Hour 1: 4/18/19


The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card. Earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent on grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. What's in your wallet? The pride passion and patron tree of college. Football leaves Keer is the Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast and happy Thursday, America. How's it going? It has been an incredible week. This is Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paul finebaum Paul is on a summit. He will be back in this chair tomorrow. And yeah, did I mention it's been an incredible week. I mean, think of folks think about what has happened in this week on Monday, we celebrated Tiger Woods and winning. The Matt at Augusta and all the spring football that had happened in Tuesday. Rick Barnes, ruffled a few feathers talking about how he almost went to UCLA instead of the bout and then yesterday yesterday, in my opinion, and I'm going to talk about this and just a little bit yesterday was one I believe as a consumer one of the best days of the Paul finebaum show ever. When the guys came on the air. I was in South Carolina meeting. We'll must. Camp. And I wanted to get to Charlotte and time to watch the show I got there. And when the show started they knew one thing the crew new and Paul knew one thing. And that was the fact that it looked like Joe alita was out over the course of the next four hours the staff here, and of course, Paul work that story by the time. They went off the air at seven o'clock, they had evolved story and LSU had a new athletic record. And Scott Woodward. It was a virtuoso performance, and it was made official day, Scott. We'll leaves Texas A and M where he had built an incredible future dynasty at looked like with JIMBO Fisher and bust, William buzz Williams. And then he decided he's a Baton Rouge guy. Family lives in embattled rooch, he has a on the Ellen the quarter it has there. And so this was the statement that he released today returning home to the LSU family to lead the department of athletics is an incredibly humbling and exciting Woodward said. At the state university has been part of my life or more than five decades. Remember he worked there. Back in the early two thousands. And I know and I am brace the high expectations of tiger nation. We will win championships. And we will do it the right way representing LSU with pride and dignity. Every step of the way. I wanna thank president Alexander for the opportunity of a lifetime. And I cannot wait to get started. Go tigers. This is kgo talkable of it later. These are the highest paid S eighties in the SEC. You see the list there starting with Gregg burned down. The Ray Tanner. I did see one less where Scott Woodward was somewhere in the early in the low nine hundred range, but you can see what the what the price is right now. And there's going to there wasn't discussion coming out of Texas AM that you know, this guy probably should have been rewarded before. Now for what he did. I mean, not only JIMBO Fisher, not only buzz Williams four hundred and fifty million dollar upgrade to Cal feel. It was a shot to Texas A and M and later on in the show, we will have somebody, and we will talk about that issue. So where does LSU an LED where do they go from here, and what's going to happen to a Texas AM? It's going to be interesting LSU has got the guy they want. What's going to happen there? We're going to be talking to add and written burger Berg later in the show. All right. And here we are. And again, like I say Paul we'll be back in this chair tomorrow after after doing yeoman's work yesterday. I sent him a note last night and told him so he was very appreciative about that. But I wanna bring for a moment. I want to go to a mand Daniel Bramlett, and of course, producer Mark kubiak. Hey, you guys let me tell you one thing. I haven't watched every show in the last five years of of you guys. Doing the finebaum show. I wrote John Hayes a note to note to this effect for what this show is supposed to do. Show yesterday was an all time or if not the best is one of the best you guys have ever done. Wow. That's I pray is. Thank you. Tony with the show should be a place where you get your SEC news on everyday three seven so in stories like this. It's nice that I wasn't here. John was in there, and John just obviously John dang it all the credit, but they developed the story mostly me and mostly and you guys can develop it in take it through. And that's right with the show is an entertainment show. But we also have a journalistic. Journalism is and all of our DNA. So we do like to you know, anytime we get a story like that that we can follow an advance throughout the course of the show. It's really you're feeling. So glad you enjoyed it. And hope a lot of listeners, by the way. So this show needs to be better than yesterday. So that's that's on you for the rest. That's right. Well, he'll look here's the deal. Find bomb is an old newspaper reporter, and when stuff like this happens those newspaper