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Over to. To the press secretary and I think she's prepared to answer all the questions. But. You guys look also was on. Thank you, guys. Be I'll take your questions in just a moment. The chief has to run to a meeting. But To tell stuff mark meadows repeatedly say that Democrats have not come up with any kind of suggestions for the last three days. He's called Democrats to get serious about negotiations, and of course, we know that the Democrats passed a bill. So he was referring back to that bill that nothing new had emerged since then but Democrats have really put their. Stake the ground on what they're looking for out of the next round of stimulus and don't seem to feel like they need to negotiate here in any way and of certain we didn't get anything new out of Mark Meadows there except thus Democrats are not playing ball right pole. Yeah. That's kind of what the takeaway was. The negotiation just isn't there from the Republican side that from their perception as it relates to Democrats. or I will. Complete unexpected although we might have been hoping for something a little bit more optimistic. Hopefully Greg Jarrett has something optimistic for us now in his Bloomberg Business Flash. Well, if you like the color red, we can be optimistic. Vanni. The market started out in the green, and then when the energy numbers started coming in things turned to the red. Why don't we take a look at the numbers the S. and P. Five hundred is down a quarter of a percent down seven. The Dow's down one half of one percent down one, hundred forty, and the Nasdaq is up four tenths of a percent up forty seven as the big tech companies continue to outperform. Let's look at.

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