Trump reverses stance on masks as polls drops, virus surges


Got a busy night. Welcome to the beat I elber. We begin right now. With the facts. There were under one million coronavirus cases in the US, and about fifty four thousand deaths as of April twenty seven. That's about three months ago now tonight. The US is approaching four million cases and topping one hundred and forty thousand deaths. That's the problem you see there on the far right part of your screen. A portrait of a virus winning as the US government loses the reason these dates stand out is because of what president trump chose to do today holding his first corona virus briefing since what you see on the left sense April twenty-seventh. The president's return to the briefing process telling the nation. What's going on with the virus reflects obviously more than one thing. The fact that the virus is surging that it will not just disappear as a medical or political reality something that trump allies have even stressed because they've been openly discussing whether or more briefings would help Donald. Trump's currently cratering poll numbers. Tonight. There were no task force members in attendance. That's why you see the president are alone. That made this more of the presidential address than some sort of fully staffed medical update. But I want to be clear about something with you tonight right before we turn to our experts and our doctor. The president may have been technically alone up there, but as he refined backtracked on key points about how to combat this virus, it was actually clear he wasn't really alone. The guidance of the CDC and Dr Fauci and many other critical voices moves donald trump to concede things. He used to deny about this deadly pandemic. Bad and it's getting worse and you gotta fight it with social distancing and masks. And I would use it gladly. No problem with it and I've said and I say if you can use the mask. Can Use the mask if you're. Close to each other. If you're in a group, I would put it on when I'm in a group. The CDC, also announcing the data from ten cities and states shows that the covert infections that are actually here could be anywhere from two to thirteen. Times higher than the confirmed case count, many people also with no symptoms are believed to continue to be a source of spreading the virus. Those are the facts now we get right to our expert. Heather mcghee is co chair of color of changing NBC News, analysts. She's worked on healthcare and many other issues. Dr Zeke Emmanuel is a former Obama. White House Health Policy Advisor. He's at the University of Pennsylvania and he's the Co host of a podcast making the call. Welcome to both of you Dr Emmanuel. What did you hear there in? The president has mentioned up there alone of but sounding like some of the people who were not in the room. I think He is finally realising the seriousness of this, and I said I should say that tentatively, because before he also at various points, a sounded serious sounded like he understood the gravity of the situation. Many of your viewers will remember in March when they got the imperial college estimates suddenly, he sounded very That, we really had combat this thing, but that disappears in a very short time that this president. And it is quite worrisome. his ability to focus and then once. It he's distracted by. You. Know economic numbers or something else going and not harboring reality I. Do note that it's Tuesday on Sunday. He had that disastrous interview with a Chris. Wallets. In which he was just. Stating untruths and re-emphasizing and the data were selective selected for him in a very distorted way and maybe. The criticism has gotten to him any. He's becoming a little more serious. And whether or not one gives them him credit, or how we appraise, it had their. The medical experts have told us there are some things that work here like social distancing and masks, so having low bars. It may be leaders in government accurately reflect. That would be the right direction. It's so late so much has happened that people are rightfully upset about that. For your views take a listen to the president here doing that. One eighty on masks, etc.. We're asking everybody that. When you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask. Get a mask whether you like the mask or not they have an impact. either. This is three months too late and thirty or forty thousand lives lost too late at a critical time when the question was. Are we going to fully commit as a nation to slowing this pandemic? The president failed. He quit on the job in. He betrayed the country He gave political cover to protests that were trying to. destabilize. The Republican Party's maturity on this issue I'm and it was successful, and so now we see the states that opened most quickly. were are now having tremendous bison cases, and we don't even have the Republican governors. In Texas, and Florida and Georgia I'm doing the minimal basics that are needed to keep their communities safe, and all of that resistance, public health and science is flowing from the top, so no I don't give this reality. TV star any points for coming on TV tonight for the first time in a