How I May Destroy You Became the Show of the Summer


I'm Pooja Patel, and this is the pitchfork. Review. Each episode your favorite pitchfork writers and editors bring you in depth analysis. It could be like a ten minute short film. Explore the best new music like we're all being as we talk about. Revisit. Stitch fork gave it a perfect ten and report on the latest Music News. This song went viral. tiktok won't be this. Is The pitchfork review? Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello and welcome to little Goldman the award season podcast from Vanity Fair. It's such an honors present this next award. The nominees and The group. Goes and I can't deny the fact that you. On the. Mistake. Light. You guys won best picture. I'm Katie rich the deputy editor of Vanity Fair Dot, com and I'm here with our digital director. Cogan Good Morning Katie and joining us again. We have our senior editor Hillary visas. Hello, and joining us get our Hollywood writer Johanna distal Alot Glaspie back. We're missing Richard Lawson this week because he's moving congratulations to Richard on finding an apartment. If you follow him on twitter, it has been quite a journey for him, but he'll be joining us back again soon, and we have a lot to talk about. Although I will also say I went back and listen to a little bit of our episode from this time last year, and we were talking about once upon a time in Hollywood coming out. Out and the Toronto lineup and the catch trailer, and now the fact that like we think we have a lot to talk about now shows you. How much has changed in the last year, but I wanted to start letting Johanna a log roll a little bit for a great story that went online this week. Johanna, you talk to mean the woman who I think is the face, if not the voice of the pandemic Sarah Cooper. trumpetings tell us about talking to Sarah, and actually hearing her real voice which I don't think I ever have yeah I think that was the thing. I was most excited for just to hear her real voice. I feel like a lot of her fans. Don't actually know what she sounds like. which is very surreal, but it was great I did a zoom interview with her A. A few weeks ago now at this point, she was wearing the blazer that she always does for her like that. She always wears for her impressions. She was in the we work where she shoots a lot of her stuff. So I was very like on the scene with her as much as I could be, but she was great. You know she was really really sweet and she. She has memorized so many trump speeches that she has a really interesting psychoanalysis like reading on Him. So it was really interesting to hear what she thinks him from that point of view, can you summarize it for our listeners? I'm well I. Don't think so a little shock you, but she called him sociopaths. She called him evil, but she was. She was talking about how certain things are like harder for him to talk about like whenever he had to talk about loss of life for like try to be sympathetic towards the American, people of the pandemic, he would stumble on his words. He would struggle a lot, and she found that really really interesting, so that was one of the key takeaways. I think she did a shot for shot remake of cats. It would win best picture this. That's my. Cooper yeah. Yeah I don't think it's too late either I think that could happen for this year. I think she could do it. It's funny like if you go far back on her TIKTOK, she does links of other things, but she's completely abandoned that because of trump mania. Beyond excited to see her, do other things. That was something we talked about too is what she wants to do after this 'cause now she's she's got like a whole team. Assembled Hollywood has come calling for her, and she wants to write a show about the pseudo character in that she plays in all her trump videos, which is like this bizarro girl boss, who fails all the way up entrance based? Based on that and I'm I'm really curious about that. Yeah, especially like after you know the stories about the wing and the other like you know quote, Unquote girl bosses of the era I feel like that's even more relevant than playing trump right now like that's something she could play as herself, and like the tone that she striking in those videos with all honor and confidence. I would love to see that. Well to to review the episode. We want to talk about a couple of hyper cancellations. In recent weeks, including tents release until you right film festival as well as he plans for fall festival season, and then we're gonNA. Talk about to me. What seems like the only show on the air? That anyone is talking about right now. Which is I made a story. You pro, sorry. Maybe I may destroy you and also the floor is. Is, lava which will do another episode about Sunday, but first. Let's talk about tenants yesterday as we record this. Warner! Brothers announced. It will be delayed indefinitely. Which I think everyone assumed would happen, but to me felt really depressing anyway, because there was always a sense that like maybe things could be normal again. Somehow I don't know. How did you guys go when you saw? The tenant was delayed other than well. I guess that was inevitable. I don't understand really why. Warner Brothers kept pushing date to a specific release rather than just kind of from the from the start when it was clear, that July seventeenth wasn't going to happen why