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Let's setting up today setting up well while he's setting up the audio for the press conference today and for the fight that's going to be a pay per view on on on Fox later on on this weekend. We've got one of the actual fighters showtime Shawn Porter str- showing up so the fighters here Mike Mike is not here facts and it's tighter is going to be at venue where Mike is setting up. These are facts. Everything readies real facts. Wow it's a new it's it's a new high watermark. If you will for the rich Eisen show by the way we turn five a couple of weeks and and we've cultivated a nice caper for for our in studio guest on the day that we of and ethic the day I guess our first day as we're six. I'll I'll show the it's a big pop culture guest. That's going to be later on in the show as announced that that's called a tease for all fans of the show that no that what we've been cultivating this caper to use the more the Wiegmann phrase for five years a Wednesday in the NFL means were we've turned a page and we're looking forward unless of course the grind we got one last game of last night of of looking back but right now right here tonight on epic's picks nine eastern right here right now we've got a whole bunch of games here and one of them it starts tomorrow night packers and Eagles huge which game just absolutely monster big and Joe Bucks call in that game he's going to call in from lambofield top our number two and tons of stake. Hey can that one because it can get late early in the NFL and it would be late early for the eagles at one in three and the Dallas cowboys sit atop. The division is as well as they've played through the first few weeks of the season one two eagles three no packers packers could take a four and a record into the weekend kick back and watch the lions who are equally unbeaten a to own one take on the chiefs they make it sit back and watch the bears Vikings beat each other up. What a big game that is late window on Fox on Sunday? I'm wondering up part part Barbie that CBS I shouldn't just assume because it's an NFC game any red tape across flexing whatever they call it like The saints and the Seahawks was Romo Oh and GM right so that's GonNa be on CBS late window I assume Romo and GM will be in in Chicago for that one too so it's a big game for the the packers Ugo Forno you know you know either the bears the vikings are going to be two and two most likely and I'm talking about ties here or you know ooh that it's most likely the lines are going to get their first loss of the season unless the lions show a remarkable reserve taking on the chiefs and beating them at home bobby a huge w biggest win obviously for the lines regular seasoning in in quite some time so that's one game. I'm looking forward to seeing chiefs line as well as another one. you've got the Patriots and bills sitting at three in verses three Oh that's a good game man weird stuff happens in buffalo flow does it you mean when people throw stuff on the field stuff happens yeah yeah in the parking lot and the stand bills Mafia and you know the bills the last time they were three Oh and and made the playoffs the last time they were three you know and made the playoffs Playoffs Nineteen ninety-two Super Bowl number three out of four that they made in a row wow in the K gun Kelly et Cetera the era. That's how long it has been for them to start three and then had that cash into a playoff season. One must thank you go foreign. Oh beating the Patriots traits now that would be something else and all of the conversation of okay. It's the jets giants. It's the bangles so what goes goes right out the window also I'm the panthers in the Texans are sitting there one and two verses to there's a whole bunch of one and two versus two and won games that are of Interest Panthers in Texas Kyle and Second Start Texans at two and one of the colts sitting there at two and one raiders wanted to colts two and one browns Brown's one and two ravens to one now then browns lose this one they lose three of their first four after everything that we've talked about all the hype man right after all that we've talked about they go one in three to go to plus games behind the ravens evens then what especially since you 'cause you. NFL teams look at everything in quarters I four games next four games. The browns sounds next four games at San Francisco home for Seattle by at New England and then at Denver where Baker's already played that was one early Saturday games if you remember last year that was crucial for both teams browns and Broncos that was on NFL network on a Saturday night so so that's another one to keep an eye on certainly with Freddie Kitchens and everything that's been going on there about him talking playcalling etc and so on and so forth and then you've got the one and two giants now Danny dimes blows rose as a nickname. You don't like Danny dime. Standing dimes blows as a nickname why because it