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SHAQ & CHUCK ARE WRONG. Mavericks vs Pelicans Recap: Luka is a rebounding machine and how the Mavs can get Porzingis involved


hello everyone and welcome to Dallas hoops. Fan Cast podcast hard cash for mass fans. I'm your host Sydney and I'm here with my co host Martin as you can follow the show on twitter at Dallas whose cast you can follow me on twitter at underscore underscore Sidney Meyers. And you're GonNa Follow Martin on twitter at Martin L. Myers member. You can listen to. New episodes exclusive articles a Dallas whose cast dot com. Were you can also read the latest breaking news and start shopping for mavs cure and tickets. I feel like I don't explain the latest breaking news part of that so if you go to Dallas hoops cast dot dot com slash news. It's basically like a kind of like an RSS feed it just pulls in all of the news about the mavericks from the top up mavs sports blogs and then when you click on Lincoln it takes you to that website but it's just one place to get all of the latest articles breaking news all of that it's a really cool feature. So THAT'S DALLAS DOT com. Just feel like I should explain that but anyway yeah latest articles that we have over there. We went over the top five games of the month. There's a profile on Dory Anthony Smith where we break down his defense since we've Kinda have trashed him a little bit in the past to this article explaining why he is actually good player but anyway you can read that and then one more thing. If you're not follow me on twitter I have four poles up. I WANNA wanted to get you guys thoughts on basically the state of the mavs so far because now that we're twenty games in we're going to do a an episode of state of the Mavs so go to my twitter profile if you have time and fill out those polls or answer those polls i WanNa see what you guys think about those topics but anyway. Let's let's get started with the game before we do that thing should resurface. You're a long intro. We we should resurface your article. You did about coming back from a tornado true Porzingis and six players that have done it the stats because people wonder yeah. We'll talk about it later but I just wanted to mention. The article explains probably the reason. Why is the way he is right? Now let's get into the game. Yeah I'll open eh to later. We will be talking about that but yeah Masbate the Pelicans one eighteen to ninety seven really good win since they started this game off kind of slow slow but they came back. I have a a poll up asking if Luca is the MVP so far twenty nine percent so yes two percent said yes and sixty nine percent said yes so I feel like the fans have smoke. Okay and I don't really know what else the NBA needs to see in order. You know to just in this right now. Yeah he finished the game with like Eighteen Rebounds Bounds. thirty-three points eighteen rebounds five assists. He shot nine of eighteen from the field. Fifty percent ten of thirteen from the free. Throw Line five five of twelve from three which is Just under forty two percent he was. He was awesome in the mavs themselves when the game started. I told you before the game started. I thought this was going to be a slug fest and I actually thought the manager GONNA lose. Yeah just because the Alaska Well No. It's just the last game was in la. It was an emotional and win. It was a long flight and you go into another road arena and after emotional game and he go against a lesser team. Sometimes you can't quite find the energy and I think that's how the game started and I was like. Oh this is this is not going to be a good one. That's going to be a runaway game for the Pelicans but the mavs man Dan. I don't know what to say like they're good at what they did tonight. I know it's just the Pelicans but it's the circumstances to me what they did tonight. Eight shows that they are legit top team in the league to blow them out after starting the way they started after a long road trip trip. This Alaska of a road trip. Typically you struggle in those games and they did this start but here Jay and I thought Carlisle him in the US too for what you've been saying. I thought exactly I thought he brought him in specifically because the energy was down. JJ IS GONNA come in and give the team some some energy and that's exactly what would happen. Once he got inserted into the game. The Mavericks offense kind of picked up. And then you know in the third quarter. Luca took over in and then in the fourth iced it. Yeah somebody tweeted. I should have written down but it's cool to be at this point where you can still struggle and have like a really bad quarter but actually finish the quarter tied. You're winning ultimately win the game. When I don't think they I played very well over all they have stretches? But it's nice to to be that kind of team where you can have kind of like. Oh that wasn't a good game but they're so good that a even a bad game is good enough to win. Well in another sign of a good team is getting down in a game on the road and coming back they did that