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Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Jerry Taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode Soda undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So Skip Shannon. Let's get to it welcome. We are live from Los Angeles. I'm Johnny Taff here. Skip bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Good morning did you see them. Clippers last night called daas gotTa stinker going on down the base staples. Obviously they come January but when was the last time you heard the best player in the world not being the MVP conversation in the first quarter of the season we collide. Oh Oh you're talking about it. Is he the guy that you said he. The movie should be talking about. Well we have a back show today should the NBA allow the rockets and Spurs to replay the final eight minutes. It's out there gambling got here. This is Tom Brady really having a better season than Patrick. MAHOMES and Aaron Rodgers. We are going to start with our friend Jerry Jerry Jones and the cowboys because he keeps talking Jerry. Jones has publicly said that Jason Garrett will remain the cowboys head coach through this season. Which Jerry it has not done is say what will happen with Garrett and the cowboys after this year during his weekly Radio Interview Jerry opened up how he views Jason Convert? Take a listen you can say a guy. That's been coaching ten. You should have a super bowl. You want to list thousands of coaches that that don't have the super bowl or equivalent on it. That have been coaching ten years. And you won't list. How many numbers are that? Have Multiple Super Bowls that have been coaching coaching ten years. My point is it's high bar but they're qualified people guest Joe. It is one of them in my opinion would be coaching in the NFL. Next year. Shannon how do you interpret what Jerry said. I'm interpreting just like everybody else's interpreting skipping in just like Jason Garrett your services who will no longer be required. After this season he will be coaching. Just not here. Because he could have said. Hey I have the utmost most profound respect for Jason Garrett as he alluded. I can give you a long list of coaches. That's been coaching ten plus years. That doesn't have a super bowl. And I can give you a list of coaches. They did and have super bowls but I think very highly Jason. They not they. He'll be because remember skipped. He kept dropping nuggets. Jason would be a very sought after commodity. Okay if you got if you like commodities commodity why are you worried about somebody else would like it or someone. What else would you skip? We knew it was going to come to this when he walked to that podium at the NFL combine in February. And he says I'm not extending Jason Garrett. We knew what was going to happen. Because as you mentioned Jason Garrett has been the same coat from the day. He stepped into the cowboy satellite. This what he does. He's not raw. Aw He's not motivating he's not anything and I guess Jerry thought well if I dangle this carrot you coaching for Your Contract You coaching for your coaching career in Dallas. He will change. That's all he knows. You can only coach. You can only do what you know how to do. I mean why receivers to go ask. Why all of a sudden now this game? You'RE GONNA start a quarterback well. He hadn't played quarterback he's been a wide receiver so he knows how to play that Jason gave to the even Keel Berry STOIC and show good job good job guy pat him on the but when you call it the field skill Jason Jason. What Jerry basically said? I'm GonNa have me a new coach but he's going to be in the same vein old coach Eagles because what I step on his. I need him to say the owner have every right to be upset and to you. Criticise me publicly. Which Jerry has done on numerous numerous occasions to that man? Jason deserves better. He will be far better off. But Jerry is never going to get the coat that can give him or as closed guaranteed. You covered sports too long. There are no guarantees in sports. That's why we like it. They go why we don't your your team ask you when you publicly and openly second guess coat when you blatantly openly criticize your coat publicly. That's the beginning of the end. I've never seen an owner do this before I wasn't either not like this. Not like there's no socio he's basically saying y'all keep asking me. I'm going to do it in a nice roundabout way. He'll be you know they'd be somebody. Nobody be lucky to have him but he's not going to be back in Dallas. Jerry just basically said that in a whole bunch of words you make a bunch of good points and I'm about to drop the hammer on my point. I'm about to unleash their so much. I'm sick and tired about watching doing these Dallas cowboys at six and six. But the one member of this organization I am the sickest I am the tired Est.. Jose is the owner of general manager. Jerry I am so sick and tired of him playing to the crowd because he knows the crowd crowd is on hair-trigger. What do you say next Jerry everywhere? What's next host does that mean you're going to fire him or keep him fire keeping farmer kingpin every day after day after your day and it takes the onus off in the focus off and the blame off of the man who probably deserves the note not probably does deserve the largest portion of the blame blame for six thousand six and that is Jerry Jones? He's the one who I believe. Overpaid Zeke I believe the overpaid demarcus Lawrence. I believe the overpaid the entire offensive line. I believe he is kept Jason Garrett at least six years too long and we're still going back and forth day after day Steph. Today keep him fire and keeping fire. Which is Jerry? Oh wait a second. Maybe you're the problem sharing. This is the classic sick moment when I wish Jerry Jones could be fired. That can happen but I wish that he were the equivalent of an elected official that we could vote out of off. I wish cowboy nation anybody who had the credentials to be a true lifelong cowboy fan. got a vote and we could just vote him out because the truth is I think he would have been voted out a long time ago and this was another classic case of a moment when he should just be voted out. The last man and I wanted to hear from yesterday was Gerald Wayne Jones Junior because this team has enough problems without him. Creating another distraction attraction for this team and this is nothing but Jerry's ego talking this is this is look and we're fall right into the trap. So I'm I'm not going to be a hypocrite adhere. BLAME US to reacting. But but you almost have to react like this. Because they're still relevant. They still have as I said yesterday. A this is the damnedest dynamic I've ever encountered in my history covering your league. The Eagles somehow rendered them relevant again and renew Jerry relevant again by falling on their faces in Miami. That's the only reason we're having this conversation. is they reopened the door or for Jerry to run through because what Fox Betsy. They still have a sixty percent chance of winning the division of cowboys. Yes but they didn't tell Philly went laws right because I thought Philly parade to the Division Championship. They had the easiest schedule left in the national football league. Starting with the dolphins the easiest game of their I five left right and they lost it in all the sudden it allows the Dallas cowboys to lose at obviously Buffalo. Hold me they could go lose it. Yeah they could lose the Chicago right and then they could come home and lose to the rams and they're still afloat right it. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter whether they win or lose the next two games. All the matters is they have to go win. It's Philadelphia right and they have to come home and beat the redskins. And then they'll be undefeated in the division Asian and they will get a home playoff game great so now I have to put up with as a lifelong cowboy fan. An owner who honestly has a whole bunch of Antonio Tonio Brown in him what we say about Antonio he's a victim of social media Antonio still doesn't get the fact that because he thinks that every time I post twitter instagram. The whole sports world assist you. Did you see what Antonio just said about Robert Kraft and yet Antonio doesn't understand that every time he does post he listens his chances of ever playing again in the national football league. Right Right Jerry. Jones is the same way except Jerry. Does he know what twitter or instagram all. Jerry noses that all do snap his fingers and he'll have a microphone it was live and all he knows is he's got his own. Radio show does any owner. You've said this before. Does any owner addressed. Yes the media after every game before the coach speaks. No no nobody does nobody. Nobody in the history of this game has ever done. What Jerry Jones does Jerry do? You've a US covered a team. Did he do that when Jimmy was there he did he addressed. I was trying to go back. I don't think he is. I was there for every every one of those games and it's kind of a blur to me but I I don't know if he did it before Jimmy but he would always be available but you know what I'm pretty sure he knew available. Maybe it wasn't now now. It's become like clockwork with the media's trained to know we gotta run and find Jerry before Jason Speak Skip. He's speaking before the players. At least let the players the coaches tell you what's going on. What happened okay? But in how many owners in this league have ever had their own radio show a GIG. Did you know once a week. None because most owners I can only look Jerry have. Here's but I can only think of one of the owner. That would probably even want to have one and that would be Al Davis because most of the guys tend to stay in the background and they don't really have anything interesting to say fans don't really care what the owner has to say. It's not like He's played coaching. Call them plays or anything like that. So fans normally but this guy's unique. Listen I covered Al Davis. He didn't he rarely spoke rarely and he rarely early would return my phone call unless he had something he needed to get out there and the one night at Camp that was there when he called me over to tell me you know what happened open installing about the tuck rule. He says you know what happened. You know who got on the phone in New York don't you Paul Tagliabue's got on the PB that he went to have gray believing that the NFL go ahead of the inborn and they reverse that but he wanted to tell me that so he he did this. He called me over to tell me. After training camp practice the Sun was going down up there northern California and yet could I get him on the phone did he have radio. No did he speak after games. Never never ever he disappeared now. Davis Davis was pretty much a ghost right until unless he wanted to find somebody like he did laying kip. He called up there and did a pinpoints porter that we did this and he did that. We didn't lane kiffin tried it a jackass got to try to eighty yards hugo that probably would nwea. So I will bet you that Jerry Jones owns spent some time the night before yesterday morning. We'll see that was Tuesday so Monday night and I will bitch. He spent some time working on this cryptic line of there's just so he could get Shannon Sharpe as we know what it means Jason's gone weakening somebody else to say. No maybe he means Jason's going to be a cowboy next year. Maybe it works both ways. I will bet you that Jerry Jones was chuckling before his radio GIG yesterday like watch this I I I will drive them all crazy I will drive them into immediate tizzy after my Radio Show where they will all be wondering exactly what I'm trying to say here and and I don't care what he's trying to say because you can argue well he's trying to create a little more creative locker room tension. They don't need that right now. The point is Jason Garrett is it is going to be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for the rest of this year because philly ensured that and I don't think Jerry would fired him anyway but the point is it now. They're still afloat. They're still alive all the way until December twenty second in that game will determine. Everything's give Jerry wants all the credit with none. The blame no blame. We went to bore my sophomore year. We went to Morehouse. We got beat thirteen seven and Co's Day coach at a time and he's sitting there he he says I'm not even mad at you guys that you lost. He said I'm mad at me. 