Let's Ride: The Steelers have proven every doubter/hater right the past three weeks


Pittsburgh steelers fans. What's going on. This is jack hartman. Co editor behind a steel curtain dot com. Your host here for this monday wednesday friday. Let's ride podcast. that's right. It is wednesday morning and this is the first time that we've talked since monday. Night football this is the first we've talked and there's a part of me. That is really glad that. I didn't have the tuesday morning show. That was michael back in the live. Mike i hope you check out. His show is really well done when he was talking about. What is happening to the steelers. If i would have had that show. I think you probably would have thought to be very entertaining. It would have been wild and crazy rant. I would just been yelling and screaming the whole time. But i'm pretty much i'm a pretty level headed guy. At least i think so and one level headed. And sometimes when i get some time get some time to step back. Think about everything. Get my mind right then. I can approach it in a different way. Maybe a little bit more analytical. Maybe it's a little bit more optimistic for those. That are waiting to hear the pessimistic. Looked but you know what. I'm still kind of kind of. I'm still really upset about the way that the pittsburgh steelers not only played on monday night football but played the last four weeks and yeah. They're on a three game skid but let's not forget how poorly they played against the baltimore ravens at heinz field. We all remember that story in the show that took place leading up to that game. Where are they gonna play. Or they're not gonna play one. Are they gonna play. Maybe now no probably not but about now. I don't know we know that story and they didn't play well against the covid ravage ravens and then since then. They've lost every single game in throughout all of this in. This goes back before that ravens game before the ravens game. All that stuff you had these people these people that will just i will call them the haters or the doubters. Whatever you wanna call him. I don't care the steelers at this time are proving every single one of those haters doubters to be correct after three the last three weeks or four you want wanna go back in. This goes colin cowherd. I don't know if you'll listen to him. I don't anymore. I did when he was on. Espn i used to find him entertaining now. He's just very much. He's very click. Eighty he wants to say the hot topic stuff. He wasn't like that early in his career. He was he was a lot. More level will put it that way and it just drives me nuts i find this this hits me interpersonal spot now not way to me. This is personal because as someone that has a following someone that has a platform someone that has a microphone in front of his face in talks to steeler fans every monday wednesday friday morning. Just me and you the listener. I've been the one the last three weeks four weeks you could go beyond and say. Don't worry the steelers are still winning style points. Don't matter don't listen to the talking heads. I colin cowherd. Don't listen to those people like the guy that writes power rankings for nfl dot com. Who even when the steelers were undefeated refuse to have them as the top team even after they beat teams like the tennessee. Titans when they were five. No refused to have the top team even when the kansas city chiefs loss to the raiders. He always had the chiefs ahead and just basically saying. I just don't believe in this team in. I was the one that was yelling from the mountaintops these people don't know what they're talking about. They don't watch this team like we do. They don't see that it doesn't matter how you win as long as you win style points. Don't matter all this stuff. I could go on and on i was the one that was saying it and i honestly to goodness gracious down. Deep down in my heart. I believed every single syllable and now. I'm looking at this team and i'm mad. Why am i mad. Because they're making me look like a damn full that's fact they're making me look like an idiot. They're making every one of those haters. The guy that writes the power rankings. Colin coward there. In front of their microphones or in front of their laptops. Saying see told you so told you. This team was fake. Told you this team was nothing but pretenders and not a contender. I told you the data eleven and no record was nothing but a facade and they are just a loving life meanwhile here i am feeling like a court jester who just tricked might entire audience the entire season. I'm not taking. I'm not taking the blame for this. I just think that right now. The way the steelers are playing. They're making every single narrative every single person that came out and said the steelers are just not that good man. They're making them have their loving life right now. They're just like got told you so told you so and i've always hated people that say that torture so and i try not to do that myself. I try not to but you know. What as i sat here. And i'm thinking i thought about what i wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about how everything that these people would said. The steelers are proving them right. They're proving them right everything. Let's talk about the defense. They're the people haven't talked poorly about the defense too much. I'll put it that way because the steelers defense is legit but they say others tuba knee injuries. Too many injuries in here. I was a all know. The standard is the standard. Next man up. they'll be fine. Maybe maybe they're