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135: The Ghost of Lamps Past and A Pumpkin Stealing Cryptid


<music> ho cowabunga man. There's gonna be a good one. We're in episode one thirty five the famous thirty five. I know it well. We've been waiting for this day day. I've been waiting to hear all about your experience out of the country. I'm finally not as tired so it's been four days. Since you've been back via or a skop back monday so yeah cool i don't know how long were you there for ten days like eleven days. Yeah tell us everything. Oh my god minute minute by minute. I can't tell you everything because this podcast would never end but i will tell you a couple of things well first of all. I have this for you guys. It's edible. I i love edible present. Is this some cadbury shit. I'm very very that's a british thing visit milka. Yes yes for that. The neither for you sorry at the same time i hope you like. I don't know what is noise set that it's like nougat. I love good news. Gandhi and then these are just like mini which the oh nice and hustle hustle hustle moose is yes word. I'm down with this while the little cow so sweet so i hope i hope you like it. Hell yeah okay no anymore exciting. I was like well. We don't need more souvenir stuff so i'll does chocolate. I do love a good souvenir that i can eat. That's that's true it definitely it definitely bodes well for me in many ways has already shown down face first. There's another one in there but i ate it. That's right. It sounds right so yeah. I mean it was good. I don't know i went to germany and austria. It was a wild time. I saw all my relatives are forty seven people at the first first gathering i it's just my mom's side of the family then we went to austria and there were eighty seven people which is my dad's side of the family. It was really wild. Yes yeah by my grandma thing. Not the grandma thing that was later at a kaiser thing. We had a tour bus and everything like it was insanity. I i love how your extranous is clearly genetic. We'll get a tour bus. They're like oh normal. Normal people have to children. We'll have eight and then see what happens when like yeah that sounds about right and how many siblings do both your parents have again. My mom has seven my dad has four so there's eight and five bananas nanas and they all have kids of course so then they and they all were married at some point so there's like just w marriott multiple times pretty much triple just a lot of people yeah and so look it was a trip. I don't know i only cried once on that segment of the trip but we're gonna go there. I'll ask crazy. Drama my confronted me about a thank you card. She didn't receive and i was like lord almighty. I've been mad at you for months and i've been crying over. This and i was like this is insanity. It was really wild. I wish i let a life so simple that things like that made me mad i know and i was like everyone started gossiping because that's what they do and so then like it. I just suddenly became came. The center of all this drama and i was like i don't know isn't that wonderful you to the country to celebrate your anniversary and then you're also the criminal while it was my my grandfather's birthday so my anniversary is set to the side l. o. l. v. austria was my second wedding second wedding gotcha yeah but we've bought it. I bought ettelaat with ali announced the inner and blazes like willie a good patient travel companion so he and i think he is and he really likes to like do the same stuff i you like trying new restaurants and he's very easy going so it was really fun and then lisa well. Oh my grandma's house. Everyone wants to know about the haunted one. Yes we do all wonderfully the hell we. I forgot how crazy place was. I took plays on a tour and he was like this is not normal. Drive it for the for the car. There's a back room where there's like a billiards table like eight thousand books that are all just like really like two hundred years old and then all the lamp so my grandma had assist like famous lamp empire pyre okay. We're gonna pretend that already know okay. We'll see your grandpa. Create lips like basically my one of my ancestors. Ancestors like apparently created for decorative lamp. It's a whole thing and so my grandpa has the ruins brains exploding exploding. You're not alone. I didn't know this either it usually my fun fact like like we got an icebreaker together through. We never really learned the basics about one another. No we just started a function pocket. We'll we like we'll figure it out. One of my basics is that my grandfather has this <hes> he's like alga skyser like the twelfth or something and they have this like kaiser is orlando company and it's really nuts and so our house or my grandma's house is like full of all these like old lamps but like does it have the original wild ones or is in ohio already know decorative lamp. That should be a museum. That's like charles dickens with canton. They ask so that was wild and like we open the back door and there were all these bats bats and we were like we buy and so then i almost just like computer almost said by the forever lacrosse my sorry trump to going to my nose was like this is it. This is the way i will soda so it was like arm really down. I'm going down carbonation in in your nose rubbing probably much back so my grandma goes. Oh i forgot to tell you don't open the shutters because like that's where the bats are good and there's like a it's like a four storey house so their shutters in every corner and then we're like what's in this door was locked and there was like a trunk in front of it and a curtain and we're like okay so of course we opened it at it. In cartoons full of weasels dream i saw so living yeah they just there's there also mind grandma feeds them and so then they come into the house and she just lets them live live. There in the ceilings are so many questions so he's but they're like german. Oh it's this this animal and i'd never heard of the word so she's a google and i googled it and i was like that's a weasel like it's literally i had. It was a bird really felt. Weasels ferrets yeah. It looks like a weasel. I don't know it's it's a different animal that we have in the u._s. Okay we'll like apparently they burrow into your walls and shit so all night. I don't want her. She hears fucking weasels to me thinking of like like a ferret and they look like that's crazy that they just like bizzaro old lamp it was really bizarre or and my mom and i went into the basement and we found like records from my dad's or my grandpa's company from all the way back in the nineteen sixties all these creepy old like like newspaper clippings and stuff from the sixties and it was like and my grandma's not gone down there in a long time. It's like a really weird place and my brother found a typewriter just like took get home i was going to say did you guys steal anything i would. We only took so for my mom was like oh. That's mine mine from growing up or whatever got it yeah. There's one called the just full of fur coats and i was like i do not one that you can keep those <hes> grandma and then there was you don't want a weasel coat well. I don't want to lose all of our listeners either. We're always looking uh-huh what i'm thinking with the bat thing like an emperor's new groove when his mouth filled with bats in a cave sort of like they just flew. How many how big was the space and how many was it just one one weasel room. I'm still hooked room was like this half of the house on the fourth floor thirty. Get into the house. Yes they're inside the house. So your grandma just use showing amazing they live in that side of the house now and in the spot with all the typewriter and all the old stuff was in the basement. No that was just in the bedrooms. There are like twenty five. I don't know a lot because they had like eight kids and then they all had rooms and guestroom rooms. I know oh there's probably not twenty-five but there are a lot of rooms and many stories to this house and can i ask older grandma's. She is seventy four. She's able bowl to get upstairs and things like that like could she all she wants yeah she does. I'm as imagine how many liberty imagine having so many rooms years like. I don't need to go into that one for twenty years literally. They just leave them because she's like well. I mean my kids live there. They don't live there anymore. And now they have weird like old posters and shit on the wall make sense but still crazy like suck time bizarre it. It is like a vault of yeah anyway so that was a trip and we definitely took some photos and videos for beach sandy for a sibling. Don't don't tell my aunts and uncles are gonna kill me yeah and so that was interesting and we went to austria where i had the second wedding which was really fun. Bizarre to lisa came which was really fun. We only got stranded on one mountain in the sleet so that was good. Should i ask about that. We went on my dad's like we're taking a steam engine to lunch. I'm like okay so i just did it already. Not an american like okay sure. Why not little did i know this steam engine was ninety minutes long and be once we got the top we apparently had to hike for twenty minutes and we're in shorts and t shirts because it's ninety degrees agrees apparently once he gets the top of fucking mountain. It's no longer ninety degrees which somebody could have told me. Maybe i don't know maybe it's fine. It was really fun and beautiful but also so then he just started pouring and sleeping and it was insane when we got to the lunch thing and we were like just sopping wet. We all throw she's away. Lisa was like sorry where am i what's happening and we were like trapped on this landed in austria and now i'm in the mountains without my shoes stranded on a train i don't know and so then we all all had to buy these sweatshirts 'cause we were fucking freezing in our clothes and they said so the train called the schneeberger bond and it just your brother everywhere. Did i heart the schneeberger born and we were like fuck this so the vile these shows about how much we love this train and we all wore them hated. It was like this is such a anyway. It was fine that it was really that was the only kind of problematic afternoon and that was only the second time i cried and then the austrian wedding itself was was really cool is that this castle and my dad and my uncle did a really good job with it. <hes> we're at this castle and then this van pulls through the little gates and all these people come out and they're they're wearing like nights outfits in like trumpets and i'm like what in the world and so then they start serenading us and they're playing on the austrian music and and then there's like this like clinking noise and my uncle walks up and he's wearing a helmet and like a full versus the helmet i have been wanting to know about these screw this full full night's outfit. There's a photo of my uncle and my my dad just like rolling his eyes like he clearly didn't sign off on this part of the party and my uncle walks out. He starts giving meanest long speech. Oh by the way he's holding crossbow and so he's so he's giving this long speech. He's like is traditional austrian. Whatever we're all like oh my god what's happening. We're all dressed up drinking pink champagne and he's standing there like in the rain with a crossbow nice and then he goes so this is an honor of the bride traditionally what she would do is like shoot a gun and i'm like okay he pulls out this like cannon gun thing he's a little baby cannon a little cannon and he puts a gun powder in it and we're like oh god oh god oh god he's literally going to shoot listening any fucking shot the cannon off like a gun into the air and we were like screen it was so loud everyone's screamed and like it was very startling and then he's like isn't blaze supposed to do that technically forgoing by tradition like doesn't the husband letter. Just shoot a gun. That's american tradition you confusing the weird uncle australia. I have no idea because he was just trying to go on and on an english and we were all like we literally and lisa is again like what is happening then. Why am i here and she really came just so she could revive her comedy. Yeah exactly says she retired really was waiting for a moment to just take a whole weekend and get new. Material has plenty of it now. She's actually going to be back on for a couple of months just talking about you. Oh my god yeah. I deserve it. So everything you said in the last it's ten minutes sounds like an acid trip. It felt like one too. It sounds kind of like a fairytale happy like kind of a nightmare right. Fantasia spiraled emotional void yeah. Unfortunately there was no soundtrack except except your internal scraped internal attornal screams the weasels clanking on the my uncle's helmet i mean there are a lot of great noises just the sound of the canon someone got me. Oh my god some they gave some people gave me wedding gifts and i was like <hes> thanks like. I didn't actually think this was like for my it wasn't like really but the wedding was like an excuse forever right and my uncle to like show off his cannon crisscross bro bo cannons is a wild picture and so my somebody gave me a a set of bottles in there she for from schieffer winery it has my name on the bottles and i was so excited and then the woman's like it's too bad you change your name and i was like oh no. I didn't treat her name. She goes. You're allowed to do that and i was like until i was like yeah and she goes. Oh your poor future children. They're going to be so confused and i'm like poor. Future children like i've had a different name than my parents my whole goddamn life so so right anyway listen. If my mom can have four names i can figure it out just five and pick among god anyway so it was fine. My grandma irma has really been alzheimer's too which was like really sad. Isn't it bizarre riley side. When i last saw my grandma she has alzheimer's and i never really come. I'm like face to face with someone yeah severe. It's pretty wild. It is like really and it's i remember the last time i saw her. She didn't know me but she knew my dad and now she doesn't. I don't know anybody anymore. It's just really hard <hes> so yeah but it was good in the house was nice. My dad had it renovated and all my cousins gave me this really cool poster where everybody but he was holding a different letter and in germany said like congratulations and was supposed to be my grandma was holding like an oh wheelchair and uncle wally and get like a head like the alabama a super cute anyway. Oh so that was my long rant about everything thank you for listening sounds like its own true crime in the making making there were a couple of moments like this isn't gonna end well lisa. I've