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Their quality inconsistency is proven with third party laboratory testing on every batch whether you need products for daily relief or pre competition they have a product that will fit every need. That's K. A. H. A. M. CBD DOT COM. Check them out to keep your horses cool calm and collected. So I've been working on my intro and it's still feel like the the worst introduction to the executive podcast man. I every time I started. I'm like well welcome to the X. Factor I called. And let's get this. Podcast started man. You know one of my favorite things about you as a header is love that you have. I mean you obviously have some great horses and maybe one of my favorite had horses of all time. But you're one of those guys at wants to use your horse. I that's To be like that it was. It was a different story before where I didn't even realize how important was you know what I mean. And then we had had some success and then kind of took it for granted in just worried about the rope in part not the not the horsemen part and. I mean come down fast. Like an avalanche of a sudden there was no success. And these step back and you kind of look at it. You try to pick your rope apart. Nothing's drastically changed your open and then you start realizing men. My horse isn't working. And then you take another step back. And you just see what you put into it and I mean. I wasn't putting nothing in horsemanship. My the time the patients in what he needed and I wasn't getting nothing back so that was a big eye opener in Minot such an eye opener. That's mainly what I focus on now right so you grew up in this kind of gave everyone a background. Because you're from north of the wall Ma'am yeah north of the wall I grew up in little town called barrhead. Berta it's almost the geographical centre of L. Berta it's seven and a half hours north of the Montana. Us border It's cold in the summertime about three or four months. It's a beautiful place but grappa growing up had noreen. We grew up roping in there for eight months of the year. Little Barn one of those culvert styles. You know like half a culvert right and It was eighty feet wide. But with the culvert and the angle we lost five side so it was a seventy foot wide building. It was like maybe two hundred feet long. No installation had an old wood-burning stove and man it was awesome and then in two thousand and four. I think we moved where we started going on in the winter and since until I went to college I went down there for at least two or three months with that at his place every winter. And Yeah just comes out to family is giving me endless amounts opportunity with all that kind of stuff so right when you say cold what what is what is it like a normal high in a normal low on a northern conversion when it gets below freezing but I mean like normal was twenty twenty five below zero in Zeros thirty two so I mean it's as cold our temperatures meet up at the Fahrenheit and Celsius. I CAN'T REMEMBER. They meet up at forty or fifty. But we've been that cold before it's it's nasty. Winter has done a good place. Yeah I think the last winter I spent in Idaho I've been in Arizona for a couple of winners and then one winner. For some reason I stayed up north for for quite some time and I was sadly my horse and I was outside to go in this building and wrote and there's the same kind of it's kind of a tent building remnant so it it didn't get I mean there was no snow on the arena but it was cold and it was like negative seventeen degrees and I was like man that's it. I like that next two days I started packing up and I went down there. And I haven't really stayed in Idaho or up north in the winter sense so and and then I'm kind of I'm kind of a pussy when it comes to them and then you both. I've got nothing to prove that I don't like the cold and I'm not gonNA force myself to like it either right so you. What did you go to college? I graduated high school in the summer of two thousand twelve. So two thousand twelve in the fall of my freshman year okay so not too shortly after that two thousand six was your first. Two Thousand Sixteen was your first. Nfl qualification right. So Halloween Medi. I finals then. I think I was twenty two twenty two. And how many years have you like pro? Rodeo went all the Rodeos when you made it you know. That's kind of A. I feel the year before I went to a lot of Rodeos into a lot but never really had the mindset of the Afar as a goal. You know what I mean. Obviously that was what we're everybody's dreams about wants to do. But I feel like two thousand sixteen was my first year of I had the horse is I had the partner like it was a like a true goal. A like a realistic goal to make the finals that year. So I wrote a lot in two thousand fifteen. Got My feet wet. I really kind of experienced the the full deal of it but Two Thousand and sixteen beginning to end was my true true start to to roan right so along the same timeframe you're talking about. Hey you know. The roping was kind of a priority in the horses weren't and at what point in time was. Did this kind of all you start realizing that like hey I need to focus on my horses a little bit more. It was in the the summer of two thousand seventeen right after the finals Badger the Black Horse won the horse the year in sixteen. I did not a good job at the. Nfl are are decent enough in the winter of two thousand. Seventeen but Shane. I weren't roping together. He went to go try ahead and I started roping with Dugan Kelly and he talked about how bad I did for Dugan I loved Oakland Dugan but I did an awful awful job open for Dugan and it was all all horsemanship like din. Ride my horse. The cow wasn't giving neither my horse or my partner affair. Chance and Dugan went home and I bought a do you remember the horse. Forty four the Big Bay. I bought from Chad Masters I did some selling on some other horses and I bought that Bay in July or August. I can't remember and I started roping with worldly. We finished the year with Wurley and that horse was so automatic. You didn't need a ride them. But we started going to the cow again and actually make runs in. That's GonNa been that that timeframe when I started writing forty four and a free horse and I started the horns disease again. We started to win clicking away. I think that was when the light bulb. Mainly come on. We're saying obviously what you're doing is not working because you have this horse. That is easy. And he's pattern and I can't screw him up and now I'm winning so having that that all hit me like a tidal wave. Pretty hard was when I realized that. And then that fall in love with Dean tufted Sean Grant for few months and restarted everything right. Those guys really read some horses over there. They got some talented horses. And there's a lot of a lot of horsemanship involved with the skill of a really high skill. Set of horses at Your Ryan there. Yeah the horsemanship was on another extreme. Where my family's very they're good horsemanship in the I kind of went away from that and just strictly roping. And then when I went to live with Dean and Sean and Kelly to but when I was over there I was there for two and a half months and they didn't let me rope a steer until the end of the second month really. Yep It was. How does a guy take that? It was hard it was it was really hard. Like especially them 'cause Stephenville you know everybody's over here there grinding their open and going to join and I'm over there. I'm putting my rope on the shoot on turn and circling steers and at the time. You're just frustrated like man. What am I doing like is this? Is this the right thing to be doing? And I remember Sean Dean. They just stayed on like just trust the process. The big thing was you can rope. That doesn't matter but if this black works that's when you're going to be successful and man I just. It was hard but yeah trusted him. I remember talking my dad every day. He was on me about it but stay there. Try Trust it. I mean he said obviously what you're doing isn't working so right. Try this so we'll go back to this two thousand sixteen year because that's that's kind of the first time. I really got to watch your rope a lot and it seemed like I was up at the same time as you like. I remember Austin and I remember watching you guys go in the kind of what is before the semis. Kind of the first qualifying rounds and and just the runs the black horse would make and I'm like man. This is this team is it just seemed like you guys got on a roll and it didn't stop and that horsemen. He's I mean let's talk about this. Badger because this sucker has he's got all kinds of buttons on him to he does meant he's a he's a freak nature he's such a cool he He's the kind where if you stay out of his way. He'll be as easy as you want. But if you ask them for all of his buttons you're GonNa have more than you want to remember this Winter Tad Mattis House. We're just playing around. And he wrote up there and I mean he frigging sat down him to drag his button. He wanted to work like a horse. Show Kinda you know light to show you in everything I remember. Tell him just if you ride him and ask him too much. He's going to give that to you. And then the next one he just. Kinda sent him away and distrusted him. An easy as easy as you can get so it's just A. He's a really really talented horses. He's a free nature. He's just he's not a day off either. I mean he's a I mean. It's just like anything that's geared. I guess it takes time but yeah he's a he's a lot. Well I think. That's what makes a great horse special on. It's why sometimes they're like they're they're tough to manage. Because you know you think about from the head horse perspective you go to the indoor rodeos where they gotta come up the Walton shoulder feet in the face and the finish is so important as well as handle the stairs to be able to do that takes a lot and and then to control them buttons because you got step away from these old steers sometimes sucker or follow and and they're heavy and then I mean I remember being out there Ellen. Irving watching you guys win. Would you win the second round? Ellensburg owning or something like that look to be able to go to the long boxes in the northwest on fresh tears. And and make good runs. And that's what's tough is it's like to do both on these horses is it. I mean it's it takes a lot out of horse. Yeah I think that's a true definition of a great horse. You Know Uh when we did the far on that horse. I didn't wrote good and that wasn't even the horse. That was strictly me like he was good. He is free the whole week and but I. I wrote him at the Canadian finals. I've won the Canadian Championship on him. We won't reserve last year. I had a lot of success on that horse. And then like you said being able to write him there at Ellensburg and saying I've placed at the grip on them and like I think that's really cool to have the horse that can handle both ends of the spectrum. You know what I mean like. I don't think of Badger when I think that because it's not really my place to. I don't like saying my stuff's better than anybody's you know what I mean but when I think of a great horse can handle both. I always think of Mari you know close Miss Grey like I think that's the coolest thing I mean. He rise at the BFI in need looks obviously