information. So what more can you add here about? Where the stands with reopening? Well this is a very complicated measure at this point. Even when Dave tepper does open up the possibility to playing in front of some fans the leave behind the scenes conversation with them and others around the league point to a number of obstacles even then for instance what happens. How do you decide who gets those seats in a place? Like Green Bay where the stadium is essentially sold out by season ticket. Holders the third party ticket market if someone has a group of four tickets and they try to sell those split them up two and two and now you have to strangers sitting together. How do you overcome that obstacle? And perhaps even more importantly than that something to consider the legal liability of having vendors inside a stadium ultimately if they were to get sick or God forbid die and then all of a sudden there is litigation based on an unsafe workplace another obstacle for these NFL teams to get around now. What we can point out here. Is that the. Nfl is doing everything to plan for every possibility the NFL currently putting out a protocol how to get people simply inside their facilities to begin work in a regular capacity and then also planning for. What is downstream from there? And I can tell you. I was talking to some people about how they plan on doing. This and a couple of people brought up the model of the Miami. Dolphins are currently utilizing Co. Tom Garfinkel currently getting accreditation from the Global Bio Risk Advisory Council. So that you can have more safe venue. When they were to ultimately opened up the fans this is something that other teams are also looking into. But certainly just wide open spectrum when it comes to finding the answers to what are now a multitude of questions. You mentioned that I am dolphins. Jeff I know you're in Florida and your governor. There is just mentioned actually on Fox News that he's already spoken to the University of Florida. I saying I've already spoken with some of our Colleges University of Florida. They got a great football stadium. The swamp that's not used on Sunday so. Nfl team needs a place to land. We can work that out too so it seems that Florida is committed to try to move this along but again this is very layered and still a lot to get before sports can return now teams normally would be holding. Ota's in May followed by June minicamp but those activities have been cancelled because of the corona virus. Here's a couple of California these players on the pay having to move somewhere to actually play. I think so I think For All of us are dealing with change throughout these tough times and I think this is something that everybody in the world has suggested not disastrous for player so we had to go move to a different state or different city to be able to get back to work and build. Help feed our families in. I'm sure a lot of guys in most of the guys four. There's a way to safely be able to bring football to households able to Do something That was would be some sense of normalcy for people. I think there's a way to safely do that You know the guys are GonNa be all all onboard for it. Sounds like getting a mixed bag of sauce there. And certainly getting a mixed bag of thoughts about this. Guy Cowboy quarterback Dak Prescott still waiting on that long term deals you've got until July fifteenth to sign his exclusive franchise tender though. There hasn't been much reported progress in these contract. Negotiations the latest. We really heard at least can understand on the situation. Is that cowboys executive vice president. He even told The Dallas Morning News. Obviously is the elephant in the room. Ever knows it. We've gotTA keep grinding. Jerry's always told me as a mentor. Mind as the money gets bigger. The deals get harder. Obviously when we're talking about Dakyns as big as it gets in the league so it's gotTa be right for deck and it's gotTa be right for us now. It goes zero sum game for Jerry and I were justified enough cap space. Would ever we do? Here is just a matter of how much we want to allocate to one player and we just continued certainly the big story of the off season as we continue to wait to see what they decide to do. So Jeff I want to start with you. How soon do you think before? Dak and the cowboys agree on a new deal done. I find it funny every time I say something that is like pro cowboys. I get a text from somebody closer to dock. That says that I'm wrong. And every time I say something. That's pro doc. I get it from the cowboys so clearly. We're still a little bit a ways off your right but but what I would point out what I continue to point toward is the deadline. It's just feels. Both sides need a hard deadline which is in July July fifteenth. Maybe we have to have this conversation until then that being the day that people who are franchise tagged can negotiate a long-term deal beyond that they have to wait until the off season. So that's the hard deadline. We need to continue to watch here until then I understand we can continue to talk about Dot Prescott. Maybe wanting four years. The cowboys wanted to give him five. I sense that it's even more complicated than that. But