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Thanks to the Thursday night game in in a little bit of an extended break for the forty Niners to at a good time. That's exactly right. So before we get into the final battle of the ban the game recap. I'm super interested to hear about how you're going to vote on I think prop seven because that's the daylight savings time one, right? I believe that is in. I you know, I've thought about it a little bit because Aaron is one of the places that doesn't do it. There are some drawbacks in both cases, particularly as a teacher. It's kind of nice right now when I go to school in the mornings that it's light out whereas just two weeks ago. I was getting to school rolling around six thirty or so kinda prepping and do an early bird stuff and his dark out and just sort of sets a sort of ominous tone. So I actually kinda dig setting falling back a little bit. So that I get the little bit of daylight in the morning. But I also understand wanting to keep it lighter a little later. It outta here with this politician answer. This non answer answer. It. You can't say both are. Okay. I I'm pinning it down in honor of voting day highly diplomatic. I think I I'd vote to keep it. Oh, man. Yeah. To get rid of it. Get rid of I'm I'm voting from afar with spirit only for California stuff because I'm over here voting in Texas elections, but it wasn't deed the battle of the bay. I have got a Turpin dream APA in American pale ready to go because that game was indeed a dream. I mean, we said at the beginning or in our preview we said the best quarterback is going to win. We just had no idea that best quarterback was going to be McMullan's yet. I did not see that. Come. I mean, I don't know that anybody saw it coming maybe perhaps accept Kyle Shanahan or assumed that he could make it happened on the less, but Nick Molins played. Not not lights out. But better than what the raiders could get their quarterback to play a whether that's coaching whether that's scheme. Whether that's other players around him either way. Nick woolens was the best quarterback on the field. And as a result. Like we thought the forty Niners came out on top pretty impressive while the forty Niners. Do indeed win the final battle of the bay the forty Niners one maybe their most complete game of the Cal Shanahan era. Their highest offensive output of two thousand eighteen thirty four points tied for their third highest offensive output overall in the collar Shanahan era. Of course, the Jaguars forty four points was tops Rams with could O'Brien Hoyer thirty nine points. And then the Rams again and that meaningless week seventeen game thirty four points the forty Niners defense had eight sacks. They are now tied Jared get this. They're not tied for seventh in the NFL. With twenty four sacks on the back of that aid sack performance and they had to turnovers in the game that plus two turnover margin incident. Really tied for the second highest total and the highest attorney over margin in the Shanahan era. Actually, that's surprising. Just because I don't generate a turnovers but overall in terms of a complete game. This was as big and as complete of a game as the forty Niners have ever put together in the Cal Shanahan era. And it took a pretty hapless Oakland Raiders team in order to do it. Typically, the forty Niners. At least recently have appeared to be this team the team on the other end of these sort of games. I mean this year it's been a better and their losses are tight and even the losses last year were tight as well. But sort of you you kind of been prepping or the that's the proverbial you prepping for the forty Niners being the team that sort of looks like they don't have the answers, whether it's because of the lack of depth or whatever it may be that turnover differential is absolutely huge because sort of efforts glance you think two turnovers not a big deal, but they didn't give the ball away. Really? And even the fumble that they ended up recovering was not a big deal. So that I the idea that they are sort of in the plus column any way you slice this game. As we saw turned out to be some. I mean, I don't know that anybody for predicted this kind of score this sort of apparent dominance from the forty Niners. And that was in all phases. Obviously the offense. Really exciting with Nick Mullins playing well for a week or at least doing well enough for a week. But defensively this was one of their best games in whether it's the raiders or not this NFL talent that the forty Niners went out in absolutely dominated in every aspect to have eight sacks in in really third of their sacks this season coming into the Oakland Raiders, whether it's stat padding or not the really impressive overall performance from the past Russian when we've obviously been on them a lot with caches Merced being sort of the guy, but I gotta give him some credit. He you know, he beat the guys that that the Oakland Raiders elected to line up across the line of scrimmage from him. So as you mentioned overall just any way you slice is an absolute complete dominating effort by the forty Niners in is kind of exciting. We said not a big deal. Final battle the bay. But in national prime-time, kind of nice to know that the forty Niners show up whereas the raiders, obviously didn't. One question for you about Nick Mullins, if you had to start a franchise right now would you choose to start with either Nick Mullins or Derek Carr? Go. Nimmo's? I gotta go with Derek Carr. Obviously, the Nick Molin story is very fun. And it's early on in perhaps he suddenly. You know, blows up all his colleague or peer from his Oma mater Brett farve. But this is one game as you mentioned against a bad raiders defense. I think Derek Carr guideline or not is working with a limited coaching staff because I've really just not impressed with Jon Gruden and what he's doing there and again defensively the raiders were absolutely atrocious. So it's not by any means all on Derek Carr. So I think I'd still take Derek are. Well, I think you're right to to choose Derek Carr. And ultimately, I think while yes, we joked a bit like the best quarterback on on Thursday wasn't Nick Mullins. He played a good game. But he he did exactly what the offense asked him to do. And that was just enough to beat up on the Oakland Raiders. I don't know that we are at the point where we're going to anoint Nick Mullins, a it was a fun game. But that's all it was. I think it's important context. The note that he's a third string quarterback. And I think that that's important to know only because that makes his performance just a bit more impressive. He had he wasn't invited to the combine. He didn't have. Predrag visit other than what the forty Niners and overall, I think you put it in that context and said, okay, actually, executing the offense may have been too much for a third string quarterback. And it's probably a lot for many third string quarterbacks in the league. But he did it against a defense. That is not good and a defense that where he was able to find wide open wide receivers. Nick Mullins effectively faced no pressure all might on Thursday. He was only pressured on three snaps. Three snaps not a lot. He did not have very many tight window throws. He only had three. He threw one to kill which was ridiculous catch by Gidel. I was absurd, but he missed on a back shoulder throw to Garson. And then he had an end zone throw that was nearly picked off and probably should've picked off. But overall what Nick Mullins did was he played average or at the expected level for an NFL quarterback and against the really really crappy defense and with a coordinator and someone creating off. Offense at the degree in school level to which Shanahan creates the offense. This is what you get. And that doesn't mean that Nick Mullins is phenomenal. It's a fun story. It's a great story. But this is base level offense if Shanahan has a quarterback that can execute. I would agree. I would also add that I think this highlights more. So some of CJ Beathard shortcomings in not that CJ Beathard is not a backup quarterback in the league. I think he's showing that he's good enough to do that. When Nick Mullins did do. Well, I thought was an I think some of this has to do with the fact that he like you mentioned that context that he's a third string quarterback. He recognizes. He's a third string quarterback. Right. These guys they have to go out and sort of make these wild plays. If he wants to keep his job because sort of sticking around on the practice squad and just being affective inefficient. There is never gonna give him the opportunity to ascend into either make the fifty three man roster long-term or eventually maybe not what the forty Niners, but to earn a starting position somewhere. What I thought he did. Well, was he took some risks? Is that a long-term sort of franchise quarterback? Jimmy Garoppolo might not even take the same risks because this sort of half to right? What's the worst that happens with with Nick Mullins if he doesn't play well in the game against the raiders that everybody goes always his third string quarterback Cal Shanahan's working with his backups backup? What could they possibly do? Nick Mullins doesn't have any career starts. He wasn't even