they didn't just Kinda. Take it off the schedule and say we'll put it back when. Cedars are open again like something a little more ambiguous then you know. Pinning their hopes on specific dates more than once just to see those dashed as the phonetic continued I mean that just seems like. Maybe they had done that. That could've avoided some heartbreak. Well, it's kind of an effort to throw a bone to movie theaters right like no Lynn or wonder explicit bopping like we want to be the first movie back. We want to help theaters recover, and maybe having being like AMC could be like okay. Well, you know by August. We'll be okay and everyone kept like pretend for a little bit longer. Although the power is self-delusion, this era like it might not be as useful as maybe we'd like to think it is just really feels like. All and we're all Charlie Brown. AM, also imagining Nolan has enough clout that he's not gonNA. Himself to be put in limbo, so he he maybe insisting you know if you're gonNA, push it. I want to know the date that it's coming out. which might seem like a good idea until it continually gets bumped? It's funny how? Sometimes I think of Warner as sort of more conservative leaning of the studios, and it's funny how they are the ones in this spot of being so anxious to reopen, and just getting sort of like Hillary said Lucy football again and again. Although I'm not ruling out the possibility that that we're in new timeline where tenant actually came out in one, thousand, nine, hundred five. Google tenants been out all along. It wasn't side of all of us. That is a pet theory. The Hollywood executive Jeff Giles. That tenant does not exist at all that it is just a marketing campaign. Nobody will ever see it. Everybody who's. Allegedly in the cast is in on the conspiracy. And the rest of us are just. Being Strung on until the end of time. It's like the perfect role for our repentance in weird. I don't know I. Think. Every studio is going. Be Put in this position where like it comes time for their big movie and they're gonNA. Come to the realization that they can't have a domestic release I mean one thing about tenant that I find interesting too, is that? Some sources are saying that it might release overseas like it might start releasing other countries, although I don't really see that happening just because of the possibility of the movie being ripped and put online, but I don't know I find that really interesting prospect too is. Reinventing their release schedule the release rollout in this way it's. It's hard to believe that there could be a time when movies been in countries besides the US new K.. I and we get leftovers. After other places after other markets have already seen I, mean I don't know that. Does that kind of feel like the late last nail in the coffin of American exceptionalism? We deserve it. Teach us a lesson. We don't deserve tenant and as such. It'll probably happen in about three weeks. I mean it's very clear that American does not deserve tenant at this point but I. Think you're right Johanna that like if they released ten in China or some, even like Spain or somewhere where the cases are much better it will just immediately be online, and like Nolan fans are the people who you can imagine you know illegally downloading a movie, but also like the financials are so of mind boggling like how does Warner Brothers make any money so it worth it to like get one hundred million dollars from overseas, rather than the nothing of waiting until twenty, twenty, one or the March. Decreased turns that they would get if they released it on demand, which I guess just financially is financially feasible, even though don't you feel like every person with a pulse in the US would want to see this movie if it were released on demand. I I know they would make as much money as they put it out and the traditional theaters during its using a traditional released, but I've got to imagine it would be a bonanza i. feel like it would make a lot of money, but I feel like that. Christopher Nolan thinking about somebody watching this movie on their iphone is. So powerful that weren't relatives won't do it out of fear. You'll. Die, it'd be so sad. Yeah I wonder if like a quiet place part two is the movie does because I. Don't think since trolls. There's been like a big movie. That's open directly. To. Scoop the such. A tent pole released this summer. I feel like trolls really went for in a lot of other people have been more hesitant, but you know I'm looking at box office. Mojo, for whatever it's worth scheduling. The conjuring three is scheduled for September right now like that's maybe something that they'd put on demand Tenet. outlier for one behind it and being as big as it is. Maybe move on I. Don't know I don't know who would be close to considering that kind of on-demand release. It requires a family friendly movie, too. I think that was one of the things that helped trolls. The Lot was parents across the nation were like. Yes, we'll. We'll watch whatever our kids, WANNA. Watch right now, and we'll. TWEET! Desperate in April, but let me tell you. Hi I'm Jay Patel Editor in chief of PITCHFORK. And this is the pitchfork review. It's a podcast for music obsessed it's. After and the music curious. Why do we listen to music each episode? Your favorite pitchfork writers and editors bring you in depth analysis. It could be