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Yeah it's a Saturday night in the fall of Nineteen eighty-four in Houston Houston Texas Forty niners head coach. Bill Walsh is sitting in his hotel room and he's bored tomorrow. The coach will lead his first place. Team against the the lowly winless oilers. He's not exactly sweating. The Matchup Walsh turned on the TV he yawns flips through a few channels calls. The local Weatherman is saying to expect heavy rain. Storms tomorrow but the forty niners are playing inside the astrodome. So that isn't such a big deal. Walsh tries another channel now. This one's more up his alley. The News showing highlights of a local college football game Mississippi Valley State against Texas. It's a southern and it's raining touchdowns on one play a lean receiver skies for a catch in the endzone gets demolished. Mid Air is spun around like a propeller and somehow holds on Walsh's is get bigger he inches closer to the screen on another play. The same receiver easily beats is man pulls down a pass while streaking down the field and comfortably jogs into the end zone with long beautiful strides. Walsh can't take. His eyes is off the tiny school star. Who really shouldn't be anywhere near his big time? Radar the footage is grainy. But it's jumping off the screen and Walsh who's nicknamed. The genius knows a special talent. When he sees one Walston picks up the phone and calls the forty niners niners director of football operations whose staying down the hall moments later he enters Walsh's room? Walsh still looks shell shot. He says this. I just watched clips of a kid. You need to see the ops Guy Asks Him who is he whilst tells them Cherry Rice by. Now you've likely heard about Disney plus the new streaming service that includes includes Disney Pixar Marvel Star Wars and National Geographic Disney plus is now available in the US and it has one of the most incredible libraries in the entire tire streaming landscape. And it's all ad free from beloved classics like Snow. White and the seven. WARF's to modern blockbusters like Captain Marvel will an avengers endgame to critically acclaimed documentaries like National Geographic's free Solo. The content on Disney plus is truly unparalleled Disney plus also offers beloved series like the Simpsons and host of originals like the Mandal Laurean the first ever Star Wars live action series as well as high school musical. The musical the series of very meditate on the beloved film franchise. It's no wonder Disney plus has become one of the most talked about streaming services twenty nineteen. So don't miss out. Sign up for Disney plus now and start streaming all this great content today from wondering. I'm Dan Rubenstein and this is sports wars in our first episode. We looked at how the upbringing of Jerry Rice and Dion Sanders Sanders helped to shape their football origins. And how they're shared hunger led to dominating everyone else on their fields. Now the two of them can fully focus yes on their respective football gifts for Jerry. It's nonstop training and dedication to the craft of playing wide receiver and for Dion. It's showing off his natural actual ability on the field and growing his own. Spotlight off it. This is episode to world versus Primetime. Back it's April. Thirtieth nineteen eighty five in Jackson Mississippi. Jerry Rice is that his brother. Tom's apartment watching the NFL draft on ESPN. Jerry is it's pretty nervous. He knows teams are questioning his speed after clocking a four seven one forty yard dash at the NFL draft scouting combine an event that puts prospects spects through the paces for an NFL. Receiver hoping to make his mark. That time is borderline crawling. He's heard some experts talk about him as a potential first round pick. He's also heard predictions that he could slide to the second round or worse. That's why he's not having a huge party for friends and family family like other draft picks instead. He's sitting anxiously on a bright yellow couch with his brother and his brother's wife. Jerry thinks about his parents right now. His mum is cleaning someone else's house and his father like usual is out in the heat laying bricks. Jerry knows what this moment could mean for them. What it could mean mean for Tom? whose own dreams of making the NFL fell short? Now it's on Jerry shoulders to make it out of Mississippi and lift his family out of poverty across the country at the forty niners draft headquarters in California Bill. Walsh sits down in the team's draft war room at a long table with the front office brain. Trust Walsh's forty niner squad. The