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All other purchases now when you go out you cash in what's in your wallet terms apply the cried passion and patterns the Paul Finebaum Show podcast has been brought to you by the capital one sabre card earned four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent of grocery stores and one percent on when it comes to their basketball program but I mean I feel like they need to really show up to the plate because we know the Alabama's Oregon or Oklahoma regardless it's just a really tight win for both of those teams the world the Clemson's the Ohio states and You know it's it's something to show up for I mean I'll come back to Lsu at Lsu Auburn is clearly the best to win team in in college football hands down there's there's no question about attempts but you know for what it's worth I mean I feel like they need to settle with conference they're independent and it is but I really feel like regardless of who wins this game coming up I feel like we're going to have to SEC teams in the playoff unless teams and they just don't have the team speed to outflank Georgia or outflank Clemson or anything like that and I truly think that he's out code nationally televised game they are down by seven or ten points before they realized that the game is started and the other thing that I think even when Notre Dame the Mississippi Hello Tom Paul how are you this afternoon we were doing great thank you for calling us look I wanted to weigh in on the Brian Kelly thing but I want is in Tennessee John Welcome to our show after him Hey Paul how are you good thank you for calling yeah first time caller on that and if I'm GonNa make a prediction for Bama Lsu are really think I'm obamacare and then he's got the offensive coordinator calling plays and they they get too cute they want to be known as having a very solid offense of line and if you've got I'd pump the brakes on Gus Malzahn that defense is legit and that kid knicks is just GonNa get better and better now going back to Notre Dame offense align that you believe in your like Georgia you get north and south with the running back Notre Dame has improved but they're constantly trying to outflank plays a lesser team. I think Brian Kelly gets out coached on a regular basis I think he's too cute as a play caller and his offensive in almost every week well I wouldn't say every week but certainly in big games His record is abysmal thank you very very much John Florida with one of Florida's top wide receivers that in the final hour shafter now let's get back to the calls in Tom is up next ah at what point do we see them merge with either the big ten or the ACC we know that there in the ACC but on a dimension about that caller from Auburn you gotTa Rookie quarterback that lost three point game to Florida at Florida and you got a rookie quarterback that lost three point game really interested in your show and I'll add onto that I I'll agree with Notre Dame fans I see him in the playoffs every year they make chances they game I love what you've said about him because I thought since two thousand twelve they should've they should've cut Brian Kelly loose every time we see Notre Dame on I don't WanNa take up anymore your time but that's all I got right now we'll thank you thank you very very much for your call agree with pretty much everything you said there he's him with Urban Meyer is that correct what you said well listen let me make clear I wasn't giving a commencement speech and this was my do anything we can to win that's programs go that's why they end up with coaches and I think urban Meyer is a fantastic coach Do I think much of them elsewhere uh Kyle in Kentucky Hey Kyle Hey bob how're you doing first time caller thank you I a little bit about Charlie monger so they've been together forever anyway Alabama Lsu so I think the with Back Jones what do you think Paul Yeah listen I I don't know yet naked on I'm not ever rings but if you're simply trading one coach for another to try to win a championship and selling your soul at the door urban Meyer is your guy agree with that swear no but that's not what we're talking about here are you hiring a football coach to win games are you hiring football coach to be the molder of young nine billion but you know Warren Buffett's like eighty five billion he's successful but he's not Warren Buffett it's like all successful they're not Alabama makers today the line is not out it won't be out until the two situation settles down that is a that's an offshore line they're wealthy but through like fifteen times less than Warren Buffett is I mean they're big because Alabama's the word and what I would call the there that Charlie Munger Cov- Warren Buffett so that's why they're very successful ingrate analysis I into that because a friend of mine many years ago was a student of Berkshire hathaway ended up writing a book about Warren Buffett so I I I think it will be back Jones in what I wanted to get your opinion on his I think Alabama Beats Lsu at home by three plus points uh-huh conclusion I was on a TV show this morning here in New York We were talking about Brian Kelly and I I simply said if line team Al Alabama's eight point favorite I think they're assuming that too is GonNa play I personally believe that too will not let saying it's going to be wrong I think it will probably come down if you go back a month ago that line was probably nine to ten points that's just a perception of the betting public Tamera wise they would they would by Brian Kelly out and replace him with Urban Meyer. I am acutely aware you are of the baggage urban Meyer in June and July when when they're when there really isn't any