Effectively Wild Episode 1367: Vlad Tidings


Got it. Snow? Hello. And welcome to episode thirteen sixty seven effectively wild at baseball podcast from fan, graphs. Brought to you by our patriot supporters. I'm Meg rally affair graphs enjoined by Ben lemberg of the ringer. Ben. How're you doing? Well, are you? Well. While the intro on your first, take not take didn't take mature at all. No, definitely not great. So we're doing bills today. But also better I guess the news of the day is fled rate. And it's really the news of tomorrow because he will be promoted on Friday and because major league debut, but that's exciting is finally over for about to be the latest over. I haven't I haven't etiquette question for you that I have not prepared you for. I am the reason that we are going slightly out of sequence this week is that I am traveling to Arizona for a very dear friends bachelorette party this weekend, I'm in her wedding. And you know, this this this fund with Ladd it's at starts tomorrow. I will be added bachelorette party, and I'm wondering if I watch this game on my phone, am I like would she be allowed to kick me out of what? It's probably too late. Right. It's a little too late to find a replacement. Although if I guess all her other, friends and family will be around. So the could just sub someone tonight game. So yeah. Yeah. So that's a problem. Yeah. But we're we're making dinner at the house that that were that we're renting for the weekend the first night. So maybe I can I conserve tissue Asli duck out for a couple of choice at bats. And then find my way back to the party. Yeah. You can just pull up the app if the happens to be working in functioning at the time into you can follow it that way. I guess that's not quite as satisfying. But something given how long the wait. It's been end, given your profession and your duties to fend graphs choice ball. I think it would be understandable. If you just ducked out to see what was doing. It's been so long in the making, and there's been so much bitterness associated with how long this has been in the mail. Cking that it almost feels like now that he's actually here. It's like could have been here before we could have been watching him all this time, but it still exciting. And if you look at the fan, graphs projections, I think the rest of season steamer ones at least. I just glanced that he projects to be like the eleven thirteen wealth best hitter in baseball like today. So if you believe that that's pretty exciting day, literally just today. Yeah. I think that whenever a bat is described as resi Anik as Vlad's was by air clog in Hagen that you're probably in pretty good shape. I'm just I can't wait. I'm so excited. I just can't wait. I think my favorite part of this whole thing is fled seniors Twitter account. Yes. And just his very earnest and loving tweets about his son. It's just a very sweet he's just like tweeting news about junior's call up with like heart is emoji. And let's see he has when that says my son the country that saw you as a child with you turn into a big one. Pick what? But working hard everything can be done. I'm proud of you love you heart at it has the picture of them with the young lead senior and much younger Vlad junior sitting next Ovitz fared, ISIS, not many fathers or parents who get to see their children become big leaguers. I like that. It's just like he just sounds like your typical literally dead who's just kinda of clapping from the sidelines ads. Pretty it's pretty endearing. And I think you're right. The earnestness of it is really what what does it because he knows you know, he knows what that moment. Feels like it's so unusual that you know of big leaguers parent would would really know what that feels like when he takes a feel for the first time. So I think that it's this lovely just lovely. It's so great it would have been so great a couple of weeks ago. But I guess better late. The never know we have reasons to watch the Blue Jays, or at least one reason to Jason Kasit OB. Mike fires will be the first pitcher. To face him. I just got an Email from some PR person, which is the the bane of my existence just constantly getting emails alot. You just tweeted a liking getting those because you can just delete them without looking at them, which is true satisfaction to to just being able to know. I don't have to engage with that at all. Yeah. The real satisfaction. I always do because I'm just in this constant war where I'm trying to unsubscribe from these PR Email list that I don't know how I get on. A I. Like, I guess there's probably just maybe they just by like media people's addresses and in a group or something. And then suddenly, I'm getting all kinds of alerts of things that I couldn't possibly care about. And some of them do have unsubscribe links at the bottom, and it's always really satisfying to see you will not receive emails from this person. Again, even though I don't know why received that Email and anyway, those are constantly piling up. I just got one that is related to Vlad junior and says that his upcoming MLP debut against as is causing ticket prices to take a significant jump. Evidently ticket prices are up by fifty eight percent for fled junior. Stay byu just overnight. So wow. If you wanna see junior, go get your tickets, they're harder to come by than ventures at game tickets. I guess at this point. That's you know, it's almost as if when you put a good product on the field. People wanna come and see it. If that's true unsubscribe from that there. So what else is going on and baseball what else is going on in baseball, the Phillies and the Mets are up to some some silliness. Sure. Yeah. We got a listener Email about this. So I guess I'll just introduce this topic by getting this Email out of the way, this is from Richard. He says any thoughts on the Hoskins trot from last night for context. Mets pitcher Jacob rim through all over recess. Gins head on Tuesday night on Wednesday night Hoskins faced him in the ninth inning and hit a Dinger. He then proceeded to do a very slow trot around the bases, which was clocked as the slowest ever recorded thirty four point two seconds. The question is is this better worse or Queant to abet flip? I feel like I can see the argument for any of these what it's worth rains comment after the game was not inflammatory. He basically said it was his right to take as long as he wanted with the Trat. Because if I make a better pitch doesn't get on base yet. So I I'm in favor of that flips and I'm kind of fine with this. Because I think that there should be. I typically don't like it when celebrations transition into making the guy who just did a goofy thing feel bad, right? When that's the motivation behind the celebration. Because then it's it's not a celebration. Here's kind of being a little jerk. Right. And I don't like that. But I do think that shame is very powerful. And I think that if it if Hoskins assumed that this that these pitches around his head were in any way intentional and there had been some plunking in the series of hitters various teams. So he he would perhaps be justified in thinking that it was a little bit of like, hey, we're going to get you back to then I think it ends up being. Okay. Even though we found out I think pretty conclusively after this game that like the poor guy is just like made. A bad pitch. Maybe and is fine with there being a, you know, a cessation of hostilities because I think the bitter should not throw at about. It is very dangerous. And I think that if a guy who has done that and you suspected to be intentional even for proves to be on intentional later. Does something like that. I think it's okay to be like why? Gotcha. See this is what happens I'm gonna get you even though it is if if the circumstances were different and it were about that. And there had been no throwing around one's head. I would find it to be a little bit rude because it stops being about being joyful at this thing you've done that's very hard and starts being about being a little jerk. But I don't think that's what was the motivation here. So I'm fine with it and pleased to hear that like they're just gonna hopefully move on from this. Hope I wasn't watching this game live. And so when I caught up I had to read about