while and saying you know. Know, saying what what is very obvious, deny you know two year old son, which is that you should wear a mask? The thing that we need to be doing right now is putting pressure on the Republicans in Congress particularly. Mitch McConnell in the Senate to have an economic and public health relief package that matches this moment in so far from what I'm hearing from the White, house, wanting to zero out the testing budget the corona virus protesting budget, so they don't get more numbers that could spook his election You know promised. His election. Forecasts on to to them, not really recognizing that they need to give states and localities funding to be able to prop up. The economy's in the public health systems that we all depend on. They're just not taking it seriously, and it's too late and not enough. Dr Manual. We're going to put back up on the screen at the chart, which is the the factual context where everyone those dates as mentioned are three months where the president felt no need to brief anyone. Now is when you look at that that rising charter where we are on the far right as we approach the four million case count which CDC says is just you have to get multiples of that for the true number. What should Americans understand about what we're headed into right now, Dr. Actually I wish you would also put up the graph for Europe. Say Germany and Canada and even Italy and you would see it. Come down, doctor doctor that doctor. You know we always. Command. Doctor's orders. There's Abramov this is important. Walk through a doctor, we went from April and then boom. The US goes up until July well as you say. Many European countries dropped. You've obviously become an epidemiologist. There are because you're absolutely right, but you see is both the US Europe basically in the same place? We're about a week or two weeks behind them. They then dropped because they have implemented. A lack found that is that are nationwide? They've been implemented social distancing. They've closed a non essential businesses in a uniform national coordinated way. We didn't do it. It was haphazard. We did have the clydes in our EPI centers like New York, because of good leadership at the state level, but then the rush to open up. We can't take it anymore and you can see. Europe is way down and we're way up on the other hand if you look at New York. Cases are debts are down. The positivity rate among tests are down. There is as was said it's a national leadership issue, and if we're GONNA go forward. We need to have that consistent leadership across the whole country. You can't have spots like New York doing well and Texas. Doing poorly expect the country is gonNA come out of this because in Texas. Guess what they go to new. York and we need a consistent national program. Dot. Etc.. Dr Zeke Emanuel we always pre. We appreciate you and I have to say we are not will be working to take your cues. Whenever you say there's some other data we need to digest, and hopefully it can get people in the right direction, so we thank the doctor. Heather stays with me because we're GONNA turn to some of the politics on this someone who knows Joe Biden Well Ron Klein was the former boulevard during the Obama administration. He's an adviser Joe. Biden who served in senior roles there and Ron I think everyone knows how politics works, so we identified obviously supportive of Joe Biden. But I'd be remiss if we didn't emphasize you. Also happen to have this tremendous public health expertise for managing a pandemic response. both those things are looked to be these big issues going all the way towards November. We just did cover the president. We covered some of what he said. Let's listen now on the flip side to Joe Biden. He's been discussing this brand new. Take a look. There's leadership here. He actually has zero zero. He's he surrendered only one thing he has in mind. How does he win reelection and it doesn't matter how many people get covert and or die from covert. Joe Biden they're making news on several fronts net interview with my colleague joy in read Ron. What is important both substantively and politically there is a political brawl here as Biden says, trump is surrendering. Look I think that it's all good for the process to come to the briefing room now for a couple of months and urge people wear masks. It's definitely a step forward, but the fact that he's president. He has the power to fix the testing staff, who he has the power to make sure that our healthcare workers have the protection ity gowns and gloves and masks, and the year that he he has the power to create an order contact racing. He's not using any of his powers to fight this disease. I don't be pleased if he stopped using his powers to divide us. US and to turn people against to their address the things heather issues discussed earlier about how he's inflamed. These irresponsible protests response measures, but he is still not doing anything to really address the fundamental needs. We have as a country to try to to fight this virus tests tracing gear national policy on closing a national policy on how to reopen safely national policy and how to do with our school