Full Show (Zeke's holdout, Kobe-Shaq beef. Jordan's legacy, Jerry v. Zeke)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host jerry taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode sown disputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate so skip shannon's. Let's get to it. Welcome to undisputed. We are live from l._a. Jenny attack here with skip bayless shannon sharpe. Oh you ginny. He got a sport coat of slacks. This is not at your normal somboon. Don't talk about i come like this. All the time. Were quotas leg. Wound skill pays bionson somebody on this side this. This is what somebody on that old daito. It'll go into going to end up like the old ones with defeat covered defeat really good. Eh we are going to be there. I don't know about his. We'll see about that. Show guys is tom brady more marketable than raining m._v._p. Pat mahomes shannon tells us who he thinks is the best running back in the league but first hey zeke watch continues. Jerry jones washed any rumors. That zeke was recently offered any new deals yesterday during an interview review with a local dallas radio station jerry said there is nothing new to report withy negotiations jones also said that the team was prepared to play without certain players players due to injury suspension or even a holdout when asked if the cowboys would need to lighten the load for week. One jerry had this to say listen <hes>. We've got a marathon here and we won't zeke. When we get to the play offs. We won't zeke when we're in the dog days of this season and and as you well know you have to plan your personnel and you have to manage a player the caliber of zeke you have to <music> as to what parts of the game he using how much wish to using and so <hes> fresh zeke as we got into the end of the season would be great well shannon how many games will seek miss during his own when i was killed tuesday. Don't worry we're getting. I took her is not your labor. I must overslept. I believe he will miss a minimum of four games. This doesn't sound like like the positive jerry jones. The guy who says didn't wouldn't use the word hold out veep just haven't reported yet remember. That was a big thing. He hasn't reporting this the holdout now. Let me tell you what jerry this jerry said. A couple of a couple of weeks ago is too good for them and it's too good for the cowboys. Let me say that again jimmy. It's too good for them is too good for the cowboys. Now we want a fresh the when it comes plows time now. I just want you to know j you being buried dismissive if the other team you automatically assume that's betas hates that betas hayes when someone says oh you like the team just going to lay down for you. Oh oh no. He's if he wants to manage our player of zeke's caliber you want to manage as low now. This is what he said back in two thousand sixteen the more all we can give him the ball the better now you wanna pay a guy x. amount of dollars. Why do you get more money and do less work to do that afghan. I want that job. Oh i love it. The only thing that's going to get these size to move one way or another other and i believe jerry jones doing this because he looked at the schedule and he said we have some very favourable matchups early on now we know during the course of the year there'd be teams that you look at like they're not going to be big good and they're better than you think and there are some teams that you look and you say they will be pretty good and they're not as good as you think jerry. Jerry jones is looking at the schedule skip. He's looking at like <hes>. We got the jazz lab very good. We got miami now. Let's just say for the sake of argument demint. They had the patriots. The saints the eagles to start the season. I think we see jerry. Jones singing look different tune but he does not seem as positive positive as he did. These things get done mo is going to get done now. He's talking about not afraid. Zeke playoff time wouldn't be such a bad thing. That doesn't sound like a guy that this deal is right around the corner. <hes> excuse me as he said there been no movement is being reported sorted that the cowboys have not offered anything different than what they had at the beginning so like well. I'm not motivated a move move. One thing is going to move the move the player or the team one way or another the schedule the record. That's going to move the cowboys or that's go to move zeke. It's as simple as that jenny. I gotta tell you what's up. I feel so sorry sorry for my partner across the table. I just feel so sorry. I'm highly amused but also feeling sorrier by the day for him because he has become a puppet on the strings being pulled by my owner jerry jones he has become a victim and a prisoner of juries ever-changing wildly erratic and misleading rhetoric because that's what jerry's doing right now. He's negotiating. He's playing good cop with this comment and then bad cop with that comment and shannon is the puppet on the strings one way or the other jenna fifty one. I can't carry the ball. He needed to worry about that twenty four. You'll zeke elliott. Don't worry about me. I'm good. I'm going to reiterate one more time. Okay ezekiel elliott will be in uniform and in the lineup for game one signed sealed and delivered by jerry jones case new right now. Okay ten cases you got in case you were wildly overreacting reacting to what is just classic negoti shed and the master negotiator that i have ever encountered in all my years years of covering pro football or pro sports dating back to the nineteen seventies is gerald wayne jones junior one jerry jones. This is what he does best. Jerry says a lot of dumb things but he ain't stupid when it comes to managing the salary cap and negotiating contracts playing the game as i call it of blink as in who will blink first jerry does feel like he has some new advantage because he's no longer longer working without a safety net because he has had tony don't call me mike pollard fall right into his lap right straight out of the heaven. Ooh that is the fourth round for the dallas cowboys. He now has the dak prescott of running backs tony pollard the rookie and he has seen enough and zack doc martin as we heard yesterday has seen enough and i told you early on i've seen enough to say he is a quality n._f._l. Back he is not ezekiel ezekiel elliott but they could win two games they could probably go three and one in four games with tony pollard as the lead back as the bell cow back as the between between the tackles running back that he was under utilized as memphis. That was the coaches fault in again. We'll maclay. How do you know what i saw. When i watched memphis play this kid would flash and darryl henderson was drafted in the third round by the rams was more of a battering ram. You know between the tackles okay good luck so we'll see as the years wear on whether the third rounder is better than the fourth round around won't do any better the third or fourth round will put him on the phone with that offensive line. Oh well there. We go lots of big part of the equation talk. He's got that on his side to skip okay. Jerry also said he said skip he wants to manage zeke's minutes and things of that nature okay. You want to manage the guys minutes. Let's take basketball. They say that okay lebron came back energy injury. They wanted him to play somewhere around thirty two minutes. Okay that's fine and good if you blow oh and teams out but what happened if you up one down one in thirty two minutes to thirty minutes. Let's say for the sake of argument skilled betas zeke has twenty eight carries and you need to run out the clock the last five minutes and you've got a thirty one total pilot carrying the ball absolutely made a stopover consider. The bullet meant this good. He's fresh. He's he's completely assure you if zeke elliott has on the team <hes> mhm tony parlor is not carrying the ball at thirty sure i agree. I've told you go on day. One tony pollard gives you a good one a back a backup back who can split some share some of the load with zeke and extend zeke's career i'm saying he said he wants to manage. Zeke's minutes okay which means he wants to manage his carries. All i'm saying if zeke that thirty carries twenty eight thirty cares is thirty one fourth and one you will say well. You know what the that thirty the thirty mark. We can't give him the ball anymore. Tony get in there. You and i both know on that team. Well obviously. Why are we even discussing discussing that. That's just silly. That's completely off clearly. I didn't call him sooner. You're going to get this done. He's not saying managing minutes it. He's talking about keeping zeke away from out of harm's way and i told you from the start. I'm just going to have to reiterate what i keep saying day. After day this it has worked out beautifully for both parties involved because zeke has been kept off the practice the camp practice field where every once in a while the injury injury god's point their finger down at somebody in. It's the most it's just so egregious. Even someone fair that somebody gets hurt and loss for the year camp amp practice i sleep in fear of camp practices because i covered too many of them and there are too many goldline drills where the running back or even seven on seven and you never or no you just you plant and you cut you just one little wrong move football. You're gone the whole year so it's been a beautiful thing to watch that zeke has been reportedly in kabul for all these weeks trying to stay in some shape obviously he's not in game shape but he will report signed sealed and delivered at some point next week ahead of game one. He will play some snaps in game one and he will do what he always does. He will play his is way into game shape in game two and game three okay and then by game four he will be full speed ahead riding mapping of okay skip. If there have been no oh new offer why molin what how how do you know what has really transpired between the two sides. They're not going to tell you the people are you know. Edward can't just sit in on the discussions right. Hey these people report. They get from somewhere. What if what have we been reported like like last week. You completely swung the other way and you said oh. That's it it's over. He's going to know who sat right there last week quote don't they said they were willing to make zeke. The second highest paid running back. That was a report from the first offer. They said the first offer made was somewhere between levian and on the right. You said oh well. That's did it's over. That's been on the tables. Yeah uh i said what player you know hose out to be the second highest paid well but that was the offer on the table so it wouldn't be it okay so clearly he didn't but last week you were saying it's over. He's coming in. You told me that you you said you we can check the tape you can take. I said it strikes me as odd that professional players. Nobody plays to be second best. I believe he's holding out to be the highest paid now if he wants to be last week. You said he's coming in with an offer on on the table as the second is if he's willing to concede that yeah they can sign it but it who knows whether he's willing to concede that i don't think he is willing. I told you it's going to be right there with todd gurley. One of those categories will be above todd gurley. It'll be the average. It'll be the bonus it'll be the guarantee three areas you you of todd gurley resetting the market stephen and jerry resetting the market now somebody's lying here okay but no but the total deal will not reset the market the total package four years x million it will not reset the market it just won't because they do have many stars arriving arriving on right on time altogether and they will take care of all of them and it's your only hope to derail my dome that they can't take care of that you had is that that were jerry's been doing for years. He's been trying to circumvent the agent and deal directly with the player and guess what has happened bela's every time he calls the old rocky pick up the phone like hello get us big z dodger play. Oh he tried to call todd france as he called the mara. Joe siegler stopped trying to circumvent sneaky deal with agent. We get these deals done. Okay you want to be sneaky mickey okay. I'm gonna say this again. I'm going to reiterate what i've said from the start. If zeke and his agents had been smarter they would have sent z. to camp on time because zeke plus jerry at training camp equals deal would've would get much sooner and maybe a little better what happens if if he sends the training camp jerry gives to talk one on one and that's the buffer that rock yard field. Here's what you're missing were. Jiri jerry has a soft spot in a weak spot in negotiations is if the player gets to talk to jerry because jerry is our players owner jerry jerry to a fault loves his players many of the direct sun here i think he loves zeke like a son of zeke and walked off the practice field arm-in-arm with jerry one day jerry would have said you know what he's such a good kid. I love him so much and