the sequence of events that led to this. And it's just like a bottomless abyss of like one really silly rules violation leading to another and then another and then another so trying to trace it all the way back here. I think how this started was. There was a game where the Mets were up eight nothing and one lagaras was on first base, and he was running on the play. And so that's a no, of course, because the Mets are already up eight nothing at that point in an Robinson single than so lagaras went from first third. And so the Phillies were upset about that. And then they retaliated by throwing it Michael Conforto in the following at that, which I don't think they hit him. But the intent was kinda clear, but then the Mets retaliated for that. That was Jacob rim throwing at Hoskins and he to pitches. That I don't think he should've thrown at Hoskins because these were kind of dangerous looking pitches. One was behind him and kind of like head level that were hitters really hate to have the ball go much more. So than getting plunked on the butter the or something it's pretty dangerous and then Hoskins upset, and then there was another pitch that was more over the plate. But also high and uh Skains kind of looked like he was considering making something of it. And then he was just giant at the catcher in Alta. He went to first base. And then he got his sweet revenge by hitting a big giant Dinger against rain. And that is probably the sweetest revenge that you probably get much more so than charging amount or yelling at the guy, or whatever you wanna do. And he took his time. He took more time than anyone else has ever taken evidently to run the basis, and I applaud him for that action. All the stuff that led up to that was very dumb. But but I think that was a good way to handle that like, no one got hurt. Maybe this ends at all. I don't know. Whether some other Mets reliever will now take it upon himself to carry this into their next match up. But maybe this is it an it's a nonviolent peaceful resolution. There was like a very half-hearted bench-clearing when Rame through at huskies and guys were just kinda like milling about just barely on the field. But it didn't go any further than that. And I think that's a good thing. And what could be better really than stretching out the pitchers? Shame about having just a allowed one home run. I think this is a good way to handle it. I think it it's the baseball Klin of just landing like that perfect that perfect Zinger that six comeback. So I think that this is fine. And now they can be done, and we have shown throughout baseball history. The baseball men are very good about letting things go. And so I'm sure there will be no further problems. But it does seem that this one at least in terms of the parties directly involved console. Sort of be finished now. And so there should be a conversation in the clubhouse about how like all the guys who had an emotional investment in this moment are satisfied with the conclusion. They've said what they needed to. And now we can move on. It's kind of like, I'm sure Redmond for somewheres instituting a rule about run trucks that take longer than thirty seconds and putting a home run trot clock somewhere in the rules. But I think this is good. It's kind of like in the out tro to our less step aside. I mentioned something that one of our listeners suggested in the Facebook group, which is if you get plunked after bet flipping then you just bet flip the hit by pitch this idea, which someone actually suggested in your graphs chat. Yes. We so. I don't know if that person heard it there came up with it on their own, but I like that idea too. That's just it's like, no, I'm not gonna take this not going to escalate it. But I'm just gonna establish that this behavior is acceptable. And you're stuck. Yes, I'm going to say my piece, but my peace will not involve throwing anything at you. And then we can all move on. So the other controversial thing that happened on Wednesday. And this is another thing that we got an Email about in this case from Mitch who is one of our patriot supporters. So this is a replay review that happened in the Yankees angels game on Tyler Wade, and I will read what Mitch says here. A call went against my favorite team has gotta be the worst lease sympathetic complaint possible in baseball especially coming from Yankees fan. But something just happened in Anaheim that I generally think might overcome that barrier and make for some decent banter. The angels just pulled off a hidden ball trick quote unquote against the Yankees because replay was able to catch the micro-second after the play had fundamentally concluded where an insult and Simmons might have been touching tower. Wade's back while Wade shifted his weight from one foot to the other end came marginally off the bag. This has gotta be the worst use of replay ever, right? It's not trying to get a play. Right. It's not checking a home run. It's just snipping the right camera frames to manufacture an out from nothing. So there was a long replay review on this play. And ultimately Wade was ruled out completing a double play that started with a really nice, Mike trout catch. And then ended with the very anticlimactic replay review where it was determined by the fficials in New York that Tyler Wade just in the process of shifting his weight was not entirely in contact with the bag while entrance of Swiss touching him with the ball. And so he was out. So what do you think of this Hughes of replay? So I generally hate it the in general, it is my least favorite John Ray of replay review. I like that league replay exists. I think it is important that replay exist. I think that given what we are able to see on replays on broadcasts in particular. It is important that we have replay. This is not what anyone envisioned when they thought of replay. And so I think that it's I think that it's Trixie in a way that like, you know, Mitch said, isn't isn't fun. This isn't getting a call. Right. This is you know, rooting around for an out where we just didn't think out suggested there before throughout baseball history. Really? There's no outs to be had there. Now, we know there are and so teams are automatically in -sarily going to look for them. And I get that impulse. But don't like it. But I have a, but okay. I really so there's an angle of this replay where you can see Simmons. See his foot has come off the bag and no to tag him. And so I am actually okay with this specific one because I do think that there was like, you know, there's like a little bit of skill here. This is him being aware of what's going on on the field around him and engaging with it. And like, I can go. Grabs out. I can go find it. You know, it's not like when a guy slides in to second and comes off the bag, and it's just that the, you know, the second basement has maintained the tag. And so then a guy is out. So I don't like it, generally. But I think I'm okay with this one in particular because there's a little more action and skill to it even though it's very small for just a second. And he's probably only looking for this because he knows that replay exist right like Simmons from ten years ago. Probably doesn't look to do that. Maybe at least not as consistently because he you know, replay doesn't exist. I will I will admit the influence of replay in this moment. But I think I'm okay with this particular one mic sense to drug distinction between this play and the momentum play that we often bemoan where it's just a guy sliding in in because physics works the way it does and baseball players are big and they're running fast, and they just happened to extend a little bit beyond the bag. Sure, there's technique to sliding. And you could say that there's a skill to not coming off the bag and making sure you don't do that. That's true. But I think if you are above the bag as you were getting tagged. It's like the Dave Cameron wrote about this for van crafts at some point. He made a proposal that essentially like the airspace above the bag itself. Like once you make contact with the bag if you get tagged above that airspace like in the air above the bag after you have slid over it, if you're just kind of like taken off the bag by your momentum that that just shouldn't count that you should just have like a free space when you slide in there. And I think that's probably right in this case though. I mean, you could say that Wade was a little too nonchalant. Like, this was not an unforced error. He did do this. You know, he said I think after the game he said I've got to be smarter than that. Maybe he's just trying to be a standup guy and not wind about replay. But there is I guess some felt like you do have to be aware of where the fielders are where the ball is. And make sure you're actually touching the bag, and it's the sort of thing like without replay. I'm sure he would have been ruled safe, and it just wouldn't even be a consideration. And so this wasn't what replay was designed to do. But like you I do find this a little bit less objectionable than I do that other type of play. I did I did feel very badly for him though. Because you know, he's he's a guy who's getting an opportunity mostly because of the entire gangqi Rosser being composed of ghosts. And so you always feel bad for guys like that when they have little mental mistakes like this. 