like a ten minute short film with how specific he gets. Explore the best new music like we're all being as we. Revisit old classic. Gave it a perfect ten and report on the latest. Music News. This song went viral on Tiktok. WHAT BE THE PITCHFORK? Review drops every Friday at midnight, starting on July ten tune then and in the meantime subscribe on Apple, podcasts, spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts, listen to the pitchfork review and hear music differently. Okay, so speaking of cancellations, which is the summer that we are in? It was about a week ago that the tyrod Film Festival announced that they would not happen at all. which is something I, think was somewhat expected, but in the meantime the Toronto Film Festival is kind of powering forward they announced today that the opening film will be a spike Lee's film of David Byrne's American Utopia, a Broadway show, which honestly sounds great and something. something. I would love to watch and they sent an email to press kind of explaining that all the presidents will be remote. Know what you plan to Travel Toronto which if you're in America, you can't Hillary or Johanna or Mike watching the festival season kind of try to exist at all. Do you guys? Is there a way that it can succeed or is everyone just kind of trying to salvage the best that they hand? And move on. I mean I. Think both. It can succeed at Salvaging as best Ken. How I view it, you know it's obviously going to be different year. There's going to be fewer movies. You know I've been saying this for a long time I. Feel like there is an opportunity for movies that might not otherwise get that much attention to get attention and be heralded. In a year, where basically palm springs and defy gloves are like the two movies that I can think of that came out. That were good. You know there's room for like something. That would otherwise maybe be overshadowed by ten or whatever I think, it'll be really interesting I think that. The technologies and practices that are being developed now are going to continue to be in place I think it'd be really interesting for the festivals to think as they're doing all this you know. How can we create something that going forward makes the festival more inclusive and more publicly, interesting and compelling, and then you know I think the Hollywood community, such as it is has to just think about ways to continue to do its work while being sensitive to the fact that there are more. More important things happening right now than film festivals, or or when we get around to like the Emmys in the Oscars than those things, but that people still want to have those things. People still want to watch live. People still want to watch sports so I. Don't know it's GonNa be it's GonNa. Be Interesting, super, different, lower volume of stuff coming out, which which is not the worst thing to be nice to kind of spend a little more time with a fewer number of films, just as a viewer, maybe this year and give some more attention to things that might otherwise overlooked. And I do wonder also fat. The pared-down aspects of it will mean that there's there are fewer opportunities for the that do come out to kind of fall that meeting victim to is the wrong word, but to become kind of overblown or overage over buzzed because I think that feeling of watching something in your home is obviously very different from something in a movie theater packed with celebrities, and that's packed with media people that's packed with people who are really really eager to make a movie into an event in thing, and you know, maybe that means that we get fewer. This is not a not a telluride or Toronto, but maybe that means that we will get fewer things like Parkersburg nation, which was this enormous sundance sensation, and then not not only because of the background of rooms, but the film also I. Think was reconsidered in light the harsh light of day after the festival and people kind of. Were a lot less hot on it than they had been. Because of the movie is construction it script and everything and so I don't know. Maybe maybe that's kind of a good thing for these movies that the things that persist are going to be. Things maybe of more merit and less buzzy, because of the circumstances under which they premiered. I'd imagine that if the festival fever goes away. That's not a great thing. If you're a PR professional in Hollywood, but yeah, it could definitely change I mean literally in Sundance. They talk about the high altitude and I. Think it's real. You know you're a little lightheaded like hung over from whatever or drunk. and. You know. How are you gonNA be at home. It's different I. do think it's obvious, BUT TORONTO NEEDS TO MAKE A. SMART TV APP that you can get on your Roku and on your apple. TV like. This cannot be watching stuff on your laptop. I just don't think that that's A. We believe that that could be a make or break thing on whether this is kind of cool new thing or whether it's total. Yeah. I mean I think about the festival fever. Thing that like I. Don't know maybe I'm too much of a PR person at heart lake I think about seeing. I Tanya Toronto which I don't like John like the era defining masterpiece, but I had a lot of fun watching it. It was like really fun to watch the premiere. That's can the engine that powered Alison Giannis run for supporting actress. And then what