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Do you want to be a great physical therapist or physical therapist assistant. Of course you do you WanNa help your patients. Where do you WanNa do it well, that's personal to you. Let your pt or PGA license take you were you want to go travel physical therapy positions in fifty states and D C in all settings where a U. R. E. US medical dot. com that's a U. R. E. US MEDICAL DOT COM go there and pick out what's important to you. Let your license take your career where you wanted to go arias medical staffing a you are US medical dot com follow us online at PT podcast and subscribe on Dunes spotify or Google cassocks Yeah it's it's awesome. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome it's great to see you kind of Welcome to the Flash Action Strategy PEP. Rally. What's going on? I'm your host physical therapist, Jim McKay, and I am so excited to be here. In my own living room with you. In your living rooms. That's how we're doing things these days. excited. This year's Flash Action Strategy HASHTAG FAS twenty twenty is raising awareness and donations for the PGA pack the physical. Therapy Political Action Committee which champions APTMA's legislative issues and physical therapy advocacy and if you any details remember, you can always go to a PTA dot org slash fas or as I mentioned follow along socials Hashtag Fas twenty twenty. Now while we're here, want this to be interactive were live on facebook. Why don't we start by letting US know where you are watching from just drop it in the comments where you're located what you do in the profession are you a physical therapy student PTA student? Are you a clinician, your academic. Let us know in the comments below. And if you have any questions, let's get interactive. Don't keep them to yourself drop those questions, the comments below, and we'll see how many we can bring onto the broadcasts as well. We're going to cover a lot of ground real quick. Give you the information you need to know right now. So you're armed with the information you need to make an impact for your profession when it's needed most, which is actually right now so Let's do this thing now that the is out of the way, let's get this pep rally started first up. Let's welcome PT Pack Ambassador from the Badger State. And a PTA student assembly vice president Lizzy Doan, and Kayla Harris late as. Doing the PEP rally thing. I'd like eleven, cups of coffee to give me his level I. Don't know about you guys. Thanks so much for joining us. Ladies how we're doing tonight. We're doing great doing great I'm. I'm doing good. She doing good Kelly Dune. Right. Double thumbs up I like that. All right ladies. Welcome. I want to thank you for your service for Political Action Committee and the Student Assembly Lizzy Star with you. PT Pack makes a big difference. I want you to give everybody out there. The big picture lay out of what the flash action strategies got its own Hashtag. Got Pep rally. But really what we WANNA make sure we start with the really really big picture. So Lindsay give it to us. Yeah. So the flash. Is it's an annual student led campaign. That unites the PTA communities through advocacy and so this year we chose Avenue election year. It's all about the PT, pack, as you did a great job introducing it is the physical. Therapy Political Action Committee. And that committee is snoopy important on. Educating, and advocating for profession occasions. And so yeah, we chose to this year. Because it isn't election year and obviously in the times of Kobe. Hard. Times. But really hoping that the next two days, which is when everything starts that you really. We really take it and all about education. It's about upping your social media game in posting about having conversations with people in your in your work in your programs also sending letters to your to your Congress people and just really bringing the importance of the PT Pack to London Center and then. Having that, inspire you to hopefully donate to the fact because those funds allow us to advocate for and make those connections. Yeah. The I think a lot of people will say before a donation before we ask them get involved. If you're at a conference, remember when we used to go to conferences in person with people we'll do we'll adventure. But really if you get around people who are involved with the P. T. pack search. A see that energy and that becomes kind of contagious and then that's when you start to see donation. So really if even if it's virtual restaurant to see that online again using that Hash Tag Hash Hashtag F a s twenty twenty and this week unites the profession online. So I think you did a great job really giving us the high level anything else you WANNA add in there and to to clarify for the audience. Good. Now just make sure the next day out talk to people and. Give them money if you can't anything. There you go I like that Kayla were up with you. The Student Board of directors is known to lead the charge. Dare I say you are the cheerleaders of the Student Assembly cheerleaders PEP rally you got it the audience out student physical therapists, student physical therapist assistants, and as