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Boys and girls welcome to another edition of the business of Sports with Andrew. Brandt workers ended as always always buy Bet online dot ag online sportsbook experts. They're the exclusive partner of podcast. One sports net use the Promo Code podcast. One received the fifty fifty percent sign of bones today bet online dot. AG quite a podcast for the music. You hear underscoring us from San Brand producer extraordinaire and of course my son John and I'm Andrew Brand I'm GonNa talk to Howard Bryant Howard from ESPN ESPN DOT com all about this cabinet workout and what went on enduring it and what has gone on since this is from the source. Howard was there at the workout in Atlanta talk to the pro cabinet supporters? The Anti Cabinet people that were there air and of course saw it all. Go down where it was moved from the NFL sponsor. Location of the Falcons facility all the way over to the other side of town much closer to the airport airport. By the way we're cabernet killed his own workout we'll go into all the machinations in that in the future and whether cabinet will ever be signed by an NFL team some interesting insights from Howard Bryant of Espn Dot Com and ESPN the magazine. Who's a fascinating read Novelist Book Writer. Someone I've talked to a lot On the PODCAST. Before Howard Brian. Coming up I rant about some news that just surfaced as record this on Thursday November twenty. First I in the much ballyhooed helmet swing by myles Garrett he appealed first of all I think the reason he appealed understand because law and appeals. Heels are all about precedent. There doesn't seem to be a precedent for an independent indefinite suspension for an act on field. One No matter what the act was. We haven't scene indefinite suspension. We saw a lengthy suspension for voluntary perfect but he has a history of violence on the field and that is not applicable. A couple here because myles Garrett doesn't have that history of suspensions and things like that so here we go myles Garrett has his appeal and the news is that comes out today from Adam Schefter. Via's peon is really a bit shocking. And it's something that's certainly drawing a lot of attention attention to try to give my thoughts here. That Mason Rudolph who was the quarterback who had his helmet pulled off who got a fight with myles Garrett who people thought should have been suspended because he kind of interested in trying to get myles Garrett helmet off. I is being accused of using a racial slur. How is he being accused of? That will evidently in the appeal hearing Maoz Garrett and or his attorneys told the NFL. That's what happened that this was a response to an inflammatory Statement obviously about racial slur. We don't know if it was the N.. Word or something else and of course we've got a statement from miles. I'm sorry Mason. Rudolph attorney saying it never ever happened. It was reckless. And now we have some Phil Pittsburgh steelers going on record saying they didn't see it here at. They believe their quarterback that it never happened so so here we are. What do I think well? I don't think it's safe to say it happened or safe to say didn't happen People know what goes on at the bottom of these piles in the middle of these fights. There's heated comments made. Maybe something was said that could be interpreted as a racial slur as I said we. I don't know if it was the N.. Word or something more direct or something less direct or something that could be misconstrued as a racial slur. I just look at did that film. Of course I was asleep but look at that film of that fight. There's bodies in there is people in there. They were steelers that pounced on there as well. We never heard about them hearing anything like that. Of course. They were supporting their quarterback. So all of this goes into the fact that we now have a plot twist on on this big fight will find out soon about myles Garrett and whether he gets the indefinite suspension beyond this year which. We don't know how long that will last or something shorter. I think probably go through the end of the year and then maybe the process brings it to an end after this year and he starts fresh next year. But we'll see and again. I guess my only comment here is there's going to be inflammatory reactions to this is going to be all over social media. And we're gonNA hear about this. Whether or not their denials myles Garrett can have to answer to this and talk about it. We're GONNA have microphones played. What did they hear talk? Talk to people around there but the bottom line is there's two sides every story and then there's the truth in between peers. I guess to be one of those situations now describing anything to myles Garrett or to Mason Rudolph but we have one player that believes he heard of racial slur. We have one player. WHO believes he? She said nothing to that effect and we know in the middle of that scrummed down there. There were probably things said beyond just fighting and not talking. So I'm guessing we have interpretations and again none of this is black and white. It's gray so with the gray area. We have this thing happened. That's my reaction to this so I wanted to get that out. There is going to be a lot developing after a record