like a year later? The same thing for if Beale street could talk, which is a really quiet? Thoughtful movie I think the kind of movie that you really can engage with at home, but like the buzz out of that is what Got Regina King. Husker like those systems really work and having to rebuild it from scratch. This year is going to be really fascinating to watch. but I think the fact that that won't exist. This year is why you've seen the tip line that we have so far. You're not getting a lot of like hardcore awards. Hopefuls I think all of them are going to wait. Until January or February probably like they're gonNA have to reinvent a system for themselves because I think if you have a movie that you have hoped for, but it doesn't can't feed off the energy of screening like that then what's the point of debut? And at that early, which is a really interesting look at the tiff lineup and I think some titles that might not get attention otherwise we'll show up, but I think you'll lose that kind of engine that fuels award season from any of these fall festivals that are still happening. I mean I would argue that movie that can buy attention right now is. A great movie. Deserves all the praise it gets. So the Guard for best picture is what you're saying. Gene! Well one thing I think is interesting, too. Is telluride is to release the list of the movies that they were going to put up right? That's something that they announced. I feel like I've seen rumors about that, but that's holy possible. Well I just wonder like if the PR folks, who are you know figuring out how they're going to create new narratives wolf, find a way to turn that into a narrative like look. It was going to be a selection. It was designated as a chosen film by this group of people. Maybe that'll be half buzz like I'm interested in seeing like how people will try to build that buzz anyway. I think can released. What would have been its lineup? A partial can't lineup was announced even though the festival didn't happen. But I do think it's a really good point the. Festival fever is kind of a an excess of a thing that's really really important and good about festivals, which is that a community of people get together and watch movies and of decide in real time, which ones they're excited about right, and then, and then convey that to the world through social media and traditional media, and so trying to think about what is the. What's the social aspect of whatever viewing? Mechanism there is I think is worth really really thinking about I mean something that will definitely not be the case this year but I found super interesting is I got an oculus quest, which is Vr headset and you can play games on it and do weird stuff on it, and partly just interested as the digital person at Vanity Fair. At what point will this become a technology that we can use but one of the things that is in it that you can do is go to a virtual movie theater. And Talk to other real people who are sitting in virtual seats near you and it's a totally immersive, three hundred and sixty degree I. Mean you look around and you're like in a movie theater and everyone basically is looking around going. This is weird. The Internet is Super Weird. The screen was like something from the Monterey. Aquarium of like of like jellyfish, so it's just obviously just proof of concept, but you can imagine a world. These things cost three, hundred, three, hundred and fifty dollars or something. You can imagine a world where you know. In the next few years, Hollywood studios could send to knock device to every voter and say like. Why don't you come to a virtual screening? There's there technologies really reaching a very very interesting crazy place. More boringly, you know they should just think about how to incentivize people to share their thoughts on on social media, and maybe have an opportunity to chat before, and after obviously, the studios are doing things where they're having remote cast interviews and things like that, but you don't WanNa. Lose that feeling of a community and even that sense of exclusivity as annoying as it is to the outside. World is also part of what gets people excited to share. What they've learned and build buzz on behalf of the studio. So I think it's going to be really interesting to see how the technology driven behaviors evolve because of this giant restraint of the pandemic. Who Whoever wants up cracking virtual premieres and figures out a way to do them so that they are exciting and glamorous, and you know something that you wanna participate in. That's going to be really huge because they're certainly they're certainly reason to continue employing those even after the world goes back to normal I. Don't have any what around me that I can knock on so hate maybe just to the world to never return to normal but yeah the the handful of virtual. Premiere events that is quote. Unquote attended have just been I. Don't know there's such a bummer like. Did anything like this. Is it like it's just? It's like this zoom. Call that we're on right now except. There is like a star in Lega fancy dress in. Are Stars and fancy dresses at a couple of the cubes and I mean there's there's a voyeuristic thriller getting to look inside. It was love at his house. I guess, but it's just sad. It's halting because you can't talk over each other. The temp. Jobs right and they have sent like