jeans, they sort of kick in they really do. And you could see that all over the place that Paul was having a blast just chasing that story. So so the question now becomes what's going to happen at Texas AM what's going to happen to LSU? Let's take LSU. All right LSU. Scott Woodward comes into a situation there where again if you wanna call eight five five two four to seven to eight five eight five five to four to seven to eight five, and we'll be here for the next four hours want to get that in we love to have you call. But let's start with LSU LSU is going to be a fascinating thing to watch. Because not only is. Is it or is your on there? They're expecting big things from football. But what's going to happen to the will wait situation as he goes into that is will Wade going to be the coach a year from now. I have my doubts. I think Paul has his doubts too. But to walk into there. And I think the LSU people feel that would Scott Woodward. They're going to get a handle on that. Let's go to Texas. Am what's going to happen at Texas AM now again later in the show, we're going to have Olin Buchanan techs, eggs dot com. And I listened to a podcast that they did this morning. I tell you what the LSU people they are not happy. They're not happy in the least they they're upset because they're losing their athletic director. But they're also part of it is is it happened. All of a sudden, I mean yesterday by the time the Joel Eva thing broke before they got off the air of these guys got off the air yesterday. It was a pretty much a done deal. The key was getting Billy Lucci from Texas dot com, and the Texas M people are going, wait a minute. We got an athletic director who's done everything. We've asked him to do. He's gotten he's gotten football coach that we wanted. He got the basketball coach we wanted. We've got the best facilities in the country. And now all of a sudden out of the under the darkness of night. It seems like he's going to LSU. He's going back home. I believe guys. Again, we bring you guys back. I believe there was reverse engineering going on here. I believe the Scott Woodward made himself available and then when he made himself available, then they broke the news to Joe Aleve. Joe? This is the guy we want, and it ain't you as an alumni. And when you have an alumni who wants to be back at the university, regardless of how well he's done it Washington text saying that opportunity only comes up once in a while. So if that is the case, then go on Scott for taking advantage in looking at the scenario and making it work for him. I think it's like you say Tony a lot of times these stories are reversed the ending is decided than they figured out the plot points to get there. So I think you're probably right. Well, and in a story, let's let's add one. More twists showing one more twist what if two years from now three years from now, Scott Woodward needs a new football coach what's going to happen. Then I promise you guys before I went to bed last night. I got two phone calls from two different friends who follow this stuff closely. And they said Texas AM they got to be nervous. They got to be nervous about losing, JIMBO Fisher. I think there's there's a the seventy five million really good reasons why JIMBO Fisher stays where he is. But again, if you're if you're Texas saying, you got to say is there another is there another shoe to be dropped that we don't know about. And I think we're gonna talk about this story all day long. Again, if you wanna give us a call eight five five two four to seven to eight five here's the lineup for today that we're going to have. And again, they've done a great job. Putting the list together Gus malzahn? I went to see him a couple of weeks ago and just talking about all the issues at Auburn incredible schedule whether they're going to do at quarterback, we'll have him Adam written. Berg pinned a good piece. This morning really looking at the whole thing from both perspectives Olin Buchanan from tex- dot com now he and Billy Lucci cover, Texas. Am better. And finally at the end of the day. We're going to limit lighthearted. My man, Mark slave off the SPN and ESPN dot com. We'll go talk about a lot of things. But we'll talk about that Georgia. Florida. Ravi is Florida starting to close the gap on Georgia a little bit. So we shall see wish you say, all right? We want your calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five we're gonna take a break. This is Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paul finebaum. This is the Paul finebaum show suck -nology truth. Brought to you by code. Truth. You think you can solve any problem by tuning computer all end on him. And it's something we'll do that. Now just need to turn it off and on. No problem it smoking. Yeah. That's means to reboot truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. And Nelson fire happens all the time. It's all good. Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. But pride passion and patterns re of college. Football leaves Keer still. The Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast. All right. We welcome everybody back, and we are here again to take your calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five one. Oh, we start out. Well, let's start out in the great state of Texas met in San Antonio good afternoon. Matt how are you? Mattie, willis. Matt is not with us. Matt call us back. We'll try let's go to run run run your own with Tony Barnhart Goni. Yes, sir. Two and two always equal four. You know, I barely barely got through freshman algebra, Georgia. But I think you're right on that run. And when you said, reverse engineering. I call Paul show. Monday. I believe after. The will wait announcement was made that he was going to be exonerated and come in the back. And the reason I called I didn't talk because I was on hold for so long, but I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. That they were going to come after Scott Woodward, right? Call Paul yesterday in the first hour. And broke to him some news about what Luke was saying Billy Lucci. Yup. And and how they were going after Scott Woodward. And you know, it's a done deal. It's all over with that ship is sailed. I wish him the best because he did a wonderful job for us. And I completely understand him wanting to go back. Well, it really go Rondo she's it's really about a chance. It's really about a chance to go home. And it's it's obviously he's gonna make a good salary. That's that's not the issue. The issue was the chant was a chance for him to come home. And he knew this might be the only time that job would be open in the future. Because it looked like Joel liba was out. No matter what it would go ahead. Joe alita was set up is what it looked like to me. And once they have their man, they could go ahead and do what they wanted to do. They can you know, that's chess. That's now. No, right. You're you're I totally agree with what you're doing. It's like I said when I said, reverse engineering, that's the way it happened. We're we're we're not gonna let Joe Aleve. Go until we've got our guy and tell you nobody has. Firmed that to me. But it that's the only thing that makes sense in the timing of it makes sense. So here's here's the question. What went to makes four to two makes Iran. Let me tell you act crazy. This was yesterday. I know somebody who worked within two hundred foot of Scott's office AM. And before I call this show texted him too bad. Scott's gone. And this person said water you talking about. At five forty nine. They called me and said how far do you live from? That's any of them. And I said one hundred miles, and they said how could you know, when I didn't. That's how hush hush. All this was kept. No it was. It was totally yesterday. Iran was one of the great days. Now that only the show it was just it was just a fascinating process to watch it really unfold. And again by the time these guys got off the air at seven o'clock eastern time yesterday, the whole thing had played out in front of it's credible. Ryan, I do appreciate it covers. Here's my question. No guy. Kudos to Scott kudos to LSU. Where do we as aggies? Go next. Yep. And that's that's what we do. We hire next. You have a suggestion. I don't know. But I know because I got to study it I will say this. There are more good athletic directors out there than ever before. They're great ones. But you gotta bring one in who understands the SEC who understands the competitive nature of this league. Who understands how difficult it is weekend. And we I mean what what a great situation for a new AD Ron think about it. You come in with all the facilities you need. You don't have to go on a building spree. You've got your football coach locked in. You've got your basketball coach locked in. You've got the most some of the most incredible fans in the world who support the program. It's not like you've got to come in and rebuild anything. It's all here. There will be a line out the door of. People who want this job. So, but it's incumbent on us to get it right there. Ain't there ain't no doubt about that? Ron I appreciate it. I'm going to scoot now and get to another call. Thank you. All right. Let's go to Harry in New Orleans, Harry. Hey, tony. How you today? I'm doing great. What's what's what's the mood in New Orleans? What's that? What's the mood in New Orleans? Well, I'm not in LSU fan. But I have a lot of friends who all and one question. Nobody made thought of when this thing hol started circulating about coach weight. And then mister Leila is that people are starting to wonder before the Texas A and M news came out yesterday. But the athlete director would coach Kennedy have a chance to get the LSU job? So I I don't know how to take that. But do you think because coach Kennedy left while wish gentlemen, would was at tech San that? They'd be any chance of coach Kennedy getting LSU up to a place. Wait. I don't I don't know. Because I you know, it's a tough. It's a tough situation with Billy Kennedy. They will be again, a no shortage of that. But I don't I don't know how you