1975 Radio Drama: Coming of the Sub-Mariner


Attention. All true believers. Honors is on the air. Out of the pages of the world's greatest comic magazine come. The adventures of the fantastic four. This week story revolves around a menace from the sea, and we'll begin our shanty in just half a on our story. This week picks up where we left off last week, the fantastic four have returned to their headquarters in the Baxter building after Johnny storm. The human torch had defeated the miracle man. I'm sure it'll all come back to you as we proceed somewhere out there. The teeming millions of New York City torches hiding from us. We've got to find. Here is nothing, but as oil teenage, brat. Anyway, how can you talk about my brother. Miracle man, and he may be out their own travel or mature alright to the for you band, it's all your fault that he ran off in the first place shoe. Sure. Everything around it is your fault, Johnny. Laughter. The miracle man single handedly and singlehandedly he defeated him. Comic glenham was a be to the everyone was happy about it. Everyone except he would tell Johnny TV. You pick an argument with him. You're figuring may leave us. Volley with the fantastic four understand where we're going to find that yesterday. And that means you too bad. When I find him to run out on us like that. That. My little brother. And so the fantastic four minus one set out in their fantastic car to search megawatt. Galapagos. You check the village where you and Johnny grew. Read Ben. You crew the west side and check arrages doing Dali. Dahlie Ben giving up break. This is where we separate release section. The long search begins Susan storm lands in the center of town. With his party. Excuse me. Have you seen my brother townie storm what? I must be a loosening. Some funny sound chicks voice out of thin air, wait a minute, loosening, loosening, don't get. I never understood why he hangs out here. He's kiss your scare easy. That's the search. Thanks to the search. Indeed, we find mischief antastic in central park near the bike trails. A new for reading, but tell me quick. Have you seen Johnny storm? The torch? No man, a haven't seen at. He's. Sooner or later I'll find someone who's seen him, but little does miss defend tested. No, that less than a mile away in Swanson's garage. Nobody can modify engine like human. That's incredible. You're only saying that because it's true. You know the whole content is looking for the Uman torch. Yeah, he's right here working with us on. 'cause. Do a little welding. So step back for a few seconds. Putting your by the flame from my finger beats a welding torch. Any. Every time I use my flame. I learn new things I can do by concentrating. I can keep it away from that gasoline. But if I wanted to, I could merge flame with that barrel of oil and keep this place he did for months at almost no cost read. I have done a series of tests, but as Johnny explains his superhuman abilities. One of his ex teammates is right outside preparing to demonstrate his. Right now I'm going to show you what we do. You can't beat the thing too hot for you. Point. This gasoline all over. You want sparking thousand Justice. I'm getting outta here before. Flame off flame more for this jalopy right on you, and we'll all be flown. This drop the car thing. Sure. I'll drop. Now I'll take care you. You've always laughed at me because I'm ugly. So I laugh and now. Lay-offs thing. I'm warning you don't worry, sunny boy, I spoil your pretty face. I'm just going to rough. You up a little so you won't forget who's boss around here. Not off thing. Going to warn you again on telling you. Well. True. Been grim reverts to his Kuzmic altered form. Johnny storm reaches his chosen place of seclusion. In the Bowery. Human. Camping night fighter in it. Well, Johnny wanted the anonymity of the Bowery and for his two bits, he shared a room with fifteen other men. All similarly inclined. They could. I see that comic book over there. Most usual lived underwater and was the strongest ten minutes. I wonder what happens when he was supposed to be immortal. That's what. Yeah. Yeah, good. A bum over here. Jong guys supposed to be. Got. You may be. Attended to show what you can do? Honestly, I leave the mantle on. He's probably tired, but he's never to die for this. Mangy bum ditty foam booking away your CUNY frame. Let's teach him a lesson voice. Good him oven, spoil it for a good fight said. Said. On. I'm tired of showing my strength. I just want to remember. I am what I am. I spent so many years here in this fall. My mind's that blind. Now's our chance to creep anyway. Hold it alone. Can't you see sick? He's gotta Amedure loss of memory. He doesn't even know who he is. We'll be wait a second. I've got an easier way. I let show him what he really looks like. Let's give them a hot shave. Beaumont. You've got to be the human. All my choice flames within a Harris. We're to space. It is it some. At the same moment that Johnny storm makes his incredible discovery. The other members of the fantastic four are continuing this search for him. FIA flaming teenager fitting. Really. All right. How about it? Have you seen the door. Susan storm to prowls. The vast metropolis says, the invisible girl. If you are sub mariner. I know one thing that will bring back your memory for sure if you can leave forever in your debt. And once more destiny devils with a fate of you, Susan storm less than ten feet from her brother turns and walks away, not seeing the subject of her search. Okay. The closest clear blame on you. Okay, you're safe from us lane. We're just going for a little flight tests. See there's the Atlantic Ocean, but. But I won't drop it. Seething. One submerged in the mighty Atlantic. A startling change comes over the derelict in one sweeping motion. He removes his outta garments and stands revealed as the legendary ruler of the c- the invincible prince name on the submariners. Remember Lamno must return to my my brings to my undersea kingdom. Once again, travelling in his native element like rocketing, Pete, French name, more sue reaches his