this about that. We're GONNA hear different sides of the story make your House Garrett eventually eventually Mason Rudolph his through his attorney saying nope didn't happen in. Its reckless for them to be accused of that. So we'll see now. Let's get to capture for Nick Because I think the story resonates I have talked about as I did throughout this podcast gave a whole rant on the podcast last week about this workout. That turned turned into a private workout. You know it sort of begs the question why capper. Nick never had a private workout on his own rather than the NFL setting it up. I wanted to get someone who is right on the scene in who really is a voice on these matters has been talking about cabinet writing about him for three years. That's Howard Bryant the eminent writer from ESPN the magazine and and the author of course on various TV shows it is p. n.. Someone I enjoyed talking to so Howard Brian from ESPN DOT com and ESPN the magazine. who was at the scene and of the workout and has talked eloquently insightful and thoughtfully about capture? Nick is my guest so without further ado new Howard Bryant of ESPN ESPN the magazine Howard. Great to have you as always in you were there. You were there at the workout Saturday. A at the Atlanta Falcons facility of course move to another location later. You were there for the cabinet workout. Take us through. It takes US inside the workout. The machinations that went on between the sides the NFL lawyers cabinets lowers the failed waiver signing. Give us a picture. Take US inside what happened. On on Saturday well nigh thoughts were I flew down to Atlanta on Friday and When in with this went into this with certain understandings about what it was going to be there has been no media access? We're supposed to be at three o'clock on Saturday out at flowery branch at the Falcons facility ability and so I had been mobilizing my plan to figure out okay. Well what am I gonNA get. If there's no access into closed practice. What could I possibly produce deuce? Why am I even hear that question? got into very quickly Saturday morning I go out there. I get there at ten o'clock which was about five nine hours before the workout was supposed to begin and already care were supporters and protesters out there and so there were three people out there who didn't support Kapernick. They were to people who did. And so. I did my eleven ten sportscenter hit and then immediately when I turn my phone back on there was a text message from a member of cavernous campus in Palmi Asap in. That was really that first conversation afterwards. Right at around eleven twenty eleven. Thirty was the first inkling that I was getting that. You know what something might be going sideways here by noontime. I'd gotten another call saying these negotiations aren't going well and what was happening interesting by that. Time was where there were three anti-capitalistic tapper nick protesters there. The number of people supporting Catholic head swelled out to fifty people and so it was really really interesting on opposite sides of the street things supporters on one side and the protesters on the other and they were just being hugely outnumbered. By one o'clock it was about a hundred and twenty people and Cabernet Cabinets fraternity either cap is. were out there and they were. They had go be shown up from all of these different locations on motorcycles. And everything else and it was really sort of interesting it was interesting socially to watch it to see all of these people on one time supporting according even then you've got these committed guys in the other but it also made me think about something else Andrew and it was how we deal with this standpoint. If it had been in the reverse I if there had been a hundred and fifty people out there against capital that would that would have been v story and especially when workout got moved. There were another two hundred people down at the Charles drew high school in Riverdale. And so if you had had three hundred plus people against him came out in full force. That's what we would have been talking about and it bothered me in some ways because I was thinking. Why isn't this support allowed to be an asset? Why aren't we talking about the fact that he actually does have support when we know that if he didn't it would have been priced at every? NFL executive would have used to say even no matter how much we liked him if he threw the ball. Johnny United this is simply just too much. Opposition can't take the risk and so that was a very interesting thing to see on on the ground firsthand by by one thirty one. Forty five the sources that I had had kept telling me. Keep your phone on Excuse me and keep your phone. Because something's happening by fifteen. It was clear this thing was going South and by twenty five. I received a phone call from member number of Catholics camp. That said here's the new address. Please pass it onto all of cap supporters. who were there? It's not going down and what was happening on the ground. While I was getting those text messages was you could see all the caravan of executives who were going to showing up for the showing up to the work they were are coming in all the different teams supposedly all twenty five teams according to