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Several two five eight six pulp seven zero two five eight six seven eight five seven. We'll take your calls about the sport that's going on right now. Supercross motocross what's happening. What's the future look like? We're not GONNA have a hell of a lot of answers for you though we're in a boat like a lot of people but certainly there's some things going on behind the scenes that we've heard and we've talked to and everybody else and maybe we can help out and we're talking tiger king too because simply amazing so we're going to get in on the line here shortly Thank you fly. Racing flat racing DOT COM. Please check him out on the web and look at the latest greatest from those guys whether it's the Connecticut Mesh Twenty Twenty and a half they just released at Daytona or the evil gear or light. Hydrogen Kiefer's favourite stuff. A lot of the racers favorite stuff is well fly. Rayson DOT COM cody local dealer. Check them out Ordered online nowadays. I went to a bicycle dealer yesterday for some bicycle work and I don't know if they were considered essential or not but they were open. But you had to wait on. The curb. Guy came out kept his distance. Talk to you. Took your bike back. Worked on it. Brought it back out. So maybe that's a motorcycle. Dealerships are working. I don't know it's kind of a weird gray area there but Yeah thanks everybody for listening appreciate it. Thanks to fly racing of course and thank you rent all as well. Kenny Roxanne winning super causes with that new fat bar. Thirty six the winning brand. In manufacturing designed for the last half century rental also continues to lead the world that very top level of sport amassing more titles than all other competing brands combined. Can you imagine that? Yeah it's amazing rental record unsurpassable over two hundred twenty two. Us titles over two hundred and thirteen world titles thanks to the hard work and dedication to detail. 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Like I told you so. Thanks to alias. Cd Rental Maxis and of course the folks that fly racing seven zero two five eight six seven eight five seven. We already got some phone calls and coming up with jt in and we will talk about The sport that's going on what we're doing. Now what's going on in the future and much more monster energy super-cross of course put on hold right now lou. All Pro motocross championships just released a revised schedule with eleven round. Starting in June at Florida is the kickoff. So Lots of talk about their and again. It's a weird time. It's a different time. And hopefully everybody's staying safe doing the right things and You know settling in for for at least God. I would think at least a month here. We're going to settle in and corn corn teen ourselves. Keep our social distancing and I just WanNa say all you jerk offs that bottle that toilet paper and I laughed at you. Well now pooping. I need toilet paper. Were getting low. Make we have eleven rolls left. We did account. We're getting a little bit low. I've been to the grocery store twice. I cannot find any and so all of you people that bought them all. I hate people. Thanks a lot. Thanks for nothing. I'll let you know as we go on how it gets bad. Maybe the next time we do one of these. I'll let you know how it's everything's going the toilet paper and the Matheson's household but If you have so maybe I can give you a shout out on the show and you could send a couple of roles in an plug your company or something. I don't know I gotta figure something out like I said eleven roles not panicking plenty still but keeping an eye on things that are happening with toilet paper so fly racing racer x podcasts. Seventy five six seven eight five seven. Give us a call. Let's let's welcome our guests on the show for stuff from fly racing flat racing dot com. It's JT Jason. What's up man? How are you pretty good? I am I'm still in my house. Which is unbelievable how much how much more time I can spend here. But I guess it's going to be a while Gods. I think you should hunker in for a little bit. Yeah I'M GONNA I'M GONNA be your ribbit right also on the on the line from racer x online. The man will do anything right now for work. He'll he'll voice over anything you want. He's so bored. It's Jason La again. What's up we each yeah? I'm ready? Cut some clips right now. We'll have some stuff on youtube and shout out to The great or hated depending on how you feel Joe Buck World Series and Super Bowl level announcer. Who started this trend? So I'm GonNa do it as well but no. I've actually busier than ever. This is terrible. We have to invent content instead of just going to a race and interviewing writers when it's done it's a lot harder now. Yeah it does out a little bit of challenge to things for sure Yeah it's it's different no doubt we. You're the one with the wife and the two kids and you're all in this house. How's things going? Yeah I was just talking to our own Erin Hansel about this if I was on quarantine with just my wife would have been awesome. That'd be great. I mean superfund. Instead were quarantined and home schooling. And I'm trying to work I. It's virtually impossible in this terrible so you're looking to trade for toilet paper. We'll give up to kid I until the paper I would trade it. I'll take the paper over the kids that that would make my life better for both mousy. Jt's alone so he's an or we're in three different situations meaning wife kids. Jt You're alone so we're all in different situations here the big problem that you don't like yourself it's it's hell over here. Yeah oh I hope Phil isn't alone now. Still has a special someone in his life. I think he's fine. Okay I do not want to be alone. So do we think Carol Baskin killed her husband where we at that like I was Kinda like Nah? He seems sketchy Costa Rica. He seems sketchy but someone who knew that he was never coming back. Drove that van to the To the airport where apparently none of the planes could reach Costa Rica and left the van there and the cops bungled that. I think he did it. Jt Oh yeah. She was She didn't like him. I think that was pretty clear like she was not happy. I think he'd Kinda gone off the deep end and she said he had crashed his plane a few times. Which that's neither here nor there but Yeah I I you never know. Though how these things are edited. You know they can. They can share a show to make you believe anything. Yeah it certainly seems that way on the surface we each carol baskin murderer or not. She seemed to have the will the money all figured out. Yeah I'M GONNA have this figured out well in advance. Exactly how it would go down for her to inherit all his money if he were to die or or they were the parents. Yeah that was the key superior food disappear right like so great. I don't think Netflix I mean they were they shooting for five years. This documentary. Did they know that it would launch at the exact time that the entire world looking to hear about something something to take us away from the actual news? It could not have been time better. If you don't know what we're talking about it's on net flicks is called Tiger King. It's seven part documentary and I have so many questions. I have so many questions and at some point I felt sorry for Carol. I felt sorry for Joe Exotic. I felt sorry for his husband's my my empathy switched from who I thought was the the greasy EST every single episode. Which is the sign of a good documentary? Jt Yeah I mean when you're talking about the Netflix part. Though this has been the greatest thing that's ever happened to them right when everyone is locked into their homes in there's no sports on TV and there's not a lot of live content you have arguably their greatest hit ever launch at the same time. There may be an investigation into the origins of the corona virus directly attributed to network. Because it's great to see small businesses like Netflix and Amazon. Really it's great to see these businesses need help. Get the boost right so hey so without getting too much into tagger. Can't biggest thing that I took. Biggest SURPRISE. Moment was Joe exotic flipping on an ems jacket when the girl got her arm bitten off and just right away like where did he come up with that? Where did he run with that? He wasn't wearing that when she was apparently found so he took the time to throw. Ems Jacket on the fact that they'd never had an incident in twenty years but he kept that jacket handy from the day that it might happen or flipping into the wedding the details into the priests outfit for the wedding right. I Won't funeral the funeral. Travel yes yeah through how to priests uniform ready to go. I think for me Jc I would assume he's got a little bit of everything I'm GW farm there My big surprise was his game that he has. It is incredible. How well he can pull dude. I mean I I can I say good looking dudes half his age. Yeah I don't know how he's able to do it. Then that's the new one was right away four weeks or six weeks. Whatever yeah right right away. No problem guys probably twenty. And he's like sixty third of his age very impressive. Yeah well I think the most unbelievable. They're this everything you could top or something else but my biggest takeaway of this entire show was then just what you're talking about his ability to lure in these These men and their you know eighteen to twenty two age range. These men were not gay. So could you imagine meeting something so bad? And I think he's GonNa be approaching this on solo paper. Yeah you would need you. Don't think so bad you have sex with someone of the same gender view although that wasn't your preferred partner like I don't even know how that's possible need something so bad. It was crystal Meth in this situation. We learned but rebounded. I couldn't believe that segment I watched it over and over. 