'cause you know that their opportunity might not be as secure as other as other players opportunities are so you feel badly for him. And I just that particular kind of like little shifting foot. Two foot. Like, I do that. When I'm if I'm like at a game. And it, you know, it's a minor league game in there aren't bleachers. Like, I do that socially attack. You. Excuse they're going to get me. So I I feel badly for him. But didn't they end up winning that game? I believe he ended up scoring the winning run. So so he's fine. Great. Everyone's everyone's fine. And we can just appreciate that allows us to just appreciate angelsen Simmons, which we we always enjoyed doing. It was you know, pretty heads up little little move. He had there that Jeff. I saw this little exchange in the replies to the official MLB accounts. Tweet about this play with video. So let me just read this exchange. It involves a few different people one of whom is an angels fan. So one guy says his foot was still on the bag. The other guy says no p raised it for a half second when he was tagged than someone else comes in and says imagine using replay on a hidden ball trick because you're to eight in the last ten so he is bitter. I guess about this. And then an angels fan comes in and says imagine never winning a World Series await because I think the previous person was a Mariners fence sorry. So then the Mariners fan, I think I'm losing track of the people says imagine wasting Mike trout's career. Angels fed comes back with at least we get to wink face emoji. Wow. That's a terrible comeback. At least we get to. He's loading about getting to waste jets career most dramatic cell phone. I've ever heard in my life. That is the worst one. He's good about getting to watch Mike trout. I guess which is true. But does it make up for being battle the time? Holly, not oh. Yeah. I mean, I have to say he he he I'm assuming it's a it's tour does deserves what he gets there. 'cause like to go from talking about that play to immediately bringing in the World Series, you've escalated dramatically, and so now all that's our off. No that is a terrible comeback, and he should be ashamed. All right. Can we stay in Angeles land for a second? Just because I you know, I that game was those games have been the late games on last couple days. So I've been thinking about the angels. And I regret to inform the collective that will Colquhoun is off to a better start than historic last year. He's still not doing very well. So that's sad got negative war right now. Although, you know, some of that is like early small sample defense stuff, but just seventy eight W. Plus does have five home runs though, has that is what? Baseball is in twenty nineteen that thing happened. And can I talk about the Mitro thing that happened? Okay. So I treated about this. I'm gonna do that. In one thing. We're talking about tweet of mine. But there was a moment in my trout's game on the twenty third where and I believe that this ended up being a fly out for him at the end of the played prints were early. But I can't I can't quite recall if it was that one or if he ended up walking, but anyhow the I was watching the Yankees broadcast of this game and the yes booth noted after Mike trout had fouled off what they thought was a hit pitch that if he was one hundred percent locked in. He wouldn't have done that. And then it made me we'll I my reaction was well, that's very silly to say because through the twenty third Mitro has had to await WRC. Plus and was walking twenty six percent of time only striking out twelve percent time. So that's I think that's pretty locked in. If I were gonna describe Lockton, I would look at my truck and be like, hey, here's this guy who's pretty locked in. But then it made me think we have may be entered into the before. I was what if my trout is not a reliable narrator, and is actually not one hundred percent Lockton is perhaps holding back and is not reaching his full potential. And so it makes me wonder if that were true if my crazy hypothetical true because I wanted to come up with Mike trout hypothetical. That was not about us making the best baseball player any of us will ever watch in our lifetime worse, which will always do my trout hypotheticals, which I find to be a very strange, but very human impulse. And so I'm wondering what what if this is not the best version of Mike trout and a fuse consciously holding back that version, what would be the optimal time for him to reveal the actual best version. Do you wait until you're back in the postseason, or do you perhaps fearing that you will not get their reveal it sooner at a? A different time. I think you wait until the ancients are good again. Because I don't think anything might trip can do can make the angels could again on its own. I think he has done all he can on that score. And it just hasn't generally been enough. I mean, the hypothetical isn't so far from the reality of Mike trout because he does keeps appearing to get better every year, and whatever he's not so great at one year. He then decides to be better at and just instantly is like last year his improvement. He came into the year wanting to be better at defense. And then he just was and it seemed like the only thing that was different was that he was just willing himself to be better. Like that was literally it like he was practicing more. He was kind of running faster in the outfield. It was just kind of a conscious decision on his part. So that kind of is almost what happens. I mean. That's kind of the amazing thing about him. I think is is. That he does keep finding new and different levels. So I don't know if it's a an effort thing or whether it's an experience thing or what? But I think he has many layers, and he is not shown them to us yet. I just have this vision of him like Scooby doo villain style. Pulling off a mask revealing an identical Mike trout beneath it being like head. Meal long still the best player in baseball. But better better. All right. I've got a question from James you wanted to get to this one James asks if MLP umpires currently make fourteen incorrect ball strike calls a game on average. How many do you think they would make if the hitter and catcher were both transparent. And there was nothing blocking the view that the unpire head of the bulb crossing the plate. So I wanted to talk about this because mostly I find the question very funny because it it makes it either is making a very sort of sassy assumption or makes no sense at all. And I don't know that it helps either way because I think that if you were suddenly encountering transparent people you would not do better at your job. I think that you would be very uncomfortable being able to see the insides of people, and so you would probably call more balls and strikes incorrectly than you did before. But here's my question about James's. Question. Are we to assume that they are not only transparent, but also naked? Because in order for the transparency, assuming you could get over the lake, you know, Kronenbourg body horror. Suddenly seeing the insides of people while they're walking around. They're still wearing uniforms, right? I was picturing it as like