never getting back to the states completely and they're definitely moments where people i barely knew were like. Are you going to say this on. Your podcast. Knows like yeah probably tune in if i don't there's a problem anyway. It was a trip. I didn't really see any goes. I don't think think i heard a lot of noises but then my mom's like those are the weasels so i was like all right. Just the ghosts of lambs past. I literally didn't sleep in sleep that night because we were in this like so. There's like separate apartment meant like room where it's all pink listen i don't know and has its own bathroom and stuff and my grandma was like don't use the sink and we were like okay. I'm not gonna ask questions but so we have this back room and i was so freaked out all night did not sleep a wink and then all these weasels running around on me ceiling it was it was bizarre. Dude and there's a there's a potato man they called matteo man and he like you're doing a lot of not explaining and just dating things and i'm supposed to take it as fact i've have been put away somewhere and then i come back. Don't you understand you sound like you lived in like a closed community and the new normal like oh yeah the weasels the potato man and all the land. There's also gravitate who steal she kept hearing someone creeping around the house all night and then my big emerge grow before oh well yeah so my mom was saying there. It turns out some some neighbor fucking gravel. I thought this was a story from forever and this was very <unk> happening. Yes it was his birthday so well. I don't know i do anymore with all this number vision. I'm very i'm throwing it in your voice over. Come with questions that i don't think i don't. I don't even know if i won. The is really went therapy today and she's like. It seems like you haven't processed anything. That happened on the trip and i was like i did that intentionally. If i had processed anything that was going on. I don't think i would have survived. Come back certainly now. Everyone else gets to hear me rant and rave about it but well sorry about the long intro. God really did a member on you giving you that kind of life an and then this kind of audience and just not a good making so many people have to experience that to get tornado coming together and evil trick. Really evil is the right word. I love it like my family and my mom's family they're crazy my dad's pretty crazy and then both of them. My mom and dad are the only only one from their families that moved to the states. I'm like what are the fucking odds that these two people meet. Each other in the united states is smell crazy yeah. They're like oh. You escaped it too <music> but let's let's create our crazy yeah. Let's bring some more into the world fun fact somehow i can relate to all of this because while you were gone i decided did i do. I mean no surprise at this point but in the middle of the night i make really bold decisions that is true so i got a very expensive account to the ancestry dot com and when the nanograms sit on my ancestry eight tell me everything so i'm actually like i think i found like my little. I <unk>. I regularly get hobbies round like this is going to be my thing and then i never touch it again motivation from spending so much money and also like it's my family eating i actually we really can't go a anymore without adding and trying to figure it out to my mom. She's a genealogist okay. Yes she another thing. I want ask more well well. No it isn't that interesting but that's what she does for people like she helps them find like though yeah. I definitely want dr interesting so i'm very proud of the i'm just going to say it. This is not a direct at all relative to me. This is through like a marriage through marriage through marriage share but very distant. I was able to find someone that somehow in some way related to me all the way back to fourteen eighty. Who's very cool. You're my castle was built that now we have something in common did not know about. I took a picture of the fourteen etienne's like ends. Mine is gonna literally true. I mean the fact that i i have a relative from fourteen eighty. I literally had to happen for me to be seen. That's really crazy but so yeah you're my uncle's weapon was from the fifteenth eighteenth century his cannon to contribute to know. I wonder if your relative had one of those. Maybe it was the same one actually alford's so-called that that's so long ago yeah yeah so i i. I'm really trying to get as extensive as possible so we got along episode ahead of us so i'm going to try to keep the short but we do have a family member. One one thing that was really interesting to me is i've never known anything about my great grandpa. He was apparently a really like shitty person on which side on so my dad's ads dad's dead okay apparently he was just garbage person. I've asked my grandpa a million times really tell me anything about his childhood and he just refuses to so i've known any i've never evernote anything past his name sure and so the first time i got a high instantly because my big thing was like i wanna fuck it and figure grew out anything about this person and i ended up finding out his dad's name and his dad's name and like i learned everything about the two of them the night night. I got the account and i started crying. No i didn't know like my ancestry could be so powerful. It's crazy. I've wanted to know anything or for so long that when i just what did you find out i just that my great great great grandpa's name was edward and i started bugging grown but that's like so connected to your it yourself. I also found out i'm french. I my why you keep saying what the fuck do you see. You say now like all the time every time christine. I've seen says something. That's not surprising ironically. Go kill supreme. Is this because you learned your friend. I think might be but so i've always known on my dad's side well as far or as i was told we came here from the german and the irish part came here during the potato famine right. I found out that only one of my. I'm like so much so much less irish than i thought i was really but i did find out that before me the fifth generation to live here in every single person before me including my parents were all born in new new york. I like migrated and then state yeah everyone so everyone on both sides i found i found the ancestors on my dad's side and my mom's side all came to america and they all came to new york. I thought oh are you ready for the coolest part. No tell me okay. One of my great. Grandma's yeah came here on the queen mary no yes yes. Yes you kidding waiting waiting to tell you that for so long forgotten by god dude holy crap is there's another nanograms. I'm sweating again. I'm sweating here in stock because there's nobody seen here that is so cool super cool like to do they go to new york yeah. Oh my begins mirrored from that one came on the same boat as your yet great-grandma for halloween events our souls aligned for fake cobwebs and but no so i i found out that i truly am i in my immediate line to be born out of new york yeah. I was born new jersey so you broke the cheese. Everyone's been born in either queens or brooklyn fascinating. What was it what were their jobs. I mean i'm sorry i'm gonna ask a million question later too but did they found some really cool on some. Some of them were security guards for a for a meat factory stopping. Some of them sold random items on was like a watch salesman. I mean it was super cool. Wow that is so cool dude and there's an ancestor of mine who i have been in touch with before who's been obsessed with our ancestry and has spent at least hours a day everyday for the last twenty years but were only through one family member so he only knows so much about my line fascinates me but my goal is to make my tree as extensive incident possible aaron if someone's not directly related to me because through ancestry the more connections you make the more you can link to other people so it's like if i added one random person. Even if it's my cousin's ex wife's ex husband or something at least i'll see how i'm connected to other people. This is so interesting long intro so cool anyway. I love that stuff. I love that stuff so much. We'll talk about it because i want to know a lot more to but oh my god it's so fascinating. 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I was literally a glint a gleam in earlier when they came in and they're like i'm excited about my story is like an an aura about you. I tried so hard to make this smaller but i just there's so many things it would be. I just tried to mentioned as much just based on his intro like we can't. I need to like just tell me all the things okay and i will say i use just about every source i could find. The only thing that i didn't touch is is there is an episode of last box on the left that i know is amazing and just didn't have time to listen to ya. I bet it's great so if you aren't sure you've listened to it. She's a big okay. I always say el portal in my head so that's wrong. Okay good to know good to know so. I use basically every source except that episode but after we leave today i'm probably going to listen to it. So what do you mean every source every source. They go find this documentaries. I anything anything i could find. I tried to mention in this except that podcast. So how do i just break into okay. I'm tony close my computer in buffalo yeah buckle up and and also i said it before and someone really excited about it on twitter if you happen to be on a road trip and we're hoping for a long episode congratulations oh oh here we go if you were hoping you could just blaze through this on your way to work no if you're hoping you would learn less about our families and their psychosis if you're still here it's still it gets longer so i actually this was recommended to me. I feel like something must have recently just happened because three or four people tweeted the semi so you have gone heard so i am going to cover the story of the bridgewater triangle. What's that sounds so familiar so it's in the chew says this. It's knows it eaves dancing so i think she knows where you're just really supportive. <hes> she is that too. I guess so the bridgewater triangle. Let's just say it's fucking banana. I've seen this too. I've seen tweets but like people tweeting about this at you too yeah and and they've been heard wow so. I'm just going to dive right in because we have a lot of this is so you're really teaching me from the beginning homey. Your brain's gonna explode. I'm telling you i did so much. Joins us my head hurt. I'm glad that we scheduled out like time to spend after this because i think we're gonna need like unpacking party after this. We already decided halloween stuff. Already texted alison said i'm going to be home late so like don't even stay up. I'm gonna get weird christine's. Yes correct. It's already started so okay. Let's just let's just do it so bridgewater. Triangle it is one of the world's most diverse and concentrated areas of paranormal paranormal hotspots. What how we never heard of this. It's a messages doesn't southeast massachusetts. It's two hundred square miles and is it is the site of abnormally frequent and unexplained phenomena including u._f._o.'s ghostly encounters crypt ids and colt actually not just as the most barebones version name if you you just sprinkle in some samples fun fact there's allegedly another place like this in vermont called the bennington triangle but we're not gonna get into that tonight. That's for another time. If it's a big enough story okay just node exists so if you were to look at a map of southeast massachusetts the points of the triangle aren't abington rehoboth birth and freetown okay just for people who know what those towns are not me not me anymore but fun fact it has been nicknamed new england's mysteries zone the fun dad come up with that very bad names like the mysteries zone so the triangle borders were originally made in the nineteen seventies by crypto zoologist named lauren coleman who is pretty big. Is it lorne or lauren low ren. Oh okay l. o. R. in coleman got specific suspicious. Piece specifically talked about this book mystery america and eighties. He's probably written other books i imagined but that book mentioned a lot and all my research and so if you'd like to read it i think i suggested it sounds really juicy. He has i think i said i think i recommend read from the excerpts. I've found it looks like a yeah. He has been quoted saying. I don't believe in the bridgewater triangle i accept it as fact we go okay and there's another quote quote from <hes> i was there was a documentary watch which i'm gonna mention later i highly suggest called the bridgewater triangle. You watch it for free on prime while i will do that and the quote is for some reason we keep talking about this region. It's almost triangle and we always get back to it so basically it's this massive supernatural magnet. All these weird things happen to be in this weird triangle region. I didn't write the notes but it's still fresh in my head loren coleman so he's the the guy who basically quote created the triangular he moved to the area and realize it was a bunch of weird stuff going on in the bridgewater area massachusetts and so bridgewater the county lines show that there's bridgewater west bridgewater east bridgewater a said he was like okay. There's already a pattern of there being like maybe a triangle got right because there's already all this weird stuff happening and all these little spots where it all triangulate s- and so he just kind of started broadening and seeing all the reports coming in and he was like oh there's a fucking triangle of stuff going on here okay so why is it so super naturally magnetic so a lot of people think that these that the land lies on vortex yes s. People have also said that the land this is very like read it cool like it sounds like something i wanna research later cool read it cool not on the land may be quote on thin spot between reality. I love that that's the thing that the irish believe in within places yeah are. They think that the two worlds convert much closer than in other places. It's fast. That's fascinating like soul ties thin place. I think seoul ties are involved in that. Were like soul. Ties are like the people that you just fucking connect with immediately and it's like year d'appel angers of sorts in the place next ex steel apparent in a world where this is fact the theory. Is that you you meet your soul ties next through your thin places where you're close in the world and if you met someone where you're like we're fucking bonded wherever you were when you guys met in had that instinct connection farmer bob. There's a thin toppling anger contract or