Moment of the Day (7/30/19)


Moment and Al taking exception to tonight's starting pitcher for the Yank J. J. Half those ball. What kind of odds can we get on map. What what can we get on a no hitter tonight. What strikes plus twenty thousand. What do we think at fifty thousand ten bucks each. I've already throwing every year. Maybe tonight's the night they throw in every year you get my it'd be a combined no hitter though it's gory chance going up it wouldn't count as a J. Jay no hitter no a WHO- now J. J.. It's not with the J. J. Period A. Period is Jay and that's out M._l._b.. Has His name Jay period period. That's how it's written but it's pronounced. Jay Kika pronounced <unk> Volsky. I I love when Al gets angry. You did notice that the end there you call him. Jay Hop corrected me kind of went on E.. He kind of went in line with it a little bit right but his I wanted to say Jay and I was trying to speak so quickly. I did say J.. Probably why he changed it correct. His people were tripping over the J.. Hey right yes they go more. Is it James Anthony that we sent him. I believe so yeah I googled hopefully James. Anthony can give the yanks more than three and two thirds tonight. See see how that works out. It's amazing fan. Duel has a gazillion profits for this game. I can't find one for a no hitter off the board. I could not happy on the board. Why not I guess.

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