BTS #16 Wendy Nguyen on Surviving Abuse and Foster Care, Discovering CBD, Opening a CBD Shop in NYC


Josh My name is Wendy. No-win of the cone of artists a premier CBC shop in Moscow it consecrated fashion in the fashion industry with the Lhasa. Ten years with the fashioned Walk Hall when he's Look. You're listening to the curious about canvas. Podcasts everybody this is Jason Wilson with curious about Canvas podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in once again today so today. I'm really delighted to be chatting with a new friend of mine that owns a CD shop in New York City called Artemis. I'm with Wendy. Thanks so much for coming on the podcast and talking to me. It's been a pleasure. Thank you so much for having me. Yeah totally I'm very very excited to talk to you about your experience. I'm always excited to talk to people that are in other areas of the country that are working with cannabis and to hear about that experience. But also you have a very fascinating and I think important story message that I look forward to Helping US share with our listeners. That as we get into it. It's something I'm very passionate about about a lot of the work that you do. That goes well beyond cannabis So this is an interview. I'm just very very very excited to have so and so so to start us off Some of the folks. That might already be familiar with you. It would probably be if not from Artemis it would be from a website that you have called. Wendy's look book so just to start this out in case anybody listening or watching Isn't familiar with you Can you just explain a little bit about? Wendy's look book and then we'll get into talking about How you came across. Cbd Artemisinin and all that so about ten years ago After after graduating from college I started working in a bank and I honestly loved my customer but I just didn't find necessarily my job to be rewarding in that sense more sales order And then I quit and wanted to do some creative so I took meadow making class a juryman in class in acting class. Everything One per side and I fell in love with acting the most because I thought it was just free therapy I go in there and play different characters and really get into the zone with him. The most troubled characters because I just thought more with just resonated with me the most In at the time I was dating a guy who was the into filmmaking and photography and everything and he suggested that he would just recording me when I was doing. What are your personal stuff. I just posted on Youtube like okay while I wanted to. Add Value Post you to add always loved fashion all my life and I thought you know. Hey let me figure out a way to mixed Ashmore approachable. So the concept of what is it was born out of that where we would film little segments tutorials that would really focus on. Just waste for you too. We use we wear things that are in your closet already so that was the what is what and at the time there was no fashioned videos. Very small amounts fashion because locust extra videos on a youtube and I think I was the second channel that launched with just the accession channel and videos in we decided back then. I was also the big. Just go and it's very very cold later in the year and I love love scarves so decided to film video. Call Twenty five ways where scarf and and that was filmed in the Brady Bunch Sour. With twenty five of me on the screen. Yeah chatter in and just you know share as well as far and that video went viral and that launched my youtube career success and from there. I got from agency and I started Generating content on the blog is what this is before instagram. And all of that And that was true for birth of that fashion journey for you. The instagram launches on Instagram. To you pinch was nothing else to So I've been doing that for basically ten years. Now yes GONNA say. What year was that that you posted that scarf video? Do you remember rush? I think it was me be in two thousand and ten which might be better but you know that this travel to me. It has been everywhere in the world. I remember for me to give a little bit about my own kind of mental processing and psyche. Every time there's good news I was thinking spam or like. There's something wrongly right so when that feeding. What firewall my my inbox blue? I and I thought you to was Dan. You know and then that was like a more falling for that reason but it went from five hundred to hundred thousand things in tonight you know and I think now while he has like forty million views of that video so this video is still used to this day with when it comes to basic hearings warm weather. I'm sorry cold weather styling and everything too so it's still going on its own. That's crazy. How fast that can that can happen? I just started the Curious about cannabis youtube channel. Not Too long ago and I've been trying to wade through the The complexities of trying to be seen on YouTube. It's it's so different than it was like ten years ago or so it just as far as it sounds like you got in a mad like the perfect time. 'cause I remember Long time ago playing around with Youtube and not really understanding how you could really do much with it at the time and you know now Mike. Wow what wasted time? Because it's that was that was like a prime time you know. Yeah before instagram. And and all of that. Now I'm having to learn all of these tricks you know in order to Kind of catch people's eye be seen. There's all sorts of things you have to do with the thumbnails. All is definitely. It's we take into consideration but you remember too. When Youtube was four. That can be back after reality. Television right and right right and Was the first time you saw some speak directly into the camera so it broke the you know the wall and everything yeah or Mutsu to kind of go back and write that way is perfect training for people to really connect with people online. Outside of their traditional television shows that they've been watching for so long so right I I was very blessings all the time in very lucky to get on that right when it started you know and `but when we were starting youtube in also blogging like it was purely out of passion of it. Was you know a hobby because no one paid us? You know. We couldn't right right right back then so we had our savings. I had my savings from the Any job everything that caribe over But it was really done because we really loved it. And you know I was talking to call in Who IS MY CO PARTNER CO owner of artists? While you're starting. Cbd feels like starting Youtube for the first time again. The bill just passed. We literally built out right after it passed so if thirty was happening again. I'm very comfortable at the beginning of something that hasn't been explored riding the wave like yes at that. It's been a journey. Yeah yeah totally. Well the SEGUES really well into my next question getting into the CD thing When did you first learn about CBD and what kind of what was it about? `Bout that that kind of caught your caught your eye. So you know every night when I would edit all of my contents or my fashion a channels platforms. I would have something playing the back out and usually he should not she documentaries You know just very entertaining Boston educational and the time. Maybe it was about two years ago. I upon insurance on a whole bunch of vice episodes it Yeah back then. Severe Ole just lessons about cannabis and the journey about cannabis and all these people who can candidates for their own health benefits there That's and while I was watching it just for some reason connected with me because I've been on pharmaceutical medication for the last twenty years I have held expensive. And they don't really know what it is. They think it's awesome but it mimics actors at ti so every time. We have these episode interesting. Yeah immediate. Honestly it's I'm still trying to figure out to this day. I've seen a bladder specialists a public floor. They are pissed of every medical doctor. There is out there. They can't really find anything. But the the symptoms mimic. Ut is so what they do is just put me on antibiotics so for the last twenty years and you sheets every day so that we can actually help us. You know it does so clearly. It's a you know a serial issue you know so the antibodies. What they don't understand is why am I getting so many of these so I I would say you know twice a month so about twenty four episodes a year but that every time a diplomat antibiotics as you know over time? I would go tolerance so. There's a point in time where else every day because I kept tolerance to every other ones. They're giving right to the point where they gave me stuff therapeutic doses so DB swath of antibiotics that I would take the everyday for a year at the time. If it sound gray up this was maybe six years ago about and then I realized because I was doing that I built even more tolerance everything when I had my bad episodes so it's worse worse worse and I remember going to see physical therapist and he was like you know you should see a problem to the floor their case if they connect the dots for you and I was in. You know the pelvic floor therapist's office and I was filling out the pre questionnaire and everything in ninety percent of the question was about a trauma that happened more than anything. It was a sexual trauma happened. I was thinking why am I here? Why am I feeling all these questions about my past? I thought it was here to get my floor experiment and I write with my own experiences that you know. Hav explore damage or issue was mostly Connected to a trauma of anything whether you fall in public Broken or sexual So all that really Broader picture of what I was going through wasn't the UT are that we're talking is selling large So seeing these vice up suits I thought maybe I can supplement what I'm going to and using cannabis or cvt over efforts timeless but always in the back of my head. I never actively sought out and We were actually in Amsterdam for a job for my fashion side and I thought when actor jam. It's it's kind of capital candidate right. The telling call on his acute Cannabis cafe. You're right I said maybe I can find something there He took me to a few cafes. I was so confused Jason. I didn't I need Elissa things Like no one taught me near that. Oh Gosh than I understand is. Smoking was better. They were not able to do is edible. I just I felt so confused in loss more than anything else but that really ignited my