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White Boy Time - Episode 5


The British should skin. I can't believe we're back at it again so soon. How you doing my voice. So this is all I got for big black man of the ball and it baby maker that trill troublemaker Blah Blah other makers. Oh God way too long. Somehow the ones who gave better. I'm not sure how that works. Yeah you white people are better at rhyming right yeah. My goal is This this episode bill It'd be it's it's not an NBA. It's going to be a it'll be in the NBA not an MBA. It's GONNA be. It's GonNa be released on Friday Brandon. Mondays are my black brant. Fridays are for white voice. Right is white boys Yes exactly we got the whole weekend FRAT boy time. I think there's a classic rock song it's Friday nights are all right for whites. Something like that. Friday nights are all white. It's something along all been exist. It's going to be you guys will be here right now in control of the show so I I figured you know I. I'm always wanting report. I'm home every single day and And I I through the opera out there in the council over Gaza gave. Anybody ever wants to chat. You're building lonely. No just record something and throw it out there. Nobody ever takes me up on anything. They're all scared They don't they don't want to talk about anything but I saw your face pop into the chat today and hence senior around while I don't know how often you're actually reading it. I just I don't usually see it. They saw it show brandon. Read this message. Oh brands here and I haven't spoken forever so we need to get together and talk and I wanna I wanna find out what's going on in your life and we're not friends anymore. Yeah I was actually really excited when you tag I missed you missed all you guys a lot do like NBA was the only thing holding my life together. I guess because everything fell apart when guys stopped recording. Good to thanks to things. They're gonNA jump on. So I did not see when I tagged you a couple of days ago regarding there was a tweet that does Brian. It's out and he was arguing. I wish I could remember what it was and it was like. He was arguing with some friends about certain words. Rhyme or not here. I found it Dez. Bryant tweeted does elephant rhyme with intelligent. I'm really having this debate right now. And I screen shot and put it in the chat and then tagged you and Craig. I didn't see that as a couple days ago and I told you that in because I reminded me of the debate about of Brandon and Salmon. Rhyme does Brian is rhyming intelligent and elephant. Or he actually. He didn't never said what side of the argument is on. Could have been arguing that it doesn't rhyme so elephant and intelligent clearly rhyme. I mean one hundred percent but brandon and salmon. Do Not know the problem is. You guys aren't saying my name right. Same brand done like like. Oh in it. And there's no only my name but I but I could say they brandon salmon. Let's say that but salmon isn't what it I guess I don't know I guess it's the I've never called Salmon Salmon whatever you get however you guys you're leaving you're you're thrown the ellen. They're throwing a couple extra syllables. Just a big boy but it doesn't sound anything like Salamander okay. Yeah Char- Mandarin Brennan do not rhyme. I'm right down on that all right so the second thing I wanted to jump on that. You mentioned you mentioned. Nba We start recording. Have you heard any of the recent episodes? I have listened to the reason that what's the last when you listen to. It was the one where you guys were you. Indeed talking okay. Oh no I swear it was like okay. Let me hold. Audit is the lowest the gays. They ever asked. That was the last one I heard at the most recent. I don't think that was the most recent now that wasn't the most recent that was descended brother would. Yeah there's one since then so you listen to two eighty one. Oh six days ago we put out to eighty two. And that's the one where we talk about the secrets that I've been keeping from depot for years all really. I need to listen to that. That sounds awesome. It's legit get up to two major life secrets. And here's the thing everybody else listening to. This would have already heard that episode. So I'm not going to recap it Because I don't want to spoil it for you so I need to go. He'd give me one one of the to know what's being in a loose roundabout way you're kinda connected to one of them. How how does that Why did not see this episode? I follow your guys twitter. How did not see you guys post this? I don't know yeah that was. I think that was the one that deebo wanted like. Twenty five people to ask us to make a new. He's got he gets these weird power cakes. Ray Likes to make people beg us for a new episode And and I always find out and he agrees me. We talk about this that. It's funny because I think we've conditioned people that listen to the show to not be very interactive with a show. Cause I'm like we've always what it was like. We can see the numbers and the downloads and they never coincide with the number of people that like interact online and even things like Diba will tweet it out like. Hey I need X. amount of people you know. Say They want a new episode. And we'll drop one this week and it's all people that we only hear from on twitter. None of the people in the council chat like the hardcore like our main group around us. So like none of like you Craig Terry Dadi. None of you guys jumping or like. Hey give us new upset like none of you. Even put the link to won a divas tweets in the facebook group. One time and not one person could be bothered to go onto twitter. Responded there is definitely like a segregation like we. Don't do the twitter thing I think jive just recently follow me on twitter like three days ago so we don't really do the twitter thing but we do the Messenger thing. Droves I have a weird twitter relationship with Kyle ellsbury JR is white friend. Who It's funny like I you know I I don't interact with them anywhere else. Other than twitter he will occasionally run across a story like a new story that he thinks I would be interested in usually. It's like something based around like Sacramento or something like that. And then he sends it to me and he just sends me the link and I'll usually like respond to it and then he just never like no discussion has had he's like. Here's a new story and then I'll send like one or two messages like acknowledged story and talking about it like. Oh that's crazy we'll and then he never says anything until the next time he finds a store so it's weird is twitter relationship and being somebody that was there at the in the in the meet up like I've I've met Kyle. I've I've seen his space in front of my face. And that is the exhilarated. Kyle is there. Kyle's Jason. He's not really white. Oh how was like wait a second? There was not the other way. Perhaps this other guy we let into the house. Joe Yeah the scarier the to the white thing just because he has a very whitening his name is Kyle. All's barrier how he pronounced. It's the whitest name ever. Yeah Yeah I remember. He was actually a really funny guy. Those two because I was just super high that whole week so they were cracking. You'll never convince me that you weren't brandon just energy levels but yeah I kind of get what you're saying with the whole like twitter facebook thing 'cause like my twitter is mainly used for Jim in them stuff. We check twitter feed. It's just all Jim them the. Everything's all my black friends. I literally talked to nobody else. Messager but by Black Fred People. Yeah I've got no we don't I mentioned here's I don't use regular facebook at all. Occasionally I will open up the facebook. I still have it on my phone but I almost used to open it. You know it'd be people I I'd open it like twenty times a day. Scroll through the feed see other people up to whatever and then it's got to a point where I felt like I was constantly either wanting to argue with people because of the dumb shit they would say or actually arguing with people like those were the only jobs. Either I got it would get into some dumb discussion with somebody. 'cause they'd have some ridiculous opinion or I would like convince myself not respond to them and then I just spend the rest of the thinking about that dumb thing that I read that one of my friends wrote and it's never like when you guys it's always somebody that I went to high school with You know and they got some really you know dumb opinion like they're you know the government created vaccines as a way to control their minds and they're the only people that are smart enough to see this. You know some dumb shit and I so I finally. I just decided I was like. Facebook is not healthy for me there. I wasn't getting anything positive out of it. It was just always really just anger. Inducing so I I got away from his regular facebook so I use messenger and on Messenger. I pretty much just talk to. There's the council chat and then I have individual chats with people from the council And that's pretty much it. I mean like I'm trying to scroll back the last time I talked to somebody that wasn't show related. Looks like October ninth and a F- and that was a friend of mine Her sister message me and tried to get me to attend some online meeting for her. Like this multilevel like this Pyramid Scheme. That she was involved in it was like. Oh you have time like twelve o'clock tomorrow and it was like. Oh Yeah see what I can do. But I didn't have time. I never have time at twelve o'clock on the PUCK and Wednesday to attend your online conference call because I got a fucking job. I don't need a loser and stuff. It's intentionally like it's scheduled on that day because the people that you're going to get the can attend these meetings a good a good chance not employed. You know your your banking. They're not employed or that. They have a job. That has a regular hours but to schedule. A thing at noon on a Wednesday is so absurd. Like I believe you're intentionally narrowing it down your focus because the people that have traditional like nine to five type jobs probably not your target audience for one of these things even the people that don't have the traditional ninety five like like if you have worked at like four. You're going to go to a twelve o'clock meeting. That could take one to two hours rush home to get ready for your job. So Yeah No. It's it's definitely a thing so I use facebook messenger for that. I use twitter. Twitter mostly wrestling related. And that's pretty much it and I don't I don't have I you know I follow like the gym guys but don't really interact with him on twitter like occasionally I'll tag gym and stuff That I think is would be relevant to the show But like I talked to Mike Steel through through tax And then I'm trying to think. Oh I still have my snapchat snapchat don't yet you. We're friends on snapchat. Yeah we're those after I don't ever posted it. Hardly ever know when you would go to like angels games or Disneyland Poe stuff because I was just live vicariously. I'm like no those places I like that. Yeah that's the only time is if I'm in California so I don't really post on snapchat very often. I am on snapchat all the time. I see everybody snaps but I don't post. Should I accept a friend request from Craig on snapchat absolutely not? I just opened