year before led by all pro quarterback Joe Montana went fifteen and won and won the super bowl in a blowout. The one thousand nine hundred forty niners have now come to be known as one of the greatest teams ever assembled but Walsh is always thinking about next year the future. It's now been six months since he saw the blurry highlights of that unguardable small school receiver in that Houston Hotel Room since then. His Scouts have repeatedly told Walsh Walsh wiped. His Gut is wrong about Jerry Rice. How Jerry is too slow for the NFL that he played against? Nobody's every week but whilst trust his ability to evaluate wait prospects. Six years ago he fell in love with a supposedly noodle armed. QB with the eighty second overall. Pick the man with that noodle arm Joe Montana Montana and now for weeks Walsh has been studying jerry on tape watching how easily he gets open. How gracefully he runs with the ball? After the catch in watching Rice's film Walsh's conviction has only grown stronger. Jerry might not be fast on a track but his football speed or speed while changing indirection and running routes is blazing. Walsh is also the mastermind of what's come to be known as the West Coast offense. It's a system based on short short quick passes to multiple pass catching weapons to eventually set up longer. Plays Walsh believes Jerry is a perfect fit. The head coach has actually already. We've been adding to his playbook with Jerry in mind but there's one big problem the niners have the last pick in the first round number twenty eight overall rumors are now swirling that the Dallas cowboys also love. And we'll grab jerry at number seventeen Jerry's brother's house in Mississippi Jerry's heart is is jumping out of his chest as the draft enters. The middle of the first round to wide receivers have already been taken Altoona at number ten by the jets and Eddie Brown down to the Bengals at number thirteen then. Tom Rice's red landline phone rings. It's the forty niners. Walsh has pulled off a trade with the Patriots creates owners of the sixteenth pick. The niners are trading up to bring Jerry Rice to San Francisco San Francisco Forty niners select sixteenth picking the first round wide receiver. Jerry Rice SIPPY VALLEY JERRY LEAPS UP. He yells yells. I got drafted. Jerry is heading to the Super Bowl Champs. It's the day after the draft and Jerry. Sorry is terrified. He's sitting on a plane clutching a one way ticket to San Francisco. Jerry has never been to such a huge city before worse. He's never never been on an airplane. Before as the plane speeds down the runway and liftoff Jerry suddenly feels a wave of nausea as the plane plane levels off and heads West across America though. Jerry's fear of flying and stomach ache is replaced by doubt. He wonders to himself. Am I actually it could enough for the NFL. He can't imagine returning home with his tail between his legs and laying bricks again. He can't imagine letting his family down leading down Crawford Mississippi it's July nineteen eighty five in the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains Jerry. Rice walks onto to the practice field for his first day of forty niners training camp. The first thing that catches his attention stops him in his tracks. is how perfectly green and manicured the grasses. And then he spots Joe Montana an all pro defensive back Ronnie Lott to forty nine legends. These guys he's seen on. The pages of sports illustrated his helmet and his right hand. Jerry jogs onto the field. His new teammates nod their heads in his direction. They seem welcoming Jerry thinks but as the new guy he also senses that he'll need to gain their respect. He'll do that on the field. He tells himself even if they chuckle at his country Twang or his haircut are cut which is tall and thin and pretty dorky. They actually nicknamed him. Burt as in Sesame Street Bert weeks later during a preseason game in la a against the Rams Jerry feels more sure of himself during camp. He was getting open against veteran defensive backs including lot and he seems to be quickly developing chemistry hemisphere with Montana before one plate Jerry glances over at the head coach. Bill Walsh standing on the sideline. Rice is very serious about justifying. Walsh's faith in him then on a deep post route. Jerry is wide open but drops the pass. He's embarrassed but tries to shake it off onto the next later in the game game though the same thing happens another drop then another it's uncharacteristic. Jerry's always been so sure handed and now as the regular season opens up. The problem doesn't go away in Rice's first eight