we all know great clinicians we start by setting good goals to achieve success. So what are the goals for the Flash Action Strategy over the next two days? Awesome questions. So we three mingles first one is to have three percents. From. PD STUDENTS IN PTA students signed living. Well we can do it. Second goal is to raise at least two thousand dollars and then the third goal is you have two hundred, eighty new student stars and I am A. Student start, on today all right. On my screen you're frozen but I, think the students star describe briefly what the student star is how does someone become student start looking at make two hundred and fifty students stars. Star. Donate twenty dollars to the Deepak. Not Teacher. Twenty. One time donation to be a student star on and then you also. On the. Website as well. Yeah that's great. I mean getting involved in your profession going to pay dividends down the road, right because you're hopefully going to be in this profession for a long time. Ladies we appreciate you coming in here really laying the ground. Wait a bat leadoff for the Flash Action Strategy PEP rally. Here. Thanks for all your work tonight, and thanks for leading the charge out of the gate with us. Thank you. All right there we go. Continuing on Flash EXIT STRATEGY PEP rally here. Let's get hype here. Next up in the PEP rally. A man who wears a suit on Capitol Hill but. Chill axis in a gold velour jumpsuit on his downtime. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome PTA Vice President for government affairs Justin Elliot. GotTa hype insurer, Their Justin Hyphen trump. Justin, can you hear me Oh is our audio? Good. Get frozen. Dairy is. Here. I am there's trough. Justin. How we me how we doing, Justin. Good. Thanks for having me on. Tonight. Thanks for everyone who is watching quite a few people out there. Let's talk about some issues. Right. We want to see what the flash exit strategy is going to help move the needle on that you and your team are always working on the American Physical Therapy Association, all toss them to you one by one. We'll kind of treat it like batting practice feel free to elaborate on the issue that I throw you. And then draw that connection between the issue and the. Political Action Committee and how that element is really vital to make change start with this one workforce diversity. Yes. So one of a P J strategic priorities is to ensure that the physical therapy profession is diverse and inclusive making sure that are the workforce reflects the patients that we treat and so one of the things that. is working on and we're doing it in collaboration with the American occupational therapy and with the speech and Hearing Language Association and the audiologist is an exciting bill that would create a new program, a new grant program that would provide funding to universities to PT programs, and they could utilize that money to recruit and retain individuals who are currently under represented in the physical therapy profession. Everyone folks from racial and ethnic minorities people with disabilities. Folks from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and so that legislation which actually has passed the house and is now in the Senate and that is legislation that's bipartisan on the house? It's being sponsored by a congressman. Bobby Rush Democrat from Illinois and congresswoman Cathy mcmorris Rogers a Republican from Washington, and then in the Senate it's Senator Lisa Murkowski a Republican from Alaska and Senator Bob. Casey a Democrat from Pennsylvania and you'll see that a lot with. Our bills, we are very bipartisan, and that's why PT Pack is so important on these when we look at doing legislation, making sure that we are being bipartisan and that we're bringing people together to solve problems and address these issues and so this legislation which we are hopeful that will maybe cease action in the Senate. But if not, it will be back in the next congress is really key to ensuring that not only are we permitting? Sure and setting a future where our profession is going to be diverse and inclusive but it also helps provide a financial assistance because we know that student loan debt is such a huge issue for so we're it's a great bill. We're very excited and also thanks to everyone who has been providing support over the last several months and got this bill through the house. All right. Let's move onto that neck. Next topic, we got a lot of students. Watching. Right. Now, we're watching the comments I'm going to watch as these explode right comment comment money. If you think this one's important next topic up student loan repayment, take it away. nother strategic priority for a as to address the unsustainable situation we have in the profession, which is the mounting a student loan debt that is that. So many of our students and young professionals have an impact. So many areas of of your life I mean not only with the ability to having to worry about the student loan repayment and impacts. You know where you live what type of job you're gonNA take and so We do have legislation in this Congress? Legislation that would add a physical therapist to the National Health Service