Dan Patrick Show - Hour 3 - Tony Dungy (10-15-18)


It's all about me. Dan, Patrick gas, there is more where that came from click back for new episodes all week long. One entertainment designed just for you, then checkout customizable streaming TV from expanding it makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expended, he gives you customizable streaming TV options. Enjoy the most ratios anywhere on any device and even access your streaming apps right on your TV with x one. Go to Finnity dot com. Call one eight hundred eighty or visit a store today to learn more restrictions, apply. Now broadcasting from the Mercedes men who is the MVP pay? This is Dan Patrick final hour on this Monday more of your phone calls best and worse to the weekend. Tony Dungy. The hall of Famer on loan from NBC sports will join us in fifteen minutes. We took a trip down memory lane, opened up the scrapbook and talk to Kirk Gibson. It was thirty years ago tonight that gimme game one of the World Series dodgers Oakland A's against the future hall of Famer. Dennis Eckersley took him deep one handed on a three to back door slider gimmes only at bat in the World Series. Dodgers ended up winning, I believe in five games, but Gabby won two World Series titles. Tony dungee will join us coming up tonight. Niners Packers, Mosul brewers at the dodgers that'll be game three Rams still undefeated. If you're looking at there, I think they're up three and a half games right down the NFC west, and it's going to be four. John conclusion. Now it comes down to for the Rams you want to stay healthy Cooper Cup. I thought he was done with that horse collar tackle and then came back, but you wanna make sure that you and then I think you're gonna look at girlie in if it girly has a chance at a special season, you might have to keep feeding him. And I know we're only six games in, but in that division, I don't think you'd expect much out of Arizona. You know the Niners in even Seattle can still put up a fight. But you know, they're not gonna. You're not gonna threaten you for that division. And then it comes down to homefield advantage because the Rams and you have home field advantage, you could end up thirteen and three. Conceivably fourteen in two, I think would would be fair estimates with this too. I don't know what the schedule looks like here for them, but you know, they'll have a couple of hiccups along the way. But if you go fourteen and two and everybody's kind of got to come out there, man, it's such an advantage for the Rams girly playing in an MVP level yesterday running for two hundred yards. Yes. A couple of good ones coming up the LA Rams at New Orleans, November fourth Nellie Rams host the chiefs on November nineteenth, go football now. That's that's a Mexico actually. Oh, yeah, that's really good. Patriots. Hold off the chiefs last night and I don't know if you look at this and say, all right, the patriots are now. They have resumed the role of the best team in the NFC they've they've reclaim who else is better than the patriots right now. Amick club. I mean the chiefs because it was in Foxborough is that the maybe the best wasn't changed, beaten the patriots before their last season. And you know the pay if I said, who is going to have a who's gonna play longer this season patriots of the chiefs gotta go. Patriots, right. I would think so. But you know, the the chiefs are in a more competitive division because they got the chargers there and the chargers legitimate chances here. In my opinion, I picked him to go to the Super Bowl, but with the patriots, the jets are a little bit better. Buffalo can be sort of Paschi and stay in a game, but they're not very good. You know. So then you're trying to figure out are the dolphins like who are the dolphins. I don't know. But you know, the patriots could end up with twelve wins Levin. Twelve wins the nap homefield advantage week, fifteen patriots at Steelers, December sixteenth. Uh-huh. Deals are probably need that one to come. All right. We should good morning to our radio and TV partners. It is Monday, so it's best and worst of the weekend, we'll give you our best. And worst of the weekend coming up eight, seven, seven, three DP show and our Twitter handle at DP show you ever gone into get a haircut, as I did yesterday and you sit down and then all of a sudden, you know, when they say, do you want like a five? Or do you want six seven on the clipper? And it's the guard on the razor on the on the thing. So I, I don't know. I I really don't know just because I said, you know how about a six way you have a five on the side the before, and then all of a sudden and I go to super cuts. So I go in there where I feel like an MVP. And so I said, I. And so once she starts the first. In then I go up probably shouldn't have done the six probably should've done the seven. So went little little close little well, short here. I think a six is three quarters inch. Yeah, that's that's you're getting close to buzz cut area. I know I got close to you. I use a four on top two on the side. Yeah. You went six and four. I went five on the sides, and I went to six up top and all of a sudden my flowing mane is on flowing anymore. So in and you can't say, oh, you know an on second thought, how about an