system just last week he was still bullying every school in American reopened with no hell, no resources to do it safely. So what press conference? That doesn't really change a fail approach afield. To fire his virus and they're. Really going to do anything fundamentally different in this national struggle against the fires. And Joe Biden also makes the direct claim as other trump critics do that. It's all about him. The Associated Press which doesn't have a position for or against either candidate did report the basically trump to rea- virus briefings amidst lagging poll, citing that same political self interested motivation. I'm reading here from the AP quote, quote an apparent course reversal aides pushing trump to ignore the virus. And instead focus on the economy and politically advantages advantages terrain the idea that they could distract away from this, which everyone is familiar with trump's penchant? That these three months were a failure of that, and that politically Iran is why he's back out there talking virus tonight. Our Donaldson's poll numbers are down not because he did or didn't hold briefings, or because he is or isn't tweeting their down, because he's doing a horrible job, not fighting pandemic, this killing thousands of Americans every single week and so I'm for job I want us to win this fall on for America, really want us to what Donald Trump to get out there and fight this virus, using the tools and the power that he has, and he refuses to us, and so you know I just think that Briefings, no briefings press conferences tweets facebook posts whatever you're. What's going to fight? This virus is a president leading national fight against the virus. That's what you'll find has said he will do if he wins. We still are seeing that from Donald. Trump, and the death count continues to mount. A fast here between the lack of feeling in caring for just the incredible human toll is taking on the country with what Joe Biden did today with economic announcement, which was centered on caregiving, and I really I don't always agree with Joe Biden's positions. I think they need to be bigger and bolder, but this guy seven hundred and seventy five billion dollar commitment to caregiving, which is the probably unifying in this country that we've all been made harshly aware of which is just that win the care economy is. Is Not functioning. The rest of the economy is not care. Work is the work that makes all things possible. All other work possible as the folks at the national domestic workers. Say this plan that he put out today. The Joe Biden put out today would fundamentally health Americans take care of one. Another families childcare elder care so that we can get back to work. You can't have the kind of economic recovery that Donald Trump is hoping for before November without a vision of how we take care of one another. Iran the president also has been a beefing to use a technical term with Dr. Vouch e and then they sort of patch it up. And everyone understands the tough job of anyone who's in substance or empirical position this administration. Let's play since trump talked about this and that Chris Wall interview with which our earlier guest Dr Manual called disastrous Tried to quit up now. Dr Chee. Explaining his perspective why he sees this as all about being a realist, which seems like a nice way of saying, you have to be factual, take a look. Over the weekend, the president described you as a little bit of an alarmist I consider myself a realist as opposed to an alarmist. You're dealing with reality as you would like to say I believe so, but then again others have different opinions. I mean Ron. He's working hard. You've been in these kind of jobs. He keeps his smile on his face. He believes. He's dealing in reality. The negative space and that painting would be who else is not dealing in reality Ron. Yeah, I mean I. Don't think there's really any responsible person America. Who Doubts Deputy and Tony Pouches view of this pandemic, Donald? Trump's one has been proven time and again to be correct, and one has been laced with fantasy, misleading lies, misdirection and Tony Fallacy is a great doctor. His great public servant I know how hard it's been from to serve under Donald Trump I'm. I'm glad he is though because I think he is doing his best to give us truthful information I think the single best thing donald trump could do is remove the White House gag that's placed on Tony couching. Let Tony Fauci go. On TV shows just kind of Internet broadcast that he's allowed to go on, but you know do the Sunday shows get the bay. Yondo read on the Internet. I've been hanging on the Internet I. Bet your kids get plenty of news off the Internet. That, yes, they do, but many Americans get their news from shows like yours Ari and thank goodness for that too, and so I just think that there should be no gag. Tony found she. He's a truth teller. He has hunt this country deal with HIV AIDS news a critical aspect of fighting a bowl around the world. He's fought Catlin Pepsi's. He's brilliant. Researcher is amazing, doctors, an incredible public leader, and the more we can hear from him the veteran period and his story. Period end