publicity packages to a into some of the. People who are attending, so it's like everybody can raise their saying promotional soap, years or glasses at the same time but lake. It bounced me out I. Don't know if there's a way to make the not Obama or maybe maybe it's Goofy oculus headsets. Maybe everybody's wearing them on top of their fancy dresses. Have you also been bummed out by zoom premieres? I have actually wrote a piece about this 'cause I went I went to heavy quotes to the snow piercer premier, and it's just not the same. It's exactly what Hillary described. You're just looking at a really beautifully. Put together. You know live zoom. There's lots of effort and clearly lots of money being spent on it, and sometimes a really nice things being sent in the mail lock of Free Booze. Lots and lots and lots of free booze, but yeah it just. On this. Hey, That, but yeah, it's just. It doesn't capture the feeling in the same way. The Electricity of at all and it can't capture the feeling the same way. Obviously, so I don't know. Maybe there's a way to not. Not Be trying to recreate the feeling of being the live. Your just make it into something else entirely and i. have no idea that life. I do wonder though if it's like if it's the French, dispatch Sanderson movie that everyone's excited to see. It's got a huge Hass obviously, and so there's there's an excitement to see the movie itself that fence the Snow Pierce heard a little bit different like I. Wonder if like. If you're on a zoom for thirty minutes before the movie starts, and you get to see whoever's you know, get to see Timothy. Schulman has beautiful quarantine hair. In the movie stars and you can like side chat with your friends. I mean obviously folks on the movie I wonder. If you know the movies, it usually would be it. A fall festival will carry some of that excitement to make. You want to put up with another zoom after your zooms. Are they making small groups? Because that's that seems to me to be what the key thing would be. It's like it's like going to an old. Awards, dinner and you'd have a star at each table. So. It's kind of like when I taught this. Class this summer one of the things. If you had a discussion on zoom, you can create breakout rooms and just put everybody in smaller groups, and then they can actually have a discussion right, so you can imagine having okay at the beginning like hey, everybody like quick remarks. There's two hundred people on this call, and then it's like all right. We're going to create twenty or thirty rooms and stars are going to kind of visit the various rooms to talk to people. Then then you're at least starting to get something that's bordering on interesting, and you can actually talk. You know but like you said Hillary. If there's one hundred people on a call, it's just like. You know we've been on those calls. It's a little. It's a little difficult. I love the idea of like a like an awards dinner. You know those lunches. One token celebrity at your table and they get like harassed by everyone else in the zoo. I mean it's a lot. Less work for them. They don't have to Blake. Show up in person somewhere, but I can really see that that off I'm sure all the stars really miss those events. The Great. They don't have to take selfies with anyone. Oh no the. Zoom screen shots replacing fees. Let me. Is. Events because the stars. Love Validation I. Don't know if you've. Noticed this. About what are you talking about? Huge true. I mean. Have you guys done like Netflix's party or any of the other like watch something live with other people like just on your own. I have not really done anything like that I've watched some of the zoom specials happen, but the idea of like scheduling and events at a time to I'll watch something together I haven't gotten into, but it does feel like that has at least gotten more common lately and a festival could kind of adopt that. I have a couple of times at once using the net flex party chrome plug in, and once just by US pressing play different places at the same time, and you like what's APP during the movie and it's fun I mean it is? It's obviously not the same as being in the room and watching together, but there are ways in which it's better because you're not talking, so you can pay a little closer attention to what you're actually watching. Your texting during which is what I would be doing when I was watching something on TV anyway, so we have reminds me of how we all watched the Oscars for the past ten years. Right Oh. You're right very being a war room of fair on slack. Novi seeking loud. All right well, speaking of things that we're all watching at home whether or not with our friends. I said in the beginning of the show. It feels like Michaela Kohl's I may destroy you. The breakout show of the summer. You guys can tell me if I'm overlooking something, but it's the this. The one show that I see people might twitter feed being like Oh. My God I cannot wait for whenever the next episode is going to drop and Johanna you have been like extremely on the I may deter you beat which I really appreciate because after every episode I'm like what who is. Johanna interviewed about this So do you want to just I know? Do you want to explain why the show has been such a breakout? Yeah. So mechanical came out on the scene with her show. A couple years back, and it was much more of a traditional