eight? Because once you do the first dry by and then I went, well, I got my summer cut as we head into winter. Did they know who they're working out of you? Oh, yeah, they know they didn't know your history, your dossier. Oh, no, she was great. She, she said, you know, haven't seen a little while and I said, yeah, you know, ready to ready to get it all chopped off. And so she gave me the option and Lido messy going in for a pedicure though. You don't just go haphazard and put any guard on it. I know. So, oh, I got the petty too. No, I didn't. I never got a manicure. You've never done that? No, have not. You said manicure, you didn't say Pedic or pedicure. I couldn't do it. I don't think I could sit there and you know what? If you walk, you can walk by and look in and see when people get those things done. Like why are why are on display? If there were surprised at room, then I would go in and get it done. But whenever you want by the Manny petty, everybody gets the look in. Maybe that's our new business is we do sort of a private manning Pettis for dude, don't wanna go in public and do it. It just said like the home version who's had a Manny petty mclovin. Oh yeah, paulie now yet. See, no, I didn't. I I'm not completely against it. I would go with my wife and do it, but I have a funky toenail and I'm embarrassed of it. So I show it to somebody chop it off. Yeah, I would like to, I would gladly lose them. My hotel pretty. I have not and don't think I could do. There's health benefits of the foot one because if you have feet problems the, oh, you wanna keep a clue. Down there. Thank you lump like athletes athletes, get pedicures pro athletes. Why don't we all go get it? I think it'd be lovely. We'll get us weekly's. We did the one in. That Indianapolis, we shot a video of us can all getting many Pettis Todd, is naked. Oh, do you remember that? Oh, that's right, starving, wait. So you guys have gone, Manny? Pettis. I think we got fake many Pell fake manufacture, but then Todd came out naked and we have a small robot. Yeah, two sizes too small. So when you sat up in the chair. That poor woman who was giving you the the manning and Patty. I had to give. Tip to make up for all right best and worst of the weekend. Fritz you'll start with you your best best of the weekend, Ohio State, sophomore QB. Dwayne Haskins throws for four hundred twelve yards in Minnesota second week in a row. He's throwing for over four hundred yards in game. He threw for four fifty five against the hoosiers last week Shire's worst, Scott frost in Nebraska. For two Owen six. We're starting school history blowing a ten point lead late in the fourth at home against northwestern, the Wildcats take it thirty four thirty one mclovin. My worse is twain. Haskins Ohio State quarterback. Come on, just run the ball. What was your bed that he just wouldn't. He wasn't gonna win the high, the field. I mean that's good, bad. My worst. By other words to a unspecified leg injury, there's no way they're going to put to out enough to win the Heisman. They're just gonna hold them back till the playoffs. Right. Is that what's gonna happen in Alabama? I would look at probably him playing half the game. Does it look smarter that Sabin convinced Jalen hurts to say now, yeah, but if you're hurt, you know that you're going to play because they're always going to be blow out. I'm sure he wants to play when there's games that are on the line, but you're still getting you're still getting reps. And then I wonder if he transfers after this year you win another national title and then you transfer paulie Bessemer the weekend. It seems like it's been a while for this team, Tennessee wins at Auburn, thirty to twenty four Tennessee's three and three. It seems like it's been a long time since they have a major SEC win great for Tennessee football, and then the other one Iowa quarterback. Dan, you know, we love our will quarterbacks Nate Stanley. Twenty-one for thirty three, three, twenty, and six touchdowns for Iowa over Indiana. She knew Connor best and worst of the weekend my best of the weekend. Do you know how Dwayne Wayne and Kevin Hart have a sort of a little bit of a feud going on. I think it's friendly, but they're always talking trash to each other. Well, this weekend Kevin Hart was playing to show in Miami, I guess, Dwayne Wade, presented him with the jersey customers jersey, but as a child size. Solares. This little tiny Kurds, was it loose on it. This is so funny watching Wayne wait levies like over game over this a little tiny thing. It's great and my worst, the weekend was stupid, West Virginia. Oh, that's right. Yeah, Seton came in will Greer. Yeah. Yeah, he, you're now on the Iowa State bandwagon. Oh my gosh. You got your Heisman, Trophy winner down the road would beat the Broncos. Couple of phone calls here best and worst of the weekend Bill in Florida. Hi Bill. Good morning Dan doing today? Eight. Great. What do you have. Six, three, a robust to seventy five. My best of the weekend Sam darnold my worst of the weekend. Sam darnold is not the quarterback for the New York Giants. Thank you Bill. Yeah, whenever Sam darnold does. Well, that's when giants fans go. He could have been. Ours could have been our quarterback if saquon Barkley continues to do what