just not fine. I think that was pretty much proven. When you're relying on marcus allen a safety by trade to have to drop down the box and play inside linebacker next to avery williamson. Who as of the midway point in the season wasn't even on your team. Think about that. Maybe these injuries are starting to catch up to this defense. In then people said the turnover rate that the steelers were having the. It's just not sustainable. They cannot sustain it. And i was the one that said. Nothing has shown us that. It's not it's not sustainable. Well guess what that wells kinda gone dry. The past few weeks in making that narrative seem like it's true. Now i do believe the turnovers come in bunches in right now. They're not getting any but at the same time. That's one of those things people say you know the defense. The steelers defense are kind of break. They've been getting those big plays. Those big plays aren't gonna come around all the time. And what did we all say. These journal optimists. I know there's plenty of you out there listening. They're like me. The steelers will be fine. They'll still find a way to make those big plays well hasn't happened recently. Then you go to the then you go to the offense holy cow the offense. Where do you start. Where do you start the narrative. The ben rothlisberger looks like he's done. He looks like he's done in here. I was saying ben. This is the new style offense to get it out of your hands quickly. You don't need this drive the ball down the field all the time. We don't need backyard ban like we used to see where he's running all over the place. Now you kind of understand why. They're doing what they're doing. Because ben can't be backyard bed anymore. He doesn't really have that arm strength. he doesn't have that he has the mobility but he just doesn't have the capability to do consistently in you know there's a lot of issues with ben rothlisberger. That maybe they were massed. Early on in the season but defenses have caught up in the steelers. Look like they can't adjust in ben rothlisberger in to adjust might be a big factor in that you people talk about that short passing game. Well it's an extension of the run. But that's t defenses are gonna defenses are going to just what we say we said well. They haven't adjusted yet. Well they did. They did they absolutely did i. I can't remember who it was on monday. Night football it was not a muppet. I'll tell you that it wasn't a freaking muppet was anyways that said these defense is the past. Four weeks are just coming downhill so hard on these short passes because they know what's coming they know what's coming. This is essentially two thousand and nineteen all over again. Except who's the quarterback. Oh it's ben rothlisberger it's not mason. Rudolph it's not devlin. Hodges that's what this is folks. That's what this is member is here. Everyone's mazing real check the ball down devon. Hodges all they do is check the ball down. Guess what's happening now. There's just really checking the ball down next. Everyone's this team cannot run the ball if they had to if their lives dependent on someone standing there pointing a gun. Atoms is either run. The ball successfully. Or you're done. They're done they're done. They can't run the ball. Benny snell showed some signs of life on monday night football but my gosh it this team this offensive line. I'm sorry. I've i've thought of so many excuses for well. You know they were. They were drafted to block for on bell. And he's a different beast. And now you're just dealing with these different running backs that's nonsense. Did this narrative that they cannot run. A barring some ridiculous crazy either. I change happening. They can't they cannot run the ball. They can't run the ball and a lot of people kept on saying over and over and over again. It's not sustainable. Is not sustainable. This is not sustainable. What's not sustainable. The short passing game. Yeah kind of proven. Right ben rothlisberger not turning the ball over. Yeah that's been proven the last three weeks as well. What's been the the one theme for the pittsburgh. Steelers offense the last three weeks. It is not protecting the football. Not protecting the football rothlisberger. Obviously a two interceptions. I'm sorry he had an interception fumble. Juju smith schuster at a fumble. They're not protecting the football and when you don't protect the football i don't care how good your defense is. You're not going to give them a chance to succeed. Even ryan finley given a short field and given enough opportunities will make enough plays to put points on the board. And that's exactly what's happening right now. The offense every narrative that's ever been written or talked about that is in a negative connotation has been proven right the last three weeks. And then there's mike tomlin. Mike tomlin he and ben rothlisberger talk about dropping off a cliff. I'm not joking. They went from ben rothlisberger potential. Mvp candidate and if not mvp candidate someone that's definitely going to garner at least a few votes something that's never happened in his career. Mike tomlin the front runner for coach of the year. Now think about it. There's no chance and you know wear that either of these two gentlemen would get a vote for either of those postseason awards. No way no chance. Not nope not gonna happen. Mike tomlin for the third straight year has watched his team completely collapsed. Fold like cheap lawn chair. In the month of december ben rothlisberger. he is just. He looks every bit of thirty eight years old. He