somewhere else so okay so a lot of people think it could be something mystical like that. The most common theme is that it's actually a native curse that causes all of this okay leads us americans to blame. You'll you'll land and then have just like be like well. The native americans did it well. What the fuck you're not supposed to be here anyway. So some things that the land could actually have its own spirit it to a lot of cool apparently and certain areas like the jungle is supposed to have its own spirit and okay big areas are supposed to have their own energy so they think that maybe this plan has its own energy. Some people in recent years have also argued that it's not actually a triangle but it was a triangle in the seventies based on the only reports that they had back then <hes> <music> but as awareness and reports continue the triangle starts stretching okay and so it's actually becoming a bigger land than they actually becoming a rambus actually becoming oh god help me so there have been spots where they're like yeah so this land it does fit in the triangle but there's never reports here you're so why is that in the triangle and as starting to stretch your real at they're realizing that it's a little more long wow a lot of people have also called it a tentacle where it's like not actually shape at all all but it just kind of spiraling ally see almost like spreads out kind i started to spread quickly as ten years ago people to know what this triangle was and as they're becoming aware of it they're telling their stories and it's just becoming more and more hotspots outside of the triangle too so it's going to be a bigger spot so most of the trying like most of the triangle the triangle happens to be if you're looking at the triangle the bottom right part of it is near the freetown town fall river state forest which is the state forest between freetown and fall river okay he couldn't figure that out and it's also known as the cursed i forest oh dear because this forest falls right directly into one of the corners one of the three corners and in this forest i have been various accounts of death cult activity and there are various eerie landmarks so we're gonna do okay. I do need some water. Those news news a call. Hold on oh yeah crack open a cold one. I keep thinking taking beer but it's literally as root beer. You're not wrong but it looks like a beer bottle and so it keeps throwing me off big time. I'm like i finally did it. Here's the thing i went to bed mode bring christian. We're seeing even wine so i wanted to get myself something and i wanted cheer wine but they were out and then i went to my second goto which is cream soda and they were out of that. I'm done ripper. Damn mel mel letting 'em down so erie landmarks right back to that so the epicenter of the triangle. Let's focus on that because that's really komo. Shit is coming out of is a swamp. Oh yes. Let's let's go there okay. It was used by the wp dog tribe. It is about five thousand lakers. It is the largest freshwater swamp in massachusetts and one of the largest swamps in all of the northeast human artifacts here have dated back to nine thousand years ago. Oh oh my god it was both of our findings and castles out of the year negative seventh yeah. Yes i feel like i m my head so somehow my brain explodes less to this but starting back at the your three hundred eighty through colonial times from three hundred colonial times the natives in the area use the swamp for food and also for sacred burial grounds okay <unk> going oh so the dogs actually they worshipped and feared the swamp the same time because they believed that hock amok which was the deity of death and disease lived in the swamp. Wow okay so they were. They avoided the swamp completely after dark because they thought that was where the like god pretty smart to yell a lot of them. Were even afraid to hunt or fish there during the day but so the name the swamp after hawks oh talk swamp to the natives translated to place for spirits dwell who but colonial settlers aka american white male castles they called it the devil's swamp okay they heard that the god of death so that's not a name yet so the seventeenth century rolls around and during king philip's war aka the first indian war which i don't know if we would call it whatever you know yeah according to historically speaking taking the first indian war also king philip's war the swamp was also used as a fortress against colonial settlers. Oh interesting so this threw me off until i actually started trying to pay attention. King philip is actually one of the natives. It was his americanized english name really he listen. You also goes by chief. Meta comet okay. I also saw some books that are books. I've read books and so i was about to choke on on my water librarian some articles. He was called chief medicom instead of comments okay. I don't know the difference but i call them chief tacoma okay. He's also king philip. He led led his tribe to rebel against colonial settlers. He was killed old and his head was actually put on a pike. In old days. Leah put the head on a spear and serve as a warning to others sure so his head was put on a pike in plymouth colony johny which was the era that was what it was called at the time and it sat there for twenty years as oh my god and warning to the news shitty white people so god will come into your swamp right so then king so king philip's war to this day is the bloodiest war per capita in in u._s. History wait sorry. What are you serious per-capita the bloodiest war in our history while so it was just a full massacre percent of all of the new englanders first population died holy crap only five hundred colin colonial settlers died and three thousand artists womp inaugu <unk> <hes> men women and children including innocent ones were all killed and sold into slavery how good super also during the war so this is another thing that i don't want to skip over but i also don't know a lot about so excuse my ignorance but the tribe had something called a warm palm belt sort which apparently it was like etchings and beads that they wrote out basically their tribes history cool and it represented like the unity of five tribes all being there for each other it was it was a really revered object store and during this war the belts was lost slash stolen and that further pissed off the tribes and basically when the chiefs surrendered he he was beheaded. The land was stolen. The belt was stolen and the swamp was deemed worthless and they tried to drain it for farmland so just like people being terrible the natives curse the land as they should and they basically said until the land the land will not go back to normal until it is back to its rightful owners. Absolutely it's curse for fucking melon. They already believe that the swamp was had like a yeah. It was already the ranger is president. God of death was there and then american can quote americans tried to drain the tried to come in and drain the swamp piss off basically the double the so here's a quote from the documentary commentary the best evidence that there's something very unusual happening in this area is the consistent constant reports from people in the swamp okay so well since then i've just mentioned the forest and i mentioned the swamp. Another eerie landmark that we will be talking about is called the dighton rock which is a forty tonne-bolder. Whoa it was originally across cross from one of the burial grounds on the river and the nineteen fifties it was removed from the river and placed on shore and museum was built near it because this rock is pretty fucking bananas on one side of the dighton rock are ancient carvings inscriptions and hieroglyph hieroglyphics that archaeologists to this day cannot disciple now now we're talking miss their mysterious drawings of people animals symbols geometric shapes and cryptic writing from multiple time periods and multiple cultures. Yes holy holy crap holy crap so it seems to be. I like this quote a lot. It seems to be a quote mishmash of cultures yes because there are paleolithic paintings roman. I'm in letters. Oh my god etchings all the way up to the most recent thing that had been carbon to this which was a signature in the nineteen twenties from a guy named jesse <hes> uh-huh damn it goes from like like the caveman all the way to jesse jesse and then it stops. It stops just stops at jesse always. Does it always talking what is so the belief in the seventeen hundreds was that this came from that all these carvings from phoenicians the also came from the phoenicians actually carved served images from their past present and future to warn us. Oh <hes> other arguments since then have been they were native american's vikings portuguese explorers. They actually think it could also been several explorers that were trying to write in a language. They didn't know so might be like broken language inch of what culture they were trying to assimilate with share and my favorite is another argument is just colonial graffiti. That's really. I can't even imagine what colonial graffiti is is but i like to think like colonial people trying to like sex or something like god a dick pic in the colonial. You're like so and so is a witch which right exactly so there are. There's one quote from sixteen ninety which breaks my brain from reverend cotton mather author. Oh yeah i know that guy so he talked about the rock and he this is a quote from him. Trying to describe the rocked other people among the other curiosities. The aussies of new england one is that of a mighty rock. There are very deep engravings. No man alive knows how or when the lines filled with strange characters which would suggest odd thoughts that they were here before us how odd that people were here before that before human civilization before before for us. Oh dear god okay wow. I thought they meant like before. The settlers like wow novel so crazy then there's also profile rock slash. Apparently it's called joshua's mountains on times. It's a fifty foot high rock that has striking likeness to a human face which i can confirm because i saw pictures of it looks like fucking human face. It said to be chief. Massive swat who is chief medicom slash king phillip's dad. Oh okay interesting. That's cool. It was sacred to the tribe. It was apparently where the belt was stolen away so there is is a lot of paranormal reports there of glowing lights voices in an apparition on the rock of someone with crossed legs outstretched arms as if meditating oh wow okay in the documentary. This fucking got me so in the documentary. There's someone talking about like oh. The ghosts profile rock and trying to talk about the history three of the belt being stolen there and how all of this happened like yeah they saw our land but once they stole our belts like that was fucking cursed this land and and this expert was saying this quote things in the forest won't be right until the womp belt is returned and as he said that all of the equipment meant that was filming him in the documentary shuts off and then like flashes on by itself and then they tell the interviewer they were saying like just you know when you said that all of a sudden like our lights and audio all out and so he starts laughing uncomfortably and goes oh shit well. Just you know we hear your message. If i could return it i would and all the lights shut off again. I have chills. Stay off dude so like you just see him. Sitting in the dark. You can say you can hear like the whole crew like like doing that weird laugh or they're like. They're like this is great for the movie but exactly so that fucking got me and also everywhere else besides. Is that documentary no. Where did that get mentioned so. I'm glad i watch a sacremento because i wouldn't have known that about the belt that like that whole experience the interviewer talking would that be like reacting or intelligently responding didn't get mentioned anywhere so really yeah. It's mentioned now because serves a mention so the last landmark mention his solitude stone. Oh that sounds scary sometimes called suicide stone. I thought maybe that's what was happening. It's in west bridgewater her next to abridge by the water sure that's why the town's called bridgewater no and the stone itself is actually found in nineteen sixteen by accident because there was a missing person that people people were searching for and they found her dead body by the stone fuck so this stone it had been hidden for one hundred years under moss and overgrowth but when they took everything off of it it is a perfectly clean slab with a hundred with a one hundred fifty year inscription carved into it. It's like super aereo especially watching it on the documentary because there were like we would have never known about this in this area. That's allegedly really creepy. Yeah we would have never known unless a dead body led us to it. What's the inscription so it was. Maybe they don't really know who wrote it but their guests is that it was written by reverend timothy otis payne who is part part of the new church of jerusalem and apparently the neutra jerusalem was the sect whose philosophies allegedly inspired freemasonry whoa so the inscription itself off says it's kind of like a poem all ye who in future days walk by knuckle tested stream love not him who harmed his lay cheerful careful to the partying beam but the beauty that he would in this quiet solitude that means oh god but it sounds creepy and spooky uh-huh someone rather to me at night in a haunted ass region of massachusetts. I'd be scared. I'm gonna read. That's you donate good so that's all the landmarks. Now we're going to get in to u._b. Crime area of this like writing your coat tails for a second but there come with me so let's talk about colds. I was waiting for this so <hes> <hes> let's start with animal mutilations now actually no <hes> so the police have been called a multiple times to investigate especially in the late nineteen ninety s there was a series of animal mutilations on cattle addle. There is a cow that was found butchered in the woods and then only a year later a group of a dozen cavs were found mutilated with their blood drained from them completely completely drained trails in the woods have been found with bloodstains and oddly arranged body parts of animals for fox sick and even in the eighties pet cemeteries were close. There's an area because so many graves were being exhumed. No because people were stealing previous pets body parts you imagine and drinking from their skulls. What is the matter with people. Apparently there was a group of teenagers who got caught. They were asked. What the fuck are you doing. You're literally the documentary showing images of the cemetery and there's like <unk> a gravestone flick mittens and stop it like a