he's doing. He could lead the league in all purpose yards. And that's, I think, only happened twice in NFL history where a rookie running back, Eric Dickerson, and editor James, Jacob, Wisconsin. A Jake. But up to be. Amen. Best in worse than I am. My best is being Miller park all weekend on. It sounds like it. Jake. It's rough weekend. Give me break. Yeah. Do you deal with so much fun? Forty, five thousand fans just going crazy. Kind of gave away game tune, which is sucks, but my worst for the weekend. So tonight I have to be at Lambeau tomorrow night. I'm going to Metallica at the new buck Serena and then Wednesday at got food fighters at the new bucks arena back to back to back. But you know what was going on have to be there. You choose to be like you make it sound like I have to be at Lambeau tonight. Well, I mean, come on. So what would you rather do you ever watch your teams in the NFC I at seven years, or would you rather be all these other things. Oh, man. Well, I think that's where you have confidence in your team that they'll win, and then that way you can take in the Packers foo fighters Metallica that would be what I would do. Matin California. I'm at. Three to forty five. Beth would definitely be the minute. Troy getting it done against the number nineteen undefeated Colorado, and the worst absolute worst is finding out the season ending injury. The Puerto gusts in which end is career at USC is well, yeah, I watched that game because you know, I think we keep waiting for Colorado football to be back and they've made great strides there. But USC was the better team. And I think I think it's still in your mind, you should remember that when Notre Dame plays them because we're looking to see if Notre Dame has a hiccup and if they go undefeated, then you know they're going to be in the final four. But I, you know, I started to look at the college football rankings that are out Alabama, Ohio State what Clemson Notre Dame, it's out it is it's sort of groundhog day, and I know I, I only like the final four right now because I worry that once we get to six or eight, then. We just keep going, and then we render the regular season useless just like we have in college basketball. Starting to lean that way of, it'd be nice to expand it just so I can get a couple of teams in there who might not play for the title, but at least I get a little bit of variation. Here may appoint Dan if you switch to eight-game playoff right now lead in such dark horses as Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas in Michigan? Well, Texas in Michigan would be underdogs and feel good story like LSU. Yeah, low-budget team. It just feels like the guys who spend all the money, the big and like you're just gonna get. It's rare like central Florida is going to have to work to get into the top eight there. They did some model predictions UCF is undefeated last year there. Six. No, this year and the way things are playing out there. Probably gonna get shut out again. You know, they can do some models of how people up the game of life. The probably gonna get even if they run the table the fifth or sixth spot. This is the second straight Saturday that at least three of the top eight AP teams lost the first time that. It happened on back to back Saturday's since November of nineteen ninety. Of the day fast dad of the day stat of the day. Comes that what stat of the. You always have to have a nickname for the weekend, like setback, Saturday, following setback, Saturday. Here's the rankings. Now he's got a rivalry weekend as always, you know, it's like prizefight. You've got to have some kind of title catch to. It can't just have college football weekend, setback, Saturday. And I watched, I watched buffalo play, not the bills. The good ones. Oh, did you hear about that game? I will save it, but you were part of that game? Apparently reportedly that's a rumor on the street. I was you were involved. It took me forever to forget what you be bent. You were on their play card on Saturday according to our buddy Ross Tucker, who did the game? I'm watching the game and I, I didn't even notice that. Yeah, Ross Ross was putting on either a Twitter's note that you were on their play card much like Oregon did a few years ago. Maybe we could get that play card and put it in here in the man cave. That'd be nice. What's that? Oregon, who had you on, you know when chip Kelly was there, now, is that is that that's a compliment accent that was on Nebraska's to yes, fell four years ago. What kind of player you are usually something down the field? Do you have any? I told the coaching staff that I would not talk about that. Say it's sort of a Danny special, like affiliate special to Danny special. Yes, Tony, maybe players gathered together like Louis, you hoard all your stuff. There will like in a big group and then all of a sudden one shoots out of out of the huddle where, hey, wait, I'm the plenty of what are you doing? I'm just trying to think of how would match to me. Maybe think about a little bit more your lineup, like seven guys at a little circle, then all of a sudden one of them shoots out with the ball more phone calls coming up. Thanks, John welcome. Tony. Dungee will join us coming up next here on the Dan Patrick show. If you're a loved one get leg or foot cramps, you know how painful and disruptive they can be muscle cramps can jolt you out of a sound sleep or interrupt your daily life? Well, listen Catholic because I recently learned about theraworx relief, a non greasy foam that's proven to relieve muscle cramps, fast, and reduce muscle soreness. Plus with daily use. Theraworx relief can even prevent muscle cramps before they start. 