Corps loan repayment program. Now, what would happen if this bill passes? Well, it would allow physical therapist you who agree to a two year commitment and working out a facility or clinic that's located in a medically underserved area and that's going to be primarily rural areas and also underserved communities in urban and suburban areas a two year commitment you would be eligible for up to fifty thousand dollars in student loan repayment in addition to the salary that you beginning in that legislation. Again, this is bipartisan legislation in the House it's congresswoman Diana get from Colorado and. Congressman John. A Republican from Illinois in the Senate we have. Senate. Senator Jon Tester Democrat from Montana and senator wicker from Mississippi and so this legislation against strategic priority in the House I'm happy to report. I believe as of today we're up to ninety seven cosponsors just on the House bill and so this is a bill that we're trying to get momentum going. You know we had a covid and the pandemic lot of focus has been on making. Sure that were providing a relief to our providers, our students into to the public. But this is bill is still a tr-, a strategic priority, and again, it's just one way that we're looking to try to address the student loan debt through legislation, and one way we can do is to try to expand those opportunities for PT's and PTA's that through the various federal grant and scholarship programs and. So, this bill is is critical to us. I know it's critical to you and it's something that we definitely WanNa see and make happen, and again by having that support of PT Pack were able to engage those folks who were supporters of the physical therapy profession and the best way member of Congress can support the physical therapy profession right now is to support addressing the student loan debt issue. Yeah. Just, I'm not sure if you're watching the comments blow up underneath but really really I think we touched tim we touched a nerve. There are keeping our fingers on the pulse there with the students but you know I wanNA point out your you're naming these legislators by name who's paying attention to this, and I just want to highlight this for the students paying attention Justin, and his team. Building relationships with these people. That's the way that they pay attention to the issues. It's not necessarily a money spent. It's a relationship that's what your donation is going to do just working with these people on a one to one person to person basis, and that's how we get things solved in in our government. So fantastic. So you're working on it not just you but your entire team. And not only our team but also all of the folks out there watching I mean we have. Folks in all fifty states pt's PTA students who are key contacts, federal affairs, liaisons who are part of their chapter or section of Legislative Affairs Committee or who've just signed up to be part of APGA's advocacy network who are building those relationships in the district out in the states with their members of Congress that is so key and so important because it really complements that work doing the work that we're doing in Washington. DC It's not just the lobbying that the lobbying team is doing. It's the work of grassroots and of a PT advocates, PTA advocate student advocates as well, and of course, the role that the physical therapy political action committee plays working altogether. That's how we start moving the needle. Yeah feeling altering the right here at the PEP rally and every go. Get Energy there we are make sure drop your questions and comments below will get more topics here from from Justin Justin you where where are you right now geographically where you located right now right now out in Virginia actually I'm out in a front Royal Virginia. I'm visiting my parents who I haven't seen in six months now. So I. GotTa. It's go get a test for Covid I'm and now parents and it's been a wonderful family reunion after a being apart and you know. I think that with this pandemic. We've all been forced to be a part and it's been tough emotionally financially psychologically it's been tough but one thing that's great about the Flash Action Strategy? It's bringing us together. We may not be together in person, but we're going to beat together virtually online and coming together and being together and I'm so excited about tonight because even though we're all in different locations throughout the country, it's nice to get the physical physical therapy family together for an event like this you're setting me up here with the Radio Segue next issue I'm GonNa toss you want to hear about. Is something that might look something similar to what we're doing on screen here. Telehealth telehealth. Wow. So many changes just in the last few months on the issue of. Now before the pandemic physical therapists, physical therapists assistance couldn't utilize telehealth at least under Medicare they they couldn't it was not reimbursable. We were not authorized providers under Medicare to do telehealth. One of the things that happened this spring is that when the when Congress began a passing emergency legislation and there was the