horrific her infant one of the kids they asked. Why are you doing this and he was like oh. I thought it'd be more powerful. If i drank from its skull what on earth is wrong with your teens so that leads into suggesting that there was a an influx in the seventies eighties all the way into the ninety s of more and more cult activity in the area and it was essentially an initiation process into these colts that is the theory that leaves the animal dan and do anything to leave them alone. Allegedly your initiation as you dig up a body do something with its body drink something from its body and then you are part of the cult sure <music> so also. There's a local hospital nearby end. Here's another creepy part. There's actually not next not next to the hospice. There's a local hospital comma. There's also an actual underground bunker in the forest that has been used for ritual. There's a hospital in the area that was used for rituals and like the sixties and seventies his and in the eighties and nineties there was underground bunker in the forest and i don't like that but this documentary actually found the the location to that in the eighties one guy actually one guy reported this and then in the documentary they were able to get in contact with other people who also experiences but multiple witnesses reported trespassers in the eighties walking through through the woods at night and black robe now one-time the police found a start looking shack one guy said like hey there's a bunch of people breaking into my shack and they're like in black robes jobs not again the police found a large pentagram on the ground and carefully place stones <hes> they took them for evidence and when the authorities came back for a follow up the next day a new pentagram and stones have been put back precisely were the last ones were oh god this could potentially be connected to the quote fall river cult killings which were happening during the same period which i know nothing about so by all means. Please handle that. I've heard of it but i don't know anything about it and sadness and cultists are said to favour this location one because it's remote vote in hidden too because sense it has such a notoriety for dark energy that you can tap into its power. It's a thin place. It's a thin place god. That's so spooky dude. I need to remember that fall river. Cult killings also sense. The force is so close to the road not only are cultists taking making making use of this area but so are murderers because people to dump bodies and then take off fantastic talk about that. Let's talk. Let's do it. I'm gonna do my best to not step on your toes and keep this quick. No tell me everything so the most famous murder that happened in these woods was in nineteen seventy eight with a girl <hes> a murder victim from name mary lou arruda she went missing and her body was found two months later her body had been beaten and tied to a tree in the standing position while still alive now known unknowns so when she passed out from the pain her own body weight forced her neck into the rope and she died of a all right <hes> her killer was found in sentenced for life fun fact i mean good <hes> there's also something called the ice shack murders which is happening. They call it the shock because apparently the building was originally originally built in the forties for ice logging share so however that building ended up being used for illegal activities especially used by pimp pimp. I don't know that's right. We're anymore. I think it is we looked it up. Remember pimp slash cult leader carl drew who liked to kill sex workers. They're fantastic. He apparently used used his colt leadership to control sex workers and threatened them with human sacrifices. They didn't do their part. It's like next level. Shit like even all killiadts out sacrifice see to the next level and it's nineteen seventy-nine. He killed to sex workers one name donna and then a couple of weeks later when name barbara the the cops knew something was up and they went undercover knowing the coal no and then saw the rituals happening and they're like absolutely someone fucking died here. Someone's responsible for these deaths and one of the sex workers named karen ended up admitting to them that carl and his like you know how with nexium there was the guy and then the girl from smallville was like his assistant also in the cult like the right hand man who are right hand sex worker is basically this was a cult of sex workers workers all led by brainwashed into this shirt so i'm not saying sex workers or cultists. That has not what i'm saying. No there's a ring of people who all happen. The b. insects work right well. It seems like that was part of his whole spiel. It sounds like he's threatening them into sex work. I don't think any of them actually were volunteering original sure okay <hes> <hes> from what i've seen i don't know any better. Please don't sue me so soleil called my lawyer. So who's my lawyer uh-huh so a sex worker named karen admitted to them that carl and his right hand woman slash sex worker named robin assisted said in helping him kill on morad okay. Oh god so cairn was supposed to meet up with the cops later to have a follow up interview and she never showed known <hes> basically here's what happened the cops found skull fragments and some clothing living in the forest of the first two murders and karen ended up this is what i got from one article and i'm rolling with it because it sounds horrific and i wanna make sure the delake i put in all the information so karen told cops later carlin robin did it. This is what happened to them because the cops like we only found skull fragments and clothing. We know something happened but we don't know what karen was like. This is what fucking happen. Apparently this is the worst thing that's ever happened in my life. Her fingernails were ripped out while she was alive. So was her hair. Sorry i feel like before says so. Karen was supposed to come in for a follow up interview and this is what happened to her right okay. Yeah i feel like i make things confusing. Got you so the fingernail thing. We're we've passed. Ah spraying does not enjoy also got beaten over the head with stones. Carl broke her neck. Oh my god then cut off her head head my god and then he along with the other cult members kicked it around for awhile what removed her fingers and then a large experts carved into to her chest holy crap allegedly okay. Only one article said that but if that is what happened people not what what happened than whoever wrote this article fucked up someone had even worse idea yeah so let's talk about that underground bunker. Let us so the location mike had been lost because so many urban legends were scattered that people had created their own locations for her plus because there are so many abandoned ranger stations and cabins in these woods and why is everyone was like oh. That's the one that's the one that's the word so eventually just through the grapevine. People couldn't find it. Yeah this documentary ended finding the location. They did not release it but they say they found it. They had people who they got the information from them there and talk about what they had seen when they were teenagers majors in exploring and found stuff apparently in this bunker. There was a massive pentagram on the ground. There were dolls everywhere with their heads cut. Oh there was a little chair for a toddler. No no no no and there were two kats next to a firepit and the walls had satanic graffiti so this opens ideas for in the ingesting cults there was also child abuse and staged happening because it looked like it was a prison software child before for a ritual there were also several murders in the forest the last three that we know of were in one thousand nine hundred seven when a homeless man was mistaken in front undercover cop and killed god and in two thousand one two men were killed with several gunshot wounds on the path in the woods re as of recently in twenty sixteen sixteen they also found wires stretched across trees on the trails no to catch off road bike riders across the neck into capital kills you so that was those were planted only three years ago when those woods usually one of my biggest fears because when i was younger that happened i think in like france or germany or somewhere there was a guy who did that and killed a bunch of people people who are just families out on a bike ride in like it's really freaking scary. That's a real thing three years ago at least many locations in the triangle don't just have crime we're done with their murder and the really horrific stuff now until my story until your story they don't just have crime but they are also known for urban legends and grossly activities so let's let's do that. Let's go into that. Let's go right in so the biggest legend in these woods and even experts say like we agree see that a lot of weird shit is going on but this one is probably a legend that has been spread amongst teenagers in the area probably likely the biggest least likely thing to have happened in these woods. Sadly is a red headed hitchhiker off of route forty four in rehoboth apparently late at night. He'll show up on the roadside. He will mess with if your radio signals which could just be interference because you're in the woods sure apparently if you have three people sitting in the car he will just appear in the fourth seat. Forget forget it. Forget it. He'll disappear from the road and suddenly enter your car and then disappear once you've seen him in your ramiro and then crashed into a guardrail just just scream hallway to help if you pull up to the city limit line apparently if you stop the car honk three times and turn your lights on hill appear in front of of your car and there's another urban legend in freetown that there is a all of this one that seems to have a little more gravity to it apparently in freetown there is a phantom truck driver that many people like swear that there's a phantom truck driver that drives across copper papa cut copy cut road he aggressively drives and honks his horn you and runs you off the road okay folly until he runs you off the road and then when you swerve often try to look at the car it's gone oh god and not because it's like it's in a sunset on. There's another report that someone looked looked. This one is off the road but this is a very creepy ghost story that someone reported someone looked in an old window and saw a small black thing that looked like a little person ersan hanging on a wall oh what and then disintegrated into mist and flew towards him while he heard a quote weird screeching pig league like noise okay that's it then there are reports of hearing voices near the swamp and sounds of people walking through it even even though it's too thick so ideally is nobody in the swamp. You hear someone waiting around in their thank you nearby is also and also in the in the region region is palmer river burial ground here. Some of the things people have experienced in this cemetery. There's a vaporous cloud that moves about on its own an aluminum itself so even if it's pitch blackout it's not like it yeah. It's not like you're seeing it because there's a streetlight somewhere else. It's going within itself. Oh great there's also a story of a little kid sitting in a costume on a brick wall. He gets up and runs away when you see him and everyone reports that his arms arms and legs look like they're broken because his limbs move differently when he runs. He doesn't look like he's in pain. His limbs just look weird cost. You know he's in a costume sweet baby but apparently before you say sweet. Baby people think that he is a sinister okay. I don't like i just regret it. Everything the thing that i said i sometimes look you in the eyes and ask you to never leave and stay play with them. Okay and think about this which is which has brought me out the inflatable to like you <hes> <hes> the seriously like the thought like maybe maybe it's something trying to impersonate a child that it can't quite get it right and that's why the even thought of that so the first thing because when i said oh poor thing and then you put it might be impersonating. I don't don't like it. I hadn't even thought of that like it's not getting totally exactly like there's something off about it. Okay forget black children. We're something kind of like you're like. There's something that you didn't catch up on an apple or something and also the fact that they don't have pupils but yellow so that there is a quote woman and white who has been seen hovering around the gravestones. There's a man seen in dark clothing that people have just named randomly from of <unk> sure he's apparently in solid solid human forms of people think he's a real person. I <hes> like you can't see through him how he wears nineteenth century tire but he has been known to when you do see him. He's punching the ground angrily and crying. Oh my god there's also a colonial soldier that walks along the tombstones and touches them before he fades away and super duper creepy. There is a v._p. Of a woman that i've listened to and can can confirm it was the creepiest first thing on earth a woman singing as if she's dancing like lalla fee you can hear it so clearly and there was a whole team around around there were like there was no ambient sound. There's no reason for that to be there. Oh no thanks. What do you okay. Are there more on a on a separate investigation gatien. There was in the same place. Someone else also got an v._p. Of a woman singing tavern songs they think it's the same person she is now known as the singing lady palmer fun and she sent you gotta kill the time you gotta do something <hes>. Do you think it's probably don't question. Do you think that the spirits like can see each other other like. Do you think they like to think so because if just walked because you know how they're different types of spirits like or haunting ones just kind of an image. What's it called residuals intelligent right so i wonder if those interact at all if those are totally separate i wonder if all the intelligent conceits other but imagine if you're a ghost and you can't see other goes to die three hundred years before you like what if you're always haunted by ghosts that didn't make better like older than you you how because there will be a lot of ghosts if our imagine going to a graveyard with a bunch of people and like different different like different times clothing guy and then the kid in a costume and then i mean imagine how chaotic a conversation between someone from like the fourteen hundreds and today i would be they'd be like no man like people can marry and then what's a gay person and then this latest thing in the whole time and you're like please that we're china