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When you sign up, take advantage of this incredible offer now bet on dot AG. As bet online dot AG, your own line sportsbook expert. Patrick Mahomes in the chiefs next Sunday night against Andy, Dalton and the Bengals football night in America. Seven eastern kickoff, twenty Sunday night only on NBC. Tony dungee will join us on loan from football night in America may continental tire coaches corner, cutting no tire proud to be the exclusive tire. The Dan Patrick show no matter where you drive or what you drive or how you drive continental designs tires for what you do for more information, visit continentaltire dot com. Continental tire for what you do. Lance in Texas joins us before we get to coach Dungy, hey, Lance half for me, hey, Dan, how you doing today, sir? Many pity virgin here at five. Eleven one seventy five. My best for the day was I had to laugh when the the cameras immediately zoomed in on Jason Garrett on the first fourth and one with the Cowboys. After all the flan there's no way could go forward. And then my worst was our patriot fans, man. You greet Tyree keel with a beer and a bird lipid him off as he coming into the end zone. And then I was surprised Chris now didn't say anything about that. That's where I'm coming from today. All right. Thank you, Lance. Yeah, you know, one fan Acton stupid, they're tyreek hill. Did you hear annum gays, the dolphins head coach. He was asked about Ryan Tanny Ryan tannehill didn't play, and you had Brock Osweiler because it is brought over. And the coach in in victory was a little testy with reporter. Kind of like hippo LARs, something like that can't talk. I don't know. I don't sit there and ask him all these questions and I just know the guy couldn't go today. All right. Go, ask him targeting answering this question about this guy. I got it, but you know what? I'm I'm over me and him. We, we know that he's not right right now. Okay. The details of it. We'll keep that to us. You guys don't need to know that. And that's you in victory. So he citing hip Alana's that maybe he can't tell you about Ryan, Tanna hills injury. There did. We run the numbers. They're mclovin is at twenty of the last twenty five games, ten hills, miss Duda entering that sound. Let me double check man and Brock Osweiler to the rescue, but they're four to, I mean, as possible playoff team. Help it. It was super hot down there. I saw some stats when into over one hundred of Miami Heat effect that they get advantage Tony Dungy on loan from NBC the football night in America program, continental tire coaches, corner and coach to insist now good morning coach. How are you. Hey, Dan, good morning and mclovin. Right? The October heat in Florida can definitely be an advantage to the home team for mayor with that are the dolphins. Are they good for the average? I, I don't know who's good writing and I were talking about that on the show last night when you get past Kansas City in New England who's good in the AFC and the thing about it, you have to in this day and age does I'm looking at it. You have to go on offense. You have to be consistently on offense to have a chance and and I don't know who that is in the AFC. I think the chargers are better than the chiefs because that charger defense is a whole lot better than Kansas City's. And I don't know if the offense is that far off, Kansas City's and I would say that the chargers are probably a more well rounded team in the chiefs, your thoughts they they probably are. But in this day and age, you're winning with hot offense. I mean, you look at the team to a winning given the Rams are playing. Okay. Okay on for making big plays and they're, they're not great on defense, it you, you go out there and outscore people, but can can is this going to be the game plan for Kansas City? The rest of the season. I think it is. And you know, you look at it, they they have a couple of passes just and use them as out last night. So that really took a big weapon away from them, but they don't have coverage guys. They don't have linebackers or they can go on consistently stop people. So is gonna outscore people. And it does remind me of their old three season when they had that great offense, priest Holmes, and Trent green, and they really had a struggling defense. I look at the patriots tone and you coach against him. But I always thought that Bella check looked at the month of September like it was their preseason. And then after that, he sort of had an idea of how he was going to adjust when he needed to adjust the add subtract. And now once Tober starts, you start to see more of what New England will be like for the rest of the season. Do you think that's a game plan that he that he has or is that just me reading into it a little too much now? I think you're absolutely right. I don't think he