drafted. You know, all these reasons for him not to be successful. Whereas when he succeeds, it's, you know, now, there's this national storylines. There's really not a whole lot of loss potential there for Nick Mullins to really rip the ball. In n let it go particularly the throat, George Kittle, which was a remarkable play more. So from Kittles perspective because I think maybe ten receivers whether it's titan or receivers, I think ten receivers may be in the league are willing to actually run over the middle like that in that traffic in space and still even put a hand out to potentially make a catch with what seemed to be sort of imminent contact. But the fact that Nick Mones through that ball is pre PR. Pretty wild. I don't know that there's many legit starting quarterbacks in the league that are gonna routinely try to make that throw. And instead, they might, you know, look look to sort of make the save check down throw Nick Mullins with nothing to lose. Probably not a great decision off, you know, sort of falling backwards, but let it rip nonetheless. I think as you mentioned this was more about what Kyle Shanahan can do with even average quarterback play an average offensive talent aside from George Kibble and his ability to when they recognize or when they play a bad team to just maximize everything in full throttle people. I don't even know that I would necessarily say that it's that you could compare this one game from from Mullins and Beth entirely because I think that what makes J bathroom basically recoil and become you know, kind of third round crap. Rookie CJ Beathard is pressure. The and we saw what CJ Beathard could do at sea at peak CJ Beathard and that was the first half against the Green Bay game. Of course, he paired that with a terrible half in the second half against Green Bay. So I think that CJ Beathard has had a little bit higher highs so far this season than Nick Mullins. But if Nick Mullins can just continue to execute the offense like this in play consistently. Then I think that you abandoned the peaks and valleys of CJ Beathard, and you go with someone who's a bit more consistent because I think that Nick Mullins did some really nice things. He looked off the safety down the goal line on the touchdown pass to Kendrick born. Which is something that again, we talk about that. Like, it's to some this amazing thing, but this should be expectation for for above average quarterbacks. Right. It shouldn't be some kind of marvel to look up safety. And yet that's where we're at between suggest either Nick Mullins. I think when you look at the big time throw that Nick Mullins had. And this is a pro football focus rated big time throw. It was a dig to Garson on a dagger concept and Edyta concept is really a two sometimes three person concept where you have if you're counting receivers outside Enron. You've got your number one on the outside number two in the slot and the outside receiver ones a run the dig route the inside receiver runs a clear. Or a deep route. And basically what that does is against cover to which is the raiders are playing you had Richey James run that deep brought occupy both deep safeties. And then you had Garcia run that dig and it had just a bunch of space vacated but Leon hall, which Niner fans should remember him from last year. I still can't believe that guy's employed, but he he's an hook zone, and he gets pretty decent depth. He's really really deep and Mullins has dropped the ball overly on hall who jumps to try and swat it. But ahead of the two safeties and drop it right into peer on saints, which he does it was one of his best throws of the night. And that's what I think. I mean by it's it's someone who is executing what the offense is giving him and he did fairly. Well. And so I think when you look at those two things I think overall, I'm not ready to say like, you know, I it's just this world-beater performance. But he did what he needed to do to keep the team on schedule. And based on what the forty Niners do on offense. That's enough to beat bad teams and the Niners. We. I would hope at this point in their development should be good enough to beat really really bad teams. You raise a really good point with the this idea of the peaks and valleys that you're getting with CJ Beathard. I think you're right that CJ Beathard best. A what we've seen from him. When he's at his best is a pretty impressive player, maybe not a long-term starter. But definitely has the tools to play in the NFL. However, his worst is pretty bad. And you know, the five turnover performance against the cardinals for the entire team is what what lost that game in CJ Beathard to obviously directly impact that turnover differential, and if neck Molins as you mentioned can just sort of be consistent, and maybe every once in a while make these big time throws one two maybe three a game cow Shanahan's gonna do the rest, and it's going to get guys open with average at best talent in Nick Molins, maybe the consistency there because I don't know that not I don't know the forty Niners. Don't see Nick Mullins yet as a long term option at quarterback. I doubt they ever will. But maybe this guy really is the deal. However, there is something to be said for sort of consistency in knowing what you're gonna get every week and being able to operate in within that knowledge and do everything else right to put the team in a position to succeed right now. Nick Mones is probably the guy that does that. I think in in that case should get the starting nod. But I don't know that you know, you're looking at this guy, even as a immediate backup long-term. There's still a lot to be seen there some stuff that he does. Well, there's some stuff that needs to get cleaned up. And perhaps what might be best is to just have Kyle Shanahan keep doing his thing. Yeah. I think the one area where Nick Mullins really impressed me was his performance against the blitz, and this speaks I think to something that fans have identified, and I think a little rightfully so which is the speed of processing or the mental processing that Nick Mullins displayed in this game that we haven't always seen from CJ Beathard it. I think it's a little difficult to to kind of unpack in discern really what it means. For a quarterback to have really really quick mental processing because I think that lots of times this gets thrown in lumped in with kind of like you're a dumb quarterback. You're a smart quarterback you, and I think sometimes honestly, this has racial overtones. You're black quarterback of your white quarterback. But I think that that mental processing for a quarterback is something that you can measure, and that is something that is there. And when you look at the performance against the blitz specifically, Nick Mullins, performed really really well didn't get blitzed a lot. He was blit six times. But on those six blitzes he completed four passes of those six for eighty five yards, which was fourteen point two yards per attempt and one touchdown based on PF gray that was his highest graded split, which I think is is important to note because that's the one thing that's J Beathard did which was hold onto the ball too long. And honestly even Jimmy Garoppolo who had a remarkably quick processing speed and release time in the last five games of last season. Didn't really display that I think as much as we would have liked at the beginning of twenty eight. Eighteen so I think of Nick Mullins can continue to process the game as quickly as he did against the raiders. I think that bodes well for continuing to manage the game not make too many mistakes because he did have some turnover worthy throws. But I think overall that's the kind of consistency that you would want. And if Nick Mones is able to do this for the rest of the year, I think it's pretty clear that he becomes the backup to Jimmy Garoppolo. And with the amount of tape that he would have you could flip them in a couple of years for traffic. I think that's always been sort of the plan to in regards to CJ Beathard is let's develop these guys once they signed Jimmy Garoppolo long-term. That's obviously this sort of the go-to guy figure out who's going to be the long-term starter in in in any excuse me, the long-term backup in any case. You know, all of these guys get to the NFL by being ultracompetitive? They want to be starters. If you can if Shanahan can get enough on tape for Nick Mullins, CJ Beathard who whoever it is to flip them even for a sort of. You know, sort of to compensate what they spend at least on CJ Beathard in in the first in the first place, even even better, but to identify a potential long-term backup that could win games when called upon we had this as a couple of weeks ago. I think in regards to CJ Beathard in, you know, very few backup quarterbacks in the league are able to just kind of get inserted into the offense. And suddenly, you know, play like the starter never left. I mean, there's a reason that there's only thirty two starters in the NFL in. Sometimes I'd venture to say that we don't even have that many right now, but to have a reliable backup that may never actually be legit starter, but sort of adds, some consistency. Entrust their gives the forty Niners some leverage in comfort knowing that especially right