'cause I brought you sorry molds up here Jerry Donohue should be mad at yourself you already. He kept the style he did what he would five and three eight eight and you can't be an eight again. Yeah three eight and you kept him so I don't know what you expect like you said he had you know what is a J. Equity Together. They they showed equity he. He played for me. You know he was assistant. Assistant under meeting. Uses the phrase we've had a football life ping a hint yet. NFL Network one is. You're a football life on Jerry and Jason Right now you know. He would football Michael Hill like they did I. If I'm not mistaken. They did one on L. Davis. I'm almost certain that Jerry in order order for you to get to where you want to be. You're going to have to hire someone with the backbone. And if you hire someone with a backbone they're going to get like you say like Antonio Jared like when people tell him what he needs to know only what he wants to hear Jay all of call him Jerry. Jerry you're right everybody called Jeremiah Wright Jerry Wrong Situation Jerry. You shouldn't second guess you shouldn't question your head coach publicly because now you rob him of his ability to coat into the Bharti in the locker room because they know they like talking to you go to Jerry was. They found out they had a pipeline that they could bypass the the head coach and go speak directly to that man. What would I want to talk with get? Why would I ever need to talk to him? Talk about anything. He has no control role. Plays how much they play. Jerry's given Jerry giving injuries update where you'll be out about two or three weeks awesome for Jason Does is the craziest thing I've ever seen and it's the wrong thing I've ever Sarong is thing that's it so he he really wants a guy. Like a Sean Payton. He was a guy like bill belichick. Those guys would never know well. He tried parcels and then he wouldn't even let ourselves cells have his autonomy right. He wouldn't let him buy the groceries and make do the cooking. No I don't want you got that is true and you realize in the same radio interview. Yesterday Jerry went off on this long weird Soliloquy taking credit for how he youth up the coaching staff. He said I did this when I decided to go with a younger makeup of the coaching staff. I decided that and we did do that. These are quotes wants from the show yesterday where he went position coach by position. Coach Marc Colombo low. And then we went with Chris. Richard and of course we elevated Kellen Moore and. He's taking credit credit for building. This around Jason with Jason being the veteran safety net so in other words. The coach doesn't have any say on staff. There you go see. Here's the Thanksgiv- okay. When the criticism comes for killing more jerry hide him but we blame Jason Okay with the difference? Don't hold up. He Christmas shot he we yoga. We don't blame Chris Resort Blades. So all these torches the Jason Garrett had no say in hiring we blame him when it goes them up and the finger whereas you've not at all his final line is I felt. We could do that get younger with Jason Garrett there he could be the safety net in case Weel's came off Jerry. They just came on. At least three of them are awesome. There's one wheel early six and six one wheel they're just like teetering down the road. What he meant by that with being go awry? I do play Jason. That is true. But that's what he's doing he's just told you it would be the safety net killing more like why did you take the ball out of day thing in A. Why are you not running when Christmas chart has given the when you can't get it stops you? who gets the blame? That would have planned all along. We told you that is true. So what if we just witnessed from Jerry Jones over the last couple of weeks. We have seen him go from good cop bad adcock to good cop bad cop and I swear he he thinks things through. This is all premeditated because after New England he went bad cop and felt like about two firearm. Home Right yes okay and then after Buffalo. He went sappy COP. He went like crazy old uncle night after too much to drink. He had tears in his eyes defending Jason Garrett and then yesterday he woke up and said you know what I'm gonNA show him a little bad cop today dropped optus. We're okay so that's fine. He is creating more upheaval in chaos for team that needs none of the above right now right now. All that matters is that the quarterback starts making plays that win football games especially in the ribs. That's correct and that the running back starts making plays that win games and that the the receiver the number one rise rod research shows up for games and rises and shines plays like the best receiver achiever in football defense shows up and shows out that it's not the defense that ranks twenty sixth in turnovers forced takeaways. Takeaways that it's not dead last in interceptions because that's not going to win any of these games so again. This is a team that ranks first in yards which jerry loves because is it plays right into what it's like ours but but to me. He's more about selling than winning. It's always been about more promoting and then winning Greg. So he loves it. We've got the highest powered offense in the league. You have at your eighth and points scored and you're twentieth in first and Goal Situations Cash cashing much down your twentieth in the League will that won't work give there's no because here's the thing. There's really no downside for them missing the the playoffs them. Not winning super bowls because guess what year after year they sell more merchandise more powerful than anybody. All the eighty eighty five thousand seats at Cowboys Stadium is sold out every week valuable team because there's doubts now if there was a downside to that okay there's has no shows All of a sudden they weren't as as as profitable then all of a sudden. Let's give if I'm making three hundred million dollars a year. What's the downside? That's why he skipped. He went on dairies of Maverick. He went out on his own. I want to have my own. I WANNA make up my own merchandise yup so cowboys somebody make great. Catch Zeke eating. They print them sure they got him Monday morning. The naming rights to peer sale. Everybody everybody was doing Coca Cola garrison now or I will say I want to do my own Jersey. Okay so I respect all that to guts. That's an took some sort of genius. He's got some business genius out them are GonNa do I can do. y'All know what you're doing. I can do this better than I can. Make more money myself and get to keep all of it and I ain't got to share with the other thirty one because I don't think I'll work as hard as I am so I don't think you should do kind of reward that we retain uh-huh Jerry has accept some blame some accountability for this being what it is because he hired that man and put all those pieces around him and when things doesn't work he'll never miss them. You don't ever mentioned the defense. All Jason Gary. Yeah so right now Jason Garrett should be a non story to me the owner. GM should be even more of a non story it should be about what's happening in that locker room on that practice field. Because it's all you have left your only hope. Is that Dak Prescott sort of pull them together and says I got you. I'm I'm GonNa take you home here. Jared thank the players. Listen they get motivated by what he saying. No I think they're tuning the amount just the way they are tuning Jason Garrett. I think you're right because they've heard there's there's only so many times you can hear a pep talk or sweet before he's lied but okay here we go again. What would you say? Jerry can't play. Johnson camp apply right so all of our focus. The media focused thanks to this guy. Jerry Jones is all on the owner and the coach when when really the focus has to be back on the locker blame should be heaped on the owner lashed. General Mattis totally agree. He brought all this. He built it. He gave it to you cowboy cowboy nation and yet he had some quote yesterday. What was the one about we do all we can do? You know there's nobody shoves any more out there than I do. Well shows this might be the operative word of what he shows you know. What shoveling tactic? I okay okay. What is Jason Think when he wakes up and sees these quotes though when you hear that we never take this approach with parcels he would have never taken his Zuma Johnson? Jerry and Jason are so close I am convinced. I don't know this for a fact but I believe that Jerry would call Jason on Monday night and say hey just a little. FYI Y I little heads up. I've got a line on. WanNa use the radio my Brady show tomorrow and I just want to kind of tease this a little bit. But don't take it personally. I don't react to it. Yeah it's GonNa be a known in the morning continues clapping. He doesn't seem phase by. It'd be clever. You make about four million dollars again in his time as the head coach. No coach has coached more five hundred games where his team has been five hundred going into the game aim career and Jason Garrett over his tenure is the cowboy coach tenure strict. That's correct and he is the classic eight kind of coach. And that's playoff win. That's correct every time we say though too that's actually it's all. We got four but he continues to clap and that check is still. The rockets are reportedly optimistic that the NBA. We'll take action. After James Harden's dunk in the fourth quarter was not counted arden's dunk goes through the hoop but the officiating crew ruled that it bounced out. The rockets went on to lose one thousand five to one. Thirty three in double overtime to the Spurs and in Houston believes. The League wore them the wind since they would've outscored the spurs in regulation if the basket had counted or they will allow the final seven minutes and fifty fifty seconds to be replayed at a later date when the score would have been one of four to eighty nine if hardens dunk had counted the last time a replay. The Game I was in two thousand eight but it was for just less than a minute so little different circumstances in this one. There's a lot there skimp should the final seven minutes and fifty twenty seconds be replayed. I watched this game. It's trying to watch your game in this game and I was getting really distracted by this game because is this turned out to be the game of the year so far in the NBA. There is no way the final seven fifty. This game should be replayed. They'd there is no way that the rockets should be awarded the victory and that is what Tim McMahon who covers for ESPN DOT COM covers. The rockets wrote that the rockets are hopeful. And I'm just GonNa Guess He got this from Daryl Morey GM but they're hopeful that a victory will just be flat out awarded to the rockets because they did blow this call and that they're very confident that if that doesn't the happened that the final seven fifty will be replayed when these two teams meet again for the second time in San Antonio which is April the twelfth that'll be the second and final all time at the rockets visit into the regular season as three days before. Hey before this their third last game okay. There is precedent for this. Yes you're talking about the shack. They wrongly ruled him disqualified with six foul so they let the final fifty seconds be replayed the next time. Those two teams played right. You do you first and then you stop down for a little bit and start the real game right next game right okay. So there is absolutely no doubt that the refs completely -pletely botched this entire situation right because they even denied Mike Dantonio the right to challenge twice according to Dantonio right because they first came to him and said it's a goal tend. The ball didn't go through gold. I just went through. Why wouldn't they just go? Look at it and say what you know like. Yeah it went through. Did they say he said I challenged that and they said well. You can't challenge. Yes I can. I can challenge. And then another ref comes over according to Dantonio and said no it. It actually didn't didn't go through and then james knocked it out of bounce so it's off Houston out of bounds. It's the Spurs Baugh. Double wait no he said. I want to challenge. No you can't can't challenge. And then they have the audacity after the game in their statement that the refs made he missed a thirty second window to challenge in. Dantonio is like no I kept saying I I WANNA challenge and they said No. You can't do that. That's frustrating. Okay well it's completely blew this. The rockets dot robbed on that play on that play. Jimmy pointed out it was a wife out. It was one. Oh four to eighty nine at that point if you count the two point right but you know and I know every night they miss some call very few. How many nights with five minutes left or four or three is there a shot made eight and then they call a charge and they wipe off the basket? Somebody could say no you missed it. It was not a charge. We should have had that two points so we should have won the the close game. Yeah so you can't open that Pandora's box by going back and saying I don't know what the rockets are insisting this but but you can't do this because remember the rockets still got two overtimes to right this wrong right. Not Not one. They got to so they had the rest of regulation and they still had a one zero two to eighty nine lead and they couldn't hold that other words. You're mad that you didn't blow to fifteen point lead like you. Did the thirteen point lead because you did have even though the basket Mankowski. You had a thirteen point. Lead just was one to two eighty nine thirteen with James Harden Russell Westbrook skip. I agree with you one thousand percent. There's there's no way inhale they should play the final seven fifty skip their goaltending. That happened in the first quarter the second quarter third quarter that they miss this was amidst call. But I don't believe the the bottom line is given the referees. No the ball had gone into basket. That was it. They thought he went down. He slammed so