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Doc. Rather? Yes. John. And sandy. Sees no. The reason is you. That he could do to Morrow will do it again. Hello, everyone and welcome to our live feed update for March thirtieth. Good morning. It's a it's a good morning. I turn on strong. And with me today is Mary. How're you doing Mary? I'm back. I'm sorry. I wasn't here last week. I was sick. I had been traveling. But we're back ready to go a feel like I've been watching a ping pong tournament all night. But but everything's okay. No. Yeah. I heard a rumor that that you are sick of the pretty boys and that you couldn't come in. Because of it. I came down with a great case of PB syndrome. So it's just not good over it now. All right. Good. Good. Good to know. Good to have you back. Mary. We are here. To update you on everything that happened on the big brother candidate seven live feeds yesterday. It was day twenty eight in the house, and we woke up to a missing blood v. Oh, where did it go? It's gone. It's gone was supposed to be hard to clean up. I you know, I thought so but. Not in this case. So it's just gone. Nobody knows and everybody's still pretty suspicious for Damian went into the room. His like where are you veto even my one solace throughout up this game? You're supposed to be mine. Now your God. I hope somebody else doesn't have you. The whole Damian issue here. I mean, it's like what was the point? What was the point in having him? See this blood veto, you know, he couldn't even use. That information any kind of way, the prophecies just not coming through. It's very it's shades of of Kevin Martin finding the thing that the the have not power like finding the little thing. But the not being allowed to have it. Like just let the people who. I don't know. I guess he was voted in. So we didn't necessarily do anything to deserve it. But but still like you kind of do feel like he has some amount of ownership over it. But you know, what are you going to do? I think I'm changing my mind on the whole thing. I think I would rather people get voted in for no reason rather than incorrect reasons that the editing wants you to believe about them. It's true. You know? You know? So all right. Sam H O H last. We heard the nominations were looking like they were going to be Mark and KiKi. So we're going to see if that holds there's going to be a lot of conversations. And I tweeted this out let me just tell you so roller coaster of a day here. I you know, I very nearly almost wanted to start this podcast declaring the death of the pretty boys. And I still think I might just declare this podcast. The death of the pretty was in terms of their ability to control the flow of information the house, I think that's basically over there holding on by a thread, they could get it back. But but I think that for right now, I'm going to declare this day marks the start of the probable and to the pretty boys domination of the information flow in the house, which is where they get their power. Now, they still might win this thing because they're really good at competitions. And they still have control over some people, and they have a lot of influence, but in terms of the pretty boys operating the brigade that's over. I'm declaring over there. No longer the brigade I need to get Hoffman in here to talk about what went wrong. It's interesting that you say that though because while I do think that they don't have the same kind of. Control over information that the brigade head they they almost have more control over like the emotional mentality of most of these people in the game. Like, there's there's some people where they're so close like kike ST Kira throughout the day. People get so close to just going all in against the pretty boys, and then one it just takes one of them to walk in in their head back around. And then they're back with them. They understand that the voice probably having lines are probably protecting each other or working with each other in some capacity, but they still they can't break free of that. So I don't know. I don't I don't think it's a complete end yet. Because they also every time you hear them talk about like who's in alliance at least one person the room says. Yep. But it's probably like Damian all with them. It's I can't believe that it would be Mark. I mean, Cory just completely can't see what's what? And I don't know. I I wanted so badly to just have a mix up in the house. And I think that despite all the ping pong back and forth and the changing of plans were not too far from where we started the day by the end of it I and again, I don't want people to to jump to conclusions here. I'm being very careful with my words their control over the flow of information. I think is over. But as a strong alliance, they're still very much he on the board. They still control the house. They have just gone from dominating brigade to dominating normal kind of alliance where back in like survivor Borneo when everyone sitting there going, I mean, they might be working together. But like, let's wait a couple more votes. And then maybe we'll just prior that. It's an alliance if it happens like two or three more times if they refused to put each other up like a couple more times if this person doesn't save this person. I don't know so many times today KiKi said, you know, if Mark stays over me that'll really say. Then you'll be. So so yes, they still have a lot of power. They still have a lot of influence, but the prophecy that was for told over a week ago when they first got caught that their movement would be limited that is that is happening that you know, if they want to protect themselves this week, there's a very good chance that they're going to have to out themselves completely. And it's mostly happened already pretty much everyone here in the house at this point has a pretty good idea that they're working together. Even if they don't know the details, however, the is in the details, and and it's very important to know the details, it might bite you if you don't. So we'll talk about all of this as we move along today with this update. So we started the day with Adam. And Dane they were talking about the potential nominations of KiKi, and Mark, and they agree if KiKi and Mark stay on the block post veto, no matter. What happens Marcus, Dane, they will do whatever it takes to keep Mark in the game KiKi will leave. However, it'd be great if they could get Corey up if they Corey back doored or just up on the block they'd love to take Corey out of the game. Corey is somebody that they feel threatened by physically and that they can just be easier for them. It would be less exposing for the pretty boys. So that would be great. And so Dane Danes plan to get Sam to target Corey is that he's going to tell Sam, hey, Sam, you were the alpha female of the house until Corey walked in and she has usurped your role as female. So I don't know if you want to do anything about that. A reason why Sam should keep Corey around. If that's even the case. You know, maybe. So that's