at this point just you're eye on that deadline in until then we'll just keep keep talking about it. Tim Complicated or not as former quarterback here. What's your take on? How Dallas has actually handled? The negotiations altogether. They've blown it because Dak Prescott is going to be way more expensive now than it would have been had. They ripped up his dealer done an extension after year. Three much like legals did with wins in the Rams Jared Goff and so those two guys get their deals done which ups kind of the price for starting quarterbacks and then I also think if they don't get something done before Patrick Mahomes or before Deshaun Watson it's GonNa go up even more. The reality is they have done after year. Three when Dak had never etta season where he threw more than twenty three touchdown passes when he never had a season where he threw for over four thousand yards but instead because they waited he goes and has his best year. He throws thirty touchdowns throat for nearly five thousand yards and now he's more expensive so jeff saying you know. Maybe it's more complicated. I don't think it's all that complicated. Dak Prescott is going to come in somewhere around four years. One hundred and fifty million five years one hundred ninety million. It's going to be around thirty seven. Thirty eight million dollars. That's the that's what it's GonNa cost for Deck Prescott to be their starting quarterback and listen. I'll people have talked about. Hey maybe you know. He shouldn't eat up so much of the CAP. But I know my boy d would is just not hearing that at all the right. It's not the players jobs. Where by the salary cap the players job? Get the best deal they get for himself. Club is responsible for getting talent and out the whole situation. Look Tim. You're absolutely in this particular situation. Cowboys dropped the ball where they could've negotiated worked out a deal with that. I got last year before. He had the type of year that he had this year. Where specifically this year and also think about this guys I mean if you look at that I got where his mindset is that right now think about this in a couple of years the NFL at another gate schedule. You have to renegotiate. They still have to do another a new TV deal. That's going to mean a lot more revenue that's GONNA come into the League so here Dak Prescott trying to do a five year deal trying to get back to the table as quickly as possible and I think that's what the holdup all about. Look you can continue to also think that the cowboys already. I remember talking to Scotland Clue and years ago pointing out that they never got a deal. Done with kirk cousins he was the GM of the redskins and they couldn't get the deal done with Kirk cousins because ultimately his value had risen too high before they were able to get the deal done where they couldn't come back to the middle. That would be my fear when it comes to Prescott and is perceived value on the open market and for the cowboys. Currently have him the only thing. I continue to reserve judgment on is. I can't wait to see what the ultimate deal was because as much as we want to continue to say the cowboys blue and I'm not saying one way or the other because I just don't think that we know enough at this point whether Dax should take the deal on now or not. We just don't know because we aren't the ones looking right now at the language of the deal the value of the deal or any of it and it's hard to try to play both sides in the middle of negotiation like this. I just think that we do have to be very careful. Thinking one side or the other in a scenario when we may be don't know everything about exactly how these negotiations are going back in. Just jump back at the. I mean the reality is this though because of how he entered the League if you would have done a deal with him after year three he at that point had made two point seven. Five million dollars that's it that was his earnings. So as quarterbacks standards go that is cash poor with a year left on your you're not GonNa make a lot of money. That leverage at that point in the teams hands like they have the leverage now deck is looking at a franchise tag a thirty one million dollars the year after that. You know maybe thirty six or more and then you're looking at situation. He's basically saying look. I have two years seventy million dollars sitting right in front of me right now. That's the launching off point because they waited this long. Here's the one that there are a lot of facts that we don't know Jeff that you that you mentioned. We don't know what they're offering. But we do know that. They've said he hasn't won a super bowl and that seemed to be a sticking point as why they didn't. WanNa pay him out. But the fact is only five. Quarterbacks have ever thrown for twenty touchdowns in each of their first four seasons peyton manning Dan Marino Russell Wilson Dak Prescott and Garett car. So he's he's got to stand on end the leverage back here on NFL lobby NFC has combined to post the worst win percentage in the NFL over the last three seasons and now three before teams. They're going to have new head coaches this season. Mike McCarthy me now no he's with the cowboys we got Ron