national emergency declared, one of the things that happened was when the public health emergency was declared that gave certain temporary authority to expand the use of telehealth. Under Medicare and again, thanks to all the work that all of our members to contact Congress and CMS to make sure that they included. A physical therapy has one of the services that could be provided via telehealth right now and ever since spring we have been allowed to not only to utilize telehealth under Medicare but we're getting reimbursed just as if it was in person Now that's been great and it's been a it's been critical to not only ensuring patient access but insuring provider access those folks who are out there in the clinics, the facilities making sure that it's again, it's another tool to keep safe and it's something that Medicare beneficiaries have loved. It's really popular now the problem is. Is that it's only temporary when the national emergency is declared over all of these temporary waivers that have been allowed because of the emergency, all of those go away and if that happens, then we go back to how it was back in prior to the pandemic where we don't get paid for Telehealth under Medicare but there's no way that federal government can put this genie back in the bottle I call health has really taken off, and so we need to do is we need to pass legislation that will ensure that physical therapists and physical therapist assistants can continue to deliver services provided via tell to Medicare beneficiaries. Now, we were working on this prior to the pandemic and it. Was Interesting though response from Congress there's a little bit of uncertainty. There are trying to wrap their minds around. Well, how do you do physical therapy via telehealth but because of the national emergency and US undo undergoing what is basically the largest pilot program unexpected pilot program on the use of telehealth nationwide it is amazing the response and thoughts of members of Congress on telehealth. Now, they are seeing the benefits at this has in terms of patient access page providers safety, and really making sure that folks have access to the care that they need, and so we're going to see this issue continue to really move forward. We are hopeful that there's a couple of bills that are floating around. Now, we anticipate a bill in the future to be introduced. Maybe mid to late October, that would do that. Just what we're talking about making permanent, what we currently are allowed to do temporarily under the national emergency, and so it it's critical. We've gotTA keep fighting and keep on working and again when you look at the members of Congress who are fighting for his folks like Senator Schatz of Hawaii Congressman Thompson of California So many again, bipartisan folks that we're talking about who are looking to try to find a policy solution to make telehealth permanent. It's the role of PT Pack and being able to show support for those folks who are fighting for us in Congress. Yeah. I I love that. You're saying gene can put PAT in the bottle. We gotTa make sure that we've gotta make sure that legislation. So I'm going to three. We've got time for one more with you. One more I got it this a virtual PEP rally I. Wish we're on the same room wish we were together, but we're not, but I'm watching the comments and they're exploding this one's the evil villain. This is the mega boss at the end of the video game right here. So I WANNA make sure I see. Fight the cut. In the comments if you hate this one just in. Nine percent. That's all I'm GONNA say nine percent right now just talk to US making cuts during a global pandemic to healthcare is reckless and irresponsible, and it is absolutely insane that this proposal is even being floated. So folks right now, cms is going to make cuts not only to physical therapy, but to thirty five other healthcare providers, Ot speech Dietitians radiologist pathologists, surgeons thirty five different healthcare provider groups are slated for deep cuts on January first physical therapist were slated for a nine percent cut game over man that is. Just that is incredibly insane to do, and so we are been advocating not only to cms to the white. House. To hhs saying you've got to stop this proposal at least Redo it and rework it. So the cuts don't aren't as deep or as broad as as they're thinking but cms just is moving along saying we're going to implement on January first and so the the if this happens, let's just be clear. What's GonNa Happen First of all patient access is going to suffer and the for patients who? Suffer, the are those again in rural and underserved areas When we look at where we're going to be hopefully in January, we're going to hopefully be recovering from this pandemic and physical therapy plays a critical crucial role in the rehabilitation of patients who are getting over Cova. We're seeing this every day folks who have muscle weakness folks who have cardiovascular issues. Physical therapy is the key to the recovery. It is part of the road to recovery, and the idea that physical therapy is GonNa get a nine percent cut. When we're in the middle of a pandemic when we are critical in the recovery of