looks every bit of guy. That's coming off of season ending. Elbow surgery just looks bad. Mike tomlin is under achiever. If you think back to the teams it's hard not to die. It's hard not to agree with that narrative. I'm a big mike tomlin fan. I am those that have listened to me for long enough. No i am not a tomlin heater. I've never been the guy that says. Hashtag fire tomlin on twitter. That's just not me but you know what we all said it. All seasons style points. Don't matter they don't matter. And you know what mike tomlin on tuesday even said it in his press conference that you know winning is all that matters in. And he's right he is right but you know what these ugly losses prove in these ugly losses. Do they give a glimpse a glimpse into what i call the fragility of the team. How fragile is this team this team. This twenty twenty steelers team is ridiculously fragile. And i'm not talking about injuries. You can pointers positions like guard positions like inside linebacker in. Yeah fragile is in. Injuries is important. I'm talking about the offense. Kellyanne not sustain a negative play. If they do you might as well just ordinary out there first down and let him pundit away if they don't succeed in having positive positive play on first down. They're going to be behind the chains and they're going to struggle. Think about that. Think about that. And then compared to any of the other elite offense in the nfl. Any of them. I don't care you could name. A bunch of elite offense is right. Now you can talk about new orleans. You could talk about green bay. You can talk about the kansas city chiefs. Obviously even the tennessee titans they have a negative play. Whether it's a false start whether it's a tackle for loss they're not they're not facing second and fourteen second fifteen or even i in fifteen and saying man this is. This is a a hill. We can't climb. That's exactly what i feel like with the steelers. This team is fragile. They are fragile can't they. Can't withstand the turnovers in nominee teams. Can i don't want that to be glaring. A negative statement about the steelers. But my goodness right now and this is another. This is the last narrative i'm gonna talk about from these haters in these doubters. That say right now. This is not a championship team. They already have a playoff spot. We know that all it takes is a win to win the division. But right now right now find me a fan. That says yes that they got it. They're going into their seventh lombardi. I and i'll find you. Someone that literally is drunk because right now they look awful. They look awful. And to all those haters colin cowherd the the morons right to power rankings and. I have to write that article on reason. I checked that stuff. But you should know that i am the journal optimist on the eternal optimist. I talk a lot about my dad and my brother on this podcast and we were texting a lot yesterday and the end of the game. They're my brother's. Like i don't even know what's going on with his team and i said point blank they stink. They stink right now. He said wow. Did you really say that my brother is in college. They called him the hair they hate or hartman because he was always the realist and he's always been that way and he's he was stunned because i'm the optimist. I'm the one that always tries to find the silver lining in the cloud. But let's call a spade a spade right now. This team stinks right now. Especially the offense. They stink to high heavens period period. Now i'm gonna finish this show to stay tuned with a little statistic that might give you some hope because i am a positive i am an optimist i am going to try to find the silver lining but nonetheless i look at this and i say whole man that that monday night game was bad in. It's proving all of these haters. It's proving them right. I can't stand it. It's personal now and they're getting angry there get me fired up so we have some winners and losers to talk about right after this break we come back over winners losers finish up on a positive geico. We'll be right back support for this podcast come from. Cdw and dell technologies at cdw g we get in migrating your agency to a hyper converged. Infrastructure is challenging. Got to do it. I wanna do got gotta do it. Slowdown friend cdw. Jeez experts can help. Simplify your transition. From legacy to hyper converged infrastructure with dell. Emc solutions that offer speed and agility. Have you done it. is it done yet. Why isn't it done yet to your station by. Cdw people who get it. Find out more at cdw dot com slash dell emc. All right pittsburgh steeler fans welcome back to the second part of this. Let's ride wednesday morning. Podcast on jeff. Harbinger host co editor binder steel curtain dot com as. We always do my show after the game. Whether it's on monday or in this case on wednesday we go over winners and losers. This is an article that i write for behind. Steel curtain dot com. This obviously rain on tuesday. You can check it out if you'd like it's always pretty a popular article for for the most part had three winners and seven losers after this game if you thought that it was gonna be somehow trending in a different way. I don't know what you expected yet. Responded i always can find a couple players. That definitely stood out in a positive way. And i did so again on monday night. Started off with benny snell junior. Listen to this style. Line eighteen carries for eighty four yards a four point seven average. He did have a touchdown and yet he twenty nine yard. long run. steelers have not had that