what Conversation I had with the NFL today. All twenty nine said they were going to be there were there and then. Suddenly it didn't happen okay. Let's get to that so you're in touch with the cabinet camp. First of all towns me me as a lawyer. That's worked on both sides players and team that a this was held by the League not a team not an agent b. e whatever we'll talk about the waiver and the conditions and all those things but not buttoned up before Saturday Saturday right so what we're doing is something that just sort of you're saying they're negotiating and they're not getting done and there's obviously disputes. But this was still in play on Saturday hours before the scheduled workout. This was still in play as late as two fifteen ten minutes before the Cochran Ecksteen sent in a text message to the NFL lawyers the NFL office. Who by the way their representative was actually actually at flowery branch and gotta texted and says couldn't get it done? I talked to both sides on this in. What I was told was because I asked the same? I'd asked the same question with something. This high profile was something unique. But something this tense this much animosity nasty. But that's my history. Why would you go into this without having a deal nailed down? Why would you have a rolling negotiation up until the day Eh and part of the reason from what I was told on the? NFL side was that they thought speed was of the essence. They thought that it was interesting. And that were alrighty at week. Eleven and that this is you know that that let's do this the way we do this any other player you know you don't you don't stretch it out to a two or three week invent you just call the player in and you do the event and and yet they also acknowledge that this is an extraordinary circumstance. So I said well you. You can't really have it both ways can you can you. Can you treat it like any other player. But then also acknowledged the extraordinary nature of the situation. It just didn't work worked both ways of the capital team viewed the speed of this as an intimidation tactic. So you had to remember the bad blood that you've got here relationship wise sized whereas on the one hand the NFL is saying that no we thought speed was better. It benefited him. You've got the cabinet team saying there's no way speed benefited us it. It sounded like you were trying to rush us. Push into a corner to accept something with conditions. You knew that we couldn't accept. Why Howard? Why do you think I think this was happening? I said at the outset been around the league. Twenty five years never ever not once seen the league hold. An individual vigil player worked out hundred times by agents hundreds of times by teams every year by the League for three hundred college players but for an individual player. Why is this happening? Yeah my feeling that this is my feeling is that this is happening because I I I I feel like this was a sheer force of personality. Power moved by Roger. Goodell I think Roger Roger Goodell is recognized and I don't know if this is true or not but he's really the only one or somebody in his camper somebody after in the league. The office decided. But you know what I don't know how long I'M GONNA be in this job or however long I'm GonNa be in this job. I don't want this to be a legacy question for me. One of the things that I've been hearing over over and over again from the cabinet campus. This was dead they gave it CPR. They called us. So that tells you world at this called really came out of the blue somebody at the. NFL had decided that this was something you know. Talk about the feather in the cap to get this done on however when you listen to Jerry Jones quotes in the Dallas Morning News the other day you when you read those close very much. Sounds like the cart before the horse. How on Earth could did you put this in motion without getting buy in from the teams and you know like you talked about the speed? The hurry way to me. Where's the fire? No one's GONNA sign him in two thousand nine t no one signed for three years and all of a sudden it has to happen on a Saturday in November. When could have happened in on a Tuesday when teams are used? Used to work outs could have happened after the season around the super bowl around the combine. Get them in the program for Twenty Twenty I. I just don't get it I mean where's the fire on this we're whereas whereas the fire and no question about that no question about that and maybe from what I was told by some. NFL sources that there wasn't naive tae involved in that And now you've paid being the speed an I'm interested in signing and this is where I think the. NFL story tends to fall apart a little bit because they they know seed on this suddenly there was it was zero to one hundred type of move. It wasn't as so I mean no one had spoken to Colin Kaepernick in any sort of official capacity since the summer since July of two thousand seventeen when John Harbaugh and Colin Cabinet had a conversation And that was the last time in. NFL executives spoke to cap two and a half year two and a half years so to go from there to this and that doesn't even include the fact that you had a collusion settlement in February and the last time that the two sides had spoken in an official capacity