it up and I happen to click it or trying to find the list of friends and and I have a friend request from Craig that has probably been sitting there for months now because I never. I never go look at that. I don't know I worry about what Craig might send or what I might accidentally send Craig and then it just ended a relationship. I've heard some tales of Craig. What he sends on Snapchat from people and I. It could be a fun time. Actually go ahead. Yeah except I'm a little worried. Oh my brothers on snapchat. Oh that's weird. What does your brother slow if you would. You think he posts like if you were accepted right allegations story. What would be the picture you saw? It boasts definitely a bad selfie. Like an because my my brother also has wants people it's not good at smiling and pictures. He he avoids pictures like he thinks like he's from the eighteen hundreds and he thinks the cameras going to steal his soul. Anytime somebody guys like we were all hanging out and then somebody bus Cameras like a picture of my brother just like sitting in the room. He would be the guy that would pull take his hat off and covers face up to explain to them. Like I'm like I like you for whatever reason you know you're like oh. I don't like the way I look turn picture but you know that like day to day we all can see you like you're not invisible until somebody puts a camera on you. You walk around life every day. We always see what I don't get the mentality like. Oh what do you got a camera? I gotTA cover my face up like we all see your fucking face. Nobody's looking at that picture. You know the next day. Whoa who's that guy what's wrong exactly? Yeah I don't know maybe maybe he's into the belief that the government is. GonNa throw identify him. You know come get them and pro or whatever. My brothers most people that it was really between my brother and my mom's husband that I when I start getting closer to go visit like to see them soon and I start preparing myself mentally per what kind of like dumb arguments they might bring up and then I start having fake arguments in my head so in my head. I'm like they're gonNa say this and then all say and it's I just start doing that and then I get all worked up and then I go there and then nobody ever. Nobody says anything. I mean they always come to you. That starts so I'm on edge. Just dropped out last week. Yeah it's me on edge like yeah. They'll just say something like inconspicuous like. Oh what do you think of this? And I'll just be like first of all I don't know you're gonNA call yourself a Christian when going into summer each especially if you get some drinks in your daddy goes hard especially to them. I Don I don't I don't hold back And you have a bigger trip be. I would normally be going to in two months and I don't even know if we're GONNA go we're going we're allowed by then you'd think they'd be going to last that long. I hope This whole Democ doesn't last that long. I'm kind of sick of it already. There's things that it depends on who you listen to and what you think but I mean there are some things that say. We're going to have to have some form of of this going on until we get A vaccine and vaccine takes like at least a year so like we could be doing this for a while and then there's there's things like i read it somewhere then. Terry actually mentioned the chat today. Said that terrible mentioned his work was telling them they should be prepared for some form of social distancing through like twenty twenty two or something like that so I just saw donald trump say we should be good. May I so? I think we're GONNA be alright. Original date was April though and now we moved in and then we went to eastern out. Yeah now we're looking at May and and all but he's relying on On Vincent Man Jumpstart the economy. So we'll see how that works out. Yeah well when we all get this trump check we're will restart the whole economy with dominance armone wrestling federation with this twelve hundred dollars. Did you get your check it? No I actually am starting to believe. It's a myth and people are all lying. We got ours. Today is not a bit. Yeah da but I don't know I haven't filed taxes ever so I don't know how that works. What what do you mean. Ever Y- I've never filed attacks ever in my life. Now you're fucking with me. We've never I've never you know because like when you make as little as you don't need a file that stuff no you've definitely made enough to have to file taxes. Brandon. I don't think so. The first one hundred percent sure rain in the threshold is like twelve grand. You definitely make over twelve. Oh yeah well. Dodges kids have filed tax. I didn't file taxes. What year and I freaked out over. It was the first year I had a job and I was only working for like maybe two months. I didn't know how to file taxes and stuff and I was like sixteen her. Yeah gestured sixty eight. I'd only been working for two months before the my w. two's came idea. File it ever. I was freaking out. I found out. You don't really have to your first Month two months we made like six hundred dollars so you. I'm trying to because you guys will get your I. I was blanking on. Are you married yes. We're still married. Were you guys married in two thousand eighteen when you filed so? I think that's the year they're going off of. We've been filed. No we got married. Two Thousand Fifteen. So we'd been filing a long time. I don't know why I thought of his recent five years. Yeah so you would get the you guys do the. Do you know if you do direct deposit from your tax refunds Takes care of that all depends on her own like we always have the direct deposit so it just got deposited into our bank account and and Brandon. Having having the kids finally paid off a little after all these years finally paid off this is. This is the moment I've been planning for. So yeah we got we got the you know each of our credit plus the two kids. It's crazy because I really feel fortunate and guilty in a way where I nothing has changed for us and at financially because I you know I'm I'm still working still getting paid but I get to work from home now and my wife already wasn't working. She's doing school right now So in and she'll be finishing that up this summer so and then actually and sometimes financially got better because now both the kids are home and so the youngest one we were sending to daycare and it was a little over a thousand dollars a month just for childcare which we no longer are now having to pay so every. I'm saving a thousand dollars. Plus we're still making what you know bringing in what we're bringing in before so financially. Our lives actually got better plus. We're not going anywhere in spending any money. So that part is kind of Nice. Although our Amazon bills of I'm sure skyrocketed during my every everything is just like you know any little thing we think of around the house like we're like go out and buy it but yes I feel bad because I'm like because of the stuff that's going on I feel like I'm not affected financially and now I get to work from home which I really enjoy so like my life got better. I mean outside of the thing that does get boring sometimes and you do wish like. I wish we could take a trip or I wish we could go here. They're whatever or take the kids to go do something fun and that's just not an option but on a just a regular day to day thing where I'm like I wake up and I technically won't start my work till eight thirty. I'll get up at like seven seven thirty and I bought a treadmill and so I go downstairs and I I go. I will run on the treadmill before Him Star work still got time. I go take a shower. Clean up then come down pop down on the computer like eight thirty eight forty five or something like that and anytime I want you know taking breaks and doing whatever we'll take the kids we go on walks around the block and and stuff like that and it's like you know. Tv on all the time. Or listen to podcasts. While I'm working like I just I don't know work is a lot more fun now and there's a lot less when I'm in the office you'd get a lot of like just kinda surprise requests for somebody would come by and be like Oh. Could you run these numbers for this? And that there's just nobody to interrupt your work now like nobody. Nobody bothers me so all the system always works out for the top one percent right like. That's that's what everybody says me an easy three. No that's what I'm saying is like I get this situation. Scenario wherein sucks. I understand? It sucks for a lot of people and I WOULD. I would unselfishly give this up. It meant you know for everybody else to go back to normal so I always feel guilty where I'm just like I'm kind of okay with a rat on a personal level but you know what I do I do. I make it up when I go the grocery store and I'm buying stuff at the end they'll be like. Would you like to donate money to help feed hungry families? And it's like one dollar two dollars five dollars normally brandon. I'd say no I'm not giving any money. You're a big grocery store. You don't need my money but this time Brian you just tell them to round up the chain right on. I two bucks not even though I go two dollars I go. Hey I'm doing pretty good. I should kick some down to the people. You're a safety. I mean some people will say that. That's not enough that you should maybe give up a little like five dollars at a Jersey barely just hearing. You suggest that I donate five dollars hurts my heart. Every neo much money I gave up to Bernie Sanders campaign and I'm not getting back. I donated all I can. I tried to help you people out. Don't the rest of the country didn't want it. I can't go any farther rooting for Birdie. But yeah where do we get another four years of trump? So it'd be ready for that. I have a theory and it's one of those things where you go. I think I know better than smart people so I wish they would. Just listen to me. I really believe they have a chance to get Joe Biden elected if they play it right and what it means is they need to build a own almost like a super friends level league collection of likable liberal politicians that are on different ends of the spectrum so I mean like Bernie was never wholeheartedly behind Hillary when she got the nomination because I don't think he really liked her. Most people don't just nice. Yeah she's a very unlikable versus like that's how trump is our friends. Our president is because we just did it like Hillary. It literally could have been anybody else that year and I feel like they would have won but it was her that was just like Oh oh I don't so many people are like I don't know I'll just I'll try this other guy or does not vote because it seemed better than to dealing with her because you also assume that if she won that meant she was going to get you know two terms like eight years of this bitch and it was just. It was a hard thing to fathom for some people. I voted for but I didn't like it. I didn't feel I interrupt the flow of conversation. Have you seen the Tiger King? I was going to bring that up. I tell me at two right. I'm one of the way for finishing. We watched it like one night. Like I've had. We've had a whole bag. I wanted to just been dragged through it. But we've had a whole bag because we wanna watch like every night while we did. We are fascinated by this show. Yeah my wife and same thing. We are