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Today is Friday October 16th. This is Cowboys beat clns. Median. I'm already temkin. We joined by my co-host Patrick on here momentarily. We're also going to be joined today by quarterback Guru when I good friends Mark Schofield from USA Today in touch down wire great insights in the quarterback position to what the Cowboys are now staring down without Dak Prescott in the reality of the Andy Dalton situation Mark Schofield join the podcast and we've got a lot with you today. Obviously as we are reacting to the deck Prescott injury and then projecting out. What is the season now look like and and what are the expectations how much have they changed and shifted and what is the future of the quarterback position? I'll look like for the Dallas Cowboys. There's obviously a lot of questions left be answered when it comes to the Cowboys moving forward. 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If you have tell your friends tell your relative's If tell everybody go subscribe because once I get to a thousand subscribers, I'm giving away everything including the awesome jacket the Dallas Cowboys shirts cops Koozies. You name it? It's all going out the door. I'm going to ship it back right to you. If you like to see any of this gear go to my YouTube page and check out some of my videos where you'll see some of this gear that I'm talking about. Once again youtube.com off Sports subscribe to page subscribe to the page and once I hit to a thousand, I'm given all away. Are you can follow me on Twitter at r e Sports. Just like you did pay jri Sports my man Patrick off on at pet Sports guy Patrick anything happened in the game Sunday against the Giants miraculous comeback for the second one so long now instead wait. Oh, what about Jason Garrett, right, you know, so I got the second win against the team. Out of win so it's like it's like I want to be exciting cuz they have two wins in their first in the division. But then I look at the two teams. They beat or combined Dylan penso. It's hard for me to be too excited. So yes, but also like I think we've learned after five games. This team is a isn't good. If this team is a has a bad defense a worse issue with turning the football over and a pretty good offense pretty explicit buffets. Like that's if you took a bad defense and you turned the ball over too much or - 8 in the turnover differential like you're going to be that you're going to be two and three at only be teams that are winless and even like the Giants games a great example because on the post game show. You've got people calling in and they're like, they gave Thirty Four Points to a bad Giants teams. Like they did Dak Prescott had a pick-six an adult had fumbled the football on a snap inside the Giants Red Zone. They get up to 100 points to the Giants. They all right. I had this argument with somebody. Okay? Okay. So you're going to say they didn't give up 34 points to give up 27 because of the pick-six rep twenty-twenty because the adults had fiber was inside the Giants RedZone also, so that's like your sports reports even gave it up right? There was like a yards. Okay. Okay, do you say That the offense called 37 points in the scheme because they didn't because the defense scored seven seven. Nobody makes that argument but it's like they they they want to defend this defense because a the office is turned the ball over 11 times this year. They've only created three right? It's it's a conversation filled with fifty-nine. They're being outscored after Trevor's fifteen thousand and two ten. Yeah. No, it's bad. Don't get me wrong. It is terrible to 10 is the I get your point. Your point is well stated and it's a good point in this game, especially if she did actually one creditor over and actually score up that turnover which is like that's that happens once every four years. That's like a presidential election for the Cowboys, right? Here's the Let me go. Oh that's good. So my problem here at this team and I don't want to poo poo desime after a win, right but let's be realistic. This is a bad wage. Yeah. This is a bad football team. I just lost their Star Quarterback the guy that they expected to carry this team. And now you're going through the Andy Dalton, where's the gameplay completely changes? You know, they've got to rely on more and throwing the ball down the field from the pocket, you know, they don't have Dax ability to get outside. So they need better pass protection and kind of start running the ball more often. Here's the thing. The defense has got to do something for them. Okay, obviously the office got a quick turnover the ball, especially the red but the deepest got to give them some so they can run the that that's the big thing. I mean people are like, well they got along better while I agree. They haven't really had a chance to totally no, you're right. I okay. So let's start there then because like, where are you on this thing out for the 2020 season for the Cowboys are you part of like just tank and I don't care about watching this team the rest of the season or the success that they have or you like wait and see like let's let's see what this thing looks like, you know, I'm at the point, you know, and it's funny that you brought that up because I I so I tweeted out a pole on my Twitter account. Yes. I saw this, this is awesome 31.2% off. People who responded to this poll were on team tank. I don't know. It was like how how many people was it? It was like, yep. So so looking at it. I'm not a team tank that. You know, I'm I'm sorry, Jeff Cavanaugh not with you on teen tank. But because I look at it this way type is bad as this team is I don't think