in Phoenix in La and now in New Orleans they went down. I think it was seven to ten at some point there in the game and they came back and took the lead mavs in the past couple of years when they got down on the road or general but especially on the road. Last year they won nine. Total road game right now. Eight yes eight into this year last two times they did. That was two thousand ten two thousand eleven championship year. Two thousand to two thousand thousand three Western Conference finals that you're probably could have went. Further had durkan had blown out his knee. Yeah we're not talking about that Yeah it was a it was just a good win because it's the kind of wind that a good team would get and it's like well. I think that's very good team. That's the best way to put it this. A good team wins this kind of game. Yeah on a long road trip. The last game after a long flight after an emotional win on the road against the team with the best record you you start off slow and you still find a way to come back and put your foot on the throat or on there and just take the game over that as a clear sign kind of a good team. Yeah and they were not. I don't think they were one hundred percent the whole game to me. They just looked tired at times. But again it's it's nice to be you good to the point where you can have a bad game and still beat those kinds of opponents and I mean the Pelicans are six fifteen. I'm not saying. We beat the Lakers tonight. But the point into that we're better than a six fifteen team and I know maybe that sounds pathetic but coming from the past two years. It's nice to be your team. One of the reasons why they're winning. These games is their defense has vastly improve from the start of the season. Oh yeah so. I know they're net rating on defense. Was Sir before tonight. They were fifteenth in the League. Assuming that's going to be better. Because tonight they held the Pelicans Ninety seven joints. They held the Lakers to a hundred. So their defense has turned the corner and Porzingis in that pain has just been a monster. Yeah is blocking show. Every time time a guy goes into the lane and tries to attack him. It gets swatted back finished with five blocks tonight. If it wasn't for foul trouble I'd like to think he might have gotten Martin six or seven blocks but it might have been good because like seventeen minutes. We might actually see porzingas on the second night of a back-back. Yeah so just a a really good game overall I I feel like the one thing that people want to talk about is porzingis because it came up if you oh can share if you if you watch the pre game show it came up. And then you'll coincidentally the mavs actually went to Porzingas a lot in the post which is actually you which is exactly what chuck and Shack saying that they should do. People have really strong opinions about this. I know that you do. How do you feel about the mavs kind of forcing it or just being more putting forth a concerted effort to get it to Porzingis? Well first of all. I don't think you should ever take your strategy from shack in all honesty shack wants everybody to do what shack did only shack and do what shack did because he was three three hundred ninety pounds. Seven seven killing people. There hasn't been another center since shack like check but even to this day he wants to White Howard to get into the post and bully people and just don't go over them. It's just not going to happen. Well they just doesn't really have a place known days it doesn't yeah. KP has never been that guy. So I don't know why all of a sudden we would expect him to do that coming off twenty month layoff after a torn. AC L. A.. New Team New city new coach New Star player whole new environment and then we need to feed. KP in the post which hasn't been his game. Now he has in the past kind of like Dirk you'd get the ball to him in the post and he would turn around to a pull up jumper br. He's not making those shots those are. KP shots the turnaround. pull up jumper. He's not GonNa Bowl you down there and do a skyhook. But she's is let's see. Let's drop that that. Nobody in the League at Karl Anthony. Towns doesn't even do that. Karl Anthony towns. I think she's like five or six threes a game and he's probably. I believe the most traditional center that we have in the game right now. So it's like Capella. WHO has no offensive game? Exactly his his. All you've dunker. Yeah as what Cappella so I disagree with Shack. You do not want to do what shack is telling you and just have him bang around down. Low the entire game for a low percentage. Two point shot. It goes against everything that recordable Carlisle believes in everything. The mavs believe in as far as analytics go so I think there's my two counters to this which actually are encounters because it turns out we agree One if he is in the post my problem with him right now is that he doesn't. He's not strong enough like a lot of times. He gets a little guy on him and I feel like he should be able to back him down now. I know he's coming off the injury and that's just not his