now, if they're really trying to maximize or what appears to be, you know, when when John Lynch in Kashan in signed with with organization seemed like all right? We're going to really make a push this thing a backup quarterback. Hell. As we saw last year with the Philadelphia Eagles in having somebody that can get in there. And at least run the offense at a solid level is sometimes enough for for a good offensive coach to make successful. But it wasn't just the quarterback who had success against Oakland. There were also other parts of the team that had success against a a hapless raiders mandate. They are they're fully embracing the the full tank, but one of the areas, of course, that had some success was the forty Niners receivers they took advantage of about opponent and had one of their better games of the year. They really did in as much as the story line is about Nick Moen's. I think what the forty Niners receiving core did specifically to get open. And then maximize yards after catch was really really impressive on a short week where you know, guys bodies. Just don't feel right overall. They had an eighty three point two team receiving grade from PF, which is very high. That's over nine points higher than their second. The second best game that they've played this year which goes against the chargers, ironically, another or the chargers a solid solid defense. Good team playing well, but the forty Niners receivers did play fairly well against them earlier in the year the yards after catch though. And this is sort of ties into our discussion with Nick Mullins in regard. Nick Mullins Nick Molins threw for a total of two hundred and sixty two passing yards. But specifically between pure Garson Richey James in George Kibble, one hundred sixty two of their receiving yards came after yards or were yards after the catch meaning that peer Garson Ritchie James and George Kittle catching the ball, and then continuing to run and in some cases, that's Nick Mullins putting the ball in a good spot. But in a couple of these cases, I think that's the explosiveness or the ability of Richie James, particularly and George Kittle the raiders defense didn't play very well in on those three sort of major splash plays particularly Garcia touchdown the very long. Impressive cat from George kit. Where Nick Mones threw the ball and some crazy traffic, and they still completed the catch and enriching jeans fifty something yard reception. I think that there's an important discussion there to be had that while Nick Mones did really well, the one hundred sixty two yards came after the catch on those three plays that I mentioned those splash plays. It was like. One hundred forty nine yards or so so these receivers also really really made some impressive plays. And if we're gonna discuss it, this is Nick Molin sort of breakout game think we have to inherently discuss it. This is the first time that we've seen the forty Niners receiving core. Absolutely dominate somebody. Well, I think when a wide receiver is that wide open, and they're able to get that many arms after the catch. I think that's a testament to the way the offense is structured. I'm thinking of to play specifically one. The why the absolute wide open touchdown to peer Garson. I mean that what Garson literally had I I don't think there was a defender within what five ten yards of him even more. I went and watched the safety was was ten yards was ten yards away from paragraph zone in his momentum was taking him the wrong direction. And you don't even get that open in the big twelve in college. Like that some straight MAC bullshit. Like, that's that. You do not even see that in college. And that's how wide open peer Garson was. And I think that Mullins, of course, find. Ding him getting the ball to him and making sure that that's a completed pass is is not doesn't mean that moans is great. It just means he's able to execute. And that means that Cal Shanahan called a phenomenal counterpunch to a collection of plays in that opening script. And then I think of that that the play to Ritchie James, and that I think is a little bit more on Mullins because he does identify the blitz and he does throw it through the open receiver. But then I mean that receiver had off coverage all he had to do was basically running catch and then sprint in the open field in that again means that you've got Shane news understanding that he's got to put those concepts together. And Nick Mullins just took with the defense gave him. I think overall the receivers played well, but I still think a lot of this has to do with with the way the Cal Shannon's able to put his receivers in a position to succeed. He just finally had a quarterback that could distribute it. He finally did in. It was really exciting to see as you mentioned with with Nick Mones ability to identify blitzes, which you know, so much of what you what I think a defensive coordinator wants to do. We'll get into this more even later, but you wanna bring pressure on a young guy that you don't know what sort of live bullets Nick Mones is seen and his ability at least on four of those throws to identify where the bliss was coming from to get the ball out in rhythm. And then to allow the receivers to make plays is really impressive particularly this far as making plays just another week where George Kittle shows up as as who am I would say looking around the league right now, he's he's one of the best from a from a perspective that he he's the high. He's the best receiver on this team weakened weak out. He's the he's the most dangerous threat. He's a mismatch. Whatever you wanna label him. We've yet to see somebody really put the clamps on him. And in addition to that, he's comfortable blocking the forty Niners can leave him on the field at all times for any reason. Even. When they wanna mix in some of those backup tight ends to go with two tight end sets right now as you look around the league. I it's hard to see a player that is playing better than George killer. Who is just routinely making splash plays. Did you see that George kill judges like how how good he's playing by? How other type how many other elite tight ends are following him on Twitter. Like apparently after Sunday's game. Travis Kelsey started following him. And get it was like, oh, this is great. I've I've been following China's Kelsey for years. So now that he's following me. I know I'm doing well. I think there's a I can't remember who said that there's a quote from famous athlete, it may even in by athlete. I actually might be Dwayne the rock Johnson. But I think he says when he played football. He's an greatest you don't have to tell people how good you are they'll tell you. So I think George Kittles on the right track. There you know, now that he's making a little noise. People are starting to let him know how good he is. But just overall an impressive player that coming out of China in a scheme that just doesn't highlight. Particularly tight ends. But really out boundary. Skill players in any regard. The fact that the forty Niners were able to get him when they were when healthy he looks like an absolute stud for the next four or five years. No doubt. And I do think it's important to note the talent level but Cal Shanahan is working with because he has remolded and reform this roster and the players that he's doing this with our a third string quarterback that didn't get a visit an undrafted quarterback who didn't get invited at the combine a third round quarterback for the other half of the games that were well more than half. Again. We're talking about. Matt breed is an undrafted free agent. George kills a fifth round tight end. I mean, the wide receivers were effectively scrapheap wide receivers peer or someone was considered a bit over the hill. Markings Gooden was considered just the deep threat Richey James is another late round draft pick. I think he's a fifth rounder. Trent Taylor's fifth rounder. He's not doing this with like pedigree talent. And yet he's able to be in the upper third of the league and explicit plays. His. His offense of Devi away is beyond. I think what the talent would give him his PF f grades are really really good. And I think it's just because he's able to maximize what these players can do. But I think this is also where you see a little bit of the marriage of the scouting department. In addition to what Cal hen wants from these positions and wants from these players, you see a bit of that combination of able to shine through in the way that Shanahan's able to deploy these players. So I think you look at the offense of success any offensive success that we've had this season is really a testament to both Cal Shanahan and how Shanahan has worked with front office. The we've had this discussion before, but this this sort of cohesiveness in an organization is critical to the sort of overall success. And like you said what they've been able to do really on the fly because you couldn't predict obviously the Jimmy Garoppolo is gonna go down. You couldn't predict jerick. Mckinnon really the free agent guide that they went after in terms of skill position. Couldn't predict that. He was going to go down. Dante Pettis hasn't played a lot as as sort of the receiver that they drafted obviously with his skills and