our patients, again is insane but it's also good hurt physical therapy small businesses. You know clinics again in rural and underserved areas are not going to be able to manage this cut and so cms has has been as being pretty stubborn. They're moving forward and so we're turning to Congress. Congress, we've been talking to Congress about this for about a year now saying you know cms has this crazy idea and congress kept on saying well, let's just wait and see if they're really going to do this. Let's wait and see when they an August when they released the proposed twenty twenty one rule there's no way that they can do this. Well, as we saw an early August, they released the rule and indicating that, yeah, they're moving forward with these deep cuts again to thirty five different healthcare provider groups, effective January first, and so now it is time for Congress to intervene to act and prevent these cuts from happening and we are we're working. In coordination and coalition with a different healthcare provider groups were working with with the chiropractors we're working with surgeons we're working with other therapy groups. Asha radiologist pathologist there's very few things in this world that United Healthcare provider community. This is it and so thank you to everyone who's who's out there has shagged fight the cut we're going to stop this we're going to prevail or not going to let this APP. I love that you know what says a lot about our profession we mentioned student loan repayment and we watched the comments students obviously watching this is really aimed at the flash strategy at students, physical therapists and physical therapists. That got a lot of comments we got more on fight to cut because I think they recognized, and that's why those students are in. These professions are on their way is because this will affect vulnerable population. So I think it says a lot about the students watching the students coming up in our profession. Yes. They're concerned about the student loan, but really watched watch these comments explode with fight the cut hashtag fight to cut. That's the thing that is really threatening our profession. All right. Just back I just lost you there for a second ago. Says a lot about the students want to thank you and your team for all the work that you're. Doing a lot of the time I want to give kudos suggested into seem a lot of the time. It's not on camera doing the LEGWORK and. Hitting the street and making relationship with relationships with Abbott advocates and who people who are going to push this profession forward. Justin thanks so much to you and your team for helping us. All right. Let's get hype. Next. Guests a veteran physical therapist. WHO has no problem whatsoever asking you to reach into your pockets for the pack and Gentlemen Say Hello in the comments to PT Pack Trustee The lady in red, jacket? Even Norman. There she is. Are you ready. I think your muted it's twenty twenty. The HASHTAG, the Hashtag for twenty twenty is, in fact, you're still on mute eve how we doing tonight doing. Great. Thanks to me. I was little. I was a little nervous if you weren't wearing a red coat or jacket, I was going to be a little offended but you got that you're sporting right there. Anytime. I talk about the pack I always have this code on. So I can be spotted anywhere even virtually even virtually from around the world. All right. Well, thanks first of all the hustling you and the other trustees and the red jackets do for the pack. Let's talk about the basics I know when I was in school I might have heard about the pack, but maybe I didn't know exactly what it was. When someone asks you what the pack is and how it makes the profession better how do you answer? Yeah, absolutely. Well, first of all, the PT Pack is the sole fundraising arm of the association that provides actually access influence to legislators who can actually champion or issues on a federal level. It helps get support or opposition to legislation that's important to us. It also helps us get our friends of physical therapy reelected. In. Take note that the PT Pack is a federal pack separate from other pack that you may hear about your states and it's also important to note that PT Pack is a separate entity from a Ta that means that abt dues can now be used for your T. PAC donations in we can only accept donations from AP team members, and of course, contributions are voluntary. That's kind of the nutshell. But I think that Nachos those basics as we learn PTA school and PG school you gotta start with the basics. So. What's with the coat then? Let, people know who maybe haven't been to a conference before the students who haven't seen you know face to face something like a CSM. What's the deal with the red coat? So we decided to pick a color that obviously stood out and when you seen individual wearing this coat that means they're pack board of trustee they've been elected by the board of directors to essentially solicit to members across the country to help support our pack, and so that's the renaissance or the Lady Lady in red lot of trustees and read Art Eva. How does the pack explain this for US help? ABT members add value as