'cause I was just trying to put myself in a place where I needed something that badly. I'll let you know in the toilet. Paper runs down because they could be that I could be there right now. Check it out. Everybody please Check it out. A net flicks the virtual supercross race that racer x online ran our Guy Cal. Him and his army seemed to be happy with that I lot of questions about that. You're not doing it the way I want to do it. But how? How was that experience? Well I did it for one reason. And one reason only Yes we have calabro around board now. the foremost name in Moto gaming I don't know if he wears that title proudly or not But it's just it is what it is is there. Is there journalistic facts? So I knew once. Nascar had their own Race which aired on Fox sports over the weekend that everyone's GonNa say hey great idea. Why don't you do that for Moto? But we'd already discussed this and we already knew it wouldn't work. Because here's the difference. Car Racers actually used simulators all day. Every day as practice and training they. You can't go out and test the race car. You know Monday Tuesday Wednesday like you can ride supercross bike. That guy's in our sports do so all they did was literally. Just turn on some cameras in each guy's house and then they just did what they do all the time. So yeah they had the actual Dale earnhardt junior and the actual Denny Hamlin actually racing in this virtual ray so I knew that it was going to say. Why don't you do that with Moto? Do you think Ken Robinson. Tomac had any video game skills at all. No I mean you're probably not right so it doesn't apply but I knew we're GonNa get it day after day so I I just wanted to get everybody off my back. I've thought about it. I'm aware that exist. I've talked to car drivers about these simulators they are. They told me about ninety seven percent accurate to what it's really like to race. We can't re yeah. This is amazing. What they've told me they feel the only part that these simulators have been a nail yet and there are computer programmers. Trying to figure this out. They can't quite get the feel of the sidewall of the car to be quite what it feels like a real race car. That's IT WOW. Philly missing So anyway we don't have that option but we do our best. Yeah Kellyn played. The game sent me. The file of the game being played which would be the Detroit supercross on the Monster Energy super-cross video game part three and then announced it. So yeah people really seem to like it. We can get away with anything next couple of weeks so I'm not I'm GonNa be full transparency here. I didn't make it to the end but did fly. Racing's Vince freeze win. The main second second things blake bagging. Get the win okay because Vince Vaughn Vince luck. I had a good lead passing Rockin late in the in the wolves. Jt That's when you think events passing on. The supercross sounds sounds pretty realistic. Yeah I thought. It was pretty neat. That's pretty cool and you did a good job of it. So there's content forty people there you go. I mean then killing hosted a alive of this simulator game last night on the Seattle track live last night. And that's he's been doing that for a while but yeah we- Racer X is on board. We've got to be now. Honestly I mean look some people may just laugh and say oh. It's stupid video games. Hey look people. It's something we're all trying to find something here. We're all in the same condition. We're all in the same boat so open up your mind and and embrace it a little bit and laugh at it or try to do what you can to stay busy and stay entertained right. I mean that's kind of what we're trying to do here. I don't feel that many people have been bagging on it. Okay good normal season yes they would but I feel like for the most part. Everybody's feeling. Yeah okay good. Good good to hear so qualify racing racer x podcast presented by Wrentham maxis and alias. Cbd Of course all on board with US seventy five eight six seven eight five seven we. The lines are full. I'll get to you people in a second. Let's quickly turn into the sport a little bit more serious matters than Joe Exotic. It's seems like Oh by the way taking your calls holding the down over there coming in on a on a day off. It's Travis Marks. What'S UP Mark? How're you isn't every day a day off for me right now? Yeah Yeah I guess but thanks. Mark Life is just one big break. Thank you stakes. We need to get marks and Kellyn together. I WANNA build this. I want to get this video game thing. Going to really make the strengths and weaknesses of these of the riders realistic and then we run a complete sim series. Boom don't possess those kinds of skills that you know okay. Sorry eleven out of ten in whoops. Okay okay all right so I guess. Jt will start with you. It seems like there's been some calls with fouled on the teams Feld as You know obviously they. They cancelled Salt Lake in Vegas which led to a whole round of of hysteria. Among people on social media. It was only a formality. I mean it's strictly a formality coming. We've known we've talked about and we've written about and we've talked about the series being in the fall. Jt from the teams. I talked to that. Have been on. These calls. Felt seems determined to get seven races in and it seems that we're GonNa Start Mid-september with the guys. Yeah I think that's the plan We know that Paul you know kind of Fed and Jello as we say plans change and it's all moving targets but I do think it's important to try to set goals right and try to make plans moving forward and if we have to adjust those so be it I think it'll be kind of tough to adjust that stuff with venues but I think for our own good for our own psyche. As far as human forget about you know race fans or any of that just to have things to look forward to have some sort of optimism on the horizon. I think it's a good thing because if you've been following this pretty closely yeah. It's pretty bad and a lot of areas but I get the feeling that they are starting to wrap their heads around us and yeah. I'd say probably going to get worse before it gets better but I think scientists are learning a lot about timelines and timeframes So to have to think that we're going to get some sort of racing in the summer and fall. I don't think that's unrealistic. And maybe I'm way off and maybe maybe get this all you know. We're just dreaming that I'm going to happen. But it seems like impossible. Anyway we in the Sports Lucas. Oil Promoter Costs Championships. They've released their schedule. Hanging off of it Florida will be the first one. In mid June it looks like and from talking to people in exports who of course our sister company to racer x where this podcast is being hosted on everything from talking to 'em export they're able to move to reach. Those dates are set. But they change. I think what everybody has to understand for both series and by the way for any other racing series is that everybody wants to get the racism. Everybody does because you make money by holding races. You get sponsor money you get your exposure. Tv obviously the goal will be to sell tickets which for awhile. It sounded like events going without fans. Maybe we get to the point where that's not an issue So I don't care if you're necsports Feld or NASCAR or Indycar you do not want to not hold races so being flexible and trying to get him in late in the year is way better than just throwing in the towel. I was pretty surprised. One of the first things to go with the NC double A. March madness men's basketball tournament and they didn't try to delay it they just canceled it And that was crazy. Because then that money's just gone forever your whole season done but yeah everybody wants to rate so yes the June thirteen date. I think that made people feel better because at least it's something on the horizon to at least semi sort of plan. Obviously no one knows for certain that June is going to be fine but it's