hard. It went back out actually went through shopped back around the neck popped all the way back on top of the rim and it's bouncing around all right. It's an optical illusion referees like it didn't go through the basket did but that wasn't what cost the Game James Harden Russell Westbrook going eighteen of sixty eight from the floor. That's what cost you the game. Skip James Harden with eleven of thirty eight by the way you know that was the lowest field goal percentage nj ever for someone who's scored fifty points eleven. Thirty Eight Russ was seven of thirty. He has he has a dog. It's eighteen sixty eight. That's what caused you to gay. And Mark Dantonio. He'd made mention of it. We didn't get any stops and we just kept turning the ball over in jagged upshots eighteen sixty skilled at what point in time. So you know what. Let me try to get a little better shot. Let me try to lay it up. James Harden it was four twenty from the three four of twenty But he knew he was twenty four twenty four the Free Throw Line D. realize twenty four twenty four is the all time record for most free throws made without a miss them again without a miss four of twenty. That's impossible great concentration. Trey Shen that you've got to have fifteen or fifty one from the three forty two forty two field goals of one hundred twelve attempts skip. That's what caused you to gain eh one. You mean to tell me James Harnett Russ two points caused you to game. The officials missed it. That's what the confusion was killed. They just missed the call they missed it and then they botched it happened. It was your fault because my dad told me to try to explain so what I want to challenge that he made it no. You can't challenge that and and what happened to other guy. Come out and say well no. It didn't go down and he'd knocked it out of bounds but I wanNA tell you can't tell him that so would. They finally realized that he could have thirty seconds. Would taking up my time. It's it's so bad you can't make me late for meetings in this late for me. You may be talking to me. This is ridiculous. So my quick Spurs started the day I brought this kid's name up before Lani Walker the four. Yeah and you bring 'em up. Oh I told you after last. Summer's summer league. I thought he was the best player in Summer League. He he only played two games for the average thirty a game. Gregg Popovich will not play him. He's played barely all year until last night. When out of just give up sort of desperation he let him play the fourth quarter and guess what happened he went crazy? Nineteen points happened. Nineteen points Steph. Clegg territory right and it was only because of him making seven eight shots shots that they had a miraculous comeback to tie the score and of course my man Yaacob pertile my close personal friend. Yaacob pertile that I met in las the biggest. Did you see what he did to James Harden at the deregulation he made it. Can we see this Yaakob. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah there's a guy that was that was for the game right. There ought remember that job he could do. You remember that in Lebron doggone him I wanna hear you say you know what I think Lebron Dunk on him. I think he's a little spring. Bring Year Than Tiago. s-splitter was he getting pushed on. There's no way you okay. Play seven minutes and fifty two seconds like you say the situation with fifty two seconds and that was at the end of the ball but you talking about playing seven almost eight minutes of a game it is not going. I hope it's okay. Skip I skip if they missed this in the last minute. Okay I get it go. Replay that last minute. Well let's give not seven minutes and fifty. I don't even know what they're considering the game. We're no I do lost deregulation but have two overtimes thrown in on top of it you had to what ten minutes correct wrong now. NBA Young. They are bad obey about what they should have. Maybe maybe owned it a little bit. Better than they did. In terms of the officiate especially with their post game stay yes say that he did challenge him on a lead will he could've challenge challenge. No you were talking to me telling me I couldn't challenge and when you told me we're not around on. Jason wanted to tell him that you said I couldn't challenge. was you realized probably New York. What is the caucus or somewhere gotten ear what he can tell you that? Oh you can't shut up get thirty seconds. When when you're you're just feeding him in one bogus concept after another goaltending out of bounds off James what just just just replay it skipped? We missed my the band and go back. So what's getting lost in. The Shuffle is the twenty four of twenty four and I got a credit him. Even though he shot so poorly Orleans the reason he scored fifty points was that he made every free throw. James Harden has become the greatest high volume. Free throw shooter. You're in the history of this league because Steph just on career percentage is the greatest free throw shooter ever because he is ninety point five percent for for his whole career extraordinaire. That's the best ever. But the most free throws Steph ever shot in a year was four hundred last year. James Shot seven hundred and fifty four and was eighty eight percent well for his career. He's eighty eight percent right and to keep going up hard. It is yes make concentration gracious. Yes and keep doing that and not have just one little slip four list. Dale for somebody like K. D.. Shoot free throw that average fifty. Yeah with with the with the shoe because you gotta realize James Harden to shoot like forty three percent you take a guy like Katie somewhere around fifty. All abroad is around fifty percent. They don't have a forty five points tonight they would. I would agree but the refs are giving James some calls. He doesn't deserve ause. I know how their minds work. They are won over by the guys who can go to the free throw line and make their free throws so they will award you free throws if you have a reputation mutation for being able to the Bronco he probably GonNa Laugh two-game he probably the last two games you're GONNA shoot seventy five percent for the year you know the whole games. I mean I guess six for six. We looked at we looked at it last night. L. A. Right now. He's sixty nine point six in order for him to get back to that seventy five percent immediately he need to break James Harden record and go twenty five or twenty five a big game. But what we're GONNA DO GONNA methodically. Do it will be eighteen here. Lebanon thirteen they're twelve fourteen here and by the All star. Turn by All Star Game. Ma'am we go. You better hope. He doesn't have to shoot those with games on the line is going to drop. Did you see a land that I don't think the game was on and those stop eight free throw the clothed anti-cholera dunk on joker. Yeah Carter Doug on him I think everybody Carter Dunk on. He was just a joke. Automaker aw Baker Russo he's GonNa Fund. Well he's the best athletes on the Lady Guy Bound. I catch the city of Los Angeles. This is taking the NBA. By storm will broaden and the Lakers have won eleven of their last twelve games atop the west with an eighteen and three record record. Meanwhile the Clippers are right behind at sixteen and six and have lost only one game at home all season. Both teams racked up wins last night. So both both of these guys happy but Shannon roughly a corner of the way through the season who is better. And I'm GonNa ask you 'cause I gotta ask every day the Lakers or the clippers Salako We've been better about one hundred percent because we play more consistent guilt and we know an ad. Lebron is figured. I feel that they're gonNA even get even better but they figured out how to play each other skill. They can do the picket role. which is unstoppable or the pick and pop eighty pulling up we and plus guess? Guess what I know. The best players will play on a nightly basis. Like what the baffler getting. I don't know if you noticed this. But they were the game the last week of the twenty one last night he was three or fifteen everybody talking about the efficiency they loved. Nobody can speed him up. Nobody Attic Slow Endow. Just that is old thing. He's so methodical remembers get. He's a terminator. I'LL BE EATING DONALD GREG Janey over here but POM POM and cheerleader. She sat could what acting. What's going on you know? No he shouldn't forty three percent from the floor. Do you know he's shooting thirty one percent from the three now they loan manager he load on the court he already did not practice it. He's already missed the second back to back. And now he on the Corbu I told you. Tell me when charges yet you know better because we got size we Gallucci go inside waiting stride yet guys are consistently making shot but was we started doing that now. We ain't got no trails bills out. We Ain't gotTa Paul George and an eighty something that Portland had to. Ib came back strong. Digital what Woah joker. What Omar with get it Outta here? Jamaa Moore you you better take out. No no we better eighteen and three says we're better And when it's all said and done we will be better. You'll got load may be at least will play every other game every other day at least fifty percent from the poor. There is no reason for you to be the five fifteen. Perhaps three thousand three hundred Brazilians did that. Jimmy I ain't GonNa put that will be about twenty Twitter math but I love oboe. I think it's like sixty nine point. Six Percent Oh no wait that's I. I'm sorry that's the only thing that he has. Lebron right now is free. Throw percentage every other aspect really awash king most the now who looks at Atlantic. Now I mean gay looks out here and Lebron Lebron look so l.. Athletic who now wind load management out. Show we brought to give him a couple of days off jobe Nice but we get paid to do before I discuss Kawai Leonard and respond bond all the Baloney all over the table. I would like to make a point about a western conference. That isn't remotely like what I thought. I thought it was. Okay okay. I thought it was going to be loaded. UNLOADED ITS UNLOAD load management. The Western Conference says top-heavy is bleak. Here phrase one Lebron James Back in February of Twenty No no twenty seventy right twin seventeen when we're the super bowl in Houston. I thought the Denver Nuggets would be a lot better than they are. They ain't the same. I thought silly me I taught Portland would be pretty good. No they're not very good. I thought Utah would be a four center factor. They are not in the Lakers. Do play their tonight back back Axel. We'll see how they fare and I. I would fully expect the Lakers to go in there and take your business again so then I look all the way down to the bottom and I say you know I really thought silly me I thought the warriors would sort of come back to life because they were going to have step. I thought maybe Klay It'd be backed by February or March with draymond. You'd still have those three. Wouldn't you think those three. It would be a factor in this race. No they are completely devastated right ping pong balls and my spurs starting to show a few signs alive but not enough yet. Because they're pretty much woeful life support. Okay they're barely on life support but there's still the same team. They're actually a little better than they should be a little better than they were less your back and say this about a lot of these teams so all of a sudden now to know where the Dallas Mavericks are fourteen and six do. I think they're a threat to contend in the West. I do not a good team but you beat them twice already and you should have beaten them twice eighty Jewish. I'm sorry I was late in thinking of the game at Dallas but the point is you're timber wolves. They've been much better than I thought they'd be. But they're ten and nine to I think they can contend that I do not do I think the Phoenix Suns surprise. The West can contend. I do not and I thought the New Orleans. pelicans would be a factor in this. And Maybe the eighth playoff team and obviously they have not had Zion all year. And that's a big deflating in disappointment to all of us who love the NBA. So now that brings me back to these two teams. I gotTa give you this. I last night. Anthony Davis made a statement. IV or flu or no flu at the quarter pole. He is the defensive player of the year. The number he did on on Joker Chalker He. He annihilated him. He wiped them out physically psychologically mentally he just took him completely completely out of the game. I have never seen. Joker look that bad that inept that he looked like if. I didn't know anything if I'd never ever watched a game and I just turned that game on. I'd say that guy didn't belong in the League. Seriously who is that joint job. He's a he's a G. League because he he looked up he looked like unathletic and awkward and said what we were. AD took joker. We're we're able able to do is stay. Plastic guys said. We don't have to come down to help. Eighty no help Mike. Godwin the spurs played them in the first round. The ploughs last year they'd have to send three oriented and then he would kick it to Jamal. Murray who was making threes out of his mind Harris and last night speaking of threes. The home team was was not very good. The