comedy, but it towards. And she got the deal to do destroy, and she talked about like what it was going to be about a couple of years ago in her McTaggart lecture inspired by her real life, she was writing. The second season of chewing gum went out with some friends. Her drink got spiked and she was raped and she. Went through reported. It tried to right through it and all that and so the show is kind of. Like a Meta story, it's bits based on a writer who's writing a second book who also gets assaulted and is trying to process the events of what happened and seeing the many ways in which trauma manifests in her life and in her work, and it's not originally. I thought it going to be like a drama, maybe like it is, but it's way more of a drama. It's incredibly incredibly intense, but it's just. It's so good and attack kind of slow burn. I was talking about this Hillary night. We're talking about this a while. Back I feel like when it first came out. I think it was kind of slow to catch up with American audiences. It's also like staggered. We're getting way later than British. Audiences are getting it, but yeah, but now that American audiences are like were a little more than halfway through the season. It's yeah like you said the only show people talk about right. It's really amazing. And Hillary you I think. God came onto it late. Because Honda was recommending it. I did I've gotta say I was slow at to start watching. It I was reluctant because I knew the bare bones. I knew it was about. Knew that it was about trauma and I was honestly. This is a running theme of my commentary. Today I was like I. Don't know if I can handle that right now. I. Don't know if I. Have Space in my brain for something more complicated than the floor is lava. Thank you for validating my love of the floors. Coming next week and Whether, they should have used the pizza paddle to consider. So yeah I avoided it for a while because I was worried that it would just be too much of a for me on, and it is heavy and not going to say that it isn't but I'm so glad that I started watching it, because had he has it is is also just so so well made so such great characters, such great dialogue. It feels so real. Um, it's not exaggerated in a way that I feel like a shows about similar. There's there's not is taking place in a heightened universe, basically taking place in our world, which I appreciate, and it just is so kind of laser focused on these issues without being. Cheer after school `specially or I I just think that it Scott. It strikes a really great balance met when it is funny. It's very funny and I do feel like it's not a show that I at least could binge because after episode I feel like I kind of just have to take a few deep breaths, and then you know, get a pallet cleanser. But yes. I recommend it. I would also love to talk about it with everybody. I feel like that's also part of why it was a sober and like I'm a huge Michaela. Coal Fan could not wait for this got a bunch of the screeners watch the first two episodes, and then I was just like okay. I need to give the show a couple of days, or maybe a couple of weeks, and like I think about it, and then return to it because yeah, the heavy parts are very heavy and I think that speaks to. Why maybe some folks were slower to view because they had that hesitation, or they had the experience with the first episode, and they wanted to give it some more time to sink in a little bit more. As you keep washing it, also you. The world starts to get filled out a little bit more. It's not just a show about mechanical, and or about her character, and about this particular salt. It's also about her friends. It's also about their acquaintances, also about all these experiences that they have that all of 'em start flashing back to rethinking and wondering whether what they thought happened isn't really what happened. There's this twisty line element to it. And yet? It's a lot more complex than the log line might make it seem. Yeah? The first episodes kind of made me feel like it was gonna be like a detective show almost like she has this night out in the first episode much just that whole entire night out, and then she's trying to piece together what happened and she's having these flashbacks and she's trying to hunt down this woman who was out with her I am a little puzzled by how. How it has late. There's a lot of characters in the first two episodes who basically don't come back again. And maybe they come back in the end and in the third episode re-lead pivots, and it goes. It's as flashback entirely in Italy. Were we see her? In the beginning of the first episode? As you're saying Hillary those kind of twisty timeline, stuff for a while, I. I was like hang on I. Don't feel to show that. I was going to watch I. don't care that much about this guy in Italy that really revealed what the show was doing. It's you know it's saying here's two episodes. Give you what you think you're getting. You think this is fun young. Hang Out, show, with like maize and drama to it, but we're going to. To do a lot of different stuff, and by the time I think it gets that is episode six the one where it's flashing back to when they were in high school introducing this character Feo who becomes important and by then I think you're like. Wow, th. There's not really a boundary to at the show can be about which is really exciting to