game. He's never been able to. I get that but I feel like eventually. If it's not this year like actually he you will need to have the strength or or the moves of the skill to to back down guys to have a smaller guy on him and score. Anyway I think he has a smaller the guy and he's still settles for a fadeaway. Just think not that comes with. He's twenty three years old. That comes with time time in the league. This practice comes with with time as well and then developing that imposed dirk was the same way a little guy could bother him because he just wasn't strong enough down there in the post now. Dirk never had a traditional post game. It was postal or back them down. Get Him to your spot. We're you want the shots had come from. And then he would take his shot but that took dirk about six seven years in order for him to develop that and then another couple of years in order for him to really big Roy up again and when you couldn't put a small guy on him anymore so porzingas yes he needs to. He needs to get more strength over the next couple of off seasons and he needs to be able to at least push these guys to his spot whatever he does in that spot. Whether it's a skyhook which is what everybody wants him to do or he does a fatal way jumper. It doesn't matter you. Just gotTa get him to where you want the shot to come from and Matteo's come with strength so and then the second counter that I would say is the mavs don't like contested two pointers in any way. So Oh well. I do think that pausing is needs to be able to do that. I don't think the mavs will ever make that a huge part of their offense so in that case they need to find some other way to get involved. I mean I understand you. Don't WANNA post him up ten times a game but that can't be all there. Is You have to find a way to we get him involved. Well they don't like low percentage two point shots but with the mavs need to be able to do is take advantage of a mismatch match if porzingas does have a small one him a mismatch where PORZINGAS can back down. Turn around and do his shots when that's a high percents shot. Yeah because that's probably get a layup. Yeah or you just get a a two point shot like that is probably. He's GonNa hit fifty five percent of the time whenever he's going and that's a high percentage. Yup that's what you want. He's just not there yet. Yeah I mean we. It's not just coming back from an ACL. It's a new team. A new coach and new offensive system and Luca is just a different player than he's ever played with so it's a whole bunch of things that are factoring into this. Yeah just don't think you you you don't have to if you were in New York and you had nobody else then yeah. He would be forcing it. He would be doing fadeaways. He'd be shooting seven for twenty one from the field but he would have twenty three points twenty four points but the percentages would be. Yeah well because when we come back from a torn. AC l.. You just you just don't have it your first season. Yeah and I think that was one thing that we that it sounded like Chuck Shack weren't taking into consideration the fact that he has been out for twenty months. Neither Rama Tourney C L Yeah it it just seemed like they weren't really taking that in consideration you brought up the the research that we did about players that come back and and I know porzingas is very unique in this situation his height being on a new team. What you know the system there? There's so many things that make porzingas unique from other players at toward the ratio. There's really no oh comparison but still of the hundred players that have torn their ACL. They all struggled their first year bag. All of them. Yeah single one of their numbers. And what really did was the shooting percentages. Yeah and the rebounding now his rebounding has been great and his defense has been great but his shooting percentages are will and it just. I just don't see the need for it. Allow him to learn the offense. Learn how to play with Luca. Learn the speed of the game again all of these things while you're winning. And while you have Luca carry the team and then when K P Kinda gets his flow his game back then it becomes a different answer and I expect that probably the last twenty or maybe even or maybe even next year. Yeah so that was one thing I thought. Maybe they weren't factoring that in enough. I know well neither chuck nor shack have torn. There is so so for them to just say I don't care do it's like no it's it's not that easy. If it were that easy then every player would just come back. And there's there's so many players players that never really recover from a tornado that are never really themselves. Include Thompsons GONNA struggle his first year back to his shooting. Percentages are going to be lower. It's not I say this Salat about analysis and stats and all that. It's nothing personal. It's just it's just numbers it's just a fact you know it's not personal. It's just the way it is well and I think the Mavericks Organization understands the bigger picture or looking taking into account. They have insight into