practitioners and why's that matter? Absolutely so just in of course, just shared with you about various different legislations are so important to the profession but lists even just talk about just these devastating cuts that are about to come hopefully, hopefully will not happen on January first, it's going to be looking pretty doom and gloom. So what these dollars allowed us to do this star since the pandemic started, we have met our lobbyists and. Members across the country have met with had one hundred and seventy-five virtual fundraisers with these dollars and those virtual fundraisers. Those face to face contacts with members of Congress have allowed them to educate them and develop relationships with them. Why is that important to note because when a letter was introduced earlier this year opposing niece cuts eighty to ninety percent of those members who signed we had donated to there. were. These are truly invaluable. Ito. Congress makes laws that are significantly impacting us without these dollars. We cannot get access to them or chance to influence their roach, which, of course, harm our future. So just in a nutshell, we cannot get legislation passed introduced about these dollars. We cannot get letter sign without these dollars. In other words, we cannot move the profession for without these dollars I can't say it any better than that guys these dollars are valuable to the future of your profession I like to highlight were those were those donations go? Because making a donation where you you wanna see that affect you got you got time for for some questions. Students want to know some things and that's good eve is here for. A question from the comments blow on facebook live here. By the way the Hashtag is F s twenty twenty for the next forty eight hours. What ability do we as contributors have to influence PT, pack interests and efforts. How do you have so? My Gosh. So those dollars as I mentioned, allow us you know eat any donation all counts I mean I know times are tough right now for everybody but even just contributing even a small amount magic every member gave twenty dollars, ten dollars, five dollars there's over a hundred, thousand us. I know exactly right. Become Student Star guys today. But with those dollars, we can literally spin time. I have spent nearly forty five minutes with my member of Congress who recently introduced telehealth legislation tell legislation you're. To be covered by all private insurers and I had forty five minutes valuable. That would be prior to him introducing that legislation in think about what that led to in all it took these should be able to develop a relationship like that be able to spend time with him to educate and develop that relationship. So every single person who donates a massive impact Yeah, it's it's important. Jeremy Kamilo wants to know why is it only? Members. Who can donate? What was the rule? What's behind that? What loser laws it? Obviously, we can't change. You know it's it the that's just because we're this the pack belongs to the Associated Essentially entity of the association but is the sole fundraising arm of the Association law stipulate that we can only accept donations from the APEC YEAR AP team members. Excellent. Eva Thank you so much for all that you and the other trustees do and I really really hope that they're going to catch some of your some of your energy right here. And and help us with the PT Pack. So I look forward to when it's safe seeing you in person and all those redcoats. So thank you for all that you do. We'll talk again soon. All right coming in the studio. Now, more physical therapy students one from the Empire State of New York. The other is a cheesehead from Wisconsin, welcome James Novak and Sam Sunder Gentlemen. Veritas. Going very strong introduction guys. Without being awkward so I I'll leave that. It's the virtual PEP rally. So just trying to bring the camp guys welcome to show. Let's start with you. Jane's let's tree like a reevaluation. Let's revisit those goals that Kayla mentioned earlier. It's always it's always good to focus on the things that we're trying to effect change on. So let's review those goals. What are we looking for the audience watching now live or watch listening to or watching a replay of the goals we want them to help us hit. Absolutely, as we know reiterating things so important especially in our profession. So guys listen here big three things with flash action tragedy this year three big goals number one, we need three percents, student participation. What's that look like? Well, we have about thirty thousand. Students combined just that's an average number three percents. Student participation were around nine, hundred, thousand students. I know we can do that, and in fact I think three percent I think that's something we can shoot right at. Number two, number two, we need ten thousand dollars raised and that might sound like a lot. But let's think about that a little bit I, just told you. There's thirty thousand T- PTA students across the country. Okay. Now, any amount donated is good like Eva just said you know we would love to have everyone student stars donate that twenty dollars. But if you