Mason and Ireland (Hr 2)


ESPN? Okay. Mason on the air. You're on the right now. This is how Tony Romo. Split gronk like you are just a Romo. Hateful. All right. So Romo was asked by Richard J choosing media columnist. How is it that you're able to predict plays that happened before they happen? He says what would I do if I was right there at the quarterback position from their analysed, the possibilities, and you do permutations of what could possibly come about. The next thing. Are you're looking at the linemen on defense. The coverage based stuff who is covering who matchups whether things are manner zone. It's hard to give you one thing because on a specific place so much can happen. For instance, you might have chargers defensive end Melvin Ingram lined up inside. And they're trying to get a match up on a guard. So I might want to circle that or I see rob gronkowski a safety one on one. He's just playing quarterback. I think he's I think this is proof that he's getting that feed in Zere. You aren't he's not getting a feed is years thing. Jared Goff can't actually get here. The plays in Tony Romo is getting plays other game. So in the Super Bowl. This Goss helmet goes out, again, we're going to -ssume that somebody rerouted the audio to Romo from Gough Thiru Romo, but that's an interesting. Little tidbit that Gough or Sean Mannion's helmet. Yeah. That's your series. There should be some sort of investigation. Well, the interesting thing is that man's helmet. Worked and goff's didn't doesn't that automatically indicate Jaffa Taj. Somebody. Because the mood around with Jared goff's helmet. They cut the red wire the blue wire they cut by our blue Rier. Yeah. I mean, you know, it's like when when people were talking about loud. So I obviously I was and they report for ten years. Dell does the job is to do different arenas have a different level of sound? Yes. So I carried with me several amps they're they're about the size of a quarter. And you could change how loud the sound was coming into your ears. So in like, Oakland or Oklahoma City or Sacramento when they were good. I would use the big amp the that would give me a tons of sound the other ones I'd use a regular what were the tough arenas Sacramento, and they were good very loud Oklahoma City every year because it's the only pro team they have there and right now the warriors because they're great, right? Those of the three where I use the the the louder amp did you ever have to use it with the Lakers? No. But but that's that has something to do with. A out of the building. Right. Yeah. And a lot of gets right. No. I never have to do it at Staples. Staples is never known for being exceptionally loud. It's also Staples is very cavernous yet. No, people are working too hard to be cool right loud. Well, the the way you can tell is when they put t shirts on the back of chairs in these arenas like every fan puts them on except at Laker games. Like you look around. And I'll say, oh, that's kind of a cool t-shirt. He goes. Yeah. You know, everybody has them everybody. How come no one's wearing them? They don't they're wearing it. Worrying hundred dollar, Ed harmony, t- Shami, Chung, shoes and stuff. Yeah. So so it's different. Tommy Cheung Shuzo Goff. They could have. I know the Rams equipment staff could have given Gough a louder amp. I think somebody cut the wire, I think they're sabotage here. I that's the only imagine. That's the only explanation with acne. That make up for the bad call at the end of the game. If somebody did that if somebody if if they went code red, we'll cut the wire mind goff's, remember when was it is jersey that somebody told after a stall after Brady won the Super Bowl, and they were able to go back and figure out who did it, right? There are cameras everywhere in this day and age Steve big brother is always watching if someone cut that why we're nine out about I want to know we're gonna find out about here's Patrick and chino. Hey, Patrick here on ESPN LA. Hi, hey, Steven, John. It's been a long time that you got down down south. But hey, let alone. Did I ever think my ranch would come back to Los Angeles Leno within three years make it to the Super Bowl again and tell you what couple of things that I that, you know, the excitement beam so big out here, John you remember when the targes made it a Super Bowl what happened right after they went to the after they beat the Steelers. Well, I not only remember Patrick. I called my boss. I was a TV reporter in San Diego. And I was doing the show with Mason. And I called my boss. I said you better have somebody ready when these guys get back to the airport because what happened you guys went on the air. Yup. Open day opened up the stadium all the bands way data. Dato the stadium again seventy thousand people in the stadium. Can you imagine they would have done that last night when they lewd that when they are trying to find, and they know but see the Rams aren't there yet, Patrick like I mentioned earlier that they're rating was lower than the national rating. More people in other states watched the ram game than we Sandra. So I don't think there would have been seventy thousand people at the airport. I don't think they win it. This is what they