The game of life & Philadelphia Eagles update with Ross Tucker


So it's like an hour after the draft. All my buddies were out at our eating club. I'm starving. I haven't eaten all day, I'm like, I guess I'm not getting signed. So I walked out to the eating club. They're having like barbecue chicken, and burgers and dogs. It was awesome. I couldn't eat. I couldn't even look at anybody dude, second semester. Senior college share my buddies would come home at five AM every morning, I was waking up at five AM every morning to train for the draft and doing like the shuttle, and all these drills and I thought, oh, my gosh. I just threw away my second semester of senior year of college for nothing. I couldn't I couldn't even eat. I couldn't look at anybody I walked back to my dorm room as I'm going up. The steps I hear a phone ringing. I start like sprinting up the steps I grab it's Joe lengthy is like where you been. I've been calling you like fifteen minutes. I see. Well, you told me the longer was after the draft, the worst news it was it's been like an hour and a half, and he's like, well, you're selling. I'm with who? He said the Redskins minicamp starts on Thursday. I was like. How I said Joel call you back a little bit. I hang up. I sprint back out to the eating club or all my buddies are I walk out all the girls. They're all the guys just nude. At this point, I law. Bob all my finger. I'm like Redskins and we all on get this. We all like jumped up and down, and they were so happy. We're going to live by asleep. Oh. Dave damage football, bro. Grab available on apple podcast and at fell dot com slash DDS fees. Now here's your host, Jay damage it all. Yes, the unmistakable sounds of Ross Tucker, former NFL offense of Lyman, Princeton graduate, so on and so forth. Also, perhaps most importantly, he hangs on the digital wall of fame here in studio, sixty six hi. And hello. And welcome to the Dave damasec football program. I hope oil wherever you are, the aforementioned one Ross Tucker seats is seeded to my immediate left Ross Tucker. What's the poop welcomed the California fella? Yes, my thing, do my, my annual pilgrimage out here while my wife and daughters at the jersey shore. I'm like, all right. It's head out to LA for for a day or two. While we have a lot to talk about, as usual football waits for no man and you were. At Philadelphia goes many camp. I wanna talk about that. Well all the all the hot button issues here. Studio sixty six this off season. We'll do a little best of with you just to get your opinion on a couple of those items, and thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes. It was it was a grand one filled with food, like you look right now. You look like a thirty eight year old washed up screenwriter, I would say, why it'd be launched up. Why, why can't I be thriving? You didn't even put in your last button. And when we had lunch, before you buttoned up, I saw that. There was stains on your Hines ward t shirt, that's underneath your right now. There's like legitimate stains on your Hines ward, T, shirt, wear on coming here and be like that. Hey, I'm gonna pretend that never happened and we're going to pick up and look you let your guests say that Joe Montana's not a top ten quarterback. Okay. I think having a couple of stains in your Hinds, and I would like for the record to let to you in any future guests. Here in studio, sixty six I gave David car every opportunity more than they need deserve perhaps to take it back. He decided to press forward, and I am I applaud his courage in make no statement that Joe Montana's, not one of the top ten QB's of the Super Bowl. I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with him. Oh, you are always start with that. It's a hot take. I think Joe Montana is one of the ten best quarterback to the player I disagree with David car. I leave, what if you actually talked to him about it. And by the way, for what it's worth Steve Mariucci doesn't go that far but he does say for one game head to head. He says, I'll take Steve Young over Joe Montana. See, I feel like it's the opposite. I agree that will I agree. I buy if you want, like a whole career, or if you want the human being maybe Steve Young over Joe Montana, but for one game Joe Montana. That's why Joe Montana is better because he came up big in the biggest spots. Can I tell you one more people like the I it makes me crazy when people like to act as though the entire point of football season doesn't matter? Then we play it to completion so that somebody wins. What are we talking about that? That doesn't all you can't can't judge a guy off of that. All all. Yes. I can. And I will. And by the way, Joe Montana is born in the greatest state in the union. That's he's not. Well, listen, I appreciate that. You want to take pride in the keystone state, I have a more immediate appreciation for it. Because if you are reared in the southwestern portion of Pennsylvania, you, you're gifted with a rifle mine happens to be attached to my left shoulder, but. Yes, I grew up in the same neck of the woods as Johnny United's. Joe nemeth. Joe Montana, Dan Marino. Jim kelly. I mean you know it's really Terrell. Ed Terrell Pryor, don't put him in with the other guys. He was good. His best high school athlete I've ever seen. So they say it was crazy. So anyway, so I was eagles minicamp, literally yesterday, and I'm like our sun, kiss face tells the tale. Well, that's because before that I was at the jersey shore when you were in Pittsburgh. Did you go to the jury? No. Now, we, we would go for a few years, we drove out to Bethany beach, Delaware. Interesting to their ocean city, Maryland with love. All right. So I go to stone harbor New Jersey and I love it. Tony. I love it when a plan comes together. So every year, I go, then she trademark that Scott. The eagles. Many camp was Tuesday through Thursday, I'm doing their preseason games. So I wanted to go and watch a practice by also like to come out to LA I have different podcasts meetings for my podcast and also come on yours. So for me to be able to go Saturday to the jersey shore, Saturday Sunday. Monday wake up Tuesday morning drive from the jersey shore. The Atlantic Ocean to eagles minicamp. I'm at the eagles facility all day. It's glorious weather's awesome. The airports seven minutes from eagles facility, so practices over I head off on get on the plane fly out to LA. And then I've been all over the place and Seino Costa Mesa all over the place. But I just love like the efficiency there. I mean be able to go from jersey shore for three days, go to eagles minicamp. Get on the plane. Come here do this. I'll take the Red Eye back tonight. I'll be, I'll be home by eight o'clock tomorrow, more lie Tucker. Fly. By the way, I just tell you, which one, do you prefer the Atlantic or the Pacific? You can only dip your toes into into one body of water to the exclusion of the other for the rest of time, which would be. So I've only ever spent one week at the Pacific Ocean Super Bowl with the bucks and the raiders, I got a house with a couple of their Cowboys offense of linemen, and that was pretty cool. I couldn't believe how wide and long the beaches were like, once you get on the sand. It was still a long time before, actually got to the ocean, the Atlantic, not like that. You know can't surf the Atlanta Kenya. Well, I don't surf anyway, but there's too many times you go to the Atlantic, and the water's really cold. The