ability in mind is far as what he could bring the Shanahan's offense. They're really sort of mismatching or sort of mixing all of this together. And it's morphed from what looked like it would be Jimmy Garoppolo in jerick McKinnon show to sort of using George Biddle as the focal point of this offense. And then doing other things around him in what he can do well sort of collectively as a team than to find some success. Obviously you wanna see it week to week play out in. There's been some issues with CJ Beathard at quarterback in in particular, some of their performance against their own a cardinals just a couple of weeks ago in they've still got some tests moving forward, but on the fly to do this is really really impressive. And it just in my opinion serves as a reminder that cow Shanahan. He's still in that top tier of not just offense of coaches, but have head coaches and in with even average talent he's able to. You know on the go and mid season continued to adapt and continue to make sure that his scheme is successful, which is really really difficult in the NFL where every team is fielding elite player, you know, above average players sands. Maybe the the Cleveland Browns from time to time. Now, this is still a bad Oakland team rather than we're not sitting here and saying that Shannon is ready to take the next step into being like the taking the team the Super Bowl or something. But I think it is important for teams to beat up on teams that they are better than when you're a good team. And we talked about this during the Harbaugh years, you should be able to beat and dunk on the teams that you were clearly better than it's when you then go up against the team that is equally talented or more talented that things get a bit more fifty fifty and in that kind of difficult I could win. Maybe I don't win kind of range. But ideally, the next that for this team is not to go eleven and four or ten and six, but it's to start convincingly and consistently beating team. Games where they are at either a coaching or talented advantage. And hopefully that talented advantage becomes a bit greater soon. But right now, I think the Niners have a clear coaching advantage for several teams in the NFL. And that I think is what showed in the game against Oakland. It absolutely did in. Once this talent is able to sort of match other top rosters in the league. In particularly looking at the indecision rival saints or excuse me. Rams the saints in a conference as well. But not not in division there. But nonetheless, those two teams for roster perspective seem to have better talent when the forty Niners are able to match some of those teams is exciting to think about what caution hand might be able to do. All right now, let's talk a little bit about spotlight players because then I've got one on defense and you've got one on offense. And while we're not talking a huge amount about the defense in the the recap of the Oakland game. Because Mullins mania was definitely the story. I do think it's important to highlight one, Mr. Dakota Watson every time. I think of this name I just think of that scene in coming to America as like crown heights. Ole miss the Randy Watson, that's what that's how I want to say. His name all the time to coda Watson. Putt. He basically completely abused, whomever. The raiders put out at left tackle. He had two sacks four hurries six total pressures. He showed speed around the edge power to go through offensive linemen. And even showed a spin move. That was a counter that was pretty effective actually had the offensive lineman. Not trip them. This was Dakota Watson's I came back from injury. And he played really really well again talent needs to be kind of put into or this needs to be put into context when he was going up against. A raiders team that looks like they've just flat out given up. But I do think the coulda Watson's definitely going to be someone. I'm watching against the New York Giants because if he can continue this performance, we may have found an edge rusher that can provide a spark where the Niners have had no spark edge rusher up to now. They really haven't in a reminder that Dakota Watson also is a core special teamer. So, you know, year one two three maybe of this rebuild. He's a guy that's gonna stick around that could play on the edge could play a little bit of Sam linebacker for them. Finally, we get to see somebody that can legitimately rush the passer in, you know, not. So surprisingly the rest of the pass rush. Did did. Well, also, it was sort of a collective effort. Whether that's because Watson returned or not he individually played really, well, the group that he's a part of or sort of that that pass rushing group played well in she was a part of that suits going to be interesting to see how they play against the job. Giants in other teams moving forward, particularly when they see the Rams again and have an opportunity in division to make a little bit of potential noise. But nice to have him back. I saw something today that mentioned or a a tweet today mentioning that Dakota Watson said that the reason he felt so good was that he's actually dropped a little bit of weight from last year, and that he was playing at a little bit more of a lighter weight, which obviously, you know, turns up that speed athleticism a little bit which is really what the forty Niners need in this scheme in terms of pass rushing ability. Solomon Thomas is gonna win with a little bit of hustle and energy and effort incised inside Buckner deforest Buckner is gonna win with crazy power length a good hand usage. But they really don't have that sort of fearful speed rusher. Somebody that can routinely get around the edge. And if Dakota Watson, obviously, a veteran in the league, but if you can come with, you know, even some even some bit of Burson explosiveness off the edge, you know, within the first three or four steps whether he's going to be. This, you know, high number. I don't know that he's ever going to be a double digit sack player. But if his speed and burst off the edge is enough to give offense of line offense of line coaches in offense lineman concern than the forty Niners have already improved their pass rush drastically. It'll be interesting to watch how they continue to to rotate those snaps moving forward because this is now another player that seems to have earned some pass rushing snaps. So you're looking at Sheldon day, Cassius Marsh. Ronald Blair Dakota, Watson sold Thomas to force Buckner. Eric Armstead in trying to figure out who among these guys. Or what rather what group of these guys three or four can be our routine pass rush package on third down memory expecting pass. I think Dakota Watson even in one week. Whether it's the raiders are not has to have put himself squarely in that in that conversation as a guy you got to get on the field. I think that this is now year this is your eight for Dakota Watson he was drafted by Tampa Bay in the seventh round in two thousand ten so he's been around longer than I than I thought he was honestly it felt like he was like a four or five year guy. And he's never had a pass rush grade above what looks like sixty seven or sixty nine which was twenty eleven twenty thirteen when he was still at Tampa Bay. So what's the likely outcome? What's the likely scenario? Chances are he'll come back to earth when he when he faces better competition. But I think that this is the rest of this year is the part of the year where you should be tinkering like you should be trying different different alignments and be trying different things with players. I'm glad that tar Baroness more got a few snaps their in the fourth quarter to see what he could do in some games. Naps. And I do think that if anyone coulda Watson should take some caches, Marsha snaps to be honest with you. We know what we have in cash us. Marshon it's just a rotational guy. That's just okay. So, you know, I think you're right to say that the Niners should be tinkering and trying at this point because they've gotta figure. Out who they're going to keep and retain in give meaningful snaps to next year. When the Niners are really going to be under the playoff gun. Absolutely. You know without calling out Cassius Marsh too much. I think that's the guy that that has to see some of his snap count dwindle. And maybe quite frankly that make that might make him more, you know, sort of effective when Morsch himself doesn't have to be this. You know, forty five fifty snap player game. I don't know his exact counts. But when he's not always the dude in the one that has to sort of be expected to be the speed rusher off the edge. It might actually make him more effective when he's not in every down player are apple. Let's get to the person that you jinxed because you full on Jing someone before the the game. And now, they have a flailing arm, and it was disgusting to see and hear on the broadcast. So give us your spotlight player. I've got a spotlight Rahim most are in in some ways. This is a bit of an apology. I'm sure he listened to the podcast just like many other 49ers players and coaches, but while Robert Thala front of the now, absolutely absolutely. Not surprisingly the forty Niners. Offensive turnaround is coming at a time where we were specifically giving