needed they needed a Super Bowl run if they win it. They'll have it from now, my friend Susan down in New Orleans says that being a saints fan is a religion in New Orleans that it is that and the fact that they were awful for so many years is one of the reasons why it became like religion. We've got three years under our belt along with a bunch of years. Well, but old guys who were there before. Yeah. Exactly, exactly. But here, but here's the thing. Now, the the FOX made a an inaccurate cooled on the bottom of the screen when they said about the the Ran's being the first NFC team to win and away game to go to the to go to the Super Bowl, and that's not accurate. The Rams did in nineteen seventy nine when they had to go to Tampa and B can't hone. Yeah. The Cowboys DeKalb boys. Did it in San Francisco? It's happened for. I don't know. Yeah. I don't know who gave you that. All right, Patrick. Thank you. Thank you. Call by the way, Michael Pearson who produces are afternoon show was at the Martin Luther King parade today. And he's commend wearing geeky. Looks very good which apparently. Download would you to the point of you couldn't finish your thought? Saying something that seen one before. I know I've seen one. Of course, I've seen one. I just I've never seen one on Michael Pearson and which trying to figure out today. Yes, it is a it is great, man. I just. Don't say it Mike Dino with a grand marshal the MLK brave. Let's this your Mace. I think I'm cheating. But I think it was Dave, rob. Yes seen him. And I said next year next year we're going to win it always said no this year. I saw that on your Instagram. Yes, man. So was at the Milquet parades. Where's the k per well, they have different ones Inglewood might have their own. I know maybe Compton might have their own different cities have their own. You go. I was at the L A one. Yes. That was mainly off of king boulevard between western and like Crenshaw boulevard. Okay. So over near the Coliseum Marte park and by cut about a calcium. Yep. Yeah. That's over by where your old theaters were. Yeah. Exactly. Now are telling me about the shaky. I just describe what her does she use to people. Comes from the African heritage and in mainly from African descent, and it's you know, that's pretty pretty much where it comes from. So. People who are nothing about African American culture. It's pretty much what everybody was wearing at the beginning. And the end of coming to America. Yes. Yes. There you go. There you go. Yeah. It's a good look into Sheikh ox wanna Rams color one in a USC color one. Because I like to do you have I have a couple. This is one I have that. I really liked them at other times rarely do. I really do I read, but I will wear Rams. I would wear Rams color when like like the say the dodger blue and gold that garnered bloom Graham gear. I would wear that game USC color once again, it's good looking good looking tribal baby. And you're still you're still rocking the AFC. Yeah. I would I wonder where all my Rams gear today. But I was like I have a lot of time. I'm just I'm really upset with these saints haters out there anybody that they just sounds like they really hate the Rams that they're vanishing. Well, no, they hate the fact that got screwed by the refs they got screw by the reps. But how long have we been in this and been around sports? Never let the refs decide your destiny. It should have been that close and guess what? At at overtime zero zero buddy at zero zero for All Saints got the ball for tennis at their house. Yup. We're playing when referee crew that we're Owen eight with a good thing. They let us play physical. Yes. Amen. I'm with Michael Pearson. Yeah. And by the way. Waiting this? With Michael the Martin Luther King. I have a dream speech greatest speech in American history. Is there better one? No, I throw it some I think there's some you can throw into the conversation. But at the end of the day, I think it's number one. I I actually through a couple of Reagan's out there. I think Reagan I've turned on this wall. We'll play it for you coming back. Yeah. And if you've never heard it, I think it's the best speech in American history. So we'll get we had that coming up. It is Martin Luther King day. So, you know, take Michael obviously took a moment at the at the parade. Remember what this day is about? It's not just a day off Mason and Ireland ESPN. Yeah. Michael pearson? Disappointed another aspect to then came Michael Thomas went off the first time, they played in this particular case, keep to leave made a huge difference on Michael Thomas and Kishan is wrong about that. I you know, I'd I'd want in the morning show during the week. I said key is their way to take Michael Thomas out of the game. And he said nice to good. They'll find ways to get him the ball. So I don't know not that not that Keyshawn has any routing in nephew. But but Michael Thomas can't catch the ball himself. Throw it to him. Yeah. So somewhere that process broke down. Either drew Brees thought he was too well covered or Sean Payton didn't throw him the ball. And that's another reason why the Rams won the game is they they bottled Michael Thomas up who had killed them in week nine. And it killed the eagles the