three months from when they announced it so that gives at least some running room But the goal is to get racism. And that's definitely the case supercross to you. You do not make money running races if he's not hold races so obviously people WanNa hold races. Eleven rounds in what fourteen weeks? It's a it's a hectic schedule we're all going to have to just bend and flex and get used to it but it's going to be drop the gate and go. Yeah and just remember there. There's a chance that not soon after that. You know maybe a week or so. In between or something Could be back to supercross. This is all fluid and up for grabs. It might not happen and it's tough because I know you know it'd be tempting to just say we'll treat right now like the off season but JT. Not like you've ever experienced this. But you know what? It's like the plan. Your trainees can draw. J. T. I would think it'd be hard to just semi sorta take a break now but not quite You and the normal you know when the off season is and you know exactly how to work during the season what do you think? Jt can people really can riders. Really do that. Can they. Just say Yeah April will be my down month. Is that what you do? Well I think it really depends on how certain we are that. It's GonNa Start when they say it's GonNa Start and I know everyone's guessing you know they're as smart as you know the the pro motocross crew is. They're at the mercy of a lot of things out of Control Right State Law Shelter in place. All these things are going to be determined by local government is what it's looking like. So that's the biggest challenge of the writer as a trainer is the uncertainty If you could come out and say with one hundred percents certainty we can tell you that. We're going racing at Paula on June thirteenth. Okay if that was the case it'd be pretty easy to build a program around that you know you know how much time it takes to get in shape. Most of the guys are already there right. They've been they've only been off for a week or two and they've been writing in the interim anyway so you kind of maintain right now. You switch everything over to your outdoor writing. And then you build a program that rams up to be ready on June thirteenth To me I coming back to it. I think that's just the biggest challenge is how right or wrong. Are they going to be because we could be facing a situation where yeah it's the late? May and it's not a lot better and then you've done all this work that really you know. Then you're going to have to push back even further. That would be a really tough challenges is dealing with that moving target. It'll be interesting to see if I was a writer or a team though that June thirteenth Florida. That's as soon as we're going to take on all that's the same thing right soon as we're going though don't even think about trying to squeeze in Vegas or or super like that's when we're going racing now. I think that's I think that's a certainty right so that helps a little bit but still still even then were guessing at it and now you're like okay you've been hanging in there and I listen to your Adam scenario podcast and you know he was still riding supercross and he was planning on getting back into the supercross game for the end of the series. Well that's all changed and without what's that been a week ten days right. Yeah Yeah So. All of that has changed and who knows where that'd be ten days from now that's really. The challenge is day by day. We're learning more and and making plans. Accordingly let's get to some phone calls here we go first up. It's Gus Gus. What's going on man? How are you guess? How are you good? What's happening not too much Atlanta this year. And I know you're saying that's the first year that she'd been to the Mercedes Benz Stadium so now that you've been there whereas What would you say is the Best Weiwei supercross? 'cause I'm in the eastern part of North Carolina so any super cross that I got to go away from me. Well you can't beat Anaheim won. I mean the stadiums not awesome. But it's an iconic stadium for supercars rising and everybody's ready and everybody's brand new and I mean it's tough to beat out. I'm on Gaza. What do you think we each? What which one would you say to travel to all right? We each jt. I already messed up on where you're coming from. He's on the East Coast. Yeah Okay so west coast one. Yeah I I I agree with that one just because I think say you're at that one one time Would be awesome I Steve's GonNa Puke when I say this I do feel like everyone can see Daytona International speedway once in their life. Boy That's considered flyway. I didn't know I mean I'm GonNa put that one in a nursing home yet or not so I was holding out. I know you think I'm GonNa Talk. Sure no no no I. I all the things that I don't like about data and it's all true and it's all fact it is cool to go there. It is cool to go there and see it. I've just I've seen it for twenty twenty-five years but at one time to see how huge and big the places. Yeah I way when you're on the east coast Yeah Vegas race was always cool. We don't know depending on the timing of Sam Boyd Stadium. We we might never get to raise their again. Yeah And it wasn't anything about the stadium. That was actually a difficult part of the race but the ATMOSPHERE IN VEGAS. They do a lot more with the PIT party than they do. Any other around And the East West shootout showdown always cool so I would recommend that too. That's probably the most obvious answers ever. What about you? J. T. we'll give some different than we've talked about well to me. It's all about the city you know because once the rookie starts it's it's similar. You Know Anaheim window little bit different just because the atmosphere but the rest of it is once. You're inside the stadium. You can't really tell us your at Oakland or Seattle or you know Ohana you know. They're they're all similar in that way. Same show basically so for me about the city. I thought Denver was really cool Just the downtown part of Denver's a really cool atmosphere is in April. And everyone's just kinda coming out a winner Seattle the weather's difficult but I think downtown Seattle is like a really cool place. You down to the work in check all that stuff out so for me. It's more about what's going on around the race in the actual date because once you involved in opening ceremonies are going to. You could be anywhere. I'M GONNA go us all right And one more thing if I met wage at Atlanta and he's a beauty. Oh what was his hair everywhere and he had a plaid shirt on. Yeah he was It was right before You guys did. The pitch show literally stage isn't bad either he he. It was rough. Yup thanks thank you all right. Thanks Jeff I was feeling great powered through though some videos I've ever seen in my life. Yeah Steve Think about how these things are frozen in time. Like era social distancing. Think of Friday night party before race seems like now Steve. What's going on man? How are you? I'm doing good? I now I'm come calling from the Albany New York area so they might have a little bit more pessimistic viewpoint than guys might about the future. Okay so especially the supercross aspect of it but with this four shutdown that we're in and you know not knowing what's going to happen as a result who might this break again with possibly no races in the future or at least a ways off. Who might this really have helped that within like a bad situation? You know like Jordan Smith for example. He was having a horrible year. Things Kinda hit pause. Now is if a lifeline for him. He's out for the year with an ACL. He just got exactly yeah. There's nothing to base it on. Is this a lifeline or as well as Brougham or I think Steve? You GotTa go on. The assumption is more racist. You're from New York and like you said pessimistic. So you're talking. Hey there's no more racist right by. I'd be doubtful for supercross. I really hope there's outdoor yeah see I'm not like we. Jt Like I. I would bet heavily that there's more supercross races. Jt either one of you right like are you with me on that. You're you can't really hope for supercross in and not hope for outdoors because they're playing going supercross racing after the outdoors And it's going to take a serious health crisis for several months and and maybe we see that. I'm talking another three or four months of just complete lockdown I think for us to NOCCO supercross rate me in some capacity. Yeah yeah I I just I but okay? You know who I think's Eve Justin Bogle. He hit his head a lot. He crashed in Glendale and was out for maybe the year. Benny boss remember filled in for him If we come back in June justin could be feeling great Back to normal obviously head injuries. You never really know. But there's a guy that could be greatly helped by this and whenever we go back race in. Bogle will be feeling much better and ready to go. Do you have somebody each one