we've been through so many battles together odd just going to give him more than todd girls you know but even with say don't do it jerry but let me tell you what jerry dishonest jerry lewis more. He loves ben franklin. Abraham lincoln ulysses see there's grant those those are those are his four five. He loved loved those songs more zeke elliot and get you know jerry. Jones loves his money money. Now you know that he's he's got more than you and i will ever dream of what i got too much. Money people can say. I got really close too many cars too many watch. I've never heard of me if i got too much unfished. Actually jerry jones owns a team that plays in a league in which you can only spend jerry jones job to worry about them. My job is to maximize my earning potential on the word about the cap. <hes> okay so jerry jones. I'm going to tell you this one more time. Jerry jones knows the psyche in the mentality of when he's equal elliott and i believe that jerry is betting that in the end zeke wants to win more than he wants to earn. I told you yesterday your business is all about earning or winning meaning which is it. They don't always go hand in hand do they. Which can eat with can rings. Can i spend money growth k can i live in a ring can move the money to buy a house but at some point the players who win the most make a choice where they'll say i will earned this much but i don't really need to earn that much. I'll just turn this much because for the sake of the team i wanna win. Zeke knows they are on the verge of winning a super bowl. Give commissioner acquaint it is up to him to take a little less okay so you're telling me he prioritizes earning over winning. Is that what you're doing the same. I don't watch anything oh he will give us. A discount that means is more money is more important super bowls. No why do teams at the player to prioritize head skill you you remember when the owner of the twenty seven locked the player that because they wanted a bigger chunk of the pack why would they prioritize winning over luck in the players out why why didn't the players prioritize earning at that point and just stay out until they got whatever they wanted. Nope they crumbled with the gift. Would i in crumbly and that's what rockies because he know if zeke the camp jerry's in his ear everyday walking off practice twice a day in the meeting room. We got this deal here area so you missed the boat. You miss the point. Sorry it's fine but you're going to have to pay the price now. We're entering as i've told you yesterday into the toughest window of the negotiation. These are the dog days of the negotiation. I'm good these are the hard days because it's all about patients and nobody i i have ever been around in pro. Sports has more patients in negotiation than gerald wayne jones junior. This is what he lives by. This is his super bowl and he has a plan plan at he is executing it on top. I like zeke's plan to. I'm hold out okay. We'll see because boy that clock ticks slowly down in kabul. I'm going to look at your watch and you say he's so larry o'clock. I have ever had five popeye's chicken sandwich day out one yup twenty-five really much. I hope he does what we do. You worry about gerald. Wayne jones jerry what they call. Are you worried about what he got to worry about me. Zeke dining kabo we chilling. We luncheon okay well. Jerry is not chilling. Meals wheels are turning because he's right on pace with his plan. He's right on schedule for this next week and the beautiful thing quick uh-huh oh tony pollock marcus pollard bernard pollard do that. Do we have any thirty six video. We sure don't we sure sure don't i. I didn't like thirty six on running back but not a single drum beddis war so maybe you're not hugo boss. Tony followed he could ramat between those towns by hi good thirty six. I don't like it. It looks like a fullback number but whatever it's okay the food back five okay look. Here's what you're missing. Also about jerry jones okay. He's made it real clear. He spills his guts occasionally occasionally when he says hey i'm going on age seventy seven and he believes his life window is closing. I don't know why because he's still a reasonably young man i yeah i don't think he's way past his prime but he talks about how his life window is closing. He knows this team is really good. He said yesterday also we like like either. He or stevens said we like our roster right now. As much as we've ever liked ania roster that they've had and that would be post the jimmy year but but in in recent years so the point is do you really think that over foolish pride that he's going to let zeke sit all year or even for four regained not gonna do it is up here the young man in relative terms but in football terms that the running back with vision. He's not a young main. Gene zeke says i gotta get some money. Guess what skip bayless guess. What santa shannon sharpe wins the elliott leave the n._f._l. They're not gonna be cutting checks for a million dollars every two weeks. <hes> when jerry jones hand the reins over to steven just couldn't check for three hundred three fifty four hundred million every year zeke knows he has to get his money. Now you'll get it. Get it download into. I wanted to hold onto may show. He has a matter of fact. I will tell you more than todd gurley. The price just went up. I just want you to know if you start this season one in three to into the prices up ten million million well it was up. Yes desperation dan. Do you know we might come down. That's a good thing is a big risk a game of chicken breath so again. You're missing the point because you're panicking way. I think a lot of cowboy fans are probably starting to panning in jerry isn't panicking. Hannah can play a game a game of chicken laws. You know nine hundred ninety three the last time you play the game light in the middle east yeah very different. You know what he didn't lose because he he had already just won a super bowl trophy. He had just won it. Thank you well he just he got another at all. They had to do if if if he didn't want to pay the money all i'm gonna win this thing without emmett and you do. They love second game. He hopped on the phone quake in fact call image from the plane. They have fold on the planning seat back man. Do i look at the bill like i did that. Cheese plains probably not yes one that negotiation between jerry an an eerie william it hands down going away. He called him does does emit came in a little less money than i thought he should have a little less than he originally wanted because im- it was just as anxious to get back as the team was was anxious to get him back wait. A second team was so loaded it was it was an embarrassment of riches. They have one without 'em it because because jerry boat they coulda he went all over new okay so they got blown out of washington came home and they lost thirteen to ten to buffalo obviously basically they were struggling on offense. Could they made the playoffs without emmett. Maybe just because the team was just so good with so many hall of famers on they have not again jerry went and got it. Done image took a little less than he should have and guess what happened right on schedule. A bombshell got dropped in the media which created the biggest momentum you can imagine for a reigning super bowl champion and you know how hard it is to win back to back so moolah and all of a sudden this team had had a whole new life and new momentum a new springboard into the final fourteen games because they're guy was back and they took off just just as he took what won the m._v._p. And then guess what he wanted in the postseason he won the super bowl easy jerry was right on time and with that one wasn't he wait a second. Did it crippled that team. That jerry forced him into old out not at all no skill. He can't even bang he did it. What would have happened had jareth image. I already do this and i'm not gonna another dan. They're not the super bowl champion because no matter what you think <hes> mhm amy smith was the best player on their team and they could not have won it without him you the best part player on that team and they can't win without it. The guy they couldn't win without is the quarterback seriously. If you took dak prescott away it would be so over. I would just call it a day. I might not even come to work. I <music>. I come on cooper rush. What changes do i have but with tony pollard. I got a chance with that offensive line you rave about i got a chance. The only chance you got a winning thing with tony if they ate back and he ain't coming back the older than me and his buddies beat a worse mind i got four. Maybe he's only half out the eight but if the plate in half of a hall of famer i'll talk torchwood tony romo yeah tony romo went you had found opposite lane eight hundred forty eight yard rushing demarco murray get you skin and he had one more than troy troy estimate may not take any hometown always done net brady awning now. He is listed as the most marginal player in the n._f._l. Patrick mahomes be right on his scott discovery and over. You could check us out every day on the fox channel on sirius x._m. 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You could do the whole thing on your phone right now but not when you're driving policy genius the easy way to compare and buy life insurance. You're gonna like this one. Tom grady just can't stop winning. According leading to a survey by the sports business journal brady is the most marketable n._f._l. Player the survey asked forty sports business exacts marketing analysts and media members to give their lessons most marketable players brady barely beat out raining m._v._p. Patrick mahomes who finished in second by just two points so skip surprised tries. Shannon sharpe is not going to like this. I was surprised and i was offended. Did tom brady did not crush patrick mahomes in marketability. I was stunned that that tom brady barely edged out the past one thirty seven to one hundred and thirty five points in their marketability teeth skin of his teeth is right. I don't know what skinner i mean i get it. I always know what it means but i don't know where it came. Somebody could explain that one to his. Your teeth have no skin that i know. I don't know whatever i need to know okay so so let me get this straight. Tom brady has played in nine super bowls and he's won six of them with six game. Winning fourth quarter drives uh-huh and last year tom brady and the patriots beat patrick mahomes and the chiefs not once but twice in the a._f._c. championship game game. Tom brady pulled off right before patrick. Mahomes is in the world's. Is the the near impossible. I thought it was impossible tom. Tom brady converted in overtime three straight third and ten th this can't be done. Could we see each order poel but goes straight. Let's think about about this. He goes to element for the first one. This is impossible then he goes to element again for the second one. This can't happen you you. You can't no quarterback can pull this off. Look the pinpoint accuracy and then he goes to gronk for another one on what is about to become the game winning owning drive which keeps as you keep saying patrick mahomes on the sideline and he doesn't even have a chance to get back into the game so now let's go from that. Throw grow. Let's go to social media impact which is supposed to factor heavily in marketability so on instagram. You loved instrument okay. Tom brady has six point. Four million followers on instagram. Patrick mahomes has pretty paltry one point four million so six point four to one point four and shouldn't that factor more heavily into one thirty seven to one thirty five and the final outcome and allow me to point out. What saquon said that. Tom brady told him back in may at the met gallon. This was yesterday saquon said that brady told him. It's great to do this for just one season but can you do it for five. Can you do it for ten and saquon said i was ready to run through a wall. Tom brady because it does put it in perspective. I think it's just a yeah tom i could. They didn't hit me like they don't hit you. We'll carry on there. We go so tom. Brady is has done this for nineteen eighteen years and he's gone to nine. Super bowls and patrick mahomes has started one year and he had one sensational year. It was fifty touchdowns downs an m._v._p. And i give you that. Can you do it for two or even. Maybe could you do it for three. I don't know can you you with your division spending the whole off season trying to figure out how to four you how to slow you down or even how to stop you. Can you do it again. In and i watched one or the preseason games and patrick mahomes just stunk it up because now there are what shannon sharpe the hall of famer calls ex and they they are melting heavily on both patron homes and baker mayfield who also just in his third preseason game baker looked horrible so it's it's a new day in in new quality of life for both these quarterbacks because all the sudden. Everybody's looking to them to do what they did last year so now i'm wondering it can patrick mahomes live