the matter. They're taking into account everything that's happening. They're taking into account that the torn ACL the coming back after a long layoff and then all the other factors with the the new coach in the new team and the new city and all of those things so and their mind. There is no need to force it. And even Donnie Nelson on on another podcast. He was a guest on and he said this year is really a year for. We are Porzingas to learn carlisle system and learn how to play with Luca. And that's it and I think that's why you see porzingas even after struggling to shoot the ball in this game when they showed him on the bench he's laughing he's smiling. He's having a good time because he doesn't have that pressure pressure. Yeah because he's got Luc. Help carry them in their winning and he can just enjoy it while he's recovering. Why we're making a big deal about about him? Not Banging down low with other players just doesn't make any sense to me. Well and to be honest you know I before before Porzingas came here. The only Knicks Games I saw was if the mavs were playing them or if I happen to catch it on a national game so I knew a bit about pausing his game aim but not a whole lot and so now when I go back and watch his highlights his games. What was his game? It's not really a a lot in the post now. He could do that. There were times that he did that and I think he's not the same when you compare those plays from what he was healthy to now he. He is not the same player but a lot of his offensive game was things that happened off the ball. And that's a lot of like we've talked about the past few few days especially but since the season started the players. Don't look for him as much in New York. They look from all the time because he was the only guy that could really do anything you think. So if he cut to the basket or if he came on a curl or or off of a screen they looked for him all the time and here. They don't really do that. I think one it's the offense to. They're not used to him and I think also because it's a new offense for him he's he is the kind of player. Sure he's kind of like a six seven wings slasher that can shoot threes where he would slash around or he'll get put back. dunks put back rebounds or all US. That's that's really kind of how he plays. And whenever he's within the flow of the offense he does a really good job of that. And we've seen stretches this season where he has done. Amen Yeah the Houston game. I think was a great example of kind of what you would see from core from porzingis whenever he's healthy and he knows it was the offense but you're GonNa have games where he just looks lost or his not going in and again that's just a factor of learning the offense and and learning became again. Yeah yeah well in another thing that I noticed that was different is his confidence. Level is not there yet. I never really thought about it. Although I feel like in the the past few games he's like lost his confidence more and more but overall I thought he was. Okay just kind of kind of slow or learning the game but really when you go back and look when he was on the Knicks he had this undeniable confidence. You could see it in his foot speed. In the way that he moved in his explosiveness in his reactions to plays afterwards he does not have the same confidence it might be because he's been gone and he's trying to find his way back mentally uh-huh and also could be the injury I mean I know that players do have that in their head kind of feeling uneasy about the leg and he said that it's not dare But you know it might still in the back of his head play a role or just whatever it is. The confidence is not quite there. So those same moves that same explosive. Oh so this you just don't see it right now. I think he'll be fine. Yeah obviously I would love for him to play better. I would love love for all of our hopes and expectations that all the fans had going into the season that the marriage is going to be completely dominant. Porzingis was going to average twenty five points a game. Even I thought he would average twenty points a game and he still might. There's a lot of season left. But he's just not that player right now and I. I don't think everybody should overreact. Based on what Shack Shack says I mean honestly but I think that's kind of how all mass fans are feeling one right now and we're trying to hold it in and when somebody else says it justifies. Don't get me wrong. I feel the same way I just have to. I have to hold back. Because there's so much more going on than just porzingas playing within the offense and I think the bottom line is that the mavs needs to get Ed Porzingas more involved and I think chuck and check might have had the wrong idea of how to do that. That's true yes they're on the right pay. I think you see that with mom's twitter. Yeah yeah that's kind of what everybody and I'm not sure everybody knows how to say they. They know something's not right. Yeah Yeah they're watching the game. They know it's not right Porzingis. This needs to be more involved. But I don't think any of