regular season games. He drops eight passes a ton for the supposing the next big thing fans and reporters rush to call Jerry a bust booing him calling him butter fingers coming from such a small school school. Of course he's GonNa melt under the pressure of the big time now. Jerry is even starting to get sideways glances from Montana during one of those games James Halftime after a first half featuring a drop jerry sobs in the locker room that night Jerry speaks with his girlfriend. Jackie who's in Mississippi. He tells her that he's lonely that he already feels like a failure. Jerry wants so bad to prove people wrong that he's now trying too hard he's still not Foley comfortable with Walsh's offense and now his overthinking is costing him and the team it's nighttime in early December nineteen eighty five at candlestick park in San Francisco. The eight and five are hosting the first place nine and four rams on Monday Sunday night. Football before kick-off ABC analyst Oj. Simpson previews the key players in the matchup rams running back Eric Dickerson. The forty niners Montana China and running back Roger Craig one player. OJ Doesn't even mention Jerry. Rice Montana though isn't about to give up on the rookie. When when Jerry enters the game early and gets open Montana gives him another chance canary right to right now to the twenty eight yard line? I Down Forty niners Jerry on a deep blue Montana with a strong bro. Shortly after Montana throws it in Jerry's direction again in the Jerry Burke down by Jerry's confidence is growing Montana's has confidence in Jerry is growing and Jerry's not done after a few more catches he's stopped thinking he's just reacting siebel catch ball then in the third quarter rice runs a deep route data six yard touchdown there arise the number one draft pick valley state who have difficulties football early. Tackler here tonight. It's a breakout performance. Jerry Hall's ten passes for two hundred forty one yards just in this game alone a franchise record. It's the fall of nineteen eighty six and Tallahassee Florida on a street lined with colorful trees a black convertible with the license plate that that reads Primetime zooms by behind the wheel. College Sophomore Dion Sanders is wearing an expensive suit and thick gold chains. His hat is cocked. Talk to the side and he's talking on an enormous cell phone dion smiles. He has an idea back in his dorm room. He writes in a little black book on the the best thing since peanut butter and Jelly water covers two-thirds of the earth. I cover the rest. You throw my way next thing you'll hear. Is the band playing in the bathroom through mirror. Dion rehearses the lines until they're memorized primetime. The alter ego he recently invented is already a hit and a recent Florida. The State Football Fan Day event dion sat behind a table with the sign. Primetime and a huge crowd gathered. A crowd also gathered next to him by coach coach. Bobby Bowden's table to meet the coach. And till Dion realize they were all there to see prime time to on the field demons kneepads and sweatband have prime-time printed on them. His trash talking is prolific playing at Michigan State that season against all American wide receiver. Andre Horizon Dion yaps. Across the line of scrimmage. I watched you on tape and thought you were great. The film must've lied. In the second half they get into a shoving match then start punching shing each other in the helmet futile as that sounds after the game during which Reisen caught just one pass and a thirty one two three loss to Florida state. Primetime I am tells. The media fees the best in the big ten much when reporters asked about his trash talking dion. Says I'm like Oprah Winfrey out there. I'm talking the whole show but he backs it up in his junior year. Dion is voted a consensus all American and Florida state finishes number two in the country. It's a Sunday afternoon in November of Nineteen eighty-seven at Tampa Stadium in Florida. The seven to forty niners are on the road for a game. Mm against the buccaneers in the middle of Jerry Rice's third NFL season. It's been nearly two years since Jerry's coming out party against the rams on Monday night football since then. The man wearing number eighty has been nothing short of incredible. Despite the early drops Jerry finished his rookie season with nearly a thousand yards receiving even the next season in nineteen eighty six. He became unguardable man to man. He was voted first team all pro and had an NFL best. One thousand five hundred in seventy yards receiving and fifteen fifteen touchdown catches and this season. He's