advice there. But absolutely just before most or got hurt. I tweeted something out about, you know, his explosiveness, and he had that nice long. Touchdown touchdown that mcglinchey really led the way for but nonetheless, you know, here's where he most on the field again making an explosive play when he touches the ball. This dudes getting seven eight yards of pop in a variety of ways. So I'm highlighting Abiola. I'm feeling good. Because here I am identifying talent in in the forty Niners. Got this this explosive backup running back. Give him some snaps over Alfred Morris and all this and then his arm Ben's in ways, you don't wanna see a band on national television with through was so gross. It what you can hear the snap on the broadcast. It was bad. And at some point somebody that works within the production departments has to say. Hey, guys, we're gonna show this everyone on Twitter's asking for a warning. So let's let's give an open broadcasts warning before we show, it it just this sort of silly the sort of wims ical nature with which they go. Hey, look at this home. Gosh is arms into it's sort of silly. But just before he got hurt I called him out hyped him up. And then he goes and gets hurt in. It's really too bad. Because he looked like he was at a spot where you know, in terms of overall career development. Maybe this guy's gonna take a little bit of a leap in in really become an established backup player in in a league that likes to go, you know, running back by committee earn himself some snaps above that. He was a he's a Pro Bowl special teams player. And I don't know that people recognize the there is going to be a drop off in a loss because he's gone be gunner. He is he's phenomenal. And there's not many players in the league that can do it as well as he does. And in the forty Niners are now missing that which will be a problem with him gone now it'll be interesting to see where they turn for running back help if it is to the practice squad. I think it's going to be Jeff Wilson from North Texas who I scouted a when I did some draft work with Matt Miller of Bleacher report, and he just he's just didn't look like an NFL ready player to me. He's about six-foot under two. Two hundred pounds about one ninety five and more importantly in addition to sort of being a taller and thinner. He runs very upright with a lower a lower frame or excuse me, a small lower body frame. And in addition to that North Texas had to put him on a fairly strict nutritional plan, his senior season just to keep him on the field because there were some wait a concerns that you know, you gotta you gotta sort of meet these thresholds to be able to deal with this abuse. I don't know that Jeff Wilson is gonna come in and be a starter long-term at any any stop. He ever has his in his NFL career. But as we saw rain Moser was getting carries and offered Morris was getting carries in Matt Rita. Every once in a while needs a breather in just Jeff Wilson's on the roster. He's gonna get curious curious to see what the forty Niners do here because making up for the loss loss of most or both as a running back in a special teams player is going to be really difficult while I think that the one thing that they can do is is a result of something that happened earlier today, which is going to be the. Of a mere of Dula by the Detroit Lions. And I think that you're absolutely right. Cal Shanahan does like to rotate his running backs. He doesn't at least from his Atlanta's. The now hasn't shown that he really likes that kind of thirty forty carry back that bell cow back. He's always had a rotation and that rotation even when Morris and most embryo were the backs they had a pretty clear rotation. Even if Matt Brita was the starter. And I think Amir of Dula someone who just kind of fell out a favor in Detroit he is on the last year of his rookie deal. So it's twenty eighteen I think it would it would really cost the Niners about five hundred thousand dollars base with the rest of his game checks to to claim him on waivers and get him on the team. And I think that's totally worth it. I mean, this is a player who is a much better receiver than he is running back. But that's a skill set. The Niners could really use that Breda has definitely done well to improve his receiving game. But the Niners could do. To have a receiving back come out of the backfield. And this is a player who has had a consistently good. You know, kind of season and years as a pass catching back. I think the Niners should definitely kick. The tires on someone like Dula wouldn't cost them whole hell of a lot. They are third and waiver priority right now behind just the raiders. And the New York football giants, who of course, we face here in in just a few days, but I would much prefer the Niners. Put it put an away vers claim on Amir of Dula before I would say have them kick up. Someone like Jeff Wilson. I agree with that in right now on MIR Abdulah still on his rookie contract financially not going to be too expensive. You know, when you when you bring him in either way so the forty Niners. You know, obviously McKinnon was a guy they signed to be a long-term back. No problem bringing Abdul in at least for the end of the year in it becomes an evaluation opportunity as well. Yeah. I don't know that to me in. I I really again, I think Alfred Morris has. That story that you really really like. But I think after this year, I would much rather see someone come in and play for his spot because I think between McKinnon Umbria you're settled at one and two I think most has shown enough to be number three. And I think you need some other kind of wild card to come in to try to end and compete with most. I think that seems to be more like something Beulah can do and not something that that Morris or even Jeff Wilson can do. So I think the team should definitely put in a claim for him. And I would do that even before I put in a claim for Bruce Irvin. I would as well one thing I want to note too. Because I know there's discussion or at least a, you know, on Twitter when I mentioned Amir of Dula. There was a little bit of discussion actually from forty Niners of former forty Niners defensive lineman. Ian Williams about the need to identify a bigger back that can get them some goal line carries. Matt breeder runs hard in between the tackles. And Alfred Morris deci just because you're you're big does not mean, you are an ideal, you know, big back inside and obviously Williams played at the highest level. So. I'm gonna I'm gonna tip my hat there. In terms of veteran presence in and give him sort of the the give him the pulpit there to speak or the soapbox. But I might add that in Kyle check is a pretty athletic, dude. And you could get some goal line carries out of him. If that's really the concern if you're looking for short yardage carries. There are ways to mix up a who gets short yardage carries it in. If Alfred Morris is only job on the roster is to be a short yardage back. Then that's not good because you know, you're you're third forcing running back needs to play more than needs to do more than that they need to be able to play special teams in otherwise be much more of a presence in other areas than just hey when it's something in short. He gets on the field. Would you rather have a good running back or a big running back? I'll take good, please, exactly. Because I think that when you're looking at short yardage relations. That's what matters more is. Whether you have a good back, and whether or not you have a good offensive line. I think that this whole like I need a big back thing is a bit of an antiquarian ISM. And it's something that people think you need to have in the NFL. But if your if you have a really powerful strong fast back they can generate power with speed. They can generate yardage through vision and your offensive lines probably the most important thing here. Anyway. So I I don't think that you need to have a big back just to have a big back. So I'm definitely I'm not on that train. I'm like give me speed and I'll generate some power through speed. Absolutely. And and with some of the versatility that you mentioned Amir Abdul a brings there's really this there could in theory be sort of a triumvirate among the forty Niners running backs should that be a trio moving forward that would offer cash in hand quite a bit offensively. And in you know, he's going to be able to ski. Team up you know, power and and short yardage success. I well this next game is going to be pretty important over the forty Niners because it is. Indeed, the loser's bracket of the civil at this point the Niners of beat the Oakland Raiders. And so we are no longer in contention at least right now for the first overall pick in the NFL draft. But the tournament is not yet over we still have another game to face the giants to basically now at this point settle on who's going to finish second in the NFL draft. Because of course, the Oakland Raiders right now own the rights of the first overall pick. So this is still a game that matters to drop position. We're fighting for the things that matter Jared, the these are the things that we have to latch onto and it sounds like Nick Mullins is going to start again. And so I think if the giants and your defensive coordinator