long run a long time but you know what on a night where there were hardly any bright spots. I mean harley. Any bright spots on offense whatsoever that benny snell did a good job when he got the opportunity. Now unfortunately the the score dictated the pace of the game and dictated what the steelers did it and they weren't able to really lean on him. I felt like if they got him. Twenty five carries easily would have gone over one hundred but obviously they weren't able to stick to the run so i thought that benny snell made the most of his opportunities. You may disagree a lot of people down the article. That's fine jerry baraga next winter. Diontae johnson eight receptions fifty nine yards seven point four average. He did have a touchdown. Twenty three yard long on thirteen targeted eight catches on thirteen targets. I was really anxious to see diontae. Johnson i wanted to see what kind of rebound he was going to have after my goodness. We've all talked about his drops. Now for the last three weeks i began. The tape doesn't lie. I thought that jan johnson did a great job. And i thought he'd got everything thrown his way. That most of us would call a catchable pass. There were some bad throws that he didn't bring in. And so. That's where the targets come up. I thought any past every penny. He was thrown his way to he could get his hands on. I thought he made the catch It just became blatantly obvious though diontae. Johnson is clicking boy. The steelers offense looks night and day. Different they look dynamic he every time he gets the ball in his hands. He's a threat to make a big play. And you saw that on monday night. You did see on monday night. But let's hope fingers crossed johnson's over his case of the drops that was just a mental lapse. And that he's he's over it because the steelers are need him down the stretch for short. Third and final winner is minka fitzpatrick. He had seven total tackles. Six solo tackles one tackle for loss yet when he came up and made that tackling ryan finley. It maybe wasn't as impressive as the two thousand nineteen play made on cuyler murray in arizona but still a one on one play in the open field. Not easy for you. He proved he can run the football. And make. if it's patrick made the play but not only that. I think it's patrick. Is playing some great defense. He seeing the field well. He's definitely adjusting with terrell edmonds. Those two are getting comfortable one next to one another back in the deep half. He is proving his value in his worth to this dealers defense every single week so for that. Make if it's patrick. He's a winner. Let's get to the fun stuff now. Right after a loss. You don't wanna hear about the good you want to hear about the bad. You want to voice your frustration. Well who's the top loser. You guessed it seven. Benjamin todd rothlisberger then finds himself on the loser list for the second week in a row. Listen to this stat line. Twenty or thirty. Eight hundred seventy yards of four point. Five average four point. Five yard average one touchdown one interception. He was sacked once for twelve yards with a sixty two point four rating. Where do even start with this performance. I mean it was as bad as you can imagine in then some rothlisberger. He's a straw which serves the steelers drink. We know this everyone knows this and when he's off while you saw exactly what happens now. A lot of people have asked me on social media. Do i think there's something wrong with ben rothlisberger arm. Structurally no i. Don't i don't think that he reinjured his arm. I don't think there was a situation where he has some type of collateral damage with his elbow. Do i think that his arm is fatigued. Yes yes i do think about it from a just use logic which is really tough for a lot of people to do and twenty twenty for some reason but still think about this logically ben rothlisberger in two thousand and nineteen. Maybe throws forty passes. He hurts himself. he doesn't come back in week. Two against seattle at home so yes. Surgery doesn't throw doesn't throw dozen throats until february twenty first. I believe why. Do i know that because my birthday is the twentieth and i remember the day after my birthday i saw the video of in throwing a football so think about the time line. So he's just now starting at that point he's just able to start throwing. I mean yeah. He threw a football. But he's gotta get his arm right. He's gotta get his elbow rehab still now all of a sudden he's back into a season. It's it's a long season in at the end of the season. In the second half the steelers are throwing the ball at a ridiculous clip sometimes fifty or more times. I think his arm is just not. It's not in shape for this it. Maybe i don't know if it ever will be shared for that's the big concern but you cannot train your body. You mean you could sit there and throw every single day every single day and when you're coming off a surgical surgically repaired elbow and you only played in one and a half games in two thousand and nineteen. You have expect some fatigue to be there so people yell and scream from the mountaintops bench seeing on wednesdays. I get it but at the same time. It keeps his arm a little bit fresh. You want him to be a little little bit fresh. But i'll tell you what if there's ever a time they need to go all in on trying to run the ball and have some type of balance hits now. Trust me the next loser. Juju smith schuster. This isn't about receptions. Okay his stat line. Is you have to understand the perception and what i'm talking about is something i didn't