Steelers Hangover, Part 2: Converting the Steelers running shame back to a running game


Support for this podcast comes from lexus. There are many names for enthusiast. Like aficionado fashiony. Sta foodi sneaker head audio file but there's only one way to become one going all in that's why lexus has gone all in on the sports sedan by designing the new lexus. I s because the greater the obsession the greater the reward learn more at lexus dot com slash s. Welcome back to the steelers hangover from behind the curtain dot com. My name is brian. Anthony davis tony is alongside with me. We are talking about the steelers news of the day. Plenty of things happening tony. We talked about the fact that you there's speculation that ben roethlisberger even more is not coming back with a d king. Kabbalah saying that you know what there's people inside the steelers organization that don't really want him back now that they are ready to move on from him even a report of. Espn said you know you came out today. And said even though the steelers moved moved on from excuse me went ahead and restructured cam. Heyward contract if Doesn't mean that that money is going to ben rothlisberger. It might go to the quarterback situation but the team does might not feel the exact same that they felt about rothlisberger just two weeks ago. So we've got plenty of news. That's up upcoming. We also have something else that we didn't talk about today so far but it looks like there was cova news out of the Pittsburgh facilities the report is that it's possibly mike tomlin. And we wish him the best of luck with his recovery from that and hope he's feeling better very soon so tony with all that news coming out we you and i are still talking about running backs and where where the steelers or possibly gonna go. Absolutely yeah i i i like. I like the idea of bringing in a guy who may be been who has potential to to improve but hasn't but isn't so expensive that it's going to record a team like the steelers cap. So that's who i'm looking at a guy like patrick lindsay. Who i know is a restricted free agent. Who it's good to he might. The broncos might Want to keep him but you know they they. They do have melvin gordon. So maybe maybe he becomes available. Somebody like that. But somebody like a aaron jones or chris carson for what you would have to pay them. It would be great to get them here. But i don't know if if that would be a great idea for them that kind of money in in in those guys when they were They went They had head. it took them Two years try to figure out what they were levy unbalanced they ultimately had to had to walk away from him because he was asking for too much money. So i don't know if that's a good idea for them to go after one of those guys Just because of their financial situation. I i i like the idea of bringing somebody who's who's looking to. Maybe maybe make a name for himself in a second contract. Here's a guy that i love tony. It's marlon mack. Now he did not have a great year last year because he tore his achilles tendon. He was catching a pass against the jacksonville jaguars in week. One they actually lost that game to jacksonville to In week one and jonathan taylor came in became the starting running back. Nyheim hines worked in there as a pass catcher as well but marlon mack has been very good in his career. He's getting ready to start his fourth year. As a pro out of south florida. I remember the steelers. Were actually a checking him out up before the draft way back For years ago when he came. And he's a guy that i really liked. Tony and i think he somebody that the steelers could possibly bring in because of a situation at a nice Bargain deal but still but still a good deal for mac as well. I think I think that would be a really good situation for both. What are your thoughts on marlon mack. When we talked about on the phone last night or the other night. I i li i looked up and check the stats and i loved it. I loved the idea. i mean. Twenty three hundred yards Jonathan taylor they're they're they're going to give him every every opportunity to succeed since he was her a second round pick last year so you can know. A guy like marlon mack. Who who you know. He's going to get a race going into a second contract but he's not gonna to command to kind of bucks at a aaron jones would or or carson so you can get him get him in here and and say look you. You're going to give you the the reins as yet at the top guy in the backfield. you know. obviously. Benny snell have something to say about that. And training camp but or nfl mcfarland. But you you bring him in here gives opportunity to win that starting job and he could make a career for himself so i excuse me. I like the idea of that kind of player for them to go after whether it's marlon mack. Patrick lindsay davis. Somebody like that somebody that that that's gonna be able to improve his career situation by coming pittsburgh. You know what. I like. That and i agree with you on that. Now there's a. There's some chatter in the live chat talking about the fact that some of these guys get injured too easily. Running backs are going to get injuries. And they're going to be out an achilles injury to me is not something that means. You're chronically going. You're chronically getting injured. you know it's a you know. Some of the things do happen. Yeah i just. Don't think. I i think bring in a guy like this and given a chance in seeing what you've got with the other two guys they're probably a good go rent still draft somebody but you don't have to draft somebody. Hi i'm tempted. If i'm if i'm making the pick and i see nausea harris there at twenty four. I'm tempted however. I just think the needs of the team are more important especially on that offensive line. I'm still thinking garter center. Some people are thinking offensive tackle. I don't think they