that's the plan from Adam. And Mark at adamant Dane at the start of the day. So Sam is going to have a lot of conversations as the wage, I she's going to talk with Mark. And he's just basically be like, I've never gone after you. I've never wanted to target you. And he also throws out a cure his name. He throws out corey's name as potential nominees. Not a great not a gray showing from Mark here. Making the classic mistake of throwing out people's names. When it's pretty clear that you're already going to be in a little bit of trouble, which further alienates, you from those people who you might need their votes. Then SAM's gonna talk to Damian. She tells Damon you're good everything's fine. You don't have anything to worry about Adam. At one point is gonna congratulate Damian on making it to the jury because there's no way Damian will go home. Oh, how I wish that were true. She's also gonna talk with Dane, and this is where it gets a little interesting Dane throws KiKi onto the bus. He says. Yeah, KiKi has been targeting you. I'm not gonna lie. She's been thrown out your name, and she's somebody that you need to watch out for. And you know, I think if she left key deny we could move forward with you. And Adam I think that's something that could work and Sam she likes this. She's onboard. Well, Dane, at least is approaching her with a long term plan in some incentive for the future of taking someone out. So many people just come up to Sam and say like this person is targeting you. Right. This second vote them out. And then things will be fine. But don't try to give her any incentive for why that would benefit them to listen to you in particular, but gained Danes really good with it. You know, with his way with words in this case. Yes. So. Everything's looking pretty solidified here. Sam is going to talk to KiKi. Okay. We're gonna see can KiKi get herself out of this. Because Sam really wanted to go after Corey, and as we know it doesn't really make any sense for her to do what she's doing right now. Anyway. So let's see what we can do here KiKi, though, not super successful. She says, oh, I was never coming after you. Sam knows that to be a complete lie. So Sam things I'm being I'm being lied to Sam implies to KiKi. It's all of Kiki's sort of normal campaigning. That doesn't really work very well and Sam let's her know you're going to be going on the block next to Mark. But don't worry. You're not target kind of target. So doesn't go. Well, but don't worry ST is going to come in for the rescue because SD talks to Sam ST is very effective. This is where SD shines. They they kind of they have flaws SDN KiKi, but they also have things that they do well that kind of complement each other KiKi is really bad at campaigning and lying, and basically just talking to people an ST is really good at those things, and then ST is really bad at like thinking and KiKi can kind of think so. Together. Almost make a good player, especially one of them is in danger. And they haven't they have motivation. Yeah. Well, because Kiki's clan every time she thinks she's going on the block is basically like let me just tell them that. I was never going after them and hope that that stops it. And then I'm gonna go around telling everyone else this has lit a fire under me, and I'm gonna come back. And and this is what I needed and s. Yeah, why don't we like actually try to talk our way out of this though it hasn't happened yet? Because this is the morning nominations gonna happen for hours they have time where they could see a radically do something. But yeah, S T is really great at talking talking with Sam in really works up. The idea that Mark is the target, and that's the one that they actually need to be going after. Yes. So ST goes all in on the guys thing. She knows that Sam is really pumped up about this guy's thing. So even though Esti doesn't believe it. At this point in time. She she fully just pretends that she does order to motivate Sam to do something different. And so she says like, hey, a guy has to leave this week Sam they're going to run the house, and she thinks that she's lying about this manipulating Sam little no-shows actually telling the truth, but it's still alive, but it's still working with Sam. But anyway point being it's very effective. And so she's a guy has to leave. If we if a guy doesn't leave then the guy's will stay they'll have influence, and they'll protect Adam over you the you'll leave before Adam. And so, you know, KiKi, and I we're gonna protect you over Adam like were we're about the women KiKi. She respects women. She loves women. She's all about women with we should women. Women women we should work with women. And and Sam is like this makes a lot of sense. And also, she's Kiki's lying. She's lying to my face. I don't like this. I. Don't trust KiKi. And as he's like, no, no, no. You don't understand? Yes. Kiki was coming after you and Adam. But between the two of us. We were always coming after Adam first adamant, the bigger threat and salmon's like, oh, I like the sound of that. And so this is working very well. And she really convinces Sam, you know, what I don't want KiKi out. I'd rather see Mark leave. But I still don't have another option for a pond 'cause I don't wanna put Damian up, and I don't wanna put Anthony or or Corey up if I'm not going to take them out. So KiKi still kind of the option for the pond, but I'd much rather. See Mark leave at this point. And I think we have the votes, and so that's that's shifting and SAM's mind now now, okay instead of KiKi being the target. Maybe Mark is the target here. Yeah. And and the issue like you were talking about that I had all day with SDN and KiKi and why I think that they're close to being good players. Is you come into conversation? Like this. And if you didn't know any better, and you're listening to this you go as she's doing the right thing. She wants to target the guys she she seen the light. But then two seconds later. She'll leave the room until KiKi shy told Sam we're not going after her. But really we're going after her, and I don't care about any of this. And and yeah, we're just wanna go against them. We're cool with Dane. Yeah. There's definitely not a guys alliance. It's like you're saying the right things and your lying about it. But it's actually the right things with that plan KiKi ST when she's lying with. It's like completely correct about everything in really effective. So when she's just being herself. She sucks. Yeah. We're so close so close, and that's why that's why I was like roller coaster yesterday because this happens several times throughout the day just like with different plans, but people win they're lying are doing the right thing. And I'm in. I tweeted out just before the update to we'll talk about it more. Once we get along here. But like, this is really just all kinds of backwards everywhere. We look in terms of people who are close to the truth, but they have the complete wrong plan and people who are totally way off, but they have better plans and like doing the