James, you Becher, which I've given him the nickname you because every time I hear the name James Becher. It just sounds like you betcha. So I'm giving him the nickname you. So it's James. You betcha. And I'm thinking, okay. How's he gonna Anak? How's it gonna attack Nick Mullins? And the first thing he's going to do is. He's going to send a ton of pressure because that's something that James Becher does. Anyway. The forty Niners in we just discussed this in regards to how Nick Mullins played against the blitz. Thursday night to the pressure that Nick Mullins saw wasn't much. And so if there is in a highlight, unknown because I think Nick Mullins as a whole is still fairly unknown right after one performance, if there is an unknown or a more important, unknown. The giants have to be looking at this going. Okay. Way to go rook. Now, we're going to keep coming at you. And in addition to bringing that pressure Becher comes excuse me. You Becher comes from a goes, you gotta respect the brand respect brand. Absolutely. He comes from an Amazon cardinal system working with Todd Bowles in Bruce Arians that offensively Bruce Arians is a risk taker Todd Bowles, obviously moved on to be a head coach Becher still at the defensive coordinator position. But he's coming from this coaching tree or this this this this full. Lhasa fee that we are going to be the the ones making we're setting the terms of the game. We're gonna play by our by our standards and our guidelines and that inherently says this is a defensive coordinator this gonna come after a quarterback. Yeah. You know, when you look at Bechers history in Arizona. He worked with Todd Bowles in Arizona twenty thirteen he assumed offensive coordinator responsibilities in two thousand fifteen he is a kind of a longtime Blitzer of quarterbacks in two thousand seventeen the cardinals under Becher blitz. Thirty seven percent of the time that was tied for fifth in the NFL. And I really that was actually down from the year before where it was forty one and forty seven percent the two years prior to that respectively, and they led the league in both of those years this year, so far he's blitz. Thirty two percent of the time which is a little lower than what he did with the cardinals. And so far, it's not been terribly successful. But I think that this is a game where bettors probably licking his chops. And he's thinking I've got a young quarterback. I you know, he doesn't have a ton of game experience, I probably need to send more pressure. So if I had to guess, I would guess the giants probably end up a little bit higher than that. Thirty two percent that thirty two percent average. That they've had this year especially because again, the Niners wide receivers. If we've seen any pattern this year of teams that have been able to disrupt the forty Niners offense. It's where they're blitzing and they're just able to man up the forty Niners receivers and the receivers haven't been able to break away. And so I think if I'm Becher and I'm thinking of how I'm going to attack this offense. That's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to play press. I'm going to pressure and I'm going to blitz and I'm gonna make Nick Mullins process the game faster than I think he wants to and that fits well within veterans philosophy. And I think that's that. That's exactly how they're gonna come out the forty Niners. In terms of overall talent is well, the the New York Giants don't have an outstanding defense and the name of the game. You know to not great teams the forty Niners coming off a win. But obviously still a lower level team in the league still picking in the top five. That's that's what you do. I mean right with with poor talent. Especially the giants defense send pressure. Try to force this this, you know, essentially this rookie quarterback into mistakes because otherwise you don't really have the players to sit back and just generate pressure with your front and and play a lot of heavy coverage on the back end a lot of heavy zone coverage on the back end. And and pick this this, you know, pick these these throws off from Nick Mullins. They've gotta bring pressure. They've got to get the ball out fast one way or another because their pass rushes isn't particularly good. Otherwise, really sands Olivier Vernon who's their best pass rusher. But asides from aside from him. They don't look particularly good. They just shipped off Damon Harrison one. Of their best defensive interior defensive linemen. They don't have a particularly good group of inside linebackers. Don't have a particularly good group of of defensive backs. They just let ally apple go to the saints in obviously, he's struggled. But he was a a one first round pick at cornerback. So they're they're t-. They're devoid of talent. There avoided talent right now as well and to compete with the forty Niners. Not that the forty Niners. Great but to compete with the forty Niners in particularly particularly to compete with Kyle Shanahan. They're going to have to bring a lot of pressure. And as you mentioned it just so happens that philosophically plays right into what we apparently. No Becher likes to do. You know? What's funny is? I think that even though bet likes the blitz a lot that hasn't resulted in a ton of pressures for the defense because I think like you said that just they don't have a lot of horses. They don't have the talent they have ten total saxes here. That's thirty first in the league. They they have the twenty ninth grade pass rush grade based on pro football, focus, and that's for the team. So this is if Nick mullahs. Can have another game where he just doesn't see a lot of pressure. This could be another successful outing from Owens. And now this is of course, a home game for the Niners against the giants. They've got two home games the last I think stretch of their season. They've got more home games than they had a way 'cause that opening stretch was difficult. So I think you know, irrespective of how much better is going to blitz. The blitzes are irrelevant if they're not successful. And so far bet your hasn't been able to turn those blitzes into success. And so even if you blitzes a whole hell of a lot. I I'd be interested to see how the Niners offensive line holds up because the office of line has been a strength of the Niners or so far this year. Mike mcglinchey, of course, about a run blocker than a pass blocker. But you've got you've got some interesting. I think back and forth there, and I'd I'd be surprised if the Niners weren't able to handle some of those bullets schemes and give moans a bit more time. And then hopefully Mullins gives you a a little bit of what he gave you against the raiders. But all right. So if the if the giants are going to. Play some kind of kind of man coverage and do that kind of stuff. Then really what we've seen Shanna Hindu is trying to attack linebackers because they're the week coverage defenders especially in the middle of the field. And so what do the middle of the field defenders look like for the giants. And are they any good? They're not in in to be succinct. Obviously they've got other concerns on the defense as well. And as you mentioned if Becher decides to play a lot of man coverage or to really try to take away the middle of the field. He's going to have to send help because right now the players that the the New York Giants have over the middle of the field or not particularly good. I think this is another game where George Kittle plays really, really. Well, particularly because the New York Giants have Alec Ogle tree and BJ Goodson at linebacker and particularly Ogle tree. I've been on him since he was with the Rams I think he is a he is remarkably overrated in really it's it's all because of a hard knocks with the Rams, and they did wonderful job of hyping him up because they've got to create a. Storyline somehow and not surprisingly, she soon as Sean McVay gets there. He finds a way to get Alec Oba SRI out of there. He simply not very good. And and he does a wonderful job of appearing to be good in in sort of his around the ball a lot. But he makes what I like to call sort of cleanup tackles, which is not a linebacker that fills downhill sits in the gap at the line of scrimmage. It makes tackles this is a linebacker that makes tackles six or seven yards down the field after he's already missed. And so he's in technically getting tackle stats in the numbers might look good. But they're wildly inflated by generally four play right now. He just sat out there last game. He's hurt. But the they're sort of backups aren't particularly good either J Goodson the couple years in the league. But overall a very underdeveloped player. And then the other players that they'll play will be rookies as well. So overall in terms of match up advantage just player to player in where the forty Niners can find success over the middle of the field. I I have to participate this Shanahan is licking his chops. And some of these throws might not be directly tied to over the middle. But when those players can't you mentioned Leon hall earlier being able to drop into that that sort of hooked coverage zone and moons being able to throw a ball over him. A really impressive throw. He might not even have to make quite as impressive throws