of story I think a lot of folks feel that way. It was definitely interesting watching that as well I wanNA thank. Ron claimed for being in one of these opening segments in our show, heather mcghee for being in two. Thanks to both of you. Thank you thinking. We have a lot more coming up the backlash to Donald Trump's move to try to put federal officials into these American cities. We're going to speak to D- Congresswoman in the epicenter of all this very important story. We're staying on also a new legal fight over Michael Collins criticism of trump that could hit before the election reported claims about alleged leaf, racist comments, antisemitic comments allegedly by Donald Trump and where bill bar fits into all. That's my special legal breakdown later tonight, also new calls for action the Briana Taylor case we're going to be joined by a protester WHO's watching a hunger strike demanding. Justice, Amari Melbourne. You're watching the beat on MSNBC. Hey It's Chris Hayes. podcast wise is happening. I'll be talking with political campaign veteran Luke as my brother about what it's like to be running campaigns. In this moment there's a frustration out there with the American electorate and just American general that like things are not going well, and at the response to them is underwhelming. So I think there's a predisposition to being like. Why is this also Har-? Why are these things not working the way they should be? and that's only compounded over the last few years for some them. It's like they lost their job. In the great recession, they lost their pension and like these people that go play. Play by the rules they just got screwed on. The mortgage on job screwed on their pension. You know I voted for this guy and my life material. Change all that much I think people are just frustrated with the system of not addressing the needs. That's this week on. Why is this happening search for? Why is this happening? Wherever you're listening right now and subscribe introducing peacock, the new free streaming service NBC Universal. It's hit movies current, so's live sports, trending bits and timeless hits, and that's why you can't not watch peacock Wasser free upgrade from one stream now at peacock law and order svu streaming now. Turn into this growing national backlash over the way, the trump administration has tried to expand the role of federal agents in at least one American city, the spotlight intensifying because videos that have emerged of officers here is basically federal agents pulling protesters off the street, putting some into unmarked vehicles also reports of teargassing the protesters. The clashes at times of appear to intensify and here's what's important about that. We're now hearing from numerous Oregon officials who are on the ground in the center of all this saying that it's the trump administration with this deployment plan that is deliberately trying to create the impression of some sort of chaos to then justify the potential crackdown. Washington Post also reporting on specific measures. That basically would surveilled protesters based on the fact that they're exercising free speech, rights or joining black lives matter protests. Critics are alleging this is all about stifling dissent in two thousand twenty on these big issues heading into the election. I want to be very clear about the facts tonight. There have been roughly fifty days of consecutive protests for these civil rights issues. In Portland we have been tracking I'm sure you know protests all over the country. In some places they went big and faded Portland's a place where they have continued and in those fifty days according to Oregon authorities, most of the gatherings, most of the people have been described as peaceful. The trump administration deployments Oregon officials have repeatedly said are actually not helping public safety. Now that you can say clash between different government officials, but also take a look at this local reporting. This is courtesy of the Oregonian. It also shows the scale of this. Because while on television with politics, you may hear it presented a certain way. The local coverage on this map makes the point that where you see. Protests are police clashes. It's in that little area in one little part of Portland, not a city under siege. Now I also WANNA. Tell you a beyond that around the courthouse several. Other things are important, congressional Democrats. Out of the organ delegation. Taking on this policy, they say it's not only intolerable, but the way the trump administration is deploying. These agents may even be illegal. So now you know the facts, you understand the stakes and one of those very lawmakers joins me on this one. We're back in just thirty seconds. Welcome back. We're joined by congresswoman Suzanne Boorda. Meet you whose district includes part of the city of Portland. Thanks for being here. Thank you for having me on the show? Absolutely we just went through some of the facts. The federal government. Has Broad Authority? On Federal Property and in other situations to try to keep the peace. What specifically is your concern that the trump administration's going beyond that? Well. Thank you and