been catching balls in the end zone at a historic rate through through six games. He's already pulled them eight touchdowns on this Sunday back in Crawford Mississippi. Jerry's parents decide to leave church early in the new house. Jerry Jerry who built for them they gather around the TV to watch their transcendent bricklayer-turned NFL star Sun. And Jerry doesn't disappoint he catches. which is three touchdown passes against the bucks as the niners comfortably win? Twenty four to ten. It's now a Saturday night. In December about a month later in the forty nine or film room coaches are showing highlights of the team's Monday night game against the bears. The niners took it forty one nothing in a match up of ten and two teams and the mood. What is upbeat Jerry? Another three touchdowns that's now eighteen on the season tying in NFL record. After one of those touchdowns. Jerry decided sided to do the cabbage patch dance. It's become a bit of a trend for players around the league to create signature end zone celebrations after scoring touchdowns Jerry wanting running to fit in came up with one of his own but now as he watches himself dance and make a fool out of himself on film. Jerry is horrified. He's he's embarrassed served. His teammates around him are laughing. And it's all in good fun but this isn't me Jerry thinks I'm better than this more professional. Shnell he vows that and they're all never show boat like this again. It's not my thing it's September Seventeenth Nineteen eighty-eight Gate Clemson South Carolina. It's a gray Saturday afternoon inside memorial stadium also known as Death Valley most of the eighty five thousand five hundred. Seventy six fans are cheering on their CLEMSON. Tigers ranked third in the nation as the visiting seminoles. Take the field. The clemson fans rain down booze and they're directed directed at one player in particular wearing a Florida state uniform. That player is prime time Dion Sanders into the game as the Tigers lineup for upon dion stays on the field and jogs back to his own thirty yard line. Ready to receive. Dion raises both hands to the crowd and shouts to the clemson sideline. And this was going all the way back. Clemson Punter Chris Gar Dokki unleashes the punt now from Dion vantage point. He sees a canyon of Orange Orange shirts. Stretching up to the heavens an ordinary player would have butterflies right about now but not primetime he lives for this what he actually hates or games against lesser opponents week or mediocre receivers. Those Games bore him and he doesn't always play his best. He needs a big stage to really get his juices flowing and this one definitely qualifies. Now it'll be Dion Sanders twenty four. Aw in the middle whis is way. No it's just the it's going to be a touchdown Dion Sanders in reply seven as teammates mob dion in the end zone. He shouts to the clemson crowd. How you like me now? The seminoles win twenty four. Twenty one dion touchdown return is a difference maker. It's four days later back. In Tallahassee Dion drives from his Condo to practice the seminoles are preparing for Saturday's game against Michigan State. The spartans best player is senior wide. Receiver Andre Reisen a likely first-round pick pick like dion as you may remember last year in East Lansing Dion and Andre got into a war of words and fists. Reporters asked for Dion. Sounds reaction to rise in calling him overrated. Dion tells them that he doesn't like people saying that he's not an all American when he's made every all America team including including Betty Crocker's a reporter asks what Dion thinks of rises other comments that last season he beat the on five or six times one on one but just never got the ball L. and that Florida state double teamed Reisen Dion Response with. He said he beat me five or six times. How come you only one pass for eleven yards? We don't double cover anybody if I needed to cover jerry rice one on one whether your reaction is. We'll do excellent or I caramba. This is definitely some exciting news. The Simpsons are now a part of Disney's brand new streaming Dreaming Service Disney plus. 