even wanna talk about. And that him is stupid. Tiktok dances on the logo. Before a game. I know he's been doing it for a while. But you know what. The buffalo bills called him out. They called him out on it and they brought attention to it. And then you know what. Juju smith schuster did. He doubled down on his celebration. He doubled down on his brand being important. That's fine that's fine. I have no problem with it. Had no problem with then have no problem with it now but he has to understand the perception of what he's doing to the opposition. If it's giving them any type of you know throwing gasoline on a fire then you need to not do it. You need to stop. It was pretty clear that whenever judy touch the ball cincinnati boy. Today's he dead red and they were going head hunting. They were sending a message. So mike tomlin said on tuesday and his press conference that he is going to talk with juju. It's about respect. Yada yada yada jus got to be smart enough that when he meets with the media and he will this week if he if he doesn't if he doesn't the pittsburgh steelers organization is a clown show. You got to put him out there. 'cause he's gonna have the balls to go out there and say yeah. I'm gonna do this. Because i'm a fun loving guy on all this stuff. Then you know what when he does that and again then gets hit. Almost head knocked off and he fumbles the football. You got to put out to face the music so juju. You're a fun loving guy still love you to death but you know what sometimes you gotta no one to knock it off and that time is right now next loser. Alejandro villanueva. I his stat. Line is carl lawson stat. Line carl lawson to tackles two solo. One sack two tackles for loss as quarterback hits. He hit ben rothlisberger six times. Look there's a strong contingent of the steelers fan based already didn't want villanueva year anyways. They think he's having a bad season. They think he's kind of washed up. They think he's cost too much money. Get him out of there. But the sack numbers you know. The steelers didn't give up a lot of sack so kind of speaks for itself but on a national stage. Boyd carl lawson make wave a look like a turnstile. He has always had his ups and downs. And when you're left tackle if you're being noticed it's typically for the wrong reasons so it wasn't a good outing for big allah. Toby downs back but he was not good on monday night. Next loser the third down offense. They went four for sixteen on third down. There was a time in the first half was the steelers. I wanna say. It was embassy entire first quarter. They didn't convert on any third downs and also didn't even get a first down. It literally was three plays jordan berry three plays jordan berry three plays jordan berry. Goodness at sounds like a really bad. Nineteen eighty s pop song but still is bad i. It's as bad as it has been this roller coaster of an offense the twenty twenty regular season but in the first half man. They struggled on first down. I talked about that earlier. In the show may struggle on first downs. They struggle period period. I was tough to watch. It was tough to watch. And when you have a team that is honest to goodness there like a short passing team. That's how they've tried to use the extension of the run. Nothing made this more obvious than the play. The juju got hit and fumbled. It was the third and seven. I believe juju. Smith schuster is running a shallow crossing route. Right on the line of scrimmage and ben rothlisberger throws the ball and three cincinnati. Bengals are ready to bear down on him. That play was dead on arrival. Why he threw it. I don't know but that's just a pit. Him is the steelers offense period next loser. The turnovers three turnovers and zero takeaways. I mentioned this in the first segment coming into week. Fifteen the seals were number one in the nfl in turnover differential. They were plus eleven. Now they're plus eight. That's a pretty. That's a pretty far fall from grace. And the fact that the steelers couldn't take the ball away from ryan. Finley is is almost as shocking is giving up giving up the ball three times in the first half this is a key metric for the steelers like i said there are a fragile team. They can't give it away three times and not take it away. That's a problem. So that's a loser. Red zone offense. They were one for two in the right area. That's bad to me. It's not about the success ratio this week. It's about the fact that they couldn't even get into the red zone more than two times against the to ten and one at the time now there are three ten and one cincinnati bengals. This offense has been infuriating. And this is just one of the ways that i i was livid. I was living doing that. Post game show last monday. Night was difficult. Put it that way. It was difficult. It was very difficult. And then lastly the rush defense forty one carries for one hundred and fifty two yards. That's a stat line for the cincinnati. Bengals the steelers. Defense keith butler. They had to know the bengals. Were gonna want to establish the run. Take some pressure off ryan finley. Everyone knew they were going to do that. And they were able to do it so when the entire viewing audience the bengals were going to run. They were still able to get the job done. Think about that. You throw in the fact that ryan finley. No not cam newton. Not lamar jackson was able to abuse. That defense with these run. Pass options are peos. That was embarrassing. Alex highsmith when he's watching the film in front of with the team. I don't care if it's virtual or not. He's