the trump administration is going beyond what is needed because when you think about what people are doing, they're protesting. Black lives matter. They are rightly exercising their First Amendment Rights, and now that the trump administration has sent in these uninvited camel clad officers They're heightening tensions, and they're exacerbating the stress in our community and I saw you showed the video of someone being taken off the street into a car questioned they actually covered his face took him somewhere questioned him. Let him go when he said he wanted a lawyer. This is exacerbating tensions and we don't need them there to keep our community safe. We don't want them there they are not helping. They're making things worse. Do you believe you have enough evidence to say definitively at this is targeting people. This is because of their actual views which they have every right to old, or because they're black. Lives matter activists as opposed to. Alleged unrest or keeping the peace in other parts of the country. What we know a is that we have had many people speaking out exercising their right to protest now the protests have gone grown, significantly more and more people people who haven't protested before, because they are so concerned about the presence of these unidentified officers who are really wreaking havoc, and you know the president said the other day, or maybe was this morning or yesterday that they're doing a fantastic job in Portland, they are not. Not doing a fantastic job they shot a twenty six year old peaceful protester who's still in the hospital after almost ten days, fractured his skull. They have teargassed groups of people at peaceful protesters, including the MOMS who are far formed their wall of MOMS. This is via video you're showing now is Christopher David, a Navy veteran peacefully protesting. They beat him with batons, broke his hand, and then as you sauce. Sprayed at gas directly into his face. That's not doing a fantastic job that is violating people's rights and causing so much stress and concern in our community We don't want these these unofficial. These a Cammo clad agents here we want them to leave We want to deescalate and and when we think about the fact that people are protesting police brutality. You do not address. Protest against Lee's Taliban with more police brutality. It is counterproductive for them to be there. We need to work with the community. Where make we were making progress? Actually the protests were calming down in till they arrived until the trump administration sent these extra. Officers to Portland and trying to figure out who they are a, what authority are they? To whom are they reporting were demanding answers to these questions on behalf of our constituents here in Oregon and also raising concern, because the administration is said they're sending these tha these. Officers to other cities as well and if they're GONNA do in other cities what they're doing in Portland. It's so wrong. It's still counterproductive. WE WANNA take our own community. We want them to leave. Right. You lay that all out. Including that story of course for David which was written about in the Washington Post the new. York Times and I know in Oregon press as well. We were just showing some footage I. Think at one point you could see someone with the navy emblazoned sweatshirt and he had said as a veteran, he wanted to ask these officers. What they were doing could be consistent with the oath. They all take to uphold the constitution. And you just detailed the alleged abuse that he received caught on tape. Before we go, I did WANNA play as viewers know we do around here. The administration's response here's the secretary laying out what they're up to. Against some of the types of criticism. We've heard from you. Take a listen. To credit the government specifically, your agency is acting like an authoritarian regime, especially because you have the governor of Oregon saying she's still specifically secretary love and said that hurt that she doesn't your officers in her state that she doesn't need them that they're acting tensions. Well I would say is if you did your job from a local perspective. We wouldn't be there just like we're not in any other city. Congresswoman, I think anyone can hear the circular logic, which is where they choose to deploy is the evidence of why they feel their deployments necessary that said. What do you say as a representative part of Portland to that? That's absolutely wrong. we are working as a community and I do not condone violence or destruction of property, but we have to address that in directed way not in a way that results in innocent people who are protesting being gassed or beaten with batons or shot in the head. so I very much disagree with that notion that we aren't doing our job. As I mentioned in you can, you can look at the history of the protests over these many days. People people have been rightly protesting in exercising their first amendment. Amendment Rights protesting police brutality. We need to work with the community to address that end the absolute wrong way to address. That is with more police brutality, and that's what this administration