this week. Because those players those underneath players if they're these inside linebackers for the New York Giants, they can't get the they just they are not going to be able to run with George Kittle almost anywhere on the field. And I think the forty Niners if they're looking at a match up that they can exploit whereas Becher might say, okay. We're going to be able to sort of scare this rookie effective rookie, obviously, not a rookie. But more more or less. Nick Mones is a rookie a new player getting on the field facing a blitz and facing some pressure to try and throw him off his game, the forty Niners going to be able to counter that by going directly at the New York Giants inside linebackers, and what's interesting about Molins game against the raiders is that he really had. Success on in the middle of the field. He didn't really have a ton of throws out on the edges and the when you look at his throws on the edge of specifically in the intermediate areas so ten to nineteen yards outside the numbers. He didn't complete a pass he was offered to to the left side and over two on the right side. A lot of his damage was done in the short area of the field or in the middle of the field. And that's where I think if I were Becher I would probably force Mullins to the edges to the outside, especially if you're going to test his arm. I mean, there was a play that was incomplete that Mullins through in the in the raiders game. Where I mean, it was probably a little too far inside. It looked like it just didn't have enough zip to get out there to the outside shoulder for the wide receiver. And if I'm a defensive back, I'm licking my chops. Because if you throw if you try to throw in outside route, and the only place you can't throw that ball is inside if you're gonna miss miss out wide, and it was a little on the inside. So if I'm better, I'm gonna force them or I'm going to try to. Force Mullins into the throwing an uncomfortable spaces, and that's going to be near the edges on the outside. And I'm probably going to pack as many damn defenders as I can in the middle of possible. Because if Nick Mullins is going to find success against the giants, that's where he's gonna wanna find it. And so I'm I expect we'd see a lot of cover one a lot of cover one robber. And just basically taking away the middle forcing throws on the outside. And then probably bring in some pressure that hopefully Molins hasn't seen before. Nick Mullins for as impressive as he was on Thursday night. He's going to you know, you got tape in the league now, and nobody can adjust or catch up faster than NFL coaches will for the most part, obviously, there's still some boneheads out there doing things that make absolutely no sense. But you'd like to think that if you're in the NFL coaching you've got legit taped on Nick Mullins. Now, the giants certainly know exactly what they can expect from Nick Mullins. I think from a talent standpoint as you mentioned that throw that you're talking about just I think they even said it on TV broadcasts as well. In the moment, he could tell he just didn't have the arm strength at least on that individual throw in. It's a hard throw. That's why at the Columbine every every quarterback that shows up to the Columbine. They asked him to throw that deep out route because they wanna see if you know from one hash can you throw fifteen yards on a rope to the to the opposite side line. It's difficult throw. But the elite quarterbacks make it and the not elite quarterbacks don't in the one place. You can't leave it as you mentioned is inside. Nick Mullins kinda got away with one last week against the bad raiders defense. But now that it's been shown the New York Giants are obviously seeing that ain't gonna force a lot of those those receivers into the middle of the field and say go ahead, you know, or excuse me. Try try to keep those receivers from out of the inside of the field. Put defenders in the middle of the field and say if you're going to beat us you're gonna make throws outside with the hashes you need to make them down the field. And we're going to force you to continue to show us that you can do this. Because right now, it's too early to say if he legit Ken. Can the Niners really continue any of the defense of success against the giants? This is of course, a giants team that drafted a generational talent and saquon Barkley, of course, a running back that has helped them win. So many games wins above replacement are of course, the preeminent running back stat. And you can put at least what like six wins on saquon Barkley shoulders. That's that's how this works. Is. That is that what's happening. That's exactly how it works. Yep. Yeah. So basically, you've got the all jokes aside. The giants do have talent on offense. It's not at the quarterback position. But it is that the wide receiver position. And while I disagree with dropping someone like Barkley that high overall. He is still a talented running back. Do you think that the giants are going to have more success in the raiders on offense? And to do you think that the Niners defense will be able to hold that offense at bay enough to be able to kind of give Mullen some breathing room in order to give him, you know, kind of some. Some space to actually not play behind them scoreboard for so long. I think the giants will definitely find more success from the raiders in. That's just from a superstar perspective saquon Barkley generational talent Oto Beckham junior. When on his game is elite Evan anger him. The giants tight end is actually a solid receiving tight end in the second year in the league still kind of improving, but overall there are some more pieces there, I think if ectively the that the New York Giants can exploit I do at the same time think that Nick Mullins starts. Fortunately are coming at the same time that the forty Niners of playing bad opponents, and that includes offensively bad opponents. The New York Giants still are putting ally manning under center, and he's well past his prime doesn't look particularly good. And so I think this is a week with the forty Niners might be able to keep things going and really keep rolling. I don't know that it's going to be to the same sort of points. You know, keeping the point total as low as they did against the raiders. But if ectively being able to manage a game where Nick. Joins can continue to find some success. I don't know that the forty Niners at the same time. We're gonna go put up mid thirties again. But if they could put up three or four touchdowns, I think that's enough with a giants offense that has some explosive playmakers, but in totality really lacks the overall sort of affective Nessin, I think some of that comes from the the head coach lacks the overall effectiveness to legitimately compete long-term. And that's why the giants as well. As sort of in this loser's bracket for a top pick here. I think the forty Niners can continue their success Robert Sala over the last few weeks is really made an impressive of adjustment. At least what appears to be sort of overall what he's doing in terms of getting this forty Niners defense back on track. And it'd be nice to see them keep this going. Yeah. You know? I if I'm the giants I think I've got to go with a pass heavy run script because if the Niners do something. Well, it is played the run pretty well. I've got a ton of run defenders along the defensive line between Armstead Buckner Solomon Thomas in the run game. That's where he shines. Even if it's not as a pass rusher. And Fred Warner, of course is playing well as well. So I didn't go over all if the giants come out and try to run saquon Barkley down our throats. I think that's a mistake. I think where the giants have a marked advantage is in the passing game. That's what Odal Beckham junior. And if I were the giants I wouldn't line Odell Beckham out on the right side of the offense left side of the defense because the Niners don't rotate their corners. They don't have feel boundary corners or anything like that. They basically put Sherman out on the left side of the defense. And then they put Witherspoon or whomever solids rotating defensive back over on the other side. And so I think that if I'm the giants I'm moving back him around. I'm putting him in the slot. Matching them up against Witherspoon, and I'm targeting Beckham or Ingram over and over and over again, and I'm utilizing Barkley in the passing game whether or not the giants will do that. I have no idea. But I think that's where you attack the Niners is whether weakest I mean, you've got typhus Powell playing at safety due to injury. And he's just not good. He's not good. And so it would be surprising to me if giants came out and tried to run this kind of run heavy script because they really should be passing against the Niners. As all as all teams should at this point. They really should Titus pal. Another player that played good last week. His continued improvement is going to be important as you mentioned against a giants team with some explosive playmakers. That's that's the weekly too weak link to exploit absolutely. All right. So give me a matchup that you'll be watching this week as as you watch the Niners play the giants here. And maybe again, it's a win win game. If we win. Hey, we