Rivera in DC. With Jack Del Rio and then we've got the giants with Joe Judge. Has He's GonNa get his shot with Jason Garrett as the offensive coordinator and it's going to be Daniel Jones of course at the quarterback position for New York. Jones entered his second season after complicated rookie year here while he threw for the fourth most touchdowns ever by a rookie just coughed up an NFL. High eighteen fumbles. Now here's Daniel Jones on diving into Jason Garrett playbook. I certainly did that diving into some of the the cowboys stuff and what they had done in the past how the rules make it tough to communicate a whole lot about that stuff so so you know. There's a little bit of patients involved in that and getting to the point where we could get the playbook and the kind of understand some of the concepts and and get some of the verbiage but I did my best to be prepared for when I could get my hands on also springs back up to the panel starting with Tim Hair. Tim We we heard. Joe Judge. Say that this offense is going to look a lot like the cowboys offense. So now that the giants what can we expect with Jason Garrett running the show here while I think we'll see an offense that runs through the running back much like Dallas. Offense ran through. Zeke Elliott run through saquon Barkley and New York. That's what Jason Garrett will want to do. And then you know you heard Daniel Jones talk about concepts and verbiage. The passing concepts are going to be a lot of the same stuff that we've seen around the league in general and so. There's not going to be a Tom. That's noticeable there. The verbiage will be different. Daniel Jones kind of speaking to the uniqueness of this off season and the rules that are in place and how that can make it difficult. Jason Garrett is going to want to run the football. Dan will be featured passing concepts that you see around the league that you saw dollars you'll see in New York and January. Jones is a fine fit for that because he's a smart guy should work advantage with this kind of bizarre off season that we're having a just a personality standpoint. Tim. Daniel Jones is very mild mannered. He's very calm. And I think we know obviously enough about Jason Gary. He's never ride into high. Never riding too low so just from a personality match. I think this is. This is one that can certainly work. And you know you take a look at what Jones will be working with specifically with Garrett here remember and sometimes I forget this that Garrett Lewd one of the NFL's best offenses during his tenure in Gallup's right. I think he got so much criticism. But if you look at this mcavoy's generated five point eight yards per play third in that span behind. Only saint in the Falcons. Now take a listen to running back. Saquon Barkley talking about the possibility of reaching out to Garrett old running back Ezekiel. Elliot's haven't had contact Zeke yet I do plan on doing But I kind of one. That's been consistent down myself and then you know. Get to Zeke and see what what he was doing here was doing there. Because it's Kinda like anything I was like. There's a basis stuff steady. Learn the days that that you gotta be able to do but then day. There's some stuff that you gotta do. As a football player it'd be become user created I'll definitely use him. Try to learn from where he was able to Damian. I'm all for learning. Let's going on here. What is what is your reaction. We're talking to division rivals. Potentially comparing notes about Jason Gary and how he helped Zeke and how saquon can do it and these two to talk about. What do you think about this? I'M NOT GIVING UP RABBLE. Listen listen we could be and we can hang and do all those things but you want me to help you learn people beck and try to defeat me. No No. I'm not having any of it. Maybe that's the news food players that everybody's Buddy Buddy and friends hang out all season but I guess I you know maybe. Call me a mini boom or something. But I haven't all of that stuff where I'm giving tips on the playbook now no no to that reaction from d. word all day long. I will say I'm a little bit surprised. You know. Listen if there was a guy from beaver Dam Virginia the WANNA hang out with season. He was going to be with that. I have. There's no doubt about it. Look so many guys share agents share Offseason homes or live in the same area. Same you know training with each other when you look at this so many guys look at it like Hey. I want players to do well and look if you're not going to help the Guy. Don't show your cards. Don't tell them that you're not gonNA help him act like you're giving them some advice. Just give him some advice. That's more like something you would have done dance. Espn nine PM. Such where I'm picturing Michael Jordan. Wanting to murder people at the slightest little slides not helping competitor saquon. Barkley is just being a nice guy. Get it but let's talk about another goat. I remember talking to Robert Griffin the third several years ago using the and they were having joint practices. The Idiots and Robert. Given the third tells me that he's standing next to Tom Brady and Brady. Does something three looks over to Tom. Hey Tom like when you saw that right