conversation around gay rights in the cemetery. I wrap my brain around any of this anyway listen. If i go first i'll let you i know via something. I haven't decided yet you burp in my ear so palmer river is still the burial ground and i'm talking about people have also seen lights and phantom fires. Apparently there's also a sad man dressed in black walking around and then he just disappears like sad goes no those ones i feel the most wrestling apparently the state hospital that happens to be in the triangle <unk> called the taunton state hospital <hes>. This is the hospital title where allegedly there were some cultish happening there visitors report feeling their shoulders and legs being touched and pulled there. Oh god apparently apparently in the area. This story is going to get your good so apparently in the area there used to be thirteen one room schoolhouses which by the way fascinating i would give anything to like see a one room in school. There was an old schoolhouse in austria. Where and nobody wanted to go in it with me. I would have wanted to sleep so pissed. I was like somebody in blaze was like forget about it. It's just something i have. I have no understanding of and it said like built. The new building was built in nineteen o nine or something so it's not that old but i was still like old enough that i can't relate to it yeah anyway. I think in a past life i totally was like the coolest kid in the one room schoolhouse definitely not coolest ten the madrid so there were thirteen school houses in the area. One of them still stands as a museum was was built in the eighteen forties. That's cool was used until the nineteen thirties and apparently people <hes> have reported voices general creepy feelings my favorite story of of this. Is that a woman wince to visit the area thinking maybe the museum was open. She looked in. She looked around. It looked like goes closed but the shutters were open so she went to go look for the window and she saw a school mom now in a whole class of children in the middle of a session so she she was like oh. That's a reenactment yeah they're doing. Oh my god. Am i got him. I got so she went to go inside but the door was locked in the building was seemingly close. All the lights were off etcetera excetera so she went to look back in the window and when she went to look back in the window the whole classroom was still there. All the kids were still there and the teacher was still there but staring at at her stared at her for a wayel. No let me in just like dose dare to her like i think in mike away like you can fuck in see me kind of staring holy shit and then her and all of the children faded away together and that makes me wonder back then if they saw something and they were like. Did you guys see that right person. You don't mean if cross pass somehow like wires crossing place ma'am yes. Oh god oh my god. That is so fucking creepy dude. Apparently there were also so this was in like the bridgewater area. They did a segment in the documentary about a lot of different huntings that happened in that area specifically not just the triangle but in the actual region of bridgewater yeah it just sounds like house after house after house as wild stories and they even had they showed a v._p. Those really cool that they there was an investigative team that was setting up for the night as they're talking. They clearly don't here but the <unk> e._d._p. Picked it up. It's not faint at all. They would have noticed if they fuck in hurt it. It's a full-blown gunshot. Go like holy right over over their conversation. There's talking like they didn't even recognize it wow and and the person was talking about like oh i just went into this person is room might have been that person's room and they were like get the fuck out on my place yeah yeah anyway. I thought that was cool. Apparently there's also a ghost named george at bridgewater state university who i didn't even get to read about but he was mentioned. There's an antique shop in the area that has like a man that just walks literally through the door every day because like this whole town is just haunted haunted my god so the specific things i want to talk about right now are the rock. The landmark huntings the ones that i brought about earlier. Yes probably so here's this shit. That's been going on those so profile. Oh file rock the one that looks like an obvious ace and the dad or the belt was stolen and when they were talking about the belt and all the equipment went out in the documentary. Yes yes so his profile rock people have seen native warriors dancing there. They've also heard native singing and shouting. Apparently there's a rock nearby called anton rock which is named after chief. Anton who's the one who surrendered himself to the colonists and allowed himself to die in order to end king philip's war. He was apparently the one that they stole the belt from. I'm great so the legend obviously says that native spirits haunt the area people have seen antoine himself they've seen him in a black black and white weird and he's see thrill but when you see him your eyes meet and you can like you know he can see you like there's a connection. It's not just seeing someone that he wants you to know he sees you back and then he just fades away. You have given me ever flakes the sixth time chills right now. This is just not ending well. It keeps going so i ah then there are spectral fires. Apparently people just randomly see and smell smoke my god they've also seen massive bonfires that worry them them about like the whole forces fucking fire that just disappeared apparently accidentally imagine like there have been stories like you see a fire you drive up to it and like like you see it across the water drive around the area and there's no fire there are no ashes no footprint no sign someone was there no smell of old fire uh-huh and then you drive back to the original place and from across the water and things like that holy shit some people have even taken pictures in the area and when there was nothing going on in the environment to have caused this in the picture when the pictures are developed. There's obvious bursts of smoke behind you. As if a a fire is starting who'll one guy was actually scared off in the area because he was by himself and heard a loud angry man shouting utah utah which apparently is al gone cohen for stand up and fight hope also so dilating. He didn't like no outgun and then he like he listen up later and found no thank you. That's what spooky yeah. I don't think he spoke on your at your someone did to be able to say that. Not not that is spooky so where dighton rock is the one with the creepy carvings share the mysterious hieroglyphics jesse's name on it jesse jesse's rock is what would you call it so when that rock was found archaeologist start looking around there in excavated the area so this not the actual rockets off but on the island that it was found on got her a it was near this place called grassy island and archaeologists to excavate grassy island which happened to be next to dine rock got they were digging up around grassy ireland which is a burial ground by the way great found ancient human remains and then there's this stuff called red okra which is like klay that just sediments <music> onto old bodies in the area apparently when they dug up the human remains as they sought for the first time the red okra covering the skeletons bubbled embroiled and then dissolved away what several like skeptical logic ling archaeologists educated scientists like like we saw this shit literally boil like any creepy mystical way never to be seen again in every picture that they took on that excavation could not be developed no yeah and by the way these people have done this before. It's not like yeah. This is the first time digging something so that actually inspired other people to be freaked out because there are like like people who don't believe the stuff that are saying that this is the be the ones like calming down yeah so there's also a quarry in the triangle called asset ledge which is also just known as the ledge ledge which is an alleged hotspot sadness colts play and around it is a weirdly large amount of abandoned cars what because a lot of people people drive up to look at the ledge and then out of nowhere have an instantaneous urgent unshakable desire to jump so a lot of cars abandon their holy unplanned so a lot of people think oh why won't i won't drive my car way and then they don't zillow oh frick they don't know if that's because of the the land being cursed or because there was some occult activity going on there that like share a spirit talks delivered whatever word for that like the urge that you feel when you're on a ledge to jump off. There's a really that isn't that the power factor something. Oh maybe that's i feel like we've talked about this. I think you're right. I think the the fact is when you're aware of how like i could kill you right exactly blake. I'm aware but that could kill me awareness of like i could jump off. This lead could like cutting vegetables. I could fucking sound myself in the stomach exactly like if i just fucking wanted to all would take is one decision yeah yeah so that's interesting. I only remember that because a friend who i'm not friends with anymore and not because of this we just fell out of touch but i remember we were driving on a winding road without a barrier one time and he was like you know if i just like sneezed and like turn the wheel like what. Where did you get me out tokens these. I don't think i ever car that person again yeah well. I don't blame you but god and then i remember him. Being that's the po- effect and i was like i will never forget this conversely. Yeah okay good so he's like okay so in the corey story is the ledge and a bunch of obama cars. Come place for suicides but people don't really plan on going there to jump at just happens they all report this is feeling of dread and desire to die and there's apparently a regular ghost. They're called the lady on the ledge who is seen in white jumping and when you go to try to help her or look from the side to see if she survives she vanishes in thin air jesus yet can you how scared trump tight in that must be the season when about to jump and you're like. I need to save prank. Ghosts like yeah. I thought was responsible for not saving damn. There's also a guy named john. Brightman brightman who's part of the new england paranormal research group who actually experienced this but survived in an giang pitas felted and left and he says he broke down he he was on top of the ledge because later on he had the realization that he could hear a spirit telling him jump or leave holy shit. Ya'll no no no no no so they think at that point. They really can't tell if it's like a tribe like a curse sure or it's an occult thing. A lot of people think it must be in a coal thing thing. They've set up some dark shit total seen you onto the other side. I can't and i don't want to blame the natives either that right and i imagine like the more people are just jumping off his legend alleged. Pride isn't help bring good judy. There's gonna be added like bad stuff. All the time. There are also reports phantom people standing ominously at atop the ledge staring at you god also jumping from the lodging vanishing before they hit the water came at them looking at you and then jumping in vanishing. Oh god yep he's looking at you. I've only got one more section guys. I promise it's coming to an end. The ledge is also famous as of nineteen seventy four for u._f._o. Fo sightings reported this time in nineteen seventy four this one. I might actually cover later so i don't want to give away too much of it. If i can get a big enough story out of it but apparently early nineteen seventy-four happened on this legend. It's an infamous u._f._o. Story because the person who reported it was governor ronald reagan no way he was flying over the ledge with an air force pilot and two security personnel and they all witnessed a strange following them which accelerated de accelerated go along gated itself and then sped up at hyper speed and flew away at a forty five degree angle what and that was it for him. He was about to god damn alien. He said at that for real. That's crazy. How do they know that. I saw my cover later but apparently ronald reagan's u._f._o. Cases like a big one yeah speaking of os. Let's get into it. There are many reports in the area of u._f._o.'s especially glowing balls of light. They are now most often seen floating over the dog track and raynham actually one guy in the documentary that i saw his name's derek and he saw this so often he got a camera just so he could film at one time. When it ever happened again eh and he caught orbs pulsating red to green two blue a red dot to a blue dot to dot and then there was a white dot in the middle and it would just be floating there and then totally disappear and then come back and then totally disappear haven't come back and totally disappear and it never looked like it was going further away or coming out you always in the same name spot i knew it would exist in the non existent that exists and not exists showing off yeah i get new buildings so lights have actually been seeing the area since seventeen sixty no way <hes> the first one was reported to be a quote sphere of fire. Oh my god and was seen hovering over the area area and emitted a light so bright actually cast shadows in front of the sun and that's not a fucking weather balloon seventeen hundred no and the light was seen from both bridgewater and roxbury and is likely to be the first documented u._f._o. Report on the planet no way yes that is so cool ooh another one that was actually documented in newspapers was on halloween in one thousand nine eight and two men were driving around three a._m. And they saw a quote unusually strong wrong lantern illuminating a large object lantern. They're like they're like they're like how do we describe this lantern illuminating a large object almost like a balloon and they watch watch it for almost an hour and others also reported seeing at hovering and then keeping a steady course and hovering and then keeping a study so is stopping by free. Will it seemed chair. It could have been a hot air balloon but they are quoted saying i claim that a hot air balloon could not move in a circle or perpendicular in this one did it it moved up and down seemingly at the will of some individual and that was apparently in newspapers that's wild some people have also seen floating lights approach them closely and then mm fade away down the river so they felt like there is a fisherman at night coming towards them and then as the light's scott closer there like there's no boat attached to that like it's just like going down the trail