can go wrong there. But what i'm saying is you might see some action free agency and you still think they still might go ahead and draft. Somebody high but if i'm making the decision right now at the end of february i'm saying go after marlon mack. You can afford them. And he's one of those guys going into his fourth year. That could be really good. I absolutely agree. I think that's what that's what that's that's your action as you go after if they're looking to bring in the different running back other than james conner and with with benny snell anthony mcfarland and then you bring in a guy like that a guy that that again you can you can give them a better deal than the already has had his rookie deal. But you're not going to break the bank to bring a man and and if he becomes a star than it's a great problem to have A few a few years down the road looking for another contract. So i think that's that's what you do in the meantime you try to build the rebuild the interior of that offensive line. And you hope that guys like zach banner and szucs can can keep continued to develop as as your tackles so. This is what we're going to do next. We're going to go ahead and open this up to the live chat. We want to hear from you. You can throw in your questions remember. If you go throw thrown a super chat will move to the top of the queue and what we're gonna do. I'm if you've already put it on the live chat to put it on again. Because you know i don't multi task that well. I'm going to take some of them. That i see here but we want to see which way you want to go with the running back position so go ahead throw in your comments and then go ahead and throw in questions if you have them was well. We've got about seven minutes left in the show. Clarence washington says either nausea or travis. Haidian should be our first pick and then we could get offensive linemen in the second third routes. That is a possibility. because you're deep with offensive. Lineman it just depends how much in love they are with. Nashi harris if he is there graduate says he's going to be there twenty four. He's like eighty percent. Sure but i think we pass them up honestly is what he says. I love this hobby. Air says what would be weirder franco harris and a seahawk uniform or ben playing for another team. I it will be weird to see beng another uniform. Yeah i mean. I grew up land. Grew up know. I spent many more years following. Ben rothlisberger than i did. Franco harris franco harris. Was you know he was. He was in my very very young days. The steeler fan so he was already retirement age. I saw ben rothlisberger entire career in pittsburgh. Jay would definitely be weerasinghe ben in another uniform jeff. Kozlowski says thoughts on the draft. I'm hoping the steelers trade back and stockpile picks plus sign. Preferred free agents to get the compensation picks. Yo the there you go there too. There's a there's a possibility and michael beck been talking about this. The other fellas. Jeffrey a lot of them have been talking about. Don't mess up. The compensation picks next year. Because you've got an opportunity to get a couple a couple threes and fours. She's now you can only get four complex but if you lose guys like villanueva. Bundu pre smith schuster james conner. You've got the possibility of Two three to four maybe three threes and a four. It just depends but you can get up to four. You could have a heck of a draft coming up next year too. But if you've got got the money and you can improve your team with some of these guys you've got an opportunity. I love this guy row. I'm bringing back bell. Screw it and and we made them the general manager of his own team. So he's a lot to do that better. He hasn't shown anything since twenty. Seventeen really. so you're talking about why players. I think that's not only spell washed up. I think but. I don't think he really cares about football. I don't think he ever did. I think he's off always been about trying to you. Know make as much money as he was a great player. Great competitor in his prime. But i always less concerned about His luggage he didn't he was about making money which is fine. You know you'd probably be surprised. How many nfl players just look at it as a job. And they're in it for the paycheck like a lot of us in life and and you know so. I don't know if fell really want would really even want to come back. I i think he might not now that he's played on. He didn't win the super bowl but now played on our plate in one. I think i think he might retire. Honestly you never know. There's money to be made. It just depends. What's going on in their head. Richard mckinney says chris carson from the seahawks. Carson's a nice player. I know he had some injury issues last year. But but it's a running back Doesn't donald linda's bad tony. Would you rather have. Adrian peterson of frank gore. As a running back on the steelers. Right away. I say frank gore if you're going to pick between the two I think frank. Frank gore those injuries like in a. He had injuries at the university of miami heat injuries earlier on in his career. But frank gore he. He's like ageless at this point. So i if i had to pick either one of them to bring it on the team i would say frank gore. I'm not saying i'm why would do that. But that's the guy would go. Oh yeah i agree. I think record would be the better option. What i want to know is if i could talk to you either. One of those guys is what's the secret. What's the secret to having a long lasting career as a running back because they're the exceptions when you look at the superstar running backs how many of them we talk about loving on about how many just fade out. After a certain age a certain number carries and these guys are just iron men. Frank gore people joke about him playing for twenty seven years. I mean i. It's amazing with both of them have been