week before. Yep. All right. So it is Martin Luther King day. And we try to do this every year. You know, the the great civil rights leader in America really did change the the world as we know it was part of the push for the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, all in the mid sixties and was tragically assassinated in nineteen sixty eight. But before that he delivered the most stirring speech in American history. Yeah, we were thinking about it. And we we think this is number one. If you were making the list of greatest speeches ever in American history. This is number one. Here is Dr Martin Luther King. One day. Name you will rise up. Live out the true, meaning of the pre. We hold is Jews to be self evident that all men are created. I agree. The label. Be able to sit down together at the papal of brotherhood. I have a dream. One of the names on the weather loved by map. Map again. But by come to that character. Hi. Every. Every mouth he'll be made. Would be made played and the criminal played will be made. That's portion of the IVA dream speech delivered in nineteen sixty three at the March on Washington at the Lincoln Memorial. Interesting story about that. So George Raveling kneeled USC basketball coach was a player in the Washington DC area and somebody came to his school. He's a college player, and it can't remember if he went to GW or American University camera which one, but so Raveling was at his school and somebody came by and said, hey, we need some for lack of a better term muscle. We need some big tall guys to stand behind Dr king. So if anyone gets a crazy idea of rushing, the podium, they know that there'd be big guys that they'd have to get through. So the coach of the basketball team said sure I got a couple of guys in one of them was Raveling. So if you watch that speech, you'll see a young George Raveling standing one of the people standing behind Dr king. So the speed. Ends. And Dr king says, you know, free at last free blasts got almighty free at last and walks away from the podium and Raveling notices that the text of the speech is still there. And he's he grabs it, and he says, Dr king, you forgot your speech. He goes go ahead and keep it George. I don't need it. And to this day. You're traveling has it. Well, now, the amazing thing is we have Ravin the show a lot. And he says that the text of the speech is not what you would think. It's not like today. Everybody would put that in a prompter. Right. It was guidelines nuts. I think George said that a lot of I have a dream on the note that he just, you know, took the notes that it was bullet points of what he wanted to mention, and he just winged it and George still hasn't. He's been the Smithsonian been after a lot of people have asked if he'd be willing to sell it. And he's always said, no, he's hanging onto it. And he says when he passes wail handed down to his family, which is kind of a cool that is backwards. Right. All right. So you're going to get into coming up. The ringer which I read every day. Has just written a story. Here's the headline Todd Gurley. The reigning offensive player of the year was out snapped. And outplayed by C J Anderson in Sunday's championship game. He says it wasn't his health. So what happened? We'll get into it next or some theories here that are interesting Mason and Ireland Rams on their win. Is. I hope so Super Bowl we're thirteen days away. I can tell you that. Although the station is not really. Divvying up any cash for me to go to the game. I'm find your way. Yeah. And one and I will be in that stadium for the Super Bowl. I'll do the show from Atlanta Monday after the game. And I think the morning show because they get all of the preferential treatment they will be at the Super Bowl. Really? So you're gonna send them they're going to send them and be there, and you pay your own way. Exactly. Okay. That's how it was. So righted girly Todd Gurley yesterday only get four carries. Yeah. Girlie told Lindsey theory who covers the Rams for us after the game that. It was not his health. Girly insists that he I want to get this exact, quote, he gave the Lindsay 'cause it's pretty good. He goes he said, I was sorry as hell today. I was sorry. So CJ did his thing the whole team did its thing. Now, I think most rampants don't want to believe that Sean McVay would ever bench Todd Gurley. Even if he was playing sorry. He's considered by some to be the best running back early. He has a captain see on his chest yet. He had twenty all purpose touchdowns this year. He did not play in the third quarter. And while C J Anderson was running the ball Gurley was on the sidelines on an exercise bike. So everyone is assuming that there's an injury that the Rams aren't talking about the girlies not talking about. But after the game Josina Anderson caught up with girly. And I think she got him in a moment where he was being completely honest. He's being very religious. She asked him. Directly about it. Here's girly, right? After the game. You got to put it into the where it's how does it feel to be going to the Super Bowl? God is good. God is good. I love my teammates. You know? We we saw you know, they all encourage me all game. You know, you know, when I had the