would know more about Billy Kennedy than I would like him like him a lot. I'm just not sure what the way that. It ended a Texas of is that is that going to be the direction the Scott would go may because of a prior relationship. It's a fair question. I just don't know the answer to it. It's it's quite a question. And I guess many people would think no there's no chance of him getting a job because on the I guess corker called let him go. But you know, we never know it may have been, you know, more than half like director, and we'll find out real soon. I guess on it. But I'm joining the show, and I look forward to spend the rest of the show with you here. I appreciate your call. Let's go to T N t in that tone. Rooch TNT in town route Tony Barnhart. How are you? Sir. I Joey your when you host the show. I think you do good job. And thank you, you you convey a affair figure. Okay. Reshape that. Yeah. The rhetorical question. At the beginning of the show was what does this mean fail issue? What is I'm gonna list of bunch of things going if you'll oblige me. And then if you want to discuss or want to cut me off after that go for TNT, unless you know, I've got about ninety seconds. So go for it. Okay. Well, I'll go quick it means that LSU serious about cleaning house hosted leva, I'll own it. You know, the Devakula's under a path like director. But it's clown class locking laughing stock stuff it was not illegal and his lack of backbone enabled the culprit and stay tuned on that one LSU's power ethic put their collected five down and simplest that enough. And one. Revisit my original statement. It's not done. There's more work to be done. We know about double standards at LSU and in our department in our athletic department, and in the conflict, and you don't have to tell them on that we didn't need another layer of double standards impose a phone is program by our incumbent previous athletic director. We were hitting ourselves on the thumb with with the hammer. Eight AM to survive. They've got the sad dot Woodard. A Woodward is an LSU, man. It's a lot like the eight would saying him lost their Brian the bar, and he proclaimed, mama call. That's all it is. It's our turn. Okay. Tony. It is LSU's turn to have some excitement. Basically, we got rid of an activated directly who probably didn't even life delicacy, but LSU paid him. Well, if day week, oh an. We chose an AU who loved LSU. All right. Tell you. I appreciate you insane. I got I got to scoot. We gotta get to our break. And this is Tony Barnhart sin. Paul finebaum Gus malzahn, the head coach at Auburn is next Tony arts in in. We'll be right back. But pride passion and patterns re of college football leaves Keer. He's the Paul finebaum show, our one podcast and with that. We welcome in our next guest who would love to have number twenty four back in the lineup at full speed, coach Gus malzahn coaches, Tony Barnhart, how're you doing? Hey, doing Drake down what it would be nice to have twenty four back like the days. Would it not? Yeah. There's no doubt. You know? He he was a special player. He's a special coach. I mean that's first time. I saw that piece and he's just had outstanding spring or players really embraced him and really looking forward to next season. Because let's let's go through spring out. I was I was with you a couple of weeks ago, and obviously any conversation you have about Auburn football starts at the quarterback position. Joey Gatewood Bonex both had good springs. Where did you leave with those guys? You don't name a star? You don't have to name a star at this time of year. But where did you leave with those guys after the spring where I think the spring game all four played well, and I thought that was incurring. So you know, anytime you got four guys you feel I can run the offense. That's great the challenges, narrowing it down. And we got great information during the spring matter of fact, we're in the process of meeting with our quarterbacks and talking that through and we will have some kind of order. We're not going to name a starter this spring it'll go into fall camp, but we will narrow down and we'll probably do that in the next couple. Days. You know, we were talking earlier about about the running back position booby Whitlow didn't quite get to a thousand yards. You'd had a thousand yard rushers at Auburn for nine straight years. I know that's a priority to be able to run the ball when you want to run the football. How how did that go? 