was in February when the collusion settlement was reached. So so let me let me segue there. Sorry to interrupt the we have a collusion settlement. Settlement February's you reference. I'm a lawyer to me. A collusion settlement forestalls waves releases the NFL from future litigation nation. That's not what we're hearing now in that the waiver proposed on Saturday is something that would have released future litigation but I thought the collusion settlement. Do you have any insights on that. They don't and I'm trying to get those insights today Because I when I was on the phone with the with the NFL with one of their attorneys told me was. We had no idea none that you were going to you. Being the cavern at camp or that the average person could infer that that that waiver if that waiver claimed anything more than injury recovered anything anything more than injury on the other hand when you look at the two different components of that of that waiver the first paragraph where it talks talks about as a condition of employment or potential condition of employment and then to the paragraph in a paragraph seven. We're talking about you know any and all direct or indirect indirect. The those two things open up one question which is sitting Colin Down you the post workout interview and asking him point blank. Are you going to kneel back reopened the whole thing at least from the the debate that I've been having or that I've been told is between the NFL PA and the cabinet camp the NFL. PA says no kneeling has already protected so no one was going to ask him that question. Anyway the cabinet camp says well if somebody had asked him that question and he said yes of course I intend on kneeling and then that information gets out to all the eighteen drift. Any of the teams decided not to sign him then. Suddenly you have eight an actionable offense. Yeah I mean it just seems like can you ascribe that getting the waiver signed as a reason. What have this workout? Well I don't think so necessarily in the reason why I mean it could be like I said I I. That's not my area. I know that what I've been told by. The caffeine at camp is absolutely. That's a possibility absolutely that is a scenario and as lawyers. Here's we have to be prepared for every scenario. Even if that's not your intention unintended consequences happen all the time in the the. NFL's position is. That's that's preposterous. If we if if if a waiver claim like that was going to be we've got to protect us from collusion we would have done this two years ago right so you can't look at it that way. There's no that the intention of doing this was to have a reconciliation to try to get calling capita back on the field. That's that's what this was all about anything else. They rejected but three years. No teams so no teams they also send something thing else. Andrew that I thought was interesting too. which was you have to accept if we're GONNA talk about bad blood and we're GONNA talk about acrimony animosity and all of these other things that you have to consider the fact that we even open the door here that we've offered this as at least some sign of good faith and the point that they brought up up to was in two and a half years Yukon Cap? And you're team had never put on an open tryout either. You could have done this yourself for the last two and a half season. Then you didn't and you could have gauged the interest by hosting public free workout for anybody who wants to see you play and seeing throw and you didn't do that either. So this is another reason why people are questioning your desire to play and why we're talking about they're not you. Were actually serious about this weekend as well. Let's let's focus on that in our remaining time in terms of the the issue of does he wanNA play. DOES HE WANNA be a martyr. Does he want something beyond pure football. And I know you've been asked this I saw on. ESPN answering bring it about sort of A. I wouldn't say defiant attitude. Maybe you would call it that after the workout when his head and and the question is hey if no one's calling you for three years and you're really trying to get a job. A agree to the conditions they have for the workout and be be solicitous be demure B.'s. Almost submissive in your answers rather than defy it thoughts on that certainly and I think that I think that Colin Kaepernick. And you know this as well as I do as well as anybody paying attention to this he is such a mirror. He is such a reflection of where we are in this moment in time. Both nationally and individually and the the intellectual she will or philosophical conversation about whether or not to wear an inflammatory antagonize t shirts. Whatever essentially a job interview is is one thing and that is a good conversation to have maybe not to call any of us have made? Because we've never probably had that level of leverage took to potentially undermine ourselves like that that's one thing but the anger that people have had that he did that speaks to something else and the point that I see when I hear that. Is this idea that this is what we have to do. If you WANNA work worked for these guys you are an employee. No potential employees would do that. Who Do you think you are? Why do you think you could get away with that? And that