has brought to our community. Now we have many many more people protesting, which of course they have the First Amendment right to do, but they're. They're heightening tensions, so they are not doing a job this helping us. It's counterproductive to have them they're. They're hurting people in our community and we want them to leave before. More people get hurt. A congresswoman Motomachi. Thank you so much. Thank you so much, sorry. Appreciate, A. We have a lot more in the show tonight including my legal breakdown as mentioned Michael Cohen Sparring with the Bar DOJ, trying to retaliate against him to abuse the power to jail, someone to stop his book, but there's a lot more of the story. That's my breakdown later this hour, but first we're GONNA. Get into it. What one guest tonight! Call the disastrous interview for Donald Trump. Do you see the late night? Comics did with it. That's coming up. President Trump's absolute grilling by Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace has been getting tons of reaction political media, and otherwise we're also seeing of course the late night hosts way in take a look. He really believes this is going to go away on its own trump like everyone knows the virus will disappear just like chickenpox and herpes. It's not reassuring when presented with evidence of a rapidly spreading disease. Your answer is show me the depth chart. Because that implies there are enough deaths for chart. Some of these comics also keyed in on that moment when the president of the United States. was basically invoking the fact that he passed a very hard cognitive test. It's chilling the most powerful man in the world. Bragging that he passed a test that they give to people to find out whether they should be allowed to take the bus by themselves. Just approved trump eighth test spent the rest of the interview, pointing at things and naming them. That's the chair. That's a tree. This is a shirt I can go all day. Also by the way I don't know if it's the absence of a laugh track, or what, but our late night comics, they look a little more somber these days in some of these appearances and the last thing we want to show you is when Donald Trump. Then also with the charts getting so much attention here tried to use a chart to prove that he was right about those death rates while it got this reaction from Trevor Noah. And the funniest part about this to me, isn't the used. To prove that America has the best mortality rate. It's even on A. Chart, it's not true. I mean if you just want any chart. That's to show how well you're doing. Just go all the way with it. They get to use some words there that we don't on the news, but we wanted to catch you up on that. And when we come back my big break down, what's wrong with the Bill Bar Justice Department and this new fight Michael? Cohen coming up. Welcome back to the new pressure in a story that we have been following. It has now been one hundred and thirty days since Brianna Taylor was fatally shot in her own home. By police officers. None of those officers have been indicted or arrested for that, and now with all this time going by, we're seeing new efforts for pressure, four Louisville residents, launching a formal hunger strike in protest, one of the hunger strikers, Vincent Gonzales as explained what they're trying to do in drawing everyone's attention, and in so doing he and the other organizers. We're actually paraphrasing an old Gil. Scott Heron Song that you may recall the revolution will not be televised. He's activists are saying that next step of protests might not be televised, but they will be live streamed with the power of each individual person to use their phone to share their story Vincent. Gonzales, doing this hunger strike on a Taylor joins us now. Thank you for being here? So much for having. Absolutely. Let's start with why you care about this case to go this far and tell us about your hunger strike. Yes, so this is absolutely as a longtime resident. Of Louisville, Kentucky this is an act of love by being my co-conspirators a to a as honor of to bar beautiful community just making sure that justice is carried out for. Mister Taylor and Peace was. For Family! What are your demands? Are Tuned Demands are pretty simple fire, the other two officers that were involved in her murder and strength their pensions. Jonathan Mannion Flea. Costs Rope are the to still remain. On course. So you're focused on something that is within the executive powers of the government. It's obviously more complex. To demand a legal outcome. Because as you and I think viewers know that goes to that process, and whether there's evidence to charge or a grand jury. Why was it important to use strategically to focus here on what basically the city could do right now tonight? I think is very much is like you may shed not legal redress is. You know sometimes can can evade us. for various reasons Based on that love. Really one of the message to get out here that these sort of things to to murder an individual in their home while they slept. In the community that I wanna live in. A! You are not welcome there, so yeah, we stay all the dirty and we say that you will not. Live