083 Art & Politics w/ Ferrari Sheppard and Sharis Rhodes


Lengthens the repeal. Will we give the brutal truth the brutal honesty two guests on a jumbo size episodes of the repeal today I guess for our shepherd artist musician activists reluctant activists he says and twitter firebrand you guys might know Ferrari for taking on people on twitter for being any one of the best contemporary artists around we talked to him about a great matings. What is I to be black in the art world what is like to live your self expression expression some problems that he's had coming from the hood in Chicago to being one of the hottest rising when young painters and artists of his generation and just sort of the whole gamut of how he sees society how he sees his place in it and how he uses art to affect culture and to change the world that he lives in for our is an unbelievably are interesting fellow with a lot of different ideas on things and he'll tell you frankly why he feels like he has to leave the hood behind nine? He says it right there to get away from it. also we talked to sheriffs rose. She is a a a very impressive young lady. She is running for a county Supervisor County supervisor here on Los Angeles. It's a very inspirational story way to sister not too long ago was homeless with her young son and decided that she was going to get up and do something to change the system that failed her by reshaping it at at the top of it. I think that these are the stories and these are the the the people that for the rest of my career. I'm GonNa want you guys to hear about now. Theresa's young politician she is still learning a lot about about the process you still learning a lot about what it takes to be successful as a politician but listening to her one thing that you will come away with is that there is a burning desire to be an agent for change and anytime that is present inside of someone you'll see them get to the point of success that they want to get to and I am happy to be able to help her. on horizon. She's been very persistent about coming onto the podcast for a long time and we're excited to have her here now. WE'RE GONNA get to a second as well as say some to a specific group of people out here in that group is that trump supporters now normally when I talked to the trump supporters I just say fuck you guys as normal law say I get though that that might be counter-productive in terms of the intellectual discourse in America. You can't just say fuck everyone. You don't agree with right right so I won't say that I have something else to say. Dr Is almost over anyone who is paying attention attention to what's going on in Washington right. Now knows that if you are a trump supporter your asshole is like that before it was like this because he was fucking you in it pretty regularly in widening ended up. It's called a gape my porn days right the shot up but now it's like like this right you asshole like this and why is your asshole so tight shot to flagrant to it's so tight because your boys on the ropes God damn. He's what the reckless and sort of cavalier way it which this man has approached the governing the free world has finally seemingly come back to bite him in the ass now impeachment processes are nasty. the a slowing of the economy is not a positive thing so it gives me no glee in my heart to see America go through what's going to be a long and sort of contentious process to prosecute the president. It's something that we all wish were not happening was using which was not happening. It's something that I'll something that we all wish was not happening. However the reality is that for whatever the reason America made the decision to entrust its safety and its immediate future into the hands of at best Nincompoop fucking poop and at worst a dangerous pretorial MEGLOMANIAC now I don't believe believe that we have seen the full consequences of what we have done to our country yet? I believe that those consequences are to come however I am very very happy that the Democrats have got off their cowardly asses and decided to move on impeaching this president there are millions a million things that he could have he could have been impeached on before if you ask me but now seemingly with this deal over the phone call Ukraine. There is some there there Eh Godspeed to them. Listen the job was always too busy for president trump whether or not he is impeached or not whether or not he is impeached or removed or not there has got to be if you are an objective person at all some buyer's remorse. If you supported president trump there's gotTA BE I. I just can't believe that you guys are that stupid maybe you are. I say all that to say this. This is the last time we're going to be confronted with someone like this who seeks power in our society. I believe that the election of president trump is most dangerous because we're going to see a lot more people that are just like him. I'm hoping that this process of bringing charges against the President of impeaching the president is a difficult one one so that we can see that sometimes the best way to deal with the problem is to avoid creating it in the first place. Hopefully the next time someone who is clearly unbalanced clearly not up to the job steps before us to who seek the highest office in the land that will have the intelligence the patients the dignity and the decency ency to not grant him or her that power right now for me. Fuck you guys trump supporter fuck out. I'm sorry it's good to Ferrari as your is possibility why people clever variety ever what would you crystal. You'll be wanting to clap clap for people right exactly not why MRS mythic metrics King. We were talking about earlier when she walked in here for I made a face because Ferrari notoriously Mexican people and we hope that is one of the things that will I hope to work through on this particular podcast now brother man. You have known each other for a little while now. Tell me you tell them right now. The people that are listening to watching the podcast cool for our shepherd is who is Ferrari Sheppard I'm a hustler. No ooh PLAN NO I. I really am like I mean the were hustle is kind of giving a bad where like somebody trying to get something out of you. I definitely am not that type of person I I work like a maniac of you know some most people think that being your own boss or being entrepreneurs easier because ought to sleep all day if I want to write but you know like you know I have to keep myself in check so a lot of work artist. I'm passionate I wouldn't. I wouldn't even call him. I wouldn't call myself activists at all. I kinda always fought against that title because I know actual activists abyss who you know they do this like twenty four seven and it's their job and I'm not that person like sometimes I feel passionately about something and and I will Organiz around or do whatever I can but to me. That's just being human right. I we all should do that right so let's start cut off with the art because that's what you're calling is and what it is that you do the art. Tell us about the journey first of all tell us about being black artist right okay and when we say artists like not you know you guys are talking about. We're not talking about music ours without Ferrari Paints. Hey Music and you make music. I'm using now right. You can't no no actually I made most deaths. Last album hated a love it and it was my first album who made me made it produced it rains. They've never talked about this. One time we talked about it. We did talk about it at one time so ops gear it is so you so you're an artist in the true sense of is that you you're you do the painting music whatever it is artistic out there and right you know the I I actually you know outside of music. I never really took music seriously to be honest with something I did to like to relax myself where and when most you seem bay is what he's going by now when he heard he was like you know who is that and I'm like it's me so after that we saw just making song after song then it started to become com kind of serious talking to j you know at title and now we're GonNa have album and I'm like Oh shit you know so I think I was in Georgetown down in the ATM and it was like some dude just following me and I'm like Oh you good or and by this time like the news came out that you know December ninety nine Ferrari Sheppard and you're seeing bay will be coming out so this do he approaches me. He was like you know. Don't fuck up. That's what he told me. Don't photo for governor I don't like what did he say he was like literally talking about like this album because he was so much of a fan. I most definitely and I'm like dude. I was just playing like not playing like I take everything I do seriously and I'm passionate but I'm not one of those like hip. Hop heads wishes like J. Diller. Who you know and I'm just I do? I'm I'm actually making art album like this is what I think sounds good and I was at the time I was listed to a lot of joy division and you know obviously a hip hop purcell arap person you know so I was bringing all of those elements together now. I want to couple that with you know you Seem Bay who is super vote versatile people it credit people credit drake is like the first singer rapper but actually you know and Andre Three thousand actually it was also most F- was in there that yeah yeah so you know that's kind of like what I became known for four minute and it was kind of like yeah I gotTa shake that because I do so much so many other things you know in terms of you know fine art. That's how I started. I started at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. That's where you're from Kogyo. Start at the arts are spent lots. You know a lot of time in New York he's out there partially right and went to school Hula Art Institute and it was like a super culture shock for me because growing up all I knew like black people Puerto Ricans Dominicans pins and to be center in this place where it was like you know one percent black or Latino a lot of Asian people a lot of white people and people doing drugs. You know like where I grew up. It was like if it was anything other than like a blind or a beer or maybe some light some Hennessy Hennessy or them we you a crack heads straight of theme yeah. You can't come back in like that's differ for now because if they do everything when I was growing up you couldn't come back because like yeah man. We were getting high of some blow now about roasting g money from from from New Jersey City you can't you can't do those other times but now it's like yeah yeah. It's just weird to Kinda see that come into the culture like being completely transparent. I basically you know I experimented some and art college you know and you you know you could have like circle white girls during a say on and high on cocaine. Is You know my thing was acid acid. Is it like for real like. LSD actually is not first of all is not as bad is when you say Lsd they say like you know people go jump off buildings and all of that they don't talk about about the Times where someone does. LSD Trip realizes that the universe is actually like this together expand expanding the whatever it. That's why you WanNa see right now because it seems like you are I am because right now. You're talking about university so they turn into gear right now. Draw the people I talked to this one guy and he was like a since one of the most talented people that ever been around and I was I yell Oh man like what how do you see the world differently than what we see and he says he's at acid. No he said acid is the way that he does that. I mean chance had the album acid rap but seriously like when I did. LSD for the first time like it was craziest. Trip Advocaat's first of all it takes our to kick in so I was I remember I was it was a Halloween night and I was fucking wars time that you could choose to try acid. I fuck you wanted to have a battery right exactly so I'm like I'm on the Blue Line. SS Chicago it's L. L. or whatever and this German shepherd dog. There was like a police police dog just started speaking to me you know through my mind or whatever and I was like Oh shit. It's starting to happen right so we left to train. Get Out of the train. I felt like I I was walking on. What was the same I forget? It was something like the universe no in all of this stuff this type of shit like walking on a waterbed waterbed but I was on conquer on the platform you know so we go in up the you know up to street level and I dennis this feeling of like I'm dead and we're going. I WanNa be judged by God right now. Came Shit go into the party. Same situation on this floor was in a basketball court type of thing. I was like Oh you know walking and his like drips of water but it was actually would yeah sky was sitting on the on a speaker across me dress like the devil is Halloween right and he starts to speak to me about the girl that I came with a name was Chris he was like she's trying to hurt you. She wants to uh-huh and I'm like what you describe. The hardest sounds like a lot of fun right. No no no no. I'm GonNa get to the fun to find and was okay. I flipped out for me. I was like Oh God. This dude down went over to the guy and I said to him with my telepathically. I said what I said what I say. What did you just say to me because he told me she's trying to hurt me? He was like you heard what I said but but I was like oh so I'm freaking out some men who did the shit with me. We curse O'hare all right. The did the sheet with me. He was like Ferrari he