there. Like what were you thinking? And why did you make that decision and Tom Stone face just leave looks to Robert and says hey maybe when I retire I can help you but for now no handouts and they went on about their grim? But I'm watching Michael Jordan and I'm saying you're certainly quite savage man. I'm learning a lot about you three. I say you're all very kind but I don't think lying to the other person Tim is the way to go but I see what you're saying. They're just kidding. I wonder what are the biggest moves the randy this season we know right was cutting todd? Gurley he spent five years with the team this part of cap saving obviously but we know that girlies whole the neat thing. It's really been an issue. Well HIS NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR IN ATLANTA DIRK CUTTER. Who recently in on his car and take a listen only twenty five years old and he's had two seasons where he was arguably the best running back in football when he's at his best he's got speed. He's got power he can break tackles. He's elusive he's catch the ball out of the backfield. You know we just gotTa see how healthy he is and how consistently he can do it. He can still do it it just a matter of. How often can you do it? Be The question continues there though we're apart these days sharing so at Geico we'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing your savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your. Diy Haircut fails thanks for sharing your inner lips star. Now it's turned with the GEICO giveback fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers. Because we're committed for the long haul the fifteen percent credit laster full policy term visit GEICO DOT COM SLASH. Give back for more info and eligibility with the six. Pick in the twenty twenty. Nfl draft the Los Angeles chargers select Herbert quarterback Oregon's. He has all the tools he's going to have a tremendous career to be on the west coast. I was always a big fan. I'm going to do my best. Do the best quarterback I can be better get better. I'm just accept them. Harbor was selected sixth overall by the chargers after he capped off his organ career with the Rose Bowl victory here and MVP honors after. Become the first quarterback to rush for three touchdowns in the bowl since Vince. Young did it in two thousand six and he was dominant in the red zone with the duct. We're talking fifty touchdowns to just four interceptions when it mattered. Most the kid can play and guess what joining us here on. Nfl Lie so. Let's just Herbert who was drafted by the chargers just three weeks ago. I can't believe how quick time is going but that being said a week after they drafted you the charges. Put that tweet out about this time. Capsule survey thing that you filled out when you were about nine years old. I think you were in fourth grade and the question was when I grow up. I'm going to be and you actually answer the question a professional football player which I. That's kind of normal. A lot of guys want to football players but then when they ask you to list your favorite team you filled in chargers football and then look at it. It all came together. So how do you feel about your predictions coming through here Justin? I thought it was pretty cool. I kind of forgot about that. And my mom did a good job of finding that. It's kind of funny the way things worked out in. I think being from Eugene. It's Kinda tough without a pro sports team other than the Blazer. So we just. Kinda pick their team on the west coast and just happened to be the chargers. Yeah and then you also said that you like the city of Los Angeles so go figure. The chargers moved to La. But it's basically just all coming together for you. You obviously were chargers handwrite. So who's your favorite player? Growing up. I was a big Lindane Tomlinson Fan. I think we had a couple of his jerseys. I think we even had a drew brees Jersey but just kinda shirts and is really funny to look back and see stuff that we had our. I sell the guy. He didn't mention there that I thought maybe it would have been your favorite player. Would've been Philip rivers right so now here. You are in this position where you're following in his footsteps for You. What's been your outlook going into this. Knowing that you did so much for this organization we've watched so much of this film and it's incredible to watch. And the way he checked the scrimmage of the command e of the offense that's coach. I wants from his quarterback. So we've done a good job of watching him and it's been really impressive and I'm GonNa do everything I can to to play the way he played. We know that you guys have been doing these virtual off season meetings coach. Elaine has done a really smart job of splitting the rookies up. The East Coast guys are in east coast time. The West Coast guys are west coast. So you guys. Don't get up too early guy in Hawaii as well but for you would it. What's been the biggest obstacle talking to your team? It's just facetime. Yeah it's been tough to to get to know those guys 'cause you think about it you'd be here. It'd be in person with them. You get to make mistakes on the on the field and everything's been online so it's kind