thing. That could really intriguing about this is if supercross comes back in September Marvin Moose. Can we'll be able to race. That was not supposed to happen under. You know any normal circumstances but for the first time in What forty seven years of Super Cross Is going to have a nice six month break? I mean the plan was from going to be ready for hang town in on the original town date right so should be able to race June thirteenth outdoors. And then if you raise enough. There's no reason it wouldn't raise supercross so not like loose. Skin needed the racist to get contractor or anything like that but from our end up racing. Half of the supercross rounds. We would have never expected that. So that'll be big for him. Anybody that we we missed. I was GONNA go Wacko WACKO Jacko Yup. It's in backing squarely in his. A Super Cross gain gain is to get off the track and then One guy that maybe he's not in the the battles a win anything but I think it gives Chad Rita chance to heal and if he wants to prepare this summer and come into that September off-season normal time really ready to go racing. Yeah anybody thinks you think that's really hurt. I think it's difficult with everything. That's going on myself. Steve for Tomac and rocks into ramp back up into this epoch. Ten Week Championship battle that they had when they gotta do eleven rounds outdoors. You know. I don't know we'll see but it's I think they'll hurts both of them as far as you know The levels that they had gotten to. I D- really improving. Would BE JUSTIN GRADING BECAUSE KEEP in mind that September October is normally goes on right? He's he's headed off to Australia and he knows exactly how to prepare. Throughout the summer should be ready to peak in September and October and they made a little bit of November as well but as these guys are already outdoors all summer long in the proposed schedule he would be hammering Donald supercross. He can really come in with the edge if they go straight into supercross like they're talking about. Yeah the motor concepts guys taken bikes back you know and selling them I think they would be on twenty one reason. Maybe you're seeing chat reads though is motorcycles as well all right. Thanks for the call. Steve Thank you. Thank you we One point I just WANNA throw it on Brighton. If supercross races in September October. Now he's going to be racing at the same time as Australia. So he's GonNa lose some money one way or another because he can't raise both at the same time and also what this this leads me my next question. We what happens the motocross? The nation's this year yeah. I think a lot of dates motocross the nation's Monster Energy Cup straight rhythm. I think a lot of those races that are not must do's for points and championships and stuff. I think a lot of those could go by the wayside because this is not unique to the United States right. Gp's have been pushing pushing pushing back. You're GONNA need every single date you can to try to get the suppose that number around in so maybe the the nation's Day just becomes A. Gp What are you GonNa do? I don't know how if they even have it. I do not think. Usa would send a team schedule now. And I don't know how. If you're if you're riders in contention you send them to the more concentrations you know I just. I can't see it happening. But maybe you know yeah. I think anything extra any of these extra races that are not part of a championship. The casualties of that jam-packed calender mercy Geneva Geneva actually Geneva Geneva host the massive Autoshow were a lot of the Europeans. They view new cars in that got canceled and they lost a ton of money so I heard that they might just not be doing anything extra. This year so Geneva might be a casualty Before a variety of reasons I don't know what the state of international travel in six months. Nope absolutely shad. What's going on but I had Two things about duck sides punishment and the other one about your tough block. Dark sides punishment. What do you think I'm thinking you and me we're talking about going to western you should feel Know what it's like to be a factory rider for a whole day in that. Have him be mechanic? Change Your Oil. Clean your air filter. Check your you know Tire pressure go out within the mechanic all day. Terrier goggles right now I wouldn't. I wouldn't trust mechanic skill so I wouldn't want to jump in there. But yeah one of the things lost in his. Co. Vlad nineteen thing is we never really got around to figuring out dark sides punishment for Mexico. And that's that's a real shame. That's a real shame. I doubt would be good ones. Do All your dirty day what did you say? I saw them recapping on Fox News this morning. One of the biggest tragedies all thank you thank you what else and then your tub blocks. I liked the idea. I was thinking like a four inch pan with a lip around it. burying it. Well then have the pants connected to each other With like islets or something a flat iron and then very that flat iron to hold them in and then have your locks belt prodian so that way if a hit him straight on they break loose and not cause havoc but if they come around a corner and just nicked them. They'll say where they are. Sounds Good Shadow? All these ideas are the tough blocks. Let's let's work on this downtime. Fix this tough block stuff. I got laid off all right now. Sorry Shot Buddy. Thank you appreciate it. Thank you yeah. Let's let's make tough blocks great again. I mean why not. Kyle's on four Kyle. What's going on. Thanks for calling a flyer racing. Racer X podcast. What's your question it's going good. I WanNa let you guys know. I'm sad I won't be seeing your beautiful faces at the Hawaii supercross. I was really looking forward to that. Thank you yes. It looks like that is definitely not going to happen now. So thank you were say. It looks like you made your way over here somehow so they did a good time before everything got locked down. Yeah exactly the resort. We've stayed at the hotel. We stayed at his on lockdown as of today disclosed. Let's it. Well they started harassing tourists a little bit on the island and online where there. Yeah it's gotten a little agro as a can't hear anyway. What else calling about. We've seen many pros where they have a leave of absence due to injury or they get to be able to hang out on the lake and and enjoy themselves and a Lotta Times. It's been a career. Change kind of lose makes them loser drive to win. Raise the that they are at. I was curious to see if you guys think that affect anybody and if so you know who do you think that would possibly be affected? Where the downtime? There's like they enjoy it more than racing. We think JT. I don't think so because that's pretty much September every year for them right now. They don't they don't do a lot in September. That's like their time. If you want to go to the lake if you WANNA relax inn go on vacation somewhere around the world. September's that time to them You know honestly. Most of these guys are so driven. It's really hard for them to just step away and then not want to be back out there. And I think all of us are going a little stir-crazy being insider houses and not able to go about our daily lives as normal So if anything I think when this thing gets cranked back up these guys are going to be more motivated than ever. Because they've been you know been forced to say at home and we've all been hearing that these guys are kind of shutting down the writing for a little bit as far as you know everyone's going they're saying it's there's such a strain on the the medical you know medical care system and all those things so I kinda go the other way when the thing rams backup everybody from racers to fans to industry everybody's GonNa be going to be really really enthusiastic and really ready to go. Yeah some people. Jt certainly WPF's fly racing. Your you've talked to some people that are experiencing some good sales some some act of people out there so it's been good. I mean we're definitely opened for business Which is a good thing you know. And women capacity as far as workforce people being at home. And all that but yeah. It's it's been a little bit of a transition. The first week was was really positive because people going out and writing more than ever The longer this goes on though people being you know if they do get laid off from work or whatever. I think that's GONNA slow down right isn't going to have a negative effect So let's hope this is a very temporary thing but I've certainly heard and talk to more people that have written their dirt bike. You know more in the last two weeks and maybe two years before that the bicycle shop I went to was slammed. They said everybody's bring bicycles in everybody's got got time to go ride them there. Are I take mine? Yeah my bicycle got dialed end just because I had time. What about your mysterious street bike? How's that doing? I've been