Atlanta all the Pacific is much colder, actually. Yeah. Bye, bye within I would say by July fourth. It's going to be nice and warm. You ever go down to the Carolinas in July the water is almost too warm to feel refreshing, that's interesting. You know I've. Ever been to, like Carolina beaches, none of them. Well, I'll go with the food that comes out of the Atlantic over the Pacific. They get the, the hard shells in the lobsters. I don't think that the blood. So by the way, the craziest thing, I saw probably at eagles, many cash place, Jason Peters, still dude. Guys. It's funny. L let me just say this, because most people who listen to this show, you'll be interested to learn did not play pro football. And the person talking right now also did not play pro football. It's funny. How often the name Jason Peters comes up among the last among guys over the last twenty years, people say you just don't understand. I always, you've heard me say that a million these, these dopes like me, who I don't do, but dopes pretentious, people who announced that Anthony moon yots is the best left tackle that what you're talking about. How do you know how he guy lean good? You know, you know who lean good because you did it. So here's Jason Peter people saying, oh, he's one of the top twenty NFL players. Well, here's the thing. You know, we're teammates in two thousand. Buffalo Bills and the NFL films has this new program where if you request it, they'll send you one remember those old like Steelers, one thousand nine hundred ninety eight next year's the year whatever so you can request once I, I asked for the two thousand four Buffalo Bills because that was the year. I started like thirteen games. We were nine and four and those games, whatever the uniform, and, and I went back through that and against the Bengals number eighty five Jason Peters Bursch through the line. Wow, blocked the punt scooped it up and score touchdown no way two thousand four. Wow. That number eighty five Jason Peters. And by the way, that dude is still three hundred fifty pounds looking like a dancing bear on the field, and my back hurts, if I stand at the bar for more than like twenty five thirty minutes. He's not a twenty nineteen but well, I think his. You know he didn't finish a handful of games last year. I think that becomes a problem is like, you know, you want to be able to rely on your left tackle to get a lot of snap out the big Australian kid. Is he a project? Will he ever unique SEM? I've seen him. I've stood next to them. Yeah. It's unbelievable. Delightful guy six eight three sixty five they haven't working at right now and they say he's doing pretty well. I think he's still figuring things out. But I'll say this, and this is why I was a little surprised at the eagles drought that Andre Dillard. I know he's great pass protector. But I was so impressed with my Lada last year as a rookie, the guy had never played football before and I'm watching him just locked down D end in the preseason games. Now, keep in mind. I was there with Jason Peters, his first year in a second year. My Lada was better as a rookie last year is first year, then Peters wasn't a second year and Peter's, by the way group and. Houston played football his whole life. My lot of never played football before. So I just, I remember thinking, I don't think that the eagles need to dry attacker. I think it's going to be my lava, but it put him on our last year with a back injury. I don't know how bad it is. And plus I just think that there's still enough an unknown there with the guy never played football that the eagles thought, if we can get the best passed protecting off attack on this draft. We gotta take him, and if my lot ends up being stuck we have four then great. We four off some tackles because it's a point. Peter is gonna retire. Then we'll have three the eagles never wanna be have avoided the offense attack tackle spot. You look at some teams really if you tackle that just can't hang it really kills you. It does seem well, and we talk about that all the time on this show that what the eagles do and what all the teams that make deep playoff runs. It's not fun for fans to talk about. But it's, it's quality and depth at the line of scrimmage. Those are the teams that you that the patriots you gotta throw. Out. 'cause whatever voodoo they work doesn't apply to the other thirty one. If you eliminate the patriots from the conversation, what you see consistently with those teams that are making the deep lift runs as is. It's not fun. That's like wait. What did Nick falls? What a story like. Yeah, go watch Fletcher Cox. So he dominates is unbelievable Matt offense of line two Super Bowls ago. That's the difference in the even though it was a shoot out of a game. Do you agree? Well, let's start at the end of the story February early February twenty twenty are you because you're close to there because you believe in them, and you just saw them and you're you respond to the shiny keys that you just saw. Is that your Super Bowl pick out of the NFC? I think the good chances anybody. Yeah. And I think you think here's my thing. I keep saying Carson Wentz as the most pressure on them of anybody in the NFL. I think he's no. I think like maybe Kirk cousins. Guys, because I think we all did we come up with spaghetti, Freddie. Kitchens, Freddie kitchens, tasked with not just a talented team, but the huge personalities of bake and owed Al and Jarvis Landry. So on. Yeah, go ahead. Yeah. Rookie coach go and go make sure that everybody's happy. And the other was the Rams to if I remember correctly McVeigh and the Rams. Yeah. Well, right in terms of McVeigh's the personification of the coach, everybody wants and went out and hired this off season, if he falls, flat this year on any level, people say, what have we done? I think Wentz is up there. But I think the eagles giving him that contract takes I kind of agree with a little bit of the pressure off. If you think about it, if the eagles didn't give him that contract. As long as he stayed healthy and played well he'd be fine. But there'd be more pressure to do that. Now it takes a little bit of the pressure off for this year but they have a really good team. I mean they have they have a really good team. I only there's NFC team is better than them. But I still think the saints are good. I still think the Rams are good. You don't you don't think drew Brees is what we saw at the tail end I was an aberration. What do you mean? He was couldn't throw the ball. Get the ball, forty yards downfield without at fluttering. Well, yeah, I don't really know what happened there, by the way. We'll wait. I wasn't it wasn't a court or a football. It went on for like five weeks. Well, I think this, I think all those teams are about the same. And what happens is injuries throughout the year who's playing their best in January. And that's not like some great thing. But it's not like it's not like there's one team at Ted and shoulders above the others Trubisky. Good enough to make the bears relevant. I don't think so. Really one. I it is interesting when you watch the game lies MIR relevant in terms of going and Super Bowl. Yeah. That would surprise me the defense, and otherwise isn't strong enough to overcome that because it's it is interesting that when you watched when he would put up in fantasy term, some huge weeks and everything but very often. It was in the first of fifteen scripted place, they would jump teams