one of the best horses there. And then he rides them in the Thomas Mack and he's arguably one of the best horses there and I think that is the chew definition of a great horse and I think that is so cool right and I totally agree and I think Mardi doesn't get enough credit because they don't have the papers on him so he can't win real probably would have won it twice by now. So how does head horse of the year like the actual process? Work that Man I mean that's your first year going into the final so I think there's probably a lot on your plate. Was that even on your mind that he could win. Head horse of the action so The head of the years actually decided before we get to Thomas Rhett The top twenty five guys in the world get a vote on that and then. I can't remember when you get to call. It's like November time or something but winning that man. That was that was pretty cool. That was a that was a big deal I think that's a huge accomplishment to have one of the greatest horses and especially when noted by your competitors. I think that's that's a huge deal. Two thousand eighteen. He won reserve That's actually my favorite one right. Two Thousand Sixteen. That was such a a high year. I mean everything was so perfect. Can't even I don't even compare anything to that because Munis everything we've pretty much dreamed about right right two thousand eighteen after what he did in seventeen in what I did and then to come back and rope with Coal Davis Net year. He made his first. Nfl Far. We're close enough. We're not close enough but we had a decent enough year. You know for where we came from and seventeen for to be at the. Lowes with that black horse and then for him to win reserve in eighteen. That was a that was a pretty cool pat on the back to not to me but for my my people in my corner for knowing we put into that horse to kind of get a little bit back out of it you know. I think that was pretty huge man. I think it's big because You know obviously two thousand seventeen was. It was a rough year. You didn't want it in the horse wasn't you know you weren't riding him or probably wouldn't work in the way you wanted or whatever it was but to be able to come back and then to bring it back in to take your horsemanship to the next next level. Get your rope where you wanted it to be. You know it's a it's a hard. It's a hard thing to do. It was a journeyman on it in it. It was rough but I'm sure glad that I got to go through. You know looking back at it. There's so many things that I've learned in I've I've fixed with. I mean roping and more just because of the hardship. You know like getting come that time that stuff. I think that was really good for me. I really as a person as a competitor. I think I really really needed to go through that. Well this is. I wanted to talk about this Because every team roper young kit. I WanNa make the finals And that's that's kind of the standard but what? I don't think everyone understands is in Rodeo. Shit can go south who fasting end and I talked to you and I talked about this after the finals. A few weeks after whatever and he's like men we were making the run. The practice was fine. And you got out there to the to the Rodeo and obviously didn't head the way you WANNA WANNA go round but man it was. It was a rough models and to me. It was like it was one of those that just could recognize. You've seen some guys had some bad finals and they don't really come back from you and I wondered about that for you. Man would. Is this going to be like for him? Coming back and to hear you say to kind of own it and then that is kind of the source of motivation is like hey I want you know i. This is my dream. I Love Roping. Because if you get to that stage and you don't have the successor you want but you still out there grinding and may not even turning steers the next couple of months because you WANNA get better. I think that's the kind of stuff that man. It's tough to beat that guy it is. It's like you said not overcoming. That was a fear you know in two thousand seventeen and is all self induced. You know what I mean. It's it's all on yourself but I hate to keep a fire that doesn't need to be burning burning but in seventeen when you weren't doing good. It was just like snowball effect. You know what I mean like Maggie new good there. I didn't do good there now. I got this snowball. I just can't stop from growing like it was time just to completely step away from infix my problem you know what? I mean so and I think it's something that everybody has to overcome and go through in their own ways. You know what I mean like if it's losing a little bit or losing big. I think it's just something that somebody and everybody has to go through. I wasn't I wasn't down here as a kid and I didn't have a lot of like big time. Success Down in the states but in Canada he can't say it was easy but I expected to win. You know what I mean like. The winning came to me in at home. I was like lots of young guys that do get. I just seem to win. And then I wrote a law my dad and my GRANDPA. Everybody helped me a lot so I knew I put my time in and I was getting stuff back and then to come down here and just have a different world than it's so it's such different roping down here. You know what I mean but when the winning laws and easy for me that next year that was that was mind blowing to me like it was just something. I haven't really been through in that big of a spectrum. You don't have to go through that in to realize that it's not just Easy deal you know like you can't just wake up and expect to rope like there's guys that are the best in the world that are waking up before the sound. They've got horses saddled their rope and they're riding their grind through it will how. How do I beat those guys? If I'm not doing that and I don't think I would have got the full spectrum of respect for the sport that I need if I wouldn't have gone through the hard times that I did with my roving career in like I said I'm pretty grateful that those hard times I actually got to go through. Well it it makes it where a guy like you can take something for granted take them. You can take winning for granted that this is. This is easy. This is how it's supposed to be just how I drew it up and then losing you know you're like man this. This is the worst feeling. But what what? I think it does is the losing if you can go through that and then still keep working and do whatever it takes and basically remove all pride and go do like hey. I'm willing to do whatever it takes these horses together to ride better and then months years later you know that you can go through that. I think that's where there's a difference between guys that can wrote for a few years on guys that can make a career out of I agree. I agree and Just to get to rope with like always been Stephen always wanted have about partner. That lived here with me. You know that was kind of like the dream you know what I mean to. Have somebody close. That was bad ass enough to go to all the pins rope every day and then to get to rope with Hunter. I mean. I think. Highly of hundreds healing. You know I think he is rank and that getting a rope with him and feel like we kind of have a long term partnership in the works. I that was a big like I. Don't WanNa say relief for what it was but that fellay success to you know what I mean to have that and then we have. A decent enough winner are run. Feels good. I just that was a big deal to for myself and my career to kind of get that partnership put together with somebody wanted to rope within a great run that we have. I just I think that was a big big feeling of success honestly is what I think of it. Well and I think too. It just goes to show You're heading equity video with you the other day one thing you talked about is how I wanNA use my horse. I and set set it up and you've had a few healers Shay. I think he sets it up in his pretty pretty catchy type of healing but Cole Davison. He throws fast a hunter. Heathrow's really fast. Maybe the fastest outside of one or two guys. He reminds me of a young boy. Pets coming something talking fast. And but what would? It's kind of makes it fun to watch. Is You guys have this run? And it's like you know you. You have to keep your horses working handling stairs a certain way and it sets it up where it just gets fast and I. I think that that kind of it gives you that long term feeling like hey you can build horses around each other. You've got this comfort zone with each other. You know that if you need you can go an extra swing to set the steer up and he knows that you're not gonNA put him in a bad situation and I think it's just like I mean we want you guys the other day Tucson and I know that didn't have the finish shortland like he wanted but the runs you guys were making Tucson which is tough to do you guys were mucking it out of them and I think it's it makes it where it's there but it's not going anywhere either it can. This year can go great. It can go bad but two three years from now. We'll see you guys roping together or you know you can have that type of run with with any partner or him still going and be successful. And I think that's where a lot of that comes from the past like building on this horsemanship in these things and taking the time to do things that suck. Would you agree that I agree completely the extracurricular you know the the not roping part is kind of boring in in a way you know what I mean. If you're not into that I personally I love it so I like going slow. I like reopened trotters. I like I like put my time in. But for someone of this user just blast steers all day. That in the end of the spectrum is kind of boring but man so necessary. You know what I mean like hunter so three weeks ago. We're practicing this talking and Hunter S. or ASS hundred. What he thought we needed to do to do. Better at the jackpots and he said man let's for three weeks he said. Let's make two or three realistic runs on every horse like Score a lot and then the runs will make. Let's make real and I said sure. Let's try that in. Our practices felt great. And then we go to the Romans in just didn't seem like everything was kind jiving and we went to Oklahoma this weekend on the way home. He said man he said. Let's go back to doing what you like to do. He said let's go slow. It's locum off and I said. Are you sure you WANNA do that? 'cause I know how hunter likes rope? I mean you've seen him he's full-contact he likes to attack the steer he's if he's on his as Strang or fees on whatever string it's mad at the feet when they hot soon as they hop where helium. He's like. Yeah I need to do it. He said his horses felt like they were like they were great in the practice pattern and then when he needed to be soft or wherever at the rope and he didn't have that because of what we're doing in the practice pin we're going. I said I was like is boring. You know what I mean like. It takes a lot of time. It's all day. Go slow you waste a lot of cows you just give up runs and I think it's super necessary and for hundred kind of feel that with his good horses. I thought that was pretty. Cool the for us to go back to the trial and error spectrum. I think is so big so necessary and you just grow as a team as people to try self grind through if doesn't work we'll try something else you know what I mean right. 