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There's a day at. Bloomberg. Dot Com on the Bloomberg business APP and Bloomberg dictate. This is Bloomberg radio. Markets, headlines, and breaking news twenty, four hours a day at Bloomberg Dot com the Bloomberg business at and and Bloomberg Quick Tape Bruce. He's a Bloomberg business. Flash. Bloomberg. World Headquarters I'm Charlie PELLETAN UPDATE FOR THE DOW THE S&P and Nasdaq there you have it sound or the closing Bell Eappen News York Stock. Exchange folks from the climate group bringing that closing bell as some P. Five hundred index climbing today by thirty four points up more. Than One percent sharp contrast to this time yesterday the Dow up one, hundred, thirty, nine up five tens Nasdaq surged one hundred eighty, four points up one point seven percent the Dow the S&P NASDAQ, all the fence enclosing close to session highs Nasdaq one hundred index advancing today by one point, nine percent Dow transports up by eight tenths of one percent ten year yield their point, six percent gold down five tenths of one percent nineteen o two. And West Texas intermediate crude up seven tenths of one percent thirty, nine, sixty, four of west Texas intermediate crude stocks rose dipped buyers emerged after the market selloff tempering concern over remarks from Federal Reserve officials that pointed to a slow economic recovery. Tony Dwyer is equity strategist at Canaccord genuity on this morning on Bloomberg surveillance. He told US investors are dealing with plenty of unknowns out of Washington. We don't know what the implications Supreme Court Nominees Day. We don't know if they're going to have the Senate if the Democrats are gonNA sweep and have both the White House and the Senate I just don't think it's an investable event a what you do.

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