home team shot six of twenty nine. That's twenty percent twenty point seven percent. Okay so they don't make any threes and Denver goes oh for seven from three in the fourth quarter. That's just not who they used to be. They used to just like people up at home because they would always have the hot hand so now back. Anthony Anthony Davis. I gotTA give him the quarter pole defensive player of the year and the MVP. I think one fourth of the year and I'm going to give it up to him because because I thought the staples lights would be a little too bright for him. Maybe they will be as this year. Wears on toward the postseason. Let's give I think for him when he realized that he played for championship. He have aspirations as the. You could say what you want to say. Yes New Orleans. Let's give everybody knew. New Orleans was not going to be representative representative into Western Conference. Golden State was as they were configured in even with Houston Rockets. We knew they were not going to be the represented in the Western Conference. He's sincerely believes now with this roster that he has led by Lebron James and some of these other that they've done a great job rich Pelinka did a great job of scrambling to get Rob Rob Rob Linka a aw did a job scrambling against he really believed. We got a chance now and you see you. Maybe in a New Orleans. He doesn't play. Maybe if that showed US banged up skip he doesn't play but he knows now in order forget the recognition that he deserves. He's going to have to play through some things that he didn't play through a New Orleans and he can't use that as an excuse if he have Levin twelve points and they lose that and he's doing that right now but will but you know who the best email let's give all Jewish played okay. I haven't finished yet because I haven't gotten to the best team. It's clearly the clippers. Their deeper in their much better overall defensively insulate than the Lakers are what they did to Portland. Last night was all inspiring because in the second half they just took Damon Ame and C. J. completely out of everything they try to do and I love what doc said after the game he said at halftime. We didn't make any adjustments. We said something's going to give. We either start defending. Oh we're really going to have a tough night and mantras said after the game in the third quarter we just decided to impose our will on the defensive in and start causing havoc and they did and it was twenty seven to seventeen in the third quarter Portland only scored seventeen and they were off to the races here and it was a twenty point wipe out but the thing is Poland. Doesn't have a guy that you could dump it down to go. Get me a bucket. That's not how how whiteside bill perimeter base isn't there and rightly sat collins and they're right right right but we got a d. but we still got. Oh Go We we still got here. Did you see as more I pull that tape. Did you see what may what did CLO- out of building collapse. He got here bre. Dockside after the game about co I Leonard. He said I loved how he approached his game. He decided to get everybody else going then. He decided to try to get himself going home. Oh hold on hello. Hello everybody without really do first quarter second quarter Omaha. Hold on let you do that okay. Yeah in the first quarter here three assists he had five hundred game So what have you do for the rest of the game. It had two more so here fighters have so what the hell was going to say. Hey I just told you at five assists in the first half so it was it. That's what DOC said. He tried to get everybody else going. WH The what about how will they them off the face of the earth. So he's over with now there will he was. They're playing defense. The two sides so that was a woman who lived to tell them on. They're actually to show you told me he's the best two way player so now he's taking his off. Yeah it's hard to be the VP speaking a goat james quote unquote although he had one of those Libron Lebron moments last night. Did you see that took with seven and a half minutes left in the game. It was still villa tie game. I think there's still a two point game and Lebron Watch this do. He's up Lebron. Wait a second the baskets in the middle of the backboard. Wait wait. Now you're like okay. What are you doing? He's the goat says you hello get. He's an MVP candidate says you got my guy would on the road Ms Nice shots against a good nuggets team. You'll have played at home in his twelve shot. Okay but wait a second. How do complaint air but from three so badly you hit nothing but backboards give us correctly so no of NBA player? You have air balled. If you're telling me the goal he better than you're saying every other day on this show you say he's the MVP so far this year. I mean he just a whole-home home twenty-five eleven and seven. I don't know you're seventeen and you're just what are you doing to your teen wigwam. They'll give us that counts deadlines he got everybody involved awesome way but it gives yourself you worry about getting everybody else today and say you stayed. Security won't let you give a man you could everybody in Basel say we capacity homeboy Nicole. What he got everybody else involved in here? Do Jack Lone managing you know what I love last night late in the clippers game on TNT into what all sudden boom right on schedule the new balanced Komo Commercial Hawaii town. He says why talent. I missed the tagline at the end of it says we got next. No de says cow. Yeah so what do you been playing like really cow town first of all if you notice. We have seen Lebron sneaker commercial commercial when you see Calorie you a young is when is a sneaker made this might WanNa wear all I know is we'd number two behind Jordan we when it comes sneakers go okay we go man. We know joining joining the number one number. Two Years I get. What a new balance the new house? Eddie got registered nationalist hospitals. This the noise you recommended for hospitals. Jd Rider die with Jordan's period into land. You should get you some balance. Who like most hospital? You'll see per call and what the number one recommended shoe for hospitals across the country in the new. Yeah in Quincy not what would you think. Yeah I'll bet secretly Lebron bottom up here around the house. Maybe nobody knows nobody knows. Collide how close to Jordan's as you can guess if I'm on a I'm on social media all the time I have yet to see anybody flicks it Nice Nice Nice Keith. Sold all these. I don't see nothing about new. Nobody rocking KUWA- Monica walkout. His definitely Ogle. I got up here because they gave him to walk into playstations you my Koalas would look good down down on South Beach at the Super Bowl and the cowboys are flow. Maybe it will be their own. They're too busy businesses the same. Maybe we'll see him. But I don't WanNa wait that long. But if you if you insist Massey so the panthers fired head coach Ron Rivera yesterday yesterday. After Carolina got beat by Washington for their fourth loss in a row and seventh on the season. It's being reported that the next head coach for the panthers will play lace ignificant role in determining Cam Newton's future with the team moving forward. It's been speculated that the panthers could be moving on from Cam to free up nearly twenty million dollars Cap Hap- space next season and according to Fox. Jim Harbaugh is the betting favorite to be the panthers next coach followed by Jason Garrett and Josh mcdaniels how about those three names should the new coaching staff keep. Can I believe soda but I also believe that the owner has it right. I'm GonNa let their head coach. I'm gonNA BRING HIM IN. I'm only gave him power and let him decide but I believe they should keep count because I believe he their best option. Now I say that. Skip saying okay. You're going to bring somebody. That's that's going to be willing to work work and put a system in place that use his unique skill set. SKIP LOOK WE WANNA know of Tournai because we saw what we know what nor. Do we conventional quarterbacks rex norv Turner basically their route tree is the bang which one two three four five and throw the skinny post. He has a deep comeback and he has the speed eight out. But that's not what camp. That's not cam is now. If you hire Greg Roma let's just say for the sake of argument skip it. I know he wasn't mentioned this. Greg Roman okay you see skill you'll sit and what he's done with Lamar Jackson now. Jim Harbaugh he had a guy that was very similar to camp in calling cabinet. Yeah so I think that goes a long way but I don't I believe they were say no. We want to go in a different direction. we're going to clear the decks. We want someone else to be. The face of franchise. Kale we'll have suitors is rubbing reported that he is going to have the third going and keep him out eight to twelve weeks which means by the time free agency roll around. He should be fairly healthy team going their medical staff. We'll take a look at their foot so I believe he'll have choices but I do believe he's the best options we see. Kyle they get three or four games game table he's guilty. He should look at good if he did in the first three games. Now he's looking at okay. Now see what you you you went undrafted. I believe CAM would be the best option which is going to have to be a code. That's willing to put a system in place that that will that will work with unique skill set And so I hear you and you could be right about this. But let's start with this new owner David tepper. Who just pull the plug on Ron on Rivera? With what are we four huge ego potentially the next Jerry Jones. Quick Point in his his career he wants worked for Goldman Sachs seems as real financial genius about him. He is a billionaire and I read last night that he he came up with a way to help save Goldman Sachs during the crash of nineteen eighty seven and he thought he would be promoted to a partner after that but he feels like he was he was passed over because quote unquote he was too loud and Profane. This is the owner of the Carolina. Panthers well no Goldman Sachs. Got Bill a DOC goodman money a lot of other women got billed government money all right so he doesn't need anybody bail him out good because his his ego is big enough that he thinks he can recreate the panthers in his image so he wants to start it from the top down right he wants to start it over. So I'm just GONNA guess. This is my educated guess from a distance or my two cents from a distance. He'll WANNA start over with the new coach in a new quarterback. Yes and both of those remind him of what the regime that is Richardson he hi Robbie Rivera and Kale and probably to his point chemist taken in a lot of hits man in fact I saw stats last night. He has taken the most hits of any pro football player in the time. He's been in pro football. That's running back doc. Anybody taking the most hits anybody on offense right. It's a lot of wear and tear. It is and he's invited a lot of those hits. He's dish as much as he's taking. But the point is he's had to shoulder surgeries and there was some doubt early this this year when he didn't seem to have enough gun left to throw the deep ball. And what did you do the best. When when he was running and throwing he cared wing it man? So if you take that away from him now two surgeries news on shoulders and one on his foot. Take away a little bit of quickness. Maybe I don't know would like to see him as the bears quarterback next year Sherwood. I I think that'd be a huge upgrade for the Chicago. Bears could make cases saying I'M NOT SAYING YOU'RE LA chargers obviously wherever. Tom Brady doesn't go in fact he gets. It's pushed out the back door so there will be plenty of suitors for Cam and the truth is hard hearts for me. I would like to see him get a fresh start somewhere. You could be right up. Just start over and with a new big chip on your shoulder because Cam can be pretty fierce when he's got a big chip on scale sometimes when you're when you're in a Located for an extended period of time he started take for granted and they don't realize how good you were and then all of a sudden and they get into starting to get a little taste of it now now because they've kind of bought fallen on hard times because Christian. McCaffrey is not losing his mind. So they like okay. We're GONNA SEE MAC and we'll see what your quarterback and do not see Matt can't go for a book fifty and one hundred twelve and cal and have to win these games. Now you see. Just how pedestrian he actually looks so. Maybe you're rice I think Carolina would be a great place but like I said before. I believe you have your pseudo jerry. Jones says Jason Gabriel Hakamada on the open market. I believe we'll be able to give skip. It goes back to. He's not everybody's Cup of tea and then you've got to be willing to put him in a system that fits his skillset. You'll sit. Yep so I've always been a big Ron Rivera Fan. I think he's a rock solid. Football coach with a defensive mindset but then last night I start scanning and his records as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers and it's not that great. They're six out of nine years. They had losing records when they hit. They really hit they. They went to the Super Bowl with fifteen in one in