and you and then like. Skis having a huge game. And then, like, yes, numbers are pretty much the same as they were at the end of the first quarter what happened there. Oh, yes. When he is expected, as expected the care, carry more of the load, he doesn't seem to care. Well, I just look at it like this. I have a tough time sitting here thinking that the bears are better than the eagles. The saints the Rams. What about the maybe even the the Cowboys? Better than cowboy. I'm not sure they're better than the Seahawks. I mean they're in the mix. They'll, they'll make the playoffs. But what about nine? We'll see your Niners decided that they're going to win the division this year. So they become mind for twenty nine instead of the Rams and the Seahawks. That's what I said, that's because of your. Your comfort level with how good looking Garoppolo is they provide. They provide presents no issues for me. And in fact, I've said it to his face. And so I would say, I'll say at the yours, I still think Tom Brady's more handsome than Garoppolo. Yeah. He's one of those guys for me. I look at what he if he walked by me in the hallway or walk down the street and I didn't know who he was. I would not bat an I would not think like now. That's a handsome guy. Tom Brady quite the opposite. Cam newton. Cam Newton, I swim. You ever look into Curtis? Martin is get lost. Eric decker. Come on, Jimmy garoppolo's are most handsome football player. No way. Here's a controversial one for you. One of our most handsome note, I don't know. One of my most handsome, one of the most hands hall of famers. Who's the most handsome hall of Famer? I'll give you, I'll give you a headstart probably Marcus Allen. But in the conversation OJ. Yeah. It's handsome man. Both those guys are looking nice skin. Not on that list. Bob, greasy. What do you think about my idea that we take Bob griese jacket away? He's, he's. Bob, greasy is muddy the water so that we can't really talk. We can have honest conversations about ee lies place in the hall of fame because Bob Greece's there, and as long as you have him, sitting there, well, he won't to rings ally. He has to. Now you have to put him in Jim Plunkett, is the only exception to that rule. So by that definition, the whole Famer, I think he is because his numbers are hard to dispute, and he's going to add to them, obviously, or will he question, number two, ally, starter September twenty and nineteen yea or nay. I'm surprised. I think it's interesting that Pat Shurmur kind of put this competition stuff out there. It's weird. I don't know what his logic their thought processes because really if it's really close enough to the spring, that there's a competition. Why even pay the twenty times? How? Makes sense but it's all that dead money. You couldn't just you couldn't you dumped ee lie in say on September fifteenth. Or whatever would would the giants have the same cap hit that they have. Now, the problem is they didn't know who's going to be as bad as he's been in these, like, OTA's. That's the way, I think, is the issue. Oh, is that right? I think that one the team shock that he cannot throw the ball like outside the numbers and they're also shocked with how well or now quickly down Jones is not only as being like super mobile, but he's picked up on the offense and he's like his arm is stronger than than what he showed in college. Those like the two things from the all the bureau's I fall. It's all of them and saying, wow. So they intended because to me, the thing, the song, I've been singing for four months is either you think Eli can take it to the play offs or you let me lie go and you take a QB, but if you're rolling with ally, they should have been taken Williams out of Bama or. Or one of those edge rushers in that spot. If the Cutty lie it's eleven point two million dollars of dead cap, if he's on the team, he's twenty three point two while at this point. It's I mean they still can still cut them. Here's the thing if Daniel Jones wins the starting job. There's really no reason to keep ally. Manning on the roster other than easy line manning. Anyone zebra bowls for you. Why would you look do you think they I know there's eleven point two million of he got a no trade clause. I know. But so what could they couldn't go him, and they don't think they went to Tom Coughlin is a for instance when that was up in the air before falls and said, like, what do you think, reunion old time sake? No back in there. I don't think so. Here's the thing. Why would you pay ally? His base salaries eleven five I think they already paid him the five million roster. Bonus didn't daddy. I think he already got the five million dollar Russ. Or both. That was like, okay go, something. So then that, that changes things a little bit. So you so you think Eli is going to be the starter. I think I find it hard to believe you wouldn't start the opener. Yeah. The thing about this thing about how going to be sad if he flames out, how do they get a how bad, he would have to be in the preseason games to not start the opener and then them to have the highest paid backup quarterback in NFL? I don't understand in this multibillion dollar industry that I wanted the thirty two teams the proud New York Giants franchise once pro couldn't divine what they wanted to do with ally. So they split the difference. And basically, I, I wouldn't say that, they, you know, who knows that maybe Daniel Jones can make a run. But my point that I keep making is if you thought he was good enough, then draft a player who can make an impact in two thousand nineteen to help me lies, 'cause either on the line, or is an edgier. I think he is good enough. So then they should have let him go. That's my point. They knew if they knew that in January, what, what spaghetti is saying is that they didn't realize that until they saw him now in camp and realize, oh, he's really he's an old band well because all. They said in January, February March was he can still make all the throws. Go back and watch those last six games last year in the last two months was on July. Looks like he's lost his fast dad, literally the beat reporters the quarterback stats out of OTA's, which are always funny to me, but the quarterback stat of otas, have not been real good. Let me say this about the annual Jones. I don't know if Edie knows this or not. Do you know he was committed to Princeton? Cheers that he was committed to Princeton. And then he had a big senior year, and like right before signing day. Duke offered him a scholarship. It like blows my mind to think that the fourth pick in the draft in the NFL draft could have been playing in the Ivy league, the last hangs on the same wall of fame in Princeton, New Jersey as you do he could have what do you mean? Oh, we I guess he did. They probably don't you didn't go there. But they probably have a lot of space on that wall. They could probably put him up like he almost went here. You know who else almost went to Princeton who's that drew Brees? Really? Wow. You didn't have any, any division one offers really smart guy was going to go to Princeton supposedly, and then Joe tiller ruined my life by offering drew Brees a scholarship. You guys would have matriculated together, same year, we would have won the Ivy league gave you wouldn't be sitting here, it would have been awesome. What because they haven't you seen back to the future, and Terminator, and all those you start messing. The past man, you don't wind