up to this and i'm not sure about that but his marketability is being over marketability while brady's is being under- marketed because what what does he ever done wrong except some people thought that he illegally deflated football i did not i argued strongly. He had no ab he had no knowledge of anybody under inflating footballs and he went to court and beat it in the first round and then he finally just ran out of time <music>. I'm up against the season when he lost the appeals court and was thinking about going to the supreme court with it so again. That's the only blemish on his record and patrick. Mahomes seems like a really good kid doesn't say a whole lot not not a big force on social media and he's vaulted off that all the way wait to second in marketability in the league. It's just wrong and it's one. What difference does it make if he wins by unleash. It should be a landslide. Tom brady is become a force on social media for n._f._l. Players not not in the big picture for n._f._l. He's funny. You think he's a little lame cliche nerdy but whatever it's okay but but it's funny and he's very likable and he never says anything anything bad about anybody. Innovate okay well. That's the point either just patrimony skill look. I can't believe you because he didn't win ninety ninety by ninety boats or hundred votes you like i can't believe this skill he one. I'm not surprised that he wants. He's six foot four four. He has blue eyes a great smile. He married a supermodel. You see a lotta pictures of him and his family on social media and their vacation. He's all he's a sixth. This round draft pick. We love underdog stories. Tom brady is an underdog round draft. Pick goes to nine super bowl with zik he the four-time m._v._p. How one of their not to like you have to understand the mark abilities pitching. This guy's gonna walk out there. They look like oh my god. He's like a model. Oh tom terrific even though he didn't get that patent. Tom seaver is tom. He wanted to so people couldn't call him. Tom k they can call it whatever they want you but tom see old copyright okay so here man super bowl appearance in one all right. I'll give you that skilled. What is there not too like. If you just look at the guy aesthetically now i can see if the guy had fourteen and you know he's married to a supermodel and and people who you've managed to a super bowl something he thinks he's likable a he thinks he's a very measured in his thoughts and his his word hurt. He never speaks out of turn. He's always speaking positive. We like that and contrary to what people say. If you look at a guy on this list people like brashness <music> like they don't tell me what you going to do it. Nobody like that you all and he did it goes back to broadway jobs give you you'd say oh i guarantee the win. This game and everybody fell in love with him and he's been in jovan living off. That says did he has given. I'm not surprised i will little surprise that patrick mahomes this higher. Ah because like you said we only have the one year data on him. We don't know a whole lot about him and his boss is a little you know. He doesn't have that that power voice that doc native told the pitch and people like wow. It's like a little cartoon is so i'm some rows. He finished that high but tom brady ba most coast so you're actually with me on this because you're not surprising finish that i then the gap between one and two should could have been an odd skip. I'm surprised he's second. I'm not surprised tom brady one. I'm surprised that he's second. I thought another guy that would probably be higher than what he was with j._j. Watt the mid west and guy great humanitarian considering what he's doing never said anything three times defensive player of the year. He's all americans get. He's like wholesome apple pat. I think he's engaged to a former soccer soccer player current so skip. I'm thinking okay. That's the way i mean look dress up in his a suede jacket and he looks like the marlboro man now even though they don't have the cigarette commercials anymore but you will not know what the marble man breath left. Tom brady look at it. It's younger by the day does oh. My goodness gone look. He has passed is after martin tag heuer he goes as for the elite after martin is good to everyone though a forty to the fact that he does kind of relate to the younger audience and the oldest alright is pretty impressive. Here's the thanksgiv- even if you don't watch football regularly during the regular season you probably going to sit down or someone's going to having going on during the super bowl and for the five years guess what he's been in it and so now you might not have known anything about football but you're going to go to a party. I don't even really light hi but such as such as having a super bowl party i go over there and i'm gonna watch the game and you see that guy. Go ooh ooh. He looks cool. He's handsome also that's that. Is tom brady. I'll let me anything shampoo car close shoe. Whatever oh you sound like you're becoming a big break. Oh he's married oh we we don't normally see this football. Entertainers actors singers musicians. They normally family get the supermodels adam levine leonardo dicaprio. Those are the guys get the supermodels not the football player because we've got helmets on. They can't see us entertainers. You've seen him. Why a lot of times the the rocker shortstop whatever they're doing the movie star of the capri all those guys you see them. Close up close up me. I gotta help them. I got on shoulder pain. You don't really know not anymore but that guy you look at those idle at oh. He come in there with palm for tom. Ford down statue west six or blue is nice haircut suited and booted. Everything's fitting to a t. So why do you need win. Two two hundred to one hundred well come on. You're making my katie gave up. Its conclusion like you said okay. They won super super bowls but they're beth. Why didn't they win fifty two teen they want. Why can't you just accept the victory. He pulled all six six games out of the fire. You believe it made it. Even greater. Story didn't go joe montana on money right well he did with joe portuguese mucis nettie some routes john elway and marino with look but you're not surprised that he won. You just surprised that how i have a few close to mark victory was i'm slightly surprised he won because of what is inexplicable to me what i experienced on this show nearly the every day brady hey and it may factor into brady burnouts because people are just sick and tired of he's back in the super bowl again yea. I don't think they dislike like tom. They might be tired of seeing the patriots in the super bowl but i don't really know what they're not to like about him. I mean what is there not to like. I don't know you spewed all kinds of hate on this show. You don't like his post. You don't live post-game comments. You think he's he doesn't really take a strong political same thing at one point a lot of people leap to the conclusion collusion taking us on the sly he had make america great. It was in bold okay so he had he added place properly. Yeah 'cause he could easily turn it around and nobody would have known like a red hat n- but he plays the properly but that's here with a his political views but but he is daddy is as in robert kraft is one of the closest friends of trump okay and never make any bones about like he's. He's al you guys going to six super bowl. Yeah i mean everybody likes to win a right. I mean we don't know about that. I think at some point people start not to like a winner because he's winning too much but i believe have you. You're you're not upset that he won. You upset that the margin of victory was larger. I just wanna see patrick. Mahomes do it again. I wanna seem breakthrough and win a super bowl and i says excuse me still there'll be more marketable than tom because tom skilled. We've we've seen tom brady for twenty years. We've only got a two year about two or three seasons sample size of patrick mahomes yeah. We have a twenty year. We have two decades. Hey watching this guy what is most marketable about patrick mahomes so far is his on field swag yes because he no looks it. He signed on. He almost underarms it. He throws it left hands yeah. He does it all. He's doing things quote unquote. We've never seen before and i think a lot of kids are willing to by in to that right and plus. Tom burke skip. Tom brady what we've been the mood he was in a movie it he has he has he had he was very he has. He has some brand in very high places so skip. I'm not surprised at tom brady. I mean what is there. I mean mark ability. I mean when you look at a guy because it needs to be pleasing to the eye one last time i'm going to bring up the quote in the athletic from a former head coach on patrick mahomes uh-huh just to keep this in perspective the quotas you play for andy reid and you're going to have numbers to the point where what's his name. Donovan mcnabb mcnab thinks he's a hall of famer true some truth to them and i love donovan mcnabb but he does think he's a hall of famer. We debate that all day long. He's borderline. He's close it but a lot of it came because he was in an incredibly quarterback friendly offense and now andy reid has put patrick mahomes who's his his new toy because because he's the one who chose to trade up to get him and he's going to show you got the m._v._p. And i'm going to make him do things let him do things that you've never seen before so again. The the anonymous head coach goes on to say what what did was still amazing. I just don't know if you can continue to play the way plays and not have big mistakes. Well i don't either. I keep saying nets so. I wanna see year to can you clean it up a little bit more. Can you get through. Tom brady and the patriots to the super bowl. Maybe it'll be in kansas city would even if that's the case give. I still don't believe he'll. He'll surpass tom brady. Tom brady is still number one in an n._f._l. Merchandise sale so employs skip look at that you see god dressed up either g the namur d- i'm never ever heard anything like it because i understand how marketability works killing in seoul you. You've seen him at the met gala. Obviously you've seen him. Go to the kentucky derby uh-huh so when people look understand what when you market someone okay hui marketing to the audience for the audience that they're marketing to there's a lot. There's a big sample size so i am devastated so breath after tom brady wins has seven super bowl game winning drive this year next this time next year i i want him. Delete this by fifty points and then i'll say okay that's fair. That's equitable. You ought to ask you ought to be but you will. He only won. Ah yard you win by one hundred yards well. He used to shave. I'd be curious about the marketability thirty of these next two former n._b._a. Stars i'm kind of curious how that would play out fifteen years later. The kobe shack relationship is once again in the the news after kobe called out checks work ethic by saying that he would have had twelve rings. If the big man could stay in shape check quickly fire back tweeting kobe hobie would have had his twelve rings if he would have passed the ball more change started getting a little bit of buzz coby made sure on twitter that everyone knew that there was no bad bad blood between the two former lakers tweeted there is no beef was jack. I know most media wanna see it but it ain't gonna happen ain't nothing but love there and we who old to beef hash tag three peat shack then responded to kobe's tweet with a shot at the lakers new big man dwight howard. It's all good bro when i saw the interview. I thought you were talking about dwight that how you spell his name l._l. W i t such a jokester her for the lakers right howard took the high road on social media saying that he did not see checks tweet that he's focused on the upcoming season so shannon meanwhile make of all this there kobes right himself but i got koby. We're trying to say and i think shack took it somewhat as a slight because he mentioned you. Don't get a statue in front of a building if you don't work hard and i don't think anybody say shack didn't work hard but shot could've worked harder shot could've aac better and had a long career and even been more productive than he actually was a guy of shacks. Talent doesn't doesn't need to go from orlando to l._a. To miami to phoenix to boston to cleveland that's that's not how it's supposed to be with a guy like that shock. It should have never been a journeyman too good to be a journeyman okay. Shack shack work hard yup but his shack had worked and the question was posed. If shank chang had had your work ethic coby coby said he would have been the greatest. That's not apply that some of these guys work hard but everybody doesn't work heart art to the same degree because sometimes people mistake habit hard work and my grandma believed always deal me and my brother that is don't ever mistake habit for hard work because some people do that. I went to the gym or i got up early early. What did you do you know. Do what