a like a floating kind of not quite as Paik as an actual person. But still looking like an actual person, but you can see the ball through them. So so sort of jellyfish lake. Yeah. Yes. That's what I had in mind. I don't know that it would. Okay. So let's let's take that less salacious version of this question to heart and just assume that that's what James met and James. I am sorry for goofing on you. But it just it struck me as very funny, and it made me laugh when I received it. So I want sure that laughter. I don't think that it would. I don't know how much it would really help. Because I think that some of this is framing right and not being able to see perfectly. But you're still I think that you would still have like visual acuity issues. I think that you would still have guys get kind of fooling a little bit by good framing. Even if the because the really good framers like glove motion is subtle. And so I still don't think I don't think that it would help Atanas think you'd probably get a couple more right than wrong. But I don't think that it would help unless they were truly transparent and make it. I don't know. I'm picturing them as like Jacob, Ben Robert Marlee from the odor muppet Christmas. Carol. I don't know that it's less distracting if you can't see their innards. So. That's the other thing you're still blocked, you're still blocked by by guts and stuff. Right. It's not as if they suddenly stopped having organs, vital organs. Just weren't there. At all if it were just you call in the pitches. And no one standing there at all. I mean, I guess you couldn't really do that. Because to see where the top and the bottom at least. But if you had I'm so glad that I made you spend time on this. If you have like floating bars that illustrated the top and bottom of zone. I think there was nothing in the way that you probably call. I mean, I'm pyre still get a shocking percentage of calls correct now with you know, obstructions and framing all kinds of and the speed of pitchers in all kinds of stuff. I mean, we we like to goof on Pryor's because sometimes they do their jobs very poorly, but they really do their jobs. Very very well considering how hard it is especially so I think that you would. Would you would get a lot of calls? Right. But I think the the people watching would not care because they would so be distracted by these transparent. People. Yeah. Or maybe it's like, you know, the the Kaysone is superimposed on the screen when you're watching. So maybe it's like the the hitter and the catcher also have the visual quality of the case owned Scher. So I don't know. I think that it probably wouldn't affect things much just because I think if the empires properly positioned in the slot. I think I'm pairs are generally pretty good about not letting things get in their way, that's like their whole job back there. So I'm sure there are some extremes of like tall catcher and short unpire that make things kind of difficult, but for the most part now, maybe you're getting like a slightly off center view 'cause you're looking over the catcher shoulder. So move your slat your sliding over. So that you can get of where he's receiving. Yeah. Yeah. So maybe that distorts things a little bit. And maybe if you don't have to do that if you can just stand directly behind the catcher in the plate because you can look through the catcher then. Maybe you get a slightly more accurate perspective on pitches on the corners or something. But yeah. For the most part, I think the limiting factor when it comes to pire accuracy is just that pitches. Go really fast. The Paul is moving around to lot and is hard to see. So whether or not the figures are transparent. So all right question from sad Rangers fan, Jenny her description of herself not line if you were you, but with the talent to be a major leaguer, what type of player would you be for example, what I would like to be is a defensively. Excellent third baseman who can hit. Okay. But I had more likely be a hard throwing but sometimes wild relief pitcher who can have great streaks, but who can get very emotional in Abed outing. Actually, get along. I guess I can give my answer to this question. Because I thought about it. I like baseball like one ascetic of baseball that I like very much is when the results that player gets are somewhat incongruous with. With what their physical form would suggest. They are select part of wile of Jose altuve as that it's like really cool that someone wholesale to size. Who is he is my size. I mean, he is listed as holler than me. But that is a lie. I've seen him on the field. He is my size. So he is not all and he is able to send the ball very very far with a with regularity. And so part of why he is such a joy is that it feels in congress. And so we delight in in the way that that all mashes together. So I think that if I were picking I would want to be a player in maybe that L Tuyen mole were have surprising power for someone my size or alternatively a very hard throwing reliever because people will also look at me million. It's very surprising that this, you know, not tall person can throw so her. So I think that would be my answer. And I I would probably not get angry about outings. But I think that I would make a lot of very sad faces that. Someone like me in rice, eat would make fun of on the internet, and that would feel like Justice. Right. That would just feel like the karma that I am do things. Yeah. I wanna be reliever too. It just it seems like a letter work schedule amend don't have to work every day, you if to work unpredictably, and you don't really know when you have the day off just kind of sitting in the bullpen and Chattan with your friends seems like a good time seems like a lot of good stories happen in the bullpen. You make good friendships there, and you just don't have to work as much. I think it is unpleasant probably to fail as reliever because the spotlight is on you at all times. And if you're bad, you don't know when you'll be able to come back and be good, and you just don't get as much work. So if you only throw ten pitches or something and half of them are bad that just probably leaves you feel pretty bummed out after the outing. But I don't even really wanna be a good player in the scenario. Like, I don't even I don't it's so far to meet to aspire to athletic accomplishment. Right. Like I like playing sports and playing with my friends and stuff. But even then it's just kind of a casual recreational thing, and when people get too serious about actually winning or not than that turns me off. So if I were baseball player I'd wanna be good enough to justify my presence there. I wouldn't wanna be like a a sub replacement level person who people were criticizing for even being on the roster. But I think more than actually being good at baseball at wanna be like, the the cool baseball player who like gets along with writers and stuff which felt like a failure for Mitch nation on my part because I'm imagining like me, but in a baseball clubhouse. And so I would wanna be like the Brendan McCarthy kind of player who's like, oh, he's baseball player. But he's just like us. And he does good tweets, and like you can go get a good postgame quote from him, and he gets along well with the writers and stuff and I need to set my sights higher. I think but but that's what I want to be the. Guy like like, occasionally, we come across a player who's like a really good writer or something. And it's like, oh, like this guy is not only in elite athlete, but does my job. Really? Well, and if you weren't such a good athlete, he could probably just take my job and be better at it. So I think I would wanna be the baseball player who's good enough to be a big league baseball player. But like also has other skills that would make me respected by non jocks. I guess who would be like a well. He's just like us except better baseball. So that's what I want. I think that aspiring to be a very affable version of someone is is a night Fettes. Nice. That's nice, Ben. That's nice of you. I like that. Wanna be the go-to guy that you go through for the postgame quip or something? And and I would pride myself on not resorting to cliches. Although I probably would because it is terrible to be interviewed constantly, and