was like he got calm down right now. You're on a mind altering drug that whatever you creating your mind will will manifest in reality okay says he's let's do something fun so we started moving the cars down the block. He was like you know you see that. Let's make a wave and move this car and it was really like some special affection a movie. We're moving car then became fun. We're looking at our hands with seeing the blood Blah traveled through their yes synthesis so I did this about four. Listen clown with what I'm not calling you at all. I only reveal okay so let's let's keep it. Let's keep right right now. I'm GonNa Pat Myself on back right right. Okay all month. I sold out my slough. Do that's a big deal when you're artist's studio thank you thank you I sold out my studio Canessa big deal for artists because you know especially if you're making large works something because a substantial amount of resources revenue whatever but trying to say in your speech you made a lot of fucking money. How many some money they didn't make a lot of Rs money you no so let's get back so before I did 'cause I did acid four times and college before that art was mediocre man like my thoughts? I I remember it. I used to be struggling to come up with something that was good and it was like mediocre. I dated the fourth time in it. tweak something permanently in me to make the person person that you now know that Senate. He'll chew so just like if I did it again I think it would change something else and then it would be totally different. Friend of mine told me that is acting greatest of all time is he's a fantastic actor but he says that he was able to see wavelengths wavelengths that he couldn't possibly see because of acid and you're saying that he's that is telling the truth so you gotta think about we have they only say we use ten percent of what is it ten percent of our brain between ten and thirteen or something right this opens up another percentage would put it like this. I ended up. You can't eat in on it because you're so sensitive I entered this. cafe on I caffeine lights was so bright I could hear people's teeth clamping against against the forks and this was not all of your senses Haydn so people you know acid is kind of like something that's. CIA came with before for that there was peyote. peyote was something native Americans a user and ritual because they brought you another. The doors of perception will be open. You know now so like I don't need to like older now. I don't need to pass it all needs experimenting. You know like I'm good. I think I know the wine right. It's good for I would drink wine right now. That would give them a commercial but there's some good wines Chardonnay okay. I'm GonNa I got a basketball game later so I'M GONNA go in there and wind hoop. Just go is actually good for you is not good for you but I'm GonNa tell you this so you you asked me this question. You're an artist and that comes from within right and what does art school teaching artists how answer emails you know. I know no no seriously I'm being honest like how to articulate and speak in a way that you know that's that's what I think colleges. It's like basically teaches you how to speak this language of professionalism. You know some people might call that white people's say hi to speak white thing why but it's actually just professionalism awesome and how to organize your thoughts and your ideas but particularly like how can like discredit arts. I went to school at Art Institute of Chicago. So you know every week we had three to four critiques means. You're you're making work and the professor and your in your fellow students will tear you apart or they'll tell you what's right with it so the only rule. was you get if you say excuse me if you say hey. I don't like something you ha- we will have to give a reason why you have to articulate why you don't you don't like how it could be improved. You know so what this is ultimately doing preparing a professional artist for a life of critique because I don't care how good or how much you know claim team you have going. You'RE GONNA have critics home until you're showing their job is to exalt in criticize you you know so you you gotta like Dick Skin. I recently went through something like that. Where this has been the best month of my life to be honest with you you know in terms of like the professional moves I've been making but it D- Has not come without critique so you know I'll get my stuff gets be sent by certain dealers to to museums and some galleries high end galleries in some of them? Were just shit on you. They'll say fuck you and it's comes back to you. And of course you take it personally but then also starting to learn you know what I'm still new in this in a way because you know I moved from move from journalism to music and to back to fine art so it's like I miss miss some things that I'm trying to make up but those same people will turn around next week. Say This is brilliant. They're just fucking with that you like they're just fucking with you and value. Is You accident about that. Before we got on air new you asked about how how as value assigned nine two artists. It's the same as the rap game the same so they'd be like who is buzzing. WHO's Buzzer who you know? I have a collect as my collectors. They'll ask me say the this person. What do you think this work now? Tell him I say is cool like Blah Blah Blah. They say do you think there are they buzzing. Are they buzzing because if someone one let's just say hypothetically someone buys my my work right now for fifteen thousand dollars what they're banking on is that it's an investment that in five ten years is this going to be a hundred and fifty thousand two hundred and fifty thousand one million and it happens so often so what a lot of collectors do it seems things you know from the outside looking in is that they they are hedging their bets and putting up real money and everything but the one thing that they wanna know no is consistent and that you're going to be that you're still going to be doing this in twenty years and you know one. You know you can make some the money or doing it. You know so that whole like the paradigm of the starving artist dismantle like anybody watching his any the kids watching this they wanted to make art put that out of your mind that you're gonNA be starving not true. That's over with okay. The starving artist is over with over. I mean you got you got. You have to start some time to get to where you wanna go but like the ultimate because I think the the main narrative has always been that if your art is you're you're not gonna get any money until your dead or your family. You'll get money you know which used to happen. In the past like van goal famously only sold one painting painting in his life and his brother for rent money you know he's one of the greatest painted that we know in the Twenty First Twenty Twentieth and Twenty First Century Century the thing is though that you know I would say I would say I WanNa say Picasso was the first Rockstar Rockstar he said No. You'RE GONNA pay me millions of dollars. While I'm alive you know and you know Warhol came and he sa- Eh men's pilot more pollick all these all of these artists so in terms of like being a black artists like this is. I had a this guy who who is. Why am I in my studio? I have a live where studio near downtown he came to me and he said you know this is a great time for black artists and art is the best time and and I wanted to like curse him out because you know I think in his mind he he's he's equating you know visibility with power and that's not in my mind or reality right because when you look at something like the highest paid living artist today his name is Jeff Koons Okay God bless them and everything but his pain is it going for something like sixty five million knives paintings by his works like sometimes he does sculpture and this is the white man and to me you know I won't disrespect because one day I might meet him but you know artists like Let's just say Kerry James Marshall Who's been practicing around the same time and whose work is phenomenal is barely scraping that at all you know is great for let's put into perspective. He's not doing bad and he's not bad at all like what is last painting. He sold to Diddy a twenty million Liam twenty million which he didn't get a dime of or you know because he sold that piece actually in nineteen I think it was nineteen seventy seven and if I'm wrong correct wreck me but nineteen seventy seventy sold I think for twenty thousand dollars so you know the way the way the system works is once you're blown up up. You may like me. I may sell bunch of paintings for ten thousand to fifteen twenty whatever it is but once I'm blown up my my my worth has his town went up there. Now you can sell paintings for more money exactly those things become more valuable and stuff like that talk about specifically what the plight fight or the experience of the black artist and the reason why I say that is because we are talking about black artists in history. Obviously People Basquiat people know you know some others but it doesn't seem like even for me someone who has a little bit of knowledge about the art world that I can go as deep into my bag of black painters and sculptors and artists right as I can with just some of the other guys that dominates yeah these household name household names like what is that is that changing is there is there is definitely you know what it is that I understand what the man who told me is great to be a black heart is now what he was saying and there is this is a moment where we are vote. We are at the at the forefront you know in terms of what what I see is that there's a problem still and that is that only a few or one or two of us are let in and then that creates as a certain competition among us. You know recently you know Nathaniel Mary Quinn I don't know if you saw about him but he I I think he was on Colbert show and everything but he was signed by Google Shin which is like the height of the art world when you get in there you know his stuff is six figures now and he's a younger brother. You know he's like I think he's run Chicago actually and his stuff is amazing. Work is amazing but you know like I've ever overheard other artists black artists named mentioning you know this and that and it is like I know what you if their voice in frustration because alike why him only you know so that's playing against that Hollywood for a long time a lot of writing on time if and that's changing too for a long time on if there was a big movie that was coming out and they need a black face it was denzel will and then a couple of other guys and there was a lot of actors that came around ninety seven to like two thousand five hundred thousand six after a while they were frustrated with the fact that didn't seem to be as deep roster as far as leading leading men. It just didn't seem to be deeper Rosser now. That's that's definitely changing. You got five six seven guys that are on their come up right now right. You're saying that we're the art world's a little bit behind. Maybe that right now yeah experiencing it like so I'm going to give a shout out to my sister Mariam Ebrahim she she just opened a gallery in Chicago. She's Big Shit right now and it's because she's rapid some of the MOTZ exciting black artists that on the scene and she started in Seattle because she's molly but she started in Seattle and it was like new you black art there no representation she kind of made that into a Mecca so now she's moved to Chicago so it's like one step once that one step and she's being taken seriously but you know I mean I don't WanNa get I wanNA speak to recklessly but I will say that. Ownership ownership is really important and I bring Mariam to say that that she owns this gallery and she's changing things herself. If anybody's out there look Mariam Ibrahim Brahim she reps she might yeah no yeah okay. She's she's amazing and I just think when you talk about Hollywood and it's like it's you know people talk about a here Jemaine do pre and Jay Z and everybody talk about this ownership thing as this is if this mystified fight thing when it's really not that you know when you demystify it's just like you you own your grandma. So you have resources you start small. You get a little bigger. You just keep going right now myself contain business right now. I'm I'm currently on sign right which is same as enwrap right. Let's just say that you hot but you remaining on signed Dick and power in that because you know I don't like the gallery gallery take a fifty percent commercial you saying signing signed to a gallery to a gal you could be signed multiple galleries galleries take fifty percent commission and most people fifty percent wasn't end the gym and all of this stuff but when you look at it once you start with reputable gallery it has to be the right gallery then they're going to do a lot of things for you. You know there's there's the press there's obviously the logistics and everything but they're going to be out there getting you more and raising your value so fifty fifty percent of two million dollars don't sound too bad at all right so you know that's the ecosystem of the of the art world and what we need to have a more black people people who are of color on museum boards and also just more owners the ownership thing as far as black Americans is concerned is an interesting thing because it seems as if it's a new concept but it's not I think