'cause I think in roping in what's there's a couple of things that happen. I think we go to Rodeos and jackpots. At one guy might have a good day or a good run and you watch. You're like man. I need change everything. I'm doing this and then what you don't realize is long term or even the next day that that might not be there for that person exactly and so there's always that like hey. We need to have a game plan. That can work for the whole year is Gotta. Work Hundreds of times. And so what? Best Fits your swing. His all of that. But also I think these these horses when we practice they need to have this feel and be forgiven at times but we also need to have that confidence that we know that we can make that wrong exactly exactly. I think that's when we visited that you talked about practicing and doing it right. So what does your practice? And what does that doing it right practice schedule? Look like to you man. I like to go slow. I liked for me personally to head to head my best. I feel like I have to be pushing my horse like I have to be oath. Push him to my spot but they also have to be running. Trevor Brazile did that deal on facebook the other day and he was talking about head horses and this is the best way I've ever heard it explained. He said good head horse. You have to have your gas your foot on the brake and your foot on the gas at the same time and that just completely set in with me. Where my for me ahead? My horses have to move their feet. I went to a slide last night and I wrote a Bay. That's Kinda long stride and man. I felt like I was swinging backwards but I got on another horse really moved his feet and I feel like I could head but they also have to slow down when they get to their spot. They need to know their job for me to do for me to feel confident. So it's a lot of different different drills than I do. I pull them off of cows. I keep them in the left lied. I wrote a lot of slow steers with my hand down making sure they know their job. And then maybe one or two a week. I'll see like on my runners. I'll just see a little bit around the end of the gate and then make sure that running underneath me and then I go back to this installing more confidence in their job and I just think there's so much like us. Where if they know their job? They don't get hot scared. There's no fear in them and their patterns. So you don't have to worry about him when we had horses that score and then run blind that that really scares me because we always talk about is drawing the lower you know like yeah you get through Robbins by catching the runners but you win opens or do really good or opens when you blast that lober now we train our horses for these runners and then we draw the low per hour gets in our way. Well now we're completely defeating the purpose of what we're doing. You know what I mean. I wrote with a practice with J probably last month. And that's what he said he said guys always want to practice on runners and then we go to ropunds than we. WanNa draw loafers. Like Kinda like we're chasing our tail. No so that really made sense to me too. I mean why do we always want the biggest fastest Mexicans to practise on the little slowest Mexican at the Jackpot's right? So I mean there's just they have to run have to move their feet but they have to know their job and they have to do it without your help. I man I I totally agree and I think for these good horses. It's so natural form to the great ones. They want to do a lot. Yes and so. When when they're they're willing to give you everything they've got it's like well they're seventy percent might be perfect. Well that's where exactly that's where I am with the Black Knight. That's even kind of I am with my head if if I feel like I give one hundred percent of my ability. I kind of helicopter my swing. I kind of get a little blind. It's kind of a little blurry. And but when it works sweet but my percentage is go way down so. I like to try and in my mind I like to put like eighty five ninety percent of it into that run where my ten percent is kind of out still controlled looking on the outside like controlling the fact and that's the same way with great horses. I think where I can asa black for one hundred percent but it's going to be a lot. You're what I mean. Like maybe too much to handle on the right steer where if I get them. Seventy five eighty percent out of them were. He's Kinda WanNa to take a pretty easy while now. I have a bad ass jam up horse. That feels like a layup. I mean he's easing gentle as you can get but he's still effective. Which is I think. Way More way better in the long run. I mean. We're lots and second and thirds. Add Up to way more one out two three or four first-place checks you know what I'm saying. I I totally agree and I think even for me just like if I like I'm roping astounding about this last night. I we did some video last night and I did. I was doing some heading and and I was heading pretty turn them and then I one of the last year I went to run. He's just a really good steal these small horns and I had had two or three really good loops like I'd I'd like well autumn and I wouldn't even really think about. It looked pretty. Good man I to do this again and I I like. I tried to us like stand up and just like you know one that gets gets everyone's attention. I right in the back of the head and I got thinking about like you know the whole time I was out there trying to catch like trying to lay it on the horns near you know what I feel like for me and a lot of us is we wrote the dummy and the dummy gets candidate. Easy like in. We really not a lot of things that you can really crack it on the horns Using a lot of power but if we really open it up and just try to catch the horns. It feels like we're sacrificing the. How pretty are loops? Luke and stuff but when you get into a relevant I. They don't care what the the loop really looks like. As long as it's an efficient loop with a lot of coverage if you're thinking about you four or five steers. One steps left one steps right at one slows down. And you've got to stop you know if you catch all of those steers and give yourself a chance. You did a good job. I I personally I think where he deserves. The most credit is Caleb triggers on that deal. Where like the Sunday we go up there. We're going to have took one. We're GONNA have four runs right out of all his partners you can almost guarantee he's going to draw one that. Lopes and goes right or left. And he's just going to throw a big old blue boat there and he's GonNa Dang near split the horns and assist gonNA. He's GonNa have so much forgiveness on his loop. He says going to catch him. And he's probably GonNa Win Greg in the with that partner. Where a Lotta guys myself included. We'll get jammed up. We're GONNA try to wear those horns out that good steer that maybe stepped a little bit to the left of the right has a great chance of taking us out of R- open where he does such a good job just a big coverage. He's so talented. He throws pretty loops regardless. But he's GonNa catch like it doesn't matter what he catches he's GonNa catch something and I think that like you were talking about. We just get so so caught up in the pretty do or what. It looks like rather than men. I WANNA hold the first place. I WanNa look like that. I don't care like own same. Well they don't send a picture with the check they literally don't so why does it matter? You know what I mean like. Find a way to catch something. It doesn't matter what it is. Make the WHO left for your partner well and I think it translates to our horse. Like you're saying you know that the other thing is that that faster tire swing increases their foot speed Or the swing. That's too slow and they can read it too. Well so it's like trying to find that happy medium at eighty five percent or whatever it is that allows your horse to be under control and then for you to however you scored whatever type of steer you have you go catch him and if you need to take more risk if you need to do more you ogling but I think that that's where these headers are getting really really great like the guys that have run. The I think it just come from the front so many stairs at realize we need catch exactly. It doesn't matter what it looks like or anything if we don't turn the cow we don't win money we don't win anything so doesn't matter how or what is we have to turn the cow regardless of what's going on so the harder. I try to throw a prettier head loop the least chance. I have tried or turning the cow. So what good is that pretty head loop when it really comes down to it right? I? I'm a basketball fan and always go to that quite Leonard. What is it is it? Boardman gets paid. Glory man gets paid every time. And you know how true is that guy's a winner at the highest level and he's so quiet and how he goes about it and really nothing about his game. Wows you till you watch it as a whole and you're like he really does every time I think that's so so big in any level of roping or any level in sports you know like from winning the number ten Europen and win the college finals the NFL far the Katie and finals? Whatever it is I think it's so big by not beating yourself. The overcoming that fact of not beating yourself makes any win a huge achievement. No matter who you are open against and that I think that goes back hugely into the Boardman always gets paid. Well if you never beat yourself at no matter level of or any level rope that we're at that's huge. No he didn't beat yourself and you're just like you said the Board Man that just completes the course always always gets paid and that's that's so huge on on every level of what we're doing well and I think you look at it at any discipline a man have really been getting into like stoic. In guys it like. They taught Zen masters and how they talk about training themselves. And it's like chop wood carry water every day. You do these same things every day. These monotonous things These slow boring things on horses every day. We'll have you do it for three or four days and then you go back to whatever. It doesn't really work. But what if you do it for as long as it takes years if has to be then you have this? This foundation that cannot cannot be cracked the think. That's where the work in the getting up in the morning and not being afraid to spend all day on horses and ghosts slow and and you know I think. That's that's where we get a lot of guys get lost because they wanna go practice and rope and make this certain type of Ron. Where if you putting a horse I you might have to. You might spend five six hours on five head horses you now full for sure you are yes and I think that's where where it gets tough because it's like okay. How do how do I feel confident for myself and roping takes a lottery? Sources had horses cost a lot steers. Costlo all cost money way too much money. Yeah do you. How do you have practice horses that you kind of make some runs for you as well? Or how do you try to get that that aspect? If you're looking for a certain feeler something like that I do. I got a couple of practices practice horses. And it's strictly for that and for my partner Mainly for my partner where he can still get realistic. Goes when he's needed him. You know what I mean I like to wrote down a lot that I like to stay sharp. Keep my loot feelin