mistakes that was all of my ear, and I really really loved his team. You know coaches everybody. It was unbelievable is unbelievable. It seems like you're almost two near tears. What is in your heart right now? Of the day. A lot of games so much of Madrid. It is all my life for us to be able to be in this position to mega to the Super Bowl. Oh, so it's such a great seven such good till you. Until now you didn't play in the third quarter. You came back into port where you heard what happened. No, I didn't play good in is there to be CJ within their. He did his thing. Everybody helped me down. We all helped each other. And we just we just got it done. We just got it done. Thank you, Lou. Thank you. Thank you. Lastly, what did the rand prove to the world which is going to the Super Bowl? We got one more thing to do. And that's just to win one more again. Thank you. All right. So it seems like he's being pretty honest there on the day rush for ten yards and a touchdown in four carries and caught one pass for three yards. His five touches from scrimmage where career low as whereas thirteen total yards the thirty two snaps girly played where the fewest in a game since his rookie year as well. As the fewest of any Rams offensive player that took the field Sunday. Yep. Steve you seen every ram game. What do you think happened with Todd Gurley? I know he acknowledged there that there was that he basically got benched he all but acknowledged that right, right? I still think there's an injury thing. I still think he's not right. I have a theory. Tell me if you think it holds water. Last year. Phero Cooper made an absolute critical turnover in the in the game loss against them. And that's why I'm going go McVeigh stuck with them. Right. Said. Hey, don't worry about it hanging there. Let's get them. Nick. Then Cooper did it again. Yup. And they lost the game and turnovers are just absolutely critical season. So girly early in the game had a pass go right through. I mean, all Sean Jeffrey right through his hand. Yes. I write that. And the saints ended up with an interception. Fortunately for the Rams their defense held the saints to a field goal then. Right after that on a critical third and six golf put a pass right in girlies hands. And he dropped it killed the drive is it possible that McVeigh looked at it and went oh God, he's checked out. Why we can't risk him? We can't risk him turn into nominate. Let me throw something back at you. So you weren't here last week when Sean. Mcvay was on the show. And I asked him what percentage healthy is Todd Gurley and Shaw McVeigh's answer was you'd have to ask tot. So in other words, he knew he was if he was one hundred zero healthy he would've said he would have said, he's good. He's good to go. Right. What percentage you'd have to ask tot? That's still suggests to me that something's not quite right. I mean, those who were there people that were on the sidelines at Gurley was applying heat to its knee. And he was riding the bike a lot especially in the second half. So I think you your theory that there is some type of an injury there might be right? And by the way, in the end, I mean, C J Anderson. You know, I think he had forty four yards Todd Gurley had twelve I mean, it was a day for Jared Goff is a great way or and and flip it to the saints. They didn't run the ball. Yeah. No. They just one of those days where you're going to win it through the air. Why pulled up who do you think the five according to pro football, focus? I've got the five most valuable defensive players yesterday the five most valuable shot. All right. Well, they know on a scale. On a scale, Lord or one of them has to be in dummy. Consumer Dhamma get sue is number three eighty graded out eighty three out of one hundred football focus, just because he always is there. I'll say Aaron Don Aaron Donald graded out at ninety five point two number one number one. Okay. Because Michael Thomas did nothing is a keep to leave on their keep Toledo's number five seventy seven point one out of one hundred just because he made the biggest play of the game is John Johnson on the Johnson's number. Are you really good at this game? John johnson. Number two, eighty four point two. You're missing one guy. He made a fantastic play at the end of the game. Okay. Well, it can't be Joyner because he screwed that thing up. Made a fantastic play at the end of the game at the very end of vents of player defensive player. Tasks won the game. It do they cancer line. It's a defensive Nicole Roby Coleman. Oh my gosh. Why wouldn't have got that? Right. It out at nine point one. But of course, he gets credit for past defense on that very last play. Right. So that that certainly helped him. But yeah, I thought it interesting that keep ta- leave is there and John Johnson the third is there. Those guys have a great gaze is definitely one of the reasons why Michael Thomas didn't have a great game yesterday. Let's do. Okay. Let's do offense the players since we're at five offensive players for the ranch yesterday. One has to be Goff. Jared Goff is number three seventy three point three on a scale of one hundred. I thought Brandin cooks was excellent. I'll I'll say he's in Brandin cooks is number four. Okay. Now