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Live from NPR news. I'm Korva Coleman. Congressional investigators are launching an inquiry into a handful of companies that landed government contracts related to covid nineteen as NPR's Nina temple rouse. Reports and Oversight Committee sent letters to the administration and individual companies asking for more information. The Chairman of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis Congressman James Clyburn or South Carolina announced the investigation. A series of letters sent last night the letters went to the secretaries of the health and Human Services Defense Homeland Security and veteran's affairs, asking them how and why they selected particular companies to provide personal protective equipment. The contracts were awarded during the height of the coronavirus crisis and many of them were. Were awarded without competition, the subcommittee also sent letters announcing the inquiry to seven specific companies, asking them to provide complete contract files, solicitations, task orders and Email Traffic Dina Temple Ralston. NPR News former US Attorney General Jeff sessions has lost his bid for the Republican nomination to the Senate from Alabama NPR's Debbie, Elliott reports, he was defeated in a runoff election by a political newcomer who was endorsed by President Trump. Unofficial results show Tommy Tub reveal the one time football coach at Auburn University handily defeated Jeff sessions and a gop runoff that had been postponed from March because of the corona virus sessions held the Alabama Senate seat for twenty years before the trump administration as attorney general. His campaign was unable to overcome A. Of attacks from the president still angry that sessions recused himself from the special counsel Russia Investigation Tub Ville advances to face incumbent Democrat Doug Jones in the fall, and a contest widely seen as the Republican Party's best chance to turn a Senate seat Debbie Elliott NPR news orange, beach, Alabama president. Trump called a news conference at the White House on Tuesday. It was supposed to be about his administration's actions against China. Now that Beijing is taking more control of Hong Kong today also signed an executive order ending US preferential treatment for Hong Kong. Hong Kong will now be treated the same as mainland China. No special privileges, no special economic treatment. And no export of sensitive technologies, but trump spent most of an hour lambasting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appearing to turn the White House news conference into more of a campaign rally for him. Trump attacked Biden on several issues from the environment to education and immigration trump also discussed the confederate flag in an interview on CBS, saying it's about free speech and people who liked the flag are not thinking about slavery. You're listening to NPR news. President trump is visiting Atlanta today to talk about infrastructure, but he'll focus on rolling back. Part of a US environmental law speed up building projects. Environmental activists warned the president's plans will worsen greenhouse gas emissions. The Philippines renewing its call for China to comply with an arbitration ruling from The Hague before you're old, decision nullifies China's claims to huge parts of the South China Sea. NPR's Julie McCarthy reports. Philippine says it supports the US government. The. South China Sea a resource, rich body of water claimed by five countries has emerged in recent weeks as a flash point in a move closely watched in the region Washington. Monday rejected what it called Beijing campaign of bullying in the South China Sea in April Chinese vessels sank a Vietnamese fishing trawler, a move that galvanized Southeast Asian governments grappling from the COVID pandemic and trying to meet the challenge of an increasingly aggressive China in the disputed waters into the volatile mix. Mix came to us. Aircraft Carriers to enforce freedom of navigation in the sea lanes that carry a third of the world's trade a passage. Beijing has denounced Julie McCarthy NPR news the Supreme Court, says Justice, Ruth Bader GINSBURG has been hospitalized in Baltimore for the treatment of a possible infection. She underwent a procedure yesterday to clean out a bile duct stent that was placed almost a year ago. The Supreme Court says. GINSBURG will remain in the hospital for a few more days. I'm Korva. Coleman NPR news.

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