they're bad enough to get no internet top five. I mean not going to Out Tank a New York Jets football team. They're not going to have take some of those other teams like a Cincinnati Bengals who I think knows better, but they're not giving their quarterback NFL but so I'm on the on the side of let's let's see what happens. You know, you get a Randy Gregory back next week, you know late Vander. I should probably probably this week. Yeah interesting back, you know, it's interesting cuz you look at the same. There's two or three. Yes, that's bad, but they're in first place. But if you look at their reserved injured list, they can make a starting lineups from those guys wage. That's how bad it's been freaked out. Yeah. I just both tackles and you're starting quarterback and they're all all pro level guys. Yes, and then I mean, hopefully you get your dog a bath obviously Anthony Brown. He showed his his ability. I mean, he's worried that one touchdown. I mean look at some of the Cameron Erving comes back to help you out a little bit at one of your tackle spots, you know, so I I think when they get him back that helps a lot, you know, but the the things that I want people to kind of relax on is is what people were saying. Well the defense looked a lot better than this week. Okay, you gave up 34 points to a team that the scores a log 28.39 going into this. I'm not excited about that. Yeah, the defense look a little bit better generally looked a little bit but they didn't look a lot better than this game quiet. I just want to tap the brakes a little bit because this is a bad football team. Now if you can come out and they give you that kind of effort to get there as Zona we start talking because there is always a high-powered offense. yeah, no, and by the way, I totally agree with you like it's just I just don't think it's a great way to live as a fan where it's like, okay, it's early October. Let's give up on the season already. Like I just I get the idea of either you win a championship or you know, go for the highest peak, but it's it's it's like I just don't want to live in that world as a fan like I don't want to have to in October like be like the Giants like well my seasons over let's start looking at a draft picks. Like I just and I also think to your point like this teams too. Good in the league is too bad. Like there are three three winless tears five weeks in three know about right Atlanta to New York, New York. I think that's it. But like that's that's funny to see both New York's and I couldn't I couldn't to call down with Adam gase Truman Show like, yeah. So so yeah, we're on the topic of that. I think there's more to life or I think it's it's the wrong mentality to go in a season with championship or highest draft pick you can get I think that's the wrong mentality because obviously yep. First year under Mike McCarthy, you've got to establish and things in the season he needs to see where this team that he needs to see the progression. So he knows where to address this team come the offseason. I think we all should know middle of the defense just straight up the middle of the totally that's a big thing offensively maybe figure out left left tackle left or right tackle loss. They need to figure out, number government. They need to figure out who's center-right Connor who Connor McGovern I played one snap. But like I figure out him they gotta figure Connor Williams is Connor Williams better left Gardens. You better as your swing Tech. I think people are a little harsh on counter Williams, but I mean, I think he does a great job, but I wonder if he would be better served playing right tackle. So, okay, so Can this team win the division? Should this team should this team win the division? Could that yes should yes, I'm using this division. This term is an adult in the best quarterback in this division. You know, no no, I don't think so. I think he's he's in Carson Wentz at the best. I still I believe in Carson Wentz and I know that's probably not the right thing to say on a tablet has been podcast but I don't think he's a really good player and against Pittsburgh. He looks really good. I mean, he still has you still has issues. He's still Running Scared in the pocket, you know, you know, I'm getting out, you know, that's one of the things he bails on a clean pocket sometimes, you know, he's you know, he's still got that deer-in-the-headlights. Looks like I still think he's a capable quarterback do I think he's capable of taking very far know because I feel like I've always felt he's a good quarterback with injuries. Yeah. No, I think you're right. At least until we see any adult play, you know? Okay, so we agree they could probably win the division. They probably should win the division and they probably still have 1/2 best quarterback in this division, which is crazy. How what's their ceiling? Is there ceiling less than what it was with does this team still have Championship aspirations. Did it ever have Championship aspirations home? I mean, I think the aspirations are always there was this how realistic was it? And I still think that with deck. Yes, and even with with Dalton and I'm not saying that Dalton is anywhere near the quarterback that that attack is but here's the thing Dalton was good in Cincinnati. And he's in a situation here in Dallas where he's got better weapons and he's ever had in his career. That's not the crap on it AJ Green. That's not the crap on a Joe Mixon it running with the fact is equally he's got the best Trio of wide receivers in the league Michael Gallup one of the best deep-ball receivers in the leave. I mean we saw how good is he? Holy cow. I mean, you said you saw with him and