is sort of a AH confounding an angering point that a lot of people have had where it's like well. This is proof that you're not serious. Who would who would sabotage themselves like that? My position on that is a little bit different. I look at it as we had characters all throughout sports. Jim McMahon was a character You know we've I've seen this. Wallace was a character. Draymond Green Dennis Rodman. We've had all these different wacky guys in the game who have had their politics or had their personalities. He's come out in. The world kept spinning. What is different about this? So different about this is it's black advocacy and it's black defiance. And and it's the subject matter. And it's so polarizing that you have this combination one of African American assertiveness which people don't like and to sort of this this balance this sort of anger of the balance between being an individual and being professional that okay. Even if you take the individualism individualism and you push it aside. It's not professional to antagonize potential employer. And that I I completely understand both of those elements but the point that I've tried to make is is that we know that Colin Kaepernick has support. We know that he can be an asset to a lot of folks we also know that the NFL is making an example of him so therefore my question has been what the NFL and what this story really need. It's a maverick at need than Al Davis at need somebody to just say you know what the world's GonNa Survive with you and your politics go out and throw some touchdowns downs for us and everything's GonNa be fine. The world will keep spinning I usually I. I've made the Dennis Rodman analogy. Why is Dennis Rodman in the hall of Fame Right now? Dennis Rodman the hall of fame because Phil Jackson's daddy and Michael Jordan and said we got this. Dennis can be dentist. He's GonNa be a great asset to us but he's GonNa be himself and it wasn't. My goodness was eating into submission because he didn't conform. He's still did his thing he's still gonNA check. His hair. Looked like a parrot every other game and he went out the thing. Why is this so disqualifying people I would say this? And this is a little pushback and I know but I'm not a scout. You're not a scout. We don't debate arm strength and movement skills and but he hasn't been a starter and no teams looking at a star. And everyone you've talked about in the in those examples bulls is a frontline plays players and I will put up with that Malcolm Jenkins etc for frontline players. But they won't put up for backup. And whether back Tim Tebow or Michael Sam or Colin Kaepernick. So there's the rub and it just struck me that you we saw it firsthand. Eighteen of the twenty five teams couldn't be bothered to go across town to watch him throw not only could they not be bothered to go across this town but they couldn't be bothered to go to the airport where they were flying out of because there's football field is right next to the airport. It was ten minutes away. Yeah I heard the new location was right right next to the airport. Right you have a new location was with the airport is in the same county. It's ten minutes away. They call it Atlanta airport but the airport is actually in Clayton County Alley which is where the football field was and believe ten minutes apart. So we're kind of where we started. Aren't we in tell me if we're not which is number. One kapernick hasn't waved his full rights. Whatever may becoming doc ever litigation wise and number two no one? No one's interested which is where we were too. Well Andrew I take a tiny bit more An a level of optimism in terms not optimism in terms of something that something's GonNa Happen for him but in terms of the actual story and movement. Well the one thing we do have is. You do have video right now. Is that no matter how we got there no matter who held the workout you actually do have footage of him dropping back and throwing. Footballs the professional level receivers. We do have that now so if somebody wants to get past all of the noise you know after a game or whatever they can sit down with their with their the glasses and sit and actually watch and see what they think. That's something that we didn't have a week ago today whether it goes anywhere whether anyone's actually looked at the footage Jeff Molly caverns agent Senate to all thirty two teams the day after on Sunday. That's another story but we do have something we do. Know if you are a talent evaluator you actually saw him. Throw a football and you can make a decision there last question in in trying to scratch our heads on why this happened. I I know we come up with some good theories Casey. I mean I've heard that theory that I mean for people don't know this relationship between the NFL and Jay busy when it happened. I said I get it for the NFL school. He's got cachet. He attracts an audience. They want but for Jay Z. I'm like why is he doing that. And he got pushback push-back that he didn't make supportive comments Colin Kaepernick. Is there anything to that relationship that precipitated this in your mind I think so. I don't think there's something to it because how to relationships get made. I'm I'm sure got a phone call was made between Jamesy and Roger Goodell and