knocking out one episode night but it was our treat for after the kids go to bed then we like plopped down knock on another so tire king but we're all done with it so yeah go ahead to route the trail. I I know what you're going agree. Carol Bass is what hundred percent? Hillary like yours like the same person like like all aspects she. She's not a bad person. But like you just ate her. Ed like you. Don't she's up too bad. You just know that something happened. She is Hillary Clinton. She is one hundred percent Clinton a tiger world. The way she talks is one hundred percent the tone the cadence the affliction just a mannerisms is a hundred percent the same way that Hillary talks on. Hillary is not doing a speech when she's just doing an interview just talking normal they are exact same sound the same there is in their head. Zinger teeth they both killed somebody. GotTa Win Away. They kinda like nervously chuckle at their own jokes. Like that. You just how they think they're smarter than the other people in the room yet. No it's onerous at her and here's the thing. I'm not one of those people that believes like these crazy conspiracies like you know you you cross the Clintons. They'll have you killed and no hillary did this. But then the more I started to watch curl Baskin's I swear to God. Not even the joke. I would sit back and I go. I think Hillary did some of that. Shit exactly with you to save thought process what I what I see carol baskets. I'm like this. Is Hillary Clinton Hillary people killed people this versus killed people? They probably both fed them to tiger. Yes she and she's she's also from Arkansas. Or whatever I mean. There's definitely a tiger farm around there. This bill has gone some girls by introducing a tiger. At what point but he has a Tiger. I guarantee it. He's that guy that like. Yeah he's he's he he brings sits down and then he brings. You know a little baby tiger in the room. And he's like he's like if you let me get your pussy Mind like it's it's a really good impression are usually pretty bad but that was good. That's his thing it's a hundred percent. He's the Pussy Guy. There's no way that you're right. So yes she's A. She is so much like icy Carol and I go oh she runs of Hillary and then I'm like Oh and she's in Carol's clearly like capable of doing this crazy stuff and then it makes me go. That means Hillary's capable of doing this crazy stop because they're the same person. Here's what makes them. The most likeable couple is carol. Baskin's married Mitch McConnell. I don't know Mitch. Mcconnell is killing me Google Mitch Google Mitch McConnell. Just I'll Google Mitch McConnell Mitch. Mcconnell is the Senate majority leader for the for the Republicans right now and and he has the same like adults the same faces. Carol Baskin's husband and like his aura about him just reminds me of of Mitch McConnell and I'm like it's this weird superpower couple of yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah very cool. Okay if Hillary Clinton Mitch McConnell that's Carol Baskin's in her husband and it's like they are the most unlikable couple for that reason. It's really weird. Because she she's kind of crazy but she comes like. Would you have joe exotic like you're like wall then you see her? She should be the normal one but she's looking at your like she is killed. Someone is literally killed a person before my favorite was somebody after the show had been out for like a week or so somebody found these people started going through. You can find all the jobs audit his facebook page. All is youtube stuff. It's all still up and it's it's weird because he's definitely people managing it new videos when I looked at it. There was new stuff posted as recent as like two months ago. And he's he's been locked up. Prolonging that but somebody had dug up an old youtube clip and it had joe exotic saying the N. Word and people pointed out online. There are like Joe Exotic saying the N. Word is the least surprising thing about this documentary Edward every other sentence. I would not even a bit shocked. I'd be like yeah. That's what he does. Look he's a gay cowboy who has tigers he's said the Edward before might be crazy that him singing or didn't make it into the documentary but I don't know that there was time for it. It just wasn't a prime. I'm more shocked than it. Accidentally catch him just saying the N. Word background it. Seems like one of those things where he would have slipped it and said the N. Word and then they leave in the clip of him go shoot. I'm sorry don't cut that all right. Let's try this again like it and then they leave good really good at impressions. My no Joe Exotic. I was only good when I do when I say. Carol bathrooms and you just 'cause I'll just be like I'll do it at work Well I was before we all got sent home. But we'd be there and then and then somebody you know we'd we'd get tasked with putting together some report or I'll be at home and then it just be like you know dishes a pile up and and just be. You have to ask everybody like you know who's responsible for this and then they just look at you like who like terrible fucking. Baskin's you just blame her for everything and people will just forget it just the best year. I was over there. He wants to target. Because that's kind of my life the past couple of days because I love this show so much i. It's so weird that a a random group of people are more entertaining every other thing and the planet right now and I think on that episode. You didn't listen to. I think I talked about it. Yeah I I. It's in the episode description. Talked to him about it because he refuses to watch it brandon. If you hear this Outta my voice go lodges so you'll never find a more real life than there. There's a without tumor spoilers. There's a tiger attack there's murder. There's there's games release. Somebody die you die on this show heart sink. Yeah Yeah there's gay sex there's drugs there's gunplay there's explosions there's Tigers it's I there's betrayal the FBI is involved and it's all real. Yes it's fake. None of it's staged like you watch the Kardashians like you know they reshot it. Thirteen seventeen times. This is all their life. The best part of the whole show is at the very beginning. It's like the very first thing where you got like. Did that guy he goes. He's like well. You know the monkey people the Monkey people there little bit weird but they're cat. People will stab you the band. I love the. That's like so. Just a stereotype of these weird crazy people like you. The monkey beat off. They're not gonNA kill you. The practices now. I want a documentary on the monkey people but it will just be disappointing. Because there's I want a documentary and other people that have exotic animal farms. And they're none of them could possibly live up to us. Because just the the circumstantial. Just scenarios of these people are involved in. So it's like they. They blew their watt like they started to good and they should have started with the monkey people and then like the last episode of like the Monkey. The monkey king you see they just show Carol baskets the tiger king the dog. And then you just see their picture. Don't even know what it's about you just like Group of people and you play the sound clip of the guy explaining well. Yeah sure the monkey people are crazy and because you're sitting there at this at that time you the bars very low. You'd be like yeah. These monkey fucking nuts. Like I don't know what is the most people aren't too but you know there's some crazy monkey people but you'd be like yeah. This these five episodes a monkey people were crazy and then he's like but the tiger people you'd be like Holy Shit what they they'll stab you in the back. What happened with these tiger? If you had ended tiger king some guy going yeah. Yeah the big cat. People seem KINDA CRAZY. But it's the elephant. Breeders you gotTa look out for. You'd be fucking breezy elephant breeders if the human traffickers here. Let's landed up. Give a made episodes. I WanNa find out everything I can. Yup 'cause I don't know how anybody's life is literally that crazy at. It's so really like you said you can't recreate it. Like they find other people to try to shoot. Who's the next Tiger King? It's just fe and not up to it. Yeah it's not ever going to live up to it. This is literally one of the craziest reality shows ever did. They got footage of stuff. Dobie have footage played it on Netflix. Only thing they can do now is put together. Bonus episodes of footage. They didn't use and I've heard from all the people that like work on. They're like I don't want to read all these interviews. All of these people are going to bite it on different shows and stuff now and and there is a lot of people say is oh you know you should see stuff. They didn't show and there's so many stories that didn't get told like apparently there's a bunch of side stories that we just don't know about like they just didn't fit in there but people like yeah there's tons of crazy stuff you don't even know the only thing they could do at this point it's just a supplement with bonus episodes of the Shit we didn't include before So you're an episode six right now. It's whichever ones the last one. We're watching the last one literally. When I get off this call off to the very last episode. Why why I WANNA make sure because there are seven episodes of the show and then the eighth episode is just an interview show. Yeah the Joe Mikhail. Yeah I haven't. I know that they just released that right. Yeah pretty recently a couple of days ago. No I'm on the actual last on the Jill McGill. I didn't have watched the last episode. And then be thinking. There's one more episode like what could be left like they could give to me but it's not an it's literally. Joel McHale on a Webcam doing like skype calls with other people with the people from the show and then interviewing them and it's good it's it's interesting because you're so investment and it's you know you're investing all these people so you're just curious what they're up to but it doesn't include doesn't include. Joe Carroll or doc look none of the Tiger Breeder People there. It's been worth it then. Those are the people on their for their for the one armed lesbian her. She's great. She's great though. I WANNA hire really. I mean she is a great employee. 