blows that's why okay but why Danny dimes drop dimes Dilford's dimes I understand what dilfer does or his dimes or you. Drop them. You look at him and do do you think of a guy like who has goodfellas type nickname. No No dimes you think anybody anybody has called him. Danny in the last fifteen danny do stand for goodness about a botanist do throw dime or Nichols Danny. I'll tell you what he certainly mowed the lawn and the second half South Tampa the asked the defense. If it wanted to fresco he was lobbying Alta stretch marks of the Tampa Defense Inc.. We we have a mind the judge scales references I think I think we've run out of them. It's easy to agree in when your ship comes in and you can. Here's the guy continued again against the Washington Redskins Here's what Danny got come without an accounting firm we just have to and I'm not GonNa go the Daniel Okay because that makes no sense. It makes no sense neither Danny dimes. What do you mean? His name is Dan. You know who throws ABC's names not Dan it's Daniel. He does that specifically because I'm sure that's what his parents have called autumn ever since he came out of the womb daddy them Danny team daddy if I ever asked him back on. has anyone ever called you Danny. Do you notice reaction action to that would be well. I'm just I'm just taking one name. At a time it blows we gotta do better and the same named in the same way that as hard as test-tried many a Monday night muna go last year has showtime mahomes stuck. No no some people don't need a nickname. They don't have one never got one. We just bought re- refer to him as his first name because you can't call a manning because obviously there was Peyton sure so. I don't know what there is. Dj I don't I don't I don't I don't know but Dan dimes. I who came up with that who did is it an anathema. I'm unaware of that's what his name's been called since high school or college in the same way that Matt Ryan was Mattie is but here's what Daniel Jones. I think the giants twitter might made that up. Is that right okay Danny dimes he does not sound or look like Danny dimes. He doesn't look like a guy who wants to have an alliterative nickname. Though it is Jimmy you gotta go get the giants. Get the giants no now no but here's what Daniel Jones can do. He can become the first player with two or more passing touchdowns a two more rushing touchdowns in consecutive games in the history of the Super Bowl era. Nobody's ever done that. He's got this all set up. This is like the Johnny Vandermeer rule. When you throw a no hitter you you have this opportunity to set record your next start if he has three or more offensive touchdowns passing rushing or receiving he'll set a rookie quarterback record for most players I to recruit career starts in the Super Bowl era if he leads the giants to another win this week if he can if he can beat Washington which is entirely possible this team is only three and as we all know susceptible to pass he'll be the I quarterback not named ally to win consecutive games the giants since Kirk did it before he got benched for two thousand four and he leads the giants? It's to a win this weekend. He'll get the team to five hundred or better for the first time since week seventeen two thousand sixteen one one thousand one hundred days before if I'm not mistaken that was the last regular season win before the boat incident gay you look that up and as we all know the giants have not been the same franchise since they went on the boat trip before going to Green Bay Okay and losing that playoff game I just am fascinated by Daniel Johns and we have to come up with a new nickname for him and I will take phone calls on this front. I'll take phone calls on any front now. I didn't mention cowboys saints. That's that's an obvious marquee game. I mean that's huge as it gets and I wouldn't sleep on the saints in that one. Is that an unluckiest lock of the week if the saints in that one are they home dogs. They're home dogs but by less than a field goal all right. It's not really unluckiest narrowly unluckiest. His bills would be unlucky wouldn't it bills are in Lockie that morning. I'm already. I'm only circling here. What would the unlocks lock of the week at the touchdown right now? Seven points Sir I bought the cardinals a home dog in Seattle Arnold's our home dog. Would that be an unlucky Lanka. We think so. It's five minus five Tyler Murray getting his first career win against Russell. Wilson sounds like what the football gods would wanNA T- up with all due respect to the twelve out there. It's a pretty fun game. 