right thing that you might think is the right thing that's anti pretty boys might actually be the worst thing for your game. At this point. It's it's all over the place. So we'll try to make sense of it here as we as we as we go along. So after Sam talks to ST, she talked with Adam, and she's kind of being a little cagey like not sure who I wanna target anymore and Adams like what do you mean? I thought it was it was geeky. Like, what's what's going on cure ends up joining them and Osama's just kind of like, you know, I just I just I'm just going to put them both up. I'm not gonna I'm not going to name a target. And I don't know there's something funny about. This where there are certain things in the big brother house that when you say them, people just automatically respond anytime. Sam says I'm just going to not name target, smart smart. Yeah. That's mart. Every time. So I'm not going to name a target. Then it kind of becomes clear that she's the reason she's saying she's not gonna name target in Adam sees this. Or are you thinking about targeting Mark Malik? What's what's happening? And she's like, our no, I don't know I've been thinking and Adam says marks not going to go home against KiKi. Yes. Not going to happen and SAM's like, oh, man that's upsetting to hear. And. What's what's going on? And sounds like I don't know. I feel like maybe I'm changing my mind. Oh boy. All over the place doesn't get where the I mean. But the thing is with Adam is he is he's got this guy's alliance. And he is the worst at hiding it. He will tell you to your face in one sentence. There's no guards alliance. But also the guys definitely won't vote Mark out. And also, I don't want to one about a woman. So you should probably put Corey up or KiKi up like one sentence. He'll say all that. And he also gets mad. There's a little bit of a little bit of a lover's spat here. He storms out of the room. And then immediately comes back with one minute later. And it's just like I feel like you trust me. I just feel like you wanna talk to cure alone. What is with this? It's cure asks Sam how did the conversation with ST go and really good cures. Like what what does she talk about? And Sam is like. Looks at Adam. We'll talk about it later Adams, like, okay, guess you can't talk in front of me. And so he just leaves. And they immediately start. She was talking about the guys thing and it comes right back. And he's like, I don't like this. He's like he's like used to trust me a lot when I was in power. But now that you're in power you don't trust me at all. I hate this. I I vote however you want, but also we should definitely not vote Mark out. And like Marcus is definitely like I feel close with the guys. And I want you to feel close with the guys because I feel close with them and cures like, Adam. That's the thing we your close with them. And so we're after you on the list. I just want us all to be close because I'm close with the guys, but there's no guys alliance. But I'm with the guys, and I want you to be close. But but but Adam they're gonna come after say him before they come after you why I could stop them from doing that what which I mean debatable on whether or not you feel like that would actually work or not. But I think the thing to understand about Adam and SAM's relationship at this point. Point is that he has all but admitted to Sam that there is a guys aligns that he like they kind of talk about it cryptically. He he doesn't feel comfortable coming out and actually saying yes, there's an alliance. It's called the pretty boys. But he has they have like in the subtext of their conversations made it clear that like, yes, I'm working with the boys and I'm doing I'm trying to keep you safe. And and Sam has been like, well, he has long as you're keeping me safe. Like, I'm loyalty. And that's when he came in. He was like I feel like when when I had the power you're like all about it. And now when you have the power, you're like flip and things around and so. The Sam knows that Adam is working with the guys he's not really tried to denied at this point. And something else about the relationship is that it's totally flits. Right. So they when they first got together Adam was like, although the pretty boys, and he's like, I'm totally willing to cut Sam as they've gotten closer and closer their roles have changed where now that they're like, let's get married and have kids like Adam is I believe I fully believe this willing to betray the pretty boys for Sam if necessary where now when when the relationship started Sam was like just Gaga Ida over Adam now, she's flipped they've flipped positions. And now Sam working her own game over Adams game trying to do things that benefit her more. So than Adam. And and it's very interesting. How flips that way because in many ways the Dane Anthony profit? From the first week that we made fun of it. Kind of come true. Yeah. I mean did accept at this point like all of the pretty boys have their own people. Anyway. So it's not as big of a deal. What's not like, there's this really strong pretty boys alliance that doesn't have any connections Adams off by himself completely leaving. So I just a lot has changed since then. But it would be really interesting to see if Sam tells Adam I want Mark on you need to vote Mark out or I'm not going to trust you anymore, or whatever and just point blank gives it to him if he would go through with that kind of thing. I think a lot of it is going to depend on what the power structure of the following week is going to look like because if it's if it's Dane ST and KiKi telling Adam or whoever that yeah, we're going to stick together next week. Then maybe he would vote Mark. But the problem is well, we'll get to it. But there's every time one of these big conversations happens like that there's little side conversations right after that being like, yeah, we're not actually going to do this. It's a very interesting question about like weather like if if Sam says to Adam unique devote Mark, or if she puts up another guy next Margaret does something that is just completely against what atom wants I do think that even though he would betray the pretty boys for her. It's almost like that situation where like like you're in a relationship, and you're friends with somebody in the person, you're in a relationship with is like you need to end that friendship or we can't be together. And it's like, well, I totally would have chosen my relationship over the friendship. But the fact that you're trying to make me tells me that I'm that this relationship isn't going to work. I think that Sam tries to force Adam to to pick her by by putting another guy on the block or telling him if you don't vote out Mark than like, this is this is it I think that he will. I don't think he will respond well to to being forced into that position. I think that he wants to work with Sam not for her when she forces him to. And so I think that you know, could could lead to a bad situation for Sam if she if she attempts it the problem is with the structure of