interest in to just the joy exploring what could help me so we came back wall. I went to a few ham stores. cannabis law wreck. Legal Hewitt Newark. If you come stores seem issue there's a lot of flos where extant understand anything And then I went to California San Francisco to and I just felt so confused and I think my frustration with the traditional pharmaceutical route. Transfer into this cannabis exploration where I was and I didn't know what to do and I started doing my own investigations. I read as many books. Possible Amateur Book Too as well of Everything. I listen to everything I watch all the news possible and I was hoping that could curate. My own experiences in understand what the you know value of. Cd Wasn't what what is out there. And I teach them all that led shoot the birth of artists. Wow and and winded artists officially opens doors. You know we had a soft launch In April and then we closed for a week to examine kind of the flow of the store so we had our official launch in May of last year so it okay. You know basically a few months now yeah. Yeah so you'll be coming up on a anniversary here and several months exciting artist we were. I think the four CD store to open in Manhattan like like A. Wow Yeah not like in a in another shop that really dedicating her you shop And we looked at every other store. Human Artists is curated the subsections of Artemis really walks us through your own journey if you watch the CD so if you ever New York and you come into store the First Section that you land is curated by Elvis or by issuing Servino relief that you need and then there's a huge education or next to it and then there's another wall that curates by categories by form so all the edibles one category Gotcha inhalation everything. And then it curated by experienced since by Tan transition. But that's our third so we can me or my own frustration as I was going through stores not knowing what to look for arrive in that we feel that other clients. I go to the issue so a lot of times people come in and they treat the story as their own menu systems that they'll go. I have this and I want this and I need this and then we will go okay actor. Yeah intuitive hone in on the options that are probably best suited for for you. That's that's really fascinating and have you gotten any and this. I'm asking this because of experiences that I've had with some CD. Companies out here on the West Coast. Have you had any flack From any regulators in New York about the CD shop or like discussions about ailments. And that sort of thing you know. We haven't had any so far. We're actually right next to the police station in. Actually they come by a wow. That's great news come by often. They don't know much about judy either. So I think for us and they're really looking for he relief for their appearance with anything else. Yeah we had lots of officers. Commend will talk to them about everything But we hadn't had honestly much issues about that we do have a you know an FDA little snippet the store to Right but for us. It's much more about. Just walk us through your own journey in your own experience as finding the best solutions for and that may not be with us it might be a dispensary it you need more than the for whatever symptoms that you're trying to leave so in the store to were actually the Oley. Cbc Shop in Manhattan. That has a chief medical advisor which is Doctor Chin off very closely with turrets mixture. That we can't provide the relief or the recommendations that the needs that we cannot she refer them to her and then we also worked very closely with et which is a dispensary in Manhattan. That's also women on So we try hard to walk me through your whole journey with. They're going to more. Teach the rich patricians because you know that can be very frustrating when you go to dispenser. You don't know what you want so having altis chat points for you can give you the best experience and also I think for you to curate your own experience right even monitor all rant mostly yeah. It's a lot of times when clients needs a little bit more teach c. four whatever disability need though. Call US first to see what they should take in then we'll work with dispensary and then we'll work together to give them the balance. Because you went out needle went to wire you might meet whatever. Just say like a fifteenth right right and it right citizen have that than how you mix your own solution that to join. Yeah it's it's really current for the client site. That's that's exactly what I was thinking is It seems like in general your whole setup based on your experiences this all about empowering the customer to be able to be in charge of their own path towards trying to deal with whatever. They're dealing with an to rewind a little bit so win you. So you're watching vice. You learned about cannabis and and how it was helping people with different things What was the first CD product that you tried? That's a great question. It was new leaf newly at and what was the forum was it. A tincture is a teen. Sure I didn't know it at the time now. Much better. At just no way you know the carry oils and with my body. Yeah I also have the stomach so archie. Empty Oil does not do well for me Yeah it's just you know it's not good for my something that sounds so. I was very fortunate that when I did start. A newly it was hempseed oil. Carry Oil so it didn't interact with my stomach issues Given my own personal experience whenever there someone who comes to shop check any allergies that they have do they have. Ibs issues because if they do that will curate. The carry oil to them too as well. Which is kind of how I did mine so the first part I tried was newly the it was on a fifteen milk bottle at summer. Jide at twenty five milligrams so new leads. Dropper is not measured by Straw is measured by by a drop each draw. Yeah Robert Newly is two point five. Milligrams Anto Yeah I remember. I read all the books I said Mike Reduce and so I started with five milligrams for critics. I didn't watch when I was two new leaf. I had an episode a really really bad up and I soak working so I just took sixty. I said yeah which was not a good idea. It worked wonders. Shifty was incredible for me. It really helped with my pain outside a patch onto us well so kicking fifty milligrams twice a day as documents. Everything and then I realized that after three or four days it stopped working like a perfect then it stopped working back to Dr Unilat- and I said what's happening like gray and now it's not working and she said potentially you might have kept on your tolerance you went. You went up to high now. Your body's just not positive In that sense and so two another formulation from me and that one had empty well which I didn't know on my summary so my own journey would see. I've recorded everything and I've realized someone needs to at least give me much more of a helping hand when I first started. And that's why we're so much more careful when it comes to our clients artists that we really wanted to show that will with the whole time but now I know what my therapeutic doses whenever I have an episode. I know what that is and I I would just go back to my microdosing periods. After that. 'cause there was perfect and then I don't need it. I don't WanNa go that high right. Yeah and with the mcat. Oil issues does that cause like nausea and vomiting or is it just more distant narrative Bowel kind of thing. It's more like it feels like my stomach's squeezed in A little bit interesting. I tried everything I tried doing it after food Doing a full stomach tribe upbringing a little bit of honey peanut butter to soften it a little bit too You know I think all of our lives. We're very busy right so for you say I gotta eat. I put my butter. It probably put my peanut butter in and then took my CV. Oh you're not GonNa do it you just not. GonNa do it so right for US unit for me. I said it's better by just. Do something done helping him. Issues versus aggravated. And when I really honed in my curls but for a lot of times with my stomach issues I start taking. Cd on a full stomach all tickets before. Eat to help in any issues. Have he was gonNA eat said well? It wastes from the in that sense. And what other carrier oils have. You tried like sunflower oil alcoholism oil but stays a little bit for me. Yeah you know. It's a little hard for me to take that I've done olive oil Blooberg olive oil a one to one. Cd concentration that worked wonders for me as well. So when I switch between newly and bluebird whenever I find that my body might be camping out or whatever it is for me transition so I would say for me every six months out change back and forth and so do bluebird for six months. Go back to the newly for six months. I don't keep on doing that. but I'm I'm really looking at WANNA find a lack seed oil to see how I feel. Olive oil is kind of interesting for me. At least again. I'm speaking of my own personal experience missy. Feel a little full when I take. Yeah so not in a not bloated in a Serb. It feels a little bit kind of all empty. Doesn't do that so again. It's I think it's really about how you interact with the formulas that you're taking. You know that right. Yeah yeah and I totally. Do you have any problems with shelf? Life in the heat hempseed oil products. You know I take my CV. Pretty regularly so I don't know it's not on the table and then you out leader So personally good about managing shuffling up laments. We do advise clients. You know if you can take a regular because CD is a cumulative so you're does is going to be much further out than the day you're looking at right now but you know with all supplements we don't we don't advocate. You know to you and break place. That's cool sunlight and all that but it's fascinating do ticket regularly. Yeah yeah now totally and going back to the dispensary side so you open up the dispensary. What was will say like the first month or so like when you open your doors. Officially and and people are coming in What was some of the feedback received? And what were some of the lessons that you learned in those initial months? Yeah great question We were very lucky. I think we live in a very neighborhoody area so everyone each other every other shop. That's great so we were saying hi to everyone ebony. Hi To us What we did was very different. Is that you know how. When there's a store built out they usually just Would block the Windows. And they're building inside the they