up in the same spot. No. I probably have been actually drafted or something because more scouts move coming watched us, and we'd been awesome. And said we had the nicotine in this in your mansion right now. We could be swimming in your pool. That would be I still have a pool. You have a pool in Harrisburg. PA man dollar goes far in, in the keystone states compared out here. It does. Yes, it does. Hey, quickly. One more NFC matter to settle here. It came up, sort of with the McNabb is, is better than Troy Aikman. Mcnabb's claim better than Aikman belongs in the are better. Okay. But the January resulted the difference there it turned into McNabb. V E lie. And then I threw Romo into that. Gimme your wind play show of those three quarterbacks the three best in the NFC east in the twenty first century. Win ally place. Mcnabb show Romo, you go spaghetti Ross Tucker's. He's a famous football expert, and he agrees with your guy. So, well, here's the thing. Say Roma, you gotta be kidding me. Really? Why you're going to denigrate nine you know we were we were teammates for a month and a half. I didn't remember that two thousand two no two thousand three he wasn't even on the radar screen, I tell people all the time. So now only was Romo non the radar screen. But the first minicamp, Jason went and was terrible like to the point where I remember thinking, I cannot believe they draft with this dude in the third round, he's telling they should cut him. He was that bad. And usually, you're right home with first impressions. Now that guys like I bel- hall of fame tight, it's unbelievable. How much better he got eight nine when you saw nine throw in the ball, did you think, like, wow? I don't know who he is. But that's some army's got really know didn't notice him. He had that big of a dude. He's like, maybe six to he looked so young. He looked like he was like seventeen he still looks that way, right? Yeah. And I just thought I thought they just signed him because Sean Payton was offensive coordinator who went to eastern Illinois, so that Romo other they just sign them like 'cause painted is from my school. I'm gonna Steinem. All right. I'm you like they're gonna keep Clint sterner as third quarterback that year Clayton center Romo, here's a deep dive that maybe four people listening right now. We'll care about stern, or do you remember? Yes. I say, what Tennessee put the ball down on the ground. How did you know that the when I had this conversation, no one ever knows what I'm talking about when I bring that up. That's like one of the most remember memorable college football players, the last thirty years ago. Well, I have brought this up. Two tons of people who love college football. I bring that player that, like, what are what are you talking about? I'm like, oh, yeah. When he fumbled and I'm like, but he didn't have the ball was down by the rules if he touch the ball on the ground. It was a dead ball. Now, like no, I don't think so Tennessee Tennessee with in which you're maybe. With Arkansas, orchestra was undefeated and they would have won that game. That's right. So you remember that thrill used to talk to him about all the time. He let that's like when we would be steam when we go out like people would bring that up to them like that play. It's a debt. Okay. I guess I'm for you to of my closest friends. I can't believe my is you know that play I know every play, dude. So two of my friend, closest friends in the media and guys, I just know sage Rosenfels and Dan or Lobski. I like both those guys than twelve year backup quarterbacks. What else do they have in common? Can you think of this in, in, in the vein of Clinton Turner, putting the ball down against Tennessee? Back of the end zone. Orlovsky back in the end zone and the Rosen copter remember when Sade they're planning, it's to colts and sage dove to try to get the first down and win the game and did like the John Elway thing, but he flipped around like three times and fumble. And the Texans lost the game. It's so interesting. Both those guys if you like we've said, somebody saves Rosenfels I remember the Rosen copperplate like how many people can we have a player defined by one. I love the way. That's great. Dwight clark. Yeah. Clint sterner, but even more so Orlovsky and Roosevelt's like the way Clark had a great career, but he is defined by that one play. But I mean like there are other guys like legitimately David Tyree. How does how did spaghetti not say that David Tyree? That's a good one. Shame on the first thing that came to mind was like, oh, the L Beckham catcher like now, he's good to your pulling, though. It's interesting that. That even the guys that went on to have nice careers are positively or negatively influenced in an outsized way by one play or two or three plays play change. So to juniors life, Malcolm. Lynn's vise Lynn Swann in the hall of fame. I mean Lynn Swann though, it's to place. It's the one the middle of feeling the one down the sideline. I'm not saying it's right. Well, the the one up the sidelines the the savvy people now that, that was the better catch Abby. Here's the thing. They were Schick. I would not like if you tend to be rose pretty good. If you said, Ross, when I was ten years old Ross name some players that played in the seventies, I, maybe my first one would have been number eighty eight for the Steelers that does of how many times right NFL films showed him in the air seemingly for hours, you know, you wanna get bogged greasy out of the whole fame. Lot of people wanna get lynched one of the whole fame. You ever look at his numbers, I it's not real. Pretty I it's not real pretty lane. So I sat in three rivers stadium and watched his his dynamic play as a youth and made a great impression. The whole. I think he's an interesting for any reason you don't think Greece. He should be in Lynn Swann should up in. Oh, no. That's the opposite. The reason Lynn Swann whether you like it or not, the voters are human beings. And so those things impact them in a gargantuan way it's not the numbers now, more and more. It's harder to make a case for guys that have these that created visceral feelings for you as a viewer. It's harder to argue that point when people can say, but look at the advanced Dubbers here and that, you know, that it's tougher to make that came their voice. I was at the through it again. I hear till tell you what. Why QBR is a poor measure of. I don't know. How do you do you suck your nose in? Yeah. Can you imagine I can be even nerdier than I already more? More impressed by Kellyanne does voices or that he can make his facial expressions. Exactly like those people I'm not I'm not overwhelmed by impressionists as a rule. Really my favorite form comedy. Got it. It's not creative enough for you. No, it's a course it's something. I can't do but like the, the, the greatest or guys like rich little and Fred, traveling. Or are they on the great wall of, of comedy, your favorite comedian ever? Of a standup. I mean out grew up with ladder, Mun, I love Conan O'Brien. You know, I probably if I had to choose it would be a tie between Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla for comedians. No, no. I worked for that. No say. Let's eliminate them from the equation. George carlin. George Carlin was retained that galifianakis is currently a great who's. He's oh yeah. He's an oddball. Yeah. He plays the piano, and does these, these thing that it goes tickles away at the Pierre