and I you know, I know in in with Gallup, the one thing I need him to work on is I need them to get further inside when you're running those cuz he's not getting this quarterback any room for error on those throws, but you know, but but outside of that, I mean CB lamb that shot. He took catching the ball over the middle of the middle. Yeah, you know, I mean, I thought that Pat that captured one by Mari when they set up the long-throw to Michael Gallup, so I mean, he's got weapons all over the place. So I feel like he's still he's still capable of it and given this division wage. I don't see any reason to lower my expectations that much just because Dax out even though I do think it is a downgrade going to end. Well, yeah, I I agree with you. I think it's like let's just see, you know, like let's just see what this team looks like. Let's see how you know, they have a week in a day, you know, get the extra time to get ready for this game. Like let's see how much different they look wage. And because I do think you know, it's like you change some things schematically in all of a sudden you've changed a lot of things about the team, you know, and so I'm just of the approach where it's like let's just wait and see what this thing looks like before we make these declarations about what this team can and cannot do you also have a quarterback and and adult and it's never won a playoff game. It's not like a great playoff games that has everything to prove. You know that capacity and before I hit the Mark Schofield who's going to give us a good break down a quarterback play and and I I'm excited to have Mark on The first round of the NFL draft or the Cowboys going 20-21. What's your number one priority in where is quarterback in that? Herb exercising in my top three really? I don't I don't think quarterbacks an issue. I think that's going to be back. I mean, I think you'll be back. Yeah, go ahead sir. I was just saying the joke all the time that you know, this team is probably if they win it they're going to go away from that. No, they're not. I don't think they will. You know, I think cooler heads will prevail and they they'll either they need that Prescott franchise tag long-term deal. I think you get stagnant. So so that's why I'm saying, I agree completely. I think that press got the starting quarterback of the Cowboys 20-21 on the franchise tag office, which means They probably should think about quarterback in the first round. They should here's here's to know where you're drafting. What quarterback can you get because if you're not drafting in the top ten am right in the deck Prescott, you can't expect to happen twice or Cowboys fans will because Romo is undrafted and and I mean, but you're right. It's just not a realistic wage your highest likelihood. Just go back to the draft history like most the starting quarterbacks in the NFL are first-round picks and most of them are first overall picks or top five picks. Yeah. It's it's the exception of I agree and trailing. I haven't done a huge Deep dive in the draft yet. And I'm this is part of the reason. I want to get Mark Schofield onto I think Trey Lance might be the best quarterback in this draft more so than Trevor but um, um, Those three Lance fields and Trevor are going to be gone at first five picks, or at least the topic Sam ehlinger. No. He's gotta be able to complete passes out a field right at some point at some point. Yeah, $20 down the field Nazi grid gets Oklahoma's open 11:00 Mark Schofield coming up next month for you to Mark Schofield. As you know, there's only one beer the Dallas Cowboys most teams of two Cowboys. They have one. It's Miller Lite Miller Lite is the only beer of the Dallas Cowboys and as the original lights near Miller Light has always been there to bring together through Miller time whether you're toasting of friends near or far Great Taste is always close by and right now enjoying a Miller Lite with friends looks different for everyone but staying connected is just as important. So cheers to the only beer of the Cowboys celebrating 60 years of greatness. Here's the original light beer, it's Miller time and well, I guess we're all enjoying Miller Lite while enjoying the Cowboys a little bit differently than we're used to at this point in time. Right? 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And again, if you want to win awesome ABS light and cowboys gear which has the 65th anniversary emblem on hats and shirts and jackets. You want to win those go subscribe my YouTube page. That's it. So I gotta do you do that. You're automatically registered home to win all this great stuff courtesy of Miller Lite the only beer of the Dallas Cowboys. We're please rejoin on Cowboys Beats by Mark Schofield to touch down wire part of USA Today and Thursday. Let's start with Mark you specialize in evaluating the quarterback position. So let's start with Andy Dalton and give me your 2020 evaluation of Andy Dalton. Where is he off quarterback hierarchy and how much of a drop-off is between he and Dak Prescott. Well, I'm sure you guys I won't even give you the choice. I'll do the good news first the good news here for Cowboys packages that he still might like now, I'll be the best quarterback in the NFC East partly a reflection on how everybody else is played because Washington quarterback situation is a mess Django Jones doesn't seem to be quite have put it together yet and caution. Once while a good quarterback has struggled this year. I mean I've struggled around him Lane Johnson has hurt historically once has struggled without land Johnson in a life. And so almost by default you can make the argument that and you talked to might be the best quarterback