'cause you know as you know I don't base this on anything other within having a feeling yeah and I get hooked speaking tessies Bengals steelers coming up in a few days who you consult your local listings so that's your week four Joe Buck call in that game in in Green Bay. He's going to be calling in top of our two. Do Shawn Porter showtime. Shawn Porter is a big browns fan. I can't wait to get his two cents on the subject of his one and two team taken on the Ravens and and as you know last year in the one game we saw week seventeen where playoff life for Cleveland was on the line so in a in a way Baker Mayfield verses Lamar Jackson in the first time they met last year must see television Lamar. He's taken his game to a new level and there is no question Baker Mayfield through the first three regained has regressed will discuss that with showtime Shawn Porter when he joins us in studio and our number two Bruce Feldmans GonNa stop by an hour number the three in person what is going on in my Alma Mater and nothing has pissed off Wisconsin fans more after they they beat the brakes to use the phrase of STU and and Dion they beat the brakes off of Michigan and all we're talking about is what's wrong with Michigan and what's going going on Jim Harbaugh as opposed to how Great Wisconsin looked and they did and what Wisconsin's chances are moving forward in the big ten but what is going on there and the big marquee events of your college football weekend appear to be Virginia Notre Dame. USC At Washington so Oh there's also a scandal that's broken out in Kansas that involves the basketball team has touched a little bit on the football team so just when Kansas actually wins a football game here comes an actual scandal so bruce is GonNa join us in studio our number three. We'll talk some college football as well. I'm more than happy to take your phone calls. Throughout the date for four two zero four rich number to dial a holdout is ending it appears maybe in in the National Football Ball League and you know what for all of us we've all had the flu before nothing's worse common off off the flu and hurting your hamstring or when you sneeze with the flu hurt your hamstring and maybe throw your back. We've all done that before engine a little bit yeah because Jalen Ramsey me if it's not one thing it's another he's really having a string of bad luck. Hey man you know in Iran's all that stuff the you know all that stuff about hey we talked it out. Everything's fine. It's all good as Jerry Jones would say it takes two takes two and he doesn't appear to be one in a bid to and that situation is fast turning into a number two show in Jacksonville. That's the way I'm rolling TATA. You're doing. I'm doing great eight four four two zero four rich number dial Chris Brockman news updates phone calls. Our poll question is excellent to we also have a couple of options options on that. We'll get to that in the second. That's next here on this Wednesday. Show that has joe buck showtime Shawn Porter at Bruce Feldman and you hear on the rich Eisen show. Everybody's he's got a to do list drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk. Here's an idea let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance to that list and the good thing is you don't have to drop offer pick-up anything. 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Obviously we've all fall in love with Daniel Jones kind of off the board here. which young quarterback would you want want for the next five years young quarterback? Would you want for the next five years. Not your obvious choices here. We're going to Daniel Jones Baker Mayfield as cuyler Murray now Jacoby percents. Oh so once you get mono they forget about you. It's only gonNA while you're not on the field to give us some game tapes that we can't really let's see how good you are me. That makes you stand out as you know in yesterday's show wait till he follows it up with rickets and scurvy dysentery would be unfortunate cholera. Okay I got these are all significant actual illnesses and diseases from the Oregon trail video game right yeah so you're posting the rich Eisen show on twitter vote now. Give us a call Daniel Jones Jones Baker Mayfield cuyler Murray Jacoby percents have we received already knew nicknames from on our rich Eisen. Show twitter feed the I I heard the the Dan Schayes right the the dance. John is a lot to be giving you grief though like being the same guy that tried to push the Matchel and the patch role. Excuse me so you can't really chime in your day. Danny dimes isn't a good nickname okay now to that. May I resort sure thank you short. I have this Richard Shut up. I saw that on Fox News last night. Shut up no here's my retort the Matchel plays as all of his name and rid rid him of a nickname about a beard sugar. This is way before the chugging of the beers became I'm a metric by which quarterbacks are measured in the NFL guy yes so this is just understand how far the first ballot all of Fable Kate. This is. That's how far back it goes so to call him. The match role to remove Mattie is I just assumed knowing him and just seeing his outward demeanor and he's now a CEO Joe face font individual for the Atlanta Falcons. You can't be his Mattie is especially since natural. Ice Beers have been gone essentially essentially right. I mean it's a column right exactly so I tried to