the house is that if if say she did demand something like that. And then Mark stayed in. Adam did not vote Mark out. Sam doesn't have a whole lot of options left. She still has to be loyal to add them. So I think like their partnership. I mean, while not happy could survive is still. So we we then get a little bit of salmon Mark where she finally lets Mark. No, he's basically going on the block, but she doesn't tell them. She wants him out. Obviously. So then Anthony Dane, we're gonna talk Anthony was taken to Wendy's. I believe they saw Rozina. She's an interesting. Joyce Rozina fantastic. The best choice. Yes. She was expecting Erica. So Anthony, let stay no about the conversation. He had with Sandra. And Wendy's they reiterate their final two and how they're the only sane ones and the pretty boys Mark and Adam can't be trusted. And they also talk about how if the nomination stay the same. The plan will be that at the last minute. They'll flip the vote to save Mark. And that's how it's gonna work. So that's good information to have for now in case things don't change. But there are a lot of opportunities for them to change. So it really this week could go in so many directions at this point. It's it's pretty crazy. All right. We need to get to that point so KiKi and Sam have conversation now that Sam is on board to keep KiKi and go after Mark and KiKi lets them know confirms. Yes, I always Adams the bigger target between the two of you. And and Sam says I need you to stay. I need we need to get a guy out of the house KiKi is all about it. They're good feeds. Go down. Blood veto time. Yeah. And it's going to be a treasure hunt. And they're gonna find it. And and it's gonna be so entertaining. And I can't wait to watch it on TV show feeds come back up Kira as the blood veto. Yeah. And what? It was a discussion. And that's how that's how they got. It sounds like some people were able to pitch themselves as wanting to have it. And then people voted and had to be unanimous. I don't know if you remember a little fan. Favourite twist back in a big brother Canada, four called the fake double vision that everyone loved it. They used this little mechanism where the houseguests had to decide unanimously who to bring back into the game. And this worked really well for TV and the twist and the game where they they chose to bring back somebody that was in the like the showman and not the person that would come back guns blazing. But the person that would come back and just take out the best player in the game. And then go to the end and lose, and it was just really effective as a twist they decided to bring this back very very taking cues from big brother US when they decided battle the block was a great idea to bring back. We'll because everybody knows that people in. A game really really respect the game. And they really really want the best players in there in the best players to have the chance of of mixing up the house, and and you're never going to try and keep the weaker players around or give them the powers. That's that's not how it is. Like, you know. Canada vote one way, but the people in the house, they know they know what's up, and they know how to make the most entertainment. So so what happens is they believe they were in the backyard, and they I think probably standing around the blood veto. And they were I think told just you have to decide unanimously who gets the blood Vida, and Sam was not there salmon's, I believe in the room watching on TV screen, so. Who's going to get the blood veto? Now, you might think. Okay. Here we go lots of drama, at least this is this is their plan always lots of drama here. Huge fight for everybody. What happens? Here's what happens. Kierra says I want it. And then other people go. Then care takes. That's the gist of it, basically. Asti tried to to be like, no, I want it. But people, but Mark in particular and other people were like, well, no, you're just gonna use it on KiKi. So as you can't have it cures like I should have it. I should have it like anybody else anybody. I should have it. I should have it. And Adam was like, I guess I guess Kira? And they were like, okay. Go here. Kira now holds blood veto. And from what we know. It sounds like cure is safe cannot be nominated cannot play in the power veto. There is a little bit of of confusion whether or not they get to use this veto as Vido how long they get to use it for hell long. They're safe for. But while while everyone made it a unanimous decision almost immediately people start getting mad about it. And we here at least claims, and I have no reason to really disbelieve them at this point that they do not know what the blood veto does yet. They don't know how long it lasts. They don't know what the power is all they know is that they can't they can't be nominated this week. And and they can they can also not play in the power of Edo competition. So who knows knows? So they also had to promise that they would not use this veto this week at least. So that was that was part of the agreement that that they would get it and one other the rules, but part of the session for why they got it. Yes. One other note is that a lot of people noticed that Corey ran straight to Dane and Anthony during the discussion, and she was whispering with them, which is really fueling the fire that that she is with the guys which is true. But also like. Not as choose. They might think. True. But it's also like it's one of those things where if you're standing over here in your in your ST or someone and you see Corky Curie do that. You're like. Yeah. Corey's with guys and then Esti will run over two Dane and say like SE, your also with the guys you just don't realize it as much I think another thing to make sure we point out is that one of the reasons why people were hesitant to fight for the blood veto is that I don't know if they were told something that made them think this or if they just thought it on their own, but the allot of them seem to have an idea that this might not be a good thing that there might be downsides to this power. And it might not be worth having. So it's Anthony seem to be chanting that so again, I don't know if it was part of the instructions like take this power at your own peril. Or if this is just complete speculation. But that did seem to be in. Their minds. So that's something to think about here. So feeds back cure has the veto the blood veto, and we're gonna see SD KiKi and Corey talking about the possibility of guys alliances. Kind of the first time core he's been hearing about this. So just making sure the pointed out, it doesn't really go anywhere. Corey doesn't think Mark. Would it be a part of it Corey doesn't think Damien is a part of it Corey mostly entertainment. Like, oh that would be interesting. But for the most part doesn't seem convinced as it usually happens. The first time it's brought up. So just pointing out that now Corey is aware of the idea is similarly to basically everyone in the house is heard about this theory at this point. Yeah, it was a pretty