'cause I knew that was that in the improvement of the offensive line was a big priority in spring. Yeah. You know, be Whitlow and Cam Martin. I mean, those two guys had great springs DJ Williams, the freshman also had a very good spring. But, you know, booby starting with him a guy that hadn't played a lot of running back until last year. He was kind of learning on the run and this spring. I mean, you can tell he's really stepped up more comfortable, of course, came. Martin's been our number two guy the last three years. So, you know, and then the offensive line like you were talking about we have all five starters back. They're all seniors. They were really the bright spot was far spring. Oh, so you know, when you're able to run the football in this league effectively opens everything else up key injuries at receiver last year. Played a big. Pardon in that. It looks like you're in terms of depth in terms of talent. You've got the guys back that you need. Yeah. We think so got enough stove back. And of course, you had a good spring game too. And we'll Hastings we'll be back along with anti sports, which is running track. So with the guys that we had go through spring with those guys, you know, we feel like we've got a good group of receivers. Well, I want to ask you about the defense, particularly the defensive defensive line. You know, everybody talks about you recruiting class in December. And all that, but some of your best recruiting it looks like came with getting those defensive guys to hang around. Yeah. It was definitely the best recruits. We got you know, Derrick Brown Morlin Davis, Nick cold decided to come back, and we feel like we're going to have one of the best defensive lines all college football. And you know, the thing about those three is really felt like they improved in the spring in their leadership their confidence their experience a really set the tone for really not just the defense. But the rest of the team you and I. About this. Last time, we visited a playcalling something that you've been very candid that you enjoy doing. It's been a big part of your career you've decided to resume calling the plays. And people have asked me says, well, why hadn't he always call the place. This is something that you really based on our commerce something you really enjoy. There's no doubt. I mean, that's who I am football coach at my core and real excited to get back out there and work with the offense put offense together, this spring was very refreshing, you know, in this business. This topic job you live and learn and two and a half years ago decided to step back and let the peop- call plays. But you know, I'm really excited. The bowl game was a lot of fun in this spring was and really looking forward to calm place in the fall. So when you when you when you say goodbye to your team, and you sort of let them go into the off season off season conditioning, and all those kind of things what was your message to them. Because this is this is an Auburn team. I have heard from a lot of different. People. You know, feel good about this position that position if if if the quarterback situation falls into place like Auburn hopes it does it could be a good year. Is that kind of the way you sit. Yeah, we had a team meeting the other night, you know, just talking about accomplishing our spring goals. And where we're at as a team, we feel very good about where rather team and really probably more from a leadership standpoint and experienced damn point. And and you to set it. I mean, it's going to be about, you know, who we put out there starting quarterback, you know, to be able to play effectively, and you know, right now, it's going to be an expert inexperienced guy. I mean, that's just the way it goes. But a really like our choices, and I feel confident we'll put it out there that will be ready to play. Well, I was gonna ask about this. I mean, everybody in the SEC plays a pretty tough schedule. Alva plays a pretty tough schedule. Coach. Yeah. Yeah. We've we opened up with Oregon, obviously, you know, there'll be a top ten team. And then you. Kind of go down. This kind of who we go to Texas AM, Mississippi State at home. Then of course, at Florida. We I've not been to Florida before every time we played Florida's been here. And then of course, the second part of our schedule is really unbelievable with the with the road game to LSU. And then of course, we in with Alabama Georgia. So you don't think it's five from what are the other day? It's five top ten teams. I think six in the top twelve so we'd put that schedule probably up against anybody. All right, coach, malzahn, appreciate you times. Good be with you. Thanks for having me. All right. That is coach Gus malzahn. Let's take a call. Let's go to line three who we got west western Augusta west. This is Tony how you doing? Good. Tony. How you doing? I'm doing great. Hey, I just wanted to say, you know, I'm a big Auburn fan. And I gotta say, you know, especially after hearing coach talk, you know, I'm excited for this year's team. I really am. I know there's a lot of question marks. But I think this is young and hungry team. I mean, I think our defense is going to be good just to see stated or de lines to be. I think talk in the country, you know, we'll high out there. Kevin steele. Always keep that defense looking good. Then as far as our offense goes, I think willows gonna set up. I think we back in two thousand yard rusher. You know, I had this much excitement for team in a while, the honest, you know, there's so many question marks, and it makes it exciting and a lot of ways. And you know, I'm