help him playing off the name the natural he's the Matchel and then Patrick mahomes showtime. is we own on the spot. We rejected it no matter the fact that his dad called him that back as a kid that just was rejected on the spot on on mass by the Monday night viewing and it's also our second our guests nickname sean showtime porter. I understand that but one I'm saying is those are maybe poor fits but Danny dimes a Duke University quarterback alliteration as a wordsmith. You would appreciate yeah but there's Danny dimes. Again sounds like a goodfellas character johnny two times Danny dimes okay Maury Maury the whig mouth. He wins again this week so he's a gangster. There's no there's no gangster to him. I I don't know if it's available in Mike del Tufo. 's Labyrinth that you have in front aww you Daniel Jones after he shot everybody up on on some. Did you have that Jay. It's okay if you don't don't okay back. He's probably got that deep somewhere. The guy doesn't have a single bone in his body that is outwardly gangster none because it gangster would have come up to the podium and and how do you like me now. Okay right like it's it's magic last year or Aura Lamar Jackson not bad for runningback right not bad for running back. I hear what you have to say. Guess what I use it as an I'm going to destroy my opponents using this fuel. That's IT Donovan mcnabb for Years War your he still does today and I got that the other day when I said Daniel Jones in my sixteen plus years I've never seen a more Kilifi draft choice and I got all the mcnabb stuff booed. I understand bye bye bye. Eagles fans who wanted by the way Ricky Williams Ricky Williams of all people right but one one I would say to that is that mcnabb was before my time hosting the draft and two there is less pot on online by the way that's not the way I was going to finish the sentence that's okay don't worry about it but and to mcnabb nab wore that for years to his benefit and Daniel Jones just didn't it. You just passed on it. There's no Danny dimes to that. Danny Danny dimes would have stepped up to the podium and said hey guess what Danny dimes today. Shut all your piles up. All you back page writers that supposed I didn't have this in me made fun of my goodwill hunting sounding general manager for over for drafting me thanks to falling in love with me three senior bowl snaps. How do you like you know he didn't do that so there's that but the the the Dan Shah's isn't too bad and I'm not sitting here saying the Daniel I will say this but here's the thing that we can move is New York forty on you got to move on didn't work out with the Sanchez and I'm going to you know I understand that I it can be made fun of here on on a show with my own name on it? I I have to be able to take it if I dish it out but I will use a rich Eisen show preemptory to say that that drop up the way it is has got to change because he said and rich you gotta move on. I love you but what you've got to move on and the I love you was edited out. I don't have any recollection bombing really under remember that was you're it was edited to make it seem worse than it was. I think so and I tried to give them one less. The one time I will give you this though and then we can move on that I I strayed and I went too far with the whole match. Nickname was to go to Stafford after Ryan rejected it knowing knowing that those guys are best friends and Stafford if he wanted it now matt has no he's got he's got no nickname stafford know victim nine. Just call you nicknames. You can't just be called by your now it took brady forever to get the TB twelve right yeah he had that create that company and the his brand some guys just don't have a nickname and Daniel Jones is going to be that guy. It does not matter how many times he does what he did. Danny dimes blows us. That is a drop all right. We got bubba Montana Montana. Let's take his call where riffing here. We'll get you news in a second go for BUBBA. What's up man how you doing rick what's going on Bubba well? I'm sitting up here watching some people load. Hey and I was listening to the radio. 'cause we finally got the radio station back up here in Montana but watching some those load. Hey and I think you should call him. I'm Daniel the professor. The professor is not a bad one and so there's also a history in new liked professor on Gilligan's island. Get the ladies eighties you know get the ladies and I called pump up my broncos but only thing they need to pump up the tires on there is there is southbound us so thank you great talk me. I've been watching the crying or a guy like that better than the other fellas may dress in the morning on Sunday bubble bless you you know what the Professor Right now the hazing that barn the professor on Gilligan's silence. I'm looking at a picture right now had a great tan he did. He's Roy wrinkly Casey stangl. There's a history in New York City of being nicknamed the professor professor what was called the professor