I pity all players who have to talk to us. But I would try best to give interesting enters. I wanna be like the I mean, you can be good. And also be that guy. You can be Joey Votto who funny engaging and always has interesting things to say, but has also been one of the very best players in baseball. So guess that would be good to being cerebral and good not mutually exclusive severe in the reliever Mon you the fashion yourself as maybe like, well, especially with the the Star Wars stuff in the view of liquor you you'd aspired to be like Sean do little you'd be. You would want to be do little leeann that's arch say that right at all. Yeah. Like so that an. Editor says, hey, I think one way that we could make this piece about a baseball player. Interesting. If you play video games with that guy, and you'd be day. The go-to cool baseball player for non baseball players to hang out with that would be my I would bridge the gaps in the clubhouse be like the the safe guy that all the nerds who are uncomfortable in the clubhouse could go feel like they could talk to that. No one else would feel this way. I don't think everyone else's like wanna be really good and make lots of money and be famous and. Yeah, I don't know. I I'd also wanna like hang around for a long time to being like the Grizzle vet who just like keeps getting jobs in looks too old to be baseball player, but his one anyway, that'd be fun. Yeah. Sounds great. All right question from David inspired. By the recent question about distributing thirty five wins over placement. Across a team. I was wondering if the baseball gods came to you a very good teenage baseball player and said that you would be worth fifty war in your career. But it was up to you to decide how you distribute the winds, and after you decided your memory of the decision would be wiped men in black style. How would you distribute fifty wins above replacement over your baseball career? I guess this kind of depends on what your your professional like what do you want? What do you wanna accomplish in? The course of your career. I suppose if you were looking to if you're looking to say maximize your earnings you would want to have a couple of early promising seasons and then like maybe two really good seasons as you're going through arbitration. So that when you're about to hit free agency you have like a track. Record of improving over time and also demonstrated like maybe all star level production. So that you could get a big deal. Maybe because you could you could front load all of that. And then be bad after you got the deal, but then your work life is gonna be terrible and people are going to be calling on you to retire early. And they're gonna compare it out report host, but not a good pool holes, and you're gonna feel badly about yourself, and you won't know that you made that choice to get a big contract. So you'll just think that like, you're bad. Now, you won't even be conscious of the strategy of the decision. So I think that that would probably be my preference. Plus, then you're you have good Picquier 's in hopefully could like go when World Series. So you can check that off your list. I think that would be my preference because feeling bad at your job every day is like one of the most moralizing things that can happen to a person that doesn't involve like illness. So I think that that would be my answer. Yeah. Surmise me of discussion, salmon, I head on episode eleven eighty four I think it was where we talked about how you would want to distribute your team's World Series wins. Like if you knew you were going to get a certain amount of championships from your favorite team in your lifetime. Would you want that to be when you were a kid when you were old or middle aged, or what would be the thoughtful way to distribute those things and don't remember what we said was long time cope? But if you're a fifty were player, you're solidly hull of very good caliber player, you're like, you know, couple of good years away from having a real hall of fame case. I mean there are players with fifty four or fewer in the hall of fame. So you could be one I guess if you wanted to maximize your chances of making the whole fame than maybe you would want to have just a really high peak but a short career that right? That's kind of what it comes down to like if you want to be remembered as like. A legend of baseball than you wanna be like Mike trout for like six years or something. And that's it. That's it's like trout's like last whatever six seasons or something. Just imagine that your your whole career now that would probably entail like a career ending injury, your for illness or something and that would be unpleasant. But like, even if you had like, a a del Murphy esque kind of career where you just got old early and to you had a hall of fame peak, but just didn't pad your stats. I mean, pretty good. Because in your remembered, like how many words this Bill Murphy, he must be in the rain shrimp month's deal. Murphy has but our war Dale Murphy had forty four point three or over the crisis careers. Not right yet rough. All right. So he's he's roughly in this range. I'm thinking of someone like gosh. I don't know wrangling for. Isn't even quite this. Good at he's more like a forty work. I think but but someone like that who is consistently good. But didn't have as many star will seasons. Like, I that good. I'd either rather be the guy who just burn very bright for a fairly short period of time and had a hall of fame peak and was one of the very best players in baseball for that short period, maybe picked up an MVP award or something like if you just want to be remembered that is probably the best way to do it on the other hand, what if you just really like playing baseball, and you just really liked being a big league player, and you want that to last as long as possible in which case, maybe you just want to stretch this out into like a an Omar Vizquel type career. I mean fiscal is in that Dale Murphy type or range, not quite fifty but forty something and he played for twenty five years, or whatever and just got to. Baseball well into his forties. So if I really liked baseball, then I guess I would want to devote a greater percentage of my life to doing the thing that I like, even if I'm not as great at it at any one time. So I guess I take like being an average player for a quarter of a century or something that be pretty nice, especially if you are also the guy in the clubhouse that all the nerds go talk to exactly because you can have a nice long career. And then at the end of it, you know, you could go you could go right for sound one or work in a front office and you'll have friends from the game. Because you're the affable guy who played games and was intellectual. I think that restraining a lot about you. Ben. At the same. But I wanna be the guy who's like the last active player from that decade to still be in the game. He's like the only one who remembers baseball at that time. And he's like also the guy who makes the most fans feel good about themselves because he is older than they are that is a valuable service for a player to provide just making people feel less old because there is a big leaguer older than they are. That's nice. And also, you get to be a source of fun facts. Like, you can be the guy who like links some player from records earlier with some player from records later. And it's like what that guy was on teams with both of those guys. That's crazy. And you get to be that kind of guy who it's like the first hitter you faced was like, Hank Aaron or something. And then like the less hitter you faced was like my trout, or I'm probably the spin there. But you know, what? I mean, there's. Simple like that like the Jamie Moyer type career where it's like, you can't believe that the sky spend both of those careers. So that would be nice to and that's a much more fun version of the guy who would also provide a fair number on facts. I would imagine. But you know, maybe if he has fifty war forty of those are in the first couple years and gets a big deal. And then he's only were he keeps playing but he's worth like one win here. And you're all that guy. What happened to him people people would worry about you, people would wonder what had