won fantastic. Let's be happy. And if we lose hey, better draft position. Right. So it's a win win game either way. But the game within the game who's the player that you're going to be watching in the Niners versus giants. I'm looking at Mike mcglinchey, and whether he can continue to play as well as he has of late to continue to be, you know, quietly he's not going to win. But in terms of overall play he's offense rookie of the year. Caliber his play thus far he'll be a more than likely going against BJ hill, the New York Giants rookie defensive tackle that they selected in the third round of APRIL's draft. Who's a good player? Played at NC state with Bradley Chubb and contagious street who the forty Niners a selected as well in the draft. But when he was coming out, he's got a great frame big powerful body, and has some weight room numbers that are pretty damn in. Passive, but on film, really lacked. The ability to anchor against the run where Mike mcglinchey shows the athleticism empowered at continually do that. Well, and if he can continue to do that this week, I think the forty nine or seven markedly have a really a really impressive advantage there. In terms of some of the the zone stuff that cow Shanahan can do where he can get Mike mcglinchey in George Kittle working on sort of those trae blocks where they then climb to linebackers. We already mentioned that the linebackers are week that sort of combo block. I think you're gonna see some really impressive movement at the point of tack of Mike mcglinchey comes with his best stuff. I don't know if Landon Collins is going to guard, George kiddle, but if he does and he lines up over George Kittle. That's definitely something. I'll be watching just to see kind of the sparks fly in that matchup. But I think for me honestly, and I've talked about it a little bit already. I'm gonna watch Odal Beckham against anyone because I think that Odell Beckham is going to be a true test for Witherspoon. And Sherman, and we'll be able to get a bit more about Sherman as well. As learn where Witherspoon is at in terms of his development because I think that Sherman right now is in this area where everyone thinks he's phenomenal. And he's playing it in above average level, but he's not playing lightsout shutdown corner. It's just that he's the best corner we have and why would you continue to attack Richard Sherman? When you've got easy pickings on the other side when you've got Greg me been Ocala Witherspoon, who's not been playing great. You know, why why going up against any path resistance when you can go the path of least resistance, and so that's why sherman's coverage great. I think is not nearly as high as his kind of coverage snaps per reception allowed that that's I think what explains that discrepancy. And I think that sherman's our best corner Yassin. So I'd love to see how he matches up against Oto Beckham. Because I think at that point it's kind of old savvy vet verses re like one of the top three receivers in the league. But I also would really like to see Beckham junior against Witherspoon to see how Witherspoon. Talent shines. He whether he can hang with one of the best receivers in the NFL. And so that's that's probably what I'll be watching. And then I'll, of course, be just on generational talent watch, and I'll be comparing Barclay versus Brita to see how those two players end up. But that's probably what all be watching most in this game saquon Barkley, obviously physically. Absolutely unbelievable. What he's brought to the New York. Giants offense in year. One is really impressive. But as you just noted the dichotomy between his plan. Matt Breda is going to be really exciting to watch because you know, from an evaluation standpoint taking a running back in the top five is is one of the more. I think hotly contested questions. Some that believe that's absolutely worth it. Some that believe it's not worth it at all, regardless of talent seeing those to sort of, you know, in the same game and being able to evaluate, you know, obviously, not against one another. They're not meeting each other in the hole, the see who's tougher Oklahoma driller or anything like that. But. To see them play. And to note, you know, undrafted verse top three overall pick the gonna be exciting to see. All right. So let's get to the predictions. What do you think's going to happen? I'm trying to find the line here. I think the line is favored by three by three at home, which makes makes sense neutral site is essentially a pick em game. I think the forty Niners could could see continued success. I will say in terms of cautionary tale. Nick Mullins is fun is Thursday night. Was I do still have concerns? I am still curious to see what the forty Niners can get out of him a second week and with extended film on tape for defensive coordinator to look at the giants as we mentioned have some really explosive playmakers at some critical positions on offense. I think it comes down to who makes more mistakes at the quarterback position. Obviously ally. Manning has the sort of the veteran nod, but is not playing particularly well hasn't in a couple of years doesn't have the armed talent that he that he used to have an if the forty Niners defense can take advantage of that. I think they're going to be in a good position a win right now. I think I'll take the forty Niners. And I think I'll take them to cover this spread. But just barely and I'm not terribly confident in that. You know, I mean at this point of the season. I think we're all confident about anything when it comes to this team. Yeah. Other than the fact that we're confident they're going to have a top five pick. I do think that this is probably going to be a close game. I do think that that three point spreads probably right about where it will land. But hey, man, I'm gonna ride Mullins mania, and I'm going to say the Niners win, and I'm going to say they wouldn't by four. So they cover even though they probably will end up winning by three and pushing. But while we're on the hormones mania thing. Just one plea to Niners fans everywhere. Number one, come up with some original nicknames. Please like this is why we went with the Mullins mania because I feel like that's kind of original it makes sense. Like, it's an illiterate in. Yeah. We love it. But everyone was out there saying like, you know, big dick like that. That's already been tried. It's already been done that was Nick foles Super Bowl chanted that in parade. Like, let's let's be original fans. Don't take the eagles nickname just because it happens to have the same. First name have a little self respect come up with your own damn nicknames. And let's be better than that. I would I would agree. And and I think, you know, from some of the stories, I was reading. The Philadelphia locker room Nick foles earned that nickname. If you understand what I'm saying. And and I'm not sure that Nick Mullins house yet. And I'm not asking for him to prove it. But I am saying that there we do have standards around here. And then matched the performance. I was not expecting you to have like deep knowledge about like, you know, other teams penis. Just man the. Are you shine? We talk about context in terms of evaluation, and you know, in terms of setting the tone for leadership. I don't know. What comes you know? I don't know comes comes with any more pressure than that. My goodness. All right. So I haven't tweeted out any of the plays that we've talked about yet because it's well, it's election night. And it's a it's a short week for us too. So I'll probably through those out either today or tomorrow, but you can catch the game clips including most of the players that we've talked about on the show on Twitter at better rivals. And then once I do then, you know, that's where you'll have to find him. If you're not on Twitter, then I'm sorry. I I don't know how to help you because I'm old, and I'm lazy. But Jared where can they find you? You can find me on Twitter at Jared. Brown underscore. That's J E R OD Brown underscore either. Re tweeting your tweets, which is typically what I do. But then go I go. Here's here's that play when he talked about. But yeah. Fi find it there in we'll highlight some of this does good stuff that we've seen. Absolutely. And then obviously have some because it's kind of a weird week, right? Because we don't play until till Monday. So there's a bit of a gap. But over the next couple of days, I'm going to probably post the bonus episode with PF George Shahuri where we talk a little bit about the kind of coaching how you measure coaching success now, and whether or not you should care whether or not or whether or not caution handed good coach, so keep your eyes peeled for some of that bonus content. But thanksgiving tuning in enjoy the one Wednesday. Hopefully, y'all have voted and as always go Niners. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation. And I want to tell you about my new show. It seemed smart it seems smart as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another same smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up a mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it tell a friend, I'm Spencer hall, don't do anything smart.

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