have you done. What have you just go to the gym everyday just because it's habit that's what you do at nine thirty but you ain't getting anything accomplished that have or hard work and what your grandfather should have written a book how many assuming issues she's like confucius and gandhi and been frank yeah when he was telling me all this. I'm looking around like why are we living better than what we got to. You got all this knowledge that we lived in a thousand ah square foot cinder block but i think what shack is also saying chat knows the reason why he got up out of l._a. Is that kobe winter. Dr caboose instead of me. Shack made an either for dr busters. You choose kobe because i can assure you skill babies. If kobe had gone to dr bush was the shack in two thousand in two thousand and one was kobe. I'm sorry but you got to go because you get rid of thirty fourteen in two point six skill. You're not at that time. The big man was still dominant shat and tim duncan premium players all the basketball but in kobe hold on you started wanting to be like i said you start wanting to be that guy he did you stop pass it and you started doing what you got no problem with that but don't make like i'm the only reason that we didn't win but i still think there's a little little undercurrent there. I think both guys are trying to take the high road because like i say they're older not shacks in his forty. Kobe's approach boarding and i think they're still earned the current there but i do wish this. Oh shit will leak dwight howard alone shot. You were the best player in orlando magic history he went to l._a. And he still you a better player in l._a. Any any work. You are a better overall player. Why are you bringing this into this. That's why he brings away. Minding his own business and shocked knows goodwill nobody's or whatever spelled to white like that. He knows it was like the ultimate mixture him laughing. Ah yes yes yes. I got him again and you could see gotten in dwight's post because dwight look pretty unique and sort of what he was doing. I g live or something and he was telling me. Did you see what shakes there and he's like. No i really didn't see which act says about me. It's not about shocking. I'm just worried about what can i do to help the lakers at this time around so he took rhode. I just wish that would do that to get to dwight and just a second but i get back to shack so this is what i believe to your point about. They're still an undercurrent. I think that undercurrent is high voltage. It's under but it's high voltage and i believe that shack was stung by kobe's comment and i believe it hurt him to the point that what he did. There were comments on that. Both of his comments were fuelled by anger. They felt that they had some undercurrent of anger to them and i'm i'm good with that because this is just me as much as yesterday we both agreed with what kobe said after i step back from it and slept on it. It was a low blow. It was out of bounds. It was unnecessary. It's one of those just let it go and lee lady. Just especially we've given you guys is history. Yeah it wasn't like you always buddy buddy with a lotta butting heads and even though you've tried to make amends i mean i think kobe showed up for <hes> shacks. Statue in bela he did shaq was there for the last game last game when he was there and they've tried to make a piece but you know sometimes it okay is trying to heal. This wound is trying to heal the sometimes you pick a little scab and you start to expose even know kobe tried to undercut it by saying saying hey i've told this to face. We've sat and i've told even faded yeah okay. That's all well and good but tell him to. His face is one thing. Putting saying publicly is quite another right. So what was the circumstance in venue kobe was a paid speaker at an insurance company convention right george. W bush was also keynote speaker so i'm going to say he got a bunch of i have no idea would please. How about a meal will this big. Normally i think right now a president clinton and president obama command that kobe bryant brian could command that and it's brady does went out here in santa monica most years with jim gray you know where he gets a q. and don't want to hear anything being say there you go. That's fine so so kobe interviewed in front of the crowd and obviously because he's being well compensated. He feels like i got to give right in so he reaches for all we would have won twelve if he'd stayed in shape between the lines he saying if he hadn't gotten fat right and it's it's a pretty harsh thing to say publicly this many years after the fact. I'll give you an example skip if look we believe that carmelo worked out. I mean you don't go tale. Lebanon all star games and be at all be player without you know working hard but do we believe carmelo worked as hard as liberal absolutely and that's what is in in the pudding is in the pudding he might of eaten just see it right. You could just look at the two bodies and i believe that's that's what kobe was trying to say yes and because they pulled the question if shag ahead your dedication yeah if he had worked hard is you d. That's what the the interview ask. That's kobe's like he'd been the greatest. We'd have twelve rings but check with like was shed to light. Oh you say well. How do i get a statute yeah. How do i have tissue yeah. He did statue yeah yeah and would they have had twelve rings of cocaine and pass them all more no would they beat the pistons. Maybe just maybe because that was the peak of the clash. You will not just believe with that tandem. That might be the greatest. I mean you can make an okay. Maybe like a magic and kareem. Maybe but they're one to their top three. I think everybody just believed they should have had more titles than the three that they want. I think that's what from ninety six to four. They were together so i just believe people believe that what ten ten years fan the look eight nine years. They should have had had more than three totally that what people are getting it now. I don't know big on get twelve skill but they should have had more than three and i think that's what he's trying to get at. Yeah we want what we had great one of the few teams that can say we repeat it yeah but okay so then shack tries to defuse any potential potential ongoing beef with koby by turning back into the jokester that you talked about the fun loving cartoon character shat and he takes a little shot at dwight. You know kind of like the biggest easiest target jackson university the low hanging fruit describe. I anybody's low hanging fruit but but again i liked dwight but but he never you have to get an insult don't so now we seem on whatever you said it was i g and to me it. Just comes off is like kind of mopey and lifeless like he's. He's not defending himself. There's no because he's trying trying to sell us that. He is now reinvigorated. I didn't see any evening board remorse. I didn't feel any new energy from him like i'm here and i'm gonna prove you wrong. Shack there was nothing it was just kind of even going and rebirth really they say in order for a man or a person to go through a rebirth he must let's go to a reconstruction as the most elaborate dated building. <hes> poop will be in the pudding. My thing was how did he. How does shack back in kobe. How does shack meet the white. What did the white how would come from just trying to go back into lovable shack and that's the way for him to be lovable and funny is to poke fun at dwight. All come from the superman that would this is all about. I'll give you that what what it's all about like like shack assume right orlando shy with superman. He's still has the big lots of the vehicles to white light big a big man. He's a man we already have may in orlando <hes> way before you got here well. I'll i gotta say is to lakers. Have a whole lot to prove this coming season. One is your guy and one is dwight by a guy ever. Let you down the prove within the pudding. He go proven you mean the wash there. You talk about the wash okay all right. We got to move on to talk about dak press yeah. It's been <music>. I'm talking about the whole briefly at the beginning. I wanna make sure you take the most recent top one hundred players list but he did make a differently football season is coming up quick and draftkings the leader in one day fantasy football football is celebrating with huge week one contests it all starts when chicago and green bay kick off the season with a thursday night single game showdown contest and two point five million dollars total prizes up for grabs new users who sign up today on draft kings using code undisputed will receive a a free shot at the one million dollar top prize nothing adds to the excitement of watching the game quite like having shot at a million dollar payday drafter after single game showdown lineup and feel the sweat like never before it's simple just draft six players from the season opener. Stay under the salary recap. Celia team stacks up against the competition but you don't have to wait until week one to get in on the action right now. 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This guy's dak prescott has finally made a list after missing the cut on two separate top one hundred playerless this offseason dak has been ranked ranked as the n._f._l.'s ten most marketable player the survey was done by these sports business journal and asked forty sports business execs marketing alice and media members who give their list of the most marketable players skip jennings got on a list. What is your reaction. Finally will miracles never cease. My guy actually got a little accolade. Just he got a little three minute tiny little look. Here's what i see going on here. Here's well. I explain what just happened. Many who play a in the national football league many who used to play in the national football league and now comment on the league and many who did not play but our media members are down on that and i think they're they're down on deck in part. I'm going to take some of the blame here because i they have been so dug in on that. I've probably driven many of them over the edge against him so i'm going to take some of the blame because as you recall i washed dak dak prescott play a preseason game it was gained to twenty sixteen here in los angeles at the coliseum and i said while la that kid can play and obviously he's soon replaced the injured. Tony romo in the rest is dallas cowboy history because he then led them to to n._f._c. east crowns out of his three years but something is going on outside the many people who played and who who cover the sport who don't like that back because i believe this is showing you that he's far more popular outside the league among fans cowboy and non cowboy fans because because they see him as a much bigger star than you see him in part in just small part because he is the dallas cowboy quarterback but nobody makes this list who is average. Nobody on this list can't play or is a bust or is highly overrated as somebody. Nobody across the table from me. Constantly suggests that made a list. He's the worst okay well okay. That's you see there you go again. Thank you for making my okay. I got it right here but only this list that he's better than he. He is among people that he belongs along with because he is an emerging star in the league is better than baker. Mayfield right now is more decorated than baker. Yes he is is baker's risen wildly all the way up to number four on this list. The baker mayfield that the hall of famer across me said was the fourth rated quarterback going into the draft. That's what you thought and i said no. He should be the first pick in the rest yeah. He had him behind the other three bright right. That'll no relief. It was that low but i didn't think i did. I didn't have him number. One you definitely you had darnold and i think you had josh rosen of the moment moment because i'm donald suitable so will in and around in the rain but again he belongs on this list because of what he has achieved two division division championships three times against aaron rodgers he has outplayed aaron rodgers and i think the public knows that better than you know that or accept that and all these done against the eagles last year the defending super bowl champs he was sensational into fourth quarters in an overtime in which he had a grand total of three hundred thirty one yards yards passing and four touchdowns and no interceptions and in the playoffs he had the best q._b._r. In in all of pro football and he outplayed a russell wilson in whom he barely beat out didn't russell like russ's next spot he's eleven and he beat jared goff for the second or he outplayed your offer the second second time in his career in their two meetings in a playoff game here at the coliseum so i the public is more on my side on this issue or he wouldn't be that marketable notable. They're not going to buy the products endorsed by average or lost or overrated you get. I know that uh my good friend lebron james he won. His first title is about damn time. He made a list. Lebron