right on the dummy like we were talking about earlier my style or not only knows my style but my roping Tendency of wanting to jam swing like that's my my go to. Kinda helicopter my swing with no real reason of why? I'm swinging my roper. Where you my rope so for. Migo in slow and trusting that process when I see other guys that are making really good runs in the practice as just something that I know is trial and error than that that works for me. Where if I'M GONNA go slow in the practice? Pan Cover my bases you know. Keep my arm in the right spot. Just stick to the fundamentals when I'm needing to push a speed up my roping. That's easy for me. It's hard for me to slow down so slowing it down is what I work on so that I can push into. When is needed the big thing that I like to think over what my my dad has always kind of instilled in me? Is that Your Basketball Guy Right. So every practice. Us Don't scrimmage you know you don't just play basketball right. You do footwork shooting. You do passing. And that's what dad has always said to us. Is You just get caught up open? You're not doing anything. Like if you scrimmage all day playing basketball you're GONNA make some pretty bad habits that when you're going to need to make that easy shot your bad habit. Installed in that scrimmage game is going to come forward and now you're probably not going to make that shot. Where if you put your time in a new slow in your practice and you work on your fundamentals of your shot. That game winner will unit trust the process. Because he no he put your time into it. And that's how I look at. It is heading just like a whole sport where I work on my horses at work my scoring. I work on my roping. It's it's a split screen that when needed. I put it all back together is kind of how I look at it and I think that hits right on the head. When did you start doing the self evaluation and realizing? Hey this is how it works for me. Might not be for everyone else but I have. I have tighter swing swing. That wants to get going too fast. Now when did you start to realize these things? I this is my type of practice. And this is what works for me just recently honestly like I said in eighteen when I lived with Dean again wrote like I wrote this. He had a smarty. We wrote the smarty a lot. We wrote the lead steer a lot and then I remember we went to the winner. Rodeo's roping with coal and man hadn't felt simple like it. Was My horses working on newer. Throw my rope. I could see the whole picture and then Last year Jeremy we liked he. We like to practice real runs and I headed decent enough but it wasn't just a clear picture to me like it worked as my horses were working but it wasn't just. I see the whole run. You know what I'm saying so at the end of the year last year when I kind of sat down and I talked about rope and before we agree on open I asked him. I said men are practices. Might be a lot boring than where we see others that but if you just trust my process you're gonna I feel like you're GonNa reap the benefits of it and he's been really good about it and this winter same kind of thing horses easing. He was soft. I felt like I could see the whole run coming in front of me and it's kind of wanted all set off this. Winter is just men that that's what I need to do like I don't. I don't need to stray away from that. 'cause I don't have the sharp practices you know. I've got nothing to show off but I'm here grinding behind a closed door and I feel like when the lights come on at these rodeos has been effective and I think that's that's the whole purpose of it. You know what I mean. I mean we can sweat and we can throw some shitty ass had looped into practice pen but as long as I trust my process that when the lights come on and we're at somewhere that it matters mean my horse prepared. I know I've put my time in that works for me and then getting a little bit success. This winter's just been the extra. I guess the reward or the reassurance that man this is what I need to do. Yeah I I think that that's the deal is when we lose confidence or wonder what we're doing It's really easy to look at it short term Rodeo. Because this this this is a great example. We've there's only been a few Rodeos anyways and then everything Kinda got cancelled and so it's like things can happen real fast. Rodeo on that are really out of your control so we're are win. Percentages are naturally low. Even the best guys with the highest winning percentage of the sport are GonNa be pretty low so understanding like I. I've got to put myself in a good spot and if I can do that enough times you know this is this is GonNa work is that. Do you think that's kind of how you get confidence and kind of that mental preparation as well knowing that you put a lot of this work in? But you're kind of trusting that that process. You're not really worried about him. Yeah like you said. Are you win a lot but you lose a lot to you? Know what I mean like a lot so that was my as a person I think. Previously my biggest problem was is. I let my is too high end my lows get too low and I base my happiness off of my wins so that part that does not work you know for anybody or any kid that is listening. Just stop that you know what I mean like. Save yourself time. Save yourself years. Do not do that. You're never GONNA win enough to be happy. Yeah if you value your self worth off of winning it's not GonNa work. It's over so I did. I did that in. That was hard that was put you in a bad spot in a hurry and I fell in love with the horsemen side of it when I went up there so now it doesn't matter what my results are in the rope and if my horse works good. I'm so happy that's a win. That's a win that's can go somewhere and I put my hand down to my horse works. I'm more than police. The end result by win perfect but my horses done his job and that all went my way. I'm more than happy. And I think that. Just trust in the process and like you said and finding happiness in something that truly will give back to you and knowing that I put my time and I spend my time with them horses and I work hard and then to them to give back to you. That's that's a huge accomplishment. I feel like in men yet. Like go back to that. Do not base your wins or your happiness off your winds that's just a downward spiral effect. It's just gonNA come fast if you hate yourself Thai Thai winning to yourself do that. If you don't like it either you don't if you don't enjoy yourself or your life or want to be a fun person to be around telling you and it's not fair to the people around you your family. The people that call say hi. It's just a you won't stay open if you do that right. That's don't do that well and I think what we forget is as Mike. I get further into my career. Man Summers really don't matter wins and losses really. Don't matter but I see these guys that I used to rope with and I've got a pretty good relationship with most of them and I really enjoy them exactly and and the more like my okay. The people I'm around like the ropunds and and we can go go being are dealing focus and and and we don't have to be really friendly or whatever it is we can be in our own little deal at the rope in but in that atmosphere. You know you're going to get you'RE GONNA run into a lot of good people that was. That was a big thing. I've asked a lot of people you know. What do you do to get to make sure you're getting back out of what you put into this sport? Right and Yeah that was a lot of people that in my favorite answer I ever got is the relationships that you make. That was the biggest thing and then I was young and I probably shouldn't have asked this question but I said what about money. So what about your money like? This is hard to keep our money to put together. Yeah I the greatest guy that have the greatest careers they say. Winning isn't to sell horses. You need to put your winning somewhere else like you need to make your winnings. Make you money somewhere else and so. I said what about the money? And then relationships. That's the only thing that matters. If you find the right people you should around yourself with the right people. If I ever gotten a bind I'll have to us make a phone call and I could have a job with fifteen to twenty of my friends that I've met through the Rodeo career like that was the biggest thing that they talked about was Mendez. Trust the process. Like if you present yourself well. You're a good person you're respectful. You're going to get back handful of what you put into it with just your relationships of people in if you're nice enough man you're never going to be in a true buying you're always gonNA have somebody that's in a friend or anything that's willing to help in some sort of way you. I mean and that was a big eye opener for me was to stop worrying so much about. Obviously the money matters. But don't look at that picture like take the relationships out of it is such a big win. You know the people that we meet the people we call friends and like you said that. That's worth more than anything. Well I think there's there's a couple of things right there that are huge to to me. Rodeos like it's like this college of hard knocks like the reason I truly believe. X-factor rope it will be successful is because I've road and I just won't quit exactly. There's nothing bad. There's nothing that can happen to. Ex factor roping. That is bad as Rodeo. I have went through what I feel are the lowest of Times. I can push through that you can't. You cannot beat me if you made it through a few of them fourth. July's out there. You can make it. Expect your team roof your time. I'm like man. What am I doing and and if I can justify it in my head to keep going on no sleep no money all of this you did. I mean there's been times I've been to stock trailers sleeping outside on the ground. Rodion and I'm like man if I can get through that this I. I'm inside working on office. I'm going to video and these guys like this easy. I'm not going to quit. No we've got headphones and drinking a cup of coffee. I mean I've been through much radio and yeah so I always looked at like that like when I decided to stop Rodion and focus on a business where I focus on the next thing that you will have all of this experience of what it takes to be successful because not only that you get to be around around week. It'd be around some of the greatest guys and I and I go right to this when you talk about meeting. These people intrigued him like Chad. Masters jumps out. Oh Man Yeah he can sell all of his head horses right now by whatever car and go to all the rodeos in every header that will let him ride his horse. They will give him the rope. Whatever he needs jet could have. I mean if I got the money probably pays fee. That is the best guy. And he's always been nice and he was nice to me before he knew. I mean when I was just a little asshole kid. That didn't know anything and now I'm just I'm still an ass but he you know what I mean. He still this great guy to everybody exactly and you think about that if he needs something. I would give him whatever he needs. He can make a phone call to anybody and he could have whatever he needed. Yep and I think it's. It's Kinda the same way you could probably call chat chat. And if I needed a favor he would do it and And I think that's the kind of that's what we get with this Rodeo. Like