confident, you know, in our in our future at quarterback between Knicks and and Joey I mean, I'm there's a lot of excitement on this year's team. And you know, I really think they're going to step up to the plate. I think people are going to be surprised, and I really am. But I was gonna say, you know, all these coaches, I'm really excited about coaching south this year, you know, with Cadillac coming back and. You know, I really think there's gonna be a lot of pencil this team. I wanna hear your thoughts on them. Well, I think I think there couple of keys west distant talking to people that Auburn they were really disappointed in the offense of line. They knew they might struggle a little bit. Now, all those guys are coming back. They've got to be better as somebody explained to me. They gotta be better because they can't possibly struggle as much as they did year ago. So that's key number one. Number two. I I like both quarterbacks obviously, Bo nicks is a legacy Joey Gatewood is so athletic. You know, he's not he's he's not Cam Newton. Okay. But he is a big athletic quarterback. And they've gotta get the run portion of the offense bat running quarterback back into it. You know, you could tell last year with Jarrett stidham, obviously has an NFL arm. But there are times when the quarterback has to run the ball or you're playing ten on eleven I'm anxious to see how a mouse on put that aspect of the game back in is that the way you see it. Now, I was gonna say, you know, and I don't mean to blame anyone. But you. In some ways. I think stood them holding the ball. Too long definitely made her offense of wine, you know, shorter more than they really needed to in a lot of ways. That's why I think having a little bit mobility at quarterback this year will actually you'll see a lot of improvement. How the line, and I was really surprised with the Knicks athleticism in the spring game. I don't even think he could move as well as he did he can move. So I often confidence in him. I know, you know, he's a freshman by we'd have to see. I mean, I really am excited. And then you know, the other two quarterbacks lead good. I don't think chords, you know, ready to take a starting job yet. But the other two are really good. I'm not, you know, taking them out of the discussion for taking that. Sorry job either. All right. Wes, I appreciate your call and call next time. Okay. All right. We gotta take you bring. We will be back. We're here to take your calls at eight five two four to seven to eight five eight five five two four to seven to eight five. This is Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paul finebaum. We will. The pride passion and Patrie of college. Football leaves Keer is the Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast. Welcome everybody back. We're here to take your calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five got a full show today after big yesterday. Let's go to Dan. In LSU, Dan about the Louisiana, but LSU, Dan is Tony Barnhart. How are you? County. A big fan of yours is to pirated talented, you mop, the pleasure is all mine. So what? So what do you think Scott when going LSU? Well. I think it's gonna be great for LSU. You know, it seems like he's he's done everything. Right. So far, I'm excited about it. You know, I'm going to ask you a couple of things about that. Sure. Do you think Scott words, first priority will be fire will way? As say, well, I think he's first priority is figuring out. What what the situation is? Because we don't know what the situation is all we know is he was suspended until he talked to the tail LSU and their investigators, and lawyers which he's now done and been reinstated. We don't know what's going to happen with the NCWA. We don't know what's going to happen. When the FBI we don't know if he's going to be asked to testify in this trial or not, and none we don't know any of those things. And so Scott Woodward has got to come to campus and figure it out. I think the thing's gonna take a while to play out. And then once he's got the information he'll figure it out whether or not a change needs to be made. What else you got? Well, I was just thinking couple of things and and as probably premature but. You know, I think I really think we'll way is kind of. He's he's kinda heard LSU in a way, do you? Well, the question how how you define hurt. I mean ev- every listen everybody, Dan, everybody in this process has done. What's been legally required of them? Okay. Finally. We'll Wade got on got on board and LSU is not. I don't think they're in a position to fire him now because he's complied with his with his part of his contract, which means which says you get you got compl- ply and talk to the lawyers. So I think you gotta let it play out. It's never good. When one of your coaches is mentioned in possible illegality or possible. Incidentally, rules, breaking but you, but you've got you've got to let it play it. You don't have enough information. And what you do if you're LSU. I think now they're going to sit there and let it play out and then make a decision. Well, you know, I believe. Scott order, would you are would would do the right thing. I really do. And I agree with you. Hey, dan. I've gotta run. I appreciate you guys. And you push it to come. Let's go to Matt in San Antonio Mattis. Tony barnhart. How are you? Under the Berne. Look, I'm worried about just got everything he'd gone now, as you know, I agree. One hundred percent what happened if he goes the JIMBO Fisher two three years from now. 