not a bad one. Dan Daniel Jones taught the bucks a lesson today okay all right. I see where he's the professor he's from Duke. He's a smart guy okay. The best nicknames aren't playing off off of somebody's name and I say that as trying to force the natural for all these years the bus right what a great name the bus because he's taking people to School Jerome Bettis the bus write these down by the way I you can't beat phone calls to begin again with. I'm I'm watching people in the born from Bubba from bubba in Montana love it what's our poll question. Results Okay really stand right here all right which quarterback young quarterback would you want for the next five years and everybody tweeting me Patrick Mahomes and to Shawn Watson Lamar Jackson I get it. They're awesome. We're not debating how great they are. We're talking about these young quarterbacks who are unproven at the moment Daniel Jones Baker Mayfield coury jacoby percent forty four percent Baker Mayfield right now twenty two percent Daniel Jones eighteen percent jacoby seventeen percent cower Moran. Everyone still on Baker everybody's still dylan on him. I mean I think I take was debating if he was overrated or not yesterday after my Gosh Rex Ryan called overrated on get up I'll again but if you rex is season full hype magazine profiles all these commercials got to back it up man. It's just tough for me as a jet fan here rex. It's just tough just tough and I'm sure for bills fans to Ravens fans. They know what he can do oh last. AM to justify to win foxborough you say when rex showed up in New York. It's exactly what the jets needed swagger somebody to say. Hey we've got this town town to Amac Kissing Bill Bell checks rings problem is you got to back that up and the ground and pound jets got as far as the AFC championship game two years in in a row and you have to give it up to rex for that but the the moges disappeared disappeared Gino Smith Mr T. Mike Tannenbaum over over capped the the the team and their window close their window closed and they've just ran into big Ben and Peyton manning but it's tough to hear rex evaluate alleyway quarterbacks you just as once upon a time he knew how to get them off the spot and destroy him and then he just he just couldn't get one just couldn't evaluate him Baker Mayfield you think he's overrated the guy that we let me say I don't. I don't think he's struggling to start this here but he's got a new head coach. I'm telling you the wage rives the ball. He can drive it man. Oh the ball flies out of his hand. He can drive it those those his throws over the middle that takes some time to to develop he can get it in their man. He bails on the pocket t quick what we saw at the other night Aaron Donald can make you do that but I think he's been doing that well. The offensive attacked a man and they gotta have a running game. Nick Chubb is just totally disappeared right. Kareem Hunt comes back in another other six weeks then it'll probably one of those where it takes a week ten eleven twelve actually get his footing under him but will be too late. I mean they could be dude. One and seven seven the next few games are insane but Baker's not al-makassed sit here and sees overrated he was tremendous last year and he's regressing and he's got a first year head coach never done before and it's all in place and figuring out clock management and there might be stuff going on locker room. He's gotTA figure up Freddie Kitchen entity with any of that stuff last year only to do is just attach himself. MM self the hip to Baker Mayfield. He's the one call A. Place. He's figuring out not being the head coach is calling plays with help of Todd Mahnken. It's called the sophomore slump the reason it's GonNa take some time right no power to oh four riches the the number to dial here on the show Let's take a break in in come back and we'll talk about the the issue with Melvin Gordon. That's going on right now. That's next on the rich Eisen. Show every car comes with its share of stories that Ding in your bumper. When you nervously picked up your first date the luxury package you got after a big promotion or the mileage you save by riding your bike all summer while you can't put a price tag on your stories now with truecar you can at least find out what your car's worth when it's time to sell or trade it in just go to truecar simply enter your license plate number and watch how your car's details pop up then answer a few questions navigation moon roof watches they bump up your value high mileage? Your daddy knew it was gonna cost you but now you know how much danger wallets you can plan ahead. Once you're finished. 