writing but it's cold. It was twenty five degrees here this morning. So I mean there are some positives here. There are some some sunlight here in the situation. Yeah there is the moment we've heard the same thing over in the race. Exide COUPLE OF COMPANIES. Saying you know if you're not like me and you don't have to home school your kids and you actually are home more than usual Fixing up that project like in the garage. This is the best time you'll ever have to do it. So I have heard some companies saying more parts are being ordered than ever but I don't WanNa look too closely at that because as jt. That will eventually stop. You know. We're all kind of in coast mode right now but if this were to go on for three straight months I think everyone would be afraid to spend any kind of money on anything at all That that's going to go away and already the writing thing I feel like in the last week or two has shifted from. This is the golden opportunity to ride or now. It's like fifty fifty. I don't know if that's what I'm supposed to be doing. Is that bad if end up going to the hospital or is that not really what they mean by social distancing? I feel like that's already changed in seven to ten days so in a couple of months man too bad habit but I don't think we can read too much into it. We this is your time to shine with spending money. This is your time to shine. It's the rainy days. He says all right. Look it's just a matter of perspective for all of us right like it's not gonNa be the ideal year that we all thought everybody's GonNa lose some sort of money in some way That's like it. There is an even even missing two weeks so far for three weeks. Everybody something at some point already let alone three months so just what it is now. We all have. It's funny though. Like rolling his group tax right. And we're all talking all the time and God damn I'm in so many tax my wife is just like what is going on. And it's so and it's okay. Maybe funny is the right the wrong word here but it's so interesting or funny to see which are your friends are preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. And the friends and people are just moving on life as normal. No problems right. You guys agree and and everybody's listening to this. Has Those people I just? I find that part of human behavior a little fascinating to watch and I'm not judging either way. It's just I think interesting to see how people are handling this so the bad time for the because no one never I believe in a time of human history have people been so a opinionated and be able to express those opinions For sure they've never been able to express opinions like this. So in a time where even under mundane stuff. Everyone's an expert. Everyone's an expert on every topic the topic. That people are more interested in than ever because it has a massive effect on all of us in one way shape or form. Everybody's an expert that's been like multiplied times one thousand so it's unbelievable to hear how many theories and ideas are out there just yet dizzying ride. Jt you agree. Yeah you know for me. There are a lot of factors. If where do you live what you know the gentleman that was from New York? It's obviously much more dire situation there right now. Then a lot of places in the country And then I think a lot of it comes down to how much of the news you absorb. How lucky speed or are you on things? You know because if you don't pay attention you probably don't think it's all that bad like you. You can't see it's not like you can see a virus floating around and maybe you don't know that certain parts of the maybe you don't know the New York City is struggling so bad Yeah I I think there are. There are a lot of factors dictating. How people are absorbing this and You know Mike Lantana. This is probably leading one side of that charge. And then you know there. There are other people that I know that in Idaho better on the opposite extreme of that too so it's all perspective student jump the quad. Yeah well we were all waiting for it and we. We didn't get it all right. I stopped by Tanner. What's going on? You got a question about the tenor. Yes see you always talk about how much money they bring in for that race that USA rider should get paid more because they bring in the most fans and viewers. So what. If like you know like I buy either by the race like the stream every year. I don't even know how much it costs but what if I win. I buy that I type in like USA. Or I you I told Mack shares the link that USA percentage of the money that I pay for that street and goes like the USA riders. The team sure great awesome. Yeah I I've always said that. This race is a huge moneymaker. That's very very low purse. You just supposed to wrap your flag around yourself and go but in these times whether it's a pandemic or not it's very very expensive. Us As the number one draw that race and they have the furthest to go not the furthest but among the furthest to go and they get nothing for and someone's making a lot of money. So sure tanner. I would like that. Sure thanks for the call. Thank you Chris's on four. Chris. What's going on? You WanNa talk about supercross motocross. What's happening. Yeah I got a question with the supercross being postponed till the end of the national this allow pro circuit to like move South Haymaker and let him raise the last few rounds or Carson Mumford for Honda. What do you think we each amateur wise? Yeah that is interesting because I mean I guess the plan as of now as I say. Loretta Lynch to still run at the same time. It's GonNa be a dizzying scheduled to get the qualifiers in before that. But I think they've tried to figure out a way to do that. But let's say for ARGUMENT'S SAKE THAT LORETTA THAT's still over at the beginning of August. Normally get the last three nationals in but I think the way we work now it'd be four or five because the nationals are say a week or two later and they normally would but the hey four or five races more experienced good. I think that's a no brainer. The real question is. Will anyone be tempted? There will be some supercross races. Apparently would anyone be tempted? I think the writers would like to try it. The teams are probably GonNa be like no no no no. You need full off season to be ready for this. But it's an option that would has never existed before. Yeah I do. That would be the real odd part and we got to figure out pointing out to JT. I guess if they're seven rounds were good. But if there's not going to figure all that out yeah that'll be something that's sorted out and and you know what are they gonNa do with that? Are they gonNA hit? If some of the rounds of we've heard taking place in places that we've heard right and a lot of those I've heard have been more west coast. Based how do they an East Coast Ray into that forum? So there's a lot of things that have to be sorted out and yeah I can't imagine the conversations and ideas that are being thrown around and Palmetto Florida where we're Feld motorsports says bass. Thanks for the call man appreciate it thank you. I I does seem like the monster. Energy Cup will be the final round right of super cons. I think Roughly Cup is done. I don't think you're GonNa see that race happen this year They may re we have. We may have a point pain round at that venue things. Yeah Yeah I guess we're doing the monster energy. Yeah I guess that's what I meant. That date will be but the soccer team. I think that plays in that stadium and MLS will be up and running. They're not gonNA want supercross with the grass so I don I heard they would be running and obviously we're all basing it on rumor and ideas but I heard they would run through the end of October. So timeline doesn't wind up with what you're saying but that's what I heard. The last one would be right around Halloween. Daniel what's going on man not much. Hey everyone talking about these last seven rounds in the fall and I wanna see the last seven rounds as well but logistically with baseball getting push back in the Union College football and NFL season. I mean how. How realistic can we be that? We're going to have these races or we just going to have to start getting really creative with different venues and stuff such i. I've said this Daniel we I don't I can't see how they get seven in. I know TV contracts. And I know you know. We wanted to the championship sports matter though. The sports are not to me that sport. There's other sports are not a factor. How are they gonNA find enough venues the got Saint Louis? They have plenty as they have. They have Saint Louis they have Carson California which is where Monster Energy South. They have qualcomm. They have Oakland I think there are ways to do them even if they find one that you and run multiple rounds in one venue. I. I don't see other sports being involved as a women factor that that's just my opinion. Mary go down. I'm GonNa just