that you know black people in the past we actually actually got talked out of ownership like we started off after slavery really leaning into ownership and and and you know starting our own businesses and only in our own community and I think around the time of immigration some kind of way either conversation was had with us or we had it with ourselves to aware the renting of our culture and ourselves and our talent the leasing of it to people that became a big deal. You wanted to get signed by deal you want went to endorse. You want to draw money from something that you didn't own it was it wasn't necessary for you to have as much exposure when it goes go straight up back to the slave mentality which is I was a massive last night year old adage enough feel like they they have nothing that voices fucked up but you know it is what it is. You know I see it all the time like I I was at one of my collectors had me in it put me up in his place and it was in a nice place and there was a doorman and do look like uncle bins mix with Django the Guy Samuel Jackson Jingo and soon to pull up what you're doing up here Steven from Django what when you're doing your hand. UK Do that but Whoa Sam supposed to be here. You know like I'm staying here yeah and hope who knows that old school you know and it's just like and it hurt me so bad because I was like you know. undestand trust me I understand that may have been and working for forty years and he sees young do roll up and I'm going to the penthouse but I felt like man over that like lease like good for. Oh you young blood like whatever worth is telling you that you can't be there yeah. His worth like his worth is like I have the key is is almost like sometimes what happens we talk about racism in the Police Department it's really not as much black versus white is blue versus white and the the reason why I say that is because a lot of the black cops have a very similar mentality to their their white counterparts and and it's because in order to be accepted in that world you have to look. They're there to tell people who the criminals are and it doesn't who is they the the like a lot of black police officers have oh so they are the style makers are trendsetters to me to me when you get into like the Blackhawks are gonNA listen to this and I've been trying to get one coming on the podcast that we can talk these things but sometimes they even go harder because in order for them to prove their worth they have to disassociate yeah until their brethren who the criminals are and how they act and how they whatever and even if they don't don't have to be active in that they have to ignore so the gentleman that was being the doorman there like his worth impart it is in identifying for the rest of those people dangerous dangerous black people right and that brother's been doing that for a long long time and I think the goal is for us culturally is to live in a situation where no one has to be that were there were there so much there's so much value so much strength and power in our own community in our own circles that no one feels like they have to compromise themselves step out of that and culturally or socially betray that in order to have have a job somewhere and so that that's a hard thing to do because there's such an you look at capitalism and the way that capitalism has been taught as being the saving grace of black America. There's an indoor individualistic nature to it so it like everybody you know we even talk about guys in their hood. That might be dealing dope. Oh baffled hood fuck. I know you're out there. I know that you're out there. You're you're doing what you have to do and you're participate in the economy that is available to you and I'm not knocking anyone. I'll fuck that I am not going to lie. I'm I'm knocking it because you have to have. I'm GONNA go ahead. No go for it. uh-huh did you have to you have to have a solution for that because like to park said long ago he said. How am I going to tell another person how they the operate if I'm not gonNA feed him viewing him well I mean I I mean the options I mean I'm coming from that? I'm coming from. I'm coming from crack. The straight up crack era where I remember I sold crack for three days right and I couldn't stomach you know like the but even though I was not selling crack all of my friends was a lot of my friends would sell the crack. Some you know most of my friends were selling crack and there was the police what they would do. is they will pull us over constantly. That's regardless if you sell the crack not because you black out here. What are you doing? What are you doing on earth? You're not supposed to move not supposed to be anywhere yeah so what that culminated to is basically then pulling you into alley or restaurant bathroom and going joining your asshole with gloves okay. The most kind of is a demeaning things any any person you know so planting drugs folks constantly right so what I noticed was that all of these free all my friends my friends they're not minister society or superpredators. It is as the Clintons will put it. They were my friends totally normal guy right there with my friends and they were impoverished. 'cause I was impoverished and I saw most of them. Never made they only made enough money to buy sneakers so sneakers and some food maybe Italian beef sandwich or hamburger then once they a real up they re up to eight ball that half or whatever that they're doing then they have enough to buy shirt but my by this time now the shoe's old so so they never get a matching axe outfit because it's always just catching pending playing catch now. Where is the property with the rent wears who knows because that's like like the secondary so when we talk about like survival it's coupled with this conversation of ownership? Ownership ownership is impossible. If you're living miserable matrix because survive you know living the minute I get the listen part of part of changing the mindset part part of changing the sort of intellectual understanding of society that our committee would have is getting us out of the Matrix to where we're thinking about living or dying to where we taken talking about. Just how do I make it to the next day because if that's the case that has nothing to do anyone who's in a survival mode who's just thinking about. I'm just trying to live to see but this goes back what you just say. Although I do blame the drug blamed enjoy you. Would you re going to counter the reality is this though at the same time understanding something is different than condoning something and criticizing something is different than in dehumanizing and individual. I I know it's a very difficult conversation to have some people that would be outside of my community. I know gentleman common criminals dudes that are that are good people that that have big hearts that love that like a lot of them. Oh I know guys that I lost that when they passed away the entire who was destroyed right. It sounds like Gambino for Italian right like we were all sad that they were going but if you look at the rap sheet you would think that this was a horrible horrible person. It depends on what Lens you're looking the friends. I'm looking at you as a fucking dude. I'm looking at you as a guy I'm not and so I'm not saying that we necessarily have to judge human beings for the situations that they find themselves was an but the actions and they're right or wrong and what I and and and and and what I would say is not only do I come from a family of drug dealers. I come from a family of drug users and so when you see somebody that's chained to that and cannot beat that do blame the drug dilatot or do you blame the real drug or not. I don't blame. I don't blame the drug dealer what I want the Middleman Che's though I don't blame. I don't listen. There's a lot of blame to go around from the top all the way down but what I'm saying is I want less of that and I want you to know that I can't celebrate how you doing that. I'm not GONNA my going to say you know you're terrible. Bad individual rap is what I think. I think there's I listen. I Hustle rap is a celebration of these people surviving by the wrap. I wrap is a celebration of this of them surviving and a lot of times when you when if we were take me and you were in we have been in Hanoi together right in Vietnam Okay and we're like. Let's say I'll make you John McCain because you said you share his politics so look. Let's go away together right all right if we have been in Hanoi together and we both survivor know we come back. We all fucked up. We Walk Williams Orlando. Whatever whatever no we would do whatever we got together? We talk about in great detail. How fucking difficult it was to make it out of there? We would have a bond. A lot of people wouldn't understand we'd be like hey remember that one fucking God used to come in and all the shit that we went through in hindsight hindsight it will be terrible but it would seem glossy. You're in the fact that we had survived it and we would tell that story of survivor for a long time that to me is what hip hop is yeah. I mean on a personal level like when you brought that up I don't do that. I don't do like I find it. I think that I have I I don't think I know I have some trauma associated with with projects and poverty and crack era so so like you know when we talk about these Vietnam vets like I actually like most of my friends from back in the era. I don't even talk to them and it's not because I'm acting new or extra a Hollywood. It's just that I think that in order to do to to get out of there and this is some flack for this in order to get out how to that you have to get away from it you know and that's one thing away from it or away from them. No away from it because what what it is as human beings we go back to childhood. They'll tell me some Bush because they used to call me some dumb shit. When I was young you know like my nickname only one AH furry why Ferrari and he's like getting high whatever we we share that with like the oldest dumbed call me fighting over it and all of that I love them? You know we're M in my life is just seeing this. I I was looking at a tweet that may be by the time you put this out but ice tea said you know he peed game and I follow him. I love him. I love ice tea man but he was like you know haven't powerful enemies is good because it makes strange now. I was thinking about my last thing nipsy. Say you know and and I'll I'll get moments where I'm like getting drunk and I'm thinking about it. I'm like I wish nipsy. Would not been so down Earth. You understand earth so that that I know you might have talked about this on your so so what you're saying is you're saying. Is You wish that because he might have not been at the marathon store today they they might not have been at the marathon or marathon store might have been somewhere else somewhere else because so I'm looking at this you know hip. Hop Is my our baby you know and this I told him before nipsy died. I was like no I can't take another loss like this is starting to hurt you know so but I think about everyone almost everyone who lost a hip hop and they may expand even go to John Lennon whatever they would down earth and they say I'm down with. It's the same San Down to Earth is the same thing as saying keeping a real right. You know you say I'm GonNa keep a real and I'm GonNa do this and I say I'm here to announce. Announce fucked at like at a certain point. I I wish all of those dues I grew up. Well like you know I hope that they they can feed their families families and they go forward but I can't take them with me. You know and I think that's an important message. Take them with you but you don't have to leave the behind you don't have to leave him behind wind because at a certain point I'm always going to be voucher for live outline standing for them but in terms of you know you said about the Vietnam vet like I don't even want to think about those things because they traumatize me so much so you know is this weird thing about hip. Hop Man and let me ask you this real quick before we move okay so so for me just talking about that because that's a very important piece of information to kind of unpack so this is so in my life I look at effluents empower as this right so being out here having a specific severi voice having a voice that could potentially grow into a larger voice. What good is that voice? If the kids from South Baton Rouge Louisiana who are going to be looking and saying y'all bands from right here van some Gardir Lane then went to McKinley high school their sister went to Lee high school like the people from God from that if I come out here and all of that that happens and their lives aren't affected by that to me my life becomes somewhat of a waste and the reason why I would say that is because it is almost like the NBA is doing something right now called Nba Africa right and so I lived I lived in several countries so what happens is Pascal Seattle. NBA Player comes from Cameroon Cameroon. One player comes out of there they get a couple of different players out of there and then what happens is all the players forget about what happens when the corporation of investment into a situation it's never great but what happens is all the players that come from there that have dreams of being able to get to the NBA now now because one guy made it out they have a conduit doesn't mean he has to go back and stay in Cameroon and lived there he he can live in Toronto live. La Live with whatever whatever