somebody you just look this would be. This would be a good gesture. High risk gesture absolutely big upside absolutely big downside. Absolutely but how do things did done. I can certainly see envision. Scenario where Jay Z is calling Roger Goodell L.. And saying. Listen I came in on your side here and I'm getting demolished by the black community. Something someone's gotTa try something and I think that what they did. I think that the entire notion that you could just treat Colin capital just another player to avoid the circus just to avoid. The distraction was a huge miscalculation. If that is to be believed. I think there's no way I said the minute you put on cabinets name on the free agent arrival list whether whether it's an individual team or whether it's an entire league workout it's going to be news. I think they had to deal with the fact that it was going to be news and just accept the fact that it wasn't sent a sideshow people. Keep calling circus and everything else. It wasn't it was it was a gathering you had a couple of people that didn't support him. You had a whole bunch of people who did it wasn't a riot. Nobody was yelling. It was just a whole bunch of people gathering to see something which actually when you think about it is is good for the League. People people were interested in this man. Did you get to talk to Hugh Jackson or any of the people that were supposed to run the workout. WHO DID NOT Travel Jackson? We weren't by by the time we were allowed to go into the facility area because we have been outside of the fence from eleven o'clock to two o'clock once the door once the doors whereas opened up the gates opened up for us to go in. I stayed outside because I was getting text messages from Collins. People saying something's up so I didn't WANNA have my car parked in all back. In in case there was another location so I never got a chance to go in and see anybody. And then of course Hugh Jackson went straight to the airport and left bottom line think he ever played in the NFL. I don't and the reason I don't think so is because cooler heads have have yet to prevail. Nobody has cut through this and I think the only way this is going to happen is if somebody decides to be a maverick and as you were saying are we mavericks rex for players. who weren't frontline players? I disagree with you from the standpoint that he's not a frontline player he's just not a frontline player. Now we remember we were saying the same thing thing about Michael Vick. Oh He's in prison for you. Know football for years turns turns out he was a frontline guy after all. I just think that we decided or that. The machine sports in the NFL has decided he's not a frontline guy. But there's a lot of people don't want him to be a frontline guy who knows you can come in get signed starter. Goes down there the same way Kevin Cobb did and there you go and Colin Kaepernick Christie's daughter again just don't know but somebody's gotta be the Maverick. If this is is going to happen in this call and have to give a little bit. The question is how much does he have to give in order for people to say. Look as the forward face of the franchise. We want you. You were going to accept you to be that guy with all the follow up. That's GONNA come with it. Would Colin Cabinet play the XFL or Canadian football league or does he see that. I think so. I don't think so I think the pay in the NFL too bad. And I think that the XFL probably doesn't pay very well either. And I don't think he feels like he's got a qualifier. I think he's he's like I belong in the NFL. And I'm not GonNa play me and I went so many you guys have been to a super bowl I mean how many of you have been to three straight. NFC Title Games. Yeah I'M A. I'm a packers former employees. Heff seen him as Kryptonite with that team. No no he what he did ended up in green tea. I mean he's he's a special talent but once again it goes back to this question in as a lawyer. I think you know this better than anybody. each side got to give to get to the Middle Right. You gotta give something and that something has not yet been reached now. You've you've talked to both sides. You talked about texts from both sides. NFL side and cabinets. That is the relationship beyond repair and European. I don't think so and the reason why I don't think so. It was because we're talking about two different relationships is their relationship between in tax lawyers in the NFL lawyers beyond repair note because their lawyers. They always talk you get. That works is their relationship broken between in Colin Kaepernick and Roger Goodell or even really have much of a relationship before that so in other words is could everything change if one owner comes up into say I need the Guy. It's the bengals called up and said hey we need a guy or Daniel Snyder Washington. Yeah then all of a sudden the relationship is twenty nine other teams or thirty one other teams it may not stand him but if that relationship changes so he's back so I I think the only way you can say that the relationship is dead is if you believe in collusion is if you believe that they all decided in lockstep. They're not GonNa do it if you think there's somebody in the league that has an open mind then things can change but let's also also not