'cause I like the part on Matt like he's showing that he was going to jail and she's still defending him like. Hey He's a good guy. I mean let's the guy in came in and stole his stuff all or something. I can't remember back I. I'm bad with a name for the names for the lot of the The side characters. Yeah the guy who came in and pretty much stole like pretended to be a multimillionaire from understand Jeff. Low jazz low. You're right yes. Jeff gets in urged Jeff and his wife get interviewed day. They seemed like an interesting couple. I don't would. They were like Oh and he comes to Vegas. I was like that's tied into this now and then always going to say no. I want the one armed girl. Who fucking goes back to work? I work with a girl who one day Went home early and without even thinking about like being. I don't know sometimes you should lie without even saying she said I need to. I need to leave early today. I have an emergency photo. Shoot and photo shoots and all of us are like what the fuck does that mean and like ended up like kind of like some of the other girls are like what are you going to do. She had set up a time for her kids and like her sister's kids to take pictures together at like three in the afternoon so she had to leave so they could go take pictures of their kids. People go. I being a manager at a movie of the budgeters. I've heard every excuse in the world to leave either Lee worker dot com to door so if people are stupid somebody when you're at the movie theater if somebody had lost their arm at the theater how soon before you ever see that person again never. That'd be the last day of their job. I've literally had people dot com back to work because customers yelled at them like he's losing their arm at my job. It coming back to her. Yeah so it's like no I want. I want the lesbian girl I want. I'll I'll hire her. She hopefully with boulter arms because obviously she can't work nearly as good as she used to. Here's the thing with one arm. I think she'd be more productive than some of the people I work with now. Now you're just being mean any So depot for whatever reason has taken the stance of and you known depot as long as I have essentially that. This is what he does he. He's decided he's going to dig his heels and he's going to be a contrary on this because he sees the whole world talking about it and the more people go to him and say. Deebo YOU GOTTA. Watch this. The more he digs into goes nope. I don't WanNa Watch it. And his first was now I get enough white trash drama from watching Maury Povich and like you can't even compare the two. It's not the same thing. Yeah it's not to say that I watch wrestling. I get too much white trash though. No but now like I'm telling him to watch it. Craig TOLD THEM WATCH. A terrier tells them to watch Dodd. He doesn't watch it and he's like no never going to happen like somehow. He thinks he's winning an argument with US. By not watching. The greatest thing Netflix has ever produced. I know and he would be so entertained by yes. Of course he would. He would be so entertained and then like some of those animals. He worked within the zoo. I'm sure he knows a couple of you'll see them on TV. He he would tweet the shit out of this show but he's not giving himself the opportunity. He's hurting himself. Yeah I don't know how you know he would. Hey Carol ride along with seaward. Suffer some reason. Joe Exotic like the best part of the show. I don't know if anybody else feels that way. Why he's like a is it if carroll wasn't in the show Jobe Likable. I don't think so I don't think so. I don't know that he's got a lot of charisma you got. He's got a lot of bad something that makes you just want to look at him and like he's got the charisma and then like you could tell you that douchebag too and he hired someone to try to kill someone so obviously he's daughter. Good Guy. He's manipulative to like nineteen year old straight boys to bury like but like for some reason to be he comes off as the hero of the just like come on. We got a lot of go either. Read it now. There's something I'm like. I don't know I think he means well. I always wondered if I'm the only one that feels this way. 'cause I want him to be part of the departed? This man I I think in Joe's mine that he thinks he's a good guy like he believes he's doing right or doing well. I don't think he sees the fucked up shit he does. And somehow that's almost redeemable where you want to be like. Yeah he's he's a shitty human being but he actually believes he's doing right he just if I think if he knew how shitty he was he wouldn't be shitty. If that makes sense like I know what hundred percent. Yeah because people are you know he's surrounded by a bunch of yes men her just always like you know you said like you saw. What do you like interacts with like the people that come to the zoo? They're all like you're the best. Joe You know like Oh. I saw your tires when I was ten years old adult. You're great and the people that work with them aren't speaking of saving. Because he hires all these like ex cons who like even though they on the show. They seem they're good people and what we're all looking like a hard worker like you seems pretty cool but those all those people believe they couldn't get a job somewhere else and maybe right in some cases so it's like they're they're like. I'm not going to stand up to them and get fired because I don't have anything else to go back on so you you're all those people that are around him. That work dates. Ain't shit either. They just yes sir to him all day yeah and his husbands are endless supply meth so he's They they all yes men them to and then like you can see like towards the yet. I'm getting towards the end. Where they're starting to Basham little bit where they're like. Oh that government campaign really showed his true colours is like I don't know what you gotTa talk about. He was the exact same versus seemed. Like the same guy to me. Man J.j at all they'd like But like I don't know I've made towards the edits easier to trash. Talk Your boss so you know what you're not there anymore and when you're a good guy but they'd like he's in jails. You'RE GONNA see you'll ever again. I didn't really like that guy. It is interesting when you get to. The interview episodes tae here like some of them. Talk about him because it's about like Some of them are like no. You know I don't think he deserves to be in jail or this or that and and then you'll get. There's a couple of that are like no but Kim. He wasn't a good person. You don't even know half the shit he'd they don't there's there's guys that you thought were loyal to him in there. They know they could care less they. They're like I never. I never won or meet him again. I hope I don't seem on the street and it's like Oh like these are the guys that have been you know. Worked for them for eleven years or some shit and they they hate them. So it's like you know you Kinda get the Justice League as a good person. He's not easy but then there's still a couple of them that are like you know he. He meant well and you know. I don't think he did it. I think he. I don't think he deserves to go to jail for that. Like it's you know so there's people that clearly still have his his back on some. Yeah that's the interesting part like that's the interesting thing about the manipulation. Like same thing with the dock was like manipulating all those all these like ten out of ten girls to marry him and sleep with him and like live on the houses on his blog and they get paid one hundred dollars a week. These these people are Zayd Depot. Would love dog. Debu would think dog is the do coolest guy on the planet. If you watch the show I yeah I kind of like I kind of want. I WANNA DOC EPISODE. Like another one. I WANNA learn more about him. I WANNA I wanNA talk to But I think the thing was I think since the show ended. I think docs farm has been shut down. So I don't know like and it was being investigated and I I don't know what all's going on there and then there's reports where like the Sheriff in Florida and the whatever fucking city that Carol lives in like they open the case backup and they're asking people for like any clues or tips or anything like that. And so they're kind of reopening like exploring whether or not any foul play happened there so I've watched a ton of youtube videos on if she did it and stuff like that like people go real depth like can body language. Tell us that Carol. Baskin's murdered her husband. And like there's like a guy who's like well the way she moved her is here clearly. She's not telling the full truth and the way her lips curl here tells you that. Just the story in general. It's like I'm fairly convincing. She she killed. I think she fed up to the either the crazy crazy line and I think you would've passed episode. Have you seen the one with Tiger tries to bite? Joe's foot e-e-eh okay. So he's in a cold. Yes I know what? You'RE GONNA go ahead. Yeah and she's like and she's like well no tiger wind just attack them like they're not gonNA attack you based on a sent. You know unless you're like covered in oil or something and it's like. I was right quick to rule on perfume. Kill somebody I'd cover you go. Yeah she she had that idea. Freidy fastener head. She knew exactly what sent would make the Tiger attack. Yeah it's kind of like. Oj's talking about like did you ever episode of Oj. He's in an interview and he was like yeah. I remember when I went in there. And did I mean happen? Hypothetically yeah when I went in there. It didn't yeah. It's the same thing if I did it. This is how I would have done it. And it's like no that means you did it. I would never entertain that idea of. I was accused of something I would never be like. Oh definitely didn't cheat on my wife tell you what if I was going through years how I would do it on this date. I'm not planning those seeds like do you talk about what you did. Shut up the good around like somebody asked. Oj Did do. She killed her. And I think he's like Yep he's like confirmed do take. This is the one time I wanNA hear what? Oj I take. I take his word on it. He's an expert witness. I call him to the stand. He's a professional he does. Yeah so have you. You've just to catch up more and you you've been watching tire king but you have not been watching wrestling Danny. Richardson the last form of wrestling. I have seen was the royal rumble. And that was it. Can I ask why because I'm kind of heartbroken by this? It's it's tough. I don't know it's kind of boring and I I know I know that there's stuff to to like in wrestling but the stuff that I was even liking before I don't like anymore. I don't like the fiend I was. Yeah and that's something like usually into I love bray y but I don't like the fiend. Have you gone? Does anything from wrestlemainia yet. At least I was just about to say that. This is the first wrestlemania since I've been alive that I haven't seen Brennan I need. You gotta go watch. There's two there's only two matches because all right and I'm sure you've heard about them by now but tell me Bray Wyatt versus. Aj styles versus under everything else took place in the performance centre with no crowd and it just sucks all the energy. That's the problem wrestling right now. It's weird on the on the regular. Tv shows some of the best matches have been happening because they'll let guys that before weren't even getting like tea time. Like I think last week they look like it was like Apollo crews like Alastair Black and they let him go like fifteen twenty minutes Paulo crews couldn't get on TV before all this stuff happened so like there's T- time but now they need to stretch because they only have so many building at the same time so there are only able to have so many matches and stuff like that on TV at it. You know in a night so it's like all the matches they're just letting these guys go in there fucking killing it and it's like a way remember you're like man. These guys are all really Taliban. You kinda forgot because you've got us telling them for like six seven minutes and they just hit the same spots over and over and you know like all trademarks box. And then they're gone to the matches. Were really good. But there's no crowd so you just can't appreciate there's it's quiet it's weird. It's awkward. It sucks there's matches for wrestlemainia