but the time that he spends going back and making sure that the next express calcio calm doesn't have such a hard road to get there changes. Everything and I think that that's very important. I think black Americans Americans do that. It's not even just black America Black Americans because the reason why I'm saying black Americans because nobody else is coming coming to give us a fucking hand and we've been trying to appeal to major culture for a long time we have been trying to say treat US bad down do is right but they never come in. They don't give a fuck. They've proven that over and over again they don't care it's not gonNA happen and it's not even it's not my even before them secure. We just got care about us. uh-huh hearing is not staying on your hood and then your block necessarily but it's definitely making sure that people from your blog got a chance that they might not have had you not blown up. I totally the agree you know one of my players not blown up like that but I will be and I do have a plan and that plan is Su know have a school and in school. I'd take at risk students also students who are doing great and not just address. Sometimes I was at risk but we also want to make sure that this kids that might come to families that want to do art that they haven't exactly you. Have a you have a you have agency here as well but what I will do is I will have them where they can travel because that's so important like you know when I went out of the country and I start going around like you start to have a better perspective of the world not saying we can't we can't we can't solve this generation is like trying to move a mountain in one sitting. You can't do it right so we're we have a great task ahead of us and sometimes I'll be honest. We talked off camera about Jay Z and I we had four men. I was trying to think about his new. NFL We've went over this. This is old news by now but I would. I was pressing for early on was a little patience right and a little like with a two year old. Not Saying Dismiss a two year old you know but where we say okay give them some legroom. like we do pop is and we do have I man fuck them. They did this and that and then next next year we lay him. I'm hungry go just give him some room and I think that you know not that things we we have such a greet fear in in his in his valid of being betrayed you know because we've been betrayed so many times right but how many times have we been betrayed by miracle and white people you know and which like these this whole thing is an experiment and when we bring this conversation first of all out of just America and make it into diaspora like all of my people and you know South Africa yeah in Nigeria and ideas Baba Ideo like we're all facing the same similar problems I I went to a conference in Cape Town in two thousand twelve right it was a conference that was actually funded. I didn't know when I I was just like free airplane ticket. Let's talk about yeah now went. It was funded by David Soros right and I didn't know that until I got to go to Jordan Laura Dave. I don't even know this guy's name. That's how deep it is like worst WanNa talk about some. I feel like they had our rooms tapped because we had to answer these political questions in order to to get onto the Internet really weird whatever but at any rate I'm in town I was I free free flight the Cape Town we have the these seminars where they are Africans from every from all the countries around Africa and then there's you know a few people from the states and from the UK and we're having what essentially became a slave meeting as what I felt it was where we talked about our identity was holding us back colonialism slavery slavery and I looked over I had a moment now looked over and it was like a couple white we will sprinkled in audience and they seem to be taking notes not even taking taking a bathroom break and I said you know this theater. This is theater. This has become theater and we're working working through this in a very public way which is unique in a historic from a historic standpoint where there's a group of people who are slight slighted for centuries and instead of violence because usually that's how it's taken care of as violent violent highland insurrection in defense we now must assimilate and try to come up strategize in the eyes of the people who who are holding us back. Many of the people in our group is it's a lot to deal with so one way approaching you know some someone like Jay Z who who has a little power right now he has a little power and when you look at the spectrum that much power they is and we too hard on them. We hard on each other we hard. I don't know how women we hard on us and sometimes it's like. I'm Pisces and I'm sensitive like they would say but also sensitivity is now weakness since it's a sensitive person personal beat you to death but I'm sensitive to that because I know that that's a law doesn't work it. It only works in reverse like I know this personal standpoint like you know that's tough love. It makes you callous makes you callous list and it makes on let's get back into the conversation we'll talk about. It makes a person who wanted to help say Fuck Ya and I've I've had that I've had those situations like in terms of when I you know we can't social media prominence. I guess you WANNA call it. I didn't even take seriously at Tom Sawyer. Oh you twitter famous. They used to get on my nerves because I'm like no. I actually can paint masterpieces those disrespect but now it's something to say your social media famous you know but at the time our social media famous and I saw I say some dumb shit I was growing up in the public not to give any you know excuses is or anything but it's like. I was literally grown up. There's some things that I read that I wrote that ice that are tweeted like years ago my Hugh Fuck Stupid Dude but you also twenty three so but just the way you know with the then we get into cancer culture but that was this was the pre cancer cancer culture cancel cancel called see look at that cancer culture cancel culture where it's like. I'm looking at many of the you know the the faces in the Abbey's that have cursing me out call me less than shit and I ain't nothing and black and I'm like Yo literally like I. I'M NOT GONNA sit out here and put my resume out here but I've done things behind the scenes that like four my people 'cause I can't I couldn't sleep. I'm like I we need to do something so for that. Turn that quicken system like bullshit and then where it's like I'm dismissed completely. Completely dismissed are like that and I feel like that is also holding back because there's a there's element and not to compare my boss to white white America or white Britain. Whatever I know something about this first of all whiteness is a construct WANNA get into that anybody who doesn't know it was created? Whiteness was created you know up until after World War Two Let's just say Jews. Italians and Irish weren't considered white so they would consider it a little underneath white so all this is changeable white people. I've noticed don't roll why people away okay this look at these these serial killers. Let's look at these mass shooters some of the worst people in history they get a place it may be at the bottom of whiteness even white so called white trash gets a place release and they say well he shot up a mall. He was insane. Wow that humanity is preserved as not. He's a monster they call they call the reason for all of this. The reason is that and this is something that black people have to get away from really really a lot of people have died from. There's a belief and the belief bears itself out in society the white people that okay so it was very simple because this was broken down so eloquently by Orlando Jones a monologue he did on his show called American gods where where he talked about he he plays the God of essentially black people on on the show and he was like you know when dealing with these things is I'm a white person person does something that's it. No matter how terrible it is looked at as a person who did a bad thing when black person does something it's them showing you who they really were the entire time and so not only do I feel like mainstream America believes that I feel like to a degree lessening but to relieve that we believe that of ourselves sometimes aunts and the the reason why is because we see a lot of ugliness and the ugliness that we see sometimes comes from one another also we are. We're more forgiving of each other behind the scenes means than we are in public that is the most concerning thing to me because that tells me that we act differently while under the gaze of White America why we're expected to go into gladiator right reality is that when you see all of these people on on the Internet that are that are the lambasting in talking about these are people that have in their families and in their communities all types of people do they put up with fuck shit from forever right like like we all know for our family people that's fucked the friends fucked up like all of this stuff right right and but when when it comes from a celebrity or somebody prominent we want to act like they're the the exception or the the status attained in someone may in some way makes them impervious to having made a mistake or just been being wrong about something right so I think to a degree I gotta look at myself and I say I'm guilty of that not just to black people but you know you come harder. People do come like people you know how many people have called me up but y'all man my name domain foreign fucking problem me I dislike as Mapfre Mapfre Oregon award spirit he just because you because you get on your not afraid to name I mean and at the end of the day it's like I won't unless I take it back because I I did. I'm unnamed name name. Go for Charlene and God I. I'm a I'm a name name. I'm sorry I apologize is brother. You know there was some times where I want to correct him and I could've went about a different way and I did. The fuck boy stands which is I'm GONNA come at. You and there was some real real shit like I'm actually from that culture. Where if you got a problem with somebody you handle it? You know what I'm saying but we also grom in and we are trying. I I see like I wouldn't. I wouldn't apologize right now if I had not seen him trying to. You know to move in a different direction into what he's doing his best right. He's doing his best and I saw I saw I used to be like microchip. My criticism of him was I said you're you have this platform this large platform warm and you're not using it properly not to say that I would do any better but I'm like you know with the It just seemed like he did there was there was a spirit of Harare not harassment on the shirt talking shit on and I know that's entertainment but I was like I'm coming from like I had I had. We've talked about what you had but I no longer do it because I'm doing something else I I had a platform amount in independent. Stop being famous and part of thing that made that popular was that a humanized my guest and that's what I wanted for him to do so badly because I felt there was so much to learn from from the people instead of just you know doing like you said we're expected to go into this gladiator arena and so I heard you suck some dick you know come on Bro Roll. Like what do I know you're better than that and I'm starting to see him move or he'll actually like acts and turns color ism and things like that. He'll act someone like what does this mean. Help me through this because I'm I'm learning. How did we met? How can you be upset with a person like that? You know what I mean but again that was me being us a fuck shit not actually seeing he's his humanity because at the moment I was like this is what you represent you represent some dumb shit right now right so so this is what you are Charlemagne Dumb Shit Dumb Shit saw and that's not true because he guy mom and go home you know he's learned and I saw that I saw other people. I'm going to be honest with you and I I'm. I'm better with this because I actually learned the lesson other night. I'll tell you about these trolls who we talking Shit Yeah I go into today's. DM's quietly and I asked them for a physical altercation and not not too bad as person in the water as being four. I got my ass be be some ass by them Hammer Ashby my thing is so you go straight up you alight less if it's a man right down. I'm going to say what I asked them. What what's your problem with me by what is seriously problem and then when they say they say they know you just say it's the dentist cool? I'm just on Bobby. I WanNa know if you really have a problem with me because right now you harassing me and I don't like that and I guess I'm not new school enough like come from school of you. If you have a problem with someone you talk to a stranger and might end up in the cemetery. Keep that level of I was talking to victims. I took I was the first person that takes big Minnesota to the gun range right. He asked me to take him. I took them first thing. He said it was like you know he noticed there was not put his name out there but fuck it. It is what it is. There was a confederate flag on the wall. At this gun range that we went to the he went off. He went off and went to to owning your why y'all got that up this now. I had to grab him like don't do that don't do that. We're all armed in here and if you notice everyone's respectful by Subaru. Excuse me Hi Louisville