of been tough that way but we're doing everything we can to make up for that and whether that's throwing lifting running A lot of the guys ended up working out working out of the same weightlifting. Place I do. So it's it's been good to meet those guys as well. I've heard some head coaches with other teams have been testing their rookies. Trying to keep them on their toes to make sure that they're really absorbing all the information. Have you been tested on anything or put on the spot yet? I've had about a quiz every day. So just kind of going over the stuff that I've been asked about so. They're old accountable Sarah. La Let's go back to the time capsule survey. I've got a new one for you. Okay so little fortune telling again ten years from now. Justin Herbert wants to be known as like phyllida peddler a teammate again. It's always gonNA put the team. I can answer that being said off season even before you were drafted charges very set on tyrod Taylor being the star. They want him to leave this team. But it's still at the end of the day competition for you. What's your going into this? Are you trying to win the starting job? We've one or are you looking at it? As I'm I need to learn and grow and absorb as much information as possible can to become a professional athlete. How dishes great for all three. Listen to quarterback roommates Kennedy Great. It's going to push each other. I think everyone in that room wants to be the guy especially I I wanna be that guy But at the end of the day it's about the guy that's the best whoever's going to give the team the best chance of winning so whoever that is the opportunity all right thank you so much urban. Lhasa there at the end but thanks for joining. Nfl Live now. The good news is row to go from offense the defense here onto Kenneth Murray. Who started all forty two career games for the Oklahoma sooners now in twenty eighteen? He made twenty eight tackles against army which according to the NCAA record books is the most ever by a college player. Our Own Olympics team also giving you gave him a sixty nine percent chance to become a pro bowler in the NFL. That has the highest rate of any defensive player in this draft class and we know that the chargers wanted him on them and we are locked in on him now. He joins us. What's going on with you chargers guys. You're all bunch of psychics here. Herber said he wanted to be a charger. Eufor predict and you're going to be a first round pick in two thousand seventeen. How do you actually accomplish something like that? Do you just say it out loud? You Vision Board. What's the secret here? Man is just you know. Just just the goal just went out there and working towards it. You Know I. I said that goal in high school and and you know I wrote it down and put it over. You know. Ma Poster boards something seen every day and just continue to to his work at work at it every day in this point and rather than talking the talk and they're walking the walk there so we mentioned here that the chargers traded back into the first round. That actually grab you so they have really high hopes for you. Maybe even playing calls perhaps something that we know that you did in college. So how are you going about getting this playbook down while doing all this virtually and it has been definitely unique Definitely inaugural guys always been extensive about getting getting into the playbook and so for me GonNa Flash Cards on what's not no white boards all around You know shot to study the best way I can and try to get it down as quickly as possible again. 'cause I know in the day on the linebacker caller desens- some players in the NFL. Share that actually like these virtual meetings. Because they're comfortable you know. They're in their house. They're not sitting in a classroom board. Do feel like there's been some advantages where your guys going about your business this way. Well I mean I. I think it's been you know unique in this really. Just trump control we can control almond can do You know I definitely would like to be in on Mason. Going to know my coaches face to face but no. We're not if we do that right now so we have to take the best so. I think we're doing sounds like getting to know each other. It's going to be the big challenge as you guys are just meeting over your phones and hopefully it'll be really fun when you finally get to each other face to face. I WanNa go back to college here you set ncw record. Twenty eight tackles which I researched. Check it again. I'm like Oh shorts twenty eight. That's a Lotta tackles in one game. What the heck did you have for breakfast that day on a normal the normal versus? I pretty much the same thing for every game that game. I I do a war know. It will be a full battle. That's exactly what it was until I I the know what what team again break I in come out with a victory so I'm definitely wanted most from colors all right so you got a pretty tough schedule coming up with the chargers team. You guys got the Bengals Got Kansas City Carolina. You got the box you got the sun exactly an easy schedule So of those teams though that I just listed those first five games. What's that one game that you definitely want to make sure that your family