talk to this before we go but I don't see how they get seven in racing if we can go racing like the world has healed enough he raising. I think we get seven. It's either to me. It's either zero or seven opinion. We what do you think it's GonNa be tough to find venues because the football thing I think is a little overrated because it's also should not be baseball season for a lot of that but that could be pushed back and then you'd have to hope that teams that are giving stadium aren't in the playoffs when they suddenly play a whole another month and the dais could change rapidly But what I've heard is a bigger issue. Is there stuff we're not even thinking about Every other thing that could ever take place in a stadium concert show anything also push back so we're going to potentially have what the last four months three months of the calendar year with every single thing that was supposed to take place from March Tuesday August all and trusted a disposable income of people to go and everything else. Yeah I just. I don't know I don't see I'm not as firm. Jt On that zero or seven. I think we're GONNA think you're going to crank out a bunch of events and the same venue like to you're gonNA find one venue like St Louis. Where they're they're open for business and really want us there. And you're going to them. Rod Monster Truck Races supercross races very often place like that under its qualcomm or or Home Depot Center. I don't even know if it's still called that Or St Louis somewhere like that. I I don't think we're going to seven different cities and I didn't mention that but I definitely do not believe we want to seven different cities. Yeah all right thanks Daniel. Thanks for the call. Hey No problem guys. Thank you something that I've heard and I'll before we take some calls here on the fly racing racer x podcasts. Let's quickly run through the sponsors for this. Thank you fly. Racing car racing dot com up there in Boise Idaho and producing some great stuff. There mountain bike line of stuff. Get out on your bicycle people. It's fantastic. I've got a bunch of the shorts and shirts and jerseys and everything else so thank you fly racing dot com for that maxis of course. Amex s teas used by Alex. Rae Out there in the sand you also tracking on in that sense action that supercars with his tees also thanks to rent the rent dot com. You know their name. You know their style. Seven eighths bar twin wall bar. Mcgrath debuted a ninety eight. 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Thanks to those guys for coming on board. So some talk about a little bit is so there's been some some combination conversations with fouled and and the teams few phone calls everything else Amex. Sports obviously released their scheduled for the outdoors mid June. We're starting up super costumes. Starting in the fall two teams though from what I hear from two three good sources the teams are really wanting super cross the finish first before the nationals and I get that chase sexton jumping from a to fifty points lead to a four fifty motocross back to two fifty Tomac and rocks and millions of dollars at stake but I I got a bride twenty two outdoor mode to figure it out so I understand the teams complaints and I was Kinda waiting to see behind the scenes. There's a power or something going on here but we just seems like it's not going to happen but I'm keeping one eye open and kind of seeing what's going on. Yeah I'm really surprised. Maybe there was some pushback but I'm surprised it didn't turn into just world war because we have seen over and over. How teams operate if you're in a championship hunt. If you have an opportunity to win they will stop at nothing. It's it's all about their perspectives. And you could even say that it literally their job to do that. So if you are Kawasaki Honda and there are three points between these guys. And you're one twist of an ankle away at Red Bud from blowing that man. I don't think they want any part of it so just circumstances and if any other team were in that situation they'd probably feel the same way but I think the nail in the coffin came when we heard I think it was last Friday That felled had laid off a lot of their employees like a significant amount like ninety percent. It doesn't affect super cost as much as you might think because they supercross is one of the few things where the people participating are not filled employees most of their events. It's all failed one hundred percent. So that's where a lot of those cuts come from but it doesn't sound to me like it's even possible for fell to run event in. May or June to even get these in Before the nationals. I mean maybe they could do it in July and the National Cup two whole months but it just doesn't sound like that's something filled looking to do and I would bet you the reason. Why ramp this all up just to find out? The events are still canceled. I don't think they wanNA take that chance. They wanted to wait longer. Yeah I mean I understand the team side. I do it's GONNA cause a ton of inconvenience both contractually and workload and everything in between but I really think that everybody in every line of business is going to have to compromise and there's GonNa be a lot of work around for everyone Everyone involved in every aspect of business is going to have to to is not going to be perfect. They're going to have to find compromise. So if that's what it takes. I think the teams have to do it. It's not going to be perfect. Nothing about this situation's going to be perfect but if that's the solution and that's the only way it can work for a myriad of reasons from venues to ability to everything right then then so what what's what's bear down and get it done. And I can guarantee you the riders. They'RE GONNA THEY'RE GONNA wind for a day or two and then they're gonNA shrug their shoulders and they're gonNA go riding. Yeah well I mean certainly some good thoughts there i. I understand what they're saying too. Yeah but elegant stuff. Scott got a series to run to and they've got TV contracts and everything else you know. So I think one of the biggest things is if you look at the logistics of putting on a supercross versus is putting on a national. I don't think you have the same level of flexibility it. It's easy to call. W W ranch and be like. Hey what do you think June thirteenth? We can do this. I mean and if it doesn't work let's say everyone is still in shutdown to call them and say well we might have to go to July. Thirteenth is a lot easier than dealing with a stadium. I don't think you can ramp up or ramp down a stadium event in the same amount of time You KINDA motocross race. So I think that's kind of why I it's hard for failed to guess may fifteenth. We think we can be good may fifteenth and may tend to find that you can't that's faster and you hold qualcomm for surfer a week. Yeah yeah sorry. It looks like it's not GonNa work out lockdown continues. I just don't think when you're dealing with the stadium like moving a gigantic cruise ship. You just don't have much flexibility and you're not nimble put on twitter the other day that I thought that we'd get supercross in the fall and Jimmy bought news and agent said what about contracts. Just like what? What would you just move them? You just move the dates. Every this isn't something that's going to change anything I mean and again you know. Riders you switch teams and everything else like. Were looking at having everything wrapped up by mid October. So you have November and December his point valid. Right let's start there but I would think Jimmy would understand that yeah. A lot of these things are going to have to everything about the sport and a half and you know my my world's smallest violin for a rider having only eight weeks to get ready to a new bike and a new team. Yeah that's not. That's not a concern. Hope Everything Right. Now big picture. We're in a pandemic here. I think a guy can handle eight weeks on a bike before the twenty twenty one supercar series hopefully starts up so all right. Mike wants to talk about J. G. R. Mike what's going on? What do you WanNa talk about? Hey how's it going good So how does J. Bone right now because survive should be healed up for the last? Half of supercross yeah Freddie northern should be healed up and do they bring brock tickle back also as Jimmy d going to be healthy I mean we. Each things are finally falling into place for J. T. R. J. Bone. I joked about I think they are looking at it. That way They didn't have any guys to raise the only loser in this as well. Francois who's been sent back wasn't ride lasted one week for his fantasy for his fantasy performance. Tone he can go back to France and think about that. Oh no he will never get a chance to redeem himself in India which was set to do But I have heard even for outdoors. They were kicking around ways To even keep took a long for that so I