US myself included know how to get him involved and it looks like Carlisle doesn't even know how yet so so I think that like you know. They talked a lot about how they re. The moms. Rely too much on Luca. Kenny Smith said in if they want to be a championship team they have to get poising is more involved larger part of the offense. We're talking about that. All the Hollander hundred percent agree. Yeah just not doesn't have to be in the post which is more involved in. It's just not gonNA happen this year. True Yeah I mean it now how the Mavericks are much better than I think. A lot of people thought. Yeah and so like that might cause them to oh expedite their expectations and that might be. Why Carlisle was given the ball? Maybe he's in his mind he's like it's time it's time to get this guy going. Even though he struggled it's time to to get him into the flow the offense One hundred percent agree. I think Porzingis has to be a franchise is player a dominant player in order for the championship team. Yeah I just I just don't think we're GONNA see it until later on this season and maybe not even until yeah I think that what the Mavericks in Porzingis together should try to more his game or model his game after would be somebody. Somebody like a Kevin Durant even a little bit of what you saw from Brandon. Ingram cassettes. We talk a lot about how porzingis should be like Dirk because he he has the same body type and he has the same game and a lot of ways but the way that the game is played nowadays durant is like the Modern Dirk. He does all those things. But it's more about spreading the floor and even more about shooting than than Dirk quizzes. He's not as much in the post and so I think in terms of getting porzingis involved volved is closer to that style of play. Not so much the post yeah. I mean no matter what style he plays. He's going to have to like any great player. You have to be able to do multiple things offensively in order if durant has a small on him. Yes it's GonNa take him down in the post it back down and yeah if he's got a big on him he's either GonNa do with three or drive to the basket so porzingas is going to have to be able to take taking advantage. No matter what I think he will the one thing that I do think he should model it after is more towards Dirk because as you get older your mobility goes away. We're going to see that with durant. Eventually it is the mobility is going to go away so the reason dirk lasted so long was because he had developed shots that that lasted or aged well and I think porzingas. Because he's seven three should he needs to get shots at age. Well ill matter when when he's or how old he is so that you got fifteen time worry about that. But like that's why I think even the maps don't like those like the contested two pointers. I get that but he is going to have to be able to take a small guy if they put him on him and actually back him down and get a shot. Close the basket comp- as opposed to what he does now like. He is going to have to be able to do that even if it's not you know ten times times a game no one hundred percent again and I think he will just this. You know Sierras is not any indication of poisonous is going to be like for the next ten years. Yeah Dude I what is he. Twenty four twenty three. He's either twenty twenty four so he's still young in a lot of young offensive so players whenever they recognize a weakness in their game. They spend the off season. And I think like we talked about a couple podcasts ago about his strength he developed L. upped or he gotta watch stronger this offseason but you can see how much strength he actually needed to develop as much as he'll not trust gets pushed around a little too much so a couple more off-seasons of building strength and then it'll get to a point where he doesn't get pushed around at all. Yeah so yeah. I think it's just. This is not really an indication of what went and again you can read the article if you want to on the side Dallas was cast dot com where we go into like what these guys were like. The year they came back from injury. Even there's another article published about the you're talking about the six stars that came back from a tornado. You guys are actually recovered and became superstars again. Even all of them their first year a bag they were not very good at all. So it's just this is just not who he's going to be for the next ten years. Okay that's enough about porzingis another major development that I know you were happy about was. Jj I thought thought JJ primarily came in because Carlisle could recognize a lack of energy. And I think he also recognized because it's been a long road trip and all these factors so he put in J. J. J. J. can help this take this team to another level and I thought the biggest thing in it it was was only a few minutes but the biggest thing that it does is when Jay Walker on the court at the same time allows Luca to play off the ball. Luca got a catching shoot. Yeah like unbelievable. He never gets those and he got one tonight and I think playing with Jj rows him to to