says data is that it was about agree with you right now. Let me get discreet. You tell me all the time jim i've heard for the last three years and along that i can go back to watching skip bayless quarterback position is the most important position in all the pro sports is the most valuable position he happens to be the quarterback of the dallas cowboys the most valuable the most visible sports team in all the world and the best he could get his ten best acapa. That's like a shocking chagas. Put aga put a possum and he'll get fourteen. You would get talking about four or five better than apostle off. Yes you ought to be ashamed. Limit ask you a question. Let's just the antonio brown possum because he's fourteen simple questions go bela. Let's just say for the sake of argument russell. Wilson muscle was quarterback of the dallas cowboys. Where would he be well. He's already eleventh. He's only one spot. I doubt by saying because of the cowboys up there regardless. Why does russell have this lofty of a position on this list. What is a huge factor is social. Social media in in russell is at the top of the list in the n._f._l. In social overall social impact impart. Maybe i mean we're looking at why he got a you know. Nobody don't feel okay so maybe because of his wife he would be top five. If you're the dallas cowboys stop well. I'm just all i'm saying is this you already know when it comes to the cowboys. Everything's get over inflated so the mere fact that he only tent playing playing the quarterback position because he is what you said he was. He should be taught fiving their minimum. <hes> that's at the top. One hundred list usually have seven seven or eight cowboys ahead of back on does your team but you least zeke. He snuck in kaleo. He's looking walk imaginative carson with imagine if walker to him with a quarterback dallas cowboys name a player on this list. I think i'd sell my members. Are you okay name name name a player on this list that would not be higher. Had they play they play for the dallas cowboys. I don't i don't know that as you say khalil mack would be twenty if he played for the cowboys. Maybe yeah just depending on his overall. Impact is social social impact of gilbert. I'm the khalil mack the mack truck. The macaque return of the mack on this list who you think is overrated as the everybody dak. Prescott is the twentieth best player on this list <hes> all the players who are listening. You know that's according to you. He doesn't even belong within then shouting distance of of these other nineteen players as a football player right like you told me skill but he's like hey. They gotta put somebody here to get twenty players but he the quarterback the cowboys were what they were five billion worth five billion dollars. They're more recognizable. The real madrid manchester united f c barcelona celona garment all the yankees the yankees been playing baseball one thousand nine hundred and the cowboys the pin strike strike. They made the pinstripe famous and the cowboys are more well known than damn. Your guy plays the most valuable position in all sports more valuable valuable the dodgers pitcher more valuable to the striker from than a man. You got played that position in eighteen. He plays it really so you think tony romo would have been ten now because he's abroad. He wasn't nearly this jesse was flying you would are you kidding who lived and died within libertarian mostly died. I did popular it because jerry jones for his contract getting bit by meeting guarantee and told you he was box office now. What have you ever told you that press box office. He box office yeah yeah but guess what the candy corn jerry jones cut based tony romo because he saw a winner in that press advertising saw a leader he saw a new face a franchise. He could actually trust in big game situations. You became playmaker. That's what this kid put. If all audio gobbo here with halloween candidate prescott candy corn no candy for everybody wants fingers like wait a second okay. Here's the most popular tunes well. That's according to share yuckiest. Beauty is in the eye or the mouth of implicating. The corner in their pocket with no is oh bad innings package. Oh i gotta package you get lyn all on dust dirt all on it. You know what i used to love. Candy corn shake high country. I used to eat reese's pieces and all aw guys now all you good where everybody on this list. That is the least of the players that made this list and you know that and the only uh he made the lift him because he the cowboys quarterback shan no it over the last three years. He has led this league in fourth quarter game winning drives. That's all you need to know. He watch performer and you won't accept it. It's why within the confines of the players in the media media. He is the most underrated underappreciated under respected quarter behind me not over high yet because he just me up. I don't know you know you might have been more than tibo. <hes> we can use maltese does his window. This guy really wins. There's not one division. This guy's already one two and three years. Are you kidding me. He backed backed into the division. Oh did he. Let's talk about you'll be shamed by zeke could zeke miss part of the regular season eric dickerson. No stranger us us with his take. Ball is back this weekend beginning with the all new big noon kickoff pre-game show joe then it's right into the action as f._a._u. Visits fifth-ranked to ohio state saturday starting at eleven a._m. Eastern on fox and fox sports app and former former ohio state buckeye ezekiel elliott continues his hold out jerry jones squashed any rumors zeke was recently offered any new deals yesterday during an interview with local dallas radio station jerry said there is nothing new to report with the negotiations jones also said that the team was appear to play without certain players due to injury suspension suspension or even a hold out when asked the cowboys would need to lighten the load for week. One jerry has this to say listen. We've got a marathon here and we won't zeke. When we get to the play offs. We won't zeke when we're in the <hes> dog days of this season and as you well know you have to plan your personnel and you have to manage a player the caliber of zeke you have to as to what parts of the game he using how much switch to use them and so breasts teak is we got into the end of the season would be great. We're now joined by f s one n._f._l. While in us this right you held up twice during your playing days i was in the other was a disagreement. This agreement was one of them is money. No money disagree. I'll effectively. You didn't play. I didn't play. I didn't play one plus. One in your opinion who has the advantage here is a cherry or isn't zeke at this point point well i. I think it's <hes> zeke. Zeke is as a young player steel <hes> they need to win. They look the cowboys opened up with the giants nice then you might say the giants and not a good football team but that's a that's a division game. That's gonna be a tough game. That's the you know and they don't like each other then they got the risk is another division game so and you really don't like i said it really no. You're right now. You're talking about the cowboys. Could they be one in one. Could they be to an old or you just never know. They have a tough schedule. They have to play the patriots. They you have to play the rams that they can. We play the new orleans saints so this is not an easy schedule. I think jerry looks at this like this. He has three guys is he has to pay. She has to pay back. She has to be a mari and he has to pay pay. I think he will pay. He has to pay zeke so if if he didn't have that set of just two guys the one guy that paid. I think it'd be easy deal but i do believe that zeke has the upper hand in this because jerry wants to win the super bowl jerry seventy six years old. I mean if the cowboys super bowl they are the brand is already here then muscle bone at twenty three years now they win. It's gonna go in two thousand nine. Hundred ninety kabul was with back with bags so you you know he didn't say that every year you do that. Nobody wait wait. They've been back for three years but they've been the playoffs but but they really they think zeke has up. Shannon thinks he has such an upper hand but he's going to hold out like half a year none of them and then another one hundred dollars now gone up to eight games plus four when we started i month to see the thing is is that when you look at it jerry he at first. He said it was he just didn't report. He refused to use the word like e was curtain written a rally. It was a disagreement hold. Jay was like this is not a whole he's had reported yet and then like this is too good for the player in it's too who good for the cowboys. Let me repeat jackson. Did you remember he's a you had a copy that had played again jason. It's too good for the player too good for the cowboy yeah. He said that on august before so right now zeki say right now. Jerry is good for you. It ain't good for me now. Giants were at washing at miami where it gets real tricky skipping starting september twenty ninth at new orleans then green bay at the jets home to the eagles. I mean there's one breather in the <hes> the breathe okay so this is a word agree with this. The schedules go to dictate whether or not he gets his money because they won in three. We can get his money if they three and one four no leaking get no money if you <hes> days willing to gamble on that i'm gambling basketball talk radio or is he no doubt at the crap table. I've already lost everything i'm out. Who goes last. Let iraq uh-huh oh goodness. It's your only hope that up to now. Only he is not going to hold doubt jerry still has the psychological advantage in this holdout in part because jerry has far more experience at this than zeke has because because zeke has never done this before and i know he's got smart people in his ear but it still comes down to the psyche of that running back it still comes down onto what made eric dickerson tick during his pretty short holdouts that pretty pretty that they didn't last this long right. I missed. I missed a game in eighty eight minutes time i think he missed two games a well. You know what starts happening in the back of your head. It's hard man because you're away from your guys guys and you're by yourself and your agents saying you're okay. You're okay and you keep thinking i want to be there was hard as give betas. I see guys that i'm better with and they make in double my money that would be looking at eighteen hundred twenty one hundred and i do make it ten times with no. I wish i might mike come to camp. So why didn't you miss three games or for big little money. They give them a little bit a little bit of money. It'd be a little bit of money. Okay okay look. Jerry is about to give zeke a whole lot of yeah. It's not going to be wildly more than todd gurley got but it'll be a little bit more in some category. We're we'll make zeke feel proud enough that he can strut his stuff back into the locker room with his chest out in his head hailed guy. I got my money. He'll give with him a little more average annual. He'll give him a little more guaranteed or he'll give him a little more upfront bonus one of those where he can say. I reset the market in that category. I do not think the total package will be wildly more than todd. Gurley got both a question if zeke had never gotten any kind of trouble if he would just been squeaky clean. Do you think he will pay them already. Yeah that's interesting. What do you think you'd be more. Absolutely absolutely jerry continues to say that that has absolutely nothing to do but it has something to do now i i. I think this would have been done by now if he had no baggage. Bagnall nothing happened. I keep trying to tell him because i know jerry so well. This would've gotten done three weeks ago. If zeke had reported to camp on time jerry jerry is at heart a player's owner. I don't care what you say loves his players to a fault especially his star players because jerry played a little little football. He was a starter our national championship team at arkansas in again. Was he great. Nobody was good enough to be guard. He's starting all but you see. It's very interesting inskip. You say jared the players but you say something to end at the end of the day jerry owner at the end of the day money. Money is the motivating end of the day. He's sport has a cap. That's all okay. They've got no cap. We'll let you won't you should've played baseball. Owners boarded up out of running back but it goes back to sit earlier jerry. What's what a super bowl. I mean he does most important thing and with twenty one wants to win one too. I believe he is made of the right. Stuff wanted a lot more than others and i keep telling him. Your game is about this battle between your your inner self of you wanna earn or win because they they're kind of mutually exclusive exclusives geeta want boohoo money your money. You could make no salary steinbrenner here so help me understand this now. Zeke wants this money in