don't think it'll be I. I would think unless comes up particular. Better deal or some other team offers them. But I think you could see all three of those guys racing outdoors And what the heck they're gonNA raise supercross not that far after. Yeah keep it going. Please let jr lift or the outdoors. Get back to something go. It's not hurting them badly. They're still going. Yeah Corey course. Good Dude. And he'll do the right thing. I think a lot of time so as much as she does we give them so. Thanks Mike thank you thank you so so we just correct me if I'm wrong but it took pandemic for things to go. Jr's way to ask this is like it's got so bad. It went all around the world that got so bad. Turn Good Right. Okay thank you. I was just checking Mike. You gotTA MAC theory. Yeah I gotTa tell Mac don't he or isn't he? Going to have a baby in September I could throw a wrench as supergrass supercross restart. That he himself is not going to have the baby. Why you should be fine? People HAVE BABIES IN THE MIDDLE OF RACES. Seizing and nothing changes. I don't Mike kind of with you on that. I don't really know I I get. I get your point but as a father. I know how much it takes them. You know we should know but look at it. He's Kinda struggling this year. I don't know what do you think? Maybe maybe lose them some sleep. I don't know I read dog had I think it was. Maybe it was when he was racing right Tim. Jt never had back when he was racing. I don't think but I haven't had any. He slept in in the bedroom literally. Just let him by himself in another bedroom to to make sure that sleep happened. You know so. Riders can adjust my Yup. Thank you. Yeah thanks and physically TELMEX not having a baby so everything will be fine there. Matt's on to Matt what's going on. Hey I was. Just looking at the archives Lovin callans raise your and Brought me back to the original Monster Cup with Villapando sweeping in the outdoor section. Now that Steve in Vegas you know allowed for the track to go and around. You know not viewing experience. Sheriff's Fan there in the stadium but I thought that that was schick thoughts. I the first cool. It's people forget now. The original goal of that race was believe it or not to maybe get the Tony. Karoly I don't I think it was so long over hurling them as bigger factors. Two thousand eleven. I think right to get some of those guys to like. Hey what if we had a race where everybody was in it so I think the outdoor style section there is a little enticement It's worked what we got guys are to race it twice. Ben Townley whatever you WANNA consider him. Gp Guy or not. He's come over like really who's the GP dudes the write supercar from France. I was just glad was alive. Yeah yeah that was that First Monster Cup the yeah. They had some good intentions everything else but the way too long it was so long both all three main events I remember. The guy's it felt someone it felt told me while we really really screwed that up as far as the length of the racism the length of the track the very first one. Because if I didn't have that time it was a snore. Fest BUT YEAH. That was the plan. Whoops KAROLY IS GONNA show up and it's going to be amazing but you know so you guys are getting the fourth this year. I wonder how do you done better? With more of outdoor section guys got four. Who knew that? I remember the number one but it was something like that again. I have a gun. You have a gun to my head and asked me who on all mantra. I'd be shooting the head because I know I know STU one. Rv won a million complained. Millsap millsaps one on a cowie remember. Everyone was like Oh shit and then it was always the race where somebody came in one weird. Barsha one one year Tomac won on a Honda the final. Rv One million million. I'm Rwandan former one. Main on a two fifty no. That's I'm getting joking. I do know that. Thanks for the call appreciate it. Thank you one of the things. You runs a number five next year. I don't know yeah good question. Somebody wasn't it available this year? I thought it was and they passed. I don't know yeah all right thanks I yeah was. It wasn't available this year. I thought it was. What was it number five peak so you gonNa Chase sexton question? What's up Dave So if you put trace X. outdoors and then arrested him getting hurt for the fall. 'cause now he's leading the. I mean that's that's a good question but deals don man. It's tapping he's tested on it. You know I think you stay with that program. We each okay. Yeah I I'm just gonNA adventure guests here. I don't really think that sexton racing four fifty outdoors and having to go back to the indoors is the real issue. Do not think this Honda just pulling out. Every single reason they can come up with to not have to have rocks and go through twenty two outdoor photos and I'm not saying that's worse for him than telemaque but it's just not a situation either writer wants to be and so I would just feel like yeah. Let's pull anything we can possibly come up with and I even heard they even said hey man. This is really not good for Britain. You can't even race Australia. Which I don't think the factor anyone's plans at all but I feel like they pulled every single angle. They could to try to stop this. It is three points between them. Twenty two motives this hairball stop. What I'm confused you got. You lost me. I'm sorry I don't think Honda and callous hockey feel comfortable. Having three points between these guys and having months and months of racing they're afraid someone's GonNa Tear C. L. Break a wrist so I think they argue with every angle that got us the sexiest on us. The BRAYTON IN AUSTRALIA. One everything you have to try to make. It seem like a bad idea. I see to to get to start outdoors before supercars got it. Okay got it to start start outdoors after super. I don't I just can't imagine nervous. They're going to be all summer. Yeah yeah absolutely. Thanks for the call. Appreciate it championship there. Those racist pay a lot of money and championships. Hey a lot of money. It's not like holding eleven exhibition races all summer. I completely agree but I feel like when we get to these championships. Situation is rational thought starts to lose starts to leave the building. You're completely right. It's not like the outdoor title. Doesn't pay money. I don't want to win. Those races either But I think when it sitting there right in front of you I mean. We went to close title fights come. We've seen weird stuff happened. So people start losing their minds and then might just need logically logically. You know. It's it's every bit of one hundred thousand dollars plus per outdoor to win. Maybe more maybe one fifty right for these guys and then you're also championship. I Remember Grand. Lyson making like one point six million when he wanted the championship in seven. So to me screw you know like the supercross championships GonNa come when it come. There's money right in front of me and championships right in front of me. So get so. I know that's probably a difficult thing to do. But that would be my. That would be what I would try to do. Do you think that the cow in Honda really just want a real announcer announcing for them in indoors? And that's why I got a great team over there to do an excellent job no complaints. I'm just saying they're going to be nervous. Like the Weirdo Team. Tactics and crazy finale. We've seen win. Titles on the line. Now they're gonNA have that mentality for months. Yeah outdoor title matter absolutely. Do THEY WANNA win it. Absolutely a normal circumstances no with it. I just feel like those two riders. Those two teams are going to be like. Oh Jerry I'm no I don't know I think maybe if outdoor championship wraps up September fifth which was at the the date I saw and the supercross resumes. Let's say September you know Nineteen just. I'm just guessing. I have no idea. Yeah maybe Alaska around. You started getting a little nervous because it's right around the corner but I think in early to mid June you can't think about September. That's where I would be at on it. I mean that's so far away and so much racing and I've I've raced being carefully. You know being careful taking chances and it. Kinda doesn't matter usually when you get hurt at some sort of Weirdo circumstance. They get landed on or their trash. Something stupid it's not that they just make a huge mistake and and crash on their own. The I I'm I'm kinda split in between you. Two guys like I do. The supercross championship is more important than the outdoor championship. We've seen that over the years. Supercross is the number one series off road in the world. So it's very very important for these companies to win so they have to keep an eye on that I'm talking about being. Yeah it'd be controlling their actions as you know. Yeah I can't see it right. I don't think so. I think once they go racing they'll be fine but I just mean more