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It's the night before Florida State's sugar bowl. Matchup Against Auburn and Dion is lounging in his hotel room. He leads the nation in and punt return yardage and is on his way to winning the Jim Thorpe award given to the nation's best defensive back since Dion told the world that he could take Jerry Rice one on one his antics his self promotion have only gotten crazier after getting pulled over recently for speeding and his convertible dion told. The COP. Don't story I WANNA have Perry Mason come to court with me and fight the ticket in their final regular season game against rival Florida which the seminoles easily took fifty two to seventeen gene. Dion arrived at the stadium in a stretch limo. He emerged wearing a Tuxedo and a flamenco dancers hat. He's also been talking more and more about out his NFL money referring to himself more frequently in the third person he insists that reporters call him prime time in their articles. Not Diop now. Some of his favorite sayings include. It doesn't matter if you win or lose it's how you pay the game and I've got the lottery ticket. Just wait MMA cash it in and Florida state's been good to me but I'm ready to get paid for playing. I'm looking forward to going out in style. It's the next night January. Second at the superdome in New Orleans twelve seconds remain in the sugarbowl Florida state. Leads thirteen seven over seventh-ranked Auburn. Who has the ball at the seminal twenty two third and Tan Dan who had twenty two the timing sanders all the way over by the Auburn? It when better for Dion Sanders to put an exclamation point on a big win than in. TV's prime time. It's early Sunday morning. January twenty first nineteen eighty-nine Four. AM early the Hilton in Miami Jerry. Rice is is wide awake pacing in his hotel room in just a few hours at Joe Robbie Stadium The niners will meet the Bengals in Super Bowl twenty three Jerry's first time on the biggest get stage in American sports up until this point in his career. Jerry's largely had individual success in one thousand nine hundred seven a strike shortened season season. He finished the year with an all time. NFL record twenty two touchdown catches in just the twelve games during which he played his first three. The seasons in the League are now widely considered to be the best of any young. NFL receivers. I three ever but his team had failed to win a super pro bowl so jerry rice four years ago joined the defending Super Bowl Champs but is still yet to get a ring of his own this season so the nineteen eighty eight season. The niners started just six and five but caught fire the rest of the way so now back in his Pre Dawn Hotel Room Jerry is visualizing leising himself on the Super Bowl field running around getting open catching the ball racing into the end zone in just over twelve hours. It will be the biggest moment of Cherry Jerry Rice's career later that afternoon four hundred miles northwest in Tallahassee Dion Sanders sits in front of his TV watching Super Super Bowl. Twenty-three no hint of doubt enters Diaz. Mind he's positive. He'll be there one day playing in the Super Bowl and standing on the champions platform hoisting being the trophy. It's not a question of if just when the niners trail Cincinnati Thirteen six entering the fourth then Joe Montana and Jerry rice takeover jerry catches perfectly thrown ball over his left shoulder. For a fourteen yard. Touchdown pass on the final drive with the niners now. Down by three dion sitting at home sees Jerry. Make a pair of incredible grabs to keep the game alive for San Francisco. The forty niners win it soon after her and Jerry with a super bowl record two hundred and fifteen yards receiving is named. MVP Dion knows that prime time performs best best when the lights are brightest. He knows there's no better wide receiver in the world. Jerry Rice facing Jerry would be the ultimate challenge the Mount Everest of receivers achievers. It's the Super Bowl postgame during the award ceremony. Jerry's parents and siblings who drove to Miami from Mississippi to see their Jerry under the big lights it's appear with him asked about his performance in front of the world. Rice says I did okay. His Father Joe is asked Jerry will ever return to bricklaying Joe Calmly. Says he's doing what God intended him to do. It's April twenty third nineteen eighty-nine inside New York's Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square. Dion is dressed in a white and black sweatsuit. He's wearing gold rim sunglasses with a huge ring on each hand. One says prime the other time. Oh an heavy gold chains including dollar sign necklace. He flashes a million dollar grim. Dion expects to be a top pick especially after running blistering four to seven in the forty yard dash at the combine two months earlier it was nearly half a second faster than Jerry. Rice's time five years ago. He's has made it clear that he wants to play in Atlanta telling his agent. I don't want other teams drafting especially Detroit if they draft number three well. We'll have to demand an