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I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com clicking looking on the support this podcast button and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible so thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show drive the right field back get a judge to the wall they raised two big win for the raise because has that kept them a half game in front of Cleveland who got Jose Ramirez back in the lineup and all he did was hit two home runs last night a big w right there for for the raise and and that's brought to you by our friends at capital one which is reimagined banking by offering savings and checking accounts with no fees are minimums and one of the nation's best savings rates capital one. What is in your wallet approval required Capitol? NA member FDIC A big W right there Minnesota's magic number to close out the twins to win the centralist to Oakland in the AOL wild card race. They're just a half game in front of Cleveland. 'cause they lost last night. It's a tight race right now. Big Fat Game Amo musical chairs going on in the and L. A. The AO wildcard meanwhile Nina Wildcard. It's the the nats and the and the brewers that's it. We'll see is going to host the other. He's going to host the other as the nats I mean you're talking about the nats eliminated the Philly's last night and perfect sportsman the nats eliminated the phillies. We got a big cardinals fan coming in studio on Friday Billy Bob Thornton way your next season for Goliath and he loves them so much eight four four two zero four rich number dial. I started the show just riffing on the fact that I think the nickname Danny dimes for Daniel Jones blows is the word it should. I should probably choose a better. You know more high brow word for it but you know I don't know what to tell you so the the the I'm Dan Schayes has been used but sanchis I mean can't I guess giants. Fans are never going to go ahead and do that. We've got callers. Sir Giving suggestions to Adam are call screener and hanging up the Duke of dimes not not bad not bad long long wordy. It is the duke has been also suggested him look the ball is nicknamed. The Duke as you know the reason why the ball is nicknamed. The Duke is tipping the cap to the Giants Hall of fame owner Wellington Mara right right so you're not going to name. Nickname Daniel Jones the same nickname as Wellington Mara off of one game or ever. I might add so that's demand that he went to Duke. That's just kinda out. I like another one super eight little film reference pretty good Super Age. We've now officially thrown out there on our twitter food eight four four two zero four rich number two dow the story coming out of here in Los Angeles. I said is Mel Gordon's about to end in his holdout that he could come in right now by today or tomorrow that's the word Ho- likely likely to end hold out soon now when you hear the words likely from a member of the NFL media that's the couch. Don't blame me if he does hearing the likely expected plans to end whole out soon that sort of stuff soon if he comes in now apparently if he shows up today apparently from all observers he would not be ready to go for the chargers at Miami by the way great way to to come back good eats goodness get some stone crabs you know and go eat against the dolphins apparently that and they don't need him to beat the dolphins either as we all know now. That's the biggest spread this week test that is that is that what it is yeah sixteen that said the chargers after that at home for Denver Sunday night home for Pittsburgh at Tennessee at Chicago home for Green Bay at Oakland a Mexican a Mexico game against Kansas the city and then a buy so they could use them. They could use them. Yeah good fresh. Don't make and break their seasons. Intercity is running running away with this thing Kansas City is running away with this thing so and and look you know this. This is why players don't hold out more often if you're Zeke. There's one thing if you're Melvin Gordon. There's another thing you have to know. All the teams history have to know the teams set up. You have to know I guess the whole roll here. I mean you could just see this coming and I I just hope for his sake that the chargers led him wet his beak a little bit to show up. I don't think they will be He's GonNa come back comeback and ball out and put the trunk to do what Dax do and just put the put the chunk of change right on the table and say that's it you need me and if not then then walkaway if you can I mean they might franchise him that doesn't strike me as a team that would franchise running back now if they're if they're gonNA go into the season without out Melvin Gordon right but he also has his fifty year coming up too so there's there's a lot going on with him but he's a good kid and he deserves he deserves to be paid in my mind and he deserves to get what he wants so we'll keep an eye on all that by the time you know what we'll do your news and our number number three because folks WanNa WanNa talk. We're GONNA Joe Buck and showtime Shawn Porter the the the latter will be in studio. We'll do your will you news top of hour number three hundred and apparently we have the same ideas. Peter Schrager did on good morning football. Apparently he thinks