do. Huge reveal reveal We didn't do that because Callin I just had fun building out so people saw as it was happening like they saw us. Moving things are declaration was so in a sense. I think the neighborhood felt like they were on the journey with US versus versus having huge via word. They knew they knew all that. And they braced it with open arms. You know so. That's something that we are very lucky to have In you know when we first opened there were a few people in the end. I think for artists we get clients who are very curious about CBD with the first stop so they own empty side near the Wino- everything or we usually get there. Were there last thought. Would they traffic with tried everything? Detroit going on pain medication that tribe going all that one approaching much more of a natural plant based approach and we do get sometimes in the middle of the China world. They're coming back for another arm but most likely is usually the end that we get you know and since we've been around now for few months we're getting more the middle which is they try their. Cbd At other stores another or second opinion and they're coming to us without. I opened. It wasn't like that being said we had people who were so supportive into like we lost. Dvd WANNA try because my mother tried it on my job right. Yeah anything the other end of the past spectrum where they came to challenge. Which was you know? What are you guys doing this not? Fda approved at all so we saw the breath of clients that we were getting and you know and we really honestly appreciated the support and also the criticism because one helped us grow as a brand. That just meant that. We had to read a lot more books. That just meant that. We had to provide a lot more educational tools in the store. And we we designed the store she twice to meet those demands right before we first opened our education board was very limited because we didn't know what we needed to say as helpful for clients But we did that. Education Board up probably a month after we open it because we realize this was a need that they will have And also we designed it to have a section. There's books available so your Grade Alex. Hey Dan don't you can read. And that's with US. You know so now we have that and as we were developing we started really working very closely the doctor. General Chin slow the education side key much more full breath later on at war spawning to our clients needs and with that being said to will. We redesigned the wall was something that people don't understand does there's some that. I didn't understand what I I start now. And we realized that reading milligrams chew fo unions to very confusing and a lot of times clients. Come in but he's like I'm taking DVD or and it's not working. Okay of how how much you taking hold trumper. What does that mean in France? We don't know what was the bottle we don't know so. We realized that the math is fair that there needed to be a little bit more guideline on on intake that so we designed a section of the shop to be very focused on television. Which is that. You know exactly what? You're taking with formulations Ran You're taking And then we started designing a new little serving guides for clients so every time when a client walks away. They're walking away with a serving guy to to couple with whatever product that they bought so all that was really feel that we thought from all the clients interaction that we had at the beginning of of of artists. Yeah man that's great. The the math thing is such a big deal. Because I've run in that into that myself many many times where you just recently even just Members of my own family. They'll bring products to me and they're like what do you think about this and And you know we'll talk through what they're doing and if I say how many milligrams are you taking. That's usually the response I I don't know half dropper dropper and And so that's usually the beginning of the conversation and it's like well if you're trying to find relief the first thing you need to understand is what is your dose without knowing that how are you gonNA replicated With the way that the CD industry is right now with brands changing allot formulation. Sometimes changing a lot of really got to be able to decipher that and then the next conversation that usually comes after that is we have a conversation about cabinets interpretations and try and understand the chemistry of The product that someone's taking but I think he knows some times I have friend also plans to the store. Where they you know they love. Edibles public Milligrams you taking on edible. They're like a piece is Y- again. We knew that like a rice into rice or grain type of rice in that sense we we try our very best information. Talk as I'm monitoring my own. He released an Michael CD. Journey that that whole section is excellent. Point understand your dosing. And what was the jobs is? Yeah yeah no definitely when you got hit with the criticism. How did YOU How did you respond to that when when folks are coming in and We're very skeptical about what you're doing and everything. What was your general response? We always try to figure out. You know standing in their shoes. What is gripe right so you know for me a lot of times when they come into like? Oh this. Fda approved you know how you selling these products and making claims like that for us. We try to. We acknowledge we understand but we also give perspective like for example. Someone like me If I walk just a four in by a supplement it approved right in there only four. There's no seaway attached to any of these supplements of parental she in pro out of steam thing so so we try to comparisons like that. Where in on the cannabis and also on the CV center hemp side. Where active very vocal to make sure that you get all the information. That neat yes. Fda approval is is a part of it and we want to make sure that is regulated in a way that benefits everyone. You know the general supplements or not approved right Eddie. Once they hear the outwear their binder vitamins at whatever whenever there Bryan. The don't have ways they don't and they connected to this to understand where this is coming from right. Yeah he exactly one thing that I do with Saw Consult with CB companies sometimes about Usually more about like quality management how to ensure their products are consistent and safe and everything but we also get into FDA compliance issues. Too and one of the things that I'll do is I'll show them the FDA rules that list what medical claims can actually be made about Materials that might be in supplements and it's very very very. Few people are always surprised when I pull it up and you know. They expect to see quite a long list. 'cause you people are accustomed to seeing at grocery stores in anywhere you see these supplements and you see what they're used for their statements on the bottles about these things but Very very few medical claims about supplements are approved. That's not to mean that any claims about supplements are then wrong. You know it's just part of the regulatory model the way it is right now and it's something that I think what you're doing is good. 'cause I caution people you don't necessarily want the FDA to have to approve every single thing that you could put on a label either. I mean it's important to have the FDA statement say no this is not intended to treat a disease etc etc But if you really wanted the FDA to approve every single thing that you know goes on a dietary supplement or even a cosmetic then. You wouldn't be able to say anything to the media. Fashion site to comes to Beauty products you know. The the blacklisted Ingredient lists in the United States is very very lean compared to other areas of the World Cup. A part of me I think you have to be a smart consumer yet to empower yourself to know what works for you not necessarily understand their style lines but not necessarily not the spoken word of what you can kill us right right exactly. I'm smack too. I think empowering consumers know what they're buying is well in this segues into another really important concept that I wanted to cover so when you and Colin are looking at brands and try and evaluate. Who you want to showcase in the store or when you're talking to customers and try and explain to them how to evaluate a product or label everything How do you? How do you approach that specifically? Yeah so for artists we curate vice. You always look beautiful. Others honestly are are great but they're not happy or whatever it is We really don't have a reduced really care about the as If there is it they're testing for everything you know because in the end that's what the consumer is going to me adjusting in five Not only that but we also want to make sure that these as match the label on the bottle. F- most the time it's great other times. It's not where we talk a lot of things that were very different Lab reports do not match the bottle that claims to be the milligram off by hundreds. You know it's quite scary in that sense And sometimes they'll say there's no teach the teach the other times. It's so we try very hard to be very close to all the rats carry to make sure that we have an updated. Cla every time with avenue batch mixture that it's truly what's what's in it So That's how that messaging we then was share with our clients for example. If they're coming in they're looking for something more something that had more teach see than a product that they're the ratios little bit different. We know the ratio to most That's in store until we can talk in a much more impact. I want to know whatever authority to one. Which is you know the standard of THC. Or I want something. That's a little bit less than that. So we'll we'll curate that whole process with them. And if they have any stomach issues will curate carry oils with a tooth. Well Yeah and then so I think the messaging and also the actual reports translate directly to how we communicate that across to our clients on. I think it's it's it's a process like the sometimes commander like whatever I'll take and we don't do that like we don't try it like any time rush. We'll give you a quick little snippet but we really want you to be involved because again we. We have diminished expectations. So would they come? Yeah know we'll we'll spend anywhere from thirty to forty five minutes with with the client to go over everything with them as much as possible and you know women in rapids. St Means