can't any donation will help with thirty thousand PT PTA students I have no doubt we're. GonNa Reach Ten K. no doubt whatsoever and last but not least we're looking for two hundred and fifty student stars and to be a student star like we talked about earlier, you have to make twenty dollars donation and now I know that might sound like a bit for a student at first. I want you to think about it like this number one, you get a v. flashy pen as we saw that's your that like oh badge. Very cool. But really the number to the big thing is look you can say i. Am a PC Paxton Star they're going to have you printed on their website and you can say look when my profession needed me most when our backs were against the wall. All right. When we were on the menu, I stood up and I supported them I became a student star half. That's something I. would put on a resume something you can really speak to for being involved in the profession. So those are three big goals. Yeah. Good rewrite. Good. I like how you frame. If you're a student. If you're a student physical therapist students, physical therapist assistant, we hope that you're in this profession for a long time. This is making a twenty dollar donation that right now is really important. It's going to be even more important for the ramifications down the road. So thanks for re racking for the for the goals there. Let's go to Sam let's hear from you. Let's talk tactics. How are you getting students to participate what things are you doing on a on a small level which can have a pretty big effect. Just me personally I, mean the way. The great thing about this is that even though these are things that. I've done to promote the flashback strategy or try to. It's really something that any student can do and had some really started with just e mailing my program emailing students in my program saying, Hey, here's class action strategy. Here's the PT Pack you know kind of getting them educated on on what's going on in our profession right now and encouraging encouraging them to get involved. and also sent an email out to our states Koran Basseterre asking her to get other programs in the state involved as well which you know there is that competitive aspect of the flash action strategy in terms of programming involvement. But some you know we're all in this together. So we all want as many student involvement as much. As we can as we can get And certainly nowadays, it might be a little more difficult to have these face to face interactions with other students but take those opportunities when you can. I think it's a lot more powerful. You know when you can speak face to face with each other and you know advocate for the profession. In you know in the same room as each other and just get each other fired up about fighting for our patients and fine profession. I'm sorry did you say fired up right there? I feel pretty fired up right there. Are mentioned we mentioned what a student star is but but SAM, what does it mean to be students start? The goal here is to get two, hundred and fifty. We got a bunch of people listening and watching right now I would love to know if any of them have made the decision to donate that twenty bucks, I'll donate twenty bucks. I want to hear from people who were saying I will stand up for my profession and I'll donate twenty bucks to be a student star. If you're going to do that, drop it in the comments with the Hash Tag Fa twenty twenty let us know if you're going to be a student star but Sam for you what is being a student star meal Yes James already mentioned, I, mean, it's a way for us to say you know when our backs were kind of against the wall we thought for our profession aiming for us organization a student star Kayla to previously. You know it's a way for us to to recognize your contribution kind of sounds cliche. You know any any you know contribution is as significant and there's no no donation to small, but it really is true. I mean the dollars add up and any any donation that anybody would be willing to to give is extremely important. So again, for the organization, it's a way for us to recognize you and your contribution to us and to your patients for the students. Themselves though it's an easy way to show other people that you're informed and you're and quite literally putting your money where your mouth is. That's again you know when when your profession was facing a challenge, you stood up and you said, you know I'm GonNa, defend our profession and most importantly as the patients are always the center of everything we do you fought for the patients that we're going to be at risk and so to me that's ultimately what being a student star means. That while said guys you guys are both third year students I don't know what you're doing here right now at this virtual pep rally guys, she'd be studying back to get back to books get back to reviewing notes for clinic. Tomorrow. Thank you guys for coming on here and just just sharing a little bit of that energy to make sure students and we're watching the comments kind of go up there. I almost three hundred viewers right now all using that Hashtag fas twenty twenty for the next forty, eight hours. We can amplify