play off the ball but jj not only can you not he can get his own shot. He had six assist tonight in ten minutes. Jj that's what put Jj can do that. Jalen cannot is. He had a pass tonight to Powell that only jj saw. I don't even think Dwight Powell solid when he conned the ball and then just dumped it but jj solid happened before it developed. It takes so much pressure off Luca when Luca goes to the bench. And you're bringing bringing in a champion a guy who was a starter on a GT editor. You feel better about it and I hope. Jj starts playing more yeah. I don't think he's going to I. Don't I think it's going to be same idea that you have that. Sometimes in these games you you need Berea to come in and steadied the ship and all of that but I think that situation happens less often in Carl's mind than a dozen your mind. I just think that that's that's a little I think. Jj has earned the right to not be that guy if you're gonNA play him play him if you're not. Aw Don't don't treat him this way where he only comes in every couple of games and then he thinks in his mind. If I play well I'll get more four minutes. Jj has earned the right to not be that guy maybe Carlisle's been honest with him and Barreiras. Okay within he understands how it's going to be even if that's the case you be the bigger person and you don't do that to him you don't ask him to be that guy if you're gonNA play him if you're not don't don't don't let him. MP that spark plug that every five ten games you need some energy new bring him in. He's he's earned more respect than that. He's a better player than that. Yeah and I just don't think you have to do that if you want to win. And I think that the now carlisle might even start believing okay. We might have a good team. Bray has got to play. And Brunson's gotta sit. I know a lot of people don't like that I love Brunson. Yeah Brunson only played five minutes tonight so and that might have just been. Jj got the the other minutes at guests so that that might have just been you know ten night and maybe tomorrow it'll be different. But I mean fourteen and six in twenty games. You're fourteen and six. You have a chance to be to have home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. You have a chance to go to the second round in Lucas second season with porzingas. Not even being one hundred percent healthy. I think you try to take advantage of that and you build on that experience. Yeah so anyways I like to be honest. I don't I think that the BEREA thing is going to change but it's unfortunate but you might be right. At least we can be happy when he does play. Let's see what else. Yeah well I thought it was important. Also tonight that Luca an porzingus and Tim Hardaway didn't have to play the fourth. Oh yeah and it was great eight that the bench came in. And Seth Curry was on fire. Yeah at nineteen points. He was five or seven from three. And it really helped blow the game open and That was perfect because on a second night of a back to back after a long road trip. That's like a scheduled loss on Nelson. You would use to say and But after the rest that they got tonight they might be okay for tomorrow. I think they will be. I mean and then timber will help us at the timber. Wolves aren't any he good at home. Yeah the timber. Wolves are still ten or two games over five hundred. It's not they haven't fallen off quite as much as the sons on who I think now are two games below five hundred so the timber wolves are still ten in nine five and five in their last ten games. Yes I mean. There's still kind of a team. It won't be as easy as the PELICANS. But like you said to have Luca Porzingas and hardaway rest. They all only played porzingas played. Eighteen Hardaway twenty-five Luca Twenty eight. So yeah that'll be really nice honestly think porzingas plays on the second conine of back to back. Yeah I mean right only played twenty four. It was perfect. It was it was the best case scenario that can happen. Yes so I think I mean those are our thoughts. That's I think that's that pretty much wraps it up. It was just a good team win And I mean again. We could go on and on about Luca. I feel like his huge night right and it's so what is it routine now that we don't even talk about thirty three points and eighteen rebounds but I guess that's just where we're at. I mean I don't even know. Oh like what other words to use for him so it was just. It was a good game from him but also a good team win so they faced the timber wolves tomorrow. That's a back back. We'll see how that goes like. I said on the outer we're going to do a MAV's a state of the mavs pot episode so I have those four pulls up on my twitter account amount at Sydney at underscore Sidney Meyers head over there Answer the polls rule include the results in that episode. But that's it for this episode. Thank you guys so much for listening. I remember you can follow us on twitter at Dallas Hooves cast. I am at underscores. Sidney Meyers Martin is at Martin L.. Myers list you guys the next episode by Yeah.

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