jerry's gonna probably have to give him his money but then he said we will manage it when you manage bill bill kobe. Did you manage no. They didn't worry about your cares. Badgering peterson barry sanders emmitt smith. They never worry about kerry's. Now you gotta bail. You pay the man fifty eighty million dollars a year until about oh i can let you twenty cares game twenty to care now. They're going to run him to ground. I about wait a second. You're missing the new development. There's number thirty sell come back. Come on now. He's he's the the new jerome bettis because jerome thirty six and this this attack a mom. I said at first and i'm going to be last to this market too because tony pollard caller can play. He is not zeke but he is a quality n._f._l. Running back who could carry the load through the first three games antibi- everybody look he's never done it before. Look when you come out of college and all of a sudden you plan for the dallas cowboys and you expect it feels ezekiel elliott shoes for let's say three weeks that is a hard fi and he's never cared about more than double digits than to hang that whites memphis fault by the way that kept him really fresh right right. He's not beat up. Maybe you know something we did. Well you can speculate on. I'm testing what i saw. This kid kid flashed off my t._v. Screen in the two games. I watched memphis boiler. I said that keep any flare zeke no no he wasn't doing zeke stall. It goes to show you that they that they need aspen santa's they need it will get it done done next week. You said if you said it jerry is they. They players. He's he's. He loves players. He loves his players like you say to a fault and that's a good thing frankly more than grant well. You know what jerry is going to sell them. It looks at it with zeke. He's gonna make more money and even without zeke. If the cowboys go six ten that hurts the cowboy brand that really another brand blues in more than winning in three years and the most valuable sports team and all the world so nothing can hurt that brings a message but if they win when you win imagine mind okay what you have become a puppet on kyrie strings and he's just being shading now he goes good cop and he goes bad cop and shannon goes way up here and then he goes way down ear we would he wanted to come the camp because see what jerry and steven. They tried to cut the owner agent so they'd worked directly. We can get this deal done now. You know jay man. This is actually a good thing for the plane. Hold on. Let me ask you a question. Do jerry jones have a lawyer does he does he did. He do this. Deal stadium deal directly with with a._t. And t. or did he let his lawyer family well. I mean he does a lot of the negotiations with players and i thought no. That's not the question that'd be less pepsi. Did he do to deal with a._t. And t. what's that have to do with the deal with the player because he has an agent. He has an attorney that works in the best interest of jerry jones old so i got an agent that works in the best interest because because he's a big bank take see jared put clauses and stuff in there that i really understand yeah. It's the play of the standard can go up about ten to twelve percent every year and so what looks good right now going to be a year too so that's why you're gonna keep. Iraqi rug is that were not right here with told you what would happen. Zeke would have gotten a little more a lot sooner if he had to jerry the first day of trust me you know my my grandma say boy. All my buddies run the moon. I hear it did what he's on. Don't go see buddy the whole buddies for now because saquon barkley. He's been talking lately as see you back. Gonna stick around help us with this next one stay with us. I'm jenny taft. Thank you for listening to the undisputed disputed podcast but before the show moves along. Here's a quick word from our friends over at the fantasy footballers podcast the n._f._l. Season is back and that means one thing. It's fantasy football time. The fantasy footballers podcast is the most downloaded fantasy football podcast for a reason it has the most accurate rankings kings as measured by fantasy prose so you have a leg up on your competition want to dominate the waiver wire and your league be the first to find those hidden sleepers grab those ios breakout stars before everyone else then you should listen to the fantasy footballers podcast to get the most up-to-date until to win your match up each week. Subscribe describe right now to the fantasy footballers podcast on apple podcasts spotify or wherever you listen to your podcast you can also visit them on the web at the fantasy fantasy footballers dot com subscribe now and dominate your fantasy football league saquon barkley isn't shy about his talents after being named the offensive rookie of the year last season at an n._f._l. Network event said you gotta believe you're one of the best and that's what i personally will leave. Very centers also wait in and said that saquon has the potential for all time greatness after seeing the giants running back for just one year in the league so eric. Who do you think jake right now. Well you know you have to look at you. Know what guys has a doing would what they have. I believe that's that's what i believe. <hes> look at zeke elliott has done in dallas what he has done great. I look at what todd has done <hes> in l._a. What he has and i look at saquon in one year what he does and what he has and he didn't have much. What do you do or not he'd have much. I mean you don't have really have anything really doesn't have a great offensive line. You'll have a top receiver. I mean oh b._j. Was there last year but you never know what's happened with that. <hes> quarterback stay upright when that wasn't his fault. You just can't get out the way of anybody but i'd have to say for my money right now. I'd have to go with sake one because he showed me some things that i was like. Why why am. I never saw him playing cards. I would hear about him but i never watched him playing college when i saw him play. I was like wow. This guy is dynamic. He reminds barry sanders something special about him nearly because as a running back the big thing that helps backs that that acceleration because everything happened so fast the holes close fast your admiral engel sometimes if you can run angle and so for me a guy who doesn't have a lot and has done what he had over two thousand yards less you the toll office. I'll say this if i took todd and put him in the giants offense would be the same back. I just got to say that if you took zeke and put him in the giants office wouldn't be the same bag. It takes a guy that sometimes i didn't have a lot. That's when you see the greatness of a player and then have a lot like barry sanders didn't have hardly anything down there about twenty five hundred cowboys land bomb out of had me saying oh lord how valued thinking about that when you watch me walk him. I can't get a hold like god had a quarterback to throw the ball and get get depressed. If you'd gotten plays a cowboy defense every every sunday right you're right about that watched you run. I love that flick's flicks allied. Ah there that day four to forty eight forty ankle. Come outta so for me. I would have to say and he says it right. I mean you have to believe taste that good you. Might you know because if you just okay i'm just doing all right no because planned running back position you get hit. They talking to you. You you know is politics. I it's it's a lot to deal with. You know you thinking about how long has my career. If i gotta i gotta nick. Can i keep playing but i like what he says. You've got to believe leave that. You're the best and tell you that you'd ask. You may have been wrong in the got. The move your aw rookie to both of you are the n._f._l. History just said just verify. We like confirmation. When you go you flying out today you got confirmation right burland college hotel confirmation. You get a rental car confirmation. We liked confirmation confirmation. I like validation. You need right now now. Somebody's all fake. Why because he has power he has been he has the ability to make you miss and he can accelerate. He has a play the fifty yards or more. No other player has half as many skip in the thing is like a._b._c. talk about what he has. Let's talk about what he doesn't have. It ought to be milton. He doesn't have an offensive line because he's he'll have more yards than that because he gotta make fifteen people missing the bachelor with ask him he can catch the ball because when you look at running back now is just not good to be what we call pure runners. You must be able to catch the ball because if every time you come out of the game they know you're gonna throw it then. They're going to gear up for that. <hes> saquon bag his ability and i know you talked about where he gets like five yards here in two years and stopped in the backfield and then he ate my turn but you always do that but skill. He has no week the f. Tremendous balanced no great vision but the thing that i love most about him is that very few bags can do this. He can move laterally sadly and be putting putting dirty and hit hit on the goal. That's what i saw him do that. That was very few running back to the guy. That's two thirty thirty three to thirty five. It can make you miss the best running back ah sitting to my left right. You're right about that for one game. In one thousand nine hundred five playoffs at chicago other in that game he was the greatest i ever saw but that was the greatest arguably the greatest defense that everton yeah was assembled but the point with this man was he was what you call a bell cal back and he could impose his will on defense and just wear them out mentally as he did to my dallas cowboy defense that first playoff playoff game that year in anaheim and i don't know how many do you remember how what you got thirty. One thirty one carries to forty eight thirty one times he just hammered away way and a lot of it is just straight up. The gut is just like bone boom boom until you just wore them down and ultimately out out this kid and he's a great kid he can't do that. He doesn't run between the tackles with the authority that you have to run. If you are the bell cow back the best running back in football right now is my running back ezekiel elliott because he can just wear you down with his relentless run through your brick gwalior style he he will just if it's third and one he'll get yard and a half running through four tacklers. He will push people back he he will squirm scratch. He will claw and get yards that will we'll take some years off the back side of his career. Yes so the point with this young man saquon is if you take away his biggest russian each of the games that he played last year. He averaged forty nine rush yards a game. If you take them completely away then you find in so many games he had five games were if you take away the the big game that his rush arts arts average under two yards a game and he had ten games where he averaged under three yards rush without the one big killer rush he gives you okay but if you wanna tell me he's he's the best weapon in football. I will give you that but if you take away his biggest catch in a game he averaged twenty four receiving yards a game so i can give you a whole lot of one yard in two yard game leading to just one breakaway run that you remember the opener against the dallas cowboys. His long run was ten yards but on the other ones he went eighteen total yards on ten carries against my team because he just going nowhere slowly can't even to your point it out of the backfield well. He's not big enough and strong if he doesn't run with the authority to impose a leak noise now just done run bigger and stronger than the ten pound nope he's not. He doesn't run with the authority. Zeke does between the tackles. He's a dancer and a prancer it. Does i just gave you the number. Show me where he warns. You knows you know what he meant. He possessed better than zeke is to make you miss okay. He's the cutter best why he can definitely he can hit it hit on the goalpost the because we can't make that guy miss v. trying to run through the gap that guy can step step to the side zeki head on the goalpost well. I saw burgeoning all these ifs if he wanted to if he wouldn't have had the long run if she didn't lose it if they're doing but i'm not saying if i'm saying i give you the long run and then you gotta give me all those the night. Well you know there carries but you gotta understand in a football game. That's how it is. Sometimes you may stop me in the first half you missed you missed out all the way to the third quarter but sooner or later in that fourth quarter. I got got a fifty or i gotta. I gotta twenty you can't you can't take that away because that's football. Oh so is that now you want so now you wanna take away big okay. What about tom brady and the super bowl. Take it with a twenty nine yard throw. What are you talking about game winning drive bevan. He hit hit on the gold one game. How about the other the last