in the division. Not a flip side of that is it's a bad division, which might mean that Andy Dalton could still get you to the playoffs and get you a dog. You titled ready in 30 is a drop-off Jack Prescott. I think that's an acceptable fact. You don't think anybody will push back on where Eddie Dalton is right now is he's a quarterback that he can still run most probably eighty-five to ninety percent of your offense with you. Just let it go enough that some of your plays that you have in there for Dad, press God to take advantage of his athleticism may have to check out of the Playbook there might be some more quarterback designs ones that you probably don't want to use just because now if you lose any. And you're really in trouble so you probably don't watch them too much dance you the vertical passing game you saw that on the throat of Gallup at the end of the game when you needed a play that was a tremendous reading program and adult and they showed him to High coverage. They spotted two age Hai. He saw the signal coverage of Galilee through a great deep-ball so you could still run the bulk of your Elf and she had made so it's not a full-on panic situation. I think if you're doubtless because of all of the song How did circumstances regarding this division right now? You can still run your offense and Main competitor with Andy Dalton. Is he a downgrade of Dak Prescott? Absolutely, can you still with with with with them? Sure? It's talking about Andy Dalton and and we also know of his problems back to Cincinnati, especially in the playoffs. I think that might have been somewhat of a challenge who don't get me wrong a degree. In fact, that's what everybody is is the most talented team that handles that part of an argument that the Cowboys have perhaps new best three wide receivers set in football, you know between Amari Cooper Michael Gallup see who has been as advertised. And so yes, like you said engine green is a tremendous wide receiver and he certainly was at that time because your emotions I had some of the other guys around too good not great. Most Cowboys wide receiver Trail is great like talked about an X Y and Z and then you do Ellie in the backfield. This is still a very talented office. There are offensive line issues and injuries to figure out what the Vantage Elton has shown is that if there's Talent around him he can be successful. And so I do think that this is a good group of players around him that can carry and pick up some of the slack with that downgrade from wage. To Dolton with Mark Schofield here Mark, if you let's say you're Jerry Jones. What are you doing with Dax contract this offseason? Well, I mean I was told about what they should have paid him, you know in a relationship Ajax situation because Jack Prescott is a good enough quarterback that you do not want to let him go. You know, I know we talked about 82 Altima need to talk to a sort of a poster child the quarterback Purgatory where you put enough to keep, you know his put it off that you don't want to let him leave but he's not great and going to get you to the next level get you weighed not worth a couple of wins every year exactly. I think that gets and I will you know, I am in the deck Camp here and I think you know given what we have seen four people coming back from injuries isn't a situation where I think your plans change long-term with Dak Prescott, because of this injury, you know, I think you still look at him and say look, this is our franchise quarterback. This is a guy we can win because of not just went with and so I think you know, you're still paying this player. You're still paying this call log. I wonder what this injury I think it should have gotten deal done before hand. I think that nothing changes now with this injury you feel comfortable giving him forty million a year. I would walk. I absolutely would now, you know part of the circumstances here and I'll have to give credit to Kansas City paper City. Got out some of the bombs deal first, you know, they're sort of set the market I think song. Yeah, like Bob's Jerry Jones. I was in working harder to get the death deal done rolling at my home. She was coming known that walks and was coming cuz now that are sort of resets the market especially within that framework of what month is that were watching got forty million for Jack. Yeah. I'm okay with that because she can give you a winner to a year where other quarterbacks can't and in the NFL a sixteen Game season seemed to be Seventeen that's worth what you are paying. The the one big thing that has been kind of talked about a lot this year was especially early on 11 turnovers in five games is Andy dead. The quarterback that can help you in that or is he a guy that's more susceptible to more turnovers at quarterback. I mean, there's a good or bad here with Alton because he's good enough money to not make glaring mistakes, but you will see moments particularly when he fishes pressure in the pocket where the decision-making does dip a little bit and he does either make a poor decision what he's pressure off or make inaccurate throws one pressured. So that's something to watch that gets back to the offensive line woes the Dallas have suffered this year. But if you get sorted out and she can get kept clean that goes away also off what year in Cincinnati when he was and you're seeing a double-team on AJ Green even gets pressured. Now you're forcing throws you to coverage sometimes that works against you you're not going to see situations like that as often like we talked about early if that were the talent that they have if you want to double one of those guys go ahead go for it. We're going to leave somebody else