do linemen count because the Rams line was great. Are there? Any linemen in the group. Yes, there are well, then take your pick put any of the linemen in there. All all say linemen, plural. Andrew Whitworth is their top graded offense played eighty one point five. And then I is there. Another skill position player on their two more scope position players, Gerald Everett had some huge Harold average sixty nine point four. On more and he's become one of Jared goff's favorite targets. Oh, tyler. He no not higby. The other the other favorite target. And what we'll watch Reynolds. Oh, yeah. Our Woodson do write it out at at a seventy. So those are at least cornering pro football, focus. I'm always amazed at this principle focus watches every single game in grades every single player in every single game. And release these numbers. It's a subscription thing that I subscribe to, but it's really valuable. It's a great way to know like who's playing really well and who's not playing really well. All right. So let me throw this into the mix and then we're going to do fast track. But we have a lot of ram Steph fasttrack. So we're not forgetting about the ramps on Peter King the great football writer. Yes, he's on social media right now doing in a campaign. He got a question here. It is. Is there a snowball's chance in hell that the NFL admits they were wrong in allowing the chargers to leave San Diego and gets them back down south. Here's kings answer. I don't see it. But it's hard to predict the future. They certainly aren't setting L A on fire, but dean Spanos tells me they're playing the long game will see entries of fact that this is even being discussed is fascinating to me because I think yesterday was checkmate in for the hearts and minds of LA a week after the chargers don't show up for a playoff game in New England. The Rams make it to the Super Bowl. If you're somebody looking for a team and your new NFL fan, or if you're a kid or jump just jumping on you know, much Rams merchandise is going to sell this week in LA and nobody's buying charger stuff. No. So. You know, I would like to think people say you don't make AFC wildcard shirts yet. I would like to say that, you know, people always say you can never go back. I've never believed that Phil Jackson got fired up by the Lakers came back and let them to two more titles. I really think you can always push Humpty Dumpty back together. The the new stadium in San Diego all would be forgiven. You totally agree with fasttrack coming up at first. Let me talk to you about my buddy, Matt Unger. You know him as the man from Lexus Santa Monica. Great dealership. Great people. Always there to help you. Now. Matt has added Toyota's Santa Monica, and he's the new GM there. So he has to dealerships. Now, he took all the Lexus skills and deals down the street to trae otas, Santa Monica, and he's running both places. First thing that did was add valley parking to make it easier to get in and out. Everybody knows how hard that can be in Santa Monica. Then Matt got his team busy to make the best guest experience for you customer service. This is where under makes the difference. He. He is the best car guy. No Mason, and I've been in business forever. We've seen a lot of car guides. Some are great summer a little sleazy. Matt is top of the list, but he's had a bad car buying experience. You just never get that. If you deal with Matt Unger goes zoo fleas now at two dealerships, Lexus, Santa Monica, and Toyota, Santa Monica pick up a card from both places. Toyota's Santa Monica and Lexa Santa Monica, proud members of the L A car guy family of dealerships fasttrack next ESPN, LA breaking news. All right time for fast brush by Rex Rex dedicated helping homeowners save using game changing technology a full service experience. No middleman, Rex cutting agent commissions by seventy percent to get started an unlock your savings. Visit Rex homes dot com. All right. John one side of the coin, let's let's put the Golden State Warriors on the other side of the coin. Let's put the injury ravaged Los Angeles Lakers tonight at Staples Center. Call it in the air. Well, of course, the Lakers beat him one twenty seven to one zero one at Golden State. They won't beat them by twenty six tonight, but they will win Lakers by three. We got the Lakers. You going to have to make a pilgrimage to a Saint for American for that. Now, the Rams are in the coverage. Workout right? All right mates. There are two hundred and twenty six former major league baseball players in the hall of fame, and they have one thing in common. Not a single one has arrived to Cooperstown as a unanimous selection. Babe Ruth, not Hank Aaron not Willie Mays not even Ted Williams or STAN Musial, Roberto Clementi. So Mark Townsend from Yahoo is asking this question will Mariano Rivera be the first ever unanimous choice. The closest we've come to a unanimous hall of Famer was Ken Griffey junior. In twenty sixteen junior was named on four hundred thirty seven of four hundred forty ballots that were cast hall of fame class gets announced. Tomorrow Rivera was named on one hundred percent of the one hundred and eighty five nomination ballots. So the nomination ballots. Everybody said, of