oversaw Netflix. But if you have a chance to watch his live at the purple onion, he recorded in San Francisco like six I want to say like a while ago. It's probably my favorite. We've ever seen because it's it's different parts like he'll sit down and do like non sequiturs and the piano held do some stand up jokes. Some crowd work. It's, it's amazing on Mullany is hysterical. Bill burr. Tom Sager Bill Burr Thompson era, Bert Kreischer. Joe like that whole Arshi fear that whole group those guys are all really what about, like, actors Bill Murray, Bill Murray, Bill Murray. John candy will fairl. I was listening so this morning on the eve Martin, his, his holy trinity late set from seventy nine I think eighty two goes the jerk. Man with two brains dead men don't wear plaid. You're going to be hard pressed ever live up to those three in a row. He makes them I was watching. A radio I was watching golick and wingo this morning on the familiar with those names K on the elliptical. And the Fillon host guy named Jason Fitz is the raiders fan does nice job. But he was arguing that Chris Farley wasn't really that funny overrated. I think referral. It was amazing. It's nothing else. It's Farley was absolutely hilarious. The guy who history has forgotten a little too quickly as Dana Carvey at the height of his powers. He's, he's probably in the top three to five SNL cast members ever really on your member him is doing that great, isn't that special that got tired, and that's what gets in the way of how he's regarded overall because the church lady, it was like again enough with the church lady, let's move on everybody, but that, that should not stain his, his, his body away. Work. The funniest show of all time. One of the funniest shows top three funniest TV shows ever is. The Dana Carvey show short lived. Oh, was with you wanna talk about a hall of fame writing staff. I mean it was you have to look it up. It Stephen Colbert. Steve corral. I mean, Steve corral, and they were all writers on it. Yeah. I mean I it's a Louis C K and oh my gosh. No way, Devaux Donald who's not a performer. But one of the great writers, well the show last because they got in trouble, they, they pushed it a little too hard and ABC yanked. They got an a lot of sponsorship issues. They did a thing where Bill Clinton who was president at the time had a bunch of like he was a chicken, I think, or something like that. And he opened up his shirt, and he had like all the little animal teats on it. And they started feeding on it. And that was a bridge too far. If I remember that correctly. But of course, what's the funniest TV show of all time. You told me I know what you're going to say can, I guess, you're gonna say the Larry Sanders show? No. But that's what that's top three. Okay. I'm not sure the correct answer is the Simpsons. Oh, yeah. Ever ever. That conversation. Simpson's is awesome show. We've gotten sidetracked, I want to ask you about this. Now, Ross Tucker. What did you make ethically morally otherwise of the US women's soccer team hanging? Thirteen on Thailand. Thought that was great given the rules that you need to score with tiebreakers. I didn't really care for the celebrating just almost got uncomfortable towards the end. I, I also look at the windmill and it's like dude. You're okay. But here's heroes have no part beyond the same field with you. This is like embarrassing, but this also a singular thing for the American women. Right. Well, it's a five time thing for the Alex Morgan or whatever somebody's girls, but it's not her scoring the thirteenth goal is it? I don't know. I didn't see it but I assume it was scrubbed score in those late goals. Right. It's the same thing it's funny. I don't the thing I don't care for is that it's has now it's changed with, like see this is sexist. If men did that no one would me do people not remembered the old ball. Coach. You do you, you surely remember the old ball coach with his Gators teams whip and teams, I remember ballot check when they beat. When they beat the titans sixty three to seven or whatever he took a lot of heat. Oh, no. You should've taken your foot off the gas disrespectful to not do that. And it has nothing to do with the gender of who's doing it. People have issues that are Jimmy Johnson used to obliterate, foes, and get that same. He to like you didn't have to do that. The push back on that is. It's not it's one thing if it's Vinny Testaverde throw in his ninth touchdown pass of the game. But it's not that you're putting up those point totals backups what you're gonna tell backups. I guess you don't get the play very much. But don't do good do bad. When you go in. No, the argument is, of course, are happy. They're getting the goal or they're getting a touchdown and their backup players Gators. They get in the end zone. Of course, are going to celebrate. They don't do it very much. Did you watch it? No. I didn't say it. Okay. I guess I don't need to see to know. So, but my point what's that from a lot of national sports radio shows a lot of people don't watch a lot of? I always say that. How true is that, by the way, do you agree with that, with that to pull the curtain back? I think the general public would be shocked may mortified to learn some of their favourite people. How little they actually pay attention to what's going on. I know what's going on. I know enough. I don't I don't have to actually want fair number. Did they would be surprised? Yes. There people don't watch as much as I played the game. Yeah. That was seventeen years ago. Man, you still you still might want to keep up with what's happening. What else we got? Man. I liked. I got I like the second to last question. All right. What kind of food does Ross like the when he's in Los Angeles Ross, your answer? So this is always a conflict for me because I want like in and out or whatever. But there's a lot of good healthy food out here. So it's like even unite lunch. I had a nice salad two grown men, eating salads. So what do I the first person ever to approach fifteen dollars Ross Tucker had a few cents shy of a fifteen dollar salad spaghetti listeners all node like they way the whole way. Yeah. People get a universal thing when you get a salad bar salad, right? Yeah. They way. Yeah. Yeah. Just when the salad bar, you get anything cooked and add to it, it was just like, oh, man. No, I do. I threw a lot of ham on their he bullet. NFL media are familiar with my game. I like to. It's a carnival trick that I play with, with the people at the register each day, I way, and I guess the price with tax, and then they take their turns at doing it. And I am the master of it. And I have on more than one occasion. Hit it on the head to the Senate. I did it most recently just three weeks ago. I called out exactly the scent, how much it was going to cost. I contend that salad should be free. But that's another conversation. Here's a I picked up Ross as I said, let's play the game with Ross's. I literally couldn't hold it with one hand. It was too heavy. But here's the thing, like, when I go to the airport tonight. Okay. I could go in and out and having in that burger before I go to the airport, I won't so packed all the time. Number one that wants so packed all the time. Number two. I know that at the airport. There's like these good tuna pokey places right? Where I don't even know what that is to. It's good. It's like they for sure. If you're going to get get it at an airport. No. But