that one hundred cents should have been great moments. That should been huge but without that crowd. They're like you just can't care about it but those two matches that they did did not take place in the arena and so you're able to enjoy them and you're not distracted by the fact that there's not a crowd cheering because there shouldn't be a crowd. They're and they're both so good. You have go watch. Just only those two. There's literally no other match on the whole card. I'm asking you to go watch. You have to go watch those and the bray white wine. I think you would think you would enjoy if you liked anything ever that the fiends Don. This is like taking it to another level and it's a bunch of Meta shit and like inside references and and like just good stuff. It's really good stuff. I'll watch it on your recommendation but yeah I don't know I just want you to get into the thought of the Wrestlemainia with especially with no crowd like I wasn't into the wrestling before when before there was a crowd. Now I can't even think about watching it with a graph without a crowd you've been you've been down ever since triple h beat sting at wrestlemania downward spiral ever since that happened. I get into wrestling anywhere when I'm doing work from home I have. I have a laptop from work and then keep it at my desk with my computer so then on my computer. I'm able to just like you know. Public Youtube videos and stuff playing while. I'm like doing work and so I'll just get down these weird like Youtube wormholes and I hit one the other day and it was. It was showing a lot of the like it was all the behind the scenes stuff of like you know it was like sting returning and getting ready for that match. Wrestlemainia and And it talked about that and then I found some interview with like aren't Anderson. Because he like you worked for them then but doesn't now and him talking about how much he hated that match because it didn't make any sense and I didn't make it was one hundred percent visiting visit. Yup I beat W W E even on Anderson says that. And it's like so what you and I didn't get to experience was and I never went back and watched it on. I never went back and watched that paper. But I've seen clips the seth rollins cash in and stuff like that but I've seen clips but I've never sat down and watched that Wrestlemainia in full so we got deprived of his like during like stings. Like entrance little like the beginning of the match and through the match they said. Jbl Just kept bearing sting and being like. Oh you know he's he you know. This isn't who is who is used to fighting in the in the minors like this. You know he's in the wwe now. This is the big leagues. Oh He's never been in the ring with someone like triple h. He's you know he's A. He's used to being a big fish in a little pond but he's he's in there with shark now all the stuff over there like jbl just kept saying over over and over and ahead telling you that sting is not as good as triple h and Arn Anderson's like so. Why would I give a fuck about this match? If you've already told me that one guy has no business being in there with the other guy and then you prove me right when the guy that I already told me was better is the one that wins the match. Yeah Art yes. Teased never recipe by. Jbl He's never wrestled Kurt Angle Hulk Hogan Ric flair. He's never wrestled anybody Vase Piero. I don't know if he counts but trailed off there. You should have stopped thrown in a Cactus Jack or something but I am also the CACTUS Jag. He's never wrestled a jeff drunk. Jeff Hardy I'd love to see. Jbl has greater. The Majesty had with that Drunk Jeff Hardy but now sears thing brandon. Here's what you said. It's a undertaker goes in has the best match that he's had in years with this with this bone yard. Was He biker taker? I'm sorry I was. He biker taker he was. It's weird yes. And no look he. He was but he was still a mixture undertaker's explanation he's done interviews and that's his thing now is he knows he's winding down to under diggers breaking character and just doing interviews. He did a sit down interview with stone. Cold that's on the network. It's like two hours long. It's amazing go watch it. It's just him and Austin telling stories and undertaker completely just normal guy and then he's and he's doing interviews with a lot of these weird like Christian groups because he's super religious So so so they get all these interviews. It's weird but he's talking anyways he didn't afterwards explaining that he he referred himself as the Holy Trinity. So it's he belly. Fat version of his character. Wrestlemainia was was The American bad ass than the normal undertaker and then Mark Callaway. It was you know he himself. Pluses to gimmicks all rolled into one. And so there's a little bit of everybody in this match but he does show up on a motorcycle if that helps. Yeah I just the picture I saw of the match. I thought I saw your Jean Jacket or whatever like that said. He's a tire is even hard tires. Even kind of mixture. But it's all shot like a movie and some parts it's a it's a little cheesy and stuff like that but it's fun and it's. I don't know I don't explain it but it's just like when you can film things in these segments and I mean obviously there'd be editing you'd allow for breaks okay. Let's do this over yet until we get it right like. Oh let's do this shuttle. That move didn't look good. Let's do it again. Like you know. They just did it over and over and over until they got everything right so when they do that then. It's like okay so if we put undertaker in these like out of the arena special setting matches he can have a great match because we edit them down to. He's not tired and winded five minutes into a match and he's not like almost killing people trying to pick them up for a tombstone. You know like he's not. There's no risk because you just get film it till you get it right. Scenario would try to say it was Roman reigns fault at that. Tombstone spot look right. I don't think it was. Everybody was one hundred percent wrong. The undertaker clearly screwed that up. I but now everybody is saying this is how we have to get undertaker versus Ting. Because sting do this match and not even have to take any real bumps you could film in a way that protects both guys and you put it in a setting. I've always been an opponent of. I don't think undertaker versus sting would have ever been a good match I know. I'm in the symbolic spectacle. Though you walk the entrances end the match there. That's all I would need the promos the hype videos. The buildup to the match would be amazing. The match itself would not be very good because they're just not they're not to styles that complement each other and they both kind of rely on who they're it matched up with. If that makes sense to like really we're especially we're talking like Dark Crow. Stang like he's not going to get out there and electrify you and get the fans going that often so an undertaker is not. I don't know I don't think they would. It would work well and they're definitely not going to work well when they're both in their fifties but you put them in some weird dark fucking another bone yard or whatever and film all this cool Spooky Shit. I'm in. It's the only time I've ever been interested so now everybody's clamoring like we finally need to have this thing undertaker match it. Can it can happen and it needs to happen now. I don't know I don't know it'd be AAA it. He's not being the undertaking owner. He's not going to win. The match wanted a long road. He should win. I actually I think you forgot. A he lost the Seth rollins too. So I'd Oh he's he's he's in the right now so we're going to leave it at that. Did He win the man? He wants a matches? What are you win? We've we've argued about this before. He wrestled a big show on raw. Any big Joe by D. Hugh and then John Cena came out and whoever he feuding with teamed up with the big shot and then they had a tag match with sting Johnson versus big show. And I think it was. Seth rollins or maybe it was. Aj I can't remember and then sting and John Cena won that match. I look to sustain big show. This does sound right. Oh Wow there's clips of it and everything. I looked it up on Youtube. And then John Cena and staying versus big show and Seth rollins two thousand. Yeah Trust me trust me. I was keeping track. Because it's the only thing I got to hold onto with stealing the WWe. Esteem won a stupid batch with big show. And then what a stupid tag batch with Sina. There's this was five years ago Brandon. Daddy I it was like how long ago was our WRESTLEMAINIA. Five years ago. It was also two thousand fifteen. Yeah that was the year I got married. Oh Man What. A WHAT. A bummer fifty. What a bad year for you lot of great year for me so I all right. So you're not you're not interesting. Why all right but you did watch tiger king all right. That's cool I love. It was great for entertainment. How come you're not in the council chat anymore? I just don't do the facebook thing kind of like you and I don't do the council I just don't do messenger very often I mostly had stab chet honestly as where I been. But even that's dying down. I just made it instagram cycle. Watch instagram Lybia with some of my wrestling friends. I don't know I just haven't been discord is I do. I don't use it. I tried it once. I use it for I joined pokemon go discord and then yeah. I haven't I didn't really care for the the the interface of it. I mean it may just been the way the pokemon one was set up. I didn't like it. I didn't friendly and I don't know I was like yeah. It's too frustrating. I don't care for it. I'm in the I'm in discord literally all day. That's all I do is discord. Go you are you only in the gym this quarter. Do you have multiple discord? I'm actually not in the gym in them. Discord I was in for a second but for whatever reason it wouldn't let me like post in there and I asked my and then he said ask. Kristen and then it just fix. I just left the discord from what I hear. You're probably better off that way. It's not a very friendly place. Yeah people are people are pretty mean in there. I guess but I don't know I can deal with stuff like that though so I don't I wouldn't really care but yeah the the Messenger. Just I don't know I just haven't been on a lot of forms of social media just you guys. It's just the social media in general I need you to just keep facebook messenger active. Don't worry about facebook. Just keep the MESSENGER APP active or check it like. I don't want somebody you can see what's going on. So what happens? Is You go quiet. And I go brandon's annoyed at US Branson talking to US anymore. That's the one hundred dollars at dodger is still the Daddy I. This may be hard to believe but I'm still like what are your biggest fans. Get excited just here. He you WanNa talk to be the what a jump ought to do a show. That stuff really excites me. I still like it a lot. I told you I told you today that I was thinking today. 