cares about losing games in September. He's trying to teach them how to play. It's not a teach them philosophy. He's trying to find out what some certain guys can do. And if he loses to Detroit in September, I don't think he really cares because he will figure it out. They'll learn some lessons and then they'll play well down the stretch. I think you're exactly right. What would you force Mahomes into doing if your defense, if you have, you know this, the players to be able to do it. You can have a game plan, but if you don't have the players, it doesn't matter. But you being a defensive minded guy, what would what would you have done as head coach, I would really try to take that deep ball big strike away from him. They president a little bit last night that can be faced famine because he can run around and make plays. But I would play three zone and not let tyreek hill catch those seventy. Our plays. Not that you know, make them have to make ten or twelve plays to score. And if you could do that on a consistent basis, we saw a little different wrinkle to the Cowboys yesterday, dominating the Jags and and I don't know if you can implement this on a weekly basis. But I do like the run pass option with Dak because I don't know if he's, I don't know if he's consistent enough to be just a pocket passer. I think that he has to almost put pressure on you in a variety of ways. What did you make of that game plan? I totally agree. I thought they had a great plan. You know, Troy and hit been calling for Scotland hint do some different things with the Cowboys often improve, and I think you have to, you have to look at the what they have. They don't have a great receiving core. They have a dynamic back who everybody focuses on. They have a mobile quarterback. So use that use the running game bootlegs to RPO's, let him make easy, thrown and build it around the running game. I thought they were very creative and I thought they did a good job last night. What happened to Jacksonville back to back weeks here, you know, I think it's playing on the number one, not having that home. Crowd noise that takes a little bit away from you and play mobile quarterbacks. They t off on people that can sit in the pocket when they know you're going to be seven or the. They have a lot of weapons to come after you. But the fact that they didn't know where Mahomes is going to be necessarily. They didn't know where that was going to be that slow there rushed down and as. Much as Jalen Ramsey wants to think they've got great cover guys back there. They've built on the rush. Yeah, I just, you know, and then Jalen Ramsey who you know, loves finding the microphone had nothing to say after refuse to talk about anything there. I just it seems like it's a little tricky there with Jacksonville, no Fornet. You still had the Blake Bortles situation because that's, you know, you're not sure what you're getting week to week. We handle not having Fortinet really hurts. Blake Bortles because again, just like with the Cowboys when you're going to play Dallas, you're gonna take away. Ezekiel Elliott. That's their game plan. When you go into play Jacksonville, your takeaway Leonard four net, unless he's not. Now all of a sudden you're saying different coverages. You aren't seeing eight man fronts where you got easy going on twelve. So not having for really puts a lot more pressure on on Bortles. And I think that's why we've seen is up and down performance when four net. Gets back, they're able to pound the ball, and everybody says, okay, we gotta go back to stop inside run game. You'll say, Bortles put up better numbers. He's Tony Dungy NBC football night in America hall of Famer joining us, Dan, Patrick show. Would you consider this? Is this out of the question that the Jags would call the giants and just ask about ally manning given Tom Coughlin's relationship with ally? What do you think of that possibility. You know it, I think they believe in Blake, Bortles I, I really do. I think they feel like when they've got their formula there, they don't need lie com. Coughlan my present that it might be a win win situation for both thing. It would help John ads out and it probably would help the j.. So I'm just wondering about that because I look at the AFC the NFC you've got the Rams are great. The saints are very good. Who else would you throw in there in the NFC, but I think Minnesota's good Green Bay has the potential to be good when Roz is one hundred percent healthy. But again, I I look at this leaked away at school. And now if you jot the play offense and you gotta be namic, you know, the Carolina Panthers getting to the Super Bowl with a great defense and ten spotty offense. Seattle getting there with those great defense's Denver, getting there. Winning with a great defense. I just don't see that happening anymore. Look at Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin is a very good defensively. Coach, New England built Eltek is a very good defensive coach. These guys don't have good defenses now, you know what? We can't win that win more. We've got to put all the money on offense. We've gotta get weapons that we've got to outscore people and you're, you're just saying it all over and and I think that's what you have to do. You gotta get a