one that he lost he threw for a five okay. What are you going to take away from the whole five. Show me what are you going to tell you the game at kansas third. I'm gonna take away to drop touchdown pass that he dropped. I'm gonna take the fumble. We will take with that but now we're talking about this. You look when you look at when you look at saquon and you look at it and there's talk. I like talk. I like libya. I like chimera skit when you combine all these guys he's bigger than you think because you don't think back his side can accelerate he has he's bigger in his lower body upper earl campbell but he can punish you allocate punish you go look at the number up zeke average four point <music> seven watch him run he doesn't he doesn't he doesn't run away from. He's back there. See if you have to have contact. You'll give you con- right but if i if i got by the way to get around you that's how you run. I'm not running to the contact right. I'm trying if i can make you missed z. Make you make you smart runner. I'll take the run to contact because he he can establish the run. I did not see saquon established any skill. If you put saquon behind the dallas cowboys offensive the blind i guarantee he'll have back to back two thousand yard season. Hey watch what happens when you put tony pollard behind the seriously i'm serious komo's the guy we had a good begging you hope what about yeah we were having a good tyron smith and travis frederick zack lyle collins yes anyway we we were talking about. You can talk girly and compare. My line is so good. I'm with you. Do i think it's better than phillies line and phillies. The one that pro football focus says the best that was the same offensive line that blocked for arkansas running back darren mcmahon. They got two thousand eighty nine. It's not the exact same line there will they say was not lao collins. Wasn't there yet well. He wasn't skew the hitch travis travis frederick intolerance meal all all pro pro bowl players locked for darren mcfadden who got two thousand eighty nine okay. He comes into next year goal for sixteen the game. There's the different ask. The difference is the best running back in football. I mean i like i'll take either one wanna. I'll take card. I take zeke. I take lady on his contract got so heavy on her shoulder pads is it's nice zeke. That's what's going to get this money because he knows saquon coming. He got to do right by saquon. Via scared to death a thirty six on his own team. That's who he's scared of. Trust me trust me running backs. It's totally pilot eric. Thank you so lebron are his critics. What are they going to get to the king because what he's saying here. We go but hey guys. This is jenny taft and i have a quick message for you about neum. Some people think that all diet and weight loss plans are the same name but that's because they haven't tried num. 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Ron posted this video to is instagram story with the hashtag washed king last week. Scottie pippen said he didn't believe lebrons could carry the load for his team anymore and a recent survey of n._b._a. Experts had the slight majority. Are you saying that lebron would not wanna title with the lakers shannon what is going on with your lebron here. Here's all the talk. Here's everything that's been said and jenny mentioned in the read this guy pinot radio silent right now right no no no no no what else he just. Here's everything yeah he's always hurt everything and even if he doesn't here there are people around him the here and bring it to him but he's also letting people know posted this. I hear would you guys are saying but i just want you to know that i'm getting this in skip. Bayless always had the way of saying they would say something lebron. We'd do this. Michael jordan would have never done that. I wonder if michael jordan would've ever ever shot a movie in the off season for an upcoming season. You thought he was done. Jimmy and what do you do it coming off a championship and no he didn't do it coming up with championship as a matter of fact he did when he got kicked out of the playoffs by orlando breathing check death when he did. He weren't coming off a championship but he was telling me at all in the champ. Well by guy got three of them to give. It's not to turn to tell you anything you champion anyway skill. This is the first time lebron james b seventeen seventeenth seventeenth n._b._a. Season that people are actually wondering that is questioning is the only downside of his career. Have we think the best lebron james ever be or can maintain the level that flayed at for such a long time. He hears that he's very motivated but but he also understands he has now. He has a better team. There's more going to be expected of him and he knows he needs to go very far. I have no doubt in my mind eh athlete releases get when i go home and lay in bed when i laid out a look at my clock news normal about nine old fine yeah but nine fifteen i cut the light off. Save able prayer a good night boy we go to sleep. He rested like that too because he took it. Would you say your prayer every night really yeah amber. They say that so ron and lebron does have a d- now but he does not have a._d._d. Because he's all attention he is focused on everything. He's all ears. All is he just drinks wchs at all because you believe the chargers talking about he what father time taverna mona's shoulder father tan so i got. Let's give is our definition of wash because it's not washed up washed to me is more like you're just worn out right you wash king is like just sort of worn out with all the attacks tax on him. You know all the attacks those character and no no he's saying y'all said i watched. I'm the wash king now. Okay washed up then washed up. Uh-huh watering keiko's washed up is everybody's saying he's done this. We definitely did did they tell up they who took the up everybody. That's what would i would say that. What is it a mistake. <unk> awash man to me. Wash means more like i'm just i'm just tired of this. I had a hard day or i had a hard month or whatever i'm washed. No no the emoji as well. <hes> you know like sick like throwing up because he's not happy about what's being said about him. If he gets a wash team then you're not the king anymore right which all trying to say which trying to put that out there oh he's not going to be lebron aw he's not gonna be great. He's going to take a step back more. He got a concede co. Why is the new king of leighton kuwa- will get nothing in like getting really even our house. He's a tenant in staple in to get their own building. He's going to be looking at us. All the statue. There are no clippers statute <unk> out frontal staples. We will continue that they'll get anything. I know eddie. Everybody wants to clip it to be good because you talking about hey did they have tom brady and the cowboys. They never compared to what they got for. The king live by you <hes> libra. Hey clue so the other day. Scottie pippen consider lebron. James is no longer capable of carrying a team. We don't we don't listen to robbins. We'll only listen to top notch superhero. Batman ironman superman wonder wonder woman. We don't listen to secretary. Robin got to watch up close and personal training through go ahead. What are you what are you gonna. Do you got to why he won't participate into the paint up to watch what happened so he knows what true goat looks like versus phony goats so he's just saying. I don't see it and you're seventeen. The the billy goat right there scale bailiff billy goat here they got that big old long beard yay they eat tin cans and a whole bunch of ten last year the big gorge when he eight and twenty seven is a starter for the lakers drive down south. You'll see a couple of standing old washed out buses standing on top now who my guy he'll the top l._a. Panel of experts were voting on e._s._p._n. Two two days ago and fifty one percent of them said lebron will never win another title as a laker won't win titles the lakers he's never one one is the laker obviously this year and forty nine percent said he would win one so you got forty nine percent but you've got more doubters doubt if they now we get out of akron today doubted we become the king and laid out if we go have a shoe deal and it was very interesting what kyle kuzma cassette about a month ago because in a very positive context in which he said ready ready yeah he also said so many people have been slandering during his name and i was just shocked at that quote at the reality of a lot of people are slandering the name of the king. Why is that because there's a lot of doubt out they're about the guy who got hurt last year and went twenty eight and twenty seven and had twenty seven twenty lead twenty seven eight mate and i know a lot of go half seasons like that and i'm going to break this time and i'm not going to show the blooper reel from lash lowlights because it's so bad what happened. I'm not gonna do it anymore anymore. Because it's just piling on and we know how bad it got. It was embarrassingly bad for lebron last year. Would you say okay well. This is what i'm going to say about about what he keeps posting like that one yesterday last night that is just sadly laughable to me. He's better than that. It's week. It's liam way. He's going to post the one jump shot. He made and we're going to follow. He made them all. That's the one he made. We don't see the ones he missed. What am i doing right here with overflow bra okay matthew lab. You realize off the wrong foot right. It's a wrong-footed left and when he does does it. That's what he does okay. I'll give you that but he keeps trying to tell us what he's going to do next year. Remember comeback season for the aged. I just say if you're that guy. If you're still the king just go radio silent and show us. I want him to show me he can carry korea team over eighty two games and through the playoffs to carry your t. o. Me with our put a show me. I am not going to allow you to put what a set number of days because no one you will. He only played sixty eight game. He was supposed to carry them over eighty two. I know you're gonna do but i know that you don't have a problem when tom brady radio show on pastor. Oh my arm is stronger any launches the ball sixty yards. You'd never have a problem with that. Just went another super bowl he again you. Everybody feel like this man fettuccini okay. He keeps showing you. That man is the un brady. That man is three and six on the final six. Tom brady is six three. He's the opposite of tom. Brady goldman brady yup mount rushmore goat of goats. Is tom brady. My rushmore yeah yeah. That's how it works on turnover of your hater out of what you have to keep doing that keep. I'm gonna huffing and puffing. Blow your house down the three little pigs yeah but that's what he's like. I'm gonna horford puff and blow your house down or not but you'll get no. Probably tom brady eh. We're tom brady. Pollsters say why why why. Are you going on vacation. Maybe he wins. He backs it up. Yeah yeah yeah that was pathetic year last year and that was up pathetic posts. I'm better than them. We lebron kingsborough on lebron. I mean you see what happens. The late game when the guy turned the ball over steph curry pass behind his back boom lay game against the seahawks russell wilson the ball over. They waited happen lebron lebron. They'll get those luxuries. That got those breaks. Tom gotten he's still shooting space jam to he because they fired the director. Got it start taking money out of him so much as the post-kyoto so then he goes in some jim and for five minutes he shoots dude dude another five minutes dr brady. Tom brady chose one clip. He'd been in there for three hours throwing. He's he's all jackson. Remember even jackson hole. Tom brady back it up with that run that he made in that preseason games that was briefed run. Did you see the head fake. Make make you miss. Nothing who is shown is nice all at this right here. I saw quickness better. I saw a new quickness. He just getting better and better. Lebron look good. His body looks good. Oh he beginning in okay birdie. Okay okay. We are all looking forward to seeing what the steelers dealers do this season have. They already filled the whole left yup. I antonio's bra juju smith schuster getting comfortable as the number one receiver with the steelers catching a touchdown from big ben in a preseason game on sunday but that's is not the only boost he's gotten recently thirty year receiver was tied for number seven on the sports business journal's most marketable players list while his predecessor antonio ground. It wasn't on the list at all <hes> which is crazy skip. How surprised are you that juju ended up so high on this list so you were pretty surprised that my god dak prescott was tenth but by far the biggest shock on this list is juju smith schuster all the way up up tied for seventh and threatening to make it into the top five while antonio was in the second tin because he was fourteenth in the total list right so tied for seventh versus fourteenth and he played in a._b._c.'s