there's this unspoken bonded you just kind of. See It really. Is You know. Look you ever blow a tire trailers pass you? They don't they don't pass you without calling. You know what I mean like. There's make sure you don't need help you know there's this like you said there's the relationship that we make are huge and then. I really liked the fact. He said that we learn not to quit. I mean that that is huge. Anything that you put to put yourself into in life. If you don't take no for an you're going to get the yes part at some point in I think that comes into roping and into life and like you said we just really learn to enjoy it and deal with it as roper. Because it's something that happens to us more than it doesn't so yeah I think there's a there's a lot of good stuff right there. Well and I think I mean just for you look at it like you you went to college and hopefully learn some learned a lot in college but you know getting through that two thousand seventeen year to get through all of that and to still keep moving forward to today working at like you are today. I mean that is damaged you really. It's hard to lose at that point because it's just like they're gonNA have to kill you. They are like such a huge life lesson and to grow up super blessed and have the huge support system and then for that support system to not be able to give you that. Yes answer when usually they? Can you know what I mean like? If it's hard when you're at home Rodeo we can just go home and figure it out but you're out there in the middle of summer you're GRANTHAM. There's nowhere to go like you got to again the next day and figure it out and and that was just a huge growing up part. That was so necessary and so useful like been through that we talked about earlier and then we get so much out of this sport. It's amazing when you just sit down here and talk about it right well in and you think about that man. There's so many guys that they have to have that one moment that that gets them the hardship to get over that part and to truly feel like to grow up and become like a man. You know what I mean to grind through that to get the hard part and overcoming on yourself. There's that's huge self worth you know what I mean. That's so sad is fine. Yeah if you don't get the results in your opening lacking look back and say man. I overcame a lot. You know like I'm proud of myself for that. That's a that was an accomplishment. I think that was pretty cool. Will you yourself what it truly means to you because you think about how many people they just have a of entitlement that have no want for money and when they go out there and Rodeo and a lot of them don't stick for very long they try it for a year or two and if it's not if it's not for them they're done and in its vice versa. You know. There's all these scenarios but what what I think we're all afraid of is failure and what I think is. The best for us is failure. There's nothing better to overcome. You realize it's really not that big of a deal. Yeah what about the Rodion is? It's tough 'cause we're we're competing so so much summering in kind of getting through slumps in a win win. Things are kind of slumping for the team. Do you have ways or something that you go to to try to get through a slump or you know when it's just not the runs not working. Yeah I think the big mistake we all make is the harder you try the harder it gets so and it's hard when out there Rhodium. Because we can't go home run forty and then just trust the process. You know what I mean so I think that's why it's so big when we are home to run as many as we do. That's why video a lot. I like a lot of video so when we're driving somewhere I know I can like. Hey man we can watch video like we know we put our time in you. Just step back and don't make it so dang hard on yourself things are going to turn around and I think a big thing that that I always go back to is. Don't base wins? Don't base your happiness off wins. That's what I always go back to because you can be mad. You have to be mad when he don't do good. But you know five ten minutes and then guess what you have another one tomorrow so it's time to get over it and get it sometimes. It's harder than it isn't to do that stuff but I think if you can install that in your career I think that's why the great guys everybody has slumps. Yes something I want to talk about but everybody has slumps but the guys it. Don't let lows get to low. They don't seem to have the slumps long lasting everybody else and I think that's a big thing. Is the those guys that have learned to do so good like I remember. It was in seventeen? Actually I seem to rope with Luke Brown. I seem to be off with Luke all the time that that summer and I remember. There's like a week or ten days. We're we both missed like it was just a we just both in rope good. And he probably won't even remember but it's really stood out to me and I remember. I was down in the dumps. Just frigging feel like dragging my feet around at the them. Rodeos light there was no point of me even being there for the mindset that I was in and I remember every time I seen loot he was there looking at the draw smile on his face the happiest guy to be there and he turned around fast he went back to having his normal careers normal summer and he kicked ass and I dragged my feet. My snowball effect got bigger and bigger and bigger. I never overcame it and sitting back looking at it. Now it's like man that guy's always happy you know like obviously he's happy wins but fetus. New Good he still goodbye and smiles and he's still there as a person in his mindset. You know what I mean. That was one thing that really stands out to me. Just don't make a big deal out of it trusted grind through and it's GonNa turn around and less drag your feet and make a bigger deal out of it than what needs to be well. Then you're you're a pickle right but he had that smile on your face. You truly are happier. You're enjoying what you're doing. Will it ain't going to last long? It's always gonNA turn around right. I think what's what's crazy about road. Who is there's this process you kind of have to go through before he rodeo? When you check the draw which got and I. My favorite is ended July August. See them guys. I got this piece of crap out of you've got a chance. There beat before they know their head and then what happens not very often but sometimes steer might give it up or he might have a bad go or you might leave too early and just blow the barrier. And he's right there and those guys that believe they can win exactly do it. I remember watching some teams like I. I remember it was that year that Caleb jade rope together caldwell they had this fear that outrun guys that it was like no chance steer and I don't know if it's the first or second round but everyone knew this steer Ron and they were talking about it and they just run through and and it was like every ounce of rope that Caleb had and jade. We'll them but it was one of those runs. It was like wow and I think we forget is those guys that are winners and that are truly believe their win. That can win. Yup they can make that rod exactly and it's funny you said called will because that stands out to me to Last year Brenton Hall. I can't remember the result of that run but I remember Brenton heading him. I can't remember the deer run previously. But this sucker got it off to the right. Yep I'm talking. You know. Britain I mean Yeah. I'm actually GonNa go home and rope with. I love being around that guy. He's so happy he so moderate and his mindset like it's just a just a flat deal he's never to is never too low he scares me. I know is unreal. He's amazing I just remember that called. Will I walked up to that drama? Please don't have that steer and rent locked up there and he had that steer and he's like nothing I can do about it like you just had that mindset you know just see what happens rings the Barrier Back. He threw every ounce of that crazy heavy for that he was using. Yep where's the horns out? I can't remember if God or not sure. He did. Turn Protocol defeat but I just Brenton's Heddon that day and just amazing now that we're sitting here talking about that like I would have been so down in the dumps. I would have overcome it before I run that steer to talk myself into. No you have a chance Brenton and he was just like no whatever I got him. Just that easy mindset. Them guys always always perform when needed. I think that's a huge will. And they they don't add pressure so it's like vice versa. When he gets the lower he looks at it like. Hey I mean when you hit the lober. They don't some people. I think these guys that are not winning. They have the they X. now they're like. There's all this pressure to win on this year. Finally have the chance. It doesn't change. You still got to score him smart. You GotTa know how to play that steer and it's the same thing when you get a steer that runs or what what might duck or whatever you still have to complete the course. Yes and you have to have your game plan and I think that's where it goes back to. Hey this is this. Is that process and you. If you treat it like you've been losing you probably knew it becomes more likely you're already beat most the time before you back in the box. What about mentally? Do you work on things that improve your mental game or mental consistency when you're competing I try to. I try to work on that a lot. I I went to I'm drawing blanks and it's called. What's the guy a hypnotist. I went to hypnotists really. It was actually really interesting man. It was it was a lot. I don't know if it worked or what it was but I learned a lot from it. Just the mindset of it and kind of look at things and guys like Tiger Tiger Woods has meant there hypnotise so like when he's in a situation he can take like they're trained to take a breath and to put themselves in into that situation or in that atmosphere right and man. It was pretty cool like in. I don't know if it really worked but to know that I've tried. That was worth a lot too but It's interesting I. I would recommend it to people so because I did anything mental I. I think that we have no idea. What are our minds are really capable of and I and I think that like manifesting things like that like it's all it all kind of sounds great and you get people kind of selling on that but at the same time like if you want something and you put the work in and then you kinda visualize it it it. It makes it more likely to happen to me but I think we get. We forget how much work it actually takes to get in this situation and I'm interested this like so I do. We've got to tell the story man. 