Different for me right so if you man document your cycles because when you're leading your anti-mine knuckles are higher. That when you're not so you don't need as much you know and you know when you're masturbating period. You might need a little bit more so we try to curate in that sense Joe and because you know we're actually the only minority women owned CD shop in Manhattan. We have a dedicated women's health section that other stores. You don't have so yes great. We try very hard to to make sure that we meet all the demands of everyone's walking it. Yeah no that's awesome to hear. I love the approach to the focus on quality quality products effective products. The medical education know and beyond I really stuck to hear all of that and I know When we were talking before we started recording. We're also talking about Journaling yes and I know that that's something that you always encourage people to do as well really excited to hear. Yeah you know I think. Journalists is a process. It's not glamorous and it's not quick and I think when I used to that right because everything you want to get away you want results you know you. Hopefully we'll get it right away and sometimes you know when they when people learn about. Cb's sometimes it can be just a an adjacent lesson from teach. See they're smoking? They've got high at night right. See you might not feel anything the first day. You might feel something you know you do it. So managing expectations very important. That's why journalism so we always advocate microdosing starting with a low sets up their PD. James said that increase you know through the days which reach optimal does but that time when it comes in we again going back to making a parallel other parts and other things that they're doing their wise but for example. If you were to take probiotics. Iino the first time you take. It's not gonNA help. You might find the October two months the DVD might weeks extending for hair loss. You were to use Rogaine. You're going to result at six months to year right not I wrote so I think giving Harrell's these into perspective and they're much more in the process that just taking them beating exactly. Yeah and it it. It makes makes it way more relatable so it's not just this like alien substance that you know they have heard about but have no way to put it into any conceptual box make sense of it. I you know journaling for me helped tremendously. I also understand what carry oils works for me from generally Idea asset of the dosing. Cy But maybe what trump profiles I really liked to and what. I don't do wallet so I think it's it's it's good and bad that you know what were for you west limitations were festival you And you know we provide a serving guy at the store and another thing that I think is a some people are used to that other very foreign concept. If you haven't or yourself so usually are parallel to titrate. Is that you know I've been on antidepressants. When I was younger I took Lhasa pro. And Doria familiar with that. So that what they gave me five milligrams efforts and then they checked in on me a month later lead me timber rafts. There like how how. How fibres is ten in general but moreover some days you know the triggers pretty bad you know I still get panic attacks We'll give you fifty now and that that's another month out checkup. So that is tight ocean. That's done that supervision of psychiatrists you do that yourself now becomes come to see the D- retreating according to the yourself now. Yes it's much more of an involved process but I think it's very empowering plus us because you really understand your body better after you do this so I think after we make that kind of analogy get I get it like before. It was with someone else now. I'm doing it myself so where I've been really helpful to have these kind of Parallel points that they can understand. How did you an intimate than their own? So yeah well. That's such a timely message. Because I just the last Behind the scenes interview are released on. The podcast was with doctor. James Taylor is a pain physician in North Carolina and he was talking about this to that with his patients that are trying to treat chronic pain with CBD. Some of them don't like they'll think nothing's happening until sometimes even a month or two out when they're using it and so it takes a lot of Patients to like get to that point and even there were a believe. Some of the EPA dialects research showed that It took up too sometimes ten weeks before effects would plateau and they did not see any changes anymore so I think it's a really important message for people to understand that it's like you said it's supplies of so many things it's not just CBD but you. You don't know how something's affecting you until it's been a part of your lifestyle for a while. Yeah and can't make rush decisions. No no and no. It's very you know unglamorous thing to say now in the world I it's everything's beyond what your checks but it does take time another thing that we also do is that we always say you know if you can dedicate a month to two months to taking it regularly and if you just stop just stop for two minutes of your time taking it to the time that you have that you took in journal through the whole experience. Have you find a CD? Is something that you need something. That's healthy you. You know when the peers that you're not ticking to reflect those three and see them completely not so I think just really being very much more client focused and magician. Their health is a priority. Not The planet has need these conversations very enriching when it comes to crank here. It's really hard to shop go. Don't take it like right now because you don't know until you try it right and is not beneficial then. There's other ways for us to help. We can connect to an acupuncturist weeks. another physician a dermatologist. Or whatever it is that you need by that time period is necessary to if this is something that's going on yeah and on a another side of this Because I know you're involved with like fashion and beauty as well. Have you been involved much in? Cbc In that realm like CD based cosmetic products. Yeah you know we carry issue at the Shaw you so as of now you can't advertise CBD on facebook or Instagram Ripe Ripe. So the only way for you to share your message is do with influencers or other Delight I think the marketing potential CD is a low cap track to other Markets Open Rep. Who meeting everything. But there are a few Cd FOCUS beauty brands. You know. That's out there accuracy myself so I can chew it in a more personal level but there are a lot of you are interested. I think I'm curious to see what the next research stops are to help with acne and to help with. Yeah on the skin you know. And I think we'll see a lot of a lot of it introduced the market and there's some of them are full spectrum and there's some that are not so All of that. It's it can be a very big moves in the. I'm hearing BUZZ AROUND RIGHT. Now that they're gonNA slow introduce a CD site to their so much. Yeah well just just. The concept of acne creams has been on my mind for a long time. Ever since I when I was writing curious about cannabis and you know that was the antibacterial of effects an anti-viral effects of of CBD. Those something that stood out why isn't there a CD. Acne cream and I know there are some products now and like you said. They're kind of building and popularity slowly. yeah there was something. I wanted to ask you about if you had any experience with that or Had Gotten feedback from anybody. That was that was using. Cbd In that way did it actually seems does seem to help Affect oil production and that sort of thing in skin. You know so Right now currently in the market. There's much there's a safety beauty focus products. Dr Welby does usually between oil or a beauty serum whatever this right not necessarily like a clean base right like like the treatment these Raja in that sense so I think a lot of times clients when they have asked me. They are associated with oil. Means more oil like right right. It's gonNA produce more well right so right acquisition so to break down that association to treat acne with oil is it takes some time for people to games to you know If your if your skin issue I think we'd fires much more intensive care we do suggest utility internally a ticket as tincture and also a method to us. Well I find that to be for me personally. The best approach as much as we advocate ticket for period of time and then stopped too. I did that myself so I took it or eight months straight and then I stopped taking it for two months to see what were wise and all that and the first thing. That was my skin my really. Oh yeah very like you know. That was the first thing I noticed. My skin wasn't as healthy as a internally glowing internally Khloe as it was when I was on it was interesting. Like yeah as as. Yeah Yeah So. That was my outside of the management course at those motivators emulating Honsi nowadays. Never meet people. That was the first thing they say that your skin looks naturally low in honestly. Nothing's changed but my just the incorporation of CD in my life to with you. Yeah Yeah Fascinating. Yeah you're the first person I've been able to talk to experience with CBD in that way. So yeah man as Super Super Interesting Maybe I'll have to start putting CBD cream on my face and see what happens. I I'm wondering a lot of times when I'm thinking about this. I wish there was a way for us to measure skin collagen production. Or you know all that with people who are taking CBD internally you not a top apart and see yeah a measure that can help with skin conditions. Well you know But as a bonus rate you get to treat your property on an have glowing. Yeah well let's Changing gears a little bit. I WanNa talk about And we'll see how the spins off. But how did you choose the name of Your City Shop Artemis? Yeah so Colin. We're talking back and forth than we want something that had roots in a very of familiar very kind of ancient way. You know an artemisinin. This House got us up until the Walt on his womanhood in it since we were you know the only women owned store in Wanted to represent that with our branding as well so I think that kind of bloomed into who she is. The woman wanted to. This woman is also protecting other women in her life to that was our kind of our audience and we wanted to surround that ethos as much as possible. You know having a working with Dr