funny short discussion. Just that by the end of pretty much every sentence when they'd say oh here. Some reasons why there might be guys lions the coach go. Mark would be a part of see that. But but okay, I'll think about it. Probably not Mark just just can't picture marketing guys though. So Adam is going to have a lengthy conversation with ST in the pantry and ST is complaining about what happened with the veto. She was the most upset because she was the one fighting the hardest to make sure did not get the blood veto. And so she's particularly upset with all the people that stayed quiet. She was like I was fighting. I was like out there trying to do something. And everyone else was just sitting back and saying nothing like, Adam. At least you spoke up even though it was against me like east, you did something and Alec Adam is like guests. I agree and in they both start get they both start getting all amped up about this. And Adam just starts completely. I just don't like it's just it's so knowing like everyone always talks about targeting mean sent me and Sam always means him. And then like when we're in power. It's like, oh, no, we're gonna talk to you. And then the second power. So we're gonna talk it Sam. It's so it's so so frustrating is so dumb. And so s starts to try to explain to him like, well, it's because it's the easy thing to do. It's been the target for so long. I guess, but like it just doesn't make sense. Like now, we're gonna take a shot at your side. And you're just gonna come back at us, and it just stupid like we should be working together. We are the the powerful people in those. We are the people that speak up, and they're all these people on the side on the sidelines. Just staying quiet and watching us battle it out. And they're going to be the ones that win this game and ST is like. Mind blown you're totally right. Like, this is this is so stupid. We should be working together. It's these people like, Cory Anthony. And I'm sorry. I like you Damian, but you are so quiet during that thing that these people are the ones that are going to get to the end and they're going to win like that's so dumb KiKi comes in. They they start getting all worked up with KiKi too. And and they start floating the idea, maybe maybe we should really make this happen and work together. Let's go talk to Sam about this. Was a real point where I was like, oh my gosh. Things are happening. This is going to be great. They finally see what the viewer see. Only lasts a little while. But it was a good little while they're very excited. So yeah. Yeah. Goes he leaves to go get to go. See if Sam is alone. But Sam is in the diary room making her nominations as they speak. So that's a little a little bit of bad timing there. And so after Adam leaves KiKi STV start celebrating. This is so great like, you know, what, you know. It's crazy to I totally agree with everything you're saying, I would we would definitely be loyal to this alliance of five people like this would be great. We could work together. This is awesome. And so s t goes and runs today. And she's so excited she goes like dainty day. You'll never believe what the conversation we've just had and I talked to Adam and we're talking about like working together with Sam and Dana was like working with Sam. Okay. This is serious. And this is a great great. We're we're gonna save KiKi. It's gonna be it's gonna be awesome. We're and work together. It's going to be so good. And he's like, okay. Okay. I mean, I guess if we save KiKi, and we like make it like a backdoor Corey plan. Make this work. Dane is not happy teen is just like my whole goal of this whole gain is get Sam out. All right. How can I still manipulate the situation? So that it's bad for the people and working with. All right. Let's think about this. I I. Yes. So so that's that's what's going on there. Adam meanwhile, talks to Sam about it. And Sam is on board now that she's out of the diary room. And she's almost she's a little bit. Like, I just did my nominations though. Maybe I wouldn't wanna put KiKi up, and they talk about the potential of back during Corey as part of this new alliance plan that they'll take KiKi down the back door Corey they'll move forward with all of the best competitor is working toward a single goal of getting to the final five, and they're they're on board with this. So they all get together in the lounge Leon lounge which is definitely going to be a secret of conversation that probably no one ever suspects that they're having it was I was like why the lounge like. Have to walk by where everyone else is near the kitchen cheapest place to be. But they got away with it. So they all get together in the lounge they discuss working together. They talk about how like this is. This is great. The five of the people in this room have won all of the competitions except for the one that Corey one and plays right into Danes hands talking about like SD who's just like, but I got close closing in all of them. Like, I was close 'cause I've been knocking at the door. And sounds like. Yeah. That's that's how it works. You knock at the door. Then you go in. Okay. Yeah. All right, guys. And so they with five people once one more person leaves they'll control the votes as long as they're not on the block together. And they talk about like, let's let's back door someone. Let's make a move. It should be probably Corey because she's the best competitor. And like, let's do this in SAM's. Really like, I'm sorry. I was just in the diary just like put you up. Qian keys. I don't even worry about it. It's fine. I'm going to be safe. And Dane was even like, well, I mean, you can probably ask them to change it. If you want doesn't doesn't even matter doesn't even matter. We don't need KiKi off the block because this is gonna work, and it's going to be fantastic. Yeah. This is not going to be a waste of an H at all. And and you're so close with all the guys alliance talk guys definitely not going home this week. Probably there's a pretty funny conversation. Also, the happens while they're all in this room when they're talking about Kira in into like, yeah. Yeah. You know, it's great that we've got got cura-cures absent from this conversation. They raise cure on her side. Here's a great observations on the gain in Danes like, yeah, they're also really resilient, and they were supposed to go home back in week too. But they stayed here. And then say like, yeah, you know, and they're really they're smart emotional their little annoying. But glad that we cloud that we got them on our side. So it's kind of funny how how Dane can chime in with one thing in turn conversation from pro someone to anti someone Dane had them like wool. We're going to flush this power and make sure that cure leaves soon. Really really wants that blood veto out of the game. So. Mark and KiKi are in fact nominated for vision. And when the feeds come back from the ceremony, we're gonna get Dane immediately talking to d saying yes, that whole lines thing is like total BS like I'm still we're still