able to do so. I don't know what the secret is. Having a long lashing careers are running back in the nfl. That's that's something that is really hard to figure out. remember this. You know the last time that the steelers gave a running back a second contract. Ooh the bus not ninety six. No i know i know. They had to sign him as his. When after i came here. They've given them extra contra they've given them other contracts but the last guy a second contract. Is it fast willie. We talked about him on the retro show. Recently mr garon hanes long. How that's amazing okay. It's been almost fifteen years since a running back has gotten another contract. Andrew will bar either. Sign marlon mack or jamaal williams or a pair mcfarland with amid around power. Back like raymond ray stevenson. I think andres out of oklahoma. If i'm not mistaken fixed the line before drafting a running back all right i. I'm done with that too. And i get it. I'm i'm still looking towards an offensive. Lineman i but i'm leaning towards guard center and i know run. Chess has been saying in the live. Chat that you know that. There's colbert saying that. They don't really like the guard. Centers out there. But i like davis humphrey and i like a dickinson to is it. Tickets in bicker it's dickerson dickerson. I kept on com dickinson So andrew wilbur wants to trade back absolutely Somebody else mentioned that about your stockpiling. Some pics with the trade back so cairo says She don't need to know line he he just loves. He loves chachi. Any any anyone spell back to. So that's that's guy roux's planet you know what i like. Nashi i it i might change on this. To retinal rivers says. Ohio state has good center. And that's why it davis who we were talking about. george tustin. What are you guys going to start the after parties. They're coming up really soon. And i'm talking about sooner than you would think george. We had a meeting about it yesterday. And i believe that you will. We will be after partying some way shape or form on thursday nights real real soon. So tony we. We went ahead and we looked at the running back situation. We're gonna take another position next week. I'm not going to spoil it yet. That means i didn't figure it out yet. You and i haven't had a chance to talk about it but we're going to go ahead and do that next week. We'll be doing this on the hangover for a while as we get ready for free agency and get ready for the draft. It'll be a lot of a lot of fun. Oh did i make a mistake here. Rochester saying that it's a it's myers. So where's wyatt. Davis had of i. I think i made a mistake here. let's look that up because why davis is a guy that Okay white davis is a. He's a guard for the ohio. State buckeyes so yeah. I was right that he will state but davis is a guard. And then you have a okay so thanks for the help on that one. I do appreciate that. I did make a mistake there as well. So yes so. Josh meyers at at center. Why why they got some good players there and they've got a they've got a running back there too that you can look at and that such trae sermon. Who was the championship game for the big ten. When he went off he had over three hundred semi art. My my uncle was endorsing him like six weeks ago when i was over his house. That's the guy that should go after he's he's horror she's ever machine so there you go so you know. There's guys that you can get in the second third and fourth round as running backs. My plan once again is go ahead. And look at a guy like marlon mack. But a i might change on that as well and we're going to get ready to get out of here but not before we Not before i find this a super chat from our good friend just me one of our favorites here on the show and you're all our favorites Somebody that's been around with us for a while and she's she has the super bowl forty hat on. So you gotta love that. I've i wear my super bowl. Forty t shirt that. I just took the tags off of it. It has the steelers embassy hawks on it and It's before the game. I just took the tags off of it. I've got about ten t shirts from that. Super bowl that i bought a giant eagle bought at the eagle in just pennsylvania. You're typically year a true pittsburgh. And i bought a bunch of them like couple months after the super bowl they were on clearance and a kept them and i kept them in a in a box. And i'm like you know what i'm gonna start wearing these so i i took out my My thanks jerome. T shirt that got from there too but So i love it. But that's not what she's saying here. I'm just talking about our hat. When love you guys alone or together any chance laugh laugh laugh out loud great show guys keep on keeping on so any chance what Much sure but thanks for the ten dollars. I appreciate it just me. We appreciate you. We appreciate everybody in the live chat. great friends. And we're so glad to have you guys you girls whoever you are we love you and we're so glad that you're part of us. We can't do these shows without you just really can't look on live chats amazing and you guys will walk through fire with us. I know if i asked any of you. Go in a dark alley with me. You guys would have our back so we love you so thanks so much. We're going to get on outta here. Check us out next week. Also check us out on the podcast platform. We've got a great retro. Show this week as well tony. I'm really excited for that. And check out behind the curtain dot com for all of your breaking news. Your commentary your film. Break down everything. There is on the editorial side as well so anyways for tony. My name is brian. Anthony davis absolutely. We love you. I can't say it enough. And i wanna say this be safe. Be true to yourself and be behind the steel curtain for tony. I'm brian and just when you think you've got all the answers. We keep changing the questions the next week.

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