almost forgotten land only to find that ROY needs own been destroyed. What's in the water must be really like. What. This, it'll be humans poisoned there might people do not harm by the radiation have moved as dispersed. Women's part of the vitamin has no longer inhabitable the oceans, fast Levy. Where should I getting through. And moments later, Johnny is standing at the Pierre, your back. You are some mariner. I'm so glad you're not be proud of what you thought much by returning my memory. You'll have signed the water on the whole human race. What are you talking about. About revenge. They Josh should have destruction of my under seeking them. I'm a name all this. Some out. At no fear, my starring as these came stool. And so speaking of Maryland submerges leaving Johnny storm alone. I've got a one, the others. My grudge Ben is insignificant compared to the threat from some Marian. Seconds later, the other three members of the super team. See offense has four emergency flare in the sky. It must be a signal for Johnny appears by the river, what get fresh trouble. St. fester. He must be dangerous. We're almost there is I see. I can see. Idea. Shoot off that flare. You're only supposed to use it emergencies. This is an emergency. You big ape when you call me. Why then? What is it? Johnny? Well, we're going to need each other now submariners back and I just wanted to mariner, but he died long ago. He's alive. All right. And from what I've seen is more dangerous than ever who's worried nothing human can stand up to the thing. That's just it big boy. He as human prince, knee more of the sea is quite human. His race was old when our son was young and he knows well, the secrets of the deep. Shut least once on mankind, which they never even. He's from voting stiff is done for you. That are just leaving creature in all of the war. And. Gite gun battle. He's from Ken Boone rating by Trump show which my sister's buried, here's injuries. Got told. It's time. It's a weakened. No, nothing can stop you. What Trump. In the hands of the vengeful of Marat out of truck shell Leauge Gigante from the surface world. What do you make of that. In the right force. Join winters Steve as the fairly better just to escape to sound the alarm and within minutes for the first time in history, the order is given to evacuate New York City. Everyone out safely. And through the now silent Kenyans of the huge city. The nation's most powerful weapons brought into place and the battle is at hand. See them coming into New York. A monstrous coming within range, prepare to launch ground control, muscles, five seconds, three seconds, fire. What. Those records didn't even start on a sit down what would happen when it reaches the city. Is gone. Maybe this chemical spoke confusing Rangers sought down before it reaches shore. Far reaching the city where us on my own when a sent him straight. Stor slowly turn. Into the. Giant whale. Possessed the thing rushes to the military supply depot and returns. What's that phone struck your back? No clear. Levi's relax kids, hero. Wait and say, and is night falls on an evacuated New York City, though. Lumbering thing with timed nuclear bombs strapped to his back fines gigan- to- sleeping gun Fifth Avenue. Holding that joke is Jason get inside like in the bible, then I gotta get out again before this little number goes off. That's all. Goes squamish heavy. Sure. Is. I hope we doesn't cover the flooring. She'll warily knowing that each step might be his last, the thick walks, deeper deeper inside gigan- monster from the c. pass remains of long since forgotten victims of the enormous creature. Swansea monsters. In my day. On to. And this is. Goodness, nuclear firecracker. Get. And did it submariners musters dead. He saved the city, maybe even the world explosion loom, right out of the monster, like he was shushed from cannon. I didn't think anything gets done the big eighth. I hate to admit this then, but I'm proud of you scored that the. That the. World, we get old. I haven't beaten up all these hone shoved Sloman countless other pack you'll we. We believe. It's the horn. I'll take that. That I find the obstacle. I. Humongous, but an invisible humanly up, you'll win and seeing the futility of her struggle. The invisible girl becomes Susan storm. Prisoner of the mariner. Is a bras with catching, you'll of us human night ever seen if you will be my I, we show mercy to the rest of your day for rays. Can I make such a choice? You'll have to Susan here. Now says, we're gonna fix you Fishman. You know, I would have these and my revenge ext. I knew he owed his whole. I Sharon Reed millions of under on such as kind as never see. Before the attack you will shuttle be doing even out of your cities from whence he? Okay. Oh, you mustn't become your bride because Hegg revising your. On Princess bride. This is your. Still belly. This goal for stunned only human choice can do. After reaching out to toot of thousand eight, the human torch begins circling unit, expanding wing of the sub mariner aiding first alight with been building jor tornado of vegetable force. That should never that the about his early wind about him. On. Which is. Helpless. Fire until finally, he and his thing d'amour over the deepest part of the rest. This on a world in them. The medicine seat of slips from the hand of pristine boring and he's lost in the full. Later revived by the waters, magic healing powers, Samarra reaffirms his vengeful vowel. Human made a strong. Strong enough. Good. If the name all night. Those you cavemen. Yes, perhaps he will be back, but he will still have to face the most incredible court at of humans in all the world. I don't think you should have let him return to the siege on gonna. It's going to be back and I can't wait. Let's cross that bridge. When we come to advan when he returns, we'll be waiting. With us again on Monday with a fantastic or will encounter the diabolical doings of Dr. Do. Fantastic cast is the Adnan Bob Maxwell Bill Murray. Jim Pappas Haydn narrated by smiling Stanley.

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