the postseason e seven and three which are pretty well. Okay but do I blame David Tepper for saying I I WANNA start over. I don't right that's fine with me. He said I knew I was going to be looking for a new head coach. Let me go ahead and start to do it. And again I liked his idea of. I don't WANNA and be sneaking behind his back and trying to interview guys on the sly and have ron find out about it before the season because he said I'm already hearing that. Some of the coaches who might be employ lay are already getting feelers from other teams that need a new coat right so he wanted to get ahead of that on a fine with all that also remind everybody. I loved career coming out of college. And he's the third string quarterback he has not had a chance yet. But I thought will greer was the second best quarterback in that draft behind collar. Murray worry great and I want to see and maybe they wanna see what he could do going forward with the new regime and a new coach. I don't know maybe there I have no idea but I just know a West Virginia India he could light it up and you saw some games always really impressed. I'm surprised he has To understand whether it's going to be Kyle cal alum will greer or you go into the going to go into the draft. Yup which is no skill Louisville a rookie quarterback taking you somewhere. Were you understand. You'll have some lean time metal. He had a quote yesterday about that. And said I'm not this. Don't look to me to be the savior. If you think I'm going to save your. I want to introduce you to the tooth. Who theri or Santa Claus? I got a bridge to sell you Brooklyn right okay. So I got that. so He's trying to temper you know what -tations when you had to kind of success that he has that's easier said than Dylan because he can snap his fingers than whatever he wants. When you have that kind of wealth you can get but it doesn't work like that in sports because it doesn't especially football because you have a cab you can't just be the Yankees or the Red Sox and go get the best? The best pitcher first baseman second basement center. You can't do that in football so you say okay. Okay yeah I understand. You know it's GonNa take some time. Are you really. Are you sure process you kind of time. You have that kind of stomach. For patients. Jerry Jones dominated the oil fields of Oklahoma and Texas and then he dominated the NFL for awhile. And then it's been since the nineteen ninety ninety five season right and see one a super. It's been forever since they read any playoff run. Let's give people look at what the Patriots doing. Yeah that got to be having. They can't be the only one. I mean everybody practice. No that's an anomaly. Like the Yankees winning all twelve years and when they won ninety games or they won seven between between championships. Get those anomalies. Those don't happen though only happen. Wasn't Magenta lifetime So you think somebody's GonNa be able to replicate at a destination. The Nation wept new. England's do it no so get that thought seventeenth win. That is true but I wish cam well well yes I wish him health. Okay everything everything else will take care of itself. I want him to get totally healthy. That foot though shoulders and then go somewhere if it's not in Carolina Carolina that will embrace your skill set and put a system around you. Now say okay with this guy was great with Troy. Aikman this guy. He's a quarterback whisperer but if he goes to run a system system that's conducive to what can really do wail. Yep Yeah and he had a nice post about Ron Rivera. They had been together since twenty. Eleven coaches she's ever had. I mean that's that's hard that's a that's a long relationship I mean and they did a thanksgiving. They were talking about the players that came at draft camp out by Miller Mr Game. Jj Watt Mr Gain. Julio Mr Gain Yep all the top guys like wow twenty eleven but that was a heck of a draft remember. He's only thirty years old Bernie. Just keep that in mind if he's able to get well pro. Football Focus has released their quarterback rankings based on their play while also taking into you account help from their team despite leading the league in passing yards Dak Prescott came in at sixth behind the cowboys. QB was Tom. Brady at seven and Rogers came in and at nine and the reigning. MVP Patrick Mahomes was down. At eleven so Shannon did they get these rankings right jive bull flatter than every other kinds of bull. You know what I'm talking about. I don't do this is a boo- jazz. Skip you see what it is. You know angry you you help me understand you see this is the problem is that people can't get past if you take Brady B. R. A. D. Y.. At the back of that Jersey and look at a guy that's twenty nine. Completion percentage twenty six yard for a team. Nine thousand nine hundred Qbr. I thought we'll evaluate players on what they're doing doing not what they've done. They can't let go of what he's done that's his he's done it but there's no way anybody does watching football today. You can say Tom Brady has played better this year than Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers is to have the better completion percentage Bella. Qbr What your Maho boy. Aaron Rodgers twenty two into twenty two touchdowns to ineffectual Mojo after missing. Two Games is twenty into into. Tom Brady his eighteen six and played every game. This is you know. I know some board Jazz Uni. They got Baker Mayfield seventeen if Baker Mayfield. Thank pastor twenty nine slot jars. This is terrible. And he's down because in the first three weeks he was the number one rated okay and this is well this get them at Jimmy with Jillian element within the German and the first three weeks jacoby miles. Phillip does thank God. He's now Josh Gordon. Yeah Antonio Brown yeah. He knew he had Antonio Brown. So why are you asking. was he throwing a hundred Josh. Miami right catching balls could you sir. You can use it do you move on. You moved on the new you want him Hamas the new. I didn't not skilled at some point in time. Hey we got to be fair and evaluate and judge. Tom Brady on what he's doing now what he's accomplished. Not The great comeback again Atlanta Hannah. Not What he did in the AFC championship game. We'll get all that other stuff. That is their nest. Finite is concrete but you evaluate this man to date. Um there's no way that he's outplayed. Aaron Rodgers there's no way he played homeboy zero chain. I got a problem with that. They might be a little Aha blow dead balding base the talk over five thousand yards but for Tom Brady. Tom Brady Really Talkradio. Tom Brady has played the seven best quarterback position in the NFL this year. That is bull diggity interesting. You know what I love about this ranking that's one of those rankings. That's not subjective. It's all film breakdown. Deep second and third level double breakdown of actual. How did that throw work for that quarterback? Right yeah so I appreciate what you said about Dak Prescott. Because I completely agree. I'll go. Oh number six. I would like to see him make a few more game winning plays because I'm reminded that white. Okay well he his first three years in this league he led the League in in all those that three year period in game winning drives. He has none this year. That's the difference in six and six and what could be ten and two for this La. Aw close the deal so I do love what they said about him because they point out that he has set a career high with nine hundred seven yards on deep throws that's twenty plus Air Yard throws and that ranks second in the national football league and their bottom line takeaway as Dak.. Prescott is improved as much as any quarterback in the league from last year. They had his last year. So how much improvement. Eddie doing okay so now back to Tom Brady and they point out once again because it was their there stats. That broke this down but he was rated number one in the League after the first three gala. That was this year after it wasn't asked S. Two thousand seven is actually yes so that counts toward year overall ranking. He's dropped a middle of the pack. Since but that that coincides with numerous Miss Communications and inconsistency from sub par supporting cast in New England. O Par off awesome. Did you do anything. They just spat a factor. You what about. The quarterback is forty two and his leg and his ability to get sharp. Where do the New England patriots rank in rushing? Can you say twenty four. Th Twenty four th. The League in rushing helped me out the New England in tight ends as a group. There are three of them who've caught balls but not very many. Where do they rank catches as a whole group in the whole league among tight ends dead? Laugh ask dead last. The whole group is caught. A grand total of one touchdown. Pass the whole group so you went from arguably you might have a say in this But arguably the greatest tight end and the history of the League Rob Gronkowski. You went to a three headed lack of monster tied in a group who is dead last in receptions how how can you function. How can you survive? How can you be all the sudden? How do you get to the okay? You pointed duly noted but why would they everybody beating me up when I say Rob Gronkowski makes Tom Brady job. A Lot. Easier with Tom. Brady was super bowl bro. You begging for them to come out. You tried to call him out of retirement but you see what happens is is that we start to aid ability to do things and make everybody else around us. Better start to dissipate. So what we do what they've done is they've made all about the receivers. They don't want to admit Tom Brady is aging. Just like that. A net jill. Would they do that. Film and that flower the plant the seeds and all of a sudden timeless it started to grow and it starts to bloom right before I he's blooming Tom. You could get every December he just blew about where they Russian now one time did they mention anything about. Did you see that comeback. The Tom Brady. You didn't mention. Certainly Michelle had three and and he went over one hundred yards in every year. They mentioned that now. Tom Brady is struggling because of eight and I tell people skip the thing that starts to go. Age of an athlete is not the the part that you use. The most. Tom Brady shoulder is his lease his legs. His legs is not the same that you address in the fall. You Rodney legs. What are you talking talking about seriously? Do you remember the forty. They ran logging. I'm talking about the Lego. I'm not saying he's running on his ability to drive the ball consistently yes great players get. We always great and we can have that one game or that's few games or a few throws but I'm saying Dan he'd lost arm strength because because I show you rockets he's still doing rockets. Yep they don't lose arm strength. I've read Farve can still throw rocky's but Brett didn't have any legs the legs you. Don't throw arms give you throw the why you think you're doing when deck is doing that viral video. What's he doing? Where did he learned that from my friend Tom House right here at UCLA? Where Tom Brady goes every off season whether you have to skip in order? He is Tom Houses number number. One client I get that but it's not about as lay because that is not doing this guy doing that with his hair so is everybody is skill but everybody is a forty two. That's my point where he's throwing the ball just as well as he's ever thrown. Unfortunately the bulk of his targets have gone to Little Julian. Edelman and Little James Oiseaux look into targets way number one and number two. They're the same target that we're starting when he wouldn't even at the top in the first three weeks. Now who the targets deal going to so you never know. Antonio Brown had whole game of targets and Josh Gordon got a whole bunch of talk Tony Brown call five. He caught five passes. See what you fail to tell the people you say Tom Brady going into the last week. It was number one in completions. But you didn't tell him he was number one in patail. James Harden James Harden has made more than anybody in the NBA. This this year. He also had attempted more. He's making eighty eight percents. That's a bad analogies not skilled bank about this. He has the most completions but he's eastwind. He's twenty nine then. Completion percentage. What did that well? It's ten and to some other to intended to. I don't know this back has some stare. How how much? How much does the Grand Marshal? It has to do the parade Tom Radio when he's been asked to win the game what is he doing. Almost one wants to do all that took my menu I took. Qbr took almost because people excuses because people could come in there. It's like do I take today where you know you sure chirpin throwing. QBR honor this week. All I here's Qb because you you love Best Day oh you love it but yet we were talking about Tom Brady. You will mention that. He's nineteen you love. Completion percentage Tom. Brady's nineteen forty six. move onto your quarterback Aaron Rodgers Cyndi. Yes News yes indeed. In the last month he had two of the most horrendous games of his career. Okay just horrendous. Like like embarrassment Dame's at San Francisco at L. A.. Yeah he is now fallen according to pro football. Focus to twenty-seventh in pro football in positively