Closing Bell Brief for Friday, July 19th


Here the extraordinary secrets of how to thrive in a disrupted world the old rules of management and already correct anymore so what works making was heavy to the future. Will I am and Omar Abashed. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Here's your closing bell brief for Friday July nineteenth. I'm J._R.. Whalen at the Wall Street Journal in New York the Dow Jones Industrials Closed Down Sixty nine points at twenty seven thousand one fifty four the broader s and p five hundred was off eighteen and a half points points and the Nasdaq was down about sixty one stocks spent the morning in positive territory but they moved into the red after the Federal Reserve appeared to play down the prospects for an interest rate cut beyond a quarter percentage point at its meeting in late July Friday afternoon noon. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard said it had seized a British flagged oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz adding to concerns over oil shipment disruptions in the Persian Gulf back to stocks Microsoft shares were higher by about two tenths of a percent Friday Friday after reporting a day earlier that it's cloud computing business drove revenue to a record American Express shares fell almost three percent after the credit card company reported a rise and total expenses and Netflix stock fell another three percent.

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