you're very close to they're going to have tickets hopefully by then be able to come and watch you play which one of those games? I mean I'll take every game series looking at the scheduling. The Monday night game versus saints on no plan on Monday night football and so on to get the opportunity definitely again people would. If you have to be on Monday night football pretty good thing around here I can tell you. Speaking of family are really quick. Your family story blew up on the Internet especially when you shared it with Dallas cowboys owner Jerry Jones. That's actually how I learned a lot about you. How much do you think though that momentum and even that moment change the way the League view you as a man I take you know everybody takes account just what I've been through and things like that but it just shows you who I am as a person you know confirms what you see on field on the goddess passionate? I got it at cares for the game of football. Football means everything to you. Know you see that all suits just. It just confirms what you see on tape well. Congratulations on joining the chargers. Congratulations on all your success. And we are all very optimistic and we look forward to when you actually get to meet your teammates in person and hopefully we all get to meet one day to Thanks so much for joining the show. Talk to you soon. Thank you have. Ufc action on Saturday in Jacksonville Main Card here at nine o'clock eastern six o'clock Pacific with the Great Freedom Card starting at six o'clock eastern on. Espn can always check on the ESPN. Never too early guys ever twenty twenty fantasy. Football rankings are set following the NFL draft. So let's look back at the quarterback right kings step by six. Espn fantasies experts. All right so here we go coming in at number one. The reigning VIP e Lamar Jackson. Not only did he set the single season rushing record for quarterback but he had the second most points per any player in a Pr Lee Super Bowl. Mvp Patrick mahomes comes in at number two since becoming a full time starter in two thousand eighteen. His seven hundred and four point one fantasy points are the most common. Qb's then we've got rookie Tyler Murray. He became the six different quarterback in NFL history to throw for thirty five hundred yards and rushed for five hundred in twenty twenty. He's going to have the Andrea happy new weapon along with Larry. Then we got DAK Prescott yet a monster twenty nineteen as he hit career highs in passing passing touchdown to an Qbr. You also ten games at least twenty fantasy points and Shawn Watson number five second points per game last year but he now enters a season without the dre right because he's over in Arizona and that'll be the first time that the Shawn won't have hop in the last four seasons so Patrick Mahomes Twenty. Eighteen seasons ranked bushel timing quarterback fantasy points in a season while Jackson's twenty nine nine campaign ranked second but after those two sounds like we're not too sure. Check out last season's fantasy points per game rankings watching Stafford Russin brees all around that twenty one point Mark Right. So here's our expert to Matthew Berry Daniel Dolphin the fantasies show on. Espn plus with more as they debate. It's like I take care off. The Lamar Jackson show will continue in just continues to be red. Hot All right Matthew Berry Lamar Jackson. Patrick Mahomes are a clear. Top to the debate started three. Who's got your close Dak Prescott at number three? Listen Marie and Josh Allen have tons above Sidon Shawn Watson Russell Wilson? They're always going to be in this rate but for me it's Prescott who last year was actually third and qb fantasy points per game. Oh cool thanks for the history lesson old man. What will happen this year? I'll tell you my root sidekick Dallas Reciting Amari Cooper was huge for DAX value touchdown ever since the cowboys traded for Amari Dak Prescott fancy in terms of total points. And he's fourth in points per game and that's in part. Thanks to Dak. Success throwing downfield last year. Prescott was second among quarterbacks deep completions and third and deep completion percentage and now he adds cd lamb who average over twenty one yards attached last year at Oklahoma and don't forget Dax rushing he style since entering the NFL. Dak Prescott sport in rushing yards among quarterbacks. He has the most rushing touchdowns. I think Twenty Twenty Dak Prescott. We'll have the best season his career and I say we're out of time for this. I hear some other notable quarterbacks outside the top five since two thousand Seventeen Russell Wilson has the most fantasy points among quarterbacks but comes in at number six for the twenty twenty season new division rivals. Tom Brady drew brees. They come in at number eight and ten respectively. A number one overall draft picks. Joe Borough Traffic Joe Borough slides in at number nineteen. Which is the highest among all rookie quarterback? So let's our panel back on screen here. Tim also a fantasy football now. That here How high should be ranked among fantasy quarterbacks now threes probably a little rich for me but I think Matthew Berry makes them cases of you know a case of why he could be there and