graded throws that's horrendously windass Lee bad. It's over fray and Rogers. He's not. He's a shell of what he used to be you straight. Aaron Rodgers of the shale of himself What he used to be or at least what you used to think he was? Tom Brady eighteen fix. That guy. Just won the super bowl last one russell. You see what he did. He won the Super Bowl. He didn't mention. MVP Julian Edelman. He didn't mention GRONK. He didn't mention Michelle running attack. Then led the league talk. He said the twenty six year we did. He lead the one scoring drive deal. You make him a point. Jenny what did I tell you so you can have a drive here and there but consistency real quick. John Patrick Mahomes goes to Tom Brady on Sunday. His negativity grated throws have increased by five point two percent. That's the highest increase in the league. This year we know the negative no greater them. I I don't know yeah I'll trust him. Now see when we want to pay the quarterback. Paul we say negative throws see. Tom Brady. We're GONNA make it about communication with the receiver. They didn't do it in a kind of where you want to have any idea how bad patrick mahomes would look if you gave him only Julian Element and James White is his to quote unquote weapons behind shaky ofensive line. It's even been shakier know how bad Tom Brady would look if he had to play behind that. Kansas City's defense you. Who Do you realize what Kansas City? I mean what Tom Brady would do with. Kansas City's weapons because everywhere I looked there nothing but weapon do you. God awed you. Br Brady has one one hundred of the weapons. That mahomes says one hundred about this and the loss that he had last year. Mer homeboys defense was give it up over thirty seven the points a game the man score forty five they give they give me defy demand score forty to give a forty three thing about this. Tom Brady is only weapon. Is a little white guy who played quarterback at Kent State. What skew that's it? That's all he's got left megabyte. It let us know Sandy's wash those August when you're valuate a player you don't project out I'm talking about this evaluating these guys when I'm talking about I'm talking about this year in what I see. I'm not talking about what they're doing because I can't do anything about that. Nobody can do anything about that. I mean we can't predict the future we can take it. We can try but you look at Tom Brady. Nobody's gift. Nobody nobody in their right mind. Thanks Tom Brady have outplayed. More homeboy in Iran. I do you even mahomes remains one of the most electric victory passers in the NFL pro. Football Focus concludes but his overall efficiency has taken a step back since last season. Listen don't get me star on Carson Windows down here twelve. Yeah let me think here. There's been two players in the history of game. They're throwing for fifty touchdown the five thousand yards in the same season and he was Whiteley on that page before he got injured. How did the guy play two and a half two and a half games fewer would have more touchdown? Tom Brady if he's got. Did you see Tom. Tom Brady in the second half at Houston Sunday night. You'RE GONNA show you have to see you'd already closed your book. You said I gotTa do off the first half. He looked horrible. I gotta added wait a second. He's still throw on what Heathrow for three fifty to skip over three twenty six. But that's not the Internet there. How many of those came when the gay? Hey was nip and Tuck He had what he had. What one eighty seven? Golden got his hands on the onside kick or Brady might have pulled off another miracle down there in that off. What are you saw? What is called the throw away Tom? Brady go up. What did he say about a throwaway? Says boys got no weapon. No you can separate you know separation. Now he gives no separation. You see we'll tell you the same guys that he threw to allows your mind is wrong. They drafted Keel area in the first round he's caught four balls for a grand total of twenty eight yard. He's been hurt. Okay that's it. Which resume do the same guy that throat? A branch in day begins in Troy Brown. All those guys Jamais wiggins with his tidy. He won a super bowl with Jamais wiggins. He used Dion branch right now. You know he could yes he could. We give me dion branches prime and you you start seeing some four hundred just valuated. Not What are you doing on what you see right now and you need a show Jio themselves they always around you. were going to eat. Some big riles up. We're GONNA eat some shellfish. We talked about this a little later. NO NO NO NO I. I didn't say they couldn't win. Because peyton manning peyton manning a shell of himself can have a game remember. We Kansas City on Monday night. He with over three hundred down fourteen. He brought automatic. You remember to throw that. He had to give New England Championship game. Come on come women. What are you talking about paid manny? I said I was the first one to say India's India's making the biggest mistake they'll ever make that owners making a huge mistake and painting should have one to MVP since last year skip. He's not wall. Tom Hasn't it if you're not going to get better and better forty three. He's not getting better at forty four so you can get out to. Hey ask father father time. There's there's too tired that you don't miss all the time and bar when they do they do one of these years. You're going to be right about these vicious the last S. three years birthday to mess with father. I'm retired. We come with the in. The city of Los Angeles is taken the NBA a by storm. It's been fun to watch. The on the Lakers have won. Eleven of their last. Twelve games aims and sit atop the west with an eighteen and three record. Meanwhile the Clippers are right behind at sixteen and six and have lost only one game at home all season. Oh teams racked up wins last Night Fox. Sports analyst Crispus are joining us now. I just can't believe that we are a quarter of the way through the season. Alright it feels. It's like it's flown by and your opinion right now. Who is better Lakers clippers? WHOA considering that the Bruce our power rankings coming out today in power rankings? These are the definitive. I have the Lakers ranked the head. One spot ahead of the clippers now. I know skipping pin and others will probably say the clippers schedule has been tough. I limit no other team has list the victim's bodies. Whatever you WANNA call it like the clippers clippers? They beat the Lakers the jazz the raptors the rockets the Celtics the Mavericks. Here's the thing though. They've played more home games than entertainment. Elite Eh Fourteen at air twenty two games own. And the all those victories over those good teams all over at home except Dallas Alice. Okay so they've had it fairly easy. I admit I was glad to see the Lakers. Victory last night over dinner that to me that was a defining game because they have been beaten up on the little sisters of the poor they have but last night they go into Denver obviously one of the toughest place to play in the League. AD completely shuts down the even sick. y'All right right and I think Yoga's ad but I'm going with the Lakers. Here's a few reasons. In addition one I think Lebron James has reestablish himself if not the best player in the world. That's it's up for debate. He's the best player in that building. Is the best player in that building. He's reestablished at the best tandem Lebron and aid because they're more versatile we saw abd to Yokich. WHO own the clippers? And certainly not Kawai. Paul George can do that to Nicola Yokich do a big man so the fact that they have the injured defender in a d. The seven. Close to seven footer. I think that gives them that tandem and edge age. Obviously they got depth. But here's the other thing too the Lakers. I have to give him props for this. They are respecting the regular season. The clippers mainly Kawai is not. I'm sorry and I have to give them points for respecting regular season. I'm not one that's going to sit here. And can you talk about the Brown or castigate Lebron for playing hard in the regular season. This is we praise Michael Jordan for doing net. Especially if somebody I know call it. Oh name skill now. Brown is restricted in the regular season. AD playthrough shoulder elbow. Oh Reeves. Last night's symptoms. They I know somebody else with a sat out down the hall and so I'm giving the Lakers the age the best team right now. You've gone going. Do you realize that once again last night right at Denver Lebron James played almost the entire fourth quarter it was all eleven nineteen so he took a few seconds off and it was by far. The most minutes played anybody on his team or anybody in the entire basketball game. He's in his seventeenth year. And this is classic you you tortoise hair argument because the tortoise is going to catch the hare because the tortoise because he's load managing for April May June and and Lebron is going all out trying to steal an MVP in his seventeenth year because he now leads the NBA in shot attempts in the fourth quarter. Why is that because a lot of nights? He's just stat stuff into garbage time. He's playing twelve minutes in the fourth quarter against Atlanta seriously. The He loves the game. He loves those numbers that he's putting up because he taken up. Wait what Tom Brady born. In the fourth quarter. It's different who load manages inches in pro football. Nobody does ask you because I think I know how your brain works with Lebron. Do you think that he is going. went all out to win the MVP and if it costs them in the playoffs he has an excuse. I don't believe that I know but do you think he's doing that. In if he runs he has an excuse because everybody said he was okay washed washed. So he's the Hashtag Wash King. Watch this the Wash Josh King there and I'm watching and it's great. He's been saying if you want to take that crown right now. You can have your the quarter pole. He is cruising using for a bruising a literal bruising because he is. I'm knocking on Wood Fun because I don't like to wish this on anybody but he is asking for injury trouble down the stretch stretch. Keep doing for because he lo- Madison and low Madison on the court. He's what he's asking for freshness admit this collide. They better after winning this year. Right because if he lo- manages like this and they don't win. The champ really hasn't load man he loved manage all his San Antonio but I get it But manage through Toronto last year and they won the championship and so that's why people gave him a pass but if he manages this year and they don't win it. I think people we're GONNA be like look play eighty two or you know. Try to play as many games as you like everybody else. Hey what this team you can have it at the quarter pole. I'll give you that not told him earlier earlier. Anthony Davis has made a case. He is the defensive player of the year so far. We've got a long way to go. Three quarters of an eighty two game season left to play but he has been to me both defensive player of the year and MVP so far because this team is way better than I thought it would be. Yes I mean to me. He's just dominating what what he did to Yokich. Last night was shocking. Because Yokich against my spurs in the first round of the ploughs last year when seven games and we couldn't deal with and we're sending three guys adding they one guy at him and one guy sent him home like he was the little sister last night when you got to be right here to God. You don't either secure. A big mouth ate series. I said this earlier again. If I just turned on that game watching the Denver Nuggets for the first time time I would have said who is that guy. He didn't belong in the League. No seriously looked unathletic. Slow and completely in overhead. He was throwing balls in the seventh row like he was so overrun he. He was psychologically taken out of the game. Eighty dude I Anthony Davis. Yeah Wow and guess what that means Paul George. What's it going? Paul George or Kawagoe have the garden. Yeah Paul George who the guard as he put heroin you start you. START OUT SUE by well. No but when he's who who are we talking about the Anthem Garden Yokich no. No no no Lakers. Missing the point there is a behemoth in the basement at staples a behemoth. It is a seven headed monster in it can defend like the Lakers never thought about defending as a unit as a team. Because I love what doc said last night he said this is Portland home. Obviously at halftime we didn't make any adjustments adjustments. We said something's going to have to give here. We either start defending a really going to have a long night and mantras said after the game. We just decided we're going to impose our will on on them on the defensive end in the third quarter and create havoc and they did it was twenty seven to seventeen clippers over blazers in the third quarter and the game was is over here because they just took. Cj Dame out of everything they can do. They're just lost spoke to the dorms. Too Long. The parameters skip those a perimeter players and when the shot's aren't falling it's going to be difficult important point when they can't get the shots would you got a D.. Dump it down you know. The broncos play with his back to the basket to a a libra scale