supervision and everybody goes home and okay well I appreciate you taking my call I'd say go tigers Lsu thank you all the way all right have you on I really do appreciate it let's check in next with Lance you know I I think he needs to he needs a good fit in Tennessee but that way well kyle thank you I I I am I I always like to say that because Vegas does not pick winners they try to get even money on both sides let's grab some more calls here Alan is up next Hello Alan good afternoon good afternoon lance how you doing Sir I'm from I'm from East Tennessee out of question about Tennessee vol's and how they fight thank you so I just wanted to touch upon the allburn caller and when whenever like I'm high on Auburn I think they've been a great team I didn't realize that Oh oh yeah it was forty three forty one gay and our condolences to Shaquille O'Neal who was going to be the Magic City Classic Ambassador we understand he lost his sister and then so now my question is is it just me or has there been no off the field incident been very critical of Urban Meyer and I've got a lot of people say to me they why why would you say that well I just think I talked to a Notre Dame fan today and he said you know it's time for us to as far as that goes but as far as ethics morals go and he's every everywhere and everybody's being they've always been a shadow creeping in the dark there uh-huh with college programs particularly in the SEC this season well there have been some there haven't been as many as I didn't realize that and so what does that portend for Saturday afternoon in Jacksonville well I didn't actually hear what you said on the intro I just heard in a moment with Seth Emerson covers dogs he is right around the corner you're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast now suffering fans the multiple names for the game tell us the best way to win the game well history will have to reverse itself a little bit hey Paul thanks for taking my call it's been a while since I've given you a call comment WanNa make a comment and then a question comment then yeah don't laugh let's check in with Nick who was in Florida Hey Nikko right ahead hi the game is won the last thirteen meetings Emerson covers college football and the dogs for the Athletic Seth Thank you Greg Glad you're here I did a story Monday on the athletic I'm doing a story that I think we'll be online tonight tomorrow but Monday story was bill and curb smart has had a huge advantage over Dan Mullen on the other side of the ball so for all the momentum that Florida seems to have in Georgia does not seem to have the XS and os the schematics part of it would seem to favor Georgia at this point but what I've seen of him lately I mean if you could just wipe away that first game which I think ended up was two losses instead of one this season would be in really good shape but you can't do that and he's had to make up and Steal Games where he can I think he got one back the other day and if he can finish strong then but Florida would have to lose a couple games and Georgia would have to run the table yeah I don't there's obviously not real tangible pressure what's going on there but it's been it's been refreshing that there's not been any incident no you know usually the biggest problems occur in game doesn't go his way or Auburn game doesn't they just don't win the SEC east or if they don't win the Sec Championship but will but by Dr Pepper well we heard from Kirby smart during the break team to win rushing battle in Georgia Florida game Florida's under Diana and I agree with that I agree that change is good you know it's time he's had his course you know it's it's been there it's it's over with but to reply about how Georgia has basically mastered todd randoms defense since he left here they're three and all against him since he was at Florida and Mississippi state and Lewis they haven't been that many to get attention since the season started thank goodness yes yes so I don't know if that's Kudos to the coaches are are just other people as well who have been hyping this program and saying the national championship is inevitable and and so you're seeing a natural I think back awards apparently in Florida as I just call it the cocktail party game well tell us the now that we've established it question I've gotten quite a few times already this week in in relation to pressure on Kirby Smart I know that that sounds on one look at this as a loss season which essentially it will be I think technically Georgia would still have a chance to win the east there that'll happen if they lose one more game in the regular so you'll be able to say two thousand seventeen they want thirteen and two trip national championship last year didn't get quiet as far and this year didn't even get that far but we have to see we have to see if the South Carolina Game uh-huh Warren Buffett There Charlie Munger is and that's all I want to say about their Adelaide sure is a billionaire so don't forget he absolutely is one point nine I want to congratulate Alabama Am University for winning the seventy eighth magic city classic triple overtime and in the rain going to dodge your question but I I really WanNa make sure I know where to is before I start diving into that it's way way too early but I checked with AH wakeup call that will propel them back to where they've been the last two years or whether it was just an indication of a team that's not that good one hand to be ridiculous but this is a game that should Georgia lose to say the to say in state the obvious a lot of dog fans are brought it on himself other than being successful but you've had Georgia fans you've had media types that's me included on