by itself and then they'll interact with it or say something or be like what's that who's there and then like zooms away. They're also clouds that do that that illuminate just like the one in the graveyard that will just move on its own in its own source of light in nineteen sixty eight there were five people that saw a ball of light floating through the trees and rehoboth and shouted at it and it grew to five feet wide and then charged at them when we got genius burst into the room sorry so they were like yelling at the light being go get away from us and then like grew into this mess and then charged them no and then just disappeared no the same aim year a man was looking at a snowy field and saw a tree from a distance burning from the bottom up as if someone like lit the tree on fire went to go check it out to make sure everything was okay and there was no tree there was no there was footprints in the snow. There was no snow all god. There was no source of anything happening. He was just seeing it. There were for most of the u._f._o. Sightings star in the sixties. They mainly happened in the seventies. Most of them came from one thousand nine hundred nine that was like the big u._f._o. Year and the bridgewater triangle hello oh juniper handsome cat who i love so much we'll kiss nope okay. Oh i'm gonna tell ya the median about five seconds so the up here comes and so really oh my goodness open. He's got s. o. U._f._o. Sightings mostly happened in the year nineteen seventy nine. The most famous one was two newsmen actually reported seeing a home plate h-shaped u._f._o. Like from a baseball shape that's funny. It was a home plate shaped. Some stories say it actually admitted a green substance dayton say say that in the interview i saw but they swear that they saw it was as wide as apparently five seven forty sevens put together though it had a cord sparking. I'm from the bottom of it and you could throw a rock added. It was so close i got one of them was an air force but and was quoted saying that's not one of ours and the last asking you wanna hear when you're with a person and the two of them talked about it but didn't say anything and then they found out later there was a a series of reports multiple people had seen it and then they came forward saying freaky julian e-book cuddling. Do you love this is so nice. He's like. I want you to bring my smell bacter- cat so they know how much how much look at that belly o ooh oh he's cuddling oh. He's really cuddling. Holy site and you get a photo heat aside. I'm go to mookie little eve in juniper juniper <unk> little eva and the kitty cat. Oh oh my goodness hope. Here's a little olive puppy dog puppy dog. They all need so much attention. Where's the third one i'll he'll come in and where's the scorpio king. He'll come as soon as you start to live up here. Oh my goodness so much love okay. Oh yeah yeah yeah. You were okay so that was like the big one that happened in nineteen seventy nine and then again in the nineteen nineties there started to be a big influx of your four reports again so in nineteen ninety-one you remember that year remember fondly remember it well for being born. I remember remember leaving your past life for this one so then place how unfortunate for me so in nineteen ninety-one there was apparently a u._f._o. Stereotype green flying disc that i was seen moving slowly and silently fifty feet in the sky with a powerful spotlight christine needs to open the door for the cat that should be my slogan tagline opens the door opener door opener for animals so it was a foreign fine desk. It was moving slowly and silently fifty feet in the air with a powerful spotlight. Oh god something like that was seen again in nineteen ninety four to nineteen ninety-seven scott different dates on different articles that there was a report of a large triangular u._f._o. With three white lights in to read star-shaped lights. Oh my oh my god very specific. Got is in one thousand nine hundred zero of that had red green white lights this one's bananas it had red green and white lights as someone john was watching it the u._f._o. Split into two u._f._o.'s flew at high speeds both with bright lights and then merged into one again in vanished weird weird and immediately immediately after that the air force uh-huh was in town high interest in their plans. Their planes were flying around the area obviously obviously searching for something because of the lights and not splitting into two splitting into two or glowing red green and white. There's here's a feature. What more could he have to say so in one thousand nine hundred nine the other big u._f._o. Nineties are crazy at this bananas man. There's a guy named george and he saw u._f._o. That was quote moving all around. It was moving in shapes that planes don't move also report of a strange entity that that looked a little alien like in the area. It was seen ducking down empty car. Forget it that had a skeletal face that was white s paper no hair no eyebrows no lips nose and was seen staring at someone from their peripherals and when they went to turn hid in the car goodbye for which reminds me like. I never wanna getting my car again because something could be marya. It's either that hitchhiker either dipoto affect your and drive off the ledge like you can't nothing good happens absolutely on the car the other thing that's weird and i don't know if that's mentioned before but one thing that's associated with a lot with u._f._o.'s is black helicopters. It's kinda in and we'll from the way that i understood it. It's kind of like how demons will impersonate people but look auto. They're like oh. It's like trying to to look like our aircraft black helicopters. They're like that's a cool shape. I guess we could do that yeah. They're like that look standard. What the frick. I did not no that s era so there's the men in black who they believe like exactly. It'd be impersonating people. Oh no this is terrible. This is also bad so there have been take a wild amount of black helicopter sightings in this era of course so they started to appear after the nineties which makes me think like enough aliens fucking. I should've been the ninety s and they're like we need to. We need a new style. They're catching onto us. We keep splitting in half and apparently that's not horrible here so after after that influx of u._f._o.'s by the thousands only black helicopters were being seen that is not okay so creepy mysterious helicopters are associated with beautiful and in two thousand two. There was a report in an e newsletter called the u._f._o. Roundup and there was an investigator named mary. Lou love the name. I love it. She apparently in the area she heard very loud helicopter noises in rehoboth but found nothing in the sky she found witnesses who also ended up seeing two black black helicopters in the area that were equipped with spotlights and flying over route forty four which is one of the big hot spots. Yeah another witness actually saw helicopter two days in a row in july that year and then they ended up seeing more helicopters on month later more ended up reporting seeing helicopters august only months later. They're also reports of of animals especially cats and goats for some reason up hearing really nervous during any time there's a helicopter in the area cats and goats apparently the ones closest assist aliens love it the most spiritual of animals and after these animals are freaking out a week later there was helicopter activity nonstop including at night and there has never been a release or an explanation for why the the black helicopters were around and you know people are calling like someone's being like what's reporting reporting yeah yeah so the last thing not just u._f._o.'s but in the bridgewater triangle there happens to be a lot of sightings of cryptic words. Yes mainly a big foot shut up mainly bigfoot but it gets pretty bananas so there's one guy named joe deanne de android. I thought it was the android and the documentary thing so dandruff so he apparently has been investigating this bigfoot monster publishing reports of the hawk amok monsters what they're calling doing it. The hawk amok sasquatch scher. They've been he's been publishing. Reports sense his own personal sighting in nineteen seventy eight so this is actually like really like he is probably one of the reasons the bridgewater triangle has so many reported documents because before anyone was taking the bridgewater triangle seriously he was already saving every document he could find looking every report filing everything so by the time people were like realizing hey. There's the paranormal story here any officer here in story here in a call to report here share. He already had a book to be like oh my god he has in the paranormal paranormal community. He's been given a lot of credit for being the reason people take bridgewater seriously saw bridgewater triangle seriously so his personal story in nineteen seventy the eight was he saw a quote big tall strange looking creature who was quote apish and manage that very slowly walk down a hill towards the woods. He was six feet tall well at least four hundred pounds me too and had long dark brown hair. There's another report that he got that. While someone was hunting with his uncle the uncle shot a bear like animal that cried out and it sounded half animal half human god and they later found blood and long brown hair in the leaves. There's another report from that same witness. When he was at a pond he heard a loud splash like something like a large animal dove in and then he looked over into the water and saw several several dead fish floating on the surface as if something had just like gone just like what attacked all the fish. There's another report of someone seeing a tall. Oh bipedal creature covered in hair in their garden. I looked up in their window and saw this in their heart and he was eating one of their pumpkins holding it with both of his hands. Oh oh which means he was bipedal upright and holding a pumpkin and his hands and get raw. That's so gross and then when they met is he ran into the woods with pumpkin drop-off uh-huh. Thank god that was for the state fair. There's another report of someone saying quote. There were a few times. I thought i saw things walking the woods especially around six a._m. Right before the sun rises god not get up early. That's one more sensitive and don't jump gins. I'll tell you what don't do yeah the house another report of a big like creature in the seventies that apparently went quote haywire and killed a farmer's pigs and sheep. Oh and then they actually had the police. Go go out and look for this thing because the guy swore was yeah like they had footprints and everything they're like this is not animal i know of sure and so the policeman out they can never find anything and then finally there's a report from john acre in his canoe. He said he heard something crashing through the woods and he saw something. Get into the water next to him and it looked like you imagine -magine you're stuck in your canoe. No no no no. He was in the winter too so he was going through. Junior is scaring the crap out of me coming through that door. I'm so sorry so he was in the canoe and this is the worst part is he. It was the winter so the canoe is going through like ice waters who is super slow so he could not get away very slowly. The he says quote something was following me and i knew it was big so we took the boat down a creek to a dry hell a dry hill and kept it moving but he could still hear the ice in the swamp cracking behind him as a creature was keeping up with us is a horror movie so he said quote. I knew it wasn't a human because when it past me i could smell it smelled like a skunk musty and dirty like it lived in the dirt. They say about bigfoot twos eddie smells really bad. That's what i say about christine. There's also a report of two cops sitting in their cruiser and quote without warning. Something began to pick up the rear of our ooh. I spun the car around and got my spotlight on something that looked like a bear running up right around the corner of a house running upright known all some think it is a giant the bare but bears have been extinct in the region for a long time so they're like okay what can't be a bear walks onto feet in works on two feet and steals my pumpkins well sure and sly guy said some reports of even led to police investigations but not only is big thing. There's a slew of scripted that i've never even heard of that apparently in this space so there are cryptic sightings include oversight turtles apparently oversized enough to be noteworthy hoover size has turtles is the best krypton i ever heard. Here's the worst snakes as thickest tree trunks by pretzel worm. It's tops lavar. We found one of us us. I mean not a real one but it was this giant log that like had blazed goes is that your is warm thing your worm dragon as it looks like it's the one <hes> it looked a lot friendlier. Yeah snakes mystery trunks terrible orangutans. A lot of people think they're either wranglings or baby bigots. It's because of the same coloring same amount of hair kind of walking upright run away from you but like to save a little bit like humans yeah yeah yup and then also thunderbirds which i have not yet covered. Have i know you haven't but i love this topic. So i wanna save thunderbirds for the future so interesting basically they are massive pterodactyl dactyl like birds that come from native american folklore so would make sense with the curse on the land. They have a wingspan up to twelve feet. They're fucking. It's really like jim herald people call in and say they've they've seen one and seven is really wild. They think it looks like a dinosaur like it's that yeah so i do want to save that but there have been in a lot of scripted sightings of seeing thunderbirds spooky <hes> also cops have made their own personal reports in saying them. It's not like that's interesting too. Mike calling a cop for an investigation. It's like the cops are reporting this. In the seventies. Through the ninety. S people have reported seeing them sometimes even fighting in mid air together so there's bird yeah so there's at least more than one oh my god coincidentally though the very first report of a thunderbird in the bridgewater triangle happened to be in an area literally literally called bird hill so a lot of people think that it's kind of like not actually like it's a an urban legend. It started on bird hills. They're talking about birds but a lot of people swear that they are these bird hill because that's where people saw he's trying yeah who knows what came first. Maybe the bird or something other than me so in one thousand nine hundred ninety six there was also a man who watched a huge ghostly dog as big