quarterback that can make plays and you gotta be able to put twins on board. If you wanna be a contender. And I just don't see that many dynamic offenses in the AFC. Well, with that being said, with the baggage that lady on bell would bring into the Steelers, do you need him? If you're going to be one of those teams? I think they do. They're getting great play out at same kinda, but he's still not lay on bell and the way they're defensive. They are going to have to put up a ton of points if they play New England or Kansas City. We already slow that against Kansas City. They couldn't keep up with them. Scoring. New England would be the same way so they need lay down bell then need that extra kick in November and December two to give them another weapon, I think then they'd, but how do you use him Tony? If he's all he's going to be counting his touches as if to say, hey, here's a magical number. I don't wanna go above that because I want to protect my body. So I get another contract with another team like that. Yeah, that that's the tough thing. I, I don't know that you can play with a guy who got that attitude. I, it just wouldn't be good. It's it'd be the Jimmy Butler situation in in football, so I don't know what you do, but I think they need him if they're going to be if see champions, but would you want him if you're Mike Tomlin I, we may need him away. Yeah, but I don't know if it could even work. Yeah, I still get the feeling he's going to be traded. I and maybe I'm naive on it. I just it feels like even if he comes, it's going to be weird when he comes in. Because I don't know if he's going to sit out a game because he might not be injury and made his say, you know what? I don't wanna play and then we won't know no there. There there be somebody that that would take him and feel like he would add us what they need to be that dynamic offense. So I think that trade is a possibility tone. Good to talk to you. 'til Rodney and the boys I sent a low and we'll talk to you soon. All right. We'll see you, Dan. Let's Tony Dungy football night America. I just I still feel like the Steelers are gonna move him, but I don't. I don't know what the asking price is. We've been told that Buffalo's asking price for Leon or Lucia, McCoy's high. And that's the Shawn McCoy. Continental tire coaches corner brings you Tony Dungy. Let me see isn't the top part for the CEO's that now that you're playoff not play of eligible, but in the contention again, you need everybody got, and you might not have the luxury to be able to trade them. You just have to eat it and pay him for eight games and takes off on you. But I, I just don't know what I'm getting. I guess what I'm saying is like if they traded him in James, Connor twists his ankle managements in trouble. But what if what did you bring back on bell? And he twisted his ankle and then he's done. It's kind of apples and oranges to pay him. Yeah, of apples and oranges, but Nick foles was a bargain. Yeah. When you consider the help you win a Super Bowl lady on bell. Doney wanna be there next year. So how all in is he going to be of those last eight, nine games. I just can't see it. If your whole logic is lemme reduce the number of touches and yes, I'm going to give up all this money. Then you come back now. How many carries can we give you? How many touches can we give you? Because Denise lead the league and touches last year. He has over four hundred. So now I'm going to give him at least two hundred over the last nine games. I can't imagine or ten games. I just can't imagine where he's gonna wanna play and play hard for everyone of those games. And whenever he gets nicked up is he really nicked up if he sits out, is he really sitting out if he doesn't like I, I don't know. That's there's a whole lot going on there. I don't know if I could trust him from coaching. Stamping teammate wise would be tough too, but it feels like once you're on the field, you're going to want to perform you hope. But coaching wise. I don't want to be second guessing, or you know, I guessing, and and you know, I gotta running back now. He's not lazy on bell, but nobody is. But I know that he comes in, he plays hard and he's and he's, you know, he might be one dimensional, but he still had. He's had a couple of good games. I don't know. I would probably stay that way if I could squeeze out, you know, a couple of draft picks, and I'd probably do that because he's not going to be there next year. I know you need him this year in the AFC is wide open. The Steelers could easily be the class, but if that defend that was cool moment, Ryan shazier on the field. For the Bengals game because he had gotten injured. They're against the Bengals as as a cool moment. I yesterday. All right. We'll take a break last call for phone calls. We'll get to those coming up. Dan, Patrick show support for the show, comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans America's premier home purchase lender. Let's talk about buying a home. It could be one of the most important purchases you'll ever make, but today's fluctuating interest rates can leave you with unexpected higher payments, which can turn a great experience, an anxious one. That's why quickenloans created their exclusive power buying process. Here's how it works. 