problem. Everybody is equally armed. We respect back to each other but somehow because I was talking about having a conversation about this because if something goes left it can go all the way all the way left. Everybody's hurt. Everybody's getting lost their families in loss so on the Internet you know and I know the you know the the saying is either. You're going to change the world of the you're going to be changed by the world. I'M NOT GONNA. I'm changed the Internet. The Internet is full of trolling. It won't stop you know but sometimes the Cathartic release for myself. I need to address these people and say we need to get back back to respect to respect to one time you go yo trying to pull up and it goes yeah Nigga Rice plopping now. I'm the I'm down like I'm. I'm not even I'm not. I'm not fucking with you. I really don't have so much to lose right now. And that's why I'm changing because it's like rory. You made ah that you gotta do that. No more than that. I need to probably this was not probably I need to actually get all of you. Tell me for all you need to get off the Internet in a net and this magazine get off there in an ab telecom yeah the same thing and you're listening but get off the Internet and I'm getting to to a point now where I'm starting to have more to lose and you know this is dumb shit. This is dumb shit but at the same time most of those cases where I find out that these people don't mean any harm and they're not actually threatening me or whatever is just that this this is what this environment breeds which is like fuck. You got people who don't like me. I have never had a conversation with me whenever saw me in person person or even seen like how I speak. It's like wildfire wildfire. This catch on Russia book is like Oh we're tyler when he was like foxy are sorry we even know what you're saying. Sorry for the gave us a reason later but let me ask you this. We're talking talking right now is Monday Kai was supposed to have dropped Friday. You're from Yahoo Chess. You know a lot of people were your feels about Kellyanne Conway. I love you man. I love but now fan anymore aw and that's just the honest truth I can't i. It's hard for me to be personally. 'cause I'd say some wild shit. You expect me to do some wild shit in life. Just anybody out there. I may do some shit but there's certain things within my parameter our never do and I think think if you're a leader right you have to be you have to have qualities that are of a leader right now. He is not in this in a in a state where he can lead man like in. It's not just because of his bipolar disorder or bipolar disorder. Is that you no. I don't think the center spiritually you know what I mean so I'm just kind of out of it. I'm more I'm more that do because I felt the energy where he was the one who doesn't feel that energy where you to underdog. Everybody said she was Never GonNa do you did you took over the world is due like Kanye West at a certain turning point was the hardest thing you know he had to wait till I give my money right. It was so beautiful see him blossom in his genius and four to fizzle will in a moment in this in these studios here you know and for it to turn into this like. I don't know if you're trying to be a cult leader or if you're trying China like I know you love Jesus. I love Jesus for real. That's no faking that but also known if you if you buy polar then there are moments where some bipolar people experienced great feeling of religious awakening also they feel that they can save the world. You know I think there there's a brother I won't won't take credit for this brother. I forget who wrote about this wrote about Conway and his in bipolar disorder and he was awesome self bipolar and he was saying saying how he felt like sometimes he could save the world and that moment where he split Lollapalooza we said let me through. This is my city split like like you now. like Moses that was kind of manifestation of that thing of like I have this great sense of I can save people right so I don't relate to it anymore. I don't relate to it and a criticism. I don't have contact with him anymore. None of that but ah I have problems with him that you know I could discuss them here but they could be discussed privately to mainly Vanessa the Beecroft she deserves to be called by name this woman if you don't know about her Google Vanessa Beecroft Sudan and this is a woman who works with it Kanye West she went to ten years ago this was she went to Sudan and she tried to adopt these two said Sudanese twins okay okay from orphanage but only photo shoot and she filmed it and the nurses there will tell her please don't touch the babies and she snatched a baby baby. This is unheard documentary. Call Art Star. She snatched the babies and she she went and she was crying. She start calling the women names and races his name's Okay and saying how they were selfish and this and that all she wants to his adopt these babies for a photo shoot and which she has he say charter them for photo shoots take take them just to have this photo of them breastfeeding from her and on Internet then she goes on to say that Konya West last gave her permission to say the inward and that she identifies host she's white person with ginger hair as a black male because conway things like this is you can read about it. Read up on Vanessa Beecroft. Tell me finish telling me I never heard this before so like. What is she vanessa? Sob Cross works works with him on the the his his fashion campaigns she did. She did this for the video run away. Okay very very talented artists without a doubt. She's in some of the highest art galleries in the world is just her Blaine Lina racism and she says things about beyond say you have to read about those that are clearly a problem and for Kanye to just go through with tunnel vision and act like this is happening it kind of goes into his whole. I don't WanNa talk about this do for thirty minutes. I love it when I say I love him. I mean I I love him. He's going through some problems. I have some disagreements come sure qualley and a whole bunch of other people who know him even seen scene and everybody has talked to him and we don't know we just don't know but I love him in that same fort because I fell in love with him when he had that when I swing we showed his brilliance right now. He's in a moment where he's down so I won't kick them anymore. When he's down? I stopped that you know and that's what we are so last question ask you as an art is like a full service artists meaning full paint you do music all of that yeah. There's a argument or discussion about the artist's responsibility to the the community and their responsibility to themselves where you stand on now now are now at a man is middle thirties or whatever is very is important. It is a monumental to put yourself first to put your mental health physical health your financial health I because I was one of those art no before I thought we will talk about the people before the people know the art. The art is me man whether there's been times where you know I'm in survival mode like I was homeless man in New York City. I'll sleep shots. Everybody who let let me sleep on their floors. I'm not there anymore but thank you I'm humble enough to say that to the point where it's like sometimes we don't have we need need help. You know the community needs to help us but even then I was an artist always nodded no matter what whether I'm selling on I'm not selling. I'm always going to be hard. It's but when it comes down to I think that question goes more to a rapper or or something because you say well what do you do. You put the people before the art. Oh what was the question again is Is Anything done done in the name of art appropriate. Oh see I misunderstood you can just clip that out. Hell no because first of all Hitler I'd off Hitler had a whole unit of people who specialized in creating propaganda Ganda Art that would ultimately lead to the genocide genocide the Holocaust okay so they they are instances where art is not fucking art is actually just hatred. You know what I mean so you know who's to determine that I don't know who's the determinant determinant is. Just like we know by the results of it. You know I I've seen so many days I only get into yeah I've seen art this visual artists who they're white and they are pushing the lines of what they can do as a white person in terms of what expression they have have in telling black people stories but I've also like I have a friend from college. His duties like Irish Dude. I love them forever. He's not from Ireland White Man and he called me any shoutout Stephen because he c- he called me and he asked me he said you know so. Sometimes you have white people who think that King of black people if so do you think that this is bad for whatever and I had to tell him like I can't tell you what everybody the oath GonNa say but I can tell you what I think about it. The has great idea about the the school bombing of the of the girls in in sixty three or four little girls and he had this idea. He's like man you know I want to go down and I want to talk to the families that actually were involved in that that sounds like go go because you coming from pure play he was like do you think are get backlash because I'm a white person might know coming from a respectful place camp camp ever like even if it is mistaken for something that's disrespectful. It exists in a very intelligent way in thoughtful thoughtful way like we don't look at David attenborough him covering some area me like what the fuck doing over there mess with. You may notice do this. He's trying to give us a better understanding of the world so you can never have a be out of pocket so great art shines through that you don't have. There's no explanation. That's needed like people may not like me. They may not like things that I've said right but when I look at my paintings they have just shut the fuck up because it's not even me is not coming from me as art. Now is documentation something exist outside personality race this and that so. I think that that's important to understand when it comes to art like we won't have to question. Whether what is this art or trash. It's like you know fucking trash man or you know so yeah. That's what I feel about that. You went up for four hours shepherds. You Got Energy Healing Energy. Healing is the thing my thoughts. Don't put you know but I was. I didn't know he was going to bring a girl because I was gonna ask you whether or not we're talking about here. What time if they were our groupies are groupie superstar? You could talk to me about that now now. Now you say that now then we talk about our groupies later on she she's doing some energy Hunan something like that she goes you know I just want to have have just a small conversation about these. Are Group's WanNa know where they are right but we'll talk about. I know that Nah August we'll talk about that overtakes. I these guys we have real black magic in here. Yeah given cerise pick one way roads right. Yes rose not supposed to tell the the list of the repeal who you are. I am sure he's roads. I am also running for a local seton office. Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Los Angeles yes. I thought it was very important to have you on because of a couple of things number one in the black community we talk about being politically active you talk about being politically engaged but a lot of times when we do that we talk about national elections uh-huh galvanize behind presidential elections sometimes gubernatorial elections sometimes in the to`real elections but we we don't talk about what we need to do in our state and local governments in order to make change in our before where we get into why you feel like it was important to run. I want you to tell people a little bit about your background where you're from how you got to wear yard. I'm from. La My background. I was a former foster youth I was also experienced homelessness in. La County with my three year old son I used the welfare programs programs and so during those experiences. I became pissed off pissed off to the point where I'm I'm not happy the way my community is the way it's being ran. I'm not happy with local government. just like you mentioned about how a lot of times we're focused on presidential elections but little do we know that our local government is what affects our day to day lives use in what's being administered to our counties and to our you know our our Council district so that's even highly more of important to be a part of that process as far as who were voting locally because that's affecting our immediate day to day lives so that was one reason my got fed up with the system. I got fed up with over decades. How many people are more becoming homeless every day? I'm fed up with how many of our young black boys are being and killed and no accountability taken and I just got pissed off in. I said Hey I need to stand up for my community so that we can be represented because right now are being overlooked so tell tell us about the the journey that going from being homeless with your son to being in a position to run for public office offers. That's an amazing story wow so I wanted to get my feet wet. which which was two thousand eighteen? I was homeless with my son that was last year ear and I was sitting there. I'm like what can I do to change the situation. I'm in account. I'm GonNa County building and there's a lady that came in the county building sitting with her