happened to you? Or could you turn into well how about like Jason Giambi Jason Amman his baseball reference page right now fifty point five war. So he's freight on on the dot here. He played for twenty seasons. He was an MVP in an VP runner up. And then he had that phase at the end of his career with like the Rockies and Cleveland where he just played like sixty gay. A year or something and sometimes he kinda hit and sometimes he didn't really hit. But he was just like the the clubhouse mentor type like I don't know that I have it in me to be the clubhouse mentor veteran leader type. I don't know if I haven't like team spirit. But if I did that be a good role where you get like the best of both worlds you get to be a star at the top of the game. And then you also get to be the row player who just kinda takes it, easy and dispenses advice and gets graying beard that become a nice to. Yeah. And you know, someone some some little jerk like me would screen shot you like an all white beard and be like, oh my God. Look at this makes jokes. Sorry Denard span. Well, we thought that was majestic been a job right now. Our going to bummer territory, if if someone had told me they would give me a million dollars. If I knew that Jason Giambi had seventy plate appearances. With Cleveland in twenty fourteen. I would not have a million dollars at age forty three. Like, no he did. Not surely you're surely joke. I remember him going. I remember that year with where he was back with Oakland for for a little bit. None was with Colorado. I remember that. And then I think we got into the financial crisis. And I have some gaps in baseball memory as a result. And so, yeah, I would be I would not have a million dollars because I would have told you that he was done playing in like after that after that first year where he was in Colorado. I maybe did not remember from ably should have been done playing after it didn't go this less three years. He hit one eighty five still took his walks. But that's a great, but the the clubhouse leadership was off the charts. So and that was nice because if you hang around that long, you also get to be perceived very differently. Like, right. Like Jason Giambi was like part of the wild bunch in this likes. Longhaired type guy with the as and dislike wild child. And then he went to become a corporate Yankee for well. And then there was like steroid stuff and to retiree tumors, and like we're detours that his career took. But then he resurrected himself as the Slyke old mentor leader just dispensing wisdom, which I don't think anyone would have imagined for him like twenty years before. So that's kind of cool too. When you can be both of those things like I'm really looking forward to like the Adrian beltway phase of Yoshio peaks career where he is just like the clubhouse leader who is teaching the kids the right way to play the game. I think that's coming. So great. And I would like to be I'd like to be someone, you know, who can who can like I like that the the general consensus is that like young guy shouldn't be given a terrible time and club houses. Now, I feel like we really. Seen a sea change around the vibe with that. And you know, especially because the league is getting younger see kind of camera jerk till like the best player on your team for very long without being really weird. But I'd like to I'd like to be an enforcer of lick that culture that we're not gonna give these these young kids such a hard time. So like that would be you'd feel you were doing some good, right? Anti hazing voice for good. Oh, you don't need to wear that big backpack or the stressor whatever. Convention is the rookie hazing. Yeah. That's a good point. All right. I think we learned a lot about ourselves sensors. So now we have to talk about cameo. Your new favourite website. Anything which is I love this day. And now my shoes better Casey J has drawn our attention to the website cameo. And I was familiar with cameo, which is for those who don't know. It's a it's a website where celebrities of all sorts and of all degrees of celebrity from who's that guy too. Well, that person's actually famous and shouldn't even be on this website. But it's a place where celebrities can sign up and essentially sell themselves to fans who pay a preset amount of money to get a video message recorded by that celebrities. So if you want to wish your kid, happy birthday or something and your kid has a favorite actor or reality star or musician or athlete than you can pay the price that that person sets, and they will read a script or they will follow some general instructions and say happy birthday, buddy, whatever. So. This website is a lot of fun to browse because you can see the selection this sort of celebrities from all walks of life and also how they value themselves and one dollar amount they put on their time. So Casey he wanted us to do like a cameo draft of baseball players or just ask like why two guys do this and how many videos do you need to record to actually make this worth your while? I will say that the selection of baseball personage his on cameo is pretty thin. So there are as we speak thirteen hundred ninety nine athletes loosely defined athletes on cameo and fifty nine of them are baseball people. Not even all players, not all active players, some retired players some like TV anchors and like sideline hosts, and and people like that who are related to baseball. But not actual baseball players. But there are some real baseball people and they range from like actual legends to players so obscure you've never heard of them because they're still in the low manner leagues. So what stints at Hugh of the baseball selection on cameo tend to say all the things because I wonder if I just write this. But I will I will share a couple that stand out to meet first of all Dan stray lease picture is just like an emoji of him. It is not his actual picture. I find that very funny. I think that it is quite funny that then ver- Lander is on here. You can get a message from Ben for fifteen dollars. I would like to know how many parents of baseball fans children who are not themselves. Baseball fans accidentally at Ben ver-. Lander to record birthday message for their baseball obsess child because they don't know it's not Justin majority of over. Bombing majority of -solutely. Then for weather. He was what a former Tigers fourteen th round pick who I believe is not playing baseball professionally Eddie mortar. So he is on here. And I can't imagine that. I mean, I'm sure there are some Ben for lender fins up her. But but many of them must be thinking. Wow. What a steal because it's been ver- Lindor wearing a Tigers uniform. So if you were adjusted invert lender fan, and we're not paying close attention. You might think this is just an, wow what a great deal fifteen dollars for Justin Verlander. But it is not good is that I wonder if that is a humbling experience for him to be constantly receiving requests for for Justin to do things. And then the funny thing about this is that you can see on the site like a few recent videos that these people have made like actual examples of the cameos that they have created. So you can just watch and see how their delivery is. And whether they are half assing this or not and so. So there are a few actual Ben Verlinde videos there that you can watch. So it's not like everyone's requesting one and then ask for refund when they realized they made a mistake. So yeah, I don't know hope he's making a lot of money on this fifteen dollars. I will I will say Jose can Seko's on here. Very predictably that if there's a way to make money Jose Canseco is in on it. And I he he recorded a congratulatory message to the reading bullies who are cross team of some level. I think probably like high school, and I swear I'm ninety nine percent. Sure that he is flexing one peck in this video, but not the other. Because it just keeps browsing. So that exists, and I encourage all of you to stop doing your jobs for the rest of the day and just watch that over and over and over the example, text for Jose. 