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We've added tons of show an apple video, the live audio stream. You can listen to the podcast whenever you want plus fritzy with the making a comedian season. Two also got the go-ahead for fritzy to appear to comedy store in Los Angeles. When we go out there next month, we'll give you details on that, but this on sunset, this a big deal for comedy, the comedy store. Yeah. Got to figure out time and date, and I'm thinking, what, what time do they open. Can I get fritzy in? They're like ten AM on a Tuesday, something like that. Yeah. So Todd, are you planning on going with working with the same set that you did at Caroline's or is like section row seat or you're gonna still work on that to make it into Joe because there's something there that you would like to do something with that where there's more of a punch line because I think everyone, you know, like any communist punchline, there wasn't wasn't one, but if there could be something where because it's something relatable like that, maybe it salvageable somewhere. David Spade said it was a good setup, but you had no punch. You had nothing to cap it off? No payoff. There was a series of observations that didn't necessarily have to or get you like you agree with David special. Okay. Didn't you have like dimly tell you to write something down the other last week? He had a really good joke real good bit, and you said, write this down for your listen, I bet your wife. Yeah, it was about something love making related where to avoid her throwing a flag. I can't put my full body weight on her. Off midway through. That's timely. Gets them football fans at the comedy store where or set? Yeah. Okay. By the way, I've been bearing gifts today and I just got something from Adidas and it's the twentieth anniversary twenty and twenty twentieth anniversary of waterboy with Bobby Boucher and sandwich, great movie. And they sent in these alligator bags. And they got, we got our Bobby Boucher jerseys. Everybody got one. It's pretty cool. Yep. Oh, you're not initially supposed to be in that. Is that correct? Or was it which was the one that you know? I was? Does that was shot at ESPN. Okay. Yeah. I thought they were gonna ship it a cool. It was just a regular box. I was I was supposed to be in that, but sailor had a lot of guys in the business in there. Burmans in their Musburger. Oh, no, no, no. That was the longest yard. I think that he had Berman in there. I've got the list for waterboy. Okay. Shocker. Rob Schneider's in it. Lee Corso Bill coward, Dan Fouts, Chris follower, Jimmy Johnson Brent Musburger. Dan, Patrick, Lynn, Swann. Lawrence Taylor. And that's the waterboy? Yeah. What about the longest yard. Just like think Burmans in their Jim. Rome might be in their Sandler, says wherever he goes. Now, if he runs into anybody who's a sports announcer, they always go, hey, why do you use Dan Patrick all the time? How about me? And I said, we'll salmon. I hope you're sticking up for me. And he said, I am Danny. And then I saw where he hired Mike francesa to be in a movie that he's in. Yeah. Sandler didn't say anything, and I didn't bring it up to him, but no duly noted San man. Week, here's here's the big issue. All right. Then I'm gonna say it. Remember Sandler said the next movie I buy you a car. Danny. Ooh, that's right now I didn't make the cut for the movie in Italy with Jennifer Aniston which would have been the reunion tour for us. And so Sandler didn't put me in that movie. Well, you can understand why he didn't want pair the to exactly. It's not fair to her right eye. And I had to remind her many times that I'm married when I did just go. But now you have this movie and I don't get in this one Sandman on the cheap cost-cutting. Why don't you just wave the car. Once you just say, no, I don't need the car. Just put me in those sailor said he was getting me. It. Look, he got spayed. He got Chris rock and he got rob Schneider of all people damn car. And then you should be in that mix? Yes. I've been in like fifteen sixteen of his movies, but I think Sandman going cheap on me. After that big net deal, you'd think he'd shell out a little money. Our, it's like like sporting event like an athlete when you're not gonna, give him that extra couple innings to his Hoda. I'm sorta like Sabbath York. Yeah, I'm going to good business class. Is that what it is? It's good business to keep me out of the movie, not dump by being a car to some phone calls here. Let's see. David, Derek in Michigan. Hey, Derek. What do you have for me today? Hi, Mr.. Patrick, thanks for taking my phone call. Sure. Dear. I got to the best of the weekends. I one is Michigan state and being Penn State. I mean, it's a little brother is ready to take on the brother this weekend. And number two, hopefully paulie appreciates us today finishing up the fall, foliage tour and northern Michigan with my beautiful wife. All right. Well, thank you, Derrick and paulie posted pictures over the weekend. We're not full fully jar. We in Vermont, yeah, along. Okay. Yeah, I'm going up next week in New Hampshire. Your piece have the v. some down soldiers there that loss for the cost. Once again, we celebrate death. These leaves little leaves and we celebrate