my point is there's just a lot of good, healthy food options out. And so, I feel like when in California I should have like nice salads and style as I always say, I think would five guys better in anyway. Do you think so, yes, I've never had five guys that how about that about that admission is there? No five guys in Pittsburgh. They have in Pittsburgh, and they have in Los Angeles, and yet, it's never passed these lips. What do I need it for? Good. It's good. I think it's better. It's not better than internet. I thought you were kinda sore. I am I just, you know what I feel saturated by by the subject. I loved the burgers, I just don't. Why do I need that another one to the road nation that you eat a lot healthier here than you, would if you lived in Pittsburgh. He'll where I realized that I would be much fatter than I already am is if I had never left Chicago, because that place, everything is you forget it until you go back there standardly every restaurant. And Chicago is just a massive plate for, I mean, they buy their plates from a different manufacturer the whole city than Los Angeles does because they just have massive platter size plates at every restaurant and they're heaped with food. You can't you don't have any willpower, which clearly I don't I you know, I be much fat. I think deep dish pizza is up there among like the heaviest foods you gab but, but I've you had. Having to have a nap after why now but if you lived in Chicago, you would need it very much. That's the rule people don't just just like once a week or once every couple of weeks time for. I lived there for you. I couldn't do it. Yeah. You, you do it because I can't believe we can get this delivered. But then, you know about a month and you're like, all right. I mean how how I can't feel this sick every. Every day. It's almost like a hangover. I had one of the great meals of my lifetime. At Petit twat in in Sherman oaks for my birthday with, with the lady, and it's always all butter, French food. It's I don't like French food. You would like this. I guarantee you smell right? No. I want to go to those there's one in West Hollywood, too. I wanna go to. Yeah. Whatever now I do still issues. No, no. Would Eddie Edie should do cut. That audio Email it to the one in West Hollywood. It'd be you know what? I mean people. Just listen to that. Now. I like no much branding. I just gave you right. And my table for tomorrow night, we'll be free. Thank you. Don't tell them Dave sent you. That's what I always say. The you know what is, is great though that the hookup that came from you. And I owe them some thanks as Yang Ling every once in a while those boxes come back with the Yang Lear on the influence most recently. Because of you, I because I was like, wait. Why is your Tucker getting the Yang Ling up from PA to there's only two bars in LA that carry Yuengling? By the way, how do you know that a lot of friends from school that lived in south jersey Philadelphia area and they live out here now? And so there's one bar in the valley called the Brickyard that had it and recently, a bar not too far from where the NFL is the garage on motor. Just recently started getting it in because half of the bar is a patriots bar. The other half is an eagles are the older side is an eagles bar, so they have jangling now because of the what was that place like during the Super Bowl? Yeah. Some fistfights thinks out with apparently based on the video, I've seen from Bruins fans you don't even need the oppose the opposing fans there these fight with the with each other Yuengling. Yeah. I just got the cans and they have great sin the pint glasses and the Christmas sweater. And now let's say that. Yeah. You know what's the best, one of the things the things the cosies? No, no, no. No coasters coasters, the thing that who's, he's, you just combined cooties and coasters to cosies. If you, if you could drink a beer, the way Tom Brady, and I can not the way you and Aaron Rodgers drink it, you, you don't need to better charter than me. I don't think I am. But that's not the I said that just to get your goat. And so I did. The only thing the way when the England you gotta go with the black and tan. Oh my gosh. Tell them that. That's like that's like a deep dish pizza. That's like same type of deal. But I mean, the regular Yang Ling is good. But the black tanning hydrate, even I e mailing premiums, sometimes rather than like logger logger light. I don't think I remind premium they only sell Schuylkill county where it's from like that's like the regional Yuengling premium jungley premium light. It's good. I like I like your neck of the woods, Philadelphia, I like Harrisburg. Philadelphia's a nice place. I was pleasantly surprised when the draft was there. I thought it was a, a wonderful place at had, hints of Pittsburgh to it in terms of architecture and otherwise, of course. Ultimately, Pittsburgh is the superior town. And I mean that and I mean that if they were that they'd have an NBA team we built, we took a vote like thirty years ago decided we didn't care. We don't need it again saturated what? What more do we need? We don't need NBA. We want to check that out will jump in the car drive up the Cleveland really doesn't wanna listen. We're. Lousy was Stanley Cups and you're already. Or what are we going to do in the NBA team, three sports city? You're not you're gonna major city. I mean as I really how you think it works. You I mean you're like a second tier city. We ain't Charlotte friend. We got we got we got our three and we're you know, well, the if you really want to assess it fairly. We're really kind of like two and a half are we really going to count? The buck goes as a full major league baseball team. The brewers outspend us every year. The but goes are like a four eight about the buck does that you call them the bucks the buck's our football team in Tampa Bay now. Okay. They came into existence in one thousand nine hundred seventy a buck goes came into existence in the nineteenth century bub talking about his pampa bay Tampa Bay in the cream sickles. Yes. They, they, they certainly deserve that more than. Pirates who came to be eight years, IRA did pirates. They're not the bucks to the pirates. You don't get it, man. You, you don't know the score. And by the way, we have we have a proud tradition, and Pitt football ever heard of Dan Marino. And Tony Dorsett. And Hugh, green and shady McCoy is less name like that. I was grandfathered in by Tony Dorsett himself. That's true. That's a true story. I said the door said I am now I have to tell the story or set, that's when he got fancy, and he put the star on the side of his head before that when he was a from a steel town when he was a pit they call them. Tony dorsett. Tony dorsett. Yeah. Didn't call him. Tony Dorsett out. He didn't go. Dow quip like Durell rebus or going yogurt. Gilbert day, a lot of lot of NFL Stilo Mike Ditka. He went to hope for you hope. Well, that's exactly what the Hopewell ruled your player, ten plus years, retired. A year or two ago from Hopewell AA, and then not not beaver falls where Joe Nemeth win. No. This guy's bag a bag the beaver fouled now. And again, we gotta beat though, quips it, I had that kind of name it, you know. Yeah. Nice guy, but, you know, charismatic he he's charismatic, whether he wants to be or not. And I'm talking to him and you know he's. You know, kind of, you know. Spend in the thirty seconds to until he can brush me off kind