comfortably and you to work the job as if you did not commit acts. And you like a lot of these activists these days are. Young, I know you're in your thirties. We're seeing a lot of that. I'm curious. What are you seeing in your fellow activists and if you want to tell people how they can get, get involved before we lose you. Right Oh. Yes, so beautiful energy coming from a queer inclusive multiracial space We listened to older leadership. But we stay united as one as a city as a nation go to firebrand dot com to hear more of our demands. and. Thank you so much for having me. One hundred percents We've been tracking his. You know all different protests and efforts here. There's different ways to do it. You all doing something that that falls a long tradition and also. Involves your own public health so I. Wish You well. I know you're fasting Vincent Gonzales. Thanks for joining us. After the break we will get into what I've been telling you all our. We've been waiting for my special breakdown. Bill Bar Michael Cohen, and why this fight matters when we come back. Now to an important story on the rule of law and what Donald Trump's controversial attorney general is up to. America continues to debate our whole criminal justice system from the longstanding and yes bipartisan systems of racism, two new problems under trump. But there's also now mounting evidence that Donald, trump's attorney. General Bill Bar is deploying the DOJ's powers to protect convicted felons were close to trump like his allies Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, and there new allegations bars also trying to use his power to potentially punish trump's enemies. which brings us to this big contrast right now? Top trump adviser who were sent to jail by juries and judges are now free like Paul Manafort Roger Stone. While! Trump's former personal lawyer turned antagonists Michael. Cohen is actually back in custody. Like Manafort, he was actually released from prison early for holded then he was just sent back to jail and now. Cohen alleges there is he says an illegal trump bar plot to retaliate and silence him before the election. So think about that right now. Donald Trump's own former lawyer is the one suing Donald Trump. Cohen alleging the trump administration is keeping him in jail as payback for his plans to release a scathing upcoming book, the lawsuit claims that bar is literally quote imprisoning Cohen in retaliation for drafting a book about trump, obviously true that would violate your first amendment rights, and all of that may be true. It will be fought out in court. It is also true it's been reported that Cohen was cut out to dinner with his wife and another couple which appear to violate is confinement agreement. has lawyer arguing that it doesn't? The COEN ended up back in front of New York judge, and this is where the story takes such an important term, Coen! Officers asked him to agree to terms that he at first basically wouldn't accept. It was a probation form that would restrict him speaking out or having contact with the media, no engagement of any kind including books Coen's advisor. Saying that. When he backed down about this, he was still taken into custody anyway. An officer reportedly told Cohen. It's out of our hands. Okay. That's what the officer literally said. So, whose hands was it in? Allegedly the Bill Bar Justice, department, and that sounds bad for bar because think about it. A standard local probation decision almost never important enough for the attorney general to medalists. Can you name case too? Where you have intervened so dramatically where the person involved was not connected to the president. Off the top of my head. I'm sure there are a number of cases since I've been here that I've done that. You can't think of one, but well frequently. Case we don't go discussing WHO's under investigation at any given time. He couldn't think of one. That was an important failure to answer. The question is the same bill bar meddling to help stone and Flynn, who is now literally helping allegedly? Slap these cuffs on Michael Cohen. There's a reason. That actually goes much farther than just this legal fight. There's a reason they're so worried. That could go all the way to the next election. Trump's allies worried about Cohen going public on trump because they remember last time. I know what Mr Trump is. He is a racist. He is a conman. And, he is a cheat. The country has seen Mr Trump court white supremacists and bigots in private. Is even worse. He once asked me if I can name a country run by a black person. That wasn't a toll. This was when Barack. Obama was president of the United States. Now the First Amendment issues here are not an automatic resolution, because Cohen was supposed to be in jail where he wouldn't be able to do most media, but the lawsuits also telling us a lot more about what is in this forthcoming book, allegations of graphic details about trump's behavior, pointedly certain antisemitic remarks, virulent erased remarks against black leaders such as Obama and Mandela according to the new suit. Now how scary is one book or one media to around a book? Well at the White House, they're keeping track