'cause I was thinking man Brandon's never in the chat and he doesn't watch wrestling anymore. Brennan's not going to go to Wrestlemainia with me. No no no. That'll happen is you're going. I literally started playing out on my head. Who Am going to Wrestlemainia with. Is this going to be a thing? Where the last minute I see if my brother wants to go he has to go. I need to see again. Your brother is my tiger king. He's just another person. That like captivates me. That for some reason really annoys. You guys should want to go to Wrestlemainia for the moment that I show up at Wrestlemainia with dotty brother has no idea that she's going to be there. We've heard I have seats together. I can't imagine what his reaction will be like. He's going to be so burt. I'm definitely going. I'm not I don't care if I don't want wrestling from now until Wrestlemainia what will happen is we'll get tickets and then. I'll make sure you're at least aware of what's going on. I'll tell you all the important stuff if you're if you're still not going to watch it and then what you'll just have to do is watch royal rumble next year and just stay on it at least through. Wrestlemainia. And that's alley ever really you're GonNa go to Wrestlemainia you really just need to start at Royal Rumble and follow it from there and you could drop back out again. I've been in these little like mood before we're like I haven't really liked what wrestling and I. It just takes one thing to get back into it. I just need somebody to to make before because the last time this happened it was whenever the summer a punk right before the summer. I didn't watch for a few months. And then the whole punk pipebomb happened and then I was one hundred percent back into it just right now all the wrestlers into anybody's story about into anybody. I don't I it's gone to this weird point where I feel like in real life. I could beat all these guys up all this kind of cowardly and like yeah. I don't know they're also small now and like I know it's not a body business like that sounds stupid but like I just in my head. It's like I could beat up Seth rollins. Why why do I care if he eats update outperform you you know in a cardio workout but oh yeah yeah he run away from me pretty good but I feel like you've got pretty good odds? Yeah and then it just with wrestling. There is a little bit of visual too. Like I can't just look at two of the smallest guys. I can't watch Kofi Kingston champion at in my head. Be Like I could beat up Kofi Kingston. But he's still has the title for a year even though when he won. The title was a huge moment. I loved it and like I really pop for it. But afterwards it's like Kofi Kingston as champion. Even Broccoli. The Whole Brock. Leser stuff is getting really boring to me even though I loved him at the Royal Rumble like found a newfound love for him at the Royal Rumble. For whatever reason just the whole brock stuff is getting old and then I don't like they keep bringing in different. Ufc fighters and stuff like that. Yeah and then. They're not gonNA stop on that they're always gonna Ben's always gonNA fawn over any Emma. Mayor boxing person he can get a really any athlete. Rob Gronkowski was like the Hosa Wrestlemainia. Nobody what's that I was gonna say this is like Tyson feary and then like quit showing me all these guys. That can really beat up. You're like I don't and then expect me to be like Oh my God bray y versus Johnson like quit showing me literally. Cain Velasquez destroyed brock. Leser and I have to believe that in the WWe World Brock. Leser could beat up. Cain Velasquez it doesn't make sense to me and it's like I know it's wrestling. I know it's fake but it's got a in my brain at least kind of me. I'm willing to suspend disbelief quite a bit for you but you gotTa meet me halfway. Yeah no I could see that it is definitely the land of small dudes. It's always a weird thing like I love. I love the stuff. That'S ON T. But yet you don't realize it until those guys get called up but they're all they seem normal size because they're all amongst each other and then every time they get called up you're like what's that guy like five seven what the fuck and I know. It doesn't matter about the heightened I should it because I did love guys like Kurt Angle in Kurt. Angle's not big. I loved guys like Mick Foley but then I had the rock and I had stone cold where I saw these guys. I'm like Oh my God they can. You know stone cold so appealing because he was just that guy that like you believed in any bar fight. He could beat up everybody in that bar. You know like you believe he could beat up anybody and now you're trying to do the same with these these guys that. I just don't believe it. And if they were like stone cold wasn't a huge guy but he had like an attitude that made you believe he could beat everybody and just the people nowadays. Don't have that same like I don't know that attitude or the tie. They can't talk very well they can't do anything. It feels like that interest mir grabs me like even punk like when I was watching. Cnn punk. He wasn't huge. It wasn't a big guy but the way he would talk maybe believe he could beat up anybody like I was like. Oh yeah he could be throughout like easy like oh see ponders brock listener. Broncos are watch outs puck knows jujitsu. It's just like nothing. Nothing like that is happening for me right now. I'm not interested in like I said the fien stuff really bored me. I liked the I like the brain wise off the fire. Funhouse and just a fiend. It just annoys me. I don't know why you should you. You should watch. The match was seen because it is primarily bray y and very little actual fiend. And it's and it's actually very little wrestling to be fair. It's just it's a it's a skit. It's a giant long skit though that jumps around and takes place in like different universes and it's bizarre but it's fun at then that's all. I think it's just a fun silly thing to watch and I'm I'm okay with that stuff too so I don't need it to be super real like but like when I got guys live like. Aws does a better job of making me believe these. These people are stars but the sh the show is just so boring. I can't get into. Aws PROBLEM WITH AWS. Is they assume that everybody watching it is also watching all their online stuff for all their wrestlers make their own youtube videos and the being the elite series. And all this and I don't watch those. And so they have storylines and character development that takes place on those or like were they. They have people that like they introduce and or they'll come come on to wrestle and I'm like well tell me about this guy and they just like oh you got a long history. Okay well tell me about it. But they don't because they just assume that you fucking if you're watching w must follow all the independent stuff and I don't so it's like I feel like it's almost a weird thing where it's off putting because I'm watching the show and I go there clearly. Not Interested in appealing to me. So if they don't they want me to watch why AM I. Investing my time and I still watch it. But it's not one of the ones. I jumped to you right away like I'll get two or three episodes built up and then w becomes a thing I watch while doing something else. Yeah I like aws. I started obviously their pay per views because everybody just seemed like they were working hard doing good then when the show came out. What's it called dynamite or something? I don't know the regular TV show. Yeah Yeah Okay. Yeah because they have their youtube one to after dark or some shit like that. Yeah but their regular thing. I think it's called dynamite. I can't remember and the first two episodes were good. I liked it a lot but then they got to like the third episode. It was like this. The whole thing was based around this girl going back to Pittsburgh and she was a dentist in Pittsburgh. This is like oh she's grown up and she's fixed so much teeth in. Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh and I love Pittsburgh. I don't care about a dentist in Pittsburgh. Yeah they definitely just assume that you care more about these people without them having to make you care about them and they're not gonNA make the effort. Yeah Yeah Age just wrestling has gotten. I've I'm really big into independent wrestling right now. Have been going to a lot of independent shows here in Vegas and stuff. I don't know you know a fun game when I watch. Aws that I got to get to do with my kids. I'm going to name these guys and you tell me what they have in common. Okay I'm GonNa give you gonNA give you several names and at the end. Tell me what's the what's the common thread between them. Okay Okay Jake. The Snake Roberts Diamond Dallas Page Matt. Hardy Sammy Guevara. What are these people having? Oh sorry. Christopher Daniels Baird Twa FSI's sort of they're all connected to me. Yeah they're all connected to you I would. I would consider myself to a certain degree friends with Sammy Guar. We've we've spoken like individual conversations of met up with them and stuff like that. I had an online feud with Matt Hardy. That was legit that he really really did. Not like us Talk to Diamond Dallas page on the old show and off exchange texts conversations. I've been sitting in my garage at my old house when it was like. The Dan came. I was sitting there and watch remember watching to their wife and going hold on diamond. Els Pages calling me and having to step out of the room to talk to Diamond Dallas page because he called me with a question about his audio setup spoken to Snake Roberts wrestled on the same card as Christopher Daniels. That show top to bottom all danny so every time somebody comes out. I got to tell my kids. Oh Yeah Your Dad knows that guy though because there's been a lot of guys that I know that rest on shows with and stuff like that. Most of them work for Lucia underground and now they go over to the bigger shows like Brian Cage on. You know who that is. He was underground Willie Mack. Jeff obvious make them. Awa appearances out. Wrestle with Jeff Jeff Cobb. He's Jeff Cops. I just heard you say no. He's he's big like California. Sorry Sumi would have made his way. Yes pretty much any California guy I've been on shows with so it's cool to watch them get bigger shotsie blackheart. I don't know if you know she issue was but I didn't know her before that. Yeah I've wrestled on with her. She was she was actually on a season of tough enough. She's the one who had a heart complication. So she had she made the show but then episode one. She got kicked off because she had a heart. I realized that was her but I remember that. Yeah and then Marty. The moth You know he is. Also he's also underground. I think his name was Luc on. Tough enough okay. Okay he was he was the guy no no no he was Marty. He was the one everybody thought was going to win but he broke his. It was the stone cold season and everybody thought he was GonNa win. Broke his ankle like right before the finals. I'd have to go back with like one of the most recent season from a couple years ago right Or is it that it was it was the one where the what's silent rage? One was was the last season than I know. Yes Marty and he's the one who's always smiling. Yeah and everybody thought he was going to win and he broke his ankle. I the last thing I did in wrestling was with him. And so are you not. You're not doing any wrestling anymore. Danny Richardson. I don't know if I can wrestle anymore. I lost my wrestling gear so wait. I'm not about to pay for all that again. How did you lose it? I okay so the last show I worked was the Level up show the mice convention. I left it at his desk is a little. Pok Mon desk and so I left it there Friday