of thing. And then I said, you know, my mother grew up in Hopewell, and it was that just went back at what was fascinating about it was I talked name, and I talk about, you know, my, my grandfather worked at the J L steel mill and everything he knows all those references. And you swear, you know my mother wasn't allowed to play with Mike Ditka, and his brother when she was growing up. They grew up on the same block because the dicap- boys were known when girls would get on the jungle gym that they would pull down girls underpants. So my mother wasn't allowed to play with Jimmy Kimmel then asked about this on the Kimmel show in about two thousand and four and Kimmel said, do you remember the name Michelle zoo, basic, which was my mother's maiden name and said he did. He's, I remember. I remember Michelle and, and Kimmel said is that story. True. And he said that sounds like me. I bring up I bring up the name is that and the all of a sudden he went into. I went back and we, we didn't beat the quips and we gotta get him. And he loves the talk high school football local high school football. An hour later, I was in New York City doing something. And then an hour later in the same green room Durell Rivas is sitting there, obviously, separated by what forty years. And same neck of the woods, though, and Rivas jets, whatever. I'll be on cruise control with my answers to you. Then I bring the quips up till fifteen minutes later, we stop talking about high school football in western PA loves it. You know my my high school when they won the state championship between twelve they beat Quba. Is that true? They beat the quipped my favorite thing about Nemeth. What was your high school while missing home of while missing? Spartan do was the other. The other Hopewell kid Paul was lessening, really? I didn't know he went to hope well was lessening, I know it was a great number one NFL player in the last fifteen years. It looks like he could be like a movie character like his his jaw Keough spikes neck and just like he looks awesome. But my favorite thing about Nemeth is he legitimately has a Pittsburgh slash Alabama slash New York accent, like you can hear hints of it used to come on the radio and he'd be like, the it's just need to get better players. And you know as long as they can get some better players that I it was just funny to hear him 'cause you can hear the Alabama twang, but then you'd hear a little bit of Pittsburgh. And then the New Yorker would come in fifty years later, he is still by my measure the coolest guy in. Because he's not. I mean he, he is one of Manhattan's all time, Cox men and we'd you look at him. He's got that big beak of a I'm not a I'm a passer. I'm not a thrower of the football the way he speaks. And by the way, you ever want to give yourself a treat watch him at bam. Find the find the film a hint planet Bama, and watch him run around the he, he is like Roger Staubach. But bigger, you know, he he was a great runner and sling it, it's the coolest guy ever the best speech in NFL films history is when he shoot and stick in a Manhattan bar like why it's become an evil in me that I wanna have a drink with a young lady. Now again, as a bachelor, I'll never understand. Then he shoots the he shoots and the cue ball goes out of frame and you can hear it bangs in into the corner, pocketing thousand note. I don't know why that's become an evil in. Me. Look at that shot. It's a it's just a. It seems un-american. That's right. Seems on American to me. All right. Listen, I think we've covered a lot of good ground. Sipa gatty. We we've done it out for now. I think this is the most unique GDP. PDF episode ever because I don't think a single topic was stayed on longer than maybe the eagle suffer the most. But like nothing else is more than a two to three minute chunk, which I think is fantastic. I'll I have one more. Actual question for you. What do you make from an entertainment standpoint and otherwise Oakland Raiders hard knocks? I don't know how it can't be unbelievably entertaining. Now, I will say this Cl the Browns can be tough to top Browns were really good last year that show was awesome. And a lot of it depends on access, and what Gruden and may I give us but you think about vaunt has the Antonio Brown. Richie incognito. What do you think about that? Just those three what do you think about incognito back in the league? Other guys, don't rise to the level to be worthwhile. Another service for him. You know, the names of the guys who are like, wow. It it'll be a headache. That's why we don't want him here because that'll be a distraction to the overall roster. And we don't need all that Richie and. Nido isn't that he's, he's that good that it's worth it to bring them back a year away from football at this age with his baggage in that part of the country. I would encourage everybody listening to go back and read everything that went on with him over less eighteen months is the Jimmy Lee scary. Like some of the things he did from a mental health standpoint, and my whole thing was, I hope the NFL has some program that I'm not aware of where someone that dumb, what he's done has to undergo a very intensive mental health evaluation before you let them go out on a football field with a helmet on and go out and attack. And guys that reminds me I was watching. I got my highlight film NFL films, my personal one, and there's a play where I'm blocking really. It's all your place. It's Ross Tucker plays as awesome. And I'm blocking Gerard Warren, and he had a screw loose and into the play, you can see which touched. I've heard a lot about your art or. Well earlier the game you spit in my face twice. In money when the guys who tell the stories in the green rooms and stuff. I love listening to the source because they'd like, oh, that guy's the crazies and they're like, oh, yeah. He was he was spend my face, and then I'm driving retouched down all of a sudden, he takes my arm, and put me like an arm bar like are running backs going into the end zone and Gerard has my arm. And he says, I'm gonna break your bleep bleep arm to break your bleeping bleep an arm. I know drawer noted, okay. The plays over. No, no. I was legitimately concerned. He was going to snap my arm right there. And like just to think what is going on in your head. During a pro football game that while a guys blocking you, you think you know what rather than trying to disengage here and make the tackle? I'm gonna go this and put him in an arm bar and break, his arm or tell them when bring his on a weren't was, what was your MO weren't you? You're I was. You're a nice guy, but I definitely can sensing you that you can flip a switch. How scary first of all? How scary is it? They walk out on the NFL field. Are you scared in, like, oh man? We're going to start playing here in about always nervous and hasn't nervous for the result. I mean just for the physical. Is like scared until the first play was over. And that was like this is awesome. I'm going to kill all these dudes. That's your MO is that you'd like I had such nerve dinning Zion. I remember praying before the game. I can't wait to those games over I so much dress about playing well. And every guy you watch during the week you're watching on tape. You're like, wow, he looks good. So much stressing Zaidi, and it, it could not get released no matter what I did until that. I play the first play I hit him and I'd be like, all right. I got this. He's dead. I