of this. They just live through Donald. Trump's niece shattering all kinds of interest audience records etcetera with her account of her uncle. Have you heard the president used the N. word. And Antisemitic slurs specifically. That was noticed. Donald Trump. Who is notoriously ratings obsessed may have. Kept track of the fact that that interview which was here on Rachel Maddow's show on MSNBC broke ratings records with over five million viewers that made it the most watched. TV including prime time broadcast TV now is that legal fight is occurring? There's another convicted felon out talking without concern about any free speech situations because he's not going to jail anymore. And that of course is Roger. Stone, who did this victory lap in Classic Stone Style? You see him right here. When he discussed Donald, trump, who again after bill bar went and tried to help. The initial sentence commuted the whole thing anyway. So the president has saved my life, and he's giving me the opportunity to fight for vindication to fight for my generation. Donald Trump's actual handwriting on that one. This isn't the first time that trump and his allies meddled. It was again and this is important. Bill Bar that I tried to save Donald Trump from even having to commute the sentence and got all kinds of criticism from legal experts, also the resignation of line prosecutors, then two thousand other prosecutors two thousand said Bar shouldn't have this job anymore. He should resign just that. That may have been distraught broke the camel's back. Because of course was now being seen much more as the president's personal lawyer. As the attorney general and he's been criticized before about his approach to the job. The keep in mind. This is the second time Mr Bar has taken up this office at his first confirmation hearing. This was back in nineteen, hundred hundred eighty one. He talked about the importance. Of being independent and not cutting people political breaks. A lot has been said about not wanting to have a political justice department. and. I agree with that. You shouldn't sweep anything under the rug. Don't cut anyone special break. Don't show favoritism. Don't withhold an indictment that should be laid down because of political influence. Just, take each of those intern. Don't sweep anything under the rug. It's trump zone former lawyer alleging that's exactly what bar is trying to do to his book right now. Don't cut anyone a special break. That's exactly how bar metal and Roger Stone's jail sentence a move so extreme that you had those resignations and then don't withhold an indictment because of political influence. That's what bar did by literally withdrawing Mike Flynn's indictment and guilty plea. Undoing, a legal victory that was achieved by the very same DOJ he manages, but of course back when Bob Muller still work there. How could a lawyer shrewd bill bar make so many pledges under oath that he's now contradicting that we can just walk you through them right here. One answer is those pledges are literally the bare minimum for serving as attorney general in any party or any era. If, you were to admit the illegal intent to abuse your power to try to corruptly control who goes to jail for political reasons you. You wouldn't get confirmed. And that's where all these different strands and stories unite from the streets in Portland and black lives matter to the secret deals and Donald Trump's Washington these are attacks on our rule of law. Times Michelle Goldberg also tied this all together. In a chilling piece writing trump is already established that his allies like Mike Flynn and Roger Stone are above the law. What happens now. Will. Tell us how many of us are below it. This is not a drill. Activists around the nation are demanding America reckon with the rule of law. The problems that yes predate this president and many that are of Donald. Trump's making with the rule of law itself. A central question in this coming campaign and what America will accept. Michael Cohen suit is just one piece of this picture. A judge will actually hear the spectacle of the president's former lawyer suing the president from prison. This coming Thursday. But that case turns on what Cohen's allowed to stay and do. I tell you tonight. The much larger question is whether Americans will accept or challenge. What Bill Bar is trying to do is he executes his notions. OF TRUMP JUSTICE! But does it for us? Thank you as always for watching the, we'll be back at six PM Eastern tomorrow. We choose to go to the moon and do the other thing not because they are easy, but because they are hard. I'm Chuck Roosenburg on my podcast the oath I. Speak with those who sacrificed for the common good who do things because they are hard this week, former, National Security Council official Fiona, Hill we? Can ourselves have a serious rational discussion about where we want the relationship with Russia to go, but we have to stop using Russia as about domestic politics. Join me for season three of the OATH MSNBC podcast search for the oath. Wherever you're listening right now and please subscribe new episodes every Wednesday.

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