without history shows. Ron Paul George. Do you think he can back down. Yes okay let's go by sea. That's great defenders. No question but they don't defend it. The room like Lebron had trouble historically seven footers at the rim. Even Roy Hibbert to the degree in Indiana. They don't have that Zubov Zubov ain't bad. He three. who was that in Portland was Yokich? No it's a little treat them. We'll get next. Goes after type remember. That's what Golden State got Javale McGee remember inserted tailgating. You'd better be careful. He's my guy. Okay liens he can leave. He took James Harden right out of the game. It shot to win the game at the end of regulation over time and he knocked it into the twentieth throw. Outraged blocked it. I'm just trying to how. How have you ever seen the best player on the planet not being the MVP compensation that the Quarto he's in the conversation each? Why didn't know compensation okay but you know whatever their coup? Why has sacrificed regular season awards? He doesn't not GONNA be first team all he's not even in the fought for an MVP dishes declared honestly if he's not playing shouldn't be no no right so he's given the end of the year he better lighted again. That's all I'm saying is the the newly just early December and your celebrate and like you. Oh my gosh along my guys doing what I've seen him do for the previous six. Yeah my guys are positioning themselves to win the championship. Your guy is positioning himself. He I hope to win in the we'll takes on this season. We go take sweepstakes in today's especially skips birthday so on behalf of everyone undisputed foxsports Shannon. I Happy Birthday. Thank you very much. They have a great deal for your birthday. What did I get us? That's that's how you gotTa Drill Baby Lord. Oh Oh wow would you really well. It's literally dripping. That's incredible son gets to eat the biggest piece he'll eat about half. It should be happy birthday. Drip I know how the guy skipped but you gotta try a bite of the drip tape right. You're going to have to sugar free that's Either Birthday thought we talk a little bit about Tom Brady. That's appropriate. After the Patriots suffered their second second loss of the season doubters are coming from everywhere despite leading the league in pass attempts. Tom Brady ranks. Twenty ninth in completion percentage Jer Bell of USA Today says it would be a big mistake to write off Brady and the Patriots. After they've proven again and again and again that they're capable of producing winds ends and Rings Patriots. Safety mccourty echoed this sentiment saying that. It doesn't matter how you win this time of year. The good teams find ways to win Dan so Shannon. Do you agree shouldn't overlook Tom Brady. And the Patriots do You shouldn't overlook them they're tending to. They're probably going to be at worst case. SCENARIO ARE YA believe they'll be the number two seed at worse case number one. Possibly they could be the number one see above our bus buffalo in Baltimore slips up because they gotta tell rose they still. We'll have to go to the Buffalo Buffalo to couple of weeks and now the okay now we still got Cleveland who beat them earlier in the year. Let's schedule is not getting amy easier. But here's the thing. All I'm saying is is that this team is not going to the super bowl by based on writing. Tom Brady's arm. That's that's all. I'm saying. This team is a defensive base football team like that team with five times league. MVP peyton manning. They were a defensive. The football team and pain can make enough throat in crucial moments to get them over. The Hump See people are saying now obe radio show when it really matters. It's like he's choosing to play bad like he's choosing to have a twenty nine in completion percentage like he's choosing to have the nineteenth best. QBR Like he's choosing to have twenty-six the air district passes no he's not choosing to play. He can't help it he cannot help it so but see what their basic skill. If you were Zubec- Zuber would tell you. They wouldn't sue leisure dummy. Tom Brady play good. Tell me he played good to score. Thirteen points Shannon. He's up against his Nemesis Wade Phillips. He's always always had trouble with Wade. Phillips Defense Lewis the hottest defense in pro football with your and Randy Johnson awesome. Tom Glavin Greg Matic Kurshaloy. It didn't matter if you what do they say. You are to the fence over the fence. If if Tom Brady is what you said. It doesn't Matter Thompson. Says he got for yet at that point time. Give me a five super bowls. It should be no nemesis remember. Oh what what are. The Guru was renamed Dalmau. No telling how the one that works with you. All the time I was home his mind just slows down and everything is that a standstill so Tom Brady Maj balanced view. He should have no guys coming from. We need that pick on opening series the Super Bowl he had a twenty seven Qbr. I'm not saying Tom Brady can't make throws because he can and he might put together a driver too but this team is not. We're going to go to the Super Bowl based on Tom. Brady's arm you know that everybody else knows that. But we don't want our heroes. We hate US hero to die. Sloan Papademos you put down. I point out to all of our faithful viewers out there that Shannon Sharpe has been making this speech for three years on this show. We're in our fourth year here on this show and he's still making his speech trying to triple down quadruple down on it and you've been wrong every time and you're going to be wrong again this year and that's what Jarrett bill our friend from USA Today was writing about you. Just can't write him off and you can't write them off and I give you both bell check and Brady but you can't write them off you you will not find. I'm going to address your Barry Bonds. Analogy you will not find a bigger Barry Bonds Fan than I am but I covered barry bonds in the bay area area. So I know it inside and out and Barry bonds was a post-season disappointment because he couldn't lift and carry a team by virtue of he wasn't a pitcher he couldn't lift them to world series. They got to one and they lost it and he most of the blame on dusty Baker for pulling a pitcher. It's a long story in the seventh inning Browse House without his mind in that series huge series but I covered other playoffs when he was not out of his mind. So when you say that man you do that well. He didn't do that enough in the postseason the he's simply the greatest hitter I ever saw. You can make a case. He was the greatest overall player especially in his prime when he was winning. Earning eighth straight gold glove didn't have much of an arm never but it was inaccurate or arm and it was it was it was decent live and he could run. He could steal steal basis until he got big. Yes when he got big. He wasn't that guy anymore but it didn't really matter because no one has ever had a year like he had in the seventy three home runs. He was obliterating Babe Ruth's record for on base OC slugging. It was unbelievable but now back to Tom Brady radio. I'm not going to write them off but I will tell you. I am concerned because this is the first time I've ever said Gee I'm not sure. Even Tom Brady can turn this offense around. Because I don't see a fix here I don't see how somebody's underperforming in. Who will suddenly figuring out which it's either Julian Edelman or bust James White or buff and again you look at the catches Julie's caught eighty two? James White is second on the list of fifty seven or the Patriot receivers. You have to go all the way down to Dorset at twenty eight to get to the next wide receiver. That's just not not enough firepower references. Like it's it's not it's so out of balance and by the way Julian Edelman is no spring chicken right. He's getting up there. In in years by hits the east taken he takes a bunch of hits but he can play that position. Because I know he doesn't have that in library still got dark that starts on quickness and it works really. Well eat better have wave link with Tom. Brady the second to none. So he's got fifty four more catches than the next wide receiver. And I told you earlier. The tide ends and says a group the three of them. They've got twenty six total balls. That's dead last in the NFL. They've caught one touchdown that's dead last in the NFL for tied in position. We'll give the thing is is that was grunt went away. They didn't have they. Don't have a guy that you could just take the game over. GRONK is a guy that can take the game he can dominate you. You have you have to find waist. Okay who's going to beat US other ingrown because I'm taking away what I think. Now you need to go into a game says I'm GonNa Take Jillian Jillian and then we'll we'll do what I can on. James Watt but I am not GonNa let Julian Edelman keep moving the chains on because give me a thought he'd big touchdown maker. He's not a guy is gonNA end up with twelve thirteen touchdown most lot receivers. I don't every once in a while you'll get a slot receiver brandon. Stokely have ten or eleven with Welker. Have Tim Tebow. But for the most part those guys are chambers. They're they're going to be high on the third Dow I Bahri Ripped Gab. Grabbing first downs but not touchdown twice the other night. Tom Brady tried to go. Julian Edelman deep on double coverage. How many times you've seen Julian run under a secret yard pat right especially if he the five? What five ten? Yeah five ten double cover. That's what you do for Mega Tron. A Julio Gad glad to have great leaping ability okay so they have a potential mega drawing. This is like just potential only. I'm not saying he's ever going to be close. But they got an Akil Harry. In the first round from Arizona. The state right being heard all year. He played his third game on Sunday night. Tom Through and one ball and then I think the dog said that's enough of that because he didn't come hard enough or fight harden or so. He's caught four total balls for twenty eight total yards. That's the only factor where I'd say if he could figure it out and they could get on a wave link. Maybe maybe that would help I misspoke earlier. Said they were twenty. Four th and rushing their twenty first which isn't much better but Thomas had not had the running attack he had in the postseason right to take some focus and pressure. I don't think they were this bad running the football last year and they weren't what they weren't polcies now granted but see the thing. was you get so concerned about his ability to throw the football that you play them with nickel dime defense and then they run you off the field. Romeo played six ds most of the game. Okay wow now because I don't I don't respect names white running the football Michelle Burkett and why Sony. Michelle got doghouse the other night the whole second half they were running the ball. James White. We're GONNA make life very difficult for for Tom. Brady skipped if they can play you and die which is sixty BS and you can't run. The ball on them is going to be tough lady. Who is going to be tough sledding? Now you can double both the two guys. You can't double James and Julia because you're not really. I mean you play a lot of cover five because you're not really worried about Tom. Brady Gordon with no. I mean think about how cleared the sidewalks for him to get seventeen yards now. If that's Lamar Jackson Sean. Aw they might get fifty are playing. But you're not gonNA play that coverage because you're not worried about tall going anywhere. Okay so I know. Kansas City isn't a whole lot better on defense. But they do. Have Steve's Steve spagnolo okay and he was the Kryptonite for Tom Brady in that. Oh seven super bowl and he does have some some blueprint in his head as Phillips did for this is how I can maybe not stop him but bothering bothered mosquito see what he doesn't have that they had would. They went to their jetpack now. They put took token side and it put it with candy had on one side and they had strained. That'll do it and it says look somebody's gotTA gotTa Double Team Somebody. Whoever gets single? You GotTa get home. Yeah and that's what they did. He does not have that right. Exact may cowboys. I have lost three of their last four including embarrassing home loss on Thanksgiving to the bills that prompted depressed to say yesterday that he hates losing more than he likes just winning but the cowboys have still held on to first place in the NFC. East's thanks in part to the eagles. Five seven record after they lost to the dolphins oftens on Sunday so now joining us about sports. NFL analyst Mark Show Larry Mark. I think it's important for us to get your take on this one popular debate around here. Who wins the? NFC's somebody has to win it right. They're not going to be basically say bypass and somebody gets a home playoff game he has I am going to. I am going to go I'm GonNa go who wins the NFC. I'M GONNA GO PHILADELPHIA WINS THE NFC ABC's and there are. There are a lot of things you can look at both teams. There are a lot of issues with both teams. I'm willing to say a something I've said for the last probably I've been doing TV for nineteen years for the last nineteen years. The organizational structure of the Dallas cowboys limits eliminates them from winning anything. You