'cause I've never really heard of this with a hypnotist. So was on the verge of being done open. Okay I was on the low just right based in my happens off my wins. Say it again. I was down right and it just felt like I prepare myself mentally where I'm like okay. I'm over that today's new day. I'm turning around today and I'd be good. I beginning be back in the box. And it's just felt like everything was just back on my shoulders. Right and man. I'd give it an honest like hard hardcore effort. I went to every little rope in at home I did. I felt like I was doing everything just to put myself in situations and then to get rid of that and then I could head good and then one thing happened and it's just like all the way again. Yeah so I didn't know what to do and we had this really really good family friend. His name is Dr Bob. Stead word at home. He was like the. He's a founding president of the Paralympics. He's A. He's a pretty big deal rubber in the sports industry. He's inducted in the Canadian Sports Hall of fame and stuff like that and my dad. Call Them for me and we talked to him on phone and Dr Bob laughed. He said okay. We'll try this so he set me up with this hypnotist and Emerton and I went in there and it was. He talked to me about it before. And our sub conscience. We train our sub conscience. So it's like he explained to me that there's this little girl come in their shoes a fourteen year old girl and she bad ass figure skater and at the at the end of every verse spins or whatever and when she was skating her toe that was in the air would get lazy and she would always think about it but then she put her body into motion. She forgot about her tow because she taught her sub conscience to not worry about it so he has to like rewire your brain and recreate a sub conscience for a new route for your brain to think about right and there was like a week. This girl went in there every day. Two hours they talk about the process going into the spin and then heat when they got to this part of the spin this guy would like stopper in her mind and then they'd go through it and he would take now remember you're to- like he trained your sub conscience to think about her toe and she went out to the next competition and I guess her coach that what did you do to this girl like her toe is all of a sudden working and he just explained to that like I said your sub conscience can be retrained so when I put myself in a situation. My conscience was just wired from all my bad thoughts. My bad mentality that this is where it's going so we would always talk myself through like we started at when he hypnotized me and we will start when I unloaded my horse at the Rodeo. And we'd go through satellite and we'd go through looking at the draw. We would go through them saying in the national anthem. We would sing the sit there watching the team before me and then I would back in the box and then he would say okay. You put your time in like he would just go through the most reassuring not blowing smoke my ass but dislike you. Put your time and you're here for a reason. You know that you've done your part and I'm telling you gives me have a color that that's how it like. My brain can switch into that mode right and it was pretty cool. I I recommend it to people. It was really really interesting. I think it's great because I think what we don't realize how much power subconscious has you get everything and I think a lot of us have a problem or troubles with letting go over pride. You know what I mean like. This is kind of silly me telling me that I've been hypnotised thing but I know it's effective so I don't really I don't care right. I know that it works so I think a lot of a surge scared to put in extra or the silly thing because of what it might look like or try it exactly. You know because it's I mean it's I really hits home for me 'cause I I have this issue of. I'm not good enough when I miss a steer. I'm not good enough. Then it's like wait. This comes back. That's the first thing I say when I missed one at a radio. I'm not good enough. Yeah so is so crazy because he can train that where the first thing you think of his big thing is. I don't want to blow smoke up. Your ass is going to create more disappointment right. But when you don't do good you can be. You can train your mindset to burn. Now I put the time in. I know I worked on that. I got the next one. You know what I mean like. It's not like a you're the baddest dude there is. But it's like what you need to hear the normal stuff. Put your time in like you. Don't suck like you've worked hard at this. You know you can do it. And that was so huge to me when I back in the box now to not have that fear of that weight coming back whereas just that's that's gone well and I think too. It's it's really hard for us to look at the situation realistically like we have this almost a story that we're creating for ourselves and it's like If I miss him it's an it's like man. I'm just not good enough. I guess what I tell myself. I my biggest issue. I feel like I go to like. I do not have the talent the I'm not good enough but then I jumped out to me at Denver this year because the second steer I missed and it was a pretty easy situation. Get back the finals and I was that the first thing I miss him like I I was. That's what jumped out in my mind. And then I like I have worked on this a lot but how I look at it as okay the do I took my extra swing because I was just going for the kids and then he kinda ducked his head in stepped into your and I'd quit riding my horse because he was good and that's what I did. I just stopped kicking my horse and the steer kind of got. I just got a little bit situation and I'm like I know I'll catch that steer a lot. That's very rare that I miss that steer and that's the situation. It's no more no less and and I think that that's where we get so lost sometimes with. Hey it's that won. Miss has no effect on who I am as a head exactly but I. I want to look at it like that. I think the biggest thing that we forget to do or that we. I don't know how to say that we do is rather than the first thing to say is. We're not good enough. Where if you're realistic and message relation and you talk about what happened. It's fixable so that's easy if you can sit back beer ruth yourself. Look at the situation fixed. The problem boom. It's over stunt rather than sitting there looking like man not good enough but horses aren't good enough. I don't score good enough. It's like no we sit back. We look the situation what happened. We fixed it in our mind boom next Rodeo. That was a big thing that I feel like overcame. Where rather than just letting the weight come back and the snowball effect go and play where. I'm not good enough horse good enough. I don't rope good enough. It's like no we're going to sit back. I split the horns either because I quit riding. Origen my swing or maybe the stewardess did something funky but if we fix the problem that something to grow on. I actually feel like I can get more confidence during it that way where knowing I looked at it fixed the situation and then now I have the next year rather than instantly taken the weight and the blame is a real thing to take like to fix the problem. Not like the shame part of it right and the one thing that really stood out to me. Did you ever Jeremy Buehler's article and spend a win. Yes the one that yet or back to himself. Yes just trusting the process. Oh cool yet. My favorite thing in there that I that stood out to me was people aren't looking at you. Like they think like you think they are looking at you. They're not judging you as hard as you think they're judging you right like when I used to miss I'd be like Oh my gosh. They think they probably don't even know. I run that steer. Yeah but I'm sitting here thinking about that rather than fixing my problem so now that I don't even worry about that. Fix My situation in the prom actually gained a little bit of confidence from my miss rather than going in the other direction. Will it allows you to focus on solutions? Yes in and the how to and kind of build this person essentially that can that can do that. Doesn't have those mental lapses. Because I think that's when you go back to it. If you truly put the time in like you believe which I think for a lot of us it's were all capable of winning at the highest level it just the difference between the discipline that we have and the knowing that we have that ability and I think that that's where it gets really big for like for me. It's my horse. I I try to rope through my horse in if I put him in that spot. It's a layup and going back to the Denver Shop. I quit riding. That's it no no big deal and so if we we have that in mind had just all I have to do. When I'm in the box I just ride this horse. Get those couple of good strides out of him. Then then you're good and and I think that's so what's so powerful about the Subconscious is we have this feel and now Madison this on a podcast before but this one really jumps out in my mind that one of the first things they have like a trained boxer do like when they're going into a fight is they tell them not to think like they have their strategy. But there's a thinking mind is a slow mine and they get beat up. If they're thinking they're punches aren't fluent they're not reacting. They're not in the moment muscle member. Yes yes they're not allowing it to take over and that's essentially like where the zone flow state comes from this sub-conscious and allowing it to activate put we're like we're always kind of on it too. I think so. I go through that a lot where we've already talked about it but how. I put a lot into my horses right. Like that's my main focus so then when I go to a rope and if I'm not into the into the zone focused on our run I get to kind of worry about my horse and ride him too much were now. I'm actually fighting my muscle memory and it feels like I'm in a mental state of battle. Battling my my mind in my muscles because I'm wanting to do a little bit extra when he trained my body to do this so when I feel like I had best at the Romans is one. I'm there all I'm worrying about is score ride rope. Nothing else I see my start. I ride my spot. I wrote the cow. Now I think I gotta stay over my Saddle Horn. I got it got now. I'm just fighting everything. I've just trained my body to do and like you said like I think in mind is a slow mind. Just that's why we practice so that we can trust our process when it matters I I totally agree and I think that as a roper. It's you know I put a of effort into getting my body right Because we I think we all have a little bit different bill or stronger in different areas. Are Horses Work and we Rodham just a little bit different swings a little different so if we can put our body in the correct spot before we not our head and then that is my same focus. I have the start and I am following my rains the box. I'm just trying to get that momentum. I'm just following my horse out of the box and I feel like my timing and everything with my horses fight. You're fighting yourself but as soon as I thinking about my swing I gotta go home You know it's it's not going to be on the same way. I think everybody is just part of accepting it or not. You know I mean well and an understanding who we are and I think that's where the work really I I mean I think the ability to self evaluate is so big and I think that's where losing gets. You can really turn that into a strength is if you self evaluate without tearing yourself down but like hey this is. I'm week here. I need to work on. And that's when you spend time on the dummy Pin Time going slow and it has to be a long enough time that it becomes muscle on his effort into. It's not just A. I'm GonNa do this today. I'm going to have a fixed like. Yeah that's why I think picking things out to work on is such is so important to be realistic with yourself. To where just don't half ass a judgment call? True sit down evaluate yourself and be real with it where you're weak at and you