our voice I know right now we're virtual. We can see what this tool of telehealth can do. How a virtual flash action strategy can get a lot done. So Hashtag FAA twenty twenty, we're going to drop the Lincoln in the comments as well that you can be a student Star for twenty bucks the goals to fifty I love to blow past that one. What's bring someone back in the studio Lindsay's coming back in the show. There she has. poof. Like magic veteran show that time Lindsey how we doing you've been hanging out backstage with us. Listening. All the comments you've been listening to a reason saying how that make you feel to watch and feel even though they're not in the same room, you're all students in your profession rally around this. I, am seriously you. Background I smile has not left my ace it has been so amazing to see everyone and just talk about it i. know them all personally we've all met before everyone that's then in this this pep rally and just seeing them so passionate makes me so happy and and you're doing a great job you're the host extraordinaire and I just think with this energy. We're we're GONNA, make a difference. I can't tell it all that you're excited. I really wish came through in some way but yeah, it looks like the faces just going to be music. Height. Guy Get hype for the Flash Action. Strategy. Like in what we're seeing in the comments there everybody using that Hashtag fas twenty, twenty this things forty, eight hours it's GonNa go by quick like the clock is going to you know what? We want people to don't put it off till tomorrow we need like the more people get involved with the banner, right? Right. Yes. So I mean it, it did start tonight it started off right now we're getting we're getting for the next two days are the action days we all need to take action we need to educate ourselves. We need to take time in our programs if you're in school right now if you can take five minutes to educate about what the back is and how it's impacting all of us if that's possible. Yeah I. I like that one to one approach. Absolutely, share and reshare any messages from AP TA from a fellow student or clinician about the Flash Action Strategy. But but singling out one colleague or one classmate or one person who can do it that can go a long way. If you know almost three hundred people just watching live here at a Monday night with us that can go a long way as we wrap this virtual PEP rally up. We got we got those aren't Q.. Lindsey. Brought you back on what's what's what's your parting shot as we call it? What's the one thing you want to leave the audience with as though go ahead and really hit the clock for forty eight hours in this flash strategy. What's what's the thing you want in their mind as they go out of here? Well there is there's one thing but then there's also a couple of things but the biggest thing is to really make sure that our future is a priority for all of us because we are the future in with, we don't invest in it right now that is going to be troublesome for our future and so definitely make our profession and our future priority in our lives right now and simple way even if it's not even if it's not donating a dollar or two thousand dollars or two. Hundred dollars is, are you registered to vote? Are you able to vote in this upcoming election and in the and for all of the lawmakers that are not friends? So make sure you are you're registered to vote make sure your neighbors ready to vote make sure everyone's registered to vote and then get out there and actually do it. Yeah. I'm excited what I'm seeing right now live in the comments, but I do not at any point one to take our foot off the gas a lot of hype. But. We don't want to just don't. WanNa. Lose that. So we want to keep this momentum going. So we're letting you know Hashtag F A s twenty, twenty retweeting share, amplify your voices, and as Lindsay saying, this is very, very important We we come together as a profession to make sure ultimately, our our patients are taking care of always amplifier voice. If you're in a PT program, Ask Your Faculty to support you being stars. What if what if you pay then they? Pay Ten right. What if you could do that? What if you could amplify your voice there and again, make sure you're registered to vote on all levels Lindsey thanks so much for this I appreciate you guys and everybody else who's been on the show tonight for taking their time. We'll make sure we drop in the comments, the links to vote and Excuse me to donate will make sure we get you you that. Thank you so much for taking your time to listen. If anything resonated with you. We'd love to see that energy in action by participating as well as using that Hash tag as we mentioned, F a s twenty twenty on all of your platforms on behalf of your. American. Physical Therapy Association. The leading voice in the healthcare industry positive influencers on the physical therapy profession a strong collective force for improving the human experience. Find out more at a PTA dot org slash F A S for your virtual pep rally. I'm physical therapists. Jim. McKay. Thanks for listening. Love the PT Pine Cast Yes yes. 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