Melgen who is also a woman. Doing a eighteen for a ship was also woman owned in that sense and everything at the store had just themes of nature around artem assists. They are Or hero trees. Actually A CYPRESS STREET TO STORES UNIONIZED. And she got into the Wilderness and we had birds everywhere store. So there's lots of greenery the store out. There's lots of old books in the store. Looting bath against something that's familiar but yeah that's new in that. Yeah but everything happened. Very naturally very organically and wanted So th it. Our logo is actually the side which is again artem animal and we wanted to Corporate C. E. D. In that in that. So the head of the STAG is actually the head the compound in the antlers come out but you know do debated. Wow Yeah so. We had a one and he's only goes. I see the chemical structure in your logo. I said Thank Goodness. Someone noticed brand. We really wanted in much more much. Medical much scientific way and Built into our logo to as well. Oh that's so cool. Yeah I'll have to go back and look at it now. I hadn't caught that. That's great and one of the reasons. I ask is What I thought of when I first when I learned about your story and learn about the store and saw the name and everything. I know that you're a very big advocate for juvenile justice. And one of the things that popped in my head when I saw that and why I wanted to ask you why you chose. The name was because I know that artists is also known as like a Protector Goddess for children and particularly for for young women. And so that was another thing I wanted to bring up to see if The choice of artists connected to your personal story and your mission for supporting reforms to juvenile justice systems foster care systems and that sort of thing. I'm just so incredibly humbled and thankful that you saw that. That was not necessarily an active part of the Brandon. That was just the way that we that we brief you know Y Yeah artem issues of who we are and who she is and that was just what we do it. We don't we didn't think about that side of it but I think for me. Protecting young women has been ever be will always be an ongoing mission You know when it comes to juvenile justice. We have to rewind back understand. Why are these young youths and kids being placed there at the first place? Yeah most of them are from broken homes and most of the Muslim foster care small. When you know with me being the foster care system I remember meeting with my social worker. There's a lot of things that needs to be changed with the huskers to someone. I hope that's better now than when I was back in it. You know in in the nineties in early two thousands But you know I saw my social worker once a month. Maybe you know we barely mom. And she took a few notes whenever it was when she said to me that changed. My life was that I was gonNA happy that she was very blonde on us. You know for you guys. Meaning foster kids Thirty percent of you will women will be by the time you mets me. Thirty something on less than thirty percents will be conflated and ten percent will make a making meaning you know barely getting by you know maybe a few actually succeed and I was terrified of being homeless because I I knew that I wouldn't do anything wrong in the sense to become pregnant because I was dating it was just my focus was to make it out alive. I wasn't going to get myself in trouble to be incarcerated. You know so i. At least I could control those two elements in my life by being very just being home all the time and just kind of woodbine. The rules but being homeless something. That was very real to me so going back to can order this mission. Most of the kids in the juvenile justice system our product of foster care and their choice of being homeless. It's very real. You know I actually worked in a high security Juvenile detention center backed up. Just go when I was living central? Cisco I was actually teacher in there Site-wide now I welcome the outside in that sense and you know every honestly it was a maximum security was an all boys unit Not Not by choice for me. It was the closest you pension center that was sitting next to you at the time has have Cisco and most of my students or from foster care. They had their interaction scream at one point the other let them to where they are now so all of those pieces were very real. What else going through it. And now you know. It's just always on the top of my mind to make sure that we do our best in show that kids don't go through the scene or have the lack of opportunities yet that this system is built on. And it's unfortunately it's still cleaves in will and and what was that transition for you like because For My understanding of your story you entered the foster care system Fairly late add like was fifteen years old. Something like that So For me I was taken out of my home at about fifteen And I was pleased in a group home for six weeks and four days. It sounds like we talk about group. Homes I know exactly what I was in and out And then after that. I was pleased in a foster home. So I think is just a soft way of say An orphanage all the kids get Trivia this and then they get shuffled out there in the foster home. The I was pleased in was very close to my family. You know so. I don't understand this going up because I thought if abuse happened at home. Why is my foster close to my cool right right? You realize that. The system is built where they advocate. we just reuniting with with their biological family. That's the first priority. And if it's not healthy than separation as the second oldest so I also very counterintuitive stack scared the heck out of me all the time because I felt like they were just they can come back in time to have those abuse happen again but as adult learners near now But you know for me. I was actually abused one of five and that again when I was twelve and again was fourteen from different family members. Leaving the whole and I remember after teen I told my parents and I said I can't live like this like I just everything I mean. I told him that they saw half of it. And I said you know I can't live like this and I. There needs to be some something to change or whatever that is and they just didn't take action and I knew if I were home. My life is very different. I- trike. Now you said when I was fourteen I tried to be again when I was fifteen and so I just I think for me was to be online. I need to get away from the situation. That was a scout. All the only person I knew who happen to be a teacher. She was elementary school teacher. I don't remember what she just teacher and by law as you know you know your family that are in the teaching education site identity and so I you know I was a runaway. Basically stay with her and she reported abuse that so social services involved and they opened my case investigator and that became a shoot. The there was to criminal charges against to wipe my cousins and it was a lot now too. I had no idea that the moment I left the house to see her is just going to how I was going to stay with this woman. Who's going to help me now? Goes home like some. Did you know right? He had the time to the social my school hall. Social Services a few times. They will visit the home because there also physical beefs for my father call Though come home to check up on me the right reporting relief so I thought it'd be the same thing this time. Someone's GonNa come right report in the B. Idea that I was officially placed in foster care at that moment so I never saw my family again after and that was it. My family. Don't WanNa see me again. So it was kind of kind of worked out. At the age of fifteen. I just couldn't understand anything I just under. Yeah I don't know why I just couldn't understand anything. I couldn't understand why does happening. And there is a criminal charges. Ideal mention any of that you know but because of that I had to be placed under SA- Gadget care now. I was diagnosed with depression at the teen. I'd actually get treatment. Tell us twenty than our Gashi. Ptsd when I was also the teen in half so you know. When you're young time I thought I was out of it. You know like right. Yeah that'll pass. Time magazine or whatever and I didn't realize that was been catch up with me ten years later. I'm still you know dealing with it now. That no one tells you you're you know. Fi- fits right right. Yeah and I mean I can only imagine how you know the the anxiety depression all of that. I JUST. I have my own struggles with with some of those issues so I can empathize With with that battle is like because it doesn't just go away when life gets good. I mean I think for me. I never every time it's good. I think my mechanism is always to think it's GonNa get yes. Yes exactly. It's not always been kind of my life journey. And I've been so blessed honestly everything that's happening now by always think it's GonNa crumble and living like that is not healthy. Lock trump. I think it motivates you know is trying to go forward but internal can have low levels of stress that happens every thinking that everything is GonNa Crumble. Any Day now. It's not a healthy way to live and I didn't understand a healthier way tonight until much later my life in into all that stress. Now you've I'll bet you know before every time when if I'm in an elevator doesn't matter where I am elevated and the door opens. I haven't inside the CIA. I always think my parents or my cousins were yeah. That's what happened when I was going through my court cases. They're always so I just didn't connect the dots until I got old enough to understand the mechanism to respond to stress us. How can I manage this where it can open and they can be? There cannot be there but I'm still okay. You know like not. Yeah I think my journey with just seeking a more natural way has blended in with my own coping mechanism of how I deal with all the trauma that's happened And what were some of the changes that you started to make in your life to deal with some of those internal feelings and thoughts That anxiety the the panic attacks. What were some of the lifestyle changes that you began to make to address that question? You know I think from me I learn. This is probably not the healthiest days in. But it's not. It's not honest with you. I learned that if I can zone my energy into keeping someone else safe. I feel safer so believe it or not. Having a cat for me changed my life. Could I could protect my cat. I feel protected