could be right. And I've said this for nineteen years when you you don't like Shannon I played for Mike. Shanahan love Mike Shannon has been a mentor. Shanahan is a great friend. There's a certain fear. Fear factor that has to be present with your head coach. I talked about this yesterday. Sometimes you know as a Christian guy people say well why does does the Bible say the fear of the Lord back then. In the Greek the fear of the Lord was about awesome reverence for the Lord. That meant awesome respect. You have to have that for your coach coach through you. Damn well better also be afraid of him when your coach says something you better understand that he means it and if you don't adhere to what he's talking talking about you will be fired right. We had that in Denver. Absolutely don't have that if you don't like what Jason Garrett says you just walk over to the owner owner and say man this is not right and the owner changes it and until that organizational structure Changes Dallas. The Dallas Cowboys will never win squad. Do I think they're talented. The more talented. They've got a better roster. Do I think yeah I think all those things are drew. I think the Philadelphia Eagles will win the division afraid of Mike Shannon. Oh Yeah A- because here's the thing the thing is I know when you had mike Mike was also the GM which is a very unique. You don't see that very often. Everybody that was in that meeting room and he let. Did you know you here because I want you here. It ain't nobody you know the GM warning to do. And I didn't but you're still here. The thing is with the players. They know they're they're not because the Jason warning them because Jerry Warton so I can just bypass you can't find because you did have some you got thought dump the trash somewhere Jim. You got trash cans you you gotta put the trash and one of 'em this what we got your trash division to trash team because they have much eagles tragic the beagles plaguing the cowboys from about winning the division. I won't get them five cases off you. I I got five case sleeping of the ear. I see fear in your eyes about who's going to survive in this not as confident as I was going to say we got us weird and I told you that we will be tied. y'All had already lost Thursday. We'll be tied to me my trash cans in your trash Josh. Can't your trash you write more trash in it than mind right now. Yes but after Sunday. I mean after to you tomorrow. Thirty you guys play tomorrow at the you lose move tomorrow and then my team wins on Sunday. Guess what both Even it doesn't matter just all. The matters is December twenty fifth awesome again. We can lose again and it's still all the matters is December twenty second. I got a can lose the next few games and we use move three in a row and they go projects and Gary before the last game Ziesel well they will not do that three in a row. But I don't think we will because I think we are going to win this division by default I told did you. After the game on Thursday thanksgiving my team was done and then I got smacked right between the eyes by an eagles or beagles team. That yeah it's done. It's got all kinds of issues that even we don't have in it starts with the quarterback who is struggling in a starts. It's with no connection psychologically or physically with the receiver group. I don't understand and then when I least expected it your secondary just combusted right before your very is and Fitz. Magic threw a party on that day Jerry and all of a sudden sometimes these things are just meant to be. I just heard word. That Danny Don's uh-huh is in a walking boot with a high ankle sprain which means that night in Philadelphia is that is great news for my Dallas. Let's cowboys because I promise you Eli has a much better shot at pulling off an upset add philly than Danny dimes as a rookie ability. One A BAT WANNA bet I look up realize record and his six eight Philadelphia. At least he has some success there. It's been a while since he's had success but I still listen just this year game one on at Dallas played pretty well he was thirty or forty. Four for three zero six one touchdown and no interceptions sound pretty good good okay and again they. It's their guy. And they hitch their star to the wagon of Danny dimes. And so this new regime said we're going with our guy and then member. They're beating their chest about it. Well we're now. Don't ask them what we've made we know re-thought that's why we select once you ask those critics what they think. Well what I think Eli. I would give a a shot of winning a Monday night game at Philly against a reeling eagles team. That isn't sure what it is. And if he comes out with the hot hand we not seen Eli you like get hot handed on road and big gain. He'd been on ice for long. You see we went to the last time you saw a better player. Spend as much time on the bench stink and then all of a sudden. I'm coming into a party in. Somebody's building does he. Know How yes he does he forgot. We'll healy afraid. No he will not be if he'd forget how guess what Daddy wouldn't be there. He forgot and how to win. Dave Dave Gentleman San wash this. I got my guy on the no the even if they don't Soleil Jones they select somebody. This is not so much about about the giants whether it's Eli or whether it's this is about the Philadelphia Eagles figuring out what their rhythm is at the end of the season figuring out. I understand offensive. You can't give a three seven points to the Miami Dolphins but this is to me is you've got to figure out what you are offense. They've had injuries. They've gone through different players ears. They've had different backfield's Carson's being good then he's not been great and then you know they've been up and down it's about finding out what your rhythm is and then adhering hearing to whatever your identity is and they've had an identity issue because the injuries to the quarterback and then all of a sudden nick foles comes in the last couple of years in plays Walter into the season. They've gotTA figure out. This is our identity. This what we're going with and sell that to their guys now. That alshon Jeffery is back after a couple of weeks and he had a big week last week. They've got to get that it done so this offense can be the thing that actually leads them. Fort bottom line for me. I trust my quarterback more than your quarterback back. My quarterback will my team to the playoffs and a playoff win last year. And he's about to do the same thing in head coach like they can't so you guys you know what my team loves to play at Philly. Okay seems really good in Philly so I would trust them to win that game more than I would add Chicago. Oregon's the randomly at three weeks. We'll be talking a lot chat about it and we will have mark back as good stuff. Time the following the Texans Twenty eight to twenty two win over the Patriots. De'andre Hopkins and Stefan Gilmore have gone back and forth on twitter. De'andre Andrei said. He should be doubled whenever he's on the field. That Gilmore shot back saying that de'andre was only double two plays and the entire game. If I'm back and forth so Shannon and Saturday you want more you've been shutting guys now you've been blanketing. God give it up your own end zone. Before his fat five passing the first downs you can get off the field and then I'll skip without to not to know exactly how many times he was doubled. I would have to go back and look at the game tape and I would need to see but I did feel one occasion. They call they call it Robert. Now we used to call it lert the playing three to play man coverage and you see Devin mccourty come now now to jump a slant or the or the embassy route so I did see one but it didn't matter. He called four first downs his five catches. You can't ask for any more more than that so I will say one this row. You might get an opportunity to revisit but we'll give it up you'd like when you poundage a chance and how you should. What what you call them out you notice? He went in that press coverage against the hawks like he will Tamari Cooper He he got the utmost respect for diop different physicality yeah different mindset. You know he is that I would agree. And I have high respect for both of these guys but the New England on Sports Network said it did break down. The coaches tape did find only twice in fifty six defensive snaps that they actually doubled. De'andre Hodgkin's actually doubled in twice that there were versions of all kinds of things going on and it's hard because that defense is so versatile it so so multiple that it's hard to know exactly if he was completely alone on every time whatever that's pretty impressive and obviously unfortunately fortunately for me and my team Stefan set the bar so high before he shut out Amari Cooper shut him out. He took him psychologically logically out of the game in one series. Amari goes over. And he's like powder on the sideline like I can't. I couldn't get open jacket with put his jacket on. What are you doing? The thing is look when you're when you're the shutdown corner when you said okay. I'm that guy. I'm in the role of Dion Sanders. I'm I'm the derail readers the Rod. It wasn't all those guys. They log it one one bra. Just hey he got. He got the best me his team won. He calls them passing. I hear you about the first downs but still five for sixty four is pretty great against that guy in that building that crowd here five targets. He called four of them. I mean he called and they were four to five. We recall but he got more first downs. Okay I got you but was he a difference maker. Did He. Change the tilt the playing field would it did. It kept him on the field so they get three more cracks. That you to get the ball in the end zone. That's what it did do. Because when they throwing the ball Mari on third down now off the field. We're putting putting the different type of an animal and the thing that also you have to worry about. They got other guys. They got still got full of the field and coach Belshazzar Eh. Simple philosophy hold. They're not going to call it. We're GONNA put the onus on them we're GONNA make you call it. Are they going to call it every single play. But you did see a Coupla uh-huh possessions. They got Jones and back back possessions of holding. I'm going to officials every time watch the DB's they do more clutching in in holding in grabbing than what the loud. I'M GONNA plant that seed like billeted planet that feed about tripping on the cowboys offensive line. Okay here's the point about this. How many other teams who played the Houston? Texans have doubled him if only twice only twice do do every other team has played them might have doubled him twenty times. The did he whip or the budget touchdowns when I'm saying that's unbelievable uh-huh you did good but his team dig at twenty points. They got the job. Okay but it's still I don't. I'm not going to place the blame on him because I think he did his part again. The the long the home runs right thrown again single coverage and the thing is. I'm a firm believer. I don't need to like well. We'll show you can throw the ball on Gilmore. I will give them other guys. Because they're not Stefan Gilmore. You don't get twelve points for scoring. I Donald Gilmore and only get six score and what all the other guys you get the same amount of points so if I get the ball we play the cowboys had Dr. We didn't throw idea on that one time But we do up here for say for tonight for half or two toes. How do you remember? We had thirty five five possesses. Didn't we have thirty important. Perhaps might call the doll- I want to get that Laura. I just have a feeling you wouldn't go back and forth on social media though going to breath. Okay well better view. Lebron James dropped twenty. Five points in the Lakers one. Oh five ninety six win. Lean over the nuggets last night. LA will now travel to Utah to play in the high altitude back to back tonight against the jazz who are eight one at home this season so Shannon. And what do you expect from your Lebron Lebron. The play no no load management for the best player in the NBA. That's what I expect off auto smarts customer a routine garden variety twenty-five eleven and seven at the bare minimum really. Yeah but I'M GONNA go out on a limb and say at Twenty Twenty eight twelve and six really. That's all twenty eight to eight hundred off nine for the job. Really shoot twenty percent from the floor for Lebron James is obviously hell bent to prove he ate washed. He is hell bent to put Colli Leonard back in his place because of that ad said it's town now and show that he made no load management. He's going to play. He'll probably play every minute tonight. The CHOCOLAT load manage. I got big numbers for Lebron of back to back I say. He goes thirty. Ten and fourteen ten rebounds sounds fourteen. Assist thirty this'll be watched me in the night against Utah Team. That has been a big hit that now would you. Yeah I know what about when they play the last day missing Donald second-biggest Logie. They got him that maybe man Woah. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Johnny Taft. Join US again at the same time tomorrow morning. Nine thirty eastern we'll see you then of learn.

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