Kirby smart from the people that matter there isn't really even from the fans but you're right they'll be that turn in some areas of this longest people were expecting 'cause everything was set up for Georgia to win that game easily the matchups favor Georgia a lot of that is just kind of a natural reaction to all the hype that has accrued over the last couple of years with the runs were made in two thousand seventeen well the Notre Dame game it turns out was an indication of a team that had some flaws and that was not as strong the XS and Os matchup in that game the atmosphere was so electric and Notre Dame actually led most of the first half and it took I think fans are going to be upbeat if he doesn't and the he'll face a very critical thir- third year we're heading to a break we'll talk a little about Georgia football until the second half for Georgia to take control at home and then you saw Notre Dame get throttled by Michigan over the weekend you see South Carolina hasn't gone on any run in fact flashed that as they've not gotten it and as they've actually seemed to backslide a little bit but they haven't officially backslid yet this season within him you know he's he's the you mean what he will be leading up to the game or in the guys to to give them that Dr do better lance I think right now Jeremy Pruitt is coach I was extremely impressed with so hard when it comes to Alabama and certain teams but we lay the eggs with others what top coats we need to have to really put the up and finally the rivalry in every one of these questions seems easy except if Georgia loses that means Florida Win Action of Kirby Smart is going to be post what we've seen in the last two weeks and I bring that up because last year it seemed like the Lsu loss lit something and it also could mean that Mullen and grant them or just do and like I said the momentum definitely seems in Florida's favorite right now says let's talk about the struggling a little bit talk down the one that's doing well so I think you take that approach overall and he's trying to build some confidence back uh-huh and you start to go how did this happen Kirby Smart Ahead of Dan Mullen Kirby smart established that's that's where I'm really interested in you know he's Kinda gone back to being a little bit more positive almost relaxed since the South Carolina game a little bit more relaxed Yeah I think what I mean pressure listen we all know Kirby smart as is safe I it's just in terms of of not meeting into especially the offense just like I think any coach probably would talking to Seth Emerson they're a better team than that and they're still as good as people expected them to be what do you think the line and kind of pushing back against the narrative that struggling when you ask them about the defense which doesn't get asked about much 'cause they're not struggling but when he gets asked about it they've gone back to being South Carolina since they lost and and you say man this is this Georgia team good at all and they just might not be very good at all but it it depends also on you're asking about you know you ask about the offense and he's expressing confidence in jake from offensive one problem something I actually just ran across on the ESPN APP one kind of talk to you about is you actually work on for the fire Iran Kalian Avenue are you start criticize it and says you guys are hyping them up too much it's just the kind of classic Bill Belichick Bill parcells Nick Sabin talked up the unit that's doing Dan that's a worrisome sign in Georgia has to go out on its own now and prove that look they just didn't show up against South Carolina but of College football leaves here the Paul Finebaum show our three podcast while back a couple of more guests we'll talk about Georgia and season they had last year on top of it and the recruiting they've had off the field none of this has been curvy smart really himself bringing it on himself he hasn't unwrapping this conversation up if this game goes against Georgia how how bitter is that at least for the fans well we keep the ten -tations and and then you know sound like the season's over the Auburn looms around the corner and it's just it to me would you know for the fresh Georgia fans were frustrated after beating Notre Dame I can't imagine what it's going to be like if they lose this game this game on top of South Carolina you say Georgia Florida and Florida Georgia game so thank you for doing it that way because I don't know which one do you it's Georgia Florida here it's Florida momentum is going in Florida's favor and you even if Georgia wins I think you do have to take a step back and remember at the start of the season was a fait accompli that Georgia was GonNa win all these conversations continue to pick on you can be used to be like almost assuming a Florida win because the yeah like I said I think at the start of this a late Tuesday afternoon great to have you on an joe is up next hey joe is our next time you're listening to the Paul Finebaum Show podcast you welcome back we're glad you're here on but I'd also cautioned the season I hope this they could go out beat Florida run the table right back in Atlanta playing Alabama or Lsu a good motivator and a good recruiter can he can he coach as well and I think we do have short memories I think we forget that he was the one who was the head coach asked to be made up yet it would take until two thousand twenty two thousand twenty one needs a few good recruiting classes and he hasn't really had that many great recruiting classes the talent gap between Georgia and Florida right now is still very wide and you could even argue that if Georgia wins this game even convincingly it's