pretty wide open. So that's the that's why you see a lot of dead. I looks against Dallas right now cuz you have to keep that dedicated safety over the top which does truth it puts up the stuff underneath that it keeps the Box light for a simple Elliot. And so that the talent of those three wide receivers boss has a Cascade down effect on the rest of this offense at the other thing is now it's on a situation where you've got like Brett Rypien starting games for you when you're comfortable as a defensive coordinator stack in the box with the internet guys about tearing them to throw if you do that again, you leave it single coverage and Andy Dalton is good enough to make you pay in those situations. So it's never too early to talk draft with you which is fantastic. I see the quarterback position. Am I crazy to think the trade Lance is better than Trevor Lawrence. I would am I crazy to think I'd take Trail at the number one overall pick over Trevor Lawrence Patrick saying, yes, I like Trail and it's a lot but I I just think that there's consideration for a couple of different franchises to go Trail and over Justin Fields. I would grant that I can't go Trail and silver triple moment. I just dead. I think Lawrence is as complete a quarterback as we've seen in a while to the point where I just sort of Mount love and recently this summer over evaluated Trevor Lawrence and we talked about school outfits for him and we had basically every offense you can take up to the point where Matt said he could drop him in Baltimore and he could be just as effective as not Lamar Jackson cuz of how athletic years that's how good Trevor Lawrence is walk ins what number one unless is it seems that it's dead set on who they have a quarterback and I think if you're picking number one, you're not you have to consider Trevor Morin's so off diets Jets. You're still taking Trevor Lawrence. Did you have to I think you do too especially especially when the Jets? Yeah, I think Joe Joe Dave gettleman probably get a job after year. And I don't think they'd give up of Daniel Jones. But the Jets you're looking at a new head coach. You might want his quarterback. You've seen now Daniel Jones enough. I mean shoot a dog. I'm child enough to think well, either you like them or you don't and if you're a new coach coming in and you want your guy you're not sold on that same Donald and you're picking number one. You're drafted trouble. Yep, I agree with that a hundred percent, especially if like a situation where headed Atlanta if they get the number one pick, we're going to have a new coach coming in when they started you had quit. I made it just for Dabo Swinney. I mean, I don't think Davao goes out of the double makes the leap. But if you're glad that you have the number one over bump overall pick you go to Clemson you lived out in the eye and say you could have Trevor Lawrence to build around for like ten years. You know what this kid can do the castle is yours. Would that be enough to leave Clemson in the counseling field? They're probably not but maybe I think it's worth exploring if you're out there black how many first rounds are there at quarterback this year? I said I think easily three maintenance or contrast my trusty he's been impressive so far. That's probably the for safe ones to somebody sneaking off but I think those are the four stages that's in here right now and it's tough to know because so many guys emerge you don't have the fact over the Big Ten playing yet. And so it's like every year we see guys emerge say this is Matt Jones has made some nice throws for Alabama and he's somebody that I haven't really delve into his film yet. But every Saturday afternoon, I have been a fan since GM saying look, you gotta watch this channel when it's up sent to me via d m like look at this throw. So there's something there and you know, obviously that offense off itself to what we're seeing at the NFL the next level right now. So bad jokes might sneak in there are some others too, but I think I'll trash is probably the guy that's next in that conversation. Now, I'm going to be looking for my next Patrick Mahomes. The 21 come home and back in the day like you gotta watch us get up telling you this trick is slated. So, you know obviously have checked the packages Palace all over my whole life. What most people do we was the end the Bears Pat warranty given the Bears do you have in the Bears still to this day get that you're allowed yet. I mean Nick Foles they maybe we'll get this year, but they still got to figure out quarterback mon. I'm not convinced Falls as any better than Mitchell trubisky. I'm not either he's just so high voltage that you know, some weeks will do what he did against Eva base and make sure do what he did against, you know, Indianapolis and so better than you know, traditionally, maybe maybe it is it is but the lowest probably aren't yeah Sid Luckman eight walking through that door, you know. And right now it wasn't like but man was the greatest quarterback in you know, NFL Mark Schofield follow him on Twitter. He does fantastic work at Mark Schofield, of course, Chicago work touchdown wire and NFL wire Mark. Appreciate your time buddy be well. Thank you. Always got you too, buddy. All right. Thank you to Mark Schofield. Thanks, of course to migrate. Co-host Pat dead Con on Twitter at Pat Sports guy. I am already temkin and a reminder follow us on Twitter at r e Sports and at Cowboys Beats on Twitter. And of course you want to win. So that's awesome Miller Lite carbs gear that I have to give away. Go subscribe to the page YouTube. R e sports, but for now Cowboys Beasley's out who's

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