know. I'm just as bad as anybody at that. Where if you're going to find something actually find something truly be real with yourself like in a way. Be Hard on yourself. Pick rope and apart and give yourself something truly to get better at rather than to say man. I think I need a fix that. That's why I'm going to try. No sit down. Look at it figured out. Give yourself an honest plan and give yourself an honest effort so you can get a true result from it so you can actually grow from it rather than just getting disappointed from the same. Same factor right. Were and I think that what's important is to understand how many reps it's GonNa take and and what that sacrifice means. Because if you're going to do something like that you probably should know the risk and the reward because how many go into football or something like that. How many Tim T-boz out there? Which I loved him Tibo but that dude was probably one of the more gifted quarterbacks physical wise but his throwing motion sucked and he tried to change it as he was finishing his college career. Where you watch a guy like Tom Brady. Who is always kind of working on those little fundamental things and has strength? Wise is a strong Tim Tebow. But that guy's still playing in the league and I think that those strengths mm-hmm yeah the mental strength the amount of reps that actually matter you know. How many times did Tim? Tiba work on his throwing motion. Where Tom Brady? Did you know how many times when you go practice? Are you working on this? One little thing to build muscle memory. Will you like do it for a week? You're going to have to be extremely talented to pick up on something. Probably Pretty Young to pick up on something in a week yet. I mean you you look at all the greats immune there you go to the ten thousand our role which depends on the hours and the amount of effort that you put into it but the amount of reps that it takes to master. Something is ungodly It's a lot and so I think that's where we have to understand that. Hey if I wanna fix something in my swing and I truly believe that this is an issue it might take six months of that just being one of your main focuses or hundreds of reps on the dummy and then he was so good to come here today and talked about that because that was just a gentle reminder again you know like two weeks ago. I found something that I think will. That will really fix a lot of my problems at the Rodeos and I bust my ass on it and then we went jackpot in and then I come back here and then I just kind of put on the back burner whereas like no and like going home today and I've got I've got grind through that like you said gets time in like I was saying like that'd be true to you can't just half ass it full results. You know you have fast you get half ass results so I totally agree i. I was thinking about this. I think my heading and this this winter. I didn't do a very good job with my practice schedule. But last summer was probably one of the Best Myer opening had ever felt and for ninety to one hundred twenty days. I just focused on camera Just riding my horse. I wrote a lot with Marty Becker. And that's what we worked on. I just worked on my horsemanship but I felt like there was things in my swing that needed added and so I would wrote the dummy and I had it my mind. I probably need a few thousand reps and I have this weird deal as I. I WanNa get better reaching and I looked at these basketball players. Lebron James and guys at wanted to work on their jump shot like how many reps they actually put in Jumpers and read a book about his trainer. Another damn I'm I'm GonNa have to rip the dummy lot and that's when I go to you like you talk about the the hypnotist but he visualizes it will. That's what I would start doing so every time. I wrote the dummy right before I I would visualize myself rope in the dummy perfectly. I would rope it and then right after I would visualize myself doing it. How perfectly whether I did or not well one turns into three and I can get ten thousand. Yeah Yeah I can get ten thousand. I got a rope a few hundred times a day like actual like I got I was probably throwing two to five hundred day But you times that by three men here in a few weeks I have I have worked on to quill reached shot one two three four swings a lot and my roping got. It was a huge improvement but it was man. I didn't stay with it for. I mean I'm not doing it now but a big thing about that. I think just hearing you talk is yeah. You probably got better at it but when you back in the box and that's what comes in front of you. Your subconscious is confident about it. Because you know you put your time into it you're not doubting it. You know what I'm saying where you know you've grounded through you've worked on it. Well now. You have confidence in it. So you're not you're not fearing that situation and I think that's so big too. Well I think what happened for me that I separate it. Some horses were there and then all the sudden when that to coil shop that I thought that I was weak at it was started to feel natural and easy exactly and is because I believe I put the work in and then I did put the work in and it didn't feel foreign to me anymore if felt natural and I think that's what it is. It's like me talking through it to get to this point really to I think for me to get good at something I have to work at it to the point to where I it. Just it just feels like it's part of me. It's it's an easy thing to do it. Talking about Lebron James and guys like that. I think that's kind of the most. I think the hardest part and the most draining part of Rodeo is. We don't have a coach or trainer right. We don't have somebody to get there and be like man. You're slacking today. You need need a bust your ass. Jimmy to move. It is self driven self worth self confidence. I mean if you want it you need to get yourself and I think that's the hardest part of Rodeo because it don't matter who we are who they are who were talking about. Sometimes it's hard to be motivated. You know. That's that's a realistic thing and to have somebody there to kind of give you an extra boost everyday to point out that you're slacking meant to not have that as a huge deal. I think that's really really difficult about Rodeo. So I think you have to be really real with yourself. I mean you kind of your own your own judge. Your own coach own trainer your own mean your everything you know what I mean like. It's I think that's that's the hardest part of it all well and I think that what for me that I try to do in some guys do it but when you do other things it makes it and you try to do a really good job at it. I think it kind of makes it easier to apply to the next thing I so this been masked writes me out these workouts I mean everything. Shut down I have a squat rack outside. That's I have a squat. Rack tire tied some old classic head ropes together and have battle ropes. That's that's my gym. But he just basically wrote the strongman workout. So it's like three moves You just go Bam but like it together and then you break and you do it again. And it's a Lotta sets so had mark my set my rep in the sand and what I've realized is no one cares that I'm doing the snow but it only matters how good I do these reps to me it. No one else care. It doesn't matter at all but if I can make that market in the sand you can do the same thing. The only thing that matters is how good I do that Like did I give it my full effort so forth man. It's become really big on that. That's really stood out to me. You know having things on your own doing them on your own doing a good job on your own and makes it easier to sleep at night yard. I mean I think that that's such a big part of life will man I. I think it makes it easy to sleep at night. And it makes you motivated to get up in the morning. One Up. Yeah you want it like man that was. That was good. I'm getting I'm getting these things. Men Not like I used to like the mornings. I would get up pretty early but just now show nice out and I got these years and I got these horses. I WANNA rope on. Go slow and it's waking up is the easiest part of every day like I look forward to it you know and I think that's a huge part of it where I found my happiness within the sport and I think that's kind of the biggest part that everybody has to go through when fine. What part motivates you? And once you find that Manet's they they can't stop you from doing it. You know what I mean like I found out what makes me happy and what I truly enjoy part the that I like. I wake up every morning looking forward to that part. Well that's that's winning exactly is it is the process of just getting up in the morning getting to do that. You read so many great guys where you know win. Any championship is the greatest part every time after they do a documentary on they go back they all say. I wish I would enjoy the journey more right and that was a huge part. That how I look at it is these horses and my time put into my horses. My journey so obviously the end result is gold buckle average win you know more in a foreign qualifications. But I'm in the midst of my journey right now and I'm I'm really enjoying this process of it and I feel like my I feel like it's turning around the the results are starting to come. You know what I'm saying. But the journey part of it man. I'm truly enjoy that and like you said I feel like that's winning like I'm I'm at peace within the sport and I love where. I'm at a love the people around me the everything that I have going on right now. I'm very happy and at peace with it in think. That's that's like you said that's a win itself yet said Self-worth it's it's it's all internal your internally happy with what you're doing every day you know so there's no name before. I used to be so worried. About what other great headers were riding or what rope. They were using her who they're open with or I was more now that you think about it. I was more involved in their stuff than it was kind of even with my own and told the other day A. I'm so a piece. I don't even know what's going on. You know like with all the splits and people selling their horse. I had no idea. I don't even really care like I know the run hundred I are GonNa make when we show up. We're going to try to do and I know what? Why would I want my horses to feel like and beyond that it doesn't really me. You know what I mean in that. I'm like I said under so at peace with all that was a big sigh of relief for me personally to kind of overcome all that other nonsense right. Well I think the other thing. That's kind of fun is this has to be really fun for you because you hundred close but to have a partner there that you like you guys are given it your all and I I mean when you don't win you know you. I think it's like you want to see him. Be Successful. And you you get to be part of that. Yeah we actually talked about the other day where this last month has been rough we. Jackpots weren't good for us but we're driving home from Oklahoma and he's a this is frustrating. Because I want to do so good because I want you. I want you to do good. And it's like I think that that's kind of where everybody goes through when he finds somebody that you truly want a rope with your kind of. You're not pressured up. You're like man. I really want to win and I really. I Got Saka partners