going for Sam, right? Like, I'm definitely going to target Sam next week. I don't even care. I'll put a read on the block. It doesn't matter at all. But this is great force. This works perfectly. Because now we're talking about back and Corey that's beautiful. I set it up with the alpha female stuff and now SAM's buying into it. This is great because we can keep KiKi safe. And then we'll take Corey out who's a big physical threat. And now Mark will be mad at Sam for nominating him, and he'll be a number for us. This is all great stuff and Estee is like okay, but she has a little bit of whiplash here because she was really excited about this thing. And now like this. It's just like, okay. Okay. No. This is not happening. So. Did not take the super. Well, I think it was well reasoned out by Dane, but it was too much too fast. And and you know, she was just kind of like, whoa. But we're gonna we're gonna keep Mark. Okay. Yeah. And I mean, Dane does do a pretty good job here of trying to sway it. So that he needs to come up with the reason why ST would be against Sam. And so he tells you tells ST that that Anthony told him that Sam was saying that ST wanted to put up Dane atom and all this and just trying to immediately. He's like SAM's a snake? Now, I'm upset about this. So my gosh, good good thing. I've got you here to to feed me, always information. So confused, but I just don't have a whole lot of faith ST is is ever going to be too suspicious of Dane like like she needs to be. Well, I do think that like this conversation in particular bleeds into the next conversation that KiKi that s has because ST is going to talk with KiKi, and they're going to talk more about the guys thing just themselves. And they do talk about like, this is starting to seem like maybe it's true, especially given that like, you know, because they were in the even talk about like, the only thing is though that atom why would Adam wanna make this alliance? If there's a guys thing that doesn't make any sense, this alliance is a great cover for the guys like Adam actually did a pretty good job except the Dane totally. Messed up for them. And so they're like, well, I don't know in ST is definitely thinking about the fact that Dame just was like, okay. But instead of taking out Mark, let's take out. Corey then Sam then Kira, and none of them are guys. And that's way too far in the future. He's doing too much fast. Dane has a lot of a lot of strengths very good at this game. But this was a little bit of a mistake. And he is starting to lose control a little bit here. And so they're really talking about this in a very serious way. And meanwhile, the second KiKi came in and said, oh, yeah. Marks crying games. Like, oh, shoot. And then runs out to go help Mark also, so yeah, it's not helping himself. I guess what? I'm trying to say is I'm not saying that Dan is playing this perfectly. I'm just saying that I don't think I think all this conversation is just to get our hopes up. But I think by the end of the day like ST and to some extension KiKi, even if they disagree with what Dane is doing are going to be more loyal to Dane than any kind of girls alliance that they can come up with in less. I mean, I'm not sure what the the breaking point would have to be because I could see Dane putting a lot of work to somehow spin their minds around. They really think Corey is a much bigger threat than the Mark or something to to be clear here, they are still loyal to Dane, but like so again, so when I'm talking about like the pretty boys losing their stranglehold on the information flow. Like, this is what I mean where like they are starting to catch onto the fact that there might be a guys thing. But the thing that the pretty boys still have is that it's been so long that in the game in this structure that Sam even says at one point like it's too late to really do anything about this because Adams, our guide Dane is their guy. Anthony is Cory guy. And so like, even if they expose the pretty boys it's not like the rest of the house that has no relationship with each other just get together and work together to take the guy's out because that's not gonna work well for everyone is going to work well for the people who have the numbers in that regard. And and they're just going to be targeted again when when that blows up so. So KiKi ST are catching onto the fact that Dane is potentially in some sort of guys thing they still want to protect him. They still want to have Dane as their guy in the guys thing. And also they want to start to try to work with Sam on the side to maybe have a kind of a women's thing. And and they definitely want to make sure that a guy leaves this week. And so it's like it's not like it's a full on revolt against the guys. It's more like the guys doing this. So we should also be doing this. And that's where this conversation kind of leads to the problem is there are conversations where they consider Damian to be one of the guys which is not great because. Each have atom. And Dane, and for whatever reason they refused to put up Anthony. Because I think the thing is every time this is this is cure and Sam we're gonna get to care on. Okay. So so KiKi an ST there they want. They're talking about wanting Mark gone. They're talking about this guy's thing. And then Kira joins them. And and cure talks more with them about this guy's thing. And they really they really are coming around to this. We actually kind of agree. We actually think this might be happening. We do want to make sure Mark leaves? They don't want Corey to leave. So this whole backdoor Corey thing is starting to fall apart because KiKi and SD do not support. It cure is very against it. And so they really are starting to be like, we need to make sure Corrie doesn't leave we need to make sure a guy leaves this week, and that's very important depending on how the nominations play out, and how the votes are gonna fall. And so they also talk about like also another thing. Here is that we definitely want to work with Sam. And so if salmon Adam go on the block, we are votes for Sam we want to we want to make this work. We can't have Sam leaves? These are all very important parts to the pretty boys losing this this power of information control, and in this level of influence over these particular, people cure also is going to let them know don't tell anyone. But if I have to I may be willing to use the blood veto to save Yukio. If it's looking like, you're gonna leave over Mark. So this is all coming. This is all coming into play here as we. Move forward with these nominations, and such and that actually could be probably the best thing if the would veto does turn out to be the type of thing where it's a veto where there's no Rena m- or where they're basically is the only vote sending Mark out the door kind of you know. Keeps keeps it helps. Everyone in that. The guys don't have to turn on a guys lions, but still gets a guy out. And then they don't have to ruin any kind of relationship with Corey by renaming Corey so. Fingers crossed that that