'cause you can you can do the videos for someone else or for yourself, which is to light full and the they give you sample text. Right. So for Jose sake. My instructions were Jose Consejo are, hey, my bro-, Brad. And I shed love your stuff. Can you say what up to Brad until him to keep his Antlers long? Thanks, bro. I don't know. I don't know. I could not imagine two names of people more likely to say bro twice in a message than Brad and chat show. Nailed it. And what I feel like that is probably allusion to inside joke that if we picked that we would be very nervous, occasionally one reason that the site makes news. Sometimes is that famous people will be duped into saying, something truly terrible. Because they don't realize so you you get like, I think Brett farve was convinced to say some like nationalistic slogan or something because. Just know what he was being asked to say. So that happens every now, and then please don't do that to poor unsuspecting celebrities. But that I think the baseball it's a pretty wide range it ranges from Roger Clements who charges five hundred dollars for a cameo to Chris viol-. I guess it would be who charges five dollars and may possibly be over price. Nick Faldo is a Mets manner leaguer in APL who currently has a five point six three year eight but in only seven games out of the bullpen. So anyway, could for Chris file, I guess for for making that money, but there's a very broad range share, even if it's not a wed selection of players is there anyone who stands out to you as like either over pricing themselves or under pricing themselves by notable amount. Just just given. What seems to be the going rate here for baseball. Celebrities. I've accidentally clicked on the animals of threats now I very distracted by that. Here. We are. We're going to navigate back. So it strikes me that I wanna know who wants to pay two hundred dollars to have Kevin pillar wish their family member. A happy birthday. Yes. That seems wrong. Johnny Damon at one hundred dollars seems too low to me. Yeah. If anyone's going to give you a good message. It would be John. Damon? Right. He's going to give you your money's worth. I would think I would think so gosh who else on here seems underpriced threats because Kevin player is the second highest place person on here at two hundred dollars. I can't imagine like if you click on his page, there are actual example video. So evidently, someone has decided to pay him floor two hundred dollars videos, where he's seems to be like sitting shirtless in bed and recording this from the like the shoulders up, and he's got good facial hair. But yet like Kevin Larr two hundred dollars. I can't imagine. Yeah. That seems wrong. I like that Lance mccullers junior price himself at ninety nine to appear like a bargain compared the life of well, Johnny Damon and her Holland, and they're calling it one hundred and whitmire filled. Sorry wit. So that. That one made me laugh that one laugh mccullers is the only one who is not pricing himself at an increments of five. So that tells me he is taking this seriously. He is really pricing himself to sell here. And. Yeah. Like Carl's pain, yet seventy five I bet. Yeah. I'd give you good message at one a message from I think seems like a stand up guy Ozzy gin at fifty. He's going to give you a good value for fifty. I would think, but it's just a very ryndam assortment of other like Orlando Hudson for twenty five dog for twenty five that's not bad, coal Tucker. Twenty dollars on the come up. Have you have you looked at any of these other categories? I don't wanna make this not baseball for second. But I'm gonna make it not about baseball. I I looked at the game of thrones category here. No, I have not there to people with a picture of the night king as they're two different act there multiple night king portrayers, right? So I guess I've learned something and one of the other gents in the in the night king's army, and then just some people who are like really terrible on the show like just characters that you do not have any sympathy for and so I'm very curious what they're what their rates would be. I would imagine the guy who plays a young holder actually does very well he might be underpricing himself at twenty dollars. 'cause I bet that there are a lot of people who are sympathetic to his plate to move off of baseball for second. I'm gonna guess the game of thrones core cast is well compensated because there's there's no one. There's like no on here. No one knowing you would really recognize is is on here. So I think they're probably doing pretty well that don't have to put themselves on cameo. Yeah. That's which you know, the good. That's that's good. That's encouraging. There is a family category on this which I am. Oh, these are people who are family friendly. Okay. Oh, Sean Astin is on here for two hundred bucks. But you have the Lord of the rings money. What are you doing? I'm gonna spend while I'm going to edit daily prospect notes when we are done. And then I might spend some time on this website. Have never commissioned a Kenya. But I have spent a significant amount of time browsing the option set Lee, so. Yeah. More baseball players get on here looking really light. So if you are a notable baseball player there could be a market inefficiency or here because there's like three times as many basketball players and like seven times as many football players. It's just I don't know if this is a reflection of like baseball, not being popular unintentional level or or what weather since the latest evidence. That baseball is dying. I'm waiting for like the cranky columnist to try to like the underrepresentation of baseball players on cameo compared to other major sports has the latest sign of the apocalypse. But I don't know what it means. But yeah, get on their baseball players. I mean, there are a lot more football players. But some of them are not very good Jake, but is on here and he's praising himself at twenty five dollars. And that is you you should know you're on worth, sir. People love that they love that name to Larry's. Yeah, we're minor leaguers on here just like desperately trying to afford their their lifestyle. But maybe it's a reflection of like baseball having guaranteed contracts and maybe less serious injuries. Maybe they just don't need it. I don't know. But yeah. Kind of a a thin group. Very strange. I wonder what the turnaround time on one of these is like how far in advance of a loved one's birthday. Would you have to plan to get Ryan Healy say happy birthday, I think it actually says if you click on their page it says like if you go to Kevin pillar. It says typically responds within two days, which is it's a funny thing when you think about it like the the routine of major league player and all the other things they have to do. And yet he is finding time within two days to respond to cameo request. So I guess it's fairly high priority. If you're making like what is Kevin player? Making like let's say his his salary right now is five point eight million for this year. And he's earned ten point six lifetime and probably has quite a bit of career earnings ahead of him. So how many cameos do you have to do at two hundred pop before? Even like is this worth my while. I think it's a fair number. Yeah. I just. No, I guess it is a way to you know, in a sport. Where people don't feel like they are well known as individuals perhaps to like, you know, interface with fans in a way that matters. But I don't know it seems. Yeah, just seems very like one of the Ryan Healy ones go I'm Ryan Healy, you should use this real estate agents like who's that for? Who was who was like I wasn't going to do it before. But now that Ryan Healy sitting in a hotel room from the road has told me, that's that's the guy. I don't know. I guess he's well traveled. So he is probably had to wrench his day. I guess that's true. Although if you're in the Seattle market, I mean, he is the only mariner on here. So I guess you take what you can get no fence rain videos, refined suppose, but it just does seem very strange that you would say this is the guy of all the Mariners this one. Well, I guess it's it's he who decided he was the guy. Just don't really get Felix on their. It's he's just not available so joined in January of this year. So you know, he he must have had some optimism for his how he's gonna go. All right. I've got a couple last quick ones. Here picked out. Let's see if we can get through