when the meetings are going on today that they're gonNA they're they have but once the decision is made or maybe already already has been made. Yeah it goes back to work and they raise like they're supposed to but I could just see them fighting as hard as they can especially because things the unique circumstance we have the two writers who have been supposed to win this title over and over and have it wanted and they finally put themselves in position to get it and they gotta be like. Oh Yeah I'll that's now is a good point two guys who have been waiting for this thing you know. Two years ago twenty eighteen be like who cares. Or don't you develop are both like okay. We'll pick it back up. No worries you know one guy that could benefit from this would be cooper web right because he was somewhat taken out championship his trashing Arlington and then his injuries past that he he certainly wasn't at one hundred percent so yeah they're going to be easy for him to get back and go win a championship. Seven rounds and being you know twenty plus points down now but I like his chances better. Starting over one hundred percent healthy than I did. Were sitting fly. Racing racer x podcasts presented by maxis rental and Alias of course and on x on x one x. Thank you next maps. Thanks for calling in. We'll wrap this thing up here a little bit. We talked a little bit on on how we're handling it but it's odd to me and look. I. I spent a little bit of time on vacation. It's still it's it's really bizarre to think. Jt that we've got at least another month going on here. Were just you know. I've been trying to do some stuff around the house and my wife is hanging out and good God. Yeah I mean it's tough to know you know. Every day is is more news you know. I don't know I think it's GonNa look a little bit different depending on where you are. The hardest hit areas. I think are going to be. They're going to be shut down longer. And I think our governing bodies have been pretty transparent with that They've even said Yeah. Places that have been less hit in the country might be opened up earlier than other places They're such a widespread economic impact of all this stuff that as soon as it's possible to open up certain cities in certain states. I think they're going to have to on that to preserve what's left of the economy See I don't know that we can. We can have hard answers yet and what we think is GonNa Happen Right now in a month from now we may be again laughing at ourselves for thinking that was going to go on that and that timeframe can we get things going as soon as we can so why can't an stocks getting a better spot getting better position. Having a good day today days have been awesome. I told you guys man never bail just sick with your you. You've been like a rock. I have looked at once and I'm just like let's just close the laptop and Gary on everything will be better here at some point. That's all I gotta believe. But it's it's really really crazy. I mean we're in the content producing business. Racer x online is up and running. And we're we're providing things for people to read and people to listen to and I'm GonNa keep my stuff going as well but it is a bizarre thing about like again. I was on vacation for a little bit of their so. I haven't been doing this as long as you guys have. We got another month at least at least here to kind of think about things. I do worry. The longer this goes on how long the country holds up. Because I feel like we've never been put into this level of a test where something is both financial and health related and in some jobs such as ours You can't even just go about your normal job because the job has been all changed in messed up also through. You're being hit in so many ways like are you more worried about catching Or you're more worried about becoming unemployed and losing your house and then you've got to home school. Some people do which is not something most people can do or could do you have to You're just getting hit from all these angles. I described there on a video last week. Where you're in this box. An all angles are closing in on you more and more. I just wonder how long everyone can keep their cool. Like I feel like right now. People have fun with it. You're seeing means people. Are We said going riding or working on their bike that worked for a little while but can the country handle three months of that uncertainty from all sides without just completely boiling? It's live That's not the way America's program to work. This could be really difficult the longer it goes on. That's my fear. Tiger King Part. Two allie run out of tiger king episodes what happens? I don't know I. I got a lot more questions about that. So hang in there. Everybody hanging there everybody. And if you're somebody in the front lines a doctor nurse Healthcare professional thank you. Thank you stay safe. I talked to. I talked to you people in that field and to do twenty four hour shifts. Isn't you know I it? Just kind of the norm right now. I guess just unbelievable. They're putting in. Yeah absolutely so thanks. Thanks again everybody for that. You guys are the real heroes for sure. We each jt. Anything else here now. Should we should we? Should we try to do as a week or every other week or something? Yeah we probably should something. I mean ten. Ten Daily News breaks. Maybe we'll hear maybe sometime next week. We might have a little better idea. Maybe supercross dates or schedule. So I feel like if significant news happens sounds good. Well fly racing racer x podcast was by maxis and rent thalassaemia. Cbd ON X maps we each jt. Thanks guys stay safe. And I'm sure as soon as I hang up the phone. We'll start group texting in one of our group texts with each other so everybody that's flat racing racer x podcast marks. Thanks man my pleasure are coming in and handling the phone. Six for having me. I don't did. I say I would pay you this now. But you've been you've been nice to me so we'll consider. This can consider this good. I not to be demanding payment. Yes yes this this. This can be included in my My salary okay. We'll figure it out. Well thanks for coming in. I appreciate it. Thanks everybody for listening and yeah I really enjoy it. We'll do this again soon. Say thanks for listening to the fly Racing Steve this show. Don't forget to check out some of our past shows including motorcross legends such as Boy Johnson. Look down on my handle is chuck I mean it. Over to the side of the tendons were jerking and weird places did biggest disappointment. Danny store because he never said sorry. Danny and I were friends. And we've never talked since Luna's before the five hundred events Dave and I fly to Germany. Go down the street guard. There's this little shop at the back of the mall. Factory we get their cylinders. Take them back off. We go and you know we ran. Nicosia cylinders is factory party for us. A handful of years before anybody ever saw in production day told Miguel was all the big pancake thing. And he's got the thing he's completely lay on the gas tank trying to miss his three and he would have gotten even harder jump. Farther is that you know. It's been there Bob. I love the Guy I don't this I think he's the greatest competitive sport ever had absolutely one hundred percent. My mind firmly believe that statement. I said about these modern day guys in Switzerland or Belgium forty five minutes on the same bike. You're not beating you crazy. They're not doing it if they think they're so much better. Nowadays Pool so different bikes. Different Times Beasts East Damon. It got to the point where I didn't want to leave home and once I got to the race I wasn't into it. I wasn't going to give one hundred percent. I'M NOT GONNA TAKE MONEY. The working class hero. Doug Henry definitely an emotional moment for me just thinking to myself. That's it you know. It's amazing the stuff that goes to your head in a short amount of time of the things that you know that I was Gonna Miss Machine until you really open years and you wanNA listen to what they're saying like beating a dead horse and I know from personal experience Buzney by ever down. Of course everybody did go. Circuits Mitch. Pay There's two ways to make the money one is you can sign for money or two. You can earn the money. I'm a high believer in earning the money. I think they ride better when they earn. The money seven-time Jeremy McGrath so disappointed so frustrating said I picked. I left every point count. I could kick myself to the day for not just riding around and been no problem. My Ego got in the way. Show Johnny Depp. That you could be eating WanNa ride and he just wanted to look at it all day. I got a chance to catch on that. I like that. Air I was in. I really do searchable maxim the I tunes store to enjoy these in over eight hundred. Great motorcross podcasts.

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