might actually be does. So so then cure is going to go talk to Sam. And this is this is probably like the culmination of what's happening here is that they talk about again, Mark has to leave curious to Sam you cannot put Corey on the block and Sam. Okay. That makes sense we need to make sure guy leaves. I know Adam was really really one in corrigo. You know, the guys were pushing for Corey to go up on the block and was like, no, we cannot let that happen. You cannot put Corey on the block. And so a SAM's. Okay. Yeah. That makes sense. I, but I can't tell Adam he'll be so mad. He wants to use the veto on KiKi to Corey up. But I'm not putting Corey up. If Adam uses the veto, I'm putting a guy up and so then. Saying saying that they're not going to tell Adam this either biggest breakthrough she's gonna tell them. So. You can have some hope for just for at this time for just a little tiny bit. So they talk about potential guy targets people that they would back door if the veto was used. And if in case, you were like, wow, Kierra seems to be on the ball here. Cure says definitely not Anthony. I feel really good about Anthony we should do Damien because Damian's definitely a part of the guys thing. And so here we because we don't put Anthony we can't do Dane because Dane will leave we'd love to Dane, but won't be Dane, he won't leave. We're not gonna do Adam. We can't do Corey because she's a woman the only person left is Damian. So let's put Damian up and and that'll be great. We'll definitely get a guy out Mark or Damian. And so this is what I'm talking about. When I say like, they're the closest to the truth. They have great intentions. The end result. Is that Damian the one guy who's? Not in the guy lines would definitely work against the guy lines. If prompted enough and Mark the guy who is in the guidelines, but plans on betraying the guy lines. In fact, one of the few people in the house that would put two of them up at the same time. If he won eight UH, those two could be on the blog next which other, and that's those are the people that you're looking to get out this week. And it's like it's like you're so close you're so close, but you're as test says here so far away at the same time. And it's so tragic. I mean, I'm frustrated just because Sam started talking this week saying I'm gonna put two guys on the block didn't do that regretted it instantly is going to regret whatever decision. She makes if veto is played because here's the thing. We're looking at a scenario where if the veto is not used then probably keys going home in less. The blood veto is used if if Damian wins veto probably cory's going on the block and Cory will go home. And if Damian wins veto keeps the same like, probably Kiki's going home. I mean, there's not really a great win situation because they even talk salmon cure talk in this conversation at length about how they wanna backdoor Dane and how they want Dane out. It'll be great of danke, go home. But the votes aren't there for Dane, if the votes aren't there for at least you get Mark out an actual person. Who's who's a I mean, I see what you're saying about Mark would turn. On the pretty boys. But at least he is an actual member of the pretty boys better Margot than Damian. Go. I mean, honestly, I'm not even entirely sure about that. I think Mark is way more destructive to this guy's thing than than Damion is also Mark is gunning for Dane, which is exactly what they want. Whereas Damian is pretty tight with Dane, if even if Damian did turn on the guys it would probably turn it be turning on Adam and Adam side. So I do think Damian is a better person for them to have leave over Mark. But I don't think either of them should be their target. They don't know that though because they don't have any of this information. But it so it's again, there are a lot of possibilities here. And I want to try to walk through as many as we can so Mark and KiKi you're on the block, if they stay on the block, I do think that Mark will stay and KiKi will leave which even if even if you don't like that that's going to blow up the house like as it's going to show the cards of the pretty boys ST is going to be pissed at Dane, SAM's gonna be pissed at them. They'll probably still be working with them. But it's going to be a lot of drama and there. Totally going to be exposed at that point. And it could definitely change a lot of things in the house. If Mark wins the veto, then we will likely see Damian replace him and Damian will probably leave. If KiKi wins the veto than Damian will probably replace her and Damian will probably leave. However, there's still a possibility that if either of them win Corey might go up, and I think of Corey goes up then Corey probably leaves because it's probably because the numbers aren't necessarily their Corey goes up and Kira decides that she does not want to vote Corey out. Then we could see the numbers not there to evict Corey over Mark. But I do think that Corey would definitely go over Kiera. Kiki? So Corey definitely still endanger here, and I will say just based on a little bit of what we've seen this morning. Adam did talk to Sam and kind of got her back on the train of nominating. Corey and curious mad about it. So it's definitely still up in the air, whether the replacement would be Corey or or Damian. So that's that's still don't know for sure. And then we also have the possibility of if the veto is one and not used then again, it will be Mark and KiKi on the blog and key cooed likely, go home. But if Kierra sniffs out the KiKi would likely go home Kira might use the blood veto on KiKi. And we don't know how that works. But if it works like regular veto than we would likely again, see Damian go up on the block, which would mean. That the blood veto takes Damien out of the game. I I don't like any scenario. Like, why is the best case scenario Damian going home stinks, though, I understand why it is the best. And like, I'm not Damian's bring enough in the table. But I just feel bad for her it sucks because like the right move from the start is Dane and Anthony you have to take one of them out. That is the way, you know, like, that's that's how you do it. But. Or at the very least like Anthony take Anthony out of the game. What they should do is use the blood veto and the regular veto and just start fresh in Dana Anthony up on the block, that's what they should do. And at this point. It would that would be annoying because it would mean a twist, you know, help them do that. But the problem nothing to do it anyway. And and man like just like there's really it's really hard for them to figure out the right way to do this. And really like Corey probably is a better person for them to leave. Then even somebody like Mark or even somebody like Damian, although Damion is probably a lot more attached to KiKi SD. But now the KiKi nasty kind of want to Sam like that's kind of. Okay. But now, we know we're hearing from SE this morning that they're not actually as board with Sam as they were thinking about the day before. So this is