myself because no one talked about little girl in junker. Civic can transfer that Dan maybe I can work through my own issues too and given that I have after cats now but when I started with one that really changed our perspective. I think that I would see that. He's happy I can go. Maybe known was. They are for my little girl. Someone's Donau it's because it's not see mechanism employed with my cat so I'm okay with as an adult. You know so I think having those conversations has been very rewarding and has been very traumatic for me get at. I also think that you know. I got off antidepressants. You know back then when I started the because I didn't have insurance and know how to Afterwards no so I started cutting my pills twice beating myself off of it and I knew what it felt like the good thing about that journey from us. I knew what it felt like when there was a storm. Always overdue right and you always cloudy. It's always rainy over your head and you don't know how to get rid of that cloud no matter how hard you trump exercising hiking. You cannot give her that cloud until that chemical structures change right. So when I was wounded I saw the cloud lifted so I was able to see what happened when I had the cloud. half that's loud. Who Bach Yeah right when their symptoms at the cloud coming ago It's come Yup and now resolved because I know what's happening there so I think that has been a huge just reflection point for me. My journey in that sense And the introduction of CBD. I think just really empowered me to get my life back on track and went from having twenty four episodes And you know honestly growing up and being in being Foster Pierre. Also being as an adult preventative care is number. Something that was on top of my mind is is to. Oh I can't never was brought up with that. I was never trained so when I got the. Oc Doctor Right. But I did not get sick notes down so that transfer into my life sauce as an adult where Ya an episode doctor and they prescribe me something. I thought he knew everything. She knows. Everything going to work so that response to spend with always grain meet until I realized it was not working anymore. Where the help me find a solution for my perspective to change problem relying on someone to be. My own. Advocate was the biggest change from and that was when CBD Chemo taught me with that. So now I'm much preventive what. It TV also take Demand knows which is an anti inflammatory supplement to us. Well you know I try to move as much more of that site as possible and within the last year or two. I went from twenty four episodes in the year to Tunisia and A. Wow her happened. In my life I went from everyday beyond antibiotics to only on antibiotics last year. Two Thousand and nineteen just twice. Yeah so I know it works because I've lived it. Yeah and I tried everything and it did not work. In this. To me has really significantly improved my quality of life episodes. I still need help. I need you know something stronger. That my biggest priority is not to have them at all. Yeah wow that's amazing. I went through a similar series where I don't I don't know exactly how many panic attacks I was having a year but they were very frequent and Went through a very similar change For me Right before I moved to Oregon I had gone through a bunch of a drug trials for my pain And through that had been put on some antidepressants for off label. Use for chronic pain That whole drug trial experience was traumatic. Have like let's try this and it wasn't as slow as What you're describing like for my chronic pain drug trials. It was like every two weeks I would try. Something else goes pretty fast. And was they were pretty strong drugs. I one point. I was taking steroids and I was like. Why am I taking steroids? I can't take steroids forever but regardless I was put on steroids. I was put on antidepressants. I was put on Muscle relaxers the only thing they didn't do was put me on opioids. Thank God But pretty much everything else. I've tried to treat chronic pain and then I discovered cannabis and realized at the time. Besides some of my mental health stuff that I was that I was struggling with I was having these back spasms that would lay me out for days and it felt like someone was just kinda like driving a knife into the lower middle part of my back and It's really big problem. That's why I eventually went to go get in these drug trials and figure out something that would happen but I realized I started using cannabis and realize that as long as I had cabinets in my system. All of a sudden wasn't having having those back spasms anymore and it took me a while to like make those connections and and then I moved to Oregon and became a medical canvas patient and then was able to really see it and like I would get feedback from my wife. I'd be like all right. I'm going to stop taking it for a while and see what happens in the back. Spasms would always happen again and eventually my wife was just like what are you doing? Like you've learned your lesson. Just keep doing what you're doing But I noticed too with the mental health issues my panic attacks. The frequency went way down after it took a while but after a while it went way down and now they're fairly rare I'll maybe have one. Yeah once or twice a year usually but it used to be very very frequent. I had trouble going into stores when they were busy I feel like it would start off with feeling kind of CLAUSTROPHOBIC. My heart starting to race And then it would spiral from there and but now I have a basically these. Cd tinctures what I really like is like a four to one ratio of CD TA see or something like that but That I use pretty much every day just to maintain a balance on. I don't take a lot but you know it's like just enough to keep it in my system so that I'm at this baseline rather than what I was at before. Which was it was. It was horrible a genuinely horrible To live like that and I think it's just if affects Mba area of your life. Yeah not the. It does everything that surrounds it. That's why it's such a hard thing to live with it. Really just transfer so much But I mean he management wise like away from twenty four episodes of PELVIC SPASM TO TOO. I thought was I never thought that was possible. I thought yeah on antibiotics for the rest of my life until I could do it anymore. You know But because botox it just completely ruined my gut flora like Mike. Yeah Yeah I. That's why not buy. Why can't you have the array? Probably so you knew your stomach. So my stomach is always a mass. Like I'm always not like there's not everywhere and I can't tell you that the Nazi antibiotics or the stress. It's really hard to sweat out the difference now but it's just not healthy to move that cycle over and over again. You know right as I think from me it was when I was treating my pain. I saw the benefits with my excited. I saw the benefits with my skin. I saw the benefit my son. I saw all that and I think you know and like you said like for me. I do a thirty two one every day and then when I have when is my episodes coming on. I'm not sure that's a C. Yeah Yeah Yep Yep so I could feel the coming on and if that comes on off switch over to a one to one the nine. That's dampening it and it's really bad then. I have to the rich and they'll go back down to attribute it so it's I think it's just I enjoy living like this more because I just don't want all the other side effects that the antibiotics was causing me in my life and it was just it was it was not good for every other assets in a food and eating anything out right and there's such an intimate link between your health and your mental health. You know they influence each other. So yeah and really profound ways The have the gut health can really affect a lot of areas of your life And going backwards a little bit to the juvenile justice thing. Didn't you start and correct me if I'm wrong on this but didn't you start a I don't know if it's a nonprofit spinoff of Wendy's book but you're doing something now right to support juvenile justice reform so I'm on the board member of is out writers. We just okay. That's her Asian. Choose as well When I moved to La. I just couldn't find as Asian. That was the mute. What ELSE DOING CISCO In La the teaching program was different than San Francisco. So I at the time I couldn't get into the teaching program to teach inside the house. Doing inside World War. Gotcha do outside. Were which is what. Insult writers is And what we found working with Writers is that a lot of times visits foster here. Juvenile Justice Anything When it comes to an on off L. of times they are they're funding tied with a particular right. It's only the label for education this fundings for XYZ. That's how the can disperse there. Andrew can be very limiting but also empowering nonprofits so which could so the foundation that we started was very responsive it's lucrative what it is. What the what the youth or you know the foster care You know young person needs will respond to it. There's there's no. It's personal funding. There's no strings to anything. Gotcha here to get a bus pass. There's no two layers of conversation If they need housing because you know in La actually very very tough Some of our youth if they are transitioning might be placed in a homeless shelter for homeless shelters has actually waiting lists so you don't show right which a lot of people do not know that a lot of people assume that. Yeah you just show up and you've got a place for how it works and not only that if your family you you cannot get in a VM. So usually homeless shelters divided by gender either an all women's shelter allman shelter. It's very few family shelters so That either MOMS or dads but they're not together. Want to keep the family unit together. If that's the best for the family so what we do. We just work with local. Housing shelters woke motels and hotels on the area. And we just basically. That's it so if this is a transitional home for thirty days sixty days ninety days before they get a permanent housing then we we just covered out. That's it so what I really want to do. Was to have a seamless no-brainer. Whatever the person of the family needs we get it. That's all it is You know we understand the situation. We fill out a little questionnaire. They're very basic There's other questions asked. There's no layers of authorization. There's none of that. So that's how we bridge the two of until they get their service that they need though recently transferred to a off organization that can give them much more of a long trump service. But were there. Wow that's great. I think people underestimate the power of personal support being able to cut out the bureaucracy like that and just do what needs to be done elsewhere. I think you know as you know like sitting on water or see the internal workings of the business. It's a little frustrating because the need is there. Yeah yeah he's a naked. I think their kids. Because that's how I myself and I was going through it. You know but these are young adults. But you know you know. These young adults need it and she wants to sign off on it. That this huge. That's a huge difference that can impact their lives so instead of having lived in the car or whatever it is let's get them to the safest area hospital and then they can transition off to do. Whatever they need to do is in our own health since the Richmond. Yeah if anyone right now is listening or watching this and feels passionate about trying to help with this. 