course, he should be nominee will any of these ole school. Will baseball cranks? Keep Mariano Rivera from being unanimous. What do you think? Well. Let's say there's four hundred forty ballots, right? He's got to get all four forty even Kim by it's just in your top ten yet. If you just have to be named in the top ten on your Bali has to be the year right there. There are first of all I think the the voting body has gotten younger, right, right? So maybe there's so many other who like believes save should not be a thing. I want their name. I want to know who doesn't vote for Mario. I'm going to happen. You think it's gonna be unanimous? I mean, thanks because in this day and age to come out. Right. And I don't know who could possibly justify not voting. Yeah. For myron. We're I think this national travesty ends this year. I hope so Greg you say, no, I think no, I think one guy will do this just because it's like, you said names come out. So their name will be out they'll go. Yeah. Like Fred Hickman that one year didn't vote for shack for MVP. And he was the only one right? He they want their want to go on the radio show their fifteen minutes of fame. You might be right. All right. Let's see football's got a new threat. It's insurance new article by Steve fenra and Mark fan or Awada from the NFL directly facing stark new threat and evaluating insurance market that is fundamentally altering the economics of the sport squeezing and even killing off programs faced with higher costs. The NFL no longer has a general liability insurance covering a head trauma caused you to multiple surface. Sources just one carrier is willing to provide workers comp right now. Pop Warner little scholars which oversees two hundred and twenty five thousand youth players forced to switch insurers. John butler. Pop. Warner's executive director says quote, people say football will never go away. But if we can't get insurance it will will insurance be the end of football. No. Because insurance basically is a hedge fund game, you can get insured for. Almost anything at Lloyd's of London, David Lee. Roth the old lead singer van Halen had paternity insurance words, he paid Lloyd's of London. And if he got a girl pregnant, and she said, you're the father of my baby Lloyd's of London had to pay the paternal paid some outrageous some for like two million a year. So you could football can get out may cost them. Well, they could so much money that it becomes not cost fake could simply say, we're not ensuring against head Trump right and make wave and if you're a pop Warner league, how do you get insurance for kids ages have kids sign off their right? That's what they're going to have to do. They're going to sign a disclaimer that has nothing to do with my hand and being kids will ever say, no, I won't play football. Now. What's interesting about this is there? There becomes an bring this up on Martin Luther King day. They there becomes a racial component to this. Seventy percent of the NFL is black and. The inner city kids who are mostly being recruited by the Alabama's and the US the Florida's. So at some point is it morally conscionable to allow young black kids to sign away their rights, while young white kids played lacrosse and don't get hurt. So that's a national debate to. Yes, it is. But I can't see your questions. So I don't duck it. No. I don't think insurance will be the end of football because I think kids even fifty years from now we'll still sign away. The right. I think I do think pop Warner should stop playing tackle football that I think is made flag big issue is that when kids start young, you know, every one of those concussions and micro concussions are happening. I think there shouldn't be tackled football until kids get to high school. I don't I would support your plan. Their support the Mason plan there. You're listening to Caspian Los Angeles, all the all the Mason plants, by the way, or genius. That is not true. This is from Brady McCulloch at the L A times. Undescended first of this year for the first time since nineteen sixty eight when USC's men's basketball team, hosted Nevada. Yeah. There were no song girls at the Galen center on Saturday afternoon. When USC UCLA the song girls were not there all of this. Despite a persistent outcry by song alumni athletic donors, and parents of the current song girls who can't fathom why USC would take away opportunities for students to do something they love, but Lynn Swann has done. Just that in a press release swan is now telling anybody who asked that quote game management concerns time constraints and space issues are to blame and the song girls. Still don't think they've gotten an adequate explanation of why they've been told not to go to the basketball games part of me thinks that it's UNC basketball. And nobody goes to these games. Anyway. But another part of me thinks what event is not better by having the USC song girls, if it's anything if it's a swim. Meet so you understand what US's doing no cannot. And by the way, I think the US marching band plays the national anthem at at home games now in full disclosure. There is a USC dance team that plays to canned music, the song girls only to the band. Right. So the bands already