insane. The amount of money Dion Listens Dallas chooses. UCLA quarterback Troy Aikman first overall. Tony Mandarich goes second to the packers. Then Detroit's up nervous dread falls over Dion. His Smile Fades Lucky for dion the lions draft another Sanders Star Oklahoma state running back Barry Sanders Sanders. Kansas City then selects Alabama Star Derrick. Thomas with number four dion is again relieved. Now the Falcons are up the commissioner walks to the podium first round choice Dion Sanders quarterback order sake. Dion big smile returns a reporter asks beyond how much money honey he expects. The Falcons will pay him. Dion answer's going to be a lot of zeroes in that contract. It's September tenth. Nineteen eighty-nine Sunday afternoon at Fulton Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta Dion. Sanders is suited. Up and wearing a White Falcons Jersey. It's his first NFL game. It's been five months since the draft and after after lengthy negotiations. The Falcons agreed to pay Dion. Four point four million dollars over five years the most ever for a defensive back part of leverage is the fact that a little over a year ago the New York Yankees drafted him to play baseball after he showed huge potential playing the sport at Florida State. Now he's he's been playing for a Yankee Minor League team all season long even getting called up to the bigs during the summer the two sides though eventually come to an agreement and dion ditches pinstripes for shoulder pads and after getting his first paycheck Deanne lives up to his childhood promise. He buys his mother a house. In North Fort Myers on the a wealthy side of the bridge a mansion with palm trees out front when Dion tells her about the house she sobs and quits her job. It's now the first quarter her debut in the NFL. His Falcons force upon dion goes back for the return fittingly on a converted baseball infield portion of the field. And there's a buzz in stadium. One tiny seem he thinks this is going to the house. They on drift to the lamb takes on thirty. Pick it up one man never man listening going twenty five bucks in its dealings first official touch in the NFL. A sixty eight yard touchdown return breaking tackles weaving in and out of the coverage team and outrunning everybody to the end zone. It's early in the afternoon on Sunday. November Twelfth Nineteen eighty-nine at a jam-packed jam-packed candlestick park in San Francisco in just a few minutes. The forty niners will kick off the week. Ten game today feels a little different to jerry rice. There's an energy in the crowd that's unusual for a game against an opponent whose record is just three and six. The reason for the Energy Falcons. Rookie cornerback cornerback. deion Sanders Dionne wearing his white number. Twenty one uniform and chomping on gum stretches on the stadium grass the fans media the The CBS cameras. They're watching prime-time every move. In the days leading up to the game the media has been hyping this first ever showdown between Rice and Sanders Anders. This will be fun. Read a major newspaper headline of the upcoming Jerry Dion matchup the San Francisco Chronicle wrote that the forty niners special missile teams coach quote probably never had so many nightmares and quote preparing for Dion. Everybody knows that every time dion touches the ball his potential touchdown other newspapers have even reported how. NFL Punters are so worried about dion that they're kicking mechanics are getting screwed up. Prime time is is in everyone's head. Deans also on the current cover of sports illustrated the articles headline they. Don't pay me to be humble. Is a dion quote. Another line from the story is about Dion. Black Mercedes with plates reading just got paid right now. Diaz helmet is off and he. He feels a strong wind from the bay whipping against his face. He smells the salt. Water in the Air Diaz expression doesn't show his typical swagger. His is actually reveal a little bit of concern. The broadcasters are discussing the challenge that Dion faces here today but you know that Joe Montana's going to be looking into to the direction of young Prime Time Dion Sanders success that could mean primetime going into cancellation. It's the forty niners opening drive on the niners. Thirty seven Atlanta's playing zone so players are guarding areas. Not other players Dion at cornerback on the right side Jerry's lined up on the left. The other Atlanta corner owner on the left side is giving Jerry plenty of room. A lot of cushion so Montana throws a quick hitch past Jerry. Jerry quickly dashes around that corner. Who Falls Down Jerry? Splits to