'cause what would you recommend that they do Regardless of where they might live. What are some things that people can do to try to help with this with this problem and give some of these kids and young adults some support yeah citing when it comes to foster care or just you know justice in general a he or a volunteering perspective or our helping perspective? I think the biggest message for me is this. This is not a short-term commitment. It really is not. This is not walk into necessarily homeless shelter and then you closer foods that day. It is not my favorite. You Know Foster Kids. We come from a place where being abandoned is a real issue so if you want to be involved please consider a long truck at least six months better because we want you to be with us you know Casa worker. I saw her twice and that gave me always sour taste Casa. I never saw her again that she just went off in Detroit thing. I honestly don't know what happened. But my you know my social worker was rotated a few times like everyone goes in all of your life so much. They need a constant foundation or system. Why aren't Don so pleased that you are considering getting involved foster care or do not? Just stay for as long as quickly six Munster. You're meaning that you might have to see this person once a month or once a week or whatever so that is a time commitment that I think we have to manage expertise to be realistic announced. There's lots of local chapters in your area tune that you can get walked in Twin it could be a judge. Appointed advocate Mijo changed my life. I saw her last than I saw my social worker but the time that we did see each other was extremely valuable like she treated me like. I was the only person sitting with her. You know and that's very important. Yeah Yeah and then she showed up to all of my hearing all of might might might criminal trial so I had to Colonel Charles against my two cousins than when I was watching this in Growing up I also saw court cases in courtrooms through the lens of a television. Right sure to sucks people sitting in the section when I was there Mice action was completely empty. Usually three women in my life was my investigator. My Attorney Mike or when it specialists city in on that table and that was it hasn't side all my were. They're pulling off the whole thing in the Jur- the jury was on my right. Always always recently that you don't understand sitting as a child. Seeing those three women changed my life. So if you WANNA get involved. I know that that might experience is very much love. Other girls are group's who especially in the juvenile court side so please consider be acquaint advocate you have to show up you just have to show up with was their email And other ways you can get involved is to donor find A great nonprofit that you really love Asked what their field work? Is You know. Are they sending to the actual facilities that just to visit these young people? You know that's very important In ece donor you have the right to know all we go so just get involved in that side too but you don't there's you can be hands on and be there or you can donate through the power of the basically remain. Yeah yeah well that's great. I'm glad we were able to to share that. That's something that I'm just very very Passionate about seeing changes to I mentioned to you that I'm adopted but I was adopted as a baby so I didn't wasn't put into foster care or anything like that but Talking about your relationship with your teacher and everything you know. My mom is a first grade. Teacher saw a lot of foster kids in you know just kids in the end young people just dealing with very intense situations that a lot of people take for granted and so my wariness about Those issues has been heightened in my consciousness for a long time. And it's something that my wife and I want to Eventually adopted child at something. I'm extremely passionate about doing because I know that the the need is there you know. Try to affect some change however we can To give people a better chance and he got sharing the S- The statistics that you mentioned of what the The outcomes are for children that are that are in these systems. It's heartbreaking really. I mean particularly. I mean I have a young daughter right now. So just imagining you know that that could be An outcome for her that she don't have ten percent chance of making it out. You know not being homeless or incarcerated or something you know this is It's hard to even even think about it just really breaks my heart so If you ever consider fostering another your way to many for you to his ear visiting our option I mean what the legality from foster to adoption. Minima right I mean if you were yeah then you decided to adopt like how does that work because none of my foster sisters. No-one I've met Ostra system was adopted so I don't know if that while will or if it's likely but statistically it was true Jason I was in a foster home and when I was there I I saw seven other girls rotating so in California and I think it still is the standard. Now you can have foster kids for every room that you have. You can have a faucet in the room for every window that you have. Your Room had know windows. That's what they were saying. I'm not Yeah get into best. So we basically had uh three foster girls or sisters the old and then One of them was actually a granddaughter of the of the foster mother that had us Instantly Half of them went to jail when all of them became pregnant late And the other girls that will were. You know a lot of times to foster Karen I get the hesitation from one. Sex scene it A man they rotate in. And then you know. Run away. The university mcgann action an indoor but most of the key men got out. And we're rated like it's scary. How statistically everyone found into place and Unsettling no they're still the last time I heard a think they there's still prison. I'm not I'm sure and also after you leave a secure system. You don't have any contact with anybody you're closed and that's it. You can use relationship with their foster mom enough. It's usually it. They don't WanNA relationship they don't really pursue than just just there's no it's rare. We have any relationship. Anyone that you go on. I think that's another thing that most people if they haven't been exposed to this in any way before they probably aren't aware of that either that you know you get to be eighteen or is at the age eighteen. Were the the cutoff. Yeah and then either basically on your own. It's crazy because I mean using that too when you're eighteen and I know what did you really know like deduct? Did you know how to apply from apartment? Issue NOT APPLY FOR A job. Like what is your degree. GonNa getting in that sense. You know How do you expect an eight year? Old Two IMACS. He's festively and then sometimes though just incarcerated just for the sake of having housing would right right so I think all of that comes into play in adopt. Why there is this very low. Success rates for any in any foster coach comes out for me because I was so scared being homeless. I thought what was the most perfect way for me to get out was to transfer into a dorm dorms. If we Yeah my mind was right. Each and they had only applied call which dormitories. Because I need to play. Celebrities couldn't do pretty college without I didn't know how to buy for so I applied to every UC school. There was and I said whatever dorms all pie there were like I didn't even know what are the state they were in. I just And because I was award the court my application fees wait so that gave me And I was rejected by basically all of that Except UC Berkeley. And I was very very lucky because UC Berkeley was the only semester school in California. There was a semester school. The school year started at the end of August. All the other schools were on a quarter system started at the end of September and I literally masturbated on my eighteenth birthday August. Twenty eight and the BERKELEYS. First Day of school was I was twenty. I went I went into school and that you cannot explain that any other way. You just cannot. It was just the Monday style on eighteenth. That was only that was only transition my hat. If I went to our into any other school I would have been homeless for a month. So yeah it is. I can't explain certain things that happened but it did. I so playful. It'd be opportunity. Yeah that's amazing. Yeah wow well I'm really really really glad that we've been able to to share the story. I know there's gotta be people out there that probably signing up to listen to a cannabis podcast. GonNa get hit with some heavier messages. But that's good they need to and I'm sure there's a lot of people that will listen to this that through one way or another either. They've been personally affected or know somebody that has been affected by something like this. And hopefully this'll be At the least bit inspiring but Hopefully it'll motivate people to understand that I mean this is a cause that does not get really talked about on a you know in mainstream media or something I I never see this issue. Get brought up and it's crazy because issues like this and education I get the most passionate about because you're talking about affecting the foundations of people that you know it's going to affect them for the rest of their lives So I mean these are to me. These are some of the biggest issues that we need to confront. If we can't take care of our