Saturday and then Sunday something came up and I couldn't make the show so my stuff was there at bikes usually really good about grabbing my. He's done it before and he didn't grabbed my stuff not blaming him because I didn't ask them to is assumed he would because his thing and now it's gone on. I'M GONNA text message somebody. I'M GONNA make caller this Mike Sino. It's very route me to do the similar show. Mike has the best voicemails so gonNA play it on the show. If it's Mike he just text me that areas couldn't that's weird anyway. Yeah I'm not. I'm not available now and just I'm trying to set a stall image of you. Call this guy every day and had to sit through this. I do call often just to hear. His voice mails record your message when you finish recording you may hang up or press one for more options. Mike. I just found out. You still brandon's wrestling gear and Berry upset. Give it back so it's gone and no everybody. There's no clue no like camera footage. Nothing no nobody's thought. Mike thinks that they packed it up and put all with their pokemon stuff. So was that so it may show up next year. At the next event it may show up next year in the next If if if they have your stuff next year you'll russell again sure. Yeah why not? You're not getting any younger so I don't know yeah wrestling's getting Kinda rough for me now. Now that I'm thirty my friend Felix and I would rather than we were in high school supernova watching wrestling obsessed with it and that was the time we're actually like doing the wrestling. We would do moves anytime anywhere you know just all. It didn't matter because it it just it hurt but it didn't it didn't linger and it was fine. The idea now of like we to do like suplexes in the yard just on like B-uh round and the idea of doing that now like I feel it in my back thinking about now. No and taking a fucking SUPLEX GET OUTTA here. What's wrong with you? But he used to eat that shit up. We loved it but yeah as you start to get older. That stuff hurts more. It's not you're not doing it on a regular basis it. It's weird because like it. I don't know it doesn't hurt at the time. Obviously it's the next day and every every into your body so like when you're wrestling and the crowds going you're going literally feel nothing like you could be suplex off the apron onto the ground. Nothing I'm fine is the next day when I my elbow. I can't move it very well or by decade super store. You know things like that. That's what ever in multiple guys say about. Not having a crowd there right now is everything hurts more. And it's not fun and at Wrestlemainia. They had a fucking tag team ladder match and going into it like everybody was like. It's GonNa hurt like with them having no crowd. I don't know how they're going to do it. Because it's going to hurt more than it. Usually that Adrenalin. There's something about I think that's why people can't give up wrestling because it is very addicting like that feeling of people cheering. You're fearing you or spitting you is like it's not like anything else on this world. I can describe like when I come out in. A crowd is booing and yelling at me and I'm yelling at them and making children cry. Then I'm in the ring and they like they. They they boo every time. I do a big move and then like when the baby faces getting their come. Back in. The crowd starts exploding. Your heart starts like going like there's something about the crowd that keeps you young in wrestling when there's no crowd. I cannot imagine I cannot imagine doing that because there's Sam Sheriff till the story but the greatest reaction I ever got was an unintentional troll. Job where for the second for my second match I had this great idea that I'd come to the ring in a limo and so we got a limited company to sponsor the show we put their banners that they'd give the liberal for free. It's what it was my turn to come out the LIMO comes around and it's pulling me up to there because it was an outdoor was at the centre part of a race car track so limo comes around the track and pull up to the Ring Brand. Everybody that was there was standing up all two hundred of them standing up fucking excited to see what wrestler we forked over money for are they really got him they got ric flair. I stepped on the research. Never Cross my mind. That people would think somebody. I just always had this vision of what my character wasn't. I thought it was such a great idea like Like nobody being familiar with what I think my character would do like so they they just they could not wait. Who's getting out of this white limousine and it's fucking fifteen year old mean a mask kid. Even imagine a slum sucked every bit of error out of the Mesa Marin raceway that day it was in my head it was horrifying and funny at the same time. Like 'cause I'm realizing what's happening. I'm like oh they're so mad. You can really play up to that. That would have been awesome if that's unfortunately that's the best reaction. I ever got so. There's not one that aimed for benefit from being bigger than most people so like the people see me come out my wrestling urine stuff. People are like they tend to like. Oh my God like the feeling. I'm looking for in wrestling now. I'm looking to be like. Wow this guy's scare I can't beat this guy in a fight like who's who could ever beat this guy. Yeah it's you need the attention getter and they need to be something that like other than I bet. This guy does really great suplexes. Like that's the thing is when you're in a world of everybody can now do really cool flip stuff. Yeah every up isn't really cool anymore. Everybody does super kicks and running dives to the outside and it's like yeah. I mean I guess it's it's something special now but it's not it was. I remember back in the day. It was crazy. That Bret Hart would occasionally do the dive to the outside because it was a very UN Bret. Hart like thing to do in theory. You're like nobody does that and it was like for a guy like Brad Hart to it. It just didn't seem characteristic of it. So when he did it always felt like special. And then you start getting all the undertaker dies and goes over the top rope bad was fucking special and now literally every single fucking person does some sort of dive to the outside. And you're like it's it's not special anymore. Yeah that's what wrestling supposed to be. It's supposed to feel special. You're supposed to kind of look forward to seeing specific people for specific things when everybody's doing the same stuff. It's not fun. That's the stuff. I really do like indy wrestling. Because everybody a lot of our limited so They do the one thing they do very well and you get you seen that in the show like okay. Yeah this is the big strong guy. This guy is the Fast Guy. This guy does this. The he's the he's the technical wrestler. Oh this guy's the brawler and Oh dan he did. I ever tell you about the vegas wrestling drama. I don't I mean you have before but I don't know whatever the most recent thing might be. Sorry I gotTa bring this up because this is good like Kosugi my life to all right because there's this wrestler that everybody hates and when I first introduced him to Mike. Mike shook his hand talked me and Mike just went off. He's like hey like yes. I feel like I've heard of that from Mike. Mike's told me about this and then didn't Mike. Is this the same guy that Mike would take shots at in his? Yes Same Guy. Yes. It's the guy that like. He's been in the vegas wrestling so long that you Kinda have to respect him. He is a great rest. Nobody can say he's a bad wrestler. Like nope no matter how much you hate them. You can't say he's a bad wrestler and like but he's just the biggest douche bag backstage but he plays a baby face in the crowd so like he he's like the fakest person in like in the ring and then he comes back. He's like this. Huge douchebag like Oh enough that fat pig in the front row. Who was cheering for me. You know he's just a huge douchebag. He's in good shape too so like he's you know he's he's really mean it doesn't mean guy and Mike used to take the biggest shot him like. It was so funny because Mike Daughter Wrestler. Ed like he. Should it really be taking shots to vets like this like everybody the stuff? Mike would say it was so funny everyone would be dying so he had to pretend like it was cool. He was pretty good. Look the best. It was so good but like recently because the whole pedantic that's going on people shouldn't gather and stuff like that well. There was four wrestlers. Who worked out together and he. He threw this huge fit on twitter and facebook saying like I really have a list of four people. I'm going to slap when I see them for not taking this seriously. The whole Vegas wrestling seemed blew up on this guy because he paid like the four wrestlers in Vegas. Everybody loves yeah not not not a good way to yeah and these guys are just as big events as him. So it's not like you know that messing with younger people like these people are like people love these people. Ed like they started doing like this whole trash tour with Sway Thompson. That's his name if you WANNA look them up. Wave Thompson I remember. Yeah Yeah they just bid trashing dodds stop this whole time and the reason I bring this up is because he's going to get beat up so bad with these people find him because he picked four of the biggest guy in all of wrestling like they're not as tall as me but there they were working out together so picture that therefore wrestlers who couldn't stand not working out. Yeah you don't pick fights with those guys so when when this all resumes is he gonNA be welcome to wrestle at shows around there. Everybody's saying no everybody's saying don't come to our locker room. Don't come talk to us. Don't shake my hand. If you see me there are people are like. He's not going to be welcome. Even put a tweet like. I can't wait for the pedantic to be over because like officially retired from wrestling like it's he messed up. Big Dive in this And part of me hopes he sticks to his threat and slap somebody but he's not that kind of person at Oh. The reason I brought this up. Sorry the reason I brought this whole thing. I was talking about the wrestler. Who Brawls this guy got into a fight with the wrestler like a year or two ago and everybody was real hush hush about like nobody talked about what happened. You know like Oh you know. Everyone's like hey just don't even worry about. Don't worry about. They finally came out. Who beat them up and beat them. Up is like one of mine. Mike's like really good friends at league and we were like. Oh Greg Ribeiro Beato. That's also wow so so I need. I need to follow this guy on twitter. I need to know what what's going to happen. Yeah it's Kinda died down. It's been three days. It's Kinda died down his name on twitter is I think it's like the seasoned vet or something like that. Yeah yeah his twitter name or whatever the top guy and on facebook. I think he's Swayed Thomson. And he's one of these guys who like will never make it to the wwe but he'll latch onto talent so when they make it to the wwe he'd like has people reckon recognization like he's gone onto smackdown before through other people because he'll like latch onto them and make them friends like if you're not like somebody who obviously shows a ton of talent he treats you like trash because he's