could have his best year statistically me to to rank him ahead of somebody and some of those names that you mentioned Diana Russell Wilson. I don't know why we would think he would have a worse year that he had a year ago with basically you look at the receiver Corey. He had a year ago going into the season. All those same guys back upgraded their little bit and so Russell Wilson kind of makes everybody better and I do think that there could be a massive bounceback year four. Tom Brady drew brees as well so I probably have them in the top five definitely top ten but three Jeff. How about you? Who You picking. I at quarterback Lamar Jackson our homes. I mean Patrick Mahomes but then again like I'm not the right person asked if you going to cook dinner my wife for Patrick Mahomes patrimony. If you were to ask me who would fix my car. Better the mechanic down the street or Patrick. Mahomes say Patrick Mahomes. So it's no slight to Lamar Jackson. It's just the Patrick Mahomes. Does everything better than anybody on the planet do yeah? I felt that same way about him. Being an analyst today against you so that's good so we're even there. Damian. Lewis ranks near opinion here. Who's too low day? We're slapping the face. Tom Brady Guy who would probably be working with the best weapons that he might have ever had in his career with Mike Evans and Godwin and Franck OJ. How would emigrate Listening Basketball Swan as guilty on a huge this year after I get that and you know speaking of Tom Brady guys his former to Jason and Devin mccourty? They were on get up this morning talking all about this upcoming season what they can expect of course. We know the defense looks the same but the quarterback much different. So what is life at you really going to be like without TV? Twelfth obviously Thomason a huge figurehead in organization's been there twenty years on. It'll just be more veteran guys. You know I think guys like Julian who haven't gone a ton of credit for his leadership. He's a God who will step up guys like James Light. David Andrew Glove been captains. They'll continue to lead on. But I think the biggest thing is we just gotTa be ourselves. We can't try to fill Tom's gap because we can't do that but it'll be a new regime. Annuity embraced have fun. Coming up next sixty jump followed by. I TAKE EXTRA. Jalen and Jacoby Cardinal End around the horn to our sports sportscenter at five o'clock. Pti guys they join the show at five thirty and then we cap today with sportscenter with us VP. Well it's a big day for birthdays. Happy Thirty first now now of Lucca near also happy thirty seventh birthday to Frank Gore now with the New York jets and a happy thirty four to clay matthews who is currently a free agent. So let's celebrate all three of them with rolling back to their best happy thirty first Robbie because here in Super Bowl fifty three yours star made the driving with sled. To the only touchdown in this super bowl patriots would go on to win and have a Frank Gore. Two thousand seven against the rams look to be stopped right on the line here breaks free and that's forty three yards. He goes all the way in for the touchdown. Now a New York jets by the way. That's his fifth team in the NFL. Five teams for him and happy. Thirty Fourth Matthews Super Bowl forty five. Go I play the fourth quarter. Matthews Forces Rashard Mendenhall to fumble and the packers. They're able to recover the ball here with Matthews with the Clutch. Tackle forces it in the packers. They go on to win the super bowl so good stuff have birthday. All three of you guys if now type drawing conclusions as we put a little bit of a bow on any topic in the show where to draw realistic conclusion to topic that we discussed today. So we're kind of problem solvers voice so tim. Let's start with you. He got well. I like this day because Damian communicates the other office of Lineman at Boston College record breaking contract that signs breaking contract right there. See those dollar signs Damian Phenomenal Artwork John Damian. That's way too much work wasting work listening. I'M HOLMES REPEAT TIN BE CHAMPS. Listen in a trend. Can all season where things are crazy? I'm born with the team. Has the best for the best quarterback when the best and it seemed virtually intact. I liked chances repeating the Patriots Mahomes Church twenty five in September. That's a lot there. What about you Geoffrey? I would tell you that my five year old drew this but that would be an insult to my five year old. I am not a good artist. I don't even know if you could tell with this is God is Gronk. Spiking the football And I believe that Gronk will be the twenty twenty comeback player of the year. This is a no brainer. Gronk is coming back with a vengeance combined with you all right. Well the birthday boy. You think he's going to have a good season. Last year's Comeback Player of the Year Ryan Tannehill Bill with Daniel Jones in the giants are going to win the NFC east. I'm going to cry myself as the best artists of this group. Sorry Tim good predictions for all. Of course I wish we could solve those problems guys. Nfl We'll see all to our thanks for hanging with us.

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