young people And and give them good opportunities for education stuff. I mean the rest are just bandaids. I feel like you know Exactly right and it will be more expensive for US later. Exactly Yep Yep rented is to start and fix it versus trying to you like you said but abandoned over. Yeah well you can call and can fill great in the sense that you're kind of you know you're embodying the spirit of artists Through your your lives in your store. It's something to be proud of You ever knew you're pleased by you. Know Oh definitely I definitely will I my wife and I have been talking about trying to get out there for some time. We Wanna come during a winter because we really want to experience the Even though sometimes it can be extreme but just the Christmas time in New York. Something we've always wanted to experience I've been to New York City only once before and You know I did a lot. It was very touristy had just walked to all of the major Destinations and went up to the atop the empire state building and stuff all of that. But now I'm GONNA go back and explore it just as a no Just to see what's what's there beyond all of the the touristy stuff and really appreciate you know like Yeah Yeah Lights and everything else to it's it's it's really magical also just in New York state like the Adirondack Mountains and everything. I really want to explore all of that as well. I'm just explore the whole the whole state because he have New York City Manhattan. It's it's sort of. Its own little bubble compared to the state itself. That's right please come. I mean whenever you're here whenever we're with you know in Oregon we'll make sure to come by and say hi to but yeah you'll do such incredible job and I'm so happy you love the ball really. Thank you really really happy because we use. We read it all the time. We use that as a guide. And it's just a very information to share. I think he would. Just don't talk about enough. You know and it's hard to to Google all that out. The having all comcast is something. That's very adjustable to knowledge. Why that's been quite helpful for people like us who's relay that message to the consumer to them all. That's that's great to hear. I really appreciate that feedback. That's you know as an educator. That's writing the book. My big hope was like I hope this helps people learn and to be able to share with other people in the way I described the podcast. My my hope with the podcast is really just to inspire conversations. That are happening. You know beyond anything. I'm doing just knowing that people are talking to their families and friends and you know in shops and all these places about this topic. It's like well. Let's try to push those conversations in the most meaningful directions we can. That's kind of. I don't know that's my overarching goal. At least I think it will say thank you so I have a one question I wanna ask you. That has nothing to do with. Cbd or juvenile justice during that. But it's just a fun question for me When I was reading one of your blog posts. I saw that you said that you learned English by watching. I Love Lucy. I did all right Wendy so I grew up watching a ton of I love Lucy so I wanted to ask you. Do you have a favorite episode of I love? Lucy I do. I Love Lucy. As as a character she brought so much happiness to my light. Yeah she really really dead and I just love her spunk and Emmy and. She's an empowered woman. She talked to us. Yeah right like she wasn't like yeah not so that. That was incredible for me to see but I love the candy episode. Your yes running. And she had to eat all of that or she. She just blows my our listen sheet. How happy I was as a child. You know it was just. That's how well when I read. It just really stood out to me because I spent so many hours watching. I Love Lucy. She's so funny even just Set last year Or the year before my wife and I went to Universal Studios Hollywood and I remember seeing a Lucy impersonator and I was like. Oh my gosh. I've got to get a picture with Lucy and then coming back. We didn't see her again. And I didn't get my chance to go back but I'm a huge. I Love Lucy. Fan From my personal. Favorite episode is the Vitamin Regimen Commercial. Oh Yeah that one cracks me up so much or she's trying to say this complicated word and has to keep drinking. It is getting drunk while get through this commercial so funny no these now so much joy. That's and that's what I love that aspect about entertainment content. Great Yeah you now like. Nowadays the episodes are sure because everything is on instagram. Or right before Mac. The law format back then. I Love Lucy like that was just a treasure. You get to spend whatever thirty minutes sitting there. Happy that right. I kinda miss. I'm better like go back to whatever other programs do that as my background. And it now since yeah. I'm not so much joy. Yeah Yeah it is for me. From that sort of era there's Lucy and then Dick Van Dyke a huge Dick Van Dyke Fan to just they were so funny and goofy and I don't know it's something that I just I I love so anyway. That was that's my my funds. Spinoff question for you. Well he's hardly. I really really appreciate it. Yeah I'm so glad you're willing to do this and I know we've talked for an hour and a half here on this episode but then you know we talked for such a long time before and to. I'm glad that we're able to carve out this time and I'd love to talk collins some time and and and Yeah any other stuff we can do together just slamming. I'm happy to support you. Thank you so much Jason. I can't wait a onto. You can't in person There's a lot of things that are teaching in New York so we'll update you on that well. New York is definitely Moving in what direction. Yeah figure it out email in that sense but generally? I hope this was helpful for your listeners. In you know I think he's so much just sharing my story. I think he's restrain your story to absolutely. Yeah and before we sign off. I WanNa make sure to give you the platform. Let people know how to find out more about Wendy's look book about ornaments and anything else that you want to make sure they connect to all thank you so much? You know the the fashion side When he's looked looked DOT COM artists? We don't have a website yet but we're launching very very soon so just keep us on the radar updates You can find us on Yelp. You're in New York and then our handle for itchy is Artemis House NYC and. That's when we do all of our dates for the website and I would be too. You know what kind of backwards was people you with the website first and then the store you know what we're doing Because for us it was soon corn to understand client interaction science feedback translate that experience onto an online store now has been extremely fruitful because that's paved the way how design the website now. So we're kind of almost walking backwards in that sense but I think it's GonNa be better experience fighting who lands on the website to understand that this is the same type of service will receive at the actual physical store. Sure yeah that's great and you and you have podcast too I do. Oh my gosh. That's why this is much better than I did. Anything yet. artem Yet that that's our podcast. We sit with Jockeying Chin On all episodes and we also sit with the head. Pharmacies that etain to as well Ankle Very Mechanical Ray and supporting recycler ailments that you might be experiencing curious experts awesome. Yeah well if you're listening. Go check out artists radio. I've shared a little bit about it on on Instagram. But a lot of times the content that you're talking about in there a lot of times it ends up complementing stuff that I'm sharing as well. So I like directing people to both and I'd like to to meet Dr Jennifer Chen sometime As she I know she she's actually I'm connected. Turn a weird indirect way. I know she has worked with some of some of my colleagues. Yeah Yeah Yeah Dr Kevin Spelman and I think she's worked with him. That's right that's right no I. You would adore her. She you know she is one of fun fact. When we first opened the store we had a whole bunch of doctors coming in wanting us to sell her books and I also is to sales for me. I don't sense and then I get an email from Dr Ella Chen. And she's a can of his physician of doing this for the last fifteen years and he's just here's my work and I saw oliver video since massage. This is such a incredible bedside manner. She's so empathetic and everything. And until we just start talking organically with us just do Together ended up being. You know basically more episodes and everything and the whole time. She had a book and she didn't say anything book and She Act One. So I think that's why we just connected so well that we really are kind. Focus and that those talks about all the time and became secondary. You know in our relationship blue moon that but she's she's just an incredible she's always there for her clients and always there for us to us. Well a man having her as our medical advisor has been really really just incredible for the community. Yeah yeah now it's great. I think you're providing a great resource the way you're approaching the shop and having her involvement and everything. I think that's very unique. So yeah if you're listening in your New York. Look up artists and check him out. Well thanks so much Wendy. I hope we cross paths again very soon and thanks. So much for contributing. He's so much for having me. Yeah so If you WANNA learn more about curious about canvas Podcast you can go to. Www dot C. A. C. PODCAST DOT COM. You can also find us on instagram. Facebook twitter most active on instagram primarily. We also have a youtube channel for videos So look US UP. Being just search for curious about cannabis and you should find us. Thanks so much for listening and have a great rest day. Makes you want to learn more about cannabis. You can check out the curious about canvas book available now on. Amazon dot com and other online retailers. The curious about canvas podcast is presented by natural learning enterprises a science education company dedicated to the enhancement of public scientific literacy through education about the natural world. Curious about cannabis is just one of several learning initiatives produced by natural learning enterprises to learn more go to www dot natural learning enterprises dot com or connect with an early on facebook instagram or twitter.

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