hoping that you do make it and you talk to somebody like Hey. My friend you know swayed over here. He's trying to on twitter. I can't tell it's a bit but he's trying to convince people much money. He's making often only fans account. Yes yes yes. Yes and it was funny because they talked about that because they're just done. A show is called TEA TIME WITH FIDEL. Or something like that were like. It's a gay wrestler out here in Vegas talks to other wrestlers and Mike. It's spilling the T. He just sits in he. Lets anybody talk about whatever they want? And the two of the four wrestlers who he said he was going to slap on the show and just shot on him so hard and like he because he talks about how much money he makes only fans only only me whatever. I don't know what it's called but I love it. I don't look at that only fan stuff my wife. I have no clue what that is. My my my fans only but a girlfriend that makes all the money. It's not him. He makes no money on that. His girlfriend is smoking hot though too. She had only man's or is he like do you think he makes any off 'cause on his so he he does have the link to his only vans and it says he's posted twenty-five photos and five videos. I know that I'm sure somebody goes on his thing but I know almost all of it comes from his his girlfriend his girlfriend his girlfriend is very very attractive. She looks it looks like I thought he had won out on now. I don't know who's his girlfriend now. I WanNa find this if you scroll down on his time he actually shares her only fan. Okay all right. I'M GONNA dig into this guy and then I'm going to and then I'm going to be his friend on twitter but yeah this is the Corentin drama and like it was just so great because everybody's always hated this guy but he finally gave people reason to be able to finally talk about live eight two. Yeah what is this weird picture? He posted laying on care. Bears Naked. Yes that was. Oh my God it was funny. 'cause with this whole drama was going on everybody putting those are profiled so like a bunch of like Vegas wrestlers were profiled. Those really funny. This is yeah now this guy super Some of the comments people will be wrote like that's weird. Yeah yeah he's he's one of these guys you just thinks he's like definitely thinks he's the top guy thinks he deserves to be in the wwe. He thinks he deserves some of the top stuff ever in wrestling. But he's just not a good person to be around. Everybody hates being around this guy. Yeah and that definitely I mean matters like you're only gonNA go Like so far. If you just have a bad reputation your difficult to deal to work with and deal with on that level like people aren't GonNa try to pull you up and and bring you in like it's going to get like you're bringing in that guy now don't now. He's a pain in the ASS. Yeah Yeah you're GONNA you can't make in the vegas wrestling. Cnbc think triple h is going to bring you up to two white caused drama caregivers. He's just yeah because like we're we're supposed to believe egos knocking to be a bigger pain in the ass to deal with and it just. It's been so funny. Like hearing all the stories about him and just the thought of him getting beat up by Greg. Romero really makes me laugh. So is Greg Romero Different Than Rocky Romero. Yes okay I know. I know indirectly Rocky Romero. No No Greg Romero's wrestler out here in Vegas who everybody loves because like he plays like a he'll right. He's like so good at being a hill. I thought he was going to be a douchebag in real life like when the first time I worked in a locker room with. Oh my God I don't want to talk to Greg Romero. He's a Douche bag. You met him like do the respectful thing. He Goes Shit here by saying I should say. Oh Hey man he's like. Hey I saw your last match your your really. He's like really like the nicest guy on the planet like. Oh my God. I'm so happy that. Just a Gimmick. I really thought being you're GONNA have a credit to him. Then Yeah Yeah. We're swathes the opposite like he goes out and you think he's a good guy that he comes back. He's the biggest Douche bag of the world. Oh no I'm on this I'M GONNA follow. Yes follow this vegas trashing that everybody else and you screen shots and everything of what everybody's been saying but another thing about swayed a few. My friends came to watch me wrestle right. And they're they're like there's these three guys particular that like they're actually known fans in the wrestling community like they go to every wrestling show like you just know. They're going to be in the front row. You know where they're gonNA be every time well. They're my friends and they brought a few other their friends to come like watch this show too because like I was having a big program with Krueger at the time and they wanted to cheer for me and when Suedes music it. They all booed so loud. That suede was so mad. It's funny because an indie shows if the fans know everybody all the wrestlers and stuff and there's those fans that just come to like watch and they don't know what's going on so like when they hear some people booed they joined in on the booze and same thing if they hear. Some people cheering cheer because they don't know what they're doing. The whole crowd booed for this guy and he went to step out and he came back. He's like I'm not going out there. He's like F that he was so mad that the fans were booing go now. I like that. It was so good. He was so mad he wanted to go out and he finally did like people were boob straight to his face and he was so mad because he's you know the baby face at everybody loves. I'm watching. I'm watching videos like him and his girlfriend now and she's cute. I mean I don't know that. She's anything Super Special. Yeah I don't know I don't really follow around. I know in person she. She's good looking. I'm sure yeah. No it's weird. There's definitely something to attract people on. Tv can just be like really gets. Whatever I wouldn't I wouldn't care like I always think that when you got on twitter and there's people that just like like the Polish people that just like shit on any female that like you know white posts online and but I'm like but if these girls were talking to them in real life like Beijing they'd be stumbling on their words. Yeah yeah definitely. She's one of those girls. Yeah I think that like she you see her in person. She's very pretty and then like you see like she's trying to be a celebrity and it's like no not really but that's the drama in Vegas wrestling. Terry lasts for us to talk about wrestling. I don't know if you knew we were GonNa go this route. Yeah well I mean it was. It was bound to happen. But that's what that's what gets the happen on white time we were. We were always going to cover a little bit wrestling. And then whatever else we want tiger king and you know all that other stuff. They can tune in next Wednesday to whatever black show Deebo puts together. I would love to hear. Show just He get tie on their untie and Tasha being outnumbered. This isn't we need more of trust me. Talent wise we got him beat I'll let you got it here within last thing. So here's what I need. Wrestlemania tickets usually go on sale around November December. What you're saying is the chance that you're going to buy tickets with me. One hundred okay. I'm I'm going to play that recording back. I mean you got a little quiet when you said it. I don't know there's just hours of one hundred one hundred. I can't promise because that's how you that I got my CDO. You posted it. I think I don't know if I post on twitter or you post it in the in the council chat but I I didn't see that yes. I got my cdl license. I'm going to be a truck driver so be driving a lot all across the country. Okay and A. I can't guarantee like a whole week of rest league depending on whatever I do but I promise Wrestlemainia all right well. We'll we'll aim for that but when the time rolls around you're GonNa promised me a whole week we'll see I could do. We'll see what I can do. And then so we got so. That's the main thing is so we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA stay. We're going to get a house in L. A. And stay there. Yeah it really depends like I know. Shove your resume. It'd be cheaper than getting a hotel like we both had separate like hotels last time and I feel like area one AIRBNB could be cheaper than getting hotel rooms and shit so the hotel I was after those fighters I think it was something like fifty five dollars a night. Jesus we'd hoped Motel five like what? What fucking hotel or doubts you find something for fifty five dollars a night. It was really nice. I don't know I don't understand that at all. And then here's my other question if everybody else comes along or multiple. Do we get the exact same house. We had the last time we were there. If it's possible. Yeah because that House accommodates quite a bit of people. I think it could. At least we know where I'll have to look up and see I would prefer to get something closer to where the new stadium's going to be worth doing wrestlemainia but I've just accepted that everything in La is at least an hour apart from each other. So I don't know how much it matters at that point. No Yeah I liked that that house and it was. Did you guys ever feel? It was in that room not officially just the things we could see but I think like computer. I'm sure that lady was watching us in living out of that room. You should've asked her like there's this back room back here. What's in there for my safety yours. It's bad enough that on camera. She saw us go into her garage on like. Check the fridge in there. Definitely rummaging through her stuff and then we're like he's got security with but yeah if we could do the same place or a different house or whatever I'm down I just I just wanted to make sure you're you're you're down so I will and I here's the thing I'm GonNa. I have my doubts. So I'm going to be checking with you. On a regular basis like brandon. We STILL DO RUSSELL. May as it gets closer. I'm GonNa WanNa Know Ryan would do in wrestlemainia awesome. I can't promise to watch any wrestling by them. But I promise to chancellery. Get you enough into it. Like I said Royal Rumble. You don't have to worry about until January. Yeah yeah that's when that's when the road wrestlemania start so that's all that matters okay. All right So we're going to get out of here like I said we'll Up on Friday and give everybody a little something to listen to other stuck at home. Yeah it's been. It's been tortured. Just go watch the Tire Kingdom and listen to this episode. Well everybody's already seen it. Except for deep deep. Oh I'm talking Deebo Iranian. You know you do this thing. Every time we do a white boy time I is one of the best closings I mean I always wonder why Deebo doesn't just steal it outright. H Matt but so I'm GonNa toss it to you. You Go ahead you you do your thing and you take us out and I'll just didn't show there. I can't nothing I could say could possibly top. What you're about to say right now. Everybody knows when I'm going to show. All I say is q the music thing and I'm not making cheese painting outside. Those doesn't have to be back. You my hardest. Four if it's ever GonNa hit that target whenever I leave. This mine doesn't have to be back after be vacuum my to be a A.

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