five-year-old baby. Infant baby is raining that day and she's like you guys stopped my benefits right and and they're like well. You didn't turn in a piece as the paper. She's like. I came all the way down here to give you a piece of paper that you've already got. `Im came in on the bus and you know it's like I just need help like we just need help and and and they're like Oh we do have the paper and they didn't do their job but she had to her baby sick she had to come all the way down in this county to county building just to get something to move forward Horsley she can feed her baby and I'm and I'm looking around the room. Van and its Latino women is black with tears in their eyes how how much she's just like. Just need help like what's going on here. Where are the resources how come the resources are like trauma? Find a needle in a haystack and I guess just from that is just like somebody to stand up right and you decide that person was you. What was that like so you you see this going on and then you decide I want to do what's the first thing that you saw so what I started doing start looking up? WHO's accountable for this? What are the seats in office? What does this do so what does that do and I came across the county board of Supervisors which word not we know about our city council men and different things like that but we're not to you know hip on what's the county board of supervisors exactly they're they're pretty much referred to as the kings and Queens of the La county that's how powerful they are they administer the funding into our lapd into our fire departments into our county programs anything that is a local government is the La County Board of supervisors advisors supervise that they're right over the council districts trick riders check writers the movers and shakers much representation in terms of African Americans? Do we have on there. I know one person out of how many out of five so one person out of five are these is so for the Board of Supervisors is is this broken up into specific district specific districts overall. the entire district is made up of about ten million people east district is about out two point five million. Wow yes you one person then you have a tremendous amount of power your big as a state. Yes wow wow so okay so you so then the reality is that you took on it. Would this be your first elected office. Missile be my first elected office so you took order a pretty sizable challenge this absolutely absolutely so when I was talking about getting my feet wait van when I saw as I'm looking at what what seats to run for at the time this wasn't available and so I'm like hey let me run for state. Assemblies was in two thousand eighteen. I'm still homeless mind you so I'm sitting there trying to figure out how to do the paperwork. Sid It standing grocery parking lots getting signatures. You have to get a certain amount of signatures mixers and so you know got to a point where where I was a I was on paper as a candidate but I was blocked so so point where I couldn't actually run that time but I got that kind of foundation of experience on running and so I was. I was still trying to do that being homeless at the same time. It was no okay. Let me wait till I get this point of my life. It was a mindset of let me just go and do it and so here I am today and from my experience from twenty eighteen to now is like you have to create allies. You have to know what your platform is and one of my main things is incorporating. Are influencers like yourself to inspire the youngsters and our hip hop culture. Our culture period is powerful and so in our communities our our our youth are following the influencers. They're not following the elected officials. It's important to give our influences political power because that is you guys are the leaders of love our feature Do you think that's wise and this wall asks this. Sometimes something that frustrates is like me. influencers tend to be influenced a lot by the sort of echo chambers that exist online. I could sometimes difficult to actually get in a room with people and get any real coalition volition building done because the people that support you online the people that look at you. They're so loyal to what they what it is that they think that you are then allow you to step outside the box. The dinner like about having someone like you is is an election as elected officials. You have the opportunity to actually influence. The infant is absolutely see I would rather not have have you give me power. I would rather take that power you and give it to people who are working in communities that are doing doing this every single day to be honest with you. I said on television and then I'll talk shooting. I laugh and I do a podcast and stuff like that. I wasn't standing in a parking lot getting signatures issues. I wasn't on the ground. I wasn't in that building. I wasn't doing that work. You were like you're the person that knows how this works. You're the person that has information so it's actually up to people like me to make sure that people like you have with you and that's working together because it's not just about me. It's about both of us like a coalition working together. You have your influence people. Look up to you a certain way you can say something and people start doing that in their lives. I have US different type of influence like you said maybe over the influencers. Oh I would say equal and so me using my power and using your power and your influence working together. It's a force right right. Tell us a little bit about your early life though because there's got to be something in you that made you decide to take this challenge when really you weren't in a position to actually do like tell tell us about like you prior to that like what what did you go in your life so just a little family history. My great grandfather George Rhodes. He was the musical director for Sammy Davis Junior for over thirty years and his best S. friend so real quick. We have a new intern here. What's your name again bro Ethnic? Oh Anthony so Austin's here now. This is your roommate. y'All everybody that listens to podcast of hurt the crack Anthony scores. Oh my God domino it anthony. You're white tell me one fact about Sammy Davis Junior. Yeah just tell me something about San. Jose was union okay but like Jimmy something about 'em though like give me one saw me saying one thing that he did what movie that was in right now you know so. Here's a fucking thing the next time before you come in this room. I need you to be able to give me something about Sammy. Davis junior allowed the top of the cream of the crop cool was white boys get to watch this podcast John Right here married to a black woman really weren't up day talk some. You just said we know our Grayson here. Yes ask your your grandfather worked with. Sami absolutely taps with Gregory hines. That's what are yours for free right yes so I say that to say that music was always in my DNA soaker before this I was in the music industry. I was a songwriter vocal. Producer traveled the world writing for unsigned and signed Zayn Artists Okay world. Yes you did that for the majority of your own the majority of my adult life for you decide yes. So how did you get from there to being homeless. So my my immediate my immediate family members passed away from cancer along and so some in the music industry you have your highs. You have your lows summer and so that was my support system. I didn't have that support system anymore right and so and so you find yourself in the situation where I found myself in a crisis situation where I had to go to a women's homeless shelter with my son. What was what was that experience was we're sleeping on a bunk bed cot with my son in the bed with me and my whole mentality is like my environment not who I am what keep your if if I didn't have my mind signed I would probably I wouldn't I would know what to do? I would probably be lost but state positive. I made sure that I used all the essential advice in Tokyo gives us that was passed down to me from my grandparents and my parents and I use their experiences of where they messed up at and I use that to catapult me and I said I need. I want to do something there's too many black. People in this situation is too many Latinos. Why is it just this group of people mainly just as group of people? What can I do instead of walking on the street and protesting? What can I do to to actually make a difference and one of my friends? Won't you run for office. You know what that's what I'm going to do. No matter what my situation situation is is a my mindset. That's going to push me forward. Let me tell you why that's powerful so everyone that's powerful situation to me. Talk about America in the fabric apropos what the country supposedly bill okay so the idea of America that we have the sort of pie in the sky idea that we have is that there's a person somewhere that's born into a situation finds himself into a situation or that observes the situation and goes. I'm going to change that doc right and then what they do is through. Excuse me guile talent and hard work they build a necessary Seri- allegiances that they need and they start working and they changed that situation they attain some power and then they can look back at the community that they come from and really engineer some sort of new system for those pizzas fright. That's what we're told. America is really. That's not what America is at all when America is now is and what it's really always been is that America is about sort of oligarchs and people with a lot of money working with corporations corporations in order to maintain the power control that they have and that's the way politics normally works. George Bush was a C. student that ended up becoming the president of the united they had asked us was on the mayflower so like that goes back so much further than what any of us can comprehend but every once in a while someone looks at the situation that they're in at the system that they come from and they go. I can change that that is the best of America at Work uh-huh. That's the best of America that's how things are supposed to go. That's all that's specifically like what someone like yourself. Represents you find yourself in the situation and you go. I know that if I did my thing I'm talented enough and I'm driven enough to get myself out of this. Of course I know I can what happens to everybody else and the way real change really gets made is when people take on that responsibility -solutely how has it been for you doing that as a mother mother kind of taking that responsibility on has it changed sort of the relationship or the the time that you get to spend with your son it of course it changed the time but it made my relationship with my son even more valuable because it helped me understand that I don't just exist for me or just my son son I exists for other people too and so by taking him on knock knocking on doors with him he goes. He goes with me taking him with me. These political arenas he's actually really watching and taking this in so it's really teaching him and myself at the same time is helping me become a better woman is helping me understand that giving back to my community giving back to the people it helps me grow it helps me see my flaw that helps me see how to Polish myself and and I'm able to see how influencing other people I'm like doc and I'm just doing this. I can do more and so all around it. It's it's I can say is exhilarating. Sometimes it hurts sometimes. It's I'm excited you know I it's so many different emotions but overall overall is growth growing pains and also just just being grateful. What's been the hardest part of being a politician going could he's into these different arenas I look young? I'm thirty three years old. I'm not ugly person humbly and and you know I'm bad as well. Let's not knock it off but coming into these coming coming into the political arena knowing that there's a huge generational gap and I'm a threat so sometimes people try to bully me but I stand my ground. I stand in my truth. Some people try to you know sway me not to run but I stand my ground. I stand my truth. I know what I'm in this for and I'm in this for my community and and it it sometimes people are threatened. Sometimes they kiss the ring. So who so you said you you use specifically mentioned your looks. uh-huh is that has been an issue has been something that you feel like why how how is that because most most of the Times politicians it's better off if a politician is looking very famous story history time a presidential debate back in the day Kennedy and Nixon John F. Kennedy very handsome guy swamped by the debate was televised people that watched debate on TV thought that Kennedy you want to sort of pours he was sweating. I remember yeah people that listen to it on the radio. They thought that that excuse me people that watch TV thought Canadian want people to listen to the radio. I thought the Knicks right because the substance of what Nixon was talking about. They felt like he was a little bit better so that was one of the first times that the American the president had to be the president on television. This steady affects people in the way they look at this. you like you said before you badass satisfy so those not like us light like you like you said before you're a pretty lady. Has that been a positive live or negative or has it affected in any way when you mentioned it. Have people play with you in any way. Has it been