there, but the song girls. The song girls are a great traditions. Mike just came tumbling to the to the growth. My the song girls are great tradition. I don't understand not having the song girls. Great. What am I missing here? White. What would be the reason to ban the song girls from USC basketball game? I can't think of one thing why it doesn't make any sense. They should be. They're always there UCLA has all their dance team. And in the song, and the USC son girls are famous for the brand. Yeah. I mean for the the skirts in the big USC across their chest. And they're all super good looking. Now, do you think it has anything to do with the me too era? I, you know, if you're not getting rid of them at the football games. Yeah. Why not have met vast line on the basketball game? So I think if it was something to do with. You know, women being treated ornamental, e or whatever then you don't want to celebrate that and you don't want to have the dance team. Right. But the other dance team and the song girls. They've if somebody knows let us know. Yeah. Twitter at Venice maze at LA Ireland. I cannot think of one reason why is doing this. Fouls. Chide comedy is in a period of extraordinary flux past two years of witness the reputations of revere comics such as Louis K as these Zaari implode in the metoo allegations. Stand up sir being held to account for problematic jokes. They've made online. Kevin Hart is nicks example that Michelle wolf did the White House correspondents dinner in two thousand eighteen it was received so badly that they this year. There will be no comedian right doing the correspondents' dinner. Is stand up comedy dead. Well, there's been a rise in political correctness that is hard to control. Here's my thought on this whole stand up comedy thing. There is no one putting a gun to your head to go. Listen to any particular comedian if you are offended by Louis C K, you don't have to follow them until she'll media. You don't have to watch performances the market will dictate whether or not his comedy will work or not. And I think that there is I thought the way that Kevin Hart was treated for something that happened ten years ago was a really bad warning sign for any comedian who accepts one of these gigs. Because now if you accept a gig to host, the Oscars host the Emmy's people are going to comb through your social media grants from ten years ago to see if you did anything offensive and times chain, but in furnace all Kevin Hart had to do was apologize right away. Great have been fun. He chose not to apologize. Yeah. But I thought he did after a while he did while. But you do it to me if we're laying at a no host Oscars. We we are nobody nobody wants to jump right because we've made it impossible. And you know, what here's the thing through the seventies. There were no host for the Oscars. Johnny Carson did some and a lot of them were no host Oscars. I don't think it's necessarily gonna make a difference in the show a little short ticket back to your original question. It's stand up comedy dead at least. And I went to a stand up night where it was anything offensive tons of stuff, but we're just not easily offended and the so we chose to go spend the night there. And listen to these guys some of the stuff, I laughed at some of this stuff. I didn't. But I'm I just don't understand. I think Louis C K. Should be able to do whatever he wants. And it's up to me whether or not I think, it's funny. And if I don't think it's funny. I don't have to pay is an extreme example because of sample because of your question because no. But he's not it's not because of what he said that he's in trouble. He is not what he's done. Well, and also he's not like he's getting now because apparently he told jokes about the power going parkland kids. I mean, I heard that routine. It's awfully which I can't imagine that anybody would find that funny. The punchline of that joke was people booed when he did the joke about the parkland kids, right? And he said don't Bumi my career's over anyway. Yeah. So I mean, he knows that he's down in flame. Right. My thought on that is let comedians do what they do. And then the market you, and I and everybody else will decide whether or not it works. Louis C K as already come to the conclusion that he's been phased out on the Mark. Well, here's the thing that comics are going to be. On right. We'll ever comics like smart comics, people like John appetite things. John Mullany made an appearance on Davidson, John Mullany is just more clever. He's smarter. Jerry Seinfeld is a frigging genius Dylan. I went to to Jerry Seinfeld concert in San Antonio a couple years ago. We watched him do ninety minutes without a bad word. You put it on the Disney channel just be really really good to be a comic nowadays. Yeah. And but I think that I'm in favor of leading comics push the limits, and then letting us decide whether or not it works. I don't want to put a muzzle on anybody. And I don't I don't either I don't either. But people have to realize that you've got to be better. You've got to be better. Probably. All right coming up next more fast track. We're back in two minutes. Mason and Ireland ESPN LA.

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