more defenders who also fall down then. Jerry loses his own footing after a sizable gain dion. Seeing this all unfold old things while he's much faster than on TV. It's a few plays later from the Atlanta Thirty Nine Montana completes another short pass to Jerry. Aw Jerry breaks to the center of the field makes a defender Miss and fall. He breaks a second tackle and is off to the races. Cutting diagonally across the field right at dion sanders the lone defender between Rice and the end zone but dion has no time to think he just has to stop Jerry from Sporran Jerry without slowing up cut sharply to the outside Dion. Surprised at the redirection gets spun around his back is now turned to jerry. Jones only shot now he realizes is to be Jerry to the corner goal line. So Dion sprints in that direction but a forty niner blocker is now clogging path around around the six yard. Line Dion jukes around the blocker and to the right. Jerry is at the ten and coming at full speed dion. Though has the position and the advantage it appears but jerry accelerates and in a blink the two are even at the five yard line. Dion knows he must at least try to push jerry out of bounds. But Gerry's too quick at the one dion desperately swats his left hand across Jerry's Helmet Yanks Jerry's face masks snapping Jerry's head back to Jerry. It's it's just a minor inconvenience. The best receiver in the game remains on his feet for the touchdown. Oddly there's no penalty. The Ref Rice is if swatted away at a fly is completely unbothered. The thirty eight yard touchdown play is the sixty fifth of Jerry's career as the crowd goes wild. Jerry raises both hands high. Suddenly the crowd boos replays. They're showing illegal and violent. Grab on Jerry's as face masks but Jerry is too busy high fiving teammates to notice the replay a touchdown touchdown the forty niners are now ahead. Twenty eight to three at halftime in in the locker room. Dion is frustrated. He doesn't like this zone nonsense he thinks. Just let me play Jerry man to man. Then it's obvious for everyone to see who the better player is if he beats me then so be it in just ten minutes. Dion will get his chance early in the second. Half Montana leads the niners. Down the field. At the Falcons eleven yard line. Jerry goes into motion to his left. Dion is positioned near the middle of the field when the ball is snapped. Jerry heads up field and Deonte. John's one on one with Jerry Rice breaks right to the end zone on a fade. Patter time show this rookie. How it's done the? He was working on prime time. Close the show von Lesson. What a great receiver does is to you Joe? Montana just lost his feathers. And you see that all we gotta catch that Jerry Rice Dion Sanders. Nice cover as Montana. PATS Jerry on the helmet rice unceremoniously drops the ball and high fives. His teammates TV cameras. Show a stunned and silent dion as the man who calls himself self. Primetime does a walk of shame. Back to his sideline a teammate consoles. Him pats him on the back embarrassed but also befuddled keep played played jerry perfectly and it's still wasn't good enough. It's shortly after the visitors quiet and deflated locker room. The niners just destroyed. Lead the Falcons forty five to three on defense. Not only did Jerry get the better of Dion but on special teams dion did nothing well special and sanders returned three kickoffs for just forty nine total yards reporters. Then ask Dion about the facemask. Grab on Rice. Their tone indicates how the play will be written up in the newspapers. Tomorrow as a cheap shot and attempted beheading a close lining. A report asks. Dion what do you think about being booed they dion says. I don't care those fans have to get up at six tomorrow morning and go to work I get tomorrow off. Maybe I'll go to the Bank and count on my money. Who House one thing? Dion can count on tomorrow morning our headlines like forty niners poll plug on Atlanta's neon Dion. That article will say that the Dion Sanders versus Jerry Rice matchup which quote everyone had been looking forward to turned out to be a quick yet decisive rice. Knockout victory victory in the next episode Dion Sanders and the Falcons improve and Jerry Rice versus primetime rivalry intensifies and when the aging forty niners get overtaken by a young brash team from Texas right as dion becomes a free agent a once improbable union suddenly becomes possible. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Sports Wars. If you did did you can subscribe on Apple. PODCAST spotify Google PODCASTS WONDERING DOT COM. 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