Danny dimes blows to really yes so we'll do is we'll spend the next next hour plus building up our own list and will compare notes. He's GonNa call enduring the your news update perfect so just in case anybody's. He's tweeting me that that he did it on good morning. Football just like minds are great is basically what I'm saying CRAIG IN ATLANTA. Let's get you here on the rich tries to show Craig in Atlanta's line three Jay. What's up Greg Yeah eight rich thanks for taking my call what's going on? I just trump survived the heat down. I'm here in Atlanta so I was just gonNa say it's not sexy take but really I say no nicknames for the kids until he's been league for a few years. There's I mean it's you know needs to form that he lied path was just being under the radar because in two weeks he's gotta pay the Vikings and the Patriots and the five day span well. That's Yeah Yeah Danny Danny Pennies that could be that way to you know Craig thanks to call unless somebody comes in from from college with one right if you already have and establish nickname who who's coming from college football nickname I I can't recall Johnny football well done don Bowie Johnny football great nickname but also he was johnny Manziel. It's not like he was Jonathan and started calling him johnny and heels swagger and a certain way about him that caused the I mean mean personality actual name area from which he was common Texas and am fit heisman trophy winner but he wasn't Jonathan Jonathan Menzel and suddenly he's Johnny Football. This is Daniel Jones and now he's Danny dimes. Whatever is your accountant and you're making them cool? I'm on on Oh now. Look I know people have things to do and you want to just say something to Adam are call screener and hang up whoever called in and said his name should be legend. Danny put your name call back and put your name on it legend Danny Legend Danny Jones and the great. You know I mean if it was a cult he could be India India Danny Jones and the temple of doom stuff. He's Anne my Gosh Newton Donnie you stand for goodness Newton in Richmond Virginia here here on the rich Eisen show. It's on Newton. Hey thanks for taking my call well first of all for the poll question I do believe Daniel. Jones is GONNA turn out to be the better one of the younger quarterbacks and that's a little difficult coming from a Dallas Fan but for the nickname situation clearly with a name like Newton. I'm not necessarily in favor of however however came while I will agree that Danny dimes is not not great and I just never did like Johnny football just because I didn't really like Johnny football but the two that I came up with when he's really bad he can be Sukey. Danny Daniel just had went. He's really good. He can be Daniel. Do Right Daniel do right. Thank you Newton thank you Newton and do you think he's been nicknamed fig every now and then every once in a while Danny do right now that sounds like a like like a headline for for the Daily News Danny do right leads giants pass Redskins to two wins first two games you know the new man man in town with two ends like that does sound like a New York headline writers Dream Danny do right but you can't sit here and say okay here comes Danny do right down the field. What a Danny? Do you write play. No you're comes the Matchel game on the line. That's better I'm still I'm still banging the drum man tough. I know he's never going to go for it. Yeah stuff like what do you think Matt Ryan Thinks of Danny dimes. He probably thinks it's pretty likes it. No he doesn't doesn't he probably thinks it's stupid like the rest of the world text him right now. I don't have his number all right appreciate that you think I do. I just assume you're connected. World Arm Wrestling League presents the WWL super match showdown championships in Atlanta where the match role we taking on the titans this weekend stream this pay per view event today at eight eastern or tonight eight eastern time only on be our live. I love it he did but Newton says take Daniel Jones for the for the poll question. I don't know I still have to I still have to sit here and say Baker right or just knowing the system and I'm not saying he's a system quarterback back but Jacoby were set is really been looking terrific. He's really good. That's why I stuck with the colts to win. The South. Even with Andrew Andrew Luck retiring Joe Buck calls from Green Bay showtime Shawn Porter in Studio football season is here and it's time to dominate the competition with your fantasy picks and RJ bells dream preview on comcast sports net. Is your secret weapon. Individually I said the fact they didn't run enough and week one house me this guy so confident. He wants to hide his strength. No matter the matchup. Rj's got you handled with top notch analysis for the best. NFL picks around now. Is that true or not. I don't know oh very optimistic. Download jails dream preview every week on apple

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