as a pony out here with red eyes rip out the throats of two of his ponies. No <hes> they did a whole police investigation. There are like maybe it's a wolf in there like it was not a fucking more like a he swears it was just like a normal dog but as big as a little horse jesus and just oh god and they never found the dog so they think there's there's like a pack of dogs apparently later in life today they deal with <hes> people witness all these like ghosts lee kinda see through abandoned dogs with different levels of aggression but like if you see one stay the fuck away because now but so that was the beginning of dogs sightings great in the nineteen ninety s there were black panther author citing slow like phantom black panthers like nobody knows where this thing fucking came from and tan panthers which this ceramic also cover. There's enough information but apparently it's got its own name. The mansfield mystery cat what and he is a town panther the size of a great name. It's always tan small panther or maybe ten normal cat this is. I don't know i don't know how did and a lot of people are like okay. People are saying they're seeing panthers. There's an half. The reports are saying they're black. Panthers half the people are saying they're tan. Panthers like what on earth these are not real and then as soon as people start giving up on it being a reality a thirty pound african cat a serval was found dead and beheaded nearby what they actually found a literal african cat. I think it was a serval what's happening. They thirty pound cat was just found dead and beheaded in the bridgewater trying on the wrong continent. Yes yes what the fuck and be headed newspapers. They like by people saw this thing. That's the real thing. This wasn't like. Oh vanished it was like so engrossed in two thousand six or more reports of aggressive dogs in the areas and there was a random email that had been lost in the forest was bull rushing people that poor imos like get me in the pilot panther. I swear so here's another thing in the again. This is something that should have been addressed and other articles. I only found it in the documentary. I don't know how this was not addressed somewhere else. Maybe they got special privilege college. Though maybe in the nineties there was a guy named bill. He was walking his dog named samantha. Samantha rottweiler slash german shepherd so she's a big girl. She's i'm not afraid of a china around and they decided they were going to go on a walk at night and they decided to take a different path at night. Always a mistake they got to a i. I wouldn't call it an abandoned road but a road that no one uses like has phone poles on it. Kids use it to take back roads and sapphire. Just a random sure all of a sudden dog for reeks the fuck out on bill. Here's a high pitched wailing. Oh god and then because it's like low key and abandoned road with like only one street light in the shadows are weird. He can't see ahead of him. Yeah so we hear this high high pitched wailing and then through the shadows he sees a little creature what apparently the creature is three to four feet tall with a pot belly. Okay in the face of a chipmunk and this little creature is covered for has big is. He doesn't know how he knew this but knew that it wasn't young for its species. It was an older what and then said it never wants advanced at me. It just stuck its hand out as if it wanted me to come to him and it kept saying iwon shoe here here you want you here and so after the last twenty years of wondering whatever the fuck he saw he thinks it was trying to speak the english and he thinks it was trying to say we want you come here and it just handout wanting him to approach them. I'm freaking <music> out. Dude talk about nasa trip by the way this guy's having this. Oh nana's he still says to this day. He's like i know what i saw. I'm dog saw i. He's like i'm so mad. I did not approach it because in hindsight it was not being mean to me. It wasn't scaring me. It was trying to actively not scare me but i was just so scared. I ran away when i look back it wasn't i've heard this story have you. I don't know where like maybe honest dodging but like i've heard that where he's he literally he said. I wish i had approached it. No well apparently i wouldn't be here. He's like in hindsight. It wasn't being aggressive. I was scared and iran turned around. I lost my chance he was gone. I mean it was a walking chipmunk with a beer belly like hello yeah true. If you were sylvan fucking had aged poorly unfortunately that is just gonna start singing christmas time and like it was going to get you know he did hear high pitched wailing. It really could have been it really could have been yeah so before. I delve into that real quick. I want to say after everything that i've covered. There is an argument that this whole bridgewater water triangle is not real of course some people argue that it's actually a self fulfilling prophecy because a lot of the stories say that the swamp is only five percent of the triangle and yet it happens to be the epicenter of activity and people say oh this is where this happened laker all activity happened in the swamp but then when you actually hear the locations tens of the stories that are miles away swamp and so they basically think that this the lauren guy who made the boundaries he created the shape in the seventies to mimic the phenomenon of the bermuda triangle right right when it's technically bridgewater rombas as we all know oh and the borders were arbitrarily picked to include as many mysterious events as he could find based on newspaper reports share so he was shaping it around so they thank he just found like a concentrate area and then just put a border around to make it look as creepy as possible enter self-fulfilling prophecy because now if anything weird happens happens there even if it's just like a murderer like like a plain jane murder because it happened in the bridge bar triangle. It now massed in this label us. Mr reported specifically under that umbrella exactly yeah. That's interesting so now. Something dark ever happens there. It's already just labeled mysterious instead of like oh. That's just this crime shows. Just happens happens literally everywhere in this country in every country and so it continues the legend of the property inter so the argument is like someone decided that this was a really creepy area and now because of those parameters people are looking for creepy events if you so that that triangle was over here people would find a million go stories however i do believe that there is an element of like you create like you can create your own people manifest like it's happened poltergeist activity supposedly like from your own angst and like you perpetuated yeah yeah exactly so nowadays this is where we stand with the bridgewater triangle and why i think so many people re tweeted about it and send it. My way is because f._x. Has just released the news that they are creating a horror thriller series as called bridgewater triangle probably why it sounds familiar to me. Okay is going to be produced by no holly who also produced bones fargo and yes. The marvel series legion literally. I just read about this okay and the plot is basically what is new these days apocalyptic dystopia but only hits within the triangle lines. Ooh and three estranged siblings have to come together and save the world listen. I'm gonna watch it and two thousand thirteen. There was a documentary by aaron here in kenya. Which is the one that i have been talking about. Non stop. It's literally just called the breitbart triangle on amazon prime. I'm so excited to watch that by the way there are so many firsthand accounts of people who literally i saw stuff <hes> some of the leading paranormal experts out there. It's really really well done. Documentaries and one of my favorite quotes about the bridgewater triangle triangle is when asked about it. The director aaron cardio called it a buffet of the unexplained. I love it so much. That's the facts are speaking our language. He's like just put throw in some like food. Some golden corral referencing christine will say buffet. I say where so the last thing gonna say which elite which folds back into the the ninety s experience that bill had in the middle of the road with that weird thing saying yeah what was concerning with me or we want you here. We want you to remember iwon shoe keer. You want you here tuck dude. So what was that critical thing. We don't know however it does fall in into validating the theory that there's one other crypto which i very excited to talk about next week shit. I was like okay so the i will there has been news about this krypton recent recently so in the area one of the spots that falls into the bridgewater triangles called freetown the free someplace. Lease apartment has recently installed road signs. You know how there's like deer crossing signs. They have no crossing signs now warning drivers about the scripted shut up which which if you're a harry potter fan. You might have heard this before but the crip did is a puck wedgie. I don't remember that. Apparently it's actually one. It's the hoffa puff. Equivalent went to the american hogwarts so i think like ill will mourn. I'm not hearing so okay. Clockworks is like in in the u._k. Oh so they're saying whatever the hogwarts in america is their equivalent to the hustle puff houses actually called pudgy so a lot of harry potter fans might note. I i understand okay. Okay okay however it is an actual scripted that goes all the way past or all the way before native american times so there is an entire history to puck wedgies way before harry potter. Oh so that was something she like picked up. Yeah i actually think there's gio finally making his grand entrance right at the end of the story. So the one thing i do want to say is that if you're a harry potter fan you might really like the next episode because i found out in doing all all of this history that whoever created the american hogwarts yeah used a lot of the bridgewater triangle history to create all of the information kevin surrounding that school the school of injury. I'm a harry potter fan anyway tune in next week to hear about the puck ledge. I'm so excited and that is the bridgewater triangle crazed that reminds me of skin walker ranch like just like every type of paranormal activity suddenly surfaces there. You know i you covered that right. Yes yeah. I think so i think so too. That's covered skin walkers belleville ranch. That's i don't think you covered skin walkers. In general. I think you just did you did oh okay. It's all right. I can't remember anymore. It's still it's like a spooky story after story after me so much of that where they just have weird and like there's there's like big foot and then there's also like alien. It's really wild and ghosts buffet buffet of the unexplained that is good he should we came up with that man. I kind of wish. I didn't give him a credit. Let's steal it. I'm just kidding. That is really a good line anyway. That was a great story. Thank you so much. Thank you for this one of my favorite frank through that with me. No that's where my face so far. I love that you know that i sweat a lot. Ought we all know. Fortunately i made that known to the rest of the world <hes> i've found native recently and i can't stop telling everyone about it. We love date of children u. 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I k. the peculiar dot com slash drink ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire yourself and eva okay hello. I'm back for my story now. Hello we spent a half an hour not talking on the microphone to be aether. We were ordering food so it's very important break. I got chicken parm o. J. got pizza. You got chicken pox land on it and then i saw whole pasta section task game over. I up pizza. Okay everybody here we go. This is the story of the murders of mary. Ashford barbara forrest who who were killed on the same day in the same town but one hundred fifty seven years apart. I'd wait a minute creepy creepy. No it really is because when you were telling here's like mine's kinda spooky to like a little spooky today you feel real and get a little a little while. Let luthor. It'll we regularly talk about. How do we do this. My my old boss at my previous job. Her name is renee. I don't know if she's still listens but she was a avid supporter. She was she especially. When i left. She was very understanding so thank you for that but whenever she would eat some anytime she like broke her diet or trying to be really good that day and she would like eat a snack. Even if it was like one chip she'd be like. I was so nutty like not ironically with forty. She like this weekend. I was so naughty. I had a taco that they still to this day. Quote her every time. I eat like an oriole mike. I'm so should i should i should i should i be bad lasagne naughty that i love it. I love it probably not why haven't i have been saying in my whole life. We should start if feel good to say it does to thank you for that thinking any. That's very enjoyable okay so this story is really weird wild. It's kind of north but it's bananas. Let's get naughty. Let's do get knotty so this is actually inspired by post iverson on instagram by gems g. e. m._b. Underscore twelve twelve which is quite a username but her name is genesis. The post was on an account called unburnt mm creepy and it was one of those. I mean post where i was like okay. That can't be true like weird facts. You know like people make shit up and then it goes viral and it's like no that's not true right right so i saw this and i was like that. It's gotta be bullshit but i was like intrigued so i looked it up and lo and behold is true life. It's real it really happened and it's on real news articles and stuff so <music> super hearth great l. at the same time you know and then is like looking at the account the unburnt thing and there's a lot of weird shit on here. I wonder if it's all true oh no way away probably not but this one was all right so i looked at let's see the website that i discovered wolf phantom dot com website they have all sorts of weird like different well so okay unsolved mysteries dot phantom dot com and then a huffington post article by stephanie all masan and u._s._a. Today so like legit source yeah so this takes place place in pipe hayes park in earning ten a suburb of birmingham england so i probably incorrectly helmet. Do you know how hard is to pronounce. Any massachusetts shoe sits town so i definitely want and come back though of like oh today yeah the best comeback when people are like you can't say this word. It's like try pronouncing worcester or any the focus down in massachusetts so the first murder took place in eighteen seventeen so six