probably gonna get rained. Forgetting abused by ryan finley on more than one occasion. You expect the steelers defense and this is maybe maybe i have them several on a pedestal. But you expect the steelers defense to make a team. One dimensional take away with trying to force the ball in ryan finley's hands couldn't do it. They could not do it. When ryan finley gets the bengals a win by throwing the ball thirteen times. You can talk about turnovers. All you want. They weren't able to do it period. That's that's just as bad. In my opinion those are my winners and losers from this past week was not pretty was not pretty at all. And it's tough for me to say this. It's tough for me to finish on a positive because there's not many positives to come out of the pittsburgh steelers to be honest with you i. It's just it's just not it's just not good but at the same time. If you're someone that is thinking to yourself when the heck's jeff gonna talk about how you gonna finish this on a positive well think about this the last team to start eleven. Oh and then lose their next three games that was this according to espn stats and info. By the way it was the two thousand nine new orleans saints. They started eleven. Oh eleven now. Lost their next three in what it end up doing. He ended up winning the super bowl that year. Now do i think. I said it earlier right now. Are they a championship team. The answer that is no no. They're no. They're not a championship team but could they still win a championship. I at this point in time. I don't know what to expect from a week in week out basis to be honest with you but at the same time that they could. Yeah they could if they beat the colts on sunday. Let's just let's just roll out. This scenario is it likely probably not. But let's just roll the scenario out if the steelers were to host. The indianapolis colts the ten win. Indianapolis colts in the colts. Come in town. They're vying for the afc south. The steelers just need one win. And let's just say for the sake of this show for the sake of the argument that the steelers blow their doors off that they made philip rivers wish he retired the past russia's all over him there stymying the running game. The offense is starting to figure out. Some semblance of balance dan rathers burgers much more much more accurate the football proving that last week week fifteen was more of an aberration than it was what the new norm is. What if that happens the change your perception of the team does that make you think all of a sudden well wait a second navy. This team's back to me. It would it absolutely. Would it absolutely would because they were to do that if they were to beat the colts. And i don't even care if they don't blow the doors off. They just beat the colts on sunday in the and then all of a sudden they walk up the afc north to the they win on sunday. Walk up north. Guess what happens barring the buffalo bills completely falling flat on their face. The steelers are the three seat and that's pretty much locked in because they have the head to head win over both the colts and the titans. So they would. They would have that three c locked in. They can rest everyone on week. Seventeen if they want that week. Seventeen game means absolutely nothing. It means everything for cleveland. It means absolutely nothing for pittsburgh that changes everything that changes everything so for me. You look at that stat about the saints in two thousand nine and that gives you a little bit of hope you think about the steelers can win and i know. That's a big. If right now that if they win on sunday whole new ballgame. Put it that way. We'll talk about that game coming up on friday you'll get my picks you'll get my thoughts on that game. That's going to be an interesting game for lotteries and we'll break it down for you on friday. Look if you haven't checked out behind this curtain dot com yet do it. I know that you are probably thinking. Why would i want to read about it. I'll give you an example. Jeffrey benedict put out a phenomenal film. Room on how you did. Who was on monday night. It was none other the number seven dan roethlisberger and he breaks it down like none. No one else can tremendous work. We have a really good article going up wednesday today from katie smith. It's cliff harris is still a punk about the autopsy on the dead steelers offense. I'm telling you this stuff is great. Make sure you check it out. And i'm gonna have a really special heart to heart on friday as well Honoring one mr kevin green I didn't wanna do it today. I wanted to wait till friday. I thought that was a really hard to hard segment to talk about him. What he means to me what he meant to my childhood yes. There's a lot there to uncover. I did not forget. So if you're thinking while i'm surprised. Jefferson mentioned that. I will on friday. So make sure wherever you get your podcast search steelers or behind the curtain and follow us. Subscribes that you don't miss a thing folks. Thanks for listening. Thanks for spending some your wednesday with me. I hope that you have a great christmas eve. If you celebrate the holiday. I'll be back on friday morning friday morning. I'm gonna be back talking about the steelers on that's gonna be a good show. I'm getting excited for that already. Hey if the steelers being bad is the worst thing that happens in your life your life boom. You're you have a pretty good life thing about. Hey folks be safe becoming. God bless go steeler. we'll see friday our garbage burner morning.

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