really this is a very messy situation right now. So when I say that there's a lot. A lot of ways that this can play out. I very much mean it, but most of the ways that plays out are not good for for anybody. Really? None of these options are going to help me to not lose stock. Like, I have stock in all of these people. I think my issue is I don't know who I'm more annoyed with between ST and Sam because they both get so close to the right idea. And then go until guys or change your mind. Sam is changed her mind so many times and just seems to like, do whatever the last person told her and usually that person is Adam occasionally, it's Kira and we're close, but usually it's cure coming in. After the fact saying, oh, I was going to tell you you should've put up, you know, Anthony, and Damian or whatever like I mean, probably the best thing like radically. Probably the best thing for a girls alliance is to get Corey out because Corey probably actually is never going to work with a group of girls as way more loyalty to Anthony than than that Damian might actually help them. That's what I'm saying. It's like like they're so close, but it's almost like the wrong move for them. Which is getting a woman over a guys actually almost the best move that they can manage at this point because they've already screwed up so much. And so it's just it's all over the place. Really? It's like Kira? Who is the person who's pointing them in the most correct direction is also the main thing holding them back because Kira is the one being like, not Anthony. And that's like the Lynch. That's like the thing. That's preventing them from doing any real damage is that Kira to keep saying they feel like they can work with Anthony. And it's like, no he's the most dangerous. You mean, the problem here is that nobody is actually thinking super selfishly? They're all trying to they're all trying to keep the people around who helped their allies. So like, I Sam who doesn't actually have a super great relationship, Dane, cook, Dane up. Now, the issue is who to put next today to get Dane out. Probably no one at this case, maybe Adam, I don't know. I'm not sure who you can put up next today at this point to get out. But at least you could draw some lines in the sand. Nobody wants any blood. You know, no one wants anybody coming after them the next week, which is making them try to just put up the targets that will cause the least damage, which of course, means that all of the threats to their game are still going to be left after no matter, what combination of who goes home. I mean, no matter who goes home this week. It's like almost impossible like you said you'd have to use both veto and the blood veto to get someone out. Who's actually a big target for Sam and Nicki? Okay. Damian wins the veto. He takes KiKi down the still want to make sure or even if he doesn't take down. He just has the veto and curious the blood, Vida or something and somebody comes down. And then somebody has to go up with Damien is not an option. Maybe Anthony goes up if they don't want a woman to go up in the Anthony will be on the block. But it's like, it's like, okay. Yes. I regard this is this is. Something that make sense. But then I realized Anthony won't go home. It'll be marked that goes home and the guy that still going to betray the pretty still gonna go home and the news not gonna leave. And it's actually probably better to get Corey out. It's like place. I don't see that happening anyway, because I think I think no matter what in that scenario that was the case Adam would put in work overtime to rear end Dane would to reconveyance Sam the Corey is threatened. Corey needs to go up. So. Yeah. So we have veto players. It's going to be Kierra KiKi, Mark, Adam Damian and ST so Damian can win this keep himself safe. Pulling for your Damien. By the blood veto. That's just the funniest thing. How how awful would that be for Damian? If he gets screwed by the blood veto one week before jury when he should have been totally safe because they think he's part of a Broza lines that he's not. How brutal? All right. I think we've done everything we can to talk through all of the various scenarios. There's been enough stuff that's gone on just this morning to to fill a bit of tomorrow's update. So make sure you tune in tomorrow morning at eleven AM eastern update when everything that happens today. Well know the veto winner by the end of the day. I hope so we'll have an idea of what's going to happen. A better idea at the very least. But like, I said sumo many different possibilities and options and not only for the target this week. But for where the house is going to go from here. So things are really really crazy at the moment. And I say, I'm still really enjoying it. I feel like this is a lot of fun. It was a fun day on feeds I will say like it was it was frustrating depending on who you're rooting for. But it was it was very fun. I appreciate the fact that at least a good chunk of these people are playing again like this this season is like. It can be disappointing. But like, it's a passionate disappointing like. Season. Nineteen was like, yeah. Of course. Of course Paul's. Yeah. Of course, this is like, no, no, stop don't go into that room. Don't go up the stairs. What are you doing that for the killers gonna get you like dime? Much more prompt for this season than than past steam release seasons. So I think especially this week. I feel like I feel like we're in for some good stuff here. So make sure you keep tuning into these life feet updates. Of course, I will be back tomorrow night's to recap the Sunday night episode with Ryan from the candidates six and then Monday night, we will update. The stock watch things are continuing. I'm with Mary things are not looking good for me. Luckily, I have a lead. We're just going have to hope that I hold hold onto that lead. So make sure you tune into that. And then, of course, the exit interview that I did with Chelsea and Eddie should hopefully be attached to the end of this live feed up. They were gonna start to attach those to these Saturday updates. So if you are interested in hearing that one just stay tuned for the end of this this podcast, and you can hear from Chelsea and Eddie what they had to say about their games. I apologize for the brevity of the interview with two of them. And also the audio quality was a little off on this one. But hopefully, you guys are able to enjoy it. So Mary, rigging people find you. What are you up to you can find me anywhere on the internet at frail, Mary just everywhere feel free to feel free to follow me on on Snapchat? No. I don't. Just. Feel free to follow me on Twitter Instagram or wherever else you'd like a time machine. Go back a couple years and follow Marian Snapchat. Probably still there. I just don't. I don't snap chat at all. So. All right. You can find me on Twitter at Armstrong Taryn and on twitch, twitch dot TV slash Taryn Armstrong. Thank you everyone for joining us. See next time.

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