thirty a._m. On may twenty seventh eighteen eighteen eighteen nope eighteen seventeen like i literally said five seconds ago a laborer labor named george jackson came across a bundle of clothing a hat ensues near a water filled pit. He alerted some local neighbors who dragged the pit of water and found the body of twenty year old. Mary ashford <hes> she had bruising on her arm. <hes> she'd been sexually assaulted and footsteps of man and woman were found in a nearby field which i love that they could probably tell because because once show retain mike or lee high heels or something then in a field right right <hes> one authorities interviewed mary's friends. They learned that the night before she had attended a dancing dancing town she was known as in town is like an attractive young woman. She had a number of suitors. She's very popular in the day before her body was found may twenty six was was whit monday about this. I don't do you know okay. So it's a christian holiday. It's a day after pentecost <hes> and <hes> it's basically like the last holiday easter season and i guess over there. They go and dance and have fun. So sounds sounds sounds like a plan to me. <hes> mary had sought by her friend. Hannah cox's his house on her way to work where she dropped off a bundle of clothes that she planned to wear to the dance so at six p._m. She goes back to a friend's house after work so they could get ready for the party together and then they go to the dance and by council good time <hes> they ended up spending the rest of the dan like the later part of the dance with two men named benjamin carter and abraham thornton the four of them <hes> all friends left the dance midnight and they walked along the main road which is called chester road. Hannah was like i'm gonna head home. It's late <hes> aben was like i'm going to go back to the dance and that's not is we're gonna get crazy. Officially officially tuesday easter season is over so he went back to the dance and then mary ann abraham were like we're going to keep walk doc in so they kept walking toward mary's grandfather's home at four a._m. Hannah opens the door to find mary back at her house and mary's like i wanna change back into my work clothes because she's still like her party clothes and she's like what the hell it is four in the morning like what have you been up to and she's like i had a i spent the evening with abraham thornton thornton. Hey oh la la you tell. She seemed very happy claim to have had a great time and they were like out. I don't know neck in someone else's being naughty not yet. She went over to hannah later. I was so nutty last night. I got friends. Emigrants eat a whole cake. The benjamin abraham and i had a we were all not a romp in the field yes so she went back to the house at four a._m. Which is komo your friends really nice to fucking lachey and change of yeah but so she came in for anyone close but she seemed happy. She was like i had a great time. She changed into her work. Clothes and shortly after witnesses spotted mary walking along the road chester road presumably back to our house was only a few hours later early that morning that mary's body was found picks up by eight a._m. The next morning abraham thornton was arrested. He was the last person to have been seen with her. She had literally said i was just with abraham for the last several hours right right. He reportedly told police upon his arrest quote. I cannot believe she has murdered why i was with her until four o'clock this morning. Okay <hes> during questioning abraham told detectives that he had had sex with mary that night in the fields. Oh my god the dog and cat are literally chewing on the ground. What was that they are. Geo just likes to harass the cat she thinking of letting people into your house at four am remember when i showed up at your house in ohio and i was like like i need to sleep here like everybody was. My grandmother was a ghost. Yes i recall to this day. I'm not to venture of that pam. A real person is pam. The nicest goes for is. She made me a really nice. She makes kasbrols like an asshole. She's such a gem for god's sake. The animals are riled up okay so he told detectives he had had sex with mary that night. In the field afterward they had talked and gazed up at the sky until around. I'm three a._m. Before abraham watcher part of the way back to hannah's house. He said he waited for a while but she didn't come back out so he went home and he said that was the last time he saw mary alive. So oh abraham thornton's trial began august eighth. <hes> public opinion was convinced that he was guilty however three witnesses were able to corroborate his alibi and so that in conjunction conjunction with a lack of like real evidence basically led the jury to deliver a not guilty verdict. Oh well okay so mary's brother. His name was william ashford he. He refused to accept the jury's decision. He appealed for a second trial. Somehow i mean it was long ago but not that long ago. Abraham somehow convinced <hes> the <hes> this guy who was presiding over the case his name was lord ellen boura shirt up shirtless. He convinced him to allow abraham to defend his verdict with a trial l. by battle is essentially like some hamilton shit. Yes a fight to the death to prove one's innocence like some game of thrones crap okay so he's like okay. Find you wanna read appeal my case like fight me and so the brother was like so apparently the event came and the brother was supposed to fight abraham and whoever won like that was the verdict but died was guilty with any sense and so at at at the event abraham made a big show he threw his leather glove of over his head to initiate the challenge and then mary's brother was like listen. This is dumb. I don't wanna do this like fuck it. I like this stupid so abraham just walked free so the public continued to believe he was a killer after the trial concluded so much so that he eventually fled his home for the united states. Mary's murder left left a deep wound in the community. The town never forgot her loss <hes> and they kind of moved on now. We fast to may of nineteen seventy four. The body body of a woman is found in a ditch near chester road in the small town of earning ten <hes> england the body was determined to be that of twenty year old barbara forrest orest. Her body also showed signs of rape and strangulation. Police were shocked when it was revealed that barbara had been killed on may twenty seventh nineteen seventy four exactly a one hundred and fifty seven years to the day of mary's murder back in eighteen seventeen. That's amazing suburb like this is like a small town and it sounds a media like it's just got to be a copycat. Happy count me that story yeah you. Barbara forrest worked as a nurse at nearby pipe as children's home she had also gone missing on whit monday and so keep in mind. This holiday changes dates every year because it's like based on when easter is so it's on a monday but it just happened to fall on the right same date which is not common so that was weird and she had actually been out dancing that night benjamin monday day with her boyfriend simon close-knit also the guy's name was men. The guy's name was abraham. They abreu common korea benjamin so reports say the barbara was out dancing with her boyfriend simon on the evening of her death he stated. He walked her to the bus at one a._m. Mm-hmm and that was the last time he saw so a manhunt ensued defined barbara's killer where over one hundred detectives took part in this massive search and finally they zeroed in on their main suspect. His name was michael in thornton. He had the same fucking last night. I was gonna say as mary killer they're not related. He had the same fucking last name as her killer. In eighteen seventeen it turns out. Michael thornton lived on chester road. He was barbarous coworker and i was like obsessed with her or something and so it's just like not a good that situation <hes> police reportedly found bloodstains on his pants and <hes> his his mother had given him an alibi and like they immediately realized it was not not true and so they were like okay. This is our guy so they apprehended him and charged him for barbara's murder he was put on trial and similar similarly to abraham thorn in mary's case one hundred and fifty seven years before this thornton was not found guilty or not guilty due to lack of evidence so another weird similarity is at barbara's barbara's sibling erika her sister shot refused to accept the verdict and try to appeal for a second case. There was not a battle with their cause some assets the streets. Oh my god that would have been great. She threw her leather gloves on newsy snap so absurd so that was weird like the same situation where a sibling refused to accept the verdict and try to appeal in twenty twelve she demanded the case be reopened and and dna evidence reviewed <hes> there have been no updates as of yet but they're still trying to figure out if they can like nail the sky for this yeah but as of now he walked free so i'm just going to recap like what's happened so far so marian barbara both murdered on whit monday may twenty seventh after a night of dancing zing both raped on the same exact road by men with the same last name one hundred and fifty seven years part just super fucking weird. That's just banana yeah yeah and the similarities gets even weirder so there's more <hes> both women reportedly felt a sense of dread leading up to their deaths so mary ashford from the from eighteen seventeen had confided in her friend hannah's mother that she had quote bad feelings about the week to come before she was murdered. Barbara had told a colleague that that quote this is going to be my unlucky month. I just know it. Don't ask me why so that's just a creepy creepy similarity. Both both marian barbara were twenty years old at the time they're murderers and they had the same birthday shopping literally. What was their birthday if they were the twins if thank god damn germanized birthday shit guaranteed goddamn okay. We're gonna look that up at the end of ood spooky to didn't think then place the thin place. I tell you what same thing different time peace christ okay they also. They enjoy dancing going out with friends. That's both what they were doing. The evening they were killed. <hes> both suspect who shared a name thorn but we're not related. Were found not guilty. Due to a lack of evidence evidence and in both cases says a sibling contested the court's finding demanding further investigation so another similarity. This is probably the worst of all is that the murders remain unsolved to this day. Both cases are considered cold cases and still haunt the town to this day. Wow and i know that was so fucking short but i knew we so just for other people like we we discussed it earlier. I was like my story is going to be so fucking long. I hope yours thank god because i couldn't find much more information on this but <hes> it was good. That's a creepy though listen for such a concise story like wow you nailed his spooky hooky both unsettling today. I think yeah there were no resolution into any now right exactly where i hope everyone feels like there is an open ended scenario in your life now. What was the phrase like chew head to meet. Come with me. Oh oh we want you hear something yang yang shu yang here yeah. That's going to look up their birthdays real quick. Please hold okay update. I could not find their birthdays. However has been confirmed on multiple multiple sources that they had the same birthday and where the murder took place during twinsies on may twenty seventh so they were twinning in a different in a different life day is twenty. Oh so oh sad i did find one more thing that is how god here come on the animals. We just got the pizza delivered. Here's one last thing i wanted to read that. I found which is just just beyond aunt infuriating so mary ashford from the one from eighteen seventeen was buried in sutton coldfield sutton coldfield churchyard and the inscription on her grave thread as a warning to female virtue and the humble monument to female chastity. This stone marks the grave of mary. Ashford who on the twentieth breath year of her age having incautiously repaired to a scene of amusement without proper protection was brutally murdered on twenty seventh may eighteen seventeen fuck that so they said that the the ultimate she was asking for it the ultimate on your final resting place she achieving for it she was she banged it out that night and that's why she died yeah because she has. She's fucking luther. Goddamn ankles at the namm. Oh my good night good night and goodbye us. All the people from that are gone. Thank god nobody has that opinion anymore. Will one day amen one day one day. Let's hope for a better future less the fucking klein it fixes itself fix it in time for people to like all think that that's that's a fact upstate medicine. My hopes are not high so that's what i found so that's that anyway. It's terrible sucks but we got pizza so yeah so let him pereira off like a band-aid feel down. It helps to order some food. I always feel better after i knew that. Are you said kobe pizza. Jump don't go anywhere no order on the right right right right right and then have a puppy dog come to you you know there are services there are my mom almost did this for my birthday. I remember there are services where you can rent a box puppies firm. They will literally nickelodeon did that at our party and they just like had a ton of dogs yeah. This is the best invention of all time. My mom tried to surprise me at our m._s. Superhero <unk> hero sleepover box a puppy dogs but apparently they were all sold out that night. I can't imagine why because everyone sat on a saturday night in l._a. All the puppies we're taking everyone's just like high and drunk. Booja just covered in puppy dog the dream anyway go yourself a puppy dog or pizza or someone and sorry about that <hes>. We'll see you next week with a story about a little chipmunk man. This comes out this sunday right. We still still have some tickets for atlanta and new orleans yes we do. We really smart tickets. I think i just saw it on this. There was a scenario where something happened with the then something happened but so shit we they were sold out and they're not there's a couple left for both so atlanta in new orleans <unk> okay great 'cause i'm doing my notes now and we have some wild stories for you guy so <hes> get on it so if you're wondering if last minute there'd be any extra tickets. Please come and help us solve them out. I have people coming especially to the atlanta one so it'd make me look really cool missile pretty please <hes> cool all right and we'll see you there and that's why we drink.

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