forget. He's thirty two years old. It's not gonNA last. It's not gonNA last forever. And I think people are sort of rightly or wrongly jumping on that that what he did against the packers and all those great things you talked about our ancient history right now And he's older play but we'll see I mean again. David tepper signed Eric Read. It could happen. It could happen and it could happen in a way that it and also it could happen. We've seen different types of stores and we've also seen where the game is going if you look at the fact that five of the top off into inches of the NFL. Or run by black quarterbacks in there all that meat option. It's not dead after all that you need an athlete back there and you need somebody back there who can play in the adjusted modern game. The question is going to be. Are we gonNA talk about him as a football the Paul player or are we going to talk about him as something else and also in. Who are we going to allow to be? The measure is the measure going to be eh the two guys with signs that say stand for the flag or the measure going to be the fact that he does have support and and someone everyone is willing to see whether or not he can play. As you're GonNa get the Michael Vick treatment where okay you get three and a half four weeks of hard protests and then life goes on in the go home and you play football or don't and I've said this couple of times our last question if he sat down with an owner gem and that owner. GM asked asked him are you. Can you be all about football. And we're not gonNA have any now again. The kneeling question is different. But can you be all about football and this is not going to be a statement in this is not going to be a movement. What do you think his answers? I think the answer is why. Are you asking Benita amputate myself. Why is it so important it goes back to that thing about advocacy in obedience? Wind it so important for you to tell me to imputation why. Why can't I be myself and still be all of it? But why are they. Why are we splitting down the middle and if I were an activists from Greenpeace or climate change would you be asked making the same ask of me? What is this really all about? And I think that is an excellent question and and I think it's a question question that needs to get turned around to the person asking. What is it that you don't want him to be? And why and that's the reason why he's such an inspiration for so so many people especially for so many black people who feel like you do have to amputate every single piece of yourself just to make it in this country. That's why he's the inspiration that he's not necessarily early willing to do that. And of course that also makes him the frustration with Stephen as of the world and all the black professionals out there that I know are like this is what we have to do. You know different. Yeah and I just think that hunters them and it's not it's not right but these these owners GM's four backups backups especially they want nameless faceless guys that folks some football because they're just not nameless faceless guy you should've never called Colin Kaepernick in the first place because he'll will never be nameless buffet. Well that's if you're already worrying I've gotta get into right right if you're at the stage of talking to him. Yeah beyond that. Yes that's correct. That's right Howard has been great taking us inside the pleasure and taking us All through these insights some perspective that only you have a really appreciate it and once you as a regular guest on the businesses sports podcast. Yeah colony thank you so much really. Hope enjoyed that thoughtful and insightful interview with Howard Bryant all about the cabinet workout the cabinet machinations between the lawyers. What happens next if he'll get? Sign the maverick nature of cabinet comparing him to other Mavericks in sports and that we need a maverick owner. That's GONNA sign him. If in fact he is ever signed by. NFL team team now word from our sponsor it's bet online. We got it all going on now cut. Nfl College football. Of course the big game of the year an NBA is now in full swing so NFL. Look at the match ups this week. Of course my packers are at the niners seahawks at Eagles. I'll be at that game cowboys. Patriots Ravens Rams. Oh that's great games throughout the NFL and college. Football isn't far behind when you have penn state. Ohio state. Huge game At noon on Saturday Saturday and of course key matchups coming up in the NBA. With Houston and the clippers. Coming up so you can get in on all the action do it a bed online dot ag. And don't forget that Promo Code you can use podcast one for your sign up. Bonus which is fifty percent line that ag or online sportsbook experts. Let's that'll do it for this part of the camper next story addition of the businesses sports podcast with my friend colleague an awesome writer Speaker Commentator Howard Bryant thanks to my producer extraordinaire. Brian Neal to my son San Brand for the digital music. Thank you for following me on twitter at Andrew Brennan any rankings and comments on apple podcasts or greatly appreciated headed. And I'll be back next week with another addition of the business of Sports with Andrew. Brad

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