watch any series Like I didn't Chewing Chewing Gums Michaela Cole I knew of her, but this is the first her work. I've seen so being like all right person who is new to me like? Where are you gonNa take me and. Seven episodes and I still don't really know where it's going. Which is really exciting? Wait stay with me here. What if I may destroy you is tenant. Is Robert Pattinson nine spoiler oh way. People in the UK. No! But, yes, this is the twisting. Christopher Molin asks drama that you've been looking for if you can't. Put that on your. Christmas watching the show and he's taking notes on the time, okay? God, who wouldn't want that I'm just gonNA. Say I'm loving this conversation because I'm one of the people who watched the first episode was and was like Oh, my God much and was scared off so now I'm going to go back and give it more more time. Yeah, I mean. It's also twelve episodes, so she really which I was shocked because I feel like I'm so used to British shows being half hour six episodes in and out were done. But it's told episodes, and she really makes the most of it, and we really do get to learn so much more about the other characters like Hillary was saying her best friends Terry and who are. Really Fun and funny to be around, but are also dealing with their own issues of you know past experience with past experiences with sexual trauma consent, and she really dives deep into all of that. And also Arabella on Kayla character is a really interesting. Figure as well because she is not. She's not kind of what you would necessarily expect. She's not just like funny. Smart woman gets assaulted like we watch her deal with the trauma like she's very complicated. She's kind of an asshole a lot of the time. She makes a lot of bad decisions. She's actually it seems more of an anti hero or than you think she's going to be at the beginning also gives the show another layer. So, yeah, it's It's definitely kind of if Russian doll weren't already the name of show than maybe. For destroying yeah. Hillary as an editor watching. To turn her draft. You want to slam her head against a wall. I find that very stressful. Yes speaking of. The show that I watch right now. Is The ball type in that just ended as well? Speaking of Russian Doll Johanna. You've been interviewing. CALICO think you've interviewed. The other Co Stars as well and mechanical specifically reference Russian daughter shoes inspired by that writing this show, yeah, she She watched it when it came out, and she I mean, she was so a few sive when she was telling me about it. She's a huge fan of it and she was saying that she actually doesn't remember. If the idea in I may destroy you to have like the flashbacks in the back and forth. She doesn't remember if that was her own idea, or if she came to that conclusion after watching Russian doll, she also loved it so much that she deemed Natasha. Natasha Leone poem a Seventeenth Century Poem by George Herbert called the flower which makes me feel like. An interesting at all like I wa-. Seventeenth Century. Poems like through But yeah, she continues. To write this show, and also read seventeenth century poetry, and the like we all challenge our brains to to get to Michaela goals level right? Yeah, yes, she she really really loved that show, and had a huge influence on her, and in the piece I'm Vanity Fair Dot Com. Now you can read about all the other things that influenced her. She also really liked Jordan Peele us, she she also reached out to him. She said she definitely scared him and I was like I. Think it's threshold for fear. Is Super Super High valid. And then like just a bunch of different movies I don't know she just she. She drew from a lot of a lot of different things, and she put them all together in this way that I find really interesting. Have you watched all of the episodes and they're all available for press. Yes, I! have an I'm I some things you said I want to blurt things out, but I'm. But everything is done with intention is the thing that I was really impressed by, but I won't say anything else like even though it seems like it's jumping all over the place in the beginning and all its six landing, you might say yeah, yeah, and I guess our British. Are British listeners hello hello? Go saying. Only. British people greet each other, but yeah, but it's all the episodes are out in the UK, so there are spoilers Galore on the Internet just fyi, but yeah it it. It's six point them. Well. That doesn't for this week's episode next week. The Emmy nominations are coming out so we will be on to talk about them as a right after they happen unfortunately I mean degrees eligible yet this year, so we'll have to wait for that. In the meantime finest Vanity Fair Dot Com. You can find new Hana's pieces on. That may destroy you and Sarah Cooper and you know. The rest of us are up to stuff, too, but you. Honey really got the the spotlight on this week's content congratulate. You can find us on twitter at Little Goldman where we love to hear from you and we are on twitter on our own Katie rich and Mike Mike Underscore Hogan and Hillary Hill Buster and Johanna. Johanna Desta. This week's episode was edited and produced by Fuchs and this week's award for the most topical hot take of July Two thousand twenty goes to hillary basis. What if I may destroy? You is tenant.

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