mean right. You, you, you went up to the line and crossed it. That's the if I ask if I asked twenty guys who played against they'd be like, yeah, Ross Tucker man. He was so dirty. So say cheap. Right. I've heard that guys would say cheap off of guys. He was he in there crossed the line though to get it done. Now, people say, was that voice that was your football guy voice. It's outstanding. So standing room of that. No one outside this law group. We gentleman. Now staying home or your shows. Fifty five minutes. At our me, so bad is it? Another thing getting paid for this. All right. Listen. I get the hint. No, this one last question for you. I can't wait to listen to this two more two more questions. Real question, you've been asking most in your light more questions, you'll hardest guy who's the heart music. Let's start the show. To show. Reggie White, right? That's what everybody says. Reggie white. Oh, no really your your, your careers, lot LAPD, right? Maybe year. But no, I was nearly one in two thousand eight wow, that's crazy. To think Reggie White was out of football, by the time you got there. So who's the who was the toughest to the one on one, best dubs. Got a block d line ever was Richard Seymour. I in his name come up. Leroy, Glover Bryant young. We're really good. Really good sap was really good. And toughest guy ever tried to block was was very Lewis really, because why so good. He knew a play was coming like half the time. It seemed like and then every time I went to block him with the butt of his hands. He would hit my shoulder points. Locked me out, shed me and make the tackling. Nobody does that. And every time I talked to people about any facet of life. I'm like, knowing what play was coming based on our formation motion and his technique. Now they're one of those take any talent. We both think Ray Lewis. I think big fast strong ferocious the dancing the two things that made him so great his technique, and how smart he was have nothing to do with talent at only I always think I was in the huddle mcgehee finally go mcgee's like talk, may, maybe, maybe just tried to cut him or something. I was like, okay I could not block them a pie. So then I ran out to him next time when I'm like a sprint drowsy. Dovan his knees. He still didn't go down, but it was enough that McGee was able to get like ten yards or something, you can answer this other one, because the guys, these guys are all stars, and they live in mansions ain't coming to no Harrisburg PA anytime soon to swim in your pool. So who is the guy who we understand to be one of the great defensive stars in the twenty first century who you found pretty easy to handle? This guy supposed to this guy's a Pro Bowl or come on. Dana stubblefield. You mentioned Brian Young. And he was the quiet star next to Dana Stubblefield Dana Stubblefield, because I think by that time data Stubblefield like already been defensive player of the year one year. And he's probably like, e was, I think he will he was something this is like, I think when I against to look it up for the Cowboys, he was just go. I think it was maybe like, eight or ninth or tenth year. He made a lot of money I cut them dirty early in the game. And I think he just thought I think he just thought you know what? I really don't feel like getting hurt. Like I really don't feel like this kid, this young idiot, cutting me today. I'm just gonna hold my gap and day here. Ninety seven player of the year ninety seven year in rookie of the United three good recall. I've see it's funny. I obviously know all the guys. But they're when I'm getting bad now, at like, what, what, what years did picture this, though gay in ninety seven. That's why. Graduated from high school. The guy was defensive player union fell. I was going like the prom and stuff. And then five years later, I'm playing against him. It's funny though that when I talked to players that they, they I mean Reggie Wayne is one of the exceptions to this high end player who I say at some point, you look across the sideline and go like, oh my God. It's Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. How are we going to beat these guys? And he says, that's a real thing. Most guys deny it and a decent read on who's Aligarh or not. I buy when those guys like now never entered my mind though. Let threes Cuban being. Let's I'm gonna go get him. I would be I would be I would lose before the game because I would just look at Crosby like, oh my God. It's ballot. Check. I think I told you. I remember being in the in the locker room and like it was like Bruce Smith and Darryl green like what is going on? Crazy has been the NFL's those four and six and they're still playing in good someth- anyway. All right, good time. Let's start to show. I think at the music spaghetti. Let's start again, I think they show is a solid C. Plus, it's higher. Always too harsh grading. The great Ross Tucker, everybody, I, you know what I didn't do at the top of the show, and I feel like a heel is I didn't mention the Ross Tucker football podcast. I always want to say programs Stoker football podcast network east drive in money. College draft. Can I tell you something at the very end of the show you do? That's like the main reason why come in is dimension those things, and we almost. Without you meant you. My Twitter's at Ross Tucker. Anybody knows you? You're one of those guys people, check the analytics people even so listening now. Yeah. You're right. I would love to see it'd be unbelievable to go to like the apple podcast thing. And you can see like when your listener goes down. I like to marry that with, like the different topics. Right. Like, okay, I love that kindness. I wish there were those number. Now we're talking about. I don't know the Romo, we just dropped five. You know what I'd like to ask you. Here's here's this. No, no question more. I get the sense, just based on the Twitter, the lack of Twitter responses, I get from him. And if I try to interact with him he. Hi, hats me. True or false as Evansville, ever said bad about me, it's like I'm not into that guys these goofy for me. No, he's never said that to you know, I li- blocked him. He's very anti giant. He's like the point where he's a troll. So I can't. He's anything about about you. He's never mentioned you at all now. That's even worse. Do you think your fantasy guy I don't know? I was on your show once with him. And I remember feeling like, yeah, I just I guess I'm just not Evan Silva's Cup of tea. No. There's anybody didn't say do you like I don't know what maybe 'cause you said like, oh, the Evan, you're gonna love this. When I love is though is your off season your position. Well, how do you call it? What do you call it the given the tiers of? Yeah, they're really good song from. That is the guy. That's the keyboard player for Carrie Underwood who's got sort, I'm going tomorrow night, and Hershey. PA if I make this flight some life, you got going there. All right. Have a great time with that. Go take a dip in the pool in Harrisburg knew that. Hey, the great Ross. Tucker, everybody will be back with more who in applesauce for you next week. In the meantime, on the failure ears and your heart with Ross Tucker songs about football on the Ross Tucker football, podcast and the entire network of Ross Tucker podcasts, they're all grand. He's a gray and fellow we'll talk to you next week then slice of heaven.

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