them. I have a question from CONNER who says how much would the game change if baseball's could be bounced into the strike zone the strike zone. Stays the same and pitchers can pitch normally. But are also able to bounce pitches for strikes. It has always bothered me that batters can still get hit by pitch on a ball that bounces. So why not also make them worry about pitchers bouncing balls into the strike zone? And this may have been covered some point on the podcast. Nice thing about doing this podcast for like almost seven years at this point. Is that divide? Remember them, certainly we'll sing does. So we can safely repeat ourselves. Now. Gosh, I think it would be a disaster. I think it would change baseball very fundamentally. Although I don't know how often pitchers would really be inclined to to do that. Do you think the pitchers would do this very often? I don't know that they would don't because just think of like mechanically how much of a change it would be. It would be kinda cool. I guess if there were like if like something that only a couple of guys could do right, then I'd enjoy it. Because it's like, hey, this guy's got his special trick. And it's kind of fun to watch him. Do it. If everyone did it then it wouldn't be fun because it would probably just make pitchers even better and predictable and more unhittable. Because it's probably I mean, I don't know that you can do this consistently because it's probably hard to intimate the bounce and you've spent and it's unpredictable, and how do you go from reliably throwing sixty feet to fifty five feet on premise. What does that do to you? And so it's probably not worth it. But if someone could perfect. This like a cricket style delivery. And and could just seamlessly change between them that bef-. But only if it were a real outlier, right? I think that if that were the case that it would be delightful. But I think that it would be I think it would just for a lot of guys just recap on their on their mechanics. They would just be all out of sorts trying to do this. And then, you know, if it doesn't go the way you want to view tried about sit into the zone doesn't work and there are runners on the bug catcher. So I think that the incentives would be pretty powerful not to to try it. All right. Yeah. I don't think I like it at all don't like it only like it is like a trick pitch at an equivalent. But it doesn't bother me. I don't think it's actually inconsistent that batters can benefit from ball that bounces but pitchers can't benefit all the bounces because I think a hit by pitch is supposed to be a disincentive to pitchers. Hit and guys. And so it makes sense that you would want to protect batters in that way. Well, not rewarding pitchers because you're rewarding pitchers for their control and command and for being able to Bryce pitches inside the strike zone. And unless they are intentionally bouncing it into the strike zone than that is not rewarding that at all. So that is kind of okay with me. I don't think there's any part of me that would want this or that would even expect to see it on that often. But I don't know. I guess if you threw a pitch just like without spinned, you could probably do it more consistently, and maybe you wouldn't need to throat with spend. Because if you could just like skip it into the strike zone. That would just be so surprising and disorienting that even if it bounce straight up, and occasionally you will see like someone hit a bounced ball rate, and that's kind of cool, but I'm sure that would be difficult to intimate like on the one hand the ball would get to the plate. Little bit slower, but to go from intimidating pitches on the fly to then having to deal with bounces and not knowing which was coming that that'd be bad. Because if you're cricketing than you know, it's going to bounce and if you're baseball, and you know, it's probably not gonna bouncing going between them. That's that's pretty tough. I don't like it. All right last one. This is from Alex Pitron supporter. He says I was watching baseball this evening as one is known to do and was thinking about the conversations going on about the pitchers being so good these days and the over on the for an increase in pace of play. It struck me what if the ball where a little heavier mind, you only mean a little bit heavier. But seriously, what would the effect be of the ball being heavier? It would make pitcher slower I mentioned pulse. Wooden fly as far presumably this would also have an impact on fielders and catchers throwing also if ABI decided to make the ball's a little heavier, how long do you think it would take for players to notice and another listener named Yohannes asked almost exactly the same thing. Except like, I guess Larcher balls instead of heavier balls. So changing the baseball's dimensions to make them bigger or heavier with that be good or bed. I think that they would notice right away. Yes. I would notice right away. I think they'd adjust pretty quickly. But I think they would notice right away. Would it make it better? I don't know. Can make me do physics on the fly. Yeah. Right. That's I don't think I mean, yet pitchers would hate it. They hate it. Like, even if the ball feels a little bit slicker, the seems change insane. Like imperceptible to a normal person way. Or like the difference between the minor league ball in the major league ball in the past or the ball in Japan and the ball here, they they know that it's it's the tool of their trade. So they right away. Definitely notice and hate it. And I think if the ball were heavier in you'd get more stress on pitchers arms and less. They slowed down you make it more injuries. Right. You might get pitcher's throwing slower, which I guess that could help combat strikeouts. Especially if the ball is bigger and therefore easier to hit so right? It it might help reverse the strikeout increase, but it could also come at a cost to injuries the ball wouldn't carry as well, if it were bigger, I think I recall from the physics of baseball that the weight of. Of the ball doesn't matter as much to help art carries. But the the sizes Reagan's it's about drag, right? Right. Right. So if you had a bigger bullet would not carry as far it would be easier to hit it would probably travel slower. And I guess all those things would address what some people considered to be problems with baseball, which is too many strikeouts. Maybe too many homers. I think it would probably cause pitchers to hurt themselves. And I think I'd probably prefer just deadening the ball Rakas. There's a lot of precedent for that. And if you didn't the ball wouldn't necessarily be easier to hit, but it would give hitters greater incentive to make contact and maybe change their swings in such a way that they would prioritize contact because the Paul would travel far when you put it in the air. So that might lead to the effects that you wanna see without being quite so heavy handed, right? Yeah. I. Tend to be in favor of judgements that are. I mean, I should say I'm going to say that I'm favor small judgements. Not like the adjustments. That have adjustment implies intent the changes to the ball over the last couple of years have been super significant they've had pretty large impact. So it's not as if you have to like make it way ten pounds for it. Suddenly changed the game. But I tend to think that small changes to equipment and rules are preferable because then it allows the evolution of the game to be driven by player skill and and strategy rather than by, you know, making the ball livelier what what have you? So I don't I don't like this one either opposed vote nay. All right. I guess we can wrap it up there. So I will talk to you next week sounds good. So after we finish recording Jacob ram was suspended two games for head hunting Reese Hoskins was not suspended any games for having a really slow home run trot. Now, we know lolly gagging around the basis, not punishable throwing baseballs near guys heads lightly punishable, you can support the podcast on patriotic by going to patriot dot com slash effectively wild the following five. Listeners have already signed up and pledge some small monthly amount to help keep podcast going Alex Goodwin. 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