something that you've learned how to use of course it's been something I've learned how to use so it's a gift Emma curse off and I say that because there's a stereotype hey if you're a well looking person person you. You can't be that much intelligent. You know so with that. It's like I'm always being tested you know so that's it from women from men. You know it's easier to maneuver that way but then in every industry or whatever you know ah they come at you you know yeah so it's a gift and occurs and I'll tell you why because when people give me compliments commits his always van. You're so intelligent. Never you're a good looking guy. Never never do that never know sexiest. Hey when you take off your shirt on the instagram posts and comments they sat out to get it. I got a certain demote and Blessing Asi. You're humble a certain demo that I'm killing with grants. You look at so you're so so you're you say that it's a little bit difficult. Sometimes you say that the women don't take you seriously a little bit sometimes. Sometimes how do you get over that. I stand my ground. I stand my thority and then then they'll open up and okay and you know WanNa pass them tools down and different things like that so I guess that's just the way it's set up to be and when you talk about politics you know you win in the scenes that someone lost it absolutely so it's an open seat seat right now. The person who's had this seat is is the only black person on the on the board of five members. It's a male and he's been in this seat for twelve years Mark Ridley Thomas. He's been in CPR over twelve years so he's turned out so he can't see it turned out term Bob limit you what she's talking talk about. GUYS is term limited presidents to whatever whatever right term limit he's turned out now so it's an called an open seat. It's an open seat yes. Who are you up produce? I'm up against a councilman. named her Wesson okay okay. I know you know what I'm saying yeah. I'm up against a councilman. I'm up against the state senator. I'm up against a former councilwoman and two other unknown so we are. You're going to ask you a question right now. The question is what is your platform. How are you going to transform this area of two point? I five million people or whatever what are you going to do if and when you are elected my platform is bottom line reform Boga Gra a lot of our county programs a lot of our LAPD SHERIFF JUVENILE DETENTION CENTERS Criminal Justice homelessness. Everything needs to be reformed. I'm not trying to change the will but I'm trying to Polish it because we we have the foundation of what is it. That's a good politician line. See you've been you get your your learn quick but you know what I don't want to will. I'm not trying to change the wheel. I'm trying to Polish well. I say that because we have the foundation but if you've never experienced being homeless if you've you've never experienced these things how can you really solve the problem and there's nobody on that board has experienced these things that they're trying to combat but they can't solve it because they've never used a county program. They just go by what's being told to them with all due respect. They've probably did the best that they can however her in order to fix something. You have to have experienced it okay so let's just take one of those problems how would you reform the LAPD. Let's LAPD. Let's talk about the section where we are dealing with gangs a researched and there's there's there's no program that I've seen that besides inside the LAPD as far as gang reformer intervention and there's there's an issue right now where if you're affiliated with a gang or you're a gang member mind you you can grow up in a certain neighborhood and automatically be affiliated with the gang member and you take a candy bar from the store. That's an extra ten years to twenty five years to life because you're affiliated associated with this gang that's I I feel that's corruption filled discrimination. I feel that those certain policies needs to be changed and you feel light from your seat as county supervisor you could change that how how how does that so I would come up with a policy because we're able to implement policies inside the county so I would come up with a policy to counter act that so I can't change what's already in place but we can bring about policies to counteract that to null and void that out yeah in terms of what you saw as far as being used to having to use the the the resources of the county if you are a young I'm single mother finds herself in a homeless situation How would you like to see that sort of situation be better and more flu? Thank you for asking that question so right now. If you're a young single mother and you're in a homeless situation. The county only has a homeless program where they give you sixteen days in a hotel or a motel after that you need to go find a nonprofit or something to see if they have shelter. Birdwell shelters are full so the only other way to do it what I'm seeing. Is You have to declare yourself mentally. Ill Oh I have depression win or I have this or schizophrenia in order for them to immediately. Put you into an apartment and help you pay your rent until you're able to stand on your own. There's no program four people who are well competent who have a job maybe have messed up credit and can't get in nowhere so just little things like that. How can how would sixteen days? That's not enough days to get yourself back on your feet so those little things need to be smoothed out run yeah when when you talk about extending programs or widening and for people you know people are GonNa ask you ask you how you're GONNA pay for it. Do you have any plans on. How will you get the money from the A uh? We have the funding we do. We have the funding now. The question is where's the funding going or being diverted to is a whole nother issue. Um well you feel like the money's there but the money is definitely there. It's just not going directly to the people and let me tell you why what else I've experienced is if you house fifteen hundred people on your waiting list to get housing if you house all those people this organization won't have a job anymore so people are holding onto their jobs because if it looks like you're you're in your th but looks like organization is in need then you get more funding this many people in your waiting list to get house. You get more funding. We feel like those people who are in the system in order to keep themselves employed of course as they don't want to solve probably WanNa keep it going. Unfortunately that's one of the issue so I would say divert some of that funding to your smaller organizations that are effective. The smaller ones are being more effective and they're not getting funding from the county but if they did get funding they would they would. They're effective. They've been proven to be effective but the bigger ones absolutely there's definitely corruption going on what specific part of Los Angeles for. La Your Formula Adams in Western. I've also grew up in Inglewood. I've lived in Gardena in Carson sold. The whole second district that I'm running for of. I've pretty much lived in most of those majority of those cities. The Most Prevalent Problem Albums Homelessness when I go to watts there's there's three projects all in one. Most of those people in those projects are blacks. You know another thing that's going on is the police shootings you know and not being held accountable. You know those are the main things thinks or how do you feel like you can change them. Reform bringing bringing programs and funding those programs bringing real tangible resources into are black communities into our Latino communities you go. There's an answer to the gang situation in Los Angeles. Absolutely where would you say the answer I would say bringing influencers in who have been in a gang who have been affiliated with gangs are now successful success stories stories from that bringing them bringing your oh Jeez into the juvenile detention centers and talk into these cities boys who are now productive members of society you know finding a way to bring funding into the gangs as long as they're uplifting and not put him in the way to you gotTa go rob this person or you got to go do this give them give them a funnel of ah funding being to actually bring them jobs to do good work so still an organization right so let's reform how we perceive this organization and uplift these kids because you never know what background are home. They're coming from. You never know if they're being abused. You never know if their parent from the crack cocaine era are not you around so they need to. They need a father figure. Most of our father figures are locked up right so it you utilize that to catapult. How has your life changed in terms of like so you're a politician right so being a politician politician Lord they'll say that representative community politician will so now there comes a different sort of gays that comes with that right like I remember New York evil a manager shot Kinney we were eating at somebody was behind that violate the white one y'all as my manager hazard? Hey before you go to a manager saying because people they look at you different when you have a little bit I am so for you personally. Do you move in different ways. Do you re- do you go. Different places like now that people people know that you're out there like dirty game yeah it is so so like how have you have you switched up. I haven't switched up because you want you went out there you huma out there before you want like hitting the clubs and doing that stuff sometimes on my still go to the club because I got friends that are promoters. I want support them. You know some I'll go hang out with my people in the studios. I do not change who I am. That's what makes me different. I'm in the communities talking to people I'm. I'm still connected to my community the people in our communities where I'm from where I come from so I don't want to change anything. People need to know that I got back. I think trust me. That's that's imported from me because my my special interest is the people I don't know nothing to nobody else but the people and that's why I'm doing this research to another one how you funding campaign the dollar by dollar knocking on doors five dollars by five dollars Yep grass roots real grassroots. You haven't had any sort of business or corporate interests they they have come in and be like Yo. We WanNA will put your no not at all. Are you interested in that. nope not at all interested in having the money comes straight for the straight from the people. How has that been going? It's it's tough. Sometimes honestly it's tough sometimes caused some of my opponents you know they they're already at five hundred thousand with their oil companies companies or with their big corporations but that's not my focus. My focus is hey. You can contribute a dollar five dollars. Twenty one hundred up to fifteen eighteen hundred dollars do that but my focus is to make sure that hey is this as tangible you can run for office to you. Don't have to have a special special degree in all these college to to to do this. This is tangible way that we can perceive things so so. Let's let's look at the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario is like you don't how would you continue to impact and help your community. What would be we'll be your mission until the next time you how do you stay engaged in continuing to change things? Even though you might not have to see that you're a so continue to be in my community mobilized my community build organizations and coalitions use influencers to inspire our youth because if we we don't invest in our youth then our futures not looking too good. It's not looking good right now so continued uses platform to as long term in catapulted to continue to inspire continue to bring awareness continue to acknowledge those who are behind the scenes that don't get acknowledged reached content go out and I mean I'm I am also building relationships with your your county sheriff's your chief of police you know your. Da's I still have these relationships so still using those relationships to benefit the community and spread awareness and bring awareness awareness and change say hey. This is how many boat I may not have won but this is how many voters came out to vote for me. This is still leveraging power still leveraging that power power are there any local politicians here or local organization or organizers here that you see specifically the that are doing good work org that you would like to be closer to work more with yeah. others Guy Compton Hubs Hub city dray okay There's so many van put me on the spire moms. We like really to be honest with you. The one of the reasons why I I I had joined is number one where about to do you're on the repeal podcast that focus more specifically on what's going on home at the local level people understand that is very important. Yeah WanNa have a black share on okay pretty pretty soon. You know you know what I should be fun. drill drill. We'll have conversations with people that resonate it all over the country about what can make us get up and build coalitions like I said before because I've won a my titus holidays at one of the smartest man in this entire country killer Mike always talks about love him always talks about state and the Logan Gore yes yes we don't have these conversations about state and local government funding national