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Before I was Queen Latifah. It was always my parents dream for me to go to college. And to this day. One of my biggest regrets is that. I never finished. I'm sure they would've traded any of my walks down a red carpet to see me walking cap and gown. My mom always told me education is the key to unlocking your dreams. That's the kind of belief Strayer has an each and every student. I'm not saying it's going to be easy. And that's what makes every class every exam all the hard work and every diploma more rewarding. It makes us all proud. I'll tell every straight student. I meet the same thing. Life has its peaks and valleys this all about how you handle yourself. Do those Bally's doesn't matter. How long you've been out of school or the first in your family to go to college. If you took time off to raise your kids, or if you're one career, but here another calling get started. You can us. Get it together Strayer university, go to stray oh dot EDU. To learn more Strayer university is certified to operate by chef. AP radio news. I'm Ed Donahue, President Trump is pleased with the results from election night last night, though, the majority in the house will belong to the Democrats. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is also pleased with the results. His majority remains the AP. Saga megani? Is at the White House McConnell says he was watching the news this morning. I said he's probably a rare opportunity to say McConnell smile. He says it's a good morning for Senate Republicans and President Trump deserves their thanks president was very helpful to us with the GOP losing house control McConnell says he spoke this morning with democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. We discussed ways we might be able to find a way forward citing infrastructure as one topic McConnell says he cannot imagine the Senate will take up immigration this year. Saga megani? At the White House university of Virginia political science professor Larry Sabato doesn't expect President Trump's strategy to change thrives on division. He will continue to divine because he believes that by dividing, he conquers, and he may be right. But of course, you can ask the question is this good for the country. We want to be the United States of America or the dish United States of America and the Georgia race for governor democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian camper. Waiting for final numbers, Lauren. Grow war. Go with the Abrahams. Campaign says this is a tight race. Harry camp is just fifteen thousand five hundred thirty nine votes above the runoff threshold as you know in Georgia to get to an outright win. You must get fifty percent, plus one Stacey abra. Tmz if she wins. She would become the first female African American governor in Georgia Republicans also preserved governorships in key states, like Ohio and Florida. There are still undecided races for Senate in Florida as well as an Amazon a- and in the state of Montana. This is AP radio news. The migrant caravan has reached Mexico's capital they were a central issue in the midterm elections. President Trump called him an invasion thousands of immigrants who've walked through three countries in three weeks headed toward the US. Many say they're fleeing poverty and violence there in Mexico City now with they're being offered visas, but after an arduous trip and still hundreds of miles from the US border. They're taking at least a couple of days to decide what to do stay in Mexico or continue on to the US one woman from El Salvador asked why she should continue toward the United States. Just for them to turn me back. She said, I'm Rita Foley, head of Russia's federal security services attempted drone attacks worth warded during this year's World Cup in Russia. Alexander Bork, Nicole says his officers took measures to detect and foil attempts by terrorists use drones. He did not say who they were or how they were stopped. I'm Ed Donahue. AP radio news. There's a reason we invented things like same day delivery and PB and J in the same jar. We love convenience, which is what makes Permanente so special we offer healthcare and coverage together. So rather than having your doctor over here and your insurer. There we provide quality healthcare and coverage under one roof freeing, you up for other important tasks quick sandwich. Kaiser Permanente together we thrive. Visit KP dot org slash integrated customers hopefully with Millon estates, inC, twenty one St. rock in two zero eight five two.

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