like well that's what they should on since then that is a good recruiter it's a matter of putting it all together and and you may need a year like this to reevaluate some things and and considering the talent on each team's field I mean compare the five stars at Georgia versus the Five Stars at Florida I think Georgia gave Florida it's five star with brands see if you're you if you got it right with the offense maybe they do need to look at how they run their offense and their philosophy whether it needs to be updated and such talks transfer you're right from Georgia or Florida in August and they may have another five star or a few more faster I don't I don't know honestly but that first Saturday December I'm sure that's exactly what will happen Seth always great to have you on we will talk to you very soon see this weekend which your point a minute ago makes us even more difficult that Kirby smart was one play away from winning the National Championship and now we're wondering if he can beat Florida which didn't even seem possible a pretty convincing convincingly and with great clarity we'll talk about Florida's side of this game a little bit later on before we do that your phone double if he could lose to Florida which didn't even seem possible year ago yeah and I think he's shoot showed in that two thousand seventeen he's he's a good coach and on the sideline that two thousand seventeen season when they were one play away from winning a national championship. No listen I'm not I'm not saying this isn't true young age coming into college football he will be a great quarterback when he's developed now to your gentlemen but yeah the reverse of it though is that if Florida does win this then that's GonNa be pointed out a lot it's going to be pointed out look Dan mullins a really good coach and showed it to me this with you state now he's getting just a little bit better talent and look what he's doing and look what he's GonNa do black because both knicks is a freshman ain't nobody getting down on Bonex we love both Knicks he's going to be a great quarterback he's going to be the SEC east if he's able to recruit even better and that's something that Kirby's Mars GonNa continue to answer for is he is more than just a thanks for yeah I mean listen you you ask questions because you're looking for perspectives and I think I think chef laid it out pretty I'm not sure who's going to win the game I have no earthly idea I just I know how fans react that that's the only reason I've calcium and and I think that basically follow in the footsteps and His dad he has to count this just the thing that coach Malzahn is not protecting him and not putting him in the right place for mm-hmm we just need to coaching staff to get us there and not only that we can remember the Florida a team in Florida that can play Florida and give them a good robbery to stand up to the Iron Bowl then thank you Paul thank you appreciate Doug is in South Carolina Hello Doug Welcome to our show good afternoon hey how you doing Paul Okay thank you yeah I just WanNa tell you few weeks back you and our having a conversation and I told you that South Carolina be that called from Florida talking about as being millionaires and everything and just wanting to fight to get up to where we're as good as Bama where we are as good as I Paul I got comment to you callers just called in just a minute to go the gym from Mississippi talking about everybody needs to cook some some the winter the desert for a long time before they finally got it right we lost five games in a row to the game cops but we hailed come talk to us oh wait a minute they do have won the crown. UCF kind of program we got because we've been showcasing our talent against teams that are are not as good as as what we are and that's not thank you what they want is they want a coach like spurrier that will come in there and turn that program around and make it be instincts the people that send your division of your conference and you would be forced to schedule at least one opponent out of the other power five conferences the L. Listen I never tried to tell fan bases what they should or shouldn't think but but I do have to ask the question what is what a game cock fans want array throw poor foil under the bus if he lost a couple of games and I thought that Georgia game would help them out a little bit and kind of ease their pain like I said it's good to know your adversary and when they don't play the Tigers believe it or not I pull for them is good for my state pull for them I I really that's not our fault we didn't make the schedule but I will tell you this the other night when the Florida athletic director reached out and wanted to schedule Games around and kept our coach what coach we ended up getting you just never know you know and he's turned out program around and we own the right coach twenty it already decided he was scheduled Georgia so we're going to get Georgia back on the schedule and I think they've done a game they're gonNA do when they had most channels when Michael Wood and how much they were crying so when he finds talked about doing one with Florida home in Homedale and that would be good now listen I I think you know I was pretty track now I do admit that ACC is on a downturn this year and that's hurting us and the national Spotlight because people really don't know what all right so you Paul thank you very much I agree with him James is in Birmingham James Hey Paul how are you doing Alabama Beats Lsu okay number one Alabama cousins Jordan all beats them now the committee thing Games Listen I we all remember what happened two years ago but in

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