shadow in pittsburgh very interesting so so what do we what do we learn from this. What's the moral to this story. You have an a._b. Who to me is the biggest self promoter in all of the n._f._l. I got no problem with. It's just the way business is done. It's right this day and age that's fine but he is all about clicks and like he he lives on. I g and to his credit. He has huge charisma. We can even see hard knocks. He's got a p._s. Got like a million watt smile and when he turns on in his personality there's a lot of charm to him. He has the best yet more marketable because to me he's just far more likable likeable and he is backing up so far on the football and i think he will continue to this year. Okay so what's wrong with too many incidents vince too many controversies. He's it's always something with a b and a lot of times it's negatively a._b. Versus been it's a._b. Versus the steelers. It's a._b._c. versus the league over the new helmet right. It's always a controversy that has a negative vibe to it right argue arguing that has is hurt his marketability in the biggest picture when he wants to sell himself because business is booming right okay so juju is is a great kid. We've had him on the show in the explanation of why he is tied for seventh some of the the let me read some of it. What was it sports business. This journey slash users appearance on the list is driven in large part by his social media acumen his interest in sports and his open in an accessible personality. He's a new age hero. He's the epitome of the next generation generation z. loves him and he's well positioned to be at the forefront of the n._f._l.'s marketing initiatives going forward that is a big mouthful for a kid that i did not see coming and yet like this but just for the record. He caught one hundred eleven balls last year to a._b._c.'s one. Oh four he had one thousand four hundred twenty six yards receiving two one two nine seven for a b and he was voted as you know zemin dp right so the players bought into him and i've bought into him because he he he's more likable because he doesn't sell himself. He's not trying hard to grow vinci. I'm this. I'm that way. Antonio always comes off as if he's selling himself without settling himself. He is no easy pleasant. Yes he's accessible. He's open and remember the last playoff game. He stood out on the field at the school board of the ravens game because they needed the rain right now. So i agree with you skip. I am surprised but i think what and they mentioned. It and i've had it wrote down here but i think he's very relatable. He has a great personality. The pittsburgh steelers that's the very a bear with this franchise and they travel very very well but i'm surprised considering that he's so young he plays a dependent position but because all l. the reason that they mentioned his social media he comes across very likeable. He comes across as very relatable like you see him. Skip heathen even a shoe store anybody anybody everybody shoes or he's played eastport game with people so they look like mad man. He called and he just liked one of the homeys. Amis people like reliability people like they like man. He's just he's a professional but it you didn't know he played sports. You would never knew he played sports at this juncture right now. What is a beagle market would you would you a._b._c. L. to you and now i want to exactly yeah exactly so for me right now. I am surprised i'm really surprised because i think they're like it'd just go to show you. You don't have to be the best but you just have to have some quality resonate with the people at home and he has a quality. Here's likability his relate ability here the fascist personality it comes across. He comes across his warm. He comes across this man. I'm he doesn't come across like man. I'm thinking we should just cut it out. Yeah i think people are tired of the gore. The back and forth that abe is going back and forth <music> being. I think they want him. Not just take the high road okay. You got what you wanted. You wanted out of pittsburgh. You got your money. Why do you need to feel the need to go back and forth jude who doesn't have that so. He has a like ability. That's very clear because i was around a lot at u._s._c. and like everyone kind of always wanted to be where juju was yeah. It was the same with the media you couldn't get enough of him and everyone said from that day on their like he's going to be a great little home the name in growth banking jews you. That's you know he's gonna be so much better. I like time ring of juju smith schuster how you'll go. Hey hey hey doodoo every how you go to that. If i do yeah you're not going to do. I think that juju you is better than antonio us just not do. I think he's really good. Do i think he's gonna get better. Do i think ben rothlisberger is going to make a point of trying to make him a star. I do to your point. You say better here. Be careful what you wish for because you're gonna get doubled and you're you're gonna feel a whole lot. Different coverage swung through by bill situation where they double double a. B. and juju got honey double juju in washington honeywell. James is going to get some hundred. I watch guys. We gotta go back to jerry here. Is he really going to let zeke miss regular season games it could onto this. We'll discuss next well. Ezekiel elliott's holdout continues jerry jones squashed rumors yesterday that zeke was recently offered any new deal saying that there is nothing nothing new to report with the negotiations jones also said that the team was prepared to play without certain players due to injury suspension or even a holdout after the cowboys team luncheon yesterday jerry still seemed calm about the situation with zeke shake elissa but really the the whole point that i'm making about all we don't don't have any movement at all and the same way we look at anytime the really we'll get ready for the giants and if he's not there to jazz and he comes into next or the next or the next or will use them for the play. Did you like jerry saying this. I'm going to be honest with you i did not i'd love that one. It was not necessary to draw a line that deeply or harshly into the sand it was not not necessary to suggest or imply that the cowboys could make the playoffs without zeke and then he could come back fresh for the play offs because because i'll be honest with you. I doubt they could make the playoffs without ezekiel. Elliott told you he's not zeke aw i doubt it will come to that. This deal will get done next week. Jerry is just negotiating his behind signed off and this was his latest salvo. His latest bad cop response his latest line in the sand to zeke. That was the equivalent yvonne of z coup. Remember that one guy this was a z coup to go so far as to suggest well we got this and then you come back gopher nice ride in the play offs because we'll get to the ploughs without you. That's not going to happen because he's he's not going to miss games or certainly the whole sixteen game regular season so it's jerry playing bad cop again just to send another message to zeke who's just lonely. Stuck down down in kabul that hey we're doing great without you. We're ready to go forward without you and he's not and there will be a phone call made. I'm gonna guess it's going to be sunday night. That will reopen negotiation line of communication. They'll negotiate fittingly on labor day on tuesday day. Maybe he and taken call. They'll labor day without teachers. Rocky is due to make a big commission off this. This is one one of his biggest commission. He will work on labor day awful labor but as i always say that jerry he says some dumb things but he ain't stupid hoop it but in this case this is a little border on dumb thing. He can't stop talking scale yeah. He can't because himself talk because everybody normally caved jaren in come on in and then he'd have nothing to talk about but because the can is representative have not caved jerry he keeps trying to well you know if he doesn't come back jazzy come next week in another yada yada yada. We just put a playoff. Don't believe that jerry doesn't believe that first of all. You've been very dismissive of on the team in the n._f._l. N._f._l. jerry that you just go into the playoffs. Really you know you don't start where you left off last year automatically. Get so you get back to the playoffs but you'll be sorry skilled. You'll be sorry when zeke you'll not in uniform on and i want my ten cases. We come here that monday. I want my ten cases. Okay we only thirty two. I in writing on so far ahead. What do i have to lose plus. I have the courage of my conviction unlike somebody combined vacillated wildly across the table and you feel everybody in this thing work a week from monday. We'll just one week ago. Oh you were saying it's over. He's coming in before game one yeah because you think he's gonna get his whatever guaranteed. He's going to get a really a sweet deal. No deal from your standard is sweet deal from zeke's there to the two different sweet well jalen smith. Gotta nice deal exactly team uh-huh. There's a good chance that jerry stephen negotiated with jalen smith one on one yeah jerry has positioned this perfectly because this team needs a rocket launch right into the season in the first rocket launch will be signing zeke and then i won't be surprised if by thursday or friday they announced the dak deal and here here we go go shannon sharpe right down to i'm looking for here here. We go. We have to abort mission abort mission skip bayless because because you know what happens rocky arsenal joel siegal and todd france big buffer to there's jerry here here the agent and there's and there's the player and jerry is trying to peek over to a g._p. Hey hey you'll see that's what you give. You learn like uh-huh movie star they like you. I just keep walking because once you turn around and you get your attention. Did you carry on a conversation. Do you keep walking pretending no. Oh here plus some headphones on jerry. We hear you <hes> the checkup under the door. We'd take a look at it slider back in zero uh-huh negotiate wayne doodo talk. We'll let slatted backdoor thing put him it showed you his cards on august the fourth when he said the results are too good for them and too good for the cowboys and then he reiterated think about that that too good for them too good for us that means it will get done money money money money pitfall. We don't have to pay money for using make money. Breeze coming out of your what what sang a song i gotta write this pro. I somebody remorse speed is birthday rebirth amendment. There is one thing now. Lebron can't even come close to chasing. I'm jay. It may have something to do with bomani. Hey welcome back. The heard is coming up next right here on f s one. Let's head over check. Check in with colin coward today. Hey colin what is on the show. I'm going to make a plea to the dallas. Cowboys do not sign zeke at least now you you have more leverage. I'll break it down to show you how much the cowboys have and if you look at their schedule i'll make a case. It's the easiest in the league not joking. That's coming up our i call thanks time for our final topic of the day. The goat debate might ray john between michael jordan and lebron but when it comes instill shoes. I'm jay is king according to forbes m._j. Earned an estimated one hundred thirty million dollars from shoe sales from the past year. That's more than four times as much as lebron who made the second most with thirty two million so shannon surprised that m._j. Made so much more than lebron sails. There's no because he had a twenty year has started to build his empire and we know how did yes down. He's fifty six years old. He hasn't played for whoa sixteen. Doing it skilled. North carolina is a jordan is a team jordan oklahoma these teams that and so yeah you had a twenty year head start to build them prior. We know what michael jordan kneels no. I'm not surprised he did three over three billion in sales so he he made made more just from nike lionel messi may and he's the highest paid athlete so i'm not surprised. Stop it m._j. One hundred million dollars dollars then then the guy you call the king so goat. The true goats still dominates the phony goat from a distance from retirements. Fireman's can't skip started twenty years head start. This must just tear apart lebron james because he can't even get in the conversation so number two hulu okay dean. Guess what i was a little surprised kevin drainers right on lebron's tale. There is right eat nipping at knowing thirty. Thank you mayor different nipping. I'll thirty-two to twenty-six. He's in the ballpark thirty one of the ballpark yeah and nobody in the ballpark scout come on if you go get lebron to get eighteen lebron. He's going to have to be the the fisher shoe of some university. We'll get another get like a thanks for listening to the undisputed did podcast. I'm johnny tapped. Join us again at the same time tomorrow morning nine thirty eastern see you then tale of learn.

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