it. Could I'm dying right in front of us. Yeah, it's heavy mclovin. It's a, it's a vicious cycle yet is that in spring, but we don't really celebrate the spring buds and we look at the death of these leaves. Spring is the worst taxes cold. We rake up leaves, put them in bags, bodybags or their leaf bags, and then they're gone. The SEC is find LSU one hundred thousand dollars for fans, rushing the field after the Tigers blew out Georgia LSU's second violation under the policy. First time happened for years ago. What's the cost the next time around for the third violation checking. I'm gonna guess if you're LA man, you can't write that off. Kenya. They have some post her. Pick that up some booster b- like I'll be the rush the field booster time rushed the field. Papa got the egg wallets. Anytime we have a big win. I got you covered. Yes, mclovin I was just saying that is a fine. They would sure like to pay a few weeks. Oh, against Alabama. One of their booster should prepay. It. What is the? What's the third violation cost? You. What's the first one fifty? Then it's one hundred. Is it two hundred after that. Corean Seattle joins us. I Cory. Hey, DP what's going on? Six, two, six, two in a heart to poor. Dan, I'm finally got a of up your last year. My Seahawks best in the worst best is my Seahawks. Finally getting it together, the offensive line, the short up the defense and starting to stifle, you know, putting the constrictor down on on that. On that offense, easy core. You played Oakland. Well, the run the worst is the valiant effort of my boy vs mode playing like it's a contract year, make an almost made me want to cry after after about that and halftime. I quit watching the game. I do have a double ganger Mitch Trubisky with a beard and Randy Orton of the WWE with their beards on, you can look like twins. All right. Well, thanks for back Lawrence back row. Yeah, thank you. Yeah, paulie first time offenders for rushing the field in the SEC I finished fifty thousand second time offense. One hundred thousand third time offenders for your students. Rushing the field quarter of a million dollars and it stays at a quarter million dollars for that on. Stephen in Kentucky. Hi, Steve. What do you have. Hey, Dan, thanks for taking my call. You're sick. Six, six, six one one ninety. And I got a best this the weekend is just I must say I was born the weekend vendor berry seven Pence to twenty inches, and we've got the wash out and a poem zuri this weekend. All right. Well, congratulations. Congratulations on the newborn there I put you. Would you learn today? Coaches are not done by Hippolyte. Only doctors have Gatien worried about discussing injured Ryan. Tanner, what a weird response by that stranger than Jalen Ramsey going mclovin. What Kirk Gibson by the way, really, really good. Football player have more than baseball. Thanks mclovin. Not being prepared seat. No, Connor Trent Dilfer was actually right. You can lose games in the NFL and still win. Only Kirk Gibson do the exact pitch coming from Dennis Eckersley when he parked at one three to back door slider. What we learned brought to you by traeger the scout ranger grills allow you to grill off the grid, no matter where you travel. You're gonna love. It's smoke. Bake roast. Braise grill barbecue with traeger the best traegergrills dot com. Slash dealers Reggie Miller tomorrow from the mind of Martellus Bennett. Twenty-one. Your birthdays done. It's revenge of the jocks on podcast. One twenty three's you can't take bending holds barred, show about all the things that shape our world in culture. I want to go to Africa. I've never been go for gin Monje. I'm Robin Williams engine. Soft America, revenge of the jocks with Martellus Bennett six the first time again, all wrong. I keep trying on podcast one and wherever you listen to podcasts. Entertainment designed just for you than chick out customizable streaming TV for mixed Finnity. It makes your life simple easy. Awesome. 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Oh one don't stand on the sidelines this season to win it and enjoy the games that much more when you play at DS. I. Sl, Saudi reaction. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute. The headline today in Saudi newspaper reads, don't test our patients. It showed a clenched fist, it follows the disappearance, impossible murder of journalist, Jamal, kashogi, Florida. Senator Marco Rubio says the US must say something about this. There's no, there's no enough money in the world for us to buy back our credibility on human rights. If if we do not move forward and take swift action on this, in fact, even when it's proven to be true Rubio was on CBS's Face the nation, President Trump visits, hurricane ravaged, parts of Florida and Georgia today. Meantime, the president is backing off his claim. Climate change is a hoax, but says he doesn't know of it's manmade and suggest the climate will change back again. He plays Donald Trump on Saturday Night, Live and last night in New Hampshire. Alec Baldwin said this, we need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump. Baldwin told a group of Democrats the way to implement change in America is through elections. I'm Ed Donahue. Hugh.

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