with Patrick and I really liked seeing Patrick do good. So I've I want. I want to do good for Patrick because I want him to do. Good and then like you said. I think that's just a good spot in. It's pretty cool. Well I think that's you know that's the reason why we do these podcasts. Because we like Manna to talk about it. Like hey this is roping. I think with the media and how it's covered. There's this false like what is important. Yes and what it takes and and to me. It's like it's such a it's so much more than Wins and losses and things like that. It's like you you've got a part of that. You're you're wanting to see this guy good and you know and you've got these horses in all of this. That goes into it every day that it makes it so fun to enjoy this process and I think that I think once you get in the state of mind. I think that's when the big wins. Do Start coming. You know when obviously you're looking for them and you're putting your time into him but they're not the only thing that matters. I think that's I think that's when you start truly reaping the benefits of what you're putting into it when within yourself and your circle your so at peace that that thing doesn't really matter but man you're going to bless if it does show up you know what I mean like. I think that's that's when things truly start coming your way right right because it's GonNa the the work ethic and and the enjoyment in the process is all exactly and that's when that's when it's all kind of matches up the pressure of the result isn't such a isn't such a big factor you mean where the the pressures more within just doing your job on completing the course that you were set on doing and the rest of this coming your way right and I think it goes back to like even the podcast with hunger. I I loved it because the one thing I just still stays with. Today's he's like when he talked about roping with snow at the at those rodeos. I am going to attack the Phoenix. That's who I am and it makes it. You're like he was true to his self his work ethic he wasn't GonNa go there and be something he wasn't exactly he was gonNA fail or win being who he was. And that's that's everything you know Talk for chat always just the Nice Guy last year. We're driving home from Pendleton. It was dark like two thirty in the morning. We're all coming home. And he passed me and this out of nowhere he said man. I think I know what's wrong with your heading and I'm like Gosh. Hey you know. Like Hey. How's it going but we talked for hours. That trip in he helped me a lot. We talked about a lot of stuff but the big thing that stood out to me he said I wish I was better than the years but he said the first year he felt like he tried head like himself and not like anybody else. Just do what. Chad masters does like headlight. Chad wants to head. He missed seven years that whole seven steers that whole year and he won the world title right and I think that just goes back to what you're talking about hunter and kind of what we're talking about is all the do it you. Do you know like trust your process. And don't try to head like so-and-so or another guy do what you do put your time in for what how you do it and how it works and think you truly reap the benefits. From that way I agree. I don't know how many times I've watched diggers head and then it's ruined my heading for a few months. No promise. I can't catch this. I think you are the only ones that have been through that too. He's wreck my game. If she wants to dust in the squeeze at the slides at a slide and I was like it was silly and went there last went to one last night. It Paul and I made some decent runs where two five and a four and we didn't get it open the short round. Hunter Hunter and Dustin one third. I think hundred one. The from hundred one third there to force in two threes and one third. That's Nice I'm doing. This Dawson Squeeze is insane. Yep so going back to what we're talking about. I leave that open in the first thing I think of men I suck like yeah doesn't squeeze amazing like I can't do that right then. I need to sit back. We evaluate where I'm at. No my strengths rather than just completely tried to bury myself in my career in in the ground. Where just try to grow off? What I'm good at trust my process. August. I'm going to work on some stuff. Test my limits in the practice but the biggest thing I think is not getting away from what you are truly good at already you will and I think that's so important is I mean. Obviously if the rope lines were set up like the slides and it was like that in every situation. It'd be something you have to learn to do. You would have to fix. Yes but we understanding. Hey the the setups are going to be different. And you. You know you're going to need more. Horses in the runs are not on track header. And and I think that's that's what kind of goes into this whole process of like. Hey I you're trying to figure out how to win and what it takes in this self evaluation period man. I think it's cool but it is tough because Dustin is he you man. He's GonNa ruin some guys this little he's GonNa he's going to have a Lotta guys running ahead horses and roping career yeah. He's he's unbelievable. That last night was just insane. Yeah Yeah and as he figures out jackpot in this last year. He's gotten where he's good at it. It's it's fun watching because I just when you think man. They wrote good and then he said watching him him. He's throwing he's tournament hottest. You're pretty fast. And now he's turning a lost ears. Yeah I think the biggest thing know that on the outside looking in or for people watching them as he goes through the same stuff you and I everybody in the world goes through. You WanNA mean light. Just because he can pull those amazing shots off doesn't mean he doesn't have self doubt or or hasn't overcame hardships to you. Know what I mean. So like just because he's overly talented doesn't mean we need to be jealous of them like rat he's grown and through it to. He's put his time in. He's found the hard ways. He's done the same ways else so don't be so hard on ourselves like men. I can't do that well. He can't do some stuff that we can do either so trust our processes respect what he's been through and I know he's GonNa respect what we've been through and I mean we're all looking for the same results so I don't I don't think it's we're no place to put our our careers down because of what some guys can do with their ropes. You know like everybody goes through their hardships and everybody has their stuff that they're weekend. Well I think that's what makes sports so fun exactly is everyone's talent levels. GonNa be different. Everyone's going to be different but what makes or breaks you. Is how how you figure out how to win. Look at Brazil. He says he's not the greatest roper. I mean is it twenty. Four twenty five. It's it's enough that it's more than I can know of so it's a lot yet. Most people lose count in. He says he's not the most talented rope burn. I mean he can't do things that doesn't squeeze it does He. Can't head the cow like but look at the career that Trevor Brazil had because of what he put into his horses and obviously himself and his body like using a monster when he was going. But that's just a big eye opener to me. There is not a one track deal. You know what I mean like. There's different ways to get to the end result. And and what I think's important is. He learned how to win a he. He not only dominated that the NFL. But we video with Patrick the other day and I was looking up on the wall. And they're like well they want everywhere. They won't shy in Salinas. They want I mean all of these rodeos that are like are. They say it's a cowboys deal. And it's hard win will then Wise Trevor. Winning all you know. I mean because he is the best cowboy. He's the best horseman. He the best head horses and I think that's that's the biggest thing that stands out to me is great win yet. That's why I look up to Clay Smith so much island believable when he gets it the Thomas Mack I mean he not only heads fast but he has great control of where his horses at the steers handled. And you're just like your is. It's amazing. There's the horses I think unless you have the Dreyer's squeeze a game which guys still do right grade horses which make great but they could make the finals on the let a lot less horse than I ever could. So that's why I try to put so much into my horses because I feel like I need that extra step to compete against those guys and since I've been blessed enough to have them extra steps along my career I have been able to have a career you're saying yet and that's what. I am so focused on where I get my confidence. What my horses give back to me and I think that's what makes her open so like a beautiful sport. Where any like literally anyone can do it. You just got to want to do it. Just find a way to do it because if you have a slow head horse it's not very good you can probably learn how to reach and he will get you to a spot where you can get more horses and And if you're vice versa. If you end up with horses at a run are really like really talented. You can use your horse to win and and then there's this going to be this couple of weeks after they get away with anything because they're so good. Yeah and you gotta realize dust and man. He's I mean he wasn't like that when he his Jackpot game. Not just coming on like I just like. I tried saying he granted through it. I mean he's been through the hardships just like all of us and I think that's something that we all have to be real about with ourselves like everybody goes through it. We're not the only ones that are having hard times or have had hard times or whoever's listening you're not the only one that had hard times like every single person gone through that and we'll go through it again like it's how we overcome it and how we get through it that matters right anytime you're adding competition in it means there's going to be a struggle it's coming and that and that's what. Makes Competition Beautiful? That's what makes sports good. Is You have to be good at something that the best guys you know win the most. And there's all of this and there's a lot of variables in roping but that's where like the guys that have a job that work and and things they they might not go up and down and that might be what what people want at alive because it is pretty easy to tear yourself apart. It is when when you know your financial wellbeing is on the line with with your tied to your competition right exactly so men. I appreciate you being on the podcast. We you know like I said the the big thing is i. I love to have a conversation about roping and what it takes to be competitive just just to. I wanted to hear your mindset on the on the on the finals and and because you know you've got a lot of success young you've had some great horses at Badger Man. He's one of my favorite all time horses and now your outlook because you could see it you know you could see it lingered and then you can see it now like it's it's just a whole different it's just a whole different header than it was three or four years ago right and a and a better person too and. I think that's what's that's what's fun about this. Yeah well thank. You have not appreciate awesome thanks.

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