level. Yes yes so I asked you about people around town for people that I would like to connect with that. They have what it is do you feel like there is change happening and do you feel like are you. In any way is part of that. What I mean is are the young people that you see now moving differently? Have you been able to have more fruitful conversations with them. Are they more engaged than what you've seen before growing up in. La Absolutely I feel like over the years. The people have become more conscious. Especially Leeson's trump has been in office. We've been forced to to try to work together and figure this out. You know like like when the whole issue with Gucci how we came together other he list not by from Gucci you know we're learning how to do things in a different way and more effective. I definitely see change. I really liked the the revolt summit that they recently happened and that conversation and so I feel like it resonated a lot of people are more aware and more conscious nowadays for ashore. Do you or your rent as a Democrat. I was yes What do you feel about? The idea of political parties have to be with you. I'm no longer Democrat I'll have political party. I'm with you on I am liberal but I don't believe in the structure of little parts anymore how big it worth for route anyone especially black people. What do you think about that? I'm totally with you on that. Ban go in the Democratic Party Arena a lot of people people have turned their backs on me because they're interested in other people their their funding is through those politicians and so I'm like hey do these people really wanna to change things or are they just trying to keep their stuff going or they're all you know and so it has made me get a different perspective. Also I like the things killer. Mark was saying how you know right now. We're arguing over. Who has the best master you know and so I really I really don't believe in any party lines I believe at the end of the they were? US citizens and will get more things done by working together work yeah. Who are you supporting the Kennedy Right now on the dental side? I'm still on the fence right now. I'm narrowing down to Bernie you know they keep putting Joe Biden in the pinnacle of things Joe Biden. You know it's really hard hard Dr everybody else. That's working real hard. He's got some good people but now yeah beauty beauty. Jake's forget yeah yeah. He's he's pretty cool candidate. He's he's awesome is an amazing dairy authentic authentic as a fantastic Kelly. I mean just that I don't know off how he would be as a president raise. you know years have very much experience at that liberty as far as a candidate do can be open about anything absolutely comma hairs. There's a lot of different people. We have yeah warn. She's bad at great problem. This is the problem with me probably did the problem. Is I have hangover. My hangover is from President Obama. Reality is this as a candidate forget about the presidency because that was different than then we can have arguments all day long about whether or not the Obama Presidency delivered on what we thought it was going right. That's a Kennedy you had a charismatic affable black costitutionally a law professor asser swag the editor of the Harvard law had excellent performance personified. You had grace with his wife on an unbelievable journey me of someone who built themselves then you had a god if you ask them a question which is able to deliver liver and then you had this weird sort would've almost spiritual authenticity right. You have someone who like like you see when you see Obama by playing with a kid the reason he's waddles Obama kid videos. He's really having a good on like everybody else. The kissed the baby and then right away turn. It is the robotic mouth. The smell goes away yeah gray but Obama looks like he's legitimately loving people bowl. He now became president then he drove a bunch of people however like the reality is that on the campaign pain trail. I don't feel tethered to any of these people I think a lot of these programs and things that they wanna put forth uh-huh are would be great if they could execute them but if you look at the landscape of government they can't they know that they can't so what I want more out of a president anyone over politician anyone is I want someone I know who cares about people because if you care care about people you won't be so quick to shut anyone down absolutely aiming if you're some if you some gun nut right you you live in Tallahassee Florida or you live unless to Kentucky are you live Tupelo. Mississippi live in Jacksonville wherever you live if I actually care about the fact that you care about that. I'm GonNa treat you like some kind of any now I will tell you that I think that your passions or misdirected as a country might need to calm compromise to get to a better place by my act like use of human right now goes for anything yeah I think now we have our politicians that are really just like social media floors that are angling so hard for applause feeling heartbeat in Seoul. Is something missing. You can tell it's antiseptic at is something messing is there's something not right like and that scares me. That trump is going to get another turn to be honest with you. I'm just being transparent. I hope they offer looks. That's what I'm saying. All the candidates is like some you know. It's like it's not authentic. If something is that it does missing right and in order to believe that someone that has a plan you have to really believe the an order to someone to someone can execute a plan. You have to think they actually believe in it right. We're all in this room right. We're trying to escape escape from his room in the back of all fire and you go and one guy goes. You know I think when we should do this in another goes no uses the line terminated. He says cope with me. If you WANNA live that they say never return this is not saying it was t- to come with me none of them bullshit motherfucking cow recess that let's see what I'm saying. That's my fucking problem with that started in the original terminator cow our reese Connor. He's Cohen me. If you WANNA live then they can't keep recycling it because then the fucking T. eight hundred he then Kim says come with me WanNa live and then they keep coming back to the point is this if everybody's in the room at one guy says I think we should go this way and another guy. This is come with me if you WANNA live. Who are you going to follow it? I'll come in with because I wanNA live. I WANNA live. I'm telling you I believe this is the way out and and everybody else on his fucking. They're all these weird. platitude Cory Booker was talking about cool eight. Don't do that no more on don't do that is something missing was wrong. You brought your eyes anyway. like you have you have you. It's like it's like Cory Booker looks like he's he's getting electrocuted every time man. I'm just saying like I'm not real like ten like it is but you know what I'm saying. Is that like I out of a politician which is essentially a leader you want someone that you think is really invested and has has a belief and so that's what I'm not feeling right same here and that's what I'm looking for people in and around. La that regardless whether or not not just in my my home city Baton Rouge Louisiana Two shots at Ted James I know the Ted got it on lock over there young politician coming up stay with that I can believe in even if you even if we need to work together on some of these plants and we we need to figure out the people we need to. I'm looking for people that I know care about people. That's the number one thing. Absolutely you got got a note at somebody cares about people yeah. You know what I'm saying yeah and talking to you first of all you are very persistent about coming on the podcast S. which means is absolutely talking to you. You've been in a situation to where I know that you're GonNa bust your ass or trying to make something happen right. So what are the next steps they like. When is the election? How much time how much money do you need to be raised? how can people that are listed. How can they help us out? Next Steps Swell. The election is March twenty twenty well we have. We have eleven so I'll be on the presidential ballot was on locally we have eleven days to vote this time around so I think that's around February twenty four to March third. I may be a little off on my numbers but I need at least about to raise. Sixty thousand was in until then the most that individuals can rai- can donate is up to fifteen hundred you can do that from my website. CHERISE ROADS DOT net S. H. A. R. I S. R. H. O. D. S. DOT net and yeah I was maybe about five thousand right. Now we have some work to do go do was that I want to really come yeah we do. What's called the turn-up ticket okay because you say you know allow party promoters right yeah? We should do functions Allo benefit this what you need so I'm talking to pay sky. This is what this is why I do we should have functions in. La to where we party for I'm with it I'm saying 'cause I'm GonNa be honest with you adid fucking milk Deborah and all my guys from Medan attainment Shane all my dues from Supreme Team coming out drink which I'll anyway I drink all the liquor marquette diamond juice olives any but we should party for a purpose because we can take some of the celebration by people we love. We love to have a good time. We love what we do. Is We ended up giving our money to Hennessy. We ended up giving our money who fucking universal music to give money to buck and whoever right after we had we've had the experience we'll have nothing left. It'd be good if we could some way. Take our needs to celebrate and and and and be with one another and turn it into something lasting that we we can put our hands in yeah and I'm talking about economic lab longevity. I'm talking about you know social. I'm also talking about political on so we have to find a way to merge all of these. Do you know these guys. He's promoters. don't just go to their parties man for bring them in yeah because they they they making that money man yeah. I'll tell you how they're making money. I Play Basketball League on Monday nights. Santa Monica Basketball Leagues Go ahead thirty seven Austin talking only pretty good. What's your ass? ooh They know they weren't cloud cloud once they weren't they weren't fifty but they were white and they were five to seven. Is You don't matter if you're on the court your food and the big boy goal ooh fuck over anyway. I got to see you inactive and I'll I'll be a cheerleader. He's doing this on the Internet. Here's the problem with the clips when you're in the game when you're in the game and you and your cooking thinking Joe Lieberman seriously is like turn back the clock nineteen ninety seven at Saint Imam Shit I'm they can y'all. I'm crazy. Then you watch the video of yourself. Oh no and you're like why in the fuck that they let our roker on the basketball yeah. Do you like what you you're moving so slowly. It looks like your knees hurt for yourself. There's no fucking. This is how you start thinking like. Is this because I'm thirty nine or have. I always look like Oh my God. I think ah you think like have I always look this playing basketball. I was I was I plan in high school and then having my mom ago my poor Guy but what I'm saying is with these guys are not got money because I'm rolling up in a Honda Accord Cross tour promoter homeys they they whipping happen so what I'm saying is maybe we should put less money into Range Rover and more of that money industries what we're going to do no matter what it is. This is figure out a way to get you the money that you need okay because win or lose first or second first of all all we want is win. That's right but win or lose first and second one thing that we have to prove as young black people is that we are here to support each other absolutely and we're here to roll with one another man. I do this podcast. I hope to grow as a host. I hope to grow as a voice I hope to grow as an entertainer and educator you hope to grow as a political voice as a community community organizer. We want to look back five six seven years from now. I'd be like yeah remember when we did not look at it in order to do this. We gotTA BUILD PARTNERSHIPS AND I. I am telling you right now. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that you same here. y'All kloppers roles right now. Man Thank you so so much until they can what they can donate what would they do. Cherise Rose Dot Net S. H. A. R. S. R. H. O. D. E. S. DOT net dot. I never did you ever play any sports. I used to run track the four hundred four by two the four by four eight hundred four hundred with your most trashing wanted to suck the most. Oh my goodness I didn't suck I still got records in high school or work. Yeah I was like that Oh yeah I was I was I was I had long distance had longevity endurance and I was fast yeah it was the thought was fast now muscle fucking race one day then testosterone. That's a little bit. I got a little less weight eight then you equal. You'll think that I'm to the point my life you scoring thirty seven and again matter Oh the school with thirty seven but you know how real it was a real thirty seven cooking but those guys will complimenting me set up so it was a great move. I'm what I'm trying to meet a whole talking shit. The Duke comes over runs up. He goes I can do about that. He goes on

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