'cause what happened is Hugh coach can't win and championship there. And we lose JIMBO Fisher L is Hugh. It's gonna put us in advance issue with because deputies right down the road in Austin. An is looking at the chops to see what happened JIMBO Fisher in what kind of athletic director. We get mill. I think this is a fascinating part of this story. Now, it's easy to say why it's not going to happen right away. And I don't think it is going to happen right away. Okay. It around here. Away with ten in three last year. Okay. And they they lose a terrible seven overtime game to Texas AM where they're sitting there at at eleven wins. And they you know, they have they've they've improved their offense by bringing in either leave by bringing in Joe Brady from from the saints. So I think they're going to be a pretty good football team. So you got to let this, but but man, I will say this about your spot on in this regard. I get two phone calls last night. I'm Charlotte spending tonight here in Charlotte. I get two phone calls last night. I said how long is it gonna take for Scott Woodward to go after JIMBO Fisher? And so people are. I why he left he did a lot for this university of him. I kind of respect. Why he is the session. But on the same time, I'm disappointed that he left. Well, I can understand that. But here's here's the deal when you get a chance to go. I think and I have talked to Scott what the press conference is not till next week. I I'm just telling you what I believe what I believe is that the the he Scott Woodward knew that the opportunity might come up, and I believe he made himself available. I believe he hired before Joel Leyva was let go, and I believe that's the way that this thing worked, and I you can't blame him regardless of wall. I want to leave but I like to questions for Daytona Brard. How do you what did you think of the spring football game in our secondary for this? You're coming football season. I'm sorry. You talking about LSU's football team, Texas stadium. Smart Baltic team are secondary last year. It was pretty bad this year, the things get better. I Don that I think they're going to get better. I really do. I I've got I don't know if you saw it. I've got LSU finishing second in the division. A lot of people would disagree with that. I think they're going to be significantly improved. And they're gonna again things seem to happen. The second year for whatever reason, I think the system gets in. They get people get more comfortable. I think the fact that killing mind is back. The defence is I think absolutely gonna get better. Now got a brutal schedule gotta go to Clinton and schedule. Very brutal. You know? But but you know, what everybody's got that. Hey, Matt, I'm gonna run take one more call. Appreciate you calling. Okay. Okay. All right. Let's go to Ernie in Tennessee, Ernie. It's Tony Barnhart. How are you today? Ever spoken to you. Tony. Listen to you a lot in your very nose. We'll person I have a I have an appreciate your time. And I have a question. I know my Georgia BULLDOGS are doing pretty good then recruiting well and since Kirby has took over and and doing a really good job. But it seems we're we're still. Thanks in Alabama are still probably ahead of us in recruiting even though we have great recruiting classes, and we're right there in the mix, but we can't seem to get over that hump because destitute obstacles in the way of us. Went in Nashville tip is here are well. There's no question that those those of the top two teams right now. But what Ernie? Here's what you can't do. You can't get hung up on one two and three if you've got one of the top three or four recruiting classes in the country, you're doing fine after that point. It's all about coaching them up. And when you get to the big game find a way to win. It Georgia has obviously been right there. Okay. They've been right there knocking on the door and his ilk coats said if you keep knocking on the door sooner or later, your gonna kick the sucker down. Okay. So I I believe that's where Georgia's right now. The job is going to have a really good team and got Notre Dame coming to their place. Hey, thanks for calling. I appreciate it. Ghana? Call us again next time. So we are here. Seventy for Paul finebaum. We won't your. Ause at eight five five two four to seven to eight five. We have got a full show today. We've got one hour in the books is always a whole lot of fun. Tony Barnhart sent here for Paul finebaum. This is the Paul finebaum show. See you.

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